Episode 215 – The Term Whistleblower is Getting Looser

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Remember when Edward Snowden risked everything to say the government was spying on us? Well, now it takes so much less to be a whistleblower. Also, Biden is about to break Trump’s record, and he should be ashamed, the debt limit is about to be reached, and pilots are being grounded.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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i just want to find 11
780 loads which is one more that we have
because we want to say i only need 11
000 votes to tell us i need 11 000 votes
give me a break
don’t say that you scoop it’s not about
[ __ ] let me handle i was going to show
them how good i am
this is easy let me handle them and i
made their mistake why would you give up
a primetime show my life was so simple
and then i did it and look what happened
now we gotta make it great again our
country’s embarrassed the world is
laughing at us but is there any place
better to be than a trump rally crooked
hillary clinton and the democrats how
would you like to have her as your wife
what kind of a perverted mindset
bill clinton he’s living in fear other
than that how are things going global
pandemic in the middle of the pandemic
where’s your mask where’s your mess you
have to remember where’s your mask
where’s your mess
where’s your mask where’s your mess you
have to remember
you’re not supposed to get set up
let me handle it don’t say that you
scoop it’s out of my [ __ ]
the person who’s very low-key the press
does not treat fairly she’s really tough
and she’s really really smart marjorie
you see
this is a simple meme that you would
find on the internet but this meme is
real the green new deal surprise it
serves china and china only you know
really what all this is going to do is
help this man out the most president xi
of china it’s sad really really really
really really really sad china it’s sad
really really really really really
really sad let me handle it
this is
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike my favorite dinobot was
grimlock cohen
my name is matt wright and together we
are traversing the minded waters of
i’m trying to figure out how that’s
it’s not
oh hey everybody welcome to the show
thanks for joining us this is muddy
waters media production check us out
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missed it i didn’t do why didn’t i think
of that so it was only if so it was a
salmon joke and not a jew joke
well it wasn’t it was just i’m guessing
your favorite dinobot was grimlock
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first and foremost let me thank the
top popped off
that could have been very bad for
the rest of the show that could have
been bad
first and foremost i want to thank the
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free and that’s
that’s worrying
okay what why is everybody in the
comments talking about nards
oh no oh you don’t know
man i’ve been sick for like four days
i’m like okay
yeah okay so
so i told you that last night on kennedy
i i did the norm mcdonald joke right
right i by the way for those who don’t
know that it was a norman mcdonald joke
i said you know i was sitting and that
was true i was sitting in a restaurant
and the people were all unmasked
everything i said was true but i said
well we were everyone was safe because
we were sitting down kobe’s not going to
attack you while you’re while you’re
eating it’s a virus it’s not a monster
that’s a normal mcdonald’s joke but
anyway so i got to do that and i was
already so psyched and then it ended
um with it wasn’t that segment but the
final segment ended with both the
republican and the democrat on the panel
both saying spike 2024 we’re behind it
spike 2024. and
you’re probably wondering what that has
to do with nards
right before that
i had i’m telling the story poorly
because what happened was it ended with
me we were talking about the spending
and i said you know we get more spending
no matter whether republicans or
democrats are in charge and in my
completely unbiased opinion we need to
uh kick them all out and elect
libertarians to every federal office so
we can put an end to all this nonsense
like that and so then kennedy goes yes
that’s right the republicans the
democrats can’t do it because they don’t
have the nards we need the libertarians
they have the nards and i said yes
that’s right we have the nards and then
the other two are like yeah spike 2024
and i went okay yeah spike 2024 we have
the nards so that’s now my slogan
because okay so anytime i think anytime
i read that word or hear that word the
only thing i think of is wolfman has
which that’s a deep cut from an old
horror movie and if you know what it is
put it in the comments
wolfman has nards
don’t spoil it for
them you haven’t seen this movie i would
be shocked
i don’t i haven’t seen this movie
you haven’t seen man that was like a
staple of my childhood
well i’m gonna have to check that out
it’s i i refuse to watch it again
because i do not want it to be ruined
for me no it’s not goonies people
they didn’t talk about wolfman and
wolfman’s got nards was a movie that
came out in 2020.
but you’re talking about something else
i’m talking about something different
because that’s not from my child i i
understand i have a very youthful glow
about me
but no 2020 is not your childhood
no it’s not
i just put it in the notes for you
i can’t see things
oh okay
it’s been a while
it’s been yeah but that’s the only line
from that much much younger than you so
that’s why i was like
kicking the menards kick him in the
nards he doesn’t have nards
just do it whack wolfman has nards
that is
there’s there’s only one other line of
that movie i remember in his is she a
and uh other than that i don’t remember
much else
this episode’s brought to you by mommy
but he doesn’t count doesn’t count sorry
god i love that movie it looks so stupid
jacob hinkson nice job yes
meg jones yes
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so donald trump currently holds the
record uh for fewest resettled refugees
for a fiscal year in the history of the
u.s refuge refugee administration
program with eleven thousand eight
hundred and fourteen and no one can ever
take that away from them
i mean well what
one would think so
but at the end of august
biden has resettled
7637 with the fiscal year ending last
final figures are expected to be out in
the next couple of days but experts are
saying there is absolutely no way
washington dc
that biden will end up beating trump in
this metric
he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance on
capitol hill
but should biden be able to come back
and not be the record holder it would be
a story come from behind victory that
would probably cause some controversy
and the graph for this would look
something like this
they don’t have that hold on
like i just made me sit in that one for
a second no i was look because i was
looking hold on
oh yeah i know i have that hold on
the graph
it would it would be an incredible come
from behind victory from behind victory
no one that would ever
expect that it would look like this
it would look so much like this it would
almost be unrealistic
it would make you question things
yeah it would make you question whether
or not something
happened illegitimate happens
you go to bed and the refugee numbers
are way lower and then you wake up
and then all of a sudden oh biden’s not
in last place
are you fighting origami
okay so
no that’s listen everyone needs a hobby
um yeah
i made this during the ad reads
and even if he does that’s beautiful
even if he does
uh surpass trump’s record low it would
be a minimal victory there’s 95 000
afghan refugees he promised not to
mention all the haitian refugees that
are fleeing the cia destabilizing their
country and all the central american
fleeing the cia destabilizing their
really it’s just a bunch of people that
are coming here to get away from the cia
because this is the one country the
cia’s not allowed to operate in
now speaking of the government doing
things it’s not supposed to do the
federal government has never defaulted
on its obligations due to the debt limit
always being reached um and that’s
because they always come up with some
bipartisan plan i don’t know why i’m
doing it is bipartisan but some
bipartisan plan to screw you and raise
the debt limit and fund all the programs
and increase funding for everything at
the same time
i don’t know why i put that in uh in
quotes because you’re right it is every
time it’s a bipartisan plan it’s a
bipartisan um well i guess you could
call it unipartisan because it’s
literally one party because it’s yeah
it’s one party
so like what
we have in the past we have seen uh us
coming up on the debt ceiling the debt
limit um
the fiscal cliff we’ve all heard these
before and um
you always hear about oh will the other
party vote for will the democrats vote
for it will the republicans vote for it
and you know uh chuck schumer
will sit there and go
we can’t just keep kicking the can down
the road and then mitch mcconnell will
say we’re just kicking the can down the
road and you know is this something that
we actually want to do uh well
in the end
as we have all seen
the debt it’s going to get raised
it is going to get raised so there is no
need to worry
yeah it’s good
this is just something that is going to
happen everything else that they do all
the brinksmanship that they go through
or brinkmanship that they go through
it’s all just politics they don’t
have any intention
of not doing it um
this did not stop janet yellen uh from
testifying in front of congress that we
need to get rid of the debt ceiling all
in which do you have a good yelling
impersonation sure
i believe when congress i don’t know
what she sounds like but i’m gonna do
that’s actually really close is it
really i believe when congress
legislates expenditures and puts in
place tax policy that determines taxes
those are the crucial decisions congress
is missing making yell and said and to
finance those spending and tax decisions
it’s necessary to issue additional debt
i believe it’s very destructive to put
the president and myself the treasury
secretary in a situation where we might
be unable to pay the bills that result
from those past decisions
and what’s she saying
is that we don’t want to bring too much
attention to this so that people don’t
realize how much money we’re spending
correct yes yep
because that’s what it’s saying now yeah
quick history on the debt limit uh it
actually started in 1917
shockingly under wilson um
where he was selling they were doing it
under a second liberty bonds
yeah and then under roosevelt they said
let’s just get rid of this bonds program
and we’re just going to put a limit on
it and initially they had two one for
the bonds program and one for
outstanding debt these were 20 billion
and 25 billion respectively
by the end of 1939 they said let’s just
get rid of the two of these and make it
