Episode 214 – DARPA, NDAA, and Endangered Eels

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Eels in England are being affected by illicit drugs, the maricopa audit is finally over and you will be shocked to see who won, and John Stossell is going toe to toe with Facebook. DARPA didn’t want anything to do with coronavirus research, and the NDAA is just… awful. Just awful.

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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i like that
so nicki minaj’s tweet that pushed our
crazy false claim about a cousin’s
friends aunts cousins father sisters
who experienced some kind of weird side
effect from some vaccine
the story has gotten even weirder giant
balls her cousin’s friend his testicles
became swollen i want to interview the
so here’s
testicles are you calling nicki minaj
i need you to follow me with this if
nicki minaj’s cousin’s friend is
watching for his former fiance who’s
watching we want to hear your stories
her cousin’s friend his testicles became
swollen i want to interview the balls
it’s not
complicated his testicles became swollen
she said don’t be bullied things blew up
from there it’s the last part of nicki
minaj’s tweet it engages them
you can’t
to take drugs that you allow want and if
you allow people to force you to take
drugs you don’t want you’re done what
happened to nicki minaj’s cousin’s
friend’s balls and what was sad about
this is that
it’s nicki minaj’s cousins friends
guess what they’re doing right now if
they assassinate me and make me look
crazy or stupid guess what no one else
will ever ask questions again the
democratic party jumping at the chance
well we can’t make fun of the actual
story anymore talk about testicles and
balls till they drop dead
her cousin’s friend his testicles became
swollen i want to interview the balls
it’s not complicated it’s testicles
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike the only political candidate
to adamantly come out against
cannibalism cohen
i am matt wright and together we are
traversing the muddy waters of freedom
it’s true cannibalism is generally not
it’s not no
i mean no it is not
it’s not and i don’t care if someone
wants to i and i’m i’m not
going to say it for the to say it is for
the sake of political expediency
as you shouldn’t
as you should not but i don’t believe
that kamala harris kamala harris or joe
biden or donald trump have come out
against cannibalism
because they don’t have the stones to do
it especially kamala and frankly
you know i mean one of them is probably
a cannibal
hey folks thanks so much for tuning in
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first and foremost allow me to thank the
wonderful and fine people at
me for the kava that i’m drinking on
this lovely lovely tuesday evening
and allow me to thank kroger here’s a
throwback i haven’t drank kroger water
in a while kroger for this delicious
purified drinking water did i drink on
this in every single episode
well no i don’t
but i’m drinking it on this one tom
is it kaler collar i just got i met tom
uh he’s on youtube right now and i met
him uh this past weekend in uh in
minnesota in
alexandria minnesota where we met at uh
at a a fundraising lunch for bull
bulovanaka bolovanaka
we got so we got an email uh this week
tom kaler um we got an email this week
uh from somebody who i don’t remember
but he had very nice things to say about
you and me and he actually met you
he met you and he was uh very excited to
get a chance to meet one of us and he
looks forward to meeting the other one
of us
but at the end
he took a
big swing and a miss on how to spell
and i don’t want to call him out too
badly but i’m going to read how he wrote
oh it’s time um
who’s tom
kaler mean it’s not even
alex boyer spelled it right
yeah i mean he spelled it very oh well
kind of
b-u-l-e-g-h it’s b-u-l-a oola
banaka with a v i kind of like
if if we ever get a uh copyright strike
or this is jesus yeah we’ll see what’s
going to say
we’re saying
we’re saying
that thank you for your email it was
very touching thank you
yes and thank you for your support and
and for helping to grow the newest
alexandria or the i don’t forget the
county we were in
whatever that county is chapter of uh
the libertarian party in minnesota so
thank you for that um
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thomas creeder says he runs better than
albany which is hilarious because he’s a
[ __ ] in a wheelchair i
hate saying that so much
yeah pro pro pen a lot proper no no
that’s what i meant i meant
no pro no i meant propofol
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so a river
runs through it
um is a movie that starred brad pitt um
a river that runs through the
glastonbury festival the largest
greenfield music festival in the world
is now contaminated
you’re probably wondering what it’s
contaminated with
well it is contaminated with illicit
drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy
because stoned revelers often urinate on
the ground scientists say
scientists this is
that’s what
i literally copied and pasted that
sentence wow um
this is especially alarming due to the
number of endangered european eels that
are found in that river
luckily we here at muddy waters have
acquired a picture of one of the
endangered european eels suffering from
the after effects of this event
this is incredible
i’d like to thank the scientists for
leaking this photo to us yes
now i really feel for this eel this poor
poor european eel
does not look like it’s having a good
time whatsoever
no it looks
horrified miserable i mean yeah just
i mean you can tell from the party is
that a party hat
no it’s a it is a horn with flowers
around it
don’t ask me how i know that
well i mean it i will i never would i i
think that the this is clearly an eel
that’s making dress choices based on
being fueled by ecstasy and cocaine
it is
poor choices being made by that eel
by that yield that’s terrible speaking
of poor choices the maricopa election
audit that was
well we’re about to tell you uh
being closely watched by people from
both sides of the republicrat spectrum
democrats saying it was going to be
filled with inconsistencies and it
wouldn’t be accurate and republicans
saying it would give an accurate count
in a disputed area that was potentially
a difference maker in the 2020 election
the results
of that of the multi-month audit came in
the week
in this week and it showed that joe
won it actually increased the number of
votes that he got
by 360 votes or something
so my question is who’s ray
is it that the democrats are right
saying that it’s filled with
inconsistencies and wouldn’t be accurate
or are the republicans right saying it
wouldn’t give an accurate count it would
give an accurate account in a disputed
now they’re going to be
now they’re going to be arguing over
whether or not to use it in the future
change places they’re going to literally
you’re going to have democrats saying
look this said that he won and then and
then the republicans are going to be
saying this is
this is fake and gay they’re going to
this is
i can’t believe that this happened i was
sure it was at least gonna lower the
yeah me too
what’s funny is okay so even though this
has happened
yes even though this has happened uh the
texas governor still wants to use this
process for certain counties in texas
and democrats are fighting it going no
we don’t need that we we don’t need it
don’t do it like it’s still republicans
are fighting for it and democrats are
going no don’t use it in the 100 of the
time that this has been used democrats
have gained votes
why don’t they want you to use it
it’s just so stupid like i
so just this just in
confirmed that joe biden won i i it is
incredible to me i hope that this story
goes away once and for all it’s that it
jeez it’s not going i do too
i just thought it was so funny that
after however much money that recall
audit cost
the fact that that has been going it’s
been going on since what april
yep yep and i’ve had people you just
wait cohen though we’re about to find
out that donald trump’s really the
yeah that date has come and passed like
six times now yeah i’m wait i thought
august 8
was gonna i was really banking on that
you know you get your hopes up
i heard so somebody was telling me
literally to my face they were like just
