Episode 213 – Blowback Ahead

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Matt can finally say he knows who Nicki Minaj is, AOC’s dressmaker owes so much money in taxes and fines, and Tom Arnold is an actual saint.

Plus: How the killing of 10 Afghani’s will affect us in the future.

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Episode Transcript

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a nice little dose for myself
apple flavors let’s get a little bit
extra there
oh my gosh that is absolutely
money for humans
and they just go really alex
son of a [ __ ]
they don’t oppose the monster they get
on their knees to it and then say i’ll
help you get those others to eat me last
my family it is me it helped everybody
that murderer how she doesn’t want you
to know that he wants to plan it for
himself and he wants you dead well guess
what filthy we ain’t rolling over and
dying so easily you little murdering
it is what it is
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike abe gazunt lincoln i am matt
wright and together we are traversing
the mighty waters of freedom
wait what abe
it’s so okay any yiddish it’s it’s a
abby or
yeah it’s like abby gazunt or gazoon
i don’t know how to say it i just know
how what the words are i know how they
are spelled uh and it means uh live a
long and help happy and healthy life
hey folks thanks so much for joining
that was a rare i didn’t get that one uh
but who what was the pun supposed to be
abe lincoln abe gazunt lincoln wow
yeah it was a stretch no that’s
almost as bad as his presidency hey
folks thanks so much for tuning in to
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joe celoski is running for pennsylvania
governor joe soloski is the key to
pennsylvania’s success in fact actually
he corrected me when i was hanging out
with him this weekend in pennsylvania he
said no spike i’m joe siloski but i’m
not the key to pennsylvania’s success
freedom and liberty are the key to
pennsylvania’s success
so anyway if you’d like to help him
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uh in the over to the right there his
new book crowned by gold uh is
so i have a theory on what that is
i mean it looks like
well it looks bulbous
it does it looks very bulbous
it looks very bulbous and it looks like
my parents watch this show now so i
can’t really
i mean it looks like something that
let’s just say really all three of these
things could look like they
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yeah no it’s
it looks well it looks
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this picture
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speaking of fierce luxury thomas quiter
is running for state senate he says i
run better than albany which is funny
because he’s in a wheelchair
so i i hung out with thomas this weekend
we recreated the pic that’s in the meme
i’ll have to find it
but basically
anyway i’ll try to find it but it uh
he’s a uh he’s a really good guy i can’t
think of anyone i would rather have be
my state senator if i lived well
anywhere here or anywhere else uh if you
want to help thomas become the first
libertarian state senator in new york go
tomfor52.com that’s t-o-m-f-o-r
5-2 dot
com matt
so uh speaking of being terrified um
i i forced
god i wish i man i could show this video
but she would get so mad at me
i forced sarah super fan sarah andrea to
watch this horror movie uh out on hbo
right now called malignant
and um
like i love a good horror movie this
isn’t one uh
but nothing like nothing scares me
nothing scares me uh
there’s not a horror movie out there
that i’ve ever come out of there been
like oh i’m dude i’ve got the i got the
chills or whatever so we’re watching
and i will say that uh as far as whoever
wrote this story james i know james juan
came up with the story i don’t know if
he wrote the script or not but uh
there was no way anybody knew how that
movie was going to end you may have come
close on some stuff but you did not know
all of it and it was
it was like it’s it’s it’s a very fun
horror movie but but sarah we’re
watching it we’re in bed
she is
hugging the pillow like
she is trying to like get ready to body
slam this thing she’s just going to go
over the top with it and she has it and
you can i have video of her and you only
see her eyes because she has the pillow
wrapped that tightly and she is just
like not breathing not moving and not
blinking it’s kind of creepy on its own
and then
she was doing that child like thing
where she just kept covering her face
with the pillow and then like letting
one eye peek out and uh so if anybody
hasn’t seen malignant i think you should
probably check it out
yeah let’s not anger the farm jew okay i
don’t i don’t i don’t need that heat in
my life so um so malignant okay yeah so
is some malignant like the movie version
of um a vader pan
no god
outer pan would probably scare me
okay malignant the movie version of the
last few years of norm mcdonald’s life
so like kind of funny
let’s go you know what’s not funny well
i guess
i guess it’s funny
hey you know what’s next
well sure you do because you’re my
co-host but the rest of you you probably
know what’s next too
and that’s the yeah and you have the
show notes but the the mud water
mushroom coffee replacement cacao rapid
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so matt big news today for the first
time in history you know who the hell
mickey nicki minaj is and why anyone’s
talking about her
that’s true for the very first time ever
i know i actually know who nicki minaj
is and understand
why somebody would be talking about her
um so after tweeting that her cousin’s
friend was now
after taking the vaccine and is
suffering from
bloated testicles
i haven’t taken the vaccine and i have
that problem uh the liberal media fired
her don’t worry it’s natural uh fired at
her in her backwards way trying to get
her to change her statement she’s even
been invited to the white house in order
for them to try to convince her to walk
back some of the things that she was
but because
she said she was gonna wear all pink
like i know more about nicki minaj now
than i ever have in my life she’s like
i’m gonna wear all pink like in legally
blonde so they know i’m serious and i
thought that was the funniest tweet i
had ever read in my life
that’s like how that would be a tweet
from her
so the white house wanted her to come
to the white house so that they could
convince her that her cousin’s friend’s
testicles didn’t swell
from the vaccine
from the vaccine
right and that’s not important
welcome to 2021 america
so she ended up tweet uh retweeting a
video of tucker carlson who was talking
about a lot of the things that like sake
gensake and uh the
uh the vue and some other places were
saying things that they were saying
about her and she was immediately
um and she was accused of supporting a
white supremacist and people were
talking about canceling her in the 2021
cancel culture sort of way
and that led nicki minaj to tweet this
right okay
you probably read it it would make much
more sense coming from you okay
i’m gonna use my best nicki minaj voice
right i can’t speak to agree with even
look at someone from a particular
political party people aren’t human
anymore if you’re black and a democrat
tells you to shove marbles up your ass
you simply have to if another party
tells you to look out for that bus stand
there and get hit
with marbles in your in your ass
right with marbles in your ass
so because of all of this
because of all of this happening uh
two members of the media were attempting
to reach out to nicki minaj’s cousin and
the friend and threatened to dox him and
his girlfriend and this was actually
shown in nicki minaj’s story
so nicki minaj
being nicki minaj
dropped their numbers their their actual
real phone numbers in the story and gave
everyone a reason to make them change
their numbers and now the reporters are
accusing her of threatening
their lives
this is an incredible story so this is
like multiple different fun things
happening here
one of them
being that espionage
has red pilled
like 100 million people
which started with
her saying
that her cousin’s friend’s
swole after taking
the va like literally if everyone had
just gone
and moved about like
that would have would have gotten hurt
her uh what are they what do they call
them the the um
what are nicki minaj’s fans call her
themselves anyway that that’s not the
beehive it’s um
whatever they would have like been like
oh yeah she oh that’s funny or a few
people would have been like oh yeah i’m
not getting the vaccine out but like it
wouldn’t have it wouldn’t have done all
this and instead they went and said no
pop music artist nicki minaj you can’t
tell people about the possibility you
can’t tell people that there’s a
possibility that there could be a weird
adverse event that happens from vaccines
which is true there can be weird adverse
events that happen from vaccines and and
we’re going to try to destroy you and
now it’s blown up in their faces
oh it’s amazing
and it’s nicki minaj like nikki isn’t
