Episode 224 – The White House Says They Are Restoring Faith In Government!

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

The White House has promised to restore faith in government and you will not believe what crazy outside of the box idea they came up with. The Prosecution rests in the Ghislaine Maxwell case, and some wonder if they ever weren’t resting. Jussie Smollet is found guilty, and Julian Assange can be extradited to the US.

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Episode Transcript

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and uh
when i was elected i said i would always
be honest with you so today i want to
take a few moments to talk about the new
coven variant
first identified
last week in southern africa
it’s called the omnicron
you have to get the shot
it’s called the omnichrome we have the
best vaccine in the world it’s called
the omnicron
you have to get the shot it’s called the
omnicron we’ve moved forward in the
if you aren’t vaccinated get that
free and convenient get that first shot
i got it done i got the vaccine done it
was all done you have to get your
vaccine you have to get the
south africa quickly notified the world
for this new variant this kind of
transparency needs to be encouraged and
applauded but we took action
we’ll fight the you know and look we’re
gonna fight and beat this new variant as
it’s called the omnicron
you have to get the shot it’s called the
omnichrome we have the best vaccine in
the world it’s called the omnic
you have to get the shot it’s called the
omnicron we’ve moved forward in the face
of kobe 19 a year ago america was
floundering against the first variant of
coven this variant is a cause for
concern not a cause for panic a fully
vaccinated booster person is the most
protective against covert look i am not
experiencing no effort you know the
thing you know what i mean we have the
best vaccine in the world the best
medicines the best scientists and we’re
learning more every single day we’re in
a very different place as we enter the
month of december this month compared to
where we were last uh last september
it’s called the omnichrome
you have to get the shot it’s called the
omnichrome we have the best vaccine in
the world it’s called the omni crop
you have to get the shot let’s call the
omnicron we move forward
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike the omnicron variant of vp
candidates cohen i am matt wright and
together we are traversing the muddied
waters of freedom
when you forgot to come up with a
nickname last minute
um folks thanks so much for tuning in
omnicron variant
well that’s true because both biden and
harris wanted to avoid me like the
plague huh
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that’s good
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day matt
so how was
you went max hendrum
if i’m gonna do the thing then i might
as well have the max no i get it i i get
it you absolutely you absolutely should
do it um how was your weekend
it was great is this very distracting
uh not more than normal
okay not more not more than other things
not more than the
the the orbit thing the spin uh right
not more than the spinning globe the
spinning globe
right i got a movie i had a great moment
on on kennedy last night last night i
had a great moment where she introduced
me as being you know live from the norad
screen or something like that and i was
like no no no this is a green screen
this isn’t really happening behind me
and it was like and it was in the part
it’s supposed to be quick and she just
introduces the people and we’re like hi
kennedy and then she goes on and talks
about whatever and instead i did that
and it completely threw her off and
she’s like oh that’s not
that’s not really happening behind you
and i’m like no it’s just a trick this
isn’t really happening this this type of
thing doesn’t even really happen
your shirt has green
your shirt has green in it yeah just a
little just enough to me yeah because
like we’re distracting
right because like i’m seeing like the
red lines going across
yep no that’s this is many things
happening here and then with the
glitching with the thing that look it
did it again yeah no this is going to be
what the hell is happening is my
computer plugged in
is my performance
yeah because that’s
performance mode
yeah i’m not okay um
there we go
okay yep go ahead you good
yeah no i’m good um
so as many people know
already out there uh on friday
i asked
my girlfriend
spend the rest of her life with me i did
not ask her to marry me it was a very
distinct difference because we are
libertarians and i don’t need to ask the
government for permission
but we are still going to have a wedding
in the ceremony and all that and i was
wondering if you would be my best friend
well well i didn’t know because you
didn’t say it’s f i didn’t know if you
meant like that if you the the general
population of people watching us right
like if you were using the royal you no
i’d be i’d be honored right
i’d be honored to
awesome thank you
thank you i’d be happy to if i don’t
i’ve always
this is great
little fella
be happy that you’re going to spend the
rest the rest of your life west of your
life together
i i don’t know what’s happening
i don’t either um it’s not at all
distracting either
well i i am glad uh we are tentatively
planned for october 22nd so uh mark it
on your calendar i was gonna say let me
just not be too quick to say yes
since i now live the kind of life where
i may already be booked for something
thanks brian sorry idaho
bay area libertarian caucus uh yeah no
uh um yeah no that’s clear so i will
mark that right now
excellent matt
and sarah
not getting married
yeah no thank you i’m honored to do it
i’m honored to do it i can’t wait
you are like you are my best friend and
you’re like a brother to me and uh i
can’t imagine another person i would
rather have standing next to me
thank you man on that day and i love you
too and what i really love is the khatpa
that you have to just ask me live
because what if i even like
actually i’ve never approved of a of a
marrying a gentile which would be weird
because my wife said gentile right i was
gonna she didn’t know that no you knew
that no i guess you didn’t i knew that
that was gonna not like that though
so this episode i’m honored to do it i
love you like an absolute like like you
are family you’re like a brother you are
a brother and i am happy to do it and
you know what also i’m happy to do
why that’s the mud water mushroom coffee
replacement cacao rapid fire segment
brought to you by mud water coffee
alternative if you woke up today and
said mike spike matt ah you’re in my
room what the hell this just happened
i’m scared but hey while you’re here
as my fear is wearing down i’d like you
to know something
there was once a man die did i have i
told people the story of of jack de
no i don’t believe so no one has heard
the story of jacques de valier
no i don’t believe so
jacques de valiere was a great man
who lived in my
in my hometown jacques de valiere lived
got to know he
was a great man and and we had we had
all of our we were small town in
and we we wished we only we thought the
finest of him we thought he’d go on to
make to put us on the map of france and
and he he but he went he he disappeared
and it was a very sad time
the mud of water uh coffee replacement
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anyway so uh if you want to get some mud
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mud water
today matt
yes so
as we all know and have been paying
attention to for the last
two years
yeah cause i was in
2019 was january of 19.
wait no it wasn’t it was january of
because we broke the news when josh
smith was on on the show to talk about
his run for chair
which which run
that’s what i’m trying to remember
it might have been the second one
i i thought it was january of 19.
you would think that these would be
things that i put in the notes but no
these are not no
i think that i know them
january of 19. it was january of 19.
