Episode 220 – Republicans and Democrats Are Out of Touch…As If That’s News

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Patrick Leahy is not running for reelection, Biden signed in the infrastructure bill, and Beto is thinking about running for Governor.

Plus, the GOP and the Dems are out of touch, but don’t take our word for it… we have stats.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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what’s up it is time for us to adopt a
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and what we hope to build
i am proud to announce that starting
this could be very positive
it’s about making the time that we
already spend it better we’re starting
to see a lot of these technologies next
there are avatars and that’s how we’re
going to represent ourselves in the
all right perfect i thought i was
supposed to be the robot you’ll see
their facial expressions you get to
decide when you want to be with other
people when you block someone from
appearing in your space or when you want
to take a break and teleport to a
private bubble
we’re gonna talk about the metaverse
i thought i was supposed to be the robot
meta meta
i hope that you will join us i want to
share what we imagine is possible
this is not the way that we are meant to
use technology
that’s a glimpse of the kinds of
experiences that you might have in the
metaverse you’re going to really feel
like you’re there with other people i’m
here i also want to be upfront about the
fact that there’s a ton that we just
don’t know yet what so we’re going to
approach this with humility and openness
we’re going to talk about the metaverse
i was supposed to be the robot
i hope that you all join us
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike jigglypuff cohen i am matt
wright and together we are traversing
the muddied waters of
i thought i was gonna be pikachu but i
like jigglypuff that’s awesome
so if you think of you in the members
exclusive that hasn’t gone out ah
we’re just gonna show this for
seven hours
thanks so much
thanks we already did that earlier so we
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and i’d like to thank leble
for giving me water but not just water
water that’s in a bottle so i don’t have
to walk around drinking from a carafe
all day
so we got to have some fun this weekend
week man we had so much fun this weekend
we had so much fun this weekend i don’t
know how many of our regularly scheduled
viewers on tuesday uh tuned in
i had to reset the volume on my on my um
bluetooth sorry go ahead
i don’t know how many people that
regularly watch on tuesdays uh tuned in
for the
the saturday special
the saturday special that had uh
appearances from me jason spike cajun
and then spike did a
he did a speech
as i am now calling it when spike gives
a speech at a convention it gets the
base of jumping
it is uh it is the libertarian base a
jumping it gets everyone ready to jump
through walls and uh and you know run
through the which was good because it
was mostly um partitioned so it actually
would have been easy to run through the
walls compared to like if it were
concrete um but yeah no we uh we had a
really good time at the south carolina
libertarian convention in greenville
this weekend and it was i mean with the
exception of nullic who we just
photoshopped her avatar into everything
uh it was uh me you jason
uh the the the muddied wives kelsey and
sarah um uh cajun uh and his wife were
there cajun libertarian my wife was
there as well uh it was pretty much the
whole money crew minus nullic uh that
was there and uh and we had a fantastic
time and uh i gave a speech
sarah uh super fan sarah andereg and
host of the takeover
team twin uh whatever they’re going to
call them
she and kelsey both were on a panel with
that morning and they did fantastic when
so spike was on this panel and every
time spike does anything he he does a
great job
um but when we talked about this panel
we talked about brian brian scott
lambrecht brian
and kelsey
yeah because they did such a fantastic
job on the panel
jason and i kind of forgot spike spoke
no listen i agree kelsey and and jason
uh kelsey and uh and sarah did a
fantastic job with their presentation
and brian lanez
brian good god
most people don’t actually know who
brian is and they see me there and they
think wow spike’s gonna blow it out of
the water which i will but then brian
shows up and freaking mauls everyone and
they’re like who the hell was that
and uh and yeah no he was fantastic um i
i love how and i know how he does this
because i’ve been i’ve seen him operate
before and he gets up and he’s like this
is what they don’t teach you and then
you tell some like insane story about
something he did or something on the
campaign trail he’s like and that’s the
stuff that that’s the kind of stuff that
they don’t teach you and everyone’s like
so it was no it was really cool and um
yeah and then at that that night at the
gala i gave my my speech
we had a great time
and this episode
and if you haven’t watched the saturday
night special
with uh the entire muddy team yes
i’m certain that uh anybody watching it
will understand all of the jokes
one of them
this episode of course is brought to you
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the gravy king
joe soloski is running for governor of
pennsylvania joe siloski is the key to
pennsylvania’s success and if you’d like
to help him become the first libertarian
governor ever to go to joesalowski.com
that’s j-o-e-s-o-l-o-s-k-i
dot-com jack casey
is running to become the first
libertarian to ever write a book that i
read and i still haven’t yet uh
jack casey has written three books the
royal green in silver throne did and
crowned by gold
which are available at the
royalgreen.com what are they about we
don’t know we’re never going to watch
read them and uh if they’re ever made
for tv we’re not going to watch them
because we know
that it’s probably not nice the things
that we say about it
thomas quiter is running for state
senate thomas quiter says that he runs
better than albany
which he finds funny because as he puts
it i’m a giant [ __ ] whose feet you can
if you like to help thomas become
the state senator
i mean like he’s running an actual
series campaign i was with him in uh
in oneonta we went around oneonta new
york and uh i mean he’s the real deal
but uh you know he was going and talking
to folks and doing q and a’s and signing
up business owners to become part of his
team and getting donations and doing
everything you need to do when you’re
running for state legislature and then
he pays me to refer to him as a [ __ ]
tom for 52
you can eat whose feet you can need
whose feet you can eat whose feet you
can eat tom from 52.com that’s
feet you can eat
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those tumblers to
yep so uh
fantastic weekend it was uh hanging out
with jason and kelsey
uh you know it was me sir uh me sarah
jason kelsey you tasha um
cajun sunny
bootleg and uh his wife caitlin um
getting a chance to meet jason’s
daughters um
brian and uh jenny um and carly and her
husband brian like the having this group
together it was awesome um was one it
was awesome
it was awesome
we’re gonna get into this a little later
uh we’re gonna get into this a little
later but
the the
the strength of the libertarian party
and the direction of the libertarian
party uh
is going in a good direction is going in
in a very positive direction there is a
lot of good energy going on
in the libertarian
uh in the liberty movement and uh
having weekends like that really fills
me with a lot of hope for the future for
yep yep absolutely um and also
utter so coming into this convention it
was a goal
i had two main goals and i wasn’t the
only one who had these two main goals
there were many people but i can tell
you i had two main actually three main
goals my first goal was
anyone who knows the libertarian party
knows there’s a lot of different
factionalism and this is nothing new uh
some of these factions are new but the
factionalism isn’t new and it’s largely
along the same lines it’s always been on
um and
that’s also true in south carolina and i