gonna like from what i understand about
nicki minaj because again
i had heard the name
but i did not know who she was
and i was very proud of that and now i’m
proud that i know her for this um from
what i understand she’s not somebody
who’s just gonna back down like if
you’re if you are gonna go out there and
try to uh
to to cancel her or to attack her she’s
just gonna you know post your phone
number online and
she doesn’t apparently i guess she
doesn’t care and dr fauci going out
there and saying she has 22 million
followers and i really think she needs
to rethink what she’s saying or whatever
he said like no
she can uh like i hope she posts
fouchy’s phone number um
i’m good with that i now want that to
happen too it’s it’s i just think it’s
beautiful listen you know the the
has created these like pop
right like because they’re talented they
can she’s actually talented like there’s
some people that are in her position
they’re not really that talented she’s
actually talented she’s like a good
singer and a good rapper and like does
some production stuff it’s like she’s
actually talented she’s obviously
talented and getting people’s attention
as well but
she’s become this like deity with you
know millions of people that are waiting
for her next tweet so they can take it
as gospel truth because of the corporate
media or in large part due to the
corporate media that’s why she has fans
that’s why she’s so why what she says
matters so much in the first place okay
well live by what you created
i think 22 million followers
yeah 22 let me look it up i i was just
on her 23
yeah 22.8 million followers just on
twitter and i’m sure many more on on
instagram and and
youtube and everything else um
it’s just you know they created this
they helped to create this okay great so
now when she says something that was
probably either a joke or
you know
poorly informed one way or the other now
it’s gonna blow up in everyone’s faces
and now she gets to intelligently go hey
you should check these things out for
yourself and you know if anyone’s
telling if if if the fact that me saying
go check things out for yourself before
deciding to get it done and she even
said she’s going to get them she
probably end up getting the vaccine
because she needs to tour and you’re not
really able to effectively tour the
world without getting vaccinated at
least right now so she’s not even
anti-vaxx she’s just saying people
should do their own research and the
fact that she said that has people
losing their minds and i’ve had fun
trolling people on facebook
particularly cnn for making these videos
that are attacking people for saying to
do their research don’t ever do research
like it’s it’s insane what’s happening
right now
it’s insane what’s happening right now
it’s insane um somebody who should have
done a little bit more research
was aoc
because as we all know at the mac gala
we didn’t talk about this last week but
or did we talk i don’t know
um at the mac gala last week we may have
talked about it
yeah i don’t remember um at the mac gal
last week uh
aoc wore the now infinite
now infamous tax the rich dress
as it turns out
the designer of that dress whose husband
is the one that gave aoc the 35 000
ticket and they are wondering if that is
a gift or if it’s a bribe um
has reportedly over a hundred and three
thousand in taxes and fines that she
still owes
good yeah i’m not mad at her for not
paying taxes at all like not even a
little bit
i’m mad at her for wanting others
to do what she isn’t doing
yeah like she is for lack of a better
word the rich you if you owe 103 000 in
taxes and fines you’re
among the rich you’re not a
multi-billionaire or something like that
but you’re
doing better than most so
pay up yeah that’s the case but
you’re in the top 1 of the world
oh gosh
well i mean you’re honestly probably in
the top one percent of the
of of the country honestly or definitely
top five percent you know the weird
thing is most people when they think one
percent they think billionaires one
percent of this country is not
billionaires one percent of people that
still includes some people that aren’t
even millionaires um
or at least aren’t making a million
dollars a year in income the the fact is
when people are talking about the one
percent they’re actually talking about
the .001
they’re talking about a very small you
know few hundred few thousand
multi-billionaires multi-millionaires um
yeah and she’s not that but she’s
definitely the rich um and uh i say
either you know become a a champion for
not paying your taxes or pay your taxes
i’m fine with the first would be better
the first would be much more
but if you’re gonna go out there and say
you know we need to tax the rich and you
owe a hundred and four a hundred and
three hundred and four thousand whatever
it is um in taxes and fines like you
probably shouldn’t be making a dress
that says
tax the rich
no you shouldn’t and the thing is you
know an interesting thing a lot of
people noted is tax the rich
people are saying tax the rich instead
help those who need help
you know they’re saying raise the
minimum wage instead of
get rid of inflation so people’s wages
so they can afford to live on their
wages they’re they’re saying these
feel-good slogans instead of what the
actual thing is that would help people
but here’s someone who’s not doing that
uh tom arnold uh who is an absolutely
generous and wonderful human being um
just one of the most incredible people
in the liberty movement liberty clause
himself uh
he has uh created a a scholarship in
honor of his father man
so hang on i’m gonna copy the link so
that way when we talk about it i can
post it um
and this uh
this scholarship is to raise money in
order to send people to trade schools
as we all know like we
i went to
um i went to college and i struggled to
find a job and
work for that middle class income
spike didn’t go to college and he
retired at 32 or something um and then
he became the vp nominee in 2020. uh so
really the college education
don’t go to college look what you can go
to college
take it from old spike cohen college
it’s a suckers game
it’s a suckers game um
but we know like you can make an
excellent living learning a trade and
going into that sort of uh field whether
it’s you know an electrician or welder
or plumber or
you know ac whatever you can make a
great great living
so tom
has been he created this uh memorial
scholarship in the name of his dad uh
for smit i believe it’s just for smith
county i’m not 100 sure if it’s going to
be going out
but tom is a man who walks the walk when
it comes
to living in a government-less society
and shows it every day with his
voluntary actions um and he’s got one of
the most generous hearts
that i have ever
ever seen on any human being
literally he is santa claus
so if you want to be like tom
and you want to donate to the fund
uh you can do so at the link that is in
the description of this video
and we also included it in the live
comments if you are watching this live
uh but it is in the description of the
video i’m going up to check if i
actually did that which i didn’t so i’m
gonna have to do that later um
but it is
in the live version of this show uh but
yeah tom
tom is
in my opinion what all libertarians
should strive to be
yep because he goes out and he makes a
difference every single day
doing what he thinks is right and
helping those
without force
without force if they don’t want the
help he won’t do it he just gives it
where it is needed and where it is
tom is a person that everybody should
strive to be like in this world
you know i i agree he he walks the walk
and uh you’ll notice in this photo it’s
it’s men and women people have different
there are six recipients there all
different ages
tom has a heart for people he’s told me
the reason he’s a libertarian is because
of his love for people it is not because
just he wants to be free he wants others
to be free but the reason he wants to be
free and he wants others to be free is
because he knows that they do best when
they’re free uh and that they he wants
people to do well and he cares for
people and tom arnold we love you and
we are uh very very proud of what you’re
doing and very honored that you’re doing
it um
um we have a comment in the uh comment
section from diana diana cruz i’m going
to guess i if i butchered your name i
apologize said hell yes to trades who in
south florida has a kid who wants to
learn to do drywall my husband could use
a helper
nope nothing what
no nothing
it will come on and then it will go and
then it will come on and then it will go
i think it’s
it’s gonna work now
it’s i think it’s back
is it back uh yeah i think we’re back i
think we are back
all right
okay we’re back yes thank you
thank you
all right
sorry about that don’t uh don’t know
don’t know what that issue was uh yeah
that sucked a lot
but we’re back all right so we are back
and they didn’t really miss much because
it went off pretty quickly but yes we
are back and we are doing the next
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so anyway here’s our first
here’s our first message from
