Episode 223 – The 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

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Episode Transcript

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peppa big world is very much my kind of
yesterday i went as we all must to peppa
pig world and if you’ve been to peppa
pig world who’s been depends i’m always
going to drop a big world not enough i’m
surprised you haven’t been there took
peppa pig i think i tried the laboratory
again this very much my kind of place
fate has handed us an opportunity to do
that it is a moral mission i think that
is pure genius yeah on a plane and like
forgive me
forgive me
is very much my kind of place
i was there
in the big world
don’t forget folks i’ve had some pretty
wonderful jobs here peppa pig world
we’ll look at us now peppa pig world is
very much my kind of place
here the episodes saw new mass transit
systems by iron agencies
who would have believed that a pink that
looks like a hairdryer
or possibly a sort of picasso like hair
dryer and would now be exported to 180
countries with theme parks both in
america and in china
right okay
is very much my kind of place
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike the ideal man cohen
i am matt right and together we are
traversing the muddy waters of freedom
i’m trying to figure out the jewish
angle there but i guess just there is no
jewish angle yeah
no that’s what i get for somebody told
me that you
yes the ideal man
uh somebody told me that you went on a
seven minute rant about being the ideal
man once
i regularly go on seven-minute rants how
i’m the ideal man and we can get into
that later if you want hey folks thanks
for tuning in to the ideal man and matt
show five years in folks this is
incredible that we are this far in and
we’re just getting started this is we’re
going to be in this for like 50 or 60
years so just you know get get settled
in because this isn’t ending anytime
soon this is of course a muddy waters
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muddy waters media goes live
matt give the gift of money waters today
kids love it happy hanukkah it’s over
but happy hanukkah matt it’s over happy
hanukkah it is i had so many i had so
many latkes i don’t want to
so many gentile
for the first like 38 years of your life
or something like that and now suddenly
you’re just chewing it up and i can’t
even eat this stuff anymore
oh i had i had brisket i had safganyo i
had latkes i had kugel i had matzo ball
it was wonderful this is the worst kind
of injustice
the kind that even remotely affects me
first and foremost let me thank the
wonderful people at knock them all at
for the cover i am drinking today
yes and allow me to thank
for this delicious
kosher i don’t even know it’s water i’m
so bitter about this
especially like that’s the worst part
believe it or not
that’s what makes me the most i actually
i made the safganya i fried it i put the
jelly in
the it
yeah i also i made the kugel as well
you know there’s a lot of instructions
that can that comply with my diet like
there is a way to do that
you know i just want to say that
so are you saying that you want me to do
that yes i would that’s what i’m saying
i’m not i wasn’t trying to be uh coy
there um
yes that’s what i was trying to say but
anyway whatever i don’t care anymore i
don’t even care i don’t care let me tell
you something about this show folks this
show and this episode are brought to you
by the libertarian party waffle house
caucus uh if uh gosh they’ve what are we
man i’m just completely
really bitter about this stuff kanye uh
the so uh we’re the it’s the second
largest and the fastest growing caucus
in the libertarian party and i don’t
even care right now honestly i don’t
care about any of this
none of this matters but if you care
about it then that’s great good for you
uh if you go to the facebook group
libertarian party waffle house caucus
you can become a member if you want to
become an official voting member which
means nothing because we don’t vote on
anything then
you can and we actually don’t actually
do anything but have fun in there but if
you want to have some
sweet waffle house caucus swag go on
over to muddy waters of freedom.com
store and pick up some waffle house
caucus gear
the gravy king
joe soloski is running for governor of
pennsylvania joe soloski is the key to
pennsylvania’s success and if you’d like
to help him become the first libertarian
governor ever go to joesalowski.com
that’s g-o-e-s-o-l-o-s-k-i
dot com jack casey
what can we say about jack casey
that we haven’t already thomas tweeter
no the so i mean
so jack casey has written
not one
not two
not five and not even four but actually
three books and you’re looking at them
right here if you’re watching this if
you’re listening to this then you’re not
looking i don’t know what you’re looking
at i hope you’re okay though but the uh
the books that he has written are called
the royal green in silver throned and
crowned by gold and they are part of the
royal green series by jack casey who i
am told is definitely
a cult leader
and who is selling these books uh if you
go to theroyalgreen.com you can buy
these books uh i am told that they’re
now are they good
we don’t know and we never will because
we don’t read books that we sell
because if they’re bad
then we feel bad about selling them to
you and if they’re good then we feel bad
about making fun of them so it’s a
damned if you do damned if you don’t so
we might as well don’t
quieter is uh running for state senate
uh he wants to represent the 52nd
district in new york state thomas
quieter says i run better than albany
which he finds hilarious because he’s
crippled and in a wheelchair and that’s
very funny to him and he actually pays
us to say that’s right see right there
on the
graphic there uh if tom’s actually an
incredible guy i’ve spent a lot of time
with him he is one of the best warriors
for freedom that this movement has he
does hard work every day to get the
message out there he does advocacy for
those who also have disabilities and
special needs who aren’t able to
advocate for themselves he is just an
assault of the earth type of guy his
district could not do any better than to
have him as their state senator and if
you want to help him become the first
crippled libertarian elected official i
don’t know if that’s true i i don’t
actually know if that’s a stat but
the first one i know of
uh then go to tomfor52.com tomfor52.com
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glitches dot com finally
mud water the most appropriately named
cop well i guess
we’re still technically doing a mud
water segment right
yes yeah
so folks if you just watched all of this
and you said you know what i’m sick of
both of you i want five fewer years of
you i want this to have never happened
in fact i’m gonna sue you well you
better damn well not be in florida pal
because we’re gonna destroy you with
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law and you can too not us
but someone else you can destroy someone
else in a civil court of law and get
just stupid stacks of money to just
throw around its strippers and your
friends and whatever you want to do
really there’s no limit to the ways you
can throw money at people not even
because you want them to have it but
just to show your disregard for both
them and the sheer amount of money that
you have courtesy of chris reynolds
attorney at law by going to
i totally forgot i was going to call you
alex jones
that totally forgot
it’s because it’s i’m doing the thing
they’re putting stuff in your water
and it looks like that behind me
it really does
you’re turning the frogs gay
oh my gosh
i will eat your ass that was the thing
he said he’s gonna eat their ass
so uh
i can smell the sulfur from here
are taking your children to mars
was that real like was he really saying
that or was that like a joke
i i don’t know
he’s been like so good like he
he has been so good on certain aspects
where he’s just like he says something
and you’re like this is insane and then
it’s like later it’s like all right well
it wasn’t wrong but then he has those
and i don’t know where i don’t know
where the parody is and where it is
i don’t either i don’t know and
everyone’s like well he said in court
he’s faking it well what what do you say
yeah this is really me i’m nuts take
everything from me i never want to see
my kids again like of course he’s going
to say it’s a parody like you know
uh yeah
speaking of which
i don’t know if you know this matt
but today is a very special day
well this week is a very special week
it’s actually not today it was two days
ago two days ago right was the five year
anniversary which we’re celebrating
today because two days ago was sunday
uh the five year anniversary of
the muddy waters of freedom and muddied
waters media
and that is
i don’t have a word for that
i i will say
i started
muddied waters of freedom
yes which later grew into muddy waters
i did not
expect to be doing this five years later
i wasn’t sure if i’d be doing it six
months later
yeah but here we are it’s five it is
five years later it is five years five
years later five years later five years
uh so many so many great memories that
over the last five years
but i think most importantly
what we need to recognize is that also
this week two years ago
muddied waters media got an official
the narwhal
the narwhal
the narwhal became the official mascot
that was two years ago
on the anniversary show
where we had a conversation about the
proper way to have intercourse with the
narwhal oh god yeah
and then that’s why matt got me the
matt hicks and we were talking hicks
and by the way it wasn’t the
i wouldn’t call it proper way
because i’m not sure there is a
truly proper way
for a man to have or a woman to have sex
with a narwhal but there’s in fact i’d
dare say there isn’t i think if it’s a
there’s really only one way
folks it was a great five years
i’m glad that we were
able to end it in front of everyone
right now
yeah i uh i
it was more
only way
and what we were well yeah what we were
i like i have to take off jewish yeah no
i know yours is well you don’t want to
disrespect him while he’s wearing his
kippah yeah
was whether
this counts as behind
or on top of
oh yeah the the blowhole yeah
that was where the debate came in was
whether it’s behind or on top of what
did i say
you said on top of
i would still say that
i i still say it’s behind
it’s back into the the right
is what it is back into the left
so now that we have probably no oh no
people are still listening that’s
people are still people people love
narwhals well folks it’s it’s going
downhill from here so we’re actually
we’re going to do something fun though
uh we decided as we were about to go
live we’re gonna auction off something
that we didn’t know it still existed i
thought they had all already been sold
off uh back during the campaign
and it turns out that i have a a couple
left in the in the uh in in the when i
was clearing out stuff that had been
piling up all year i uh cleared it out
and it turns out oh you have one too
we have a libertarian party dad bod
i mean they’re out there but yours
already has like a message for you in it
so we have a libertarian party dad
bought calendar in it
and we are auctioning this off and the
way our auctions work if you’ve never
done a muddy waters media auction before
uh we just start the bidding in the
comments and uh we’re going to start the
just to show you we’ll be kind of
showing you
different uh people that are on it
throughout the uh the evening
and uh but you need to know mr april and
i picked april because that’s my wife’s
birthday mr april is a guy you may have
heard of before
spike cohen
he is you know what i thought you’d pick
to april
because it was 4 20.