wanted to try to
heal as much of that rift between the
factions as possible because the reality
is we agree with each other 95 of the
time and we should be working together
another goal of mine uh was to um
we had a platform the state party had a
platform that was written i believe in
the 90s by some conservatives and it was
it was did it was not good it was
it was not good and uh and it didn’t
reflect what we believe as libertarians
and so i had a goal of going in and
helping to just completely revamp the
platform basically to almost start from
scratch and uh and we did that we now
have a platform that starts by saying
that government is if it is to even
exist uh should uh only
exist to protect the lives and rights
and property of people and that that’s
it’s only the only tolerable thing that
it can do
i yes
go ahead it’s no longer a legitim it’s
no longer a legitimate government it is
a tolerable government it is a tolerable
government at best and what’s funny is
the legitimate government thing was
actually the original attempt to revamp
it we actually further refined it by
saying no no that’s not legitimate it’s
tolerable we will tolerate a government
for now that does that um and uh and
that was fantastic and then another goal
was that we learned lessons from what
happened in pennsylvania where
libertarians won you know close to 150
elections just in that state alone and
use that molten maneuver use that same
strategy in south carolina and that’s
exactly what we’re going to be doing
more on that in the coming weeks and
months but it’s going to be fantastic
we’re going to do some great stuff in
south carolina i couldn’t be happier
with how everything went um
i just i just want to give a massive
shout out to um to kelsey lyon
yes who put together like that entire
weekend and uh
she put together a fantastic event she
was able to get all of these people
um and
get the venue and get everything yep
the amount of work that she did for this
weekend and just so anybody who’s
involved in their in their in their
state affiliates or their local
affiliates knows that these are
thankless jobs yes
you’re not getting paid this is this is
you are doing this on your own time and
you are doing it uh literally for
everybody else and
99 of the time uh people are just gonna
[ __ ] about it and say you know oh well
they should have done this when nobody
else is willing to lift a finger
exactly kelsey did
a wonderful job at everything that she
did on that uh for that uh convention
and she deserves all of the props in the
world she does she did the the lion
share huh
the lion share the work no she did she
did i there’s really not a better way to
describe it she did like uh just most of
the work um i’d also give a shout out i
want to give a shout out to steve and
libby dosbach for being very uh
hospitable to me and tasha when we came
up um just a great job by everyone
involved speaking of a thankless job we
are now
going to do the thankless job of telling
you terrible news very quickly on this
the mud water mushroom coffee
replacement cacao rapid fire segment
brought to you by mud water coffee
alternative if you woke up today and
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well spike instead i want to try
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i want that
yeah i do too yeah i want that more than
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tastes like a
relaxing mc
a relaxing mix of reuben’s rooibos chain
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uh a sweet relaxing baby made of rooibos
chai and cinnamon or something like that
um i made a graphic for it and i don’t
know where
um i am
i mean they say this other one tastes
good too they say that this
that this one is is good and i
they they don’t say that one tastes good
they say that
they understand if people like it
well speaking of things that i
understand if you like it
if well matt why don’t you tell us
famed batman enthusiast and the man with
the most cameo appearances in batman
movies with six appearances in five
separate movies and one tv show is
that’s right patrick leahy has announced
he will not run for re-election next
after nearly 50 years in the senate
he’s going to be retiring and uh
honestly we don’t care we just actually
we really that this whole thing was a
vehicle to point out that he was in
batman more times than
any other civilian
he was in batman more times than any
person was in bat played batman
that’s impressive actually
yeah he he’s actually in more batman
movies than anybody ever
well how about that well now he has more
time to devote to being in
batman movies
more more batman movies
you know i watch i look at this picture
of him with heath ledger and i think if
he said that was one of the most
terrifying moments of his life because
he thought pleasure was really going to
cut open his mouth
well look at it look i mean he looks
scared like
make politicians afraid again
great job heath
speaking of which joe biden signed the
infrastructure bill into law this week
adding another 1.2 trillion dollars to
the national debt but who’s counting
right matt
who is counting it like does it matter
it doesn’t it doesn’t matter anymore
uh as you all know we covered the
infrastructure bill like extensively
when it first came out
um so we’re not going to cover it all
that much here we just want to let you
know that it has been signed if you want
to get the information
on it i just included the link into
the uh chats
uh so you should be able to find it
waiting for facebook to go through
i don’t know facebook will because it’s
a youtube link um
it went through
um so you can check it out there so you
so you can get the uh
the full
shakedown of what it is that is in that
and shakedown i mean quite literally
what you need to know
is that democrats who voted for it voted
for it because um
it’s a democratic bill yes exactly
the republicans who voted for it
voted for it because they wanted that
sweet sweet sweet sweet pork like the
pork that brian lambrecht made at
jason’s house oh gosh
i couldn’t have it but it smelled
amazing right it was so good
let’s just pick out somebody at random
a republican at random um
let’s just say mitch mcconnell okay
mitch mcconnell who voted he he voted
for this
kentucky is going to receive more than
4.7 billion dollars over four years um
to report roads bridges um and they are
going to read they’re going to receive
647 million to improve water
100 million to expand broadband coverage
391 million for public transportation
204 million to improve airports and 69
million to expand the state’s electric
vehicle charging network now
i know
we talk about this in the other episode
but as far as the state’s electric
vehicle charging network
as more people buy electric cars
more places like your gas stations or
um your gas stations or uh
different parking lots or whatever
wherever you are paying to go to will
install these things
in the free market yeah so that way you
don’t have to uh
spend your taxpayer dollars on them
in areas where they aren’t needed
yeah you don’t get robbed of hundreds of
millions of dollars
uh to
pay for things that aren’t needed yet so
by the time they are actually needed
they’ll probably be obsolete uh or need
fixing or repairing and since they’re
owned by the government the government
will say oh we’ll take care of that and
it’ll cost more instead of just we’re
already seeing it now we’re seeing malls
that have parking spots and garages that
have parking spots for electric car
charging we’re seeing gas stations that
are in you know including electric car
stations we’re seeing uh uh tesla’s
actually building their own uh uh
supercharger stations across the country
and more and more homeowners that have
electric cars are buying the charging
stations uh to put in their own house
like it’s it’s not needed it’s not
needed and all of those things water
infrastructure broadband coverage public
transportation improving airports these
are things that those companies and
services would pay for themselves and
instead now the government’s paying for
it robbing you to pay for it the cost of
those things is going to be
exponentially higher than it would be if