the people
uh here’s our first one from alex boyer
who uh rest in peace because he just
said he’s dead
i don’t know
rest in peace big ups to alex
hello hello alex from virginia calling
in on the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor colin
let’s talk a bit about everyone’s
favorite state in the country new
i’ve heard talk about how in 2022 there
may be a referendum
to secede from the united states on
their election ballots
let’s live in fantasyland for a minute
and assume that it makes the valley and
the people vote for it
i think this goes one of two ways civil
war or the more likely scenario
um the united states tariffs the
absolute [ __ ] out of them and
new hampshire begs to come back to the
country because landlocked new hampshire
is not built to have a self-sustaining
what do you guys think
well thank you for that first of all i
don’t see that passing i feel bad
because i’m answering the question of a
dead man
it’s sad
but it’s still a good question
it’s his last request
and you’re not even going to give it to
him um the way that he would like it
you’re just gonna
yank that rug out from underneath him
well i don’t think it’s gonna pass but
okay let’s say it passed let’s say that
it passed and the people of new
hampshire overwhelmingly and their
legislature overwhelmingly wants to
leave uh the us union um
texas versus oh gosh what was it hold on
there’s a
decision that was decided back in
texas versus white
that holds that states cannot secede
from the union by an act of the state
the most recent uh thing that was stated
by a supreme court justice was when
antonin scalia said if there was any
constitutional issue resolved by the
civil war it is that there is no right
to secede so i don’t see that happening
at the state level i think that would
require the federal government changing
their position as libertarians we
believe that everyone should be able to
secede state should be able to secede
from the feds uh counties should be able
to secede from the state cities should
be able to secede from the county state
fed whatever
and individuals should be able to secede
from government if they want to everyone
should be able to opt in or out into
whatever association they wish to have
and if they could do that uh then
everyone in power would be a lot of hell
of a lot more accountable because they’d
actually have to prove value um so with
all that said i don’t so going back to
the question it would they do tariffs or
would they
would they do a war i don’t think
they’re gonna do a war i think they just
in court you know they just say you
can’t do that and unless
they’d say you can’t do that and they’d
sort of kind of force new hampshire to
do something
aggressive to then justify them do it i
think they just say no you can’t do that
you’re still in the union
yeah and
so i think if new hampshire were to
to do i mean they’re kind of attempting
it but if it were to make it to the
point where they were
putting forward a real attempt to secede
and again we support it um yeah the
federal government would try to stop it
with everything they had now the
question is would they have the backing
of texas florida south carolina you know
wherever else
the states where you kind of hear about
people succeeding
you know talking about secession often
would they have the backing of those
states and would those states follow
suit because the only way that it would
ever lead toward a civil war type
scenario is if other states had their
would other states do it i don’t know i
have no idea uh yeah yeah
like down here in florida it gets talked
about a lot
by a lot of people
desantis has not returned any of the
tweets where i have asked him uh
if he thought today was a good day to
secede because i did
he he doesn’t respond to those he
doesn’t respond he didn’t want to ask
the real he didn’t want to answer the
real question incidentally
here’s my here’s like we all know he
wants president of the united states if
he succeeds
he would be president of
the florida united states of florida the
united states the united florida state
empire of florida
incidentally there’s a not zero percent
chance that i’m going to be moving to
the keys more on that later um
that’s very breaking um
what’s that
the keys
the florida keys
yeah i under yeah i know what the key
why the keys
it’s beautiful down there you have
you have
saint pete
here with open arms
okay okay okay open arms if you get
there’s open arms and then there’s free
okay so what’s this
there’s different levels of open arms
okay anyway we’ll see we’ll see
very very very early speculation but we
will see um but at any rate at any rate
hey celeste i never hear from celeste
hey celeste i will i will give tasha
your love um so there’s a little bit of
a uh so going back to the new hampshire
thing um i think that uh
if the political will was there
since you derailed us with this florida
keys nonsense
it’s not nonsense if it happens man so
if the
if if they were to
and he has proved us wrong
i i think i think we can
the possibility of this happening is not
nil if it could happen i think what it
would i think the the feds would would
fight tooth and nail but i think it
would be more along the lines of like
all right yeah you can secede if you
succeed we’re if you even threaten to
succeed we’re going to cut off this
we’re going to cut off that we’re going
to cut off this we’re going to cut off
that and if new hampshire was willing to
peacefully dig in their heels and and
say okay fine we’ll make it work i mean
there’s no
it could happen and i mean the federal
government would lose lake winnipesaukee
now going back to
going back to the scandal in the
comments as to whether or not new
hampshire is landlocked
this is apparently something that
is i’m not
it’s not
um it’s not landlocked it’s not there’s
not even it’s got so as someone who has
many times been to hampton beach and
seabrook dunes and like that whole like
the area just south of kittery maine and
rye beach and like the first beach i
ever went to growing up was ry beach um
i can confidently tell you
it’s literally not landlocked
there’s newcastle like it’s it’s a whole
it has a beautiful coastline
compared to compared to virginia it’s
not landlocked
i would say that
john hared the french
does that even mean
yeah compare like i would say that it’s
roughly the same percentage
you know what i actually i mean
i don’t know well
yeah it’s probably the same percentage
it’s probably well i don’t know because
you gotta count like all the divots and
stuff yeah it’s i don’t know but then
new hampshire has some of that too
i mean i’m not sure how you can compare
a non-landlocked state to another
landlocked state and conclude that it’s
landlocked but you know
god speed to you
i feel like i feel like we’ve
sufficiently answered this question and
the follow-up question as to whether or
not new hampshire’s landlocked here’s
here’s one from the cajun libertarian
who i got to hang out with this weekend
in pennsylvania here we go
what’s up y’all cajun libertarian here
hope you’re having a fantastic tuesday
evening love you both had a fantastic
time in pennsylvania
absolutely amazing thank you liz to
williger for putting on a super great
event just a phenomenal time with spike
and tash and the whole crew that was up
there huge shout out big love to the pa
crew y’all are incredible matt i wish
you and sarah the kids would have been
there would have been that much better
that being said
tsa stole my stuff
but you can buy the same stuff in the
airport so why steal my stuff in the
name of fighting terrorism if you’re
gonna allow me to buy it in the airport
and bring it on the plane that way why
not just say what it is i don’t want you
to bring that stuff because i’d like to
make the money off of it and if it isn’t
that then what is it
can somebody please explain that to me
tsa oh yeah by the way it’s not gay if
it’s tsa love you both talk to you soon
yeah so cajun this is cajun’s second
time flying in his life
they stole his shampoo and his body wash
some and i think just like his
toiletries because he brought like
regular size stuff and so they took it
and they’re like yeah
you can’t have this
because it could be a bomb
and then they put it in the trash can
next to them
with all the other bombs
and he just didn’t
he just yeah he didn’t know
he didn’t well so you know like so he’s
telling me this and i’m like yeah it’s
the stupidest thing ever and he’s like
i’m really upset about it i’m like no i
get it because you don’t fly a lot like
so it’s it’s it truly is like one of
those frog in the boiling water things
like um it’s like the longer you’re
actually i guess it’s the reverse of
that like it’s the dipping your toes in
the boiling water thing or something
i fly a lot and other people who fly a
lot they’re like yeah it’s stupid it is
what it is and someone who’s exposed to
it for the first time is like this is
the dumbest damn thing on earth so that
and it apparently happened on the way
back too i’m not sure what they stole on
the way back is cajun in the comments
what what what did they steal on the way
