Episode 218 – Pfizer is More Powerful Than Governments

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Dr. Fauci funds animal abuse, as well as gain of function research, and Joe Biden has a townhall that nobody watches, but is filled with inaccuracies.

And Pfizer writes some strong contracts for Pfizer, and the contents of which they didn’t want you to see.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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when i say climate change
what do you think of blah blah blah
there is no planet b
there is no planet blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah
we can no longer let the people in power
just fight blah blah blah did you hear
when do we want it
this is all we hear from our so-called
leaders words that sound great
but just look at the numbers we can no
longer let the people in power decide
what do you think it’s not blah blah
blah of course we need constructive
dialogue but they now have ideas blah
blah blah they invite therapy young
people to meetings like this to pretend
that they are listening this is not
about some expensive politically correct
green act blah blah blah
this is all we hear what do we want blah
fighting climate change calls for
innovation cooperation they say they
want solutions and they’re not holding
leaders accountable for their actions
what do we want
did you hear me what do we want blah
blah when do we want it blah blah blah
this is all we hear what do we want love
love what do you think they say
when do we want it
and now matt wright and spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
this photograph here spike cohen
i am mad i’m here i’ll
and together we are traversing the
muddied waters of
thank you kids i’ll be right back hey
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maybe did you see al franken uh never
mind we’re not we’re not gonna talk
about that today um
al franken yeah we are al franken was on
we’re not gonna talk about it
al franken was on i think it was cnn it
may have been msnbc uh but he was
talking about uh inflation and how
things were costing more at the grocery
store and you know the gas station and
he was essentially saying
yeah these things cost more but it’s
okay because you’ll have free child care
i oh
that’ll help me
since i don’t have children right
yeah these people have lost their minds
actually no they haven’t i keep you know
we we like to think they’re silly or
crazy or stupid they’re liars they know
they just straight up lighting yeah they
know what they know what they’re
since the democrats really started
pushing like uh talk on the big reset
back in 2016
i was like this isn’t a thing this isn’t
sorry i just got a text message from
superfan series
andre and we got a new puppy
we got a very cute new puppy he’s four
months old he has 18 pounds and she just
texted me his farts smell awful and i
have experienced those already in the
car ride when i picked him up and
brought him back and she is not lying
they are god awful um
now i have a dog to blame it on um
speaking of al franken
speaking of al franken but yeah he was
saying that um
he was saying uh that
because of because of this we’re gonna
be fine oh yeah the great reset i was
like i don’t really believe in this
great reset thing it’s conspiracy theory
blah blah blah
the later that we get
into this and you start seeing yeah the
inflation and uh everybody’s saying no
it’s fine uh there was a company i saw i
saw this earlier today uh there’s a
company i don’t remember which company
it is but they were saying this is what
america is going to be like in 2030. you
don’t rent you own or sorry you don’t
own you rent
everything you’re in everything and
you’re happy about it and uh
and god oh all of your packages are
delivered by drones like
i was like
i mean
i don’t want my packages delivered by
drones i want the stoner kid that
at dhl to deliver it
because he needs weed money i mean he
might we could try to get him to operate
the drone though he might make even more
i you know they’ve said the big stuff is
you know you’re not owning is going to
be for the ultra rich um and if it’s
just in case you wanted to try to save
anything or invest anything they’re
going to tax your unrealized gains which
of course won’t apply to the ultra rich
who will put all their money uh in stuff
that may get exempted or exempted or you
know get loopholes for or just move all
their money uh out of uh out of the
country where they don’t have to worry
about that anymore it this is just it’s
you know the great reset is
i think the the end part of what some
people say it is is is wrong but i mean
they’re they’re definitely using covid
as an excuse they finally found the
ultimate crisis
and they’re using it as an excuse to
push everything that no one would have
ever accepted and to see a large
minority of people be perfectly cool
with anything that they do
uh just underscores how important it is
it is for us to resist these things
because it doesn’t take everyone
resisting it only takes a relatively
small group of people
but it’s not going to change with
elections it’s at least not now it’s not
going to change for the elections it’s
not going to change with public it can
change with public pressure in elections
longer term but right now for at least
the next two three four years you’ve got
to just not
not comply with it
exactly uh how was oklahoma
oklahoma was great uh yeah oklahoma was
great had a really had some great events
with natalie bruno got to hang out with
larry sharp who’s always fantastic i’ll
be with larry sharpen in new york as
well uh and then i was in uh sarasota
florida actually bradenton florida i
flew into sarasota but i was in
bradenton uh on uh on
yesterday you were in brooklyn um
yeah that it’s the manatee county
council i spoke at oh i thought that was
in sarasota but i guess that wouldn’t be
manatee i thought it was too i flew into
sarasota and i stayed in sarasota but
the the um
the actual the manatee county council is
in bradenton so i went there and i spoke
about the snitching bill they took sb-8
and tried to make it into a county bill
uh after talking to some of the council
members out or board members afterwards
i’m pretty sure we killed that um and uh
now i’m back here
hating spectrum
you should just move to florida where we
don’t have
i don’t do i have spectra i don’t even
know who i have i might have spectrum um
i just know they take money from me
every month
um but at least i’d be in florida but
you’d be in florida
and really if the internet went down
well the other person wouldn’t be able
to stream it so we just have the night
because we’d be together
well yeah i mean if we could
strategically live just far enough apart
where we’re not on the same grid so if
one of our internet went down
we could go to the other one’s house
that’s true
unless you want to live together
i don’t think
i don’t think our significant others
would enjoy that
oh wow yeah no they definitely
i don’t
they didn’t even like the group hug
well actually well tasha wasn’t a part
of it but but
sarah sarah was not a fan of the group
hug she was not a fan of the group hug
anyway anyway
so that brings us
and that brings us to the muddy
to the mud water mushroom coffee
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me doing it right
since i i’m barely paying attention when
you do it
so we’ve already seen this story uh it
it broke on sunday and well
that’s not true
first of all
we broke this story in early october we
broke it like right around october 5th
um we posted about it and i think we
discussed it a little bit but it really
got overshadowed
because it was at the exact same time
that uh australian police officers
shot a bunch of dogs because they didn’t
want people from the pound leaving to
come and try to rescue them
we uh we we actually touched on this a
while ago but now it’s kind of become
bigger news so we’re going to touch on
it again
um dr fauci is an evil human
great evil
um he has been condemned by
bipartisanly tripartisanly
multi-partisan polypartisan
omni’s everywhere everywhere right omni
yes yeah omnipartisanly
he has been he he has been condemned
omnipartisanly for using
pac uh taxpayers dollars
uh to fund evil animal experiments
when i made this image
i said uh this image is a bit disturbing
so be warned but since then
if you’re watching the show i guarantee
you have seen this all over your feed
well these images all over your feed but
not that one oh that’s not disturbing
that is not disturbing go to waters
three separate studies that we know of
so far um three separate studies that we
know of one from the university of
georgia in athens georgia one from sri
international in menlo park california
and one in tunisia africa that one is
the one that everybody sees the photos
all three of them
absolutely terrible um
many of them are causing harms to
beagles the one in uh
sri international they were cutting the
vocal cords of beagles because the
sounds of them barking
was too annoying while they were
torturing them
being torturing them yeah to death to
you now
in one of those in one of the images you
saw beagles trapped in cages so flies
could eat them another one they were
being debarked before being pumped with
drugs and killed
and one of the most disturbing incidents
funded by uh fauci’s national institute
of allergies and infectious diseases
involved taxpayer money given to a
tunisian research lab
and puppies had their heads held in
cages before being left for sand flies
to eat them alive for research purposes
now i have no idea
what research that is
but that sounds like serial killer
yeah no the people that would do this to
animals would do this to people the uh
they also at least in tunisia they also
had some of the puppies and would uh
tether them and or
i guess caged them out in the middle of
the desert to attract the sand flies
that they needed for this study
and uh and many of them would die from
exposure because they would go out there
and then they would die from exposure
and then the sand flies would be all
over them and they try and they’d
capture the sand flies um
many people know i’m sure most of the
