Episode 219 – It’s the Election Night Special! (Sort of)

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Happy election night! The VA Governor’s election is over right now, so we will be looking into what is happening there along with Scott Bowman in Detroit running for Police Commissioner. Jenn Psaki caught the covid, and Joe Biden may have or may not have had an accident of Kaitlyn Bennett proportions while meeting the pope this weekend.

And the President of the planet, Joe Manchin, continues to flex his political muscle.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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it’s another beautiful day here at the
world famous talladega track and you
know what that means jim that’s right
bill it’s another beautiful day for some
fast and furious nascar action and today
all eyes will be on brandon brown right
you are jim he’ll be chasing his first
ever nascar victory and i have a feeling
the crowd will be rooting for him today
as you can hear the chance from the
crowd let’s go brandon
let’s go
listen to the crowd they’re chanting
your name
almost there brandon you got this
as you can hear the chance from the
let’s go brandon
i don’t know if they’re saying let’s go
brandon or something else but either way
brandon is the winner of the race
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard
for spike the chewbacca to my han solo
cohen i am matt wright and together we
are traversing the muddied waters of
i can’t do the thing i i used to be able
to do it but i can’t do it now folks
thanks so much for tuning in to this
amazing episode of the muddy waters of
freedom it’s a special episode because
you’re here it’s also a special episode
this is the election day
night extravaganza
sort of
kind of well there’s really just the one
right there are there are there a lot of
other other big rate are there big races
in this election
no there’s not
i’m looking i’m literally googling
big elections tonight according to news
that we are getting right now ashley
shade won her election oh wow
well that’s a good one
i’m assuming because jimmy lee just said
congratulations ashley shade so i’m
assuming he’s not giving us false
i would sue i would hope not
look that up if that’s true anyway this
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first and foremost want me to thank the
wonderful and fantastic people at
nakamal at home for the copa that i am
drinking on today’s episode
there it is
it’s really good
and i’d like to thank
for this delicious water that i’m
drinking on this episode of anako
i can’t find
anything about ashley’s race
so i was listening to a uh podcast today
because every once in a while i get
tired of listening to political things
so i’ll listen to
murder podcasts
you know kind of plan out my next few
years and um
i was listening to one today called i
believe it was called over my dead body
and i was just kind of in and out on it
because you know i was at work so it was
in my ear but i was just kind
of fading in and out while i was
focusing on you know my job and
yes i think i could be wrong but i
that um
there is a person that they talk about
in this podcast uh
who is a murderer whose name is jeremy
that’s just
factually incorrect
mean i’m certain there’s more
no but it’s it’s
no it’s wrong though it’s incorrect and
i’m not
it’s not real
that’s that’s fake news i don’t say fake
news but that’s fake news i didn’t do it
fake news just fake news i didn’t do it
he was in the trunk when i bought the
she was in the trunk when i bought the
car this episode of course speaking of
this episode
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casey is he
cult leader
thomas quiter is running to be the next
state senator
of the 52nd district of new york i’m
actually going to be hanging out with
him more on that later
thomas quiter says he can run better
than albany which is hilarious because
he has a very rare genetic deformity
that has left him bound to a wheelchair
for the rest of his life
get it
thomas quiter
is one of the best people i know
he’s a good man
he’s a crippled man
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yeah joe makes drifts over on youtube
says usps won’t mail my vape stuff no
more and i’m mad as hell okay buddy look
i feel your pain
i do uh because they did the same thing
to me
and they
because i don’t know who you use for
vaping purchases online i was going
through electric electronic or electric
tobacconist and uh
they were using this company that was so
that um i swore i would never use them
again and they they’re like we’re really
sorry here’s five dollars and i was like
cool and
i went to go use it before it expired
and the shipping on it was now like
forty dollars in order to get shipping
done for a twelve dollar bottle of juice
so now it is literally cheaper
just to go and purchase it at your local
vape shop and then you’re supporting
local as well
the one race that we’re actually
following besides ashley shade who
already won
is uh glenn younkin and terry mcauliffe
are running
neck and neck
uh for governor of virginia
uh with
princess blanding of the liberation not
liberation party
i’ve gotten some calls no i have not
endorsed her and no she’s not a
libertarian but anyway
uh i wish her well i wish her the best
and uh but glenn younkin currently
of the results in
glenn younkin the republican is
currently ahead 55 to 43.
the counties to watch
there are a few of them but the main
counties to watch are this one
this one
and this one
well there are a couple others too but
these are the ones i’m really watching
but especially this one fairfax county
is the only county with a population of
over a million that i could see
and terry mcauliffe has a
so far a commanding role there
and so if you look at most of the other
counties they have a population of
anywhere from
you know half a percent to five or six
percent of the population there now
there are some
other counties that mcauliffe is leading
in but more modestly that have higher
populations and there are a couple that
have some fairly large populations that
youngkin is leading in like the virginia
beach county
so it’s pretty neck and neck with junk
and actually junkins fairly well ahead
everywhere else except here
that’s the dc county there
actually these three are the dc county
but that’s the real dc county
so it’s really going to come down to
what kind of turnout and then i guess
arlington county as well which is a
smaller one right there but that’s going
to be the really big
i want i guess fairfax city as well but
that whole area there is going to be
this really needs to be watched
david over on youtube says virginia
beach is the second largest population
of all of them and yeah that’s accurate
i can’t i can’t see what that was
yeah no uh sounds sounds right prince
william county has a higher population
but it’s not a whole city it’s a county
so we’ll see we’ll see what happens here
this is going to be a
a nail biter although if this leaf
i’m thinking glenn younkin’s lead isn’t
going to hold but
who knows it might yeah i mean i don’t
know i don’t think so
i don’t think it’s going to hold i think
i think he could win
i think yanking could win
but i don’t think he’s gonna
win by 12
or whatever that says right there yeah
yeah um
it it it’s going to be closer than 12
definitely and if mccl mcauliffe was the
governor uh before governor blackface
was the governor yep and
governor blackface has been governor
blackface in my mind so long i forgot
what his real name is northam ralph
northam northam ralph northam yeah
governor blackface um governor blackface
yeah yeah
yeah it was terry mcauliffe who and he’s
he is your typical clinton knight uh
he’s good friends with bill and hillary
and uh he was a dc insider
and uh he won back in
what 11-ish
probably 13
1-3 1-13 served his term uh couldn’t run
again because that’s how virginia is you
can only do one term at a time
and uh then ralph northam governor
blackface uh took over so junkin uh is
trying to kind of defeat
the incumbent
in this situation
one of the things that
one of the things that people are
mentioning about this race is they were
worried about the
black turnout for this race because
ralph northam is so widely known as
governor blackface black face yeah
governor blackface that uh many of them
have lost a lot of trust in the
democratic party in virginia uh so
they’re worried that they just aren’t
going to show up to vote and also yonkin
is the first non-democrat to receive uh
endorsements from different factions of
the naacp in virginia
the democrats are sweating this
uh but they are saying that they don’t
believe that this
uh that this election is going to be
decided until friday do you remember
when elections were decided the same
night do you remember those days
yeah i mean let me see
when we knew at the end of election
night who won
uh yes that’s a that was a different
time man
that was a different time that was
before 2000 um
that was before 2 000. let me line that
up so people can oh there we go so now
at 54
young kid’s still ahead 55.9 to 50 43.4
this is it’s it’s really going to come
down to just how much fairfax county can
be fairfax it’s going to be fairfax and
then down near richmond
