Episode 217 – Joe Manchin is the Most Powerful Man in Congress

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Colin Powell passed away, Bill Gates sent some salacious emails, Joe Biden said some things that were… Bideny, and the dems are sweating the 2022 midterms.

Also, Joe Manchin is holding up the largest spending bill in history and saying that bill will look exactly how he wants it or there will be no bill.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

Intro song: Courtesy of Jovid Covidbotham

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Episode Transcript

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and now matt wright and spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike for anybody who missed that
intro video you’re never gonna see it
because it is going to get deleted from
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copyright strikes from like nine
different companies cohen i am matt
wright and together we are traversing
the money and waters of freedom
yes that’s why we’re deleting it
hey folks thanks for tuning in
i don’t know why my face works so well
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live give the gift of muddy waters today
first and foremost i would like to thank
jovidkovidbothum for making that video
and also i’m just going to thank him for
the kava today because he made that
jovidkovidbotham well
we know susan thinks of him that way
r.i.p yeah he tried to murder you like
susan got it worse
yeah i am 100 just like refreshing my
email just to find out if uh we’re gonna
just get taken off of youtube for that
there’s a good chance of that
there is a good chance
there is a good chance of that
but allow me to thank
for this delicious kosher bpa-free with
so i i put that video together no go
when i was putting that video together
last night because joe joe was just
sending me the clips
and so i was like i’m just going to put
these together as the intro video
because the people that we usually use
for our intro video didn’t come out with
a new one this week
so i was like this is what i’m going to
do and um
sarah’s sitting there and we’re watching
the baseball game and she’s this is
making me very uncomfortable and i don’t
like it and yeah can you please mute it
no it’s very
it’s very discomforting but you were
able to accomplish it i’m proud of you
great job matt
great job
i had a great one
it was great
it was great thanks for asking um so i
had a good weekend i was in washington
state and uh libertarian party of
washington uh anna johnson the the chair
there you know where you interviewed her
um she uh
coincidentally the day before i got
there um we had rallies across the state
all of them were uh
double our expected attendance uh we had
ticketed events fundraiser dinners
everything was double what we were
expecting would be there um we did a big
ended with a big shooting range event
i’m actually going to pull up video of
me almost starting a fire that’s set the
entire pacific northwest pacific on fire
long story i told the northwest pacific
the pacific northwest
the pacific yeah so that’s what the
pacific northwest needs
it’s another fire right he told me to
aim right he told me to aim high that’s
all and i have video proof of it i’m
going to show it in a bit uh we did get
to put the fire out because you know
that’s what libertarians do we put out
our our own fires but we do sometimes
start fires
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i was reading some comments d.g king
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that’s yeah i don’t
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making it 10.
but even if not even if it’s by like
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i’d still weigh more
would anyone answer that differently
i don’t think so
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i don’t think anybody but you know what
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oh wow
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oh wow how it’s changed spike palettes
oh wow change
what if they’ve gotten better
wait when’s the last time you’ve had a
i plead the fifth on that one i’m not
answering my question
well folks speaking of something very un
difficult to talk about
colin powell
i tried
oh i tried
the nation mourns today
the knee
no we can do this we can do this we talk
about difficult stuff on this show all
the time
colin powell is dead
and it’s terrible
he terrible he passed away yesterday
originally recorded
from complications from covet 19 even
though he was vaccinated and then after
the news came out that he was vaccinated
they said well he also had cancer and
parkinson’s um but
wait i think i missed that part they
then they did they said covid and then
once it was mentioned that he was
vaccinated they’re like oh he also has
all this other stuff too
yeah so if you if anybody
if anybody uh
watches drudge like just reads drudge
report all day the initial article at
the tethered report that
colin powell dies of uh from covet
complications he was vaxxed
and then
if he went back later there was an
asterisk and then it said he was also
battling cancer and then if you went
back i believe this morning i said
he was battling cancer and had
so if he wasn’t vaccinated who here
wants to pretend that they would have
said all that
would not would not have come up
yeah would not have come up once ever it
started on his coveted complications
then it was like
people got mad because of a meme and
they’re like bro he had cancer he was
battling cancer and then it was like you
had cancer in parkinson’s
this is my favorite part of all this is
when someone says yeah you know someone
died of of covid
now if we mention the fact that the vast
majority of people who die from covet
are either elderly or have other medical
conditions that made them likely to pass
away from those things or at least have
you know serious complications uh
we’re told we’re heartless monsters and
how dare you but then when they bring up
that someone who’s vaccinated died from
then they said well but but
he was very old or he had all these
complications or he was fat or whatever
and they can say that that makes it
perfectly fine and it’s just i even
heard someone say well you know it’s not
always that they died of covid it’s that
they died with covet we don’t know that
covet caused it oh really that’s
that’s very interesting to know
that’s very interesting to know now
this is a man that uh
do i want to say that yeah i’ll say it
uh lied about did you read the next line
did you read the next line before you
start getting ready to say what you’re
about to say no you say it
he joins the million or so people who
passed away from the complications of
his choices that helped lead to the wars
in the middle east
yeah i was like don’t don’t ruin the
joke before we get there yes
here is a man who uh
lied about weapons of mass destruction
uh that were supplied by the the u.s
and uh
only to be killed by one how about that
i mean you want to talk about irony
so i’ve been very uh careful to talk
about this up until now um because uh i
wanted to wait till this show no the
reason i i waited is because you know
when a mass murderer dies um and there’s
someone that we’re told is okay because
they’re in our government
and they die we’re told you have to
respect the dead but yet if someone like
countless hundreds of millions of people
is a monster who helped destabilize
countries and their communities and kill
millions of people um in order to
empower and enrich themselves and the
people who put them in their positions
of power uh you know if it were someone
in another country who did that then
we’d be saying good riddance um but you
know because uh colin it’s colin powell
colin powell was you know the first
did you know he was the first black um
secretary of state matt
the first one
was he
yeah first black secretary secretary of
that was what they led with oh good
let’s put let’s put black people in
charge of mass murder that will make it
less mass murdery or we can just
celebrate the accomplishment i mean yeah
mass murder is bad
but you know
we got black people
doing it now sometimes
we’ve really progressed as a country
when our global mass murder
racial minorities to to be in charge of
it sometimes
until they die
so uh reports matt have come out stating
that bill gates
had been warned to stop emailing a