one at 45 billion dollars which was seen
as an obscene amount of money
amount of money
yeah obscene amount of money
i’ll tell you because i did a lot of
research on the debt limit uh this
weekend because i thought about doing a
whole thing on it but then changed my
mind because it was boring
by 1943 it was already over a hundred
billion dollars yeah yeah
because that’s what government does when
they couldn’t just have a blind paycheck
so or a blank check not a paycheck well
they do but uh here we are 90
ish years later 92 no 82
yeah less
80 yeah 82 years later
we have a debt limit that is 28.5
trillion and we are worried about
breaking it
yeah yeah now keep in mind if you do the
math on that uh the now you’re probably
thinking well that’s also just because
of you know the fact of inflation that
during that time the us dollar has lost
um you know 98 or 90 i guess at that
point 93
94 of its value since 1939 which is true
but even if you raised 45 billion by a
hundred that would be 4.5 trillion so
the debt they have been increasing our
debt limit even once you factor in for
inflation it is
six six times higher than it was then
it’s it’s just oh yeah oh yeah six times
yeah it’s pretty it’s pretty close
almost seven no what am i saying seven
times higher it is almost seven times
higher even adjusting for massive
inflation that has happened during that
now like
if you just take a look at the inflation
that’s happened
this year yeah
i’m not going to tell people how much
money i make at my job because you know
that’s not anybody’s business but i got
a um i got it i got a relatively nice
raise about halfway through the year
and that’s been wiped away yeah
i actually am making less money now
than i was
at the beginning of the year because of
inflation um
so they’re going to constantly talk
about the debt limit and they’re going
to say we need to raise the debt limit
because you know we’ve made these past
mistakes which they don’t call them
mistakes they just say you know the i
don’t remember what she said um but
we made these past uh
we have to pay off these bills from past
things that we promised so we need to
raise the debt limit or else we’re going
to have problems and the thing that they
all they’re always going to threaten
is this means that
uh social security checks aren’t going
to go out veterans aren’t going to get
you know their paychecks but
i am certain those would be among some
of the first things that they did just
to try to hurt people to make them say
oh you need to get
they always put the
safety net first even though
those things are supposed to be
automatic spending why don’t they put
the discretionary spending on the table
first get rid of all the discretionary
spending and then you can have the
salaries the pensions whatever else have
that paid and make sure everything else
isn’t being done but they always put
that first it’s it’s it’s it it’s
they’re going to raise it to the 30s
both sides are going to claim victory
it’s utter nonsense it’s never going to
end and like i said on kennedy we have
to elect libertarians across the country
because only we have the nards to fix
this um
the interesting thing about this is sort
of a side note here and this isn’t in
the notes but the mmt people the modern
monetary theory people have been saying
we need to print platinum trillion
dollar coins and use them to pay off the
and that won’t affect inflation we’re
just making trillion dollar coins surely
all the countries that have
denominations that are in the trillions
don’t have high inflation
and that’s like i told people if they
make these trillion dollar coins one day
you’ll use them to buy toilet paper uh
and they won’t be made out of platinum
now people are wondering
i’ve had you’ll be using these coins as
toilet paper yeah you’ll be using them
as the three seashells three platinum
coins yeah scoop you know right
the three seals did you just
was that demolition man yes well that’s
what happened is it started with
platinum coins and eventually they ran
out of those so they had to use
seashells see everything is becoming
wasn’t that like this year
what year did demolition man take place
they’re saying
oh jacob you don’t know how to use the
seashells okay so what you do to use the
seashells yeah oh it’s supposed to be in
2032 so we still we got 11 years to go
anyone who doesn’t think we could be
headed to seashells territory isn’t
paying attention we’re getting there
so in order to use the three
the three seashells according to
something that i saw on the internet is
you use two
as as
mitts we’ll say and you just pull and
then you use the third to scrape right
along the side and then you wash it off
saves paper you know gotta save the
so the reason that they’re saying that
they need platinum coins particularly
is because there’s uh in the us code of
laws uh in the uh their section i think
5112 which says that uh the uh treasury
can print out platinum coins but it says
platinum proof coins of any denomination
now a proof coin is not supposed to be
in circulation a proof coin is a
hobbyist coin people can buy them they
can keep them as hobbyist stuff they
can’t use it as legal it’s not legal
tender you couldn’t for example use it
to buy down debt or pay off debt or pay
obligations or anything like that so
when they’re saying that they can do
this there’s not even any legal
justification for them to do so it’s
just getting them all excited they’re
going to raise the debt ceiling it’s
going to continue going through the roof
we’re headed to 100 trillion dollars um
i remember when it was a big deal that
it crossed 10 trillion that was during
the i believe obama years just to put in
perspective how rapidly this is
expanding it was either it was either
the bush or obama years um
to which denomination
to trillion dollars
uh that was that was bush
that was bush that was like 2003 2004.
oh are you saying yeah 10 trillion
dollars it might have been it might have
10 trillion yeah 10 trillion i think was
10 uh so obama was 10 trillion
and then 12.5
and then that took it up to the 17 that
we re-upped in 2017
uh to the 28.5 that it’s at now and
putting it in perspective we could hit
100 trillion by the end of biden’s
second term if he were re-elected or the
or the beginning of or the end of
whoever’s first term if he’s not
re-elected like that’s
where we’re headed if we don’t get
libertarians in there to fix this um
it’s not gonna change it’s just gonna
keep going uh so lieutenant colonel
colonel theresa long
uh this was actually real quick this was
uh for anybody who watched last week’s
episode uh we had an anchor call-in
moment from jenny lee yes from jimmy lee
and he asked if we had read this article
which neither one of us had because it
came out the day of the show and uh
i had stuff to do so i did not catch
this article but i told him that i would
look into it and we would talk about it
this week um in order to answer his
and uh he is a long time listener and
supporter of the show so i felt that
that was justified and warranted
that is what this is in reference to
in case you’re like why are we talking
about a show a story from a week ago
um yeah
but theresa long wrote an affidavit to
the pentagon stating that any pilot who
has received the shot the fauciochi
should be grounded
and in it after she talks about all of
her qualifications uh yeah she wrote
just to clarify she’s actually like a
medical doctor right
she had a lot of letters after her name
okay all right
yeah she went to university of texas uh
medical and a bunch of other stuff um
but she personally observed the most
physically fit female soldier she had
seen in over 20 years in the army go
from collegiate level athlete training
for ranger school to being physically
debilitated with cardiac problems newly
diagnosed pituitary pituitary brain
tumor thyroid dysfunction within weeks
of getting vaccinated
several military physicians have shared
with me their first hand experience with
a significant increase in the number of
young soldiers with migraines menstrual
cancer suspected myocydartis and
reporting cardiac symptoms after
numerous soldiers and dod civilians have
told me how they were sick bedridden
debilitated and unable to work for days
to weeks after vaccination i have also
recently reviewed three flight crew
members medical records all of which
presented with both significant and
aggressive systemic health issues
today i received word yeah i know this
is terrible
today i received word of one fatality in
two icu cases on fort hood the deceased
was an army pilot who could have been
flying at the time
all three pulmonary embolism events
happened within 48 hours of their
vaccination i cannot attribute
attribute this result to anything other
than the covet 19 vaccines as the source
of these events
each person was in top physical
condition before the inoculation and
each suffered the event within two days
correlation by itself does not equal
however significant casual patterns do
exist that raise correlation into a
probable cause and the burden to prove
otherwise falls on the authorities such
as the cdc fda and pharmaceutical
i find the illnesses injuries and
fatalities observed to be the
approximate and casual effect of the
coven 19 vaccinations
and because of this all pilots who are
getting the shot
she is recommending be grounded
all i can say is i hope she’s wrong
i hope she like i don’t know if she’s
right i don’t know her credentials i
don’t know how well-vetted this is i
if her credentials are as good as what
what is in the affidavit
she is
a she is a learned doctor
who knows her stuff
this is not saying that any of what she
said is true
that it is caused by the vaccine it
could be the world’s
weirdest coincidence
there’s another world’s weirdest
coincidence that we’re going to get into
just so happens but it could just be the
world’s weirdest coincidence that this
is happening
right after these people are getting the
not saying that you shouldn’t get the
fouchyouchi if you want to get the
thoughts out you get the thousand
everyone everyone who wants to get it
should get it and there should be no
limitations to
how many you can take
nope you should be able to take the
the three that is now mandatory to be
considered okay or
the two that were
the two that were previously mandatory
or the five that’s going to be mandatory
two months and then two or three more
months the what’s happening is uh new
data showed that effectiveness of the
vaccine dropped below 50
after a couple months uh the increasing
data that’s coming out about natural
immunity is that it is much more
effective which again we’re not
advocating for people to get coveted
we’re saying that if you have already
had covid then anything that the
authorities are saying you should be
allowed to do if you if you get the
vaccine should also apply to people who
have gotten coveted because they are
likely to be far more protected than
people who have been vaccinated
that’s what we’re saying
but that’s terrifying like where you
have an army doctor going
