Episode 226 – 2021 in review

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Matt and Spike take a humorous look back on 2021 and give you a years worth of content in roughly 2 hours.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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everyone deserves a shot you know
you know the thing you know what i mean
you know the thing you know what i mean
all i have to do is i have to continue
to talk about the things
you still have to confess
don’t you understand
don’t let your dreams be dreams
yesterday you said tomorrow
circle back circle back that’s an
excellent question circle back circle
back i hate to disappoint you but we
will venture to a circle
you know what i mean
it was a debate
you’re considered the most liberal
united states senator i if somebody said
that it actually was my pants on the
debate stage
you uncircumcised
who does he think he is
i’m just here
i see the disinfectant just surprisingly
hit the body with tremendous
you keep interrupting
you’re full of me i will not suffer your
cue people after this
because you’re lying
i’m 83 years old
i think it’s under control
ah fire twerks
wrap them up
what the [ __ ]
where did it come from
wow but i went from leading by a lot
sound of is of rain i hear a sound of
angels are being released
ain’t nobody got time for this
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
[ __ ] i forget what it’s called for spike
the degree six zeus sexual cohen i am at
degree 6 zoosexual going
and together we are traversing the
muddied waters of freedom so imagine
being attracted to women
the way that you are now or if you’re a
woman attracted to men or if we’re
really whatever you’re attracted to
imagine being attracted to whomever you
are attracted to
uh whatever gender or genders uh that
you’re attracted to now
but they don’t exist
so let’s just say for the sake of an
argument you’re you’re love you you’re
attracted to women uh both sexually and
romantically and
they don’t exist there are no women they
all went extinct long ago
and you
you can’t
you know
the you’ll never be able to love a woman
in real life because there are none but
it’s actually worse than that because
everyone thinks it’s really weird
that you are in love with a woman
because they’re not around and it’s like
why would you be in love with a woman no
one else is in love with a woman and it
gets even worse than that because
um because uh no one else has this
attraction that you have all of the
pictures of women
uh are all completely non-sexual like
they’re just pictures of women like this
is what a woman
used to look like
and you know it’s just like a just a
general picture of a woman like i’m a
woman and and you know and so you can’t
even have any kind of like
you know anything uh sexual to look at
of women
that’s what it’s like being attracted
exclusively to tyrannosaurus rexes
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well folks as you can see
the line is gone it’s gone
because i’m here in florida and i didn’t
tell anyone i was coming to florida so
tricked you i’m in florida
so if you woke up saying you know i feel
secure in the fact that spike cohen is
in south carolina well i’m sorry i
ruined your life
do you remember when our show was
brought to you by henry mcmaster who is
and still always will be a [ __ ] a [ __ ]
yeah it’s been a while that’s been a
while i mean it still is it’s true he is
still a [ __ ] he’s still a [ __ ] but he
stopped giving us money to say it
yes that’s true
that’s true
so yeah spike is here uh
we are here live together in studio for
what this is the third
the third time we’ve done a show
together second second time in
time is muddied student muddied studio
with the constitution behind us this is
the real one
no that’s the declaration
declaration we stole this we didn’t i
just forgot what’s the declaration of
yeah i forgot it’s got a treasure map on
the other side
yeah well that’s why we stole that’s
right we stole it yeah
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and uh
and that’s
well anyway so tom’s books
jack’s books uh jack has written three
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and just so everybody knows jack casey
is such a popular wonderful
human being cult leader cult leader that
offered us money to only crap on jack
casey and not say anything bad about the
but only bad about him only bad we could
talk all the crap we wanted to about
jack casey we just couldn’t say anything
bad about the book has that check
cleared not yet
so until then until then we’re going to
talk crap about his books
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god saves you money in the long run well
i mean yeah
you don’t have to worry about it
uh so
this is
i don’t say that do you say that on
writer’s block uh i did once
he was in the comments
he must like it because he keeps giving
us money he does he keeps paying us so i
all right
um so yeah this is the end of the year
this is the last show of 2021 for
muddied waters yes and uh it has been a
hell of a year
for liberty in general but here at muddy
waters it’s been a fantastic year yes
and um
we have all of you watching now
listening now however you are
in taking this
information uh we have all of you to
thank for all of the successes we have
had this year
some could say you know the vp run
thing helped help
uh it’s really the people who have been
here watching and listening and sharing
it’s been a year i don’t even think
there’s been much effect
um just so everybody knows we uh we
were number 12 in italy
the other yes the other week and uh
america you need to step it up because
we were number 12 in italy and number
two in slovenia
but not
we haven’t cracked that top hundred in
we got to go we got close we were 127.
127. 127 of the most popular podcast in
america with it
if you don’t if we don’t step up we’re
going to start calling it muddy waters
media but with this emoji next to it
of the hand doing the thing just this
just this just this that’s what it’s
going to be called that’s what this show
is going to be called and that’s all
we’re gonna do and we’re gonna be like
number one in italy
they’re gonna be like did you watch the
thing yeah they did this for an hour
every tuesday every tuesday except for
that last week they did it on wednesday
they did it on a wednesday they just did
this all of the times they did this in
the 2022.
um so
because it’s the end of the year because
we want to thank you all uh what we
decided to do is because normally what
we have done in the past is we did a
10 stories you forgot about this year
we were just gonna do that and then i
started doing notes and
we report on this stuff weekly
and i had forgotten most of this
so this is the 600 stories that you wish
you had forgotten right many of these
stories you definitely remember but they
all tie together it’s like
it’s like a jack casey book you have to
read the first one in order to get to
the last one so i couldn’t just bring up
one thing
i assume that’s what i mean
so because of that there are so many
things that were the dominoes falling
that we are going to give you
why are you not working because you
gotta press the top one
that’s beautiful thank you i worked very
hard on that thank you um
this is the muddied review of 2021. now
spike doesn’t know this because he never
reads notes before him but i wrote this
as a song and he has the first line
okay no i’m just kidding
i’m like i hate this this song is
um so yes this brings us to
well i guess what is technically
they don’t know how to use this that
let’s press the wrong thing
no wait where the hell’s the button in
the thing this is the you just click it
mud water coffee alter coffee mushroom
coffee replacement that’s not what it’s
called the mud water
mushroom coffee
no like i said replacement cacao rapid
fire segment brought to you by mud water
if you woke up today and said oh my god
matt and spike you’re in the same room
i’m horrified also
why are you in my room why are you in my
if you said you’re going to be in the
same room you didn’t say with me
but while you’re here
i would like to tell you about the fact
that you can’t i don’t want to ever have
coffee ever again
i instead want to have
something that my uncle hector
used to drink
you know did i ever tell you about my
uncle hector
you know uncle hector he was uh this
show was gonna be really long
long show this uncle hector was a real
he uh
you know he he used to ride the rails he
did and he was a real writer he was a
real rider he railed the rail he was uh
he was a bum he was a hobo a a hobo he’s
a he was a bum and a rag a a a raga
muffin and a vagabond and he would you
know the the
the people on the rails they had their
they had their own law
the men on the rails and uh you know but
they always had to watch out back in the
the area where uncle hector was because
there was a uh
there was a a railroad cop and those
railroad cops they were brutal because
the only things they enforced were the
laws of the rail and the the only people
they enforced it against was those dirty
hobos that no one gave a damn about
society had flung them out and didn’t
even care about them anymore and the
worst one of them all was a man named
kitchener leslie
kitchen kitchener leslie
matt and spike because this is you
telling us this kitchen or leslie was
a uh kitchener leslie was uh just a
brutal brutal man and they he
he beat him to death when he found a
hobo on one of his cars that he was he
was watching and and and securing he’d
beat him to death he’d kill him and then
fling them right out along the rail line
there and let the crows get them
the vultures or the crows whichever and
he’s a brutal man
my uncle hector though uh the thing
about my uncle hector uh because i don’t
want to talk about kitchener leslie and
then the the the terrible things that
kitchener leslie did that’s really a
side note matt and spike the real thing
i want to tell you is about my uncle
hector because you know one day he said
i don’t want to live this real life
anymore certainly not with the likes of
kitchener leslie out there beating up
hobos like this
and certainly not like that and so i’m
so he went and he went and got a job he
went to uh where he tried to get a job
he went to he went to one of the mines
he went out to an old mining town and he
went to he went to the miners and he
said i i like to work that mine down
there and they said get out of here
hector you filthy bum get out of here
before we call kitchener leslie on you
because he was also a mind cop and
andy and he said why won’t you let me
down there and they said you can’t you
can’t come down here you’re a bum we we
got good miners down here good good
strapping men who did mine all day long
and and he said well i’ll tell you
i’ll tell you i think if you went to how
many miners you got down there and they
said we got a hundred miners down there
each one stronger than the last get out
of here and he said no i’ll tell you
what i think if you went down into that
mine you wouldn’t find out of those
hundred men i bet you couldn’t find
90 that were better than me
why in fact i bet if you went down there
you couldn’t even find 50 that were
better than me
why i dare say if you went down there
you couldn’t even find ten of them that
were better than me in fact i bet you’d
be hard-pressed to even find a single
one of those hundred who could who could
mine better than me
and so they gave him a job
and so uncle hector matt and spike he
was he was mining he was out there or
just a minor
he was out there just a minute away and
he you know
uncle hector you know he was he was a he
was a strong man but you know all men
matt and spike all men have have that
weakness you know what i’m talking about
and one day he he went to the bar
he went to the local bar where all the
miners went and he said uh miners
m-i-n-e-r by the way i’m not mine
uh and he went uh he went and he said uh
he said so uh where do you fellas go
to get a lady where where do we where
where do you got ladies i’m looking for
uh i want to
i want to i’m a lady that can i want to
get a i want to i want to lie down on
top of a lady and he said and they said
oh we don’t do that here we have sex
with animals
and he said my god animals
matt and spike that’s what he said my
god a animal i that sounds disgusting i
can’t believe you a bunch of filthy
miners and so he went down and he and so
he went back to mine and he thought i’m
certainly not doing that i i grew up in
a nice in a nice hasidic jewish
household i’d never i’d never do
something like have sex with animals
well i guess you’re probably a gentile
so he grew up in a nice christian
household but whatever uh and he uh
and he said so so he he
he you know but days turned into days
and weeks turned into months and months
turned into a year and with each day
you know with each day he just began to
break down and break down a little bit
more and matt spike one of the last
things he told me he said you know you