back because we told you like
yeah you definitely gotta like
yeah right by the other bombs
while we’re waiting on that i just want
everybody to know
that uh new hampshire
is 4.2
not landlocked and for the people in
virginia who are like
oh well compared to virginia blah blah
blah virginia is only
7.7 percent not landlocked
uh and j adam wags talking about
missouri in there uh missouri is
not landlocked
uh so
coming from florida
yeah but and they’re not landlocked
is with like lakes and the freaking uh
and the the um
is that even that’s that’s the
mississippi right yeah the mississippi
so coming from florida in our 18.5
how about we just accept
we just accept we’re
we are more not landlocked than alaska
uh i need to know what what what’s up
is this a website
landlocked country no
where did you find this
hawaii is 41.2 not landlocked well yeah
because it’s an island um
i put in percent landlocked this is not
uh i said what what did i put in i put
percentage of new hampshire on water
of sc on water
public drinking water systems provide
drinking water to approximately 78 of
south carolina
oh the water area oh here we go this is
where it’s getting hot here now here we
here it is south carolina you’re 6.1 you
have let you you are more landlocked
than virginia
but nobody got florida beat except for
hawaii and you know they’re an island
i don’t know if this is la because it’s
saying percent area that’s water i think
this is including
like i think this might be including
lakes and stuff
we need like what percent of the border
is water well but you have to do that
yeah i guess you would have to do it
based on border yeah this is what
percentage is water covered
i mean i just feel like it’s we can just
say that new hampshire’s not landlocked
because it isn’t
because it’s and i think it’s i find it
odd the people that are
doubling down because they have a small
shoreline which by the way it’s a small
shoreline but they utilize all of it
it’s beautiful and it’s beautiful oh man
new hampshire the water’s freezing all
year round but it’s beautiful um
so hey thanks cajun
what did they did he say what they stole
from him
uh it was like his shampoo and his
deodorant and his toothpaste
because he didn’t he probably didn’t
oh they stole his coke zeros yeah i know
oh yeah and there’s coke zeroes yeah
and they wanted to take it inside
shaving cream oh wow
and they wanted to
it was this travel size shaving cream
i was gonna say they must have
they stole his coke zeros freaking
and the thing is they steal it to throw
it away it’s like the most disgusting
things like uh bill de blasio stealing
all those
dirt bikes and then breaking them anyway
so i’ve we’ve established that new
hampshire is not landlocked here’s the
last question on the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney law
non-landlocked anchor call-in moment
hey matt and spike josh mccoos here i
had an idea for a fundraiser for the lp
convention in 2022.
we could have a battle royale or battle
of wits for the reigning title for of
the realist libertarian each person
could donate whatever they wanted
to the party as a registration fee for
the event
this would be a great fundraiser
lots of fun
and would settle the questions every two
years who is the realest libertarian
i don’t know whatever was in there i’m
not listening i don’t
stop saying usyk
that sounded like it was one of those
when you download audio from um
when you download audio from uh like one
of those pay sites and they just
constantly have their name
going through it
that was from boosting audio
oh sick audio yeah
like audio
i don’t even know what he said i don’t
i don’t even know what he said nor do i
so something about a uh a fundraiser
uh battle royale if you will for who is
the realest libertarian
that’s great well the realest
libertarian never says usyk
right there you’re disqualified as am i
um a realisticarian never would compete
in something like that that’s also true
yeah some of the realist libertarians i
know like to say things like i don’t
like calling myself a libertarian
because i don’t like to be labeled it’s
like oh well then you’re
probably the most libertarian
so i can tell you who’s not a
libertarian and that is the
military-industrial complex that
oh i want to say it but i can’t
i can’t
type it and i’ll say it oh man
well i didn’t i mean i’d i would never
type anything like that
i would never type anything
but anyway uh so on august 29th
uh the u.s sent a predator drone to
attack an
what they believed to be
an isis cave facilitator
but they took out
nine civilians in the attack seven of
whom were
worst children but they were claiming
that the that one of those uh one of
those ten
uh was a isis k
facilitator right
just go ahead
okay uh on friday the pentagon admitted
people listening to audio are just going
to be like what what the hell is
happening here um thank you for
anchor everybody or your favorite
oh oh jesus
uh on friday the pentagon admitted that
we uh
admitted to what we all already knew
um and stated that zamaria ahmadi had no
with isis k
meaning that
10 the 10 people that they killed had
absolutely no affiliation
with a terrorist organization and that
the u.s just
murdered straight murdered 10 people
in a retaliatory attack
yep and it’s funny because they keep
referring to it as a retali retaliatory
strike against isk for the bombing that
killed 13 us marines and what several
well over 100 uh afghan civilians
earlier in the month
but what they
they say you know in this in this
retaliatory strike we didn’t kill any
isk in other words
it wasn’t a retaliatory strike you
killed innocent people
and when you look at the images that
that were that the videos that were
being shown and that and no doubt what
they were looking at when they were
deciding to kill them it was people
filling water bottles
like there was no reason to think uh and
if they had done any kind of research on
them they had all applied for uh us
asylum as aid workers
that’s who they killed
anyone who’s been in the liberty
movement since
2008 yeah we’ll remember that
you may have some flashbacks because
of this
because of what is happening in
afghanistan right now
to a specific gop debate
this exact thing was discussed now
before this happened before this 2008
the subject of blowback had never really
talked about
or explained
on a stage of any size
yeah certainly
there were references to it in national
media from occasional people but nothing
on this scale before
and before we show this video i’m sorry
i i have to apologize about the length
it’s about three and a half minutes long
but that’s because
everybody should be reminded
of everything that was said here because
it was a very important moment uh in the
liberty movement and in
and in the anti-war movement
party has lost its way because the
conservative wing of the republican
party always advocated a
non-interventionist foreign policy
senator robert taft didn’t want to be in
george bush won the election in the year
2000 campaigning on a
humble foreign policy no uh nation
building no policing of the world
republicans were elected to end the
korean war the republicans were elected
to end the vietnam war there’s a strong
tradition of being anti-war
in the republican party it is the
constitutional position it is the advice
of the founders to follow a
non-interventionist foreign policy stay
out of entangling alliances be friends
with countries negotiate and talk with
them and trade with them just think of
the tremendous improvement uh
relationships with vietnam we lost sixty
thousand then we came home in defeat now
we go over there and being wet invest in
in vietnam so there’s a lot of a lot of
merit to the advice of the founders and
following the constitution and my
argument is that we shouldn’t go to war
so carelessly when we do the wars don’t
congressman you don’t think that changed
with the 911 attack sir
what changed
the non-interventionist policies no
non-intervention was a major
contributing factor have you ever read
about the reasons they attacked us they
they attack us because we’ve been over
there we’ve been bombing iraq for 10
years we’ve been in the middle east i
think reagan was right we don’t
understand the irrationality of middle
eastern politics so
right now we’re building an embassy in
iraq that’s bigger than the vatican
we’re building 14 permanent bases what
would we say here if china was doing
this in our country or in the gulf of
mexico we would be objecting we need to
look at what we do from the perspective
of what would happen if somebody else
did it to us are you suggesting we
invited the 911 attack sir
i’m i’m suggesting that we listen to the
people who attacked us and the reason
they did it and they are delighted that
we’re over there because osama bin laden
has said i am glad you’re over on our
sand because we can target you so much
easier they’ve already now since that
time have killed 3 400 of our men and i
don’t think it was necessary congressman
i believe very sincerely that the that
the cia is correct when they teach and
and talk about blowback
when we went into