according to wikipedia of course but you
i feel like i can trust that one
yeah yes oh yeah yes yeah it was january
of 19 and that’s when we had him on the
show because at the time we were all
like this
it’s terrible if it happened but it’s
no when we had josh smith on it was red
hat kid it was nick sandman
well at any rate when we did talk about
it i remember we were like
okay so
if this happened this is terrible
this sounds awful sus
we were saying suss before the kids were
because among us hadn’t come out yet
actually no actually among us have been
around for like seven years or something
like that but or four years or something
we knew but it hadn’t become popular we
knew no we were into it we were big
among them
yeah big big among us but
yeah so uh january of 2019 um we started
covering this story and then we stopped
because well
we we knew it wasn’t a story um
but jesse smollette
was found guilty nearly two years later
of five felony charges last thursday
these were
i could only like i just really need to
read one
making a false police report he was the
victim of a hate crime to officer
muhammad beg and making a false free
police report he was the victim of
battery to beg
and then you can just repeat those
multiple times i like that that
specific crime for lying to officer begg
like it’s not just that you lied you
lied to officer begg
well he also lied to detective kimberly
again a separate crime kimberly murray
muhammad begged they are the uh jacques
de gatinos
of chicago
as you know in my in my hometown of ed
and ed and trump and
de castre was a a great great man a
brilliant uh a darling of a man both
and and and also approachable and so it
didn’t feel like you were like you were
like you didn’t feel intimidated by him
you just felt compelled to to to just
push him along and to help him along and
to to cheer him on because we knew that
when he would when he would get older
that he would he would amount to great
things for our town of
but then he he disappeared
and it was a sad it was a sad time
sad day sad day sad time but speaking of
a sad time it’s a sad time for for a
famed uh another french man who’s not
uh uh juicy smolier who has
uh who has
been found guilty of five counts of
lying to officers muhammad big and
detective kimberly murray
which is
how how could you look at them in the
eyes and lie
and lying to them how could you lie to
these wonderful wonderful people
i’m going to officer muhammad big
and detective kimberly murray
and as we know that when this happened
literally anybody
on the left
immediately came out and talked about
what a travesty this was and how
terrible it was and how
uh you know we we should not live in a
in which this still happens and even the
sitting president and vice president
weighed in these are the same people
that implied that written house was a
white supremacist
uh so they were just swinging missing a
lot during this time period
but uh
kamala harris tweeted
juicy sommelier is one of the kindest
most gentle human beings i know i’m
praying for his quick recovery
this was an attempted modern day
lynching no one should have to fear for
their life because of their sexuality or
color of their skin we must confront
this hate and then somebody who runs joe
biden’s twitter
because it wasn’t joe biden
no said
what happened today to juicy smolier
must never be tolerated in this country
we must stand up and demand that we no
longer give this hate safe harbor that
homophobia and racism have no place on
our streets or in our hearts we are with
you jesse
we were all stunned
by jesse’s bravery the gay tupac as it
were as he said
because we all remember was that him
i thought the game was called
and the thing is
i don’t recall
tupac lying to officer muhammad big by
the way i can’t find there are actually
many mohamed bags including the former
chief and staff
uh chief of staff the of the military
of the of egypt during the i believe six
day war
but a different not rel i mean maybe
related but not maybe related
possibly related
i mean i’m not going to say
well at any rate
so juicy’s going is he go he’s facing
jail time right he’s yeah so um
fun fact those tweets i screenshotted
those tweets yesterday they have not
pulled those tweets down
even after everything
they’re i mean they are ho they are
holding strong commit
as strongly as jesse smolyer
who in his trial doubled down on the
story that he’s been spewing since
january of 19
even though there is video evidence and
uh text evidence and a check
that proves that all of his story is
crap he is he stuck to it through the
the gay tupac would never
ever ever admit to lying to officer beg
or detective kimberly
so he now the odds are he’s gonna he
does technically face prison but odds
are he’s gonna receive restitution and
pay back uh 130 000 that was spent
looking for the two white racist
maga hatted
bleach and rope carrying
such a stupid story it was just
as i was typing this i was like oh my
god this is so dumb
outside at two in the morning during one
of the coldest nights of the year in
chicago’s bluest district
yeah it was like negative 20 hours like
some freak winter storm they were having
and it was they were just out looking
oh and they knew he was the gay guy they
said that’s the gay n-word from
uh from umpire because you know
white racist maga hat people didn’t with
news they didn’t say gay
they said f word for gabe
it was f word for gay person n-word
f-word and what was what made it even
was that they said
like they literally said n-word and
f-word and not the actual words
which i think would have made me as the
gay tupac wonder
maybe these are the people i just hired
to do this but no he’s certain
that it’s someone else
yeah on the coldest night when he went
out for when he woke awoke
at 2 a.m
and needed
a subway sandwich
as one does he was carb crazy
he was probably doing keto to keep his
figure down and he was like i need carbs
i need to subway eat fresh and so he he
you know i mean talk about being in the
wrong place at the wrong time he went
out into like the most progressive part
of chicago during that snowstorm and two
really racist
possible clan members
um knew him from empire and said well
that’s perfect
if not clan members they were definitely
trump fans
yes definitely trump they were working
right they were wearing the hats i mean
you have to be a committed white
to be nigerian
and still want to
still want to be
stupid i so i heard the funniest thing
to me was in all of this was when we
first got this story and had to tell it
during the show and we’re trying to like
we’re not trying to do the like oh
that’s fake i’ll take 500 for things
that never happened alex because things
do happen and we don’t want to look like
schmucks but we’re reading this so we’re
like this is the dumbest thing
we’re trying to be cool we’re like
listen if this is true
then it’s terrible and whoever is you
know did it needs to be found and and
you know punished and whatever and we’re
this is super super incredible of a
story and then turns out
it’s still true
it’s still it’s it’s still true it’s so
true during the during during the trial
i didn’t follow this one that closely
because i was like
i do
i know how this is ending i don’t need
watch this
trial uh
he testified that with one of the
uh like two days beforehand he was
uh cocaine-fueled violent gay sex at a
bath housewood
yeah you told me about this and i
haven’t read this so he was and that
isn’t that where he got this idea
of being beaten i think that was
imply i don’t know if that’s where he
yeah yeah we’ll say that
not sure if that was a joke that we came
up with or if that was actually in there
but um
but yeah so he
he tested
he testified to this on the stand and
then he’s like well and then you wrote
him a check for the money no no that was
for nutrition
it was for nutrition tips that he gave
i want to give jesse smolier nutrition
i’ll do it for half of that
i don’t think he needs them
if he goes to jail
i’ll actually you know what if anything
he needs him even more you know to make
sure he doesn’t mess up his macros while
he’s in there and i’m going to tell him
number one
stay away from ramen
stay away from from from yeah
so speaking of
uh we’ve got chaotic trials that we’re
forced to idiotic trials that are being
botched by one side or the other in this
case here’s one that’s also well i guess
this one’s being botched by the defense
too although i get i think in jesse’s
defense or justin’s defense’s defense
what the hell are they supposed to do
right they’ve been hired by someone
yeah they’ve been hired by someone who
all there’s like tremendous amounts of
evidence they have everything but a
confession and he’s like nope i’m going
to put the system on trial this happened
and they’re like
well okay