female microsoft employee because of the
yes and we here at muddy waters
first of all apologize for this but we
also got uh we were lucky enough to get
a hold of one of these emails
for anybody who’s listening on audio
you’re gonna have to watch the video
you’re gonna have to watch this one
if you’re a big enough nerd you’re going
to understand this joke
yep that’s definitely one to you got to
see it folks if you’re if you’re this is
your chance to tune into our youtube or
our facebook and become a subscriber
today so you can
just for this joke
just for this one that is how big the
font is
how is that worse than the colin powell
how did that become more inappropriate
the colin powell thing and the colin
powell thing
so when i thought of that joke i laughed
for like 15 minutes to myself
yeah i know that’s
that’s good stuff so join our youtube
and our float today float dot app slash
money waters media and you can get more
of that live and pre-recorded
um that’s right so speaking of
inappropriate and um
joe biden
was speaking on human rights and
anti-semitism for the dedication of the
dodd center at the university of
connecticut ma’am
that’s right um and a clip of this
speech went viral which means we have to
share it here too because we just have
to add to that trend
um so
we have fewer democracies in the world
today than we did 15 years ago
not more fewer
cannot be sustained
that’s why from day one of my
administration i’ve taken concrete steps
to put human rights back at the center
of our foreign policy and reassert
our moral leadership on the global stage
not more matt
fewer fear
oh was he saying fewer
i thought he was saying fear
um so
for any country
here for any country and just so
everybody knows we are global we are in
like a hundred countries right now yeah
you would not believe where we are in
the charts in slovenia right yeah we are
killing it in in the former former
eastern bloc countries
uh so if you’re in a country that’s not
without a democracy uh be terrified
biden is speaking here
with the passion and cadence
of an out-of-control tyrant
by the way i just want to grab a clip
from this um
intro so he
where’s it right here
he could not look more in this moment
like the jeff dunham puppet of the old
that is dead on
again uh if you’re listening to this is
a very visual episode of the money
waters of freedom you’re going to want
to definitely
definitely get this
but i mean he couldn’t
he really the whole i guess he always
looks like that but especially making
that face right there goodness
if jeff dunham
is behind him then well
i hope the kids didn’t see it
well i’m pretty certain it’s not jeff
dunham who’s got his hand up biden’s ass
but i bet somebody’s leading him hey
that’s way too early for a pete budda
judge joke matt
he’s on paternity leave
he is on
he is on paternity leave um
it was nice of them to give him
paternity leave well
we have a transportation issue
however as odd as that clip was
there was another clip that went around
that some would say is even odder
and uh so for everybody he on top of
not fewer
more whichever uh he also said that he
said this
when i talk to all your folks out in the
playground as i joked inside everybody
knows i like kids better than people
fortunately they’re like me that’s why
maybe i like them
but all kidding aside
he likes kids
better than people
because they smell better than people
first of all
kids aren’t people
that that makes the thing that he said
before about you know uh what was that a
couple years ago uh you know um
oh what was it
black kids are just as
good and smart as real kids or something
hard as a white kid as white kids
yeah but that’s hold on i got to look up
the quote
he said uh poor kids are just oh yeah
important poor kids are just as smart as
white kids yeah yeah yeah poor kids are
just as white and smart or
are just
are just as smart and talented as white
kids but he never said any of them were
so no
single one write that down i i think you
might have missed that
you know i know jen saki poor jen saki
tomorrow is gonna be like well i mean he
never said they were people
that’s great so throughout his day in
connecticut uh adult hecklers could be
heard chanting let’s go brandon he’s not
our president traders
i like the let’s go brandon thing i
really like it i think that uh i this
when i’m no fairness that’s not what
they were chanting but i tried to keep
this as family-friendly as possible
because oh we were changing let’s go we
were saying let’s go brandon uh we were
marching around seattle and then again
in richland in the tri-cities area in
washington everyone was liking the let’s
go brandon thing we had municipal bus
drivers honking to let’s go and then
like yeah
no they like it yeah
but that’s not what they said let’s go
now yeah no that’s not what they were
chanting that’s just what i wrote that’s
why i put it in yes italics so i would
remember uh protesters were lining the
some of the roads with uh donald trump
flags and anti-joe biden flags and signs
and they were
let’s go brandon
but not
but not but not if um
i hope to god he has a brandon in his
cabinet that we don’t know about and
that guy’s just like
they like me
finally after years of bullying
everyone likes brandon it’s great what’s
great is when because there’s always
i’ve discovered how many brandons there
are because whenever you make the
brandon joke they’re like hey
i’m brandon i’m like well let’s go then
um the everybody tagged brandon in this
someone tagged a brandon yeah everyone
tagged the brandon’s in your life in the
video uh if you’re on facebook all right
fun game if you’re on f if you’re on
facebook dude let’s go at brandon and
then just tag the first first brandon
just tag your first person brandon i’m
gonna do it i don’t think it’ll work on
my page though let’s go it won’t work on
the p it might work on the page i don’t
know i’m i’m tagging brandon
who has
who has a million
likes i don’t know who that is
i don’t either but he’s got a million
well maybe you’ll come on that would be
great that’ll help us let’s go brandon
um brandon let’s go brandon uh
yeah my favorite uh sign that that we
had on the on the trail was my body not
brandon’s choice um brandon’s are now um
experiencing what karen’s have been
experiencing for the past two or three
years and i think we all
can laugh at both in them equally
well karen’s are a lot of the heat is
getting off of karen’s now because
oh frank francis is you care francis is
the new character
and francis does kind of work as like a
gender neutral
beta that’s a good point yeah because
you don’t know if it’s ces or cis it’s
really it’s actually a more a less
gendered term let’s go francis
it is let’s go francis
lighten up francis no i like him i like
i like him
so uh 2022
is going to be an interesting year for
the midterms
dems are getting worried and not just
because the face of the party is saying
things like
you know you’re gonna play it
i don’t have that
i a hundred percent figured you just
automatically had that in there
at all times with the amount of times
that you play it
oh no wait yeah that
and i had a nurse at uh
nurses at uh walter reed hospital who
bend down and whisper in my ear
and go home and get me pillows they
would make sure they’d actually
probably nothing ever taught in you
can’t do it in the covert time but
they’d actually breathe in my nostrils
to make me
move to get me moving
that that’s not the reason yeah that
that’s not the reason that they are
that they should be well actually they
shouldn’t be because he said that and
then got elected so they shouldn’t be
worried because of that why are they
worried man
uh so 11 democrats are leaving their
seat in the house so far
karen bass is running for mayor of los
angeles val demings and tim ryan and uh
connor lamb are running for senate seats
in their home states and charlie crist
who is my representative is running
sorry well he’s running for governor
yeah for like the fifth time
he that man wants to be governor
great um and representatives uh ann
kirkpatrick sherry bustos
philemon vela
ron kind um
are retiring and they all hold
relatively competitive seats
so republicans right now only need to
flip five
to take control that
in the house
because they actually gain seats you
know when we talk about the crushing
loss to republicans in 2020 they
actually gained seats everywhere except
the white house they lost that one but
we lost one