people watching this know that animal
testing exists uh in in for drugs this
is not new
animal testing is not new it’s usually
done on rats
and also
dogs aren’t really all that similar to
humans in terms of their reactions to
drugs so there wasn’t really any reason
to use this for
instead of like rats or something like
that also
when it comes to the uh when it comes to
this with the the dogs
they were doing this to truck and to
test an anti-parasitic drug there are
already animals that have parasites
like that’s actually very common our our
dogs used to get parasites all the time
because we live near the woods and the
rabbits will you know they they poop in
the on the on the um
uh on the grass and the dogs walk
through it and they get it on their paws
and that’s actually i mean dogs get
parasites all the time uh there could
have been f if they had to test it on
dogs which they don’t uh there would be
so much more there are already dogs that
need anti-parasites so why not either
test it on them or find a somewhat more
humane way to give parasites to dogs
than this
now some of the other tests that aren’t
in the notes because i did these notes
thinking the show was yesterday and then
remembered it wasn’t um
some of the other tests were they were
using uh some sort form of acid to
inject into monkeys brains in order to
increase the amount of terror they would
for anybody who has watched the latest
season of titans or any batman
related thing having to do with
scarecrow um you probably understand
where they got that
idea from
um and
not in the notes but i’m gonna try to
remember everything that i have that i
read about here uh back in 2009 a story
broke where fauci
uh and the nih
approved funding to give orphan children
with aids
test drugs
in order to find out if it would help
cure their aids and they never told
their guardians that they were doing
i believe
i believe 25 of those people died
of those kids died
so when you talk about how fauci screwed
up aids
in the 80s because he fouchy screwed up
aids in the 80s oh big time big time
made it so much worse he created so much
homophobia he created so much fear he
kind of created the word homophobia
because of how he treated the aids
um yep
he took orphaned children
and did experimental tests on them
because i’m certain he would never say
this but as he was probably thinking
nobody’s gonna care
so they’re or they’re orphaned kids with
aids who cares about them keep in mind
this is anthony fauci the man who was
hated by the lgbt community for decades
because he is the one who caused the gay
panic around aids he said and he would
he would always use the same qualifier
he uses now we don’t know if and then
he’d say stuff like we don’t know if
uh aids can be spread from casual
contact or even through the air people
were horrified at being near a gay man
for fear of getting aids from them by
being near them and that is something
that has continued on there are still
people to this day who insist that you
can get aids from casual contact with
gay people and that is as a direct
result of anthony fauci and what he did
40 years ago and the the fact that he
wasn’t fired for that and instead is now
the highest paid single employee of the
us federal government and is continuing
to cause widespread torture and harm
including the very real possibility that
he funded the gate of function research
that potentially led to the creation of
covid is that’s just perfect for
government that’s that lines up
perfectly with exactly what it takes to
get fired by government and what a
perfect segue because as we covered a
couple of weeks ago
the ina the nih had been funding an eco
echo health ecohealth did we ever decide
eco health alliance
ecohealth alliance project that was
conducting gain of function research uh
and we all know that fauci was
sitting there in uh congress talking
with senator paul going no senator you
you are the liar
everything you are saying is ignorant or
um yes
but now
the nih is saying that ecoa health
alliance wasn’t being transparent about
how they were using the funds they were
being given
the nih primary deputy direct prince
sorry principal deputy director lawrence
tayback wrote in the letter that eco
health’s limited experiment tested
whether spike proteins from naturally
occurring back coronaviruses circulating
in china were capable of binding to the
human ace2 receptor in a mouse model
the admission from the nih official
contradicts fauci’s testimony in
congress in may and july
where he denied that the u.s had funded
anything like that in wuhan
um and rand paul
a man of
when he wins he’s modest about it
not at all over the top or braggart like
when he
when he has proven correct
he tweeted uh
he tweeted over the uh letter and he
said i told you so doesn’t even begin to
cover it when the letter became public
yes and he deserved that because uh it
was very clear and apparent months ago
that the nih funded
uh and specifically the n i a id which
is the uh the the organization that
fauci is in charge of and has been for
uh was funding gainer function research
that letter incidentally as much of a
bombshell admission as it was they tried
their best to bury the real meat of it
which is that which is what was
uncovered by the uh intercept uh freedom
of information act request by the
intercept glenn greenwald’s organization
uh where they found out that not only
did they do virustat sting they actually
created a
uh i think i’m saying that correctly
basically a hybrid of two different
viruses um and uh and used that and that
when that letter says oh they didn’t
disclose that it was making uh
making bats sicker uh what they didn’t
actually disclose they were supposed to
uh say whether there was a 10
increase or more or a tenfold increase
or more of the uh of the amount of viral
from the virus they were creating in the
there was a 10 000 fold increase
and they didn’t disclose that so not
only was this gain of function research
but it was deadly deadly gain of
function research that because it was
being used used in humanized mi it was
being used on humanized mice
that means that they knew it could
spread to humans
they made a virus
that had at least 10 000 fold increase
of viral load
than normal coronaviruses
that they knew could spread to humans
because they created it
and the government and in that letter
they said well we know
uh that this isn’t the virus that ended
up leading to sars co cov2 because um
it’s only 96
similar to it and if you think about it
while humans and apes are humans and
chimps are 96 similar and we diverged
hundreds of thousands of years ago so
there’s no way
that uh or millions of years ago so
there’s no way that uh that it could
have spread uh that way what they didn’t
say is that humans evolved painfully
slowly over the course of hundreds of
generations and that viruses spread
viruses evolve and mutate in a matter of
hours and days
could be
and this is only one gain of function
test that we know of they could have
done more and we just haven’t uncovered
them yet but the fact is that in wuhan
china where an outbreak of a coronavirus
unlike the likes of which we’ve never
seen before
there was at least one organization
being funded by the u.s government that
was creating coronaviruses the likes of
which we’d never seen before
speaking of somebody who’s full of
joe biden had a town hall with cnn’s
anderson cooper this week
yes last week uh i think it like a week
from today and uh even as snl stated
nobody watched it
made fun of biden for nobody watching
town hall
let’s go into a little bit uh
let’s go into a little bit about uh what
biden said and what’s factual
biden said gas prices relate to a
foreign policy initiative that is about
something that goes beyond the cost of
and we’re about 330 a gallon most places
now when it’s up from
when it’s down in the when it was down
in the single digits i mean
single dot a dollar plus
and that’s because of the supply being
withheld by opec
he said that
that’s a that is a direct quote even the
parts that i messed that sounded like i
messed up reading that is what is
typed right here
he came up with that on the spot
oh i think he did for most of these that
we’re going to go into
holy crap oh okay i’ll let you say it
because you’ve got the the
yeah so obviously demand for gas has
soared recently
more people are out traveling uh more
people are out traveling coronaviruses
we’re at the tail end of it people are
going back to work people are traveling
right so the demand for gas is higher
which obviously that’s going to drive
prices higher
the supply
of gas
hasn’t kept pace with that demand and uh
issues ranging from hurricanes to the
cyber attack uh on the on the what was
that pipeline
the one on the east coast it affected
most of the
eastern seaboard yeah uh they’ve also
hampered the distribution of fuel for
weeks at a time
and while opec has not increased
production to meet rising global demand
the fact that the us has not ramped up
domestic production and some experts
biden’s policies for discouraging
have also added to this issue
because oil is usually priced out on
i believe always i don’t know i said
usually um yeah no it’s yeah it’s it’s
priced out in futures right
so when you’re saying yeah i’m going to
end all leases for drilling and nobody
should be drilling and we’re not going
to go into our stock on what we have
people who make the prices go well
that means that oil
that we aren’t going to have as much oil
going out so we need to raise the price
on what’s out there
opec yes they haven’t increased
they’re at
all-time highs for production
they’re producing in some cases double
their their uh quota that they’ve set
within opec
i can’t believe he blamed opec opec is
pumping out oil
more so than what is in their best
interest in terms of price stabilization
i can’t believe he blamed opec that
would be like blaming he’s been blaming
opec this entire time though that is
that is incredible
i just
he’s playing opec
another thing that he said
this one i love because it’s just so
i believe this is probably the most
factual statement he made
but he’s not saying why it’s the most
factual statement that he’s made
