Episode 210 – Tumbler Auction: Redux

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Matt and Spike auction off the coveted Libertarian Party Waffle House Caucus Tumbler autographed by them again! Plus, since Matt was tired of writing depressing shows, they take questions from the audience in a rare AMA episode of The Muddied Waters of Freedom!

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

Today’s music intro: https://youtu.be/-sCpthN9qfY

Episode Transcript

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i want to speak today
the unfolding situation in afghanistan
the developments that have taken place
in the last week
and the steps we’re taking to address
the rapidly evolving events i made the
decision the buck stops with me i am
president of the united states the buck
stops with me
and i made it clear to them the buck
stops with me
i’ll make it smoke the buck stops with
me i know my decision will be
time to criticize criticized second
guess with this operation so i’m focused
on getting this job done i inherited a
deal that president trump negotiated
with the taliban u.s forces to be out of
afghanistan by may 1.
the truth is this did unfold more
quickly than we had anticipated our only
vital nice interest in afghanistan
remains today what has always been
america is addicted to oil you know i i
we’ve been able we’ve made look
made clear to the taliban
look um
i made the decision the book stops with
me i am president of the united states
the book stops with me and if i made it
clear to them the book stops
but the idea that somehow there’s a way
to have gotten out without chaos so for
you that would always be the decision
yes there’s no good time to leave
afghanistan i don’t know how that
happens but in reverse
that was four days ago five days ago
what happens now in afghanistan do you
think the taliban have changed no do
they want to be recognized for the
international communities being a
legitimate government i’m not sure they
you know i i talk talk
i take that responsibility seriously i
carry that burden every day
look um
i made the decision the book stops with
me i am president of the united states
the buck stops with me and if i made it
clear to them the buck stops with me
i’ll make it smug
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard for spike
thomas jefferson cohen i am matt wright
and together we are traversing the
muddied waters of freedom we haven’t
founding fathers before
they’re just gonna all just be jew like
george jushington
folks thanks so much for tuning in to
this amazing
episode of the muddy waters of freedom
what makes it so amazing you’re here
also we’re going to be auctioning this
tumbler off again and this time we
actually have it
and hopefully the person who gets it
doesn’t just want to give us money and
then tell us to auction it off again
although if you want to just give us
mine if you want to you can keep doing
that you honestly can keep doing it you
just i’m not let’s just keep operating
this tumbler we’re libertarians we’re
not here to judge
yeah if you want to just give us money
if you want to bid on this then say now
auction it again keep the money
i’m not going to stop you this is a
muddy waters media production be sure to
share it and like it subscribe and do
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we are also on amazon podcasts now yes
so you can get us right in your audible
i think
um i don’t know how it works um
first and foremost i would like to thank
benjamin daniel morris chestnut the
for the ikava that i am drinking on
today’s it’s his son it’s the last one
and i’m bringing out today’s episode
that’s an impressive lineage there
fifteen generations of benjamin davis
benjamin daniel benjamin daniel moore’s
chestnuts morris chestnut wow
15 of those and i’d like to thank leble
for this delicious jewish water that i’m
drinking also i’d like to thank myself
for making this delicious dish that i’ll
be eating throughout this episode it’s
it’s big i haven’t eaten until i’m doing
uh i just finished a fast so now i’m
breaking my fast with this delicious
meal of greens and
uh salmon of course and uh cashew cheese
and a spare
sauerkraut and
hemp seeds and almonds
is that
are there croutons in that you can’t
have gluten
no no that’s uh that’s salmon
oh okay
the other day uh sunday on sunday
i made
my wonderful lovely understanding and um
fantastic girlfriend uh
what did you do
i’m certain something um
i decided to make her dinner because i
am a caring caring gentleman and while
you would not have been able to eat
you would have been able to eat some of
it like not much but some of it um
i made her a tortellini and steak salad
yeah it was spinach and cheese
tortellini with uh some new york strip
steak on it and then it had uh like
the stuff you could eat the the the
croutons and the cucumbers
the cucumbers not croutons it didn’t
have croutons it had olives and uh
cucumbers and artichokes
and uh
yeah you could have had that part
you could have the tortellini or the
right everything else not so much the
two ingredients that are in the title
you couldn’t eat but everything else you
right the garnish i could have
no this is typical people are like oh i
had a great meal i’m not sure which part
you could have and i’m like probably the
garnish and they’re like no i’m sure you
could and then they start telling me i’m
like now i could have the lettuce right
i could have the lettuce there but
that’s fine because i make my own food
and speaking of making
food the
this episode is brought to you by the
libertarian party waffle house caucus
the second
fastest well no this is the fastest
growing caucus in the last year party
and the second
second largest caucus in the libertarian
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jack casey oh we gotta update this we
gotta update this
jack casey needs to update it by giving
us a new logo or new graphic right
great right so we don’t have to do
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good for all ages he’s running for
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and he and thomas weiner would like you
to know that he runs better than albany
which is hilarious because he’s in a
wheelchair that’s funny to him
it tells you the kind of guy thomas is
thomas is actually one of the most
incredible people we know he has an
incredible amount of energy he is
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um i just got a text message from a
number that i didn’t know and then i
realized when i noticed it was the third
book cover uh it was probably from jack
casey um
it’s a bit late it’s a bit late jack
nothing i can do now
i mean we are live jack
listen if the man is has he emailed this
to us or is he he just texted him so he
he sent it to me on me we
i have not been on me we in a
really long time what this guy is a real
piece of work
i don’t even know if the me we chat for
muddied one
i’m certain that somebody in this that’s
watching is a member and probably knows
better than me
people still use me yeah i mean
yeah yes i’m certain they do
so um yeah i started watching this new
show over the weekend
it’s not new um it’s new to me it’s like
nbc’s thing if you haven’t seen it it’s
new to you
and uh it’s called slasher
and i am
five episodes into the first
and uh i i have no there’s only three
episodes left and
i have no clue who the killer is and
it’s annoying me
if everyone can press f in the chats for
matt not being able to figure out who
normally at this point in a horror movie
because so each season is like
one horror movie it’s just eight hours
long um
okay yeah what did
did you think i said no i’m just
clarifying it’s horror okay
yeah horror
okay all right we are saying the same
thing no
but yeah like normally at this point in
a horror movie um
i already know who it is like i figured
it out and this one like i think i know
there’s three other people it definitely
could be
so i’m i’m enjoying the hell out of it
and if anybody would care to do a watch
party uh with me uh i’m
gonna be watching episode six later
tonight so catch up quick
and this is called what again this
horrible movie
show it’s a horror show
horror show it’s called slasher
slasher the horror show right ricky
savage says that it’s corn pop which is
accurate if it’s corn pop
that will be quite shocking for a
canadian television show
explain where he is
i mean he’s a bad dude
he’s a bad dude he’s a bad dude he run
with a bad group of bad boys
there that’s why joe biden had to
threaten to
hang a black man
after calling after misgendering him and
calling him after misgendering him
so uh speaking of joe biden misgendering
people uh we have this uh beautiful
tumbler here’s a here’s a we were using
this photo
before but now we actually have it
and we’re auctioning it off and the way
that we’re doing it is you guys are
going to start bidding right now
literally right now you’re going to just
start waiting and then at the end of the
we are going to announce the winner
guilt chirping you for like a solid 10
minutes to bid more
that’s just how we do it was like going
and just so so everybody’s clear the
reason that we do that is a one yes
spikes right to guilt trip you but also
we are on
what we are saying at this minute
at this second you will probably see in
30 to 45 seconds depending on which one
you’re on so we have to make sure
everybody gets a chance to get their
final bids in
so we have to do it very slowly when
james toller jumps out the gate with 50
bucks 50 bucks to james toler 50 james
toller boom boom boom boom boom
boom james tuller by the way i want to
give a quick shout out to james toler
james toller uh is uh he is in the he’s
the vice chair of the libertarian party
of kentucky uh he and uh and some other
folks there in kentucky uh made a point
of pointing out to me actually him and a
lady named melissa came to my training
event in kentucky a couple weeks back to
let me know about the russell
convalescent home and what was happening
there in russell kentucky for those
who’ve been following my social media uh
the uh russell uh
russell city council uh is using eminent
domain to basically steal a convalescent
home that has uh 28 elderly um uh
mentally disabled people who live
together as a family some of them have
lived there for more than 20 years and
it’s a private property and they’re
taking it with eminent domain so they
can replace it with a parking lot and
green space and a farmer’s market
we found out
also that the city attorney who is
basically prosecuting this eminent
domain case for the city
uh she happens to own two businesses
that are right across the street that
would benefit greatly from additional
parking in a green space um she’s also
one of the largest land owners in the
city now far be it for me to even begin
to imply any kind of uh
untoward action or any kind of
corruption there uh could be an entire
coincidence that she would benefit uh
financially from the fact that uh that
that this eminent domain goes through
and that she’s the uh the person who’s
been tasked with uh pushing it through
in the courts uh it probably is a
it’s pr it almost certainly is a
coincidence i certainly don’t want to
imply anything else but uh this is a a
blatant uh uh aggression act of
aggression by the city and uh we’re
fighting against it we’re actually
working on some stuff that’s going to be
coming out very soon i’m very excited to
announce it but i can’t quite yet uh but
we’re going to be doing some really fun
stuff to put it put an end to that
eminent domain action we’re just getting
raising awareness was step one step two
so exciting can’t wait to tell you
anyway uh so now we are at 51. really
we are not the type of people who like
to make rules and regulations
we have a very christmasy themed show
going on with the green and the red by
the way just noticing
yeah we’re like little summer christmas
are we not in autumn yet are we still in
summer okay no it’s literally summer
yeah it’s still so is it still summer
okay yeah it’s on the 22nd
but uh
if we can keep the bids to the five
dollar increments unless of course
you’re hitting the magical numbers of
69 and 420 69.
