Episode 208 – There is not a lot of good news, but we’re having an AUCTION!

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

We are auctioning off a Waffle House Caucus Tumbler hand made by the wonderful people at Defy The Power! It is autographed by Matt and Spike and is emblazoned with the waffle house caucus logo. It will be a one of a kind collectors item you will want to add to your already growing tumbler collection!

Also, Desantis v Biden, more on the infrastructure bill, Remington lawsuit, and Afghanistan.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

Today’s music intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aitLrOPSoI8&t=67s

Episode Transcript

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we have a belligerent passenger causing
sheer chaos in the air and it got so bad
that flight attendants had to duct tape
the man to his seat ever since basks
were required on airplanes flight
attendants say that their work has
become downright dangerous
because i don’t play that so what i did
is i took out the duct tape i said
he got scared start stuttering say
hold up
wait a minute something right i say yeah
i understand something
let me find your ass now boys
sometimes our job has
when he touched my titties because i
don’t play that so what i did is i took
out the duct tape i said
he got scared start stuttering say
hold up
wait a minute something is right i say
yeah i understand something about this
so we wrap them
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard
for spike former governor of
massachusetts michael duchachke cohen i
am matt wright and together we are
traversing the muddy waters of freedom i
thought you were going to do
and you did you went for the longer now
you went for the longer punchline and i
appreciate that hey folks thanks for
tuning in to this amazing episode of my
of the moneyed waters of freedom that’s
the next that’s tomorrow night uh the
money waters of freedom
uh why is it special because you’re here
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every time matt
first and foremost allow me to thank the
wonderful and fine people
at me for the kava that i’m drinking
you’ve become so bitter i’m paying for
it so it’s me i’d like to thank myself
no nobody’s getting oh actually casey
neth casey no thank you casey nestor
campbell iii
that’s right casey nether campbell the
and i’d like to thank lible for this
delicious water that i pay for so i
guess maybe i should thank myself too i
don’t know full of knockout bouvenir
i actually know the brand that this is
but i’m not thanking them because they
won’t give it to me for free
well that’s fair i should probably take
the wrapper off this net from the future
and say this water we have no idea who
it’s from
we don’t bottle that we’ve all come to
know and love this bottle that everyone
already knows what it is
but it’s my it’s my damn water that i
bought my money that i work hard for now
speaking of
great coincidence we were gonna have a
festive show where we would auction off
a really rare one-of-a-kind item and
have fun with our followers and and
and fans and and friends here on muddy
waters and then an entire country
imploded and
obviously we have to talk about that and
it’s a very serious thing
so you’re probably thinking there’s no
way to thread that needle between
talking about a very very unfortunate
tragic event and also having a festive
at the same time there’s no way that you
can both
there’s no way you would attempt doing
so crass
well folks great news
we’re gonna be auctioning off this sweet
ass waffle house caucus um
tumbler here uh that is made by defy the
and uh it is
one of a kind and why is it one of a
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you could wash this five thousand miles
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signatures on it something something at
our door
the uh design there will also stay on as
well because of the epoxy coating that
it is protected under in fact we don’t
even have this with us right now because
it’s receiving yet another epoxy coating
possibly enabling you to wash it 10 20
000 times
uh i i don’t know if that’s true but you
can definitely wash it 10 000 times
which is i mean that’s like 30 years of
this thing you could have it and uh
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although i have washed mine in the
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this is all right so
go ahead
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thomas quiter is running for state
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thomas quiter runs better than albany
which is a play on words because he’s
crippled in a wheelchair uh but he is
he’s a great guy and he is one of the
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mudwater the most appropriately named
thing ever for this show uh if you will
go oh no we’re not doing this yet we
gotta we gotta do that no we gotta we
gotta wait we gotta do we
so how was your weekend
i had a great weekend i didn’t go
you know
uh i didn’t go anywhere and so i the one
thing i did this weekend was i did a
filming for a documentary um
divide and dominate how the
powerful steel more power it’s a uh it’s
a documentary uh about the liberty
movement and its attempt to stop the
powerful from dividing us
uh it primarily features shane hazel’s
run for governor but i’m gonna be in it
too and i got a shirt
how was your weekend
my weekend was good i went over to uh
adam the freeman’s house uh hung out
there he and i talked
he he and i talked some business and uh
some stuff and
that way i got to write off the entire
weekend um
yeah it was good uh hung out with got to
hang out with him hang out with sarah
the kids are now back so did the whole
family yeah that’s awesome
yeah watched uh
watch some television some movies and
just kind of relax all weekend
that’s great uh we got a a comment uh
from j adam weggs along with a uh a
donation thank you adam uh and it says
an orange suitcase with travel stickers
that means it’s an emoji
that we don’t see in
ours if it’s something that makes zero
sense it’s
uh i started a new one no i was gonna
say i mean we get a lot of comments that
don’t make sense so yeah that’s fair um
if it comes with money and it doesn’t
make sense that means it’s an emoji oh
that means
i got a new book
i don’t remember the name of that book
wow well while you’re trying to remember
the name of the book kwijji buzzed
asked when will the documentary be out
so it’s actually
it’s planned to be released october of
next year right before uh the election
because it’s covering uh the shane hazel
campaign and other
assorted liberty movement related things
orbit of the shane hazel run
i got a new book written by derek willis
written by derek willis who many of you
out there may know uh it’s called the
liberty solution
and uh it’s available over on amazon
and the fort worth was written by walter
um but it is
is a
it it explains libertarianism to
the lay person um i got i’m only a
couple chapters in but it is
really well written so far uh i’m i’m
into it i like it uh and if you guys
want to pick it up uh
derek willis is the author
uh liberty solution the liberty solution
or sorry wills
derrick wills oh nice not willis i’ve
been reading his name wrong for
years now
with a forward by walter bloch
yep great great book 100 bucks from
sheila foster thank you
yes that’s the new high bid is 100 from
sheila foster thank you sheila um and
yeah there’s not a good way to segue
into this
subject because this isn’t
yeah uh it’s
really just all
everything about this show is depressing
when um after i finished
the notes yesterday i texted
my co-host here and i said hey are you
ready for tomorrow’s really fun show hey
you want to buy this tumbler here’s some
really sad news hey you want to buy this
tumbler here’s some really sad news hey
if you want to buy this tumbler here’s
more sad news
so get ready for an episode
like that
but it’s going to be presented
in the cheeriest way possible the ray
we’re going to make it as fun as we
possibly can we’re going to make the
reality of this existence as fun and
palatable for you
our lovely friends bdsm guru just bid
120. um and i just put a link to the
derrick wills book in the comments so
everybody should be able to get that if
you so choose
the adam was apparently able to figure
out how to do super chats again um the
scientific libertarian has bid 20
which i think 120 dollars is more than
but i don’t know i don’t think a
smuggle’s worth six dollars
oh that’s a good point jacob said uh
jacob helzer said spike if you want to
cheer people up after the sad news you
can always talk about liberty memes five
dollar charity club and that’s true if
you go over to liberty memes five dollar
chair charity club join that facebook
group there are all sorts of causes
going on all you have to do is pledge to
give at least five bucks a month it’s
something i’m a big part of i love it we
do some incredible work most of the
causes are for things that are you know
a few hundred dollars couple thousand
dollars not insurmountable and we’re
able to complete multiple causes per day
it’s really incredible actually make you
feel a lot better that’s a great that is
a great point jacob that that will
definitely make you feel better um so
we’re going to go right into this
it is time now it is time
for the mud water
hold on
for the yes for the mud water mushroom
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buddy waters media dot com matt
as we all know the delta variant is
attempting to uh end any fall season
plans that we may have
for anybody who is currently not in
is why people are pissed off at people
in florida
and because of this
i can do whatever i want no i know
you’re not wrong you’re not wrong
and because of this there’s been some
back and forth between the bite
administration and the governor whose
name is not rick desantis that i say
often but his name is ron desantis um
rick was the last guy
and a reporter had this question for
desantis having uh to do with recent
comments by biden’s white house
um this was the desantis one or the cove
or the the um
or the biden one
biden desantis
hey there this message is for spike how
you doing it’s amy g with your san
francisco giants and
i guess your friend matthew oh my god
amy gutierrez authority and someone
wait who is this
she’s an announcer for the san francisco
giants oh forgot go giants and
i guess your friend matthew considers me
a baseball authority and someone who
could critique people who throw out
ceremonial first pitches and so he gave
me some information about yours and
i gotta say i’m i’m a little
disappointed i mean i’m happy spike that
you didn’t bounce the pitch because
that’s probably the worst thing you
could do but
matthew said it had a really high arc
no it didn’t yeah that’s near
here’s the thing i’m not great at
roasting people i kind of believe
everybody deserves a second chance so
i’d really like you to go back and work
on it okay work on it
and let’s try this again uh especially
at a minor league game you should be
nailing this
so if you ever want to make it to the
biggs with us
you gotta you know you gotta locate kid
you gotta locate can’t bounce it can’t
arc it um or you don’t get to come back
just you know take these you know words
of advice from somebody who’s watched
about 8 000 ceremonial first pitches
that um
you’re judged on it it matters in life
it totally matters in life okay matthew
i hope that’s what you wanted and uh
spike honestly like i’m just proud of
you it was actually matt hicks it is not
easy to throw out a first pitch so
um i hear you like he’s got a couple
people that
are ribbing you a little bit so
hopefully you have really thick skin um
apparently you’re not very athletic
either so i’m i’m sorry what is this
jeans maybe you have other talents maybe
you’re artistic or
you know a good singer musician um maybe
you’re just a nice person and that would
be plenty to get through in life but
you know either go work on your pitch or
just stay away from baseball all right
spike go get em matthew thank you for
thinking to me to do this go giggins oh
i’ll show you guys the field really fast
too because it’s early here you go
great great view of the park in san
francisco there i’m gonna throw out a
pitch there and i’m gonna break you
could also use that pitching machine did
you see that
that probably has a better aim all right
spike go get him good luck take care
guys go giants
hey spike what’s up buddy this is doc
gooden new york mets
thank you for being a mess fan
and thank you for being a fan of mine
but are you serious what i just heard
you threw out a first pitch and now you
want to go pro
are you [ __ ] kidding me wow pull up
throw it in
the pro bike rider you can’t reach my
pitching is it that easy i’ll be still
keep your keep your day job buddy all
right keep the day job
anyway matthew and myself want to say
keep the day job it’s not gonna happen
we i just got
roasted by doc gooden
by doc gooden
yeah you got roasted by doc good and
aaron gutierrez
i don’t i don’t know
i know good and i don’t know amy
gutierrez but so amy gutierrez is the uh
she’s the on-field reporter for the san
francisco giants and has been for like
15 years or something like that yeah
she was nice to me doc gooden’s like
what are you going to be a [ __ ] pro
biker like jesus
all right thank you let me get it it was
that easy i think you already said if it
was that easy i’d still be doing it
so mad credit too mad credit to matt
hicks for uh putting that together
when he called me and he said hey this
is what i’m thinking i said yeah no i
