Episode 222 – Omicron: Not Just a Superhero from Pyramid Comics

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci are planning to make all the same mistakes all over again, but first, we’ll talk about some good things, child rapists, and Joe Biden… That joe is too easy, but I’ll let you get there.

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Episode Transcript

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hello everyone i’m down here in
mar-a-lago and i’m gonna be interviewing
donald j trump
this is very exciting for me go out and
tell everybody you know
make america great again that was my
theme it was going to be keep america
great i gave that away
is that because america’s not great now
america is atlantic sock all over the
world look what happened we’ve seen evil
genius you were right and i was right
and genius yeah
i remember you saying wow genius
i’m amazed that so many people say this
uncircumcised philistine who does he
think he is
wow genius if you have a cyber attack
your geeks are better than the cookies
are better than the bad geeks
you know virus protection
and now matt wright and
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard
for schicks has gotta have it a spike
cohen joint i am matt wright and
together we are
traversing the muddied waters of freedom
jew the right thing was better but that
one’s good too uh yeah i forgot i forgot
to look one up so i had to do it
literally in the last 10 seconds yeah no
no shiksa’s gotta have it’s good but i
good movie too by the way uh but uh it
was a good movie
that was do the right thing
second best and last good movie
he didn’t like malcolm x
oh did he do malcolm
well he was in it
was he i haven’t seen that wait wait was
he in it oh uh folks thanks so much for
tuning in to our show and all that um
to everybody who kept saying spike you
need to put right yeah it was directed
by by spike lee yeah listen
okay yeah
to everybody who said that spike needed
something in the background other than a
corner he over corrected
and he went way in the opposite
direction of just hanging a picture
and now he’s showing ads for sandals or
wait what’s that
i have no idea
it’s not supposed to do that
right yeah he’s showing ads for sandals
right let me find something else then
it’s going to be difficult let me find
something else
it’s it’s supposed to just be a
there we go we’ll just use this
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so you know it’s funny it’s like i told
kennedy before we went live earlier um
this isn’t actually happening this is a
green screen
this doesn’t happen
they don’t want you i’m certain that
kennedy appreciated being mansplained
too yeah no this isn’t real they don’t
the earth doesn’t do
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third night of hanukkah
yes thank you happy third night of
hanukkah and thank you for reminding me
that after the show is over i have to
uh another example of civil disobedience
to help those in need on hanukkah
because that’s what i’ve been doing
every night so thank you
thank you for that you’re welcome and
thank you and happy chappy chanukah to
you as well
i appreciate that
thank you why is it when it’s filled
without the c
there’s only one k and when it’s spelled
with or when it’s put it’s two k’s when
it’s no c
and uh one k
when there is a c
i would assume that one is the
phonetic spelling that ashkenazis use
and the other one is the phonetic
spelling that sephardim use i i honestly
don’t know it’s trying to anglicize or
use english
it’s trying to use latin alphabet to
spell a hebrew word
it really doesn’t matter how many k’s
are in it well
i mean you you want to go i bet you
don’t want one more than two
you don’t want one more than two if you
do you gotta space them out a bit
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now before we get into the mud water
mushroom coffee
replacement replacement cacao rapid fire
yes i want to point out that yes we are
aware of the shooting that happened in
oxford michigan and
obviously uh our
our thoughts are with the victims and
their families of course but
because it is a very new situation um we
know that the shooter was 15 years old
we know that three people are dead and i
believe the last count was eight is
injured um we know that
we know nothing else yep so we are not
going to be jumping any guns
we’re not going to be jumping any guns
and uh
going out and saying anything right now
they need we need to figure out what’s
happening there um and so
people may ding us for this if they want
to i don’t care right now you know
arthur with the families of the victims
and the people who are uh injured um and
we hope that you know they’re finding
some sort of peace and solace throughout
all of this some way somehow
once we learn a little bit more we’ll
talk about it
absolutely and a speedy recovery to
those who are in the hospital obviously
but uh we don’t we try not to comment on
things that we know
literally everything that was just that
is what we know about so we don’t know
anything else um
so let’s talk about things that we know
marginally more about
slightly slightly more about here on the
mud water coffee alternative cacao
mushroom water cacao rapid fire segment
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um so let’s start the mud water mushroom
coffee replacement
cacao rapid fire segment off we’re gonna
start off with some good news
the men who murdered a mood arbory were
found guilty last week
huge good news
um add that to the written house
uh andrew coffee being found not guilty
of murder there we we know that there is
the gun charge out there we understand
that there’s a gun charge out there um
that he should not go to prison for 30
years for uh he shouldn’t go to prison
at all because all gun laws are
but the fact that he got acquitted for
the murder charge of his girlfriend is
that is huge news
right now we have to take these wins we
have to take these wins we have to see
that you know the paradigm is shifting
it’s not just again you know you’re not
out of the police aren’t going to just
be able to say something and it’d be
believed by a jury the juries are
believing things um the juries are
believed are not just believing police
they’re believing you know they’re not
believing prosecution they’re going in
there they’re actually listening they’re
paying attention is what it appears um
there have been some massive wins for
liberty uh and self-defense and
uh a win against no knock rates because
i am certain that andrew coffey his
girlfriend would still be alive
had that
been a
not a no-knock raid oh absolutely and
the thing is this is big for no knock
raids because
with this with kenneth walker uh brianna
taylor’s boyfriend it is now being
established that if the police break
into your home and they get shot that’s
on them
and because hey schmuck you broke into
someone’s home and
that’s going to lead to a change in
police policy if they know that someone
who kills or or shoots at a police
officer is not going to get in trouble
for it if they did a no-knock raid that
eliminates police wanting to do no knock
raids because this is a heavily armed
country and when you’re not when you
break into someone’s home they don’t
know who you are and don’t have time to
assess the situation or they know you’re
a cop and still want to kill you because
you broke into their home and at that
point the uh the juries are saying yeah
no that’s fine you can do that and
that’s just that’s correct uh and
hopefully it will lead to police saying
okay well then we’re not going to
subject our officers to getting shot at
and then they’re they’re they’re killers
going free because they were defending
themselves so hopefully that will end no
knock raids uh or at least greatly
reduce their usage um
so that was the good news
we got that done in the first
15 minutes
now let’s talk about child rapists
uh the gallate gillane jillaine
i don’t know
i just know i just know the s is not
pronounced that’s what i know about that
the gilead maxwell trial started
and a lot has actually changed since i
wrote these notes um
so what we know is that this is probably
going to take about six weeks which
means that her 60th birthday which is on
because when i think christmas
i think galen maxwell
jalane maxwell that’s what i think of
right it is the season
oh the gifts that jelane maxwell gives
i’ve seen probably never mind um anyway
it’s gonna go beyond her birthday
probably into the new year um
so unfortunately
broadcasting of this uh sorry
broadcasting and photographing criminal
proceedings in federal courts
is not legal
so uh when people are out there saying
they’re not showing it on the air
because they don’t want people to see
whatever you know conspiracy theory blah
blah blah it is literally written in the
federal code that federal trials cannot
broadcast or photographed so you are yes
breaking news uh
this just in from the news desk of my
wife it’s gillane
no the s isn’t pronounced
they haven’t been pronouncing the the s
that part i know yes
that’s all i know
it’s elaine
that is the reason you’re not seeing it
you’re gonna see the courtroom sketches
and you’re gonna hear uh people giving
reports on it all across the media yeah
so anytime that you see a report on it
consider your sources
consider your resources
it is 2021 and we are relying on uh um