we’ve created more jobs in the first
eight months of my administration than
any president in american history total
number of jobs created
you’re coming out of an
roughly 18 month well at that time it
was uh what
11 10 10 month
a 10
month pandemic
in which
what was it 10 20 million people fired i
think it may have been or laid off or
put on
yeah the numbers were astonishing
record number on employment so numbers
you have not seen since uh the great
yeah everything actually actually it
actually worse than the great depression
in in some areas
everything about that was terrible
the unemployment rate when he took
office at 6.3
the week he took office more than 835
000 people filed for jobless benefits
but we all know that the economy started
bouncing back people started going back
to work
people started looking for work again
the people who were lucky enough to be
able to find it
because there’s this weird dichotomy
going on right now where
people are saying nobody’s hiring
and the people who are looking are going
or where people are saying nobody’s
hiring uh even if you’re qualified and
then the people who are hiring saying
nobody’s looking there’s this weird
dichotomy between the two and i’m not
really sure where
that bridge is
on why they aren’t doing it but for some
reason qualified people aren’t getting
hired and people are saying nobody’s
don’t know why
so people have been finding work people
have been uh
going back to work
by june weekly jobless from the 835 from
the 6.3 or sorry from the 835 people
filing for jobless claims uh by june
weekly jobless claims had fallen to less
than half of what they were in january
but when you’ve lost 10 million jobs and
you regain 4.5 million of them which are
the actual numbers um
you’re still at a negative 5.5
yep yep
which is why we have the lowest
workplace participation rate
and since they’ve been tracking it
i think a large part there’s two
different things that are happening
right now the low wage jobs aren’t being
filled because people aren’t willing to
work for that much anymore because
they’ve been getting stemi checks and
unemployment boosts uh for quite some
time and some of them found out
different side hustles they could do on
etsy and uber and lyft and ubereats and
you know only fans and amazon
whatever their their delivery service is
called and all these other things
they’ve they’ve made they’ve been able
to make more money than they would in
working these lower wage retail jobs now
of course they’re all about to find out
what happens if you’re self-employed in
the irs comes after you and you’re not
incorporated but uh until then um what’s
happening is so that’s on the low wage
and those jobs aren’t worth what they
want to get paid so here comes
automation but anyway
on the higher wage side it’s that you
can’t train people fast enough for these
jobs and this is what happens when you
play red light green light with the
economy and you you tell a factory or a
distribution center or you know whatever
else yeah you have to shut down because
you’re not essential and so they shut
down and then they go okay you can open
back up and go back to business well
that business went out of business or
they’ve been running with a skeleton
crew all their furloughed workers have
found other jobs and so now they’re you
know having to rehire and retrain people
which takes months uh sometimes years so
it’s this is what happens when the
government tries to centrally plan a
community societal response to a to a
virus you end up destroying everything
yep and if
gonna say i i have to i hate having to
say this all the time but
i do
we were not fans of trump we hit trump
often no gosh
yes but
if you compare trump’s 2019
unemployment numbers at 3.5
yep he is still significantly better
than biden at 4.8
especially when you consider
especially when you consider that
unemployment only counts the people
receiving unemployment benefits it
doesn’t count the people who no longer
qualify for unemployment benefits it’s
like counting the uh um the it’s like
counting the casualties of a shipwreck
without including the ones that drowned
and sank
our ip jack
there was a room on the
there was
definitely a room on the debris there
was room for two definitely room on the
debris yeah rose is a pitch she is the
greatest villain in the movie here it
not getting into titanic today
not doing it the rose is the greatest
you know what i can’t believe matt is
that it got
it got the freaking oscar
instead of
what was it what was the one that didn’t
did this what were the other ones that
it was up against i was up against
goodwill hunting and as good as it gets
wow and uh holy
crap think it may have been up against
the full monty too
it was up against a lot of good it was
up against quality film
quality film and instead and instead it
got the oscars it got the oscar because
hollywood wanted its first billion
dollar movie more than they cared about
quality um
i don’t know listen you go just go ahead
and sing
james cameron made kate winslet cry on
the set of that movie multiple times
because he’s a dick
remember that the greatest moment in
oscar movie history was where he lost
for that other shitty movie avatar
because that movie sucked too when it
was uh uh dances with wolves it was a
much better film and it wasn’t animated
when he left when it was animated it was
it was
um because he just doesn’t have an
original bone in his body because that
romance romance in titanic was one of
the shittiest romances of any movie ever
billy zane did nothing wrong oh he
wanted to protect himself and his family
oh big bad guy jeez he’s just awful yeah
yeah just terrible yeah
just absolutely terrible but no
the poor
american popper dude that snuck down
onto the other they’re snuck up to the
lore of the boat in order to sneak in so
he could pretend to be fancy for a
knight ends up banging his fiancee of
course he’s pissed just knocking her
right out just knocking her right out
and you know billy zane was a model
billy zane he was a model like one uh he
was a supermodel he was like a
highest-paid male supermodel leonardo
dicaprio was on growing pains come on
and then
she’s got
a diamond that could have fed
how many people
and instead she goes out in the water
she’s about to die
potentially leave a 100 million dollar
fortune to her heirs in the signs and
instead she drops it into the water so
that she can waste the other great
things she had in her life
and throw that away too like she threw
away jack because he could have survived
also you have to think
she went on to bill
paxton’s boat bill paxton yeah he’s the
one that yeah yeah he’s the one that
died uh he she went on to bill paxton’s
boat and she was like no i’m not gonna
go i don’t want to relive that and then
she finally goes out there
bores them with this terrible romance
that they all like cry out because i
don’t know they’ve been stuck at sea for
however long they’ve been looking for
titanic and looking for that stupid
diamond and then after
saying oh i don’t know where that is
lost it during the lost of during the
wreck let me bore you with this story
about this awful romance where i cheated
on my fiance and basically proved i’m a
terrible person i’m going to prove that
again by dropping the heart of the sea
diamond or heart of the ocean bull crap
thing into the ocean and not say
anything and then she’s gonna die on his
then she dies on his boat so now he has
to clean it up after he was like please
come on my boat please come on my boat
and she was like yeah okay here i’m
gonna come on your boat and totally
scam you out of a free boat ride because
the last one i went on didn’t go real
well but at least now i’m getting over
my fear and i can finally die and then
when she goes to heaven she meets up
with jack the guy that she basically
murdered and she’s like oh look i’m here
with the one i loved she had
grandchildren in that movie
what about her husband what about her
poor poor husband the man that she spent
a lifetime with after she murdered the
man in the middle of the atlantic ocean
where’s he
i feel as though he should be slighted
roses people can say jenny all they want
but jenny had redemption at the end she
was like man i have really screwed up my
life i’m going to turn it around and
she died wait oh jenny from forrest gump
oh anyone who wants to give jenny a hard
time she made right on it at the end he
made right murder anyone right well
intentionally right and intentionally
murder anyone
right she may have given hep c to
somebody they’ve got very powerful
anti-retrovirals now i’m sure forest is
so what’s fun fact for everybody out
in the movie it was aids
or hiv
uh you know the the fouchy disease uh in
the book boxy
in the book it was hep c
really yeah it was hep c in the book
that’s another one that can be handled
now with medication right you know i
remember the scene in forest gump when
he says well i know that i probably
shouldn’t date you and have sex with you
jenny but doctor felt she said
that i only had to be scared of gay men
he said
sex with random women is like a box of
chocolates you never know what you’re
gonna get and i got an aids-filled one
and that’s why titanic is a terrible
movie terrible movie absolutely
absolutely god awful anybody that likes
probably doesn’t watch this show
oh wow
um so
okay so speaking of
when it was brought
when the border was brought up
if they had the titanic rural border we
wouldn’t have this issue
when he uh when the border was brought
up he said i’ve been there before and i
haven’t i mean
i know it well i guess i should go down
but the but the whole point of it is i
haven’t had a whole hell of a lot of
time to get down
he hasn’t been to the border there is no
evidence anywhere that biden has been to
the border he
was lying yeah right ever not when he
was a senator not when he was vice
president never even went down to like
el paso texas on vacation and happened
to be like hey there’s the border
he has never been to the border
ever ever
and do you remember when the the media
uh we had a president once
and the media did this thing where they
checked like they kept a running count
of all of his lies
