Episode 207 – No Flying Cars, but The Whole Camel

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Thanks to the infrastructure bill we may not get flying cars anytime soon, but they will know if you’ve been drinking before you drive. Andrew Cuomo refuses to resign, even as pressure grows for him to. Psaki doesn’t like being asked about Biden’s history with sexual assault, and Apple let’s the nose of the camel in, and it’s only a matter of time before that beast to destroy everything inside the tent of privacy we all continue to hope for.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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but you know what
if we lost the election we know when we
lose if i lost the election i’m okay
with that i’m okay with it seriously the
county has refused to produce the
network routers we want the routers
the county refused to produce the
network routers wendy we gotta get those
come on kelly we can get those routers
those routers wow
if you got those routers what that will
show and they don’t want to give up the
routers they are fighting like hell why
are these commissioners fighting not to
give the routers how simple there to be
that will tell the truth and they don’t
want to give up the routers
what are they trying to hide and i say
it and i’ll say it because the easiest
way of cheating
is to throw them away that’s easier the
county has refused to produce the
network routers we want the routers
the county refused to produce the
network routers wendy we gotta get those
routers please get up it’s so unfair
is someone fear so ridiculous i’ll be
honest i’ll look we all like to win if i
lost this election i could handle it
pretty easily
running 24 sir you’re gonna win and i
say wait a minute i just won six months
ago the big lie they call it those twins
are unproven and
knowing what happened in the election is
a good thing not a bad thing it’s a good
thing not a bad thing it’s a good thing
the county has refused to produce the
network routers we want the routers
sonny the county refused to produce the
network routers wendy we got to get
those routers please get up if you think
about cancel everything about cancel
culture they want cancer culture but
what they don’t want to do is anything
having to do with the 2020 election
we have no press
we have no voice
they almost got away with it
they may have gotten away with it
and i’ve got to tell you i’ve got to say
this i’ve never said it before but i’ve
always thought it i get along with putin
because that’s a good thing not a bad
thing the county has refused to produce
the network routers we want the routers
the county refused to produce the
network routers wendy we gotta get those
and now matt wright and
spike cohen
why is that still playing
i don’t know it does it to me too that’s
why i stopped using it
hold on ah good people tell me that wait
you didn’t hold on
why is this so playing you’re gonna have
to delete you’re gonna have to delete it
delete the thing
yeah god say all right guys i’ll be
right back
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard for
spike joe lieberman cohen i am matt
wright and together we are traversing
the mighty waters of freedom hey folks i
i mean yeah it’s it’s okay if it were
like really low but yeah no that’s
that’s distracting to me i’m not gonna
be able to do this show hey folks thanks
so much for tuning in to this amazing
episode of the muddy waters of freedom
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uh first and foremost i would like to
thank the wonderful and fantastic people
actually i bought this today like i had
to pay for it and everything so i’m
going to thank me
i’m going to thank me
for the cava that i am drinking on
today’s episode
and i’d like to thank american airlines
for giving me this gigantic bottle of
in first class this is because they made
me wait 24 hours to fly home
which wasn’t fun but i did get this
gigantic bottle of water so we do have
that pulufunaka that’s fair ulvernaka
i did a quick search the other day
um i just want to let you know
that uh yes sandy koufax is the greatest
jewish pitcher who’s ever lived quite in
some would argue i am of these people
that he is the greatest pitcher who’s
ever lived uh but you are nowhere
the second greatest jewish pitcher who’s
ever lived this is anti-semitism i’m
going to find here
you’re going to make me
get the video
i would not show that to people no i’m
oh i mean it was so fast
that the pitcher dropped it
the catcher
it looked like the pit it looked like
the pitcher dropped it
no it didn’t it made it all it didn’t
even pounce
it didn’t bounce you are you are correct
the high intensity speed
of 34 miles per hour
that it wafted across the plate okay
well sorry that it wafted to the catcher
in the left-handers batter’s box
we’re gonna let him it’s not judge