paintings of the proceedings
paintings and and uh legacy media
legacy media and the paintings aren’t
like okay great
it’s a painting why aren’t they good
like why do they always look like
they’re doing it very quickly like i i
don’t fault them they’re they’re they’re
it’s not an action shot like every shot
is like you know it looks like uh like a
i don’t know like some kind of it looks
like a pollock
it looks like a jackson pollock of a
trial it’s terrible like it
it looks a little bit better than a
you know what else looks like a jackson
um so
we know that the pilot has been um
testifying over the last two days uh i
believe he started yesterday and
continued today and he named uh
that on epstein’s lolita express he said
that chris rock was on it he said that
uh trump was on it he said that clinton
was on it
and he said somebody else i did these
notes yesterday so like a lot of i
didn’t update this part and i forgot the
other person that was on it
but yeah there have been numerous people
who have been on this plane
that doesn’t yes mean that
that doesn’t mean that they
went down there to do what everybody
assumes that they went down there to do
but it also doesn’t mean that they
didn’t go down there yeah what everybody
assumes they’re gonna do
yeah so remember this guy was a
socialite and he was very connected
politically and in the entertainment
the fact that someone was on the plane
or went to the island doesn’t mean that
they were
involved in the activities
but i remember
watching video of trump saying yeah he
likes them young so
i think everyone at least knew i think
it’s safe to say everyone at least knew
something was going on even if they
themselves weren’t
also raping teenagers
yes a couple of things that we want to
look out for over the course of the next
six weeks
will former new mexico governor bill
richardson testify
because he is
accused by one of the accusers virginia
goofy guthrie
um uh he’s accused of having sex with
her while she’s under age
um along with prince andrew we know
prince andrew is not going to testify
absolutely not
will former new mexico governor bill
richardson testified something to keep
an eye out for
whether any of the black book
the famed epstein black book is going to
leak out during the trial they say that
there is a special section in there
called massages
that will that has a bunch of names in
it and some of them may come up over the
course of this
uh over the course of these proceedings
you’re just shaking your head
no i’m just thinking of how skeevy this
guy was and uh i was disgusting
like i’m just like
and then
the other thing is whether or not
maxwell will testify herself
or if she will make it to testify
yeah that’s i
for those who are because i’ve had a few
people that have said well i mean they
would never be so brazen as to kill her
now they killed jeffrey epstein
and just straight up were like yeah i
know he killed himself and he was in
super max
under constant supervision and the
you know the he hung himself with toilet
paper and the
guards were both
off duty and or on break and they
weren’t supposed to be and the camera
stopped working and we don’t have any
recording of it but the lighting was bad
like i mean they’ll
if they decide they want to kill this
woman they’re going to kill this woman
i don’t think they’re going to just
because i think they would have already
but if enough stuff comes out
i mean i hate to say it but i i don’t
i hope they’ve secured this courtroom
what could happen there
i don’t have these in here so i’m gonna
try to remember this off the top of my
but on
her legal defense team
i texted it to myself so i’ll i would
remember it
her legal defense team is insane the
people that she has on it
to 80 journalists are expected don’t
handful of reporters her star-studded
defense team include former federal
prosecutor who helped bring down el
yes and a nut and another ex-federal
prosecutor who uh
took down
mob killer thomas tommy karate patera
so she got back i know the prosecutors
to the defender
and one of the prosecutor well that’s
actually not uncommon it’s usually smart
to do that in some of these high profile
cases a uh
one of the prosecutors
is james comey’s daughter in fact i
think she’s the lead prosecutor
is she
303 prosecutors yes prosecutor yes i
thought yeah one of the problems
no yes it is that is james comey’s
daughter yep
how much you want to bet his name’s in
that book
they’re all pedophiles all of them all
of them are pedophiles now speaking of
people who shower with underage girls
joe biden
uh last week matt he uh
did what he said was a
major move
matt to
uh the cost of oil to alleviate the uh
the pain at the pump matt
yes he did he released
50 million barrels of oil wow
that sounds like a lot
that does sound like a lot and you know
do you know who it also sounded like a
lot too
the secretary of the department of
because when she was asked about how
many barrels of oil america goes through
any given day
she had no idea
it’s roughly 18
barrels a day
yeah so they’ve given us about two and a
half they’ve released two and a half
two and a half days worth of oil now
this was to help us alleviate the pain
at the pump for two days
but this is what i have recently learned
about oil
i did not i honestly didn’t know this so
this is me actually learning it
oil comes in sweet crude
or sour crude
oil is considered sweet if it contains
less than 0.5
it’s considered sour
crude oil if it has sulfur
levels larger than 0.5
all of our reserves
are sour
if you had to guess
pretty much every refinery in america
is set up
which one do you think they’re ready to
off the top of my head i would guess
whichever one
demonstrated the most incompetence and
malfeasance by government so i’m going
to assume that most almost all u.s
refineries refine sweet crude map
pretty much all of them
yeah pretty much all of them now they
refine sour
but it would require more work more work
more man hours um
which would drive up the
costs of
the oil being turned into gasoline which
wouldn’t help us at the pump
but that’s not what they’re going to do
no that’s what they’re going to do is
way better
yeah they’re going to yeah
they are going to
export the oil
to china and india
to have them refine it
then take
some roughly 18 million barrels
and then
or one day’s worth and then ship it back
which means
hang on oh god
we’ll probably pay more
this is the most inept
administration i have ever seen
and we just went through four years of
trump’s administration yeah no it just
keeps getting worse
this also demonstrates how stupid the
so-called strategic reserve is in the
first place because they literally hold
the wrong kind of oil for a process for
just for distillation and processing in
u.s plants without them having to take
more time and spend more money doing it
so and the thing is it’s not like there
are these distilleries that are sitting
there unused waiting to process fuel
they’re constantly processing fuel by
forcing them to process this fuel it
actually drives up the price because
instead of being able to process other
uh oil that is sweet crude they now have
to process this crude so they’re
actually creating a bottleneck which
drives up the price and because it’s the
government they’re gonna make them do it
or more likely like matt said they’re
just gonna export it at a price and it’s
not gonna it’s gonna this does
absolutely nothing if if it does
anything it’s make it worse so once
again government has created a crisis
made it worse
blamed us for it and then grandstand it
on our suffering
get even more power more on that on
on something where they’re doing that
with something else uh
speaking of which speaking of really
good policies that make sense
hang on real quick a quick update on the
okay oh yes
one hundred dollars
we’re at one hundred hun
we’re at 100 even from sheila foster
100 is the new bid so if anybody is
bidding in the future
it must be higher than that
oh incidentally uh steven ellis mentions
we pay china to take plastic trash
because it’s so toxic to the environment
and the workers to process it then we
pay to ship it to them and then they
make things out of it and sell it back
to us that’s true
it’s actually worse than that now
stephen because of this mandatory uh
recycling that’s happening in most
western countries the us canada most
major metro areas in the developed world
there’s now such a glut of recycled
plastic that very often the chinese
companies take it because they’re paid
to take it and then they burn it
because it’s not worth anything to them
they burn it
so we literally pay
to have plastic
overseas to the other side of the planet
and the carbon footprint that creates of
literally taking all this stuff and
shipping it back to china
where they burn it
so it’s as though they were looking for
the most
polluting way to deal
with plastic if you had to sit down and
say hmm
how could i do the most damage to the
environment with these plastic goods
you would be hard-pressed to
intentionally and unironically come up
with a way of processing it
that is worse than this
the new bid is 120 yes and
jacob blaze says getting alex jones
vibes from spike’s background and that
is the most perfect oh no wow yeah that
is so spot-on oh wow yeah
125 is the new bid from steven andrew oh
yeah yeah
that’s 100 alex jones
he was so here’s the thing guys
it does so it doesn’t make the frogs gay
