Episode 216 – Speaking of China, Chappelle

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Southwest had weather issues no other airline did, while Facebook wants daddy government to regulate them harder. People try to cancel Dave Chappelle… again, and China seems like they are possibly, maybe, getting ready to start WWIII.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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the young turds they are a joke and look
i’m sad that the young turds turned into
that he says if joe rogan tries to
assault me whatever that’s incredibly
dumb when you’re returned you’re a turd
guys i’ve never been scared of fighting
my life get up when you’re returned
you’re a church
if i wasn’t out of shape fat ass he’s
way worse than i am
she’s put out a tweet just saying that
he will beat up joe rogan yeah i’m not
putting joe on blast it’s all his little
boys who are like
you can’t
i know i’m triggering them all do not
actually fight each other this is shane
talking about how if he was a dictator
he thinks about legalizing bestiality
and pleasuring animals if i were the
devil indicator of the world i would
leave like
where you are
whoa i’ll tell you why there was like a
guy or a girl or something that was
pleasuring a horse and the horses came
to a conclusion right
so who got home
this is all you guys are children okay
misleading people
it is impossible to anticipate where the
two monsters which suddenly appeared
will attack next
when you’re retired you’re a turd
guys i’ve never been scared of fighting
my life get up when you’re returned
you’re a turkey i’m not kissing his ass
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard
i did not come up with anything cohen
i am matt wright and together we are
traversing the mighty waters of freedom
well that’s okay because uh yesterday i
was on mr america the bearded truth with
jason lyon and he referred to me as
spike we have the nards cohen so i’ve
already been
given a name for this week so i was i
was kind of hoping that you’d be able to
come up with something even better but
apparently not folks thanks so much for
tuning in uh so okay so i i do have one
but then in the last second i was like i
can’t say that on the air
thanks so much for tuning in to this
amazing episode of my of the wow of the
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oh and they played last night at seven
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six o’clock and ten o’clock
so i did all the notes in like an hour
so i wouldn’t miss a second of that game
uh so be prepared
some misspellings one and one in yes
misspellings and some
things where it may be a little
repetitive because i didn’t proof
anything be ready
we’re gonna have fun tonight this
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oh you know what it’s about no i don’t i
it’s a coming-of-age story about
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that was a reference i didn’t delete it
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reference to
something oh yeah the nards thing okay
all right good all right well speaking
of obscuring us talking to each other
yeah joe is joe solowski is running for
governor in pennsylvania
that’s being successful i i was somebody
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we should talk about it jumped in today
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uh to answer somebody’s question in the
comments i don’t remember who it was uh
i had not heard about the joe biden and
hunter biden sharing a bank account
while joe was president uh
until i saw your comment and i was
reading an article on it and
if we have time at the end of the show
we may bring it up um but we’ve got a
lot to go through
got a lot to go through and whoo man if
like nothing’s gonna happen to joe in
that situation i’m just gonna rip that
band-aid off right now yeah let’s go
ahead and say that
boy if that uh
was almost anybody else that would be
dangerous oh yeah no that’s pretty much
joe biden and harvey weinstein
getting pretty much
about it there that’s about the only
people there uh
james mayfield no it does not taste like
no there’s no
no no no water flavor no water no water
involved there now speaking of
hey matt
let’s go book a flight
let’s go fly somewhere
how’d you like to use southwest airlines
southwest i got some southwest bonus
stacked up let’s go use them let’s go
fly to
sure why not
why not um
we may have an issue because southwest
canceled more than 1800 flights this
weekend with more than a thousand or 23
percent of their flights on sunday alone
actually i read a couple of different
things on that i read that it was 30 on
their flights i read that it was 23
um it was a large proportion of their
flights it was a lot of their flights
and southwest
wanting to get ahead of any
salacious rumors
that we’re going to be flying out and
crazy conspiracy theories that were
going to be
reported by people like
us or ted cruz um
came out and got ahead of it and said no
no this is due to the weather
due to the weather and
luckily because this is 2021 uh yeah you
know that if southwest is having issues
obviously the other airlines are going
to have issues
yeah let’s do the numbers here so there
was definitely a lot of cancellations uh
over the weekend uh we have 1800 with
and uh
63 with american
32 with spirit six with united
and three with delta so
so southwest
had 1800 cancellations every other
domestic airline had
about a hundred and honestly
american with 63 spirit with 32 united
with six delta with three
americans should be absolutely ashamed
of themselves for losing spirit
for losing to spirit and they don’t even
the excuse that southwest had of the
weather um
or you know the sick out or whatever uh
they don’t have that excuse but they
lost to spirit on cancelled flights oh
did they lose the frontier
why don’t you listen to your hair 63 to
six this frontier have 63 flights in a
weekend i don’t i don’t
i i don’t know i don’t know as someone
who flies on american
almost every weekend
as someone who flies on american almost
every weekend i
am not surprised that they beat spirit
that’s just
decided you are a premier airline and
you lost to spirit well they’re a big
they’re well yes yes they are a big
they have premiere
they have at least a business class
spirit is
just we’re just gonna be rich clam you
all in here like cattle and you’re gonna
pay two dollars for your sodas
you want bag screw you you don’t even
get to bring your bags on unless you’re
giving us three hundred dollars um
oh speaking of american shout out to dan
a friend of ours who actually uh
changed so that he could be one of our
flight attendants on our flight back
from chicago today that was fun dan we
had a good time and also shout out to
the uh
what’s that
you just got back today
yeah yeah we stayed uh extra day so we
could go to the zoo and do a couple
other things um
but also shout out to our first class uh
flight attendant cause dan was in was in
coach or main cabin or whatever and uh
to our first class attendant who got me
hi one of the big
sometimes they don’t give me the big
bottle of water sometimes when i say i
want a bottle of water they say i can’t
give you it’s a big bottle and i’m like
it’s okay and they just give me like a
cup but sometimes they give me like the
entire bottle and she did thank you
now other
reports are coming out that other
industries are potentially going to be
i mean
we’re all in agreement that we know what
happened with southwest this weekend
yeah yeah no there’s the yes
this was a sick out i don’t care what
the tax
i don’t care what the pilots union says
and i don’t care what south west says
and i don’t care what
uh mainstream media news is saying
we all know what this was yeah
so now other uh industries are reporting
similar sort of things um including
joe biden’s love child amtrak
that really gets them in the gar
whatever they say it gets him right
right in the old
right in the old jewels there because
because that’s uh that is his baby you
know how much money i give you do you
know how much money i put into these
bills for you
i remember that time i was on amtrak and
something that was chronologically
impossible happened but i’m gonna say it
for 30 years
that story what was it he told you he
would tell a story about some guy
but it couldn’t have happened
wait the which which i mean he does that
yeah hold on i’m going to look it up
because it was like joe and he keeps
telling this story by the amtrak story
yeah he keeps reporting uh he keeps
he did it most recently like earlier
this year
angelo negri
and he he says that he you know sees him
all the time but he’s been dead for more
than a year or something and retired for
more than two decades or something like
i give you guys all this money i put it
into every bill because who doesn’t like
the open railway system
when you can drive faster
um but amtrak
rumored to say that they’re having
problems staffing trains through the
northeast and uh american airlines
recently announced that they are going
to be putting in a vaccine mandate and
some pilots have come out saying that
they will not comply
um they are saying pilots are saying
they are warning
that they have similar plans to utilize
sick leave in an effort to slow down the
company’s operation which is
what happened at southwest we were 99
certain is they
they uh
i think they have until november 28th
to get vaccinated
yeah and these well
and the unions are fighting it the union
their union is um fighting it and saying
that it goes against their contract