oh huh
no it was because it was my wife’s
and um i think someone had already
picked who who’s june i think someone
had already picked june which is my
no it wasn’t because uh tyler smith
picked june and i don’t i i don’t think
i ever wanted i wanted april because it
was tasha’s birthday and i was like hey
yeah you know
because this is what she wanted you know
to have her she took these photos by the
way i just want to say that like people
have looked at this been like i can’t
believe your wife
she took these photos i didn’t know that
now she didn’t know i was gonna make a
collage out of it
but i couldn’t just pick one of these
look at it
like this is
incredible i remember you you sent you
sent me so many of those photos from
that shoot and i had one
i had one as my lock screen for like a
and people were like why do you have
spike half naked is your lock
i never wanted you to forget that you
sent it
it’s my because mine it’s because it’s
none of your business first of all and
because we’re partners um so
uh right now
we are at uh we have we have some
confusion because uh on facebook the top
bid is 69.69
by a nice yes i know uh by
by nellick trump eskimo libertarian but
she’s been beaten out by 31 cents by t
marie liberty over on twitch who has bid
seven days uh seventy dollars
uh sheila foster says uh omg no wonder
my son loved y’all so much he had the
humor of a 12 year old too
she said does the calendar uh show
anyone having sex with the fat unicorn
fish it is not i promise you um unless
you want that
unless that’s gonna require so much more
i’m gonna need a completely different
sharpie to do that but um
but no as of now
as of now no a sofia bryant says does
the calendar have bad jokes it is it’s
basically nothing but dad jokes like
this is just it’s nothing but dad jokes
so i’ll show the first month and then
we’ll just kind of go from there
throughout the but so currently the high
bid is 70 by team marie liberty um we
start off right with john phillips
senior uh who is
running for lieutenant governor of
illinois right now
john phillips jr literally
wait i thought he’s john hold on
well according to this
he is john phillips jr
i think he’s john phillips are you
telling me that south carolina was wrong
about something are you yeah exactly
oh now it just says john phillips oh
forgot yeah i was going to say that’s
just john phillips now
well we’ll never know we’ll never know
but anyway yeah john john phillips of of
possibly first or second of his name uh
he was uh the guy i originally wanted to
be the vice presidential nominee for the
libertarian party um until i got into
the race
and then i still figured he’d get it so
then he dropped out and endorsed me
that was when i realized uh oh
something might be about to happen
anyway uh so yeah we’re at 70 is the top
bid right now uh we’ll get back to that
later but uh yeah so we’ll be bidding on
that throughout the the uh the night and
i’ll occasionally go back to it and show
the different months and the cool thing
do we accept bitcoin yes uh we yes
i don’t know how but sure we’ll figure
it out we’ll figure it out yes we will
take exactly one bitcoin from you
yeah it’s gotta be in full
full you have to do it in in
five in singular bitcoins one bitcoin
increments we accept um
so uh okay so we are going to get
with the
i got so much stuff here the mud water
coffee alternative
coffee replacement cacao rapid fire
segment brought to you by mud water
coffee alternative if you woke up today
and said spike matt happy fifth
anniversary please get out of my bed but
hey while you’re here i’d like to let
you know that i don’t want to drink
coffee anymore guys
i don’t like coffee doc
doc i
i woke up today and i
and i thought to myself
i don’t love my son anymore
and i i
i did
but every time i look
at him drinking his coffee it reminds me
of the coward that i see
every time i look
in the mirror
at myself drinking coffee
also i’m a moth
matt and i can’t help you with that
friend because we’re
not psychiatrists but we can help you uh
not drink coffee anymore because we have
something better it’s called mud water
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just enough caffeine to get you excited
like this
i i do actually use this um but not so
much that you end up depressed and and
forlorn and shaky with seasonal
affective disorder and possible heart
problems like this
i’m seasonally affected and possibly
have a heart problem
don’t end up like that go to muddy
waters of freedom.com mud and get your
mud water starter kit today matt
so um
because it is our birthday party and uh
it’s our party and we’ll do whatever the
hell we want uh i didn’t do real notes
so instead what we decided is we were
just gonna have a lot of fun tonight uh
we’re just gonna play some games that i
and uh basically
i made a bunch of things
to try to uh
stump me stomp spike yeah just to stomp
spike or to uh
make him look a little foolish
which game do you want which game do you
want to start with i mean you have all
of the cards
so we got
let’s do the two where you’re trying to
stump me and then we’ll do the third one
which is more like we’re all kind of
participating and we choose so all right
we are starting with and i want to tell
everyone i did not google any of these
i don’t know the answers to them
okay because i like to win the
old-fashioned way by bribing matt
no i like to win
i like to i like to win on my merits
i want to get if i get more than 1.2
percent of these then i will have done
or 1.8 or whatever it is
i don’t remember that’s one something
less than if i do that
um all right certainly
john says you’re asking us to trust a
politician that’s a good point um
uh i’m well actually i’m asking you to
trust a libertarian and i’m not 100 sure
if that’s anyway so uh joe
uh we’re so we’re starting with a joe
biden uh contest called did joe say it
or did matt make it up now this probably
doesn’t require a lot of explanation but
basically we’re going to show a bunch of
joe biden quotes
i’m going to guess and you guys can
guess too if this is real
like an actual joe biden banger or
if matt just made this up
this feels like the time that kennedy
set me up with the florida or fake thing
on her show but whatever um
okay are you going to read these or do
you want me to read them
i’ll read them i’ll read them all right
so here is the first one
i was not an activist i worked at an all
black swimming pool
i mean he’s not even black how could it
be in all blacks
i i
i feel like
i want it yeah people are saying what so
it’s split right now doug hayne said
matt rob palkovich said biden
keith macquarie said biden
michelle’s saying biden
other people are saying that i’m gonna
go with biden i think biden said is this
that is real that is real oh wow i
didn’t say that biden said that
the problem with this is biden could you
could put like
so far out there penguin on there and
i’d be like yes he could have very well
said that um
yeah no people are shocked like yeah no
he’s he said it
in the speech about corn pop well i knew
he talked about a black swimming pool i
know if he that specific one all right
so here’s the next one and you can read
the it thing about family is at the end
of the day there is always forgiveness
pictured with his daughter
i did pick the pictures i’m not going to
lie i definitely take these pictures
well yeah i mean you also made the
graphic but i i
uh so so rob palkovic says biden johnny
johnson says matt patricia marie says
incest um
which i guess is technically that would
be biden
that that that’s correct
logan’s saying joe had to have said that
i i i yeah i’m gonna go with biden
nope that was me
that was me
okay all right okay so this is gonna be
difficult okay good good oh good yeah
you’re you’re you are one in one so far
i’m at fifty percent
which you’re at fifty percent that’s
better than one point eight
that’s called libertarian winning right
there my friend um
all right here’s the next one
we do everything but hang people for
jaywalking in this bill
okay i think that he said this i’m not
gonna i’m i want to give it a chance for
other people to say what they think but
i think
oh uh andrea o’donnell said that i’m
doing better than the cuomo’s that’s
good they’re at zero percent right now
or a hundred percent if you count
unemployed yeah unemployment they’re 100
unemployment um
yeah everyone’s saying biden patricia
marie said matt
uh i’m yeah i’m i’m guessing i’m
guessing this one’s joe biden i’m
guessing this one’s your point
that one is joe biden
and is that during the 94 crime bill
yeah that was for the crime bill
i i love the the um um
revision that’s been happening that it’s
like well biden thought that you know he
talked about you know that he hoped that
there would be equity or whatever i said
no he didn’t he talked about no he
didn’t just put so many people in jail
he was so proud of that um this is the
man who’s he this is the man remember
everybody this is the man who said he
didn’t this is paraphrased he didn’t say
it this way i don’t remember the exact
quote even though i read it yesterday
and i thought about putting it in and
then i went no everybody knows he said
this he said
paraphrased i don’t want my kids growing
up in a racial jungle we’re talking
about segregation right talking about
desegregation of schools and ending
busing he said that quote he 100 has
never been worried about equity when it
came to the law
the disproportionality is the point um
this uh
yeah jacob bell says
what else do you do in a racial jungle
uh south jersey libertarian says we
could have called this biden or brandon
which is funny um uh oh that’s good
that is good um okay all right here’s
the next one
obamacare will ensure that no longer
will kids have to wait in line for
health care
i could see you writing that
at the same time
joe biden
says the dumbest things on earth
man this is tough this is going to be
tougher than anything else i think i
think this is going to be the toughest
oh that’s a good point so sarah says
that that uh he had to have said it
because it’s stupidly worded
like it’s like
i don’t know
close he said it
what a twist this is actually pelosi’s
it’s neither nancy pelosi says neither
all right um
i’m gonna you know what i’m gonna i’m
gonna say i’m gonna say joe said it i’m
gonna say joe said
jason lyon and i created that together
yeah jason lyon and i created that one
that was good that was good that one was
good thank you all right thank you all
it hurt toward it the way that i worded
because it was stupid so did sarah know
that that was one you made and she was
just she screwed me over she has seen
some of this or that but she hasn’t seen
any of the other cards for tonight okay
all right well this or that’s less of a
competition and more of just like a fun
thing um yeah that’s just
all right okay so
all right here’s the next one
if there are no drug users there’d be no
appetite for drugs well so first of all
this is factually correct
like that’s not wrong like i mean if
they’re if no one was using drugs there
there’d be no use of drugs but
by the way just to know you’re wearing
uh the logo
someone else noted they’re wearing the
same shirt this is the original muddy
waters of freedom this is the original
logo so the logo you’re seeing down here
is the
this is the og and this is the upgraded
one down here yeah uh that’s the that’s
this was the very first logo that’s the
all right okay so
you can buy this on our store yes muddy
of freedom.com or you can go to
moneywatermedia.com and press store
uh all right so
if there were no drug users there’d be
no one
i’m going to end up just
yeah i’m going to say he said it
he said it
oh okay all right that’s yeah that’s
yeah he apparently wasn’t thinking about
his son
yeah no definitely not
honestly after this one i don’t i doubt
everything now um
all right uh all right here’s the next
there are days i would trade all of this
for a good nap
first of all
also in addition to that there are every
day i would trade joe biden’s presidency
for a nap um
there’s never days that i wouldn’t um
people are saying matt said this
yeah no eskimo is saying mood yeah
nullic and i both are ready for naps um
probably during an important
important meeting
yeah i was going to say if biden said
this it was during like
the most crucial moment of his
presidency um
like while he was talking to putin today
yeah wally yeah today on the phone with
putin he’s saying this um i’m going you
know what
i no that’s the wrong one i’m going to
that you made this up
i did i made that up okay all right okay
with a caveat
i think he has said this
but we just aren’t aware of it
right yeah i’m thinking it hasn’t been
that he said it
or we yeah it either hasn’t been
recorded or we just aren’t aware of of
him having said it now here’s the next
one which is
i spent
i spent last summer holding rallies in
parks trying to get black man to
understand it’s not unmanly to wear a
so wait it is black man
it’s not black men like that’s not a
i copied and pasted
trying to get black man to understand
it’s not unmanly
there’s no reason to think he didn’t say
okay like this is like a perfect mixture
superfan sarah anderek said baby if you
wrote this i hate you
yeah i was gonna say
i almost want to say it’s him just
because i don’t think you’d make me
write this
did joe biden say that he went to a park
to convince black man that
that queering a condom wasn’t unmanly
how do you do that by the way
i tried to put it on him
seemed like this very man
it’s fine
it’s fine
with that added
i believe yes he said this
he said that
okay all right i was gonna say i
couldn’t picture you writing this
because then it’d be like oh so you’re a
racist um no um
all right uh
yeah there was no way i would be able to
write that
nullic says he put it on walruses i wish
you guys would stop like just stop
all right here’s the last one
she said sarah said good i can cancel
the u-haul um
i like that she already got the u-haul
reserved just a chance quick
she didn’t want to miss out on that she
she has it on retainer
she has no retainer yeah
all right here is the last one
wow i did not center that at all uh when
the us military goes into battle you
know they are going to finish the thing
this is tough
so uh sharla ray allen says totally
believable and that’s the problem is
all of these are believable
yeah michelle goodwin says he says the
thing all the time and he does
which is why i think you might died
thinking you might have done it
but he might have said it you know what
screw it
i’m gonna put all the chips down on this
last one and say that joe biden said
he did not
i made that one up i knew it
so if i had had money to bet i would
have reduced my bet and then said you
because i i would have hedged my bet
there okay all right well that was good
logan logan picked up on the pattern
what was it joe you joe you joe you oh
no yeah because when i put him in
because i made all the ones that he said
first and then
i made the ones that i made up and then
i uploaded them and they were labeled
one two three four five six seven eight
so i just went through and i was like oh
crap and i mixed them up but not
it was just joe me joe me joe me
oh no so what what did i get at the end
uh you missed three uh you went five and
five and three okay i’ll i’ll i’ll do
that and three take that five and three
three is good that’s three is not it’s
actually a win that’s a win that is a
win that is
probably making the playoffs in football
why is your girlfriend picking a fight
with me jews can’t thrive off of what
ifs spike
i mean is she wrong
she’s not wrong but i got five three
when it comes to me
like that’s good and matt’s good at this
like that okay listen that’s this
and this
are good
like those are good
those are good this man talked about you
know but when you you know you black
people when you went you’d take a a
knife and you’d sharpen it on the ground
and that’ll make it sharper
who talks like this
when you put the razor blade in the
bucket of rain water and then you scrape
it on the ground or make it yeah scream
yeah you know
what they
you know like you like you did
uh uh
that’s right that’s right okay so
we have two more games
this one is going we’re gonna do one
more where matt’s gonna try to stump me
it’s a little bit shorter and
it is
this is uh whether or not spike knows
yeah and i which i don’t but i so it’s
then we’re gonna end with a fun one that
will all just uh get to have fun with
but this one’s name that team
and so basically the way this works
the way this works did this need to be
in the order you numbered it because i
was gonna do it in reverse order because
the first one i
don’t know when i’m gonna try to guess
matt has has
curated four
logos of various teams sports ball teams
and i have to guess
what their names are looking for what
yeah you did for
okay so all right so here is the first
one that’s the uh
oh gosh now i can’t remember if that’s
the atlanta falcons or the atlanta hawks
that’s the hawks right
yes that is the hawks nice okay okay
good good good good all right okay so
i’m doing good all right next
is one for one