but what it does do is it speeds along
their process of changing
so he’s not wrong about that
he wasn’t wrong about that
we’re at 169 dollars
169 right 169
nice yes yes
now all i see is alex jones [ __ ] yeah
so speaking of other governments that do
stupid things
it was announced this week
euthanasia clinics in germany
are requiring people to be vaccinated
before utilizing their services
i mean who would have ever thought that
the germans
would come up with some crazy rules
regarding certain sects of people
and then kill them
that’s the one you went with him
that’s the one i went with
i wrote five jokes to that just so
everybody knows and i said pick your
here’s the other one
this is the other one i wouldn’t so now
there’s two things that germans love
that are ridiculous
and that interfere with your life this
and david hasselhoff
david has my two
david had because german germans love
david hasselhoff germans love david
but so my favorite was uh
one of these clinics is now advertising
if the myocarditis gets you before we do
your embalming is free
i also like the uh
in other news a local impound lot is
requiring you to get an oil change
before they will accept your broken down
pinto with 400 000 miles on it
see that seemed it so it we were it
seemed bad because we were comparing
a person to a broken down pinto
yes the person who potentially has
als or
als or
body is ridden with cancer
it just seems like
i don’t know
well at least they’re vaccinated
so folks that brings us to
the only other good news you’re to get
out of this and that is the
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attorney at law anchor call in moment
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and i think it’s just it’s just this
why does your voice sound like that
doesn’t sound like that oh good hold on
okay say something now
yes oh
good so we’re going to let
say something now
so we’re going to have matt’s gonna
work on that for a minute
let me see because i don’t think it’s i
think that’s you i don’t think that’s
the audio let me play this and see if
see something now
okay so how am i saying
it’s not as terrible but there’s a lot
of static
here is our first question from nick
hey guys uh this is nick
i’m driving back to college
drinking my red bull hashtag not a
big day today my new england patriots
defeated the tennessee titans
um number one seed in the afc
that’s big news
uh my question today is about
um specifically bitcoin
um and i’m wondering
uh with how volatile
this stuff is
um how is it going to become the next
big currency
if the the prices change so much
you know as an investor i don’t want to
put my money i don’t want to change
i don’t think he realizes it cut off
after a minute so i don’t think he does
so uh nick that’s a good question so
first of all it’s actually become less
volatile over time in terms of
percentage uh as it matures uh as
bitcoin and crypto in general matures it
starts to have more of just kind of a
steady upswing um so for example this
last swing wasn’t quite as parabolic as
we’ve seen before in previous swings it
went up three-fold instead of going up
10 15-fold and then it retraced back
about 10 000 instead of losing you know
half or more of of of the gain that it
had so it even it’s its wild swings are
becoming less and less wild you know i i
personally think the true value of
bitcoin is somewhere between half a
million and a million and once you’re in
that area the swings are going to be a
lot less wild and broad now with that
compare that to the dollar which has
been real steady
and losing value
every single day
it just does one of these i will take
something doing this number in an
upward direction or even a sideways
direction over something that’s been
doing this
since 1913
and which just constantly and
consistently loses value which recently
has started to curve a little bit more
so it’s going down even more rapidly um
so i think that that’s you know looking
at it that way you know would i rather
take something that has maybe like a
sine wave pattern
and is moving slightly up and sideways
than something that’s steadily going
down yes absolutely
can you say something now
yeah uh i was going okay okay uh you
fixed it am i good okay yeah um yeah i
was gonna say that uh yeah
what spike said is spot on when i this
is the only message i listened to and i
heard it and i went to pull a graphic so
we could show it but then i thought
we don’t need to bitcoin has been going
up yeah it’s had its drops but it’s it’s
steadily been going up for the last
what 15 20 years
um i don’t remember when it came out i
when whenever it came out it has been
going up
and the dollar has consistently been
going down
this is and if you’re talking about
if you’re talking about investments uh
investing in
no stock has had the upswing that
bitcoin has had no stock has had the
uptick that uh ethereum has had
it is a sounder investment
than it is
any stock that’s out there
but we are not financial advisors yeah
we are not financial advisors we are not
financial advisors and if we were
financial advisors we would not go
on msnbc and say that we need to mandate
a vaccine
the mad money guy did that
oh god i wish he’d shut up i didn’t like
him when he wasn’t saying stuff like
that uh
so uh
uh doug drybrow uh i hope i said your
name correctly doug says glenn beck says
they will track your every purchase
through digital currency is that a
possibility with
centrally planned fiat digital currency
absolutely 100 they would love to do
that cryptocurrency not so much uh now
with bitcoin and some of the
cryptocurrency they can track you by
your wallet if they know your wallet and
they know the wallets of those that the
wallet codes of those that you’re um
that you are uh um doing transactions
with but the reality is there are ways
around that they do have like privacy
ways to encrypt that further so that uh
it’s not being tied directly to you um
using the lightning network but then
there’s also other cryptocurrencies like
monero which doesn’t allow that where
you can’t track um so no the reality is
uh using tor nodes and cryptocurrency
it’s functionally impossible for them to
track your uh your um
your the money that you make or spend um
let’s see here
okay all right here is the next one
or you can do like uh eskimo libertarian
like nullic is saying she said i’m just
moving off grid and becoming completely
self-sufficient and by that she means
she can kill a bear
with her bare hands
when when nullic has the right to bear
that has very multiple meanings yeah it
actually means she has the right to use
her hands to rip off and then possess
two bear arms that she just ripped off
of an actual bear
with her bare arms with her bear arms so
she has bared her arms to bear
the bear arms
which she now bears
under her bear arms
and she doesn’t even have to use the
arms that she gets over her arms
that’s what the second amendment’s
really about
here’s our next question
matt hicks
well hello there guy on left and spike
this is matt hicks calling in on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor call and moment
with your julian maxwell trial update tm
so opening arguments were yesterday and
i got to tell you it was one of the
weirdest things i’ve ever seen um there
was biblical references and all kinds of
other strange [ __ ] that really kind of
went off the reservation as far as
opening are you
documents are concerned um supposed to
be exclusively for laying out your case
like this is what the evidence will show
sort of stuff
uh today
epstein’s pilot is testifying and has
basically just laid out that julian
maxwell was his designated number two
and really i guess that’s about the long
and the short of it that i’ve got so far
it’s early yet i’ll check back in later
hashtag laser legend
we’ve got three let’s just go ahead and
play all of these because i have a
feeling they’re wrong i’m certain
they’re all the same yeah
hello again guy on left and spike this
is matt hicks calling in again on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anger call on moment tm
uh two things i’m gonna break it into
two messages because it’s kind of a
little bit longer so here’s number one
there are a lot of people that are
complaining that there’s no media
coverage going on of the jalane maxwell
um i gotta tell you guys it’s it’s
patently false that’s kind of all over
the media
if anybody is having issues finding any
from the media covering it i can only
suggest that you
take a long and hard look at the um
sources of news that you’re consuming
because it’s out there i promise it’s
all over the place
so there’s thing number one hashtag
laser legend
uh also jessico mitchell says uh
regarding um eskimo sounds like quite
quite the cross to bear
because you can take the bear arms and
make a cross out of it
i assume that’s what
that’s what he meant that’s what i’m
going with
that you would make a bear
arm cross
well get right what else would you do
can you eat bear arms like is there
there’s some meat on there right that’s
one you can you can eat yeah i mean you
can eat bear
i think
i’ve never had it but i think you can
well no i know you cannot bear because
eskimo told me she said she was making a
bare shoulder
and i said is that the actual shoulder
of a bear
whose shoulder you ripped off
with your bear
arms and she said yes