so that they could say
this president has
13 000 or 1300 or whatever documented
times of lying
and then joe biden replaced him and they
said well thankfully we don’t have to
count anymore we can trust that we have
someone good running in office and then
he just keeps lying
so you know in
the washington post i think is what
you’re talking about where they’re doing
the pinocchio counter or whatever it was
for trump
um they ended that with biden uh when he
came into office it wasn’t because they
said that he wasn’t going to be lying
uh but the guy said it was just too much
work to keep up with
which actually says a lot because he
kept up with it with trump and he was
like well this is wow too much work
it’s going to be too much this guy’s
going to lie even more than trump the
amount of spare that i’m going to have
to do is just too
it’s too difficult yes the amount of
counter fact checking and saying well
but if you think about it i mean it’s
kind of true i’m sure he’s been to a
border and he’s probably flown to mexico
meaning he passed over it and that’s
being nodded he went over it
so definitely he was there
he’s got zero pinocchio that’s the truth
right he’s he we’re we’ve never said
what border
we just keep saying the border he’s been
to a lot of borders delaware’s got like
three of them
um yeah
or if you count the ocean
question from eskimo libertarian
genuinely wonderful eskimo libertarian
that three hundred percent raise it’s on
it’s it’s on its way
um why do you want him to be physically
why do you want him to physically be at
the border at some point
uh i want him to go to see what it’s
like there because they’ll actually give
him a full tour and explain what’s
happening there and he can look i don’t
think it’s necessarily going to change
things but i want this man to see
what his policies look like i want him
to go to the cages i’m sorry the joe
happy hour kitty camp overflow
facilities i want him to go and actually
see what it looks like these people who
are you know being given these weird
like cellophane things for for blankets
and being huddled together
yeah those weird looking things and
being huddled together in their their
hot pockets wrappers and like what that
actually looks like and what that like
and experience that and see what it is
um i want them to go and see while
they’re gone now because his people uh
rushed the bridges and kicked out all
the haitians and sent them back to haiti
but i would have liked for him to see
that and see this is what a combination
of the war on drugs imperialist war
policy and foreign policy uh your war on
migration and empowering smuggling
cartels this is what this looks like
like this is what this is the end sum of
your 40 years of participation in
government governance that that’s why i
want them to go is it going to change
anything probably not but i think you
should at least have to look at it
yeah i would i would say at least he
should have to look at it because when
he’s sitting there
up on stage reading
most of the words they put on the
teleprompter um the other ones that he’s
just pulling right on out of that poop
chute uh right there’s a
there there is no crisis at the look hey
come on look there is no crisis there
everything going on down there is fine
like no don’t look it’s okay man and
like like i want him to look at it look
and say
no it’s not
even even if it’s just to himself
i want him to say it
that’s it
and that brings us
no instead let me go with um
you know whose nose we don’t ever have
to rub in their failures
personally attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law
you know why because chris reynolds
is one fantastic lawyer he’s a fantastic
if you get injured if you are driving
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don’t admit it uh and you’re sitting
there and your arm’s just
just hanging
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he’ll get you more money if it’s
definitely not your fault but he will
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personal injury attorney chris reynolds
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more to spare and that’s why you’re
going to want to give us 75
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law
be sure go there all right so i’m hoping
and this is the anchor calling moment
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now hopefully this works um
i haven’t tested it in a while so oh
good fingers crossed let me know if you
can hear it
hey guys it’s matt hicks calling in on
the personal injury attorney nope okay
give me one second
give me one second
thanks spectrum
it’s that one
and i’m gonna have to add
this one okay
bringing you
disappointment for
oh good they could hear it so hopefully
you can hear this
attorney at law anchor calling moment tm
with your gillane maxwell trial update
oh good so the judge has decided that
the jury selection process will be open
and visible for the public it cannot be
done in secret
so okay i just want to give a little
shout out to everybody who’s uh on the
crazy train of q and on and
and uh
all these other chase the pedophiles
this is your moment this is what you’ve
trained for your whole life
is the ring of pedophiles and guess what
two of our former presidents are
involved in this one of them is our most
recent former president
hashtag laser legend
i am
it is very interesting how quiet they
are being about the gillane
maxwell trial it is
which me they might not kill her they
might just quietly throw her in jail and
lock away the key and just hope
that because they if they kill her then
it’s gonna have to become a big story
yeah it wouldn’t be hard to kill her and
not have it become like the biggest
like it would be bigger than epstein
because it’d be like okay well
you guys aren’t even trying to make this
hard for people to come up we weren’t
even trying exactly
it’s like when the second plane hit the
tower and you knew that that meant it
wasn’t an accident right
like it was already like the first one
when the first one hit the tower it’s
i mean that’s probab that’s probably
terrorism right like that
i can’t imagine the plane would act and
then the second one you’re like all
right you know this is
this is definitely
that’s not supposed to happen this would
be like the second tower right and then
when they do it to bill cosby then
that’s like world trade center seven
when they when they hit r kelly that’s
world trade center seven when they hit r
kelly r kelly is our building seven
because he was trying to buy nbc
oh so here’s another one from matt hicks
i didn’t scream
matt hicks again on the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney liager
call a moment dm i just want to clarify
something from my previous call in uh
at least
two of our former presidents are
involved in this pedophile ring
one of whom is our most recent former
president hashtag league religion
there i would not be surprised if it’s
more and uh possibly current
what if the reason that they wouldn’t
let dan quayle
become president is because he wouldn’t
participate in the pedophile ring
also side note do you remember when dan
quayle couldn’t spell potato and there
was almost universal agreement that he
could never be president because he
misspelled potato
or tomato or whatever it was it was
potato can we just can we return to that
standard that like if you if if someone
is that i feel like the last two
presidents we aren’t even trying like
say what you want about barack obama but
i guarantee you the man can spell potato
at this point i’m not certain donald
trump could spell potato right and i am
fairly certain joe biden doesn’t know
what a potato is anymore i would bet
that trillion dollar coin that uh joe
biden does not know how to spell potato
gun dad yes
not in the notes but the trillion dollar
coin that they’re talking that they’ve
been talking about minting for a while
yep yep i’m waiting for it to look
something along the like like this
about this size and seeing the headline
come up
where it says somebody is now the
richest person
in the world probably unknowingly after
joe biden mistakes trillion dollar coin
for quarter
local taco vendor richest man on earth
listen if if we’re gonna make trillion
dollar coins let the taco truck people
get it i’m fine with that um
so incidentally just since we’re talking
about trillion dollar coins now um
that’s completely illegal so the the the
mmt people that are saying oh well we
could just print out a trillion dollar
coin see it says here in this subsection
of this rule it says that the the uh the
u.s uh uh treasury can print out uh
platinum coins of any denomination
and so they go oh well any denomination
that means a trillion dollars what they
don’t say is that it specifically says
that it has to be
a um uh uh what’s the term they use a uh
not collectible a curiosity it’s a
specific coin term that’s used for coins
that specifically means illegal for for
uh um for circulation it’s only to be
killed as a collectible and it doesn’t
even have its inherent whatever
denomination they put on it doesn’t
matter because it’s not that
denomination because you can’t actually
use it as legal tender so
no they can’t just turn out and print
out a trillion dollar coin doesn’t mean
they won’t do it but the law says they
can’t do it
doesn’t mean they won’t but they’re not
i’m terrified
here’s our next one from the cajun
libertarian and he promises that this
one will not get the show demonetized
i’m putting
right next to america’s jew
he works at an aquarium and likes to
feed the fish she is the guy on the left
but that don’t matter he’s the best
super fan sarah is very soon to expect
and i imagine
stupid songs cause i’m narcissistic but
at least we will stay monetized because
i wrote it
there’s that
that’s incredible
by the way congratulations
that line i missed like the next two
after it because i was like excuse me
what do you know that i don’t
oh the lines after that were and i’m
gonna die because i said that
and goodbye to everyone that’s fair
that’s fair
that was good no that was a good song
that was a good song well
i want that to be my ringtone
i don’t know if you want to but only for