anybody that’s a pilot should be
grounded because if they have a
pulmonary brain embolism from this while
i’m horrified and the the you know
what’s crazy is that
i hope she’s wrong if for no other
reason than if she’s right government
and and the the cronies will do absolute
big pharma and most basically government
corporate media will do everything they
to deny
scrub any data showing it
and push forward on forcing everyone to
do it if for no other reason that when
it inevitably comes out that this
happens they’ll have to say well this
whole thing is too big to fail we gave
it to everyone it’s god we just gotta
keep pushing forward with it because
that’s what government does they turn
everything into a crisis so that you
just have to go along with what they say
and this is
horrific so i don’t know she’s wrong i
hope she’s wrong that’s all i can say i
hope she’s got me too yeah john
morrissey in the comments john morrissey
everybody from defy the power and
stitches and power.com
goodbye the power.com stitches and
glitches uh he said have you seen the
new england journal of medicine study
that shows pregnant women miscarried at
a higher rate than women who did not
vaccinate strictly numbers reuters and
writing articles
uh condemning their study this is based
on women
pregnant receiving the vaccine john is
that for women who got the vaccine and
then got pregnant or is that for women
who were pregnant and then got the
something i’m curious on um
and it wouldn’t it would not surprise me
if that was
if that was a real issue that we were
that we were dealing with
but well okay got the got it well
um which i guess
if you’re not supposed to eat sushi or
certain kinds of cheese
while pregnant i would not imagine
injecting yourself full of
different chemicals uh would be good
while pregnant
yeah so this is a um
i mean i don’t have time to look this
over but it was submitted to the new
england journal of medicine
where’s the it says a correction has
uh the third sentence should have read
eskimo now like nalik who on my show on
thursday was fantastic did a great job
uh as my guest on thursday with a lot of
wonderful information and uh just
absolutely crushed it at the city
council the city council meeting was the
city council
city council the uh anchorage city
council meeting she’s incredible
anchorage city council meeting yeah
she’s she’s unbelievable but she said uh
i’ve received countless ads from the cdc
saying that i need to get the vaccine if
i’m pregnant which
i don’t recommend it
yeah i don’t i’m i will have to look
over this with a fine-tooth comb because
it is in but yes there is a new england
journal of medicine received and
apparently approved publication that is
uh saying that there is at least some
data to suggest that you’re more likely
to have
problems if you’re with pregnancy if you
get the vaccine keep in mind um
yeah i mean while yeah i i i looked at
the correction and it didn’t look like
it was correcting to say oh
uh because prison memoirs of a modern
anarchist and youtube commented you know
corrections oh they got to the journal
it looks like the corrections were you
know like well this could have been
worded differently that you know we
should have worded it this way we should
have appended this it didn’t look like
it was saying correction everything’s
fine um
yeah that’s horrifying but i’ll tell you
what isn’t horrifying guys
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anchor calling moment and we are going
to play those right
now here the first one is from nulik
hey guys i’m calling in for the chris
anchor cullen moment and i have a
question for you guys so
berlin just decided to
uh well they they voted to expropriate
over 240 000 apartments
currently owned by what they call mega
landlords or private real estate
companies and developers and are turning
them into socialized public housing
and i was wondering if you guys had any
comments about that or know any more
about this it seems like a lot of folks
are excited about it i don’t know the
details what are your guys’s opinion
about this and uh thanks guys
knowing nothing other than what you just
told me
they’re going to seize it from property
owners for little or no reimbursement
it’s going to end up costing more to
operate them uh under of taxpayer money
than it costs for the mega landlords to
operate them and the quality of the
housing will plummet
um i the only question i had was there
they’re seizing this from landlords and
property owners in order to make these
because if so yes that’s exactly what’s
going to happen uh john bartosak will
the spotify video be live as well no it
will not be live it will all be
after the fact
but they said they might try to do that
in the future in which case great and
you will be able to watch us there live
but that is on them to do it that’s not
on a limitation on our part
so a majority of voters in berlin want
the city hall to expropriate major
landlords such as vinovia and deutsch
it’s a non-binding initiative
so it’s not actually
and it doesn’t look like they’re
actually going to do it
which is good because if they did do it
then then that’s what would happen so
apparently the east berliners won that
argument uh and because none of them
remember what it was like in east berlin
maybe they could put a wall around it to
make sure no one else can get in by the
way uh
whenever a wall is built since we’re
i decided we’re talking wall talk
when the berlin wall was there
they told the people of east berlin that
the reason they were putting up this
wall was to keep out all those pesky
west berliners who wanted to get to
their socialist utopia
does that sound familiar
we’re building this wall to keep them
did you know
some fun berlin wall history we almost
hit world war three over opera tickets
no i didn’t know that
yeah so i don’t remember all the details
of it um but when the berlin wall was
still up and reagan reagan was president
the there was a deal between east and
west germany that uh and the rest of the
that if somebody was
an ambassador to
germany you’re an ambassador to germany
east and west oh to all of germany okay
yeah to germany yeah you were you were
just the german ambassador and you could
just move through the wall
no problem you would just go to the
checkpoint be like i’m an ambassador
so west berlin west berlin was the
socialist one right it was the communist
no east east well eastern technically
both of them were socialists but east
berlin was the so-called one yeah okay
east berlin so east berlin was having an
opera that the american ambassador
wanted to go to and he bought tickets
for so he went to the wall and he was
like here’s my you know here’s my thing
and the guy wouldn’t let him through
would not let him through he’s like no
you can’t come in here he’s like no we
have a deal we have an agreement so you
know whatever so he calls up reagan
who called up um gorbachev and he was
he was like hey um
you gotta let my guy through
and while gorbachev and reagan were
the east the east berliners had pulled
tanks up
to the wall because this guy was trying
to get through so the west berliners
they started pulling tanks up and
american military started pulling tanks
up and they were waiting on approval to
because they wouldn’t let the ambassador
go see opera
had that happen that would have been
almost as stupid as starting world war
one over one guy getting firebombed in
well actually no that would have been
stupid or wouldn’t it yeah yeah that
would have been even dumber but not much
and that’s
i mean i’m not going to get into that um
that’s not why that started
that’s just what we were taught
you know like the sinking of the
luthes lutheran lusitania and he’s how
we got it
is how we got into it which isn’t true
um that’s the maine
and the sinking for for the
spanish-american war and the
gulf of tonkin
pearl harbor
it’s pretty pretty much all of them
they use a lot of boats
yeah no it’s always a boat time
well 911 so man cad so for anybody who
doesn’t know i’ve been working on a
script for a subscriber only episode
for uh
for for our subscribers uh all about how
woodrow wilson created hitler um
so i’ve been working on this for a while
so i’ve been learning so much about
world war one and woodrow wilson
is probably
without question the worst president
we’ve ever had oh easily yeah
but also
quite possibly
the worst person who’s ever lived
outside of hitler but if you take out
the fact that woodrow wilson helped
create hitler yeah no i would i would
call him the worst person who ever lived
because if you look at everything from
the great leap forward and the holy
domer and the and and the holocaust
pretty much everything after he was
alive he laid the groundwork for that
no he’s
arguably the worst person and as in and
personally was also a scumbag too it
wasn’t even like he was a great guy and
just really really missed guy he was
also a scumbag too he’s a terrible when
i said if there if there is a time
item one has killed baby woodrow wilson
or teenage woodrow wilson if that makes
you feel better because some people are
squirmish about the baby thing
eighteen eighteen year old what day he
turns eighteen
withdrawal wilson okay the very
happy birth boom
so uh
here here’s one from midwest guy we
haven’t heard from him in a while which
by the way i was just in uh
minnesota two weekends in a row
and you don’t have to be there long to
start saying stuff like oh and oh let me
sneak past you by you there so this is
gonna be okay
oh yeah
oh yeah
oh yeah okay
hey there stat
spat and mike
whatever this is a midwest guy calling
in on the christian attorney at law
anchor calling moment
dm moment
what the [ __ ]
is the deal here with um these
independent commissions right
sorry i’m just a spotty cow in now but
uh i’m just wondering here
what the [ __ ] is wrong or you know okay
what’s up with the independent
redistricting commissions what is this
whole er committee i don’t know what the
[ __ ] they’re called what’s up with all
this [ __ ] okay because
you know i
to me it seems like they’re just writing
in duopoly right into the law i don’t
know maybe i’m off base here what do you
i think you forgot to
he’s at the spotted cow um
so i think he’s referring to in order to
prevent gerrymandering
as many states will take
the decision on
out of the hands of the politicians
where it’s supposed to be out of the
hands of the legislatures and put it in
the hands of independent redistricting
committees which is basically german
gerrymandering with extra steps they’re
given a set of rules and inevitably they
create the same thing what what is
jacob lebel
jacob labelle
dislikes midwest guys so much
he says i’m the real midwest guy here
and i really want to fight this guy
they should have an op-off i think they
yeah they should def they should have an
by the way jacob lebel shout out to
jacob labelle
jacob great guy jacob
what’s that even though he’s spreading
great guy jacob
he’s already threatening
yeah no even though he’s threatening
violence at that aside