and keep in mind everyone who’s watching
there is no federal mandate yet joe
biden announced it but he hasn’t filed
anything osha hasn’t written anything it
was just a press release so all of these
different company-wide mandates you’re
hearing about in compliance with
upcoming osha regulations and all of
these threatened lawsuits from red
states that aren’t going to come none of
that can happen or none of the lawsuits
can happen
because there is no actual mandate there
there isn’t one like that doesn’t exist
yet there’s no reason to think he won’t
make it but i think he’s trying to see
how much he can just get businesses and
other cities and states to do it
um because he’s not doing it
or he hasn’t yet
he hasn’t yet
with southwest i think that their uh
deadline was november 28th
or is november 28th and so the pilots
have accrued all of the sick time that
if they don’t do it by november if they
don’t use it by november 28th then well
they just lose it
if they happen
to be
coordinating when they are using it
there’s no rule saying you can’t
good on like good on south what like i
support southwest in doing this i
support any company that’s going to do
this like i know that it put people out
and i feel bad for those people
but i’m siding with the pilots and the
uh the the the
why am i blanking on the work flight
attendant uh the flight attendants who
are doing this because i am i am siding
with them because they should have the
right to choose whether or not they want
that vaccine and
i don’t know i
could not find how much money southwest
lost this weekend
oh it was millions tens of millions
probably hundreds and possibly hundreds
of millions really
it was a lot a lot and it was probably
more than it would cost for them to
fight any mandate coming up
and probably much more yeah especially
if they’re working with other companies
to to fight it
and this is why i keep saying and i’m
going to be in washington state this
coming week to do a couple of rallies
and what i’m going to be saying is
the more people refuse to comply it
doesn’t need to be half it doesn’t need
to be most it doesn’t even need to be
thirty percent if a large enough
minority five ten percent of workers
just say no i’m not going to do it
you’ll have to fire me or union workers
say no i i’m not going to do it in union
you better fight back and and fight
against this they can’t do it
and what’s gonna happen is if this
becomes a regular thing they’re gonna
turn around and they’re gonna buck up
against the government and say don’t
pass any mandates we’re not going to do
it the ugly truth is that a lot of these
bigger companies want a mandate so that
they can say hey listen it’s not us
telling you to do this it’s the
government telling you to do this
if if the if the labor is on the record
of saying no we’re not going to do this
that forces them to change their mind on
the whole thing and turn to the
government and say we’re not doing this
and don’t make us do this because it’s
we’re going to lose way more than we’ll
then you know we’re going to lose way
more than we can afford to lose
what’s up with the
bitcoin trader thing
i’m not sure what you mean
well in the comments
it was happening on jason’s show too oh
this is fake okay hold on i’ll find it
uh let’s see here
i can’t even see it in the
in the comments i can’t even see it
hold on
and investors of 2021 due to your
i don’t see it in
like it just hit
hold on let me see
here let’s go on to the next thing and
i’ll i’ll take a look at it because yeah
it’s some it’s some spam thing i don’t
think it’s actually coming from muddy
waters media i think it’s from like a
fake page called muddy waters media but
anyway if anyone is seeing anything
uh a
bitcoin trader and go to this address or
anything like that it’s fake it’s a scam
don’t go to it let me see what it looks
like on muddy waters
as you all were go go ahead
so yeah uh to all of the people out
there who to all of the people out there
who are
refusing to go to work and doing sick
outs and whatever you have our support i
even if i was flying on southwest this
weekend which i wasn’t but even if i uh
had gone on southwest this weekend um
and that was the reason i couldn’t get
i would not have mined it
because i would have stood with the
people standing up for their
for their medical freedom and their
right to choose as i hope many of you
uh yeah this is a big page
i found it yeah go ahead it’s a fake
page i found it
cajun’s in the comments saying anyone
can claim religious health exemption
without question that’s somewhat true
um from what i have learned and gleaned
from different conversations that i’ve
if you are going with a religious
exemption there is precedent that they
can overturn it and they can say no you
do not qualify um there was a case in
illinois of some amish people who
claimed religious exemption to something
and the state made them do it anyway and
they did not care
um i don’t remember what the case was
about but there was something
there was something with the amish
people in illinois uh that
they tried to claim religious exemption
on something and you can honestly look
and say yes they have a deeply seated
religious belief in this
and they can just say no
they can say no
they’ve done it um
the uh no kenny spike isn’t really going
to give you bitcoin um
i didn’t say that but
um no that’s just the wrong address to
give to i’ll give you the real address
to get to to get your free bitcoin uh
yeah i will
all right i’ve deleted that comment
everyone can ignore that it’s that that
that page is fake oh they did it a
couple times didn’t they wow
yeah they did it yesterday a lot
yeah they’ve been blocked they can’t do
it anymore and it’s a fake page and i’ve
reported them as a fake page and so now
the thing
that you were saying
cool uh yeah cajun was saying i solely
men about amer southwest airlines yeah
and that could be true but just so
everybody knows there is legal precedent
on the book where the state of illinois
forced amish people to do something that
was against their sincerely held
religious beliefs
it’s there is precedent
be careful
you’ve got to make sure if you are
claiming a
sincerely held religious belief
you got to be able to back that one up
oh yeah yeah
you’ve got to back it up and you have to
be careful
and speaking of being careful dave
released his new special on netflix and
he was very careful matt
yep he was
you he was very careful with some of the
words that he chose
thank you very much
so you’ve watched it i assume oh yeah
yeah i watched it on the flight on the
flight home actually
okay um
yeah so i watched it
yesterday um i watched it yesterday uh
and um
what first what did you think
i thought it was hilarious i thought
what i liked about it was i remember
watching comedy in the 80s and 90s and
like early 2000s and it was like you’d
hear stuff and be like wow i can’t
believe they said that and then it would
be something that kind of like hit me
and was kind of like mildly offensive to
me and i’d be like oh
but he’s you know he or she whoever the
comedian is doing it to everyone so you
know i got to kind of down that’s funny
too and then like you leave going holy
crap and it was funny it makes you laugh
the whole time but you’re also like man
i can’t believe they did that and i
realized that that doesn’t exist anymore
increasingly the comedy
avant-garde at all because it might
offend someone
and you can’t talk about things that are
sensitive because it might trigger
someone anyone
and you can’t say anything that might uh
uh you know that that might uh upset
this the the narrative or the status quo
because you know that kills people
people die when you do that and it’s
just it
made me realize just how freaking
what’s the word i’m looking for
uh prudish
the the so-called progressive left is um
or at least the the woke progressive
left r that you can’t i mean there are
things that that uh that he has said and
other people have said that i don’t find
funny and there’s humor there are times
that people are like oh it’s just being
funny and i’m like i didn’t find that
funny i still think they should be able
to say it i just didn’t find it funny
but here is one of the best comedians
so the nicknames i give you
yeah see that’s important although i
find those funny um but like you know
the the
here’s one of the the greatest comedians
skit he’s making fun of white people
he’s making fun of black people he’s
making fun of asian people he’s making
fun of jews space jews
space jews
and he’s making fun of all these
different groups of people and all these
different individuals he makes fun of
all these different people and all these
different events and all these different
but he also made fun of trans people
and that’s unacceptable
and to a lesser extent
right and that was like that was the
point he was making he was like you know
i’m not like
as at a point he’s like i make fun of
everybody i make fun of everybody uh
truly the people that i hate are white
people like he
that’s not a direct quote but it’s close
no he said he said i’m he said i’m not
uh i’m not uh uh
arguing with or i’m not yelling at or
giving a hard time to uh lgbt people i’m
giving a hard time to white people and
if you listen to all of the things he’s
saying he’s saying how is it
that the baby the rapper can kill a
black guy he’s black but he can kill a
black guy at walmart and no one really
cared about that but he said that gay
people have aids and that’s the problem
like suddenly that’s the problem even if
that is a bad thing that can’t be said