think now
that you wouldn’t have sex with an
give it a give it a year give it a year
up in a hot mine and and you know all
men i suppose are are nothing but flesh
and sin
it says that in scripture
old and new testament and
and matt and spike i’ll tell you he
uncle hector he wasn’t proud but he went
up and he he was he was walking home
one day back to his home from the mine
and and he looked over and there was a
farm there
and you know every other day he walked
by the farm it was just a farm but this
day this day it was something much much
more sinister and he looked over and he
saw this his this pig
and the pig was looking at him and he
was looking at the pig
you know he was very ashamed to tell to
tell me later that he he then went and
began making love to the pig and it was
terrible and he was he was right in the
middle of the throes of passion and and
some of the other miners walked by him
and said what are you doing uncle hector
what are you doing and uncle hector said
what are you talking about this is what
you said you said you people said that
you have sex with animals then they said
uncle hector you damn fool that’s
kitschner leslie’s girlfriend
and matt the thing is i don’t want to
drink coffee anymore
instead i would like
something different i’d like something
instead that has masala chai
mushrooms turmeric sea salt cinnamon and
nothing else in it well i’ll tell you
what folks
i’m scared then horrified by that story
we definitely have
something that’s better than that
which is mud water
and that’s a coffee replacement and it
tastes like what you think those
ingredients would taste like together
and if you go to muddy waters media
you can purchase some get your starter
kit today
that’s the rapid fire it’s a rapid fire
segment that’s the intro to the intro
everything is faster than that oh
the intro to the rapid fire segment this
entire show is a rapid fire segment kind
of uh
here is 20
what the [ __ ] can we top that um one day
the the son of norm mcdonald is going to
sue us
definitely yeah
yeah i would too um
that’s the dog trying to get yeah the
dog is trying to get in
um so
hey thanks
so now
so now
on january 6th
i’ll just speaking of travesties
on january 6 uh the riots or whatever
the hell you want to call what happened
in dc yes uh that day ended with
democrats saying
trump is practically and morally
responsible for provoking the events of
the day
that was mitch mcconnell
who then voted not to impeach
it’s beautiful devoted to acquitted
my favorite thing about mitch mcconnell
is that he will say that he is
and he’ll go on both sides of this he’ll
say that he is the most strongly against
more so than anyone else and then
straight up vote in favor of it
or that he’s the most in favor of
you know it’s the best thing that’s ever
ended him vote straight up again while
he’s saying it there’s
zero morals and doesn’t pretend to i
appreciate that i appreciate it because
he’s a turtle
he is a turtle and of course as we know
january 6
was the end of our democracy it was the
violent day
in american american history
nothing ever
has ever happened
to humanity
worse worse than january says january 6
ever yes
not even 9 11. no someone said 9 11. so
we were absolutely not no pearl harbor
no nothing nothing holocaust close
not touching that one
kind of a toss up on them right coin
flip really
the people who went into the capital uh
right just
right there right there
right there
since mitch mcconnell voted to acquit
along with 43 other 42 other republicans
that meant that trump joins the likes of
abraham lincoln to be
one of the republicans who weren’t able
to get on twitter and nothing else
really he and lincoln didn’t have that
there’s like nothing that they did
nothing yeah
yet yet it’s basically the same minus
the fact that neither well no they both
couldn’t get on twitter basically the
exact same yeah
there’s nothing else that they share in
yet yeah
so shortly after that
an ice storm
which had oddly enough been predicted by
jack lloyd two months before him yeah
beforehand that was that was eerie
rocked texas
and ted cruz senator ted cruz who
beat beta o’rourke for re-election in
texas in texas in texas uh ensured he
would not ever become president by
leaving to go somewhere warm yes south
of texas yes
instead of staying back to use his
zodiac powers against the storm
and the real travesty of that story
was that um
not that he left to go to texas yeah
but that he left his dog snowball
behind the dog’s name is snowball in an
ice storm
the dog’s name is snowball in texas
listen i love snowballs
i mean i love dogs
but i love snow i mean who doesn’t love
a snowball but i love dogs
i mean if you bring something named
snowball to mexico
it’s gonna melt it’s gonna melt it’s
gonna melt that’s science
and so i think he
made the right choice he did
now i’ve been sure i’ll never be pressed
actually i did that with the uncle
hector joe yeah well you did that long
before that you became a libertarian wow
no but actually that’s accurate um
so yeah no that was uh that was wild
um so the first time that we heard
anything about the supply chain being
messed up yes followed shortly after
when the ship ever given
which i always thought it was evergreen
no it’s ever given yeah well i know that
after i did my research yeah um but i
was like isn’t that ever green uh the
ship ever given uh got stuck in the suez
for six
which just didn’t make sense that like
they couldn’t
it feels like
i mean again
far be i’m not a shipping expert
six weeks feels like a lot
to get a boat unstuck
and the only reason that it got unstuck
was because of an unseasonal
unusually high tide
yeah again that just seems like yeah
just blow it up like i mean it
it it disrupted supply
to entire sections of the planet still
to this day there’s still some ripple
effects and there are some parts of the
pla it was like at what point do we just
blow this ship up
so that would happen on week seven that
that that was the eight week the eight
week rule yeah have eight weeks or we’re
blowing this ship up um
so the six weeks of backup products in
canal and the owners of ever given had
to pay a
undisclosed amount as a fine that is
estimated somewhere between 500 million
and 900 million
for it’s shutting down the world for
each other well the canal the cadao yeah
they had to pay the canal that much
did they just throw it into the canal i
mean they must have the canal like came
out was like we demand the ransom
that’s that’s what it costs for all of
your products to get there
way late
and you saw none of it yep no yeah no it
wasn’t you it went to the canal gods
they went to the canal the suez
suez gods the gods of suez
after that georgia
the hotly contested state yes uh passed
its new voting law
and this led to the
moving the all-star game out of famed
republican-controlled city atlanta the
republican stronghold the republican
yeah moved it out of there
into colorado
but atlanta not to be outdone
and kudos to them really yes got their
revenge by winning the world series and
making sure that more money came to
atlanta through the mlb than would ever
go to colorado
you can’t find a more democrat part of
the south
than atlanta
like as red as the rest of georgia is
atlanta is that blue right outside of
like two pockets
like kind of the savannah area and then
like one other one that i don’t
but those are more like purplish blue
like they’re not solidly right
atlanta is
new york city level blue
and they punished atlanta
atlanta because they were like no we
don’t like what the governor did so
we’re punishing so we’re punishing
atlanta yeah
but atlanta won in the end because they
won the world series
good for atlanta good for atlanta my dad
was so my dad has hated atlanta my
entire life was rooting so hard for him
in this world series
because of that because of that because
of that so then also ironically
famed democrat supporter
your dad
is out there supporting
yeah the democrats right because atlanta
is such a democrat
speaking of strange bedfellows uh pepe
le pew
he’s a stranger
he’s the rape right because of the rape
people have attempted
people have attempted to cancel
dr seuss
uh for
anti-asian sentiment
uh pepe le pew for being anti-consent
and then also on the other side mr
potato head for
not having a gender
as a plastic potato
if anybody is watching tag sarah and
anderegg right now um
you do not want to hang on buddy go
you can’t be on camera
no you can’t be on camera buddy
because your mom doesn’t want you there
right now yeah yeah she’s going we’ll
get in a lot of trouble even the dog
she’s gonna get mad that the dog’s here
yes she will yeah
you need to go to bed buddy speaking of
mr potato head hang it help me back okay
this is up
okay so mr potato head mr potato head
yeah so
we all remember
well we may not remember because i had
forgotten completely about all of this
madness um
the potato head
they tried to they tried to cancel dr
seuss because in one of the books
i don’t remember which one
you said five chinaman’s a chinese or
something like that i don’t think that’s
what i think it was just there was like
anti-aging like there was a bad drawing
yes um i don’t remember what it was it
was not it was not a big deal but they
were trying to cancel that and then
pepe le pew
who really has been raping for
50 years yeah this is i remember as a
kid thinking like
this is not this isn’t this is bad like
she clearly doesn’t want that right
at no point did i ever view pepe le pew
as the
in any of those no no i was fine with
him being canceled but just remember
remember what they took from you
that’s one of my favorite memes from
this yeah and then they just wanted to
change the name to potato head right as
opposed to mr potato yeah listen that
wasn’t even that big of a controversy so
it wasn’t even that they were changing
mr potato head’s name
it was that the entire brand of the
family of potato heads was called mr
potato head
so they were just changing that to
potato head
so it was like the brand potato head
which brings you mr potato head mrs
potato head baby potato head potato dog
head whatever like
the tater tots the tater tots whatever
like whatever they called all the
different things
potato head was now the brand instead of
just mr potato head and people lost
their [ __ ] you’re making mr potato head
transgender and it’s like hey
none of them have genitals also so that
should maybe
this is a potato
like who cares what they’re doing to it
that wasn’t even happening
so right about this time yes as the
world was going completely insane uh
fighting over
potato genders
the vaccine became a widely available
for everybody and that’s when the grand
push started happening they were like
okay we’re gonna get everybody
vaccinated every single person needs to
get vaccinated they were pushing it and
if you were to look forward
just a few months from this point
they will say that at no point in
history did anybody ever say anything
like this instead of the virus being
able to hop from person to person to
person to person spreading and spreading
sickening some of them but not all of
them and the ones that it doesn’t sick
and don’t know they have it and then
they give it even more people because
they didn’t recognize they were
right instead of the virus being able to
hop from person to person to person
potentially mutating and becoming more
virulent and drug resistant along the
way now we know that the vaccines work
well enough that the virus
stops with every vaccinated person
a vaccinated person gets exposed to the
the virus does not infect them the virus
cannot then use that person to go
anywhere else
it cannot use a vaccinated person as a
host to go get more people
that means
the vaccines will get us to
the end of this
if we just go fast enough
hey remember what it was like to be the
beginning of this year and think that i
didn’t think that was true
and think that was a possibility yeah
so months later they will deny anybody
ever saying
that yeah because it wasn’t just her
that said that they were they have they
have biden saying that they have gensake
saying that they have fouchy saying it’s
like every every policyman they were
she went on a completely different level
i’m not sure anyone ever claimed that it
was a hundred she may sound like it was
a hundred percent but they would say
that your likelihood of getting it went
down greatly and it’s not like they
actually stopped cap uh catching or
tracking breakthrough cases uh they now
no longer even try to claim
effectiveness of any percentage in
stopping you from getting covet it’s all
now just about how much less likely you
are to end up seriously ill or in the
hospital okay fine but that’s not what
they told us and that also completely
eliminates the
any kind of rationalization or
justification behind mandating it so
you’re probably thinking well that’s
good because then that means they didn’t
mandate it
yet to be seen yeah
yet to be seen to be saved
that’s going to be the first week of 22.
