Episode 211 – The Supreme’s Swing and Miss

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Biden has a leaked transcript showing a bit of a quid pro quo between him and the former Afghan President, but strange how “personal phone calls” don’t matter in this administration, vaping is back on the chopping block, and the DA in the Ahmaud Arbery case gets indicted! Also, the Supremes whiffed wildly on the Texas’s SB8, and the outcome is going to be scary.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

Today’s music intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7VGUAi3C_8

Episode Transcript

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do you think that general patton was
woke i don’t think so what do you think
mike was he woke i don’t think so
i don’t think he was too woke
you know what means it means you’re a
everything woke turns to [ __ ] this is a
sick culture and our country is a
disaster and it’s going to die before
your very eyes our women’s soccer team
was supposed to easily win but they went
wrong the one with purple hair she
didn’t play too well she went whoa take
a look everything goes bad but it’s true
about woke do you think that general
patent was woke it’s crazy it’s crazy
i’ve never seen i’ve never seen anything
so stupid in my life
you know what means it means you’re a
everything woke turns to [ __ ] our
country was so respected nobody was
gonna mess with us and then this clown
he got in office so like the captain of
a ship let’s jump off first before the
i’m getting the hell out of here i could
just see this the leadership of the
taliban standing there somebody walking
up sir the soldiers have left it’s crazy
it’s crazy i’ve never seen i’ve never
seen anything so stupid in my life
everything woke turns to [ __ ]
you know what i believe totally in your
freedoms i do
you gotta do what you have to do
recommend take the vaccines i did it
it’s good take the vaccines but you got
that’s okay that’s all right you got
your freedoms
but i happen to take the vaccine it’s
crazy it’s crazy i’ve never seen i’ve
never seen
everything woke turns to [ __ ]
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
for spike george russia shonington cohen
i am matt right and together we are
traversing the muddy waters of freedom
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no but you know what you are extremely
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i’m currently watching the uh
walk-through of adderpan and
i see what you’re talking about
it’s and it’s so like
like it’s
like it just feels stressful watching
like the 30 seconds that i’ve it’s so
and i don’t even know what happened it
there’s there’s not there’s nothing
happening and you look and they’re just
these dolls and they’re
like then like
and then you move it like that like it’s
i don’t get it i don’t understand i’m
going back to the i’m going back to the
i don’t understand it i don’t understand
why people are into it i don’t get it
whatever i just don’t get it i don’t get
it anyway
you know what else i do but you know
what i do get matt
hey matt
it’s there oh man i wasn’t i’m man i’m
not going to say that
monthly blood transfusions
do you think i get a blood transfusion
every month
you’re not going to blood transfusion
no i can’t
i get an infusion not a transfusion they
put medicine in me oh
i figured they were changing out your
change you got my plate my blood’s got a
mess in it no it’s it’s
they used to use leeches and this is
leeches yeah use
i’m glad you learned that about me today
no matt what we do get is random
auctions what’s and we have a we have a
uh we have something we’re auctioning
off and there’s a little bit of we have
something random we’re auctioning off
yes there’s a bit of a backstory to this
to this there is a bit of a backstory to
this so uh a few months ago
god it’s been a couple of months now
hasn’t it
yeah wow time it’s been like it’s over
two months no it’s been about a month
and a half
well don’t unroll it yet don’t unroll it
yet don’t okay all right so about a
month and a half ago two months ago
somewhere in that range um
was invited to be a part of the um
uh shooting event with
uh the philosopher and
jack and jack lloyd
and uh i was at the event and we um
we went shooting together up in tarpon
tarpon area i think yeah we’ll call it
tarpon uh up in tarpon springs up in
pinellas county here and uh we had a
great time really nice shooting range we
had we had a good amount of fun
um and we shot a lot of
one of these targets yeah so
my wife
helped choose targets and one of the
ones she chose
was called susan
and susan is late well don’t do it yet
susan is a little i think it’s called
help susan
mate possibly
uh susan um
susan was being held captive by someone
they were holding a gun to her head or
no two were stomachers now they were
holding a gun to her we’ll all see
together shortly doesn’t really matter
now um she uh
they held a gun and
they were holding her hostage and the
point is to not hit susan and to instead
save susan from her captor
and i told everyone this we’re gonna
save susan this is important
and so while i was shooting another
target i was saving us from i believe
the clown with the grenades
um yes the
another one of the attendees
good guy
big fan of mine
you can see nice grouping
right into susan’s face
he emptied his magazine into susan yeah
he just emptied his mag right into
susan’s head
got vengeance yeah susan i avenge susan
yes the gun is pointed at susan’s
stomach yes
what uh so
spike and i
have both signed
and as you can see
and this one says susan is the power
susan was the power
susan was the power yeah susan was the
power it’s hard to read on the screen
here it’s very small um
but susan was the power and so both of
us have signed this and we will be
auctioning this off
yes we’re auctioning it off so uh for
those of you who have not done the
auction before uh the way that we do it
is you just randomly put bids in the
comments and uh we keep track of who the
highest bid is throughout the show and
at the end of the show we’ll announce
who the winner is
well midwest guy says susan runs the
matriarchy she she doesn’t anymore she
doesn’t run anything she she doesn’t do
anything anymore susan has been a better
place than
well the firing range was for her um
that was she got taken hostage
by a random guy whose name’s not even on
the thing
and then
a vigilante who wanted to help
the hostage taker yeah
but but in a way he didn’t really help
him either because
the haas to take the hostage taker once
he doesn’t have the hostage alive
anymore then there’s no reason to keep
him alive so really this helps
so we will we will be auctioning off the
hostage series
hostage series susan
as you can see right here no other side
hostage series susan uh target that is
autographed by the both of us today
and you can have this lovely thing
above your bed
you can get it framed hang it above your
and uh you can
every morning you can wake up we have a
bit of five dollars at every
wake up and look at this
and be reminded that if you are taken
hostage to make sure i’m there
first you don’t want joe there first
yeah you don’t want joe there first if
you want if someone says hey i’m a big
fan of spike i can do not assume the
because at least one of them
will take out a hostage at least one
yeah they just want to resolve it
just get rid of the hostage he saw speed
way too many times as a child and when
keanu was like
you shoot the hostage he was like oh
well yeah just shoot the hostage then
you don’t have to worry about hostage
negotiations yeah
if you’d like for there to be like if
you want to make it home just make sure
it’s me and not like a fan of mine
i apologize if i just butchered your
last name shannon bid fifty fifty
she saw she also said lol so let’s make
that that’s
well joe
while terry thierry bid 69 i’m just
concerned if these are real bids
um if these are real bids
if you can confirm
please um so
because right now it said 69 because i’m
gonna go with 69 is a real big we’re
gonna go with 69
so while we uh get clarification on
these bids and and possibly new ones uh
we’re going to go on to uh to talk about
some really non-controversial stuff
the the three a’s
afghanistan abortion and uh and and a
mood off barbary um so pretty much just
all the things that aren’t controversial
and we’re gonna start that with the
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the end
um let me just keep going so
joe joe gutierrez um
let us know if your bid was real
so that way we know
where other people should bid
um and i’m pretty certain
i just pronounced your last name
correctly um so let us know joe
gutierrez um i think it’s
i think it’s goodier
because the sheriff in our county is bob
gutierre and he spells it exactly the
same way oh really oh okay well then
maybe it’s
so in a leaked transcript of a phone
call this may sound familiar from a few
years ago it’s different i promise
uh an elite transcript of a phone call
that took place between sundowning joe
biden and afghan president
ashraf ghani
on july 23rd
we actually have uh this is breaking we
actually have the video of this um it
was released um right before right as we
were going live so matt doesn’t know yet
but we actually they released the video
uh it’s an audio transcript it’s audio
of it in video form so here we’re gonna
here we’re gonna go with that uh real
quick a little bit
no way
and i had a nurse at uh
nurses at uh walter reed hospital who
bend down and whisper in my ear wow and
go home and get me pillows they would
make sure they’d actually
probably nothing ever taught in uh you
can’t do it in the covert time but
they’d actually breathe in my nostrils
to make me
move to get me moving
okay so here’s the league transcript um
it it shows that by
was attempting to convince the former
afghan leader to change his story on
what was going on in afghanistan before
the taliban took over the country now
here are the excerpts
and when i say this this is basically
biden’s first
his introduction and everything he said
before the afghan leader said a word
in these uh calls
you know i am a moment late but i mean
it sincerely hey look i want to make
clear that i am not a military man any
more than you are this is coming from
the commander-in-chief
of these united states
i am not a military man any more than
you are but i have been meeting with our
pentagon folks and our national security
people as you have with ours and yours
and as you know and i need not tell you
the perception around the world and in
parts of afghanistan i believe is that
things aren’t going well in terms of the
fight against the taliban
no they’re
and there’s a need whether it is true or
not there is a need to project a
different picture this so
he said that
so he is asking him to lie
yeah if you empower defense minister
bismala khan muhammad muhammadi uh to
execute a strategy focused on key parts
of the population centers and i’m not a
military guy so i’m not telling you what
that plan should precisely look like
you’re not only going to get more help
but you’re going to get a perception
that is going to change in terms of how
our allies and
i said something
that people who do this for a living
couldn’t figure out what he said
couldn’t figure out what he said
our allies and folks here in the states
and other places think you’re doing
you clearly have the best military oh
clearly you have three hundred thousand
clearly you have three hundred thousand
well-armed forces versus seventy to
eighty thousand and they’re clearly
capable of fighting well again clearly
we will continue to provide close air
support if we know what the plan is and
what we are doing and all the way
through the end of august and who knows
what after that so if you read this
after that
if you read this
it says
we need to change the perception we
don’t care if it’s true and if you put
bismala in charge you will continue to
get support from us
from here until we don’t know in the
future which sounds to me
a lot like a quid pro quo
which trump got impeached on and again
not trump fans here
not trump fans
but when asked about this
jinsaki said i’m not going to get into
private diplomatic conversations or
leaked transcripts of phone calls
however in 2019
when donald trump’s conversations with
uh ukrainian president
vladimir zelinski leaked she tweeted
it’s not just the call transcript the
whistleblower complaint would likely
have more details we need both
where is the difference now
the difference is that this one is
a national security issue because this
is the use of the military um
so here’s
there’s another part of this if we go
back to the linked phone call here at
the end it says uh we will continue to
provide close air support if we know
what the plan is and what we are doing
and all the way through the end of
august and who knows what after that
but before that he says yeah everyone
thinks that this isn’t going well that
the afghan national army isn’t doing a
good job and we need to change that
it sounds like what he’s saying is
and of course now we know what ended up
happening but it sounds like what he’s
saying is if you make this look like
you’re winning
we’ll stick around more
which means
that when
he has we now know he decided not to
stick around and just to leave and even
to leave a bunch of equipment there and
everything and even to leave a bunch of
americans there not to mention tens of
thousands of afghan
ally civilians there um
it sounds like what happened after this
was that the afghan government was like
no we’re not gonna do that and that he
was like all right well then we’re just
leaving which i actually don’t disagree
with that decision but
uh but it it uh or at least the decision
i don’t i don’t disagree with the
decision to leave but i i think it
sounds like the reason he left was
because the afghan government didn’t
agree to make it look like they were
right and
yes i agree i and i agree with the
decision to leave i don’t agree with him
going okay we’re going to pull
90 percent of the military and leave
everybody else yeah and well and
scapegoat the civil the americans that
were stuck there you know you had
myopicus saying well you know they’ve
known for months they’re embassy workers
they’re literally doing the work that
you have hired them to do they’re
desperately trying to do as much as they
can and they find out you’re leaving and
then you’re like oh yeah well you know
we’re out of here it’s
what a mess um
yeah no i there
i don’t i’m i’m failing to see if what
if trump’s
quid pro quo
was or or you know
alleged quid pro quo was enough to get
him impeached this was a quid pro quo
that involved the us military sticking
right then
past deadlines that were promised and
because he said through the end of
august and we will see after that or who
knows after that i don’t remember the
exact term but um
he said it could possibly go on past the
end of august which granted september
11th when he promised to be out is past
the end of august but
i don’t think he just meant for the next
11 days
yeah who knows past that doesn’t mean 11
so speaking of um
oh go no go ahead
no just yeah nothing
you know speaking of corrupt government
agents and uh and functionaries that are
causing damage in order to help their
allies uh
the fda uh
which is basically owned by uh big
tobacco the fda will have to decide
which e-cig and vaping products will be
allowed to be sold in the u.s
is anybody who watch it by september not
by by thursday
but thursday yep and anybody who watches
this show probably understands my
whether or not the fda will be able to
reach this deadline is uncertain because
hundreds of thousands of applications
have come in
and they are probably not going to be
able to get through all of them um
many of the companies who have already
been denied
been denied permission to sell uh their
product here in the united states have
stated they’re going to be switching to
a synthetic version of nicotine and one
that does that isn’t derived from
tobacco in order to avoid regulation on
tobacco from the agency
that’s definitely going to be more
yeah so very excited about that
possibility of inhaling that um
and other companies are just going to
shutter and the absence of vaping in the
market is going to drive thousands if
not more um back to smoking which is not
under the purview of the fda regulations
enacted in 2009 because they had been
grandfathered in as being sold in the
united states before 2007.