we understand those but
i would out outside of that if we can
keep it to that it would be
just wonderful it will be incredibly
helpful thank you
it would it would
so fifty dollars is the current bid
we’re just gonna ignore no no no
uh seventy dollars is the current bid oh
did it get a seventy janice mckenzie is
as uh out the gate
out the gate
yeah all right 70 bucks
we’re getting asked questions and just
to let you know we will be doing um uh
we will be doing the
71 is this doesn’t count
anyway so we’re going to uh
now we’re at 75 we actually got two bids
for 75 ones from james toller one’s from
bds guru but james’s came in first so
we’re honoring uh james’s so far
so today’s gonna be uh because these
last couple episodes have just been
there hasn’t been a tremendous amount of
good news
it’s just been really really bad
and so
we don’t want this to become the
muddied waters of horror
uh weekly episode and so what we’re
gonna do is uh we’re going to we are
going to talk about a couple things that
happen um but then we’re also going to
do uh the chris reynolds call-in anchor
call-in moment brought to you by chris
reynolds attorney law um and then we’re
also going to just do ask us anything
you can you can put questions in the
chat and we’ll be happy to answer them
um and just like we’re going to just try
to like
have like a
plus we’re doing the auction we’re just
doing it’s going to be kind of a reset
episode where we aren’t like telling you
everyone knows about the terrible things
that have been happening
like everyone knows so
you know that is uh
for anybody i think everybody i think
everybody watching for the most part uh
was here last week um
for anybody who didn’t see last week’s
episode last week’s episode was quite
literally the most difficult episode i
have ever done yep
and it’s not even close like that was
the most difficult episode i have ever
and um
it that was an emotional week for me
mainly because of what we were going to
be talking about leading yep from from
the day after two weeks ago
all the way up to the point where we
were talking about it
it was a really emotional uh week
and strictly because i knew what we were
going to be talking about and how
difficult it was going to be to talk
so when i was doing the notes for this
week i texted spike i said hey we’re
doing an ama uh i’ll do a uh i’ll do a
rapid fire segment but uh we’re gonna do
an ama because i
don’t want to talk about bad stuff so we
are here we’re going to answer questions
uh we do have a rapid fire segment that
this is what kind of aided
this is what aided in me saying no we’re
doing ama
no no i i agree with you that was a
rough episode and the one before that
wasn’t that and then after seeing the
news this week it’s like
really so no this episode we are going
to have a little bit more fun
we do have some good news uh jim turney
who is uh one of the city council
members of altamonte springs uh florida
he uh is the former chair of the
libertarian party and under his guidance
and leadership altamonte springs is the
only major metro area in the country
that has no debt
that is what libertarian governance
looks like now jim turner is running for
and he did have an opponent
but that opponent dropped out and no one
else uh filed uh in time to run against
him so jim turney is going to be running
unopposed he is still campaigning as
someone who has an opponent just to
drive home the fact that he’s not taking
it for granted but jim turney will
continue to serve on another term in
altamonte springs florida boom boom boom
altamonte springs is looking better and
better every day
i love j jim is a great
he is a great human
yeah just a fantastic guy yeah he’s a
fantastic guy
so we are now at 80. well no actually so
uh we’re at 90.
oh we’re at 90. yeah we’re at 99.
bdsm guru is at 90.
and that’s where we’re at right now okay
so let’s uh let’s go through uh some of
our stuff here
we are we started the auction and we’re
going to talk about a couple things that
here on the
mud water
mushroom coffee replacement cacao rapid
fire segment brought to you by mudwater
the most appropriately named sponsor of
muddy waters media ever because it’s
literally called mud water um it is a
coffee alternative if you woke up today
and said my god if i never have another
cup of coffee again in my life it’ll be
too soon well then we have some great
news for you because this stuff is
definitely not coffee it’s pretty much
everything except for coffee it’s a
masala chai cacao
mushrooms not those kind tumeric sea
salt cinnamon and literally nothing else
uh and if you would like to try this
delicious blend it’s i listen
it tastes like what you think those
things would taste like together
like if you it’s not bad if you add
honey just visualize those ingredients
and think hmm that’s a palette cleanser
there this is so what that is
is something you’re going to want to put
some honey on
yeah you’re going to want to put some
honey in you’re definitely going to want
to put now we put some honey on it and
it’s like oh okay this is actually not
too bad and again i’m also someone i
don’t like the taste of coffee i know
you freaks out there that like coffee
you know it is what maybe you’ll like
this i don’t know because you’ve got
weird taste buds that like things that
taste terrible um but this put some
honey on it and it has 1 7 of the
caffeine of coffee just enough to wake
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but not enough to have you all freaking
out like me
had three cups of coffee and a bang
today how are you
this is me i’m just naturally this
worked up
okay just to put this mud water here’s a
testimonial for mud water i take mud
water every day do you know what i did
today i walked 400 yards in uh anywhere
from uh uh waist to shoulder deep water
where the tide was going in the opposite
that’s how much energy i get from mud
water it’s actually just i’m wound up
and have to do things because i’m
naturally high energy but the um
so that’s mud water so get it go to if
you want to try this out and be like me
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you want to be like spike no one even
knew who the hell i was two years ago
now look at me
because of mud water if you wanted to
that’s almost a true statement it’s
almost true if you want to be similar to
me i can say you’d be like me but you
could be wired like me the uh then go to
and purchase them today matt
so apparently this has changed since uh
i wrote this but we’re still gonna
report it uh a woman in chicago in cook
county chicago famous for uh
murder yep um
a woman in chicago appeared in a zoom
hearing with her ex-husband to discuss
uh custody of their 11 year old son and
the cook county judge james shapiro no
asked her about her vaccination status
uh rebecca ferlitt i’m gonna just guess
that’s how you say that name ferlitt
sure uh told the judge she did not
receive the vaccine because of adverse
reactions she has had to vaccines in the
past and her doctor advised against it
gonna repeat that
yeah her doctor advised
against it yes
james shapiro no relation uh ordered her
to be stripped of her parental rights uh
to visit her son until she had been
against her doctor’s orders
against her doctor’s orders now
she has been
at the time of writing this she has been
speaking with her son on the phone and
through video calls uh hasn’t visited
hadn’t visited in person uh for over two
weeks in compliance with the judge’s
orders and she was understandably
heartbroken by this entire situation uh
because it wasn’t
her ex-husband knew that
her ex-husband knew that she hadn’t been
vaccinated he wasn’t the one that
brought this up uh no
shapiro just said have you been
and she
instead of saying i don’t believe that’s
any of your business
she said well no because my doctor told
me i shouldn’t because i’ve had adverse
reactions to vaccines in the past and he
went well you know you’re losing your
and this hearing had nothing to do with
custody by the way
it just out of nowhere and both sides
both the the father’s attorney and the
mother’s attorney
i read that it was about custody
oh i read that it wasn’t
at any rate out of nowhere the judge
says are you vaccinated and she says no
because of the the um
the uh because of the doctor’s orders
and the adverse reactions he’s had to
previous vaccines um and and he goes and
pulls this thing now the good news is
breaking news
we need to get like a breaking news like
we we have one you just haven’t
downloaded it
wait wait
i think i think it’s in there
i made one
i don’t i want to do a thing
in the show well you would
you would have to um
you would have to key it out which you
can’t do live oh crap
breaking news uh the judge has reversed
decision and uh she will now uh mrs
furlit uh will now be able to uh though
the shared custody has been resumed as
previous as it was previously um
probably because a bunch of people got
pissed off at james shapiro no relation
no relation
now speaking of someone who needs
who is related to steve ducey
relation there’s relationship relation
there’s relation um and joe biden had an
exchange last week uh and that is one of
the most telling moments of joe biden’s
presidency so far uh for anybody who has
children you will recognize
this body language
so incredibly easily
mr president there had not been a u.s
service member killed in combat in
afghanistan since february of 2020. you
set a deadline you pulled troops out you
sent troops back in
and now 12 marines are dead you said the
buck stops with you
do you bear any responsibility
for the way that things have unfolded in
the last two weeks i bear responsibility
fundamentally all that’s happened
of late but here’s the deal
you know i wish you one day say these
things you know as well as i do
that a former president
made a deal with the taliban
that he would get all american forces
out of afghanistan by may 1.