like i i’m 100 on board with this plan
i think that this is something that
needs to be done
and um i can’t wait for
that’s fine
that was funny that was funny matt thank
you both matt thank you matthew
that was fantastic matthew
oh man yeah i am about to slap matt
hicks with a hot dog i actually saw matt
hicks this weekend uh we went out to uh
watch uh to to listen to soul asylum
soul aside run away train never going
wrong way on a one-way track yeah three
hours of that
um feels like i should be get in
and his voice sounds like that now
like he sounds like i forget the guy’s
name but he sounds like
someone impersonating
someone singing
he sounds like he’s impersonating
himself yeah um
so yeah no thank you all for that um so
for those who uh weren’t able to hear
the question that the reporter asked uh
what uh desantis thought about biden’s
statement saying that if
uh school districts in florida go
against desantis’s executive order on
banning mass mandates for all school
districts uh the biden administration
will pay their salaries uh here’s what
uh desantis had to say about that so our
view is of course that we believe this
is a decision for the parent uh to make
just given the the uncertainty about
what it means particularly for a lot of
the young kids to be in that and um i
think that’s where the vast majority of
the districts i know we have i think two
um who who are not uh providing uh the
parents with the rights but obviously we
believe that the parent rather than the
government should ultimately be able to
make that decision um i’m not sure that
they have uh the wherewithal they’re
also talking about imposing a potential
mass mandate on kindergarteners first
graders you know who knows regardless of
what the parents
believe is in the best interests of
their kids and obviously if you’re
talking about the federal government
coming in and overruling parents in our
communities you know that would be
something that we would fight back
vociferously against yes ma’am governor
uh father in pasco county tells us
so rick for any
you know if if desantis was as good
as he is with lockdowns or has been with
lockdown’s post the initial lockdown and
mass mandates and stuff like that
if he was that good on everything else
i’d be happy he’s but unfortunately he’s
not but he is good on these at least
he yeah he is he is good on these and so
a lot of people
especially here in florida as well uh a
lot of people have been giving him crap
and saying that
the federal government
uh they’re they’re agreeing the federal
government should not be the one saying
whether or not the state can do this
right but they’re also saying that
the desantis and the state government
should not be able to tell the local
governments how to do this right and
i am generally in agreement with that
i do agree that it is the parent’s
on whether or not kids should have to
wear masks and the local government
should not be telling the kids to
right that should be up to the parents
so it’s like in this one i’m like
i don’t like that he’s telling the
entire state to do this but i agree with
the fact that he’s saying
the parents need to make these decisions
right so
in general this kind of speaks to a
greater libertarian
discussion about what happens when a
higher government tells a lower
not infringe on someone’s rights
and right and and so
this becomes that separation of powers
versus the net
outcome for someone’s liberty right
yes it is a slippery slope for
governments to be telling lower
governments what they can and can’t do
at the same
time if
it is taking a higher government to tell
a lower government
no you can’t infringe on their rights to
do this
that in and of itself is a net good for
in the terms of liberty and people’s
individual rights and freedoms um
the question becomes is that power going
to be used for things where they’re now
trying to make them impose restrictions
on people you know if there were
magically a way for the federal
government to force not just themselves
but all state and local governments to
respect all of our rights and liberties
at all times i wouldn’t even care about
federalism right but the reality is in
general if you don’t allow those
decisions to be made as locally as
possible more often than not it leads to
a net
increase in restrictions on our lives
and rights and property so
yeah pretty much where you are on it
right and
i absolutely do not think that
biden should be able to essentially
the local school districts not not even
the local governments just the local
school districts
into saying
um in in into complying with what biden
wants um saying if you want to do this
go ahead we’ll pay your salaries um
uh i i don’t think that the federal
government should be allowed to do that
work i don’t even think they are allowed
to do that work around
there’s no law allowing that where is
this money coming from
right where is this money coming from
where would this money come from and
where is the
where is it allowed that you can do it
what like
where’s the precedent that you can do
right exactly now speaking of where the
hell are we gonna get the money for that
uh included in the most recent
infrastructure bill infrastructure bill
gigantic corporate bailout bill uh
corporate welfare this one is so stupid
the only reason i put it is because of
how dumb this one is
so included in the infrastructure bill
is a grant to help states set up
privately operated toll roads
and also forbid charging tolls
to anyone making
under for what
yup so anybody making under 400 000 a
would not be allowed to pay tolls on any
toll road that this grant
gives money to
yeah you heard that right
can they tell them they ready to use it
or they have to let them use it but not
i think they have to let them use it
in in inside the infrastructure bill
there is a passage that says any
concessionaire doing business with a
government that has accepted one of
these grants would be forbidden from
charging tolls or other user fees on
anyone making four hundred thousand
dollars a year that’s a poison that’s a
poison pill
that’s a that’s this is what’s called a
poison pill because
no one’s going to be able to find any
and so basically what this is it’s
saying we’re going to give you money to
allow you to be able to to
create grants to have private companies
take over roads and charge a toll for
the roads and bridges
but they can’t
they can’t charge anyone who makes less
than 400 000
which ensures that no one is going to
take the opportunity to take over roads
if they can’t charge anyone under 400
000 because first of all
90 plus percent of americans don’t make
400 000 and also how the hell are they
going to verify how much someone makes
when they drive across their road
this has to have been a poison pill that
was added to it to make sure it wasn’t
otherwise why would someone have made
so i think that they set money aside
so that way they could tap into it later
for something else oh
so for example hey since no one wanted
to take these private roads we’re going
to pay teacher salaries who
or school board salaries who implement
mass mandates
right current bid on the tumbler is 169.
um 169
um but yeah that that’s my personal
theory is they knew that no
infrastructure company uh would
even think about picking this up because
like spike said
uh like spike said 92 or something like
that of people in america don’t make 400
000 a year so
you would you’d only be able to charge
eight percent of america to drive on the
and and then again how do you
how do you quantify
who makes it whether someone is making
you got to turn in your tax return every
bring them your 1040 every yeah you got
to bring them your 10 40 every time
bootleg libertarian says good thing i
make 399 999 it’s like how would they
how would they know jennifer gates’s
salary passport oh gosh that’s
that’s going to be a thing like yeah
that could be a thing
but right yeah right now there’s no way
for them to do this there’s no way for
them to quantify how much somebody makes
and i honestly believe that this was put
in so they would have this extra money
that they’d be able to tap into for
other things that we would find
more reprehensible than this
yeah well that and also being able to
have that that talking point in the
future you know we tried to set up for
private road they didn’t want to do it
well yeah because you made it impossible
i that’s yeah that is weird alex flores
says remember uh bernie sanders helped
write this bill
that’s that’s and one of the one of the
reasons is because biden promised that
he wouldn’t raise taxes or fees on
anybody making less than 400 000 now uh
yes he does yes he will
he absolutely will yeah um because even
if he doesn’t raise your taxes directly
he will
oh oh oh yeah sheila foster 269 because
it doesn’t really work with one huh
i mean all right sheila it’s good
depends on how flexible you are i was
gonna say i mean
that’s just a zero though i feel like
well it’s got the feet
well okay so it’s like a nine or well
yeah it’s going to be that’s going to be
a six way that
you’re doing that standing
oh yeah
yeah no you’re doing that six
yeah you’re doing that sitting or lying
so it’s gonna be much more like a six
my parents now watch this show this is
gonna be awkward
um so hey thanks for the bid so we don’t
have to talk about this anymore um
so thank you so yeah
but uh yeah but because biden said that
he wouldn’t raise taxes on 400 000
people making 400 000 or less or less
than 400 000 uh he’s going to raise
taxes on people making 400 000 or more
which means that the prices for
everything that the people making under
400 000 is gonna go up
in order to help
supplement the tax increase
uh and that’s for corporations and
that’s for individuals that’s for
everything so prices are going to go up
so by raising the taxes on
the wealthy or the corporations
he is raising prices on the people who
make less than 400 thousand dollars a
year so it is a what do you what kind of
tax do you call that when they do that
it’s regressive it’s regressive
yeah all taxes and at their core are
regressive because even if you’re
targeting the rich they just pass it
along to the stuff that the poor that
everyone’s buying which means that
the higher a proportion of your income
is being spent on buying stuff consuming
stuff instead of investing and things
like that
the higher your de facto tax rate is
even if you’re not paying it directly
you’re paying the overhead that it was
added to so
you’re gonna get screwed either way
all taxation is a system of those with
the lease being robbed usually to give
to those with the most and you get a few
crumbs back to make you feel like you
got something that’s pretty much it
now speaking of so another bad news
another terrible news uh remington the
gun maker has offered to pay a
settlement of 33 million dollars to the
families of sandy hook matt
the nine families that are suing uh
remington arms are discussing the
proposal with their lawyer
said the lead attorney representing the
families joshua koskov
koskov called the offer
grossly inadequate but declined further
comment uh each of the nine families
would receive roughly 3.7 million
so my question
can we sue ford for car accidents
and even if not car accidents
for someone getting in the car and
intentionally hurting someone so like
suing forward for road rage incidents or
like you said you know budweiser for
drunk drivers or drunk driving
you know
le blue for if i bash someone’s head in
with this bottle because i mean leble is
still choosing to use these really thick
like the old school 90s water bottle
accessory to a crime
the whole thing is absurd like it
i’ve been asked before you know do you
think the government should ban
lawsuits against um against uh
against gun companies no um
then you end up going down the path
where even if the gun company does
something negligent with the gun or
something like that now they’re
protected just like the pharmaceutical
industry is protected
for liability from their products same
so that’s not good to do that what needs
to happen is the people who file claims
against companies who engaged in neither
negligence nor malfeasant behavior
should be punished deeply for it and the
attorneys should lose their bar cards
and not be able to practice anymore like
there needs to be some serious
punishment of these kinds of absurd
lawsuits which are really an attempt uh
to use the uh the
legal system to create a legislative
goal so you know they figure if they can
bankrupt all the gun makers then you
know there won’t be any guns uh or at
least any legally produced guns and so
that’ll that’ll be the the you know
their way of doing gun control um
it’s just the whole thing is absurd it’s
also another reason why we should all be
3d printing our own guns but that’s a
whole other subject yeah no this is
nonsense this is utter nonsense it’s a
it’s absolute nonsense and it
it won’t just it won’t destroy remington
but it’s going to hurt him and it’s
going to hurt him bad because now that
they’ve paid
other people will see that they can try
the same thing and they’ll try it with
other gun companies and it’s going
this has the potential to be very bad
for american-made guns
which means
only guns made outside of the us
yep are going to be available for
and if they go through with any of their
bans on foreign made weapons
this is this is the catalyst this is
this is the
the beginning of them getting rid of
guns which we’re going to get into that
a little bit later
yeah no this is uh yeah we’ll we’ll talk
about what happens when you get rid of
guns uh when you disarm people um
it’s just absurd and uh like a bootleg