chester county
chester county junkins ahead
uh go go up go up to that tiny little
one that’s richmond city
yeah there’s zero percent in from
right and then population okay so enrico
doesn’t have as much as i thought that
they did
but uh so yeah the um
so yeah democrats are going to say that
this is going to take until friday which
means that the gop uh is already talking
about voter fraud and uh election fraud
and things like that oh yeah if we have
a situation like with trump where like
young kin is ahead for a while and then
the votes start pulling in from the
cities and and uh mcauliffe wins
get ready for
accusations of uh
voter fraud
but there won’t be anything done there
won’t be anything done because ralph
northam won’t do anything about it
no whether it’s real or not it’s not
gonna happen yeah
right whether it’s real or not um
so it’s gonna be interesting uh this is
sort of a bellwether on what 22 is going
to look like virginia’s actually kind of
good for that because they they are a
they’re a newly democrat state they’re a
newly blue state uh the first time that
they went blue was in 2008 with obama
they’ve gotten democratic governors but
it was kind of democrat republican
democrat republican and then sometimes
it would go republican republican but it
never went democrat democrat
in 2008 they went blue
for obama and pretty much they had been
a blue state ever since and mainly as
spike was pointing out that’s because of
arlington county fairfax county and
loudoun county prince william a little
bit but that’s only because people from
those areas moved out just a little bit
and for anybody who doesn’t know i grew
up in prince william county uh so i know
the area relatively well um
so in 2008 they turned blue and they’ve
been blue ever since but
it’s always been kind of close like you
kind of watch them but you kind of just
assume that they’re going to go democrat
at this point
if the republicans can squeak out a win
here in virginia that
was a red state to a purple state to a
blue state if they turn it back into a
red state the democrats in 22 are going
to be terrified
because that means in areas where it’s
purplish or
leans red that they are still
uh that they’re incumbents then
they are going to be facing an
exactly uphill battle
be facing an uphill battle it didn’t it
did not help
that i don’t know if mcauliffe’s
campaign did this
or if it was just the lincoln project or
standing with the whites white
supremacist yeah
sending out to people dressed up like
mega lovers wearing holding the tiki
torches and stuff
like that did not help
that did not help even every major
left-leaning group out there was like
trashing the lincoln project and saying
we have nothing to do with this this was
garbage don’t do this and they’re like
we’re just trying to show that he no no
you’re not you’re you wanted people to
think that there were white supremacists
that we’re doing that were going to
young in the rally like give me a break
incidentally another race we’re watching
scotty bowman was your um guest last
and currently in the race for police
commissioner district four
scotty bowman and his uh opponent willie
bell are tied zero to zero
yeah i don’t think theirs ends until
eight o’clock their time
it’s close race so um
also by the way mailbox
this is a real nail biter which one’s
gonna get that one vote um
also this is the mud water uh mushroom
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sudafed or some coffee
uh so um
speaking of things
that taste
and that when combined you’d expect to
be terrible gen saki and kovid
jinsaki is currently one of the
she is in the group of people that is
probably tested the most that is uh
protected the most with the people that
are allowed to be around her and i’m
just gonna go out and say she’s probably
one of the most vaccinated people in the
world oh yeah
i don’t know if you can be more
vaccinated than somebody else but uh she
tested positive for
uh-oh now
there isn’t a single person that she
comes in contact with
that hasn’t been tested or hasn’t been
vaccinated or you know isn’t wearing a
mask or isn’t social distancing there is
some combination of all of that that is
happening with every single person she
meets yep
every day of the week
uh yep
and she tests it’s not going to be
not going anywhere it’s not going
my snarky self wants to say she should
have worn a mask more often but i’m
willing to bet that she did like i i
honestly believe that she was probably
i think she doesn’t wear a mask for the
press conference because
can you imagine how dirty that mask
would be with all the crap that just
comes suddenly
during a yes just all the
backs held there
so uh i would say that but
the mask probably wouldn’t have helped
much and if you are a person who is
watching the show for some reason who
believes that the
pack of a hundred
masks that you got from sam’s club for
ten dollars is doing anything to keep
covet away
you’re wrong
kovid’s not going anywhere
it’s going to be
like the cold or the flu
and you can get your shots and your
boosters but that’s not going to change
whether or not you’re going to get it
you’re going to get it at some point
at best it will give you milder symptoms
and as it mutates with each new wave
that’s going to become less and less
you want to require that to be able to
go anywhere
get back to me after your 15th booster
because the boosters aren’t every year
they’re like with the flu they’re gonna
be every three to six months
so give it like three four years
speaking of people in the white house
who excrete crap
joe biden
had a trip to the vatican
pope i put matt pope how did
how did that go man
so he had a trip to the vatican he met
with the with the pope for a uh for an
exorbitant amount of time he met with
the poop
for an exorbitant amount of time
in the bm room uh but
we’re not saying
that this definitely happens
because we don’t know we have no idea we
we weren’t in the vatican there’s no way
of knowing
i don’t know where spike was i haven’t
been paying that close attention i think
he was not there
i think he was in alabama last week but
i’m not sure
okay he was in alabama i was here i was
here in florida we weren’t at the
vatican we don’t know what transpired
the pope
and the president
but according to amy tarkanian the
former nevada gop chairwoman the rumor
is this
the word around rome is that biden’s
meeting with the pope uh that biden’s
meeting with the pope was unusually long
because biden had a bit of a bathroom
accident at the vatican and it had to be
addressed prior to him leaving
i know we often joke about this but this
is the actual rumor going around rome
and again we don’t
know if this is we don’t even know if
the rumor is real but nope
now of course snopes
has preemptively said
that it’s false
the reasoning behind their
because when i googled it
snopes was like the first thing that
came up yeah
the reasoning behind it was uh snopes
has said there is no evidence that this
happened so they have rated it false to
which i thought but there’s no evidence
it hasn’t happened
that’s true as well now obviously you
know your guinness you’re innocent until
so there’s a chance that the leader of
the free world
free world
um you know the world where
the leader of the free world
pooped his
the leader of the free world where
they’re getting ready to mandate
vaccinations for citizens and uh has a
higher prison population than
anywhere else in the world um the leader
of that uh
possibly pooped his pants while
partaking with the pope
the president pooped with the pope
the papal partaking
possibly possibly
in the pontiff room and the pond
the pontiff
not even probably
possibly now we do know
that uh he then swung by the old cop26
summit to virtue signal with a bunch of
politicians who all flew there in
private jets
for something that could have been an
or a zoom call
instead they
they and tens of thousands of support
came in private jets
emitted the amount of carbons that a
small state did that same day
got together to talk about climate
change did they walk away saying that
they should deregulate the safest
cheapest cleanest most carbon neutral
form of energy nuclear no of course not
they call for a global minimum tax that
all of the developed countries except
for china and russia of course they’re
not going to do it why would they commit
economic sepuku
to the altar of climate change
when they could just let everyone else
do it
and of course since they’re the major
contributors or certainly china and
india are
uh the major contributors to
pollution and climate change nothing’s
going to actually change
these politicians can continue to
grandstand and [ __ ] you on your own
while that happened
joe biden had a happy time
[ __ ] fighting [ __ ]
blind [ __ ] yes the the
joe biden had a
we have some exclusive footage
of joe biden
build back better blah blah blah green
economy blah blah blah
net zero by 2050 blah blah blah net zero
blah blah blah climate neutral blah blah
blah our hopes and dreams drown in their
empty words and promises
we need constructive dialogue but
they’ve now had 30 years of blah blah
blah and where has that led us
over 50 percent of all our co2 emissions
have occurred since 1990
and a third since 2005.