in return the commitment was made and
that was a year before
in return he was given a commitment
if the taliban
would continue to attack
others but would not attack any american
you remember that
i’m being serious
no i’m asking you a question
because before here he comes no no no
wait a minute i’m asking you a question
is that accurate the best you’re not
do you think that people have
so anybody who has children
will understand what you’re looking at
there that is a person who doesn’t want
to answer a question and is just
shutting down
receding into their body and no just i
am not going i am not here and it was in
that moment that joe biden wished he
could move back to scranton and open a
paper company um
so i just want to go back to this mr
president there had not been a u.s
what is he holding
uh it looks like a like a notebook like
oh a leather-bound notebook with the
gold tabs
he just
kisses the notebook
oh that’s what it is he’s sniffing the
notebook he’s not right well yeah that’s
for comfort he he has a lock of the
child’s hair in there to like give him
energy he’s overwhelmed
right his security blanket
right um
now yeah uh yes joe biden is not wrong
in what he said there trump did make a
deal with which joe biden oddly calls
the taliban or taliban as opposed to the
but uh
trump did make that deal he said don’t
attack any americans and for the most
part that was something that happened um
joe biden did not respect the deal and
that is why
suddenly he is now in trouble for uh
americans dying
he literally just said you know the last
president struck a deal that we’d leave
by may
we didn’t
we didn’t
i mean
what we can tell it wasn’t the taliban
it was isk which is a group that the u.s
government has been arming in
again not necessarily joe biden’s fault
although he has i mean he’s been every
bit a part of this issue for years now
it’s not like he’s coming in fresh like
he’s been in the senate for you know 40
years or something like that uh was the
head of the foreign relations committee
um was uh a vice president for eight
years it’s not yeah and he was removed
he wasn’t in office for four years it’s
not as though all of this was happening
absent any involvement or knowledge from
him he knows what’s going on um
and it just kind of underscores that
this was always going to happen
regardless but right uh
yeah no he did kind of like
i do like the theory that he was
sniffing a lock of child care
for comfort and strength
now j adam wags says that no matter what
action anyone took on afghanistan there
is no right answer it was a no-win
situation made worse by two decades of
incompetence and ended by dementia yes
that is 100 accurate now
what you could have done
what somebody could have done that
yes the end result would have been
basically the same but there would have
been many
less lives lost is you could have
evacuated the people who helped us out
and the military and all americans that
were in afghanistan
before pulling out most of the military
and saying that you were leaving in
order to allow this to happen
yep and they’ve now left behind hundreds
of american citizens and thousands of
afghan allies and are hoping to be able
to use diplomatic engagement to get them
because the taliban wants to prove that
they are going to be respectful on the
world stage according to jen pasaki
that’s why the taliban should want to do
that but that makes no sense that the us
is relying on the goodwill of the
a year and a half we’ve known we were
pulling out
uh eskimo asked what the latest bid is
and the latest one that i saw was 110
from janice mckenzie no uh the highest
bid right now is from the cajun
libertarian he has been 85 billion
dollars in top grade military equipment
oh well in that case
good luck everybody the second highest
bid is 110 110
um right now i’m gonna hold him to this
yeah no we’re definitely i want 85
billion by the way cajun uh
uh our best wishes to you and everyone
in the in the area affected by um by
hurricane ida that’s coming through how
are you doing like how is everything let
us know how it is hopefully you’re doing
well because you owe us 85 billion
dollars now or 85 billion worth of top
grade military equipment it’s up to you
really right honestly um
yeah so that happened so speaking of
terrible things
terrible things this speaking of a lot
of weapons
yeah yes
the cdc uh fresh off uh defeat by the
supreme court on the eviction moratorium
that i personally think they’re gonna
ignore cause they keep ignoring the
supreme court and just doing whatever
the hell they want anyway
uh has now vowed to establish
gun violence
as an urgent public health crisis
proving that every single conspiracy
ends up being prologue and ends up being
what they do because what have we been
saying the next thing they’re going to
do is gun violence and climate change
and it was like i’d never do that that’s
about a pandemic we gotta give them
power for a pandemic are you gonna do
about pandemic now look
dr rochelle lewanski said generally the
word gun
for those who are worried about research
in this area is followed by the word
control and that’s not what i want to do
here wait this gets better later
don’t worry
i’m not here about gun control i’m here
about preventing gun violence and gun
death oh wow that’s good
and then she said something has to be
done about this now is the time it’s
pedal to the metal time
i’m not sure
but not with gun control
we’re just going to try to get rid of
gun violence
and gun deaths
but no gun control
now many of you may recall that we
reported on uh back in april uh
president biden said the country was
facing a gun violence public health
but the cdc has not yet said how it
plans to address the epidemic um and
then wolinski went on to say i swore to
the president and to this country that i
would protect your health this is one of
those moments one of those issues that
is harming america’s health now
they have they’re saying that the money
now for anybody out there who’s like oh
this is because democrats blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah blah joe biden
blah no you would be wrong um
back in
1996 or 97 um the
united states government the united
states government stopped funding uh gun
research by the cdc
who was president then
bill clinton
it was a republican congress but bill
clinton was president and he signed off
when do you when would you guess
when would you guess
that the cdc started getting funding
to research gun violence
i have a guess
yes spike hi hi long time listener first
time guesser um i’m gonna guess that it
and i forget the name but it’s the
previous administration to the biden
that would be correct it would have
yeah it would have happened in 2017.
which let me check let me check my math
that was a republican congress
who was president
a republican president
donald trump let me look at donald j
donald j trump
uh let’s see here donald j trump uh
served as the 45th president
as oh my god
he was a republican
with a republican congress at the time
uh because they had control
that can’t be
i was told
that the republican party
is the party
of god
guns and a third thing that i forget
guns was in there
guns was yeah garden guns third thing
must have been flies
right because they’re not really big
fans of either um
so before anybody is saying oh this is
because bad and blah blah blah no
technically this is because of trump joe
biden is the one that made the call
saying that gun violence is a public
epidemic um or a public health epidemic
and that is what wolinski is going off
of however it was because of trump
giving that funding that’s making this
possible now she’s saying that they’re
going to be using that funding
in order to help uh bolster
uh suicide prevention causes and uh
call-in lines and things like that
spike you have another question yeah i
saw you uh someone just said all the
best husbands are ryan bedford just said
all the best husbands are left-handed
and i instinctively raised my left hand
sorry i got distracted by people saying
very hard truths
go ahead
that’s what they’re saying that this
money is going to be used for however
after two years
year and a half after a year and a half
of lockdowns them uh
doing the eviction moratoriums them
helping shut down businesses and doing
absolutely everything in their power
pushing pushing vaccine uh mandates
pushing vaccine passports pushing
everything they can to destroy personal
liberties it will not surprise me if
they attempt to
use the cdc and this claim that it is a
public health epidemic to um
get rid of guns in a very back channel
kind of way oh yeah yeah or at the very
least greatly restrict them for health
reasons i mean can you not picture
anthony fauci out here going guns are
bad you got if you’re doing guns you
gotta they’re gonna kill people you
gotta get rid of the guns it’s important
to put masks on your guns and that
that’s like that’s i mean that’s coming
like the
this thing that has been created in the
last year this cult of fouchyism this uh
this entire idea of your personal
freedoms are violating the health of
everyone around you it’s not just that
you’re being selfish you’re murdering
everyone that’s not going to stop with
it’s not going to stop with disease
it’s going to be used for everything now
this is the new normal the new normal is
if you disagree with the corporate media
status quo on everything you are a
you are murdering people and you’re
hurting dr fauci’s feelings and frankly
you’re a scumbag for either of those
reasons and both that that’s what the
new the new normal is if anthony fauci
and joe biden and whoever the cdc which
has become this this new uh
high priesthood uh says that something
is bad then you’re bad if you like it or
if you’re if you’re not against if
you’re against you know using whatever
actions they say need to be taken on
anything at any time for any reason even
when it contradicts what they literally
just said days or hours before you’re
bad you’re a murderer you’re responsible
for deaths
and yeah the canonization of the cdc and
dr fauci
has been a pic like it’s been apparent
since this entire thing has started uh
there have been multiple people
we all remember homosexuals right before
oh god yeah before this happened and
everybody was like oh i’m totally a
homosexual like jimmy fallon and
i don’t know if allen said it but i know
i know cole bear said it and uh
some other
talk show hosts that i don’t watch um
they all say yourself saying homosexual
then please delete me from your life and
my life and everyone else is there just
delete it unless we are referencing it
in this sort of if you unironically
refer to yourself as a cuomo sexual then
i have anything
but the but the cult of fouchy is a much
deeper stronger and more
rabid cult than the cult of cuomo ever
yes oh easily
and that is why they
they don’t care about the gain of
function research
they don’t care about the funding they
don’t care that he has never once even
tried to look
for a treatment and just kept going
vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine
none of that means anything to them none
of that means anything and so i found
something out this week
which isn’t in the notes but we’re going
to talk about it
anyway the head of pfizer the ceo of
do you know who he is
you don’t have to look it up now
of course i know who it is
albert borla
ceo of pfizer
ceo of pfizer albert borla who do you
i thought it was scottlieb
oh he’s the direct director
i thought he was the director yeah yeah
yeah okay so the director of pfizer
scott gottley
guess what his job was
before this
that i know he was with the fda
he was with the he was the head of the
do you know what his job was before the
head of the fda uh was it with the cdc
no it wasn’t with the cdc um he was on
the board of glaxo klein smith
now when he was on the board of
glaxo klein smith
uh glaxo klein smith made a synthetic
matrogenine speciosa
metrogene speciosus synthetic
which is kratom
while he was with
the fda
he put kratom on the schedule one
drug this is that guy
this is that guy oh for god’s sake so
then he left the fda
and he got a job at pfizer
where pfizer
ended up getting cdc approval
on a vaccine vaccine
that works
66 of the time right now and that number