that’s the milwaukee brewers
yes it is
yes it is i honestly did
i used to i did not think you were gonna
get that one
yeah oh that’s right yeah
so i know that i didn’t i didn’t play
but yeah
i’m jewish
um right yeah because it was the bitcoin
of the 90s it was the bitcoin of our
time it was a commodity um all right
here’s the next one that’s the uh
tennessee titans i i mean come on like i
know you are much better at this than i
was expecting you to be yeah no this one
well first of all i’ve been in tennessee
like 15 times in the last year um
but yeah that’s the tennessee titans now
this one i don’t know what the hell this
is and i’m gonna try to
construct it because i do know the names
of teams
that yes
looks like a hockey puck at the bottom
if you know this do not put it in the
comments until after he gets oh yeah
yeah don’t yeah yeah don’t don’t put
don’t put uh hints or clues or or like
what what it is in the comments um and
i’m not just in case i’m not going to
look in the comments just in case
someone does because we’re libertarians
and when you got someone yeah four
people just did
okay yeah okay yeah i’m not looking i’m
not looking um because as soon as i said
i’m like someone’s gonna do that exact
thing um
all right so that’s a hockey puck
or alabama maybe have a
hockey team
or the a is the name of the team
and the
oh do i know that that’s definitely a
hockey puck and i think that’s like it
is snow
so it is a hockey pike
that is a hockey puck i will give you
that it is a hockey puck okay all right
so this is an nhl team i would assume
and that looks like it’s like snow
so like the
atlanta and that looks like that could
be a beak at the top
and atlanta loves their freaking bird
teams so that’s like the
snow albatross or something
um frigg
unless the a is the name
of the team
[ __ ]
i want to get this
i’m trying to think of names
and by the way i just want to show you
like i am not
i’m not googling i’m not like i
legitimately want to win this thing i’m
not you’d hear me typing if i were
i’m i if you want i can put this i can
make this small so you can see that i’m
not like doing any sleight of hand like
i’m legitimately trying to figure this
all right so that’s
let me make it a little bit bigger so i
can take a look at this thing all right
that’s a
i like how you had to sit up for this
so so my eyes are like
so i can look choke and look down like
you’re peeking out like you’re peeking
over it to see it
it’s on your screen
all right so
when i glance
what i see
is either an a
with a freaking bird beak which means
it’s like some kind of atlanta something
or another or
or it’s a
it’s a snowy
sea being made out of the snow
but that which would be like a ca
but the thing goes across and is
actually uh that might just be crossing
the a and i’m overthinking it and this
is like the atlanta snowbird or some
stupid name like that but i but i know
because if it were called the atlanta
snowboard i would already know that and
i would
endlessly mock it them for having that
this is a name
and hockey names are are like they
usually aren’t like
the pelicans it’s usually like like a
like a feeling
like the thing that’s a basketball team
the pelicans yeah oh that’s right new
orleans pelicans yeah
no it’s pelican too
and so that but you know you could in
and so it could be like
the abject fear like it’s like you know
like one of those like feelings um
or looking at like a abstract concept
no wait no because the hockey teams are
like kind of snow themed and stuff like
that this is
this team is called
i’m just about to make some [ __ ] up this
team is the california
no because they have their they have the
mighty ducks and
this is they have like four teams in
california oh yeah
this is oh yeah they got like eleanor
okay okay this is the colorado
something with the a
with ice
well folks what a fantastic episode
i want to
this is called this is
this is called the atlanta something
bird team but i can’t respect myself
enough to call it that because that’s
not what it is this is i’m gonna come up
with something
not real
like a bird
this is the
okay i’m gonna do something
i’m gonna look at the thing i’m gonna
like that and like like what would that
look like to like oh honey oh look it’s
it’s just avalanches wow
it’s the
what is it really called now
the colorado avalanche no
no no you’re making this up hold on
i am not
i was really hoping you were gonna go
with the atlanta albatross or something
that would have made me so happy sure
that was an a
it is
i wish well i mean it would yeah today
but i was sure it was like an ae team
like like the atlanta or the alabama or
this is no way
i got four for four how do i get caught
is it avalanche or avalanches
okay so they’re very like uh
they’re doing the like singular
very pretentious okay what holy crap
that’s very pretentious
can you pluralize avalanche is there
that’s how they’d have done it back in
the day
the avalanches
but now it’s like we are the avalanche
there’s also a c in it you were right
there is the sea
so that i
my thought was if i was going to say
something stupid i wanted it to be so
overly constructed that that would make
it dumber and it turns out i just named
an actual team
which proves that the entire making of
this name was just as contrived
like they couldn’t come up or at least
let me rephrase that the making of the
logo was just as contrived as me
figuring out how to
call it because colorado avalanche is a
good name but then this logo sucks
all right okay so
that logo is also probably
30 years old
oh really this isn’t a new team
no i i don’t remember when they joined
but they’ve been around for a while
never heard of the colorado
okay well
now that i can win anything
we can uh this one’s not a game this
isn’t even a competition yeah this one’s
not even a game so this one is called
this or that and we’re gonna show each
of you something and we’re gonna say
which one do would you rather whatever
for each one it’s easier just to show it
to you and then we’re all gonna you know
pick up answer
the only wrong answer is the one that’s
different than mine
avalanche that’s what that’s the the
plural of avalanches avalanche
all right cool so here is the first this
or that
who is more believable jesse smullet
or jin pasaki
juicy smole or jen sake you see small
that famous french actor famous friend
juicy smelly jesus
who also with the hockey theme uh made
the mighty ducks famous
wait was he in the mighty ducks
he was he was the one of the kids in the
mighty ducks oh really in the first one
oh no that’s
oh yeah
jensaki was actually the duck
who is more
believable i’m gonna go with more blue
people are going with juicy in the
comments well no i guess there was one
i was gonna say
this is so when i came up with this this
was a really tough question for me
because i don’t i
to the best of our knowledge outside of
being an actor and lying consistently
throughout his entire career or whatever
you want to call that
we only know of one lie that juicy
someone’s someone who’s already
some references
acting but sure um
uh whereas jen saki lies and spins
things for a living
we know he wasn’t believable as an actor
there is that too otherwise he would get
more work
he’s busy getting beaten
being a gay black man in chicago at
three in the morning by another gay
black man
i don’t believe that i believe i i
hashtag believe all juices
i would go with jesse i would i would
trust jesse over jen saki
i would man
i would
i think it would depend on the question
oh that’s fair so if it’s like i think
it would depe
foreign policy or something
then you trust me
i would well
but if it
were you beaten by white supremacists in
chicago at two in the morning
i would bleed
jen i would believe jen cause i don’t
think she would say yes
i don’t i think jen would
jen wouldn’t she’d say we’re gonna get
back to we’ll circle back to that yeah
we’ll we’ll circle back to that we’ll
circle back to that this life isn’t over
that could happen
yeah i’m gonna go with jesse and and i
don’t know everyone people are all over
the place
uh someone called her peppa peppermint
patty which is not nice that’s
i didn’t pick that picture for no reason
how about that
where’s uh where’s her girlfriend
or i’m sorry her friend
her friend
what was her friend’s name
i’m i’m
hold on
pepper her friend’s name was um
yes and who called her sir
which is kind of i mean if you think
that was like sort of like
so uh next is so jughead jughead was
asexual like that’s very commonly known
in the archie comics which you know
that’s pretty
that’s pretty forward thinking for the
did he say no thanks
i don’t want he constantly he he
constantly fought off uh the
the advances of um
i don’t remember that girl’s name but uh
there was one girl that always wanted to
hook up with him and he constantly
fought it off and all he cared about
were hamburgers
well that makes sense
yeah i just assumed he was
had like an eating disorder
which i mean he has that too all right
so here’s the next one
uh this or that the cia or a wood
chipper which is better at covering
this is close
this is close
as we all recently found out
the cia
has had pedophiles in their ranks for
and they knew about it and uh they
didn’t do anything because they couldn’t
let them testify
i think we lost sarah because they were
afraid of what they would say on
the witness stand so they just let it go
but yet a wood chipper
100 of them covering your lawn
it covers your lawn
the cia covers up pedophiles
will cover you or your lawn or garden
with a pedophile
so i think
in terms of like the construction of
this sentence
i think
cia’s the right answer
yeah it was a really hard sentence to
try to word where it would be yeah on
either side
yeah if it was which one is better at
yeah one’s better at covering up header
files one’s better than covering with
pedophiles so it depends on what you
mean there but right the way i would
right exactly it would be yeah i would
go with cia and um yeah i’m sorry that
you don’t have a girlfriend anymore um
did she break up with me
she just put wow and i’ve not heard from
her since that’s
you feel pretty confident of that so
uh patricia marie says bring your own
wood chipper to the playground yes
not advised um so here’s the next one
this or that
joe biden or donald trump which has a
creepier relationship with his daughter
is a tough one
i don’t think this one’s that tough i
really don’t
one of them allegedly
showered with his daughter when she was
a child
the other we don’t know if that ever
yeah the other one has just been
30 years telling everyone how hot and
sexy she is and
that is true
i you know what
if biden’s daughter talked to him maybe
he would say the same thing
that’s true i so i
based on what we know has happened like
we’ve watched witnessed it i’d have to
go with trump
but i can see why
i don’t know because i mean joe biden
talks about
dunking black kids under the water so
they can touch his legs
like literally said that
and then call them roaches
and then call them roaches i learned
about cockroaches
the [ __ ] you know
and by
cockroaches i mean your children
your black children um i
i’m gonna go with trump i’m gonna go
with trump because i’ve like watched him
on howard stern talking about his
daughter’s breasts like it it’s
so i
i’m gonna go with trump but
so this is this is what this is what i’m
gonna say i will also go with trump
only because
i don’t think joe biden has a current
relationship with his daughter
okay that’s fair
that’s fair and i’ll go with trump
because we don’t necessarily know that
that thing happened
so we’re going with trump well she wrote
she journaled it that’s true yeah
i laughed for a good four minutes after
making that one
yeah no that’s a good one to
try to forget forever
okay this or that cocaine
i didn’t look at this one
which did a recent lp presidential
candidate say voters don’t care about
i figured i’d give you a softball
yeah no this one
do we have that video up hold on
we have video of this um
here we go we can find out together
oh one second folks i can
answer that for you directly
uh here we go
yeah here we go um
um in
2015-16 there was a town called there we
and gary johnson was asked about sex
i would say that’s not an issue that
i’ve heard the voters are interested in
let me tell you what my platform is and
so by the way look look here down at the
bottom just below where it says video by
muddy waters media that’s my face
reflecting off of the podium there i am
this is me
watching joe give this is moments after
she gave her 30 second long opening
speech announcing that she was running
for the uh the presidential nomination
and said i’m joe jorgensen and i’ve got
an eraser and i’d like to had who’d like
to take this eraser to big government
and everyone said yay and she said okay
any questions i was like wow okay
and this was one of the first questions
and i
i watched with glee
i watched with glee
that’s it’s it’s among the closest i got
to her during the campaign yes because
she didn’t know who i was yet that’s not
an issue that i’ve heard the voters are
interested in let me tell you what my
platform is and i would probably talk
about the
income tax or something because that’s
not something that concerns most voters
and i
i i
as libertarians we are all uh and i
really don’t want to um
you know
i i hope i’m not putting my foot in my
mouth but we’re all just a little beach
she was
oh by the way yeah i know she already
did by the way uh so rick hayes
mentioned social distancing this was
november of 2019 so no one was doing
that this was literally nobody was doing
it yeah no this was not
this was the innocence we the covid
wasn’t on the radar
yeah no it didn’t even it hadn’t even
been announced in china by the doctor
who they put in jail yet so no that was
right no i was actually pretty close to
her i was i mean considering this is her
giving a speech i was like sitting like
five six feet away from herself
for everything and we’ve got great
answers for everything and we just can’t
wait to share our answers for everything
i was on the campaign trail in 1996 for
the vp nomination and somebody asked me
a question about bureau of land
management and by golly i just wrote a
book the week before and i could tell
them all about the bureau of land
management the problem is the average
person out there doesn’t care and so as
libertarians i think we need to restrain
ourselves and to persuade people or find
the people who agree with what we do
agree with
oh i have a position that’s not part of
the it’s not part of the campaign to
outreach to bring new people into the
party so you wouldn’t answer the
question if you were on cnn
i would
the short answer is no
wow okay so now you’re afraid to ask me
now thankfully for all of us that never
actually happened um and we didn’t have
to worry about her being on a cnn town
hall but
uh that’s because it was longer than 15
but it was after 2 p.m
it met 50 of her requirements
he didn’t get the guy with the boot on
his head
that would have been embarrassing
i think that
this is not really a matter of uh
opinion uh
it is in fact true that just in fact
this is a matter of documented fact that
you just witnessed
that she said not only do voter it’s
actually worse than this she didn’t just
voters didn’t care about sex work she
said that if she was directly asked
about this on live national television
she would have said i don’t want to talk
about it
so we’re going to do the last this i
i don’t blame spike for the 1.8 percent
not even a little bit
i tried my best guys i tried my best
meanwhile what you’re seeing there is
the look of panic
about finding someone finding out about
the dungeon incident anyway so
the safe word is yes thank you okay so
then the south jersey libertarian says
and yet when she was in newcastle
delaware she was saying she would prefer
philip fort morris be making meth and a
guy in his basement blowing up the
neighborhood which by the way is not the
worst way to say oh i mean there’s
probably better ways to say that but
it wasn’t as though she wouldn’t talk
about controversial stuff but man did
not want to talk about that
the safe word is uh
what is it one job a million little
switzerland one giant switzerland one
not a million switzerlands that’s a
that’s what i want she wants one big one
one big switzerland one big switzerland
so here’s the last this or that
oh no
which one is or was a heater on the left
we have a picture of your first pitch
at the kentucky
y’alls game the florence yells here and
on the right florence y’all’s
florentials and on the right we have a
picture of a heater
okay so
there’s two different questions here
which one is a heater well the heater is
a heater which one was a heater and that
was my
probably 95 or 96 mile an hour fastball
right down the middle
you’re 96
you’re you’re
i don’t know what 96 kilometers is
but i don’t think your ball hit that
i’m gonna look that up because i bet i
hold on i bet it’s 60 miles an hour
71 miles an hour i bet
no it isn’t it’s 59.65 miles an hour i
bet i got more than that
you probably got more than that
you probably got you probably hit 60.