they lost one they lost one in the house
i mean it was a big one but they hadn’t
had a game they had a net everywhere
else including in the house which has a
razor thin margin and if you’re just
sick and tired of nancy pelosi running
roughshod over congress not allowing
members to submit bills or to uh you
know to make submit amendments without
going through the committee process
which means they have to give a bunch of
money to their party to be able to get
on the committee and even be able to
have their ideas introduced uh if you’re
just sick and tired of the way that
congress is running then you will be
happy to know that soon whoever the
republicans pick probably mccarthy will
do the mccart mccarthy mccartney
mccarthy mccarthy will do the exact same
thing when he gets in like literally the
exact same thing right
so on top of the fact that you have
uh 11 democrats that are leaving their
redistricting is happening
and who stands to benefit most from
redistricting right
the redistricting and key states and the
historical maxim that the party of a new
president tends to lose ground in
midterm elections means right democrats
there’s the trump of it
there is the trump of the whole thing
the democratic party’s biggest asset
donald trump is donald trump yeah
donald trump looks at himself as a king
maker and whoever he endorses is going
to just waltz right on through um and
you can
that with many of the people that he
in 2020
no that’s wrong uh you can see it with
some of the people well a few of the
people that he endorsed in 2020 um
if trump’s going to go out and try to
force people into this election there is
a good chance
people will just vote against that
because a lot of people are getting sick
of donald trump uh the best thing for
the gop
would be for uh trump to realize he
isn’t the king maker that he thinks he
sit back
but we all know that’s not going to
happen uh and
i think that that election is going to
be a wild election i think that’s going
to be a crazy night it’s going to be a
much closer election for democrats than
it or a much closer election for
republicans than it needs to be for them
imagine look at what’s happening right
now vaccine mandates that are that are
becoming increasingly unpopular uh
supply shortage issues um um
we’re going to have
the the increasing cost of everything
with inflation um everything is in is in
or approaching a crisis and not a
temporary crisis this sort of permanent
state of worsening crisis
the republicans could easily
and you have an electorate that has a
very short memory you know they they
blame whoever is in charge right then
for everything that’s happening instead
of realizing that it’s democrats and
republicans working together who have
created all of this mess they’re going
to look and say joe biden is president
the democrats are in control of congress
that’s that we need we need to you know
put republicans in i’m sick and tired of
this and
the only thing that the democrats have
to hope for is that they will remember
what trump was like and be like
and and and the people he picks who are
typically the most batshit ones possible
and go oh no i don’t like them like
literally the only hope that democrats
have which is why they won’t stop
talking about him is to make everything
about donald trump again um
and the republican party because he’s so
he has the biggest the sec the single
biggest voting base within the gop
they have to do it too
two years after this man is no longer
president it’s more than likely that
this midterm is going to largely be a
referendum of trump versus biden again
and i don’t know that biden loses that i
i do think they’re going to take back
the house just because everything’s in
their favor but the fact that
republicans are going to take it back
but the fact that it’s so close
no so the way that i see it
i could be like i could be wrong we’re
still a year out
um but the way i see it is republicans
are going to take back the house but
if you didn’t have the trump of it all
you would they would take the house by a
it would be the shellacking
that uh
barack obama talked about in what was
that 10
2010 i believe yes yeah
yeah uh where he’s like oh we took a
shellacking last night and let me be
clear it’s not because people don’t like
my policies it’s because whatever
you’re like
yeah right um
i think that that’s what it would be but
since you have the trump of it all
you’re gonna have people going out there
to vote against trump because you’re
right it’s going to be it’s not even a
biden trump referendum it’s going to be
a trump not trump referendum yeah that’s
a that’s yeah that’s accurate and the
problem with democrats is
a lot of people are going gonna
associate not trump with all the mess
that’s happening right now even though
in many ways trump and republicans are
every bit as much to blame as biden and
democrats are i mean yes the democrats
are currently in charge uh but if
republicans were in charge they’d be in
charge of this exact same thing
happening these both parties have been
working together on this which is why i
didn’t really i don’t really feel that
bad that biden’s being blamed for a
bunch of stuff that he didn’t cause as
president because he did help cause it
in his multiple decades in the senate so
yeah i don’t feel bad about it but it it
it is going to be very interesting to
see how this plays out um i don’t know
i i don’t i don’t know uh to reply to
meg jones meg jones says i feel like
desantis is gaining traction fast and
setting himself up to run
yeah i’m i am going to make a prediction
here and again could be wrong
could be wrong but you’re right he is
gaining traction fast he will not run in
24. hmm
don’t believe he will run in 24. oh
because of the thing yeah because of
the other day donald trump said that he
would destroy desantis in the election
and desantis does not want to step on
the toes of donald trump not only that
he is running for re-election for
governor as anybody here in florida
knows against
charlie crist um
he is going to finish out his two terms
as governor here because he doesn’t want
to leave in the middle of a term because
he said he wouldn’t
and a lot of people do a lot of people
say it and then they do it anyway i
think that he is going to sit there and
say nope i said that i wasn’t going to
leave in the middle of my term
because not because he actually
that’s not the reason the reason is he
doesn’t want to step on the toes of
trump because he wants that endorsement
in 28.
that’s a good point that could very well
be it that’s of course
go ahead
i was about to say something that
contradicted everything i just said so
i’m going to not stay that sentence
now can you imagine so if donald trump
gets the nomination and then loses in 24
he can run again in 28
and i am not 100 he’d be like 80 he’d be
82 wish
do you think he’s a he’s above that
it could happen now uh conor cudmore
mentioned that uh he told trump told
people in two
that not to vote in the midterms if his
election results aren’t overturned so
there’s that as well like i if
oh man you couldn’t have made a a better
democrat plant than donald trump who
incidentally i will remind everyone uh
was a major donor to the democrat party
for decades and who himself is basically
a moderate big government democrat from
new york who put on the republican party
says trump isn’t very
he said that trump isn’t very trusting
of pence and that’s correct pence would
not be the vp pick no 100 people
wouldn’t that might be
you don’t think he’d try to do trump
desantis but like you said he desantis
is running for reelection so yeah right
i think desantis would would not join
the administration he would support the
administration but he wouldn’t join it
because de santa like
say what you will about desantis
politically he’s very smart
he is very smart politically so he is
probably thinking
i’m working my way up because everything
he has been doing since high school has
been in line in order to run for
president one day um
and if you look at his career
you can see he is just checking box
after box after box i don’t think he
wants to become vp because
vps typically
don’t become president
at least historically
recent history they don’t steve south
said i don’t have any sort of confidence
confidence that there will be a 2024
election or even 2022. many democrat
states are still trying to enact rule
changes that promote cheating this is
something that republicans and democrats