wait august 8th you were gonna see and i
was like you understand that this is all
q anon conspiracy crap right like this
is not anything that’s gonna happen and
they’re like no this time it’s gonna
happen because maricopa is gonna come in
and you’re gonna find out that he won
there and then they’re going to do it in
wisconsin and they’re going to do it in
pennsylvania and they’re going to do it
sorry ray
yeah ray
you know sorry ray
q anon says nothing can stop what’s
coming and they’re right because
nothing’s nothing’s coming uh
speaking of uh
well actually i hope this does go well
john stossel
is suing facebook over their fact
upper lower case where fact checking
system uh matt this is an interesting
one i i am very interested in how this
is going to go
this is an interesting one um
in a video called government fueled
fires stossel produced about the 2020
wildfires did i not put in where to put
those no i did okay um in the 2020
wildfires in california facebook flagged
it as misleading or missing context yes
as they tend to do
uh the complaint said that the video
claimed that while climate change
undoubtedly contributes to forest fires
it was not the primary cause of the 2020
california fires
which is a statement
that was not made
in that video
not made once in that video uh in
another video called are we doomed which
was labeled partly false
uh stossel claims they didn’t challenge
any facts in the video uh they just
challenged the premise of the entire
video without saying any of the facts in
the video were false
which would be the premise
which would be the premise
like if it’s not false then
it’s not false
but if something’s not false it’s it’s
not false
so when this happened uh
he was gaining a good amount
in ad revenue from these two videos
uh before the fact-checking gun
before it got hit with the fact-checking
i believe it was ten thousand dollars a
from these two videos
or it may have been each video i’m not
100 sure
the articles weren’t really clear on
that but after it got hit with the
scarlet letter um
it they
basically halved themselves to 500 a
month and yeah many of us that work in
this industry uh you know like me and
this guy
um that would be amazing to get 5500 a
month on the video that we produce when
i first read this i’m like oh that’s a
nightmare i hate when i only make a
million dollars off of my video
i get it when you are he probably has a
staff much larger than oh yeah
but so he gets cut he gets the video the
the the the revenue from the videos get
cut in half and uh
that’s going to put a damper on how well
he can pay people or how easily he can
pay people i understand it so he is
seeking 2 million from the lawsuit with
and uh
he has added two fact-checking
organizations science feedback and
climate feedback and boy do those sound
like legitimate organizations yeah man
i’m so glad that
science feedback and climate feedback
are protecting us from
investigative journalist
with his false information with his
false information that he didn’t say or
now climate feedback
being the well-known
award-winning organization that they are
uh fired back and stated that even
the statement rated is false
isn’t in the video that isn’t how fact
checking works
yeah i i this
they they said stelso complains that we
should not have rated his post using a
claim review of a quote that does not
appear in his video
this is a misunderstanding of how
fact-checking partners operate on
facebook given that many pieces of
content posted on facebook can
separately make the same claim it is not
necessary to create a separate claim
review article for each post we rate it
is of course necessary that the claim we
reviewed is representative of the claim
in each post we rate which is true in
this case they’re literally doing what
they’re accusing him of doing they’re
saying well this person said this which
is false
this person said this which as far as we
can tell is not false but they’re being
critical of the same people or
organizations on the same subject
therefore this is false too
fact check is false and missing context
not anything that john stossel put out
like so yeah this is literally what
they’re doing
it 100 that’s what they’re doing um
i hope like i hope stossel i like
stachel i think he’s
kind of an [ __ ] but i like i like him
um i like the guy so i’m hoping that i’m
hoping he wins this and i hope that it
just destroys like more people start
doing it and it just kills that
fact-checking thing that facebook does
that missing context [ __ ] that we
have to deal with on every meme we post
you know
fouchy’s leaked emails partly false
because the emails weren’t leaked
yeah they were given handed over in a
freedom of information act here’s the
stuff that the us left behind that’s
false we don’t know how much of it still
exists but it was broad we don’t know
how much of it still
works like literally everything that
they put it’s and it is obvious
meanwhile there’s an article from i
think rolling stone that is still out
right now that claims that a hospital
was saying that they had so many gunshot
wound victims who were unable to get
medical treatment from their assault
weapons gunshot
vic wounds that because their hospital
was overflowing with patients who were
suffering from ivermectin overdose or
whatever the hell nonsense yeah and
and i mean first of all
that just sounds like a joke
i mean talk about too good to check like
that sounds like an obvious joke and yet
they put it out uncritically didn’t even
bother checking with the hospital the
hospital immediately puts out something
saying that’s not true and the person
you spoke to hasn’t worked for us for
what months or years or something like
that and he hasn’t worked anywhere else
and all the other hospitals in the area
said it wasn’t true and they couldn’t
find a single hospital that said that
that was the case and they they couldn’t
even i believe they couldn’t even find
the guy for a follow-up and yet that
article is still up and was never fact
so the yeah the doctor that they quote
the doctor that they quoted had never
worked at the hospital he was claiming
that was happening at and the hospital
never worked there
i don’t i don’t think he had ever worked
there i think he had worked in the area
um and uh yeah that was in jacob helzer
says that it was in sallisaw oklahoma
and i knew it was in oklahoma and i’m
gonna believe him here um
yeah the the hospital said
this is not true
you’d have no ivermectin overdoses
happening here feel free to come in if
you have a gunshot wound
yeah and yet that’s still up and has
never been fact checked but they also
have the uh
university of virginia rape that
mattress like mattress girl or whatever
in the universe i think it was
manchester united and the girl ended up
like nothing had ever happened to her
and they wrote this entire thing
just blasting the university of virginia
about how terrible uh they are on issues
of sexual assault and then they were
like this never happened this never
and yeah if we never fact
if we put out something they will
literally go
misrepresent what’s being said and then
basically attack their own straw man and
say well they’re saying this and that’s
not 100 true and it’s like no that
actually wasn’t what was said and
nothing in here is unfactual so you know
facebook you know private platform bro
but we can also say this is stupid and
the thing is this could potentially rise
to the level of defamation um because
they didn’t just say well we don’t want
this on our platform they literally put
something out saying this is false and
so we’re not you know we’re gonna knock
down who can see it so that’s i mean
there’s there’s potential damage i will
be interested to see what happens there
and if this does win if he wins this
lawsuit then maybe it’ll be an end to
the fact check bs um or at least a
scaling back of it because right now
it’s the dumbest damn thing i’ve ever
seen in my life it is the dumbest it is
so for anybody who doesn’t know
here’s a little inside baseball on the
muddy waters facebook page one i’m 99
certain we are on a permanent shadow
band yeah yep i am i am almost certain
of it um also
we are one strike away from being
deleted spike um and we we shouldn’t be
i can’t really blame him i would have
posted it if i had seen it
um but we
got two strikes
uh last year well one in march for a