now i want to give a shout out for this
this is terrible i don’t know why he’s
doing this but
yeah exactly that’s not very minnesota
nice of you there bud that’s what
midwest guy says
so we’re
with minnesota nice is breaking down
very quickly in the comments
but anyway
so just
so outside of how jacob’s acting now
yeah no this is a whole thing oh now
hannah lay
out of nowhere
i know i’m the real midwest guy fight me
so we’re gonna let this simmer uh for a
and then in the meantime so jacob
labelle came out one of the original
muddy waters fans by the way uh
he’s been around as long as i have and
he i think he started watching right
about that time yeah yeah he kind of
came in the same time i did and so he uh
he came out to two of no three of the
events um
no two of the events uh with uh with um
when i was this past weekend in
minneapolis he also brought me
um uh he also brought me
smoked fish which i’ve already eaten
thank you jacob
well yeah he showed me what smoked fish
he got you he sent me a picture of it
and i thought well that’s gonna last all
of three minutes
i eat it today yeah
i’m glad you heard it
well no well so what happened was i
already had
smoked fish here
so i eat that first
then today i ate that smoked fish i’m
surprised you didn’t just
caveman rip that thing open right in
front of him right in front of him and
eat it no do you know why
do you know why he came to the bowling
event and i was they had brought me
giant smoked salmon salad
which was delicious i don’t it was made
at a place called
a smoked salmon salad
yeah it was crazy oh my gosh yeah it was
like a spring like a mixed spring salad
and then on top of it was these just
gobs of pulled smoked salmon and it was
all in it and it was holy crap was that
oh man it was probably like seven times
my daily recommended intake for salt but
man was that good anyway um
so yeah the these uh independent
redistricting committees it’s basically
gerrymandering but they can say well we
didn’t do it the independent districting
committee did it i say do it by a
freaking computer program like literally
just input what you want put
prioritization on having as uh diverse
of a community as possible so that you
don’t have these racially segregated
districts which piss me off and then
contiguous as possible so not these
freaking weird shapes and stuff like
that and if you did that and you just
plugged it in and let it make the thing
and you went okay those are our
districts i think that would fix the
problem uh also if you made districts
like that you wouldn’t have the
republicans and the democrats creating
their safe districts and libertarians
and others could actually have a better
chance competing because it would be a
more competitive district so it would be
great for everyone except the
republicans and democrats
man i love midwest guy
he’s great
he’s great he’s midwest is creepy and he
pisses jacob labelle off so bad you’re
gonna make it he said he wanted to make
it up to the cities but he couldn’t
because he was pheasant hunting
oh wow
i mean that’s as midwestern a response
an excuse as possible
and responds
conor cudmore says we should gerrymander
libertarian districts those would be
oddly shaped fun
but like this house
and then we’re gonna skip four
this house over
seven miles away
it would just be like tiny dots with
little lines in between them and it’d be
like there there’s a district we’d
probably still lose it um
okay so here it would all be shaped like
80 lowers
our comment section tonight is great
this is great um this uh all right
here’s another one from midwest guy
hey thanks for such a great answer to a
very difficult question you know i just
can’t believe that the duopoly thinks
that they can write themselves straight
into the law like this
putting the the republicans at four okay
i’m talking about michigan here okay in
michigan they have their independent uh
redistricting committee right putting
four republicans and four democrats and
five independents oh independents
rejoice am i right wrong okay that’s
[ __ ] stupid sorry if you said that i
think that’s really stupid because
that means there’s eight duopoly members
and five independents and that’s that’s
uh what we call a majority there okay so
it just means that the duopoly has to
you know kind of collude they have to
collude to exclude third parties and
that’s exactly what’s going to happen
with these and even you know even with
independence on there there’s going to
be republican light and democrat light
and that’s it [ __ ] it
i like that however long his question is
it goes the full 59 seconds it goes it
goes the full 50 doesn’t matter if he’s
done 38 seconds in we get 20 seconds of
him driving and i love it um no you’re
right that’s basically what we just said
um that’s uh that’s great man i’m glad i
didn’t say those were good holy crap um
i hate to be called stupid on my own
show um by a minnesota by by a
midwesterner of all things um
uh but yeah no it’s it’s it’s not and
like you said independent doesn’t mean
they’re not verifying that these people
aren’t actually in fact if anything
they’re probably verifying that they are
republicans and democrats but they just
call them independents they’re not
officially registered there are so many
people registered independent that don’t
vote third party so that’s not hard
they’re just they’re they’re
cherry-picking independents you know
what you could do find some registered
libertarians and green party members and
and now see what happens
so now here’s one from the cajun
hey matt and spike cajun libertarian
here your favorite personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling moment caller
on the muddy waters of freedom my second
favorite podcast
only next to the cajun libertarian live
you should go check it out
i know that guy
pretty cool
anyway public service announcement if
you are a parent that is afraid of
attending your school board meeting in
fear of being on a government or fbi
watch list have no fear you can employ
me to speak on your behalf against
government mandates including
but not limited to
mass mandates for children and vaccine
mandates for children i will gladly do
this for you you don’t even have to pay
me just pay for my travel lodging and
food and i will gladly
come to your town and speak at your
school board meeting considering i’m
already a part of about a dozen
government watch lists already thank you
very much the cajun libertarian signing
off muddy waters of freedom
that was a beautiful that might be the
best sign-off we’ve ever had um
yeah so yeah definitely everyone should
hit up uh noel if they want someone to
come and yell at their school board so
incidentally there were these reports
that the fbi was going out to deal with
violent anti-massacres that are
threatening people
or not actually not playing explicitly
making it seem as though there were
violence and threats of violence there
has been none
they put them out there in case there
were really they put them out there so
the media would say that they were going
out there to deal with it there has been
nothing there’s been yelling
there’s been anger
there’s been people saying my kid came
home with a different mask because he’s
a kid and what do you expect them to do
they are trading masks with their
friends this is doing nothing to slow
the spread of the virus in fact your own
the cdc’s own study on mask mandates
demonstrated that there was no
difference in the spread of covid
between the schools that had mask
mandates for students and the ones who
didn’t that that didn’t seem to make any
difference at all that the real
difference was by having more
ventilation that was really the only
thing that truly improved uh slowing the
spread was having more air in the
building which would make perfect sense
go ahead gotta be careful what you’re
saying you don’t want to piss off
francis hogan
francis oh no well we’ll talk about her
yeah i have my whistle blown either
i don’t want my whistle blown um
the uh by her
by what by her
by her
by her
but so yeah no there has there is no
threat it’s parents that are upset and
so now they’re trying to go oh look at
these violent anti-masters they’re very
i’ve seen people upset recently and also
yelling and we weren’t told that they
were violent
some of them were
most of them weren’t though but some of
them were
sometimes none of them were
none of them were
mostly peaceful all right so here is uh
here is the neck here’s our final uh
call-in for the uh for the week
what’s popping guys
so i went down to take a nap at like 2
30 for like an hour and now it’s eight
o’clock but you know that’s okay because
um i can be exposed to my weekly radical
anyways yes i’ve been trying to convert
a lot of my friends to um you know to
embrace some form of libertarianism and
usually i can get them over on the drug
legalization side and things like that
but when it comes to like lower taxes
gun rights that’s where i kind of just
smack into a wall
any suggestions on that would be awesome
i would really like to pull some more
people over on that end as well
uh enjoy the pod i’m enjoying the
podcast and everything uh you guys have
a good night
thank you gavin did you have any
thoughts you wanted to say so first
uh yeah first of all uh i appreciate you
playing a little nap roulette today and
you won
you won half roulette when you go down
for an hour and you wake up five and a
half hours later that’s winning nap
some man i don’t win as often as i used
to at nap roulette but the other day on
monday yesterday i i i won and i won big
and it was wonderful
but uh
yeah so
the fact you get them on drug
first and then they kind of back off on
others is shocking uh because usually
that’s where i have
that’s where i have my biggest issue is
drug legalization
when it comes to talking about guns or
taxes or other things
you got to be careful when you’re with
when taxes you have to be careful uh
you don’t want to just hit them with
taxation as theft or taxation is
extortion uh and
and show the example you know and
you can’t just hit them with that and be
like well if somebody came up and robbed
you of your money at gunpoint that would
be theft right uh and if you don’t pay
your taxes are they gonna cut you like
that argument isn’t going to work
instead what you need to show them is
where the tax money is going and i think
we have
i don’t remember the number off the top
of my head but i think we have somewhere
around 17 trillion in tax income
every year i think i don’t remember the
exact number
and yet
we are consistently running at a deficit
you have to point out the unnecessary
spending that they are doing and say and
many of them will then say well yeah but
we just need to get rid of these
programs and then you say okay well
which programs would you keep
and when they tell you which programs
they would keep you say well would you
pay for those programs
and if they say yes then you can say
well then you don’t need taxes
and when we’re talking about guns um
when you’re talking about guns ask which
guns they’re okay with them owning