have been saying for decades now i don’t
know that there’s going to be an
election coming up because if it’s
democrats the democrats are you know
encouraging all this cheating and if
it’s republicans the republicans are
trying to suppress the vote it’s a good
cop bad cop routine steve they will
desperately always keep the democratic
function in place if for no other reason
than to make you think you’re choosing
so they’re definitely not getting rid of
that because that’s what they can point
at to say this is our democratic system
working or the republicans can say this
is our constitutional republic system
working they can both say the same thing
they desperately need you to think that
they’re allowing you to have a choice in
how this works uh so the elections
aren’t going anywhere they’re going to
continue tinkering on the edges and of
course they’re going to prove that it’s
a good cop bad cop routine because they
always come together to make sure that
anyone but them running has the hardest
possible time that they can have to make
it nearly impossible for anyone to
challenge them in any real way at least
at the federal level so
that’s definitely not going away if you
like uh elections don’t worry they’re
staying here if you’d like them to
actually result in you getting something
you’re going to have to replace them
democrats ain’t republicans
and if you do like elections
there is a very tight race happening in
virginia uh between
terry mcauliffe and glenn younkin terry
mcauliffe attempting to be the
i forgot the word that i was going to
try to say there the he’s going to try
to follow governor blackface
yes he’s going to try to follow governor
blackface um and glen younkin is going
to try to unseat
governor blackface um
but it’s it’s it looks like that’s going
to be a very tight race and i am here
for a good
brawl in virginia um so we may be doing
not really an election night special on
one state but we will definitely be
covering it the night of uh up until
roughly 10 o’clock
and i think it’ll take longer i’m not
saying like for virginia
i don’t know virginia i mean maybe i
don’t know
i don’t know
it’s a hard one i i if i had to bet
money i’ll i would think that mcauliffe
is going to win just because they’ve
been trending blue for quite some time
but he certainly hasn’t helped himself
uh done himself any favors again the one
thing that’s helping him is donald trump
telling people not to vote and that the
whole system’s a mess and that you know
the democrats the thing that’s hurting
the thing that’s hurting him is several
naacp uh groups and chapters have
endorsed yunkan the first republican
that they’ve endorsed in virginia like
what is that over like what reason for
because governor blackface
because ralph northam
was in blackface when he was in college
and they just kind of swept it away and
he never made an apology he never said
anything about it yeah he that he could
do the moonwalk
and then he never did he never showed us
the moonwalk
you know how i feel about this
but for some of our viewers it’s been a
while since i’ve said this so i’m going
to say it again
had he went and danced when they asked
him to
that would have helped
it would have helped it wouldn’t
completely have helped but it would have
helped a lot his wife screwed him up
there because i we all remember or you
should remember if you don’t if you
don’t remember go back and you’ll after
the show’s over and look it up they
asked him they said you know why did you
do blackface or or did you do blackface
he said well i was trying to look like
michael jackson and you know i i can
even dance like him too
and they said well can you show us
and he got all can you do the moonwalk
and he said yes and they said he said
yes and he starts and i know this look
because i’m a salsa dancer and no one
believes that until i show them that i’m
a salsa dancer and so when they’re like
well can you do it i’m like yeah and i
get that look on my face and i
immediately like he did
proving that he can do the moonwalk
his first thought was to he got real
excited and say yes and then he looked
down at the floor for a place where he
can do it proving that he knows he can
do it he’s already sizing up the room
where can i do this okay because that’s
what i do let me see where i can go to
start dancing so i can show you i know
how to dance and he did that okay and
then his wife goes not appropriate at
this time and he goes well it’s not
appropriate at this time in all fairness
what his wife said
what his wife said was
because we had a debate over what she
meant yes because she said
inappropriate time
and we didn’t know if it was in
appropriate times or inappropriate times
yeah but he took it as inappropriate
times he went yeah it’s inappropriate
and didn’t do it he should have done it
he should have said honey this is the
appropriate time and gone out there done
the moonwalk done the turnaround done
the kick grabbed his crotch
he should have done the whole thing he
should have done the whole thing
he should have
because people would have been like
oh okay well he knows he like he
actually was trying to be michael
jackson it was inappropriate how he did
but that guy can dance
yep it would have helped
i guarantee terry mcauliffe
if terry mcauliffe comes within like a
thousand let’s say 5 000 or fewer votes
of winning
he will have lost because ralph northam
didn’t moonwalk three years ago
is that three years ago yep
well two and a half
okay um
so tune in uh the first tuesday in
november and uh we will be uh covering
the mcauliffe yunken
race in virginia
here and there we’ll also be talking
about important stuff
we’ll be talking about important things
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two weeks
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you’re not going to believe when we have
the next episode it might be the 18th we
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we may just have you streaming on your
side so our first
question comes from the amazing alex
can you hear it
hey guys no god’s sake
are you gonna do that again
oh yeah i played the last time
what’s that
i played him last time didn’t i yeah
well no last time i played him but the
time before you played them do you mind
playing them because the thing’s doing
the thing again
yeah give me a second
i gotta pull stuff up
hold on let me see if this fixes it matt
and uh there we go okay cool all right
we got it all right hold on
all right here we go
hey guys uh
matt and uh spike this is uh alex with
the greasy porcupines over here out with
the arizona libertarian party
and uh i wanted to ask uh
matt actually if he’s gonna come out to
convention here in january um spike’s
gonna be here i’m just wondering if
matt’s gonna be here making a muddy
waters uh
muddied waters uh meeting in the desert
thanks guys love you guys love your show
so for anybody who doesn’t know alex
flores has a company called greasy
porcupines yes um
and it’s a fantastic company uh they are
a sponsor of mr america the bearded
truth and uh hopefully one day we can
get them as a sponsor as well
um but um
they are a mechanic company and it’s a
pay what you can afford company it’s a
it’s a brilliant company and um
people have given him 15 bucks for an
oil change or 200 for an oil change
because they like what he is doing
um so
if you live in his area uh
you can reach out to greasy porcupines
and help support him or
he can help you out uh however is
necessary uh you can also go and like
them on facebook uh i think it’s
facebook.com greasyporcupines but don’t
quote me on that um to alex
uh that is really up to the chair of
arizona on whether or not i am there
um so have your chair reach out to me
and we can figure that out but i would
be happy to be there
i would be happy to have him there too
so have the chair reach out to uh to
matt we can hopefully make that work
our next question our next
is from
matt hicks
here we go
this is matt hicks calling in on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor call and moment
i got something i want to talk about
today i’m super excited and i hope you
guys are excited too
i know this has kind of fallen off of
everybody’s radar a little bit we we all
have like
pretty short memories about things
delane maxwell her trial is gonna start
next month
like in november next month i’m pretty
excited to see how this all shakes out
i’m thinking maybe we ought to start a