post that was made in november and then
one that we made in november and both of
them were jeffrey dahmer memes
dealing with thanksgiving and says what
do you mean i can’t have more than five
people for dinner you can’t tell me how
much to eat
we got dinged for that like
private company okay but to say that
that is offensive to anybody this is the
only political candidate who has come
against cannibalism cannibalism
i am only one he’s saying that
cannibalism cannibalism is bad go look
at your your vaunted
joe biden and tell me if he has
explicitly come out and said cannibalism
is bad because i just did right now
he has said cannibalism is bad about as
many times as joe biden has been to the
in his life
i’ve done it more because i don’t think
didn’t they confirm he’s never been to
the border or something he’s never been
to the border
so i have
just now said it one more time
than he’s been to the border
that also means i’ve been to the border
more times
is scary
it’s terrifying
so speaking of
echo health alliance
i think it’s eco eco echo health
we’ll say eco eco health alliance wrote
a grant proposal back in 2018 and
submitted it to darpa which is the
defense advanced research projects
agency we’re going to call it darpa from
now on uh and it was rejected by darpa
now you’re probably thinking no that
doesn’t sound too terrible but it’s oh
do you know what dartmouth like i know
you know what darpa does yes
for anybody out there and we have a very
intelligent audience and so i’m assuming
everybody out there does but for anybody
that might be like passerby listening
uh darpa
is the agency that works on super secret
weapons yep
the kind that um
like they
play a sound and your stomach explodes
or your brain melts or you know that
sort of thing
i don’t know if those are real but those
are the things they work on
why don’t we talk about that jesus
because i don’t know if those are real
missing context matt we so
made the darpa uh made the uh i believe
that they were the ones who designed the
stealth bombers uh they were they worked
with skunk works to create the
um what’s it called the uh
the plane that flew really fast
it was a spy plane
it was called oh the
yeah well anyway
among the scientific tasks the group
described in his proposal which was
again rejected
by darpa uh was the creation of
full-length infectious clones of bat
sars related coronaviruses and the
insertion of a tiny part of the virus
known as the
proteolytic cleavage site into back
sr-71 um
of particular interest was the type of
cleavage site able to interact with fear
an enzyme expressed in human cells
they wrote this
in a proposal
and a grant proposal
that darpa rejected
since the genetic code of sars cove ii
which is the
thing that causes covid
one of the things that was questioned
was how the fearing cleavage site came
i’m going to preface
we don’t know how it came about because
nobody has officially said anything
but this is the weird attribute on the
spike protein of the virus that has
never been seen in sars related beta
coronaviruses ever before
before covin
before kovet
that eco health alliance was trying to
and they got a grant rejected by darpa
and this was found in a freedom of
information act finding uh and this was
originally reported on the intercept
don’t think that like i went to
weird website that doesn’t do proper
fact checking yeah no it didn’t we
didn’t get it from a cleavage site like
fetish website or something like that
right a furan cleavage fetish fed fat
site um no it’s
this is from the intercept which is
glenn greenwald’s outfit and they do a
lot of really good investigative
journalism so the fact that they
discovered this is
23 scientists
wrote why they didn’t think the virus
was engineered
saying this there is no logical reason
why an engineered virus would utilize
such a sub-optimal fearing cleavage site
which would entail such an unusual and
needlessly complex
feat of genetic engineering there is no
evidence of prior research at the wuhan
institute of virology involving the
artificial insertion of complete fearing
cleavage sites into coronavirus
this is
but the proposal that darpa rejected
describes the process of looking for
novel fearing
cleavage sites in back corona viruses
the scientists had sampled and inserted
them into the spike of sars-related
viruses in the laboratory
let me pull that up
thank you
we will introduce appropriate
human-specific cleavage sites and
evaluate growth potential and h-a-e
what they’re saying
is that they are going to go into bat
not the cool kind like in dark knight
or the original batman
not the one with adam west but the one
with michael keaton
they’re going to go into bat caves
these cells there
and then take those cells to a lab uh so
technically no bats were no bats that
they brought them in
they wouldn’t have brought the cells
from the bat they wouldn’t have brought
a bat in to take the cells there they
were taking the cells in the cave is
what the plan was
the proposal
described a mass plan to vaccinate bats
in caves
does not provide a conclusive evidence
that the virus that cause a pandemic
emerged from a lab
because it may have emerged from a cave
and virus experts remain sharply divided
over its origins
that’s a direct quote
from the intercept
they say you can’t read sarcasm in text
but when i read that i felt as though it
was coming through pretty clear
yeah yeah yeah yeah and it’s true this
this might it may not have spread from a
lab it might have come from a cave
that they went into
that they went into
and they did the research
in the cave
um other scientists contacted by the
intercept noted that there is published
evidence that the wuhan institute of
virology was already engaged in some of
the genetic engineering work described
in the proposal
and that viruses designed in north
carolina could easily be used in china
and again
darpa said no so we know that ecohealth
alliance didn’t get the funding
from from darpa yeah
yeah so unless you think
of the
3.25 million grant given to eco health
alliance in 2014
for coronavirus research in wuhan and
was renewed for 3.7 million in 2019
only one year after the 2018 request
that darpa
so only and only about 10 of the grant
which was about 76 grand per year was
slated for the wuhan institute uh that
was provided in recognition that the
wuhan lab was doing the bulk of the
on-the-ground sample collection and
show they were still they did get money
okay so that was okay that wasn’t from
darpa no that was from the uh national
institute of health
so that was from fouchy
that was from fauci yeah
that was from fauci
and they went to darpa now keep in mind
dark but is just for military stuff
now there are things that they do
research on that ends up having civilian
uses and things like that but when you
go there for a grant the idea is
typically that there is a
defense or military application there
if they end up determining that this
thing was even inadvertently created
or leaked
or whatever that that this
this wouldn’t exist without government
interference from what appears to be
both the u.s and chinese governments
no wonder they’ve got all the fact
checking set up at the ready
yeah this is so this story
when when i
first found it
heard it on somebody else’s show um
i was like
this doesn’t sound like it’s real
there’s no way and then they told me
that it was originally uh
well they said in the show that it was
originally reported in the intercept of
the telegraph and i think i’d use the
article from the intercept i’m not sure
i i don’t know if um
which one reported it first but
no matter how you feel about either of
those two organizations you understand
that they at least will fact they will
fact check something to
make sure that they aren’t going to be
putting anything out
and one of the things that they stated
we found this from a freedom of
information act uh that darpa said no to
this that darpa’s was like no we don’t
we don’t want anything to do with this
we don’t want our name on that
and they can’t find
certain grants that the nih said yes to
uh because they’re being protected right
now right
i don’t know if the one that we talked
about where they got the three point
uh where they got the 3.7 million in
uh i don’t know if that was the same one
they said it was just an extension of
the one that obama gave him in uh 2015.