why was it that it was you know all the
things happening to black people were
fine but you know
hundreds of years of
of slavery and segregation and racist
racism and oppression everything and
that’s still something that you know we
kind of have to tolerate but yeah you
definitely can’t make fun of trans
people like even make fun of them even
as you say he did a whole skit about how
like he thinks the trans bathroom bills
are stupid and that you know you should
respect people’s uh pronouns if if they
ask and what he says all that stuff but
then he just says why is it we can’t
even make fun of you we can’t even tell
jokes about you
yeah and
i think that most of the people most of
the people who
are pissed off about that’s about that
didn’t watch it
they they read like a few articles
they read a few articles on what people
were saying about it and then they just
started parroting what those people were
what those people were saying
and they didn’t watch it because
i feel as though anybody who watched
that all the way watched it
beginning to end
nose to nuts um anybody who watched it
all the way they were gonna sit there
they were gonna sit there and say okay i
see what he’s doing here i see what he’s
he because he i will say that he went
against transgenders a little harder
than he did anybody else in that
white people but um
he went after white people
he went after white people but he uh
he went after white people
uh but
like many of them being transgender he
went after them harder but i think that
was the point because he was like
i make fun of everybody anybody who has
watched my comedy over the last 33 years
which is insane
that man started doing it at
yep yeah 15 because he’s 48 now
15 he started doing comedy and he’s like
i’ve been i’ve been booed up you like
people have been pissed off at me for a
long time and i’ve been called
transphobic and people have said that
i’m punching down
i i’m not punching down play i’m not
punching down and he explains all of it
and it’s
he does it so well and he makes it so
and people don’t care they’re still out
there saying that they want to cancel
this man um
to which i mean the man he does not care
he’s like he went to a uh
he had a show
uh in la
uh i think he was in l.a he had a show
in california and it was packed sold out
he walked out standing ovation and he
said if this is what getting canceled
feels like getting canceled feels great
and then later in that show
he said [ __ ] twitter [ __ ] nbc news abc
news all these stupid ass networks i’m
not talking to them i’m talking to you
this is real life
keep in mind dave chappelle is already a
multi-multi-millionaire many times over
he’s probably worth
at or close to nine figures
he will be fine and and he’s getting
royalty he will be fine he has been very
very successful this is a man who at the
height of his career walked away from a
50 million dollar contract because he
felt like he was being used by white
producers to make a specific type of
humor that just made fun of black people
and he said i didn’t like where it was
going i didn’t like what was being
suggested and i felt like they were just
you know using uh for fortune and fame
uh to guide me and so he literally
walked away with it and lived walked
away from it and lived in south africa
for what like a year or two and then and
then kind of came back and still could
work years
yeah and then slowly worked his way back
to doing like you know hole-in-the-wall
comedies show you know specials and you
know going and doing stand-up at places
and kind of re-figuring out how he
wanted to do things dave chappelle will
be fine he is not scared of the what he
called the the pronoun gang uh and and
again keep in mind
i am uh very supportive of the lgbtq
community and i have many friends who
are trans and i use their pronouns and i
refer to them as whatever they want to
be referred to as uh i use their if
they’re non-binary if they’re trans
women they’re trans men whatever that’s
that i and i there were even a couple
things that dave said that i didn’t
personally agree with but this this
trend of canceling comedians
for making fun of everyone
lgbt people
is just it this is a problem and
it’s a problem because what it leads to
then everyone starts saying well then
you can’t make fun of us either because
that’s you know we don’t want and then
you end up having like humorless humor
and now you’re seeing on the other end
you’re seeing i was recently i got a
email from a fact checking group uh
asking me if i i posted on the nra page
um they were talking about fight joe
biden’s gun control and i commented i
said uh you know i think my the the
quote that joe biden said that tears me
up the most is when he said that we’re
gonna take the guns first and then go
through due process later why that gets
me to my bones i’m glad the nra is out
here fighting people that say things
like that they’d certainly never endorse
a presidential candidate who said and
did that and supported red flag laws and
all this stuff it was obvious i was
talking about donald trump it was
obvious that i was talking about how big
of a hypocrite the nra is so now i’m
getting fact check emails saying can you
show us where joe biden ever said this
and so i wrote back and said no because
donald trump said it because it’s a joke
because that’s how jokes work and i
ended each of the emails where i was
getting had multiple fact checkers
writing me and i said i am troubled and
i hope you are as well by the trend of
fact-checking obvious jokes
with the understanding that it will hurt
people’s algorithm if they’re joking or
being sarcastic on the internet what are
you doing to humor now imagine i’m a i’m
a you know out there doing political
stuff imagine a comedian
what is it that you’re you’re not forget
you know making fun of trans people
making fun of people of color making fun
of immigrants making fun of muslim
people you can’t even be
at what point are we allowed to have
dave chappelle is
he’s that unicorn where
it does not matter he’s not going to get
cancelled because dave schneiderlin
won’t let himself be canceled if he
wants to make a special he’s going to
make it somebody’s going to buy it
because everybody’s going to watch it
people are going to watch it to get
pissed off and people are going to watch
it because they find him hilarious they
may not agree with him but they still
find him funny and they can
he tells that story at the end and i
don’t want to give away the end because
that was really powerful
but he tells a story at the end about
somebody who many would think wouldn’t
agree with him um and
she found him hilarious
but like dave chappelle
and south park are like the only two
and i think and i honestly believe this
it is because they are so
like they do not care
and they will continue to do it south
uh south park
like i fell off of south park for a
little while but then when they had the
episode where randy goes to china i
don’t know if you watch south park
yeah um yeah i do
um where randy goes to china and towley
started yelling at me goes i don’t want
you to be i don’t want to do business
with somebody who does uh business with
that communist regime over there in
china and you have to promise me that
you won’t he’s like i promise and he’s
like what you
no you need to say say [ __ ] china and
this was on comedy central
yep he made like and comedy central
had uh edited one of
south park’s episodes before and this
was like they’re throwing down the
gauntlet they’re like no you will not
bow to china and you are going to have
us say [ __ ] china on the air right
if you don’t you will lose us and south
park went okay and they let them do it
that was the moment where i was like man
trey parker and matt stone have the
biggest cojones on the block
they they just made it where comedy
central will never be able to deal with
china well here’s the thing guys
comedy has often been a very powerful
to fight against power structures
because even in it you know it’s
interesting the all of the shakespearean
plays were essentially things that
people wanted to say
but would be
or punished for saying it but because he
did it in that way he did it as a as the
form of a play and never used the the
names of the actual people but it was
obvious who he was referring to with the
allegories he was referring to he was
able to get away with it
this is a hallowed tradition if you look
at the comedians during the civil rights
era if you look at the comedians during
the uh you know post-world war ii era if
you look at comedians that were making
fun of racism back in the 30s and 40s if
you look at comedians that you know were
making fun of homophobia in the 70s and
80s if you look at comedians that were
you know making fun of this you know
neocon war of terror nonsense in the 90s
and 2000s they’re the ones who are
saying things that make people go ha oh
wow actually well that’s right and then
you can you can really have
a a incredible conversation with humor
but you can’t do that if you’re not
allowed to say anything that might
offend anyone ever
ever you just you can’t and and no it
might start with this protected class
it’s inevitably going to go to everyone
because you know part of what i’ve been
seeing more and more of is
well if they can’t say that about trans
people why can they say that about black
people okay good well now you can’t say
it about black people well if they can’t
say it about black people why can’t they
say it about hispanic people and again
when i’m saying they i mean anyone okay
not just you know a a uh a white person
can’t make fun of black people or