so if you just picture this this really
sweet adorable smiling woman just
gleefully ripping the appendages off of
a kodiak
that’s that’s not like
just deleted hey everyone not like trump
and the bear’s like
all right let’s get the rest of these
from matt
there’s only one more right
there’s two more
hello again guy on left and spike this
is matt hicks calling in on the personal
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
at law anchor colin moment with thing
number two
tm uh thing number two is that people
are complaining about uh reporters and
stuff involved with the julian maxwell
listen guys
it has been the
rules of all federal courts since before
any of us were born that they do not
allow reporters to record
or live broadcast from federal
courtrooms it’s not new there is a pool
reporter allowed in the courtroom with a
sketch artist
the other reporters are allowed in the
overflow areas but they’re still not
allowed to record or live broadcast
and it is
uh in keeping with the federal rules of
evidence and rules of the federal courts
that when a victim of sexual assault is
testifying the judge will clear the
reporter out of the courtroom hashtag
laser legend
and here’s the final one by the way
it does require that it doesn’t require
as far as i know that the um artists
well hello there guy on left and spike
this is matt hicks calling in on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney of law anchor colin moment
with your julian maxwell trial update
so uh
epstein’s private pilot dropped a big
old bombshell today uh this is the
latest greatest breaking news
um he confirmed that uh trump
uh prince andrew and kevin spacey all
flew on the lolita express to um
various places with jeffrey epstein so
q and on guys here’s your chance you’ve
been training your whole life for this
go get those pedophiles
hashtag laser legend
now to now i thought it was very
powerful when uh kevin spacey responded
to all of this by saying i am gay
i have been living my life as a gay man
living life for the last 20 years
i like how we didn’t just say i’m gay he
said i’m living my life
as a gamer as a gay man
and they’re like did you rape that kid
and he’s like i’m living
anthony rapp anthony rapp
and kevin said
i’m gay
living my life as gay
but he didn’t say no
he didn’t say no but anthony what
anthony rapp did
the uh
i mean that’s true
so the um
yeah so the opening statement the
one of the defense team for jalane
compared her to eve in the bible
wow and said she was it said just like
the original
victim of sexism eve
jelane maxwell is simply being blamed
for the bad
stuff that was done by a man
that’s what he and then but then
then they compared jeffrey epstein
to james bond
and said well because you know james
bond he was rich and unattached and a
murderer they didn’t say that part but
they said
you know and he liked the women
he liked them with
puberty but they but the
again didn’t say that part they said and
then they accused the they said that
basically the way they’re going to do
this is they are going to rip apart
each of the accusers
and say that they were
perfectly either making it up or
that it was legal what happened and they
were perfectly fine with it and they
were just trying to shake the money tree
as they put it shake the the jeffrey
epstein money tree
so this trial
what’s that
not stirred
no oh
ah it’s a bond reference the uh
and then
so i you know again if you’re gonna
defend pedophile island just go out just
go all out don’t go in there meek say
you know what your honor let’s face it
my client is eve
so i respect stephen
stephen witt who currently has the high
bid at 200 for the tumbler um the waffle
house caucus tumbler autographed by
spike and myself um
he said uh false memories and yeah what
one of the things that they’re saying in
this trial yes there’s the tumbler
there’s our autographs with our
beautiful faces
two hundred dollars right now but you
can boom 200 bucks you can have this for
205 or more
um false memories uh
yeah one of the things that they’re
saying is that people who are victims of
trauma can uh
suffer from false memories meaning they
remember things that didn’t actually
happen and that is going to be most of
their defense from anything that i have
read about this they are going to
gaslight the people the victims while
they’re on the stand in a federal trial
they’re gonna go up there and say are
you sure that you aren’t just crazy and
making it up like this is straight
they’re gonna gaslight
the victims
one one of whom i think is a doctor um
are you willing to say now that you made
all this up you crazy [ __ ] like this is
literally i
i am
this is going to again if you’ve decided
you know what i’m going to do today i’m
going to defend
jeffrey epstein’s
child groomer
you don’t go in there me and if she’s
not willing to plea it down if she’s
like nope i’m not guilty
then you literally have to go in there
like this and be like you know what
victims are a bunch of filthy liars and
i’m going to expose each and every one
of them also jeffrey epstein did nothing
yeah i respect any any
annie farmer
is an american psychologist and has
alleged that maxwell and epstein
sexually abused her when she was 16
while she was at his new mexico mansion
in 1996.
with maxwell’s defense psychologist
loftus loftus will testify about false
memories of sexual abuse that people can
describe with confidence detail and
emotion without deliberately lying
in that article
those two sentences were back to back
they’re gonna straight up say
your honor
they’re gonna
they are going to gaslight the sexual
assault victims on the stand
and because of federal live if what
matt’s saying is correct if what laser
legend himself is saying is correct or
think interpreting it correctly
we don’t get to hear any of this
or have it reported
these people are going to be gaslighted
on the stand with no one to witness it
and report it
which is kind of like another form of of
abuse like they literally
suffer abuse again
being locked in a room basically and
you didn’t you’re gonna have to
you’re gonna be you’re you’re
you’re not being forced to because you
you don’t have to testify i guess right
right right you if you want to testify
it has to be under these if you want to
testify if you want to testify you’re
going to have to relive
the you’re going to have to relive the
trauma in front of
the woman who convinced you to come
while her defense team is gonna sit
there and gaslight the hell out of you
and reporters won’t be there to hear
your story because that’s illegal and
your story isn’t going to get out fully
no matter what
until you sell your memoirs this isn’t
until you sell your memoirs in it’s
incredible it’s insane
incredible all right let’s go to the
next one
james and marie
hey spike and guy on left this is james
m ray calling in on the chris reynolds
personal injury attorney anchor call in
moment i was going to talk briefly about
the jizz lane maxwell case
which is typically being covered better
by uk sources like the daily mail than
it is by usa sources
but at least it’s being covered at all i
think we should be talking about it
because i think it’s a bigger scandal
either half of the ruling duopoly wants
to admit
they just found out
the faa disclosed and accidentally more
than 2 000 flight records which was
heroic and so for once i like a federal
agency the faa three cheers for them
and epstein didn’t kill himself love you
yeah i
it was either accidental or a leak and
there’s nothing they can do about it um
first of all james thank you for finding
the worst possible way to say to lane
maxwell’s name
was there any doubt
there was no doubt um but yeah i mean if
even half the names they’ve said end up
being confirmed to have been involved in
this this is one of the biggest scandals
ever um this is
i mean you know again i have the perfect
background behind me to tell you that
our country and planet are run by
pedophiles and i i
it’s it’s
i’ve gone full
full bore they they need their
adrenochrome and they were getting it
off of epstein island after they rode
there on the lolita express
that’s me in the future
excuse me
excuse me and the only way you can fight
this is with super male vitality um
yeah no it’s pedophiles uh
here’s one from uh michelle goodwin
hello this is michelle calling from
for this personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor call in
uh question
when we look at our history of saying
the government solutions usually make
things worse or we just failed to do it
i was thinking recently about well let’s
go back in time and
how did the government do
ending slavery
if we screw everything up
um how could it have been done better
and the bigger question that we face
today of course is
how do you help people who have been
injured by
our government actions
i’m interested to hear some of your
ideas on that
thank you well
thank thank you for that michelle um
i believe michelle is one of our
oh wow well thank you thank you michelle
also guys if you do subscribe
you don’t have to subscribe to ask us
questions but we will like you more
um we will we we will think about them
slightly longer we will definitely put
more thought into it
well michelle after putting a little bit
more thought into it um i uh so le i
mean let’s talk about slavery in the u.s
slavery had already been ending in most
other countries by the time it made it