the companies were paying for it itself
it’s going to make the cost of things go
up because they’re running up debt and
printing out money to pay for it which
means that your money loses value
this destroys wealth you know even when
they spend on supposedly good things
like infrastructure it would be better
to be spent by the companies who
actually want these things expanding
broadband coverage is good for the
companies that sell you broadband uh
public transportation let them add it to
the cost of the public transportation
improving airports the airlines are
multi-billion dollar companies let them
pay for it the uh uh electrical charging
networks tesla
gm ford mercedes let them pay for it and
that this is what happens over and over
again it’s one thing to say that they
need to pay for roads and bridges which
even that’s disputable but all this
other stuff it’s just wasted money it’s
like matt said this has nothing to do
with taxpayers this is about throwing
money at pork to get politicians
reelected pay off the cronies who
bankrolled them in the office and stick
us with the bill for the whole thing and
future generations that aren’t even born
right like mitch mcconnell has a quote
that i was looking for the video of it i
heard the audio but i was looking for
the video and he said
this is this is the first time i get to
come up here and talk about the
sun bridge in kentucky that’s going to
be able to be fixed and right
you know
if it’s a bridge in kentucky
that needs to be fixed why have you been
waiting 25 years or whatever exactly you
have been waiting to have it fixed
exactly as opposed to
getting it fixed just get it fixed been
letting a bridge just get become
dilapidated that word that’s a word uh
oh hi katie she says hi uncle matt and
uncle spike
hi katie hi katie
katie drew something you guys
hold on i’ll be right back
you say things okay i’ll finish my i
will you’re gonna allow this bridge to
just become a hazard essentially and
just start falling apart because you
want federal dollars to fix it as
opposed to
i don’t know holding a fundraiser a
gofundme to fix it um as opposed to
paying with it from all of the excess
money that uh andy bashar got uh for
instead you’re just going to continue to
instead you’re just going to continue to
uh wait for the federal government to
give you money uh costing people from
all across the country uh the their tax
dollars in order to pay for it no like
these things should be handled in the
state i understand that some interstate
stuff yeah i get it that should be under
treaties you know interstate treaties uh
which congress is supposed to help with
that doesn’t mean that
uh you shouldn’t be fixing anything in
order and just waiting for federal
dollars waiting for the rest of the
country to pick up the bill you should
be fixing these things yeah and not only
that but it also makes the cost of it
the longer you let something fall apart
the more it costs to fix it instead of
just maintaining it on a regular basis
again government does everything
terribly you have the stupidest and most
dishonest people who are making
decisions that do not affect them and
that they exempt themselves from and
they use other people’s money your money
to pay for it what on earth makes anyone
oh and you can’t opt out of it so what
on earth makes anyone think that’s going
to lead to good outcomes so speaking of
good outcomes that we do have because it
was from a voluntary solution from
someone who’s not a liar or an idiot
katie the lion katie lion she drew this
beautiful drawing for me and my wife
it’s a red
dog and a purple dragon
named spike
no copyright infringement intended
it’s very beautiful she also made a hot
dog for us out of clay in like 40
seconds it was inspiring i feel bad
i feel bad because uh katie is fantastic
katie’s wonderful yes um
and as i was unpacking
katie i’m very sorry you took her
you stole a child’s crayons
i did yeah they were in the trunk of the
katie i’m very sorry this show is over
i was
all this means katie is you need to have
your parents bring you down to saint
pete i
and i am going to keep these crayons
enjoyed my time here right up here
but it’s over now
i can’t continue
doing a show and a media outlet
with a someone who steals crayons
goodbye everybody
yeah i’ve i felt bad when i saw him in
there i was like oh
i could have i that would be fun i see i
would as i would have to mail it back i
would be this i would be like um and
they’d say no no it’s fine and i’m like
no i’m going to spend more
than the cost of the crayons to ship the
crayons back
but i know because i’d feel that bad or
i’d be like here here’s let me send you
a gift card
so speaking of doing terrible things to
children kyle rittenhouse will have to
wait another day to find out his fate as
will the rest of the world matt
yes that’s true
right now
that segway
so this morning at uh roughly 11 15 east
jury delivery
for seven and a half hours yes
seven and a half hours
uh and for all of you who happen to be
here on muddy waters you got most of it
that image just literally just literally
for seven hours
yep that image for seven hours
there was a huge debate going on
on uh can you put the image back up real
quick yes um there was a debate going on
in the chat over
what you see where it says forward at
the top yes
what’s the thing underneath it oh gosh
hold on let me find the actual because
this is not a made well no if if you if
you look at the actual picture you’re
going to know immediately what that is
oh okay i don’t want to yeah i don’t
want to spoil it because it’s obvious
there but let’s okay so
has anyone seen
has anyone seen that painting that was
redone where it was like a painting of
jesus and it got messed up and they
hired like a local artist to re um
to like revamp to uh to restore it and
it and it’s like they call it monkey
jesus because they screwed it up here
i’m gonna find
i’m gonna find the picture they like so
messed it up that it’s not even like
it doesn’t look the same at all here let
me just grab this
so you can see what i’m talking about
they just utterly ruined it um
uh like it wasn’t even close
that’s kind of what this image is like
it’s it’s similar vibes
hold on
wait where’s that
all right yeah
why is this saying did yeah uh it’s a
pickle was one of the ones i saw um it’s
a pickle
chicken wing i hadn’t seen that before
excuse me uh platypus
uh pepper it’s a pepper anteater
trash kitty opossum platypus platypus
lots of votes for platypus um
beaver fat ant eater
this is monkey jesus so
so it had gotten messed up over time
and so they hired a local artist said to
fix it and it looks like that now
so and this was like a medieval era or
renaissance era painting
of a spanish fresco so anyway that’s
kind of what this is like if you look at
the actual seal
that looks like and if you’re
a stuffed pepper it
because of the things on like to me it
kind of looked like a turkey like a
thanksgiving turkey but i could just be
looking forward to next week yeah i
could see that
but pepper yes i see i see pepper yeah i
see pepper
i see like
a club
like old old-school uh
fred flintstone club
yes i see that i see a poorly drawn
umbrella if like the thing on the right
that’s i believe actually a tail was
like a handle was like a clubby handle i
could see that right there’s a few
things there really it’s just not good
it’s actually supposed to be a beaver
it’s supposed to be avenger
uh let me look again oh you know what
probably is a badger
whatever it is it’s not supposed to look
like i’m only basing that on school
mascot so
yeah you know what that probably is a
i don’t know
i could that could be a badger or a
beaver i don’t know but it’s certainly
not whatever the hell that is
but they trust this is more audio than
you got looking at this picture all day
long yes what we’re doing we’re breaking
it down we’re breaking what happened
you know they tried whoever made this
tried they tried
they tried this is the important stuff
it’s a dirt devil vacuum yes i can i can
see that
yeah no it is whoever made this they
they tried as hard as joseph rosenbaum
did and
so the jury deliberated
for seven and a half hours or so
and then they called it at the end of