hispanic people even black or hispanic
people can’t do that because they’re you
know they’re they’re they’re being
if you make it
jews can’t make fun of jew you’re
eventually going to have it where no one
can make fun of anyone or anything and
can’t reference anything that might be
sensitive and certainly can’t say
anything that would offend anyone and
who happens to benefit from that the
people in power because if you can’t say
anything uncomfortable you sure as hell
can’t butt up against them
you know who’s fighting to make sure you
can’t say anything online
but you can tell us
facebook after the
whistleblower the
the francis of it all um
decided to come out and say that
facebook hasn’t done enough
to censor hate speech
facebook is saying they’re going to
they are open to having the government
put more regulations on them
surprise surprise
we have been saying that well i’ll let
you tell a little bit more before i go
off on a ramp
so nick clegg
i think that’s how you say his name nick
clegg facebook’s vice president for
global affairs defended the company’s
business practices uh against
accusations from a whistleblower uh that
it had put profits ahead of users
i want to know who those users are that
i was kicked off of facebook
and all i did was post pictures of sarah
and me and the boys
i was kicked off
no explanation
he went on to say that the algorithm
should be held to account if necessary
by regulation so that people can match
what our systems say they’re supposed to
do from what actually happens
um and he said that facebook is also
open to changing a 96 1996 provision of
u.s law that insulates companies from
yes section two third uh from what users
posts and is facebook is open to
limiting those protections contingent on
them applying the systems in their
policies as they’re supposed to
he wants the government to put these
regulations in place
yeah that is what he is hoping for that
is what he wants
yep so now we know what the purpose of
the whistleblower was
francis book one got exactly what they
wanted they got their francis to come
out and go and i lost a friend briefly
and temporarily because they believed
things i didn’t agree with and then they
finally decided they didn’t either but
it was really terrible for like months
so the government needs to step in and
get involved in social media even more
than they already are and facebook goes
you’re right we definitely need to do
this is exactly how cronyism works do
you know why they want to do this
because they know the cost of complying
with the new regulations will make it
functionally impossible for anyone but
the top social media companies to do so
there is no going to be it’s me we and
parlor or uh uh tick tock a few years
ago or you know any any new social media
float any of these new social media
companies won’t be able to operate
legally they won’t be able to afford it
it will cost too much there will be too
much liability they will have too much
reporting that has to be done they’ll
have to open up their systems to the
government all of these things will have
to happen you will be surveilled upon
even further than you currently are your
rights will not be protected hate speech
will still flourish just in a more
cryptic way and ultimately
you’re not going to have any alternative
because facebook and twitter and youtube
and probably tick-tock because it’s
already established at this point
instagram and all the main players are
essentially going to become utilities
they’re going to be controlled by the
government these multi-billionaires who
run them are still going to profit big
from running them and you will be paying
for your own subjugation yet again
so i came up with a uh brilliant
evil couples costume
for halloween
for anybody out there that celebrates
it’s a couple’s costume so
it’s a big big key
uh one of you dresses up is zuckerberg
the other one dresses up as francis and
you act like you’re angry at each other
all night but then you go home and get
in bed together
i pitched that to sarah she said no
that’s i actually said no
as you were saying it but it didn’t seem
like my place to say uh incidentally
john morrissey defy the power here’s
defy the power said that facebook just
rejected an ad for
uh a tumblr saying that the gold
porcupine encourages the buying and
selling of animals
i think i think i i think it’s on that
i’m not sure if it is or not but i think
i put that one on the ad and then
facebook got rid of it oh i didn’t nope
um but there is there is because i
wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re
encouraging the buying or selling of
animals there is a mom on there so it
might think that we’re selling moms it’s
just so stupid
and that’s the other problem with this
because there are billions of people on
social media all of this enforcement’s
being done by robots guys like the
government sets is gonna now set the
policies and the robots are going to
take over and and decide how it works
which means it’s going to be done
terribly and all this this ensures that
it’s going to be gamed the same racists
and white nationalists and freaking
anti-semites and whatever else hate
criminals hate group people that are out
there are going to still say all the
stuff they’re saying they’re just going
to say it in ever coded ever
increasingly coded and cryptic ways and
there’s nothing you can do about it
there’s nothing anyone can do about it
and all and it’s what’s going to happen
is you’re going to put something out and
it’s going to have the word jewel in it
and they’re going to think you’re
talking about jews and you’re going to
get a 30-day ban for it because god
knows what i mean who knows what matt i
mean matt put up pictures of kids and
his his uh account was permanent why
because some robot thought it was the
right thing to do it’s nonsense
meg jones uh just commented
oh crap where did it go i have a friend
who does an mlm she was banned from
facebook for posting necklaces because
they thought she was selling the models
yeah that sounds about right what
facebook is attempting to do what what
what facebook is going to do um
they’re going to give all of the control
to the government
you the people are going to have to tow
a very fine line this show will be so
from facebook uh but you will have
you’ll have to tow a very fine line just
to stay
social media
you know unless you have like that blue
but the rest of us the rest of us normie
people will
have to tell a very fine line
uh on what we can say on social media uh
and there’s going to be much more of the
zuckenings happening you’re just going
to wake up one day and it’s gone
and let me tell you that is not a good
no it’s not a good day and i i
it’s absolutely ridiculous
no it’s it’s not a good day it’s gonna
be terrible and there’s not gonna be an
alternative so it’s not even okay well
we can make our own one unless you go
and move to another country which uh you
their countries around the world are
doing more of this
this is another example of where
there’s going to have to be
non-compliance guys like
there is a point where it has to be
non-compliance because if they control
all the mechanisms it’s going to take
people just not obeying and that means
companies not obeying that means
social media which is coming blockchain
social media is coming and and there’s
not going to be much they’re gonna be
able to do about it um
uh there’s all sorts of things that need
to happen here uh if even uh i was
reading a thing about the the uh swedish
pirate party and one thing that their
one of their former founders is pushing
for is for like if even a quarter of uh
the people that were on the internet
were using tour nodes and vpns uh to uh
on their browsers when they browse the
internet it would make spying
effectively impossible there’d be no way
to do it um and uh you know we need to
have more of that we need to have more
vpns we need to have more tor nodes we
need to have more people that are just
defying and saying no i’m not going to
do it and you know good luck finding me
you know and we’re going to need that on
all fronts uh one of the events i’m
going to be doing uh on sunday in
spokane we’re going to be there there’s
going to be people doing it 3d printing
lessons uh
uh for you know whatever you’d want a 3d
yeah anything you could i mean you could
3d print
whatever you want whatever you want like
literally anything you could take
whatever you want just think of a thing
you might want
a 3d printer
uh how do we do vpn
um well we’re going to try to get a vpn
as a sponsor i think um
just because everybody else has a vpn as
a sponsor
i think we just have to ask honestly
if we’re like yeah we want
vpn to do it give us a coupon code they
would just give it to us
well so speaking of uh
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so our first call today is from one
jacob labelle
jacob lebel
uh spike and matt
i extremely apologize
for what i’m about to do
hopefully neither of you will understand
most of what i’m about to say
hey there mad wes guy
jacob labelle here you know
the uh
the real
upper midwest guy
hey uh so
i i heard that you’re calling me uh not
being very minnesota nice
so uh
you know
i’m just calling you out i’m gonna
call you
i’m gonna call you out and uh
challenge you to a uh nice off
yep a good old minnesota
nice off is that so uh you know
i did actually say this
yeah midwest guy says cringe in the
so anyway
midwest k
i’m sure you understand the rules of a
good nice off
and uh
you know
i’m sorry i’m sorry for calling you out
it’s horrible it’s it’s pretty
but uh