pool to see how long it takes for her to
commit suicide you can’t see it but that
was in air quotes
um i’m doing it yeah so that’s gonna be
a whole thing hashtag lazy legend
hey guys this is matt hicks calling on
the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at lawyer calling
uh back to the julian maxwell uh trial
her trial is scheduled to start on
november 29th
that’s 41 days so start a countdown
calendar going
um most recently what i’ve read about it
is that
both the defense and the prosecution
have sent a letter to the judge agreeing
and requesting
to keep the jury questionnaire
secret so as not to
taint the potential jury pool
i i like the word taint it’s kind of
uncommon i guess but i guess not
super out of the ordinary
um i’ll keep you posted with stuff as i
read about it hashtag legit legend
this man is going to be an attorney soon
he is going to be an attorney so um
everybody knows who uh jelaine gallane
maxwell is
she was
she is the uh madam for epstein who was
his ex-girlfriend who then ended up
getting him underage women
underage girls i don’t know how that
happened but sure um
yeah her trial is coming up in 41 days
according to matt hicks and i have no
reason to think he is lying
um i believe i believe him in this case
the jury thing that’s weird that they’re
keeping that
yeah because the the jury questionnaire
on the derrick chauvin trial
that went viral
yeah i think we covered that on our show
yep because of how outlandish those
questions were um
yeah the the gillane maxwell julene i
don’t know how to say it
with her going in
many people have already speculated that
she is gonna die uh
bill gates even
made a comment about epstein recently
that was weird and off color about well
he’s dead now um
and a lot of people thought that
the same
this the a similar fate
would uh come upon eugene
but uh
that joke still makes me laugh and so
many people don’t get it
like i don’t think anybody does except
for me
but uh
the uh
do you think she’s gonna survive do you
think she’s going to make it no no no no
100 no and why wouldn’t they have why
wouldn’t they have done it already
um she’s been in jail for like a year
i think that they are going to
and do it i don’t think they’re gonna do
it like someone said i’m placing my bets
on november 28th i don’t think they’ll
be that brazen but i think it’s coming i
think they’ll wait till sometime like
end of this month beginning of next
month and say all the pressure of the
trial was just too much work
yeah i could see that i guess i i think
they’re going to do that i will be
shocked if they let her live um
yeah i’ll be shocked over over under um
yeah let’s take some bets here thank you
connor cudmore um
more likely to kill themselves in prison
to kill themselves in prison
elaine maxwell r kelly
oh elaine elaine uh jillian maxwell
yeah yeah
yeah i don’t know
pedophiles yeah i don’t think i don’t
think r kelly is uh gonna kill himself
he might he might but i don’t think he
oh thanksgiving there’s a theory that
it’ll happen
while we’re all enjoying turkey day and
it’ll just kind of fall under the radar
what day did he say the trial starts
the 29th
okay so yeah that’s after
thanksgiving yeah i can see that that’s
that’s a good that’s a good bet
that’s a good bet what what day is
thanksgiving this year
fourth i think
fifth yeah it’s the 25th
yeah that’s a
yep that’s probably going to be it
probably going to be him
yeah we’ll be so concerned watch that’s
right we’ll be watching the lion saying
the cowboys lose yeah
yeah yep no that’s that’s definitely the
right call there um here is did you know
that we were the very first people
uh muddy waters media was the very first
uh uh account on instagram to use the
tag gelane maxwell did not kill herself
oh i believe it we’re always ahead of
we were the very first people to use it
i believe that because it was immediate
as soon as as soon as it was announced
she was arrested
i posted it and i was like julian
maxwell did not kill herself and
somebody said that is the only time
that’s been used
oh we’re we’re always ahead of the curve
we’re always ahead of the curve
um okay this next one is from t marie
good evening
mudskateers muskatooters mudska
whatevers i don’t know what you call
yourselves these days this is t marie
liberty and i wanted to talk or at least
ask your
perspective on facebook
today i got this weird ad for
a new
service whatever i’ve been invited for
special access to test spark
a new audio dating app
i was thinking are they trying to
imitate clubhouse and green room and all
these other chat audio
apps um are they trying to compete with
plenty of fish
well being the skeptical person i am i
was wondering um what are they using
that information for so
if they’re trying to do a clubhouse i
don’t know how green room does it i
don’t know how twitter does i just know
how clubhouse does it and they don’t do
they don’t record anything uh they don’t
record anything they don’t keep backlogs
of anything if they’re trying to do that
nothing they’re not gonna they’re not
gonna take any information if they
aren’t doing that and all of that’s
gonna be in the terms of services that
none of you read um neither do i like
i’m not calling you out without calling
myself out here um
if they aren’t if they’re going to be
recording things they will sell it to
whoever buys it
they will sell all of that information
to whoever buys it because that is how
they make their money
um and that is every free app that you
have on your phone
the reason it’s free is because they
take your information and they sell it
uh as
what they’re doing with that they are
going to sell it to
whatever company or country
government whoever
wants to buy that information
and then you will get targeted ads based
on things that you set in the app
or you’ll get um
yeah basically it’s gonna be that it’s
gonna be a lot of targeted ads and
you’re yeah when you sit there and you
go that’s weird i was just talking about
this why is facebook showing me an ad
for it
it’s that’s why
right yeah yeah that’s that’s basically
what it is it’s a pretty easy uh motive
here they just want to
take your information and sell you stuff
and advertise to you that’s pretty much
it there
um clubhouse i’m not sure what their
model is
there’s no advertising
they’re not tracking your info what
i don’t is it they eventually want to
have advertising like there’s nothing
there there’s no
i know
so i know that there’s tipping like you
can tip people and give them money
yeah and they take a percentage
if it’s all that good on them like i’m
i’m actually okay with that you’re not
selling information because you’re not
taking information
right so you’re just taking a small
percentage of what people
tip all right like i can i can deal with
that nobody gives us money on clubhouse
i’ve i didn’t even know there was such a
thing because i don’t get money on
clubhouse so yeah i think it’s they’re
just trying to make money that’s i mean
that’s really the basics there they’re
trying to do it in a new way where you
have to talk to the person because
that’s totally different than
the party lines of old
because it’s on the internet
right it’s way different uh here are two
do am i playing these back to back from
cajun libertarian
okay i’m assuming
okay all right these are from noel
let’s blow this freak’s mind with a
tailor-made jam
i assume this is the second part of
what’s also going to get us demonetized
that is a thank you the government does
totally suck
there’s 10 seconds left here we’re gonna
let that play out
see what happens
over the next couple of seconds here
cage libertarian signing off money wars
of freedom yeah yeah
thank you thank you cajman for getting
us demonetized more than i already did
even more now they’re gonna take money
from us um
like at least with mine i could edit it
yes this one i can just cut out the
beginning this one is dead in the middle
just dead on right in the middle there
you owe us 50 cents
irony of that coming from jack black
is palpable
do you know who jack black’s mom is
mrs black
i don’t know
no um she is a nasa engineer
who the day that jack black was born she
left the hospital
to go
watch a launch of something that she
figured she’s like a math like a
mathematician and she went to she left
the hospital to go watch and launch
because she was the one that figured out
the math problem to make it happen
wow and she’s a cohen