yeah somebody said k2 of vapes yes it’s
the k2 of vapes
yeah the the spice
of vapes
yeah pretty much and and
you know we talk about
reducing the cost of healthcare
the effects of smoking
the two two of the biggest drivers of
healthcare costs are smoking and obesity
it is absurd
here you have something that is
immeasurably safer
than smoking
there have been how many confirmed
deaths from vaping and they were all due
to uh uh
black market cartridges that were the
wrong concentrations and stuff like that
i mean oh yeah the vitamin c thing or
whatever where they were coming from
china yeah there were like seven of them
or something like
a small and it’s not obviously not
discounting the importance of any death
millions of people around the world die
from smoking
every year
many more
wait till their day of death and suffer
through you know emphysema and cancer
and and all sorts of other health
problems as a direct dental problems and
and all sorts of other problems related
to smoking
it’s just it is insane that they that
they they go you know what the problem
here is vaping the most
effective probably the most effective
way to get people off of smoking
it’s yes and
so i
and i understand that their biggest
issue is that
they saw that
miners were just picking up vaping and
so many miners were vaping well
i remember high school
you know
when i started smoking
um and dipping and using every tobacco
product that there was and
they’re what like
they were just like yeah whatever and
then uh now it’s
now now and now they’re like okay well
we have to stop this vaping pandemic
that we have because
because of the amount of underage people
who are vaping and they’re doing that
because of the flavors and the blah blah
blah and the blah blah so you have
companies like jewel
who instead of having a wide array of
flavors cut it down to tobacco and
menthol and then they banned menthol of
so now they just have tobacco-flavored
jewel pods
um and
when i smoked as a miner which was
almost all of the time that i smoked as
soon as i turned like i think i think it
was when i turned like 19 so it was like
about a year of it being legal for me to
smoke having started smoking at 13
it wasn’t cool anymore
there wasn’t any you know like oh i
can’t do this it’s this forbidden thing
that i shouldn’t do now it’s just this
thing that i do and it makes my breath
smell bad and
i you know i
cough up blood occasionally and
like it was it was stupid and i stopped
it because it was dumb
if it had been flavored i would have
been oh that i would have been like oh
that’s kind of back then i would have
thought well that’s kind of girly i want
the tough guy cigarettes and
i don’t think they understand teenagers
at all actually
yeah i don’t think that they do
understand like and i and i know that
like a lot of
uh miners were getting their hands on
these vaping systems and i don’t think
that the response should have been
okay we’ll ban it
you should not have been banning uh it
should have been
shame campaigns on the comp on the on
the grocery stores and the gas stations
that were selling them to miners
you know uh
why get rid of it for people who can do
it legally
because some kids did it
and if they get rid of vaping
if they ban any of the products that i
use and i have to find new products or
they just get rid of vaping all together
in the united states
i am not going to be a happy person for
like a month
i will be a very angry person
until you find it illegally like that
that’s the stupid thing about right yeah
and i know people that make the stuff so
like i could get it from them
it this whole thing is so dumb
everyone knows that when you ban
something it just creates a black market
for it so it’s it’s basically the
government’s going there’s the
possibility that this might not be safe
so we’re going to ensure that it is as
unsafe as possible by driving it into
the into the black market where there
can’t be any kind of scrutiny of it
where people can’t you know compare and
contrast online you know the quality of
different things where there can’t be
testing standards uh that people set
because it’s all illegal and you’ll go
to jail if you do it
it’s just so stupid it’s so stupid it is
just dumb
and uh you know just to put in
perspective the kind of people the kind
of politicians
uh who are behind these kinds of
decisions uh we just saw in uh for those
who remember from last year the uh uh uh
i think it’s and i think it’s a mood i
think that’s how his name is said a mood
arbury k i thought it was ahmad but it’s
a mood i believe arbory case back in
georgia on thursday a grand jury
indicted jackie johnson who was the d.a
who presided over that case
she has been charged with violating her
oath of office which is a felony and
hindering a law enforcement officer
which is a misdemeanor
this is sort of unprecedented at this
there might be an example of this but i
don’t know of this having happened
before but i don’t know of it i don’t
know of it
right um
so these charges stem from jackie
allegedly using her power to protect the
men accused of murdering ahmad or how
did you say a mood
i think it’s a mood i believe it’s a
okay i thought it was a mod uh but i’ll
say a mood
of murdering a man now if you don’t
remember this we reported on it here um
if you go back and watch that episode we
won’t get any money because we were
demonetized for showing this video um
but a mood arbory was he went into a new
country into a house that was being
constructed i don’t know if it’s a new
construction or a tear down or whatever
but he went in and just kind of walked
around he had been running around in the
uh then two guys and one other that was
filming this entire thing uh followed
as he ran out and he was continuing his
jog and they followed him and they told
him to stop he
was like i don’t have to stop why would
i have to stop for you and he kept going
and then they jumped out of the trucks
pulled up in front of him jumped out of
the truck one of them tried to grab him
he hit the guy and which i believe
um and
somebody else
the son i believe that was in the back
seat uh shot him
or in the bed of the truck not the
backseat uh shot him and somebody was
filming this entire thing and then it
got leaked out onto the internet um and
they were protected because
as the indictment alleged
jackie showed favor and affection to
greg mcmichael during the investigation
and that she failed to treat a mood
arbory and his family with dignity
she recommended the case be taken over
by waycross judicial circuit district
attorney george e barnhill neglecting to
disclose that she had previously sought
the assistance of d.a barnhill on the
case because she used to work
the defendant
she also obstructed police by directing
that travis mcmichael should not be
placed under arrest because he worked
directly for
jackie johnson it was interesting when
this had when this came out obviously
there was the racial angle the the you
know a young black man was killed by you
know a bunch of white people who were
literally waiting for him in the middle
of the road and gunned him down with uh
with shotguns and
what was interesting was that because
people didn’t realize that this were
that these were
a retired cop and and the retired cop
actually two retired cops and the
retired one of the retired cops sons
um they were like this is the problem
with private ownership of weapons i was
like no this is the problem with the
thin blue line you know even after
they’re retired they get to kill people
and get have it covered up for them this
is good news
this is the kind of stuff
if there is to be a government
and i am uh as many know an anarchist uh
what is that uh
about 46 minutes in um
i uh
the second highest office in the land
47 minutes in um
if there is to be a government i want
them to mostly just be breaking each
other’s balls and giving each other a
hard time when they
when any of them infringe on our lives
rights and property that’s the only
government i want to see so when i see
you know this level of government
arresting someone at this level of
government for you know
basically covering for murderers then
i’m good with that that’s perfectly fine
i have no problem with that i think it’s
good i hope to see more stuff like this
and i hope that by introducing laws like
duty to intervene meaning that police
officers if they see a fellow officer
and not just police officers if anyone
in government
sees someone
in government another police officer a a
a prosecutor a politician a government
agent whatever cps worker sees them
infringing on someone’s lives
or rights or property or breaking the
law and they don’t intervene the same
way they would if a civilian were doing
they are now an accessory to that crime
that would make more of this happen a
lot more yes
but yes again this is good news this is
to the best of our knowledge
unprecedented news
uh you don’t hear about the da’s who
have been protecting cops uh getting
indicted for protecting cops
the fact that this is happening is
fantastic because hopefully
hopefully uh this was in georgia correct
i believe this was in georgia yeah it
was in georgia yeah okay so hopefully
other da’s in georgia will now look at
this and go well i can’t protect cops
anymore for doing bad stuff that they
deserve to be punished for
because if i do i could possibly be sent
to prison
i am not going to say that a d.a would
fare worse than a cop in prison
but i’m definitely not going to say that
they would do better
a d.a especially a da who’s in there for
covering for murdering cop for for
murderous cops
they’re going to have a rough time
they’re gonna have a rough time or
they’re gonna be in isolation for the
rest of their life to protect them from
that rough time which means they’re
gonna just be stuck there by themselves
just them and their thoughts about what
that was like what they did for a very
very long time and they will serve every
day that they remain in there as a great
deterrent to other da’s who are thinking
of doing a solid for one of their fellow
uh thin blue line officers there um
again often libertarians when we see
stuff like this some libertarians will
be like well but this is government
getting involved and you got a higher
level of government stopping someone at
the lower level of government and don’t
we support localization yeah we support
localization of decision making
right at any point when someone in
government at any level infringes on
someone’s lives rights or property
anyone who can stop them from doing so
so whether it’s someone at the city
level nullifying something at the state
level or something at the state level
nullifying something at the federal
level or someone at the federal or state
level stopping someone at a lower level
from doing something like this or
punishing them for doing it those are
all good things we should support those
things um yes and uh so that that that
is a a very very good thing why that
real quick to the comments john
morrissey uh who for anybody who doesn’t
know john morrissey is one of the owners
of defy the power who make the fantastic
tumblers that we
will auction off uh from time to time
we may have
coming soon
for anybody who might want to pay for it
in the future um but uh john morrissey
says if i remember correctly there was
some pressure to make it a hate crime
and they the government resisted uh so
the men who murdered
according to somebody in the comments
ahmad and i apologize to his family if
any of them ever see this we are sorry
if we don’t pronounce his name correctly
um but
uh the men who murdered him uh got
charged with hate crimes federally they
got federal hate crime charges so they
are also dealing with that on top of
um so
if the government resisted they caved on
it eventually
i’m fine with government officials
being charged with hate crimes because
that’s kind of what their job is so if
they are now being charged for it like
i’m i am good i like the idea of
weaponizing government against
government like they’re gonna have to
use it against someone let them use it
against government and then if if so if
you have you know people at the the
federal and state level you know
cracking down on the cities and then the
cities in a knee-jerk reaction start
resisting stuff from the state and
federal this is all good like we want
governments that the the point of the
only governments that you’re going to
have that in any way are respecting your
life and your rights your property your
autonomy the
it’s only going to happen if they’re
distracted by fighting each other
constantly so this is good um and yeah
like joshua mccoy says the us government
is a hate org that’s accurate um yes the
um uh uh i am arizona says pair this
with recent success in the fight against
qualified immunity police reform