no idea
no clue what i know is that eco health
alliance wanted to create
a virus
from a
coronavirus from a bat
and make it go into humans
in 2018
in 2019 they got funding from fauci
oddly enough the same year
a worldwide pandemic starts
based on are these things related
based on a
virus that infected humans
are we
saying that these things are related
could it just be one massive coincidence
possible sure
yes sure
it certainly could be a coincidence but
you know what’s not a coincidence is
that right now
is the beginning
of the
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anchor collin line
so here is our first one from adam wags
hey spike and matt this is adam calling
in on the chris reynolds personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling moment and i’m calling in
today to give you
give us what oh the epiphany that i had
yes and that is that the election was
stolen but not in the way that everyone
thinks for you see trump is a corporate
businessman and in my career of working
for corporate businessmen i want you can
as stupid as you want as long as you
know how to save face by throwing other
people under the bus
so what if trump realized that he [ __ ]
up so bad that he couldn’t save face by
fixing it so he called in favors with
the democrats for the millions he’s
already given them
to let him throw the election to the
worst possible candidate and in a way so
spectacular that none of his supporters
would believe it meaning trump stole the
election by purposefully losing to biden
just so he could save his own ego
nothing surprises me if that happened
literally at this point
why not i mean
is it the craziest conspiracy theory
i’ve heard this month known
is it the most realistic new
yeah my favorite man though i don’t i
don’t want to say what my favorite one
is because this episode will definitely
get demonetized
if it were anyone else but donald trump
i’d be like ah it sounds a bit
far-fetched but nothing
after donald trump got really nominated
by the republican party and then every
event moving forward from there i don’t
destroy really ever since they killed
harambe nothing
nothing surprises me at this point
no nothing
absolutely nothing surprises me anymore
yeah i am increasingly convinced we’re
in a we’re in a simulation and that but
we’re not supposed to don’t talk about
it because then they’ll shut it off so
don’t say don’t repeat what i just said
for god’s sake
for god’s sake uh forgot
so thank you adam uh
not a real libertarian uh has a message
which is concerning how it’s
it’s terrifying i am concerned
i’m calling in on the chris reynolds
attorney at law
my question to you two fine gentlemen
uh is
congress does not raise the debt limit
uh by october 18th what do you think the
unfolding like what do you think will
unfold from that point on so october
19th october 30th
uh do you think it all collapses like
you know
the the fear point that’s going around
it’s like it all collapses and it all
comes tumbling down or do you think it’s
uh and how awesome would it be also go
that was different than what’s in the
is it i don’t even see what the
description is
not that um i’m glad that’s what he said
and not what was on the thing um anyway
do you first of all do you think there’s
any chance that they’re ever gonna let
the debt limit get hit it’s never
actually happened before do you think
that it’ll happen yeah
i’m actually gonna look that up has the
debt limit
been hit
yeah so never
so i know that they’re worried about the
the build back better plan
the three point what seven three point
five trillion dollar build back better
plan which
i know a lot of people want to hear
about that and don’t you worry
i have been reading
a lot more than i ever wanted to on the
buildback better plan and uh we will be
going into that next week uh i was just
waiting for other people to do a lot of
the research for me god bless them um
but yeah that i know that they’re
worried about that and they know that if
they don’t get the debt limit increased
uh if they don’t get the debt limit
increase in time for that to potentially
pass even though i don’t think it will
the government will shut down
because that is what everybody’s worried
about the government shutdown that’s
going to be that’s barreling
right down the tube like a
much unlike a spike cohen fastball
the soft
floating fastball of spike cohen
um it was such heat that the catcher
couldn’t hold on to it so
yeah it was so slow he
slipped right on out of his glove
uh they
i know that that’s what they’re worried
that’s what they’re worried about
because it’s gonna it’s coming and it’s
gonna happen because they
don’t have the
votes by like one or two they don’t have
the votes to get a pe to get it passed
the government will shut down
that will affect
people who want to go to parks
people who want to go to the grand
that’s about
i read the title of his question
yeah no i’m i am glad that it wasn’t
he’s trying to quote me
you’d have to say you have to do the
chris cuomo defense and say listen i
wasn’t doing that i was just trying to
throw him down the stairs
yeah i i don’t i don’t see this
happening i think if if the debt limit
got reached
they wouldn’t be able to pay bills
i mean let’s walk it through let’s say
it actually did happen
it would be a good thing there would be
a major shock to the system initially
and it would probably take a year before
we you know the correction was was fully
finished but it would be a good thing if
people stopped
if the government couldn’t run up any
more debt because at this point you know
people will still say oh you know we’re
we’re borrowing money from china no
we’re not we’re borrowing money from the
federal reserve the federal reserve adds
zeroes to a ledger hands it off
digitally you know hands it off
digitally to the treasury the treasury
you know
gives them treasury notes and then makes
you pay it off for the next 40 years
with interest that’s how it works it’s
you that’s paying it and it’s it’s them
lending it to themselves using monopoly
money so
if they couldn’t do that anymore if
they’d already reached their limit that
would be fantastic that would be great
that’s why it’s never going to happen
now okay so eskimo nalak brings up a
good point she says that it affected my
buddy who’s a brew ma uh brewmeister
last time they shut down he couldn’t get
they i assumed he they couldn’t get
their recipes approved um
they couldn’t get their recipes approved
and yes that
is an unfortunate side effect when you
have organizations that
you have to get your recipes approved
so i understand that yes that that
that is an unfortunate side effect i
would have just made it anyway
that is so that’s the thing if if we
knew that for you know theory again
going through this as like a thought
experiment because it’s not going to
happen but if the government just
stopped borrowing any more money they
basically become null and void and
everyone can just well i think the
government’s going to shut down i think
the government might shut down but this
isn’t what if there’s a government
shutdown this is what if they hit the
debt ceiling and don’t raise okay well
yeah that is
i was conflating these two things yeah
yeah yeah but and yeah government
shutdown we’ve had many of those we know
what those are like they’re stupid
they’re not even really shut downs they
it shut the government shuts down
except for that except for the small
people like with eskimos friend
yes the it shuts down less than it does
during the weekend it just keeps
happening and you know it doesn’t reopen
on monday so yes it affects that so
that’s why these shutdowns aren’t really
that great and they’re intentionally
made to punish us and make us go okay
fine pass the omnibus bill no matter
what terrible stuff is in it but raising
the debt ceiling if that wasn’t raised
there’d be an immediate shock to the
system it would last for quite some time
but a lot of people would eventually
realize the government’s toothless now
you can do whatever you want and so you
would eventually have a growing gray
market that just wouldn’t care what the
rules were because there’d be no
effective way they couldn’t pay bills
they couldn’t pay salaries they couldn’t
do anything uh and so government would
basically go away again that’s why it’s
not gonna happen that would be like
saying what if government turned off its
own power and didn’t turn it back on
okay well everything would shut down but