so wait is jack black well i mean he is
a he’s a cohen by blood but was he born
oh no his dad must be
his dad is
it’s a black yeah
i mean he’s black
his name not jack black
yeah no it’s jack black
but i’m trying to see if
and say who his dad’s name was
at any rate uh yeah so jack lacks a
cohen which
makes sense
so it’s
because he likes big government nice to
be the only only cohen who doesn’t
what a coincidence
i wish he still believed what he said in
song but he clearly doesn’t because
he’s become very very pro big government
he always has been in 2004 he was at the
mtv music awards
saying uh vote vote carrie yeah vote for
kerry but i don’t know when he did this
unless somehow he convinced himself that
it is
that’s more recent but is it really
the government
because that’s from i’m pretty certain
that’s from the tenacious d movie
heck of destiny
is it
pick up destiny when was that
uh if i had to gas off the top of my
head 2008
so he said the government sucks two
years after
john kipp anyway all right well
cognitive dissonance for the win um here
is uh our last message from
the eskimo libertarian
who probably won’t do this michael and
matthew i am calling in for a chris
reynolds anchor call-in moment and uh
i am requesting a 10 raise you know with
the price of ammo and gas and
you know dog food for the
sled dogs and uh
yeah you know with inflation oh yeah oh
yeah all that stuff so i think 10 10
it would be nice
all right you guys have a great day
i am not only okay with a 10 raise but
frankly i think that you’re discounting
yourself too much and i want to triple
your income and everyone else’s right
except mine and
matt right
and jason’s
and jason’s everyone else triple right
now boom triple
congratulations anybody that works for
mighty waters
except for
me spike and jason tripled the income
but you know what i want to triple our
me matt and jason all of us
triple shares
triple shares
triple shares so folks thanks for tuning
into this amazing episode of the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
no personal injury attorney chris
rollins attorney at law anchor call in
moment and don’t forget go to anchor dot
fm slash muddy water slash subscribe to
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just go to anchor dot fm slash money
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you can leave a message whether you are
not a subscriber yeah
you just won’t get to talk to us in
person ever
ever oh speaking of
speaking of i was at an event this
and um
there were a lot of libertarians there
roughly 2500 of them yeah
roughly um
and uh good event had a good time uh but
there was a listener
who came up and he wanted to he wanted
to say hi and uh introduce himself uh
his name was dustin he used to live in
orlando now i believe he said he lives
in arizona really nice guy big fan of
yours said he listens to all of our
so he listens to all of our shows
inquired about the music that is the
intro to mine
and uh
fantastic dude um
so i just wanted to give a shout out to
dustin for coming over and saying hi and
introducing himself
whilst i was at that event um
also at that event
spike came in seventh
in a sexiest libertarian contest
seventh behind
i beat jeff deist which i’m not sure how
i don’t know you beat jeff deist and aoc
i’ll take it
but i beat i i’m cool with beating aoc
but i beat jeff deist who was there
and that who was there
he was there
i feel like if i could have whipped
votes i might have come up to like fifth
or fourth
maybe it would have hurt me actually
they’d look at me and be like
yeah maybe the man i’m so glad i was on
the stage for that moment
because i would have guessed you and
then i would have gotten upset and i’ve
been like every tuesday you get to see
sitting next to each other and you guys
pick him
yeah they didn’t take smith number one
yeah dave smith
you made the list
oh i see what you’re saying yeah that’s
uh dave smith was number one bob murphy
was number two you can start to guess
event i was at um
dave smith was number one
bob murphy was number two
michael malus was in there
angela mcardle
eric julia i think was in there
wait why wasn’t tom in there
is there a question yeah
well so that’s just their role it was
his show
so they were playing uh like a family
yeah and
they’re playing family feud and one of
the questions was
um other than
the tom woods show uh what podcast do
you never miss
and the people that were playing were
all a bunch of podcasters and one of the
most hilariously brutal things was
watching all of them guess their own
and them not being on the list
scott horton took it particularly back
i can picture him taking that poorly and
frankly be clear flipped off the audio
yeah no but you know what that’s not
yeah i mean if anyone deserved it it
would have been him so i i i can see why
why he would be upset um
he was on that list too
so was david
in the dave smith and bob murphy were on
that list in the exact same order and i
believe michael malus was on that list
in the exact same number that he was
so there seems to be a correlation
there seems to be a correlation in uh
how people were voting for these things
yes well good for all of them
uh congratulations to all the winners
and i can’t listen i was there i wasn’t
even there and i got i came in seventh
i’m pretty happy about that i’ll take it
now speaking of people who
not there he wasn’t there either joe
show me a mansion
talks are underway for bernie sanders to
sit down for a one-on-one meeting with
the most powerful person on earth joe
he really is the most powerful in this
in this moment right
uh he this is supposed to help squash
the beef between the two after sanders
placed an op-ed in the charleston
gazette mail last week uh leaning on
mansion to support the president’s plan
to invest trillions of dollars in health
care child care and other goals
um we have covered this on the show um
mansion replied
that this isn’t the first time an
out-of-stater has tried to tell west
virginians what is best for them despite
having no relationship to our state yeah
you know
the government’s supposed to work
this comes in weeks after debate and
shots being fired toward and from
mansion over the spending bill that
passes 3.5
trillion dollars
yeah this is uh
bernie sanders apparently has never
heard of west virginia or the south
really um if he wanted to ensure
that joe manchin would not just not vote
for the state the infrastructure bill
but would be very popular in not voting
for it he could have done nothing more
helpful than to put up an op-ed and
basically constantly beat up on mansion
new york jew that he is and i say that
as a jew that he pretty much is the
stereotype of the carpet bagger telling
those southerners how to live their life
great job bernie
now manchin has
continually told people in private this
has not been this has been
secondhand information
as of now but uh he has told people
that uh the president’s clean
electricity performance program which is
a cornerstone of the democrats plan to
achieve zero carbon electricity is a
non-starter any bill that includes it he
will not vote for
and since he is the senator from west
this makes sense and it shows that he is
thinking about the people of his state
and not some agenda that’s being pushed
by his party
what’s crazy is that well anytime i talk
about clean energy if they’re not
talking about nuclear they’re just
wasting your time and everyone else’s
literally just deregulate nuclear not
only will you have cleaner energy not
only will you put in it really put an
end to climate change because once
nuclear goes fully prolific uh the
greenhouse gases will reduce so much
because uh uh
i can go into a whole thing about how
transportation can use thorium and all
sorts of other stuff but anyway all that
to say there’s literally a way to do it
it’s a technology that’s existed for
decades they know that uh and so they’re
intentionally keeping you from getting
your medicine and uh
yeah he’s he’s making it clear that
he’s a democrat to the extent that he
has a d next to his name but he’s not
going to
uh he’s not going to back up he’s not
going to back up what the democrats are
pushing and it’s funny because people
keep beating up on him and kristen
cinema and they’re saying you know two
people are stopping everything and
that’s not how democracy works well
actually 52 people are stopping
everything to 48 and that is exactly how
democracy works and you just don’t like