activism works we’re seeing some there
there has been a shift we’ve crossed a
rubicon and i don’t think you know it’s
we’re gonna have you know um
great policing in the future we’re gonna
like i don’t think we’re immediately
going to see um
a total sea change in how policing is
done or anything like that but i do
think that we’re starting to
work our way towards that um robert
selden says hate crime lies have always
bothered me but i’m unbothered by
government officials being charged with
exactly like literally any cri like it’s
like uh if i hear about a government
official being charged with um you know
like tax evasion or something that’s
fine you know i don’t believe in taxes
and i don’t or i don’t believe that
taxes should exist and i don’t think
anyone who is subject to taxes should be
punished for not paying them unless
they’re a politician i’m fine with that
that’s that’s perfectly fine
because they’re the ones who voted for
it and
yeah no that’s good um
so anyway
go ahead
in the most ill-timed thing i’m going to
do all night if you want to get this
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so here is our first question from eric
oh i get it hold on i gotta do the thing
there is an a there we go let me just
restart that
restart it
from eric brunhammer
all right i’m going to try to be quick
because i’m recording this in my
but when we agreed as libertarians that
everybody that is in a
a voted in position should be limited to
four-year terms just like
the president
okay so i think he’s asking if we would
agree to term limits for people
on the lnc
can we
i also say
everybody that is in a
a voted in position
should be limited to two four-term
four-year terms just like
the president
yeah yeah i think in the libertarian
yeah i think he’s talking about in the
liberty like
i think he’s talking about for the lnc
or for
your statement or whatever yeah yeah
no uh while i do think that certain
things run their course um
that is up to the voters to decide and
that they should not be bound by
the uh
if you have a good leader you want that
person in there to continue to lead and
if the people see that person as a good
leader they should be can be able to
continue to lead i understand that many
times you get a situation where somebody
is a terrible leader
just a god-awful leader just an
untrustworthy leader
the person that is up against them
might be part of a group that a lot of
people don’t like so they end up
voting for the terrible leader instead
of the person that’s part of a group
that a lot of people don’t like and i
understand that that happens
in the libertarian parties
i get it i understand that this happens
um but
if you want somebody better to run you
need to find somebody better to run uh
there have been multiple times
that i thought that
i knew who would be a great leader for
the libertarian party and that person
or those people intelligently went i
don’t want to do that
then i got it
i absolutely understood that
so i get it like but no i do think that
the people should be able to choose
whether or not
uh they continue to vote somebody in i
don’t think it should be term limited i
don’t think people in congress should be
term limited
because of this reason
yeah i so here’s my thing with
term limits for
within the party
first of all
we’ve never had a chair that served
eight years
um i think six is the longest isn’t it
six is the longest nick sarwark has the
record for the longest serving most of
them served two years some of them
served four years um
so having two four-year term
they’re already doing less than that i
there may be some lnc members or some
like uh well the other positions like
executive director and and the the
director positions they’re hired
positions they’re paid by contract um
i don’t know that there’s been a
secretary that’s served you know eight
years or anything like that so from
there’s from that standpoint that’s not
really needed
and like matt said
pick someone better
i think somebody better i’m okay with
term limits in congress or for elected
when they get in now they can use the
power of incumbency and things like that
but even then i i think it’s better
instead of focusing on term limits which
incidentally i mean good luck
getting that passed because that
requires constitutional amendments
you’re basically asking the politicians
who would suffer under no longer being
able to just stay in office forever
voting whether or not they could just
stay in office forever um so good luck
and and like two-thirds of them would
have to vote for it so good luck on that
either that or you would need two-thirds
of the governors who
because if you get two isn’t it
two-thirds of the governors would have
to vote on it oh no and if they did the
three-fifths of the state legislators
legislators would have to vote on it
you’re saying for a constitutional
convention convention of states
yeah three fifths of the so three-fifths
of state legislatures filled with people
who eventually want to go to congress uh
you know
also fair
good luck as opposed to looking at why
they stay in office for the in the first
place and a name for the salary it’s
right the the ability to be able to take
your money and give it away to the
cronies who put them in office and
enrich themselves long term in the
process one of the few things that
donald trump said that made me cry tears
of joy was when he would talk about how
you know specific politicians who you
know when they went into office they
were you know they were middle class and
now they’ve been in office for you know
20 years now they’re worth 50 million
dollars and it’s like look at what their
salary is that don’t add up to being
worth 50 million dollars what happened
or 100 million dollars or whatever it is
what happened and he’s right that’s
that’s why they stay in so if we’re able
to to chip away at the gravy train that
they’ve built i think that’s more
powerful than trying than hoping that
they uh vote to stop themselves from
being able to stay in office and do that
and for when it comes to the if if the
question from eric was specifically for
the lp for the lnc no it’s not needed
it’s not needed now
many people in the commons um
and i’m going to agree with these people
if there is one candidate
that we could all vote on for no term
limits just
lifetime appointment
to whatever position this person wants
i think that we can all get behind susan
good old susan
as that person
oh no susan’s over here you can have
susan guy
no not this guy you don’t want this guy
you don’t want the guy over here you
want susan
for the lifetime appointment to any
position that she wants
susan is susan is the answer
susan was the answer
he also was the power
i’m with susan also james ogle he might
be a good one too james ogle
and his
538-party system
is a decent
decent runner-up
decent runner-up um so
so here is the quote and next all right
we only have two questions so here this
one is from noelle who is just being
ramrodded by facebook
the past couple days um here is his
what’s up y’all the cajun libertarian
here your favorite
absolute favorite
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor call a moment
right now
matt you’re an amazing human being and i
look up to you so much you have no idea
you’re incredible
super intelligent and i love everything
that you have to say thank you for being
who you are spike you are an absolutely
incredible leader
and i look forward to learning from you
more and more every day you deserve
every bit of spotlight that you have
attained and will in the future i’m
super proud to follow and learn from
both of y’all thank you so much i had a
show the other night talking about big
tech taking orders from the federal
government straight from the white house
being pressured
from the white house and the biden
administration how can we at this point
consider them a private entity thank you
so much love y’all both
okay so this is a very personal question
for cajun
because because he has now been kicked
off of facebook like
eight times i don’t know what he what
they think he did
but oh my god
they went in elbow deep with no glove
just started twisting all the way just
started twisting
open the hand did this number
there’s some really
i don’t know yeah they are doing
for years
when i was kicked off of facebook
oh last year
man yup when i was kicked off of
facebook last year we were still saying
facebook is a private company
and they have a right to do this
i wasn’t happy about it
but it’s their platform if they don’t
want me on it fine um they they don’t
have to have me on it um
they didn’t need to have that profile on
it um
since then
with the fact that
you’ve had jin pasaki saying things like
you know we’ve given them a list of
people that they might want to get rid
of and oddly enough those people have
been gotten rid of
that sort of takes away
from them being a private company as
opposed to an arm
of the government
they technically are a private company
they are taking their
lead from the government
this is this is actually a really tough
question because yes i they still are a
private company are they are they taking
their marching orders from biden and the
biden administration sounds like it
seems like it
and if they are
i would consider them no longer a
private company but an arm of the
so if they actually are acting as an arm
of the administration i would say no
they cannot actually kick you off
yeah so here’s the thing
you’re in and matt’s 100 correct what it
comes down to is
it’s a very simple thing that it comes
down to
this is what
corporatism looks like so asking a
question like are they a private company
what does that actually mean
like what to what extent
does that actually change anything
because okay are they a private company
they are they are a private company are
they taking
or at least to the extent that they are
a company that is formed as a for-profit
that has shareholders and that has an
owner and that the government doesn’t
directly run
is it a private company yeah
there is no in a corporatist system
system which incidentally corporatism is
the economic plank of fascism so in a
fascist corporatist system which is what
we have
in a corporatist system
there is no such thing as a fully
private company
there’s no such thing as fully private
there’s literally what the government
allows you to have with whatever license
or fee or tax that you are required to
pay in order for them to allow you to
have it
under the direction and regulation by
which they allow you to own or operate
whatever the thing is
so to whatever extent you are being
taxed regulated um
and so forth
you are that much less private quote
unquote so it also is
less of a
of a conversation because often when
people say well it’s not really a
private company ends up then becoming a
conversation of well if it’s not a
private company then that means they
have to respect my rights uh because now
they’re a part of government well here’s
the problem with that
or what
well actually not just or what
but who’s gonna tell them that
the government
well it’s the government that’s telling
them to [ __ ] all over you so
what are we doing here
i think it’s
rather than having the discussion about
are they a private company or not i
think the discussion needs to be more
about why is the government involved in
social media
like why why
what does this have to do with the
let the
these companies decide what their terms
and conditions and criteria are for who
they allow on and what they allow to be
said and more than likely they’ll still
have some restrictions although prior to
the atlantic council back in like 1920
2014 and 2015 you had literal nazis on
twitter just saying whatever the hell
they wanted and
that wasn’t good i mean nazis aren’t
good but what was good was knowing that
not you know nazis are able to be there
tankies are able to be there any
extremism is able to be on there which
means that anyone can say whatever they
want on there i’d rather have that
and just block every nazi i come across
and encourage everyone else to do the
then have what we have now which is
where you get knocked down and you know
either banned or shadow banned or you
know knocked down on the algorithm or
punished in some other way or
fact-checked to oblivion for putting up
stuff that usually ends up being proven
correct later um it’s gonna say you’re
talking about our page right now aren’t
you yeah yeah yeah literally and and so
we just um so that i think needs to be
the discussion more so than like you
know is it a private company
there is no such thing as a fully
private company certainly not in the you
know the the uh classical liberal or
anarcho-capitalist or even radical
menarches sense uh libertarian sense of
what is private private means you own it
you can do what you want with it as long