that that’s not it’s not gonna happen so
um here is the next question
hey guys it’s the eskimo libertarian
here and i just wanted to let folks know
that september 30th is orange shirt day
and what that means is everyone is
wearing orange in remembrance of all the
indigenous children that were subjected
to the indian residential schools and to
honor those that suffered
whether it was abuse or death
while in those residential schools so
again september 30th it’s orange shirt
day remember to wear orange and remember
the indigenous children that were
subjected to the indian
residential schools and i actually have
an episode about that that i will be
re-sharing and letting folks know more
about the
specifics that went into the residential
schools how they happen what happened in
them and whatnot
and i will
also be having an event coming up this
weekend to uh
commemorate that as well and
i will be posting about that later
thanks guys
yeah thanks for letting us know i just
put that i noted that in my calendar my
personal calendar that the 30th on
thursday is orange shirt day to remember
the uh the indigenous children who died
in the in the uh the residential schools
so thank you for passing that along and
always uh check out uh nulik and noel
noel on friday nights at 9 30
9 30 9 30 for cajun and eskimo from
bayou to igloo and our final
our final uh
reload that page because
somebody i like left a couple of people
i like put some in so our second to
uh question is from jimmy eel
jimmy eel
jimmy eel
hey matt and spike jimmy lee here i am
called in a couple weeks so i thought
i’d drop you a note good to see you in
kentucky this this past week spike
i’ll probably have to go back there
again anyways the reason i’m calling in
today on clubhouse uh an article broke
loose and i have yet to see it on the
national news media but it’s about of a
female uh she’s pretty high ranking up
in the army
as far as she’s an md she’s got more
letters behind her name than well i do
but um
anyway she broke the story that what
she’s what she wants to do is ground all
that have had the vaccination due to
blood clots and that kind of stuff so i
was wondering if you guys have heard
about that and if so what’s your
thoughts on that thank you
i have not heard of it i have not heard
of that um
medical no
i saw an air force officer has been
accused of trying to force an emt to get
vaccine cards without
the shot
so lieutenant colonel theresa long who’s
an army doctor and aerospace medicine
uh provided ground to all pilots that
have received the coveted shot
okay so the affidavit reads
i make this affidavit as a whistleblower
under the military whistleblower
protection act uh in support of the
above reference motion as expert
testimony and support thereof
okay well this is really long affidavit
what’s what’s her name
long okay here we go lieutenant colonel
theresa long
the expert opinions here are my own
so jimmy uh
i look forward to reading this uh but
yeah the
the the affidavit is
very very long
and i don’t have time to read it to try
to figure out to give you to give
everybody a decent analysis of what it
but if there is a reason that she is
saying this
there i i don’t doubt that there is a
reason for concern
if she is saying it
but since i didn’t hear about it until
literally this very second uh
yeah this is really long i was hoping
for something short or right up on it
but you’re right there is nothing
there is nothing in major news about
that’s the other issue
every site that you’re gonna find from
it you’ve got citizens journal us your
and the problem is if this is true and
we post it we’ll get fact checked for
claims that she made that haven’t been
substantiated even though we’re
literally just saying she made these
which is essentially what they that in
fact what they did to john stossel is
actually worse than that but that’s an
example of what they can do they can say
well this has been fact check because
that’s not substantiated and it’s like
well that’s not we didn’t say it was we
just said this happened
but we will listen to that you know what
we think i have it yeah i have it pulled
up and i’ll read over it this week and
uh if it’s anything worth talking about
we will talk about it next tuesday
absolutely which means i should save
i’m going to save that
page so i don’t forget
yes because so here’s how we do
our last question from justin lomnes
yeah this is uh mr just because
j lomnis at facebook.com
yeah i’m wondering
when libertarians will really show
to the entire world
what our message really is
people have been conceived or programmed
to think that libertarians are not what
they say they are
well we’re going to get rid of
government and that gets rid of
regulations and we all know that’s bs
what can we do to the common
person i want to say aka the
well [ __ ]
person that doesn’t see reality for what
it is
what do we do for those a person that
doesn’t see reality for what it really
that is my question
i think i understand what you’re saying
what how how do we give our message to
the people
how do we give our message to the people
who are
being spoon fed
uh the information from mass media and
the sheep who
sort of just follow the
who just follow the uh
the status quo and based on what the
government tells them to do i think
that’s what the question is yeah i think
that’s that’s what it is yeah i think so
a lot of these people like
you have to remember for most of their
they have been watching cnn fox news
msnbc whatever and they are being just
um they’ve just been being pushed in
this direction to you know you have to
believe when the government is telling
you these things so
trying to change somebody’s belief
system is a very difficult thing
so you can’t start off and just like
ambush them with every single thing
you know you can’t hit them with mk
ultra right off the bat or the tuskegee
experiments or anything like that
you have to hit them with something that
they can look at and there will be no
doubt in their mind that something
is amiss that the information that they
were fed was wrong so you need to start
there by hitting them with something
small and it has to be something
personal to them
um one of the
the story that i always tell and kind of
how i started down the road of
libertarianism was when i got arrested
for weed and i was like this makes no
sense like this is a plant that grows in
the ground why am i
you know why am i being punished for
this plant that’s being grown in the
it was from there that i started
learning more about personal liberty and
i do have i should have body autonomy i
should be able to put whatever i want
into my body or not put whatever i want
into my body uh and the government
shouldn’t be able to have what we say in
that and from there that grew and uh
chained you know
with that i evolved in libertarianism
now with each individual person there’s
going to be a difference on what that is
going to be
not everybody’s going to be you know
they are all going to be on different
wavelengths on what their introduction
to liberty is going to be so you need to
figure out what that is for the normies
for you know for the sheep you need to
figure out where
what their seed is and then you need to
water that seed
and then from that seed liberty grows
right yeah i think you got to meet
people where they are you got to show
them that we care about them and their
concerns um
you got to show them that we understand
what’s going on that we understand it
the best that we have the best under the
best explanation of why this is
happening and that we uh and that we
have the best solutions but that most
the first and and most crucial part of
that is showing them we care and meeting
them where they are um so for example
not calling them morons because the
reality is
we all or most of us were once not
libertarians and uh we were walking
around with some really bad ideas
because we had not been exposed to
better ones and or we had been exposed
to them but we were exposed to them by
people that uh we didn’t think really
cared much about us and so we didn’t
really care much about them didn’t
really care much what they had to say so
we really have to meet people where they
are on these types of things um
and and show them that we we understand
go ahead
i i was gonna say um
you know how much i hate giving you
compliments on the show uh but
you are one of the best that i have ever
seen do this