yes um that’s a little teaser for
next week’s notes next week’s notes um
we have lives from new york
it was right about this time where even
andrew cuomo
had killed a bunch of seniors
by putting infected people into old
folks homes and then
just not counting them yep because they
don’t matter in new york apparently at
all except for
the census um
well and they’re still going to vote so
right well yeah twice
it came out that he sexually harassed
slightly less women than he killed
and the dim party turned on him except
for his brother but that’s that’s the
story for much later in the year that
comes later that comes much later that
comes much later yeah i it’s one of
those any port in a storm things like if
that’s what it took to take down andrew
como great
but he also lied about killing the old
people yeah
so there’s that
we’ll just breeze past that because he
did touch some women inappropriately yes
and he did say some terrible things
as he killed grandparents and speaking
of people who entered pipelines without
the colonial pipeline got hacked causing
shortages of gas across the southeast
that was just
that’s called a seamless transition
uh yes colonial uh then had to
and i remember being affected were you
guys affected by that no we were on
somebody else we’re on a different
you’re on the golf pipeline yeah yeah no
we were straight up affected by that
holy crap i remember everyone that was
like hey is it true that we have to go
get gas right now and i’m like i don’t
why are you asking me that like because
all the pipelines shut down i’m like oh
then yeah i guess so i’ll be right back
and uh it ended up they were able to
turn around pretty quickly it didn’t end
up being as disastrous as they thought
it would be but uh five million will do
that and five million it’ll do that
because colonial then paid the hackers 5
million in ransom uh ensuring they’ll
never do it again and then biden had to
tell russia
which industries they were allowed
to hack and which ones were not allowed
and that was beautiful that was
beautiful he literally said i gave him a
you do not do not go after these
industries these ones are okay these
ones are fine he he had a proud press
conference where he said and i talked
with the russian government and i gave
them a list of what was like 18 or 32 or
whatever 18 at whatever number of
industries that are vital
and therefore cannot be hacked
because of course that means screw the
other ones like they’re fine that was
great and yes
speaking of
i got
nothing i got nothing for that
the billionaire space race there was no
there was no segway for that
yeah nothing
the billionaire space race began with uh
that’s not his name no
bezos no yeah bezos no
the the virgin branson branson there we
go branson has switched it so it wasn’t
brandon it corrected on me uh with bran
with branson and musk both going into
space and most of the world hoping they
would not return
yeah i don’t i i
jeff pesos and elon musk
get a lot of subsidies and stuff like
that but like i will say i think the
world’s a better place because of the
things that jeff bezos and elon musk
have done
they just show that like even the most
idealistic you know market-driven person
when they reach a certain point they
just start to
meld into the government and become an
extension of it
of all the things they did i think
launching william shatner into space is
not the worst now
i actually think it was pretty cool he
got to go to space i did too because
he’s 90.
like he’ll be dead soon
maybe betty white’s still kicking
i’m not saying like tomorrow but i’m
saying like relatively soon like so
dick van dyke is still kicking so is
betty white no no i’m saying like within
20 years they’ll be dead you know like
when i was on that kind of stuff when i
was on i’ll probably be dead mr murica a
couple of weeks ago jason lyon and i
were speaking and uh he said
betty white is
getting ready to turn 100 and that’s
amazing and he goes
it’s a good thing kovid never got her
and i said you know if she gets it in
the next few weeks and she dies it’s
your fault
oh yeah yeah so if betty white dies of
coving before it’s just chase it’s jason
lyon’s fault
yeah no if that if betty white dies
that’s gonna be he’s gonna that’s jason
lionsville that’s jason lyon’s fault so
everyone remember that
and remind him of it constantly yes
uh then the uh delta variant broke out
and the cdc had no speaking of
it’s kovid
killing betty white the betty whites of
this country
the delta variant broke out and the cdc
had no clue how to tell people that they
needed to get vaccinated anymore since
they could still catch the virus
give the virus to others and probably
end up killing someone who was
vaccinated very dear to them i remember
having that first tough conversation
with a blue check mark on twitter i’m
also a blue chicken marker but another
blue check mark on twitter one of the
bad blue check marks on twitter who is
explaining how you know
they didn’t have to they didn’t go
you know getting vaccinated to protect
themselves only to be put at risk by
some bunch of unvaccinated people
and i thought well that’s funny
because you’re vaccinated
that’s funny
yep and
later we’re gonna find out even more
about kobe but that
actually wasn’t bad for the first seven
months that was only 12 uh that was only
14 minutes for the first seven months
that’s good that’s how long it takes me
to tell a joke about my uncle hector
that’s true
that’s true so that brings you through
the first seven months of 2021 and all
of the things that you either remember
or you had forgotten already happened um
so before we get into i don’t even know
if there’s anything here uh before we
don’t have anymore yeah uh before we go
into the second half of the year
i forgot to put that in there because
not smart sometimes this it is now time
for the personal injury attorney chris
if you live in the florida region of
these united states and you find
yourself personally injured by anybody
not named matt or spike
because we already have medicine to turn
right he’s already our attorney uh go to
and uh he will get you
so like right now we’ve got a table here
with all our stuff on it
and it’s actually not a table it’s just
stacks of cash from an actor that’s what
i’m saying like literally it’s
we had an accident people wonder how do
you do muddy waters it’s because one
time we had an accident and and chris
reynolds got us so much money that it’s
just we have this room is actually
filled with hundred dollar bills we
actually had to add this little yellow
line here because the 100 bills
were like coming up to here like i’m
touching 100 bills right now yeah i’m
not going to show them to you though
nope not doing that
uh we actually only have one call this
week and and i know for a fact that this
call came in
while we were live
last week oh wow
so uh here’s our call from
i hope that this works
hey matt and spike is jimmy lee again
calling in on the chris reynolds anchor
calling moment
so there’s been
some more activity within this uh the
rch the russell kentucky convalescent
it appears that the employees that are
there are not getting paid anymore
so a few of them have walked off
including dreama
now these people are going to just be
left with nothing to take care of them
i’m very disheartened
and i’m very broken and i’m very sad and
we’re still going to do everything we
can for these people
thank you
yeah we are sorry to be the bummer
yeah no thank you thank you for updating
us on that we’ve been in touch with the
people at lp kentucky have been talking
to us about this we’re figuring out the
best way forward if the convalescent
home even wants to continue fighting it
if so how we’re going to move forward on
ultimately it comes down to the owners
of the property and what they want to do
with it and and we will uh we will have
to see how that goes uh but we’re gonna
continue fighting for the people there
in russell and uh we’re going to uh on a
on a in addition to helping them we’re
going to continue to highlight that this
is what happens when government just
claims to be able to take your property
whenever they want to because they
decided that they have a better use for
it um so but thank you for that update
and you have no need to worry jimmy
about being the downer or the bummer as
you said it
2021 was the bummer yeah we just did
that with the previous segment so we’re
going to do it with the next one too yes
we’re going to finish out the year yes
that has been an unusually short
personal injury yes chris reynolds
anchor calling moment the personal
injury attorney chris reynolds update
moment right
um thank you jimmy uh we appreciate all
that you do out there um
i was like i forgot to check i was like
i know we have one um
there you go we have one we got one we
got one it’s all that matters so tell us
in the comments what was your uh
favorites thing that happened
or least favorite thing that happened in
so going into later in august um
going into august biden withdrew troops
from afghanistan after 20 years
many many many many lives lost
and more than 2 trillion in today’s
dollars and over 5 trillion by the time
we pay off the debt yeah and to put that
in perspective the entire gross domestic
was what 26 billion dollars yeah and
that is expected to go down
precipitously because the taliban
is essentially destroying
all civil societal infrastructure
as it moves the country back into
bronze age basically like that which is
where they want to be that’s where the
people in the the the taliban’s
interpretation of sharia law
firmly want their their country and
their people to be problem is they’re
dragging everyone else into it including
their wives who probably don’t want it
either um just like they didn’t want
but they had to because they were
children but anyway um
and the funny like saying anything was
at this point at this point in the year
timeline biden was probably pulling at
48 to 52 which is typical for presidents
they’re always in that like 40s maybe
50s range yeah and it was yeah he was
like he was middle of the road usually
he’s slightly above uh he’s slightly
sometimes he would dip down depending on
how many delta cases there were but he
was right about 50
uh after the afghanistan pull out
was when
he started dipping hard and you saw him
go down to as low as like 32
and i think right now he’s somewhere
between 38 and 40
ish 42 38 and 42. yeah i’ve seen him as
low as 28 in some polls in a recent poll
uh oddly enough
he was pulling lower
than kamala harris
who was pulling unusually high
that’s yeah that’s uh
that’s scary i i want to say though
yes biden screwed up the withdrawal it
could have been done much better
yes he should have taken up the governor
of guam on his offer to do what guam did
during the vietnam war where they just
brought all of not only the troops but
all the american civilians and any uh uh
afghan refugees start bringing them over
to guam where they can process them
there to bring them here or send them
back to afghanistan if they were you
know interlopers trying to get in or
whatever um
he he completely screwed up by uh
giving the the list of american
civilians to the taliban for them in the
haqqani network to protect
i mean there were many stupid things
that were done by joe biden
but frankly
a lot of those weren’t really done by
joe biden they were done by the military
industrial complex so if trump had been
in office that he had done it too or his
administration would have done it too
and b there wasn’t going to be a pretty
way to end the war in afghanistan and
it’s what we’ve been saying
from the beginning which is that this
was a bad idea to invade this country
because it was inevitably going to
return back to the taliban or someone
else like the taliban and all we were
going to do was waste money and lives
american lives and afghan lives and
lives of you know our allied countries
in trying to turn afghanistan into
something other than afghanistan and
that’s what happened it happened on
biden’s watch and one of the one of the
very few fleetingly few things that joe
biden did that i respect was when they
called them all you know they’re going
oh you did this wrong and he said listen
this was going to end poorly we’re not
going back again it was done poorly
civilians were left behind all sorts of
bad things were done the one thing i
respect about joe biden was that he was
like this is going to end poorly it was
always going to end poorly we’re still
ending it i respect that he’s the first
president to end a war
since nixon
the first one oh well yeah yeah bush
ended his own his own war the gulf war
yeah he’s the last one to end like a
long-running war
since nixon but yeah i mean this is
uh we had a question on
youtube okay from jordan trincy okay i
don’t know if i’m saying your last name
um how much longer do you figure biden
will be in office before harris takes
his place now jordan
i don’t think that’s going to happen
i think that was initially what the plan
was i think that’s what the thought was
but in most polls outside of the one
where harris was beating biden
she is regularly pulling at 28 or below
that’s terrible yeah they are not
looking at her to be the replacement she