what you call that one yeah
here’s another one from cajun
oh is it okay
oh no
he’s not that pretty
but lisa is waiting
this is about
he’s more than a jew
i want you to see
he’s more than our 2020 vp
cage libertarian signing off for money
watching freedom
it starts with he’s not cute
he’s not that pretty
he’s not that pretty
right but at least he’s witty
he’s witty he’s more than just a jew um
not just the 2020 lpvp nominee
these are good songs
yeah that
i can’t be mad at any of the originals
he has done
well done songs about the most obscure
subjects possible
no it’s good i like it i like it thank
you thank you oh i may have found the
ringtone for you
that might also be my ringtone
for everyone else when it’s you it’s the
matte one is everyone else it’s that one
you want your ringtone to immediately
say he’s not that pretty
no i want to start with he’s more than
just a jew
so everyone hears that fair uh
so we’ve got a couple here from our good
friend in murder beach steven andrew vit
hello guy on left and spike cohen for
the chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor colin moment i just wanted to see
whether or not you guys heard about the
backhanded apology by the
sba school board association to
the white house and
merrick garland
the doj and the fbi investigating
parents going to school boards today
they said that the letter was written by
the president
of the sba
and they basically tried to backhand the
apology and say that that letter was not
supposed to be released although it was
so i just want to hear your opinion on
guys have a great rest of your show
thank you stephen so uh yeah thank you
i knew that that letter wasn’t supposed
to be released i believe they said
something about it very early on
that that letter wasn’t supposed to be
released um but instead
uh it was something that they were going
to hold on to until closer to 2022
because they were going to be utilizing
it to keep people from speaking out then
um but it got leaked early and that is
uh we all found out about it um their
half-hearted apology is
not even half-hearted uh it’s completely
bogus and what they are saying is uh we
hope that you accept that it’s
when a celebrity
i’m not gonna mention any names but when
a celebrity does something
like i don’t know
shoot us some cinematographer in the
even if it’s a hundred percent an
and he knows he needs to go out there
and give some sort of maya culpa and say
yup i’m really sorry about what i did uh
it it takes big brass balls to be in the
movie business um
god i wish i could thanks
when working with guns you have to
remember abc
always be
checking to see if they’re loaded
um there’s that one too i was using team
america by the way that i was i was
speaking of the acronym film actors kim
actors guild right which is in a movie
starring alec baldwin
starring alec baldwin
yeah i mean the apology seemed more like
hey we’re sorry this got released
it wasn’t supposed to it’s like yeah but
are you sorry you tried to have the
fbi investigate
people who
coming to school board meetings to
to share their concerns
please accept our apology
please accept also we still want the
government to do this
and we are still going to do everything
we can with to block parents from giving
their opinion but
we really didn’t want you to know that
yeah so that’s what i think
it’s not real nothing they do is real
they’re they’re they’re going to
continue to uh push the envelope on
authoritarianism until
uh either
we break or we
enough of us stop complying that they
give up
and it starts pushing slightly back in
the other direction uh so they’re
they’re testing the boundaries as much
as they can right now any apology that
you get from them is not
an apology
when the threshold what’s happening is
more and more states are introducing
school choice and education um uh what’s
it called the education um uh savings
accounts esa’s uh which allow you to uh
take the money that you’re that you’re
getting and and put it into uh education
spending and not get taxed on it um
especially the school choice bills that
allow for the home schools to get the
when enough of that happens you’re going
to see a total collapse of
government-run education because it
sucks and it’s been terrible and it will
be they will have pushed too hard too
fast and if they had just kept pushing
it along slowly it would have been fine
for them
but now because they push too hard and
too fast they potentially could lose the
entire government-run schooling system
which is probably one of the best things
that could ever happen in this country
single one of the single that is right
up there with ending the federal reserve
i would still say ending the federal
reserve would be the bigger one but
ending government-run education would be
an absolute bonanza for freedom and for
a better society
so here’s our next one from steven
andrew vit
hello guy on left and spike cohen this
steve witt with another anchor call-in
and i am calling this time about
the biden administration backtracking on
the title 42 remaining mexico policy
that was put in place by donald trump
and seeing that it’s pretty funny that
the biden administration has backtracked
given all of the
immigration that’s been happening over
past eight months since biden took
office so just wanted to hear your
opinion on that as well
and i will be listening to the show
thank you guys much so
so the thing with the remaining mexico
policy stephen i’m glad you brought this
if you’re going to have the status quo
that we have now you essentially have
one of three choices
because what you have is a surge of
migrants who do not qualify for uh being
allowed in legally they don’t have the
uh documentation they need to be able to
apply for asylum in many cases because
their governments are withholding it
from them um because the government’s
trying to kill them and the uh and um
they’re not letting them in
they’re not allowed to come in
they’re not allowed to come in and yet
they are coming in
so one of three things for now
uh you can either shove them into cages
which has been happening
uh you can disperse them across the
country uh under the dark of night which
has also been happening
or you can tell them they have to stay
uh on the other side of the border in
mexico and let mexico have the camps or
the people you know walking around
waiting to be processed or whatever um
or you can do all three of those things
which is what’s happening um
i think joe biden realized the same
thing donald trump realized it is a pr
nightmare to have camps filled with
families and it is also a par nightmare
to have all the dangerous migrants that
you were warning everyone about being
scattered across the country
because they’re not really a threat but
you said they were
uh and they’re not allowed to work
they’re not allowed to do anything so
it’s not like they can start the
american dream they’re living off of
welfare they’re living off of the
government the government because they
have to be able to live
and that creates a problem so he’s
figuring out that yeah you gotta have
them stay in mexico if you’re gonna keep
this this
policy in place you have to have them in
mexico or somewhere else uh if only to
avoid the pr nightmare um do i think
that that’s going to
what i would hope that that would lead
to him realizing you have to end the war
on drugs you have to end the war on
migration you have to end these bad
policies do i think he’s going to do
that absolutely not but that’s that’s
why he’s doing this
it’s the pressure valve uh on pr is to
leave him over there that’s the least uh
uh pr nightmare of those three scenarios
and for biden to uh pick this back up
shouldn’t be surprising uh he
early in his presidency he you know he
he said that he wasn’t going to build
the wall and then early in his
presidency he was using eminent domain
in order to finish off sections of the
yep yep um
the fact you know they weren’t going to
have no more children in cages in here
who built the cages joe who built the
cages we all remember that moment
thing that man ever said
is that in the first debate
because that first debate was the group
i think that was second debate i think
it was i think the second debate the
first debate was just them you know what
it might have been first debate man that
was a dumpster whatever
i feel like it was the second one
because the first one was the one where
they just come on man shut up no you’re
stupid no you’re stupid i i think that
it was the second debate but i may be
wrong you’re a clown man you’re a clown
come on man you’re a clown will you shut
up man will you shut up man you just
shut up the two greatest things that
donald trump ever did was say that
uh and also end both the clinton and
uh political dynasties
yes yes but yeah anyway as you were
saying yes sir no you’re good uh
so if anybody was shocked that he went
back with the uh stay in mexico
policy keep him in mexico whatever he’s
mermaid oh yeah yeah you shouldn’t
you shouldn’t be shocked
you absolutely shouldn’t be shocked
because he has been doing it his entire
presidency it’s part of the reason he
doesn’t go to the border
because he knows what he’s doing well
his handlers know what is going on down
there and if he goes down there and
doesn’t try to correct it it would be
terrible for optics so no he doesn’t go
um so yeah there you go steven and here
is our last one from stephen witt
hey guys i’ve got one more anchor
calling moment here and this is talking
about the supply chain issues that’s
going on currently
for me i don’t really consider it a
supply chain issue more so this is the
imports that are coming over from
asia and whatnot um
biggest reason why they’re having such a
backup at the ports right now over in
california is there’s a law on the books
that doesn’t allow trucks that are older
than 2013 that don’t have death systems
on them to go on to government property
on the ports as well as i’m also hearing
different things about having a chassis
which there’s specialized chassis to
haul the containers off the ports
as well as with the 24 hours of the
ports running it’s very difficult
to go in
do those pickups at night time and then