i would have fallen asleep too
i’m just gonna go ahead and say it i
would have fallen asleep too
i don’t blame him for falling asleep
there are not that many opportunities i
get to make a
video of joe biden
potentially sharding
in his i couldn’t pass that up
in asleep
sadly uh there will probably be more
opportunities for you to do that in the
near future and they will increase over
time um
so there’s that to look forward to
listen i i probably would have dozed off
too the difference is i would have not
wasted my time or taxpayer money even
going there in the first place i would
have written everyone and said this
could have been an email and then i’d go
to bed
saving all sorts of climate emissions
my time and the american taxpayers money
and i’d take a nice nap in the in the
white house and i’d wake up he didn’t
did you hear that when he was meeting
with french president uh macaroni
macron was like
he was asking him he was like yeah you
made this deal you know french-like
i can’t do it for jackson you made this
deal with uh
with england and australia and you just
left us out of the mix all together and
honestly i had no idea about any of that
i believe that
you just i had no idea about any of it
sorry i believe though no clue
i believe that
you don’t believe that
i i uh i 100 believe that
so that was a moment that was very much
like when um
when uh the journalist khashoggi was
and everybody was asking trump they’re
saying you know why don’t you go after
the saudis for murder and khashoggi you
know he was an american citizen and this
shouldn’t happen
and trump sat there in a press
conference and said i’m not going to
blow up the world’s economy for one
that was the most honest moment any any
of us have ever seen easily
easily that was easily honest as a god
joe biden saying i had no idea about any
of this
was the second most honest you have ever
a precedent be
he didn’t mean to do it
no no he did not know that was happening
and he didn’t mean to do it oh update
real quick update with 63 percent in
glenn younkin still ahead by almost 12
what are we looking for about i guess
yeah 11.000 over 200 000 votes
and uh fairfax county’s 32 in so if
they’re gonna
they’re gonna pull some kind of thing
they’re gonna have to do it soon
yeah this is uh
i’m not gonna say it’s unprecedented
only because of how
how upset ralph northam made the
the black community in virginia
yeah and how bad the first
11 months 10 months of joe biden’s
presidency have been this is not
unprecedented no
if it’s not
if it’s not a blowout
i think terry mcauliffe comes back and
wins it but
right now it is looking
very much
no i’m not even going to say that i’m
not going to even say it because
i listen it is looking increasingly like
he could win it’s looking increasingly
this is going to be
a young can win and i will another thing
terry mcauliffe was
constantly painting glenn younkin as a
trumper and mega
hat wearing
a candidate
i don’t believe trump showed up to that
until the eve of the election until uh
last night or maybe not last night but
over the weekend
this means that you know with virginia
they’ve got early voting so most of the
people that voted anyway
or a good portion of them but anyway i
don’t want to say most but uh
terry mcauliffe he brought out everybody
he had obama he had uh harris came out a
couple of times joe biden came out jill
came out
he was pulling out all the stops
glenn young was like i don’t really need
anybody to come here and speak on my
behalf i’m just going to do it and if
that works for him and he ends up
winning good on like good on him yeah he
will have defeated the entire democratic
party and the the shadow of trump
looming behind him so here’s where we
are uh
fairfax county is 32 in mcauliffe’s lead
is actually a little bit more modest
there than it was before it’s still 68
he’s still commanding lead but before it
was like 70 something
yeah it’s gonna it’s
i don’t think that we are i don’t think
that we are anywhere near the end of
this race
no but we’re getting close to uh
with 63 in and a
12 point lead 11 point lead
uh 11
you know what my password for the new
york times is uh with an 11 point lead
yeah just under 11
that’s a that’s a strong lead at this
time and again it’s all going to come
down to fairfax
and it’s not as though these there are
other i mean there’s still plenty of
other counties that are still
that are that are pulling in votes for
that are heavily for yunkan that are
still pulling votes in so it’s not like
oh we’ve already reached the republican
total like um um virginia beach county
where yunkan has a commanding lead uh
still has 45 to go so i mean we’re
this is
i’m not
gonna be surprised if by the end of the
show they’ve
predicted someone’s gonna win
well we will we will find out
we will find out together everybody now
speaking of which
going back to
this here’s what we’re also going to
find out and that is who left messages
for us
here on
the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor call in
where you can go to anchor don let me
close that up or you can go to anchor
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slash muddied waters and you can leave
messages for us that we will answer
right here on the personal injury
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if you need to sue someone in florida
he’ll get you so much money it’ll be you
won’t know what to do with it
so here are the messages here
and we’ve got
are these
first two the ones that were from last
oh the yeah those are the ones from what
i just i don’t have it in me to delete
them yet
um and this one from matt hicks that’s a
new one
yeah the the three above it are new okay
all right so here is one from laser
legend himself matt hicks
hello there guy on left and spike this
is matt hicks calling in only personal
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
at law anchor colin moment tm
with your julian maxwell trial update
so firstly uh
the federal prosecutors uh handling the
case have refused to offer any sort of
plea deal which is an interesting
development uh it means uh two things
they have a slam dunk case and that they
are not getting pressure from up on high
to make this all go away quietly
and secondly
uh the judge in the case has also ruled
jalane maxwell’s defense attorneys will
be allowed to call
her accuser victims to the stand which
kind of unusual in cases involving
sexual assault and crimes of the like
so do with that what you will hashtag
laser legend
it’s incredible i think they’re relying
on the media just not talking about it
you know here we are everyone’s talking
about the kyle rittenhouse trial
right which i understand i get it this
was a what’s that
which we will i mean i can talk about it
a little bit but um
like it’s not in our notes to cover
it’s not in our notes to cover tonight
and frankly the trial’s just starting it
and it’s a trial of whether a kid killed
three people or not kid 17 year old
whether a young man killed three people
or not
okay that’s we can talk about that
julian maxwell was allegedly part of a
global pedophile ring some of the most
powerful people on the planet
i feel like that’s more important
and we’re not talking about it at all
oh and the main person involved killed
in a super max facility
where he was supposed to be monitored 24
so here’s the next one from james m
hey spike and guy on left this is james
m ray calling in on the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor call in moment and i think i got
that right which means i’m probably not
drinking enough
anyway today’s message is about a very
important project i have where i’m
trying to hurt all the cats to go along
with me and maybe you will and maybe
they won’t but from
the 24th thanksgiving the 25th to the
there is um
i i am proposing that everyone
turn free ross into your middle name
and um i know it’s a weird ask but
and and it’s not my idea other people
have done it first but if we all did
this just for that weekend it would be
really really cool and it might get the
cr the biden administration’s attention
who knows
anyway thanks bye
so james is talking of course about ross
ulbricht um who uh was the founder of
silkworm one of the either the founder
or one of the founders of silk road and
who was basically railroaded into a life
uh a life sentence in prison for the um
with the feds by the fbi and uh we’ve
been trying to uh call we’ve been
calling for his uh his being set free or
at least having his sentence commuted
and uh yeah you know i think there are
many different ways we can do that and
try to get attention so thank you james
and our viewers are going i saw
i i saw ross’s mom
yeah at the uh at the tom woods event in
uh she had a message an audio message
that she played from ross
and it was
it was heartbreaking yeah
this is a person who
for anybody who doesn’t know i’m certain
most of the people watching the show
live know who this person is the people
who listen afterwards or watch
afterwards you might be catching this