is hated by the left
she is hated by the left she’s hated by
the right the moderates don’t like her
she’s not like she is not liked and the
the natural voting block that people
think would exist that you know black
black voter they don’t like her either
like well because of what tulsi did
because of what tulsi gaffer did to her
in the debates and frankly i mean even
chelsea gabriel brought it out to the
mainstream but like
i remember early on when she was you
know announcing her runs and you know
black democrat activists were like
we’re not backing uh conor layer she’s
like one of the most brutal prosecutors
there’s been she’s the opposite of what
we want for criminal justice reform um
yeah no that’s not gonna happen and
she’s not popular she’s not well liked
remember kamala harris dropped out of
the primary
for to be the democrat nominee before a
single vote took place no one ever voted
for kamala harris because long before
they even got the price to the primary
route she ran out of money her staffers
left she apparently wasn’t running a
good operation and she quit
she’s not going to be president she’s
not she might the only way she’ll become
president is if joe biden just like
straight up dies before 2024 and then
she gets sworn in as president but she’s
never gonna get elected president she’s
never gonna get elected president
i think they will do everything in their
to keep joe biden alive until 2024
because of that yes yeah because if
she’s the if she gets uh sworn in as
her likelihood of winning the democratic
nomination goes up
and to ten percent and from from one
percent right and you know it would
actually go up quite a bit
because who’s gonna be the schmuck who
goes yeah you’re the first
president or no first black
first female president and first
minority female president
but i’m a and i’m a democrat
but you’re
i don’t like you and i don’t you cackle
like what like the the
there’s no way that a democrats gonna be
able to effectively run against her uh
and yes bernie sanders will try and
he’ll fail again do you think he’s gonna
try again i think he’s gonna try i don’t
think he is you don’t think so he’s
gonna be 82
i don’t think he’s gonna try what does
he do he shows up oh that’s a little
deductible and then everyone and a bunch
of kids cheer because they have no idea
what he’s pushing for um
i i think
he or someone that will replace him to
run to her left flank will run thereby
ensuring that she gets the nomination
and then she’ll lose the
election to
pause well the libertarian candidate of
i just want to announce right here on
this show i am not running for president
that’s i’m devastated that’s what i was
banking on i know
you’re running for president i don’t
know i was all in i could
i could 100 change my mind but right now
right now right now my intention i am
not running for president in 2024
and i would like to announce
that that is devastating yes
yes to me personally
speaking of which uh
you’re not old enough are you mad no i’m
not even close to old enough no god no
i’m not he won’t be old enough for years
years like like decades yeah
he’s a teenager right he’s 18. kid
18. he’s a child
uh speaking of the exit land
yeah uh the bite administration came up
with a plan that uh
was to leave any and all people who
really wanted to come back along with
all the military equipment
that has been sent through over the
years yes
and in order to take the heat off of the
exit plan the fda granted full approval
to the pfizer vaccine which was reported
on cnn fox news msnbc news max kimmel
colbert the daily show and everywhere
else that pfizer pays for advertising
pfizer is a pr firm that sells drugs um
it’s uh uh
i you know
i’m i wish that the vaccine had been as
effective as they were saying because
you were at like what 70 vaccinated if
it was effective as they said their
coven couldn’t really thrive anymore you
know there
this whole thing of oh it’s the
unvaccinated spreading it and
it dying for
if only the unvaccinated were spreading
it wouldn’t be able to exist in in it
wouldn’t be able to have these massive
outbreaks anymore there would be local
areas that would have it
it’s not effective against stopping
it appears to be effective in stopping
you from getting sick or dying or
reducing your odds of getting very sick
or dying but so does vitamin d
and so do a lot of other things like i
would dare say that vitamin d exercise
better diet stress reduction and you
know bringing your bmi down to an ideal
level all of those things combined
probably reduce your odds of getting
seriously ill or dying from coven
roughly the same as the vaccine and we
know what the side effects of those
things are all good things all
beneficial like those are all the side
effects of those things are your life is
better too
there’s no myocarditis from it right
and what’s funny is like spike was
saying like if if the vaccine had been
affected the way that they were pushing
it on us um we’d long since surpassed
the number that fauci had been
saying was going to be yeah 65 yeah yeah
that’s not what happened
because the delta variant and other
variants started coming out and that was
predicted by
us yeah on the very first show of 2021
and not because we’re such like
epidemiological geniuses like it
basic understanding of science viruses
mutate and they want to spread more
which is actually good news because that
means they uh become less deadly over
time which is why
anyone who watches this show
we’re not shocked when omicron
as the media corporate press has put it
largely indistinguishable from the cold
for the vast majority of people yes
it’s good to see that the cult that the
flu came out of hibernation this year
if you went to
uh you know you went to try to you know
sell a script for a movie
which you you did i don’t know and
imagine you went and you tried to sell a
script and you said here’s my idea
imagine a world
where the world’s governments
shut down occasionally and put people in
camps to intern them to protect them
from others uh and
require vaccination which is not
against a virus with a more than 99
survivability rate
which for the vast majority of people
will get it will be indistinguishable
from the common cold or flu
they would laugh you out of the room
they would say that’s a stupid promise
you must be a libertarian
government would do such a thing
you idiot you idiot get out we need
something bigger and better like
another matrix movie uh titanic
you really want the end person live
let’s make a movie about a ship sinking
oh and some crappy romance you know the
thing about rose
is that
they tried to make her into a heroin mat
so she was heroin all right uh
black tardy taller here
shoes awful and caused jack his life
um you know the crazy thing about uh
about rose is that she was played by
philip seymour hoffman
no one knows that no one knows that that
guy he’s got range
he is i mean rest in peace rest in peace
but you know he died because of heroin
wow yeah it all comes together oh yeah
rhodes thought she was a heroine and
then it ended up killing
philip seymour hoffman titanic killed
philip seymour often that’s two victims
well heroin has many more victims but
rose specifically just the two
we don’t know what happened to her
we have no idea
oh wow
yeah the one that that’s the twit that’s
why she didn’t give a crap about him
yeah because she murdered him
and it would make sense that when she
on the ship now that i get to dispose of
a body
after giving away her entire children’s
and then
and then titanic was an inside job and
uh and then she dies
she ends up you know meeting up with
jack and not her husband that she had
children and grandchildren and
great-grandchildren with no that’s
because the husband is a murder victim
and was he was in heaven and they were
in hell yes where they belong where they
belonged burning in agony forever
amen and if you notice like when they go
when when they go to hell at the end uh
you know it’s hell
because where does she see jack
on the titanic
they’re in the great ballroom on the
titanic so it’s like dante’s inferno
where you re-live reliving that damn
misery yes
that’s how you know she went to hell at
the end
i actually makes me feel better a little
a little bit
i’ll give cameron that i’ll give camera
he said he’s giving a twist at the end
where it’s like yeah she’s in hell
burning and drowning at the same time
in the misery just to watch this guy die
in front of her because she’ll keep
murdering him forever
it’s just for her ever since jack’s
punishment for the moment she’s gonna
let jack die by breaking his thumb off
i’ll never let go jack i’ll never oh
he’s gone
wait his son broke off well because he
was holding her he was holding her hand
and it like froze into place and she’s
like i’ll never let go jack i’ll never
let go and then like he was just
floating there with like dead look on
his face being all daniel dead louis
yeah and
she like had to his hand was frozen so
she had to like break his thumb in order
to get it off you hear a crack
that’s a terrible movie it’s a terrible
movie so bad
and and then i’ll never let go
immediately 30 seconds later not even
what she means is i’ll never let go in
hell right i’ll never let go of you
because we’re meeting we’re gonna meet
in hell
she knew that’s why she was such a
terrible woman i bet her kids hated her
so speaking of
also speaking of murderers
andrew cuomo
after the thing that we were saying
before with the women yep he then
as new york as governor as governor of
new york because as he said
i’m italian
this is why we’re number 12 this is why
we’re number 12 in italy
when he got uh accused of being
handsy and overly affectionate his
excuse literally was
i’m italian
which is just
like imagine being italian and then
you’re like hey [ __ ] you
do that to women yeah he should have
said that about the killing grandparents
saying listen i’m not a murderer
anti-italian anti-defamation the italian
league yeah
this is actually what they’re called yes
the italian anti-defamation league is
called this yeah the people that get mad
at mob movies um
we don’t all do that we don’t all do
that we don’t go around killing
grandparents well look at the governor
oh they’re gonna watch this show um you
know what we’re gonna get we’re gonna
now be the the least rated podcast in
italy yeah
we’re saying we disagree with this by
the way we do we don’t disagree italy we
love you italy’s great and god bless you
for pasta yes um
carbs carbs god bless those carbs
speaking of
you know what carbs do they really swell
you up
speaking of
nicki minaj
came under fire
from democrats and republicans
she said um
democrats were broken no
she came under fire from democrats and
republicans oh and republicans decided
that she wasn’t as bad as she was just
24 hours prior um when she said that her
cousin had a friend
who was
walking around like randy marsh in that
one episode oh south park after getting
do you get that reference yes okay
um yeah she said his testicles swell
swolled up swolded up and it was awful
and it was terrible but
she said it was good because she ended
saying that she got a meeting with the
white house and she was gonna show up
there in her pink
because she was nicki minaj [ __ ] um i
think she literally said that
uh pretty close to that yeah um
i don’t i actually don’t know if that
meeting ever happened i don’t think that
i think uh jinsaki came out and said
well we’ll give you a phone call but not
not a meeting
i would have loved that me i would have
joe biden and nicki minaj
talking about some guy’s testicles
he’d say you know what that would be the
most 20 21 moment of 20 i want to tell
you about this thing what they did with
the kids in the pool
and then he would say speaking of balls
he would have started that story and she
would have been like did you just call
me a cockroach [ __ ] yeah yeah
you know what i like about you roaches
is when i d dip your heads into the
water and you touch my leg hairs
he actually said that yes
he didn’t
speaking of it’s so hard to do segues
for these
there are well that’s so 2021 was a year
of just nothing making sense so it
wouldn’t stand a reason there’s no good
segways so
speaking of white supremacy
gavin newsom gavin newsom gavin newsom
he won a recall election against larry
elder who famed white supremacist famed
white supremacist larry elder who
spin city actor larry elder uh
he was in one episode
who had been named by the media the
black face of white supremacy which is
funny because here on this show
we always thought that was virginia
governor ralph ralph northam yes who
literally wore black face
i guess he’s still the white face of
white it’s white he’s the white face of
black white black face white supremacy
yes it’s a key difference there although
and i will say this to the day
that i die
if he had just started dancing when they
asked him to if he had moonlight
he could do it
he was excited to do it he was eager to
do it
if he had moonwalked instead of
listening to that woman he’s married to
if he had just moonwalked in appropriate
if he had just said you know what i got
okay maybe you’re right maybe i’m right
but i got this and he went out there and
did a full-on moonwalk did the double