go and deliver to
a distribution center and whatnot so
that’s part of the issue
and yes so
a lot of the reasons that you are seeing
so many issues in the uh in the supply
chain and you see all of the ships
parked outside or anchored uh out off of
the coast of california off the coast of
uh la there
is because of many times government
regulations in california uh you also
have union rules that they have to abide
by uh out there that are causing more of
the issues uh much of the problems
as we’ve been saying for
18 months now
many of the problems that you are seeing
uh when it comes to the supply chain
anything like that uh is because the
government attempted to fix something
using the government and we all know
that that is not a way to do it
last week
yeah last week
governor desantis here in florida uh
said look our put our ports are open uh
come around panama just drop them off
here uh we’re a right to work state so
we don’t have unions um we don’t have
horse unions so if people want to work
they can just go and start working
and a lot of ships i think are going to
start coming this way he’s like we have
the people we have the power let’s do it
we let’s get this stuff in and uh you
don’t even have to sit there and wait
for them to uh turn around
right yeah the this stephen these are
all reasons
there hasn’t been able to be a massive
ramp up to deal with the shortage of
labor and the supply chain issues that
are in other countries as well that’s
why we haven’t been able to have a fast
ramp up the reason why this even became
a crisis to begin with is because when
the government played red light green
light with the economy shut down entire
industries because they weren’t
essential and then opened them and said
okay you can be open for the next two
months unless the cases go up this much
and then if that happens you gotta shut
back down again you can’t operate a
business that way so you’ve had
businesses shut down you’ve had
businesses that have been running on
skeleton crews you’ve had furloughed
workers that have gotten jobs somewhere
else and aren’t coming back to those
jobs so now they’re having to ramp up
and hire new people it’s it is
many things and the sclerotic nature of
the of the supply chain itself
finally met its match with these
lockdowns and mandates now you have big
companies that can’t ramp up their
hiring as much as they’d like to even
with the built-in you know delays and
training and stuff because you got to be
and there are about 40
the people that are when they show these
numbers saying that you know 70
something percent or 60 something
percent of americans are vaccinated and
by the way they’re not fully vaccinated
anymore because uh the number the uh the
effectiveness goes down so uh it’s
actually probably in terms of what the
us government considers fully vaccinated
probably back down to 50
and it will probably stay at 50 because
you have to keep getting boosters and
you’re gonna have more and more people
going no i’m not doing the boosters i’m
done with this no thank you and uh
that number is even lower for working
age people
so it’s the older people that have very
high rates of vaccination for
understandable reasons they’re the ones
who are exponentially more likely to die
by sometimes one or two orders of
magnets well i guess never two orders of
magnitude that’d be 100 but they uh by
by by several times by you know i mean
it’s it is the people in their 60s late
60s 70s and 80s who are not you know who
actually have a higher chance of dying
so of course they’re the ones that are
getting fully vaccinated they’re also
the ones not working the docs so they’re
the ones that are working aren’t
vaccinated and they’re being told you
can’t work anymore and they’re going gag
it’s not working anymore and so all of
these things together including the
things you’ve brought up are why we’re
having the problems we’re having and
they’re not going away until every one
of us or enough of us realize that
covid’s not going away these are not
temporary measures every couple months
it’s going to go the case and death
rates are going to go up and then after
a couple months it’s going to go back
down and then after a few months it’s
going to go back up and after a couple
months it’s going to go back down and
although these these waves are not going
away thanks to probably gain of function
research we now have this or at least
possibly gain a function research we now
have this forever it’s not going away
it’s endemic we have to decide how we
want to live our lives and uh and we
have to resist
and if that means they’re going to
florida in the meantime great good for
i mean
bring them here
bring them here um
don’t worry about that uh
bring bring them here and you know
florida’s got a ton of ports
bring them here bring all of the ships
here bring them here bring the ships to
on a side note
desantis he
won he didn’t say he did not decree this
but he said that he is going to attempt
to get a bill passed in special session
that any company
that forces their employees to get
uh are liable for any
uh damages that that employee
has because of the vaccine
i’m not i have no problem with that i
have no problem with that he’s not
saying you i don’t have a problem with
that like he has a no like you can’t ask
for cards when people are coming into
your business okay like i’m not a huge
fan of that but
whatever on this one i like it because
yeah that i’m not a fan of this type
this i don’t mind and i wish he does it
for everything if you want to mandate
some kind of medical thing for your
people to work there then you’re
responsible for it right and that’s i
think he’s going i think that’s how he’s
going to word it
i’m fine with that i have no problem
that be liable for it yeah if something
goes wrong they can sue you and it’s
like in it and what he said if they get
like just sick not you know
or anything else like if they just get
you know if they’re out for a few days
because they got sick from this thing
they can sue you
i have no problem with that whatsoever
no none
and that’s a form of nullification
because enough states do that if that’s
successful and enough states do that
that’s going to put even more pressure
on the businesses to turn around to osha
and to the federal government and say we
can’t do that like you’re you’re killing
we can’t find people who work for us now
we’re held liable if there’s any you
know uh um uh any uh uh
adverse reactions or anything like that
uh or any allergies or anything like
that you’re not allowing us to have
exemptions for these things
something’s got to give here and uh and
i’m perfectly fine with that i’m fine
with it both in terms of its you know
respect for property rights respect for
accountability and liability for those
who are causing the damage and also for
the nullification factor that it has i i
like that i like that way more than the
other stuff i do too um i do too and the
other thing i like about it is that he’s
calling a special session to have them
come and vote on it and
make it a bill because that way it’s not
him signing uh executive order just
saying this is now how it is i like that
too yeah i like that too
i don’t agree with the desantis on
but that i loved i was like i like that
i like that brilliant i like it
yeah i like it i like it
so here is our last
here’s our last one fingers crossed
this isn’t inappropriate
hey there spike and guy on left this is
james m ray calling in on the chris
reynolds attorney at law
something like that anchor calling
anyway i am calling to thank spike for
coming here at the behest of women’s
voices of southwest florida which is
forward slash
women’s voices dot
swfl so women’s voices is one word
they’re really really nice to us they
have been great
and um they were spikes gonna talk about
it more i’m sure but um the point of
is that spike and tasha need to fall in
love with the sarasota area and move to
a condo with a beautiful view on siesta
key at least three floors up because i
don’t trust that hurricane spirits thing
anyway love you guys
uh real quick before i play the last
three seconds of this uh daniel thayer
sires says and if you are in florida uh
and this bill passes call chris reynolds
if you want to get this get the picture
get the get the chris reynolds picture
back up so we could
uh where is it there it is
if you end up uh call chris reynolds if
if this bill passes uh and you are
required to take the vaccine to keep
your job and you have any adverse
reactions you or your cares and signs if
you die can call chris reynolds
personally personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law uh by
going to chrisreynoldslaw.com
and uh
and find out today and get that money
get that’s good get that money because
and you might feel inclined to give us
80 90 of it
at least a hundred percent right
especially if you’re dead
your kids are probably gonna throw it in
the sea because they were so inspired by
titanic like garbage movie that was oh
man thanks very much for coming bye-bye
bye-bye words i never wanted to hear
james ray say
god you’re as bad as him uh so um yeah
no we had a really great time in uh in
uh in sarasota james came out um he
tried to to uh
uh three though all the ladies there and
and and we had a great conversation
about it and uh yeah everything went
really well we we had a great i was
there for like 24 hours i was there for
such a short period of time that i
didn’t get to even see my my partner
here but
i did get to see
muddy waters media co-founder mohammad
shaker and we got to hang out and have a
really good lunch i love him so much
he’s a great guy and uh it was just a
really good trip it sucks the only bad
thing was that you weren’t there but
like we literally had a really great
productive trip got to make some new uh
allies and friends got to see muhammad
got to see james and everyone got to
have some really good
fish based meals i know you’re surprised
to hear that and uh
overlooking the water
did you have the grouper
i had the red snapper which holy crap
holy crap
yeah holy crap was that good
i’ve i’ve been uh on a
i haven’t been on a grouper kick but
i’ve been kind of craving grouper