you’re just learning about a lot of the
this guy ross was not the monster that
the government painted him out to be
he was
he was a pacifist right
if i remember correctly yeah yeah he’s a
pacifist he’s not just a libertarian
he’s a pacifist so he didn’t want any
guns sold on his platform
uh even though he thought people had the
right to have guns he didn’t want to be
a part of that he’s yeah he’s not just a
libertarian he’s a pacifist he doesn’t
support violence for any reason
yeah and uh he’s got double life
uh for
things that happened on silk road
and saying that he had a hand in it
uh which
he’s a pacifist who didn’t want guns on
on his site because he didn’t want any
kind of violence on there but people
were able to still use it how they
wanted to which means
section 230 should have protected him
but instead they didn’t protect him in
this situation
because they didn’t like what he was
doing yeah uh
this is a person that
needs to get out uh immediately he needs
to be he
at the barest of minimums commute the
sentence yeah at the barest of minimums
and there were so many problems with
this trial um the the judge did not
allow the um witnesses to hear that the
main investigators ended up going to
prison for various fraud charges
including some that were loosely related
to the silk road investigation um they
were not allowed to call their own
witnesses they weren’t allowed to see a
lot of the evidence it was heavily
redacted for national security purposes
um before they even did the trial they
trumped up some charges that he had
hired hitmen to kill people and they
used this ridiculous what i would call
an altered uh uh digital journal that
they claimed was his where it has all
these really mundane changes that were
made to silk road and then it has an
entry that says hired hitman to kill x y
and z
really and it was just nonsense um and
uh and i i don’t believe for a second
and they they dropped those charges but
that was sufficient to get that in the
media that he was this drug kingpin
using this website and he was killing
the people that got in his way and all
this crap is all garbage he was
railroaded they wanted two things number
one they wanted his bitcoin which was
worth millions back then and is now
worth billions
the other thing that they wanted because
he was using bitcoin the other thing
that they wanted was to shut down a
website like this and make an example of
it and say if anyone does this we’re
going to destroy your life we’re going
to destroy you we’re going to put you in
super max for the rest of your life if
you make a website that operates outside
of the control of the of the us
government that’s all that this was
free ross
pardon him or at the very least commute
a sentence
commuter sentence at the very least let
him out of prison today yep exactly so
nullic trump
the eskimo libertarian
who by the way well big news on her in a
minute but uh we’re going to
play her message now this is our final
message for the night
hey mr wright and mr cohen it’s the
eskimo libertarian here calling in on an
anchor call-in moment uh today is
election day and i was wondering do you
guys participate in elections it seems
like libertarians are
torn on whether you know participating
in elections is a libertarian thing or
not uh so i was wondering if you guys
you know
could explain do you guys participate in
elections why or why not and why do you
think folks don’t participate in
elections and uh yeah have a great day
this is a this is a really good question
uh not that i expect anything less from
the eskimo libertarian
she is fantastic in every single way um
huge fan huge like i i don’t call myself
a fan of a lot of people but i am a huge
fan of hers
yeah she’s she is fantastic but um
so i used to be very big on
participating in elections
i used to be very big on it um and then
i met a guy
kind of showed me how
participating in elections is not the
you’re sort of supporting the state at
that point by you know going along with
the charade that uh you have a choice in
any of this when especially as somebody
who votes third party uh you’re
attempting to get to your five percent
or your magic number in order to be
considered a major party so you can take
government money
yes to run better races
um so i’ve sort of backed off of that
and i kind of had like i did not vote in
the election here
in saint pete today um
i i i have a rule
if i know you personally i will go out
to vote for you
if i don’t know you personally i’m
probably not gonna go out to vote for
you i’m not gonna waste my time with it
that’s sort of my
that’s sort of my all-around rule right
now that could change tomorrow but right
now today and i can say that since i
didn’t go out to vote
if i don’t know you you’re not gonna get
my vote
if you would not say hi to me in public
like i have to know you that well not
we’ve met at a bar once
right in a campaign now like if
i have to know you and we would have to
be if if i saw you randomly you would
you and i would be
drawn to talk to each other for a short
period of time other than that i’m not
going to waste my time voting for you
because you’re going to get into office
i mean not not all of you some of you
might not do things like this
um but you’re going to get into office
and you’re going to do all the things
that you promised that you weren’t going
to do
like every other politician
exactly i i didn’t vote in uh in today’s
elections but only because um
there weren’t a lot of elections in my
county and no one that was running was
anyone i would ever vote for so that was
the end of that
i’m not in the city of myrtle beach
but honestly i don’t really like any of
the people that were running in myrtle
in the city anyway um
you know i didn’t vote either i don’t i
i’ve i’ve never liked the idea
that voting is such a civic duty
that you should do it
even if you don’t really know who to
vote for that’s dangerous you’re
using your proxy violence that you can
without knowing how you’re using it it
would be like
being given a gun with one bullet in it
and just randomly firing it into the
into the sky or into a you know into a
wall or into a doorway and hoping it
hits a bad guy or something like it’s
just it’s not a
it is not a uh
you know
i wouldn’t recommend it you know vote
when you believe that you’re voting to
reduce harm you’re voting to set people
free you’re voting to help people um
in this don’t vote
i just want to reply uh jericho banker
says you should vote if there’s a
libertarian on the ballot no i’m going
to tell you why
that is the same thing that republicans
and democrats always say you have to
because this is going to be the election
that you know this is the most important
election of our lifetime and if we don’t
get a republican we don’t get a democrat
you need to vote not based on party i
don’t care if they’re libertarian or not
you need to vote for people that you
believe in
and just because somebody has a
libertarian has an l after their name or
here in florida it’s lpf uh it’s
probably different in every state
um but just because somebody has lpf
after their name does not guarantee i’m
going to vote for them i’m going to look
at them and say is this a candidate that
i can support and if they are a
candidate i can support and i know them
um now that’s a new rule
um i’m certain many of you can guess how
that rule came about
if you have lpf after your name
i’m not just automatically gonna vote
for you i’m gonna sit down i’m gonna try
to talk to you i’m gonna go to your
events and i’m gonna figure out what
you’re about before i cast that ballot
for you right
uh here in florida
there was a situation that was going on
where somebody was running for senate
and i wrote an article that said why i
won’t vote for just any libertarian
and there is
one of my arguments was the joy of being
a libertarian is i have the choice i
don’t have to vote for uh d because
they’re a d or an r because they’re an r
and i’m because of that i’m definitely
not going to vote for an l because
they’re an l
yeah just because they’re somebody m
just because they’re in l because here
in florida you just have to say okay i’m
registered as a libertarian for a year
so now i can run you don’t even have to
really be a libertarian and you’re just
running because you want to run
that doesn’t mean i’m going to vote for
you may be
a alt-right neo-nazi fascist
that might be speaking that’s happened
we’ve had libertarian candidates who
have won primaries and no one knew who
they were and they turned out to either
be like neo-nazis or pedophiles
there are a lot of of creeps out there
who will you know yeah the guy in
virginia states yeah in virginia yeah
they’ll use the primary process
no one knows who you know it’s easier to
win that primary because there’s fewer
people voting in it and you go and give
a song and dance and then you get in
there and it turns out you’re a scumbag
just because they have an l don’t don’t
do what they do with the r’s and d’s
vote libertarian every time but
libertarian meaning an actual