the day
so we don’t know what’s going on yet
i mean we know what happened to joseph
but we don’t know
we don’t know what happened in there and
there have been multiple rumors um
there’s been multiple rumors uh and i
my own theory
which may or may not be
um but uh
probes pro pro i gotta look it up hold
i don’t remember
it’s like
jack prob
i need to find him on twitter because i
have no jack
the soviet together with a panel that
decides like what is
yeah i don’t i don’t know
anyway he said he said something
yeah so he said that according to a u.s
two of the jurors were worried about
releasing their
releasing their opinions because they
were afraid of being doxxed in any of
the uh
negative effects that might come from
them saying that kyle is not guilty
now to that
i have to say i
they have six other jurors that are
sitting there waiting
because they’re in in wisconsin the way
they do it there are 18 jurors and then
on when they send the jury out they
select 12 of them in a lottery
and then the other six have to wait
have to wait until they can um
whether they’re called or not they still
have to wait until
everything’s done so there are other
jurors there so if two of them were like
we don’t want to do this because we were
afraid of being docs they i think they
would just call in two other two other
jurors to replace them so yeah
and i can under i also understand that
the other jurors might feel the same way
and that is something that they have
uh considering so
possibly true
possibly true very possibly um
there is the possibility that
one person is holding out
that one person is holding out one way
or the other whether it’s not guilty or
um and they just won’t change their
minds and
they’re just like nope we’re just not
gonna we’re not gonna change our mind on
this i think that he is not guilty um or
you know i think he is or i think that
he is guilty either way yeah right
either way and they won’t change their
mind and they are trying to figure out a
way around
the uh the hung jury because they don’t
want to leave this too off they don’t
want this to go to a hung jury no
they do not want that to happen
my theory
my theory because i’ve watched a good
portion of this trial um
i think that they think that he is not
and they came to that conclusion
later in the day
i don’t think they wanted to say it late
at night while it’s after the sun had
gone down
uh for fears of rioting and stuff so
they’re going to do it earlier in the
morning tomorrow
so that way
you have time to get out the national
guard have them out and ready and you
have time to get the uh the police who
didn’t do anything the first time uh out
there to try to help do what kyle did um
but that that’s my theory that is my
theory is that they didn’t want to do it
at night
that’s a valid theory i i hadn’t really
thought of that um
you know a lot of people they’re worried
that this is going to be lead to you
know widespread rioting across the
country i do think there may be rioting
will likely be at least some riding in
kenosha maybe the surrounding area i
don’t think it’s going to be widespread
and long term uh if um kyle is found not
a lot of people who are very bold right
now are going to be less bold moving
again i and i’ve said this i’m not
speaking on matt’s behalf i’m speaking
on mine i think it was dumb for him to
go there i think that it was not a good
idea for a 17 year old uh and and i
think it was an even dumber idea for his
mom to agree to take him for a seventeen
year old to go to
i thought she did take she didn’t take
no he he drove there he drove there
himself because in the trial when he he
was like i drove to my friend’s house
and he goes well why didn’t you take
your car why did you take
whatever his name is kyle smith or
whatever uh why did you take his car and
he goes oh well i don’t have a license
and the
the prosecutor was like you don’t have a
license then why were you driving from
here to here and he goes because i had
to drive there to go to work
so he drove there
on his own
like a lot of the stuff a lot of the
stuff that was out there is
wasn’t even what came out and
wasn’t true yeah um so i don’t think it
was a good idea for him to go there but
with that said once he was there he
wasn’t trespassing he wasn’t threatening
anyone he was helping clean stuff up
and uh
when he when people started attacking
him that night
he was
he got kicked and hit by some people
that he didn’t shoot he only shot people
tried to reach for his gun or tried to
or or pointed a gun at him you know he
or hit him with a skateboard or or hit
him with a skateboard like there was a
guy that there’s a couple of pictures
that shows where there’s a guy that that
walks up and like kicks him and runs off
and he doesn’t shoot that guy because
you don’t use deadly force against
someone who kicks you and runs away
he had
better trigger discipline than probably
any any of the cops there would have had
and uh he he had better trigger
discipline than the prosecutor
we should have gotten that picture let
me get that picture we should have
gotten that picture yeah
um now typically in um typically in
trials uh
the longer the jury deliberates the
worse it is for the defendant
this isn’t and again this isn’t a
steadfast rule uh and derek chauvin they
deliberated for like two hours
it was not i don’t remember exactly but
it was not long
right um
and they came back with a guilty verdict
that that’s not to say that the longer
they sit on kyle or they deliberate on
kyle means that they’re going to
that they’re going to find him guilty
but typically as a
as a rule of thumb
the longer a jury is sits into
liberation the more likely it is that
the defendant will be found guilty
typically so no typically yeah it’s
something that is something to keep in
mind uh is something to keep in mind
during the
proceedings of this uh if it goes
through tomorrow
if it goes through tomorrow i’m
definitely saying at minimum hung jury
yeah he’s not gonna be
guilty if it goes through the next day
it will eventually become guilt
yeah i think it’s really tomorrow
i think hung jury or not
yeah and so meanwhile you know you have
kyle out here showing you know uh
pristine trigger bliss discipline the
whole time and yet meanwhile you know
here’s the uh here here’s the the
i’m sorry this this image appears to
have been doctored here’s the prosecutor
oh no
what you had so here is the prosecutor
and from another angle he’s pointing it
at the jury
at the jury
with his finger
on the trigger
and with the chamber closed meaning that
he didn’t he and if he didn’t do if he’s
got his finger on the trigger that means
he definitely didn’t check the chamber
to make sure it wasn’t
this guy has no clue what he is doing
it is not uncommon for a rifle to have a
round chambered and this
what three
all four of the rules of gun safety um
certainly the one about your finger on
the trigger and
pointing the gun and anything unless he
wants to he might want to destroy the
jury actually maybe he maybe he does
want to
kill the members of the jury
that might be his only strategy at this
but uh
yeah he uh
he went at it didn’t he
he he did he
and i meanwhile she’s flagging ellie in
here the guy behind him has does not
have his finger on the trigger
yeah he does not no no this was he does
not got elian gonzalez i remember that
wasn’t that a man that was 20 years ago
i mean just to just to note here
he’ll never
be in the u.s marshal service at this
so we will see what happens uh when it
comes to we’ll see what happens
and uh tomorrow
starting at 10 eastern 10 a.m eastern
uh i believe that mr america the bearded
truth will be streaming the door
uh all the way until
all the way uh we’ve got a preview of
what’s gonna happen tomorrow
he has and just for this he has special
guests lined up to call in and uh and
one of whom is the guy who made this
this seal
and he’s going to talk about
he’s he’s a really good wood uh
i i’m willing to bet the guy who made
that seal is the judge
that would be funny yeah
i just made this in my uh garage over
the weekend and i figured i’d just pull
it out my uh
oh yeah just figured i’d put it up in
the chambers here so uh people can see
the the woodwork i like to do