recently which is weird yeah yeah i’m
i’m going i’m gonna have roofer or or
sea bass or swordfish the next time it’s
available at a restaurant that i go to
but yeah the red snapper man my goodness
was that good and then
and then the next day i had what do i
the view was so good i forgot what i ate
oh i had some hummus and i had some kind
of fish something but uh yeah it was a
great trip
nice yeah wish i could have made it like
i had so much to do monday and you were
working yeah you were i was working and
i thought about it going down
i thought about going down like filming
something with you on monday but then i
saw your calendar and i went i’m not
driving down there
yeah it was nuts and it was nuts like it
would have been nuts to try yeah it
would have we could have maybe carved
out 10 minutes it was it was stupid or
not stupid but it was just crazy it was
a crazy schedule and you were working
all day i was literally there so folks i
was there for less than 24 hours total i
was there for 22 hours um and that
included like
sleeping for four hours in between in
between that night and the the morning
session excuse me of the uh of the
county board meeting
so that was your personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney law
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and if you live in florida and you are
forced to get the vaccine
and the desantis bill passes call chris
sue sue your employer and call chris
reynolds that’s right and then have your
survivors put in your in your i’m dying
say my final wish
is for you all to come together
and go to chrisreynoldslaw.com
and sue the company
what did this to me
sue the company
what killed your paw
speaking of companies that possibly kill
i mean we are talking about that yeah
the advocacy group public citizen
has released a number of contracts that
pfizer has with separate countries
if you have not read these fear not
because we are here for you
now if you’re thinking well pfizer is a
mega corporation with
offices all over the world and of course
this contract is going to be above board
well if you’re thinking that you’re not
watching this show
no no you’re watching cnn
you’re watching you’re watching
programming that’s brought to you by
pfizer right exactly you’re you’re
oh god what’s that guy’s name
the late night show host that’s terrible
that i used to like a lot
when he was uncomfortable all of them
stephen colbert yes
if you think the pfizer contracts are
above board you’re watching stephen
brought to you by pfizer brought to you
by pfizer um so according to public
citizen pfizer has the power to keep
government silent on the terms
in january brazil pointed to five terms
that it found problematic ranging from a
sovereign immunity waiver on public
assets to a lack of penalties for pfizer
if deliveries were late
less than two months later the brazilian
government accepted a contract with
pfizer that contained most of the same
terms that the government once deemed
unfair because you know they wanted the
and pfizer just waited them out
and said fine your people will die
you can give us immunity
you get no immunity and we can actually
pre seize
publicly owned ass anyway i’m skipping
ahead go ahead yeah a little bit but
uh brazil waived sovereign immunity
imposed no penalties on pfizer for late
dirt liveries
agreed to resolve disputes under a
secret private arbitration
uh under the laws of new york and
broadly indemnified pfizer for any civil
yeah um the contract and they weren’t
allowed to tell anyone either right
the contract also contains an additional
term not included in other latin
american agreements
the brazilian government is prohibited
from making any public announcement
concerning the existence subject matter
or terms of the agreement or commenting
on its relationship with pfizer without
the prior written consent of the company
you know because they talked about it in
so they said we’re going to throw this
in as well
the brazilian government
silenced it
a similar non-disclosure provision is
contained in the contract with the
european commission and the u.s
however those the obligation applies to
both parties so pfizer can’t talk about
anything that’s in it and the us
government can’t same with the british
gov or the european commission
not unless all parties agree
pfizer uh according to these contracts
is in complete control of the supply and
as we already know they can’t be
punished for anything that comes out
late if there is a shortage in the
supply and they can’t meet the demand
that uh that they’ve promised
no penalty but the ceo of finance panel
okay albert borla
called a voluntary world health
organization effort to share
intellectual property to bolster vaccine
production nonsense and dangerous
he also said president biden’s decision
to back the trips waiver on intellectual
property was so wrong
for anybody who isn’t sure what the
trip’s waiver is
that would temporarily waive
intellectual property rights protections
for technologies needed to prevent
contain or treat coven 19 including
vaccines and vaccine-related
says borla which is the blood of the
private sector
is what brought a solution to this
pandemic and it is not a barrier right
now and
i’m certain you have comments
that’s my advisor because i would not
consider you the private sector taking
all of that government money and
stealing all of the private citizens
lands for projects that aren’t even
i would consider you kind of an arm of
the government and not the private
i mean i would call you the head of the
government to some extent uh at least
when it comes to this you know you are a
very dominant arm when it comes
specifically to this um you have a
who is telling world governments
including the us
that they are to be indemnified for any
liability for anything they do
that those governments
are com you know have to
waive their sovereign immunity which by
the way sovereign immunity shouldn’t
exist but not just for pfizer
it shouldn’t exist at all
it shouldn’t just be waived for a
multi-billion dollar corporation
and also in the provision and i don’t
know this might be further down in the
notes uh it says that uh if you
participate in buying one of these
contracts you are not allowed to donate
any of the pfizer vaccines or to accept
donations of any of the pfizer vaccines
if you want to buy one pfizer vaccine
from us you have to buy all of your
pfizer vaccines from us and no and you
can’t give any of them away to anyone
this is
a shakedown yes
yeah uh what you’re talking about in the
albania draft contract in the brazil and
columbia agreement pfizer will decide
adjustments to delivery schedule based
on principles uh the corporation will
decide um
albania brazil and colombia shall be
deemed to agree to any revision
they have no choice
uh as a condition to entering the
agreement the colombian government is
required to demonstrate in manner of
manner satisfactory to suppliers
that the suppliers and their affiliates
will have adequate protection as
determined by the suppliers sold the
correct discretion from liability
colombia is requiring to certify pfizer
the value of oh this isn’t that part i
thought it was uh
uh pfizer the value of contingent
obligations like potential future
liability and to start appropriating
funds to cover the contingent obligation
according to a contribution program
where do you think the contributions are
going to come from
the taxpayers
in colombia
you want to talk about a colombian drug
cartel pfizer became the biggest
the sinaloa cartel couldn’t hope to have
these kinds of terms with any government
so the contract
shift responsibility for any
intellectual property infringement that
pfizer might commit
to the government purchasers
so even though
uh said intellectual property is the
blood of the private sector in these
if pfizer steals
some other company’s intellectual
property in order to make the vaccines i
don’t know work um
then starts distributing those
pfizer is not at fault but instead the
governments have to pay for it
the the old classic if eyes get caught
stealing something you gotta pay for it
claws right
so if another vaccine maker sued pfizer
for patent infringement in colombia the
contract requires the colombian
government to foot the bill
at pfizer’s request
colombia is required to defend the
pfizer also explicitly says that it does
not guarantee that its product does not
violate third-party iep or that it needs
additional licenses
by the way
there’s a good chance
that last clause is gonna get activated
so if the uk can’t resolve contract
dispute with pfizer a secret panel of
three private arbitrators not a uk court
uh is empowered under the contract to
make the final decision
both parties are required to keep
everything a secret
the parties agree to confidentia to keep
confidential the existence of the
the orbital proceedings the submissions
made by the parties and the decision
made by the orbital tribunal which i
feel should that they’re a public
company i feel as though this should be
public all of this
uh sorry for all the plosives these are
public governments
so what’s gonna happen they’re gonna
issue they’re gonna issue a freedom of
information act request and the courts
are gonna go
no it’s said to have to be private
agreed uh but
if the uk doesn’t want to give me
information because i don’t spend any
money in the uk i get it
pfizer right anybody can buy it across
across the
globe um yes
oh both in my mind both parties should
be certain there is absolutely no reason
that a large publicly traded company’s
agreement with a government
should be
in any way tran
anything but transparent
um so pfizer
required brazil chile
colombia and the dominican republic and
peru to waive sovereign immunity
in the case of brazil chile and colombia
the government expressly and irrevocably
waives any right of immunity which
either it or its assets may have or
acquire in the future to enforce any
arbitration award
for brazil chile colombia and the
dominican republic this includes
immunity against precautionary seizure
of any of its assets
one legal contract
expert here in the us said
that would be like the united states