as you don’t hurt anyone else you own it
fully no one else claims anything over
it it can’t be taken from you uh
unjustly we don’t have that there is no
i don’t privately own
this phone to that extent
you know the government has made me pay
taxes on it the government regulates how
this can be used and if at any point
they decide that this is being used in
the commission of a crime they’ll come
and just take it from me possibly
without even a trial do i own this in
any real way
not really not not if they can take it
from me at any moment if they decide to
and then i have to fight to have my
right to get it back so if i can’t own
this and if you can’t own your house or
your car outright in any real way then
you know how the hell are you going to
own a multi-billion dollar company
right and
dave davis on youtube says libertarian
and conservatives are fact checked which
is true yes that happens a lot
there was that meme that was going
around that that infograph that was
going around about all the stuff that
was left in afghanistan and they rated
partly false or mostly false because
that was the count of everything that
had been left there from the beginning
of the war in afghanistan
and they rated it partly false or mostly
false because
we didn’t know how much of this stuff
still worked
we don’t know how many of the
machine they called them assault assault
weapons or assault rifles um
but we don’t know how many of the
machine guns or the m16s or whatever uh
still worked from the beginning of the
time we were there so we can’t really
say that that’s the actual number so
that is the reason it was called partly
or mostly false
then you have
rolling stone and uh the the rachel
maddow putting out things on ivermectin
calling it the horse dewormer and
putting out an article or putting out a
piece about a doctor who
was talking about beds being full with
people on ivermectin overdoses and it
turned out that entire story was
ivermectin [ __ ]
and they
no nobody has fact checked that
i see it come up still apple flavored
ivermectin like you see the picture and
you still know fact check underneath it
even though it has been proven to be
demonstratively fully
thoroughly thoroughly debunked
by uh uh buy the house thorough bradley
are we just we’re going
we’re going with uh so
uh it’s
i can’t make that work um the
the uh the the hospital that these that
this was supposedly happening at said
no there’s been no cases of anyone
coming here with overdoses of ivermectin
or needing treatment because of
ivermectin and also there’s been no one
turned away who’s uh dealing with uh
gunshot wounds or whatever like it was
like and it was a satire it looked like
satire when i first saw him like this is
satire and then it turned out no what a
satire it was just a sound
yeah yeah it
it was premiered on rachel maddow and
then rolling stone picked it up and
rolling stuff and then
yeah and then they they fact checked the
pictures of how the kabul landing was
like wasn’t like the saigon landing and
they said well the helicopter landed in
the courtyard instead of on the roof
because that was the part that mattered
right yes
right because that was that was the
difference maker
not that 50 years removed from each
you had a chinook
helicopter landing
in an embassy to frantically remove
that wasn’t the part that was important
it was where it landed on the building
it’s just it’s just
completely this was completely different
completely different
completely different completely
different so this is all incidentally
ivermectin i i’d like to just put out a
disclaimer i don’t know and i don’t
think matt claims to know whether or not
this works for covet or not no clue i
don’t know i know i just know
i just know that the story i believe
it’s the sequoia hospital i believe is
what it is i’m not i’m not even 100 sure
on that
yeah but i just know that the story
about the hospital
being filled up with people uh that were
overdosing on ivermectin and people with
serious injuries or diseases couldn’t
come in
because of this
was crap was totally not zero percent
true also this entire propaganda thing
of col of referring to ivermectin as her
horse dewormer ivermectin is used as an
anti-parasitic for humans in multiple
applications in fact the people who
first discovered it got a nobel priest
nobel prize for medicine in 2015 for
discovering and implementing it as a
drug for humans it is saving the lives
of countless americans across countless
people across the country uh planet for
various parasites does it work for
coveted i have no idea i don’t know but
in the same way that remember when with
hydroxychloroquine which again i don’t
know if that works for covet either they
kept referring to it as uh as a fish
tank cleaner because that could also be
used as fit a chloroquine could be used
as fish tank cleaner no
hydroxychloroquine is used for
lupus and malaria and a ton of other uh
diseases as well
and ivermectin works as a anti-parasitic
and yes there is a version of ivermectin
that’s used for horses it’s sold
for horses there’s also
human ivermectin and there have been
doctors that have been using ivermectin
with their patients and they’re claiming
that it works for coving i don’t know if
it does okay you’ll have to ask them to
look at the studies on that hopefully
not a doctor yeah not a doctor don’t
know haven’t looked at the any of the
retrospective words i don’t don’t have
an opinion much
much like with a uh hydroxy
hydroxychloroquine uh you had that woman
you had that woman that uh said i took
hydroxic i took fish cleaner because
donald trump told me to
and gave it to my husband and her
husband died and then it turned out that
she murdered him
and blamed it on the president
and uh
like i you are gonna see this
with ivermectin like i would almost
guarantee you’re gonna see a death from
ivermectin and the woman is gonna say no
it’s because i read about it on the
internet from
insert somebody who was pushing it
that’s on the right um and it’s going to
turn out to be another murder um yep yes
yeah it’s going to turn out to be
another murder and that’s yeah
we’ll remember that part they’ll
remember the yeah the the person that
died from it
yeah a good old-fashioned murder
yeah and and and someone who says oh
well you know this you know candace
owens said i don’t know if candice owens
has said it but whoever
whatever right-wing climate dater said
that ivermekton worked and that’s why
they did it and everyone’s like oh that
person’s terrible and it turns out no
that was murder they murdered them with
her larry elder
yeah larry elder
who next week has the uh recall election
yeah larry next tuesday
joe rogan uh joe rogan came down with
covet he said he took the iver mekton
series and three days later he didn’t
have kovit anymore um i don’t know if
that’s true
i’m not saying that joe rogan’s a liar
i’m just saying
joe rogan tested positive for coven he
said that he took the ivormectin
treatment three days later he tested
could be true i don’t know i’m not i’m
not gonna say either way because i don’t
know joe
not yet
i haven’t met him he voted for me i
haven’t met him um
and uh yeah and joe uh joe also got
monoclonal antibodies which it’s
interesting that i was waiting for them
to blast people for suggesting that but
it seems like they’ve embraced that that
they’ve said yeah that that does work
and that’s safe or whatever um but i was
waiting for them to be like no
monoclonal antibodies are bad you gotta
just get the shot and put on a mask and
stay away from everyone and stay inside
not go to school um i did i i i was
surprised by that i’m gonna assume that
there’s a big pharma company that’s
making a lot of money on on uh on
monoclonal antibodies maybe i’m wrong
yeah um
but uh yeah it it the whole thing is a
is a mess so
now we get to talk about something a
little less controversial than iver
mechden and social media oh by the way
uh arizona i am arizona in the comments
said is there a way to fight back
against this without empowering the
state and i think the answer is pretty
intuitive we need to demonstrate the
fact that it’s the state doing this
social media minus the state is
everything we came to love about social
media social media plus the state is
this you know increasing nightmare
scenario where we’re fact checked for
telling things that are true that they
don’t like and aren’t convenient to
their narrative and we get you know
banned for no reason like that’s all
because of government so this is just
another example to go around and and say
look here’s another example of
government sucking at everything they do
and yes if susan were wearing a mask you
know she was more than six feet she was
well within six feet of that guy she was
in yeah she was not social distancing
and not wearing a mouse
and had
had she been wearing a mask
she totally would have been protected
because obviously it was the covid
and not the 20 bullets
right into the middle of her face
that got susan
yeah no she died she they tested her and
she had kovitz so they called it a cove
in death right it was a covenant it was
a kobe death co yeah covenant shot her
in the face was um so
anyway i’m gonna call joe coven from now
what’s that
i’m gonna call joe cohen from now on hey
covet how are you doing um so speaking
of susan is 50 still our top bid for the
50 is still the top bid for susan
if you want the susan uh uh
target that has been murdered and also
signed by me and matt um
then uh right now the top bid is fifty
dollars if you beat that bid then it’s
yours and you can hang that over your
bed so you can wake up every day and go
ah what the hell is oh yeah i bought
that thing that time when i was watching
that show um
so we’re going to talk about something
we’ve been talking about some pretty
controversial stuff
afghanistan the the mood arbory case the
vaping uh
gosh social media censorship you know
ivermectin you know it’s all very you
know covid these are all very
controversial things so we’re going to
talk about something a little bit less
controversial abortion
so last wednesday
the supreme court what the supreme court
did not do first and foremost very
important that you get this out of the
way they did not over
overrule roe versus wade or did they
make a decision on the scope of abortion
abortion is still legal nationwide
depending on which state you’re in will
depend on different factors of that um
that has not changed
oh good a feel-good topic finally matt
ferreira yeah yes exactly yeah
what they did do
was they refused to place an injunction
on texas’s new abortion law
we all know about the texas law at this
i’m pretty certain we have a very
intelligent audience um
oddly enough just real quick
we have a very intelligent audience but
but quite possibly the greatest
concentration per capita is in slovenia
we are the number two political podcast
in slovenia
yes killing it
we are in the top 100
in all podcasts in slovenia
so america
a few things about this law uh it bans
nearly all abortions that take place
later than six weeks past the point of
governor greg abbott is calling it the
fetal heartbeat bill
now what it does
is it lets
most private citizens file lawsuits
against providers of abortions if they
think the provider broke the law
meaning if they think that a provider
broke the law and giving somebody an
abortion after six weeks they can sue
you might be thinking
hmm so this is an order like if the if
the father
doesn’t agree with the abortion he can
sue the abortion clinic right i
understand i understand your logic in
that thought process however no uh if
you live in texas
and you think that the abortion provider
did this you can sue
the abortion provider even if you don’t
know anybody involved in
that transaction
you can just sue
biden said uh it deputizes private
citizens to bring lawsuits against
anyone who they believe has helped
another person get an abortion even
strangers with no connection to the
individual and that
was actually the most accurate sentence
that joe biden has said in the last
30 40 years probably yeah no that’s 100
correct and it’s not just abortion
providers it’s anyone it’s if you got an
uber to go get your an abortion or if
someone thinks that you got an uber to
get your abortion or if someone thinks
that you
asked someone to help
put up a couple bones to help pay for it
like the there
and it’s anyone who thinks that you may
have or is willing to say that they
think that you may have in core yep
so it’s yep
what the law does not do
and it’s interesting uh the law does not
give state officials the power to
enforce the law
there is nothing in that law that allows
the police the sheriff’s
state those any any sort of policing
in the state of texas cannot enforce
this law it is 100
on the private citizen
who wants to
sue planned parenthood or any other