i am a 40 year old jew with ms okay and
i successfully
having just gotten off an airplane and
dealing with the jet lag of flying from
south carolina all the way to kentucky i
is that why you didn’t throw a fastball
that’s why it wasn’t
as fast as it could have been
i literally
did it the ball didn’t bounce you should
have seen the kid after me he bounced
that thing so stupid i almost laughed
but i
irrelevant irrelevant he had youth on
his side is what it was i’m battling
age and
an incurable first of all
neurodegenerative disorder
and here i am
out there like a spring chicken
just tossing heaters left and right
i pitched a shutout by the way no one
hit any of my pitches
that’s because it was a ball
it was not a ball
it was an outside
it was a note for inside depending on if
it was a righty or lefty
doc gooden roasted you real good
doc gooden is you know one day john
gooden is going to know who i am and
he’s going to feel terrible that he got
like 80
like what the 24 dollars to make that
i don’t know i didn’t pay for it all
right well folks that was some fun uh
games but we’re going to be doing
something now that we do actually every
week but we’re it’s going to be special
because this one is the five-year
anniversary of our show and we are doing
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i don’t i don’t know what to say to that
that’s a good point there’s i don’t know
what you were supposed to say all right
here’s our first
thank you for cued up i can’t i can’t
see it
so there are
three from stephen and one from jimmy
and then two from steven are the ones
from stephen and jimmy knew or those
from last week
hang on
the one from jimmy
or down i don’t know how it looks on
your screen yeah up up
the newest ones are up
yeah okay so
uh the first three from steven witt are
four days old and then everything else
is within the last few hours
okay but those are still ones that we’re
playing though
okay all right cool all right and i will
get started now because we got a bunch
of them uh here’s the first one from
hey what’s up guys
guy on left and spike cohen for the
chris reynolds attorney at law anchor
calling a moment this is steve witt your
friendly neighborhood libertarian i just
wanted to ask whether or not you guys
had heard about new york city opening up
illegal drug injection sites
where they will be offering
help to people with their addictions
i think it’s a step in the right
direction personally for people that are
in that situation to give them someplace
safe to do it and i think we need to
start treating the drug ward like
portugal treats it as a
mental health issue
so just wanted to hear you guys opinion
on that and whether or not you’ve heard
of it already so hope to talk to you
guys soon
yes so i it’s
i don’t want the government to be
running safe injection centers i want
them to allow you know charities and
mutual aid people to to do it now with
that said if
my tax dollars have to go towards
someone having a safe injection center
where they’re then given access to rehab
and other things if they want it
at a fraction of the cost of what it
would otherwise cost to put them in
prison for it not to mention the
opportunity cost of sticking them with a
criminal record so they can’t be
contributing members of society end up
going back to prison i’ll take the the
safe injection
option every every single day of the
week every time
you know
from what was going to come from new
york city that’s about as good as we
were going to get i think
that’s i mean that’s
yeah the from new york city that’s the
best we were going to get
but in order to go you have to be
i wonder if that’s true
prob all private businesses all public
businesses you need to be vaccinated now
i’m betting you do
no you can’t inject heroin in here
because you’re not vaccinated you’re not
i bet that’s true i bet it is
i hope it’s not but i bet it is all
right here’s the next one from steve
yep jay had him weg says left and spike
cohen for the chris reynolds attorney at
law anchor calling moment this is steve
uh adam said that it is true
with your friendly neighborhood
libertarian calling in again
uh this time i’m calling in about
flash mobs that are going around the
country and robbing
these big chain stores
i’d like to know the libertarian
perspective on it since
i know we want to try to privatize
police and give lesser sentences
to people
that commit crimes like that so i just
want to hear your opinion on it i have
my own opinion personally but i’m going
to keep that to myself so
thank you very much for answering that
i’ll i’ll let you know
all right so
yeah we do want to privatize police and
we do want to uh give people lesser
sentences sentencings on victimless
crimes but what that is is not a
victimless crime you have right gathered
50 to 100 of your closest friends or
people you met on craigslist
coordinated an attack on a business in
order to rob them of
hundreds of thousands to millions of
i think somebody hit a dispensary for
like two million dollars worth of
product the other day well not some a
group of people so no this is not
something that we think there should be
lesser sentencing on um
this is theft this is taking of somebody
else’s property um this we are not okay
with that this is private property that
you are breaking
smashing stealing
while making it where your customers
aren’t going the people’s customers
aren’t going to want to come back
so you are hurting them coming and going
i think a smash and grab is happening at
your place now um
so uh yeah when it comes yeah this is
it’s also not just like a shoplifting
this is
dozens sometimes of people coming in and
violently smashing up stuff knocking
people over grabbing things running out
i think at one of these smash and grabs
the security guard got shot um you know
like and killed people were getting hit
with crowbars
yeah yeah people getting hit with what
like this is sort of a mini riot that
targets one business and they go in and
loot the place up and yeah i know this
is kind of a prototypical
uh example of first of all it’s not it’s
obviously not a victimless crime but
it’s also not even a crime that i i can
think of many different theft situations
where i think like a um you know some
kind of restorative justice would be a
good way to to go about it um and and
i’m not convinced that you know there
isn’t anyone involved in these smash and
grabs that couldn’t do some kind of
diversion or something like that and
that would be helpful but i think you
know if you’ve already if you’re at the
step of getting involved in something
where it is likely that people are going
to be assaulted and physically hurt and
not to mention being robbed obviously
which is a crime in and of itself but
being assaulted and physically hurt
you’re creating a sense of danger in
that community and in that business um
you are putting people’s health and
safety and lives at risk um yeah i yeah
i you know i’m not i don’t support
minimum sentences or anything like that
but i i this is a crime that should be
treated as a crime and uh and it should
be prosecuted aggressively and it should
be investigated aggressively and
unfortunately i might not be it might be
very difficult to do that especially in
some of the areas where they’re doing it
because they’re looking at it and
they’re averaging out the number
like they’re like yeah like this much
money was stolen but it was this many
people doing the stealing and if they
steal less than a thousand dollars
if it’s less than a thousand dollars
it’s not worth prosecuting
so they’re going through and
knowing that they’re not going to get
charged which is wrong by the way like
okay so i was glad to hear that there
were certain municipalities that were
choosing to put a very low priority or
no priority on uh you know things like
possession small uh uh
small petty distribution charges for
drugs and things like that that’s good
because those are victimless crimes but
then they lumped in petty theft with
if someone steals your wallet at
knifepoint uh or i guess if there’s a
weapon involved they don’t consider it
petty theft anymore but if someone grabs
your wallet and knocks you over and runs
or they or they shoplift
but it’s less than a thousand dollars or
something like this and then they don’t
prosecute that just lets everyone know
you can just go and run around and smash
people’s stuff in and take their pride
like that’s no that’s terrible and at
the same time in those areas those are
also off in the areas where people
aren’t allowed to have their own weapons
and have strict limitations on how they
can defend themselves uh and their duty
to flee and all that nonsense so no i we
don’t support that at all
hey guy on left and spike cohen this is
steve witt calling in on the chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor colin
uh this is going to be my last one for
this particular week anyways i’m calling
see what your opinion is on daryl brooks
the gentleman that caused the wakesha
massacre up there in wisconsin
um as you guys already know the facts on
the case i just want to know what your
opinion is based off of the thousand
dollar bail that was set prior to him
being released and then him causing that
what do we do with people like that in
terms of restorative justice and how can
da’s and libertarian das in the future
correct that issue so we’d like to know
your opinion on that thank you
well if i recall um and i’m double
checking but i believe that they said at
the time
that uh
someone came out and said that it was a
mistake that he was even offered bail um
because of the nature of the charge that
they were holding him on um
do you know what the charge they were
holding him on was
i’m looking that up again uh he he hit
somebody with this car intentionally
yeah okay that’s what i thought it i
knew it was an
assault and i wanted to say it was a
vehicular assault my understand
my understanding hold on that someone
actually said i wasn’t sure if it was
manslaughter if it was vehicular
manslaughter or if it was vehicular
assault so that’s why i went with he hit
somebody with the car
yeah because i couldn’t remember if
somebody died the chief judge uh
explained the low bail
uh uh
oh no it was no they’re saying the
person the assistant d.a who did that
made a mistake meaning like she did
something stupid not they didn’t mean to
so here’s the thing
the point of uh libertarian and by the
way not all libertarians are against
cash bail a lot of them are i am one of
them i’m not even speaking on behalf of
matt um the reason i’m against cash bail
is because cash bail allows a poor
person to off to be held who can’t
afford whatever the bail is and that
we’ve heard many situations where
someone pled guilty because they were
being held on a cash bail they couldn’t
afford and they didn’t do it and they
didn’t have any evidence they did it and
the prosecutors would just keep doing
delays and delays until a few weeks went
by and you know the person who’s being
held is losing everything their family’s
falling apart they’ve lost their job and
everything else and they plead guilty
that’s the problem with cash bail is it
becomes an instrument for prosecutors to
basically be predators against poor
people and do whatever thing they can to
hold them until they finally take a plea
deal now
that doesn’t mean there should that any
person who gets uh arrested for
something should be let out on their own
recognizance i believe that if someone
has if we have a reason to think that
someone is a threat to uh to others um
uh either an individual or the public at
whole that they pose an actual immediate
threat of harm to others uh and
that that it shouldn’t be a matter of
whether they can afford it or not um you
know if daryl brooks was a billionaire
and they had set the the bail at a
million dollars and he bailed it and he
bailed himself out and then went and ran
over a bunch of people in in uh uh
waukesha that would still be wrong that
would be
an injustice as well um i believe that
given the nature of what he was charged
with it was very it was a good idea to
hold him at least briefly to make sure
you know before letting him go holding
him at least for a matter of of a couple
weeks before he can be evaluated or
something like that um if not just held
until trial um be
specifically because it’s a it’s
if there’s enough evidence to think that
it will make it to trial and not get
thrown out and there’s evidence to
believe that he’s a threat to others
then it’s an issue of cash bail
restorative justice is always puts the
restoration of the victim above
everything else and if if something
involves the a threat to the safety of
the victim that gets put above
everything else so you know even in a
restorative justice situation someone
who is an active threat to someone else
um and and poses a potential threat to
others is going to be treated as such
and that would have included holding him
and stephen yeah he did he had a huge
rap sheet there was a lot of um
there were a lot of red flags
on uh on on his priors he should not
have gotten this
this was
an activist d.a that made a massive
massive mistake
yep yep yeah this was a this was bad
and uh
i’m not sure why they did it but it was
it was bad and this you know and i’m
glad you’re asking these questions
because you know there are a lot of
there’s a lot of confusion over
restorative justice over uh you know uh
i know you didn’t think this was a