because when you are talking to somebody
from the left or the right
uh when they are talking about some uh
policy that is government-run or you
know government-funded or whatever that
they really like
you have the way of meeting them where
they are and breaking it down to the
smallest nugget of information
and being able to take that and show
them how what they are doing is no
different than this and it’s only
that they like
their policies being pushed and then you
have the way of showing them how you can
do it without using government and it is
you do it so seamlessly in just basic
conversation that
it it is one of the greatest things that
i have witnessed is watching you do this
to people with people not two people you
do it with them
right well and that’s the thing i’m
doing it with them it’s a conversation
and i appreciate that and the biggest
aspect of that is you have the way to
make that seamless is to genuinely
understand where they’re coming from and
if you don’t understand where they’re
coming from genuinely want to understand
where they’re coming from and ask them
questions and try to figure out where
they’re coming from this does two things
number one
you get to find out where they’re coming
from so you can have a more copacetic
conversation but it also lowers their
cognitive defenses the more they see
that you’re just trying to find out
where they’re coming from so you can
have a conversation instead of trying to
impose your ideas on them the more those
cognitive defenses come down and we need
that most people are walking around with
their hackles up waiting for someone to
challenge their deeply guarded and held
beliefs so that they can beat them to
death over it and and the thing is
that’s not how you change people’s minds
you change people’s minds by
finding out where they’re coming from
empathizing with that validating
legitimate concerns that they have
and then taking them on the path using
their own precepts taking them on the
path for
why that’s wrong or put better instead
of why it’s wrong
why that’s failing why what they are
supporting is making things worse or
would make things worse and why going
this way would be better but the first
step is to meet them where they are and
to make that to bridge that gap so you
can start moving them this way and you
know it works for anything you know i
tell people how to win friends and
influence people everyone should read
that book um you know uh uh the mr uh
just who who left the message he said
care and affection are not my best
attributes and that’s perfectly fine the
thing is not everything did you say
it’s envelope envelope you could
attribute something you could attribute
it’s it’s either
anyway so
attribute uh not everyone’s built for
this so not everyone is going to
want is going to be an effective
messenger for liberty that’s fine like
we all have our roles we all have things
that are our strong suits and our our
weak points and we focus on the things
that we’re good at
which means that if that’s not something
you’re good at then don’t do it
okay there are many things i’m not good
at so i don’t do those things this is
something i’m actually pretty good at so
i focus on doing this and things that
i’m good at if you’re not good at
messaging to people if you’re not good
at meeting people where they are don’t
try to message liberty because it’s
probably not going to go well because
you’re trying to tell them an idea that
is so far
outside of the you know the the the
overton window the uh you know what tom
woods calls the three by five index card
of allowable opinion
yeah we’re talking so out outside of
that that it already sounds weird
to a normie okay so right off the bat
right off the bat
we’re having to bridge a gap there and
if you’re talking to someone who is
emotionally set on something for
personal reasons you know gun control
because they lost a loved one uh who
died in in a you know in a shooting or
something like that or you know
talking about mandates and lockdowns
with someone who lost loved ones to
covet you you’re are you are you there’s
so much distance there and if you’re not
in a position to be able to bridge that
gap that’s not your strong suit then
don’t do it don’t just don’t don’t yeah
do it and
it’s one of those things where
some people can learn it
some people can learn it um other people
other people can’t and if you want to
help spread the message of liberty and
you are a person who can’t learn
to meet people where they are and just
be able to have the
uh the the the
the common ground question mark
uh or common ground conversation
you can
there are other things that you can do
to help spread liberty
oh absolutely it’s not it’s not all
about converting people you could
as eskimo says be a meme maker um you
can make memes and you can get a lot of
your anger out that way um you can
start a podcast and yell at a microphone
not saying that’s how this started not
saying it isn’t um
but it might be how it started it could
be how it started
the the key is here in the libertarian
we have an arsenal of people who are
fantastic at everything if you need
somebody to sell somebody on liberty you
have people like spike cohen you have
brent de ritter you have
other people whose names i can’t think
of at this moment who are very good at
selling todd there are many people yeah
yep yes
you have a lot of people that can do it
uh if you need somebody who makes music
we have those people if you need
somebody who makes videos we’ve got dan
smarts we’ve got spots small slots
small small
we’ve we’ve got dan
um and other people as well um if
if you need somebody who
you need to write like white papers or
to come up with ways to talk to city
councils we have those people there are
people for everything that you could
possibly need and all of them
from my experience are willing to help
with the goal of liberty
there are many many things that people
need so
i uh i you know there everyone has a a
a role here to play everyone has
something that they can do to help with
you know
uh and we’re we all and all of us have
different ways of messaging uh as well
but i i would argue that the most
effective way is to is to meet people
where they are to
find that common ground and then to go
from there and almost everyone has
common ground and honestly if you find
someone that has no common ground with
you it’s going to be effectively
impossible to bring them over anyway
maybe someone else who has common ground
with them will be able to do that but um
so those were our questions so thank you
all for
contributing to the chris reynolds
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor calling moment
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i was wondering if you were going to get
there after i saw
yes coccyxing yeah the cockatier yeah
um and she’s using that now that’s funny
that’s the funniest part if she’s
actually using that so
she was uh
yeah she she loved it i thought she’d be
upset but she actually loved so she’s
gonna call them cocksketeers and she’s
gonna send them ears i said what are the
ears gonna look like and she said i’m
figuring that out now i hope they’re
oh wow like giant hannah ears i don’t
even know what he’s like but whatever i
don’t either she’s got long hair and
i’ve never seen him
whatever her ears look like just giant
hannah ears that’s perfect um
so you’ve all heard i think bits and
pieces about the ndaa and just how
terrible it is so we’re just gonna kind
of do a recap of
everything terrible that’s in there not
everything we’re just gonna hit two
points that are terrible
there’s so many bad things yeah two two
main ones anyway
so included in the most recent version
of the ndaa
or as i have now coined it
america’s syphilis
you know
because we could have gotten rid of it
but we just let it grow
and now it’s made those in charge insane
with power and the wrestlers are just
crazy angry knowing how bad it’s gonna
and the government
is infecting black people with it to
watch what happens to them
the democrats slipped in a red flag law
uh because they are utilizing the graves
of soldiers who killed themselves
that’s accurate that’s an accurate way
to describe
what’s happening here
i i thought about that line for a very
long time
yeah no no that’s
that’s very accurate they’re they’re
soldier and veteran suicide to
push through
stuff that’s arguably going to lead to
more of that
so the military clause
says that without being charged or