ask which ones they’re like no that’s
fine you
you know you can own handguns you can
own ars you know just maybe not full
find out which guns they aren’t okay
with owning or which weapons they aren’t
okay with owning and then ask why is it
okay for those in power to have these
weapons but not you
is it because they’re trained what if
what if that what if you’re trained what
if you have taken the time to go train
yourself on these weapons
why shouldn’t you be able to protect
yourself in the way that they would be
fighting against you
like always
you want to always bring it back to the
why on why they believe that
the why on why they believe that and
try to um
show them where their why expands to
include what they are including
yeah absolutely that that’s those are
it’s basically the socratic method
you’re you’re making them think through
why they’re saying what they’re saying
and bringing them to the conclusion of
then why they’re wrong um
one thing i would say so if you’ve got
that are cool with the drug legalization
not so much with the tax decreases and
the gun stuff it sounds like you’re
talking to people that are more on the
left that’s perfectly fine there’s
nothing wrong with that uh more than
likely someone who is on the left
primarily concerned with what they
perceive as
protecting the poor the marginalized the
disadvantaged those who can’t provide
for themselves and so forth and so when
they talk about raising taxes and you
know uh increasing spending and
increasing programs or when they see
things like you know
gun control and reducing supply to guns
they don’t see it as authoritarianism or
you know raising taxes and this kind of
stuff they don’t see it as
authoritarianism they see it as helping
people who can’t provide for themselves
and making those people who can’t pay
for it they see it as protecting those
who can’t protect themselves and you
know uh
getting rid of the the
what’s that
i was way off yeah uh 2020 was 3.5
trillion in taxes
oh okay yeah
way off
yeah yeah so
you know they see this as helping people
they don’t see it as hurting people very
rarely do you have someone who’s like my
policy is to hurt people i want people
to suffer screw people um so you have to
you know on gun rights when i talk to
people on the left i talk about things
like the black panthers i talk about
people like john brown
i talk about people like um
not rosa parks harriet tubman um i talk
about the fact that guns are the reason
that all black people weren’t rounded up
and genocided after slavery was ended
because had they not been able to defend
themselves that’s what would have
happened there was more than enough
people who wanted to do that and they
had more than enough firepower and not
because of private gun ownership they
were in charge of government
so had there been gun control and if
that gun control had magically been able
to stop everyone every private owner
from owning firearms which it wouldn’t
just would have stopped the poor and
marginalized from being able to do so if
that had happened
every black person would be dead right
now or would have been rounded up and
and you know deported to you know
somewhere in africa or whatever they
would have been forced into uh they
would have done to them what they did to
the natives when they would um disarm
them they would have forced them in the
reservations where they’d be treated
bit of
every terrible outcome you can think of
was prevented by the fact that black
people owned guns and it’s this thing
that you know historians uh you know
left-wing historians have to dance
around when they talk about the
struggles of black people they have to
dance around the fact that it was the
fact that they had guns that allowed
them to fight off people who were often
outnumbered them and outgunned them and
were more powerful than them they were
able to fight back just enough for p for
the for the people that were trying to
kill him to back off and go okay fine
you can live today that’s
that has always been the case um you can
talk about you know stats on how much
more likely a police officer is to
murder someone than uh you know than a
civilian you you can do all these things
um i would focus on that um you can get
into uh the fact that you know uh
once you’ve started that conversation
when they say stuff like what about mass
shootings you can say if you had a gun
and you wanted to kill a bunch of people
where would you go somewhere that had
other people had guns or somewhere where
you’re the only one with guns like make
them think these things through when it
comes to taxes and spending i just ask
them what happens when uh
and you can use this some people on the
right too because a lot of people on the
right are convinced well you know we
should be making you know these these
wealthy corporations pay the taxes
that’s become a very popular that’s why
joe biden keeps saying this bill cost
zero dollars and it’s the rich paying
for it that’s popular tax the rich is
popular even on the right
just ask them what do you think they’re
gonna do when they get this additional
taxes do you think they’re going to just
eat it or do you think they’re going to
add it to the price of the goods and
services that they sell you
so then who’s really paying the taxes
all taxation is not just theft it’s
regressive but like matt said saying all
taxation is theft and extortion
once you start driving down that taxes
are bad and how they’re bad from like a
utilitarian perspective then you can
start saying and the reason they don’t
work is because it’s extortion and
extortion will never work but if you
lead with that people who have heard
their whole lives that taxes are
necessary they’ll go well yeah it’s bad
but how else are we going to fund stuff
and it’s the social contract yeah the
social contract all of that oh it’s a
price wait so it’s a membership fee to
be a part of this society that i hate
and and and constantly uh it’s the rent
you pay to live in america
to live in america this is what i have
said at some point in my life
yeah oh i’m sure i’m sure he didn’t we
all said things we regret but what i
if these are people that are that are
protesting for things you know ask them
the stuff that they’re protesting
against and whatever they say you can
say your taxes paid for that and your
taxes paid to protect the people who did
so just make them you know examine and
you can use the the questioning method
like like matt was saying socratic
method um to to get him to do it but
from there anytime you talk to someone
figure out their pretext
their concerns and argue it from that
you don’t argue someone who’s on the
left from a right-wing perspective you
argue them from their perspective from
what they care about same thing with the
other other side too
so that will conclude the personal
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
at law
anchor calling moment thank you to
everyone who submitted questions uh be
sure to go to anchor dot fm slash muddy
waters to submit questions and we will
answer them next week
that’s right uh derek ambrose put in the
comments what about my roads
and it reminded me one you know
where we’re going we don’t need them but
uh we answer that and then we answer
that every every tuesday
roughly about 10 o’clock um but in
saturday night live’s opening segment
this week
where they gave uh it’s their 47th
season opener um they have a new guy
playing biden who actually did pretty
decent job at playing biden and he’s not
like a huge celebrity but they were
talking about the build back better plan
and uh mansion and cinema
not wanting to vote for it because they
said it was too much and biden’s like
trying to bring the two sides together
it was actually really
it was the first time that i thought
saturday night live did something that
was remotely funny but then at one point
he goes what about roads we all like
and i died laughing because i thought
every libertarian watching this right
now is like no
and then manchin was like i love roads
that’s where trucks live
and cinema goes no roads and he goes why
not she said chaos
even though she was a massive reason
yeah they they hit her so hard and not
even well because she was a massive
reason that the infrastructure bill got
to where it was
she helped negotiate chaos give me a
break these people yeah
saturday night live when
norm mcdonald was the i don’t want to
say that uh colin quinn was i think the
last good
snl weekend update correspondent
i wouldn’t even say that
because he he had the unfortunate
event of following
norm mcdonald nor macdonald and dennis
miller who were the two greatest
correspondents back to back i remember
when nor macdonald when nor mcdonald
took over for uh dennis miller people
were like oh poor nor mcdonald what’s he
going to do and then meanwhile he became
the greatest crush he can update
but dennis miller who was
if norm mcdonald didn’t exist dennis
miller would be head and shoulders above
well he already was head and shoulders
above every everyone else except for
norma mcdonald who was even better than
him and you know now
uh uh you know now and then colin quinn
was good if this
was good and then after that it’s just
been [ __ ]
yeah then you had tina fey and amy
poehler did it for a while and then
uh now
you have colin jost and michael che and
god is it not good oh and you had seth
meyers in there seth meyers did it for a
little bit
and the only thing good about seth
was uh
oh my god what’s that character’s name
stefan i never watched seth meyers i
know he has a late night show now but i
can’t be bothered yes they have
but yeah stefan
stefan was great
here is what happened
yeah okay is there someone outside my
house with a flashlight oh that’s my
wife um
that was weird here is what happened
with uh
with uh with saturday night live and
late night and all of that
and it was actually norm mcdonald who
said this a few years ago
the daily show with jon stewart
jon stewart
was a comedian
who also had very strong
political opinions oh no it’s a it’s a
henley had very strong political
opinions and he carried
uh the daily show now john stewart was
definitely center left he was definitely
on the left uh but he also was willing
to he was not partisan in the way that
we see now like he would easily
criticize democrats and republicans and
everyone else um
and he was actually funny and he was
smart and new stuff even if he didn’t
agree with him on everything he actually
followed the news and had a formed
opinion about it and he revolutionized
and and and the daily show
revolutionized the fact that now a
majority of people were getting their
news from comedians
up until then that wasn’t the case nor
mcdonald would say and now the fake news
and it was like literally like this is
not news don’t take this seriously jon
stewart was like this is we’re gonna do
it in a funny way but take it seriously
and then when that happened everything
changed in late night in in snl it now
became we all have to be
not just
comedians we have to be truth-teller