spin grabbed the
did the kick grab the leg he
had done the whole pelvis tilt thing
his opinion
uh numbers his opinion poll numbers
would have been higher
than they were pre blackface
and i will go to the very end to say
that yeah i i would agree if he had done
that it would have been like
oh oh and that that would have become
the hottest meme slash gif on the
forever forever well for at least a year
he would have been the top meme thing
like it would it just it would have
turned this
lemon into lemonade really would have it
would have because people had been like
okay yeah he did blackface like 40 years
ago but he did the moonwalk like
life would have handed him a lemon and
he would have taken that limited
squirted it onto some
pan-seared salmon
speaking of
jeffrey toobin
jeffrey tubin of cnn was caught
masturbating during a zoom call yes one
does as one does and that’s not the most
insane thing to come out about someone
from cnn this year no
we’ll get to that later yeah we’ll get
to that later but actually this might be
the most insane thing this is this is is
is it
the pedophilia doesn’t top this for you
yeah i guess you’re right
but i mean so that’s more insidious this
is just straight up crazy fair like have
you been on a zoom call
there are many
every tuesday every tuesday
there are many things that i’m inspired
to do on a zoom call
cranking one out in one of them no
i can’t imagine the thought process that
was going through tubin’s head
when he
was yanking the tubing
he was tubing in he was tubing in where
he’s like
yeah this zoom calls boring
actually you know the the what’s the
most crazy they’ve brought him back they
brought him back and literally
they bring him on to like you know give
his opinion on stuff and no matter what
he says all the replies on social media
are aren’t you the guy that jerked off
on a zoom call
like he’ll never he will never be
anybody but he’s always going to be that
it would be like if after the thing that
happened with pee-wee irman with paul
um that he then
just went back on pee-wee’s playhouse on
youtube and other people were coming to
hey weren’t you just caught you know
whacking it in a in a porn theater
meanwhile you know you’re in a porn
which it’s not legal to do that
but it’s much more understandable a zoom
call with your business
and you don’t turn the camera off
he was looking at pictures of our
oh no
he didn’t turn the camera off
you know oh i’m sorry i took your kipp
off when you know you called it
yeah yeah okay
this thing does not want to stay home no
you know i think that what’s your
narwhal call
mine’s stabby
stabby the narwhals kim rough named him
oh nice this i think in honor of today’s
episode should be tubing tubing this is
tubing the narwhal tube in the narwhal
that’s anti-semitic by the way but
tube in the narwhal
so speaking about
being caught on the
that’s not a good that’s not a good one
and a an intercept report came out about
a cell phone trojan horse that we
reported on a few months ago
a cell phone trojan horse that was
created in israel and sold to
governmental leaders so they could use
this to read everything
everything everything on your phone
including all of the apps that you’re
like oh yeah my apps are protected
because it’s signaled and they’re not on
the nope they were recording those too
including where you are in real time
down to a matter of feet yep
they found this virus this trojan horse
on hundreds of people’s phones some of
them were related to
uh the governmental leaders in question
others were enemies of the governmental
leaders in question
had coveted not been a thing
this should have been the biggest story
of the year yeah
ed snowden said this is the biggest
thing that’s going to happen this year
but nobody’s going to realize it yep
yeah every
the government governments multiple
governments are tracking everything you
and every other person on earth is doing
on your phone and not just your
electronic communications your your
emails your tech they’re like your
camera data like what
again your phone
think about this
you’re looking at your phone and anyone
who’s who’s hacking into your phone the
multiple people who are hacking your
phone and just
recording everything are getting
and what you’re looking at
so you know those moments
that i’ve definitely never had but i’m
certain many of you have where
you’re watching a little bit of porn on
your phone before you go to bed and
you get that
odd phone call in the midst of tubing it
from your dad
and you just feel this shame you should
just feel that shame all the time when
you’re doing this yeah no matter what
you’re looking at
because the government’s doing the thing
also i don’t know what pornography is
so for you yeah i don’t i don’t i’ve
heard it sounds bad it’s not good what
i’ve heard about it seems
frankly i feel like i’d be objectifying
speaking of
nascar driver brandon brown
the most famous nascar driver ever ever
wins what was it that i don’t know
i don’t
he won a race
i didn’t even bother to look that up
because i didn’t care and he was being
interviewed by a reporter about him
winning the i don’t know daytona five
whatever uh and the crowd was doing what
crowds do what a lot of sporting events
read this year
channing f joe biden f joe biden and the
either tried to spin it there is no way
or is an idiot
it’s one of the i don’t believe i don’t
i don’t
i think she was just trying to find a
way to not get the entire broadcast
censored you could clearly hear what
they were saying
almost at the same volume as them
and she said oh wow what a great thing
there listen the crowd’s cheering you on
saying let’s go brandon
and that has become
i would say the most repeated phrase
of the year and having that only
happened in october that’s impressive
yes um yeah no it’s become mainstream
yeah to the point where joe biden
recently said he agreed with it i’m
jumping ahead in the notes sorry yeah
you’re good
that’s the only reason i added that in
there no
yeah speaking of jumping out in front of
yeah speaking of jumping out in front of
things our report also broke around the
same time that contrary to
all of the
i think it’s safe to call them lies at
this point yeah
uh that fouchy made in front of congress
and to the american people that the nih
has never fun to gain a function
recently never senator you’re lying
senator frankly you have no idea what
you are talking about i am science i am
the science
well that turned out to be crap uh and
has been shown that
eco health alliance applied for a grant
that norad went
so before we get the fact
norad makes like
nuclear muffins like they make like the
scary [ __ ] to kill people that’s that
are really hard to kill
so like they make some of the most like
it’s just scary
advanced scary frightening stuff yes and
they saw this plan from echo health
ecohealth whatever alliance to basically
create a superbug
and then
humanize it
or put it into humanized cells humanized
mice to help
speed along both its exponential growth
in in
function gain of function and
in breaking the barrier between animal
and humans so that it would spread from
human to human
and darpa went nope not even close
that’s too scary
nor head’s the weather thing isn’t it
norad definitely would have said no they
would have said what the hell does this
have to do with monitoring this guy
right yeah
no no no reds but santa tracker yeah
they’d be like what is this santa would
not approve of this at all
but darpa looked at that and said
absolutely not
bye go talk to the nih voucher was like
yes yes yes can we kill some puppies
god the latest count on that is awful
and they said oh well actually we’re
going to use mice well can you kill them
afterwards yes we’ll be torturing them
too don’t worry what they suffer yeah
well we’re gonna put uh ears human ears
on them to and craft them on and it’s
gonna hurt them a lot oh good then yes
does so
does fouchy to you
because he does to me he reminds me
of an angrier mr burns
from the simpsons
i yeah i just if he tends his fingers in
an interview once i’m gonna
die happy
i can see that i can see that he strikes
me more
like wario
oh yeah that’s good too but like wario
trying to go legit
and instead he becomes a psychopath so
do you remember the game dr mario yeah
yeah so he’s doctor wario he’s dr warren
just take the pills just take it look
i’ve matched the colors
just take the shot just take the shot
you need to wear your masks wear your
mask you’re going to need to wear your
masks on all flights domestically and
you probably need to get shots to mask
degree to get on flights
god i hate that man
doctor warrior doctor warrior speaking
old people that shouldn’t be in
joe biden yes
he went to rome yeah
i don’t really know how
i do we need to finish that story uh so
he went to rome and he may
have actually pooped his pants in front
of the pope
and he thought that the better
would be to go to glasgow at the cop26
and fall asleep during
a speech on climate change
now for anybody who isn’t familiar with
cop26 that’s where
26 nations from around the world that
don’t include india china and russia
you know the main polluters or brazil or
get together and they talk about how
and awful climate change is and how if
we don’t do something
the world is going to explore we’re
going to die yeah we’re all going to die
and then
they do nothing except talk about it and
then say we’ll see you all again next
year yeah and then they all get on their
thousands of private jets
and flat and
go back to creating the biggest
carbon footprints in their respective
uh and he fell asleep during that you
know i i don’t
i don’t fault him i don’t fault him we
played the video of him falling asleep
and i wanted to fall asleep like can you
imagine something just uh and then the
and i changed out the audio
and i put greta stevenberg in it oh
that’s right that would have made me
definitely fall asleep
unless it fills you with white hot
raisins the swedish death metal version
is way better way better of greta yes um
yeah it i
but he definitely i think what it was
confirmed that he pooped his pants right
or it was just
it’s not confirmed it’s just
yes but no like the white house isn’t
saying yeah
but it has been
lots of different media reports have
stated it over there and the white house
is like that’s not what happened he
spilled something and we had to get him
a change
he spilled poop he’s put poop right out
of his anus
right on out of his anus and you want to
know what else fell out of his anus
the infrastructure wow thanks um
the infrastructure bill which got passed
shortly after biden pooped his pants in
rome the poop the pope with the post
with the pope was very surprised by that
as well he’s like what do you what else
do you got in your ass it was not a very
powerful moment
uh poople it was poople yeah it was a
poople moment of poople with the purple
that’s pope
uh the infrastructure bill passed with a
price tag of 1.2 trillion dollars which
in all fairness is a conservative number
in today’s space nothing
uh and it is estimated that the 1.2
trillion will be used to fix roughly
four bridges
the rest of it’s gonna be
lost or spent on grifty contractors or
some contractors yeah she’s contractors
contractors going for government
yes contracts
uh but those bridges are gonna be
freaking they’re gonna work for another
three years they’re gonna be pasted
together so beautifully it also has uh
it’s also got uh
electric vehicle charging stations yes
all along the midwest
where they will lie fallow
and they will eventually
and drive up the cost of electric
charging stations and places that places
that actually need them right because
that’s how
that’s how that works um
speaking of
these segways
it’s hard like i was doing it month to
month like this is starting in january
and going oh man uh well
uh straw hot off the heels
a direct consequence of joe biden
pooping his pants
uh glenn youngkin defeated terry
which made joe biden poop his pants
for different reasons but for different
reasons and this time not in front of
the vicar
joe biden had to uh
or the pontiff the pontiff not the vicar
the vickers uh
i don’t know
anglican church sure
and this probably actually did make
biden poop his pants a little bit
if i remember correctly biden won
virginia with a 13 point lead something
like that and mcauliffe
uh lost
by like one and a half to two percent
which means that was a 15 point swing in
new jersey you saw a 20-point swing uh
the republican lost in that race
it was way closer than anybody was
expecting it to be yeah um and in new
jersey also the the the speaker
lost his re-election bid to a guy that
spent 500 on his campaign
um and that was like a huge swing yep
this has to be the
terrifying lead-in to 2022 for democrats
that they could have possibly imagined
which could be
potentially i’m not saying definitely
why they are pushing omicron
so hard
because they know that kovid won them
so they are pushing omicron and i don’t
the uh narrative ending anytime before
the 22 elections but what’s wild is the
reason that kofit won them 2020
is because trump was in charge
i don’t really i don’t know if democrats
realize that they are setting a stage of
vote democrat
because this thing