give you something good to gander at
oh yeah so i’m not speaking i’m not good
with badgers
i’m not go oh
i tried i thought it was a beaver and
then i got to work on it and it turned
into a sideways teardrop with a with a
penis and uh then uh it kind of looks
like a seal there but i tried my best
and that’s what matters
that’s what matters there oh
so speaking of midwesterners you know i
do well
i’ll say it later i can’t say it
i have no idea where that was going
yeah i know
speaking of inappropriate
a group of house republicans sent a
letter to merrick gardner
garland the uh
joe biden’s attorney general who is
whose uh voting record as a federal
court judge is 98 similar to that of
brett kavanaugh because you were all
calling into question the validity of
his testimony in front of the house
hearing on the parents at school board
this is very you’re going to be hard to
read but basically
oh man that came out worse than i
thought yeah but that’s i made that so
fast you made it tiny
we’re gonna get in real close there we
this is for ants
so here’s the basics of it the uh
disagreement garland
it’s for ants
the uh he testified in uh in front of
that he didn’t see any circumstance in
which the patriot act would be used
in the circumstances of parents
complaining about their children
and he certainly didn’t see a
circumstance where they’d be labeled as
domestic terrorists he didn’t think that
parents getting angry at school boards
for whatever reason would constitute
domestic terrorism it’s not even a close
question well it turns out he did say
directed the
to do exactly that to
angry school parents as domestic
terrorists using the patriot act
and then they apologized
yep notified a new threat uh tag created
by the counterterrorism and criminal
and they’re supposed to apply this new
threat tag to all investigations and
assessments of threats specifically
directed against school board
administrators board members teachers
and staff
they are using the patriot act to go
against angry parents and he lied about
the next day
when government gets a power
they use it against you eventually and
then they lie about it
on october 20th he sent out the
on october 21st he spoke to congress and
said no
that is something that i don’t see ever
will anything come of it
absolutely not no
no but the sitting attorney general of
these united states
lied to congress about creating a new
terrorism tag to place on parents
who stood up at school board meetings
to protest what school boards were doing
when it came to covid or crt and
whatever else and i don’t care how you
feel about those issues don’t care nope
parents have a right to be mad when it
comes to their
children’s schooling yep
whether you agree with
their opinions on these things or not
damn they are in there and they are
and they are getting angry and the
school board says they were threatening
us even if it wasn’t a threat that does
not make them a terrorist
and the federal government should not be
treating them as such
that makes the government the terrorists
um this is
what government does and this is why we
say even if you like the pretext behind
why they’re assuming a new power they’re
always going to end up pointing whatever
gun you’re giving them at you and this
is a perfect example of that and it’s
also a perfect example of how no one
is going to get prosecuted no one is
going to be sued
no one is going to be fired and at best
there might be a mild window dressing
policy change that ultimately doesn’t
even really amount to anything and
probably not even that
this is what government i mean so
so you have merrick garland here um who
lied to congress and now you have
evidence to prove it uh i sent you i
texted you the uh
the email
that was included in that letter yeah
because it wasn’t in the original thing
we didn’t have time to make a a graphic
for it but there is an email that goes
along with that where they state
everything that’s in it um
so he lied fauci lied about gain of
function neither of these two men
nothing nothing is going to happen to
these two men
not because and remember if it was you
if it was me if it was spike if it was
anybody watching the show you would be
in prison
you would be in prison nothing will
happen to merrick garland or fauci
not a thing
not at all even when more than likely we
find out uh that the us government under
fouchy was directly
responsible for the creation of covet
even if that happens
the likelihood of anyone actually being
anything other than may be fired for
that is very very low they will say
mistakes were made and it would be
well and that’s the other thing is it
won’t be fouchy other people will get
fired and blamed for fouchy uh and then
they’ll say mistakes were made you big
it and then they’ll move on with their
lives and you’ll still get stuck with
the consequences of their action
eco health alliance will lose all of
their grant ability but they’ll just
rebrand under a different name and start
getting the grant money back again
yep and in fact actually what’s probably
going to happen is we’re going to start
hearing messaging about why gain of
function research is necessary and that
will be the tip that
you’re about to find out why well they
already so
they already changed they already
changed the definition of gain of
function yeah
what’s coming next gain a function
go ahead
well i was gonna say they changed the
definition of gain a function like after
that letter came out they changed they
changed it on the uh
uh nih website um
so that way when fauci went back up
against rand paul uh he would be able to
according to the definition that’s not
what this says that’s not the right
they’re just going to continue moving
the goal post to make sure that whatever
they’re saying is accurate in that
yeah and the other thing that’s going to
happen is they’re the same way with
inflation how they’re saying they went
from there is no inflation to it’s
transitory and only on specific things
too it only affects the rich to it’s
good now it’s good soon inflation will
be about equity and anti-racism and if
you’re against it you’re a bigot they’re
going to do that with
with gain of function research
if you start seeing them normalizing
gain of function research you’re
the okie doke is coming they’re going to
have to admit that they created this
thing and then that’s when it gets real
fun and again we don’t know if that’s
what happened but if that’s what
happened that’s what they’re going to
start saying gain of function research
is suddenly going to become something
that’s well you know how else are we
going to fight serious diseases like the
ones that are being created by us
so uh
speaking of fantastic things that are
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wait is there are are these the old ones
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cajun libertarian
hey what’s up mat and spike cajun
libertarian here your favorite personal
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on muddy waters of freedom south
carolina was amazing thank you both so
much for all of the work and efforts
that you put in it is unparalleled and
there is no replacement for being able
to sit right next to you and learn from
yeah absolutely amazing thank you so
much that also goes for jason lyon mr
murica the
quote unquote bearded truth
you are a fantastic human being as well
your family is phenomenal you guys are
great but let’s be honest for a second
the only reason you got a signed
portrait from spike cohen saying that
you have the best beard on muddy waters
media is number one you cried about it a
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also he paid me
he also paid for the
no all the all the proceeds went to
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he also gave me 20 bucks
again it didn’t i didn’t keep it but
i figure you know if someone pays for
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best beard on muddy waters love spike
best beard on muddy waters love spike
here go fight somewhere
because i love you all
all right here’s the next one
cajun libertarian here right back at
with another personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law anchor