comedians if you’re george carlin you
get to do that because george carlin
knew what the hell he was talking about
if you’re jon stewart you get to do that
because jon stewart knew what the hell
he was talking about if you’re some
schmuck comedian who just follows
whatever this schmuck comedian is saying
and you’re not really vetting anything
and you’re not holding people
accountable if they’re on the same side
as you and you’re not funny then you’re
just making it terrible and that has
actually been a major contributor to
this cancel culture that’s happening in
stand-up comedy where you can’t just be
funny you have to go and make a routine
about how terrible donald trump is and
how terrible uh uh uh how terrible uh
the patriarchy is and how terrible
people who don’t get vaccinated are and
how terrible it is that people don’t
support joe biden and how terrible it is
that people don’t support the metoo
movement except when it applies to joe
biden because then they’re terrible for
believing women who say that joe biden
raped them and it’s it’s now it’s
terrible and it’s it’s destroying comedy
it’s destroying comedy
yes and i don’t think john stewart meant
to do that
but he did
well they didn’t they took what he did
and then they destroyed him right and i
mean jon stewart wasn’t the original
host of the daily show um
no craig uh craig
craig him
and i loved i
he was great and then when they brought
jon stewart in i watched it for a little
bit but it wasn’t the same as when craig
kilbourne did it because jon stewart
craig kilbourne he was giving you the
news and he was making it funny even
though he wasn’t a comedian
and then when they brought jon stewart
and jon stewart at the beginning john
like he was good but by the end he had a
lot of anger involved in everything he
was reporting so all of his comedy was
coming from a place of anger which craig
kilbourne never got there
no and that’s part of the reason that
jon stewart left
was because he was tired of being angry
he’s now got a new show on apple tv
um that i haven’t watched yet but i plan
on it um but
the daily show has pumped out a ton of
great comedians
who then fell by the wayside uh stephen
colbert is the easiest to name because
stephen colbert at one point
was one of the funniest
individuals on television
like it wasn’t close
he was better than stewart in my opinion
he was better than any of the late night
and then he got his late night gig and
he took over for letterman and got the
late show the late late which one is he
late night or late show late show uh
is that i think that’s late
night late show is after the tonight
show i think it’s late night i might be
okay late night um and then he took over
late night for letterman and i was like
this is gonna be great and apparently
they said okay we are going to tie your
hands completely and turn you into more
of a
left-wing lap dog than jimmy kimmel is
and jimmy kimmel who was
hilarious when he was on ben stein’s
money and on the main show the man show
yeah he was hilarious on that and then
he goes out and he talks about things
that people said and people
did from back in the day that they
should be canceled for now and i’m
thinking man
i watched the man show with you
and uh
you and adam corolla and you should
definitely not be throwing any stones
you said and did a lot of stuff that you
would be on tv crying about today saying
this is just not right this shouldn’t be
if you
he literally did blackface as carl
carl malone i couldn’t remember which
basketball player and he wasn’t just
doing blackface like you put on black
and say oh hi i’m malcolm x he goes dish
he was making fun of the fact that carl
malone talked like a stereotypical
southern black guy
and did it in blackface
he was not just doing blackface in that
he was wearing a black face he was doing
minstrel comedy
on top of all of the misogynistic stuff
that you would see on the man show oh
yeah today he’d be on trampolines and
yeah yeah
on top of all of that like today he like
he somehow has made it past all of the
canceled culture stuff and i think it’s
because he will get on tv and weep
whenever a tragedy happens and they’re
like no don’t mess with him because
80 year olds watch his [ __ ] he did he
did a fat suit blackface parody of oprah
yes he did i forgot about that
yeah jimmy fallon did blackface
jimmy fallon did blackface and
i think stephen colbert might be the
only one who hasn’t but he did that
sketch the other day that was so
terrible and it may have been the death
of late night comedy
which what was that yeah john
the vaccine have you not seen this oh my
god it’s so bad he’s he’s sitting there
and he was talking about he was like
he was pushing vaccines he was like all
you have to do is get the vaccine but it
was spelled like s-c-e-n-e scene like
it’s a scene man and then they’re coming
yeah i haven’t seen the whole thing but
i saw enough of it to be like oh okay
this is terrible
it’s it was the worst moment of late
night television i have seen
and it like
in recent years that isn’t
i watched almost every episode of the
magic johnson hour
and this was worse
i saw every episode of chevy chase
this was worse
yep i i
and honestly if i
if if jimmy kimmel gets canceled for it
good he deserves it people get if they
get canceled for this good because
they’re the ones pushing this the
hardest they’re the ones putting that
corporate smiley face on it good
you know hung by your own hung by your
own news
um hoisted by your place by you your own
petar hoisted by your own petard um so
speaking of facebook i mean this kind of
is about that
uh you know in case you were saying well
that’s okay because i’ll just go to
social media where i’m only lightly
censored surely uh they’re not going to
make it worse and you know what i heard
there’s a whistleblower and i bet she’s
out there fighting for our rights and
and letting us be able to speak our mind
that’s what a actual whistleblower would
do instead of a plant for the dnc and
probably mark zuckerberg himself
so certainly that’s what’s happening
right matt
yeah you know that
would be my definition of what a
whistleblower would do um
over the weekend the facebook
whistleblower francis haugen
took the world by storm
um and she appeared on 60 minutes to
talk about the atrocities being
committed at facebook
many of you are probably out there
as if our very intelligent audience
already doesn’t know where this is
expecting someone who would be thinking
it would be someone out there who is
saying we’re committing atrocities like
censorship and silencing a political
dissidence and um you know trying to
kick pages off that you know the
that the hardcore left would want to see
kicked off you know maybe somebody had
copyright and trademark claims
and in the course of doing my duties
i noticed other things that were going
on on accounts
and that is why i came forward
or you know might be saying
other things that apparently i didn’t
upload the video for
because i think i was doing the upload
while that was processing
but you’d be wrong
but you would be wrong
you would be wrong instead she’s saying
facebook has not done enough
has not done enough to silence people
and end hate speech and con
controversies because she lost a friend
to online conspiracies
and she doesn’t want to see that happen
to anybody else
and also if you lost a friend to online
conspiracies it’s because you’re a
shitty friend
yeah or they are one of you is or both
lost a friend to online conspiracy
what that sounds like is they wouldn’t
agree with me on this thing and so i i i
block and i unfriended blocked and
reported them
yes and facebook didn’t stop them from
having that opinion
well i worked there
while i worked there because i’m very
emotionally adjusted
now from internal documents as you
leaked to 60 minutes uh the stats say
facebook hasn’t done as well as many of
us would say it seems they have done
i don’t have that either
did i not upload that either nope you
didn’t upload that let me double check
let me see here
got the candle thing though
well that’s
you got that
put the candle thing up
let’s we’ll put the candle thing okay
hold on let me let me just we’ll go play
the candle thing up here hold on let me
can we just grab the candle thing
and we’ll say it’s the thing that okay
it’s the thing
that’s gonna
all right
yeah so i mean she she definitely
hang on people
is it trust there
oh it’s big
because it’s for uh
it’s for a uh
it’s literally crashing my obs
i i’m gonna i’ve started acting yeah
we’re not gonna show that
yeah don’t don’t do it anyway so
they’re not showing well at the thing
at what she yeah so um
well that is
stupid and awful um project veritas is
now in the drive um
because i can’t i don’t know how that
go go ahead go ahead with the other
okay um
so yeah uh apparently facebook is saying
they have
correctly uh
they’ve stopped six percent of all the
hate speech and violent
i didn’t write any of this down because
i was like it’s in the video uh six six
percent of all hate speech and violent
atrocities on facebook um
that they have attempted to stop and
less than
less than one percent of
less than one percent of something else
uh that she felt needed to be
no longer on facebook this is the best
part of today’s show right now
and all all of that deleted content is
basically muddy waters media and
everyone we collaborate with
um my video is now on drive if you want
to try to grab it but
i’ve got the project veritas and i’ve
got the
what’s the other one
has the important information
all right here we go money
best in the world
they’re going to hear it you’re not
that’s fine well one study she found
from this year the things you need to
we estimate that we may action as little
as three to five percent of hate
and about six tenths of one percent of
violence and incitement on facebook
despite being the best in the world at
three to five percent of hate speech
and less than one in less than one
of violence and incitement now
like spike said most of that apparently
comes from muddy waters media and or the
people we collaborate with
what she is saying
what she is saying
well she’s saying a lot of things but
she wants everyone to know that when
companies like facebook instagram and
whatsapp aren’t censored
aren’t being sent aren’t censored to
that one
man that’s a poorly worded sentence
she is saying that she wants facebook uh
whatsapp and instagram to only say the
things that she thinks should be online
right and
when we don’t
when facebook and whatsapp and instagram
don’t do this it erodes the trust in
when we live in an information
environment that is full of angry
hateful polarizing content it erodes our
civic trust
it erodes our faith in each other it
erodes our ability to want to care for
each other
the version of facebook that exists
is tearing our societies apart and
causing ethnic violence around the world
this is literally she is upset that she
lost a friend
or she she gave up on a friend because
they had an opinion she didn’t like and
so therefore all of society is crumbling