organization that provides these things
um and to anybody who gives them a ride
apparently anything yeah anything
anything right they can just that
that private citizen decides
in some way providing material support
to you and getting your abortion
or just wants to take someone to court
and give them a hard time for something
yes so because of the way that this law
is written
the 5-4 supreme court decision which
i’m certain you guys can guess where
that 5-4 laid lied
sat um
deemed that injunctions are usually
directed towards specific people or
entities who enforce laws which is true
um since no government official has
authority to enforce this law and
there’s no way to know who plans to
enforce the law using the civil suit
they did not see a reason for an
so now they’ve cultivated a situation
where if no one is willing to enforce it
an injunction would be unnecessary
and only forbid something no one was
going to do
but if they had used a general
injunction meaning that nobody could do
it could be valuable from keeping
other states
from violating the constitution in the
using the same
method that texas is using on abortion
let’s say
that instead of banning something like
abortions a state decides to mandate
vaccines with no exceptions
yep but the police aren’t going to be
the ones who are enforcing it instead
they’re going to let every hayley kaylee
maylie becky karen susan gertrude kevin
kyle todd or tommy to sue you
for not getting the fauciouchi
or not just sue you sue anyone who they
believe is responsible for providing you
with material support in not getting the
that would be employers that would be
significant others that would be
uh parents you know whoever doctor that
would be your doctor that would be a
doctor right yeah
any anyone could be a lot of people
right it wouldn’t it wouldn’t be your
uber driver who didn’t drive you who
didn’t forcibly drive you to get your
uber driver who took you to mcdonald’s
instead of right instead of to get your
um now there’s no evidence that anybody
would actually sue you for something
like this or would file a lawsuit of
this kind so
this precedent would make a lasting
if you think about a state like
go no go ahead
if you think about a state like new york
or illinois
and they were like hey we’re going to
ban handguns
we’re going to ban all handguns
but if somebody suspects you
of having a handgun they could sue you
at like ten thousand dollars a day that
you own this weapon
where’s the difference in these two
these and these two logic trains
and the government doesn’t show up to
enforce the law
they just show up to enforce the lawsuit
now it’s civil you know like civil asset
forfeiture where they steal your
property and it’s not
they don’t need to prove it in court
because it’s not a criminal thing it’s
you’re being sued by the government
incidentally you may be thinking well
this just says you can sue but that’s
you know that just empowers people to
sue what’s the problem here
this law
incentivizes it by giving them ten
thousand dollars if their lawsuit turns
out correct
anyone who’s watching this who here has
been involved in sales or marketing
so then you know if anyone’s been in
sales or marketing or just has common
sense the more people you try to reach
out to the more likely you are to get
money because someone’s bound to say yes
well applying that to this if you just
sue everybody
someone’s bound to be guilty of this
thing that you’re suing them for
so if the government now shifts to
making laws like this
where instead of them enforcing it
they rely on all your busybody neighbors
or you to enforce it by incentivizing
you with five grand 10 grand 50 grand
100 grand million whatever
to sue
everybody on the hope that
one of them will be guilty and you’ll
get your payday
now all of a sudden this creation of
this culture they’re trying to create of
a bunch of hall monitors and petty
tyrants make sense
because now they get to say well it’s
not us enforcing it it’s you the people
that are enforcing it
that’s now all this see something say
something nonsense starts to make sense
it’s kind of smart what they’re doing
it is it’s brilliant what they’re doing
it’s brilliant in a terrible way they’re
very awful awful way
yeah they are literally figuring out how
to tell you
you you too can be a part of the police
to prison complex
and you too could you know in the same
way that you so you wouldn’t even be
part of the police-to-prison kind
like you wouldn’t be police to prison
you would be
you would be profiting
off of selling people out like right
these people aren’t going to go to jail
they’re just going to be financially
trapped for life
right and and well but here’s the thing
depending on how the the rules are
well once you reach a certain point of
owing the government money if you’re
unable to pay now you go to jail
but this isn’t the government that
this isn’t the government you’re paying
it’s somebody it’s random citizen
right and that’s exactly and and
but what happens failure to pay
eventually you can go to jail failure
yeah yeah okay yeah yeah yeah yeah
they’re people that aren’t that are in
jail right now because they don’t pay
their child support or they can’t pay
their child support or they work because
putting them in jail makes a lot of
sense ah
this is really where they can definitely
not pay their child they can definitely
pay you back there right and now it’s
the department of corrections paying you
so in the same way that right now uh
police and prosecutors and judges are
incentivized to find as many people
guilty and throw as many people in jail
as possible by putting a money incentive
behind it now they’re cutting out the
middleman they just make you do it and
now you have a financial incentive and
now everyone is just constantly dry
snitching on each other for money
and so like
if you think about it i don’t i don’t
care how you feel about abortion i don’t
like i’m not going to try to change your
mind it’s not going to be possible um
you know
it doesn’t matter how i feel about it
doesn’t matter how spike feels about it
doesn’t matter how anybody feels about
abortion the issue with this scenario
is now
the enforcement aspect of this bill is
what the court has missed completely on
uh the the five justices
which you guys can guess who they are
and you would probably be right
the five justices who said no we’re not
going to do an injunction here uh have
left an opening
for states to go after the constitution
they could go after free speech they
could go after citizens united they
could go after uh they could go after
the second amendment uh they could
they could basically wipe the entire
thing off the
map because nothing is being enforced by
the government it’s all going to be
enforced by private citizens
and the door for them to destroy the
has now been opened to a texas-sized
the door
the tour to destroy the constitution is
and everyone so
you uh uh uh i am arizona in the
comments said you are the abuse of power
and that’s yeah
right oh absolutely so uh j uh adam wags
who made a five dollar super chat
donation thank you adam said devil’s
advocate put a penalty on filing
frivolous lawsuits here’s the problem
with that
this wouldn’t be a friendliest lawsuit
it wouldn’t be a frivolous lawsuit
because it’s empowered by the law
it’s entirely encouraging you to do it
right if they want you to
now somebody else in the comments said i
would prefer this as opposed to the you
know to the police knocking on doors and
arresting people and i would agree with
if everybody got real cool about a whole
lot of stuff real quick yeah
yeah cause we’re gonna need that
i’d be fine with this if everybody was
just leave your neighbor alone and i
don’t care what you do
totally cool totally fine with him yeah
but unless people get real cool about a
lot of stuff i am not a fan of that idea
yeah no this this becomes sue your
neighbor because they smoked weed
or took uh
or took drug whatever drug or right
they took unprescribed adderall because
you know
they needed to concentrate on a project
and they have a friend who takes it
yeah yeah no this is
this is bad this is real this is bad
even if this was reserved for
you know crimes with victims i’d still
be a little concerned with how how it’s
laid out you know you you’re when you
when you put a
financial incentive
with no disincentive for abusing it
i can just snitch on all of you i can
snitch on everyone i know for everything
and at some point i’m going to get some
money you know if i snitch like
five by the way and i was wrong dry
stitching i i use the term wrong dry
snitching is when you uh inadvertently
or accidentally snitch on someone um
this is like wet snitching because
you’re just snitching and you mean to i
could snitch on like thousands of people
a day or you know a week every week i
snitch on like bird shot bird shot
snitching just bird shot snitching yeah
yeah yeah dragnet snitching
i’m bound to be right like 10 times
that’s a hundred grand
this is bad
this is so bad
people settling oh how about the people
that go you know what god leave me alone
i’ll just give you two grand now they’re
settling out of court oh this is bad
this is bad
this is unbelievably bad
everything about this is bad
and again it does like the abortion
i don’t care how you feel about it i
really don’t um i’m not gonna change
your mind you’re not gonna change my
mind nothing nothing
nothing there matters um
what has happened pretty much
what has happened to lottery snitching
yeah um
what has happened with the supreme court
is they have just opened a floodgate
to destroy
across the country and there’s nothing
anybody can do about it because it’s all
going to be civilly handled
through lawsuits
yeah midwest guys just dollar signs yeah
it’s just money
it is money and
and the government’s just gonna tax the
hell out of it
oh of course yeah they’re gonna get at
least the 30 percent of the money back
midwest guy also said you know you could
write a facebook bot that finds people
talking about marijuana and then snitch
on them like it’s this is
this is bad bad bad bad bad bad um
uh oh uh john morsi from defy the power
says so uh could you through the court
potentially have a woman inspected as
evidence in case she claims miscarriage
during a civil suit then the father
could file this motion if he was against
the abortion or sore about getting
dumped or you know doesn’t believe her
i’m adding this doesn’t believe that she
had a miscarriage this is bad and uh
another person said um
where was it i mean teacher how many
teachers are going to snitch on their
students parents when they take like
when they take them to get an abortion
so like when your 15 year old daughter
gets pregnant you’re like well i don’t
want it to ruin her life so let’s take
her to get an abortion and
teachers are like well that’s 10 grand
yeah and i can get 10 grand
west here our our commenters are getting
this immediately so wes erickson the
government taxes you into the poor house
that the only way you survive is to sue
your neighbors into oblivion not just
taxing you into the poor house but
letting you get sued into the poor house
so now you got to sue other people too
to get your money this is bad
this is just cultivating a society of
snitches who are just constantly going
like your job
in the future is going to be going out
and suing people for laws they are
breaking um
this is upset this is suing that all the
lawsuits you’re having to deal with
yeah i mean yes they’re very much like
red flag laws except somebody said in
the comments earlier and i don’t
remember who but it was a great line
um in instead of your dog dying it’s
your bank account
yeah the the the atf comes and shoots
your bank account this is this is
and they’re going to do this with
everything this is bad everything
now that the precedent has been set
every state can do this for anything
they want to get rid of
there’s going to have to be a change on
this the court is going to have to come
back and say no no no no okay all right
it doesn’t matter if there was a
government a direct government criminal
enforcement of this because this they’re
using the government system you know
they’re you know they’re it’s not like
oh the government’s not involved they’re
just letting people first of all they’re
incentivizing it with money and second
of all second of all the private
citizens are using the court system it’s
not like i come into your house go
i declare a lawsuit
give me ten thousand dollars it’s
i am going to take you to this
government court using the court
protocols that the government has
created in order to try to get the ten
thousand dollars from the government
from the law that the government create
this has got this is like the facebook
thing you know oh it’s a private club no