accused of a crime a service member
could have their right to possess a
firearm taken away from them by a
military court
sounds like a lot of the red flag laws
across the country
the subject of the red flag order would
not have the chance to provide any
evidence on their behalf for up to 30
after the order is issued wow that’s
worse than a red flag order
now despite the unconstitutionality of
this law
uh if someone is found to be a danger of
themselves or others
for this they use a lower standard of
review than is actually used in criminal
uh the person’s guns will be taken away
they will be left with every other tool
to kill themselves
all knives razors pills gasoline matches
rope yep
because it has nothing to do with
protecting them
yeah tall buildings if if this were
about protecting
uh soldiers from killing themselves
they would put them on a temporary hold
and monitor them and see if they need
mental health help they wouldn’t just
take their guns
well the va is so overworked
that they can’t be bothered with mental
health help for the people
that our government sent over to the
middle east to kill brown people
now the goa
or one of two gun policy organizations
that fight for
gun owners rights as opposed to say
i don’t know
coalition to stop gun violence the brady
campaign or the nra
says this is the camel’s nose in the
tent uh before using this as a precedent
and wider reaching legislations against
the general population
they are 100 correct yeah this is going
to they’re going to use this they’re
going to cherry pick the data of however
it’s used and say look at how successful
this has been we’ve seized guns from x
number of of troops and veterans and now
they’re safe
we’re going to do this to everyone now
imagine how much better this would be if
everyone had this happen
so yeah this is actually something that
uh everybody needs to be worried about
because once you get it into the
yeah precedent is there
yep and then they will be able to say
well we did it for here
and the democrats argument is the second
amendment is for the military because
you know it says militia in the in the
second amendment because it’s for a
well-regulated militia and so if we can
do it to the military or militia we
should be able to do it for the people
not in the military or a militia
and dan crenshaw huge just voted right
for this thing
135 of the uh
217 i think members of uh uh republican
members of the house uh voted for this
the the overwhelming majority of the
republicans in the house voted for this
thing right cheer uh including so many
of them that you know claim to be
champions for the second amendment now
some of you might be saying well but
that’s okay because this is just about
you know keeping crazy people who are on
the verge of hurting someone from uh
from you know being able to have a gun
right you know what about their mental
health well any kind of mental health
any kind of gun confiscation that
discriminates against people with mental
health just leads people with mental
health issues to not get treatment
because they don’t want to risk losing
their guns
so now
they still have their guns
and they’re not getting mental health
or you could say well but what about
spousal abuse this could be used for
spousal abuse okay let’s talk about
spousal abuse let’s talk about someone
who is being abused by their spouse
and so or or by their partner or by
someone in their house whatever they’re
being abused and because they’re victims
of abuse they’re getting mental health
treatment and so now they can’t get a
gun to defend themselves against their
stalker ex-husband or stalker ex-partner
who is still abusive
and is able to get a gun because they
never sought mental health treatment
that’s what these laws look like in
actual practice
as if the amount of people
that we have dealing with the
uh with the depression with the ptsd
um from
the countless wars that we have been
sending them to for the last however
many years
isn’t enough
also included
also included in the ndaa is a provision
that would require
women to register for the draft there it
we’ve been waiting for that one
i think we so i think we talked about
that like a year ago
it was like a year ago from right now
and i and i’m just guessing because i
don’t actually remember all of our shows
that was literally like a year ago they
started talking about that and you had
the republicans don’t draft our
daughters and we were we were sitting
here on this show saying
well if you’re saying don’t draft the
daughters why are you going to draft the
and we’re saying the the obvious thing
to do is to end the draft
and both of us said
of course what they’re going to do
is draft women
is make women sign up for the draft and
because that will be equality
yep that’ll be equality i so i need to
pull up a quote um
from someone who voted for this and was
actually you know excited to vote for
this and she’s a democrat here
this is from representative chrissy
democrat from pennsylvania a former air
force officer she said by reforming the
selective service to be gender neutral
based registration we draw on the
talents of our entire nation at in
the time of a national emergency the
current male only registration sends a
message to women not only that they are
not vital to the defense of the country
but also that they are not expected to
participate in defending it that is what
woke imperialism looks like
yeah we’re still going to draft you yeah
but we’re going to draft everyone
because we don’t want to leave women out
because women are valid
draft all women
that was 100 one of the most terrifying
things i’ve ever heard come from
somebody’s mouth that’s in congress and
and that’s coming after a year of
mandates and
people saying that uh
we need to be locked up forever and
dear god that was awful
so if women
don’t sign up for the draft
they will also face punishment uh
just like men will and possibly not be
given access to federal student
financial aid for college
uh job training under the workforce
innovation and opportunity act and
federal jobs
and in 40 states they can’t get a
driver’s license
in all fairness like the way that i read
that i was like well that’s not that bad
you don’t have to get the college loans
so you don’t go to you don’t go to
college but you can go to a trade school
and you can get
private loans to go to a trade school
and you’re going to pay so much less and
you’re going to come out with 100 000 a
year job
you’re not dealing with the federal
government so if it gets shut down
you’re gonna get paid uh right
i was like this doesn’t sound so bad
minus the driver’s license thing which
wasn’t in any of the articles i read um
failure to register at the moment is a
felony punishable by a fine of up to 250
and or five years in prison
now i can hear some of the people
watching this right now i can hear you
saying yeah yeah but they rarely ever do
that there’s only been a handful of
people that have been prosecuted for
failing to register and there are uh you
know since i think 1986 or 1988 there
hasn’t been a single person that’s been
convicted or or even arrested for it and
there’s been however many hundreds of
thousands or millions of people who
either refused to register or didn’t
even know they had to register didn’t
even know what it was and that’s true uh
but what do you think’s gonna happen
when a whole new group of people has to
sign up whenever something’s new that’s
when they enforce it the most strongly
and stringently and they’re certainly
not gonna just enforce it against women
there is no way that the government is
gonna say oh hey look look at all these
chicks who haven’t signed up we’re gonna
go just after them
this creates the precedent for them to
actually begin prosecuting people or at
least a handful of people to try to
goose the turnout and make sure that all
the all the women all the people are
signing up for selective service but
again even if they don’t even if not a
single person is punished at the federal
level you know with a felony for you
know a fine or prison time or anything
like that
just the fact that most of them won’t be
able to get driver’s licenses they won’t
be able to get certain jobs they won’t
be able to get uh job training they
won’t be able to apply for uh student
loans that’s enough i mean really just
the driver’s license thing
and the thing towards
the thing is less women drivers am i
uh what’s crazy is that the pentagon has