this is the most white woman thing i
have ever seen in my life this is the
most caring nonsense i’ve ever seen this
is literally a woman who was saying
if you don’t oh if you allow people to
say things that i think are wrong then
society has failed and so
social media has to kick off everything
that exists
so that i can feel like everyone
believes that what i believe and i’m not
challenged on it
and that’s violence
francis is the new karen
which works out so well because that’s
vado’s middle name
i mean it’s spelled differently but you
know i’m stealing
it right now
there we go right and the problem the
problem with what karen francis is uh
recommending here is she only wants one
line of dialogue to be allowed
she wants them to only say
what francis deems acceptable is
accepted literally her yeah literally
her literally her
her um
some of the parts that we didn’t get it
get in here uh is where she talks about
instagram and how uh instagram causes
young girls to want to commit suicide
because instagram just feeds you photos
airbrushed women
who go to the gym and get collagen
implants all day long and it makes them
feel bad about themselves this is the
same argument that i used to hear about
beauty magazines
he used to say oh cosmo and
l and
some other beauty magazines that i don’t
know the names of uh are terrible
because they make our daughters wish
that they look like these supermodels
and it’s causing eating disorders same
same argument but today on capitol hill
when ted cruz was like hey uh can you
explain to me
where you got this data from uh the
woman who who was testifying
could not and she said well we have
these two studies he goes yeah i’m
assuming you have more than two and she
goes yeah we haven’t released those and
he goes why haven’t you released those
and she goes well because you know and
she wouldn’t answer the question and
it’s because those studies don’t say it
they were only releasing the studies
that do say
yeah yeah which is cherry picking data
which is what the conspiracy theorists
are conv are accused of of
cherry-picking data to point to what
they want and yet they’re literally
doing that they’re suppressing data and
not releasing data that doesn’t back up
what they’re trying to say even if
that’s the majority of the data but
we’re not allowed to say that because
that’s tearing apart our society and
francis is losing friends because
they’re allowed to have opinions and
express them differently than her
and if you were to ask francis i don’t
know let’s say
18 months ago
to pick a random month
18 months ago uh on if you were to say
should i post that even though
people say that you don’t need a mask
but possibly it might be helpful for you
to wear a mask should i post that she
would go no if you post that
people will go out and they’ll buy masks
and then the healthcare workers won’t
have them and masks don’t actually do
but then months later she would go
don’t post anything about not wearing
everybody needs to wear masks and
she would probably really hate it if you
posted something now about how the paper
masks that everybody wears in order to
just get in places have a what ten
percent efficacy rate against the virus
basically yep pretty much
yeah your your you’re they have very
little efficacy rate in fact on the box
it says this does not protect you from
right so a surgical mask a paper i was
talking with a doctor
about this this weekend
the purpose of a surgical mask
is in
surgery situations in hospital
situations it reduces the amount of
expectorant that you put out oh by the
way most surgeons now have been using
n95 masks even before all of this
because it actually stops all of your
expectorants from from coming out that’s
that’s been the case for a while now um
a paper surgical mask is largely used
just to make it so that if you’re
spitting if you’re mouth breathing which
uh surgeons tend to mouth breathe
because they’re in very high stress
situations their pulse goes up and all
of that and so it is just making it so
that you don’t get saliva on an open
body that has its organs exposed it does
not stop you from getting or spreading
anything to or from anyone else in that
room or that patient it is literally
just about keeping spit and snot out if
you accidentally sneeze or whatever else
keeping it you’re in a tight room you’re
typically in tight quarters and if you
sneeze it goes all over the place if you
cough it goes all over the place it’s
about keeping as little of that out as
much of that out as possible from the
open gaping body that is that is often
open and and you know organs expose or
even if it’s laparoscopic there are open
wounds and they’re just trying to keep
that from getting inside of a human
being which can cause infections that’s
it doesn’t stop or slow the spread of
viruses it can help a little if everyone
uses them the same way they do in
hospital conditions where they’re taking
them off regularly and replacing them
where they’re not touching them
constantly where they have it completely
over their face
or trading them as the kids are doing um
then you can slightly reduce the spread
of the virus maybe oh also it has to be
coupled with things like keeping a safe
and healthy distance from people and
stuff like that there but just telling
everyone wear a mask so that then they
can’t see each other’s faces when
they’re talking so they get even closer
i’ve seen that in the airport so many
times where it’s loud in there and
people can’t hear so they’re right there
and you can see the mask moving while
they’re talking and the masks are almost
touching while they’re doing this i’m
like oh yeah they’re super safe right
now and people actually are less likely
to keep their distance if they’re
wearing one because they think it’s a
freaking force field it is such nonsense
and me saying that that would have
francis horrified that facebook and
youtube are allowing me to say this
right now
well she didn’t go against youtube
um because she didn’t work there
yeah that’s a good point she
they blamed
the atrocities in myanmar on facebook in
that 60 minutes are you [ __ ]
so where that cuts off at the end of
that last video where she’s talking
about um ethnic
uh cultural genocide or whatever she
said there at the end
yeah she said this is and then the the
60 minutes
news guy
uh said
this is like how the armies and myanmar
used facebook to plan the atrocities
that they were going to use against the
current people and i was like shake i
don’t think that’s facebook’s fault
i don’t see this as facebook’s issue
because they could have used google
drive to do that
they could have used
walkie-talkies to do
to blame facebook for the atrocities
that happened in myanmar
downplays the atrocities that happened
in myanmar to blame it on facebook
so i just
so forget about yeah forget it
forget about talking about uh the mono
monoclonal monomer antibodies yeah
thank you i was like i can never that
word always messes me up monoclonal
antibodies in the efficacy of those
treatments for people who have covid
versus the vaccine forget talking about
any of that forget talking about any of
the alternative methods that you see
people talking about like the
ivermectins or whatever else or the pill
that’s about to come out from merck uh
which is you know
um it’s literally re
re formulating rebranded so they can
charge more that’s what it is
right uh forget about any of that
if you were if you were to sit there and
say natural immunity is better
three weeks ago she would be like no
that person needs to be off they are a
dangerous individual kick that person
off and
once israel released the study she would
have been like well no that person still
deserved to be off because there was no
way for them to really know that
karen francis what francis is fighting
is not equality it is not uh it
is not freedom it’s not anything like
that instead she’s fighting for more
authoritarian tactics online
and because she is now protected by the
whistleblower act and because she’s
going to go in front of congress she
went in front of congress today to talk
more about it
they are going to
potentially at facebook and instagram
and whatsapp you know that
messaging app that you all use to
send sensitive data back and forth
they are going to go they’re going to
crack down
across all of these platforms
and you are going to see a rash like you
haven’t seen before of people getting
kicked off uh people getting kicked off
just gone pages gone profile’s gone
and it’s because people like francis
the new karen francis
don’t want
anybody out there to hear a dissenting
point of view
yeah and just i some breaking news here
i’m looking at some information that’s
been brought to my attention uh she has
a long history of this she’s also
working uh with democrat operatives um
and uh it appears that she’s also
working with
uh um
jensaki’s um
uh former pr team
but here’s here’s the more important
thing because yes she’s a left winger
she’s gonna go with these center-left
in her previous role at pinterest
francis was behind a change to give
users the option to filter searches to
specific skin tones
at gigster she gave a talk on how
uh the
necessity to end enshrining bias uh with
an eye towards inclusion
i don’t know what that means uh in 2015
she complained that google was not
inclusive enough of women and that most
of the women they were hiring were trans
women and not cis women
sounds like a turf
yeah she might be a turf uh
uh let’s see
and then it says she made a bunch of
contributions to democrats i don’t care
about that because the reality is she’s
a democrat she’s free to do that but
this is like she has a history of doing
this she works at tech companies and
you know complains that they’re biased
and then quits and tells everyone
um yeah no she’s definitely the new
karen karen was kind of played out
anyway so this is better so yeah frank
francis francis is a much
it’s been updated and it also includes
robert francis o’rourke yeah i said that
works perfectly because it’s also beta
overworks middle name
so get like i honestly i i personally
and you can you can disagree with me
you know whatever i don’t care um i
personally believe that facebook is
going to what it what do we mean by turf
what’s the r interference so tan
trans-exclusive radical feminists so the
original radical feminists
say that transgender the idea of
transgenderism is just more patriarchy
men claiming to be women and trying to
crowd out the female space by claiming
to be women themselves and that it’s
just another example of men trying to
take over everything including being
women so they pointed at like caitlyn
jenner being named woman of the year and
saying look men are even insisting on
being woman of the year they can’t allow
women to have anything to themselves uh
and then they go further to say that you
know letting trans women in women’s
spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms
leads to more violence against women
they claim and that it’s just even if it
doesn’t lead to violence against women