is dropping daily
glaxosmithkline not kleinsmith my
apologies yeah
um i i was as you were saying it i’m
like is that smith kleiner klein smith
but it wasn’t
i think it was pretty obvious who uh
who who meant there so this is the so
and see normally
when people are able to think about
things rationally
this is something that would make them
go oh my gosh that’s terrible this is
cronyism but right now if you bring this
up to a lot of people uh they’ll be like
but it’s done we’ll figure that out
later we all got to save our lives and
your grandma is going to die if you
don’t get vaccinated like it’s it’s no
one can have a real conversation about
this and yes
the vaccine likelihood that the ability
for it to um to stop and slow the stop
you from getting it or spreading it has
been consistently dropping um it’s it’s
approaching it will soon approach with a
couple more variants it’ll be in flu
shot territory where you got about a 50
50 shot of whether you’re going to get
it or not
in which case it just becomes something
that is likely to keep you from getting
sick like really sick and from getting
like having ending up hospitalized or
something like that which is great it’s
good that that it’s a flu shot
it’s a flu shot for covington it’s a flu
shot it’s a coveted shot it’s it’s it’s
it is not a
it is not a
it’s not going to stop the pandemic at
best it will keep you from getting very
sick which is important and if that’s
something that’s concerning to you if
you look at the statistics and you go
yeah i’m older or i’m obese or i have
comorbidities and i’m one of the the
people that you know aren’t you know
point zero zero one percent likely to
die from it like most people under the
age of 50 or under the age of 40 um who
are in that that you know point zero one
to point
or the point one to point zero one
percentile range uh okay great then then
you know you should probably get it and
anyone who feels like they’ll be safer
by getting it you should get it but this
is not
if this thing were what they claimed it
was where you’re not going to get it
you’re not going to spread it and we can
finally end this pandemic they wouldn’t
need to be threatening anything 80 90 of
the country would be going out getting
it at least 70 80 would be going out and
getting it without any kind of pressure
or coercion or threats or or rewards or
lotteries or any any of that stuff it
would just be oh okay i’m not going to
get it i’m not going to spread it
people are listening and hearing about
this vaccine and that’s why a large
number of people aren’t getting it and
even more people who have gotten it are
against it being mandated because it’s
not as clear-cut as they’re trying to
say it is and this is all built this is
not a built around science this is built
around a cult that they have started
and it is the cult of fouchy and the cdc
a lot a lot of the vitriol that’s going
back and forth about
about this vaccine
i just want to like so there’s there’s a
lot of thing negative things being
spewed back and forth from either side
have not seen anybody say
i hope that you have negative reactions
from the
vaccine i have seen a lot of people even
libertarians in new york um who said
who said that
they hoped that the unvaccinated die yep
because they care about public health
yeah because they care about public
while a lot of the
discussion about it isn’t so much a
discussion and it is
truly ripping families apart um that i
have witnessed uh just
families ripped apart uh because some
people are getting vaccines and other
people aren’t and they’re saying if you
don’t do this we’re probably never going
to see you again and it’s well all right
well sorry
that’s fine one last christmas gift i
have to get
um but
it has it has ripped everybody apart and
truly the honest thing the the the
honestly the best thing that anybody can
say here is
if i were to ask spike if he got the
vaccine and he said no
and even without getting his
giving his response of because i have ms
or whatever
because i have ms and i’m afraid of
whatever reaction whatever
i’m afraid of what reactions i’m gonna
have from it whatever uh
i would be like cool that makes sense
and then he would say did you get the
vaccine and i would say yeah i got the
vaccine because i didn’t want kovid and
he would go cool and that that’s the end
of that discussion literally
for people that are are like emotionally
balanced right now right that’s the that
is the legitimate discussion to have
there no i didn’t get it okay
okay so even if i’m like all right well
then i’m gonna i’m gonna have to with
people that aren’t vaccinated i will
have to you know stay six feet away or
i’ll i’ll i’ll have to wear a mask
around them or i’ll ask them to wear a
mascara okay great that then you’d say
oh okay well in that case you know if we
get together i’ll have to keep six feet
from you or whatever okay
and then but my my response because
matt’s the vaccinated when i’m the
unvaccinated one here i’d say okay well
that also makes sense if that’s
something you want to do that’s fine
this is how normal people who are well
adjusted are able to allow other people
to do things uh uh react to each other
even if we have opi and i might say you
know what i think that’s a bit
unreasonable but i can say that and then
still let you do your thing as opposed
to going you’re a murderer
i think we should just stop calling each
other you know who the real murderers
are murderers
murderers people who commit murder
whispers here
we talked about this a couple
maybe a couple of years ago now i don’t
know we’ve been doing this a while um
where we said like everybody was a nazi
everybody’s called a nazi and it still
happens today um and
you were literally
degrading that word and meaning so much
that eventually it’s not going to mean
anything and when people talk about the
nazis people are just going to like wave
it off
when you sit there and you tell
grandpa that he’s a murderer
because he doesn’t want to get the
vaccine because he’s 80 years old and he
it doesn’t know what it’s going to do to
him but he feels that he can handle a
cold um and you’re not going to change
his mind on that and you’re like you’re
a murderer like you’re really just
definitely not going to change his mind
right you’re you’re downplaying what a
murderer is
you are making it where
the guy who goes out and he shoots a
bunch of people on the streets of cook
county on saturday night for a good time
you are equating him to the 80 year old
who has cancer
and doesn’t want to get the vaccine
you’re going up to the guy who just
committed murder and saying you know who
you’re just like my
my gramps he wouldn’t get the vaccine
shot and so
you guys are basically the same
because you guys are pretty much the
same like you just like emptying your
magazine into a bunch of strangers is
pretty much the same as my grandpa
so because he didn’t get the vaccine he
didn’t get a vaccine you know
essentially the same thing
same thing that makes you feel any
and then that guy pulls out a gun and
shoots you yeah and then that guy kills
you because he
wasn’t really listening um
a couple of lessons here
superfan sarah andereg that is a
brilliant comment but we can’t say it
dahmer jokes get you kicked off of
facebook yeah
yep so we’re just not going to say it
no we’re not going to say stuff
i can’t believe that those are the ones
that get us kicked off i know she always
says the stuff that get either her or us
or both of us kicked off
so just uh real quick uh drop in we are
at um i think we’re
do we did we get an update
yeah i think we’re at i think it’s still
let me see 110
i think we’re still at 110
nope uh adam waig’s bed uh
well he’s in he he’s in second now
but uh third place is one time
yeah yeah yeah so we’re still uh janice
is still uh at 110 if anyone wants to
knock james off and get this
waffle house caucus tumbler
sweet waffle house caucus tonight spike
cohen and m.r right mr right
so uh the um i mean he’s literally it’s
115 from sheila foster
from sheila foster uh 115 so uh let me
talk a little bit about this tumbler uh
this tumbler will keep your colds cold
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the um the it’ll keep your hots hot for
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america uh this is uh made by defy the
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custom made in all ways they’ve
literally lovingly crafted it you
remember do you remember that scene from
where they’re making the uh
we’re making the pottery that was that’s
john and susan they’re there they’re
making they’re doing the doing the
patrick swayze and demi moore yeah but
they didn’t get they they waited until
this was finished
before they got distracted
we got this other one it’s a little
lopsided because they
you know this happened but this one was
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for that we’re up to 120 by bdsm 120 by
bdsm guru so continue your bidding we
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sarah anders says she loves defy the
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can it confirm and the tumblers collect
135 from jimmy lee
oh wow what jimmy lee
jimmy lee jimmy jimmy lee
that’s awesome so
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i left the two messages from midwest guy
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so we’re going to play so the first two
we’re gonna do are from midwest guy
and they’re actually from last
uh week but we weren’t able to do that
because i was in alabama and matt’s
computer hates him
uh so here is the first one from midwest
hey spike and matt
nice to talk to you again i don’t think
i really need much of an introduction
here but i’ll do it anyway i’m the
midwest guy
i love this guy i just wanted to break
this guy’s accent is just i thought it
was fake but it’s that it’s like this is
the most it’s so unreal it’s fake
jacob labelle who literally lives in
minnesota is like this accent’s fake and
people who live in minnesota saying that
someone else’s accent doesn’t sound real
you know it’s it’s pretty intense
but thanks for playing my my messages
last week and uh hopefully you play this
one still even though i caused so much
controversy i i really just wanted to
call to say that i’m sorry about all the
controversy i started you know in the
comments and oh does this guy exist is
this a real person and uh well here’s
some news for you guys i am okay i
really do exist
and uh you know people really do talk
like me and i think it really just goes
to show who the conspiracy theorists are
here in the comments uh you know plenty
of them showing through there so but i
just i just had to real quick also give
a shout out to my my favorite
non-podcasting author uh mr jack casey
for uh calling me a beautifully accented
midwestern fellow and that is a band for
all you guys who don’t really spell too
well so thank you very much for that and
uh my next my next message i got a big
question so i’ll be talking fast so try
to listen close okay
so we all know that the government in
america changes over time right we elect
different people in the power and they
come into power and out of power and
whatnot so my big question is are we
responsible then for fixing the mistakes
of the previous governments why or why
not because libertarians you know we
would obviously never go to afghanistan
but if we took office right now are we
responsible for correcting you know that
wrong that uh that they’ve done there
and uh so it’s more specifically like we
owe it to the people that
of the people there seeking refugee
uh to use the government power to help
them find it or
like you know like in the us or in guam
or wherever else and uh or if we’re
exempt from the responsibility then
should we just leave them there to find
their own solution and then how can we
best use the non-aggression principle to
decide what to do here
and of course you know the big question
is like are we responsible for writing
the wrongs of the past governments and
and why
do you want to take that first do you
want so yeah i’m glad i got through that
so fast thanks for uh for answering
thought that was done
i thought that was done too okay
yes as