my client says that this totally
happened your honor this 100 happened
here’s a case where
it should be a slam dunk and yet
not so much and that’s the
yeah uh so
and the jalane maxwell child being led
comey’s daughter
um actually i don’t know if it’s being
led by comey’s daughter but i know she’s
on the prosecution she’s on that thing
yeah yeah yeah i don’t know if she’s the
lead prosecutor uh they
are just saying they don’t care at all
when it comes to this um
the trial was expected to run six weeks
or more with the prosecution calling
witnesses until
i don’t know
after christmas yeah
they rested two days ago three days ago
they rested on friday
and the amount of info
because everybody’s like we can’t wait
to find out what’s what’s
all the information on all of the
terrible people who are out there
and all of the terrible things that they
have done and
the information
that has leaked that wasn’t already
known like prince andrew flew on the
lolita express that bill clinton was on
the willy express that donald trump was
on the lolita express things that were
already known or at least suspected
the only thing that really leaked is
alec baldwin is in the little black book
which i mean he’s having a tough year
he didn’t tough year for alabama
he never knows he’s having a you know
who’s having a worse year than alec
the family of the cinematographer
that he shot
in the face
much worse year for them
definitely merry christmas
their christmas is not their christmas
is canceled yeah
probably because they’re in california
and there’s more restrictions
yeah their christmas was already
canceled now it’s ruined too um the uh
it’s just incred like so i i actually i
posted or tweeted about this actually
posted and tweeted about this uh back
when they rested
almost screwed up being able to release
the black book because they did it wrong
they tried to use it bringing a net
expert witness to read from it even
though that expert had nothing to do
with the collection of the information
so they were really only able to talk
about it in the aggregate towards the
end of the trial
um they focused so much on these fedex
delivery log records
even though they exonerated her of
having anything to do with mailing out
the lingerie that was one of the smoking
guns that they supposedly had and yet
they knew
they already had read the log records
and knew that there was nothing in there
that showed she have ever mailed out
lingerie to anyone and in fact it did
show her mailing out other stuff that
was perfectly fine like other
work-related stuff
she had access to the ups account
but wasn’t using it to send stuff out so
that’s gone and that was what they put
their main focus on
there were no other smoking guns
they supposedly were gonna put all these
different people on the stand
none of that happened
and now the
prosecution team is
or the defense team which is made up of
some of the best former prosecutors
alive right now
is gonna do their defense
yeah and they’re calling 35
35 witnesses which at the time of
writing these notes and i didn’t check
back today to um
see if any names have been released uh
the list of witnesses is unknown
yeah um
and but wouldn’t like
the way that the prosecution has been
yeah the way the prosecution’s been in
this case and uh the fact that the media
coverage has been minimal
like you can find it you can go out and
you can search for it it’s out there
they’re not hiding it but yeah yeah
but it’s not leading any stories uh it’s
not the headlines any major news
i think she i think she’s gonna walk
she’s gonna walk
i think she’s walking
she’s gonna walk she’s gonna walk and in
in the the you know now that i’m a a
regular media darling in the media’s
um i
i i no i do want to say i mean yes they
they aren’t covering this as
breathlessly as they would if this
looked like it was going to indict more
republicans but honestly fox hadn’t even
been covering it all that much and i
think the two main reasons are number
one the uh the federal government
doesn’t allow cameras in the courtroom
so it’s they’re having to kind of fluff
stories out of what happened as opposed
to showing it um you know i i do think
if they had cameras in the in the
we’d be getting more access to it um
but the other thing is
the prosecution hasn’t really delivered
anything newsworthy other than they suck
like there’s not
there hasn’t been any
like the big the i remember one day the
biggest thing they covered was the fact
that uh julene maxwell turned around and
started counter-drawing the the
the sketch artist she like
passive-aggressively was like staring at
the sketch artist and drawing her back
like you know
i guess establish her dominance and that
was the biggest story of the day because
the prosecution’s case was a nothing
burger that day
she she really didn’t like the uh the
drawings that were coming out of her
i don’t blame her they were terrible i
would be mad i would be like can we get
someone that does photorealism because
these cheekbones deserve that
this chin deserves that
right now i i understand like you you
need the jawline to be
to be well sculpted yeah don’t die by
the hands of an artist
yeah don’t not by something like sketch
right no absolutely not
i mean i’m going to it’s going to be the
trial century with me you know i flipped
my camaro into the
police station or whatever like it’s
going to be a big deal and i
really would
hope that you’d bring out someone nice
so i get it but no she’s walking she’s
definitely walking yeah
um so before we get into that one uh a
story that i wanted to throw in here
that i didn’t uh
have you heard about cuomo’s well the
cuomo brothers
not having a good year either um 100
percent unemployment rate um
i mean talk about hold back
better uh governor cuomo andrew andrew
cuomo i had to think about which cuomo
brother was
he has all of the money he made on his
covid book
he has to give to new york
because it turned out that he used like
government aides and government services
to do it while he was governor so now
they’re like no you owe us all of that
money the freaking sack on this guy oh
my gosh well that’s good so the so if
nothing i mean if you’re going to kill
thousands of elderly and disabled people
in order to scale scare the rest of
everyone else into accepting your
it’s quasi-fascist uh lockdowns that
ultimately did nothing to actually stop
the disease or even slow it uh then you
might as well
recoup the taxpayer their costs for your
freaking passion play book you made
about yourself
it’s 5.1 million
or 5.2 it’s five point something
i don’t i don’t want to get facebook
opinion checked
um this man is a sitting governor
writing books about being the governor
and making millions of dollars and no
one had a problem with that
nobody had an issue with it up until
he got accused of sexual assault and
yes of harassing which again
how for disgusting and grody but i i i’m
every time that i’ve been asked my
opinion about it or i’ve seen anyone
else prominent especially in the liberty
world who was asked about this whole
thing they’re like that was terrible but
honestly it would have been better if he
were getting in trouble for the
thousands of elderly and disabled people
he killed like that would be
more appropriate if it takes this
but it should have taken this
and jail time should have been included
and then this week
uh chris cuomo’s like
like his right-hand man
like his lead producer or something like
was arrested by the fbi
for grooming
girls as young as nine and attempted on
a seven-year-old to teach them how to
as the article says
[ __ ] worship
and paying like mothers three thousand
dollars to fly their daughters to him at
his like ski chalet in new york
and who is this
that’s chris cuomo’s
former cnn cuomo chris yeah chris um
chris cuomo’s uh
uh producer like head producer
and i have a big don’t i have an
yeah i have an assumption
that it could possibly have something to
do with why chris was fired
you think
guys if you don’t want to keep being
called pedophiles stop being pedophiles
or ebophia well no this one’s pedophiles
you know who knew that a position of of
power and influence that you can use to
control people would attract
sexual predators um
speaking of sexual predators in a large
group the white house has announced uh
that they are aiming to restore faith in
government matt
they they said that
they are going to restore the faith in
the government and the american people
obviously this means that they’ll be i
don’t know the declassifying the jfk
uh stopping
stop utilizing the government to spy on
us through our phone cams or through our
you know
webcams or you know through
cctv or whatever um jokes on them they
could just watch us
right they can watch us whenever they
want to watch our show we’ve got