here’s the thing minute midwest okay
i’m real nice i’m super nice
i’m so nice
i’m like uh
cargo shorts in january
i’m so nice i’m like uh a good thing uh
you know uh wild rice hot dish
in uh on a on a snowy april morning
got two i think we have two more from
in fact
you know
you know how it is
i’m actually uh
i’m actually so nice i’d probably
even though you prefer probably you
probably probably do prefer and
reasonably so
do prefer
uh you know some new glarus
spotted cow beers
which is perfectly fine i love i love
i love uh i love fishing up on the
up on the chip up there in um
uh hayward
you know going for wall-e’s and muskies
but uh
i gotta call you out i gotta call you
out midwife
i definitely have to call you out
and uh well
here’s the thing bud
you know what i mean
and it’s a big pegufta
the fact is
the fact is midwest guy
even though you’re a scottie and there’s
nothing wrong with penis connie
i uh i always put
the only cheese curds i’d ever put on my
poutine would be uh
from down there in ellsworth
because they’re delicious and they’re
they’re wonderful uh
the fact is but
i’d show up at your door with a tater
tot hot dish
and a four pack
of uh
some surly
oh we have one more from jacob labelle
and this nice off would be one and one
more thing but
you know
it’s a big uft but
i’m so nice
i’m so
so nice
you know i’d even give you auntie
debbie’s last slice of uh
yellow bread
you know
you know with the the nice swimming
cinnamon swirl
yeah it’s me
that’s super nice
that’s very nice that was very nice
thank you jacob
he called him a scotty
that just sounds like an insult or an
awkward sex position
well it’s nice
so here’s our next one from t marie
good evening guy on left and spike
cohen this is patricia murray calling
um i made a pretty awesome meme the
other day and i’m hoping that spike was
not offended i do apologize if you were
spike’s nipple was not hurt when i made
that meme it’s actually not even spike’s
real nipple
um but
how much would it take to get spike to
a jail cell
like that would be pretty freaking
awesome fundraiser for somebody so spike
if you ever want to tattoo your nipple
um just let us fans know how much it
would actually cost
thanks everyone for listening and
good night
no we
uh so
this has been established
by my wife
which means it’s been established
there is no more nipple there’s no more
nipples uh no more i don’t have nipples
anymore for all intents and purposes
i am
it’s true
it’s just it’s flat
it’s just flat um he’s like a kendall
yeah i am so
in the nipple you needed
if yeah i just there’s not there’s yeah
it’s just like a ken
i mean there’s an area there i do have a
but it’s a nipless peck it’s a
it’s a peck
it’s a
it’s a peck but without a nipple
it’s a beak
you can’t get tattoos anyway can you
no yeah i didn’t think so
so yeah uh
now yes i was like being a circumstance
it’s like being it’s like it’s like
being circumcised
but on my nipple i would have been a
better person to ask and i still would
have said no to that
now i’m a little terrified because matt
hicks knocked in on me today i got three
of them
three of them so we are very very
real breaking news our next fundraiser
um matt has to watch 10 minutes of
titanic for every 20 donated
for every 50 donated i will watch 10
minutes of titanic
there is a there is a big there is a
cryptocurrency that’s based on i believe
the dogecoin uh blockchain called um
spikey nips
so here’s matt hicks
hello there matt and spike this is matt
hicks calling in on the personal injury
attorney chris brown’s attorney at law
anchor colin moment
i don’t really have any like news or
anything i want to talk about today
law school’s got me super busy and i’m
tired all the time
yeah i don’t really have any time to do
what i want to do anymore that kind of
i miss you guys i
being able to listen to your show
whenever i want
that’s kind of sad for me
because i have to read all the time
because law is stupid
yeah i mean i guess that’s really all i
got um
so yeah hashtag laser legend
well it’s good to hear from matt hicks
but there’s two more um
there are two more
you found the laser legend one quick
hey guys it’s matt hicks again calling
in on the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney alike or calling
moment gm
uh just clarify for your viewers um
law school is not really stupid
what makes it stupid for me
is that i have about like an hour and a
half commute each way every day
that’s stupid like i leave my house
before the sun comes up
and i’m just now leaving school and on
my way home
i’m literally gone for like 12 hours a
and that’s some [ __ ] man like
hate it and then i get road rage like
this whole series of problems associated
with it anyway then i get home and i
gotta do a bunch of reading so i’m
stopping to get a bunch of beer i’m
gonna get drunk
and read
hashtag laser legend
last one from matt hicks hey guys it’s
matt hicks again calling in on the
personal injury attorney chris arnold’s
attorney at lawmaker calling moment gm
uh just to clarify for your
viewers um
law school is not really stupid no
that’s what makes it stupid
same one right
okay all right we have one more
i don’t believe this is who it says it
is so we’re uh we’re gonna find out
hey matt and spike it is your favorite
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
at law anchor calling moment caller
calling the cajun libertarian with the
fastest growing podcast within the
libertarian community i have a clip to
play for you from dr anthony fauci about
merriam webster’s dictionary changing
the definition of what an anti-vaxxer
means i like your analysis and whether
or not there will be any
and if so what sort of ramifications
that will come from this so give me one
second while i pull up that clip please
okay i fully support
the redefining of the term anti-vaxxer
to fit the narrative that even if you’ve
been vaccinated double vaccinated double
mass and boosted that if you oppose
government mandates you are in fact an
that was cajun wasn’t it
did fauci actually say that
i don’t think so
i don’t think so
that actually that was not a bad fouchy
cajun that was a good foundation
that was a good foundation he was
actually a pretty good fouchy
that was a solid foundry there
cajun yeah
yeah cajun’s saying no he didn’t say
okay good
yeah fact check faucey never said that
i’m calling i’m calling leadstories.org
these by the way some of these
fact-checking websites
it’s like facebook’s um
they’re like
vetting people they’re like all right is
your website at least 65 percent ads
do you have click baity titles and a
really like obscure
uh uh obscure uh
web address that has dashes in it and a
dot net address
okay great then we’ll you’re hired like
i mean it’s it it makes snopes look like
you know
like you know the encyclopedia
britannica it’s the most absurd
some of these websites could not i got
fact checked by leaddashstories.net
it’s just
do you remember
do you remember when we came up with the
idea for uh
we were gonna make the satire site the
daily boomer
man that’s what these sites sound like
yeah these sites look like how we
expected that how we envisioned the
daily boomer to look they couldn’t be
more click-baity if they tried they look
like the websites that when you know
when you look and you see like you know
never eat potatoes again uh and
if you and you find out why and it looks
and there’s like a photo of what looks
like uh someone’s hand but there’s like
a bunch of holes in it or something like
that and
you’re like okay fine they got me and
you click on it because you got to see
and you never see that photo again it
had nothing to do with it and it’s like
yes there’s a new oh you should be
eating completely different than you are
now scientists have known for thousands
of years blah blah blah blah and for the
low price of 29.95 a month you too can
find out below and it turns out it’s
like some stupid you know diet whatever
that’s what these websites look like
like they couldn’t look more fake and
phony and yet facebook is having them
decide what’s true on the entire
internet not just facebook but right
instagram and youtube and twitter and
all them
we missed the bus with
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we’ve had since we had to say please
guys ask us questions
don’t just leave random comments to
other listeners um
but i appreciated the nice off between
midwest guy and
well so far it’s only one way it’s only
been a unilateral nice off we haven’t
seen if the night’s off is going to
happen the other way
but you know who doesn’t have nice offs
and that’s the people’s republic of
china man
that’s right the people’s republic of
china does not do nice-offs
or fact checking
because they just censor everything i
was gonna say they just send you to jail
they do fact check it but then they put
you in jail too
so last thursday
the people’s liberation army air force
it’s a
weird name for that
for multiple reasons um china’s the
people’s liberation army air force uh
displayed a show of force flying nearly
a hundred fighter aircraft and nuclear
capable bombers into the air defense
identification zone over taiwan
like this is going
you’ve probably heard about this a
little bit already but we’re going to go
into it a little bit deeper here and
what it means and what this could all
possibly mean
um but right now beijing is reminding
washington in taipei
uh that it has a formidable army capable
of challenging
uh any commitment that they have for
peace over in asia
um taiwan’s minister of defense has
stated that china would have the ability
to invade taiwan by 2025.