uh libertarian says remington’s already
broke they’re trying to sell off their
business so this is that last you know
that last hit to them um and meanwhile
no love lost between me and the gun
manufacturers i mean they’ve been some
of the main people pushing for
restrictions on on restrictions and
regulations on gun ownership in order to
limit the market of those who are able
to actually produce guns and sell them
so you know i guess what’s good for the
goose is good for the gander but all of
these things result in us having fewer
options us having less freedom and also
creating this narrative that the gun is
the problem and not the murderer who
used the gun why when you know when we
it’s weird one weird thing when the when
a police officer
you know kills someone in a you know in
an unjustified way
shoot someone and kills them we never
ever hear anyone say oh the gun we need
gun control for police officers we heard
people either try to justify it or
people saying it’s wrong and there needs
to be reforms on on police but why
aren’t the gun why are we talking about
disarming the police or or or you know
restricting their limits of their kind
of the kind of guns that they can have
that never comes up why is that because
i mean so in all fairness not about
safety in all fairness it came up a
little bit last year
it came up a little bit last year with
the defund the police movement and the
militarization of police and like that
kind of
that was a massive talking point for us
last summer
militarization yeah but not like take
their sidearm like take their pistol
unless you count defund the police and
not having them anymore counting as take
their pistol but like we and we talked
about this a couple of weeks ago
i don’t remember what story we were
talking about that led into this but uh
in both new jersey and new york they
were doing gun control laws and
uh they
ended up changing the laws to let either
off-duty police or retired police
continue to carry guns
uh while
the regular the peons the people who
weren’t uh
part of the police force couldn’t carry
one um
these are these are the things where
it’s like okay what if these people shot
you know just
shot somebody would you be talking about
getting rid of guns for the police then
no you wouldn’t because
you need that for your protection or
whatever and right
the fact of the matter is you need guns
for your protection
you don’t really need the police if
everybody had guns there would be a lot
less crime
um there’d be a lot less crime and
there’d be a lot less dependence so gun
control is the belief that
uh your life needs to be protected with
a gun but not from you but from some
uninterested third party who you have to
call and hope that they get there in
time to protect you and interestingly
enough the people who often believe in
this are also the ones who are the most
likely to say that cops are racist and
abusive and should be curtailed uh and
possibly defunded and it and it’s like
which which is this like
at some point we have to acknowledge
that uh if
and i mean we tend to agree that you
know the police are out of hand and need
to be brought under heel and that there
needs to be serious reforms in the way
that they do business and and that the
you know the practices need to change
and they need to be held accountable for
their bad actions and unqualified
immunity and then civil asset forfeiture
and the militarization and so forth
but also let people own guns so they can
protect themselves we we don’t believe
in this utopian nonsense that you know
absent the police there’s not going to
be crime anymore right like absent
absent so many disarmed people there
won’t be as much crime anymore
so speaking of
it’s time for the chris reynolds
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor calling moment
where you can go to anchor dot fm slash
muddied waters and leave us messages uh
throughout the week and we will play
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right now every tuesday
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we will love you more that is true
travis pace bid 275 on the tumbler
current bid on the tumbler 275
current i’m going to put that in current
high um okay i’ll stop typing
yeah yeah no
275. okay
real quick this is brought to you by
spike cohen who’s coming to ohio this
weekend to columbus ohio for the
libertarian party of ohio’s 2021
conference i’m also going to be doing uh
a uh uh
i think a rally with accountability now
ohio to end qualified immunity in ohio
and i’ll also be doing us an escape room
my wife and i will be doing escape rooms
uh and i will be posting that
information on my social media uh and
then on tuesday join me uh uh on was
that august 24th at
the uh in montgomery we’re doing the
rally for uh justice uh where we are
pushing for the um the restrictions that
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that they are able to compete and be on
the ballot just like all of the just
like the republicans and democrats are
and uh so i’ll be there in ohio and then
in alabama so
here is
the first
the first
here we go first one is from midwest guy
he’s watching
this is midwest guy it’s my first time
calling in
to your show
i’m you know super excited i i really
love that you guys uh you do this whole
calling thing okay it’s really really
it’s awesome okay and um
so yeah thank you thank you i’m a big
fan okay
i’ve been listening to the show for uh
oh about a year i think or maybe even
more i’m not sure but for a little while
now and uh
yeah so uh you guys do a great job and
uh this is my favorite show actually i i
even uh i got my wife to move our date
night from tuesday nights over to
thursday nights so that way we can do
that way i can listen to the show live
from now on and so i’m super pumped to
be doing that soon uh hopefully
hopefully maybe even uh this this
question i’m about to ask you will be on
that very first
show wouldn’t that be awesome
uh oh it’s counting down on me oh no
sorry i took too long
this this feels is is this a real accent
this feels like
oh no i
so he is actually watching on twitch
right now
uh um
i i had that question when i listened to
some of these earlier today
but he has a good question so i stopped
no it’s listen if you want to call in
and however you talk i’m fine with that
okay i’m back it’s midwest guy here and
i got a question for the two of you okay
uh my question here is okay so me and my
buddies we’re out we’re all throwing
back some brewskies right and uh we were
talking about our business model and my
buddy he was saying that he wants to
kind of he wants to structure our
business like a uh
like a democratic like a like a worker
co-op like a democratic workplace and um
i’m i’m i’m pretty new to the whole like
libertarian thing in the anarchist thing
i never even heard of these before my
buddy was telling me about them but it
sounds like a pretty cool kind of deal
and so i was just wondering what you
guys think about it what are worker
co-ops what’s what’s your kind of you
know the general feel around them and uh
you know are they good are they bad i
don’t know i’ve never even heard of
these things so uh yeah just hoping to
hear from you guys and uh to the
audience hello thank you for uh
tolerating my my two minute long
question here and um
you know uh oh shoot it’s counting down
again okay i gotta go thank you so much
i don’t know if that’s a real accident
i want to give your do you want to give
your thoughts on uh democratically right
so co-ops um i’ve
i know a couple of co-ops and i’ve seen
a couple of different ways that co-ops
are run either uh everybody who goes
there has to buy a membership and you
are now part owner of that store
um but you get massive discounts because
of it sort of costco-e but not costco-e
like you’re not gonna get the big bulk
items um
or that everybody that works there is
technically an owner
and they all make decisions
democratically together and vote on
everything um i have seen some of these
things work so smoothly
uh there is a bar there was a bar i
don’t know if it’s still open um in
philadelphia uh that i don’t remember
the name of that was a co-op and
everybody that worked there was part
owner um they opened every day at four
o’clock they everybody
you know came in on their scheduled
times and it ran great and it was a fun
dimly lit dark bar and uh it was it was
great i loved it
i have seen them not run great because
everybody thought they were an owner and
just didn’t show up so really if you
i am not going to say that running a
co-op is a terrible idea
right it really depends on who you have
working with you on whether or not it is
a good idea
if you don’t think that you would be
able to hire people that would be
responsible and wouldn’t look at it as
this is a way for me to make money and i
can go out and do other things as
opposed to this is where i work and i
need to build this so everybody makes
more money
if you think you can find those people
you go ahead and do it however
i personally would
muddied waters media is not a co-op
i’ll say that i mean technically we
started as a co-op because there were
only two of us but the uh
it was a co-op and that we co-owned it
but yeah so um
pretty much what matt said um in order
for a
democratically run
co-op of of worker owners
to be able to work
i think that they have to have shared
values shared goals shared expectations
and there has to be some kind of
accountability structure um
i have been involved in a lot of
different startups both consulting and
actually being a part of them
the ones that worked best were ones
where there was a clear hierarchy a
leader or leaders and the people that
were in you know some level of
management if needed i mean some of the
smaller ones didn’t even need that and
whoever worked for them the ones that
didn’t work as well were the ones where
they tried creating these boards so that
everyone had an equal say and they
didn’t already make sure before setting
this structure up that they had the same
goals the same values the same whatever
they just we’re gonna get rich we’re
gonna make a lot of money doing this
we’re going to have a great time doing
this and then they when it was time to
make decisions on a day-to-day basis it
got caught down in quagmires and
negotiations and
a bunch of crap that on on things that
were sometimes incredibly trivial but
because everyone had to decide on these
it became an issue i think there also
needs to be a certain amount of autonomy
granted to the people in the different
parts of that organization so you know
for example if you’re in the marketing
department you shouldn’t have to bring
every single thing to the you know the
board or the co-op or whatever it’s
called to make that decision you should
have a certain level of autonomy to be
able to make a decision in that because
they hired you or you have been brought
in as a part owner to do that um but
yeah i mean if people want to do it i
think that they should be able to and i
think it should work well and i think
the restrictions that are in the um
in the tax code that make it
prohibitively expensive to run co-ops in
a lot of businesses those need to be
gotten rid of that you should be able to
structure your company however you want
to so
yeah no absolutely i also don’t know
what kind of business you’re planning on
starting here so that also could make a
difference yeah
yeah service industry seems to work
fairly well again if everyone’s on the
same page with how they’re going to do
it um
that that depends that also depends on
the size of the restaurant
oh and that’s another thing if this
thing is huge
it’s probably not going to work well
it’s not going to work you know even
these large companies that are mandated
by law to have these boards and stuff
like that
it’s still being decided by an executive
and an
executive team um
if you want one of the reasons why
government moves at a snail’s pace is
because every decision is democratized
um and
that actually leads to the
uh the uh totalitarian impulse to just
take over and do stuff which makes
things worse um but the it’s
yeah it’s it’s
make sure it’s small and and and not and
able to get out of its own way make sure
everyone’s on the same page with their
values their their goals their
objectives make sure that there’s a
level of accountability built in
and um and also make sure that there’s
some autonomy granted to the people in
in the different sectors or sections or
departments of this company
and now we have a few from
well hello there guy on left and spike
this is
matt hicks
calling on the personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney ella anchor
colin moment tm
i just have one question
for you spikel
and uh
this question you’ve already heard today
but i’m gonna ask again anyway
are you [ __ ] kidding me
bro what
roasted me i love that these people have
no idea who i am and we’re just straight
up because they were paid on cameo to do
it they’re like hey [ __ ] you in your
ball throwing spike what’s this spike
yeah spike [ __ ] you spike have a great
day thanks matthew
all right uh here’s the next one from
matthew hicks
hey guy on left and spike this is matt
hicks calling in on the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling moment tia
i guess the big thing in the news is
afghanistan right like
the the country fell within a matter of
months of the us leaving and everybody’s
acting all surprised and i’m a little
surprised too i’m frankly
a little surprised that it took this
long i mean it was my experience in
afghanistan that if you gotta
chase some taliban dudes up the side of
a mountain
he’s wearing flip-flops and dust in your