said that they don’t actually want
a draft uh ashton carter uh in 2016 the
the he was the defense secretary at that
time he said i would like to see the uh
the the draft go completely uh we don’t
want people who don’t want to be here we
want a voluntary only uh
uh military the military now
it’s not about quantity it’s not about
just throwing a bunch of people on the
battlefield it’s about quality or at
least in theory it’s about people that
are specialized about people that want
to be there it’s about people that are
motivated this is the opposite of that
this is people who are there in protest
and don’t want to be involved and want
to figure out a way to get out of it
that’s the last thing they want this has
nothing to do with that this is about
telling children it’s about telling
people the first thing that they find
out as an adult is you actually don’t
own yourself
you have to register with us and we’ll
decide if you have to go and fight and
kill and die
and it could happen you know who’s
do you know who started the draft
was it
lincoln no
was it woodrow not not it was it was
wilson i knew it i hate him yeah
so much so much there’s gonna be more
fun facts about woodrow wilson coming to
a very special episode uh eventually
after i finish writing the script um
for people who subscribe
uh but yeah this
what they are doing in this uh national
defense authorization act is not the
equality we have been clamoring for
no for years
much like
with you can’t tell me i can’t put a
plant in my body or much like you can’t
tell me i have to get a shot i have
bodily autonomy
you can’t tell me i have to go
uh fight wars that i may not agree with
just because you don’t have enough
people signed up
one hundred percent not okay
yep and ndaa has never been
constitutional each year they give up
more of the checks and balances that
were supposed to you know ostensibly
going to keep us from falling into a
military state perpetual wars we have
that now we now have a uh
an executive who can decide in any time
when or if and for how long which
usually forever we go to war and
congress really just makes sure it gets
funded and you know passes these ndaas
and it was kind of troubling i’m gonna
pull up that article again you know when
you had there was a quote from it that
really drove home
how terrible this is and why these
things get passed
uh jim banks a republican from indiana
he voted for this bill and he said the
ndaa is never perfect
and this is a case where the good
outweighs the bad
that’s what this is always about by the
way that’s why they don’t just pass the
single thing at a time they have to pass
it as one giant omnibus because if they
can convince 50.1 percent of congress
that 51 50.1 of the bill is good and
only 49.9 of the bill is bad then they
get it passed even with all of the bad
and that’s how this kind of stuff
happens that’s how you end up with
federal uh um
federal red flag laws that’s how you end
up with a draft for literally every
person in this country that’s how that
happens is by governing by uh crisis and
by creating these gigantic bills that
are impossible for anyone to read uh and
then you know and telling them you have
to vote for it or else you’re a bad guy
and you hate the troops
um there was there was an an amendment
from jamal brown democrat out of new
york that would have prohibited uh u.s
troop presence in syria unless congress
specifically authorizes it and it was
to 286.
so jamal that was
go ahead go ahead no go ahead
okay so that was members of congress who
have the ability to declare war based on
how the constitution is written
they have the ability to declare war who
nope if it’s syria the president can do
whatever he wants
yep jamal bowman literally said for this
one country of the nearly 200 countries
that are out there
for this one country
if the president wants to bomb it or
attack it or use any military force
against it
he’s supposed to get approval from us
the way he’s supposed to get approval
for all the other countries that are out
there and they rejected that
basically two to one
in fact yeah over two to one
over two to one they rejected that and
keep in mind the the reason the
president’s able to do this
without congress declaring law with
declaring war
is because of the authorization of use
of military force that was passed by
congress giving the president the
authority to attack anyone that uh they
believe is responsible for
is is part of 9 11 or any other plots
against the u.s
this authorization of use of military
force was passed in 2001
for president bush
three presidents later
or four presidents including bush later
they’re still using it
911 happened is done they’ve built a new
building everyone behind it is either
dead or in a in gitmo and or from
promoted in the state department and cia
they’re still using that as a pretext to
do endless wars and they’re adding every
time they they reauthorize it with the
ndaa they add more crap to it like this
draft and these red flag laws
yep so the nda needs to go
but it when you consider it past the
house 316-113
with what i
should have put in 100 i think it was
135 republicans
135 republicans voting in favor of it
and pretty much every democrat i don’t
think there were any democrats that
voted against this no there were there
ndaa two two two
there were and that it was more than i
it was more than i thought uh 38
democrats and 75 38 no okay good good
38 38 democrats
38 democrats and 75 republicans which uh
that’s abysmal
when we are talking about red flag laws
and signing
in this case it’s the women they didn’t
get rid of the draft and we didn’t
expect them to but the fact that they’re
making more people give up bodily
autonomy for this oh
the fact that they are doing that
on top
of everything else and remember uh this
one i didn’t put this in there is uh 17
billion more than anything trump ever
asked for in the ndaa which was more
when he did it was more than what
anybody else has ever asked for in the
ndaa and we are no longer in afghanistan
why do you need more money
and by the way shout out to barbara lee
who i there is very little i disagree
with this that i agree with this uh
human being on but she’s been consistent
on this
barbara lee voted against this
and barbara lee was the only
only person
to vote against the authorization of use
of military force in 2001.
even ron paul voted for it
barbara lee voted against it she was the
only one to do that and i checked just
now and sure enough she voted against
this too so kudos to her again there’s
very little i agree with barbara leon
this is one of them she has been
consistent republican and democrat
administration she’s been consistently
against the military-industrial complex
so kudos to her for that
well yeah so uh the ndia will continue
chipping away at the rights and
their own powers
uh congress’s own powers methodically uh
all in the name of safety
this is not until we get rid of
republicans and democrats in from office
yeah yeah and this is
i get yeah i know this is kind of a
downer way to end this episode but i
mean that’s that’s where this is when
wait till next week when we get into the
buildback better plan because
i found out how much money they’re going
to be taxing heads of cattle
spoiler alert 2600 per head of cattle
and i think 500 a pig so um so when you
woke up today and said man beef is too
it needs to be more expensive
good news
oh and i hope you don’t drive a car
because they got something for you there
oh yeah that’s
i wasn’t going to spoil i mean we kind
of did it on our page today
but yeah we’re going to we’re going to
go into a lot of what is in that next
week um so
buckle up and figure out
buckle up and figure out sorry the red
sox just lost which makes me so mad um
buckle up and uh get ready to be really
mad next week if you weren’t mad this
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2600 to the price of this shirt we don’t
want to have to but the federal
government makes us and
so folks thanks again for tuning in we
will see you next week we’ll see i’ll
see you tomorrow matt will see you
thursday noel noel and nellick will see
you friday i’ll see you all this weekend
in beautiful minneapolis jason lyon will
see you on monday and we’ll see you
right back here next tuesday thanks so
much for tuning in and where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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