it’s not it’s it’s or at least it’s not
a private action it’s a coerced
government action this is a guided
coerced and um uh subsidized government
action it’s an incentivized action by
government and uh if the supreme court
leaves this loophole open government
will just do everything this way from
now on everything
you will have no right which essentially
defunds the police
because it won’t be necessary because
everything will be handled in civil
it to the extent that they won’t be the
main the the initial
catalyst for enforcement but someone’s
got to round up all these freaking
uh settlement of uh uh uh absconders all
these people you know all these all
these deadbeat uh what are they gonna
call them like you you have to think of
like the 1984 speak the newspeak they’re
gonna have to use for this you know uh
uh what would it be uh uh you know uh uh
settlement fugitive or whatever like you
know whatever it is
it’s literally going to be
people who can’t afford all the lawsuits
because we’re just caught focusing on
the settlement what about having to get
an attorney every damn time what do you
just for this abortion thing what do you
think the malpractice insurance is going
to look like in texas because of this
like this is bad
this is bad personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law
might switch professions
oh to be a
snitch stitch
a snitch lawyer
the personal injury attorney or no the
snitch snitch dry wet snitching attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law anchor
snitching moment
oh man we would just cut out the
personal injury attorney and just be
like chris reynolds attorney in law
the chris reynolds attorney at lost
this is bad this is bad
i think we’ve established this is bad
we’re gonna have to come up with a call
to action on how to deal with this
because this is terrible um this is
but we want to end the show on a good
on two videos when we’re gonna we’re
gonna say who has uh who has won susan
uh but then we’re also going to say
so matt today is a very
special day
and and it is
and if i make can i can i be the one to
say it
because i also want to say how proud i
am of you
and how incredible i think it is today
is the seven year anniversary of you
um being clean from drugs and alcohol
that is as someone who also has been
clean uh from drugs and alcohol for for
quite some time now i know what that’s
like and i know what those first
especially that first year what that can
be like and um
i’ve known you for i believe five what
five years now four or five years uh
five five years now yeah five years now
and it would i in
real real quick uh
the reason that i know spike spike and i
were friends on facebook but we didn’t
know each other the reason i know spike
is because i was having a crisis of
sobriety one night and
spike reached out to me to check on me
to make sure i was okay and we ended up
talking for like
an hour or two just about everything and
that was how we got to know each other
yeah yeah yeah that was our real first
time talking together yeah
that was yeah that was like five years
ago and and you’re five years ago
matt you’re
you’re my essentially you’re you’re my
best one of if not my best friend and
you are the
one of the dearest people in my life and
you are my partner in all of this and i
am so grateful that you are here that
you are clean and i am so proud of you
that you’ve been able to do this and i’m
so proud that we’ve been able to
encourage others who are in their
sobriety journey uh to stay strong in it
and to encourage those who are
considering getting into a sobriety
journey to at least try it um
on this seven years i just want to say i
love you i couldn’t be more proud of you
and i uh you know here’s to many many
more years of happiness and sobriety and
uh and continued growth in muddy waters
uh there’s an organization you’ve
discovered um that you want to talk
about who is helping others who are who
are going through this as well
so real quick um
seven years ago my life was a lot
different um i also looked a lot
different than i do now um i
my face was a lot rounder and redder my
face looked like spikes coloring but
like much rounder
um just constantly and that wasn’t
because i spent any time in the sun
right that was that wasn’t because he
spent two days in a row out uh in uh in
the beautiful florida sun at the beach
in during the spike cohen florida tour
that just commenced
i was i was
i was at a point in my life where i was
very lost um i had been at that point
years and
i don’t really know if there’s a single
thing that kind of made me realize it
but i had a couple of people talking to
me saying you know i’m worried about you
you might want to think about
i didn’t
i didn’t want to because why would i
because why would i want to but i was i
was lost i didn’t know what i wanted to
do i didn’t know who i was if i wasn’t
drinking or doing other things
i ended up
i ended up trying to figure out who i
was whilst i was
under the influence of you know whether
it’s drugs or alcohol or anything else
i was consistently looking for that next
for that next buzz
constantly just searching for it
when i woke up on september 7th seven
years ago uh i didn’t know i was gonna
be quitting drinking that day and i
actually went out and i got
i went out and i got a drink and i got
pissed off at the bar that i was at
i got pissed off at the bar i was at and
i went home
and it was
two o’clock in the afternoon um i went
home and
i just thought to myself you know what
i’m done i’m not doing this anymore
uh i don’t want to do it and i didn’t
think of it like i was done i said that
i was going to take some time off of
drinking and i was going to take some
time off of drinking and then reevaluate
the next
month and a half six weeks eight weeks
uh were the worst couple of months of my
and i got the dts i was throwing up i
didn’t sleep
and it was awful it was absolutely awful
i did this entire thing as they call in
recovery by white knuckling it um
just you’re gripping on and you are just
ahead and you are just hoping to god
everything works out
while i was able to do this
i do not recommend it
for any anybody
and i saw uh sheila foster’s uh
she said that she threw away her alcohol
this morning when she actually messaged
me that earlier and what i’ve said to
sheila and i will say to anybody
if anybody out there wants somebody to
talk to
you can always message muddied waters we
may not get back to you right away and i
apologize for that but you can message
muddy waters or if you are friends with
me on facebook you can message me
and i will respond and i will talk to
you 100
and if you’re friends with me on
facebook same thing
but there is something that i wanted to
do and
uh i wanted to find
a privately funded
addiction help center
and i found the american addiction
center which is privately funded they
don’t take any federal money whatsoever
and they help with americans who are
struggling with addiction
um if you are struggling with addiction
you can call them to talk at uh can you
do you have the graphic
yes right here
the um
where did it oh i put it in the wrong
yeah it’s right here the american
addiction centers yeah
yep you can call them at 866-959-1
and they will discuss your treatment
options with you give you advice or help
um i taught i talked with a couple of
different people today from there there
everybody was very friendly they were
very helpful all of them wanted to know
if i was struggling and then i explained
to them my situation and what i wanted
to do and all of them were very helpful
they have multiple locations across the
country as you can see here
and if you want treatment and decide to
use one of their facilities they will
arrange for travel to one of their
centers where you will be given the best
care uh as you give yourself a chance to
this is covered they have partnerships
with some of the
health insurance companies out there
so it is covered by insurance
for a
large part of it and part of the reason
that they’re going through insurance and
that they’re doing the uh that they
and they take private money is because
they don’t want the federal
government involved as much in how they
run things
and i respect the hell out of that
i know people who have used american
addiction centers i know people who have
gone out of there
after 90 days or
30 days or whatever have come out and
they have
never looked back
absolutely never looked back i don’t
know of anybody who has come out of
there and has looked back but i’m
certain it happens
because relapse is a part of addiction
i don’t fault anybody for it
you can take that down uh again 866
959-1369 for anybody who is looking for
help if you are out there looking for
this is an organization that does a lot
of good
i absolutely 100 support their mission
and the things that they do
and again
i am
an anomaly
spike is an anomaly
both of us
you quit without treatment correct i i
i’m correct and i think yeah yeah i also
i also we are two right unicorns like
usually people need at least some help
if if only just like uh mental health
treatment or something during the worst
of it people typically need help to get
a clean and that’s that’s okay
for anybody out there there’s somebody
who might be watching the show right now
i don’t know if
they are or not but i have been talking
with this person uh over the last
two and a half months
and uh
they have been doing a fantastic job
uh they’ve been doing a fantastic job
and i’m so proud of them and every day
that i get an update about how they are
doing i i am very happy to hear that
they are still doing well
one of the things that i learned which
was the hardest thing that i learned
about all of this
when you start drinking or using or
your emotional growth stops
this was the hardest thing for me to
deal with
when i stopped
when i stopped using seven years ago
i reverted back to being 18 years old
which you’re looking at me going so you
only use for a year and i’m like no no
it was longer than a year that i was
doing things
so i reverted back quite a ways
and it was a very difficult emotional
journey that i had to go on
that would have been the time for me to
try to use somebody to try to seek out
this help
sorry got lost there uh i should have
used somebody to seek out this help in
order to help me with that portion to
help me get back to the emotional
to the emotional point where i should
have been at that age
and i didn’t and it caught and that cost
me a lot
because i did not emotionally know how
to deal with things and how to handle
i would say that i am still not
emotionally uh where i’m supposed to be
at my age
but i’m okay with where i’m at right now
because it seems to work for me
if you are out there and you want help
please reach out to these people you can
reach out to me you can reach out to
spike you can reach out to muddy waters
any of us will be more than happy to
talk to you
but you are definitely not alone
one of the greatest things that i had
was a very strong base of people who
were there to support me
throughout all of this
here so there’s here’s a story for you
i’ve got this buddy uh named dylan
say his full name his name is dylan
uh he and i were friends in nashville
and we used to drink a lot together and
we used to do some other things as well
i’m not going to talk about on this show
um but we did a lot of things together
a lot
it was if we were together you knew
things were happening whether legal
illegal whatever you things were
happening and we were not in the right
state of mind
i was going through
roughly about the same time that i got
to know spike um i was going i went
through a lot of crisis of sobrieties
during this time period
i was looking for somebody to give me my
out to let to say yes go go have a drink
i know that life is terrible for you
right now
go have a drink go get get your mind off
of it and i
was so i called him i said hey
i need your permission and i told him
everything that was going on in my life
at the time and i said and i want to go
out and drink and if you say it’s okay
i’m gonna go do that right now
the wonderful little leprechaun that he
said man i would love to say yes and i
would love to sit down and have a beer
with you again at some point in the
but you can’t break sobriety for what is
going on in your life right now
right yeah
and it
was one of the greatest things anybody
has ever done for me
because he could be
i have not seen dylan
since well before that conversation
he could have easily said yes it
wouldn’t like literally no skin off of
his back
would not have made a difference
but instead he said no don’t do that
i care too much about you to see you
throw it away for this
because of that
i am still here today
doing this show
uh with a job
that i love and adore
and a wonderful and beautiful and