ass while you’re running behind him
trying to catch him right um
so i’m really kind of surprised that it
took this long
um i can’t really speak for you guys but
that’s where i weigh in on this anyway i
just wanted to get that out there
um yeah hashtag you gotta locate kid
whatever um
i threw the ball well
it’s still here look
look i threw the ball well it went it
got to the pitcher boom look at that it
didn’t have this ridiculous arc look let
me go back to this thing here look look
it didn’t have an arc look look i just
look at where that ball is
i didn’t say it didn’t have an arc but
people were making it sound like i threw
it like underhand or something like it
it i threw it and it got to the catcher
and then he didn’t even catch it
that’s because he didn’t think it was
going to make it uh but you know what
then he shouldn’t be playing semi-pro
baseball that’s what i’d like to say
about that look boom
boom didn’t it didn’t
i said from the beginning i’m not
throwing a heater down the middle i am a
nearly 40 year old yeah but then as soon
as soon as you did it
yes you made a post
and you called it
a heater down the middle i mean it’s
like a it’s my heater down the middle
which was in the middle
or a heater
this is graded on a curve this
a 100 mile an hour fastball boom right
created on a curve
yes graded on a curve
okay let’s see nolan ryan
well he i guess he was 40. let’s see
nolan ryan get ms 42 when he was
ms relapses and then have him throw a
couple balls out there that by the way
this has nothing to do with me having ms
i’m just not athletic but let’s see
nolan ryan suck at baseball and throw
this gem right here this is the crowning
achievement of my athletic career right
here by boom i’m happy i’m happy with it
whatever i don’t care
all right here we go uh afghanistan
we’re going to be talking more about
that we’re going to be talking about it
later so the entire segment but
for those listening to what matt just
had to say uh matt hicks he served in
afghanistan and iraq uh in combat uh he
knows what he’s talking about and and he
told me that he said the first time i
someone you know carrying heavy you know
heavy uh small arms and you know running
up uh a hill in sandals and and beating
us i knew we were screwed um and it is
what it is like home field advantage
determination to win
you know not being scared to die
wanting to kick out the foreign occupier
vietnam afghanistan
to some extent korea
this is how it goes like it’s just this
is how it goes
so here’s here’s the last one from
laser legend hicks
holy [ __ ] guys i just figured it out
oh sorry this is matt hicks calling in
on the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney of law anchor colin
woman tia
holy [ __ ] guys i just figured it out
this whole afghanistan thing
biden orchestrated all of it
to draw attention away from cuomo
that’s what’s going on here it’s a big
prestige man look the other way while
some [ __ ] happens
oh i oh
these crafty politicians man
anyway hashtag laser legend
that’s a little alex jonesy i was gonna
say that that was that’s for
sure i i mean i am not gonna say you’re
wrong because
what’s that meme going around right now
conspiracy theories are now called
yeah um
like sure why not
uh adam wait says i’m now 100 convinced
this is fact this is the problem
i mean and i don’t know that he’s wrong
i mean put it this way it would not be
the dumbest thing government has done
adam also earlier said my diesel jetta
is a lamborghini when credit graded on a
curve good for you that’s good i’m happy
for you because again
i’m happy with this i’m happy with what
i did and i don’t i don’t you know
people are oh blah blah blah look boom
by the way it was me and then they had
some kids come up and and throw some
pitches uh before
uh before the game like some kids are
you gonna say you did better than kids
from an orphanage and they and like they
all bounced it
all the orphans bounced their their
there was only one
person that got up there and threw it
and it got to the even the pitcher
bounced a couple and they weren’t no
i pitched a shutout whatever um anyway
so here’s the last one from james m ray
hi spike and guy on left this is james m
ray calling in on the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor call in moment line
i think i got that right
anyway i’m calling to
get asked for help
with messaging because even though i’m a
huge fan of energy from thorium and
molten salt reactors i now have to
the light water reactors i’ve called
obsolete because turkey point has
permission to build two more of them
and well fbl does and we need this to
happen for the good of the south florida
community so i would like some help at
the mike termite event and before that
getting people to understand that even
obsolete reactors well outdated reactors
are a good thing
and we need them so thanks for your help
and have a great day
sure so the message on this is easy
james nuclear
power nuclear energy is so
much better than the alternatives it is
so much cleaner so much safer so much
cheaper so much more carbon neutral
so much more plentiful and stable that
even the old out of date obsolete forms
of nuclear energy production like light
water reactors are still head and
shoulders above anything else that is
currently available out there so if
that’s so incredible imagine how great
a thorium uh uh molten reactor would be
compared to a light water reactor
there’s your thing there it’s like
saying hey yeah you know what uh the
automobile is so incredibly advanced
that even a
you know what was it the 19760 whatever
pinto that kept exploding that uh even
that is still exponentially safer and
more efficient and and you know easier
to use than a you know horse and
carriage from the you know 1800s or
something like that so it’s the same
thing here you know it’s so much it’s so
head and shoulders above everything else
that even the the
older crappy versions are still better
than than what’s available which is why
we need to have deregulation in that
sector and allow more innovation uh so
that we can get the newer forms of
nuclear energy which are even safer and
cleaner and more plentiful and more uh
more stable and more carbon neutral and
everything else so
so yes uh sheila foster just bid
for the tumbler
uh 300 is the current high bid for the
libertarian party waffle house caucus
tumbler autographed by yours truly and
his truly
and for those just tuning in this is the
tumbler here we don’t have it right now
because they’re applying yet another
epoxy coating this thing when fully
epoxy coated you’ll be able to wash it
10 000 times
and still everything stays on it because
it’s being heavily epoxy coated uh this
is a beautiful
tumbler that is signed by both me and
matt it is an official waffle house
caucus merchandise made by uh defy the
power making you an official
senior voting member of the
libertarian pretty waffle house caucus
libertarian party waffle house caucus
um and so you uh i was just trying to
find the thing um
and so yes top bid is 300 as of right
we will be tallying up at the end and
whoever has the top bid will be the
winner of this tumblr once they give us
the money um so
um yes let’s see and also half of these
proceeds go to d5 the power who make
these tumblers uh fantastic people over
there they do really good work um so i
recommend you check them out on facebook
yep defy the power and this tumbler
not this tumbler sorry this tumbler uh
is uh
this tumbler
is uh i just saw the t um this uh
tumbler uh 20 ounces and uh will keep a
cold drink cold for 12 hours and a hot
drink hot for 10 hours
high quality stuff here uh and beautiful
craftsmanship beautiful beautiful
craftsmanship um all right cool so
we’re going to talk about the thing that
we have to talk about because it it’s
the it’s as we have that’s happening
yeah we have to and it is insane and it
underscores everything we’ve been saying
about u.s foreign policy since
before money waters media even started
in 2016 which is that imperialism is bad
it’s harmful it accomplishes no goals
that we were told it was supposed to
accomplish and ultimately it just leads
lives lost on all sides and the only
people who benefit are central bankers
and the crony corporations that make up
the military industrial complex now
let’s have a quick flashback to roughly
three weeks ago
when joe biden said
this is a taliban takeover of
afghanistan now inevitable no
it is not
because you have the afghan troops have
three hundred thousand i just want to go
back that that was taliban takeover of
afghanistan now inevitable no
nope why no it is not
because you have the afghan troops have
three hundred thousand wow
well-equipped as well as quipped as any
army in the world
and an air force
against something like 75 000 taliban
it is not
inevitable so what he didn’t tell you
is that first of all it wasn’t 300 000.
it was more like 200 000 the other thing
he didn’t tell you was that they were
already quitting
they were already abandoning their posts
many of them it turns out we’re gonna
find out soon enough i’m sure many of
them were already taliban they were just
collecting a u.s taxpayer funded check
every week or every two weeks or
whenever they got paid and we’re just
waiting to officially hand the keys over
to the taliban when it was time to do
one thing to note
there was no real fighting
this wasn’t some epic week-long battle
there were some skirmishes but for the
most part the taliban literally just
walked into town or just appeared in
town because they were already there and
said we’re in charge here
right so that’s what happened
i’m totally going to plagiarize this guy
that ran for office but uh
the corporate media’s reporting on
afghanistan and covet are at their core
are at their core identical
something terrible is happening and it’s
all because you wouldn’t listen to us
and give us more money and power why who
said that that’s brilliant that’s
that person of whatever
i have no idea who wrote that
spike wrote that for anybody who didn’t
pick up on that joke um 80 80 billion
dollars people
billion dollars that is how much the us
has spent on training
the afghanistan army since
the inception
of this
factored in for inflation you’re looking
at about 100 billion
hundred billion
eighty billion eighty billion dollars
and they lasted eight days
in fact they didn’t even last eight days
it just took that long for the taliban
to travel to all the different parts of
the country so it really took a matter
of hours they were literally already
crumbling before like the troops we
haven’t left afghanistan yet they’re
still what like 5 000 6 000 troops there
and active duty personnel and
non-essential personnel and contractors
and so forth
the withdrawal’s not even complete yet
and the taliban has literally already
taken over the country and is just
patiently waiting for the u.s to leave
now to put 80 billion into
to give it some sort of concept for you
the current gdp of afghanistan
the current according to google
literally right now for 2019 is
19.29 billion
most of that’s heroin um but i was gonna
say that’s that’s almost all heroin and
child trafficking
19.29 billion is their current gdp we
spent 80 billion in the last 20 years on
training their military
and that’s nothing compared
to the number of lives lost and from
this never-ending war or the over 2
that we spent on the war itself
let’s just do a quick number here
the afghans
afghanistan’s entire economy
is worth roughly
one percent
of the pre-adjusted for inflation amount
that the u.s got that the u.s government
the u.s taxpayer has spent in
afghanistan over two trillion dollars
actually less than one percent
and it gets worse than that because
if you factor in
the cost because this wasn’t paid for in
taxed money that already existed most of
it was run up in debt and we’ll be
excuse me we’ll be uh paying off in
thank you with interest once that’s
factored in
the payments will be pretty much through
2050 that’s two zero five zero
almost 30 years from now
and the total cost at that point will
have been 6.5
trillion dollars
afghanistan’s entire economy right now
is worth
a not even a third third of a percent a
third of a percent
of what the u.s
taxpayer is on the hook
for that country and the money is not
anything compared to the
2 300 american service members who died
there over two generations the what uh
almost 4 000 3800 contractors that died
roughly 300 000 afghans the majority of
whom were civilians that died there
all for
now i think you skipped over the one
joke i put in there um
that’s all of that
yes all of that on a war that is now so
old that kevin spacey wouldn’t try to
assault it
now the one that’s the one joke you get
in all of this
right in all of this
it’s the one it’s the only one that i
thought mattered
2 300 american service members were
killed in this war and 3 800 contractors
we are not going
crap on the military we’re not going to
talk about it no no no no
i have
many friends who were in afghanistan
many friends that spent time over there
and not all of them came back the person
that they were when they left to go
matt hicks i didn’t know him before he
went there but uh he is a person who was
there uh he just said that i feel
comfortable saying that because he just
said that in his calling um i’ve got
many other friends that have been there
and i have seen their ptsd that they
suffer uh
22 or 23
vets kill themselves every single day
every day yep
and many of them
in this war
in this war that
we spent
trillion 6 trillion by the time we
finish paying it off 80 billion of it uh
used to
uh train the afghan military and
in like a day