whatever it is this thing it could be
anything this thing has continued to
worsen despite the fact that we said we
get it under control but good news it’s
not our fault it’s the fault of a bunch
of people who are largely unaffected by
all this
it’s their fault it’s their fault
it’s the fault of the guy
who’s triple vaccinated
who’s triple vaccinated and many
but won’t get his fourth booster and he
just got his third he’ll get his fourth
if he’s told
he said that he was like yeah
he was like uh they asked if you you’re
like we know you’re vaccinated uh did
you get the boosters yeah i got i of
course i got the booster you know i need
to be protected i mean the guy’s like 76
like i get it and he’s overweight
i get it if you are of a certain age and
you have certain health problems i have
no problem with you getting back i don’t
have a problem with anybody yeah no it
makes perfect sense for like an elderly
person with like if i were an elderly
person with you know multiple
comorbidities and overweight i’d yeah i
pretty sure i would get it
i mean i was considering getting it
before my medical team said yeah
probably not a good idea so the
scientific libertarian said what if the
republicans put up a candidate that
wasn’t complete [ __ ] oh wait what am i
saying and here
here are potentially
your republican nominees or the people
who are going to be running for the
republican nominee in 2020 you have
donald trump obviously yeah you’ve got
who will lose again by the way like that
will he will like i if that’s the
rematch he loses again right i don’t
think he does really i don’t think he
loses i don’t think he loses either
rematch of the possibilities
okay um
so you’ve got donald trump you’ve got
uh desantis who says he’s not going to
run but
so did matt yeah
and he’s totally running
uh ted cruz
nikki haley
tom cotton
tom cotton uh a lot
uh ricky harrington got 40 point 40
against him
with like no funding either tom con’s
not gonna be president he’s not gonna be
present but that doesn’t mean he’s not
gonna run
he’s running for vice president
yeah that’s fair um
i feel like i’m forgetting somebody but
yeah it’s like those five plus one or
two others like those that’s gonna those
are the main ones yeah those are that’s
gonna be your marco rubio no he’s not
going to do it you don’t think so no he
got demolished last time
started well well yeah yeah ted cruz
didn’t get to mine ted cruz actually did
way better than a lot of people expected
him ted cruz made it all the way to the
end and uh it was it was close up until
those last few states
uh that’s true
cruz was ahead at one point yeah which
was wild yeah i thought ted cruz was
gonna win it and then because i was like
it’s donald trump like no that’s yeah
and then
it’s gonna
that just happened um but
who else am i thinking who else am i
missing oh um abbott greg abbott
yeah i guess so but he he and desantis
are saying the same thing that we’re not
going to run because we want to focus on
our second guitar no one can say i’m
running against i’m running right now
because that means they’re running
against donald trump
you want trump to be on your good side
and also they’re both in re-election
so you can’t say well yeah i’m going to
go run for president two years after i
get elected
i thought desantis isn’t up into oh no
22 22. wow because it was 2018. wow so
desantis is about to i think sail the
victory i think i think desantis is
about to do one of those things where
democrats and corporate media are going
to pretend it’s a really close race guys
we can totally win this thing you just
have to give us hundreds of millions of
dollars and they’re going to spend a
ridiculous amount of money and desantis
is going to win in a route because what
he’s doing especially when it comes to
copenhagen is wildly popular in florida
yeah especially
because as it appears at this moment
the person he will be running against is
a former governor of florida as a
as an independent for the senate and
lost to rubio
ran as a democrat for governor and lost
andrew gilman
andrew gillum
the guy that that ran against uh
um desantis yeah no uh he lost to rick
scott oh yeah yeah lost her works lost
to rick scott he became he’s currently
my congressman uh currently my
congressman and now he is planning on
going back in and running for governor
charlie kirk
desantis will clean the floor with
charlie kirk
chris christ christ charlie chris
charlie crist charlie kirk is the
turning point usa oh yeah you’re right
yeah you’re right yeah charlie crist
charlie crist yeah no he will destroy
charlie chris and then
i think if trump continues to just
become less and less relevant
i think desantis jumps in i do too but i
don’t think the santas no one wants to
run against trump no one wants to run
against trump even if they beat him
he’ll just bludgeon them along the way
and that’s the issue that the
republicans are going to have going into
2024 if trump runs which all evidence
points to the fact that yes he’s going
if trump runs and he loses
the primary
all of the maga hatted wearing
are going to not vote in the general
and the gop knows this as does rick uh
rick desantis ron de sans
ron desantis and any other republican
considering it yeah
they absolutely know this yeah so they
are not going to run if trump is running
yeah unless he has so bludgeoned himself
along the way that it’s like politically
feasible to do so right now it’s not but
if he keeps doing the stuff he’s been
doing it might actually be like i could
actually see that happening i could see
that yeah i i could i could actually see
that happening so we’ll see we’ll see
what happens um but uh yeah so
that’s what happened there uh speaking
things becoming
terrible multiple airlines
had massive shutdowns
because of weather
and now by weather i mean something that
only happened to be affecting the
airlines that were pushing the vaccine
mandates and getting pushbacks from
employees but it wasn’t because of that
you guys it was totally because of the
weather but yeah it only affected one
airline per week
unlike the current shutdowns that have
been happening more recently
that are happening in regions where
they’re having weather issues but guys
that’s not because of the weather that’s
because of cove and it’s why we have to
implement vaccine mandates for domestic
because of inflation that has been
ravaging the country since
trump yes um
the gas prices have been sailing out of
control uh across the country with gas
prices reaching in some places four
bucks or more per gallon yes so the
biden administration wanted to
counteract this uh and released 50
million barrels of oil from the reserve
and when asked
about how many barrels the u.s goes
through in the day
the secretary of energy jennifer
granholm could not answer that question
which is really reassuring to know that
the secretary of the federal department
of energy doesn’t know how much energy
is being used
and just so everybody knows 20.5 million
so biden gave us
two and a half days worth of oil
but wait
it’s worse than that
because there’s two kinds of oil there’s
sweet crude and sour crude yep
everything that we have in our reserves
is sour crude
all of the refineries are set up to
frequent sweet crude
so we um released a bunch of oil that we
ended up having to ship over to china
and india and up to canada in order to
get refined into gas to have it shipped
back which costs
you’ve noticed the gas prices
so that was a great idea yeah and
also hey what’s a what a great idea to
be getting a bunch of oil uh in reserves
that we can’t really use
that’s smart um in all fair like i don’t
blame them on that
they’ve been collecting that oil for a
long time and the different refining
process came along and they had the oil
in the reserves and then they just
released it and it was just like oh
crap yeah but
it was a
poorly thought out plan
um and it also didn’t work it didn’t
work and i remember saying this isn’t
going to work it isn’t going to work to
joe biden’s social media and i had a
bunch of people say well you’re just
saying that because you’re a republican
trump supporter by the way anyone who
follows me on facebook or on twitter and
i and sees my responses to like
democrats or to republicans and then you
see a bunch of people replying to me
accusing me of being in the other party
because i don’t support that party
just know that this is a signal that you
don’t have to regard their opinion about
anything ever because they responded to
without taking the
5 to 10 seconds it would have taken to
click on my profile and see right there
who i was and therefore what party i’m a
part of because it says right there 2020
libertarian vice presidential candidate
which means that that’s if they didn’t
take the five to ten seconds to figure
out what the hell they were talking
about before replying to me that means
that’s what they do on everything they
don’t take the five to ten seconds to
get a concept of what the hell they’re
talking about
that means you don’t have to really care
what they say about anything because
they don’t have an actual formed opinion
that’s based on any fact
not to be outdone by the oil reservists
i’ve just learned this and i put it in
because it’s so [ __ ] funny
not to be outdone by the oil reservists
the quebec quebec quebec however you
want to say it
maple syrup producers released 50
million gallons of syrup the same week
to help with the syrup shortage in the
world is that true yes
so wait how much syrup are we using
i don’t know i didn’t know that they had
a backlog of syrup
they have reserves of syrup which is
more than 15 million gallons
of there’s a there’s a okay so here’s a
canadian joke
canada has it
has a
reserve of
tens of millions of gallons of maple
syrup and they have an organization the
quebec maple syrup producers
that hoards it
how long does syrup last i don’t know i
have no idea this is like hey he wants
about all the syrup
uh that’s my quebec accent um so
speaking of uh elderly
he got fired from cnn after he
threatened to throw him down the [ __ ]
no actually he got fired from cnn after
he was metoo’d by a former producer man
that’s true uh when asked about it he
said i’m italian that’s the excuse first
i’m italian i’m italian uh did you
threaten to kill that guy for calling
you frito well yeah i’m an italian
fredo is an insult it’s just like the n
word no no because we’re saying one of
those words yes the other one we’re only
referring to is its first letter
because fredo
is a name yes
uh yeah so chris cuomo originally got
released for a little bit and then he
ended up getting fired uh presumably
over being metoo’d it later came out
that during his brother’s
much more impressive me too moment
impressive is probably not the right
word there but we’re gonna go impactful
impactful there you go the much more
impactful me too moment from his brother
he was texting him information while
on the investigation at cnn yes
oh and he was offering to give
information so they could dox people yes
that’s right i forgot about that for now
if you think that’s the craziest thing
outside of jeff tubin yes
possibly to take the heat off a cuomo
one of his lead producers was fired from
for soliciting sex
from children
through their parents
women he was dating
did you not know that
i knew about the sex with children thing
i didn’t know it was for women he was
going out and he was dating single moms
who had daughters and he was trying to
get them
to let him have sex with his
with him
yeah with their daughters and um
some of the text messages were quite
graphic and disgusting um for a man to
be saying about a 12 year old girl
or a 14 year old girl or a 10 year old
girl or anything that’s really really
yeah really
um and then
because cnn would not be the dumpster
fire that it is you know
one of jake tapper’s producers had the
same fate
for the exact same reason
proving that it’s just an isolated
incident that you know wasn’t reflective
of some greater cultural problem with
and oddly enough brian stelter has not
covered any of this
shocked shocked brian stelter was
actually the blue check mark i was
it really
yeah that i talked about earlier yeah he
is a real piece of work he’s something
so that brings us up to
thanksgiving i believe
so biden
oh yeah utilizing his history of
because he did that in the 1990s 88
uh presidential yeah just straight up
stole speeches straight up sold speeches
and then he stole the apology
and he that’s right and then he cheated
his way through law school he
plagiarizing things
because they didn’t have i forget the
name of that website yep they didn’t
have a way to track it like that yep
and banned travel from africa and he
ended up stealing from trump’s playbook
and banned travel from africa and any
country with brown people because of
omicron yes despite the fact
that it was already confirmed at that
to be in germany italy
canada i believe and several other
northern and western hemisphere
white countries um and
south uh africa and some surrounding
out because it was south africa that
first reported the new variant
which had already spread everywhere yep
in other words
hey if you find a new variant
shut up
because you’re gonna be banned from
traffic in unrelated news
no variants