victimless crime but there were people
who were like well was that some
victimless crime but you know there’s
some confusion over it because it often
sounds like being soft quote-unquote on
dangerous people and it’s not it’s
criminals based on who they are as
individuals the motives that got them
there and the best way to restore the
victim and potentially to restore the uh
the offender as well so that they don’t
do it again that’s the purpose of it and
there are times where a restorative
justice solution is someone’s got to be
held for a while until they are
disabused of
you know
of the violence that they that they were
wanting to do to others um so yeah um
yeah john milrand in the in the comments
said you know i a person with no felony
record got caught with a tiny bit of
cannabis uh bail is eighty thousand
dollars and the guy in the bunk next to
me has three attempted murder charges
has 20-something felony convictions bail
is five thousand dollars um uh really
this really happened and the guy got out
after a few days and was back in on
armed robbery charges a month later and
i was still sitting there waiting for my
court date this is the problem is that
things are being done so arbitrarily and
so punitively to certain people and
non-punitively to others it’s just it’s
a bad system when it’s based on these
weird like numbers that they put out oh
you could you should pay this and
honestly the reason they probably got
john there on 80 000 bucks is they
figured that he could afford an 8 000
cash bail um and you know so they’re
they’re uh you know trying to milk him
for money but this guy they don’t want
to hold on to so they just let him go
the drug ones they tend to be tougher on
than the violent crime ones because the
drug ones they assume there’s more money
so here’s the
oh st steve in the comments says how do
we fix it we fix it by there’s got to be
a lot of minimums and a lot of
requirements removed so that judges uh
and and uh judges can determine uh and
again this system is not going to be
perfect but judges can determine is this
person a threat there is no money to be
made one way or another there’s no i can
set their bail at 10 million dollars or
i can set it at a thousand there’s no
money to be made are they a threat and
need to be held or are they not a threat
and don’t need to be held or are we not
sure if they’re a threat so we need to
hold them long enough just to determine
whether or not they are a threat and yes
there needs to be a fact that they are
presumed innocent but if there’s a
preponderance of the evidence enough to
to say it’s like it’s possible that this
person did it and we need to protect the
public by and and their potential victim
uh by making sure that they don’t uh you
know do this again or do it to someone
else you know that’s going to take
precedent there um and again no system
is going to be perfect
all right here’s the next one from jimmy
hey guys jimmy and connie here calling
in on the chris reynolds anchor calling
moment go ahead hit it connie
anniversary davis
thank you guys thank you yeah we’ll see
thank you we get demonetized very much
if we yeah we do we love you both and we
we appreciate your you’re being a part
of the money the the money family if
this does get us demonetized we will
just mute that part
i think we’ll be okay because that was a
pretty low
we might be all right i think we’ll be i
i think we’ll be all right of course i’m
the one that always gets us
hit so i i don’t know why anyone’s
listening to me all right here are two
more from stephen
real quick real quick before you do the
uh stephen thing
we got hit with a copyright
from episode 90
this week
that had to be like three years ago
i didn’t even i was like i’m not even
fighting that because nobody’s watching
that anymore
yeah they can do whatever they want like
yeah episode 90.
it was like two or three years ago yeah
no we’re good don’t worry about it um
all right here are two from steve and
i’m just gonna play them both back to
hello guy on left and spike cohen this
is steve witt for the chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor calling moment
and this one is a special one why
i just want to say
thank you
for the five years that muddy waters
media has been
on the internet spreading the message of
from the great states of
and south carolina
and even though i’ve only been listening
to you guys for about
a year or so now i just want to say
thank you for
opening up the wide world of internet
libertarian podcasting to me
and i hope to be a member here for many
more years and to continue listening to
you guys and even when spike is
president you guys still put out a
weekly podcast thank you guys very much
thank you steve that means a lot uh
here’s the next one yes it does
hello guy on left and spike cohen this
is steve witt calling in for the chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor calling
a moment with your daily news update um
just wanted to know whether or not you
guys had heard about
russia trying to move in on ukraine now
and apparently there’s like a hundred
thousand troops or something that are
about to descend on that country and
great president
biden had a zoom conference today with
and hopefully tomorrow we can find out
how that went which is probably going to
be a joke
and then the other thing outgoing mayor
de blasio went ahead and is now saying
that all private businesses within new
york city must require vaccinations for
all of their employees regardless as
well as
five to 11 year olds must be vaccinated
to go out and eat so want to hear your
opinion thank you guys
so uh bill de blasio’s garbage that one
is is easy
my take on this ukraine thing is it
feels like
ukraine feels a lot like kuwait
not exactly the same because in the
situation with kuwait you had the state
you had parts of the state department
signaling that it was okay for uh
hussein to to call in his um
call in his debts by by taking over
kuwaiti oil fields
and then you had other parts of the
state department and department of
defense saying don’t you dare do that
and then not giving him an out to get
out so it’s not exactly the same whereas
putin’s just kind of deciding what he
wants to do
the one thing i will tell you is that
the situation between the ukraine and
russia is not nearly as clear-cut as
we’re being told
there are legitimate property disputes
and boundary disputes there
there is also the fact that
this is a perfect example of an
entangling alliance that we should not
be involved in
um and also and a perfect example of why
because right now because of a perceived
weakness within the russian government
the ukrainian government
very strong anti-communists in uh
the ukraine
a group called the azov or azov
battalion is uh they’re a few thousand
strong and they’re basically taking over
the leadership of the ukrainian military
now the azov or azo how are you i’ll say
azov the azov battalion
are nazis
and i don’t say nazis like oh you know
the way we use nazi here like they are
legitimate straight-up neo-nazis
and uh in fact the canadian military
recently uh got caught working directly
with the azov battalion and claiming
they didn’t realize they were nazis when
they literally have nazi um
regalia or nazi uh insignias on their on
their like helmets and stuff like that
so we’re facing a situation
where joe biden got us out of the
20-year campaign to arm the taliban isis
and al qaeda to now get us into a
campaign to start a hot war with russia
fight a lot send our loved ones to fight
and die
alongside and on behalf of
so i just don’t want us there
this feels like that thing where
joe biden
if joe biden whatever joe biden does
republicans are going to say he’s weak
we need someone like trump to go in
there and talk tough even though trump
uh was very much a believer in in not
getting involved with russia but
this feels like a setup
this feels like a yeah
go ahead man
yes to everything you said the only the
only thing
is i feel like uh the atlantic was it
the atlantic i think it was the atlantic
uh the atlantic did an article
either this week or last week
uh or the past week or the week before
where they were talking about how
uh putin and
xi and
kim jong-un
and two other people whose names i can’t
remember off the top of my head are all
rising in power
right now uh yes and they’re like we
don’t understand what’s causing this
reading it you know
that they’re refusing to look at the
obvious um and it’s because
as unpredictable as trump was
and the fact that he basically said i
think that we should be isolated like
we should be isolationist we should pull
you know we should pull our troops he
didn’t do it he may have pared down a
little bit but he didn’t like
he didn’t increase the amount of war we
were in
i think that they were afraid of what
would happen if they did anything
because of how unpredictable he was
right not saying that that was a good
good way to be
but with biden they think they know
exactly what’s going to happen and
either he’s going to give a weak
response to whatever it is that they do
or they know he’s going to do something
absolutely insane like side with nazis
yeah so supposedly which means the
entire left will side with nazis and
that’s just
oh the progressive left if you say right
now we should not be siding with nazis
they’ll go oh that sounds exactly like a
donald trump supporting russian i got
the russian money how what did you buy
today with your russian money you
russian robot like they’re
the the average center-left progressive
cnn watcher is worthless and is uh is
just literally just one giant colony of
npcs that you know will just straight up
contradict themselves in their same
sentence it would take a nazi russian
lover like you to have a problem with us
arming the brave nazis in the ukraine i
don’t i don’t care what they say um
now my understanding is that the uh
working with the azo battalion actually
started with obama continued with
but is being expanded under the bide
administration because remember biden
brought back the whole bush clinton
obama crew when in foreign policy when
he stacked his foreign policy deck
and i’m going to be putting something
out in the next couple of days about
about the biden administration the
people in the embodiment administration
that desperately want a ground war with
russia because of a weird that first of
all they’ve convinced themselves that
they will win that
and then they also have convinced
themselves that this is what shows that
you know joe biden is you know this is
going to be the biden doctrine and it’s
like they’ve just filled they’ve gassed
themselves up with a bunch of garbage
and the reality is you know that’s what
we need right now in the midst of of you
know coming to terms with a disease that
is not a pandemic that’s not going away
and all the division that’s coming from
things like lockdowns and mandates and
vaccine mandates and all this stuff and
hype and the growing inflation that
we’re experiencing what we need right
now is to start a ground war
in europe with russia
that should a fighting with nazis that
should help
um john bartosak said biden also has
close ties with ukraine and we know that
hunter does
yeah no there’s that as well that’s all
a big conspiracy
that’s all what was that that was all
russian fake news even though it’s
thoroughly documented um
blackmailed them
the way that the
coverage the every time i watch these
news art these news pieces that they’re
doing i’m like this has cia written all
over it they are literally just one
critically pushing cia propaganda in the
same way that local news just routinely
pushes police propaganda without vetting
it at all like the most recent story
where a police officer ended up almost
dying of fentanyl overdose and claimed
that he got it from being near a kid’s
vape pen that he took out of a uh
that being in within eye contact that it
was actually in the air and got into his
eyes and that he he almost died of
fentanyl even though
the kid
who used it
was fine
and they didn’t actually find any
fentanyl in the vape pen
and no one else who processed or touched
and apparently this isn’t the first time
that a police officer has ended up in
the hospital with a fentanyl overdose
because they take heroin
and then blamed it on a kid’s vape pen
and then there was no
fentanyl or heroin or anything in the
vape pen and the media
uncritically publishes it as something
that happened and then has to retract it
or issue a correction saying well uh
they ended up finding out that none of
that was true oh really
great investigative work there
so that’s basically what the national
media corporate media does for the cia
um so here’s from jacob lebel
the original
midwest guy
matt and spike hey it’s labelle
um just wanted to take a quick
opportunity to congratulate you guys on
your five year anniversary
along with the rest of the muddied staff
thank you guys very much you know you
guys have
given me something to look forward to
for the last three or four years
every tuesday
um and i’ve really appreciated it
thanks guys it’s uh it’s been great to
get to know you guys and
have a little bit of a friendship and uh
just uh something to take up the boredom
of the day
thank you
jacob we love you i’m always happy to
see you when you come up to minnesota
have you have you take a room in person
no not in person
oh wow
really funny story jacob um as as you
know already
my stepson
is also named jacob
and i will regularly
text spike