one year after biden leaves i find that
um i feel like he’d be able to do better
now the reason that this is happening is
probably because of three things
china was signaling uh
signaling this this
was signaling by this display that
taiwan would eventually return uh
would return to china even if it’s going
to be by force
they were basically saying we still own
because we’re going to fly our jets over
they did not care they said we’re just
going to do it there’s no option
second taiwan has applied for membership
to the comprehensive and progressive
agreement for trans-pacific partnership
for the cptp
this was
threatening to uh it was a threat to
beijing’s opposition since it’s uh since
it had sought membership
right right
because if they were allowed in they
would be recognized as a sovereign
nation away from china
which in many places they aren’t
um and third the number and increase in
flybys was probably a reaction to the
auk u.s or the occus
with the reaction to the nuclear
submarine deal
demonstrating that china has a taiwan
card to play
yep interesting thing there the us
actually messed up their relationship
with france
in grants having yeah in
submarines to australia which
potentially threatens the u.s
uh hegemonic relationship in
uh or dominant relationship in central
in order to affect their their
relationships in
the pacific area
pacific theater which
it’s almost as though maybe we shouldn’t
engage in entangling alliances if only a
bunch of people who founded this country
said that
hundreds of years ago
it’s like that name
george washington did you hear what’s
going on in the middle east
yeah who cares about what’s happening in
the middle east
yeah so
so china’s uh doing all these threats of
intimidation over taiwan and
you’re gonna hear a lot of different
on a lot of different sides on what this
could possibly mean
but the one that everybody seems to be
going with is that china is trying to
expand their reach if they can regain
control of taiwan by 2025 that is a
very uh strategic spot in the pacific
for them to hold
if they could have their bases there
they would have places to fill up they
would they would be good on a lot of
different aspects
but why would china be concerned about
expanding their reach
one of the reasons is their economic
which has been monumental
has been monumental
is beginning to stall
yeah and you can blame covet on it you
can blame other things on it but it’s
beginning to stall and that has them uh
getting work that has them getting
worried on top of that their population
a lot of people are aging themselves out
and they aren’t getting a lot of new
people being born for some reason or
another yeah for just it’s like who
knows why
i don’t know why but for some reason
less people are born in china now than
used to be
don’t know
but because of that
soon they aren’t going to have enough
young people to take care of the elder
people once they have retired
so that means they’re needing to garner
more workers to help support for growing
number of retirees
they know that demographic expansion is
the best chances they have of breaking
away from the middle income trap
which i did not know what that was and
yeah i was rich on this
um so the middle income trap is and i’m
going to read this a theory of economic
development in which wages in a country
rise to the point that growth potential
in export-driven
low-skill manufacturing is exhausted
before it entains the innovative
capability needed to boost productivity
and compete with developed countries in
higher value chain industries
because china is where everything is
because that’s where all the factories
are that’s where you know you that’s
where your nikes come from that’s where
your iphones come from that’s where
everything comes from most things a
large number
roughly half of things are made in china
they are now stuck
what’s that
i said one country
nearly half of all the things on earth
are being made in one country
so now they’re gonna people are getting
they’re worried that they might get
where everybody has
these uh these factory jobs and they
know how to do put their pieces together
on the factory but that’s it like
they’re never gonna be able to grow past
that and this is where they are going to
get stuck and they will never be able to
fully reach what maximum potential they
feel that they have
that’s why a big
go ahead
no no go ahead
which is why they’re folk and so which
is why china is focusing so much on
they know that if they can
make ease of transportation of goods and
services better
and this is where the the the uyghur
issue is coming yeah
right that’s where the uyghurs come in
and everybody was calling it a uyghur
genocide and
it’s not i’m not even 100 clear on how
all of that ended
but yeah it’s because it’s not it’s not
a gen it’s not a genocide they are
oppressing weaker people but it has been
uh the neocons blew it out of proportion
while simultaneously the chinese
government tried to whitewash it so it’s
somewhere in between the chinese saying
oh we’re just punishing terrorists and
the americans american media saying oh
no it’s you know it’s a genocide of all
the all the weaker people it’s it’s not
but they are oppressing them and they
are doing it to try to force uh economic
expansion and
social and ethnic dominance in that
region the interesting thing here is
if their concern is about
maintaining uh upward economic mobility
i’m not sure how
i mean i guess in theory sure but taking
over the uh you know country and economy
of a of a country who has a higher per
capita income than than
china does uh doesn’t seem like it would
do that it makes more sense what they’re
doing to expand their belt and rail
initiative uh you know into poorer
countries and establish their economic
dominance there um i i
i’m not 100 sure how this feeds into
so this because it’s more of a strategic
it helps them build toward
possible expansion to other areas in the
that makes sense the the the strategic
standpoint i was
talking about specifically the middle
income trap um
how that would fit into that but no in
terms of strategy it’s obvious it’s a
strategically important area it’s also
ethnically chinese like taiwan are
chinese people uh they and many of whom
fled the mainland during the the
revolution and against uh a chiang
kai-shek um so
but they also have the right to
determine if they want to be a part of
the chinese mainland government or not
and they don’t overwhelmingly
right well if china decides that they
who’s going to back them up
right that’s that’s where
the so the middle income trap
we’re we’ll have to get back to that
because this next part kind of matters
for that so there’s been a number of
treaties going on in the pacific right
now the cpt-pp uh is one of the ones
that we talked about that taiwan
applied for uh others are the auk us the
security partnership the five eyes
intelligence consortium the five powers
defense arrangements and the
quad quad plus
um the quad quad plus the india japan us
trilateral trilateral dialogue
and associated malabar naval exercises
and the india
the india australia indonesia trilateral
and bilateral defense arrangements such
as those between the us and japan the us
and south korea and the u.s and the
a lot of treaties are happening economic
and uh militarily
between countries in asia
that don’t include china
so china is seeing it as okay
everybody’s making these treaties
they’re seeing all of this happening
they’ve got defense treaties with
different countries mainly the us uh
you’ve got the us making deals with
australia and uh the uk
you’ve got the india japan u.s dialogue
you’ve got the quad quad plus you’ve got
the five powers defense arrangements
they’re like they see that everybody is
making these treaties around them
that is going to and they see they feel
that it’s going to hinder their growth
and help the economies in these other
yeah so
is a strategic landing place spot for
militaries in the pacific and it would
be from there that they would be able to
launch other attacks if they deemed
further expansion was necessary
especially as competitor countries are
growing economically
that way they would be able to sit there
and go okay we’re here we can easily get
to australia not saying that china’s
going after australia but they could
easily get to australia where they could
easily get to different countries around
that area
from a central hub
well and it also means that those
countries are less able to use taiwan as
a central help against them so it’s both
defensive and offensive
if you think of germany before 1914
they saw russia was expanding
economically building railways
building railways and other
infrastructure necessary
for quick mobilization of
germany was afraid their sovereignty
would be threatened by russia
they thought okay we’re gonna if we
don’t do something
russia has already said that they want
germany because it’s the central part of
russia was going to attempt a takeover
germany knew this and knew the only way
to defeat russia
was to catch them before they were ready
and aim for expansion
right so they saw that russia was
expanding um
that’s why they ended up going head
first trying to take over europe
if they had all of europe as theirs
they would have a much harder time
russia would have a much harder time
defeating that army
they had to act fast and declare war
before russia did because if russia did
and was ready
they would have just taken germany which
they ended up getting half of it 30
years later
um right
the growing relative power of beijing’s
adversaries means that if they if it has
every incentive to invade taiwan as soon
as it has the means to
even if it’s if success is far from from
rather than wait uh
even if
success is far from certain for china it
makes more sense for them to do this
sooner rather than wait for these
treaties to go stronger for their
economy to start tanking
for them to get stuck in this
range of middle income
where they can’t raise enough funds in
order to keep a well-funded military
it makes sense to rush into this for
it makes sense for them to rush into
in order to show their force and try to
ensure that their economy doesn’t tank
and that these treaties don’t gain
so for anyone who was worried that china
was going to overtake the us
because they’re so much smarter and
their economic system is so much better
than ours first of all that means you’re
a communist
china’s system is some mix between
communism communism and fascism
it’s like sort of like the uh what were
they called
not spoils so they were national
bolsheviks um so there’s somewhere in
there in in this some quasi-fascist
command economy system
i i i enjoyed uh watching scott horton
at freedom fest
and it’s not the first time he’s done it