as joe biden has been saying you know
the buck stops with him and even though
he will say
i’ve said the bug stops with me but you
have to remember the former president
made the deal that the
and then he blames trump for everything
even though he’s saying that the buck
stops with him that’s what the deal is
like when when you take over the buck is
going to stop with you even as you’re
riding the wrongs and if anything goes
wrong they are going to blame it on you
uh with
with uh like with biden
he is going to be remembered for the
afghanistan pullout
yeah that would be a really great joke
if everybody knew who this person was
but since
you don’t i can’t make that joke
but uh he would
pull out game weaker than josh smith um
but uh
yeah so he’s going to be remembered for
that just as any libertarian president
would be remembered for it if they were
to do the exact same thing now
i would like to think that any
libertarian president or anybody that
was in charge that was a libertarian
would have come up with the plan to get
all of the refugees over to guam
before they started all of this
so that you wouldn’t have this issue and
then you would get all of the americans
like the uh the the contractors and the
americans who were there on vacation um
for whatever reason you would get them
embassy workers they’ve literally left
embassy workers there
right the embassy workers uh you would
get them all out and then after all of
them are out as well as the service dogs
joe biden
as well as the service dogs you know
that is when you pull the military
and once you’ve done
that would be the order you would be
doing things
you would be getting out the refugees
and those that helped us and then you
would be getting out uh all of the
americans who were there uh the
contractors and the embassy workers and
the people who were there on vacation
for whatever reason um and their
families you got to get them all you
can’t say that because their families
are there uh they’re choosing not to
leave that that makes no sense and then
once all of them are out that’s when you
pull the military you don’t pull the
military out and then say well i had a
deadline so i had to do it well
there were steps leading up to that that
you were supposed to take months for
months months yeah well
you know so
everything matt just said about
afghanistan is 100 correct how it should
have been handled even if you inherited
the mess of the last 20 years which
again joe biden is not exempt from even
that he was one of the people that voted
for the authorization of use of military
force he was one of the main uh
champions for the continuation and
expansion of the of the afghan war he
was involved in the senate uh um uh
senate uh foreign affairs committee um
he was then vice president for eight
years like this is not he didn’t just
show up like oh my gosh look at this war
what the hell happened like he’s been a
part of it for quite some time even more
so than trump was prior to his
but even if he wasn’t even he was even
if he was just a bystander he signed up
to be president he he ran a race to be
president he asked everyone to vote for
him to be president which means he’s
responsible for dealing with the stuff
that happens with that job same thing’s
true for us
if joe and i had actually gotten elected
we asked to be president and vice
we would have to do what that job is it
wouldn’t be like we go oh my gosh i
didn’t think god why should i have to do
this i inherited all that you asked to
do this
no one has ever been forced to be
president that we know of um
maybe there has been the manchurian
candidate type of thing but for as far
i’m not willing to say that the one we
currently have isn’t being forced to be
there that’s fair that’s actually fair
which would explain why he was just
tumbling into his is
i don’t even want to be i don’t even
want to do this i’m 78 years old i want
to retire
i want to lie down
right now
and by the way i feel all of that i feel
that feel that like i just want to like
crumble that i know that feeling then
that’s yeah and you know
it’s good to see that joe biden can take
a nap when he needs to like when he’s
talking about the israeli prime minister
it’s good it’s good for his mental
health so
so ultimately yeah no whoever gets in
there is responsible for dealing with it
now with that said
by a matter of pure serendipity i’m sure
libertarianism and non-aggression is
exactly the way to fix all of the
problems that are being created so this
is a you know
many people will fall into the trap of
going well yeah non-aggression would be
great ideally but we have to deal with
the government we have now so if we get
in what are we going to do about this or
that well what we’re going to do about
this or that is first we’re going to see
how the centralization of power and bad
central planning led to that thing
happening and then we begin undoing it
by dismantling that centralized power
and putting the power back in the hands
of the people to be able to voluntarily
figure out their own thing so with
afghanistan how does that look you go in
you realize that most of the groups here
uh isk the haqqani network and the rest
of them have been funded by the cia and
getting money from the cia and state
department and pentagon and getting
uh weapons from the defense department
so stop doing that
stop literally arming the enemy which
last time i checked was treason then go
and investigate everyone who’s been
doing that for the past 20 plus years
and arrest and prosecute them to the
fullest extent of the u.s code of laws
and yes that could potentially include
execution for treason
do that okay then from there
as you’re doing that
get the civilians out of there and then
get the military out of there all the
while keeping an open dialogue of
communication with the taliban who is
inevitably going to be the new
government of afghanistan and say look
we are trying to get people out in an
orderly fashion we will get out as soon
as we can we are going to try to keep
with this may deadline
don’t attack us
we are not going to be arming your
enemies anymore because isk is also an
enemy of the taliban which is why they
were being armed it’s that typical cia
nonsense of arm this person armed this
person armed this person armed thirst
person certainly they won’t all come and
attack us at some point but let them
know we’re not doing that anymore that
we’re not arming their their erstwhile
enemies and opponents in the region and
that we’re leaving and that we want to
try to leave as peaceably as possible
and then you do that and you get the
afghan allies you know matt talked about
the governor of guam said hey remember
that time when you brought all those
people from vietnam here and gave it
they had time to be processed here in
guam before you brought them to the u.s
why don’t you do that again the biden
administration ignored him
oh and the trump administration ignored
him too so why not do that why not just
bring them all over there process them
as needed if someone turns out to be a
secret taliban terrorist send it back to
afghanistan if they turn out the
almost all of them be people that are
legitimate refugees and asylum seekers
then now you can bring them to the u.s
they’re far away from the taliban and
isk they’re not under any immediate
danger or threat they can be processed
and then brought here
that’s libertarianism
libertarianism applied to a situation
always works because it’s based on the
concept of decentralizing power and
decision-making ability and putting the
power back in the hands of the people
and and unraveling the the entangling
nonsense that has been created by
previous administrations
so here’s the next one from jimmy lee
hey matt and spike this is uh jimmy lee
calling in on the chris reynolds anchor
cullen moment from the anchor app so uh
spike sorry that connie and i missed you
at the ohio state uh convention this
past weekend uh i was really bummed out
about that but the reason why is because
my company’s got me back out on the road
and doing concerts and stuff
so so so far i haven’t had to show a vax
car all i had to do was fill out kind of
a questionnaire saying that i don’t have
symptoms and i haven’t had any negative
or uh positive testing so i am getting
tested regularly being out on the road
and i know you uh you’re out all over
the place too
so how do you think this is all going to
be played out and how do you think
they’re going to politicize it and do
you think vaccination cards are are
coming down the pipeline i’m just kind
of nervous because if so then i have to
walk away from my career
so thanks guys
i think we’re always first of all i i
hate that i didn’t get to see you and
connie but i understand why obviously
your your career is going to come first
on that um
i’ll see you next time i’m in ohio i’m
sure um
i think that i i don’t i think vaccine
passports just to be able to travel like
the government saying you can’t go from
state to state without a vaccine
passport i don’t think we’re there yet i
think if these schmucks continue to
worship fouchy and the cdc we are headed
there but i don’t think we’re there yet
but i mean we’ve already seen where
businesses are requiring vaccination to
be able to continue working for them
i was going to say the biggest the
biggest issue that i see for um
jimmy specifically uh since i know that
he goes out and he
works concerts and
music shows and stuff like that our
venues are going to say you need to have
a vaccine
you’re going to need a vaccine card in
order to to show that you’ve been
vaccinated in order to come in and
and that’s going to be
that’s going to be the biggest issue
for a while
you’ve got
what’s that guy’s name d snyder
from twisted sister d snyder d snyder uh
recently said i don’t want anybody who’s
unvaccinated to come to my show uh
because you i don’t want you to infect
me um
66 efficacy rate and d snyder was
so smart and so brilliant when he talked
to congress that one time and then it
just all falls apart on this um
you you have that
where you see that with a lot of bands
who are saying no like yes you have to
be vaccinated to come to my show um and
those are bands that i won’t go see
because i’m not going to get the jab to
go see twisted sister or you know
anybody else um
you know and eric i know eric clapton is
going the opposite route and he is
saying that uh he doesn’t want
vaccinated people at his concerts
um and he
he’s like no i don’t
no i don’t want these mandates i’m over
it let’s move on uh we need to stop
giving away the power and
i respect that granted a lot of stuff
has come out about eric clapton’s past
but what can you expect from an
alcoholic heroin addict uh and what he
said back when he was an alcoholic
heroin addict um
i can’t really trust you two former drug
addicts here by the way so we get that
we get to say that that’s our word right
that’s fine
we’re okay saying it um
i know i said some stuff when i was
lost in it uh that i probably wish i
could take back i don’t remember what i
said but i’m certain i did and i’m
willing to bet that eric clapton reading
that quote was like whoo i don’t
remember saying that even a little bit
and man i wish i didn’t
he’s going the opposite route and that
i respect that uh
whichever side
whichever side that these people land on
is going to determine whether or not
people are going to go to their show
i don’t think
the people who aren’t vaccinated now are
going to change their mind to go to a
i can’t like i don’t see it um
if they ever do pass the vaccine
passports in order to go from state to
state you will see a lot more people
getting the vaccinations only because
travel requires it like jobs require it
if you want to do your job you’re going
to have to get the vaccine
hopefully by the time they get around to
it the vaccine has less than 50 efficacy
and you can say why this thing doesn’t
you know
more times than it does
it is and as more variants come out
that’s what’s going to happen that’s why
gottlieb said there’s going to come a
time in which there is a variant that
comes out that this vaccine does nothing
for and now in um
israel i believe uh if you have two
shots if you got the first two
six months from the six months from that
point you are considered unvaccinated