in like a day
the taliban came in and took over
and i know that many of them are sitting
there at home i know one in particular
um i’m certain many others are but i
know one in particular that is
sitting at home wondering what the hell
was all of this for why did my friends
why did i watch my friends die why did
my friends die
why do i
hate 4th of july now um
all of that because of what they
experienced over there what we spend
so much money of taxpayer money on
none of this makes sense
if look through the prism of
this was done to stop terrorism or to
protect the american people
so we know that mullah omar who was in
charge of afghanistan he was the head of
the taliban when 9 11 happened
he described bin laden as a chicken bone
stuck in his throat he could neither
swallow it nor spit it out
and he wanted to get rid of bin laden as
much as humanly possible and at that
point bin laden had uh a couple dozen uh
uh fighters with him with al qaeda and
uh in afghanistan and you know a few
dozen more scattered across the the
planet um al qaeda had not had the
recruitment opportunity of ramping up by
having the military attack uh multiple
sovereign countries and
when the u.s government
demanded right after 9 11 demanded that
the taliban hand over bin laden mullah
omar’s opening response
was to say if you present us with
evidence that he was behind 911 or
involved in 911 then we would be happy
to hand him off to a third party muslim
country to be tried and punished that
was the opening offer and that was a
face-saving offer that was i’m not going
to completely capitulate to you
you know to save face among the muslim
community who who will say that i’m
giving in to the imperialist devils or
whatever but that’s my opening offer if
our counteroffer had been we’ll present
you all the evidence in the world but we
want him
and he will go through a trial that is
in keeping with international standards
and blah blah but we want him
more than likely the taliban would have
been more than likely and and he would
have easily been able to find bin laden
round them up
either kill him or hand him over to the
u.s government
for trial this was never about that in
in december of 2001 when uh when it was
known in the in the torabora offensive
that uh bin laden had escaped to
pakistan uh we never once threatened
pakistan the same way and said you know
you need to hand bin laden over or will
invade you in fact uh george bush in an
interview uh in uh the end of 2001
beginning of 2002 said this is much
bigger than bin laden bin laden might be
dead or he might be hiding cowering
somewhere in afghanistan or pakistan but
this isn’t about bin laden this is about
the global islamic terrorism well no it
was supposed to be about bin laden
it certainly hasn’t made us more safe
there’s more terrorism than ever before
uh there are more terror recruitment
opportunities there ever before the cia
is arming more terrorists than ever
before it has nothing to do with that in
fact this was a massive cia handoff
state department handoff and a pentagon
handoff of weapons uh to the taliban who
will no doubt be uh giving at least some
of this to terror groups that hate us
so it certainly wasn’t done for that
none of this makes sense until you look
through it to the prism of how could we
possibly maximize the profits for
federal reserve central bankers and
crony corporations tied to the
military-industrial conflicts how could
we possibly generate as much revenue for
those companies as possible
this is how you do that through these
constant slogging
doomed to fail efforts that never end
and only end in in
embarrassing defeat the way that this
one has then it makes sense this had
nothing to do with protecting us
so as we’ve all seen i’m certain all of
us have seen this by now uh we have a
intelligent and well-informed audience
the taliban took over afghanistan
this weekend and there’s a lot of
critics out there
neocons who are saying that we withdrew
too early and the logically consistent
people uh they see
a country where the years money and
lives wasted training an army that
either had no inclination to protect its
country or lack the ability to do so yep
it depends on which one you it depends
on which way you see it it’s either they
didn’t care to do it or they were unable
to do it um either way it appears it
appears as though they just were like no
i’m out like i’m not doing this um
i think
and you may disagree with me but i think
that what is happening now
would have happened
we pulled everybody or pretty much
yeah and it does not matter who would
have been president at that time at all
as soon as we did it
this was going to happen
and so
the the finger blaming that you’re
seeing like the the republicans are
doing it real bad right now and they’re
oh yeah biden did this too early biden
shouldn’t have done it but trump was the
one who did this plan he made this deal
he made this deal biden just kind of
followed up like he extended it but he
still followed up on the deal that trump
so blaming the other party makes
absolutely no sense here
both parties got the afghans in this
trump released the main
arguably the leader of the taliban but
at least at the very least the main
spokesman of the taliban who immediately
became the main negotiator and arguably
the leader at least one of the leaders
of the taliban and you know what that
wasn’t the wrong choice to make that the
only wrong choices here
were that
the date that was agreed to wasn’t stuck
to because i think the reason we’re
seeing what we’re seeing now is the
taliban wasn’t gonna wait till the 9 11
pull-out date final pull-out date to see
what happens they’re like yeah you know
what we’re just gonna go ahead and take
over now like we’re just gonna go ahead
and take over and if that creates
instability great that just makes sure
that they won’t stick around um i think
may came and went and there was no
fighting for quite some time because
they were waiting to see are you guys
gonna leave like you said you would
you’re now saying september but are you
gonna leave like you said you would i
think if if the u.s government had
committed to the may date
and fast-tracked visa applications for
any allies in afghanistan the
interpreters and the helpers and their
families so that they can escape because
almost all of them are going to die now
um thanks for helping the us go ahead so
i heard i i heard a fantastic plan
earlier today
that would have absolutely worked would
have absolutely worked uh so right now
you would need 17 flights a day
carrying like 2 000 people
right to get everybody out of there
that’s seeking assignment
for like 10 days or something like that
i can’t remember the exact numbers um
canada’s offered 20 000
uh visas to 20 000 uh but guam
the the leader of guam i don’t know if
they have a president or not he said
if you guys can get them all here
they can stay here
and you can work on their visas and they
can stay here
no issues they can just come and stay
here and you have time to process all of
their visas
now you’re stuck in a situation where
you have so many people who are stuck
over there
and they can’t really leave because
they’re having trouble getting everybody
i’m certain that everybody
i’m certain everybody saw the footage of
the i
think we’re going to talk about this
later but i’m going to say it now too
the footage yesterday of the c-17 taking
off and people were hanging on to the
outside of the c-17 and then you see
them falling off as the plane is taking
off and it was heartbreaking and it was
devastating and you had you have this
when you knew that
you were going to be leaving you should
have been processing all of these
and you can sit there as a neocon or neo
as a warhawk warmongered neoprogressive
whatever whatever side you’re on that
thinks we should be staying there and
say well over the last five years the
united states has only lost uh less than
25 people per year
over there so it kind of makes sense to
save the lives of all of the afghanistan
people um and to stop the spread of
terror throughout the world uh except
that yes the u.s lost uh 18 people in
2019 22 the year before that 10 the year
before that yeah it seems like yeah it’s
but last year
the afghanistan people lost more lives
than they had in 20 years
20 years it’s not they weren’t attacking
the us because of negotiations they were
right and they were they were going
after the afghanistan people the afghans
uh that were
uh that were helping
and it was not a stable condition this
as biden said it’s not this was
yeah yeah it was inevitable to happen
the guam idea is great or fast track
them and and let them come in i mean
we’re talking 80 000 people which on the
scale of things in a country of 330
million it’s a drop of a drop of a drop
it would not change anything in any way
in any real submissions or uh uh even
measurable way um
and it would be immeasurably helpful to
them who would be able to survive this
it’s just it is
so i think doing those two things fast
tracking the applications and sticking
to the may date it wouldn’t be as
ridiculous as it is right now but this
was going to happen the taliban was
going to take over
i it was obvious the taliban was just
waiting for the u.s to leave and at this
point was like actually we’re not
waiting for you to leave we’re gonna
just take over now so you can stick
around as long as you want um and you’ll
notice they’re not attacking the us so
all the people saying we gotta stick
around they’re murderers they wanna kill
us they’re not attacking us right now
they’re not attacking the us military
right now
because that would be stupid they’re
just waiting for the us military to
the the people saying we need to stay in
because we’ve invested so much money and
so much time and so many lives uh
i understand that thinking
that’s called the sunk cost fallacy
so this is a term that’s used in
investing the sunk cost fallacy uh is
first of all sunk cost is the money that
you have already put into something that
you cannot get back it is already in
there you cannot liquidate any of it
it’s gone you’re not getting it back
the sunk cost fallacy is when someone
looks at how much cost they’ve sunk how
much money and time and resources and
investment they have put into this
investment and concluded that they
cannot afford to let all that go so they
got to invest more and stay through to
the long haul in other words they’re
looking at the sunk cost that they’ll
never get back and they’re not looking
at the prospective costs the money that
they will continue to pay out if they
don’t cut their ties and and back and
get out of this investment
it explains why so many why most people
don’t invest well because they get
emotionally invested they say oh i put
all this money into this i’m sticking
around for the long haul and they end up
losing everything it also explains
anyone that thinks that we should stay
in afghanistan it is clear
that this was a failed effort from the
it wasn’t even the real effort that was
done again the leadership that brought
us there didn’t want to win didn’t want
to get bin laden didn’t want to stop
terrorism they wanted to make money for
cronies and bankers that’s why we’re
there and mission accomplished they’re
super rich and at everyone else’s
expense also this whole thing about only
2 300 american service members have been
killed by this war over there
you don’t get 22
veterans killing themselves a day in
peace time you get that from the
exponentially larger number of americans
who came home from afghanistan and iraq
and other places
who didn’t come home in the flag-draped
casket but they did come home with ptsd
traumatic brain injuries
chronic health issues chronic pain
mental health issues related to the
atrocities that they’ve seen over there
and then being subjected to the worst
form of health care in this country we
talk about how the afghans how the
afghan people that were our allies have
been abandoned that’s true we’ve also
abandoned our veterans so if we’re going
to talk about the investment that we
have and how we have to see it through
to the long run good go help the
if you want to talk about a lifetime
investment that needs to be seen through
to the end talk about the people who
signed up and swore an oath to protect
and defend the constitution and the
american people against all enemies
foreign and domestic and who were sent
overseas by our domestic enemies to
fight and kill and die on behalf of drug
cartels and child traffickers and
central bankers and dictators and
foreign terrorist groups and and the
military-industrial complex taking care
of them there’s your investment go take
care of that
so biden and trump themselves have been
throwing shots at each other
blaming each other biden according to
trump bidens ran out of afghanistan
instead of following the plan our
administration left for him
this is
complete failure through weakness
incompetence and total strategic and
incoherence your plan was to leave
i don’t know what other parts of the
plan there were but
uh biden said it was trump leaving the
taliban in the strongest position
militarily since 2001 that was
responsible for the current events
that’s more accurate
like if you have to blame either one of
those that’s actually more accurate i
mean ultimately they’ve been in an
incredibly and increasingly strong
position for quite some time but yeah
trump like called their leadership go
oh gosh yeah release 5 000 of their
prisoners for 1 000 afghan uh
military it’s not the military that
peace guards or whatever i don’t
remember what they call them um
for in exchange for 1 000 uh afghan
military members and one of them is the