have ever been discovered since
after he
banned travel yes from brown countries
uh he went
on national tv
told everyone if they were vaccinated
they had nothing to fear you could go to
school you can go to work everything’s
gonna be just fine
if you aren’t vaccinated a plague of
biblical proportions would be knocking
at your doors so paint a red stripe
above your doorway if you were
vaccinated so the angel of death knew to
skip your house yep essentially yeah
yeah a winter of severe illness and
death may will come to you
and the hospitals you will soon
overwhelm in unrelated news
hospitals across the country are
currently being filled
with fully vaccinated people who got
omicron and have no
because they’ve been turned into a bunch
of hypochondriacs
and they have been so
scared and horrified of this disease
which again
is indistinguishable from the colder flu
for the vast majority of people actually
it’s indistinguishable for the vast
majority of people from either the cold
the flu or nothing
nothing like that being perfectly
there’s a good chance
that both of us have it right now
without getting tested we wouldn’t know
i get tested on a regular basis which is
how i know that i probably have never
gotten it otherwise there’d be no way of
knowing because for as many as a the
third to maybe even a half but
definitely around somewhere between a
quarter and a third of people who get
covered it is indistinguishable
from being perfectly healthy
we should definitely
panic over that
so in a way joe biden
was wishing i wish there had been
another paragraph that said for the
vaccinated you’re going to have an inter
a winter of severe paranoia oh that’s
that would have been good
and crowding hospitals
so that people who are actually sick
can’t get help because you refuse to
leave the er until you get treatment
even though nothing’s wrong with you and
they tell you go home and quarantine you
go no i need iv fluids and they say sir
you are retaining fluids
you have too much salt in your diet and
you go oh stop fat shaming me yes
you know that conversation happens every
day every day
every day
every single day
you are i know that that guy that’s an
actual conversation i’m dying of coving
help please no sir everything is fine
did you assume my gender
meanwhile actually
it’s a guy
but he’s just mad that they didn’t ask
what his pronouns were first
and the fact that they said he needed to
lose weight well that pissed
them well him him
he’s a man
you know who else is a man joe man joe
mansion joe manchin joe man man chin
he’s got a
chin like a man
joe manchin killed the buildback better
bill to that’s hard to say that fast
build back better bill
to shock
to the shock
the utter disbelief
of the biden administration
chuck schumer
and literally nobody else he said he’d
do it yeah he’s been saying since may he
wasn’t gonna vote for it they’re like oh
he said privately he wouldn’t but he
said publicly he would right so
this does not mean that bill back better
is dead
no as we reported
last week
it has an unlikely savior
do you know who that savior is spike
who the unlikely savior is yes
mitt romney
that’s right yep mitt romney has a bill
that has been on the floor of the senate
for quite some time which would
essentially take the child tax credit
that is in buildback
better and it’s just it’s its own bill
like uh i can’t remember what the name
of the pill is off the top of my head
because i didn’t put this in the notes
after i read it but
if they vote that in
they can remove it from buildback better
and joe manchin doesn’t have a problem
with it
so mitt romney might be the reason that
buildback better gets passed
that’s why it’s so important to vote
republicans so those big government
democrats can’t get in the man was the
was the gop presidential nominee
nine years ago
i remember when he got in and i’m like
okay so
the only way we can stop obamacare is
with the guy who introduced the model
for obamacare
those debates were painful
joe uh uh brocco mitt romney’s you know
ripping to shred some aspect of
obamacare and obama would say well but
we copy that from romneycare now if any
uh literally any other human being on
earth had run
barack obama
he would have had to actually defend
which at that point was wildly unpopular
of the 7.6 well i guess
of the 100 or million 100 million or so
eligible people to run for president
still a large number
they picked the one guy
who barack obama could deflect all
criticism by saying
that was your plan
speaking of genius joe biden
said something i agree with
uh in a uh
well yeah you go
during the annual norad tracking
of santa claus
showing you just i mean the government’s
just gonna lie to you
long after your parents admit that
santa’s not real the government will not
give up the ghosts yeah they’re not
gonna give that up
during the annual norad tracking of
santa claus
joe biden was taking live calls to which
one of them
was a gentleman
who was calling for his 11 year old son
hunter or no he had another son named
hunter but he i can’t remember the son’s
name and
when the call came to an end he said
and joe biden said is there anything
else and he goes let’s go brandon and
merry christmas to which you think that
they would have hung up
but instead
joe said yes i agree i agree let’s let’s
go brandon
the president
of these united states
just told the world
[ __ ] joe biden
and i agree with joking i agree with joe
biden frankly
i loved his wife’s
oh dr biden
i love the good doctor’s reaction to
the look on her face
was much like the look
that i was giving you during
uncle hector but nobody could see it yep
it’s the look that many wives give their
husbands as they suffer from alzheimer’s
this woman
has the absolute nerve and audacity
to give interviews where she says
there’s nothing wrong with my husband
he just has a stutter
i’ve never stuttered myself
i’ve never stuttered my way i mean i i
occasionally can slip up on a word i’m
not sure i call myself a stutter but i
certainly have never stuttered to the
extent of saying yes go [ __ ] myself
be tough to stutter your way
that’s a tough stutter that’s a tough
i mean oh actually i meant to say
but it came out i agree
let’s go [ __ ] me [ __ ] me i’m terrible
i’m awful
i am awful yes speaking of awful
this is like a little seedlet a a a
future sprout for 2022 because if this
is gonna be the 2022 story
you know what i’m actually i hope it is
i hope it is i hope it is if that will
make 2022 so much better yeah any year i
remember yeah um
a couple dozen
you okay
yeah i was it’s theologians is it yeah
the oligal james
theologians to find out how humans would
should they ever be aliens
which means that’s
it means nothing
it means
it means they needed something to put in
the news
well yes it also means they have more
money to spend than they know what to do
with because they literally hired
to tell them what people would do i know
when i’m
a scientific organization that’s you
heavily based on metrics you know
i mean space travel is basically
you know math
wrapped in
alloy and
metal powered by
flames yeah
i know if i were trying to to
figure out you know
something a societal response to
aliens i would hire
td jakes
and joe lobstein
to tell me more about him
yeah what ken copeland ken kenneth
copeland little little kc little kc
little kc
would come in and say whoa
get out of my rectum die in my die
inside my colon that’s it die in my
colon i so i will say
i hope this is true
because a species that is advanced
enough to leave a planet that we haven’t
discovered yet
and come here
and travel here and make contact with us
is probably like an advanced planet
advanced civilization that would be able
to provide us with cures to illnesses
and you know all these other great
things and the people are like oh no
they’re going to come and they’re going
to kill us all and take our resources
and or they’re going to enslave us they
don’t need human slavery like if they’re
that advanced they’ve got robotics on a
completely different level they don’t
need to enslave us and if they really
wanted to kill what’s that might need
batteries like the matrix oh yeah
um and if they wanted to
kill us to take our planet they’d kill
us without us ever even knowing they’re
not gonna this isn’t gonna be like uh
the independence day movie where they
come in and fight they’re gonna do like
some release some terrible uh you know
some kind of terrible virus that kills
us all or they’re gonna you know uh have
uh put microbots that murder us all and
we don’t even know what’s happening like
it’s there’s
they’re not gonna come and fight and a
scrappy group of earthlings are gonna
band together to push them away like
that’s not that’s not real
and i don’t think that they would do
so i think it would be good
i hope that this is like they’ve already
started to make first contact
and now we’re you know they’re trying to
figure out how to like
prepare the public
because i do think we’d live better
lives or we die immediately
but i think either way either way i’ll
take it right
that brings us to today
in which
we got this wrong yeah
we were straight up wrong we were wrong
we were wrong we were wrong
because today
jillaine maxwell
was found guilty
on five of six counts
including a trafficking of a minor yep
we were wrong
i think we said it was possible we never
said like there’s no way she’ll be
convicted but we felt like the fix was
in yeah she got convicted she faces many
years in jail now
uh now i will say this
the black book
has not been released to the public
there are all sorts of names in there we
know of a few of them
and uh real justice would be releasing
that black book
and especially since it’s no longer part
of an active
investigation that we know of
and uh and just leaving it out there for
everyone to see who the pedophile
scumbags are you are cool with sex
not named alec baldwin not named alec
baldwin right because we know he’s in
the book well yes but that man had a bad
alec baldwin had a terrible year yes you
kill someone if i turn everyone finds
out you’re a pedophile
what’s the trifecta like what is the
third thing that
oh jeez
you’re woody allen i don’t know
i don’t know i don’t know how you
top that but the third thing is yeah i i
know yeah you get diagnosed with a
terrible illness or something um yeah in
all honesty that might be an uptick
because people will forgive him
he’s like oh well he has cancer now i’m
not gonna be mad at him for being a
murdering child trafficker um
now you you’ll notice something in all
of this
that kamala harris didn’t really make
any news in 2021 that’s true she didn’t
outside of us talking about her poll
which isn’t really news that already
happened right
i know outside of us talking about tulsi
gabbard uh monkey stomping her in the
debates which again already happened
already happened and in saying that
she’ll never be president but that’s not
really news because we already knew that
right so we literally broke no news
about kamala harris in 2021
yeah that’s true and that’s because
nobody has any idea what she did
outside of telling
charlemagne the god that joe biden is
and then telling him he was acting like
a republican yes
charlemagne the god
telling him he was acting like a
republican yeah
because he asked if joe manchin or joe
biden was president
as a joke yes and then the beauty of
that is that’s not the worst thing that
this administration has said to
charlemagne the god
because joe biden told him he wasn’t
he didn’t tell him he wasn’t well he was
he threatened his blackness he
if you don’t know if you’re going to
vote for me or trump
you ain’t but
the fact that the corporate media
can hear a candidate for president
say that tell a white man
candidate for president in this era
especially tell a black man unless you
vote for me you’re not a black person
and the fact that that just got so
casually well what he was saying was
like no it literally
he’s telling him that the litmus for
your ethnicity and skin tone is whether
or not you vote for me
oh also i’m the guy who put all those
black people in jail
incredible incredible
many of you made i saw a couple of
people saying things in the comments
about uh written house uh also we didn’t
cover derek shovin in this
um and we didn’t cover
a couple other major oh andrew coffee
the fourth uh a mood arbory i mean there
is a thousand yeah we didn’t cover those
because we hit those really hard
throughout the year um
many of the things that are in here
outside of the covid stuff which
everybody’s been hitting hard this year
right um outside of that uh
these were things we touched on briefly
but it wasn’t something that we talked
ad nauseam so
we i left those things out because these
those were things you were going to
remember like those are the things that
2021 are going to be remembered for
you’re going to remember a mood arbor
you’re going to remember kyle right now
so you’re going to remember uh
derek chovin getting
found guilty um you’re going to remember
all of that
you’re going to forget about the little
stuff that was that we kind of went over
some of it was big stuff but uh it was
very important stuff in order to tell
some of the little stuff yes
all in all
if 2021
was trying to top 2020.