like it has never happened before
and you have to keep getting the updates
i remember being on a podcast and saying
we’re headed towards booster shots and
some countries are going to mandate
those booster shots and i was told that
i was spreading donald trump mega q [ __ ]
right wing white supremacy i don’t know
what white suprema they said white
because that noted jewish white
supremacist uh uh white supremacist
claptrap nonsense conspiracy theory
tin foil hat
in some order i i might have messed the
order up a little bit there but i was
talking also depending on who’s
propaganda this thing is very effective
there’s been no talk of booster shots i
said there’s going to be booster shots
it’s gonna mutate and guess what
it’s a virus this is the reality of
viruses viruses mutate
and unlike the
unlike smallpox and polio
this fire spreads very very very very
very very very
very very very very very easily and is
routinely mutating this by the way this
is what coronaviruses do
coronaviruses most cold or a good number
of the coal i don’t know the percentage
but a good number of the cold viruses
are coronaviruses when they first came
out sometimes tens or hundreds of
thousands of years ago they’d kill you
they’d just kill you you’d die you would
get it you’d die
but they didn’t spread as easily as they
do now over time because a virus doesn’t
want to kill you viruses aren’t out here
for the body count they’re not from cook
county okay
viruses just want they’re not like your
grandpa okay they aren’t trying to
murder people they just want to spread
they want to replicate duplicate mutate
do all the things they want to make lots
of stuff
they want to go viral
that’s literally what they want to do
they want to go viral they want to just
bring all over the place right
the best way to do that
is to not kill you
or even make you that sick make you just
sick and all they want you to do is
sneeze and cough a lot that’s what i
want you to do i want you to get just
sick enough to have a little bit of an
immune response so that you sneeze and
try to expel it sneeze and cough and try
to expel it push it out all over the
place right but not get so sick
that you end up you know lying down not
going anywhere and staying away from
other people because you know
something’s really wrong or dying where
then they die too within a few hours
because they don’t have a host anymore
the natural progression of viruses in
general and especially coronaviruses is
to get more and more virulent to spread
more and more easily to become more and
more contagious and to become less and
less deadly and i’m gonna pull up
something to show you
you you can start talking about stuff
this is gonna take me a second
so right now the uh bid for the
libertarian party waffle house caucus
tumbler signed by spike and yours truly
is at 160 160 people
is a once in a lifetime opportunity
because there is not another tumbler
like this in the world
in the world there is not a single one
that is like this
uh this would be a one
of a kind addition to your collection of
tumblers that i already know many of you
have too many of
you probably want to add more so if you
wanted to uh have an addition to your
collection of
some of them you have just to take to
work some of them you take to the beach
some of them you take over to grandma’s
house to call her a murderer um
uh we are at 180 now 180 is the new
current bid for the tumbler
but this is a fantastic opportunity for
anybody out there who wants to have a
yes who wants to have it
who wants to have a tumbler that is uh
it it
it was crafted by the
sensual hands of john and his wife
and autographed
in person
by the
identical shaped hands of mine and
while standing yeah our hands are like
identical yeah they’re they’re like the
exact same size it’s weird
like the fingers are shaped the same so
200 200 from bdsm guru
200 bdsm guru is not playing around i
think she is
he or she
i think it’s a he but i’m not sure they
they remember losing out to tom arnold
last time so yeah let that happen again
so i just want to show you something
this is the case fatality rate of covet
19 as it says there at the title case
fatality rate of covet 19. uh the gray
one is the world bdsm gurus
he okay he uh and then the blue line
there is for the united states now
you’ll notice a trend
where uh it shot up quite a bit this was
during the time that uh people with
covid were being shoved into nursing
homes also they weren’t uh widely
testing so the only people that were
really getting tested were typically
already very very sick and about six
percent of them in the us and seven
percent of them worldwide were dying
which would make sense those are the
ones that were already pretty sick once
they started
testing regularly that number reached an
equilibrium of around two percent there
now here’s what’s happened slowly over
it has been slowly going down it kind of
plateaued for a while and now it’s been
dropping as the delta variant has become
the the most prominent variant out there
the current fate the current there was a
trough there back in like november like
i guess uh december january where it had
gotten down to
in uh in the uh in the us its current
rate the most recent update on its
fatality rate is 1.64
it is continuing to go down the amount
of testing has kind of equalized people
are now getting tested routinely and
i will actually hypothesize that there’s
less testing happening now than there
was during that time in november
december when people were still a little
bit more paranoid about whether they had
it or not so that means that it’s
possible that the actual case fatality
rate has continued to drop but even at
this current rate this is what we’re
seeing that kind of slow
slide down of becoming less and less
fatal over time as it becomes easier and
easier to spread that explains why we’re
seeing the case numbers go through the
roof and the death numbers rising but
not nearly as high as the case numbers
are that’s actually good news because
once we acknowledge this is important to
acknowledge that covet 19 is not going
away there is not going to be an end to
this uh this it is not it is no longer a
pandemic it is endemic it is not going
away this is like the flu now
now that we’ve acknowledged that
and let go the idea of stopping kovid
this is where we would hope it would
head where it becomes less deadly over
time and eventually i mean many many
years from now but at least eventually
now becomes something closer to like
maybe flu numbers which it would have to
be about a
tenth as deadly as it is right now to be
at the flu level
but we’re working our way there and then
eventually you know however many dozens
or hundreds of generations it be like
the cold where essentially no one dies
of the cold um that’s where we hope it
heads uh but regardless um
all the stuff they’re selling is a bunch
of crap it’s not gonna happen
we have one do we have one more
that’s up to you
let’s do it
hey spike and matt
this is james m ray calling in on the
chris injury attorney
injury personal attorney injury at law
[ __ ] i don’t know call in line anyway
now my phone pops up anyway i was going
to call just to ask a nice simple
question that i fear nobody has ever
asked before
what the hell does bula vanakka mean
thank you very much have a great day
well of ananica
many of you have heard it uh we said at
the beginning of every episode uh it is
uh it is a fijian greeting basically it
technically it means hey how are you but
it is also used as cheers
whenever we’re saying bulavanaka uh and
we say to you and to everybody else
bulavanaka we are saying cheers to all
of you thank you for being here
welcome to our home
it’s like it’s like the fijian version
of lechayam
basically or mazel tov either one i
guess mazel tov
i guess we can do a little bit of uh aua
if you want
yeah let’s do some eight let’s do some
aui the the the current bid is 180
180 i think
no 200 200 i apologize 200 bdsm guru 200
jimmy lee just uh what two 210 from uh
jimmy lee is now 2-10 from jimmy lee
here is a question that was asked very
very very early on
i’m gonna scroll all the way back hold
on oh won’t even let me go back that far
oh no um
all right well i’ll ask
i’ll i forget who even asked it but i’ll
summarize it
um oh crap no i don’t i don’t hold on
i’m gonna try to figure out how exactly
it was worded
this is a good question
man we’ve had and you have no clue who
asked that huh
so i believe that the question was
is it more important to an align
to partner
or to ally the left
and right
across the libertarian spectrum to have
libertarian unity or to
align all of the people on the right
right libertarians all the way up to
right non-libertarians um and everything
in between which one’s more important i
think that’s what the question was um
my answer to that
is that uh i think it’s more important
to unite libertarians generally speaking
um just because at the end of the day
left and right
the more you remove the
coercion and the more you make it
voluntary left and right don’t actually
matter anymore economically or socially
if you’re not imposing your way of life
on people it doesn’t matter how they are
if if someone wants to go over here and
start a um
you know start a um
a voluntary commune
and then so and then you know someone
over here wants to have a you know
private property based society and they
don’t bother each other they’re probably
gonna end up trading and getting along
and they might end up becoming forming
some kind of hybrid between them or
something like that who knows but it
doesn’t matter anymore
when it’s left authoritarians versus
right authoritarians
now you have a problem now you have a
cold war now you have people forcing an
imposition of their system on others
everyone’s arguing over which system
everyone is forced to live under so i
think it’s more important to do that
libertarian unity than right unity now
with that said i’m willing to ally with
almost anyone
on a specific issue that we agree with
right so um
i’ve been doing a lot of anti-lockdown
stuff and a lot of anti-mandate stuff
and a lot of anti-vaccine
passport stuff
vaccine mandate stuff
that’s largely people on the right some
on the left too but mostly people on the
right okay that’s fine i’ll work with
them on that when we do a lot of stuff
related to
um uh police accountability ending
police brutality uh criminal justice
reform typically most not all but most
uh come from the tend to be on the left
side okay that’s fine whatever um it’s
important for us to agree to
ally with anyone who we agree with for
the most part like i said i’m not
working with like clan members if we
agree on cutting taxes or something like
that and i i don’t want to deal with you
know tanky communists you know
pro-stalin communists if we agree on
god what would we even agree on i don’t
heroin legalization or something i don’t
know but
i’m not sure what we’d agree on but uh i
i think it would be um
it’s important to work with almost
anyone on things we agree on
do you see any questions that pop out to
i’m not 100 sure how many of them are
real questions
we can anyone heard of questions
yes we’ve heard of that variant thank
you yes i actually i actually tweeted
about that that people were talking
about the ligma variant and the fact
checkers were going there is no ligma
variant this is a crude genital humor
joke it’s like yeah john we are actually
reading these live right now so if you
have a question please feel free to ask
have you heard of the new
bofa vaccine
that was one i was like i don’t know if
this is serious
i’m gonna look this up because i know
it’s a thing
bank of america
there’s a bank of america vaccine
no that’s just boa
oh just like both of them
bofa it’s like both of them
i don’t yeah i did not know
sarah anne anderegg wants us both to say
superfan series
superfan sarah anderegg wants us both to
say the word interesting
horror oh
interesting interesting
glad we could interesting
yeah interesting
would i draft josh allen over mack jones
in fantasy football yes i would draft
uh josh allen over matt jones and
fantasy football
harrison kemp uh who is with the
libertarian party of maine
uh has asked what legislative priorities