this this time of it happening because
you actually don’t like democracy you
just like using that as an excuse to
push everything on people
exactly um
him saying the stuff that he’s been
saying a lot of the stuff that he’s been
saying but especially about the clean
energy has caused a lot of the party to
attack him uh aoc attacked him
recently we covered this on the show too
because general mansion like
i don’t agree with this guy
all the time but yeah
he’s entertaining but uh aoc attacked me
because i don’t even know if we’ve met i
think we’ve passed once and i may have
been introduced i don’t know she just
seems like she likes to talk a lot but
doesn’t have a lot of knowledge
and i she likes this he said she likes
to say lots of things on the internet
yes yeah
but um
since since one of the things that they
are pushing is this clean energy thing
uh and he is currently standing in the
way of uh them making gas prices go
higher than they already have yeah
they are going after him real hard but
he knows if he supports anything like
that he will no longer sit in congress
no no you will yeah
west virginia will vote him out
yeah no they will and the thing is
you know he’s doing this again with the
child tax credit that they’re trying to
push um because at this point it looks
like the infrastructure bill is dead in
the water thanks to joe manchin so you
can thank him for that um
the child tax credit he wants a firm
work requirement and a family income cap
in the 60 000 range uh he’s been
consistent in calling for work
requirements for the child tax credit uh
he wants to mean test uh uh the income
of people to receive benefits um this is
but that’s nothing new and uh
it looks like he’s relishing the fact
that he’s the guy who can put an end to
everything on both sides
he really does um he was quoted as
there’s no work requirements whatsoever
there’s no education requirements
whatsoever for better skill sets don’t
you think if we’re going to help the
children that the people should make
some effort
um now this comes after last month where
he stated that if the controversial hyde
uh isn’t included he’s not going to vote
for it
for anyone who isn’t sure what that is
under the height amendment medicaid and
other federal programs are prohibited
from covering abortion expenses and i
didn’t know this but he is a massive
yeah yeah he’s consistently pro-life i
didn’t know um yeah yeah he’s one of the
few pro-life democrats left again west
this is west virginia it’s not it’s west
so it sounds like
he sounds
socially conservative and fiscally
yeah he’s kind of an issue you don’t
hear of that mix often
yeah although he’s being fiscally
moderate right now or at least what’s
considered moderate in the senate right
now because
he’s holding them up on fiscal stuff too
he’s kind of
kind of really just a moderate
conservative at this point or a moderate
republican anyway
he’s a rhino except without the name
only he’s just a rye
or a dying
he’s a he’s a dino he’s the dino yeah
but if he had an ardex to his name he’d
be a rhino he’s like a centrist
yeah um
so the price tag as a whole has been an
issue for mansion uh and it was reported
that it was reported by axios that he
along with uh kirsten cinema is unlikely
to support the bill at the now
compromised 1.9 to 2.2 trillion
they said that’s too much they’re like
no that’s not
that’s not enough
that’s too much we’re not going to do it
you need to cut more you need to cut
more um and
this ensures three separate things
mansion will continue to remain the most
powerful man in the planet
uh because he is holding up everything
that joe biden and his cronies want to
and he’s saying you’re going to put in
what i want or i won’t vote for it and
you don’t win
um he will continue to be the belle of
the ball
with politicians on both sides trying to
get him out to dinner and try to meet
with him and bernie sanders doing a
one-on-one trying to make up for the
mean things he said about west virginia
and republicans are going to start
taking them out being like hey you don’t
want to vote for this because the people
in your state they don’t want this and
he will continue to be the bell of the
senate um
and he is also the most hated man in the
because democrats hate him for not
falling in line 100 of the time and the
gop is going to be attacking him for not
going against them 100 of the time he is
in one of the weirdest positions
any politician can really find
and he seems to relish it so kristen
cinema seems like she’s not really
happy to be in this position
he seems to love it
i mean he seems to be thrilled with it
and he’s like this is the closest i’ll
ever be to president yeah yeah no and in
fact what’s funny is he’s actually more
powerful than the president right now
because he can he has literally he and
christian cinema but honestly even if
cinema folded he could just hold it up
himself he has completely stymied their
ability to do their economic agenda
which by the way we can all thank him
for that because my god it’s already bad
there’s no real hope with the republic
rats in charge that it’s gonna get
scaled back in any real way all we can
hope for is for it not to get worse
or or to worsen as slowly as possible
and he’s
he’s allowing that he’s the reason
that’s happening so thankful so a fourth
thing that it ensures is that for now
i’m actually happy that he’s there i’m
sure he’s gonna
they’re gonna give him stuff he’s gonna
be okay he’s gonna they’re gonna come up
with some kind of compromise that’s
still gonna suck and uh and you know
that’ll happen but in the meantime we’re
enjoying him you know throwing a wrench
in the works
he’s already stated that uh
he doesn’t see this bill going anywhere
by the end of this year
well that’s good
yeah i’m like hey good for him but yeah
like i don’t envy the position that he’s
yeah uh but
so far
so far he is sticking to his principles
and doing what he believes is best for
his state which is better than
which is better than
most senators
when their person’s in power
and i mean that for
republicans and democrats yeah
because when trump was in power a lot of
republican senators
were very fiscally conservative
some might even call them libertarian uh
felon lyon and voted how trump wanted
them to
uh what a terrible thing to say about
rand paul
he he is doing
an amazing job and
even if i don’t agree with him on
everything which i definitely don’t like
i respect him for standing his ground
here and not just
yeah and he’s holding us up and pissing
off progressives
which is always a plus
yep it’s always a plus so folks
thanks for tuning in to this fantastic
episode of the muddy waters of freedom
we are always happy to have you here
i believe republicans don’t heavily push
to overthrow his senate seat says robert
cesar bavaro ospina uh i agree with you
robert i don’t think republicans here
they do
i don’t
think if he does
if he does have somebody go against him
if he if
somebody does run against him it’s going
to be a weak
that yeah doesn’t have like that
they’re going to put that blankenship
guy up again with the uh
cocaine mitch and the china persons
they’re not they’re not gonna fight hard
for that um
if anything they’re gonna be pushing for
him to join them
um i think that’s gonna be the big push
is promising that if they get the
majority again he’ll get on some sweet
committee assignments and stuff like
that and they might have a case to make
he might they’ll probably wait to see if
they actually switch like if they
actually get the majority keep in mind
he’d get them the majority
it’s 50 50. if he switched over
he’d give republicans the majority which
means they’d be able to you know make
committee assignments and things like
that they could they could
they could do that i i’d sooner think
they’ll do that than try to you know
replace them with who who are they going
to replace them with
uh rob
pelkovich says now you need him to get
on the nuclear train man that’s not
going to happen
not in west virginia
so much of the money in west virginia
comes from fossil fuels
he’s not going to abandon that because
it would ruin the lives of everybody
he is not going to abandon that ship
not going to happen
he will work on it with he will work on
he could possibly work on it
together but he will never ever fight
for the end of fossil fuels because it
will help his state to keep them
yeah i mean long term everyone does
better if we switch to nuclear but