calling moment calling
we’ve labeled parents
that want to speak out at school board
meetings as domestic terrorists but yet
we have the new york chapter of blm
saying that there will be bloodshed and
violence if they don’t get their way
there are
people trying to hold the written house
trial hostage by saying there will be
violence and riots if they don’t get
their way how are those people not
domestic terrorists but yet the parents
are obviously we know the answer to that
but the real question is how do what do
we do as the people
stand up and say this is not right this
is incorrect and we’re going to hold you
accountable how do we do that also how
do we hold corey bush accountable for
her disgusting lie of a tweet saying
that she was
shot at by white supremacists at the
ferguson situation
well obviously corey bush wasn’t shot at
in ferguson because she was in bosnia
with hillary getting shot at
by snipers
and brian williams
brian williams i was like who was that
ryan williams brian williams was there
have to disagree with cajun here a
little bit okay um yeah no the the
parents are not domestic terrorists
um the parents are not domestic
terrorists i’m not going to disagree
there uh but just like the parents
aren’t domestic terrorists
uh for being heated and saying something
that you know might be
you can’t say
that the blm people in new york for
saying that are domestic terrorists
um or that the people at the uh written
house trial are domestic terrorists it’s
not until once they do the action that
they become the domestic terrorists
um i do i do agree that the
that the definition of domestic
is only it’s become a it’s a political
moniker like they oh yeah they give it
whoever is in charge gives it to the
party or the the the mindset that they
disagree with um but just because
somebody says it uh
during fits of rage and anger doesn’t
mean that they’re actually domestic
terrorists it means that they said
something that they may
absolutely regret having said in that
but if they do something afterwards uh
backing up what they said that’s when
they become domestic terrorists so once
that happens that’s when i will agree
that those people are domestic
yeah we gotta give them the chance to
see if they’re actually going to do
anything or if they’re just angry and
the thing is they’re going to be some
people who are just angry they’re going
to be some people who do something
stupid and
you know we’ll have to see you have to
judge people as individuals i i
understand the frustration um
but i also understand the frustration
that you know uh
one thing that it was actually john
phillips who’s um one of my favorite
people in the libertarian party um he
made a comparison after the
um the shooting of
malia bryant i think her name was in in
uh where uh an officer showed up to a
shooting it showed up to
the scene of an attempted stabbing where
uh malia bryant had actually called
uh on people that was her sister
oh it’s her sister that call 9-1-1 okay
and her sister yeah because malia bryant
was fighting with the p with so
malia bryant was malia bryant and her
sister were foster children and being
fostered by
this family
the two older
siblings i think they may have been
blood related either they were other
foster children who
weren’t at the house anymore were
bullying malia and mainly malia
and uh she was like i don’t want to be
here for her birthday she’s mean
whatever and they’re like no you have to
be here and a fight was starting to
break out and it started escalating and
that’s when the little sister called
on what was happening
um and then that’s when malia bryant
yeah so then when the cops showed up he
doesn’t know any of this he knows that
he’s been called to the site of a of a
disturbance in a fight and he sees a
girl come out charge one person knock
them over pull out a knife or already
have a knife and start charging at
someone else uh who was standing there
by a car and about to get stabbed he’s
saying drop the knife dropped and i’ve
dropped a knife she doesn’t drop the
knife he she has plenty of time to
to drop the knife she knows she’s he’s
right there yelling at her she obviously
hears it and he kills her um too and and
in doing so saves the life or safety of
the the girl that she was about to stab
and the community got very upset about
it and it kind of that kind of died away
and i think over time people realized
this was a terrible terrible unfortunate
event but that officer didn’t actually
do anything wrong but initially there
was this very angry white-hot response
to it and john phillips said something
my thumb right now is fine there’s
nothing wrong with it and if i hit it up
against this i go ah that kind of hurts
but i’m okay
but if my thumb had been smashed into a
car door multiple times so it’s broken
and it’s and it’s you know inflamed and
it’s hurting and i’m trying to get it to
heal and i just barely touch it against
it hurts so much that that sends pains
up my arm i’m in excruciating pain for
something that otherwise would have been
fine i think when a community has been
is so inflamed by a combination of real
events like police shootings of unarmed
people and uh disproportionate harm at
the at the hands of big government and
and bad policies that target all of us
but especially the most marginalized
among us coupled with people that you
know rile them up in order to make money
and you know push them towards their
political goals and aims all of that
together leads to people being inflamed
and upset over something that they
probably otherwise wouldn’t have had
those other things not happen and they
heard that a kid
who was trying to help a situation
whether it was smart or not for him to
be there
ended up defending himself against
people that were attacking him
they would have said okay well that’s
very unfortunate but it is what it is
but coupled with all that other stuff
and the the uh also the fact that
corporate media was in in um
insistent on dr dividing us on this um
that leads to this but yeah we can’t we
can’t assume they’re terrorists um here
is the next
one from justin lomnes alumnus
here we go
hello muddy waters media every time i
try and subscribe every it’s telling me
that it’s an invalid email address
so i don’t know if it’s something with
anchor fm or not but uh
you look into it
thank you
yes we will look into that
look into that right now
send us
uh an email at uh what is it muddy
waters media gmail.com
i think is it
i think it’s saying that his is
his is an invalid email address yeah
yeah yeah but what i’m saying is he can
contact us and we can follow up with him
all right so we have uh two from
uh not a real libertarian here’s the
first one
so guys i need y’all’s help also from
the audience uh if you would like to see
one cajun libertarian in a dress with
the photo posted on social media
there is a link that people need to go
to to do so
i feel like it’s far more beneficial to
see him in addressing anyone else so if
you want to i will post the link again
in the comment section for anyone who’s
to see cajun libertarian in a dress
go to the link listen to the episode for
a few minutes and then you can turn it
off if you want to um
yeah you’ll have to go the link and
listen in order to get cajun in a dress
thank you
i don’t think that’s true
i think we could get cajun in a dress
i don’t i do am i the only one that
doesn’t want this
i mean i don’t but
i think we could do it if we did oh i’m
sure we could do it i just don’t want it
anyway here’s the other one from bootleg
quick thing uh if you want to see cajun
in the dress you have until 1am to go
listen to that link
i would recommend everyone doing it
tonight that way the numbers count and
you can get cajun address
i i you know i
if you want to go and listen uh
he he put the link in the uh in in the
chat uh so
feel free to uh go to the link after
this show is done
after the show is done
yeah keith mccoy is like yeah sure
everyone wants this i’m like
i don’t know
no i’m good
what was your last comment
uh uh yeah libertarian said the issue
isn’t whether there were or are acts of
terrorism the issue is that the
institutions are labeling said people as
terrorists and weaponizing said