should lp state parties be working on
whatever is the biggest priority in your
state yeah i was gonna say that would
depend on the state yeah many states
ohio for instance uh
ballot access and uh becoming a party
again um in other states
uh like ballot access is gonna be one
across all states pretty much all the
time so that one needs to be at the top
of your list
constantly but in certain states it may
be more about it may be more about the
lockdowns in other states it might be
more about gun rights in some states it
might be more about
uh taxes like in colorado i don’t know
how many people saw this the governor of
colorado recently came out and said that
the income tax rate in colorado should
be zero
and that’s a democrat
and we agree with that
we agree with that
still not moving to colorado um
uh so yeah but being in my lockdown
being anti-lockdown in south dakota
that’s not really important uh in maine
you guys just had some major victories
with um
civil asset forfeiture um
so it would be kind of pointless to
fight that very hard whereas there are
other states where civil asset
forfeiture abuse is absurd right like so
it really depends on the state the short
answer is
i guess the short answer is whatever’s
most important in that state the i guess
slightly longer answer is
whatever issues
are most acutely affecting everyday
people in your state
and can be easily tied to abuse by
if you can focus on those things
where no one’s going to disagree with
you in any real way
that this is a government problem and
we’re the only people who disagree with
are people who essentially think that
that’s a good thing
then that’s a good place to be you know
we get caught up in like things like
health care and stuff like that and we
should talk about it but the problem is
a lot of people don’t really uh you know
realize that the problem with health
care is is government um it’s important
to message those things and talk about
those things and certainly if healthcare
is one of the most acute issues you
should take that on but i prefer like
you know we’re dealing with a lot of
stuff with oh and yeah and uh main band
no knock warrants as well which is
amazing um
but the uh you know i i’ve been working
a lot on like eminent domain stuff
because there’s nothing that hits people
harder than you know someone’s house
being stolen by the government for
something that no one probably even
needs um that just really drives home
the idea of government just being
abusive and that the problem is that
they have too much power and it’s not a
specific politician it’s the system
itself so that’s what i would say now
t marie liberty over on twitch um
she asked about the craigslist ad story
and i don’t know if that’s something
you teased or i teased but i don’t know
what it is
the craigslist ad story
i don’t remember ever teasing a
craigslist ad story
joe makes drifts over on youtube says
he’s got a question a grocery sack of
smoked salmon from a stranger a pleasant
gift or creepy asking for a friend and
i’m certain that’s for you
it is creepy
depending on the demeanor of the
that will depend on whether i eat it or
that’s actually a really fair answer
but it is
the craigslist ad that got spiked to
of course
that old yarn
that old yard okay
so here’s the craigslist ad story
okay that i’m totally not going to make
up right now i was just going to say i i
know this story very well and in no way
am i hearing this for the first time
when i was looking for a new co-host for
the muddied waters of freedom uh spike
was already host of my fellow americans
on wednesday nights at eight o’clock-ish
eastern um
and instead of just thinking i should go
to the wednesday night guy and see if he
wants to co-host tuesday with me
i started
putting out
feelers for different hosts
many different planes uh there is a
universe out there somewhere where me
and rimzo martinez are the hosts of this
i know
i know that’s
that’s the darkest timeline
there’s also one with caleb franz and uh
you know they’re
you know lots lots of different
possibilities however
i got a little desperate at one point
and i put out a craigslist ad and i said
looking for uh you know and
anybody looking for work i can’t
remember what the name i haven’t been on
craigslist since this um
and so i said looking looking for a
co-host of a uh libertarian leaning
looking for a co-host of a libertarian
leading podcast must be the funny guy
must promise to never run
for political office so i don’t have to
become the funny guy ever and i can
remain the straight man
in our dynamic
yeah and uh oddly enough
trolling close encounters on
and he responded
because he said
i’m an anarchist with ms there is no way
i am ever gonna run
for political office
i mean that’s true yeah
i enjoy being the funny guy to your
straight man so
we can obviously make this partnership
work and he ended up um
lying to me in his craigslist response
to be clear i lied to myself
that’s fair
that’s fair
just to be clear but
just yeah and that’s the craigslist ad
i like that that’s a nice story i like
that story i um i think it’s uh i think
it’s important to note that again
we were all lied to
by me
so that’s not the
don’t blame
i guess you do have to blame me
right since everybody was lied to by you
i said
i might run for office one day but it
would be
you know something local
because you know you get those
where they get 1500 bucks in the bank
and suddenly they’re going to try to run
for senate as opposed to a local
yeah that’s weird
i don’t know why people do that it’s
i just think it’s important to note that
well we were all lied to
we were all so if any if anything i’m
possibly the biggest victim here
if you think about it
because you lied to yourself because i
lied to myself
you know i mean if you think about it
that way now now who feels bad huh not
probably you
for anybody else
like literally anyone but me right
i like that story joe vasquez yes how
could you not want to run with vermin
supreme though and
i’m not going to say that that was quite
literally the conversation that we had
but that’s almost verbatim
that’s pretty close to verbatim it’s
like hey you know that thing that was
never gonna happen because i’m not a
total status sellout loser
what if it was with vermin supreme how
could you not do that
we kind of have to actually
i mean that’s
kind of have to
that’s how i saw it and
that’s my favorite story
i guess um
so okay do we have any other
210 was the last bit i saw anybody have
any questions anybody want to hear any
other stories that we teased at some
point and uh you’re gonna have to remind
us of
that’s absolutely true
spike cone in 2019 oh [ __ ] i’m actually
good at this um
that was in 2019 i’m gonna let everybody
i’m gonna let everybody know now that
was not 2019. yeah um
it was more 2020 when that realization
lots of questions about the mixtape um
oh yeah yeah yeah the mixtape um
there is a mix like i mean
i’ve played i played a track for the
mixtape on here
yeah they they just want to know when
it’s going to be released
it’s definitely not and here’s why um
and i think i’ve talked about this
before you have talked about it on the
show but but i’ll bring it up again
because it seems like maybe some of you
all haven’t heard yet um so
hey guys remember what
rap was like in the late 90s early 2000s
because that’s when most of this i guess
it was anything from early 90s to early
what’s what’s on there
just to rub it in he is looking at the
list of songs right now he’s probably
at the mix
at the entire playlist right now
just to really add insult to injury that
nobody’s gonna hear this
yep nope never ever ever i’ve played a
couple tracks for people like in person
just to you know so they can go hey guys
i heard it um but um
yeah so
if you
think about the kind of words that were
used in uh in rap back then
and uh and then think about what would
happen i literally cannot think about
well that’s
okay um
because i did not listen to rap
so all that to say that the problem is
a picture the the former uh candidate
for a major office
for the largest
the third largest political party in the
united states
were to release
that had the n-word in it like 3000
that’s that’s
what that would look like
if you can just picture what that would
be like
that’s why it can’t ever be released
because it would just turn into oh my
gosh spike cohen look at spike cohen he
has released
a very it’s racist it’s got you know the
n word
uh and it’s got you know the references
to violence against women and you know
all this stuff and what would i be able
to say oh
that’s okay
they’re black
i didn’t say it ja rule did
yeah yeah exactly i didn’t say it the
wu-tang clan said it that’s they can if
they’re also we’re i’m releasing it
because then people have said oh you can
release it and raise money for
candidates in the party then now the
party’s really tied to that [ __ ] so yeah
i can’t do that
i cannot do that unfortunately
jason lyon asks a good question
which is weird um
is it a good question
who was your favorite guest on your
standalone show and that’s a question to
both of us
favorite guests on my standalone show
that’s a good question that’s tough um
that is tough um that is tough
obviously the i have a right answer
and that would be
sarah anderegg
that guest having that guest on has
really paid off in dividends for me
um in spades
yeah um
but if we are talking about a guest that
nope not saying that out loud
nope i love you sarah um
outside of the obvious answer of my
of my lovely and wonderful life partner
um and that’s how you put it it and the
woman that i love more than anything
honestly i would probably say
big get shane sweeney was my favorite
guest i’ve ever had on my show
that was i would
go ahead
that was
a truly emotional episode where we like
it was like a therapy session for both
of us where we just talked
like it was all politics but we got deep
on everything and it was a great episode
uh so my answer obviously is jason lyon
uh when i had jason lyon on uh of mr
america the bearded truth he was my best
my favorite guest
um mine had a better beard
i’m not gonna get into that fight
i don’t know if they’re still fighting
about it or not but i figured i would
try to start it again yeah no i i’m not
i i hope
there are fine people on both sides of
this argument and i i don’t want to get
into it but uh actually no i mean i
would say in all honesty jason’s
definitely up there um if not no jason
was a fantastic guest jason was a great
guy i really enjoyed the only time i had
jason on was when we had when i had him
on to announce uh that
we were bringing mr america to the beard
of truth the muddied waters and we we
did like a
normal episode and we were talking about
whatever was going on in the news at the
time which i don’t remember but then at
the end i was like so we actually i
brought jason on because we have some
news and you see jason
he’s like sitting there and he’s doing
this number where he’s just getting
and he was doing that high pitched like
four fourth grade girl giggle
just like
eight-year-old with so much pent-up
energy inside of him that he was just
like shaking and it was it was great to
watch uh as that was happening um
and yeah no jason was a fan
jason’s show is
mr america arguably
mr america the bearded truth is arguably
um the smartest show that we have on
footy waters media
arguably the only the only one giving
him a run for his money is nullic
i like how you’re leaving cajun out of
that you’re just like is nullic is
eskimo of
that of that show of that show
uh cajun’s very smart too
but he is so are we but
now looks very very smart but this is
what we’re doing with an episode
ah but we’re making money which by the
way what are we at two ten two two ten
two two two um we’re at 210 i think uh
so just want to let you know real quick
before i forget this weekend shane
sweeney entered the chat
shane sweeney we miss you
shane sweeney i miss you uh and i just
said that outside of my current
girlfriend and life partner and the
woman that i love more than anything
else in this world you were my favorite
i would love to have you on but you’re
very wrong about fish
he is very wrong about fish we didn’t
talk about fish
no well because
yeah so speaking of fish you know where