iran in 1953 and installed the shah
yes there was blowback the reaction to
that was the taking of our hostages and
that persists and if we ignore that we
ignore that our own risk that if we
think that we can do what we want around
the world and not incite hatred then we
then we have a problem they don’t come
here to attack us because we’re rich and
we’re free they come and they attack us
because we’re over there i mean what
would we think if we were if other
foreign countries were doing that to us
and that
so uh the part that i cut out there was
rudy giuliani because it was ron paul
said what he said and then rudy giuliani
had a short rebuttal and then
ron paul had a chance to uh speak again
and in it he said as somebody who’s
lived through september 11th um
i i don’t i can’t believe of all the
idiot ideas i’ve ever heard about what
caused 911 i can’t believe somebody
would say that it was us and i would
like for the congressman to have a
chance to withdraw his statement
um it’s longer than that but that’s the
gist of it um and basically the second
he basically said nine
basically what he did
basically basically what he said um
but he said that was his response and
ron paul did not back down he dug his
heels in and he continued to stand up
for what
we all know is true
had the u.s not continually been
interfering in other nations
there is a good chance that that
wouldn’t happen and they sold us on
they sold a lot of us um on
they hate us for our freedoms
we hate us you know they hate us because
we’re free they hate us because we have
freedom of religion and uh we don’t have
to just worship one god uh they hate us
because we can uh live our lives and we
don’t have to cover our bodies like they
don’t care about that they don’t and
they’ve never
they’ve never said that they’ve said
that those things are bad they’ve said
that the west is you know full of
heathens and and that you know it’s lost
its way and that the only way forward is
the is the path of allah and all of that
so but they say the same thing about
more westernized muslims that’s not why
they attacked anyone they say why they
attacked people they’ve straight up said
why they had why and attacks the wrong
word they said why they’ve retaliated
we’re talking about retaliatory strikes
i got news for you and this is a tough
sending a plane after the pentagon is
much more of an accurate retaliatory
strike after decades of the pentagon
invading and state destabilizing and
bombing their countries it’s far more of
an accurate retaliatory action
then the us government in retaliation to
a bombing uh going and killing 10
civilians that they had no reason to
believe weren’t civilians
so that’s the reality of that and yes
there were many innocent people that got
caught up in 911 in those attacks and if
it were the other way around the us
military would call that collateral
and that’s the problem
this back and forth is only going to
just lead to more people dying and the
second that we say no this has to end
we’re going to end the aggression that
caused the blowback which as ron paul
said that is a cia derived term blowback
actions from
retaliatory actions as a result of u.s
foreign policy
we can begin the process of healing it’s
not going to be immediate but we can let
people over there know we’re not doing
this anymore and if you would like us to
be at peace let’s be at peace let’s both
just set a blank uh a blank slate now
and let’s stop doing this and that’s
going to go a lot further than
continuing this nonsense it’s going to
do a lot more to stabilize the region
than to kill 10 civilians
what do you think their surviving family
members are going to do
if i if i if i knew that the only group
that was actually fighting against the
us what were groups like isis and the
taliban the haqqani network al qaeda uh
if i if that’s what i knew was that
those are the groups fighting back then
i would say okay great then i’m gonna go
join them or at least support them
because they’re the only people fighting
back even if i don’t agree with them
even if i’m not a radical fundamentalist
i still they’re the only ones that are
fighting back against this so it’s
greatest recruitment tool that terrorist
groups have
jumping ahead
sorry now
skipping right on it uh so
that was that was 2008 we’re what 15 13
13 years later 13 years later and we’ve
got the next generation of paul’s in the
um in congress and you know this is like
this is the paw where the the the
liberty was a little watered down
it’s a little
a little watered down um but
still has some of the talking points
right uh especially when he was
questioning secretary blinken during the
senate hearings about afghanistan
the guy the biden administration droned
was he an aid worker or an isis k
administration is of course reviewing
that uh that strike uh and i’m sure that
uh you know full assessment will be will
be for you don’t know if it was an aid
worker or an isis k operative uh i can’t
speak to that and i can’t speak to that
in this setting in any event so you
don’t know or won’t tell us uh i don’t i
don’t know because we’re reviewing it
well see you’d think you’d kind of know
before you off somebody with a predator
drone whether he’s an aid worker or he’s
an isis case see the thing is is this
isn’t just you it’s been going on for
administration after administration the
obama administration droned hundreds and
hundreds of people and the thing is is
there is blow back to that i mean i
don’t know if it’s true but i see these
pictures of these beautiful children
that were killed in the attack if that’s
true and not propaganda if that’s true
guess what maybe you created hundreds or
thousands of new potential terrorists
from bombing the wrong people so you got
to know who you we can’t sort of have an
investigation after we kill people we
have an investigation before we kill
we’ve got plenty of bombs we can bomb
almost anything we want from anywhere in
the world maybe we should have bombed
the helicopters and the planes that we
left behind i mean even though you said
you didn’t know any of this and was all
surprised once they took all of our
stuff we should have said you got 20
minutes to get out of it because we’re
going to blow it all up
then you would have sent a message of
strength instead we bombed somebody who
were not sure whether it was an aid
worker or an isis k operative see that’s
not a that’s not sending a signal of
strength and in the end there will be
more blow back from it if you killed an
aid worker on accident
i mean do you think we’re better off
because of that you really could have
acted in a position of strength but you
could have made the basic decision that
the basic fundamental decision that that
really ruined the whole thing for you
was a military decision to abandon
bagram air force base before before you
left before the americans were out
and he’s not and he’s not wrong he’s
he’s right he’s right you could have
been like well hey we’re gonna go blow
up the planes and stuff so get out
because that would have hurt them more
here’s the problem though
and this is where
it is we often even libertarians we
often i even very often fall into the
trap of going look at what these idiots
isis or the cia i’m sorry i repeat
myself the cia has been at least as
recently as late 2017
was known to be giving
shipments of weapons to what is now
known as isk
the us is currently working with the
saudi government the epicenter of the
financing for
radical islamic terrorism the saudi
government and al qaeda
to engage in a war of genocide against
the people in yemen
because in in order to try to weaken the
position of iran in the gulf region
the u.s government is actively working
with terror groups
when we say something like well what a
stupid move to arm the taliban like that
was it or did they intend to do that
is there a part of the us
military-industrial complex that thinks
well the taliban will at least keep iran
reigned in because they their they’re
radical sunnis and iran is shia
this is what they do
and then when those weapons are
inevitably used against innocent people
we go
i can’t believe this happened
it’s it is at this point after decades
of this
starting in the 50s and moving all the
way up to
at as recently as now
we can’t anymore say well they’re there
this is stupid they’re doing actions
that are hurting that are helping the
terrorists what a stupid it’s not a
stupid action it’s what they it’s
clearly what they want it’s also dumb
because i think the reasons for doing it
are stupid but they want this to happen
they want the terrorists to be armed
they’re literally arming the terrorists
so after 20 years in afghanistan
the the amount of blowback that we are
going to see can’t even be possibly
comprehended at this point
they’ve got the the technology that they
have received from us uh has gotten so
much better the amount of money that
they receive one of the things that i
cut out of that video um just because
time uh was about the 80 million dollars
or whatever it is that they were giving
the taliban and
uh on the understanding that they won’t