putting up the grand canyon as
for the vaccine
yes and what i loved was that pfizer’s
people said this is all preposterous
we’ve never seized the grand canyon
because that’s the concern right right
the concern was that they were gonna
seize the grand canyon yep
it is uh the contract allows pfizer to
request that courts use state assets as
a guarantee that pfizer will be paid an
orbital award and or use the assets to
compensate pfizer if the government does
not pay
and in u.s courts
just so everybody knows the u.s contract
is a very private and you can’t get a
unredacted copy of it
so we can only base what is in it on
what we have seen in others
but if similar language is in it
in u.s courts these assets could include
foreign bank accounts
foreign investments
foreign commercial property including
the assets of state-owned enterprises
airlines and oil companies
so you may
buy a ticket
on southwest
and board
pfizer air
by zaire
5’s air where they blow dart you with uh
with vaccines
an oil company they’re saying that they
can seize
foreign owned
oil so so uh us-owned oil bigs on an
international for waters
this is the cup this is the only other
organization i know that swings their
stuff around like this
is the us federal government
and at times the chinese government and
russian government but only in their
limited region of the world
the only one that goes to like latin
america europe like just across the
planet and is like yeah you have to do
everything we say or else that people
are gonna die
the us government
and john bartosak has a good point
a means to restrict travel until you get
the vaccine
i could see that i could see that
i could see that well he didn’t say
until you get the vaccine but i’m i’m
just putting that in for him because
that means that it is a means to
restrict travel
yeah yeah and if pfizer is the one doing
it they’ll be like no you have to have
all of our vaccines and all of our
boosters because we’re getting paid by
daddy uncle sam
that’s weird why did i say it that way
daddy uncle
daddy uncle sam daddy uncle sam pfizer
is no longer in new york they’re now in
good thing i don’t run for public office
i’d like to be clear i didn’t say that
one world government coming soon a
division of pfizer yes ellie uh
um kelly
so what pfizer has essentially done here
is they’ve handcuffed the governments
and they’ve said nope
we are going to be keeping you
tight-lipped on everything you aren’t
allowed to say anything or else we can
sue you or take all of your supply and
you still have to pay us the full amount
made themselves more powerful than the
governments they have these contracts
which goes to show two things one um
they wouldn’t have been able to get
there without the government giving them
all all the governments giving them the
money that they’ve been giving yes
throughout all of this
but it also shows you that the
government that we have
the governments all across the world
are essentially useless if a company
that they have propped up can now
essentially silence them on everything
this is they aren’t the real powers
yeah no they aren’t and
i’ve heard people say to me when i
because i posted about this a few days
ago now um i guess before i guess
shortly after the last episode of muddy
waters freedom and uh and i put it out
and people said see this is proof that
we need governments to keep big
companies in check or else they’ll take
over and tell us all how to live our
lives and i said no
this is proof
that governments
are powerless to stop the companies that
they prop up and that none of this could
exist without the power of government it
is government that is protecting their
ip it is government that is protecting
their um that is mandating that you get
it it is government that is subsidizing
it so that they don’t have to charge a
fair market value for it it is
government that is upholding these
secret contracts and and forcing someone
else to pay for it
none of this would be happening under a
free market society under a free market
society if a vaccine was necessary there
would be so many more suppliers of it
especially once you get into
international because you wouldn’t have
multinational ip agreements and all this
nonsense you’d have so many other so
many different people supplying so many
different versions you would have
so much more rigorous uh controls of
making sure or not controls but rigorous
uh accountability for if something goes
wrong which inherently is going to have
a controlling effect on those companies
to make sure that what they’re putting
out is safe because they’re not
literally saying well yeah there’s a
good chance uh we’re going to end up
hurting people so you have to protect us
uh or indemnify us none of this exists
without the coercive power and
centralized planning power of the state
so this is the monster that government
created it could not success exist in a
truly free market society
so pfizer uh they will say that they’re
doing this to help you they aren’t
they’re doing this to line their own
pockets i didn’t put it in here um
i think the us government gave them two
billion the uk gave them one billion
they got like 500 million from two of
the country like
they’re making like seven billion
dollars on this vaccine
so far so far
so far
and steve south says who will enforce
pfizer’s contract if when the
governments can’t pay will pfizer hire
their own army no so most of these
places have already paid
they’ve already paid they may not pay
for boosters in the future but right now
all of the pressure is on pfizer which
they don’t have any pressure because
they can’t be sued if they default in
any way
so they’ve already been paid they could
just essentially say okay well we’re
done making this now so all right we’re
done oh there’s nothing left and uh
there would be no retribution the
governments would not be able to come
back to him because it’s in the contract
pfizer doesn’t have to worry about that
uh and
something happen where the
let’s say
brazil doesn’t want to give up one of
their state assets to pfizer
i’m just gonna go out in the dark and
say pfizer can pay their army better
at this point yeah and here the other
thing is this
the governments aren’t going to reach
that point because they just steal it
from you they just steal it from the
taxpayer governments have no problem
paying for self they just steal
they’re thieves yep
you’ve got thieves negotiating with one
of the company that one of the cartels
they’ve created
there’s no problem paying they just
print out more money they all have all
these countries have central banks they
can just print out more money and give
them that and stick you with the bill
for it
with interest
so that that’s not an issue they’ll
definitely get paid
not an issue at all
so that concludes
this week’s episode of this cheery
episode this cheery episode of muddy
waters freedom
on wednesday um
so spike
you don’t have a show tomorrow
because today would be when i do this
show uh but we did we’re doing this
instead uh because i wasn’t gonna be
able to be here back here in time on
tuesday so we did the show here um but
so instead
tomorrow is thursday which means that’s
the writer’s block and who’s your guest
for the writer’s block tomorrow i have
scottie bowman
scottie bowman’s coming on my episode
tomorrow and he is running for
police commissioner of detroit
yes he’s running for police commissioner
of detroit he’s in a two-way race and uh
it’s gotten ugly there you’re gonna have
some stuff to talk with him about that
because his opponent is literally
stealing his signs and he has video
proof of it
um this
yeah it’s pretty it’s gotten nasty um
and uh so then i will be where am i
gonna be oh on uh friday uh actually on
saturday i will be in bur well on friday
uh join uh noelle and malik for uh cajun
and eskimo from bios to igloos at 9 30
then on saturday come join me out in
birmingham alabama
i will be there with jonathan reels we
will be collecting signatures to get him
on the ballot to be the next um
congressman in the in his district i
want to say the third district of uh of
um alabama i should probably learn that
before i
collect signatures more and uh and then
join us here on monday for the next
episode of mr america the bearded truth
uh with matt
matt lion wow jason lyon um and then on
tuesday and jason join us right back
jason’s getting oh jason
man i should have spoke up
john grijalva
that’s fantastic yep sean graham gravel
then join us next week i don’t know who
sean is on tuesday
i don’t know
that’s a good guy i love sean gravel
um join us next tuesday
same money place
original money time normal money time
for the next fan daemon-less episode of
the muddy waters of freedom where matt
wright and i parse through the week’s
events like the increasingly dour and
cynical men we are
so spike if someone were trying to find
us on the internet
would that be possible
so possible in fact that it’s imminently
possible so you can go to
i don’t know
and you can also also guess what you can
also you can leave a message for us
that’s right you can leave us messages
you’re on this show and then
you can also
um become a subscriber by going to
anchor dot fm slash
subscribe and for only 9.99 a month you
get access
exclusive content ad free episodes and
access to the muddy zoo
or you can find this and every episode
my fellow
freedom uh on all episodes of our shows
on money waters media.com matt
big shout out to jason lyon um also
again a happy belated birthday to jason
uh even though i wish him happy birthday
on thursday um
yes happy belated birthday jason
thank you all so much for tuning in
tune in tomorrow for the writer’s block
where i will have scottie bowman on
tune in all week long we’ve got shows
coming up
every day except for the weekend where
spike will be
pumping out content for all of you out
there who just want to
collect it like squirrels in winter
before winter collecting up your little
acorns of
all weekend long with spike
jason lyon us right back here next
tuesday mighty waters of freedom
have a great weekend and where we’re
oh we’re doing we don’t need roads
and now matt wright and

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