fantastic girlfriend
um and a wonderful family and everything
and everything is working the way that i
always sort of planned for it to work
had he said yeah go out and have that
drink i don’t know if any of this would
be here i don’t know if i would be here
i don’t know
if any of this would have been working
certainly not the way that it is because
i can imagine trying to do this
while still being on drugs and and
alcohol and everything else it there
wouldn’t have been an effective way to
do it yeah no
absolutely not
so again
if you need help know that it is out
there uh somebody larry whitehead said
don’t feel like alone
don’t feel like the lone ranger when
you’re out there yet don’t feel like
that you are not alone
there are people out there who care
about you who love you
uh and they want to see you succeed in
these journeys and we are of those
know that
at the barest of minimums if you want to
reach out to the muddied waters of
freedom muddy waters media
in order to talk about that we will talk
to you about it we will absolutely talk
to you about it and if you don’t feel
comfortable talking to us about it
call the american addiction center
i know of a couple other private groups
or private people who uh
help with addiction counseling and if
you want their information i’ll be more
than happy to give it to anybody
um and
more than happy because if you are
seeking help
there is help out there
if you aren’t seeking help because you
don’t think you have a problem then good
on you i hope you’re right and uh i
can’t wait to see you in the future but
if you are if you are questioning it if
you are even wondering
feel free to reach out to any of the
sources that we have provided
including us yeah no it’s it is
it’s interesting as libertarians we
believe that you should be able to do
whatever you want with your body right
you should any drug as much as you want
you should be able to do to do anything
but there’s a question of is it a good
if you are able to recreationally enjoy
then it might be a good idea um
i will say as someone who’s uh who’s um
because someone said to me you know what
do you think is the cut off you know the
difference between when it’s okay to get
high or drunk or whatever when it’s not
and i say you know honestly um
unless it’s for a medicinal reason like
taking cannabis for medicinal reasons or
taking an uh entheogen for uh you know a
psychedelic for you know treatment
purposes or something like that as
someone who used to do a lot of drugs
and is now sober i’m not sure that i
ever think there’s a good reason to get
intoxicated i think there are better
ways to have fun but that’s my personal
but if you’re able to do it in a
recreational way and where you’re having
fun and it doesn’t take over your life
and and cause harm to your life then i
think you should be able to do it uh
honestly even if it’s causing harm you
should be able to do it but if it is
causing harm
if there’s even a question as to whether
causing harm it’s worth trying to be
you know a lot of people have reached
out to me and said is this you know
they’ll describe their situation and say
does that sound like addiction and i’ll
usually when they describe it i’ll be
like it does but let’s say it isn’t
let’s say it’s just on the cusp
why don’t you try being clean for a
couple weeks and you know and and have a
plan and don’t just you know don’t just
you know go in and try to raw dog your
way through it because it’s not
something i’d recommend especially for
for most people but you know
try it and and see you know try for a
couple weeks couple months whatever
are you happier are are things going
better or are you feeling like you have
more control over your life then yeah
maybe it’s a good idea to do or at least
to cut back on what you’re doing so you
know anyone who’s even
considering it um
it’s worth a shot and any of the
resources we’ve given by the way i put
the link in the comments to addiction
centers american it’s
and uh and again we’re here for support
as well they’re obviously professionals
and we’re not so right and i just want
to i just want to say one thing
kind of in response to what spike said
you have ever questioned
whether or not
you are dealing with an addiction
drink uh you drink every day or if you
you know smoke weed every day or you
whatever whatever it is if you have ever
thought man i don’t know i might be
it would probably be a good idea to call
to talk to somebody
if you are at the point where you are
questioning it
other people have already decided
and i don’t i’m not saying you should do
things because other people are thinking
it but if you have questioned it
that means that you probably are
subconsciously trying to tell yourself
that you have an issue
but don’t seek that yeah potentially
seek the help
you can get
if you don’t have an issue this isn’t
for you and uh
i’m not trying to preach to anybody that
doesn’t have an issue absolutely not
even a little bit
i just want people to be able to find
the help that they can uh because it is
it is important to continue living uh to
seek out this help and heal yourself and
a lot of that comes from healing on the
inside and that takes a lot of time
after spending a lot of time numbing
everything in there
yeah it can take a very very very long
time doing that so you know reach out if
you if you want to try um being sober
you can reach out to us you can reach
out to addiction centers um and uh and
we just uh like i said i i love
i love what being sober has been able to
do in my life i love what it’s been able
to do in matt’s life i love what it’s
been able to do in so many other
people’s lives uh drew cook uh the man
who uh is starting the libertarian uh so
or who runs the libertarian party sober
caucus uh i love what he’s doing um uh
i’m gonna have to go join that caucus
yeah yeah yeah no it’s a great caucus um
andrea o’donnell uh in the comments she
talked about i guess she has a group
called um sober libertarians on facebook
um and i love what what she’s doing um
so i mean there’s there’s just a lot of
people that are are yeah and
so andrea o’donnell says uh don’t stop
use of al don’t stop daily use of
alcohol without help which i which i did
and i don’t recommend it to another
person anywhere
that was
i don’t know if hell exists
but if it does
i imagine it’s very similar to what that
was like
what that was like yeah i could
alcohol wasn’t tough for me because i
didn’t really drink much of it um
weed was actually the toughest one for
me even the hard stuff wasn’t as tough
as as weed i did the hard stuff first
when i did but weed was my big thing
that was tough man which is why now it’s
like it’s funny because i have doctors
who are like yeah you know some of your
ms symptoms would be better if you use
cannabis like i bet they would
but i also know
that was my personal gateway i know it’s
not a gateway drug i shouldn’t say that
that was the first thing i tried and i
tried it very heavily and then once i
was high on that i’m like yeah i might
as well try everything else too that was
my own personal thing um i i it’s so
it’s it’s unfortunately something i i
can’t do in my i don’t do a lot of
things in moderation put it that way um
right for example a couple years ago i
was like you know i might get into
politics and
now look so it’s kind of this is how i
am with stuff um
so uh
other great news
so again congratulations to you matt i i
love you man here’s
700 more years of sobriety for you um
7 000 years
so um other great news as you know i was
in the
this past weekend i was at the spike
cohen florida tour in uh in miami and
fort lauderdale
i like how that sound effect has gotten
over the course of this episode
it’s supposed to sound like the end of
the miami vice theme but it doesn’t
it doesn’t but the good news is that uh
my archery is apparently better than my
theme song replication um
so we did a shooting competition between
me and martha bueno which i
uh we shot guns and we also shot bows
and arrows now the guns
i’m a decent shot with a gun i’m not an
operator uh i’m not a you know
navy seal force recon uh
that’s not me i i’m i’m
fairly proficient with guns um but
and i didn’t know this because i’d never
fired a bow and arrow before in my life
apparently i am a natural
archer and so what you’re about to see
is the second
that i’ve ever fired
in my enti i’ve ever seen i don’t even
know how to say it i’ve ever flung
arrowed whatever you shoot narrow i
shoot an arrow okay sure um
here is the
second one it was minutes after the
first one
here is the sec because the first one
hit the target and everyone’s like you
hit the target with your first arrow
ever so then they recorded the second
one and here’s what happened
now some of you might be thinking
oh his forearm’s terrible look his
shoulder’s not right and his elbow is
his elbow’s way too long his way elbow’s
way too low
you might want to save that
yeah perfect
perfect bullseye
perfect bulls it was in the center
of the center it’s the center bull’s
eyes like this big
and it was directly
in the center of it
and then i proceeded let me pull up that
oh crap it’s on my phone
oh you know what i think it’s a goo it
would be in google photos sorry because
it’s on my phone
no idea how that works
yeah i don’t either let me see yep it
sure is hold on just give me a second
then i proceeded
to hit one bullseye well let me rephrase
that i proceeded to every single arrow i
fired shot slung
arrowed released shot
released every arrow i released i like
every arrow that i released
where is it
yeah that’s it
oh okay
every single arrow i released
immediately where the hell is this thing
every single arrow that i released
hit that hit the target
including that first one
which direct that’s my face directly
to let me just get like this is
gonna get really uncomfortably close
look at that
directly in the damn thing
so we now know a few things about me
we know that i am a
world series level pitcher
we know that i am
as as a true as attested to by dwight
yeah that’s what he said that’s what he
that’s literally
i guarantee you that’s what i heard um
yeah of course that’s what you heard
that’s what i heard that’s
that’s what i heard weird um
i heard those words
some combination in some order that
with other words possibly in between
them with other words possibly in
between but not only that
and not only am i obviously apparently
good at politics
because i’m you know
vp candidate but also
i am an archer now
that’s right you were the gina davis of
the libertarian party yes in more ways
than one
yes so i am
i am
in every imaginable way i am the gina
davis of the libertarian party which is
sure um
you’re probably thinking but spike
there’s no possible way
that you could be as good at oh i don’t
know eating crabs as you are at archery
you can find out very soon my friend and
we’re gonna talk about that in a minute
but uh
again thank you so much uh for
tuning in to this episode of the money
waters of freedom uh tomorrow night
uh on my fellow americans on my show uh
my guest will be corey deangelis uh who
is the homeschool homeschooling and
school choice advocate he is regularly
featured on fox news and newsmax and
everywhere he’s ever he’s on everything
and he’s going to come on to talk about
the school choice movement the um
homeschool movement uh his
war against the teachers unions and how
he’s continuing to just completely
destroy them and uh and and what’s next
for that for for our goals as
libertarians with that um
later uh in the next few days i’ll
actually be releasing a uh on in our
anchor if you listen to our podcast i’ll
be releasing the three panels that i did
in freedom fest one of them was with
corey we talked about the failures of
police socialism but he’s a really cool
guy so that’s my guest on wednesday and
then uh you have uh the writer’s block
on thursday who’s your who’s your guest
there i do uh on thursday at eight
o’clock eastern for the writer’s block i
have magnus panvidia
uh on and i love that guy
i cannot wait to have this guy on um and
we are gonna be talking about his in the
damn wars campaign that’s taken place
this weekend
um on september 11th in john marshall
park in washington dc
uh and he is going
yeah starting at noon uh and
he is
going to be leading this peace march
looking to bring together all anti-war
voices from across the political
spectrum to demand the end to u.s
imperialism across the globe and
he is he is a stand-up dude who is also
hilarious so i’m very excited to have
him on he’s so funny he’s a really
really cool guy i finally got to meet
him in person in michigan he’s just as
cool in person as he is online he’s a
cool cool guy um so i’m really excited
to uh uh for you to have him on
and then on friday we have an episode of
cajun and eskimo from bio to igloos at
what is that at 9 30
9 30.