do anything mean with it
like we’ll give you this 80 million
dollars but you can’t go out and be mean
you can’t do anything we don’t approve
you’re not gonna get the money back
yep like if you give them the money
they’re gonna do whatever they want with
it it you have zero control over it so
instead of as uh rand paul says uh in
that thing uh putting good money after
use that money for something else to try
to fix some of the issues that have been
his recommendation of blowing up the
planes and the helicopters
i’m good with yeah sure
it’s our stuff go blow it up
so they can’t use it totally fine with
that nobody gets nobody gets injured
nobody gets murdered
it’s just our stuff being blown up so
nobody else can use it totally okay with
that but now we have a situation where
you’ve got 20 years of afghanistan and
then to close it out in retaliation for
13 marines being killed
you killed 10 people who had nothing to
with the 13 marines that were killed
all 10 of those people have
family members you know cousins brothers
aunts whatever uh just tons of family
tons of friends who are now mad that the
us did this and
like spike said earlier when he jumped
ahead um
they can all
they all know
who to support
they’re not going to support the people
that killed their family
yep they’re going to support the people
who are against those people the any the
enemy of my enemy is my friend
yeah and the fact if they even find out
that the us government is arming these
groups and that that’s what the us
government wants them to do in order to
justify this constant you know this
constant endless war that you know
benefits the central bankers and the
military-industrial complex i’m not sure
they’d even care they’ll say great then
they’re killing the people that killed
us i don’t even care why they’re doing
it they’re at least fighting back and
nor do i think they’ll ever i don’t
think a lot of them have the same level
of access to uh to you know news at the
at the you know immediate
social media level that a lot of us do
so even if they ever do find out and if
they do i mean think about how much
access we have to it and yet the vast
majority of americans don’t even know
because they can’t be bothered to find
out so you know someone living in
afghanistan who just lost their family
in a drone strike i i don’t think they’d
care if they did find out and i don’t
think they’ll ever know um you know this
there are going to be the reactions to
this type of an atrocity and that’s what
it is it’s going to vary between people
and administrations
the worst possible variance the the the
definitely the incorrect reaction is how
gemsake and biden have responded to this
she said
she told reporters yesterday as a human
being as a president as someone who has
overseen loss in a variety of scenarios
both as a leader and personally his
reaction is it is a tragedy
is he talking about his kids
and this is like this is not the first
time that biden has done this um or the
administration has done this this isn’t
the first time boris johnson has done
this for biden
in the wake of
tragedy this administration and biden
especially biden
has invoked the name of the people in
his past who have tragically
passed on
it was the car accident back in the 70s
or you know bo uh what was that 2015 uh
2016 2015 whenever that was um right
he he has invoked the name of these
people during tragedies and i feel bad
for him that he’s had to deal with these
this is not what
this is not what you need to be bringing
up right now when you are
talking to the family of the 13 marine
families that died in that last attack
in afghanistan
uh cutting them off to say i understand
because bo
that’s not a direct quote but you know i
summarized it
that is not the correct way to handle
when you are in britain and you are
talking with uh boris johnson about a
teenage motorcyclist who was killed by a
cia agent
traveling on the wrong side of the road
talking about your your daughter and
your ex your your former wife who died
in a car accident not the right time to
bring this up
and again we i i feel and i’m certain
spike does too uh feels for biden like
nobody should have to endure those yeah
no it’s a terrible thing that happened
and it possibly like something like this
could just possibly be a sign of his age
the fact that he’s not letting go of
these tragedies and
both of which understandable like i’m
not i’m not faulting him for that
i am faulting him for how he is bringing
it up when he is bringing it up and how
he is trying to connect with people who
going through so much grief right now by
saying oh yeah i get it
i went through it with my kid
well especially when putting aside the
fact that he actually lies when he talks
about what happened to his his uh his
former wife and his kids um he he claims
that the truck driver that hit them was
you know was drunk and that it was his
fault it was actually ruled to be a
mistake that his former wife made which
doesn’t make it any less tragic that
they died but now here he is slandering
the name of some of the survivor who’s
who actually was the victim of an
he just didn’t die because he was in a
truck and um and now he’s being blamed
for it uh by one of the most powerful
people on earth uh now the most powerful
or arguably the most powerful person on
earth is continuing to blame him uh for
this uh this tragic thing that was
actually the fault of of his former wife
driving put put that aside imagine if
someone murdered your family
and then they said you hey listen
i know what loss is like i lost my
family in a tragic accident that’s
terrible why did you murder my family
like what what does that have to do
you committed murder keep in mind
because a lot of times when we’re
talking about this people go
well you know it was an accidental no no
it wasn’t they had no reason to think
that these folks were terrorists they
went ahead and did it anyway
this is murder
if we were looking if you and i you
being whoever’s watching this right now
and me
we were looking
someone who had committed a murder
and then we found some people
who were filling
water bottles
with their kids
so we killed all of them
no one would be saying oh well you know
in the heat of the moment and the fog of
war they’d say they’re murderers their
mass murderers it’s disgusting what they
did whatever intention they had look at
the tragedy they caused they need to
suffer and pay and yet it’s seen as
absurd to even consider the possibility
that biden should be punished in any way
for this that his administration should
be punished in any way for this that
previous administration should be
punished when they did these things
trump did it obama did it bush did it
clinton did it bush one did it reagan
did they’ve all done stuff like this why
aren’t they being tried for war crimes
because they’d certainly do it to other
heads of state of smaller governments if
they did similar things so why why are
we not having that conversation
i mean and they would also call for it
for heads of state in in
here smaller poorer countries yeah
well in america like in america like
biden if it was trump that did it biden
would be calling for you know
for him to be impeached for him to be
kicked out for anybody that was involved
in it to be fired
the fact and trump you know same thing
same thing now desantis would say the
same thing now about biden but if
desantis did it it would he would just
be like well no that’s just something
that happens and right that is the stuff
that needs to end
that needs to end
they need to be held accountable and and
i understand that this is going to sound
mildly callous and it’s very very
specific to biden
when people are looking for answers on
why their children were murdered
because of something you did
they don’t care
that your child died
no that doesn’t matter
because their child died
two weeks ago at the time uh it’s been
about a month now i believe
their child is dead
don’t try to connect with them on that
that is when you need to shut the hell
try to come up with anything to say to
make them feel better that’s not i
understand what you’re going through
because bo
now what needed to be said
was that whoever was responsible uh or
in all honesty is going to be that
person’s scapegoat
it i mean it’s not going to be the
person responsible it’s going to be
somebody who’s going to get
scapegoated into it with the promise of
a good private industry job
will be released from their post but
what saki
uh was that the president has overseen
laws personally and that we
bringing all of us into this mistake
uh need to learn from what happened no
we learned from what happened a long
time ago
we we
bringing all of us into it uh have been
talking about it for a very long time
and just the fact that you’re a democrat
doesn’t mean that you get a pass
you need to stop murdering people in
other countries
yep stop committing murder
and then maybe there won’t be the blow
back which is the whole point because
this is going to
it’s going to affect us far more than
okay far more people who were not part
of the military-industrial complex died
on 9 11.