we have 11 000 hours of content this
year watch whatever i don’t keep them
busy um
yeah um
or you know the stopping the
authoritarian use of osha to you know
the end bodily autonomy for everybody
anything like obviously when you’re
talking about uh restoring faith in
government this is what
what they mean
is uh you can now get passports online
you can speed up social security
payments and money
uh coming to you
but if you want to see
a very terrifying quote
here’s joe biden
the bottom line is we’re going to make
the government work more effectively
this will be a go a long way into
restoring faith in the government
whenever joe biden says
we’re going to make the government work
more effectively
i get chills
because we’ve seen what that means
this man can’t effectively go through a
meeting without crapping his pants and
he’s going to make the government more
that’s okay last night
i was on a panel talking about joe
biden’s mental health where i flat out
said listen we’ve been watching this man
sun down in front of us for like two or
three years and the democrat that they
had on the panel said you know i think a
lot of people here are being awful
judgmental about joe biden’s stutter
and the rest of us are like he wanders
that’s not a stutter
he doesn’t even really stutter this
isn’t about stuttering like people
stutter i don’t have i mean donald trump
will talk
like i mean
give me a break
stands there but his hands like clinched
like this because he’s having a moment
like stutter he complains that his
handlers aren’t letting him go up i did
the thing again that his handlers aren’t
letting him you know get out and that
they don’t they limit who he can talk to
he like has these moments like where
grandpa doesn’t like how they’re
treating him at the home but
but that’s all a stutter matt
it’s all yeah he overcame a stutter to
not have one for his entire time in
he overcame a stutter and to not stutter
but also display all of the telltale
signs of dementia for the last three
years and in a worsening manner
yeah and in a worse day
i don’t know
last time
yeah each day it gets worse i don’t i
think the last time i was as
disappointed as i am now uh is when
jacques got to know uh
disappeared from our small town of and
and france
and uh
and he
because matt
i probably told you this before uh
was a
just uh an incredible down-to-earth
person but also the most brilliant man
why i i think if if he were to be in a
room of a hundred people why you
couldn’t find you couldn’t find 90
people in there that were smarter than
him in fact indeed i doubt you could
even find 70 people in there who were
smarter than jacques
and and even even 40 or as low as 30
people you would be hard-pressed to find
in that room as smart as as jacques in
fact i’m not even sure that anyone in
that room would be
smarter than jacques and yet then he
just disappeared it was very sad
very very sad i miss jacques
he’s like
he was great uh so um the
now we know it’s not sad though and i’ll
tell you that is the
next segment which is the personal
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here right
and so we have we have two questions
including one from uh someone new
uh his name is abiel
hey spike have you been following the
crisis in ethiopia
the u.s has suddenly been pushing for
regime change due to proxies in the
media and just wanted your thoughts on
you can’t hear it
hey spike have you been following the
crisis in ethiopia
do you hear that
here’s why oh you’ve been hearing the
garbage microphone this whole time
haven’t you that is funny how do i sound
oh wow you sound so much better
okay here we’re going to do that again
so here is the thing from ebia
hey spike have you been following the
crisis in ethiopia the u.s has suddenly
been pushing for regime change due to
our proxies in the media just wanted
your thoughts on it yeah i’ve been
hearing abil thank you well first of all
thank you for leaving the message and uh
i’ve been hearing about there’s a crisis
with the is it the tigray people or
something like that and yes it has very
strong elements of
their pushing for a new regime because
it’s the same stuff they do with china
and the uyghurs where they’re trying to
make it sound like there’s this massive
holocaust going on and we have to do
something the difference being of course
we are going to do a damn thing about
like there’s not there may be some saber
rattling i think they did some uh they
did some uh uh um uh embargoes on some
sanctions against specific people and
businesses but like
ethiopia they can freaking just bomb
ethiopia and and put in a new regime if
they want to like ethiopia is a sitting
duck uh and we have uh we have troops in
like a lot of them we got so many troops
in djibouti um and uh and the whole
region it would be
on the scale of things easy to do regime
change there and by easy i mean dozens
or hundreds of americans will die
countless tens or hundreds of thousands
maybe even millions of ethiopians will
die and we’ll waste well over a trillion
dollars over the course of several years
only to end up replacing who we
added who we removed with the same
people or something worse
i’ve never heard of it so i i am going
to defer to what you said
yeah i i know i know of pretty much
everything i just said i know very
little i’ve looked at it just enough to
go yeah no they’re say we’re rattling
hard and see that we have the new saber
rattling we have wokesaver rattling now
instead of back in the day be like these
people they’re trying to threaten our
lives but we’re too strong for that
we’re gonna go in there and kick their
asses now it’s like oh my gosh these
people are not being intersectional and
they’re not respecting the equity and
inherent divisions that are being caused
by their discrimination it’s unfair and
we need to do something both brave and
stunning it’s like they it’s like this
new woke for and we’re gonna sound like
a character on freedom tunes
yes we’re gonna say yes
we’re gonna send all of our trans women
of color they’re uh to yes queen their
way through the bodies of hundreds of
thousands of ethiopian children this is
just it’s the new form of of
imperialist saber rattling and it’s it’s
corporate media approved and it makes me
sick makes my skin crawl because then if
i say that they go what do you have
against trans women of color and i’m
like well i’d rather not use them as
murderers that’s my thing i don’t have a
problem with trans women of color or
trans women of any color or just women
of color or
color people people of color whoo uh and
uh or trans people that aren’t of color
or really anything i don’t have a
problem with anyone i think they’re all
everyone’s great everyone is equally
fantastic i just and i equally don’t
want any of them to murder people
all of them
so here’s the one from alex boyer we
haven’t heard from him in a bit
do we have hello hello alex from
virginia calling in on the personal
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
law anchor colin moment
and um
talent anvil right
i mean it it’s a problem when the cia’s
like hey
you guys are killing a bit too many
civilians right
what are your thoughts he said telling
it thank you talon anvil
talon anvil yeah
that’s the that uh
afghanistan or syria yeah yeah this is
the thing that just got released about
yeah about the cia who was 100 the cia
is saying that these these drone strike
people with the military are just taking
it too far
the cia yeah cia
one of the most murderous organizations
in american history would like you to
know that our military’s a bit out of
control right now
the the the cia the it was that what
from 2011 to 2019 114 000 bombs i think
i like this off the top of my head from
what i read
114 000 bombs were dropped uh across
acro across syria to attack isis and
only hit civilians
yeah yeah yeah
and initially were being blamed on isis
until that wasn’t tenable anymore
that group would like you to know that
the military’s gone a bit too far in
their book
yeah that’s just
that is freaking amazing and the best
part about all of this guys is that no
one is going to be punished there is no
policy change and they’re not even
really admitting to it yet
you know one of my favorites
one of my favorite american uh tales if
you will
uh my first favorite american tale is
fievel goes west
my second favorite american tale is that
the uh military intelligence in this
country have been committing massive
atrocities around the globe in here
in the 1950s the 1960s the 1970s the
1980s the 1990s the 2000s and the 2010s
no one was ever punished no policy
changes were made anyone who’s still
alive has been promoted which means they
totally aren’t doing it anymore and if
you think they are then there’s
something wrong with you and you’re
weird how’s your tinfoil hat feel