9 30 eastern then on saturday there’s
two things happening
in eastern maryland starting at
doesn’t say hold on
in eastern eastern maryland
starting at
starting at noon uh i will be at the
libertarian party of maryland crab and
chicken fest where we’re gonna be eating
crab and chicken well i’ll be eating
crab because i can’t have chicken but i
will be eating crabs in maryland
maryland if i was there i would be
eating your chicken and you would be
eating my crabs oh yeah that’s right
because you can’t have crab so
he’d be eating chicken and i’d be eating
crab but i’ll be eating crabs and you’re
probably thinking there’s no way you can
eat 20 crabs
you’re wrong
and i’m gonna show everyone that
how wrong they are when they think that
i was born in baltimore i can eat crabs
like someone who doesn’t care about
hypertension and i am going to eat
so many craps that’s gonna be on set on
the 11th um in the morning uh or
starting at noon
and then i will be after that uh i will
be doing leading a caravan
to dc where we will be i will be
speaking at the end the damn wars rally
in washington dc on september 11th uh
it’s starting at noon i’ll be there i
believe at like four or something um uh
at john marshall park in dc i will be
speaking there um scott horton will be
speaking there many other anti-war
activists will be speaking there and
we’ll be talking about the need to end
it 20 years ago uh on september 11th uh
the twin towers were attacked in
response to decades of u.s imperialism
and instead of looking at the thousands
of civilians that died on that day and
this needs to end enough already bring
them home instead we have engaged over
the last 20 years or we have actually
been robbed by politicians to engage in
a pointless effort that has made us less
safe that has cost
thousands of american lives
tens of hundreds of thousands of
american well-being americans well-being
who have come home with you know
physical and mental scarring
millions of people in from other
countries that are dead
most of whom are civilians
we are we are less safe trillions of
pissed away
and for what
for all the people that we said that
were bad you’d still be in charge
did you say complete destruction of our
civil liberties
yeah how can i forget total destruction
by civil liberties um uh people being
put in cages um spying on every single
human being in this country uh and and
probably most of them around the world
of every electronic communication that
you make um pretty much every
infringement on your uh lives and rights
over the last 20 years at least
partially they’ve used the war on terror
uh as a reason why it needs to happen uh
at least partially and um it needs to
end and so that’s what we’re gonna be
doing at the end of the damn wars rally
and we’re we’re calling for not just an
end to the wars uh and bringing the
troops home but also
repealing the authorization of use of
military force that was passed in in
2001 and putting the power back in the
hands of congress and forcing them to
actually have debates
in in front of the public as to whether
or not we should be engaging in a war
rather than just giving whoever’s
president unlimited authority to do war
with anyone they deem as a terrorist um
if you would like to be a part of the
crab fest
we’ve technically sold out
the crab fest
the crab always the crabs
you know i can i can go toe-to-toe with
you on some crab
yeah some some crab some krav maga
so yeah it’s in the comments crabs yeah
okay thank you uh crap crab fest uh if
you would like to be a part of the crab
and chicken feast which i call crab fest
uh you can go
uh there is a link uh but we technically
sold out
i bet if you can um
i bet if you email the chair of the
party and say that you want to make a
donation uh to be to be included in the
crab fest they’ll probably let you in uh
so the price that was being asked for
was 70 per person or 120 for family uh
and kids under 12 eat free so if you’re
like a big household and you live in
maryland or in that area and you know
for 120 bucks eat all the crab and
chicken you want
it’s a good price uh so 70 bucks a
person 120 bucks a family all proceeds
go to the libertarian party of maryland
so the link is down but if you email and
i’ll put in the crime email for crab
and chicken
feast i’m gonna put it in the comments
at lp
what is that
keto friendly
for anybody who doesn’t know
i didn’t know that i’m not allowed to
eat it
well chicken’s keto friendly too
so chair at
lpmaryland.org if you reach out to uh if
you reach out to the chair there and let
them know that you would like to
uh be a part of it and that you’d like
to make a donation
i do believe there were a couple family
tickets left but that links down too so
i may have i did share it so i think it
might have gotten sold out but i wanted
more people to come so uh try to see if
you can get in there they might let you
in there
i don’t know if they’ll let you in there
but they might let you in there so reach
out and see um but
what skin
adam says skinless chicken is keto
skin isn’t keto friendly
no it’s just it’s just fat
it’s just
chicken skin
so um
also so then again uh and if you want to
go to the end the damn wars rally like i
said it is in
where is it it is in
oh yeah no it says it is keto to keep
it is unless battered right
by the way i would love to see you guys
start a page so we have one it’s just
not really set up
we we are working on a patreon we have
been working on it for about two years
now uh but if you go to anchor dot fm
slash muddy waters you can leave a
recurring donation right there
right there
they charge us way less and also
they’re not nearly as restrictive as
patreon so
like they don’t give us a hard time for
telling you things that aren’t
lies um
yeah you could have been yeah at adam
wakes you it’s if the chicken’s breaded
yeah that’s
right you can’t have that but if it’s
just normal you can have it yeah
it’s it’s skin it’s fat it’s actually
probably better than the meat in terms
of being keto it’s just pure fat
yeah i haven’t eat nothing but chicken
skins pork skins too
yeah unless you’re kosher um so after
the crab feast i will be in dc for the
end the damn wars rally uh and i’ll put
it’s end
the damn wars.org
um and also the um
uh you can also find in the damn wars uh
for uh all on uh all social media and uh
yeah we’re gonna have a really good time
uh me scott horton who’s one of the best
speakers for the anti-war movement uh
there’s you can’t find someone who can
talk better about
u.s foreign policy than scott wharton
i’m gonna try though um so i’ll be there
too and uh i’ll so it’s gonna be it’s
gonna be really good and and it’s it is
a uh not just a libertarian event we’re
gonna have people on the left we’re
gonna have some people on the right this
is a
non-partisan we have one one initiative
one coalition built around ending the
wars bringing the troops home and ending
the apparatus that they’re using to have
these types of ridiculous endless wars
um so that’s what we’re doing then and
then on monday is another fantastic
episode of mr america the bearded truth
with jason lyon uh he is going do you
know what he’s going to dive into this
last week he had dwayne lester on who is
amazing do you know
i have no idea
i need to start asking him to tell me
what next what he’s going to do the
following week but
if you have room for one more
libertarian show on your schedule
make it mr america the bearded truth and
cajun and eskimo
so you have to have two
but miss america the bearded truth is
just amazing and also make sure you’re
already listening to our shows too
um just do it every day
monday through friday and then come
right back here next tuesday
same money place same-ish money time
for another amazing episode of the muddy
waters of freedom now uh let’s wrap up
we have a bid from shannon schoenhardt
for 71.71 for susan matt if you want to
show them susan and we’re going to give
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to make a last bid because there is a
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venues if you want susan
you want sushi right now autographed if
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just didn’t happen if you just didn’t
murdered susan
down susan um
so if if
coveted both them if you if you
if you uh if you would like to have
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oh no
bdsm guru says was she not bidding 71
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um she can bid uh
she could send us the 71
to muddy waters media at gmail via
and we will get that out to you post
yes we will be happy to do that um and
since it’s looking like no one else is
bidding which is great uh this auction
going once
going twice
and sold to shannon schoenhardt for 71
dollars you are the
proud owner of susan shannon may she
rest him please
rip susan i actually put on their
hashtag rip susan so
matt if someone were to try to follow
muddy waters media on the internet
is there any way that’s even possible
and if so how
it would be possible all one would have
to do if you were one of the old school
listeners who truly enjoys
the sweet sultry
dulcied tones of our
masculine yet soothing voices
hey everybody
you just head on over
to anchor dot fm slash bloody quarters
uh i’m fresh off of this bike going
right now super fan sarah anderek has
come into the room
and she hates this segment
so she’s giving me a dirty look i don’t
understand why she would go in the room
while we’re doing this if she hates us i
don’t i have no idea
but i think she secretly likes it
if you go to anchor dot fm slash muddy
you can leave us messages that we will
live on the air
on tuesdays
on tuesday nights
on tuesday nights
and you can also leave us donations
and you will get your
you will get your name
in the credits
after the show
we want money
we want money
give us money
we won
we want to make sure that we don’t have
any more audio problems
or video problems
and the only way to do that is with
we can only do that with your money not
i mean with your money
i mean we’re doing it with our money so
we could use
what i didn’t hear what you said i just
said yeah
okay well in that case or you can find
find this in every other episode at
well that’s amazing i’m so happy to hear
that folks thanks again for tuning in to
this amazing episode thank you to
everyone who has donated thank you to
everyone who is such a part of this matt
congratulations on your seven years
sober may you have seven million more
years sober
may may a thousand years from now may
you wake up and say who dares wake me
from my thousand and seven year sober
and folks if somebody wakes me up a
thousand years from now on my one one
thousand and seventh sober bursary i’m
gonna be so mad
just let the man sleep like what what
else yeah i’m a thousand years old
a thousand years old you can’t let him
sleep jesus so and thank you to shannon
for his her uh winning bid and uh and
yeah jimmy lee uh find the after party
in the muddy waters uh group and
clubhouse muddy waters room muddy waters
club money water whatever in clubhouse
and uh folks thanks again for tuning in
and i will see you tomorrow on my show
then thursday friday blah blah blah see
you here tomorrow 8 p.m my fellow
americans and all the other shows as
well after the days after and everything
else we said thanks again for tuning in
and where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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