guy who is now basically the head or the
president of the taliban right right or
at least so it’s it’s disputed he’s like
because they’re not there isn’t a very
very clear hierarchy the question always
becomes is it the the main political
spokesperson who’s the leader or is it
the religious leader who’s the leader
and mullah omar was both
um and since then it’s always been some
kind of power sharing so right now it’s
between uh the mullah uh uh ghani guy
that was let go by trump and this other
guy whose name i’m not even going to try
to pronounce um who is the um who’s the
religious leader
most many consider that guy to be the
religious leader but it really i mean
they they’re kind of
oddly enough they’re kind of
decentralized at the top at the
leadership there’s often not a single
leader except for mullah omar
so right now you’re seeing you’re seeing
it all over facebook you’re seeing all
over twitter social media you’re seeing
it in the news um you’ve got the left
blaming the right and the right blaming
the left and they are just throwing at
each other and
quoting these two quotes um saying if
they if you would have followed trump’s
plan that this wouldn’t have happened or
if trump was still in office this
wouldn’t happen or uh
he left him
he left him in the strongest position
militarily since 2001 but edward snowden
may have said it best when he said if
you think this is a bidenverse trump
thing you re you are really missing the
scale of this two-decade tragedy
he is uh
as per usual with him he is a hundred
percent correct yeah yeah yeah
this is
this was going
i remember being a neoco it’s funny i
actually i said this to matt kibby it’s
so weird like how things come full
circle matt kibby was one of the people
you know telling me through you know
free his freedom works emails back in
like the early 2000s that this was
ridiculous and that was doomed to
failure and i’m like you don’t know what
you’re talking about i agree with you on
literally everything else but not this
um and uh and he would say you know that
this this imperial foreign policy
domestic spying all that’s not going to
help and um
then obviously talking with my friends
who started coming home from these wars
and realizing that it was a bunch of
garbage we were being told of what was
going on over there but
i was talking to matt kibby on twitter
and i i remembered that my dad said when
we first invaded um
afghanistan he said eventually
i forget how rewarded it exactly he said
they’re going to go in and that’s going
to go fine
but eventually they’re going to stick
around way too long they’re going to
fail at every single one of their goals
they’re going to leave and they’re going
to abandon all of their allies there
like we did he was in vietnam like like
we did to the mountain yards when we
left vietnam and if that isn’t exactly
what happened
and it wasn’t i mean i love my father
but it’s not like he’s some uh uh
renowned political say this was just
this is what was gonna happen
this was what was gonna happen and it
was it was sealed the moment that the
afghan president muhammad ashraf ghani
fled the country
that was the moment that there was no
question that this was over
kabul kabul did not
it did not fall
it was
this was not a
this was not a battle
this was
they walked in and just took it
you’re seeing all over the news and in
the media that
the government toppled or
the government toppled or you have uh
people saying that they came in and
guns blazing and like just murdered a
bunch of people um but they were saying
that they’re just kind of like they’re
they’re they’re
they’re letting you infer that from what
they’re saying
there wasn’t a government if something
crumbles the very second
and outside entity isn’t actively
propping it up this was a weekend at
bernie’s government like the minute that
the u.s is like now we’re not doing this
anymore in fact they were even still
propping it up but just not as much it
just completely crumbled the the
everyone abandoned their posts or almost
everyone the president left the country
like there was no government it was all
a bunch of garbage
so their government that they had been
building for 20 years so sorry that we
have been building for 20 years um
their government
in the last election which was
2019 i believe
roughly 38 million people living in
million i think one point i don’t have
this in the minutes 1.8 million people
decided to vote and that’s because they
had such trust and faith in their
elected leaders but
that one percent not even uh that what
three percent-ish of the gov of the
people decided to vote
in the election this was a weak
government that was just
just fraught with scandals and
with corruption and they had no faith in
them understandably so absolutely
understandably so justifiable so
just yet justifiably so so that the
moment that somebody walked in
a weak government that is no longer
going to be able to get the sweet sweet
american taxpayer money
said okay
i’m out and left
yep yep yep and then instead now is the
taliban which is a group of warlords who
subjugate people under their rule which
is completely different than government
because it’s
so uh spike cohen
had to say about the uh
spike cohen he was the 2020 libertarian
vice presidential candidate if you
recall came in third uh spike cohen uh
said this about the uh the what happened
with the uh what’s going on with the
with the people that helped in
afghanistan helped the u.s war effort
had the u.s government actually cared
about the lives of the thousands of
people who helped them they would have
fast-tracked their visas so they could
uh so
they could come here they didn’t
remember that when you see government
and corporate media pretend to lament
their faith all this stuff you’re seeing
now all these poor meet ashram ashram
was an interpreter for the military and
now he can’t get out and they keep
denying his visa what a terrible
terrible thing that’s happening over
there if the government and corporate
media had cared because the corporate
media is an extension it’s the uh the
narrative and propaganda wing of the u.s
government and has been for years
certainly post 9 11. if they gave a damn
about any of this then they would have
fast-tracked those visa applications
they’d all be here or in guam or at a
freaking you know shell one of joe
biden’s kitty camps on the border or
whatever they’d have been over here
somewhere or in us territory being
processed or already have been processed
they didn’t give a damn about them any
more than they gave a damn about all the
troops coming home with ptsd and
traumatic brain they don’t care about
uh so as
totalitarian governments are known to do
the taliban took zero time in collecting
the guns from the people
um because as we all know governments
are terrorist organizations but i repeat
myself will protect you if you give up
your weapons
this is i’m going to look up the quote
because i actually i i had tweeted about
this as well i said you know give us
your guns you have nothing to fear it’s
for your safety
every government that’s ever you know i
know every government that you you
relied heavily on my twitter feed for
this segment and i’m fine with it i did
that uh what where where did i put that
man i’ve
posted a lot yeah so here’s the quote
from the of the taliban official we
understand people kept weapons for
personal safety they can now feel safe
we are not here to harm innocent
civilians that is
if it wasn’t the words of someone who
whose organization was about to murder
possibly millions certainly hundreds of
thousands of people
it would be pretty solid comedy like
that is
that is them thumbing the nose at the
neo-liberal uh establishment that
controls the western world and media
it’s like oh yeah well you know that
disarming the population has nothing to
do with hurting innocent civilians it’s
for their safety
we’re gonna keep them safe
and then the media has to go
wait a minute
i think this government might be
disarming civilians so they can hurt
not for their safety not for safety
the topic’s like no it’s for their
safety what are you talking about
you we don’t it’s a buy back program
and if anybody needs evidence that uh
this is gonna end terribly um you can
look back on hundreds of years of
history um
native americans to the freed slaves to
the jews in germany
really almost everywhere everyone
every time the great leap forward the
khmer rouge uh the slaughter of the
mountain yards post uh uh vietnam war um
all of the various uh attempted
uprisings during the soviet era even
before firearms uh they used to disarm
peasants of sharp tools and implements
that they could use to rise up against
that the serfs could use to rise up
against the royalty and aristocracy
whenever there were times of unrest
they’d say for your safety we’re gonna
take all your pointy stuff like i mean
this is this is what they do and it’s
always done with hey
this is for your safety no it’s not no
it’s not just because they’ve gotten
better at propagandizing that to us
doesn’t change the actual effort
politicians the one thing that keeps
politicians in check is the fact that
they have an acute awareness of the fact
that they too are soft bodies that can
catch lead like literally everyone else
the less they feel that acute awareness
of that the more likely they are to
infringe in our lives rights and
property all the way up to rounding us
up and killing us
and that’s what that’s all about
i want to do some quick math real well
i’m not going to do it my phone’s going
to do it
some quick quick math
divided by
125 million 642
790. so for every u.s taxpayer because
there’s 125 642 oh sorry 125 million 642
791 u.s income taxpayers
for every u.s taxpayer this war has cost
fifteen thousand nine hundred and
eighteen dollars
are you doing that based on the two
trillion number or the the that’s just
the two trillion that’s not the six
that’s the two trillion
you can triple that number
that number becomes like sixty thousand
or fifty something thousand
uh 40 yeah 49 000 ish yeah yeah
yeah just yeah i i just i was wondering
i needed to know at that minute for no
reason um
so we talked about earlier but people
are so desperate to leave
that they were hanging on to the side of
a c-17
i didn’t want to show that video because
i don’t want this video to be taken off
of youtube and we’ve had that issue
before when we showed somebody
perish um
but at the hands of a cop um
but you can find it on youtube there’s
it is out there and you can watch there
yeah and you can watch this if you have
not seen it it is heartbreaking to watch
that people are so
desperate to leave
they’re so desperate to leave
afghanistan that they are hanging on to
the side of an airplane
that is going to be traveling roughly
200 miles an hour at an altitude of 10
000 feet
and they’re willing to take that chance
the the
the logic in that
shows you how desperate they are to
it is one of the
like when i first saw it i was
i was gut-wrenchingly upset because
not be like
you guys have watched us many times and
there have been many people who have
passed away that we have talked about
and i have watched all of those videos
and some of them hit me hard and some of
them you know i’m just like yep saw that
one coming you know whatever um
that hit me so hard because that is how
bad they needed to leave their country
that is how bad they needed to leave
their homeland that is how bad that they
needed to leave because the people that
they thought were going to protect them
left and they knew that they were
assuredly going to die that they were
willing to take that chance and
hurts to watch
it hurts to watch
knowing that they that some of them hit
houses when they landed makes it extra
um because you’ve now destroyed
somebody’s house that lives there but
no matter what
it is hard to watch and it is
gut-wrenching and it is heartbreaking
yeah and and
i i saw some people commenting on it
they’re like wow they’re so stupid they
didn’t realize that plane was going to
go really fast and really high they’ve
watched airplanes going in and out of
the country they have a concept of
what’s about to happen
i think the calculus there
which is clearly a very desperate
calculus is
i have little to no chance to actually
surviving this
if that’s the case then at least i’ll
die relatively quickly having tried to
get out um whereas and and on the off
chance i’d actually be which you can
like let’s be clear it is impossible to
successfully hold on to the side of an
airplane that’s going hundreds of miles
an hour
tens of thousands of feet like that
doesn’t that’s not a thing um this isn’t
the movies you can’t do that you might
last a couple minutes not these several
hours the thing is going to be in the in
the air um
the alternative to them was staying
there and likely dying and if you look
at those videos almost all of them were
men of military age this was your
vaunted afghan army trying to get out
how’d they get on the base
this was the afghan army trying to leave
they were that desperate to get out
and then that really drives home just
how desperate this entire situation were
the the that 300 000 that joe biden said
that are the armed the best arms that
they wanted out
everyone that did not want to live under
taliban rule wanted out bad they still
want out bad you know
this is
20-year investment by the u.s taxpayer
thousands lost
to the u.s military thousands more that
are continuing to suffer under trauma um
hope held by millions of afghanistans
in basically one day all of that went up
you have 6 000 dead americans uh
millions of afghanistan have died at
this point right
i thought it was 128 000.