yeah i like this background
i have my stagnant background right here
that never changes but never change that
and you’re max headroom um or alex jones
uh no this is definitely mag’s head room
the other one this is alex jones
this is go ahead i don’t want to
interrupt you
that’s a first um
this is alex jones
that’s alex jones
when you’re sitting up there as my best
man and the officiants like matt do you
you’re gonna be like yes he does
yes let me just say matt hang on like i
don’t want to interrupt you mad for come
on matt sorry i’m gonna let you finish
matt real quick i just wanted to
introduce you my friend matt is going to
be giving his vows right now matt go
sarah oh thank you so much back fat
right with the vows
ladies and gentlemen
anyway uh yeah it’s no surprise that
wasted a bunch of
bombs to kill people that they weren’t
intending to
what is shocking is when the cia says
we may have overdone it
bit much
oh man i like the the new vibe of the
cia going
they’re worse than us
and then the military going
well maybe but
we’d never admit to it
it’s like the norm mcdonald bit where he
says he’s a deeply closeted homosexual
it’s like the military we’re deeply
we’re deeply closeted mass murderers
and everyone’s like oh so you’re mass
murderers well no
don’t you know what deeply closeted
means i would never admit
to being a masked murderer
so i’m telling you i’m not a mass
larry king was so confused by that
interview it was so great
are you telling me that right now or
right now or you’re breaking news and
he’s like you’re you’re getting no
no no
no no
homosexuals deeply closeted yeah
yeah it’s someone who wouldn’t ever
ever admit that they’re a homosexual
so i’m telling you and he’s like so wait
but you are gay
and and he’s like hey hey hey hey buddy
like i anyway
yes that is such a that is such a great
great bit
that was a that was a great bit but yes
no this the cia is concerned that the
mass murder of the military is worse
than theirs
yes it’s a sadly so
it’s a sad moment um it’s it’s
again it brings up some of the feelings
that i i bury down during the holiday
season of jacques de crostano
was a leader his cousin
is this his is just
jacques was a brilliant man and a leader
and i uh
you know i remember the first time i met
him i was a i was a little child just
running through the cobbled streets of
of god
france and when i would and i went my
little and i have my my beret on and my
little my little uh
what’s it called no what’s the bread
called baguette baguette i get i was
wearing a beret and i had my baguette
and a sick and i was smoking a a
self-rolled filterless cigarette as we
are want to do in in
france and i was uh or we call it france
because we’re french and uh and we
i’m i’m i’m walking down and i tumbled
down on the on the cobblestone roads the
uneven cobblestone roads and uh my
cigarette flew out of my mouth and
thankfully i fell on the on the baguette
uh and the beret had a little padding
there too i’d certainly be dead but i
was i was still hurt and and more than
that i was confused and sad um because
my that was the last bit of money that
my parents had given me to go out and
get a baguette for hanukkah and we and
we we and so we
i’m lying there in the
the ruins of the baguette and
thinking this beret is probably broken
too and and that was the gift from from
the hanukkah past chronicles ruined and
then and out of nowhere comes jacques
and he he said oh
hey are you okay
that’s how we talk and i said well
physically yes
but emotionally no i’m not
i’m not okay and and he said well uh
what is the problem and i said i i fell
in my my baguette is is ruined
it’s not even a baghead anymore look the
here come the pigeons they come and take
what is left of it and my beret is she
is broken and then the cigarette oh
disaster and so he says i will fix all
of this and so he goes we go to the
bakery and he buys me a brand new fresh
baguette and i said oh
what a tremendous thing you have done to
me even for me jacques
and i am so happy
this surely nothing could be better on
this the final day of hanukkah and he
said i am only getting started eh and
then we went to the clothier
the clothier
in french and
found the finest berets they had and he
was it was a beautiful beret and he said
ah you can wear this and i went i don’t
know if it’ll fit and so we gotta the
custom clothier came over and fit it to
my head and we got a perfectly fit beret
for me and i said oh
jacques oh this is incredible and it’s
there’s just no way that this could ever
be better this could never you could you
have topped yourself jacques
there’s no way that you could ever do
better than this and jacques said oh i
am only beginning and then he signed me
up for a lifetime for a year’s supply of
nicotine patches
because even though back then in the 80s
in france cigarette smoke was seen as
healthy he knew he he knew he was a
smart man ahead of his time by at least
20 or 30 years and he knew that
cigarette smoking was no no very bad and
so he he got me off of of of this of the
hard stuff he got me off of cigarettes
and then also the thing with the bread
i remember in that time i said jacques
de gea got to know
i got to know i love you you are like
you are like my father
my father was never there for me
and but you finally i have a father
figure and he said i do what i can i
like to think of myself as the father of
our town of
france and i said that’s good thank you
and so we all had our our hopes pinned
on jacques
and i
and then he disappeared and it was very
barry said we all miss
jacques got to know
we’ve got to know
we got to know yeah shocked i got to
know him
you used to get letters from that guy
miss him we did
we did and then he disappeared again
with the hopes were so high we thought
president of france or maybe even the
the head of the un
you know such incredible things maybe
president of france or maybe even just
the head of the u.n
you know i mean like after he’s
president of france like is it like a
right or he could have been the head of
he could have been the civilian head of
nato because jacques got to know he
would have never he would have never
joined the french military not in the
the tatters it was in
so julian assange
oh man i had such a good segue but i
think i was like i don’t want to go too
alex boyer said was jack duvalier an
entirely different person and i was
gonna say
spike just suffered a stroke and
of julian assange
wow yeah
well it’s a good thing you didn’t say
yeah so that was julian that would have
a step too far that would have been too
far on a pro august program like ours um
so julian assange speaking of uh
the u.s government uh is surprising
absolutely no one uh the u.s government
uh in exchange for
uh prince andrew not having to testify
in the gillane maxwell trial the u.s
government has won its appeal uh of a
british court ruling that uh uh
julian assange extradition uh on
espionage act charges can proceed and he
will be um
sent to the u.s which sets the stage for
the wikileaks founder to be sent to the
u.s to face trial and possibly the death
actually no they did assure there was an
assurance that he would not face the
death penalty
or super max
and as we know
when the u.s government makes promises
about its foreign detainees it always
keeps them
now a lower court uh
had a lower court judge had ruled in
january that assange would be at risk of
suicide or other harm if failed if held
in american custody
and the us
promised they crossed their heart
hoped to die
that he would be held in the most strict
confinement you know
like epstein
he wouldn’t be able
to commit suicide
so the ruling was reversed
again when the u.s government says
they’re going to protect a high profile
defendant from suicide
you can believe
that on a stack of you if they could
swear on a stack of jeffrey epstein’s
none of whom killed themselves
none of whom killed themselves
um so the ruling was reversed and then
julian i don’t mean to laugh at this and
then julianne suffered a stroke the next
it was a mild stroke
it was a mild stress it was still a
stroke it was an extreme space i don’t
want it down
yeah yeah
from all over have testified uh that
assange suffers from severe depression
which we have been able to basically
just watching the deterioration of
himself over the course of uh well since
he left the embassy
um you just see how he’s been
over the stress and the depression and
everything uh of all of this
but um
they say that he suffers from severe
depression and other mental illnesses
that are triggered by the years he has
spent on the run and he would even grave
yeah no not even
and he’s at grave risk of suicide if
extradited to the u.s
because you know
my voice just cracked like a going
through puberty
someone so
like the kid on the simpsons
order number 48.