libertarian not just that they have the
l next to their name even if they don’t
have the l next to their name but you
know they’re an actual libertarian then
you can then vote for them and yeah that
might mean they have an i next to their
name or might mean that they have an r
or a d next to their name or it might be
that they don’t have anything next to
their name or yeah i don’t mean they
have an l next to their name but
vote based on them being actually
libertarian in their beliefs
an interesting note that i’m seeing on
twitter uh when it comes to these
school choice became a really big part
of this election more so than i think
anyone expected and it it did so because
democrats believed that school choice
would be a bad sell and protect our
schools would be a good sell
hey guess what
with 69 percent of the vote coming in
yes nice
glenn young let me see if that’s updated
yeah i would say okay that that already
was updated not gonna crap and i gotta
like line it up again with 16 no it’s
already lined up with 69 percent of the
vote in nice uh glen young still ahead
by 200 000 votes
fairfax county now
majority of fairfax county is in and
mcauliffe’s lead is now down to 66 in
that county this is uh
currently they are re-scanning 20 000
ballots from fairfax county
from four early voting locations
for what do why
i don’t know
no it just says rescanning um oh that’s
a link neat
rescanning uh from for
after an issue
hang on an ad popped up
uh from four of their after an issue
scanning the electronic media or thumb
drives according to a spokesperson for
fairfax county elections department
scanning comes on election day for
virginia with the race for governor
being closely watched across the state
and country
doesn’t really say uh doesn’t really say
what the issue was there was an issue
scanning the electronic media and they
will be re-scanned so they are
rescanning 20 000 in fairfax county
right now
oh goody
i’m trying to find where’s richmond
is that richmond because richmond is the
tiny one down
it’s very small it’s the blue one
surrounded by red
this one that’s peter’s okay so it’s the
one that uh it’s the one above it
that doesn’t have any color
to the right this one
one more
it’s the little little one
that’s richmond yeah 15 in
mcauliffe’s leading there but you know
they don’t have the kind of numbers to
really switch this around from what i
can see um
this will be a school choice race if if
if he wins this
some of the things that mcauliffe has
said in the last few days
has been absolutely insane
he was saying parents shouldn’t have a
right to talk about what their kids are
being taught in school
he said that and then he said that
and i understand what he was going for
when he said this next thing i i get it
because you’re
according to uh new eeoc and osha
guidelines and stuff you need to be
going after diversity equity
uh access and inclusion of all kinds uh
in in the hiring process
he said that we need to have less white
which isn’t going to play well in
certain areas of virginia
or for people who think that that should
like that i mean yes ideally it would be
great to have more diverse teachers but
that’s not mean have less
we shouldn’t be having less anything
teachers last i checked there’s a
teacher shortage
i don’t think we should be
that seems a lot of hubris to say what
what we should have fewer of
it’s one thing to say let’s try to get
black and brown teachers and more lgbt i
get that but
less white ones huh
you’d rather the kids not be taught
anything than
be taught by a white person a lot of
and a lot of that i feel is
who applies for the job
who applies for the job
uh you know if
you know like i said i grew up in prince
william county and
i knew a lot of teachers there most of
them came from ohio oddly enough
but if the majority of people trying to
get the jobs if the vast majority of
people trying to get the jobs are
you need to hire caucasian you can’t
you can’t force other people into jobs
they may not want
give it time
give it
a little bit more time
right give it a little bit more time but
if they aren’t applying for the jobs
if people of color of you know
whether black hispanic whatever
if they aren’t applying for the jobs you
can’t force them into it
you can’t you just can’t so you can’t
have less of what
if you don’t have a surplus of people
of you know different races and
nationalities you’re not going to be
able to do what you’re saying on top of
you saying
parents don’t have a right to say what’s
taught to their kids
you’re going to be hurting in a lot of
yeah yeah yeah
except in the
non-child having
which is not you can’t rely on that as a
as a as a i mean i guess you can rely on
it but
most households and we i say this as a
childless household most households have
kids in them and most households are
concerned about education one way or
another even if their kids are in
private schools they’re still concerned
about it because if schooling becomes so
unaffordable that they can’t afford
private schools or something else
happens where they can’t afford the
private schools they need to be able to
rely on having government schools or
public schools whatever you want to call
them and
yeah if you make them suck and if you
focus more on on you know political
issues than on the actual
quality of the schooling
yeah people are scared of that and they
don’t have to look far to see what
happens when that happens all they have
to do is look at detroit and baltimore
many other parts of the country where
they care more about political politics
and signaling than they do about
actually serving the needs of the kids
and uh
yeah and halcyon
halcyondraconis7 over on youtube says
this is why homeschooling is having a
record boom in the last two years that’s
one of the reasons one of the other
is because the kids were home
the kids were home anyway and they were
doing online learning and then kids
started getting suspended from schools
and getting in trouble
one kid got in trouble because he had a
nerf gun
behind him on a shelf and it was in
camera view so i think he got suspended
from school this happened in uh i
believe massachusetts
i know we covered it but it was a while
ago i don’t remember all the details but
he had a nerf gun uh somebody else got a
new nerf gun for his uh birthday or for
and uh he held it up to for like show
and tell look at what i got suspended
the camera allowed them to look into
your house
and then the kids were being punished
based on what was being seen in the
house so a lot of people
across the board said i don’t want the
being that invasive into my house
so instead since they’re at home anyway
i’m just going to home school
because that makes more sense to me than
right this
that’s what’s going on here this is uh i
i did not expect this
i did not expect this
his percentage
what’s that
one uh i was like i i was gonna say i’m
not sure if any of the uh
school board
things that we have seen in the news
came from virginia and then i remember
there was a massive one that came from
in loudoun county
that also could be driving
the the the yunkan lead at this point
on top of
the stuff that um
that uh uh mcauliffe was saying about
parents not having a right to say what
is taught in their classrooms that was a
tough one that was that was one that
i saw a lot of
a lot of people in the center who were
what the hell do you mean that you know
we don’t have a say in this and then and
then true to form
corporate media shows up goes no he’s
right which just makes them double down
and say no no they’re wrong he’s wrong
and you’re wrong and i think that’s
something that
i think media realizes that long term
they can just keep saying things until
people believe it but i think they often
don’t realize that when they do it
immediately and quickly that there is
that counter effect of people
reflexively seeing that they’re being
pushed into something and fighting back
against it and um
you know they sometimes they forget to
finesse it and this was something they
forgot to finesse and we’re gonna we’re
gonna see what happens uh it’s now at
let’s see 71 percent his uh junkins
percentage lead is going down but his
vote total lead which is what matters is
going up he’s now ahead by 221
220 000 votes give or take um
with 71 percent in
that’s going to be an interesting one
i can’t put like i i figured it was
going to be closer than what it looks
like it’s going to be right now
yeah i’m not i’m not going to say
definitely that that’s how it’s going to
but uh i thought it was going to be
throughout the entire day so we’ll we’ll
keep you abreast of we’ll keep everybody
abreast of the situation as it unfolds
but right
it is looking like the republicans may
get the governor the lieutenant governor
and win back the
i don’t remember if they have a house or
i don’t think they have oh it’s the uh
hold on
it’s called the um
general assembly
general assembly yeah it’s a uni
you know whatever
fun fact
the general assembly
is the
oldest continuous law making body in the
new world it was established in 1619.