but i got to see him in person he’s
debating ion hirsiali and she’s
explaining how the u.s needs to continue
with neocon foreign policy to deal
against the threat of china and scott
horton said who here raise your hands
thinks that chinese communism or
whatever system they have is better than
ours is is the best economic system no
one would raise their hands he said who
here thinks that that way of organizing
a structure or a government or a system
is going to lead to the most economic
growth no one raised their hands he said
then what the hell are we talking about
he said their economy is already
starting to slow and at this time people
were booing and saying no it’s not it’s
growing yeah it was it’s already it’s
been slowing for years
it’s been slowing
yeah their economy’s slowing their birth
rates are slowing they are aging uh uh
very quickly uh even faster than the us
is now um they are increasingly scaring
all of their neighbors uh no one wants
to enter he’s saying all this stuff no
one wants to enter into military
partnerships with them because they’re
like this this you know uh empire in
waiting um they are
uh you know they’re they’re running up
massive amounts of debt uh there are
entire cities that they’ve built that
are just sitting there they end up
demolishing them because they’re in the
way of of roads they want to build they
built all these cities no one showed up
uh it is a total command economy that
that is on the precipice of completely
falling apart uh and at some point if
they’re stupid enough to follow the us
government’s lead in trying to create
their own empire they will build up even
more debt than the 29 trillion we we’ve
done in very short order uh because
they’re doing it rapidly uh their their
trajectory would be similar to that of
nazi germany with the exception being
that they don’t have uh any of these
structures in place outside of china to
be able to do any of that uh and that
they’re not surrounded by weakened
countries they’re surrounded by
countries that are fairly well armed uh
against something like that and it’s now
the nuclear era so the era of we can
just expand into the world doesn’t exist
anymore if someone tried to invade south
korea they could use nukes if someone
tried to invade australia they could use
nukes if someone tried to evade invade
many of these countries north korea for
that matter or india or pakistan they
could just use nukes and stop it from
so what are we worried about here if
china is stupid enough
to start expanding or threatening to
expand like this in order to offset
their economic uh destruction that’s
happening slowly instead of looking at
the fact that their essentially planned
economy sucks and deuce and do what they
started doing in the in the 80s and 90s
which is deregulate continue
deregulating if the chinese economy
it would explode
if the chinese deregulated i talk about
all the time how if we deregulated jobs
would come back new jobs would grow we
wouldn’t have to worry about china
because their their system would fall
apart because they’d no longer get all
these jobs that that aren’t you know
economically feasible or to be done here
those jobs would come back here or
better ones would grow here and those
ones would would you know wither on the
vine there but let’s look at it from
china’s standpoint what if they
what if instead of engaging in the same
neocon nonsense that every major country
does when they reach that point of
deciding what the next step is what if
instead they said nope we’re not going
to do it we’re not going to invade
anyone we’re not going to attack anyone
we’re just going to deregulate the
economy we’re going to deregulate and
just keep deregulating we’re going to
keep we’re going to dismantle all of our
national champions we’ve created and let
the economy grow uh in a in a grassroots
organic way china would have an economic
expansion that would dwarf the entire
rest of the world and it wouldn’t matter
chinese china’s
military wouldn’t matter you couldn’t do
business without china they their
economy would so quickly overtake that
of every other country on earth just by
their sheer size and and industry um and
and industriousness that they have right
now before they start aging that they’d
completely overtake anything but instead
it looks like they’re going to engage in
this stupid crap
does anyone think that china’s different
in terms of what will happen if they try
to invade a developed country who
doesn’t want them does anyone think that
the that the the uh the occupation of
taiwan would go markedly differently
than the u.s occupation of afghanistan
or iraq or the russian occupation of
afghanistan or the japanese occupation
of china or the or the us occupation of
or or the israeli occupation of the
palestinian territory any of the does
anyone think that it would somehow go
differently than that no
no in fact
taiwan is a wealthy country that has
many connections who have many outside
countries who would be more than happy
to turn taiwan into china’s vietnam
if they want to do this this just
ensures that they’re going to go the way
of every other attempted empire and fall
apart um now will this also hurt
the people of taiwan absolutely will
this hurt us dominance in that region
very prop very possibly that might be
the only silver lining to any of this
but will it will it lead to china being
the global empire and chinese people
taking order we’re all gonna have to
speak man no
it never does
empires always fall apart and in the
nuclear age they fall apart quickly
because you can’t you you’re not an
empire that tries to actually expand as
in you are now part of our country those
fall apart quickly because you can just
nuke them if they try that so this is
what happens hopefully they they you
know wise up to not falling into the you
know it’s sort of that whole if if
everyone else jumped off
a bridge would you join them it looks
like they’re joining us so i guess
they’re joining us
and i want to make it very clear like i
don’t think the us should
intervene in any way shape or form here
um before anybody’s going out matt wants
us to i don’t no i’m just saying
yeah this is where
with what china is doing
this is what they are thinking this is
what they are concerned about because
like spike said like i said
they’ve already started they’re on the
decline they’re economic uh
their economy is already starting to go
on the decline
they know that they need to do something
to increase it and because everybody
doesn’t want to do business with china
they don’t want to be in treaties with
china they’re staying away from them
they see that they are going to be
losing their power
the only way that they are going to be
able to keep their power is to attempt
something like this
exactly and they and like spike said uh
they won’t be able to keep it for long
they’re not going to keep it for long
they’re never going to actually really
keep it and
all it’s going to do
hasten their demise like their countries
all like so this was a similar thing
that happened when when not when nazi
germany was on the on the rise for a
couple decades actually and everyone’s
like look at nazi germany they’re taking
over well now they were much smaller
country compared to um china but they
were a big country and you heard rumors
of things happening and you know the
people in power knew that the holocaust
was straight up happening but you know
the media said oh they’re in work camps
i don’t really know whatever whatever
and i want to say i don’t think what’s
happening with the uyghurs is anything
like that but um the uh
the country by all appearances was doing
incredibly well and they had the biggest
military on earth and they were the
greatest economy on earth but behind the
scenes the economy was slowly falling
because it was a command economy
and it wasn’t going well and eventually
they had to start invading other
countries because they were running out
of resources they were running out of
money they were running out of labor
they were running out of ways to to keep
pushing forward and as they did that
their economics fell apart this is the
part that isn’t talked about a lot
nazi germany in the the the axis powers
but especially nazi germany and i guess
nazi germany and um fascist italy their
economies were falling apart as they
were expanding the only hope that they
had was to completely annihilate any
other uh you know to annihilate any
other major power
on the planet including the us and they
knew that at that point which is why
they went for the hail mary and went to
just take over the world because what
else were they going to do if they if
they fell apart economically if they
could no longer pay their workers if
they could no longer pay their their
soldiers then you know the war effort
ended de facto um
this is what happens
people try to create an empire as their
economy is falling apart this is what
this is what happened to the alli to uh
alexander the great even before he he
died of malaria his empire was already
beginning to crumble uh that’s what
happened to
the mongol empire it’s what happened to
the islamic empire it’s what happened to
the or the various islamic caliphates
and empires so what happened to the
malta to the holy roman empire to the
roman empire before that uh it’s what
happened to the uh the various egyptian
empires uh it’s what’s happening to the
u.s empire the u.s empire has found an
interesting way of forcing everyone to
hold their reserve notes which is kind
of keeping everything on this this house
of cards afloat but that’s going to fall
apart it’s already falling apart it’s
falling apart in the form of us not
being able to afford anything
even as they try to expand their empire
but you know this is
go ahead you think
one of the things that the biggest issue
that uh anybody in congress has the the
republican credits in congress uh the
issue that they have with the debt
if we
don’t expand the debt selling ceiling if
we don’t raise the debt ceiling and we
end up defaulting on any of the loans
that we have there is a chance that we
stop becoming the de facto currency for
things like oil
yep and that would [ __ ] our economy
now i say
personally uh i know that when i’m in
it’s uh
cut back on spending
and not incur more debt
i believe that they would all recommend
the exact same thing for me each member
of congress
would all say the exact same thing
you’re like oh you need to cut down on
your spending
they don’t follow that
no they don’t follow that and it’s
because they don’t follow that
that you are seeing
everything start to crumble here
the out of control spending that you’re
seeing in washington
that is part of the reason that the us
is going to be losing all of its power
yep exactly anyway and