it did it but not by much
it’s like it cleared the it
it cleared
the thing that people jump over
hurdle thank you
it cleared the hurdle but it tipped it
on the way over
yeah the toe just kind of tipped it yeah
didn’t knock it over just tipped it yeah
here is you know here’s the 20 22 but
what really matters about 20 21
truly and honestly it doesn’t matter
about any of what we talked about today
um that we just spent two and a half
hours none of this matters none of it
matters what matters for 2021 is what
how you guys felt about your lives after
the year you just had yeah
2020 for many people was one of the
worst years
but for me 2020 was like the greatest
year ever
a lot of really great things happened
for me in 2020. uh and in 2021
it has continued a lot of it has to do
with you people watching us listening to
yes big part of it big part of it uh
a lot of it has to do with my beautiful
now fiancee and all of the wonderful
things that she continues to do and uh
all the dreams that she aspires for and
all the things that she supports me with
um and having the wonderful family that
i have that backs me up in
all of my idiot ideas like
this this
and having a group of friends like the
man sitting next to me
uh my brother my best friend the man
that i am proud to call my hetero life
mate even though our significant others
hated that hate it
they hate it so much
but which makes me want to say it it
makes yeah it just makes
makes me want to figure out a way to
make that relationship on facebook
because of the people that you surround
yourself with and the things that you
are accomplishing in your personal life
that is what makes the year we can tell
you all the bad crap that happens in a
year and yes
it really doesn’t make that big of a
difference in your world uh what matters
is how you are living your life and if
you are living up to your potential in
your dreams
what’s this stuff i’m here for
complaints against the state [ __ ] this
date we ate the state
but we are here for individual personal
responsibility so make sure that you are
living the life that you want to be
living um and continue doing it because
i know that right now
i’m really close to living the life that
i want to be living
with just a few more subscribers
i could and folks if you want to help
matt wright
live the life that he wishes to live all
you have to do
is go
to anchor dot fm slash muddy waters
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of the
become a member of muddy waters media
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thomas uh thomas uh paul wade i saw what
you said that your
your goal was for 2022 don’t make that
your goal um
don’t make that your goal
because if you falter at any point
you’re going to feel like you broke it
make your goal to live healthier
yes make your goal to live healthier
because you’re going to fluctuate you’re
going to fluctuate it’s going to go up
it’s going to go down and you don’t want
to be defeated early so make your goal
too i’m going to work out you know more
often or i’m going to eat healthier or
i’m going to go out in the sunshine more
often or other thing other activities
that are healthy for you as a person
don’t make that your goal because that’s
that’s not a good goal i’ve i had that
goal in the past and i faltered on it
pretty quickly because
beer has a lot of calories
so tell us in the comments what is your
new year’s resolution for this year yes
and while they’re telling us
what is you do you have a new year’s
resolution no i stopped doing
resolutions um because each year
i used to do resolutions and i was like
this year i’m gonna
lose weight or this year i’m gonna uh
be better about or i’m gonna quit
smoking or i’m gonna quit whatever and
because of the way that i was framing it
mentally it never worked out for me yeah
um so instead each year
i say
that i am going to eat either less or
more pineapple
and it depends on how much pineapple i
had the year before
so this year i’m going to eat more
pineapple than i did last year because i
didn’t have much okay
i will also be attempting to get a
little bit healthier
i don’t want to
leave sarah early in our relationship
for any reason so i want to be as
healthy as possible and so i’m going to
attempt to live a slightly healthier
lifestyle even if that means
eating more pineapple eating more
so i too uh resolve myself to eat more
pineapple no i i yeah i don’t do the
resolution thing per se because it it’s
you set yourself up for failure and
right and then it becomes this weird
like yearly ritual where you say you’re
gonna do something that you do for the
first month and it’s stupid um
south jersey libertarian oh yeah
at any rate uh i’m going to so i don’t
have a resolution
uh but i do have a pretty exciting
announcement that’s going to be
happening next month so stay tuned to
that but the bottom line same one from
the summer
well stay tuned if you find out
and uh
i uh
yeah only six months late um but we’re
going to be doing uh activism for the
liberty movement on a level that’s never
happened before so you know if you liked
if you enjoyed what i’ve been doing
going around the country helping grow
the movement in the last year and what
we’ve been doing at muddy waters growing
the movement online over the last year
in in in a person in some events as well
uh we’re taking that to a completely
different level and uh you’re going to
have a really exciting opportunity to be
a part of it so
with that said stay tuned because we’re
about to have fun with that
yeah that’s my
i’m i’m actually at the life i want to
live so i i i i’m close i no i know you
are so close yeah you are you are right
in and i’m pretty i mean like i’m happy
i have an incredible family i have
incredible uh wife i have an incredible
hetero life partner here
right here had a real life partner here
and uh i’ve got
you know we’ve got money waters i’ve got
you know the a really uh growing and
vibrant movement and and community that
i’m a part of um
i guess no i haven’t moved to florida
and i’m not sure i want to make moving
to florida part of my resolution because
i’m not sure if it’s going to happen
this coming year there’s a chance my
next-door neighbor is leaving
well there you go
that would be awesome well folks we’ll
see you next week i hear sarah crying me
and my next-door neighbor and hetero
life mate i think our spouses will leave
us but um
but yeah i mean so other than that no
i’m i’m thrilled but no we’re gonna have
a great year uh and it’s just getting
started and we are just happy to have
you as part of this as always whenever
we do these we always end with these
sappy things yes but it’s because it’s
true we love you we love being
love having you be a part of this we
love you
whether you’re a subscriber or not even
though we do love our subscribers just
slightly more um
take what was wrong with my hug oh of me
hugging her yeah yeah dave was like
freaked out she was like oh my god he’s
about to hug me uh
i’m a hugger you are a hugger i’m a
hugger so you know but we are he’s
italian hey i’m not a hunger
but you know we we’re just so happy to
have you as a part of this and uh next
year we’re just going to take this to
can’t wait to so i resolved to never
have that happen again yeah i don’t ever
want that to happen again whatever that
we’re not doing that again we’re not
doing that again so uh no we’re
just thrilled to have you as a part of
this we love you and we can’t wait to
start 2022 with you
absolutely and 2022 there’s some great
stuff on the horizon for muddy waters as
well as for you are the power
that’s been announced right
as well as spike’s thing um
not his thing but his
um i don’t know what your plans are this
weekend uh
it is the new year yeah you found a
t-rex somewhere um
but there’s a lot of great things that
are gonna be happening uh with muddied
waters with spikes thing uh as well as
liberty as a whole yeah uh this is going
to be a big big year for liberty yeah uh
i don’t want anybody to mistake what i’m
saying as in we’re going to win multiple
seats in the
house or the senate uh but locally we
are going to do very very well yeah and
it’s going to be huge yes
all setting the stage
for joe jorgensen to run again
in 2024 where no interviews will be
given before 2 p.m
or after 5 or after 5 and they can’t be
shorter than 10 or longer than 15 or
whatever stupid nonsense and then she’s
gonna take october off right
to go back to work two days a week
but then not do anything the other five
days right
no no i’m busy making my lesson plan
making my lesson plan
that probably hasn’t changed in many
years also
i’ve got the guide tied up in the
basement um
that was the good part that was the good
i mean it sucked for him because he
didn’t read the contract and he didn’t
know that but he didn’t sign it
he did sign it he didn’t know that the
password was one giant switzerland yeah
and it’s hard to say that with a ball
game it’s true
but thank you all so much
for being a part of this yes we uh don’t
have any more shows this year no uh so
we will be returning next year i pretty
certain jason lyon has a show
next monday yeah but we will be back
on our normal time today
yeah okay yeah on our normal date and
time january 4th eighth ish
eight same muddy place same-ish money
time yes
uh right here wherever you are watching
it um thank you all so much for spending
2021 with us uh we look forward to
having you spend 2022 with us and uh we
that you all stay very safe
now matt if someone were to try to find
us on the internet is that even possible
it is so how are we gonna do this
we have one mic well
two podcasters one mic
that was pitched as a name for this show
all they have to do all you have to do
is go to
if you are one of those people who enjoy
please don’t do the
sweet sultry sounds of our voice all you
have to do is head on over to
anchor yes
oh yeah
you can
listen to the backlog of episodes oh wow
backlog backlog it’s backed up who
doesn’t love a good backlog
and then
you can also leave us messages yes that
we will play oh talk to us leave us
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freedom yes benjamin harris i see you
benjamin harris
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you get a discount at the store yeah
and a discount well i always forget
about the discount at the store i know
you do yeah we get a discount at the
store and it discounted stitches and
did you know that no yeah they get 20
off the stitches and glitches i didn’t
know what’s in the code
it’s for subscribers only
oh i can’t say it on the air
or you can find this in every other
muddied muddiedwatersmedia.com
subscriber only discount what’s the code
that’s like when i was on david fights
podcast and he was like what’s your
twitter and i was like it’s muddied h2o
matt and he goes i was the h2o because
you were a swimmer
just for muddied waters
you just looked at me blankly for a
but what would the money party
i have no idea
well folks
thanks so much for tuning in to this
year ender episode we have to now go and
apologize to sarah yes um but we do love
you uh we’re so happy to have you as
part of this we can’t wait to see you
next week have an amazing new year
whatever however you celebrate whatever
you’re doing enjoy yourselves if this
year didn’t go the way that you wanted
every day is a new day every hour is a
new hour do not be hard on yourselves
we’re gonna have as good of a year as we
possibly can we can’t wait to see you
again we love you very much have a happy
new year and where we’re going tony mack
and it’s in the private facebook group
for subscribers so you can find it there
we don’t need roads

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