and continued on
even after
the revolution
speaking of old things
senator joe manchin
matt on monday
demanded that the house of represent
representatives immediately
take up the senate pass bipartisan
infrastructure bill while making it
clear he’s not yet ready to support a
separate social and climate spending
uh on monday he
railed against house progressives
accusing them of holding the
infrastructure bill
while uh warning the tactics won’t force
him to commit to the separate
1.75 trillion spending dollar spending
bill uh before he is ready they’re
essentially saying because for anybody
who doesn’t know uh mansion and cinema
instrumental in getting this
infrastructure deal put together
instrumental in it
and mansion
really needs
this infrastructure deal to go through
so the house is saying we’re gonna hold
on to this we’re just gonna we’re gonna
hang on to this and if you agree that
you will vote for this now 1.75 this is
down from the 3.2 trillion
i believe
the 1.75 trillion dollar spending bill
we will pass them both at the same time
he’s saying
if you want to hold this up we will just
not vote on either
because if you don’t pass my
infrastructure bill
in a timely manner
you can guarantee i’m not passing yours
right exactly
he he is
he’s like doing the baboon thing where
he’s just showing off the big red ass
in order to intimidate everybody
what he’s doing
classic legislating we’re just not used
to this because legislators increasingly
are just like you know this side signals
what their party’s going to do this side
signals what their party’s going to do
and the behind closed doors they work
all this stuff out while they do this
theatrics to keep us divided he’s doing
the old school where like individual
politicians are like i’m not voting for
this unless you do this this and this
that’s how it used to be and you can
argue which of those is a better way of
doing things but
the bottom line is it seems to be
working for him he’s getting
so far most or all of what he wanted so
you know you tell me so far
so far
he is quoted as saying the political
games have to stop
holding this bill hostage is not going
to work and getting my support for the
reconciliation bill
also his voice does not sound like how i
thought it would sound
not even a little bit like i’ve only
read stuff i saw i watched his press
conference last night and i was like
that’s what he sounds like
so the house failed to have a vote last
week on the infrastructure bill once
uh amid postbacks from again
amid pushbacks from progressives uh who
thought that it needed to be moved with
the reconciliation package
that is expected to carry new funding
for health care education child care and
other priorities
manchin said i’ve never seen anything
like this which makes me wonder where he
has been
for the last 10 years
um because i feel like this is how
everything’s done now this is how
everything happens yes
the president of the united states has
addressed the house democratic caucus
twice to urge action on the bipartisan
infrastructure bill and still no action
in my view this is not how the united
states congress should operate
now i kind of agree with him here and i
kind of disagree with him because i feel
as though
if the house doesn’t want to pass
that they are in their right to not even
attempt to pass it
right they should just say no we don’t
want to do it
at the same time
for people who typically just fall in
line when they are worried about a bill
passing or not
right for them to hold it hostage
against their quote-unquote leader’s uh
seems a bit much like
that goes to show you how much power joe
biden is actually wielding in the
situation and why i continue to say that
joe manchin is the most powerful
in the free world
right now
right now
right now
uh congressional progressive caucus
from mila jayapal
is that close does anybody know i think
so i think it’s jaya powell but yeah
zayatel uh told cnn
after manchin’s press conference that
she was going to trust that biden could
get that 51st vote from him
the president says he can get 51 votes
for the bill we’re going to trust him we
are tired of continuing to wait for one
or two people
here’s an option
go for some of those
middle-of-the-road republicans
they like voting for funding
keep in mind keep in mind at this point
joe biden is probably as unpopular or
close to unpopular as donald trump ever
despite the media doing or the corporate
media anyway i mean you know fox news or
whatever but the bulk of the media doing
everything they can to prop them up
progressives hate them conservatives
hate them libertarians hate them
centrists are trying to figure out what
the hell is going on
there’s only that that weird like
vote bloom no matter who support the
blue no matter what they do
group that are still behind them
if i’m a republican centrist moderate
whatever but just a republican and i
want my party in charge
yeah i let this ship crumble
i sit there and say i just think it’s
incredibly terrible how joe biden has
failed to lead here blah blah blah and
then i wait and then
you know when the republicans take
things back
in the midterms
they we now get to do the same damn
thing because keep again keep in mind
the republicans aren’t going to get into
office and do anything differently this
actually has nothing to do with actually
fixing anything it’s all about who’s in
charge because then they’re the ones who
get the most money um that’s really all
it’s about but yeah i know i would
totally let this thing fall apart when
when the republican if the republicans
take back in 2022
i don’t see them passing anything for
the next two years
that joe biber wants
because they’ll wait until they have
somebody in power
but instead of 1.75 trillion it’ll be
2.25 trillion and what they will say
is this is so much lower than the 3.25
trillion or the 3.2 trillion that the
democrats won it’s 1 trillion less even
though the bill that’s on the table
right now is 1.75
bernie sanders uh
took a veiled swipe
at mansion apparently their one-on-one
meeting did not go so well
he said the fact is that according to
the uh congressional budget office the
infrastructure bill runs up a 250
250 billion dollar deficit it’s not paid
legislation that i want to see past is
paid for in its entirety the spending
uh it will not have an impact on
inflation so
if we’re talking about fiscal
responsibility i think what we’re trying
to do with the reconcile reconciliation
bill is the right thing
i’m just happy to hear that people are
acknowledging that deficits cause
inflation but whatever far be it for me
to stay right i mean it’s it’s a step
or at least acknowledging that debt
equals inflation but okay
right uh supporters of the
infrastructure bill have argued that it
was fully paid for and that the cbo
analysis uh didn’t include all their
revenue streams including
unused coronavirus money
now if only
there had been a show on the internet
where two
almost unsettlingly handsome men
routinely warned that all of this
coronavirus relief money
would inevitably be funneled into future
government spending
if only
if only if only
now the cbo has not released an estimate
for the impact on the social and climate
spending bill the buildback better for
anybody who doesn’t know um that is
still being negotiated by the white
house and congressional democrats
because the bill’s not finalized so they
can’t really do that but when they say
that it is fully funded and won’t add a
penny to the deficit
they’re lying
manchin said i’ve been straightforward
about my concerns that i will not
support a reconciliation package that
expands social programs and
irresponsibly adds to our nearly 29
trillion in national debt that no one
seems to care about
good for you mansion nor will i support
a package that risks hurting american
families suffering from historic
i will not support a bill that is so
they’re sorry that i will not support a
bill that is this consequential without
thoroughly understanding the impact it
will have on our national debt our
economy and most importantly
all of our american people
gotta respect him for that
i respect him for that now meanwhile he
is okay with a 250 billion dollar
deficit but just not a
multi-trillion dollar deficit so i’ll
give him that something
well yeah he’s one of the people that’s
saying you’re not counting the income
streams that are going to be coming in
he’s like you’re not counting those
including the coronavirus money that
we’re going to use to pay for this
the senator on monday
appeared to uh have a bit of an issue
with the framework saying he found
shell games and budget gimmicks
that make the real cost of this
so-called 1.75 trillion dollar bill
estimated to be almost twice that amount
which is
3.5 trillion which is roughly what it
started at
white house press secretary kovinsaki
that’s not good enough
there’s got to be a better one there
peppermint coven uh jen jen
sars cove too
i’ll take that one
ken saarskov too
uh said the framework meets mansion’s
concerns about the economic impact
she filled up another mask with the
biden dung that spewed from her mouth
senator manchin says he is prepared to
support a build back better plan that
combats inflation
is fiscally irresponsible and will
create jobs
the plan the house is finalizing meets