hey can you do this for jacob
or tell jacob this or yeah yeah or tell
jacob or whatever
and every time he thinks i’m talking
about you
last sunday
i i text spike and i said hey
do you have time to call and tell jacob
the moth joke
come moth joke
he was called me and he goes
why do you want me to tell jacob labelle
the moth joke
i mean i’m happy too
i don’t mind telling jacob the mods joke
the birthday one was the funniest
that that was funny that was funny oh
yeah can you please call and wish jacob
a happy birthday so then i think i’d so
that i i contacted jacob labelle and
said happy birthday
you sent me a video for jacob labelle oh
you asked me to make a video that i sent
to jacob
i love you man and i hope dada’s doing
well and i said this whole thing and
then you’re like
what the hell is this like this is for a
child i’m like oh yeah
oh trust me you don’t want the moth joke
oh no you don’t want them to
we put the kibosh on the moth joke
i kind of told part of the moth joke
earlier but anyway yeah um i thought you
were going to go all the way with it
oh by the way speaking of moth joke uh
we have a update here with the uh the uh
we are currently still at seventy
dollars high bid by uh trish t
something liberty team patricia maria
patricia marie’s on facebook now so
oh okay and she was on twitch and she uh
um oh they man they want the macho um
so we’re currently at seventy dollars
but if we get this over a hundred
dollars then i’ll tell the moth joke
so this is the libertarian uh dad can we
make that 200 is it
what’s that
can we make that 200. sure 200. uh so
what we have so this is the libertarian
dad bot joke
the the libertarian dad bod calendar
and what it is
this was made
by the south carolina libertarian party
in 2019 and they first reached out to me
in early 2019 to ask me to be in this
because i was spike cohen that funny guy
on muddy waters media
that’s how they knew me
and so
it came out in september of 2019 and
then three months later i announced i
was running for the vp nomination and
then four months later five months later
i got the vp nomination and now this is
even funnier but this was originally
they made a a a
what they thought was a ridiculously
large run of these to raise a few bucks
for the the libertarian party of south
carolina they were selling them for 20
bucks each and uh and uh or 19 bucks
each or something like that and they uh
and they um you know raise money for the
state party well during the campaign at
one point i was signing these things and
selling them for a hundred bucks a piece
and uh um and then we would we would
work out we’d auction them off for like
other people that are in this in fact i
can show you a couple of them a couple
of the other people that were in this
guy named uh cody edson
who’s a local guy joshua smith uh who is
uh he was running for chair he’s a he’s
an at-large rep
me spike cohen is in it um who else uh
johnny adams hosted the blast off with
johnny rocket show
tyler smith who’s now in arizona he’s
with outright libertarians uh chuck
um he’s uh he’s in louisiana
um what else oh alex merced who was the
vice chair at the time of the party when
this came out he was actually like one
of the biggest names in this at the time
because he was the vice chair uh brandon
wickers who’s uh chrissy wicker’s uh
husband and he’s uh
a central committee member of the
libertarian party of ohio um
actually vermin supreme was the biggest
name in this vermin supreme who went the
full monty uh for this
and uh
god i forgot a cia agent
cia agent and uh who loves my wife by
the way he they get along very well um
and uh and uh uh
tom arnold as santa claus as topless
santa i just realized he’s topless as
topless santa claus um and
uh i don’t want you to forget about it
two hundred dollars
what’s that
yeah yeah 200 bucks
someone said 200 bucks you get
tony tony uh mackin says uh to 100 for
the moth joke so i’ll let you decide but
uh anyway so that’s so we ended up
we sold all of them
and i didn’t even realize i had any left
i was uh going through all this stuff
that’s been piling up over here and and
to kind of like sort it and get rid of
stuff i didn’t want found out i still
have a few of these but we raised i
think like we figured out we raised like
30 000
for state affiliates local affiliates
candidates the campaign like we it
way bigger deal um
uh way bigger deal than it was and the
goal now is if you get one of these bad
boys you can go around and try to get as
many of the people to sign them um as
you as you can but i will start it off
by signing mine
but uh matt is saying that we have to
get up to 200 for me to tell the mat the
moth joke so
so my hands are tied here
breaking my balls man
so all right um
where are we at now
uh we just did jacob next next one is oh
yeah jacob we love you thank you so much
um yeah
and uh rob palkovich here’s the next one
hey guys this is rob palkovich up on the
iron range just calling to tell you
five year anniversary and um
just wanted to talk to you a little
about about the couple articles i’ve
been reading stuff about our relations
currently breaking down with russia and
blah blah blah blah you know what i mean
you know we’re always at the constant
threat of war and whatnot but i was just
one wondering if you guys had any more
insight and whatnot
what’s going on with that whole
uh thank you and happy five year
thank you thank you for that yeah thank
you uh rob um
yeah i mean
we’re at a constant state of war and
threat of war for the same reason we’re
in a constant state of crisis if they
can keep you scared then it’s easier to
control you pretty much
uh we got two more from two it says part
one and two and part two two so it’s two
of a magpie libertarian so here’s the
first one okay
hello this is magpie libertarian coming
from alaska to
do this chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor call in moment
to wish you
a happy birthday anniversary
i thought i’d ask you a bunch of
personal questions and figuring you just
plead the fifth i didn’t bother so i
looked up some ideas of references to
the fifth
uh you could fit in with the fifth
monarchy men from the 17th century
england because they were non-conformist
dissenting group of people
um but you weren’t exactly puritans so
you’re definitely not the french fifth
republic because that’s the current
republic there’s no way you even come
close to that
where am i to go and i looked in physics
and said you know what there’s a fifth
force they think out there besides
so that physics force that we’re talking
they can’t explain some of these
anomalous haplings out there uh besides
gravity and nuclear force and
an electromagnetic force there’s
something else out there and maybe you
are that fifth force
that just would allow them to explain
all the things they can’t explain in the
world and then the universe
but i really think
the answer is
you are an early arrival of the fifth
that’s what it is
happy fifth anniversary
and looking forward to the next five
well thank you magpie thank you
and we are looking forward to talking to
you on thursday at the muddy zoom
oh that’s right because she’s a
subscriber yeah yeah yeah and you too
can become a subscriber and you two can
join the muddy zoom this coming thursday
and every
second or third
second second
second uh thursday of most months
because there are some months we had to
make it the third because of my travel
schedule but most months second thursday
uh uh
for the muddy zoom where we hang out on
zoom together
and you can do that by joining anchor
joining the muddied mud skipping militia
by going to anchor dot fm slash muddy
water subscribe becoming a member today
the fifth element well we do have a pass
or bus card or what
it’s called i am a meat popsicle
uh i am a meat popsicle um
right here
here is the next one there’s two more
left here’s one from nullic this one’s
two elastic hey guys it’s the eskimo
libertarian here calling on this anchor
collin moment and i just want to say
like congrats guys on five years um
happy anniversary
and i am wondering what is your favorite
muddied waters moment
you’re skipping ahead
don’t jump ahead in the notes not like
yeah nullic we so think first of all
thank you and we love you thank you for
joining the muddy team but we’re about
to tell you uh after this we’re going to
tell you our five top
muddied moments um so uh uh so we’re
about to answer that in a major way here
is one from superman sarah anderegg
whose spell check i think fixed super
fan for her
or she’s superman but here we go
hi you guys it is superfan sarah andereg
i just wanted to say how proud i am of
you guys for getting to five years that
is such a long time and you guys have
made such an impact
and affect so many people’s lives and
inspire them daily so you guys matt
spike jason everybody on the muddy
waters team you guys are fantastic but
especially you matt when you came into
my life i remember watching your show to
support and
followers and live viewers were in the
single digits and you have grown so much
and come so far
and you inspire so many people
and me every single day i could not be
more proud of you you have strived and
continued to push through
even whenever you didn’t feel like doing
it you never gave up and that speaks
volumes and is a small part of why i
love you so much please never give up
love you baby proud of all of you guys
thank you superman
thank you
superfan sarah andereg i love you very
much and i definitely appreciate
the amount of support
and uh uh just
never-ending outpouring of love that i
get from you on a daily basis and during
that i was thinking about it she and i
have been together for forty percent of
muddied waters
time flies slightly over four huh
yeah it really does we’ve been together
for just just over 40 percent
of muddied waters
i know it’s wild right
yeah no i’ve i keep thinking like that’s
a relatively new thing but no yeah no
it’s been a couple years now wow
we are going to silver two
no it has so i i would like to say
before we go any further before we get
into the top five moments i want to take
a moment to honor uh the original
co-owner of muddy waters media um who
decided to uh to to to leave and start
step away
yeah he decided to step away and and uh
he’s still a friend of both of ours uh
in fact i got to see him a couple months
ago when i was down there in uh in um
in um broward um
or not broward um
yeah manatee but what’s the town i was
oh uh bradenton
bradenton yeah i was in bradenton and i
got to see him um but he started muddy
waters media with uh and muddy waters of
freedom with matt back in 2016 when they
started this a man by the name of
muhammad shaker and uh we uh he is a
dear friend of ours we both love him
very much uh i’m very happy that matt
and mo started this together and uh i
was so honored when uh when they reached
out to me in 2018 to ask me to start a
show um my fellow americans which will
be on tomorrow and then uh and then a
couple a couple months later they asked
if i could step in for
um for mo
at that time they thought temporarily
and then once i was in they decided to
to make it a permanent thing and then
matt and i became co-owners but uh matt
mo we love you very much thank you so
much for for
being a part of this thank you so much
for uh you know being our friend and for
uh having part of the idea to get
started with this in the first place and
we love you and you know this is uh
we can’t thank you enough
if you if you buy this shirt
the original logo shirt that i am
you’ll notice that it says
and mwm and the ms isn’t for spike’s
incurable degenerative disease
it’s for muhammad shaker well it says
but it is not well now that’s what the
ms is for but
but that’s who that’s the ms on the
original logo is muhammad shaker
but no matter what um
i would not like i i would not be
exaggerating even slightly if i were to
say without muhammad
muddied waters would not exist
because i had zero interest in doing
that’s what i was trying to kindly say
before that it was mo that pushed this
along it was like we should do this and
matt’s like
okay and now look now it’s a whole thing
we have sponsors and everything it’s
incredible so 200
yeah patricia marie yes for 200
you will get the dad bod calendar
you will get everybody will get to hear
the moth joke and i will literally give
you the shirt off of my back
yes so the shirt
the dad bod calendar
and i will tell you the moth joke for
200 bucks
yep i’ll even i’ll autograph it right
here on the air whilst wearing it
gonna be a weird
so the uh
while uh patricia
does some financial planning to figure
out if she’s gonna do that uh we’re
gonna now do the top five moments and i
just realized is this are we doing five
four three two one
i just put them in there
pick whatever one you want and we can
just talk about them i gotta look at
them real quick to decide what i wanna
because i was just going i i think i
went back chronologically
and made the graphics
what’s that
i just went back chronologically so i
think it’s like the most recent one was
one and then two and then three four
five okay
i think okay yeah okay all right we’ll
do it we’ll do it one two three four
five um so
here is the top
uh five moments uh number five
uh episode 165 the veepening which
happened last night in october
yes that was a debate the beta mageddon
ii the viping yes the veepening um
this was the highest rated episode we
have ever done
more people have watched that than any