institutions against that particular
demographic and that’s not the person’s
actually threatening violence yeah the
government should not be picking winners
and losers here and um right
you know i we saw on the flip side we
saw that when uh trump was
going after not rioters but protesters
with uh you know
uniformed um basically military police
that and they were you know detaining
people we don’t know what really
happened to them like we presume that
they were let go at some point um but
this is what happens when you put again
government is a bunch of liars and
sociopaths and idiots who are making
decisions that don’t affect them
spending your money uh to pay for it and
not giving you an option to opt out and
it does not it doesn’t lead to anything
dave davis says to a democrat the nra is
a terrorist terrorist organization they
definitely are not they are a gun
control group they are a gun control
uh that
the most effective gun control group in
american history actually
to the democrats and to a lot of other
people rittenhouse is a uh domestic
terrorist yes
to a lot of other people he is not so
when you when you are giving these
titles to people without a strict
definition on what one
and it leaves it open to interpretation
the powers that be are going to be the
ones that decide who gets that title
and like when we covered merrick garland
uh right before the chris reynolds break
uh you know he’s giving it to parents
uh he’s giving it to parents who are mad
about what’s going on in the schools
trump was giving it to people who were
protesting over the summer
it is 100
on the party in charge on who they are
distributing that out to
did they do something violent did they
did they do something violent were
people killed were buildings you know
i’m not against
uh i’m not against uh labeling people if
we have a strict definition on it but we
have to have a strict definition on it
that can’t waver
exactly and we’re not going to because
domestic terrorist means whatever they
want it to mean it’s a scary term that
gets you to it conjures images of people
in your backyard trying to blow
everything up and kill people and so
they just are gonna haphazardly
throw that on anything that you know
they want you to be scared of in that
moment you’ll notice right now they’re
focusing on trying to label uh
unvaccinated people as being more
dangerous than covid they want you to
actually fear the people more than the
virus itself
you had the ceo of i think it was the
ceo of pfizer it was somebody had open
pfizer saying that people who spread
misinformation about covid and the
vaccine online
were criminals who deserve to be put in
jail because they were responsible for
millions of deaths
yep millions of deaths
not the virus i haven’t checked
i haven’t checked the i haven’t checked
the count recently but i think five
million people have died
by the way that’s also another another
uh reason to think that we’re about to
find out that this virus was not you
know something that was naturally
occurring that they accidentally created
this thing in the lab because if they
can make you hate people more than the
virus by the time you find out the virus
was the fault of you know the sainted
anthony fauci they can say oh well but
you know the real danger here are people
spreading misinformation and lies and
the people who don’t you know who aren’t
listening to our health experts and are
putting the lives of millions at risks
and if you say yeah but they created the
virus they go that’s not what’s
important here and it it
it’s all about it’s again it’s the
hucklebuck and the okie doke um speaking
of hucklebucks and okeydokes
turns out politicians are out of touch
according to a washington post abc news
hold the highest lead
where is that
republicans hold the highest lead
um for uh this is very early we’re
talking a year out but republicans hold
the highest lead
uh in history of this poll
uh or i guess the highest lead they’ve
ever had in the history of this poll uh
with a 51 percent to 41 percent uh
difference over the democrats 51 of
respondents saying that they will vote
for the republican party in the midterms
yeah and so this poll has been going on
for 40 years and i think that the
highest the republicans have ever
scored on this poll was like eight
well like 8.8 points difference
now they’re at a ten point different
right now they’re
they are at the majority not a plural
chief mccrory where’s the libertarian
darius man come on
of course there’s not an abc washington
post poll they aren’t putting
libertarians in there
well here’s here’s the answer to that so
early voting 51 to 41 51 plus 41 is 92.
that means that 8
said something else
they said something else even though not
being prompted
so that that’s where libertarians and
third parties are
and what they what they list that eight
percent as is undecided because the way
that they do these polls is they say
republican or democrat and if you’re
like well no i’m gonna vote third party
they’re like well no just in in this
situation it’s only republican and
democrat there is no
well no then i won’t vote well and then
so they just count them out and they
aren’t a prospective voter
that’s how they do these polls
yeah so
it’s it’s a skewed number uh but the
people who are
the people who end up saying undecided
most of them are going to be voting
third party
um a
a minority of them are actually
um and part of the reason that the
democrats are at 41 in this poll is
because they are
a lot of their diff
their problems are deep
they are deep
they have
soaring economic discontent uh you’ve
got rising inflation across the board i
think that they’re at
point eight percent
from this time last year
i think that’s right six point two
percent the highest that’s ever six
yeah six point two percent uh record gas
prices in california 488 a gallon
70 percent of the respondents say that
the economy is in bad shape which is up
from 58
last spring
just half of
well just half blame buying directly for
inflation uh
the worst inflation since bush one
since like the the og bush the original
the original bush
um his approval for handling the economy
overall is down to 39
um and has dropped six points since
early september and 13 points since last
he has uh he’s 12 points underwater
in job approval and this is i is this
the is this one poll or it’s an average
of polls oh it’s the abc news not
washington post poll that’s the abc
yeah these are terrible terrible numbers
uh he has also dropped 12 points
um in uh in in virginia um and he
dropped 14 points in uh new jersey oh so
the difference no that’s so the
difference between how much he won by
and how much the democrats won by
dropped 12 points in virginia which was
enough for the republicans to win
after biden won the state a year earlier
by 10 points
and then it dropped 14 points in new
which led to the republicans coming
within a matter of a few hundred i
believe a few hundred or a few thousand
votes of winning there yeah a few
thousand votes yeah because
by 15 in jersey the year before
and a broad sin and what most of these
respondents said is that um
the democratic party is out of touch
with the concerns of most americans
of the people who responded in this abc
washington post poll said that
the democrats are out of touch
that’s roughly two-thirds of the voters
who say that the democrats are out of
touch which is
no matt absolutely mess
matt so that means of course that since
the republican party has a resounding
10-point lead right now and two nearly
two-thirds of voters are saying that the
democrat party’s out of touch that means
that the republican party is seen as
wildly widely being in touch with what
the country wants or needs right
yes but mostly no
they are four points better which in
many places is considered a landslide um
but only 58 but 58 of voters see the gop
as out of touch with the direction that
the country is heading
or so both within the margin of error of
um and looking to the midterm elections
next year uh 58 of all adults and 59
percent of registered voters uh are
inclined to look around for someone new
to vote for slightly above its average
dating back to polls in 1980 to 1989.