well i know there was a two hundred and
something thousand figure but i thought
that was just for the last couple years
yeah i don’t know i i could not find an
accurate number so i just said thousands
upon thousands because i didn’t think it
hit the millions yeah quarter of a
million displaced last year
um it’s just
it’s insane
right and to quote the david o russell
movie three kings
george clooney says in his first
appearance i don’t even know what we did
yep because i don’t know what we did
like i said the only prism
that looking through it makes sense is
how do you maximize profits for central
bankers and the military-industrial
complex then it makes sense then this
ridiculous as scott horton pull it put
it fool’s errand makes sense it’s not a
fool’s errand it’s a it’s a rope-a-dope
to extract money from the taxpayer and
keep us scared
and however many people die in the
process screw
a lot of people are out there and
they’re asking uh whose fault is
is a very difficult question to answer
um but i could
say that it’s been
80-ish years 90ish years wow 90s years
90ish years
of american presidents um because we
have used a muscular liberalism policy
on foreign policies starting with fdr
and it really hasn’t changed since um
basically every president since then has
either emboldened the military by giving
them more money or they’ve held it
status quo saying you know we don’t need
to expand we don’t need to spend more on
the military in fact i’m going to cut
the military but they never do um
because of this they are required to
have reasons to continue needing this
money to to be able to say hey i need
this funding
you have to pass this this is for our
so long conflicts made sense if you’re
looking to pump billions or trillions
into defense budgets yup it’s a jobs
program jobs and money program
and then of course as we all know this
was bolstered by the
war on terror uh which as an aside
i don’t know if everybody has seen this
i wish i had gotten the um
the picture for it but
uh anyone who is reluctant to covet
regulations is now considered a
potential terrorist
which gives carte blanche to the
different administrations
to unlock more spending to push their
agendas uh
while without increasing the military
budget so they can say i didn’t increase
the military budget but i need to tap
into this emergency spending in order to
help pay for this military thing
yep yep this is this has been a
long-running thing
this has been a long-running thing and
every person who has been in charge
for it 90ish years
long before this war started helped
cultivate this foreign policy
um allowed for a meltdown of this
magnitude to happen and
all of them have this on their hands all
of them
yeah yeah it so if you go back
uh to like historically i would actually
argue when kenneth e will mention this
as well it actually probably the the
foreign imperialism probably started
with teddy roosevelt uh the
spanish-american war concentration camps
in the philippines uh taking over uh
doing the the panama canal uh funding it
without any congressional approval and
then saying well i i did it so i could
get a i figured i’d get permission or
i’d get forgiveness more easily than
permission afterwards
they would spend months debating me
and not instead of debating whether we
should do this
yeah debating whether whether it was
right to do it as opposed to whether we
should do it um right the
then there was the break right so you
had uh uh taft after roosevelt who kind
of went back to a more standard
actually back then considered
conservative uh
you know way of saying no we shouldn’t
be getting involved in foreign wars then
you had woodrow wilson who
world war one which we had no business
getting into and which is still one of
the most high body counts that the us
has ever had for something that
literally did not involve us even
remotely at no but there was no
no threat to us whatsoever uh and then
you had a return to warren g harding and
calvin coolidge and hoover who had a
more typical u.s foreign policy and then
yeah pretty much from roosevelt from fdr
forward every president has either
expanded upon the military-industrial
complex or at least maintain the status
quo like carter or nixon right
so what i was going to order carter
right so what so what i was going to say
like yeah i agree with you on teddy
roosevelt um he was the one that got us
into the foreign skirmishes but he
wasn’t bolstering liberally bolstering
the uh military at that time he just
sent the military he didn’t like expand
it in order
so he just sent people to do it and it
wasn’t like he was like okay let’s get
more get more troops and do this but the
fdr started
that that’s what i was referring to in
this the expansion of the actual
competition the expansion of the actual
complex that that was what i was
referring to and i think more of this
yes a lot of it starts the mindset
starts with teddy roosevelt and going
over there um but the the the goal to
continually expand and then need reasons
to have the expansion
starts with fdr
yep yeah that’s that is fair and that’s
true um it’s interesting
and i i
maybe it’s because our uh our uh
audience is so well informed but we
often hear you know
eisenhower tried to stop this and tried
to warn us well no after he left office
or once he was leaving office he warned
about a military-industrial complex that
he had no problem using for eight years
in fact one of his uh crowning
achievements as president was operation
ajax which arguably kicked off the
middle east conflicts
using having the cia lead a coup against
the democratically elected leader of
iran who had just deposed their brutal
they reinstalled the shah who went back
to brutalizing the people that had
deposed him uh was an absolutely brutal
ruler and uh and as a result the
revolution happened in iran um and
because of continued uh aggravation of
the revolutionaries because you’ll
remember uh
we we remember you know that there was
this revolution students revolution in
iran and then they immediately took the
hostages in the u.s that’s not true that
happened months later it was because of
constant aggravation
and instigation against the
revolutionaries to try to to try to
frustrate them and bring back the the
shah but that all started with operation
ajax under eisenhower eisenhower also
did operation i’m forgetting what it was
called but in central america uh to
depose leaders uh by introducing blights
and coups and all sorts of other things
to depose leaders that he felt like
weren’t sufficiently pro-us
um so he was just as bad as arguably one
of the worst uh especially since he then
turned around and said we got to worry
about this uh this military-industrial
complex it’s like yeah that’s a great
term but you
did it um
the this is and i was
i was gonna say uh this is also the
fault of nearly a hundred years of
congress saying yes to anything that
whoever’s in charge at that time puts in
front of them and says hey i need
funding for this i know it’s not in our
budget but i need funding for it so can
you give me emergency funding a hundred
years of this which technically can fall
on the
because we continue to vote these people
in um
probably not many of the people here
watching us and for 20 years
literally writing a blank check
a author is a aumf authorization of use
of military force that said that the
president not just even president bush
whoever is president can declare war
whenever they want with no sunset
against whomever they want as long
as it’s to fight terrorism
and guess who voted for that
ron paul but you know guess who else
voted for that joe biden
and yes ron paul voted for it but he
also said that he he also then continued
to vote against every authorization
after that he was in favor of a
temporary authorization in retrospect it
was probably one of his biggest failings
he’s not perfect but i’d like to mention
the fact that he voted for it but anyway
uh uh joe biden voted for it and joe
biden supported this war and has
supported this war from day one uh and
then in in a rare based biden moment in
the last couple days was like hey look
if they’re not willing to defend their
country then we’re not gonna keep
staying in there and i’m like
yeah i don’t disagree with that i think
you’ve been wrong literally every day up
until literally every other time like
like every
including that ridiculous uh clip that
we showed earlier where biden said oh no
they’re gonna be fine uh they got a 300
it’s it’s not inevitable it’s not
inevitable um come on jack the body’s in
the plaster cast
so this case like
what’s happening in afghanistan cannot
be blamed on binding it can’t be blamed
on trump and to their
credit both of them wanted to pull out
trump so he could avoid the child
support um
both of them
people don’t know this but he also
bribed the taliban to say that he never
met with him
that’s not true
but yeah it’s about their credit they
wanted they wanted to pull they wanted
to pull the troops out and
you know
and you know it i believe that the
reason that biden got so based over the
last couple of days
was because it failed miserably and he
didn’t want to admit it was a failure
but you know what
fine if that’s what it took for that man
to say there was no need to continue
this it was stupid we’re leaving let us
learn a lesson from it then i’ll take it
if that’s what it took then i’ll take
them them pulling us the united states
pulling out of afghanistan is not a bad
move it is not a bad move what happened
is not a result of us pulling out it was
an inevitable scenario that cost the u.s
taxpayers two trillion dollars and
thousands of lives
uh to hold it off for two decades
yup no
thankfully the bankers and the
military-industrial complex made out
like bandits which was the whole point
of all this and the lesson here is
the taliban army man
so many weapons if this was a game of
call of duty then i mean uh
they picked up the biggest cash this is
the biggest drop ever
yeah the pentagon is basically like a
terrible player that just constantly
ammo drops um it’s i
but again it makes sense
if you want endless
unwinnable skirmishes that justify the
patronage of
crony corporations built around the
cottage industry of endless war
it’s a gigantic murderous
sociopathic boondoggle
and again we we focus on the sunk cost
those who have died those who have you
know the money that’s been wasted people
that have suffered we’re not looking at
the potential cost we’re not looking at
what has been done to afghanistan and
what it could have been if we didn’t do
this imagine if after 9 11 the u.s
government had gone to the taliban and
said here is our evidence that bin laden
did this which by the way that’s how
extradition works do you know why it
took so long for the spanish government
to finally agree to hand over john
mcafee to the u.s government because
there was an extradition process
evidence has to be presented a you know
a legal warrant has to be presented if
there’s any kind of discrepancies in how
punishment is doled out between the
countries they work that out or unless
they have some kind of existing treaty
over such a thing it doesn’t happen
overnight if the tal if if in that
the u.s government had said listen well
first of all if the us government had
left the middle east it wouldn’t have
been a 911 but that’s a whole other
subject let’s say that george bush
inherits this right now right you know
he’s he’s president doesn’t have time to
pull out of the middle east 9 11 happens
and he goes okay we’re going to go to
the taliban and say we are going to give
you evidence that bin laden did this and
you are going to hand him over to us
where he will receive a fair and open
trial according to already agreed to
international standards and then he will
not receive the debt that was going to
be one of their things you know actually
no they don’t care about that this isn’t
europe they wouldn’t care if he got the
death penalty so uh you know and that’s
that’s what will happen he will receive
punishment according to that
if we and in exchange we’ll have a trade
deal with you we’ll have you know some
kind of you know uh you got any bridges
that need to be rebuilt and i mean again
i’m a libertarian i’m not about spending
taxpayer money but we could have spent
like a couple hundred million and
you know made their day and it would be
pennies fractions of fractions of
fractions of fractions of fractions of a
penny what we ended up spending instead
you know you could have spent a couple
hundred million bucks on you know
building some roads and bridges and you
know uh putting up a statute of whatever
and uh and and make act well no they’re
fundamentalist muslims they don’t like
statues but
putting up stuff that they need and and
and you know maybe some state department
school program or something couple
hundred million bucks thrown at them
they’d be thrilled
now imagine how much better afghanistan
would be all the lives that weren’t lost
imagine how much better the u.s would be
off no afghan war no iraq war bin laden
is brought to justice almost immediately
within within a year of 9 11 he and his
cohorts are put on trial for their
crimes and and and executed or put in
prison forever no guantanamo bay no
endless spying programs no trillions of
dollars wasted no thousands of americans
lives wasted and thousands more
irreparably damaged permanently damaged
hundreds millions tens of millions of
people across the planet murdered none
of that no empowering of al qaeda no
creation of isis no arab spring none of
in the comments just said if only they
cared as much about bringing osama bin
laden to justice in 2001 as they cared
about bringing mcafee to justice in 2021
yep and now thanks to all the powers
that you all uh or that you all that
most voters approved of the government
getting that’s now going to get used
vaccine hesitant people people that
don’t like the lockdowns people that you
know think that ivermectin is a good
treatment for covid which i don’t even
know if ivermectin is a good treatment
for covid but you should be able to
think that
you should be allowed to think that
thing whether or not it’s true and the
fact that the government’s saying you’re
not allowed to think that kind of makes
me think it probably is true right right
people people are out there saying that
they think that the earth is flat and
that crystals cure cancer um and they’re
still on youtube and they’re still like
yeah here you know uh
speaking about covet i i’ve a couple
times mentioned the fact that there are
studies in in multiple countries that
show that if your vitamin d levels are
at or above the optimal level your
likelihood of ending up in a hospital
drops exponentially it drops like 95
percent lower than if your vitamin d
levels are too low and that’s adjusted
for age that’s adjusted for
comorbidities that’s adjusted for a body
mass index however whatever you are
otherwise if your vitamin d levels are
good then you are very unlikely to die
from this thing
vitamin d is cheap and generic and has
basically no side effects
you can also get it for free
just go outside you can just go outside
which makes everyone stay inside sound
even worse
that’s a whole other subject but the
point of all that is
the fact that when i tell people that
they go you have to be careful telling
people that and i say why because it’s
not true and they go well no but you
know what they’re doing that is some
frightening [ __ ] and the apparatus that
is being used to censor and spy on and
block people has its roots in the
patriot act and every other
anti-terrorism act moving forward from
there that’s why they’re no longer
saying terrorists now they’re saying
domestic extremist because it’s extreme
to say lockdowns are bad it’s extreme to
say that you know the the vaccine
vaccines aren’t the cure-all that
they’re claiming that there are that
they are it’s it’s this is what happens
when you give them power that it always
starts with something else it always
starts with this is just going to be
used against you know the anti-vax
people this is just going to be used
against freed slaves and natives this is
just going to be used against al qaeda
this is just going to be used against
drug kingpins this is just going to be
used against mass murderers this is just
going to be used against child porn this
is just going to be used against these
terrible inexcusable and unindefensible
things until it’s not
we talked about that last week with the
the the
apple filter yeah with apple same exact
thing i was gonna say nice call back to
last week
so speaking of
john morrissey just asked what is the
record longest episode of the show are
you close tonight no no no
i actually tried to make this a short
show too this isn’t even the longest
episode for this month john this is uh
this no john john this uh we we we’ve
had episodes that were so long that
facebook shut us off because there’s a
what four hour limit to like for a limit
no no this is not no we’re just getting
youtube shut us off and then facebook
cut us off like two minutes later
uh eric jv says hi spike hi eric um
yeah it was like yeah it was like four
it was four plus hours we ended up
winding down because they’re like well
we’re already off facebook so let’s go
ahead and wind it out uh yeah it was
yeah and then yeah and then we got
kicked off a couple minutes later and uh
yeah it was like i think four hours and
ten minutes was is the record because we
got cut off everywhere
that was uh election night 2018.