partially because of humanitarian
concerns but also because they were
increasingly realizing it was a terrible
to procure labor it actually didn’t work
well it was costly it was inefficient uh
it was it let it created
externalities of problems like people
that were heavily oppressed and angry it
was just a bad way of procuring labor
when you could instead hire someone to
do it and then they would come and do it
and want to do it and they’d happily do
it because they were getting paid money
uh and they would usually be better at
it and more specialized and they could
pursue other things and work their way
up the ladder and do more stuff for you
and like that’s just a better way to do
it than to point a gun at someone’s head
and say you have to live with me and do
all this stuff and i’m gonna breed you
like an animal like it’s just it’s just
not a good way of using human labor um
so there’s that plus automation was
making it even more inefficient um
so what we did here
uh in the u.s what our government did
instead was something called the
fugitive slave acts which uh because of
the problem of the problem of slaves uh
leaving and going to places where the
slavery wasn’t allowed
they decided to completely abandon any
concept of federalism and use the
federal government
force the slaves to go back to where
they came from and face their punishment
which was usually being killed
so that was a bad way to handle that
had the government simply and i mean
there are many things that could have
been done prior to that for example not
letting the slaves slave owners count
their slaves in the census which would
have greatly reduced their standing in
that could have been something
but if they had simply not enforced the
fugitive slave acts or not passed them
and simply said listen if you have
slavery in your state fine if they leave
your state that’s on you
that’s over you don’t own them anymore
just doing that would have created such
an incentive for people to leave their
plantations because in some cases you
could just go maybe 40 miles or 100
miles that way and you were now free you
were out of that state but instead they
went nope you’ve got to go all the way
to canada or mexico or freaking haiti or
you know get on a boat and leave that
way to be able to have a shot of being
free which was functionally impossible
for many slaves it was hard enough to
get them to be able to leave the
property and get to another state much
less to another part of the planet just
doing that would have ended slavery much
sooner um
honestly those two things would have
ended slavery we would have been one of
the first countries to end slavery uh
instead of one of the one of the last
ones and of course slavery never
actually ended uh slavery was shifted
from the private sector to the
department of corrections which is what
we have now we still have slavery
now when it comes to uh solving
government’s problems uh there’s
it isn’t it’s not on any individual to
solve government’s problems once the
government creates the problem the only
thing we can hope is that um we
eventually get rid of the government
which is the problem um right
and hope that that atrocity doesn’t
happen again in the future to anybody uh
it let’s say that we got rid of
if we got rid of government and spike
achieved his destiny of becoming the
jewish libertarian president
because that’s what matters right
because i just want government to exist
just long enough for me to be to break
to become the first millennial president
right um
let’s say so like if government goes
away and we could get rid of you know
we could get rid of the income tax we
can get you’d be keeping all of your
money we could get rid of a lot of the
regulations that keep you from being
able to open businesses uh we could uh
get rid of the spying and the
the the
the degradation of our natural rights we
could get rid of all that
there wouldn’t be reparations for all of
the people who have been affected by
these things in the past the best thing
that we can hope for is that we can get
right the best thing that we can hope
for is that we can get rid of the uh
atrocities that the government is doing
and in doing so
getting rid of government’s the only way
to really do it um but in doing so
you would ensure that nobody else would
go through something like that again
yeah so i
there would there could be reparations
in the more short term in the in the way
taking back what government has stolen
from you that they haven’t already spent
or or used so i mean there could be some
but the idea of you know
undoing all the harm or wrong that
government has done that’s not going to
happen now if we’re talking about
helping people who have been hurt by
government well there’s many things we
can do there even before we get rid of
government um you know charities
advocacy to to end the harm that’s being
done chair advocacy for uh restoration
to people who have been harmed by
government so there’s many things that
can be done there in fact uh for
hanukkah every night of hanukkah uh i am
highlighting uh an example of a person
or an organization who is helping people
around them
against the law against government
orders um and so far i’ve done two to
tonight is night three i’ll be doing a
third one later tonight when the show’s
over um but you know so we don’t even
you know yes obviously when you see
someone who’s being actively attacked
the best thing to do is stop the attack
but you know until we have the
wherewithal to end or at least greatly
reduce the size scope and power and cost
and damage that government can do
we can certainly help people in the
meantime as well uh but it’s it’s not
really from a policy standpoint any
policy standpoint needs to be looking at
how we claw back from government the
power and the
freedom and the money that’s been taken
from us um
as opposed to how government can try to
fix it because government doesn’t fix
things that make it worse
and then we got
i think
we got one one more from jimmy lee
hey matt and spike this is uh jimmy lee
uh my question comes to uh spike here so
uh connie and i elizabeth some other
people we all went down to the russell
kentucky convalescent home on
thanksgiving to have thanksgiving dinner
with the residents and got an update
from dream about what’s going on
and not to fill the less than one minute
spot up with the details it’s not going
very good and it appears that the
eminent domain is still going in full
steam ahead so i was wondering
what can we do to get more media
both state local and i’d like it to go
national i mean i just want to show how
horrible that this city council is and
how uncompassionate they are and i want
the entire nation to see
bad government you know one one person
well i’ll tell you sean someone has said
it he said
government likes to do bad things but
government doesn’t like to be seen to do
bad things so let’s get this on the air
yeah so that and thank you jimmy for
asking about that first of all i think
it’s great this actually all went down
there this actually segues quite nicely
from the last question
yeah actually it’s a perfect example
yeah um right so i think that the uh the
next step is going to be because we’ve
been trying to see behind the scenes if
we can reach out to uh people in the
city council and uh and
get them to consider another course of
action besides eminent domain um
assuming that’s going to continue to not
get anywhere then the next step is to go
back even harder than we did this time
this time the focus needs to be last
time we let them know that people were
watching this time the focus needs to be
on their community is watching because
at the end of the day i don’t think
those people care if a bunch of people
come from out of town and tell them that
they don’t approve of it it’s good that
we go there they need to see they need
to hear from those residents and they
need to hear from the other residents of
their town and so i think the next major
focus is going to be on
activating and making aware people in
that town what’s going on so that we can
see some real change there uh those
people are going to be held accountable
when they know that it’s going to cost
them their seat and not just their seat
but it’s a small town it’s going to cost
them their reputation in their home in
their in their home neighborhood where
they live um so that’s going to be the
next step we can certainly get bigger
media attention and we’ve been talking
with some folks about possibly doing
that about getting more media attention
out there um but you know at the end of
the day especially in some of these
smaller towns sometimes those people you
know that can backfire they can say we
don’t care if the whole world’s watching
we do it the way we want in our town the
people in that town need to be heard
primarily as saying we’re against this
this is not right this is not our values
this is not what we think should be done
that’s but that’s coming soon more more
on that very soon
and that was the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
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um so speaking on the
probably dumbest thing that the
government is one of the government
dumbest things the government is doing
before we get in are we still at 200
we i kind of stopped paying attention
for a second oh uh
i think we’re still at 200.