very few actual members of the military
industrial complex died on 9 11 and
certainly not none of the main people
died on 9 11. i mean there were some
like you know low and mid-level people
in the in the military maybe some
moderate level high command but like the
the head of centcom wasn’t killed the
president wasn’t killed the the defense
secretary wasn’t killed it was mostly
airplane airplane passengers and some
low to middle level people in that
complex in the in the military
industrial complex that’s it
and the thing is
they were fine with that because
they wanted us
collectively to feel the same pain and
fear that they feel
it was only a secondary goal to actually
go after the main people
the main goal was make us scared make us
feel what they feel
it also was to to to go to us into going
and invading their country and doing all
this stuff that that our military has
ended up doing because they knew it
would help them recruit new people to
join them they also want endless war
it’s it’s this very interesting
relationship between terror groups and
the military-industrial complex they
both want the same thing they both want
endless war because they profit from it
you know
there’s going to have to be
a clean break from this and it’s going
to have to come from us because if they
stop doing it then the u.s
military-industrial complex will declare
victory and just ramp up the bombings
and they know that and and they don’t
want to stop it’s going to have to come
from the american people saying no
enough already that we’re not doing this
anymore and the wars bring the troops
home let everyone know we’re not going
to be doing this interventionism anymore
just so i don’t disillusion anybody the
blowback’s going to happen because the
military-industrial complex
the military-industrial complex of the
jorgensen campaign feared we defend and
not get support from if we were to
explicitly anti-war because you know
they were worried about losing that
three percent um
no offense um no effect not taken
because the military industrial complex
uh doesn’t can’t let that happen
so we will get blowback and
you know who’s not going to be affected
by it
any of the people making the decisions
instead it’s going to be the regular
taxpayers uh just living his life like
you know the 10 people in afghanistan on
august 29th or the people who were going
to work on september 11th or the people
who were on the plane uh united
uh united 82 united 182.
the plane that they took down i don’t
remember the number um
oh flight 93. 29 u93 yeah flight 93. um
it’s going to be people just living
their lives that are going to be
affected by this and then that person’s
death or those people’s deaths will be
by the same people who are making this
to rob you of more freedoms
in their name
that’s how we got the patriot act
that is how all of this coveted stuff
has gotten to where we are today
all of that is because they are doing it
somebody in the comments uh said uh
cajun fear is the rally cry of the
tyrant james madison
that is what they are doing they are
using fear
to get you to comply
and they did it for the patriot act
they’re doing it now
and now they have the playbook and they
know that it works
and they will continue to use it
in the name of fear
and in the names of people that truly
are dead because of government
the only thing that we have to that we
should be fearing is what happens if we
allow them to continue along this path
that’s the only thing that that should
bring fear to us because it’s only going
to get worse and we have to take a stand
and that’s why you know we’re we’re at
this point this is why i’m saying
everything is
a uh is a quote-unquote hill to die on
at at any point that government is
saying we’re going to push forward on
this there needs to be a push back and
and not just lawsuits not just um you
know people uh that are you know
lobbying to replace the politicians who
are pushing for the all of that is good
as well we should be doing all those
things um but we also there also needs
to be a level of civil disobedience as
well and that’s a personal decision for
each individual to take i’m not going to
tell you you have to disobey this you
have to i’m going to make you disobey
what everyone has to decide what they
are able to and comfortable with taking
the risk of doing but the reality is
that is ultimately it is a it is a
people that say no we’re not doing this
anymore that is what ends up ending
tyranny is when people enough people it
doesn’t even have to be a majority
doesn’t even have to be a large minority
three to five percent just saying no not
doing that um
so that is uh that is the show
real quick uh there was a there was a
question in the comments that i wanted
to address jacob helzer
uh can we talk about the push from the
fda to use the who to outlaw kratom on
an international level uh so i’ve heard
about this story
i’ve heard about this story i have
looked into this story i am not sure
how big of a threat this actually is
um i don’t know how many people know
this but the reason that this show
exists is because i started fighting for
kratom legalization here in florida um
because i wanted crowd to remain legal
um right i was fighting it in somebody
trying to ban it uh and i have been
involved in the fda fights in the past
on kratom here um
with many of my contacts that i’ve made
in the kratom in uh botanical industries
not many of them are afraid of this
the who could say we’re gonna ban it
internationally uh but that would
[ __ ]
so many countries
uh so many countries uh on an economic
standpoint because that is their largest
uh export
for them to do that would be
would be
massive especially for a drink
or a botanical or a
powder however however you ingest it
even though it’s not safe for human
consumption um
however you ingest it uh however it is
it is a botanical that people can use to
help with pain that can help with um add
and i’m not a doctor so i really
shouldn’t be saying this but i’m also
not in
the business anymore um but it
it can help out with a lot of issues
without a lot of the side effects that
you’re gonna get from the medical drugs
uh that you could get in its place
so right i don’t think that it’s that
big of a deal as of yet
uh i have been keeping my eye on that
story and if
if we need to do an episode about it or
if you know we need to talk to anybody
we are more than happy to do so but i do
not believe that that is something that
anybody needs to worry about
but if it does become anything trust me
you’re gonna know about it from us
you definitely will i’m also having a
hard time
finding anything about it yeah i’m
finding anything about specifically the
ban on
them pushing for i keep hearing
references to them doing it but i’m not
finding any first sources there was a
link that was being a few people went to
saying uh that was from
uh hold on one second uh from
but they’ve pulled that article
i am not
so i’ve heard about it and like i saw
the petition but before i even signed
the petition i was going to look into it
and it did nothing about it seemed all
uh reliable to me and i’ve talked to a
couple people i know with the american
kratom association or people who used to
work for the aka
and uh
figure out exactly
how real of a threat this is and
a lot of them did not seem to be
concerned in any real way
yeah i’m not seeing
i’m seeing rumors
and i saw one article
repeated links from other second sources
to the article
saying yeah
yeah i’m not seeing it i don’t think
it’s it’s a legit thing yet or at least
there’s nothing that’s
there’s nothing here that’s like a
smoking gun showing they’re actually
doing it if they’re doing it it’s behind
closed doors because it’s not actually
happening or it’s not they’re not
announcing it
either either that or the fda went and
said something about it and they just
went no we’re not gonna
we’re not gonna ban something
internationally just because
the former head of the
fda has a former company has a patent on
metrogen speciosa uh
synthetic right we’re not gonna do it
and that’s the crazy thing about this
anytime they talk about it it seems to
be universal
from the scientific community from the
medical community from users from er
that are like this would be the
stupidest thing you would see an
increase in suicides you’d see an
increase in opioid addiction you’d see
an increase in um
in overdoses from the the heroin
epidemic like this is one of the most
effective step downs from the heroin
epidemic and the and the opioid epidemic
and a very brief reading that it has
many of the similar effects um uh
some similar effects that opioids have