someone’s at much higher risk of suicide
when they’re held in an american jail
his risk of suicide is very high whether
he likes it or not
the biden administration
the bastion
of free speech
known as the biden administration
has continued to press ahead uh with
assange’s indictment over his alleged
role in assisting whistleblower chelsea
to re to release thousands of state
department documents
uh cables and other classified
now as we all remember
from 10 years ago
that was 10 years ago
as we all remember from 10 years ago uh
wikileaks is where chelsea manning
released the documents um that
that included thousands of documents
outlining u.s perceptions of foreign
regimes and helped trigger major unrest
in countries like tunisia where the 2011
revolution was spurred in part by
revelations of domestic corruption
outlined in the document basically the
us said we don’t like this so let’s plan
this this and this so that way we can
we can just have them fight each other
yeah and then and win that and protect
when that ended up triggering the arab
spring they said oh good here’s our
chance to knock off a bunch of people
that we don’t like and maybe some that
we do but hey whatever it takes huh and
then that made things way worse and
that’s it that’s a hillary clinton
special by the way that’s hillary
clinton convincing barack obama that uh
it it everything that i’ve read is i
mean obama went along with it but that
was hillary clinton pushing that so for
all the people who were saying oh after
the trump years how could you possibly
say that hillary wouldn’t have been at
least as bad no she would have been
terrible it’s hard to fathom what she
would have been like as the actual
president but i am certain we’d be
whenever somebody wars right now
whenever somebody says i think hillary
clinton would have been better than
donald trump uh the only response i can
think of is
what does it matter now
at this point
at this point what difference at this
point that’s a that’s what that’s what
that’s the quote
yeah what difference what does it but
honestly what does that even matter now
at this point
it does right nothing though that was
really a a a nihilistic statement there
it’s like well nothing matters now
it’s basically what you’re saying just
nothing nothing means anything
there is no purpose
there is none um wikileaks also helped
uncover evidence of civilian killings
carried out by u.s troops during the war
in iraq including
shocking video footage that
i’m certain most of us if not all of us
have seen of the crew of an apache
helicopter killing reuters journalists
and others during the 2007 attack in
ryan williams
while signing off for the final time on
nbc insisted he was there
i believe him
did you see this first of all remember
there are alternative universes so in a
way brian is everywhere there’s nowhere
brian williams hasn’t actually been so
he’s not
in the truest sense of the word he’s not
but in most other senses
he is
in the in the purest
most abstract version of truth he’s
telling it
in the version of truth where there is
no non-truth
he’s telling the truth
in every other version
it goes downhill pretty quickly
really quickly
uh also
uh it is because of
of wikileaks that we know about uh
edward snowden’s uh uh revelation about
the nsa spying on every single i thought
that was green and green
i thought that was glenn greenwald
i thought that was wikileaks now you
have me
i i thought he went to report it to uh
greenwald when he was still at the
i thought the intercept was reality
i may be wrong hold on i can’t remember
now hold on
yeah i know wikileaks has published
so much
so much but i thought that uh the edward
nsa was uh i thought that was greenwald
uh snowden
yeah according to rolling stone which
you know that’s just the top thing that
came up when i said uh
it says that
oh okay so wikileaks helped him with his
escape to the um
to russia out of out of the yeah to
russia out of the us
okay all right i knew wikileaks was
involved but then then i remembered
you’re right it was greenwald that
released it so um they helped with ed
snowden uh we knew about uh um
uh we knew about uh hillary clinton
deleting all of her emails
and also about hillary clinton uh we
knew about hillary clinton uh working
with the democratic party to rig the
primary uh to make sure that she became
the uh nominee in 2016.
over bernie yeah um
yeah uh the the
the work the actual journal
journalistic work
that wikileaks has done where they have
gone out and they’ve gotten
the documents and they checked them and
they said okay let’s release this
is second to none to
basically any
other media outlet in the world
in the world
and now they don’t even they don’t even
add their uh they don’t even really add
any editorial they literally just
release it here go look at it go find
out for yourself here’s it’s like the
purest form of journalism here go find
out for yourself
right figure
you can
you can read it you can research it you
can figure out what this says and what
this means all you want
uh and now because of this
there is the potential criminalization
of standard journalistic practice
this could mean
no more secret sources no unnamed
sources no
during during the uh
one of the big things that
i had a lot of issues with trump
a lot of them but one of the big ones
was they’re talking about some unnamed
source at the white house why don’t we
know the name of the source why won’t
they release the name there shouldn’t be
any unnamed sources well you can’t have
name sources because that person will
get hired or that person will no longer
be invited to meetings or there will be
repercussions that person could get
suicided um whatever like that is why
you have unnamed sources that is why
journalists go to jail to protect their
sources because you do not want the
names of your sources getting out if you
let one of them leak
you know like the source did if you let
one of them leak
you will never get another source ever
ever again
and now
because documents were released
all of that could go away and you will
have state-sponsored media 100
so this has obviously alarmed press
freedom advocates and people like us
people like you who are watching and
imagine a world
where nixon who at the time
was considered to be the reincarnate of
by many he probably still is um
but he was considered to be the
reincarnate of satan if he had charged
woodward and bernstein with espionage
for the watergate story and not
revealing the name of deep throat
you know that would have been
so outlandish he wouldn’t have had time
to resign
he would have been impeached day one
that was in 1917
three yeah three
yeah 1973 is when that story broke i
think he resigned in 74. um
wikileaks was 2011. so in what 30 years
30 years 40 years 37 years yeah yep 37
years in 37 years
that was the swing
that we saw
imagine if the authors of the panama
papers were charged with espionage
imagine if the people who leaked iran
uh they
espionage just
flat out espionage just all of these
people who were leaking this stuff to
the media all of it
some of the greatest
political scandals of our lifetimes of
longer than our lifetimes because i know
the mean age of our audience um
so in your parents lifetimes um
any of those white water gay all of this
yeah lewinsky gay uh white watergate uh
so like there there are so many that
we couldn’t even try to list them if we
wanted to
yeah um
it is absolutely insane that the
that the u.s has now said okay
because chelsea manning
a sergeant i believe i don’t remember
what she was
i don’t remember her her in her rank now
her rank uh yeah because she was a
sergeant and because she found out that
what the us was doing was absolutely uh
unethical immoral and against so many
codes uh that she leaked the information
to julian assange who puts it online now
he’s being charged with espionage no
absolutely not if so mark felt for
anybody who doesn’t know that’s deep
mark felt should have gotten an
espionage charge
and so should woodward and social media
exactly exactly and then not just in the
u.s because what’s going to happen now
is as the u.s criminalizes foreign
correspondence which is essentially what
this is uh so will other countries do
you think that the stuff you’re finding
out about that’s happening in other
countries especially in oppressive
totalitarian regimes in other countries
that’s getting that’s coming from like a
press relief from that government no
it’s coming from sources that are
illegally being leaked in those
countries illegally and then we all find
out because of it that’s journalism the
whole purpose of journalism
it’s journalism it’s literally the
purpose of of the idea of journalism is
the idea of exposing the truth from
those in power to the rest of us so that
if we’re going to have a democracy that
is the least bit informed it has to have
a robust
independent and fearless journalistic
aspect to it or else we’re just all
clapping like seals to whatever the
government says and now you understand
why uh corporate media is the way it is
because they get hand-fed
stuff from the government that they
repeat as the truth
or they can find out the real truth and
risk going to prison for it
or risk losing advertisers because
or even risk losing advertisers yeah
you’re going yeah so
take a look at uh the intercept who i
that’s who greenwald worked for right
was the interview yeah greenwall was is
the intercept or was the internet okay
yeah because i know he left recently
because he hated how media was going but
uh recently the intercept uh released
the information on
the u.s funding dana function research
in wuhan china
okay so