of this nation
of the
of the potential voters in this nation
are looking for something
when 2022 comes around you’re going to
start seeing
this is the most important midterm
election of our lifetimes
you’re gonna
you’re gonna see you’re gonna see that
you’re gonna see um
much like you did lat
much like you did last year where
you know this is a this election is
about america’s soul
we’re we can have
your kyle written houses running all
over the place
or you can have the democratic party
that’s trying to help
you know you’re gonna have the
republicans saying we need to stop the
spending that’s causing the 6.2
even though
they are quick to forget how much
spending was done in 2020.
this is what this election is going to
happen 58 of americans are looking for
something new um independence
which is what they lump a lot of us into
they are often the swing votes in the
national elections are favoring gop
candidates 50 to 32
um and in 2018 the last midterm they
voted 12 points in democratic favor
moderates are dividing closely six
points for democratic candidates
48 to 42 percent
as opposed to the 26 points in 2018
yeah they dropped 20 points on moderates
which is insane
yeah and and suburban and voters
continue to favor republicans uh 55 54
to 39 in uh in suburban areas and uh
rural voters oh
two-thirds to one-third actually
two-thirds to one quarter with quite a
few there in the gap in between uh that
are um
uh 66 to 26 for republicans um the
democratic advan advantage among uh
urban residents at 52 to 38 is well off
of 2018 and uh and
i just want to point out that was copied
and pasted
that was copied and pasted
they said it’s well off of their
uh 2018 results yeah
that means
that it was off so much
they were willing to put 20 what is it
24 points
20 points
20 points they’re willing to put in 20
they wouldn’t put this number in because
that’s how far off it was that’s how bad
it is yeah yeah because if you think
about the typical voting lines
you know i remember when we were
watching that uh terry mcauliffe was
getting uh you know 75 to 20
in some of the the northern cities the
northern counties and everyone was
saying that’s that’s off of what he
needs and it was like what what does he
get 85
yeah in urban areas it’s like 80 85
percent democrat so 5238 is just
that is dead
that’s bad that’s where they’re supposed
to make up all the numbers that they
lose in uh suburban and rural areas and
typically democrats have to typically at
least do 50 50 in rural areas
and they ain’t doing 50 50 they’re off
by 15 points there
right now the libertarian party or
liberty liberty-minded people in general
i don’t care what party you’re for uh
liberty-minded people in general are in
a unique spot you have 58 of the people
think that the gop is out of touch 62 of
the people think that the democrats are
out of touch
uh urbanites are looking for something
up urban urbanites are looking for
something else uh your suburban your
suburban families and suburban people
they’re looking for something else
this is a huge time
both parties have proven that they
they’re republicrats to quote spike they
will continue to
they will continue to spend more and
more money make debt worse and worse
create more and more inflation and it’s
hurting everybody from the top all the
way down to the bottom with the people
at the bottom getting hurt worse because
when the gas prices go up who does it
hurt it doesn’t hurt your elon musks and
your jeff bezos
it doesn’t hurt those guys it hurts the
people at the bottom
and those people can’t afford your
electric cars or your hybrids
they’re buying cars that
have to be worked on and i’m only saying
this because i was that i am that person
i’ve been that person for
so long
they aren’t worried
about that person but they’re going to
continue to say we’re here fighting for
that person
when they say uh inflation what’s the
term inflation it’s uh it’s only a
ritual person that’s trans transitory
thank you um it’s transitory
they are ignoring
the lower class the middle class the
lower middle class they’re ignoring all
of those people
and that is why this is happening
and right now we have the ability
we have
245 candidates
running for
state and federal offices in the
libertarian party
and then yeah that’s not even close uh
that’s not even close to the right
number i know that but um yeah and and
and this is a very whatever it is now is
a very early number that number will go
up quite a bit in the next few months as
people start
like getting nominated by their state
parties and things like that so you know
we’re we’re going to have several
hundred maybe as many as a thousand or
more that are gonna be running for
local state and actually well over a
thousand that are gonna be running for
local and state and federal offices
across the country
right now the american people are out
according to abc washington post that
they want a different choice it’s there
they have it
it is up to each and every one of you
as well as us
to make those choices known to everybody
and this is where
messaging on campaigns becomes so very
very vital
um the panel that we spoke about at the
beginning of the show that uh spike sat
on and that sarah and kelsey and brian
and casey crow was on it as well
it was about messaging on campaigns
right that’s what that was about that’s
what i got out of it
spoke about messaging on campaigns and
how to properly message and how to build
the campaign
i believe you and i talked about it last
you and i either talked about or i
talked about it on saturday where you
aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel
you’re trying to take what works in
and make it slightly better and then
pass that information along like with
your um
culture of winning that you did for a
little while
you you are
this is on all of us we need to get the
word out about the people that we want
to see in office
brian lambrecht gave a fantastic talk
on getting people media time
yeah and how to properly do it
sarah gave a wonderful talk on social
media marketing
kelsey gave a great talk on graphics and
i don’t know what spike talked about
it’s like the show i tuned them out
yes um
this is where sharing
information about your candidates
is massively important this is where
volunteering for campaigns and getting
them on media is massively important if
the american people want another choice
let’s make it
so obvious that there is another choice
that they can’t ignore it
yep yep
that’s what we have to do and we started
that process in south carolina and we
will be continuing it uh tomorrow
actually at my final event
for in-person event for the year uh i
will be in raleigh north carolina
at tobacco road we’re going to be doing
an end-of-year event for the wake county
lp uh we have had close to 100 people
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this could be a huge event and it’s
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eastern we are going to go live there
for my next episode of my fellow
americans where i will be answering
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great time there and then i get to be
after that i get to be home for the rest
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to it and then on thursday
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