episode ever
yeah over over a quarter of a million
just on facebook watched it i think
combined with everything we had close to
half a million people that watched uh
that episode of the veepening um and
many more who listened to it on podcasts
yeah it’s well over 500 000 once you
factor in the podcast um listens um and
that was just i remember at the time it
was just nuts and the donations that
were coming in and everything’s
incredible um
and it was a good debate and we we got
to meet uh matt uh or mike pence’s fly
so yes that was with the fly janus um
and so all right so here’s number four
uh is uh
episode 167 which i guess yeah it was
just there was this episode right after
that amy comey barrett hashtag amy comey
barrett which is the first episode that
matt and i did in person in orlando
yeah uh that was
that was the first time we met in person
oh no it wasn’t we met in south carolina
yeah we met in south carolina
right you picked me up from the airport
and we ran
we ran toward each other in slow motion
confusing the hell out of everybody in
the airport
um well yeah because we were everyone
else was still in normal motion yeah
yeah so we uh did a show together in
orlando florida you had an event
you called me up on stage and
you said is there anything you want to
say and i said one letter
and then you pulled the mic away
and yes
because because we had never done a show
together we didn’t have uh an overlay so
we just used our old overlay and there
were scenes where we’d just be stare
yeah we’d be looking at each other
across the the overlay bar
yeah that was one of that was one of the
most fun episodes we’ve ever had we also
did a live audience on that one yeah we
had a so we had a live audience of the
the uh of uh jim turney the guy who let
us use the studio uh and also he’s an
elected official libertarian elected
official in ottoman springs florida uh
and um uh le quinn my friend and body
man uh sarah anderegg your your
girlfriend and superfan um
some other people that were there as
well that someone i think
dan smarts dan spots was there he was
the videographer for the campaign um
dan was there
dan klein dan klein uh who
he owns a siesta cover
yep yep yep yeah we had a few people
and it was one of the most fun episodes
we’ve ever had yeah we just wouldn’t use
the same overlay that we’re using right
now but we just sat
in between so that you know
it looked like we were separated but we
weren’t so occasionally we would like do
this and like put our hands together
but uh yeah we did that here we realized
our hands are freakishly the exact same
yeah that was weird
they’re like literally yeah it’s
like there’s no variation that was weird
so all right so that’s that was bizarre
that was weird so then the third one
these hands are yes
and embarrassed uh sarah quite a bit
with the hand holding especially uh the
third one was uh episode 146 the good
the bad and the ugly uh this was the
episode where i got to announce uh to
everyone and you could see how tired i
was from having gone through that
process to announce to everyone that i
had just gotten the nomination for
uh vice president there i am holding the
chris reynolds uh
i need to find that where is that
i have no idea it’s i mean it’s
somewhere here i know it’s somewhere
here i wouldn’t have thrown that away
but uh
where we we publicly let everyone know
that we uh that that i had gotten the
the nomination for vp
i don’t i i’m gonna be honest matt i
don’t even remember this episode i was
i overwhelmed
during that time
i don’t either i so i watched a little
bit of it today when i was making these
and um
we had audio issues which you know
that’s par for the course
yes and uh right yeah we had audio
issues and then i got to this scene and
it had you me and chris’s face in it and
i said all right that’s that’s good um
but yeah the full title of that is the
good the bad and the ugly not
necessarily in that order and uh
i remember it being a very fun episode
but it was it was also the episode
where roles really started to switch
and uh instead of you being the
outlandish one
you had to suddenly watch what you were
and i didn’t
so instead of me playing the straight
you were playing the straight man and i
was the crazy one that would just say
whatever came into uh came into his
especially about joe um so yeah
i didn’t sign in india
no you didn’t well i didn’t either but i
mean it was just like i mean i did agree
to run with this person um so here is
the uh number two
oh number two here claire
claire underwood wants to know what size
shoe you wear
why why this is i wear between uh uh it
depends on the brand but anywhere
between like a nine and a half and a ten
and a half
yeah clear our feet are about the same
yeah our feet are the same size too
clear we’re basically like the same
exact side
yeah we are exactly the same size
yeah it’s it’s
so the the second one
i’m just gonna play it
it answers itself
the second the second
best moment of
buddy waters ever
nipples women’s nipples women’s nipples
nipples nipples
this is where asmr started
nipple sounds various nipple sounds
nipples nipples yeah so they’re actually
asmr didn’t exist before this people
think it was bob ross it was actually
that started asmr two are nipples
of our nipples of our nipples nipples
nipples bowls nipples nipple tipples
nipples show our nip nipples nipples
female nipple the female nipple the
female nipple your nipples with the male
nipples male nipples your nipples nipple
of a male nipple all the males nipples
nipples female nipples female nipples
male nipples nipples animus nipples
nipple two nipples both nipples nipples
nipples nipples nipples very pink
nipples those are matt wright’s nipples
those are matt wright’s nipples
what was that episode even called
i don’t know
i have no idea what that was called um i
do i know what that story was in
reference to yes yeah i do too yeah it
was i remember what the story was
the people were they went out and they
were holding celebrities nipples like
oversized celebrities nipples
because nipples were getting people
banned and then we were saying that uh
some artist had figured out a workaround
where he had photoshopped male nipples
over female nipples and he was like no
no those are male numbers
you can see that it’s and that that was
his workaround
um so there would be so we started
talking about women but they’d be
wearing pasties
but the pictures are of nipples but
they’re men’s nipples like this isn’t my
nephew this is bread it’s nipple and
it’s okay
right it was like a famous
uh nipple um i don’t know if uh yeah uh
uh so okay i i was looking to see if
patricia had decided on the on the thing
but she hasn’t yet um and then the
number one
probably and as soon as matt brought
this up i thought you know what this
probably is the greatest moment because
it was it was this is the greatest
moment this is the greatest moment in
muddy waters history and this was
episode 90 the state of the union
special and i’m going to let you explain
what what happened here
oh episode 90 that’s the one that was
the greatest moment
in muddied waters history
we did a state of the union special um
and this was the first time we attempted
um there have been
five times that i remember being nervous
doing this show doing this program
um and that’s anything on muddied waters
no matter which
show no matter you know what day
anything like that there’d been five
times i was nervous and that was episode
i was very nervous
episode one uh the episode where
the episode before the vpn so debata
mageddon which was yeah
uh which was the dumpster fire that uh
was the first presidential debate and
the reason i was nervous during that one
uh is because that was the first time
that i was streaming a show
that was had over 1500 people watching
it on facebook alone
yep and i could feel it all up in like
every aspect of my guts
and i
was very worried i was gonna vomit
during that show
um and then there were a couple others
throughout when i had like guests that i
was excited about first time i had
andrew heaton on i was nervous because i
really liked that guy
um and uh
the first well the only time when i had
nick vesser on nicholas vesser uh i was
nervous because
because i look up to him a lot and i
respect him and i did not want to do a
bad show that day
so those were the four times i was
this episode
we decided we were going to do it we’d
never tried anything like it spike was
like yeah i think we can do it we’re
streaming it out
uh to everywhere i think this is our
first episode on float as well
yes and this was our first episode on on
float and we were uh we were testing the
ability to and we do this now a lot it’s
funny but we were testing the ability to
stream a uh uh something from youtube uh
that would which was the live state of
the union and live react to it as we
were going and we
there’s no real way to practice for that
you just do it and so we were actually
and it was working it was actually
and at one point this is actually
this photo
is taken
shortly after this moment happened um
you can see if you if you go back and
you watch episode 90 you can see that
right before this photo spike reaches
down and he picks up his phone and he
you see me look down at my phone or at
my computer screen or my ipad i don’t
and uh
i see what he had he because he had
texted me and he said
we have 42 people or 40 people watching
us right now
and at this point that was the most
viewers we had ever had at one time
and not even close we’d never had
anywhere near that before
not even close and i
was so nervous that like my hands are up
like this which you’ll see me do it a
but the reason they were in this episode
was because
they were shaking because i did not want
to make a mistake in front of that many
it’s true that’s why i was doing it
there i remember that because i was like
oh my god like we have that many people
watching this right now
and and to put that in persp you know go
when we did uh the veepening 2 which i
think we had uh
like 2 000 people watching us at some
point 2 500 people watching us at some
point um it was it was insane uh
i did not i was nervous but i did not
feel as nervous as i did at that 42. not
even at 42. was a mountain i never
thought we were going to hit
it was a moment that made me realize
that yes we are
we are good
and we can build this audience and we
can make this into something special and
we can continue to spread the message of
liberty to
so many people and it was all hitting me
so fast on a night that i got to do more
trump impressions than i did any other
and what was crazy was so to put in
perspective i’m texting him saying we’ve
got 42 total people watching us now to
put that in perspective right now we
have about on all different social media
platforms we’ve got around 80 people
watching us right now
which is about our average for a tuesday
night show that uh you know give or take
it can be uh it’s been this year it’s
been anywhere i think in the high end
close to 200 and on the low end close to
50 or 60. um uh
so this is about you know about that
that that level and
it’s roughly double
what had us
freaking out
uh you know on a special that we’ve been
promoting for like a week and
yeah it was in that moment that we were
saying because up until this it was a
fun thing that we did and a few friends
watched it and it didn’t really have an
audience per se
and it was just
mostly us having fun with our with our
friends and maybe one or two random
people that would come along
and i remember thinking it was in that
moment that we both said like we’re
doing a thing and we still say that to
this day different things so we’ll hit
different benchmarks and be like we’re
still doing a thing but it was like wow
this is an actual this isn’t like muddy
waters media like it’s actually a thing
that we’re doing and it’s actually being
impactful and that was that was awesome
um and that yeah probably the greatest
moment right there
that was that was
it in my mind
that was the greatest moment and getting
that text message
live while while we’re doing this uh was
the greatest moment because
we had reached a level i didn’t think we
would hit like i never thought we would
hit it and then we did
and then like we hit it and then
since then it has just been growth and
growth and growth and growth
it had like
over five years you’re gonna have ups
you’re gonna have downs uh
you’re gonna have ups you’re gonna have
downs and there have been times that
both of us were like should we even
is this something that you still want to
south carolina actually uh
saved that
in in a major way yeah yeah in a major
way yeah south carolina say us doing the
south carolina well us not doing the
south carolina convention
ended up saving muddied waters uh and
because of that jason lyon will always
have a special for that and many other
reasons jason lyon will always have a
special place in our hearts and will
always have a place here at muddied
absolutely yep
yeah and
as people have learned about muddied
waters as they’ve learned about spike
and as they’ve learned about me and as
they’ve started coming and watching and
being a part of something that
started off just
two idiots
sitting in an office
talking to a computer
with no mic
with no mic no camera just two morons
talking to this computer that i still
use today
not for in two more weeks i’m getting a
new one though um
but we
it started out it’s just so small and so
humble and what i said then