those tests it is fully paid for
no it’s not
uh we’ll reduce the deficit no and
brings down costs for health care child
care elder care and housing
no no no and no
you haven’t you have a look in and
uh go let’s go ahead and finish this
story cause there’s something pretty
breaking here
okay uh the battle comes at a
rough time for biden uh his polling
numbers are actually
than trump’s
at the same point in the presidency
there he is
by a decent margin
and national democrats who have been
worried about their eroding uh so the
and the democrats are worried about
what’s going to happen in 22 and beyond
democratic lawmakers are
uh for a house vote on the
infrastructure bill already approved by
the senate believe doing so could help
biden and give a boost to
terry mcauliffe in virginia
yeah that didn’t happen
fact let’s take a quick break
to see how that’s going as well as
another big race
uh let’s see how this buildback better
is working uh so we’ve got uh with 74
with almost three quarters in
uh again the percentage margin continues
to narrow but that uh
that 200 plus thousand is holding glenn
younkin continues to lead by over 200
000 votes
74 in and with
58 of fairfax county reporting so
there’s no
big surprises coming in at this point
in fact the only
only counties i’m seeing here that are
still looks like richmond hasn’t started
where’s richmond again i feel like some
of those were like 100 counted not long
oh you know what you’re right
now they’re not
no they’re not
that’s okay there’s nothing weird i
don’t know how you go from 100 counted
to not
how do we where’s richmond again
richmond city they’re now 40 in
so there’s no big
surprises happening here at this point
i think glenn yonkin might be the next
governor of new of virginia now here’s
some other incredible news
with 25 reporting
in new jersey
jack ciatarelli
uh oh
whoa that just happened
who was it uh
the jurors the south jersey libertarian
uh uh greg mel yeah he’s at point three
one percent
but with uh does that show well no the
south jersey uh south jersey
libertarians in the commons um
because he’s been commenting but yeah
she is siaterrelli chatterelli
chef really has checked him out
show me the county there
okay so sussex county is going to be mad
it’s unreported
oh is it
yeah that is a heavy democrat area
that’s a a lot of that area is um
uh new york city
oh now jack murphy philip murphy’s ahead
so this is one of the heads
yeah this is going to be this is going
to be actually a tighter race than the
virginia looks like it’s going to be
it looks like it’s going to the sussex
is going to be very red and i could’ve
sworn sussex was blue
giuseppe uh
guelteeri is saying that sussex is
going to be very red
well which
in fact
what about a cumberland and salem
they’re not they’re not reporting at any
point they’re not reporting anything yet
these aren’t saying what percentage
reported they are
they’re just saying judge report
drudge report is declaring yunkan the
holy crap
and that is being called by ap news
no okay so ap news is saying that he’s
just viewed more favorably that junkin
is being favored uh is viewed more
favorably than donald trump
i didn’t see where he called it
it just says dems go down
well it’s the it’s the
if you go back it’s the uh asterisk next
to junkin’s name
that’s that’s them calling it
how about that
yeah i was gonna say it’s only like a
nine percent lead with
75 of expected vote in
yeah at this point he’s about two
hundred thousand ahead with seventy six
percent in
two hundred thousand three
two hundred and three thousand that
huh we’ll fancy that guys
i’m not like
we’ve made early calls i still wouldn’t
call this i i like i’m definitely saying
it’s leaning that way but i wouldn’t say
that yet i wouldn’t say that’s a win
if it’s not a win i’d be shocked
but i wouldn’t call it yet
not in virginia if we get to 80
and he’s still
above 150 000 votes i don’t see it
changing what’s this one
yeah the the only ones that have large
numbers to still report are all heavily
in favor of yunkan
yeah fairfax county is 81 in and every
time they increase that count
mcauliffe’s lead there goes down
fairfax 89
fairfax city fairfax county 80 fairfax
county 81
alexandria city 48 that’s the only one
but it has a low population i don’t see
changing guys i don’t
i don’t see this changing folks
i mean even even richmond at this point
almost half in
yeah it’s
it’s uh
i don’t see this changing
so anyway uh so that’s how that’s going
yeah that’s how that’s going
liberals are still uh yeah you’re good
refusing to budge on early vote on
infrastructure preferring to try to
leverage it in order to get the spending
bill going through uh in order to do the
larger social spending and climate
measures uh and mansion
he’s holding it he is holding his own
you know
he is holding his own against the
biggest players in the game and
if the
if nancy pelosi and the bernie sanders
and the
schumer uh chuck schumer uh don’t start
playing by mansion’s rules there’s a
chance that this congress doesn’t pass
anything which
joe manchin by mansion’s rules if joe
manchin ends up becoming the reason
why joe biden isn’t able to do much to
make things worse
thank you joe manchin
i’m not even going to pretend i agree
with him on most things i agree disagree
with him hardly on the vast majority of
if he stops things from getting any
worse than they already are in dc
or makes the trajectory of things
worsening any if he stops that from
thanks if bill back better
if buildback better doesn’t pass the
government shuts down doesn’t it
no because they did raise the debt
no they only extended it they did it
they did a part-time thing until
oh but they’ll raise it again that i
don’t see yeah i don’t see the
government shutting down i do see this
thing possibly not passing though in any
form and if that happens if we go two
years and nothing passes
centrists are gonna go
like that now here’s what really matters
it doesn’t matter if democrats win it
doesn’t matter if republicans win you
always get the same thing more spending
more taxes more debt more war more
people in cages more subjugation more
violation of your rights and and lives
and property
and that’s never going to change until
we get
other people in office
and that’s why i’m going around the
country to try to help grow the liberty
movement that’s why we do what we do on
this show that’s why we’re doing
everything we can because we can sit
here and and say which are you know
degrees some are degrees of better you
i would put joe mentioned mansion in it
several degrees better than most other
people republican or democrat in the
senate certainly does not make him
preferable by any stretch
one state that has very few silver
linings for freedom is new york
but there is a strong and growing
liberty movement in new york
and so for the next two weeks i am going
to be in new york to help grow that
movement uh i’m going to be there for
the spike cohen the i
i don’t know if this is the i heart new
york or the ice spike new york i don’t
because i’m it’s both a heart and me
so the i whatever that is new york
2021 tour it’s hard to read all those
different dates because i’m going to be
there for 11 for 10 days um but if you
go to spitecoin.com or if you go to my
social media and check out the event
links that i put up in my posts um come
on out come out to
the events and i will be starting
in new york city uh i will be in studio
for kennedy tomorrow night at seven
um the uh gosh what else is going on
there i’m gonna be in garden city out
there in long island i’m gonna be in
farmingdale i’m gonna be in syracuse for
three days i’m gonna be in bergen
just west of rochester i’m gonna be in
winona oh no nyonta i don’t know how to
say that uh then i’m gonna finish things
in staten island i might be doing an
event in buffalo and i might be doing an
event uh up in albany or further north
in the upstate uh some more on that stay
tuned but i’m gonna be doing that now
on a very special episode of my fellow
i will be you will be listening to my
interview with peter c earle he is an
economist with the american institute of
economic research and we had a really
really good conversation about what is
going on with the supply chain and the
economy now
the actual show is not going to be
hosted by me because i’m going to be in
new york city and i will be probably at
that point leaving
the fox business studio or maybe i’ll
still be there i’m not sure what i’m
doing there um but
the show is going to be hosted by none
other than the eskimo libertarian
herself nellick trump will be the guest
host for my fellow americans tomorrow at
8pm eastern time uh and then on thursday
is the writer’s block matt and you’ve
got a special guest as well
i do i have uh jenny cadill
cadet cadilla
who is running for state house in iowa
very excited uh she has
she’s a small business owner
they’re a small business owner and uh
has the catal medical services uh
manages their business catal medical
services uh so we will be talking to
them about their uh race and for state
house in iowa and uh so many so many
other things
awesome awesome that’s going to be a
good conversation and it’s burgeon
breaking news steve thank you steve uh
this is not called bergen it’s called
virgin that’s where i’m going to be is
in virgin