theoretically where they got that
informative i think that was from a
freedom of information act and they just
went through decades of stuff but um
you know they’re now
giving out
government secrets that are you know
readily available but still giving out
government secrets and
here’s the thing if they effectively
stop the ability of people to to find it
and leak it what’s the what they then
they don’t have to abide by freedom of
information act or they can say oops
it’s all been destroyed it’s that fact
that it could get released and be of
further embarrassment that keeps them in
check to release it in the first place
so no they wouldn’t release it without
that that check we’d never know if it
ends up turning out that you know
the us government or another government
inadvertently or or intentionally
created this virus and then it leaked
that completely changes everything
but if the if that can’t be released
then we’re all sitting here not knowing
and the intercept also uh did that story
we covered it um
about the app
about the app that you can get and you
text somebody and it puts a tracker on
their phone and then gives you oh yeah
information from their phone yep and
it’s it was being tested in israel and
like 32 heads of state had the virus or
the saudi arabia was using it yeah
yeah saudi arabia was using it
um the intercept released that
had the u.s been involved
could have been espionage and that
in that reporter now
would be guilty of espionage under these
under these conditions
it is a terrifying time and so
trevor tim who is the executive director
of the freedom of the press foundation
uh said
on friday
he said that united states prosecutors
continued to push for this outcome is a
betrayal of the journalistic principles
the biden administration has taken
credit for celebrating true
as brave whistleblowers have explained
for decades
this kind of abuse of the espionage act
against sources and now journalists and
publishers is an embarrassment to basic
ideals of justice into core first
amendment values this is one of the
greatest of fronts on the first
in the last
30 to 40 years
i would say
because they are literally attempting
you can sit there and you can say yeah
what facebook does is an affront to
first to my first amendment what twitter
does no that’s different because that’s
twitter and facebook private companies
doing it to you we don’t agree with it
but it’s a private company doing it
this is the government
stopping a journalist from reporting or
releasing information that they received
this is the greatest affront to the
freedom of the press which is one of the
very first things that they put into the
constitution for a reason
which is more evidence to support
the constitution’s a piece of paper and
if the men in charge don’t want to
listen to it then it’s meaningless
act accidentally accidentally
anarchisted you oh just now
oopsie so uh we did get a good question
i’m glad that it was asked uh travis
bull johnson who is a libertarian who’s
running for congress in uh minnesota
what’s that
love that man that man he’s a great
travis is a fantastic gladiator great
person just wonderful person and he
asked so where is the line drawn if
someone leaks all troop deployments
during wartime is it protected if it’s
reported well travis that’s an excellent
reason why the government should be
declaring war before it sends troops off
to war because
if it’s war then there’s a different
standard for things related specifically
to the war
when there is a uh when it’s you know
when we’re in this not war war then the
rules are different i think the line
that any you know reasonable judge or
any reasonable person that’s looking at
this would take is is there an active
threat to the safety of people who are
keeping us safe
if that’s the case
then yes it needs to proceed
if it’s not or then then that should be
considered espionage and prosecuted
thusly if it’s not then it means the
government shouldn’t be doing it and we
should definitely know about it so if it
isn’t actively you know going to put
someone in in danger or if it’s putting
someone in danger who is doing something
that is not actually needed or
protecting us and or might even be
making things worse as many of these
disclosures have demonstrated that we
were actually made less safe by them
then we need to know them so you know
that puts the onus on the government if
you’re going to put americans in harm’s
way make it something that would stand
up to show that well we needed to not
let people know because they’re doing
something like for example troops
protecting us and i mean actually
protecting us not being in a foreign
country doing the bidding of central
bankers and foreign dictators and
cartels and terror groups and central
and and and military contractors and and
energy uh contractors but instead if
they were you know
on our borders or near our borders
protecting us then yes that’s something
that if someone released that
information uh domestically then that
would be considered espionage here’s
another aspect to that julian assange is
not an american citizen
he doesn’t actually owe anything
to the us or the u.s government
even by their own definition he is a
foreign citizen who was reporting for
i was reporting for everyone but he’s a
foreign journalist who’s engaging in uh
you know a journalistic practices now uh
could the government try to prevent him
from getting the information or
something like that sure but that’s
different than charging someone with
espionage uh i i will tell you that our
freedoms and safeties are far better
served by us having more access in
general having more access to the
secrets of this government and other
governments around the world than for us
to rely on them because it could
potentially harm troop safety but no it
there’s definitely a line
but i would say that the
you know i would say that the line is is
certainly closer to our uh
transparency we’re the ones being robbed
we’re the ones being ordered around we
need to know what’s happening and we
need to know uh as as
as much as possible so but that is an
excellent that’s an excellent question
um excellent question
it is it is um and i’ll tell you this
whole thing it
it’s unfortunate i i hope that
julian assange’s prosecutors
are as bad as jelaine maxwell’s are
because it’s it’s you
know we and i say we p all human beings
on this planet deserve to be able to
know more about what’s being done with
the money that’s being robbed from us
and the power and control and freedom
that’s being taken from us and the only
way that’s going to happen is with a the
occasional gut check to government to
keep them in line and and this does uh
you know th this this this is this
pushes us more towards
media just being a a
repackaging of uh or really just a a
mouthpiece for prepackaged government
propaganda which is increasingly what
media is and it’s the stick and carrot
approach if you if you just tell them
what we tell you to tell them then you
know you get all these
special access and everything else if
you tell them what’s really happening
we’re gonna suicide you we’re gonna
we’re gonna you know we’re gonna put
we’re gonna prosecute you for it it’s
very unfortunate um
go ahead so real real quick before
you jump to the next one um
i think that this is such
for the pro whatever the prosecution
team is is this is this going to be a
public trial or is this going to be more
of the
uh god why am i blanking on the name
the secret trials
oh like julian maxwell
oh you mean like secret secret uh
i don’t think they’re treating him as a
criminal as like a military detainee
so i do think it’ll be a civilian trial
i think it’ll be like similar
it’s not gonna be like the gitmo trials
it’s gonna like or they’re in front of a
tribunal i think it’ll be i think it’ll
be more like chilean maxwell
okay yeah because i was gonna say if
it’s if it’s a uh one of the military
tribunal thing
trial kind of things
that will be such a slam dunk for
prosecutors because nobody will hear
about it it won’t matter
it won’t matter like they’ll be able to
say whatever they want they’ll they will
even if they don’t the judge will still
go yeah i don’t care what the jury says
you are still going to prison like
i think the fix is in on that one
hard and i know that they’ve
they’ve made some sort of arrangement or
they’ve offered an arrangement with
australia uh the bastion of freedom that
that place is uh
to have julian stay there
in fact that was actually uh that was
actually one of the many promises that
they’ve made to the british government
is that if julian requests it then they
will let him uh
do his time whatever time he gets in an
australian prison uh as opposed to an
american one again right
they have absolutely no reason to abide
by any of this
or let them live because they’re already
talking about high risk of suicide and
he’s having mini strokes and all of this
other stuff and then suddenly he’s not
alive anymore and that’s terrible what a
sad conclusion but he was an espionage
spy what a scumbag he was and that’s the
end of that and i i i do i think the fix
is in i hope i’m wrong oh i hope i’m
so he he pissed off
he pissed off the right by leaking stuff
about george bush back in 2011. and then
he pissed off obama about because he
leaked stuff at the same time and then
he pissed off hillary clinton and the
dnc when he leaked the hillary clinton’s
stuff and everybody’s like oh he
supports trump he just wants trump to
win and
then he was held up and then he was
arrested and
like i am not willing to go out on a
limb and say that julian assange is a
good guy
won’t do it
don’t know