fish is a lot in florida
and it gets where i’m going to be this
weekend in florida come join me on the
spy cohen florida tour i just made that
spike cohen florida tour september 3rd
to the 5th this weekend literally coming
up uh i will be in fort lauderdale in
miami south florida
uh by the way i made this graphic i just
want to point that out i just made this
that’s mine i made it
that’s if you like this i
i made it anyway so if you go to
then uh you can find out more
information about all the events i’m
doing and i’m doing a lot of events
i think like eight events
doing like eight events this so on the
sick and then on the six i’m gonna just
lie on the beach
so come join me uh in
fort lauderdale in miami for the spike
cohen florida tour september 3rd to 5th
spitecoin.com find out more spycone.com
so 210 is the current bed we got to wrap
this show up because uh i have to wake
up in the morning because of work so
210 is the current bid uh whoever wins
whoever wins uh by the end of this
episode we ask that you paypal
muddiedwatersmedia gmail.com uh you
paypal us the money and
we will ship that out to you directly
directly and i’ll i’ll throw in a
spycone swag bag too i’ll put it in here
and you get a spike cohen swag bag
and sheila foster has said she will
match any bid up to 500 so keep bidding
and support muddy waters media that’s
right sheila thank you
so we’re at 210 but we’re going to start
wrapping up now
so who who is it with 210 was that jimmy
jimmy lee jim okay so jimmy lee
currently has the highest bid at 210
do you want to steal this from jimmy
you could take that from jimmy jimmy has
the broken microphone that might not be
it’s definitely not there’s an easy that
i’m sure with an easy fix could have
fixed it
will you
you show me the bottom oh it says um
mcafee didn’t kill himself
mcphee didn’t kill himself on the bottom
of the waffle house caucus tumbler of
this tumbler oh and by the way this has
been a specially epoxy
finished uh so that our signatures
won’t go away i could do this oh bdsm
guru said 215 but pam cassidy
sorry pam if i butchered your last name
uh said 220 jimmy lee says 225 225 so we
gotta do 25. three-way bidding war
happening here between pam casa lair
casa la is it casa lara carrick is clear
um and and
um she can’t josh
has asked me to kiss it because it’ll be
worth more
that’s casteller okay so uh there’s a
three we got a fascinating bid between
uh right now jimmy’s on top with 225
bdsm gurus at 215 and uh pam castle
who now is at 2 30. 2 30 is the current
we have to do the thing
eskimo 2 30 2 30
bdsm guru i think is on a slight delay
because he he’s coming in like just
seconds later
so now 2 30. by the eskimo that i eskimo
kiss it which i assume means rub my nose
against it
i believe that is what that is 235 from
jimmy lee 235 from jimmy lee
about to sound like jimmy dixon i
understand that reference thank you eric
235 from jimmy lee
i don’t get that reference
that is from uh letter kenny
that’s the name of the auctioneer
his name is jimmy dickens but everybody
calls him jimmy dixon
yeah so
cajun listen cajun if you actually had
85 billion in top modern warfare
this auction would be over
because we’d have 85 billion worth of
warfare equipment
240 if matt eskimo kisses it too
you’ve been asked
would you rather fight 50 duck-sized
horses or one horse-sized duck
i don’t um
i would rather
i would rather fight 50 duck-sized
of course
250 from
i destroyed this argument
i’ll get my wife to kiss it um
this this argument was
destroyed by me last year
a horse is a gentle creature the only
danger it poses is just how big it is
that if it gets spooked it’ll you know
you know pull back or you know might
kick something behind but it’s regularly
just a gentle creature so if you make it
duck sized it’s like a little like puppy
now so 50 of those they’re nothing
it’s like a chihuahua with no bite
a duck is in an active state of trying
to murder everything
and if you try to make it
if you made one the size of a horse it
would be like godzilla level danger it
would kill everything it can fly around
a duck can catch some air a a a fl it’ll
take to destroy everything there’s
nothing you could do to stop it
so obviously
cajun is sitting there just pissed
because he got in trouble when he did
when he tried to fight
duck sized horses
no when he talked about ducks on
when he talked about ducks on his show
uh 269 from bdsm guru which is an
acceptable one
that’s an excellent that’s acceptable
it’s got 69 yeah um um
and then someone brought up one
horse-sized can a horse-sized canada
goose would end this country
like no way
jimmy is at 275
oh and that’s the other point too yeah
bdsm guru uh mentions that birds aren’t
what you’re really talking about is a
horse-sized spy murder drone
and so far that the taliban has
all those um so pam castellara
castellaire sorry uh
is that 280 jimmy lee is that
actually 290.70 if i kiss it i already
kissed it but we’re up at 290 now
we’re at 290 from jimmy lee so um while
we are waiting for people to continue
doing this who do you have on your show
tomorrow oh that’s a good question so um
tomorrow night i have r.a the rugged man
who’s like one of my favorite rappers he
has like millions of subscribe of
followers on tw uh youtube um
he uh he’s like a really really good
rapper and it turns out he’s a a
libertarian and a big fan of mine and so
where i’m going to have them on and
we’re going to talk about uh what got
him into hip hop what got him into
libertarianism and uh just chop it up in
a little bit i’m going to see if i can
get i’m trying to see if i can get him
to like
i want to try to get him to freestyle
i know you you were not invited yeah i
oh i’m sorry no i gotta do it the way
that y’all did
oh you weren’t oh
oh i mean some it might have gotten lost
i don’t know i mean there’s a lot going
on right now
350 from pam castle air 350 from ram
oh cassily are out of nowhere out of
nowhere 350 350. she wants to put this
to bed
she’s jimmy jimmy legislation
i i feel like
that’s probably
i’m going to give it a minute because i
know that apparently youtube’s way
behind but i have a feeling that that’s
going to be the winning bid so so uh r.a
the rugged man is my guest tomorrow
who’s your guest on on the uh the
writer’s block uh my guest on the
writer’s block thursday 8 o’clock
eastern is martha bueno who you will be
hanging out with this weekend um and uh
we are going to be talking about
just so much and i am so excited to have
martha on the
show yeah no i am as well and i am
excited to see her this
friday saturday and sunday on the spike
coen florida tour september 3rd to 5th
um and then on
yeah everyone else is bowing out bdsm is
out um
and the uh and then the uh what else so
on friday uh are we doing an episode of
cajun and eskimo or do we not know
because i know noel’s being affected by
no i think we are i think we are they
ended up doing one last week as well
which i didn’t think they were because i
thought he was going to be out of town
or something um and but yeah they ended
up doing one um and then for anybody who
was tuned in on sunday night cajun did a
special episode of his show the cajun
libertarian on muddied waters media
in which he had um the president i don’t
want to say this
i don’t want to say this wrong of the
cajun baby
what’s that
the cajun navy right
yeah the cajun navy the president of the
cajun navy
i wasn’t sure if there was a word after
like association or anything but yeah
the the president of the cajun navy and
that was fantastic episode for anybody
who hasn’t seen it um and anybody that
wants to help out uh with all that’s
going on from the hurricane that just
hit down there uh reach out to the cajun
navy i’m certain that they could use
donations or volunteers or whatever um
absolutely so uh on so that on friday uh
cajun and eskimo uh at uh they do theirs
at 7 30
8 30
9 30 9 30. that’s what it is i knew it
was different so 9
30 and then uh this weekend spike
cohen’s florida tour join me in fort
lauderdale miami find out more at
spycoma.com then join us on next monday
for mr america the bearded truth uh
where uh jason lyon uh he picks a single
uh issue to um deep dive into every
single week it’s incredible incredible
show then join us right back here next
next week actually
next week september 7th
is the
seven year anniversary of me quitting
yeah so uh we will be
uh doing some special stuff for the
seven year anniversary of me quitting
drinking which just happens to be that
day that day we’re going to celebrate
math sobriety by
largely remaining sober
yes yes so uh join so join us uh next
tuesday 8pm eastern same money place
same money time for another
fantasy episode of the muddy waters of
freedom now it does appear as though we
can safely say that going once
going twice
sold to pam castle
matched by tequila apparently as well
for if you can send the 350
to muddy waters media gmail.com on
paypal that would be fantastic and when
you do that please include your address
so we know where to send the tumblr
that’s a sticking point apparently
sometimes we need the address and then
we can send this i will be adding um
let us know if you really want my wife
to kiss this i don’t think you probably
don’t want that but uh i i will also be
adding i’ll be putting in here a spike
cohen swag bag as well uh so what oh no
bdsm says she bid 360. he he he said no
he he is kidding
yeah no he is kidding and pdsm uh you
said hopefully that you get to the seven
years look man um
we’re obviously going to talk about this
a little bit more next week uh because
it’s the anniversary uh but you can do
it anybody can do it
it isn’t easy but anybody can do it and
we have both said
that if you need to talk if you need
anything we are there to talk to you we
will respond if you are having a crisis
during sobriety uh absolutely
if you need anything please don’t
hesitate to reach out um there’s like
four or five people that watch this show
that i talk to regularly to just check
out check in with them on their sobriety
i will absolutely check in with you if
you ever need um
you can do it if you need anything
please reach out
and we can figure out a way to
contact each other so that way we can
i can check in on you
but you can do it trust me you can do it
if i can do it
and he can do it
you can do it
look i am a total freak and i’ve been
able to stay sober for 15 years now like
i’m most mostly a clown and i’ve been
able to remain sober uh you can do it
it’s honestly it is one day at a time
um it is
it is i i i believe anyway for me and
and i think matt would probably agree it
it gets easier over time um it
eventually becomes wow has it been
another year um and i know that doesn’t
seem that way early on but it it it gets
easier over time and uh and eventually
it just becomes at least for me it’s
just become like wow it’s been 15 years
wow it’s been 16 years well it’s been
whatever um i do i’m now at a point
where uh i’m around i’m able to be
around people who are doing stuff and i
does not
doesn’t i have no temptation at all
whatsoever it actually makes me happy
that i’m not doing that anymore so you
can do it one day at a time you’ve got
this and uh it’s going to get easier
over time but uh congratulations again
to pam uh cassalaire uh and she has said
she’s not worried about the kisses which
is fine because i already kissed it uh
but no other kisses are gonna happen
because that’s weird and also you’re
gonna wash it so it doesn’t really
matter anyway so um folks thanks again
for tuning in to this really fun ask us
anything episode slash
auction episode and uh and thank you for
tuning in for an episode where we didn’t
really cover news we just kind of talked
about whatever and uh we got to have fun
on the show again for the first time in
a while
yes because it’s always fun but like
it’s been so sad
yeah it’s it
we needed a a palette cleanser so uh
thank you again for tuning in we’ll be
back with more doom and gloom next week
i’m sure uh and uh
uh thank you again and uh
congratulations to pam for the 350 and
uh and for the tumbler and we will see
you next week and where we’re going
we don’t need roads
either wait i got it wait don’t see me
in florida

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