i got banned so much scrolling
oh hold on so much
somebody in the comments let us know
so we well chad stars says yup i don’t i
i believe chad
that’s a sentence i don’t think i’ve
ever said before
oh i think the
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totally that’s totally fine
totally fine so
uh that’s what we’re bidding on current
bid is at 210 and uh we will be wrapping
it up at the end of this now on to
just stupid so stupid 215. the uh
the z variant or no i’m sorry they
skipped that
character for some reason
the omicron variant
uh has been making headlines matt it’s
spreading around the world and it’s
going to
spread further and it poses a very high
global risk but matt thankfully they do
have an ingenious plan to stop it
that’s right dr fauci uh is reaching
into his old bag of tricks and uh
stated that lockdowns may be in the best
interest of the country to protect us
from the omicron variants
not only that
but the moderna ceo
stated that
we really need to worry about the
omicron variant and i do not believe
that the moderna ceo
has any
ulterior motives
when telling
people that we need to worry about this
no gosh no definitely not
and so anywhere that you looked over the
it was fear-mongering here is drudge
report from monday
at some point i don’t remember when i
took this and everything is doom and
every piece of this is about how
terrifying the omicron
variant is
and in it if you were to read every
article on there as i am want to do
from time to time
they said that uh this
preaching to the fear
preaching to the fear they said that
this variant may have mutated from
someone with a weakened immune system in
leading experts
to say it potentially came from a person
who had aids and
causing it to mutate
but holy hell
the presidential covet 19 task force in
botswana sorry about the graphic i
thought that was going to look better
says that the new variant was first
discovered and four fully vaccinated
yeah we’re gonna
make that big we’re
gonna have to make that bigger we’re
gonna make that bigger
basically they said the four cases were
detected among travelers who tested sars
cove two positive on routine pre-travel
testing which meant that they didn’t
have any
a preliminary report revealed that all
four had been fully vaccinated for covet
because as we know the vaccine doesn’t
stop you from getting or spreading covet
and that’s why it’s crucial that
everyone be vaccinated for some reason
so stupid
it’s just so stupid
this has not stopped even though it
looks like it potentially mutated in
vaccinated individuals um this hasn’t
stopped countries from locking down and
not allowing people from african
countries to come into their nations
britain and some other european
countries have done this much of asia
israel and the united states have banned
travel from south africa
that means that biden
who claimed that trump was xenophobic
for banning travel from china at the
onset of the kovid uh at the coveted
pandemic yep
just band travel from south africa
botswana zimbabwe
le sotho sothos what team
eswatini mozambique and malawi
yeah now biden he uh it makes sense he
he banned travel from these eight
countries uh and and it makes sense
because as he said unless we do
something about this my children are
going to grow up in a jungle the jungle
being a racial jungle with tensions
having built so high that it is going to
explode at some point no that was him
talking about uh ending ending
segregation no uh
it’s interesting because
joe biden
and most other developed uh countries
around the world their governments have
banned travel to or from these african
countries even though some of those
countries that have banned the travel
have already detected omicron
in their country
so uh israel italy germany i believe now
canada uh hong kong uh multiple other
countries uh have all strengths but
who has some of the most lockdowns in
the developed world
almost certainly it’s here
in fact certainly it’s here it it’s here
it’s here here it is here
omicron is here so because it’s already
here of course the answer is to stop
people from coming here
bringing it here where it’s already here
so what this really does
is the reason they’re punishing
these eight countries
well first they’re punishing them
because they’re poor black countries and
they’re scapegoating them but the reason
that they’re doing it is because we
believe that omicron uh
originated in those countries and the
reason we believe that it originated in
those countries is because they were the
first ones to alert everyone about the
new variant
so what do you think is gonna happen in
the future when another poor country
finds a new variant of coven
how eager do you think they’re going to
be to say hey there’s this new thing and
we found it it’s definitely already
everywhere else too
but it we found it what do you think
they’re going to do
i think they’re going to wait for
someone else to say they found it
this is similar to a lot of uh nurses
that i talked to who said that they
they would intentionally
not admit to being sick with kovid
unless it was obvious that they were
sick with kovid because they’d get sent
home without pay
so they’d go
work sick
they were punished for doing the right
and that’s literally what they just did
variants are coming out faster and
faster we are soon approaching an era
where there will be more strains of
covid than of weed
and at that point
at that point
at that point
at that point
where we are is uh
no one’s going to want to be the ones to
say that they found it because why the
hell would you if you’re going to get
punished for it um
so that’s fun but again let’s talk about
the stupidity of saying
yes you definitely
you can’t come here from south africa
because you have a a variant that we
already have in our country it’s stupid
this does nothing it was just as stupid
i remember when they were talking about
oh trump needs to shut the border and
stop all travel from china when it was
already here
it’s just stupid
it demonstrates a complete lack of
understanding about how respiratory
illnesses work now i expect this kind of
thing from the comment section on 4chan
i don’t expect it or i guess i should
expect it from our health experts who
are explaining to us why we need to do
it’s security safety theater it’s not
going to actually work they know it’s
not going to work and they’re doing it
but did you see that obviously
go ahead
before we go there
did did you see the backflips the the
mental gymnastics that jinsaki was doing
trying to say
bidens wasn’t racist but trump’s was oh
yeah yeah yeah no it’s that that is
classic republican democrat good cop bad
copyright absolutely absolutely
it is oh well yeah if you’re you’re
racist when that you did that oh now
you’re doing it i guess you’re a racist
now too how about we talk about the fact
that doesn’t [ __ ] work it doesn’t
work it’s stupid i don’t care if it’s
racist it probably is racist like has
anyone talked about banning travel from
just the uk
because that’s where the alpha variant
it was never brought up
now delta variant we were fairly certain
that it might have come from india but
we didn’t know for certain and so there
wasn’t really ever a travel ban that
happened because by the time they found
out about it it was widespread
but this one came from africa
and it might have come from someone with
aids in africa and if we know anything
about anthony fauci he’s made a career
out of scapegoating gay people with aids
that’s actually how he got his start
that’s how that’s how he got his start
yeah with all the gay people created
during that
his two big things
was the aids
uh the aids epidemic in the 80s where he
said there might be a time in which uh
you could catch aids off of the counter
in your kitchen if you live with
somebody with aids
and also it’s all gay men to have it
i don’t he well he said that it would it
could potentially become airborne
yes so what what he’s well he did his
classic we don’t know so like he says
that we don’t know but then he’ll say
like the most scary thing so he said
here’s what we know we know it’s
primarily a disease of gay men what we
don’t know we don’t know if it could end
up going airborne or if you could get it
from casual contact and so you literally
had people that freaked out about any
gay man being around them and would
literally there were gay men who were
shot and killed because they got close
to other people there were gay men who
had auto accidents and uh paramedics
showed up because they knew the person
was gay and they showed up in hazmat
gear and all of that started with
anthony fauci doing his security theater
we don’t know routine and now he’s doing
it with covet in fact now he’s doing it
with covid deride from possibly a black
guy with aids
so this is like his moment that he’s
been waiting for his whole life
or it came because viruses
as we said
in january
thomas tweeder are on the show and don’t
yeah please don’t watch that episode but
we said it on that episode um
but we said on that episode that when
you try to give a vaccine to a virus the
virus wants to live and eventually the
virus doesn’t want to kill the host off
so it will continue to mutate so that
the virus will continue to live
and it needs a host and it doesn’t want
to kill the host off so it keeps
mutating every time you get a vaccine it
in completely unrelated news uh a cro
according to the doctors involved who
have been the first people treating it
uh which one is that
i don’t think i have that one
omicron doctor
could be in there
is that this one
nope that’s not that one
anyway what they’re saying is that it’s
more mild
completely unrelated to what we were
just saying uh it seems to be a more
mild illness uh these symptoms include
headache and body aches similar to other
viral infections similar to the flu
it’s mainly affected people who are 40
or younger
nobody has reported any loss of taste or
and what what i
didn’t put in here that i should have is
that the doctor
uh the doctor who discovered this
yeah the symptoms are mild and they can
be treated at home in a few days
like the flu
and as was reported by
no go ahead go ahead no go ahead