have no idea i don’t know if that rape
charge is credible
well the the government of uh what is it
sweden uh i mean
yeah they didn’t think it was because
they dropped the charges um
the uh now some of that was because on
some of the charges the statute of
limitations had worn out but on some of
them they didn’t have the other ones
where there wasn’t a statute of
limitations or it hadn’t worn out yet
they uh they decided there wasn’t
sufficient evidence
the only thing they had was oh he ran
away well he ran away because he was
trying not to be detained because he
knew that that would be the opportunity
for the government to do what they’re
doing the us government to do what
they’re doing now and push for his
extradition so so
so yeah
like i won’t say he’s a good guy but i
will say
he does not deserve to go to prison for
what he has done here what they are
charging with him here
no no definitely not
this is an affront to the freedom of
speech and the freedom of the press and
this will be a precedent that you won’t
get back
exactly exactly
exactly and i’ll tell you something i i
i do want to end the the show on on a
good note though um because uh did i
tell you about my trip recently
to seaworld
i didn’t tell you about my sea world
oh so i went to uh i went to a place
yeah a sea world um
it’s got the um the fish
and uh it all it has the um it has the
dolphins and the stingrays it’s a it’s a
fish it’s a living it’s a it’s a fish
it’s a zoo it’s a
it’s a liquid zoo
and i went and i went to the to the
the liquid zoo and i went there and i i
i got um
i there was a bit of a mix up at the
front and i i got my i did get my
tickets they were they were i bought
them online and they they had there was
a mix up there and i had to show them my
id and then and then and i got
uh i got my tickets
uh and i’m walking into
into seaworld
and who do i see
but the stingrays and so i i am
i’m you can feed the stingrays they’ll
give you stingray food and you and you
feed the stingrays and that was a great
pleasure and then i i you know i go and
i walk away from that and then what is
it that i happen upon
the the penguins and i see them i see
the penguins which is weird because
they’re not fish but they’re kind of
like fish-like and so it’s like a fishy
it’s like they’re like fish adjacent and
so had a great time with the penguins
they’re flopping around and doing their
whole thing and i go and i look and
there’s a past the penguins off in the
distance there’s there’s a dolphin
exhibit and i went and i said oh let me
let me look at the at the dolphins and i
and they’re
standing before me is jacques de gatino
and i and he’s sitting there
he’s feeding the the young
that he’s feeding the young dolphins the
the baby dolphins and i said jacques
they got to know
what has happened
and he said uh my job is to give food to
the baby dolphins uh you know like how i
have made sure you add food i do now for
the dolphins huh and i said jacques i
got to know
we had such high hopes for you back in
and france and we
thought everything we hoped that you
would one day lead us to greatness and
put us back on the map not just for
no france but for all of france the
whole nation of france as we call it in
french uh and so and and he i said shaq
to captain no
what are you doing this is you’ve ruined
everything you’re not serving your
potential at all and he said well i
think i serve a youthful purpose
because the the dolphins are our babies
yeah no you you
youthful porpoise
so folks thanks so much for tuning in to
this episode of the muddy waters of
french edition
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to give you right now
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now we have charted in so many countries
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yeah that aren’t america we tried in
japan we started in slovenia we started
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the only four i can remember off the top
of my head
so yeah you know this could be you this
could be us but you’re not slovenian um
or italian or italian or brazilian or
japanese or whichever other one and not
and you’re definitely not from us going
home france um but
thank you so much for tuning in we had a
great time thank you for listening to my
hour and a half long joke and
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uh that charted actually we’re on the
billboard charts uh uh this is a war and
uh welcome to the revolution um and uh
jairez uh is a very popular rapper with
millions of followers uh i’m one of them
and uh it turned out i i reached out to
him about the possibility of him being
on my show turned out he follows me and
is a fan of mine and retweets my stuff
off and so that worked out well um
and uh so we’re going to have uh him on
the show and then on thursday you’ve got
really incredible guest matt tell tell
us about him i’m i’m i’m excited that
we’re giving him the air time he needs
he just yeah no i’m i’m i’m excited to
have uh him on uh i have dave womack
coming on on thursday on the writer’s
block eight o’clock eastern and for
anybody who doesn’t know
uh dave womack is one of the 14 000
libertarians that were elected in
in just that one town
in just that one town he’s one of the 14
000 um but
he’s coming up against uh some
issues because there is something in his
past that came to light and because of
it the people
on the board that i believe he got
elected for uh are trying to block him
from being able to take his seat that he
in an election
yeah so we are going to be i’m certain
talking about that either that or we’re
going to talk movies i’m not sure
um you could talk both you could talk
both yeah i could you can tell them
about the bigger travesty which is that
titanic one the oscar
but anyway uh the
no if you if you have to say it what i
don’t i don’t
um no i don’t
i do not have to do that
that’ll be longer than my god to know
it would
it really really would today
i mean you know what’s really upsetting
is that the whole purpose behind it is
that they’re trying to make uh jack jack
and uh uh what’s her name
the rose
rose out to be these great people and
yet rose is like the biggest scumbag
ever but whatever biggest scumbag
villain in movie history is rose from
yeah anybody who says ginny from forrest
gump is just
wrong because rose from titanic
to summit
to sum it up in the shortest amount of
time possible
98 year old
terrible human being who has hung on to
something that would have set her family
up for life uh if she had sold it to
auctioned it to some museum or collector
or whatever uh
could have not had money issues ever in
her life hung onto it or ever sat there
told this boring ass story to
this boat full of people who paid for
her to go out there
because apparently that’s where she
wanted to die
for whatever reason uh and the purpose
of going out there was to try to find
this thing
to find the thing that she already had
because she’s a lying [ __ ]
um and
when she finally dies on this poor guy’s
boat who wasn’t able to find the thing
because she had it and then she drops it
into the ocean
she goes to
hell i can only assume because she’s
that terrible
it’s got to be hell it has to be hell
and in the
afterlife she meets up with the guy she
knew for a weekend and not the man that
later met had children with had
grandchildren with watched him slowly
decay over time and sat by him while he
died not that guy not the guy that was
allegedly the you know person that she
loved for
what one could only assume was 75 years
no not him the guy she knew for a
weekend and cheated on her fiance
rose is awful and she should have moved
the [ __ ] over
and that yeah exactly so not only that
so she’s in her the reason she wasn’t
with her husband is because he’s in
heaven so when she went she went to hell
and well that’s that’s a valid point
that is another
data point demonstrating she’s in hell
she went to hell with the guy she
right with the guy she murdered who
welcomed her and was like well
you were the last person i slept with so
i guess you’re good enough
i mean god that movie’s so stupid and
good will hunting and as good as it gets
good will hunting as good as it gets
both far superior movies helen hi our
superior performances helen hunt
helen hunt jack nicholson
jack nicholson greg kinnear great kaneer
alba gooding cast of characters this was
kuba gooding jr before boat trip
this was kuba gooding jr when he could
not make a bad movie he had done a run
of fantastic
and then he made boat trip
boat trip and it’s just been
yeah and then i don’t know if he’s
he played oj in that thing i don’t know
what else he’s done um he’s an oscar
winner um
god that movie’s so stupid in the fact
that they they just want
they wanted their first billion dollar
movie that’s it they wanted the first
billion dollar movie and they got it
with that piece of crap
but later got beat back
what do you expect from a bunch of
pedophiles and
no i meant the producers but the uh
that’s going to be your guest on
thursday dave womack
then on uh then on monday
join us for another amazing episode of
mr america the bearded truth with jason
lyon his guest is going to be dan
taxation is theft berman uh a really
fantastic guy and uh
then join us right back here next
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thanks again for tuning in and we love
you very much we couldn’t do this
without you we’re so happy to be you a
part of it to have you be a part of all
of this and we will see you tomorrow
thursday monday and back here on tuesday
and where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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