yes 2018 election night brian sutton
says constant pain for my 1984 military
tbi and the resulting depression caused
my vitamin d8 levels to be extremely low
most of the time i feel like a vampire
leaving the house in the daylight is
very difficult brian first of all i’m
sorry you’re going through that i will
say i’m not a doctor talk with your
medical professional but there are
vitamin d supplements that you can take
that are very safe and effective um not
sure if they work for you there might be
a counterindication definitely talk to
your medical professional but do know
there are very good vitamin d
supplements i uh um
so ms uh what the uh
the higher your vitamin d levels are
within the safe range the less likely
you are to have relapses in progression
and sure enough my vitamin d was very
very low uh when they first started
tracking it i now take a a nightly uh
vitamin d supplement 10 000
international units plus vitamin k2 and
my i’m now on the high end of normal uh
or optimal and uh it among other things
um and vitamin d is such a crucial
building block to uh your
metabolic process i i would strongly
recommend asking your your your doctor
about uh and it’s over the counter like
i pay i get the really like expensive
stuff and i think it’s like 35 40 bucks
uh for a 60 pill supply so so it’s like
15 20 bucks a month something like that
um and you can get cheaper stuff where
it’s like a big giant pill a bottle of
it for um
you know like 30 bucks and there’s like
180 pills in there it’s really cheap and
it’s it’s under the it’s over the
counter um i i would talk to your your
medical professional so um
yeah if you’re yeah if they’ve never
mentioned it go talk go to like a
walk-in and ask them like
v-ace i mean i don’t have to tell you
what the va is like go go even if you
have to pay out of pocket just to talk i
just you know i don’t know what other
things you’re on i don’t know if vitamin
d is counterindicated for different
drugs i know it’s fine for what i take
so i don’t want to make i’m not a doctor
i am jewish but i’m not a doctor and i’m
definitely not a lawyer so uh you know
go go speak to a doctor and ask if you
know just a regular over-the-counter
vitamin d supplement is going to
interact with um
um it’s going to interact with anything
else you’re taking or whatever um
so you know just just uh you know check
that out because it might help you
because by the way vitamin d uh low
vitamin d levels can lead to increased
uh anxiety and depression um it is a
very very crucial pro part of multiple
processes in your in your body so it’s
worth asking about
so update on the
on the tumbler
oh yeah i don’t think there was one bid
during the afghanistan segment
understandably understand understandably
so right now the high bid is 300. it’s
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tcg for the reminder to take your
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you’re taking vitamins
so right now the
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um we are going to be starting to wrap
the show up
um yeah we’ll start in the wrap the show
up and the uh tumblr one last time this
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even after you wash it 10 000 times uh
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design work will remain these things are
incredibly high quality it’s a 20 ounce
tumbler uh cold drinks stay cold for 12
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well while we are waiting to see if
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yes uh who do you have on tomorrow
oh yes oh we’ve had the tumblr on the
whole time um
oh wow that really is midwest guys uh
that was a very very
that was a very very midwestern accent
i’m very impressed with you it was a
very midwestern extremely midwestern
accent uh so my guest tomorrow
uh king randall who is
uh he is a i believe 21 year old marine
who started a
uh school
for uh boys for black boys he’s black
and and he saw a lot of boys that were
being underserved and so he finds we’re
gonna talk more about it but he actually
finds basically wayward youth um and
adopts them
and then teaches them
and in this school that he has set up
and he’s teaching them you know uh not
just he’s teaching them marketable
skills he’s teaching them the basics of
education he’s teaching them to strive
for excellence he’s teaching them
he’s he’s more i guess like a
conservative so he’s teaching them like
uh traditional values and he’s teaching
them basically structure um
and and how to how to
thrive and prosper and be outstanding
and uh
i know what you’re thinking that’s
incredible surely the government of
whatever state he’s in is helping him no
uh the state of georgia uh has actively
tried to stop him uh he was trying to
buy an abandoned school from them school
property from them and they told him
that he could only use it if he used
approved public school curriculum and
carried it out in in the fashion that
their school district calls for even
though it’s literally an abandoned
school and it’s just sitting there lying
fallow um so we’re gonna talk about that
we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about it
yeah he is a bamf he’s i’m
really really excited um to uh to to
talk to king tomorrow and then you have
uh the uh the writer’s block on thursday
night who’s your guest
i do i have kevin kahn
uh he ran for
u.s house in ohio’s first congressional
um and he lost in the general election
on november third um so i’m excited to
get him on find out what he’s been doing
since the election uh you apparently
know who he is um
and you seem to like him a whole lot yes
he’s a super cool guy he is the guy that
set up the um the relationship the
ongoing relationship with
libertarians in ohio and both the
heartbeat movement which is a police
accountability movement and
accountability now ohio which is a group
seeking to end qualified immunity i’m
actually going to be speaking at their
event on this coming sunday he’s the one
that has
he and chrissy wickers are the two main
people that have been working to foster
that relationship and there are many
others uh um um
jimmy and connie have been have been a
part of all the different events going
on there as well uh a lot of ohio and
surrounding libertarians have been
involved but kevin kahn’s been probably
the single biggest person involved in
that moving forward so he’s he’s a great
guy i love working with him
so yeah looking forward to having him on
on thursday and then on friday there
will be a brand new episode
of cajun and eskimo from bayous to
and then on
monday because we
have different sabbaths
so we take the weekend off um
well this weekend i’ll be in ohio for
the uh libertarian party of ohio
conference check that out if you’re
anywhere near columbus ohio come on out
and be a part of it and come meet me and
i’ll be speaking on sunday at the
accountability now ohio event
and also be doing an escape room that’ll
all be on my social media very soon and
then on monday
a brand new episode of the beard
mr america the bearded truth with jason
yes 8 o’clock eight o’clock eastern end
no thanks dave i think
i don’t want anybody to quote me on this
but i i believe that on monday
jason has a guest
who’s not a real libertarian
and they’re going to be talking about
gun rights
oh nice that’ll be fun that’ll be fun
and then that’ll be a good idea
yeah that will be a good episode so then
on tuesday uh
in the morning if you live near
montgomery alabama come out to the rally
for justice i will be there vermin
supreme will be there uh jonathan reels
will be there porsha shepherd will be
there uh a lot of incredible uh
libertarians in alabama and across the
country will be there in montgomery uh
that those information will be on all of
this is on spikeconebut.com by the way
but uh come in and join me there and
then tuesday night
right back here same money place same
money time another brand spanking
magnificent episode of the muddy waters
of freedom where matt right and i
parched through the week’s events like
the sweet little chippy little monkeys
that we are hopefully the news will be
less devastating next week than it was
this week because my god this was the
worst notes that i’ve had to do in a
long time
this was the best
this saw this one yeah this one was nice
this was bad so um we’re gonna go ahead
and close out going once going twice
sold uh the tumbler uh to sheila um
for uh uh sheila foster five yeah sheila
foster for 500 we will be getting in
touch with you sheila congratulations
you will be getting this incredible
one-of-a-kind tumblr uh and we are
really really really really really
appreciative to you and uh and as is
divide the power uh matt if we uh if
people are gonna try to like
i don’t know find out about muddy waters
media and watch our shows on the
internet is that even possible and if so
it is possible uh all one would have to
do if you’re one of those old school
people who really enjoy the
dulcine tones of our voices
is head on over to anchor.fm
hi everybody
oh you betcha that’s my midwestern
oh you betcha oh yeah
yeah oh yeah
oh you betcha
if you all want to donate to us i can’t
whisper into a midwestern accent that’s
really difficult or you can give us some
money yeah
you can you can donate at
anchor dot fm slash muddy waters
or like like midwest guy
you can leave us messages that we will
play live
on the air already
oh i didn’t know that was gonna
gonna do that don’t you know
what how don’t you know
don’t you know
don’t you know you could be a part of
this show don’t you know
oh yeah
oh yeah
oh you could and you could also make
donations of money to us yeah you can
there’s a donate button and you can
press it over right there you can you
can go up all but press the button to
hope and then you can you can make
donations to us and then we look at our
bank account and we go oh look at all
the money there yeah
yeah now you don’t have to leave us
messages but your ufta yeah ufta
you don’t have to to leave us you have
to give us money but we like you more if
you do you want to be liked by us and
we’ll put you in the outro to say thank
you thank you for your donation there
yeah yeah
yeah oh yeah
or you can find this in every other
episode at muddywatersmedia.com
that was a very creepy way to end this
terrible episode and i’m i’m i’m happy
that that’s how it happened because god
so folks thanks again for tuning in to
this episode um
it wasn’t a fun subject none of them
were it wasn’t another
yeah those weren’t fun but you were fun
to hang out with and congratulations to
sheila and uh we will see you tomorrow
on my fellow americans and then the
following day on the writer’s block and
everything else and uh we will see you
here next week thank you so much and
where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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