there’s going to be short-term you know
shock waves in his state and other
similar states and more importantly the
cronies that bankroll his campaign will
cut off his funding causing a big
shockwave for him as well um and nuclear
if they deregulate today nuclear starts
getting online two to five years from
now when they could start building new
plants and and putting them online so it
would take a while for that payoff to
happen which by the way is why nuclear
is still regulated every politician
knows there’s that immediate short-term
shock to their campaign coffers and they
don’t get to have the benefit to show
people until another entire election
cycle happens so that’s that’s why
that’s happening but uh thanks again for
joining this episode
of the muddy waters of freedom we are so
glad that you tuned in uh join us
for the money for my fellow americans
who’s my guest you’re not gonna believe
i don’t know who my guest is yeah
we had a guest
i was just gonna pitch my show but no
please go ahead
i don’t know but then on thursday
continue with your story about how your
guest cancelled on you
yes no and then you have a show on
uh yes i have a show on thursday eight
o’clock thursday evening the writer’s
block i will have natalie bruno
natalie bruno who is running for
governor of oklahoma
which means that i’m willing to bet that
spike will be in oklahoma on friday
you are going to be absolutely shocked
matt because on friday join me in
oklahoma city oklahoma where i will be
uh running to support uh oh oh i hold on
i forgot i’m bearing the lead here i
have got to show you where i almost well
no let’s do this and then i’m going to
talk about i’m going to show you footage
of when i almost burned down the pacific
northwest anyway uh so in oklahoma i’m
going to be there in oklahoma city uh
joining uh natalie bruno uh and for more
information on that let me pull up where
you can go to get more information i’m
gonna be there all weekend long with the
oklahoma libertarian party and natalie
bruno as
she is running for governor who i
wholeheartedly support for that race
and where is it brian
while you’re waiting for that on friday
you can tune in at 9 30 eastern for
cajun and eskimo from bayous to igloos
where cajun will do a segment
that is
not well thought out or
researched but entertaining and eskimo
will do a segment that is very well
thought out
very well researched and exceptionally
entertaining as well
yes and uh so this weekend uh join me
all of this is at elect nataliebruno.com
um if you go uh on friday uh the 22nd
from four to six local time i will be
doing axe throwing with natalie and you
can join us at urban tomahawk
in edmond
then on uh
on saturday at 1 pm we will be at the
state capitol the oklahoma state capitol
in oklahoma city for an abolish the
death penalty rally and then the final
event on saturday evening uh a vip
fundraiser dinner for natalie bruno for
oklahoma governor at the wild rogers
theater special event venue in oklahoma
city if you go to elect nataliebruno.com
you can find out all the information and
register for these events i’d love to
see you there then join us monday uh
this coming monday for uh
mr america the bearded truth with jason
lyon uh his guest is also natalie bruno
it’s a natastic week over here on money
waters natalie nat to that tastically
great week
bruno hanging out uh we’re all
everybody in muddy water is going to be
hanging out with the oklahoma
the oklahoma
our oklahoma city
oklahoma in oklahoma city uh and then
oh and if you’re in sarasota i’ll be uh
there tuesday morning for an event at
the county the manatee county county
council meeting come on out and see me
i’ll be speaking there
that’s on tuesday then join us right
back here next tuesday same money place
same money time for another fantastic
episode no nope
tuesday next week there is
there is no show tuesday nothing on
tuesday next wednesday
join us right back here for the same for
a different money time and money place
but same money plays just different time
wednesday at eight ish
the next
yeah it’s different time every week uh
for the next episode of the muddied
waters of freedom where matt wright and
i will parse through the week’s events
so happy and so chipper and you’re gonna
be able to join us right there next
wednesday no no my fellow americans next
monday wednesday matt oh so
you may have heard that i almost burned
down the pacific northwest but i have a
really good excuse and you’re gonna see
it right here i was told to aim high so
just to to set up this uh this story
here of what happened um
oh that’s not
is that gonna do that
that’s a that’s a fine how do you do
i mean i guess we can play it that way
hold on how do i
yes doug dry bro dry bro doug uh one
week today from sarasota spike or one
week from today spike will be in
yes i will be in sarasota one week
from today so here is
so to set this up
in hours
yeah for like yeah for 18 hours so to
set this up
so who who here knows what dragon’s
shot is you know shotgun i didn’t i’d
never heard of it and so i fired guns at
the uh uh at uh micah valley gun works
in uh micah oklahoma and they i fired
like so many guns two days ago it was so
cool man i fired like 30 guns ars aks a
freaking m1 garand all sorts of
different pistols uh everything from uh
i think i fired a 45 a bunch of
different nine millimeters this really
weird cartoonish gigantic 22 pistol that
had no recoil because i weighed like
seven pounds all this really cool stuff
i fired i got to fire two different
types of uh long range bolt action
rifles just had so much damn fun but the
last thing that they had me fire was
this single load shotgun with dragon’s
breath and they and i said what’s
dragon’s breath and they said well we’re
gonna you’re gonna find out what
dragon’s breath is very shortly and they
said now be sure to aim high in fact you
actually hear him say it in this video
they say be sure to aim high and i’m
like okay and then
well anyway
and i’d point it up in the air a little
you ready yep
yeah so uh you don’t see it in the video
but basically
that’s like a roman candle from hell
and it’s this gigantic incendiary round
and they told me to aim high so it
and i’m it’s up the slope of a hill and
so it bounced several times each time
starting a new fire and
uh let me see if i can find a photo of
the fire hold on
basically i almost i almost said so we
had to run up the hill and
uh and it was a whole thing and hold on
there we go and i think he put up a
no did he
yeah there we go so here’s a here’s a
of us putting out
the fire but this was by by at this
point we had already
we’d already pretty well put it out um
it was pretty raging this fire
it doesn’t look like it now because we’d
already put it out i’m the one there uh
fourth from the left
um there uh using my skechers comfort
walking shoes to put out the fire and
yeah so it was at one point when i was
running up the hill those flames were
higher than our height and i was pretty
sure that we were going to start a
historic fire that was going to kill
lots of people but thankfully we got up
there and put it out um
and i just would like to say again that
they told me to aim high
and thankfully i didn’t aim higher
because then it would have gone over
that hill and over to the houses on the
other side of it
which would have been really bad
matt if someone were trying to find us
on the internet
which is a series of tubes
on your computers
is that even possible
and if so
how would they do that
oh my god that’s that
that’s that goes back well
that that goes back
it is pot
that’s good
that’s like 15 years ago
yeah that’s like 15 years ago um
um yeah it is possible to find this on
the internet all one would have to do
is head on over yes hello
to anchor dot fm
anchor daughter flash flooded waters
oh my gosh
where you can hear all of the slow jams
oh yeah
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just the sexy part
i don’t plan to be on anyone
intentionally no
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200 subscribers
spike will make one of you a personal
oh gosh yes
personal video
personal video for you uh
thanks again for tuning in to this
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uh we will join us next week for our
special time on wednesday uh and we will
see you next week and where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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