even at higher levels except it doesn’t
create the antagonist that leads to
uh that leads to heart issues which are
one of the most common causes of the uh
overdoses so it’s just there’s not like
yeah suspected push for global kratom
ban yeah this there’s not a
there’s not a thing here but anyway
the only article that i read uh because
i just found it online the only article
i read about it um
saying that it was actually happening
was from
marijuanamoment.net and while i’m not
that they did not do their due diligence
when writing that article
it did not come off to me
who reads a lot of articles as an
article that was researched properly
yeah and the the more recent articles
i’m seeing now everyone is saying
suspected push to to ban it so we’ll
keep an eye on it it is something very
close to us uh near and dear to our
hearts um so uh we have a very
interesting week tomorrow is my fellow
americans uh and i will be i already
interviewed maurice shema who is with
the marshall project he’s an expert on
the death penalty and we are going to uh
you’re going to see our we’re going to
be live streaming the
interview that was already recorded of
but i’m also going to be traveling uh
because we’re headed to kentucky
on thursday
we are doing a rally in russell kentucky
for the russell convalescent home for
those who have followed my social media
you know all about the story if you
haven’t go on over to my social media
and find out about the story basically
long too long didn’t read version is uh
the city government of russell is trying
to use eminent domain to seize a
convalescent home scatter all of its uh
residents who’ve been living together as
a family for uh some of them for over 20
years into low-cost facilities across
the state and in some cases most
probably all cases put them in state-run
facilities so they can demolish
their home
and replace it with a parking lot uh oh
and a green space and a park um
a farmer’s market a green space and a
and a parking lot uh and it just so
happens that uh one of the the the city
attorney owns two businesses across the
street the city government building is
directly across the street um the
mayor’s family owns a large building uh
on the other side of the convalescent
they’re taking
i don’t want to infer any wrongdoing you
know i certainly don’t want to get sued
for slander uh but i will say that they
all just happen possible probable
coincidence they all happen that they’re
going to benefit greatly from removing
from basically stealing this property
with eminent domain we’re going there to
rally against it russell kentucky 407
ferry street in uh in russell kentucky
at the convalescent home at 4 pm and
then at 6 30 we’re literally walking
across the street to the city government
building and when i say the street it’s
like a two-lane street it’s like we are
walking from here to there over there
and we are going to speak at their city
council meeting uh we are making sure
that the sheriff is there so that the
city police don’t stop us from talking
like they typically do at their city
council meetings
so we’re going to be doing that tomorrow
uh or are doing that on thursday and
then also on thursday at eight is the is
the writer’s block and who’s your guest
for the writer’s block
i’m very curious now um
because my guest is randall daniel
chair of the libertarian party kentucky
what a coincidence
so i’m very curious as to uh
if you guys are doing all that on
if he will be i don’t know that he’s
gone honestly i don’t know that he’s
going to be
there but he might
we might be doing it live we might be
doing the show he might be streaming in
from the uh from the city council
i mean it would be that time
it it you know the city council
what it’s at 6 30
is that 6 30 central 6 30 no no it’s
it’s six yeah it’s eastern it’s uh it’s
um 5 30.
yeah it’s it’s it’s uh yeah they’re
eastern so it’s it’s it’s 6 30 our time
you’re not eastern
yeah we are we’re eastern
no they’re not eastern
eastern kentucky is yeah
well yeah but oh
yeah okay that’s not at the capitol i
was like the capital is not that i know
where i’ve been there multiple times but
yeah if they’re in eastern kentucky yeah
that makes sense yeah they’re in eastern
kentucky they’re along the shoreline
they’re like an hour and a half or two
hours from like cincinnati and columbus
and and they’re east of lexington and
louisville and all that so they’re in
that part of kentucky that’s on eastern
time but
and i don’t like i don’t want to build
up my interview with randall daniel too
much um i’m certain it’s gonna be a
fantastic interview uh he’s a wonderful
person i’ve seen him on multiple
podcasts and he’s a great interview um
but my opening question to randall
could potentially make the rest of the
interview the most awkward thing you’ve
ever seen
it’s gonna be great okay
that’s gonna be so good
that’s good and it’ll be at the city
council meeting too so there’ll be
additional problems
immediately like
this question could force this interview
to end immediately
i can’t yeah i’m sorry
you’re not gonna believe what matt’s
about to ask the chair of the
libertarian party in kentucky on
that’s good stuff so then on friday uh i
will be in minnesota to help uh
kick off the travis bull johnson for
congress campaign there in western uh
minnesota actually we’re gonna be in
west fargo north dakota
uh but so friday and saturday we’ll be
doing events all day long uh if you go
uh bull johnson for m n o s let me just
put that in the comments bull johnson
for mno
you can see all the different events
we’re doing and you can register right
there um
and uh and then on friday uh at is it
what time is it 9 30
9 30.
friday at 9 30 is uh cajun and eskimo
from bio to igloo where noelle and
nullic will be doing their wonderful
thing that they do then join us next
monday uh for oh man there’s all sorts
of stuff so uh join us for uh at 8pm for
the uh for jason lyon uh with mr america
the bearded truth uh and then join us
right back here next tuesday same money
place same
money time
next monday jason has joe garcia joe
garcia coming on his show to talk about
a nice reform
oh yeah so
so make sure you tune into that it’s
going to be a great episode uh with uh
jason lyon and joe garcia
yeah absolutely
so joe is
the is the chair of the libertarian
party of north carolina he’s almo he’s
also a former nypd cop who is now uh a
very active advocate for policing reform
based on the things he saw when he was a
cop that that gave him a crisis a crisis
of conscience that’s going to be a
really really good episode um and then
join us right back here next tuesday say
muddy play same money time for another
fantastic episode of the money waters of
freedom matt if you uh if the people
watching this were to try to find us on
the internet there would that even be
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you know it would actually be possible
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you can you can also find all of our
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as well yeah
or you can find us at you can find this
in every other episode at
well that is amazing folks thank you so
much for tuning in and hanging out with
us and uh
i hope that’s a threat to eat your
it is so
i had a biometric scan today and
i made a mistake
sharing that with
because now she’s worried about my
so she made salmon which i’m like i love
but now i’m worried that
i shared too much information with the
jewish woman
a bio intro from bio what
a biometric scam
like your eyeballs
no like my blood work and
like they did my blood work and my
weight and like
calculated all this stuff
is that called a biometric scan now
according to humana yes
i thought biometric scans were like
i don’t know
i’m thinking a biometric security scan
yeah like a blood panel we used to just
call that a blood panel biometric scan
dear lord
i didn’t know what it used to be called
because i tried not to ever get one
because i figured that something like
this would happen and listen
let the agricultural semite take care of
and give you
the finest foods and help get your your
whatever down your your tell me i can’t
have as much cheese and i’m already
upset by this
i am already upset by this
well if you were eating kosher then you
that would be fixing that problem
trust me when i say i’m eating kosher
wish you hadn’t i don’t
like no one
wants to hear any potent folks thanks so
much for tuning in uh to this episode of
the muddy waters of freedom
i’m so sorry
that we ended that way but we still love
and where we’re going
we don’t need roads
in kosher

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