i meant i said if this is something that
we are going to do
we need to treat it like a job we need
to treat it like
a career we need to make sure that this
is something that we want to do for a
long period of time
and we want to make money at it and we
want to
spread the word of liberty doing this
and exactly
break even most months which is good
we break even most months
and that’s awesome like
for the amount of work that we put into
this both of us spike
arguably well no i’m not gonna say that
spike does a lot of work
spreading liberty uh but you do the
muddied waters work yeah yeah right
um but the amount of work that both of
us put in to
spreading liberty and making muddy
waters what it is
is completely worth it
no matter how much money we’re making
and as long as the message is getting
out there and as long as people uh
continue to see that you know we are
doing this because it is our passion
this is what we believe in we we aren’t
doing this we aren’t doing this to get
to the next
level i i don’t ever want to run for
i really really like
i really like this
if we can make this grow and if we can
find other people who really like this
and bring them into the fold and end up
making something greater something
bigger something more wonderful
that will spread liberty to
so many more people across the globe
i will be ecstatic because that is what
i want i i was on um fight for liberty
the other night last wednesday
with david fight
he said what is your long-term goal and
i said my pie in the sky goal is i want
a muddied waters app
that will have the archives of
everything and 24 hours a day or at
least from uh 8 am eastern to 10 p.m
live programming that is going on that
is what i want that is the goal that we
have here at muddy waters
this is what we want we want you to be
able to just open your phone and watch
programming from muddy waters
14 hours a day
live at least
and then have the archives of everything
behind it so you can watch 24 hours a
day no matter where you are
you can have it right there on your
yep absolutely and to put that in
perspective when we did this we had two
was this i i thought this was when you
would put a hiatus on the writer’s block
no the writer’s block was still
oh okay all right so now we have yeah
because you hadn’t been nominated you
hadn’t been nominated yet we were still
doing oh that’s right okay okay yeah so
we had three shows now we have six
including the muddy zoom and we’re still
growing we have other things that are in
the works that that are being worked on
right now so we’re well on our way to
you know having multiple multiple shows
on on multiple days so um a quick update
on the bidding sheila foster is now the
high bidder with a hundred dollars um
but if someone bids 200 or more not only
do they get this
but they also get matt’s shirt off his
back and i will close this episode by
telling the moth joke
which will give me a chance to pee which
would be great which will give everyone
a chance to use the bathroom because
it’s quite a joke
um a hundred and one dollar we’re not
doing this
no no it’s gotta be it’s gotta be five
dollar increments or more yeah five
dollar increments or more or up to two
hundred bucks or more we can do more
than two hundred um and uh you get the
moth joking in the in the shirt so um
right now we’re at
and the calendar
and in the count yeah you get the
calendar and the shirt and the moth joke
for 200 or right now sheila’s at
and like i said we’re doing right sheila
said 200. all right we are at 200. so
we are i will literally sign this right
we’re we’re at 200. so uh i guess we
will we’ll we’ll give people a chance to
do well don’t put her name yet we’re
going to give a chance to i’m just i’m
just signing my name
oh okay um
all right so uh
everyone knows this is 200 is the
current bid if anyone makes wants to
make a bid for 200 we’ll give you a
couple of seconds to do it uh
yes the shoulder doesn’t have a great
thing that’s mucks
it does it does if you
dotted eye is actually right where the
nipple is too so wow
so uh we are at 200 and 200 dollars
going once
we’re at 205.
we’re at 205.
all right so
here’s what we’re gonna do
here okay so how about this
we’re over 200.
okay you tell the moth joke
they have until the end of the moth joke
to put in final bids
oh i like it all right so i’m going to
start telling the moth joke and i’m
going to appear
and you don’t know when it ends you’re
not you don’t know when the moth joke
ends so you need to put in your highest
bid that you can because the mats joke
it could end at any time
so a moth goes into a doctor’s office
the doctor comes out and says
hi moth how are you doing
how’s it going how can i help you
the mod says doc i’m not doing good i’m
not doing good doc i
my life’s rough man i uh my boss at work
a tyrant
he’s a terrible boss
he’s so terrible to me and all the other
workers but especially to me
i don’t know what it is about me but he
hates me and he everything that he can
possibly put on me he does he’s as cruel
as any any man i’ve ever met i don’t
even know half the time what i’m doing i
don’t even think gregory vitilinovinovic
knows what he’s doing but he does it all
the same and and it causes me in
tremendous suffering and i i go home and
that’s just the beginning doc
because you see
i no longer love my wife
my wife is a she’s a
a i i look in her eyes and i see the
woman that i once
loved and
all i see now is is a contempt and
resentment years lost in misery
wallowing in my own sorrow
but that’s just the doc that’s just the
if it were only that dark i wouldn’t
have even
been telling you any of this
but doc
it’s so much worse because
my daughter
she died
back during the the great cold she died
as many of us did
i miss her every day
she was my little girl and i miss her
every day i
cry out when i first wake up
catalina mask maskova linovinovic
i say to myself
before realizing that she’s in fact gone
and doc
here’s the hardest pill of all to
swallow doc
my son
i no longer love him
doc when i look at
anatoly knee i see
the same when i look in his face
i see the same
that i see
every day when i wake up and look in the
mirror at my own face
my own moth face
doc i’ll tell you i live in a type of
sadness and solitude that i i can’t even
describe many people think that
everything i’ve got it together i’ve got
what seems like a decent job a wife and
a son
job security
i’m a moth
and yet doc they don’t know
that every waking moment of my life and
every lucent dreaming moment as well
is nothing but sadness misery and sorrow
cowardice because
if i weren’t such a coward
i would reach over to that
revolver that sits on my dresser next to
my bed at night and end it all for good
but i can’t even do that doc
because i’m such a coward
i’m such a a failure a miserable person
i can’t even
live with myself but i can’t die either
doc i’m not doing good
and the doc says
well moth you seem
very troubled
you have
you have big problems but
i don’t know how i can help you i’m a
i’m not a psychologist
why did you come here and the mom said
oh the light was on so i came in
so the high bid
is 225
to sheila foster sheila you are the
proud owner of the
uh libertarian dad bod calendar
which i will send to you
the uh
shirt the shirt which i will send you
which uh matt will send to you uh and as
well as i just told the mothjo so you’re
welcome all of you are welcome
we are now celebrating our sixth
anniversary that’s how long that joke
was um
uh folks thank you so much for joining
us on this fifth anniversary episode it
was fantastic it was everything we could
have hoped for it to be and it’s only
going to get better we’re only getting
started and with that in mind
join us tomorrow night right here on
muddy waters media for my show my fellow
americans where i will be interviewing
eliza blue she is a sex trafficking
survivor and an advocate for the rights
of survivors of sex trafficking she’s
also a sex worker advocate and we’re
going to be talking about uh about those
issues and and the confluence and
conflation between the two and the
differences and how we can work together
go ahead
i just want to say
sheila foster is a saint
just said that she will send the money
and we can send the calendar and shirt
to patricia marie
that’s incredible sheila
are you are an inspiration to you are
incredible thank you so many people you
you are incredible
thank you for everything that you do and
everything that you are
thank you sheila we love you and thank
you so much and i know patricia will
greatly appreciate that and of course uh
derek ambrose had offered 205 dollars
for me to stop the moth joke
um which technically yeah
so now you always 205. um no but
seriously thank you sheila uh and
congratulations on patricia we will be
sending that along to you um
so uh we uh so uh eliza blue will be my
guest tomorrow night and then on
we are skipping a week of the writer’s
block which is matt’s show because next
thursday we are doing our monthly
installment of the muddy zoom
where you can join us
all of us you can join
me and matt and jason lyon and the rest
of the muddy waters media crew will be
hanging out on a zoom call with all of
these subscribers and i know what you’re
thinking oh my gosh subscribers where do
i subscribe well friend you can go to
anchor dot fm slash muddy waters
subscribe and become a subscriber today
uh and you get access to many different
things including the money zoom once a
month uh and then on friday uh join uh
noelle and nullic for cajun and eskimo
from bio to igloo
is that are we skipping we’re not doing
that on friday that’s not
somebody got themselves banned from
oh yeah
i think i’m not 100 like i i guess he
can’t go i don’t know what’s going to
happen if you tune in friday night and
uh cajun and eskimo from bayous to
igloos is not on muddied waters on
facebook check youtube check uh check
actually if he’s going into it from our
account if he’s using stream yard and
then going on restream then he should be
we may or may not be having an episode
of either cajun and eskimo from uh uh
noel and nolik on cajun and eskimo from
bio to igloo or we might be having an
episode of nullic and gnolic with eskimo
on eskimo
from igloo to yet another igloo
on 9 30 eastern and friday um and then
join us right back here on monday for uh
the muddy waters of freedom where matt
wright and i parse through the week’s
event no on monday what a cut on monday
uh we’re doing an episode of uh jason
lyons show mr america the bearded truth
uh jason will be uh interviewing his
nope on monday we there is no mr america
the bearded truth there is a liberty
round table oh we’re doing a liberty
yeah liberty round table at 7 eastern
um on monday
featuring sean hickman
and his guests for that episode of
liberty roundtable
yes then i know i got this right then on
join us right back here
same money place same money time for
another fantastic episode of uh the
muddy waters of freedom where matt
wright and i parched through the week’s
events like the chipper little middle
aged men we are we will be celebrating
our 50th plus or our fifth
anniversary plus one episode anniversary
so join us right then
if someone were to find us
just stop saying usyk no
matt if someone were to look for us on
the internet on the usyk free internet
is that even possible and how so how
does it go
is that new in web 3 because i’m certain
you can find that on whatever web we’re
yeah it’s web 3.0 is usic free that’s
that’s been the the modification to
section 230 is that it doesn’t cover u6
right okay um
so uh yeah you can find this on the
internet all one would have to do
is head on over to
anchored muddied waters
why is this not coming up they were
going hey
that happens with age
this isn’t i’m borrowing this one
i got this one that also happens with
i don’t know
slash muddied waters
and you can
do wonderful things
like leave us messages
you can also subscribe
that’s right oh yeah
oh okay
and if you subscribe you get
access to
wonderful wonderful things
like the muddied zoom
exclusive content
10 off at the muddy water store
oh and also all subscribers you also oh
you also get video on spotify but all
subscribers right now
get 20 off at defy the power
yeah i didn’t even know that oh yeah so
divide the power 20 off
20 off if you are a subscriber
yeah we’ll give you an exclusive code
that you will give you an exclusive code
but only if you’re a subscriber
but you have to be a subscriber
but you can also leave messages
you can’t leave messages
and you don’t have to subscribe to leave
messages but you do have to subscribe to
see video on spotify
and tough for tub for jax just just
tuned in he’s a pastor
and he’s now feels lucky for watching
so tub if it makes you feel any better
this segment just helps to prove that
i’m right and you’re wrong thank you
or you can find us on all of your
favorite podcasting apps
yes or you can find this in every other
episode at muddy waters freedom.com
there’s nobody watching media.com yeah
you can still go to waters media.com
it’s all the slash whatever’s don’t work
right now but anyway
so folks thanks again for tuning in
thank you for an amazing five years
here’s to 500 more years
5 000 million more years that’s a
billion five billion years but that so
many more years
and uh thank you so much for tuning in
we love you we are just getting started
and where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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