when the us government loses its its
dominance it’s not necessarily going to
be because of something that china does
or another country does it’s going to be
because it reaches its point of of
anything can simply touch it and it
i got news for you everyone if the
us government over the course of 20
years and trillions of dollars and
thousands of lives lost
ended up replacing the taliban with a
better armed taliban
they’re not going to stop china
but frankly china
isn’t going to be able to force taiwan
to uh by by invasion they could do
something similar with with hong kong
where they say oh hey come join us and
you’ll get these this great thing and
this great thing and this great thing
and then over time they replace the
carrots with more sticks but also keep
in mind hong kong was in china in
mainland china it’s a lot different than
taiwan which is off of the coast of
china it’s it’s it’s different
geographically it’s different
politically it’s different in many
different ways
hong kong was a part of china it would
be like if if uh you know new york city
or l.a was uh you know a part of another
country and then the u.s you know
because of a treat that the other thing
was there was a treaty that said that
they had to hand over uh that to you
know so if there was some treaty that
handed new york over to the us or
something and then the u.s said well you
i don’t know uh uh cuba is kind of like
us uh you have to join our country or
something like that it’s it’s it’s not a
perfect parallel but it’s it’s not the
same hong kong is not taiwan uh or macau
hong kong and macau are not taiwan so
you know it’s very unfortunate that it
looks like they’re gonna try to fall
into the same they’re gonna grab the
poison chalice of empire that the u.s
government did um i’m sure the people in
charge will become incredibly powerful
and wealthy and the people of china will
suffer uh immeasurably immeasurably as a
result as we have
and they will even more so because
they have even fewer freedoms than uh
or fewer less fewer freedoms and less
respect for their rights than we have
so on that note
on that cheery note
thanks for this watching this incredible
fun and and uplifting episode of uh well
i guess the silver lining here is you
don’t have to worry about the chinese
empire because it’s gonna crumble just
like everything else uh but
uh tune in tomorrow for my fellow
americans and i uh my guest breaking
news i have a guest my guest who i
confirmed while we were talking is carol
roth who is uh the author of the were on
small business how the government used
the pandemic to crush the backbone of
america um and she is going to
um and she’s going to be my guest uh
tomorrow night at eight uh we’re going
to be talking about lockdowns and
mandates and all sorts of stuff about
how the government has been crushing
small businesses the the greatest
transfer of wealth from those with the
lease to those with the most in human
history uh with the pandemic as the
excuse behind it we’re going to talk all
about that and i’m super excited because
a i want to talk with someone who’s
actually very knowledgeable about that
and b i have a guest
that’s i have guests for like the next
few weeks but i just didn’t have a guess
for tomorrow so that’s my guess for next
week who is
your guest on my fellow americans on
thursday matt eddy
on the writer’s block
um what’d i say
my fellow americans oh my sorry the
writer’s blood i have anna johnson who
is with the libertarian party of
probably enough washington
that’s incredible
that’s incredible
that’s incredible um and then i was
speaking with noel cajun uh before the
show had a good chat with him for like a
half an hour before we kicked off here
and um
i don’t know if there’s going to be an
episode of cajun eskimo on thursday or
on friday
uh okay tune in there might he may throw
something together i’m not 100 sure yet
we will all find out together on whether
or not there’s going to be an episode on
friday of cajun eskimo and then this
weekend where are you going to be
so all this weekend i’m going to be
oddly enough in washington state uh matt
uh who the libertarian party of
washington which is ironically enough or
coincidentally enough
chaired by anna johnson your guest on
thursday um and so on on friday i will
be in seattle i’m doing a mass
non-compliance anti-mandate rally at
westlake park from seven to nine local
time um then i will be having a ticketed
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shooting event i’m you’re gonna be able
to do a shooting competition with me you
can have photos taken with me in a
bazooka um all sorts of fun stuff and
you can bring the kids uh the shooting
range obviously you have to be 16 or
older in washington to shoot at the at
the firing range uh but there’s all
sorts of other fun stuff for the whole
family barbecue uh we’re gonna be doing
music uh all sorts of really cool stuff
so bring out the kids have bring the
whole family let’s have fun uh and
that’ll be from
noon to five
uh local time on sunday uh you can find
out about all of these events and i’ll
put it in the comments uh by going to
non-compliance and that has all of the
information about all the different
individual events um in washington that
i’ll be doing it is a jam-packed event
uh i am going to be doing a lot of stuff
in a very short period of time and uh so
if you go to lpwa.org mass
non-compliance you can find out about
all the events uh some of them are free
some of them are ticketed uh but come on
out come come out to everything come
join us we can make a big caravan all
caravan all the way across uh washington
state um so
let me
double check
yep page not found
oh yeah ignore that it’s i put too many
yeses hold on it’s lp
sorry it’s my phone yep
mass non-compliance mass
there we go let’s try that one that
ought to work much better
uh mass non-compliance has all of the
event yes we know the link didn’t work
it’s yeah there’s one too many s’s so
try the new one um and uh i’d love to
see if you’re in or near the washington
state area then on monday
jason lyon at
8 pm eastern for mr america the bearded
truth his next guest is going to be
jessica etheridge and they’re going to
talk about the difference between
empowering women and feminism or
something like that
i thought it was
the difference between hating kids and
not hating kids
why does everyone think i hate their
i have no idea
like i
i like kids i don’t hate kids
kids are great
i was with your kid they were i’m with
your sarah’s kids they’re great
i mean they’re good they were great we
had a good time like they didn’t that
they thought i hated them everyone
thinks i hate kids i don’t hate kids
i don’t need children
i don’t know what so i know where it
started from here
like i don’t know where it started from
but who knows why a four-year-old says
the things a four-year-old says
no question
no no clue why he said it but i know
that’s where it started here because he
said that to his dad and his dad i have
friends who are kids i have friends who
are kids kenneth i like kids kids are
fun i like having hanging out with kids
and and talking with kids kids are cool
i don’t have any problem with kids
i didn’t say you’re the power look at
that you’re the power if you’re over the
age of tony i didn’t say this
no because 18 year olds yeah alex flores
his daughter we’d love i love kids
kids are great
yeah i don’t know where uh jessica got
that from unless she got it from sarah
and that’s
just where that started
the kids talk about you at school
see i didn’t like kids when i was
growing up but i was a kid
no i love kids cause i’m an adult
not the kids can’t hurt me
well folks thanks for tuning in to this
incredible episode and then join us
right back here next tuesday say money
play same-ish money time for another
amazing episode of the monday waters the
freedom we’re matt right and i parse
through the weeks of friends like the
sweet little chipper little
little monkey boys that we are listening
you three three children next weekend
what to to uh to washington
next weekend
i don’t think she knew where she’s going
to give you three kids to watch next
good because i like kids
fantastic i can’t wait sheila folks
thanks again for tuning in for this
episode oh matt if we were able to of
the internet and someone wanted us on
the internet is that possible how how
how it is possible on top of
the myriad
just for matt hicks the myriad of social
media sites that we are on
you can also find us
anchor dot fm
slash muddy otters
yes the wonderful fantastic anchor dot
eager dog
you can become a member
by going to anchor dot fm slash muddied
waters slash subscribe
where you will get exclusive content
show the thing again there we go
there you go and you also get
a coupon code that will always work at
our store
pay them more ten percent off
you will be able to join in on the muddy
zone the money zoom starting at starting
on the
starting second thursday of november
november 11th and then moving on from
to december 9th
and so forth
this is the second thursday of every
you can talk to us
and it will be streamed so you can share
it and show off to all of your friends
how you get to talk to us
november 11th is eric brunammer’s
that’s fantastic happy birthday eric
brunimer for your birthday if you go to
he already is a subscriber
okay well then happy birthday join us on
muddy zoom and then you can you can
get involved with us
on zoom
we can well wish you a happy we’ll sing
a happy birthday song for you because
it’s your birthday yes
or you can find this in every other
episode thanks to jason lyon and his
lovely wife kelsey
at muddiedwatersmedia.com
yes jacob i will not be in oklahoma city
on the 23rd
i will this weekend
gonna lose with some fans uh this
weekend i will be at tom wood’s 2000th
in orlando florida
but he won’t be at something with his
with his
business partner and best friend
sorry to bother you with my best
i date one of your people now i’m
growing immune spike
you could be at
i’ll i guess i’ll just be friends with
myself that day
you could easily have booked tickets
the 2000th episode and been here but you
chose washington state well no actually
i chose oklahoma
city to be there for natalie bruno who i
wholeheartedly endorse in her run for
governor of the state of oklahoma
who also probably enough that’s my guess
next week
i am shocked
you but you this is about you feeling
bad not me
you should
that you didn’t want to come to orlando
to hang out with me no that you didn’t
want to come to oklahoma city to hang
out with me i wasn’t invited to oklahoma
i thought you were
folks thanks again for tuning in to this
episode of the money waters of freedom
we’ll see you tomorrow and where we’re
we don’t need roads

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