virgin new york and uh
what was i going to say
the um uh so then on friday is going to
be uh the
cajun and eskimo from bayou to igloo
starting at 9 30 eastern
uh and then all this weekend and
actually starting wednesday thursday fri
i’m gonna be in new york if you’re in
new york come on out come out to one of
the events i’d love to see you i will be
in the empire state freedom summit uh
which is a weekend-long event there in
syracuse featuring me and thomas quiter
and larry sharp himself the
gubernatorial candidate uh and
libertarian extraordinaire larry sharp
uh dwayne whitmer and many other
incredible libertarians will be there at
the freedom summit and then own oneonta
oneonta everyone’s telling me how to
how to pronounce these different things
then on monday
is another amazing episode
is another amazing episode of mr america
the bearded truth with jason lyon nope
nope nope on monday at 7 00 p.m
there is a brand new episode of liberty
round table ah
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or not
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after that
so one let’s do one last next week
next weekend next week oh next weekend
is next what
next weekend is going to be
oh also just so everybody knows today
is the two-year anniversary
of the first time that spike cohen and
woke up in the same bed also it’s the
two-year anniversary yes of the day
of the day we met mr america the bearded
truth in person
and his lovely
wonderful better lion wife
kelsey the best lion
um the best one well yes that was the
first time and it was the first time i
tom arnold in person
so that means yesterday was the first
was the two year anniversary of the
first time we met in person
and then we slept together the first
we did we slept together first night the
first night
you know ben franklin did not put up
much of a fight then
and no one did no ben franklin said 200
years ago he said don’t be a hoe
and uh
we didn’t we didn’t listen
also we uh created a pillow wall between
it was a very
it was a very very securely heterosexual
thing we did
creating a boundary of pillows just to
make sure that we didn’t accidentally
touch each other so anyway that was to
be honest it started out as a pillow
fort that collapsed and we just left
we just left it it was a pillow it was a
maginot line if you will
um right
there’s a pillow imagine a line
except neither one of us wanted to play
election update
with seventy
eighty percent with eighty percent glenn
younkin is still ahead
my math is failing me right now by a
hundred and eighty five thousand votes
a hundred and eighty-five thousand
pounds who’s gonna win this
there was a site that i was on
just when it was this one where they
maybe it wasn’t this one
um and in new jersey with 34 percent
reporting jack chatrelli
is ahead
with 50.5 of the vote 15
15 000 votes
16 16 000 votes yeah yeah 16 000 votes
no yeah just over actually just over 16
000 votes
there was a site that i was hearing not
long ago where they were saying um
what site maybe that was that one
they were saying that there was only
like eight uh 700 000 votes left in
keep that in mind uh
as you’re watching these results coming
if they’re if at that time there were
only 700 000 votes left
once it gets
that was at like 78
so once it gets to
uh 89 000 if there’s still a 150 000
vote lead that thing is over
a judge rejected a request to keep polls
open in new jersey until 9 30. he said
it would cause this disarray and there’s
no proof voters were turned away because
of snags with the new electronic poll
books it’s expected if it’s to help
anyone it would be chaturelli although
it’s not expected to help anyone because
it didn’t end up being necessary
i’m just looking at some of the
every single
metric i’m looking at
mcauliffe is just underperforming what
he needs
absentee results at the general
consensus was that
he needed to get over
77 percent of the absentee
votes in fairfax county
and he got 75.
like if if he wanted to win it’s going
to be at least
nate silver at 538 is calling virginia
for yonkin
it’s over
if if 531 call if nate silver called it
it’s over
yeah it’s looking like they’re saying
that it’s going to be a
republican sweep of all things that
uh are on the
board this year
being the general the general assembly
the lieutenant governor and the governor
there was no senate up for election this
that’s going to be
that that’s going to be huge and that
has to terrify the democrats going into
if the republican jack uh
pulls out the win in new jersey that
will definitely be a terrifying moment
for democrats going into 2022.
to lose new jersey
will be huge
yep oh does it oh and
we’ll do it can can you do a check on um
scott scotty bowman
oh yeah yeah scotty bowman let’s do that
uh detroit
police commission election results
wow scotty bowman almost at 40
he’s at uh 36.7 percent
3100 to 5300.
it says with zero percent reporting i’m
not sure how that works
with how much reporting it says zero
percent reporting so
i’m not sure how many but he’s uh he’s
he’s doing well
yeah he’s solidly in second place
i like that you still have the new
jersey election results up
oh it’s that time yeah
here we go
yeah no uh so everybody can watch those
results coming in
just coming in yeah no and uh and in
virginia it is uh
i’m gonna win this one he’s gonna win it
he’s now up
170 000 votes with 82 percent in he’s
going to win this
he could yeah it is
incredible i don’t i feel confident that
we can continue our winning streak at
this point
of calling the white winners yeah
yeah i’m calling so i’m calling here
here at muddy waters
yeah i don’t think we’ve been wrong
we’ve never been wrong in when a race
once a race is going and saying who’s
gonna win a race we’ve never been wrong
we called uh uh jack kemp over stacy
abrams days not jack kemp
brian kemp brian county jackson
brian we called that jack kemp was dead
no we called brian kemp over stacy
abrams like
two weeks before anyone else did we
uh ron desantis who i called rick
we called ron desantis
over the meth guy uh
the naked cocaine meth guy with the
he we called that um
what’s that guy’s name andrew geary
oh gillum andrew gillum we called
he called uh uh
desantis over gillum days before anyone
like we called that we call and we just
said it we were like they’re gonna win
like look at the numbers there in a way
and um yeah we’re gonna i’m calling and
i think you are as well we’re calling
glenn young
with the boyfriend meth the guy with the
boyfriend um i mean there’s photos
we’re calling yunkan for governor are we
calling chatterelli for uh i mean that’s
absolutely yeah i don’t know i don’t
no i we will keep an eye on it and we
will make it we will make a post when
i feel comfortable to
make it since i’m the one that runs it
so yeah
but uh
yeah we’re not making that call right
no but i’ll call it young kids
i’ll call young
junkin is that is the next governor
and i’m also calling it by tweeting it
right now that the red wave that just
happened in virginia is proof that
school choice is the new third rail of
if you want to say
i’m going to say has solidified
school choice as the new third rail of
politics if you want to say that parents
don’t have a choice where their kids get
to go to school or or what their
decisions are that they get to make then
you’re going to get voted down even in
yeah that’s what it’s about now i have
no idea if republicans are going to do a
damn thing about school choice in
virginia i just know that that was the
voters saying no screw you they’re my
kids not yours
that was the difference yeah when um
when i was going to school in virginia
school choice was something that was
constantly brought up
i’m not going to say when that was
do you want i don’t know if i told you
this or not do you want to hear
something weird
uh bootleg libertarian not a real
libertarian podcast network
yes he and i went to the same high
that’s hilarious
yeah he and i went to the same high
same year or like
quite a few years in between those two
oh yeah no he and i went to the same
high school his wife went to the rival
high school
did not know that he used to live in
manassas virginia
that’s funny
damn that is funny
so everybody happy uh
tuning in tomorrow for eskimo yes
tune in tomorrow for eskimo libertarian
eskimo libertarian eskimo libertarian
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free experience on anchor listening to
our podcasts you can’t go wrong two ten
bucks a month what are you gonna do ten
bucks a month it’s a nothing it’s
nothing that’s how that’s how the new
governor of new jersey talks chat
torelli hey you uh you you become a
member of the the muddy waters that’s
how he talks
you know for ten bucks a month you can
the two-minute commercial of me and
spike talking about anchor
that’s whispering right there
that’s worth it right there that’s worth
it right there
so folks thanks again for tuning in we
will see you tomorrow on fox business
and then here on money waters media
we’ll see you thursday we’ll see friday
saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday
thursday we’ll see you every single day
of the week thanks again for tuning in
to this amazing episode
we love you very much and where we’re
we don’t need roads

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