it’s just making it so women don’t
aren’t allowed to have any space to
themselves and that you know um but it’s
always it’s not just that they’re
against transgender people it’s that
transgender people are actually just
another um
another manifestation of the patriarchy
is basically what a terrorist is trans
exciting radical feminist
laurel hubbard the trans weightlifter
from new zealand
she was named new zealand’s uh sports
woman of the year by new zealand’s
university of otago and turfs would
be okay with that
no turfs would not be turfs would say
that’s an example of patriot the
patriarchy men not allowing women to
have their own space and that they’re
taking it over through transgenderism um
and that you know they basically want to
crowd out women even in their own spaces
is basically what that is yes i’m yes i
am mr just because i am mansplaining
turfs and explaining it but i was asked
in my defense i was asked what a turf is
maybe i answered it
we were asked um
and i have some very close people in my
in my life who are turfs and they are
they’re pretty radical about it
apparently dave should why i know it as
well as i do because i hear it a lot
yeah jk rowling was labeled a turf yeah
there’s i mean there’s anyway um i think
that we’re gonna see a mass
deletion of many pages
so if that’s the case
for all of you watching us on facebook
join us on anchor and spotify
join us on anchor and spotify you won’t
be able to watch or listen live but you
know where you can watch and listen to
us live every
day of the week
float dot app f-l-o-t-e dot a-p-p float
dot app we will never ever
be banned from there
unless they get banned but uh close that
exists we will always be on there yes we
will always be on there um so if you
can’t find us and on tuesday nights
you’re like oh god where do i go um
float that app find us there uh we will
always always be there and we are
working on a way that we will be able to
stream live to our page as well so
not to worry
yeah there will be
we’re actually on there right now so if
you go to float.app slash muddy waters
media slash live you can watch us live
every time that we’re live there it’s
actually a really good experience they
don’t um
they don’t see yeah it’s a it’s a really
really good experience um so yeah go
over there and uh
floats better um so that’s the show
um i am um
i’m gonna show everybody what it looks
like on float but they won’t be able to
tell because they’re not watching on
but the the quality is crystal clear
yeah the quality is good the quality is
everything as good as youtube yeah it’s
better than facebook midwest guy no they
do not have an ios app um
for good reason uh kingsley edwards the
he came on and
explained why they weren’t going to have
an ios app
um but if you go to float.app in your
browser you can create a shortcut on
your home screen much like i have done
right here
yeah no and it works just as well as
using it on the app works or on the
browser they’ve made it so it works very
you know how usually like social media
they make like a dumbed-down version on
the browser it works great on a mobile
browser it’s the same as the app was on
the on the browser um so yeah no it’s
it’s fantastic um
and uh he also says you can also find
this on twitch like midwest guy does and
it’ll be a while before we’re kicked off
yeah it will take a minute um someone
said who uh
avery rumberger said spike did you ever
think about speaking at a university
i’ve actually spoken on a couple during
the campaign um not so much this year
but uh i gave a couple of um
of commencement addresses uh by zoom uh
to some graduating classes uh over the
summer um but yeah i’m happy to speak uh
happy to speak anywhere anyone who wants
to come speak with me reach out to me
and then i i can have um i can come and
speak at your university so that’s the
uh that is the show
we have good news uh the good news is
that uh tomorrow
my guest tomorrow on the money on my
fellow americans is larry sharp
larry sharp has just announced that he’s
running for governor and yes i know he’s
saying i’m thinking of running for
governor that’s the law he has to do an
exploratory committee and he has to
award it a certain way he’s running for
governor larry sharp is running for
and uh
i’m excited and we’re going to have him
on to talk about why he’s running and uh
and uh we got some other exciting stuff
coming up with larry’s
too but i can’t i can’t tell you yet and
then matt you’ve got the writer’s block
and your guest
on thursday and your guest who’s your
my guest is uh nate atkins and you might
be thinking
you heard that last week
you did and you would be right you did
you definitely heard that last week and
for some reason i blame spike for him
not appearing but i can’t say why
it’s not spike’s fault it might be
brian’s fault i’m not sure because uh
nate had to cancel last minute because
he had an opportunity to speak at a at a
candidate forum or something like that
yeah um so i understand why i did it
meanwhile we had a fantastic weekend
nate’s a great speaker people were he’s
doing a great campaign there uh then on
friday uh at the uh friday at 9 30
eastern join uh
noelle and nulik for
cajun and eskimo from bayou to igloo
right here on muddy waters media uh then
this weekend uh join me at in chicago
wait is it chicago where is it where is
this convention
i was just looking at jason’s next guest
and god that’s
that’s like jack casey level
op illinois 2021 state convention it’s
in chicago i think
i have no idea
well on the website they have picked the
two worst pictures of me and
and justin
um anyway it is did they pick the one
review from middle school with the
middle hair part
the worst adult picture of me
they have picked it’s in bradley
illinois which looks like it’s about 45
minutes south of chicago or an hour
south of chicago uh in bradley illinois
and um well no that’s the hotel hold on
where is the actual loop
oh so you’re flying into chicago
where is the convention
i have no idea
i’m trying to figure that out as well
where is the freaking
ken kiki
oh kankakee oh okay yeah it’s in
kankakee illinois
yes beautiful kankakee illinois um so
join me there this weekend we’re gonna
have all sorts of fun stuff uh if you
wanted to sit next to me at the dinner
that’s apparently already sold out for
me and justin but uh you could certainly
come and i’d be happy to talk with you
i’m gonna be there for the pretty much
the whole thing then uh on monday join
jason lyon right here on muddy waters
media for mr merrick of the bearded
truth his guest is
i don’t i don’t see who his guest is
his guest is spike cohen
and they are going to be talking about
qualified immunity
fantastic i can’t wait to talk with him
i talked with jason lyon on october the
i knew that
then join us right back here next week
same money play same money time for
another fantastic episode of the muddy
waters freedom where matt wright and i
parse through the week’s events like the
increasingly dystopic
black black-pilled
anarchist propagandists that we are who
are tearing society apart
matt if someone were trying to find us
on the internet if you will uh is that
still possible after francis huggin or
is it not and if so how can people find
so so far it is still possible even
after francis karen haagen
and her
blistering whistleblower
announcement uh over the weekend but um
if you’re one of those old school
the type of person who sits there and
says you know what i don’t want to look
matt and spike in their beautiful
blue eyes your eyes are blue right yeah
and they’re beautiful
beautiful blue eyes
their rugged
yet boyish good looks
you can find
every episode
anchor slash muddied waters you’re
tearing us apart
you’re daring us apart everything’s
you’re tearing me up on lisa i’m dying
i’m dying
hey sarah
oh you’re right anger
you can leave us messages that we will
play live on the air
during the person every attorney chris
reynolds attorney at laker golden moment
you can join the muddy musketeer militia
that’s right you can be a member of what
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which is why every show starts with
welcome to the vanguard
now you have to say welcome to the
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i am not going to say the mudskateer
but you can join that by hitting the
subscribe button
and you will get
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which spike still has not scheduled i
know we have to start i gotta call brian
when we’re done with this
yes that would be good
our episodes are there
and you can listen to all of them
in order
in their if you are water
hey sarah
the muds get to your face
or you can find this in every other
episode at muddiedwatersmedia.com
thank you
yeah thank you jason and kelsey uh and
so that’s what uh you’re gonna do well
no first you gotta go to um
defy the power and go buy stuff from
them because holy crap
that’s incredible pricing use uh
what was the code money
muddy muddy tumbler i think it’s two
words muddy tumbler
yeah muddy tumbler i’m gonna put that in
the comments so people can see
muddy tumbler
this is the and it’s muddy not muddied
muddy tumbler um
so folks uh thanks so much for tuning in
again we love you so much you guys are
amazing you’re why we’re able to do this
jr sarah is asking what’s your cup say
i assume she’s talking to you about oh i
don’t have a cub if she’s talking to you
i have questions
well i have a question where i don’t
have a cup so that’s
well folks
thank you for joining the final episode
of the muddy waters of fred
i didn’t make it next week for the matt
wright experience where matt wright will
talk and we’ll just leave this but this
will just be we’ll just have this blank
over here this is gonna be the new it’s
gonna be the new show right here it’s
just gonna be matt let me get i mean let
me anybody listening to this on anchor
dot fm slash muddied waters
the bottom of my cup that was made for
me that i did not
have anything to do with
the customization of
the bottom of my cup my tumbler from
defy the power or stitches and glitches
dot com um says spike talks too much
but i had nothing to do
with this i don’t know if he’s coming
back so uh
tune in tomorrow for an all-new episode
of my fellow americans with spike where
he’s gonna have larry sharp on on
thursday join me for the writer’s block
where i’m going to have nate atkins on a
brand new episode of
cajun and eskimo from bayous to igloos 9
30 eastern on friday spike’s doing some
stuff this weekend i’m not sure what i’m
not i wasn’t really listening and then
on monday join jason lyon for mr mark of
the bearded truth where spike cohen the
guy that’s normally right there we’ll be
joining him eight o’clock eastern where
they’re going to be talking about
qualified immunity have a fantastic well
no we’re going to see i’m so used to
doing this on
thursday alone um
see you all tomorrow for my fellow
and where we’re going
we don’t need roads
this is what what it’s going to look
like from now on

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