as was reported by reuters almost
i’m going to say that again
almost half of the patients with omicron
symptoms that that she treated were not
and read that sentence again
almost half of the patients with omicron
symptoms that she treated were not
as we like to say it
more than half of the people that she
treated were vaccinated
because the vaccine doesn’t stop you
from getting or spreading covid and as
far as we know as anthony fauci would
say we don’t know
if you’re more likely to get this one
this strain if you’re vaccinated
because we don’t know
and an increasing amount of your
has a thing
and the way purpose of your entire
existence is to spread and replicate as
much as possible and live as long as
and more and more people have that thing
i wonder if at some point
you’re going to change
so that you
flourish with people who have
that thing
in completely unrelated news
we are now told that if you got the
johnson johnson vaccine
that you have to get boosters every two
the cdc announced today
also not in the notes but the cdc
announced today that every american
should at least have three shots
guess what that’s going to mean soon
you know that curve that’s been slowly
going up of fully vaccinated people
that’s according to the cdc definition
of fully vaccinated
guess what’s about to happen
a bunch of people who have been calling
us plague rats and scumbags who want
everyone to die and won’t get over
ourselves are going to decide they’re
going to have to decide
how many boosters do they want to get
for the rest of their life moving
forward and they’re going to be having
to decide this as more and more news
comes out demonstrating that these with
each new variant that vaccine becomes
less and less effective for a shorter
and shorter period of time like the flu
shot which is like we’ve been saying
since last year
this background could not be any more
it couldn’t i’m going to find a way to
get a like a frog on there that’ll just
randomly appear so that’s the good news
we have for you i actually see
i see a good news in this matt and and
because i think it’s becoming
increasingly clear and obvious to an
increasing number of non-branch cavians
that this was all a bunch of garbage
that we’ve been fed
i’m hearing it more and more i’m seeing
it in my social media from people who
are saying i’m fully vaccinated now i
don’t know why i even got it which again
we’re not saying don’t get vaccinated i
actually personally think and i’m not
speaking for matt i think if you are
older if you are obese if you have
comorbidities and if your doctor has
told you that you’re a good that you’re
you know fit or ideal to get it it’s
probably a good idea for you to get it i
think that that’s a good idea i think
once you’re a young person who might be
more likely to get more
myocarditis as a side effect from it
than you are to actually end up
hospitalized with covet if you don’t get
it well now maybe it doesn’t make sense
but at no point should anyone be
mandated to do it but i’m certainly not
saying that you shouldn’t get it by any
stretch of the imagination but their
narrative is falling apart for why you
have to be made to get this every single
justification for why they say you have
to get it is falling apart not why you
should get it but why you have to get it
all of those are completely falling
apart it is not a public health question
it is a personal health question you can
still get it you can still spread it it
does not matter and your how long your
your immunity lasts seems to be wildly
different from person to person it does
not seem to be consistent and it seems
like getting covered you are uh um
immune for a longer period of time than
you are if you get vaccinated
and what i and
people are seeing that i think i think
that i i think as people are realizing
this is an endemic thing it’s not a
pandemic this is not temporary i think
more and more people are saying no no
more lockdowns no more vaccine mandates
no more mandates oh recently cambridge
did a study that the six foot social
distancing is garbage it’s an arbitrary
number that has absolutely nothing to do
with reality you could be as far away or
as close to someone and depend and it
all depends on how sick that person is
and how strongly they’re coughing and
whether or not they’re covering their
their mouth or nose when they’re
coughing and sneezing whether or not
they’re wearing a mask those things
matter far more than three feet or six
feet or ten feet or anything else you
could be 25 feet away and if someone is
hacked coughing in a poorly ventilated
area you could still get it you could be
outside three feet away and if they’re
not coughing at all you could kiss them
on the cheek and be fine
it doesn’t matter
and when you have the
head of the nih who definitely funded
gain of function research and then when
he got caught changed the definition
yes sitting there on national television
saying i represent the science i am the
you know that you are dealing with
who aren’t living in a reality they are
telling you which people to listen to
which people not to listen to they’re
telling you not to do your own research
new york times two three months ago said
uh we shouldn’t be doing our own
research everything is just pointing to
the one man who is out there saying some
of the most narcissistic [ __ ] i have
heard since the last president
and saying i am the science i represent
the science these people are living in a
fantasy world
you sir are the reason that so many
aides or so many gay people were beat up
that were murdered that were shunned
because of the things that you said
you were not following the science
during the swine flu during zika during
bird flu during sars you did not follow
the science and
single president
government administration before this at
least had the balls to stand up to you
and say no we’re not doing what you are
saying we should do
and then covet hit and people listen to
you partially to blame from a
statistician out of britain who said
that five percent of the world or more
is going to die
and you took that and you ran but that
same person came out with stats
for each and every virus that came out
before it predicting the same thing
the fact anybody was listening to that
is beyond me and the fact that you have
been wrong
every step of this entire pandemic from
the onset
all the way to today
you have been wrong and then you’re
going to sit there and claim that i am
the science i represent the science no
you don’t you make it up you are trying
to defend your highest amount of money
paid to a government official four
hundred and seventy five thousand
dollars a year
highest paid federal government uh
employee is anthony fowler employee
is anthony fauci you yes i am the senate
he and he has that palpatine look to him
uh you were trying to he’s like new york
you were attempting to defend this and
you know you are in your last gasps
of of defending anything that you have
said or done because everything you have
said has been wrong
and you keep saying you’re the science
because you can keep saying well i said
maybe or the science changed we don’t
know that’s that we don’t know
which means if you say i don’t know i
don’t know i don’t know then great i
don’t have to listen to you because you
don’t know let me know when you know and
if you don’t know then i don’t know
either and i don’t need to listen to you
anthony fauci this is the second time
that he has said that he is the science
and that anyone who’s criticizing him is
criticizing the science anthony fauci
anthony fauci has the kind of
unearned messiah complex
that only comes from being a lifelong
overpaid career bureaucrat like it you
them and cult leaders are the only
people who will unironically get up
there and say that they know everything
and should be trusted implicitly
explicitly or implicitly
with all evidence to the contrary and
yes like matt said he got caught funding
gain of function research and then
change the definition of it
we don’t know yet
if that gain of function research led to
this specific illness
but we do know that it led to the
creation of viruses
that had 10 000 times higher viral load
than the original viruses that they were
created out of by creating these uh
chimera viruses these hybrid viruses and
then implanting them in humanized mice
that’s called gain of function research
and it’s basically creating a super bug
we know they created at least one
superbug now we don’t know if that
mutated in a covid we don’t know if they
made other ones that then mutated into
kovid but we know that they did it in
wuhan china which is where covet
originated from and we know that it
could have had this one been released it
would have done something similar to
what kovid’s doing so whether it did or
whether it didn’t we know that he cr he
did the funding for gain or used our
money to fund gain of function research
that created viruses that are strikingly
similar to this one
eco health alliance to be fair
did did the research and peter
yes peter dazak i think
they did the research his office
approved it they created a very rigid
set of testing and reporting that had to
be done that reporting was not done in
the way it was supposed to be done when
they did get reports the reports
explicitly said that it was doing
everything they weren’t supposed to be
doing and they continued to fund them
for at least another two years
and remember everybody i want everybody
to remember this we reported this back
i think august
may have been september i don’t really
that eco health alliance went to darpa
and said hey we would like you to fund
this and darpa went no
that seems dangerous and crazy
yep and then anthony fauci went
have some money
darpa darpa who’s involved with nuclear
weapons research and spy planes and all
sorts of other scary stuff
any time that you see these ufos in the
air it’s more than likely a darpa
project they looked at this and went
whoa that seems a bit scary and anthony
fauci looked and said we don’t know if
this will fix everything and so then he
spent a bunch of money on so stop
listening to anthony fauci he doesn’t
even listen to anthony fauci no one
should be listening to anthony falci he
has no idea what he has said he has he
has no idea he has no idea no clue and
his his ego is only comparable to that
of donald trump which is probably why
they hated each other so
i did remember something in the middle
of that going back to uh jolaine maxwell
uh john glenn
john glenn was on the plane
oh no yeah
john glenn was on the plane i don’t know
why i remembered that halfway through
our rants but john glenn
and i like that they said senator former
senator john glenn
because that’s what he’s most well known
so we’re okay yes
man i hope that john glenn wasn’t
involved with that i mean he’s dead now
so it doesn’t matter but still um
okay so uh with the update on the
tumbler uh steven andrew witt is
currently the highest bidder with 3.75
so we are at 375
um here again is the tumbler it’s a
great tumbler you should get it many
people are saying this is the finest
tumbler you’ll never find a tumbler like
this again this is the best fantastic
tumblr billions and billions and
billions in this tumblr
if you this is not that tumblr this is
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man man on the left man on the left
and this tumbler i take this with me
everywhere except for work and the
reason i don’t take it to work is
i like the screw cap that i have on the
one that i take to work because i can
hang it from my belt loop when her you
know my bag when i’m walking in and
i need both of my hands walking in
um but yes this tumbler is fantastic
just hand wash it it’s all you really
have to do that’s all you ever have to
remember about this thing hand wash it
great tumbler from the same company
autographed by me and spike
50 000 hours on the led lights
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this thing will stay lit anytime you
turn it on and it is epoxy uh it’s under
epoxy so you can drink it you can you
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make it into a water pipe to pipe things
that you smoke with a pipe that would
have water
you can do that make it into one of
those not a bong though that’s illegal
in many states including south carolina
but a water probably florida perfectly
perfectly legal so uh yeah so 375 is
what we’re at right now um and uh let’s
wrap things up by uh telling you what
this week is like and then we’ll come
back and wrap up the the bidding uh this
tomorrow night
my guest is bill perkins who is the
author of die with zero which is a book
about giving the the uh a a solid
economic case for not leaving any
inheritance for your kids
and no it’s not just that’s way more fun
and you get to spend all your money
we’re going to all the things you’re
thinking right now but what about with
this what about that i’m going to be
asking it but tune in and if i miss a
question that you have be sure to ask
your question because we’re going to be
live with bill perkins the author of die
with zero he’s also a cnbc contributor
uh he’s on uh he’s on the tvs all the
time um and he’s gonna be on my fellow
americans tomorrow starting at 8 p.m
eastern uh 7 p.m central
5 p.m pacific 4 p.m alaska 6
and then matt you have an incredible
guest on thursday as well don’t you
i do i have amy lapore on on thursday
and you are gonna have to tune in to
find out more about amy because
you’re not gonna believe what she has to
say i am going to very much look forward
to what she has to say because she is
uh one of the
victims of the nonsense in delaware she
is the duly elected chair of the
libertarian party of delaware
the dually elected vice chair of the
libertarian party of delaware uh who was
well she’s going to talk all about it
and uh and what our steps are moving
forward to right that heinous wrong that
apparently the lnc
saw no reason to
deal with and then uh on friday uh at uh
9 30 uh you will have
nulik and noel right here on friday with
cajun and eskimo from bayou to igloo uh
then have a great weekend
be sure to tune into my social media
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i will let you know
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so um i know
anyway so uh and then uh on monday at 8
pm eastern is miss america the bearded
truth with jason lyon and his guest is
hannah cox one of the coolest people
yeah she’s great she’s great she’s just
fantastic and she’s been around with
money waters for a long time she’s she’s
a road dog she’s been around
yeah she was on the writer’s block uh
god like
three years ago yeah yeah
did you know i did not know this but so
i i actually realized this earlier today
next week
yeah next week is our five year
next week is our five year and like
technically it’s december 5th or 4th
december fifth um
is the five year anniversary of muddy
wow so we got yours
holy yeah we have to plan something
yeah we have to do something
i’ve been so busy i haven’t even had
time to even think about it like i
didn’t even realize until today i was
like oh crap that’s next tuesday is
going to be the anniversary show
well folks you heard it here first next
tuesday big
things in store you were not going to
believe it
neither are we uh for our five year
anniversary of the muddy waters of
freedom where matt right now i parse
through the week’s events every single
week with the cheer and a plum of cheery
little plums and uh so that’ll be right
back here same muddied place same money
for matt wright and spike cohen with the
muddy waters of freedom matt oh let’s
let’s we have to finish the auction yeah
let’s finish this auction so
we are currently at
are we still at 375
375. chad star said come on guys let’s
get it to 4 20. yes 14 do i hear 420.
um so we’re currently at 375
and now because
there’s a delay
because there’s a delay
i i don’t i don’t just say going once
going twice because then no one wants
that but
we are soon going to be doing all of
so if anybody wants to put bids in
you’re going to want to do it now
you’re going to want to do it now um
this is a fantastic tumbler i can show
you mine again because we don’t have
this one this one is still at the main
like they had to epoxy it after week
after week let me show the picture one
more time
be sure to get your
your bids in because we’re about to
close it out
50 000 hours on the led lights that is
2033 in a third days
you can wash it 10 000 times
without the epoxy getting off so that
means that spikes in my autograph and
all the pictures and everything else are
going to be on there for
the rest of your life if you wash it as
often as i do
which isn’t
i only drink water out
um you can you could wash it
very very often and still have it for
the rest of your life
for the rest of your life
and keep your hot drinks hot for 10
hours your cold drinks cold for 12.
and uh
all proceeds go to ensuring that
our families have a slightly better
or hanukkah
yes hanukkah
and christmas so
uh we are at 375 i’m not seeing any
other bids
happy birthday on the fifth fetcher
so we are at 375 going once
375 going
sold for 375 uh to stephen
congratulations stephen you know how to
reach us
yeah stephen just pay pal us at muddy
waters media
and uh give us our your address and your
email address
um i already have
i already have your email address but
put it in there anyway so i can give it
to uh defy the power
he can uh [ __ ] send you shipping updates
yeah because if i if i had it i could
just so stephen actually lives in the
it’s in the subscriber list because
steven is a subscriber at anchor.fm
well thank you again congratulations
stephen folks thank you so much for
tuning in matt if someone were to look
for us on the internet
is that
how would how could someone do that
i well
i think um all one would have to do is
go to your favorite social media site
and search for muddied waters media and
you will probably find us
some places much more prevalent than
others but you will probably find us
everywhere else
but if you were one of those old-school
people who enjoy these sweet dulcet
tones of mine and spike’s voices and
don’t like staring into our
what color are your eyes
blue ish blue okay don’t like staring
into our
bluish eyes
our soulful bluish eyes which has never
been said about blue eyes
bluish eyes by four all one would have
to do is head on over to anchor dot fm
slash oh yes
oh it’s amazing
it’s amazing over there
while you’re there you can do things
favorite our podcast
and you can
leave us messages
that we will play live on the air
oh yeah on tuesday nights
right in there
play it play right in the middle there
right in the middle segment of the show
spread that show out
and jackson potluck that was right all
over the place yeah like
like epstein and a 14 year old
not like that at all god
you can also subscribe
where you will get
wonderful benefits
i don’t think we were picturing the same
you also get wonderful benefits
yes like commercial free
playback of any of our episodes
you get
with video now
with video now
on spotify
you get access
to the muddied water subscriber group
you get 10
off at the muddy water store
and you get
access to the muddy zoom
and we’ll do that
i just like to note that what we do is
nothing like what jeffrey epstein did
with children
but also
also um
jessico mitchell said asked if this is
how people get aids
and if you ask voucher yes we don’t know
how people get aids we don’t know if
they get it from asmr libertarian asmr
but yes
or you can find us at
muddywatersmedia.com well folks thanks
again for tuning in to this amazing
episode of the money waters of freedom
thank you for checking out my new setup
here where i’ve got the earth
the the world behind me this by the way
this doesn’t really happen this isn’t
real excuse me this is just a green
excuse me
turns the frog’s gay
so it’s not real
you know that they want you to think
lizard people that this kind of thing
happens behind people but it doesn’t
this is actually a graphic
it’s pink
lizard people
smell the earth
smelled a sense of sulfur coming off of
folks thanks so much for tuning in again
to this episode
of freedom
we will
we will see you very soon
probably too soon and where we’re going
we don’t need roads
alex jones

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