it was not it was this is the way he’s
framing this is really
troublesome and problematic this is so i
for those who don’t know i was invited
to throw out the opening pitch at a
professional baseball game the florence
baseball game in florence kentucky
i did amazingly i did a great job
and you’re jealous here is the pitch uh
you can all watch for yourselves
hold on
oh no
did you achieve this
it didn’t bounce and i’m going to give
you credit because you were so much bet
in it and it didn’t go over the catcher
you did better than fitty son
you did better than obama
you did better than michael jordan
oh yeah
if somebody was in the left-hand
batter’s box they would have been hit
well they would have had plenty of time
to get out of the way but
you would have hit him if they were
no this was yeah this was in the strike
zone right
that was a nobody’s strike zone
well it would have struck the guy
yeah you definitely would have struggled
because i spiked cohen on the thing i
didn’t even notice that before
oh yeah
no uh you did you did you did you did a
lot you did a lot better than i was
best uh
no george w did the best
best jew
sandy koufax did the best
non-professional jew
that could be true
that could i’m not gonna go out on a
limb and say yes but that could be true
but no i i’m actually quite proud of
is the biggest asset there
of all of those four things and
i i’m proud of myself i’m proud of
myself i did a good job i
am proud of you you you didn’t you
didn’t bounce it
you didn’t sail it
it was within the realm of the catcher
to catch it
he dropped it
he did
he did in all fairness i don’t think he
thought it was going to make it to him
so what it was he was like oh crap i
actually have to do something
i’m the j i’m like that guy the twins
um the twins relief pitcher who like
he like throws the ball and it’s like 40
miles an hour but like he’s only had one
run scored on him ever or something like
he’s like a utility player and they have
him throw the ball and it’s just like
look it looks like that
jake label
jacob lebello’s going no
yes it’s a metaphor for me throwing a
good pitch in america dropping the ball
last year by not electing the vice
president exactly
yeah we’re yeah i’ll cut i’ll cut
anyway whatever uh jorge alcala
wait was rod crew jewish
no rod crew wasn’t jewish rod crew
wasn’t was rock creek no rock crew
wasn’t jewish
no he married a jew so
listen i’m i’m i’m proud of myself i’m
proud of myself and i’m moving on this
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under book three i hate jackie i hate
jack casey now
i love you jack casey i’m sorry i don’t
mean it but
this is
for his release date
what is that
i don’t know it’s a bunch of letters
that are mixed up
he’s a there’s starting a cult
yeah he’s a cult leader we all know that
nicole i don’t care
if you if you
unscramble these letters it says
there is no book
that’s my favorite theory about this
here we go thomas tweeter for state
senate this
this is funny
i love him so much
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new york which is
capitalism and albany if you want to
help thomas cleater thomas quieter has
an incredible sense of humor as you can
see um that’s him in the
chair um this guy is an absolute beast
and i’m not saying that because he’s in
a wheelchair he uh actually we did a uh
i went to him and did a uh well if he
can make fun of himself i can too uh we
did a door knocking i went to go knock
on doors with him during my campaign to
help him in his run in uh in um
uh binghamton and that man knocked on
probably 50 or 60 doors and yes he was
in a chair but it’s still tiring to do
all of that i mean we were dragging and
he wanted to do more and we just ran out
of time um he’s fantastic you should all
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okay bud
all right
okay matt
so i watched the suicide squad over the
weekend and i’m part of the reason that
the suicide squad didn’t um
make any money at the box office because
i watched it what was this i saw these
are this article a couple articles
claiming it was because of anti-vaxxers
that it was anti-yeah because that made
yeah that made suicide squad bomb yeah
because a lot of theaters aren’t letting
in if unless they’re vaccinated so
obviously it’s the anti-vaxxer’s fault
how is that the anti-that’s the
theater’s fault
it’s the theater’s hole also it’s on hbo
max or whatever they call it and
i can sit at home
and watch it
for free
and granted you don’t get the surround
sound and all well
some of you might not get the surround
sound and stuff but do if you have
surround sound and if you don’t spend
you know 40 bucks a week going to the
theater you can
afford one a lot sooner
10 bucks a month or whatever it is for
hbo max fantastic
love it
love it
don’t have to go to a theater i can
watch it in the comfort of my own bed
i can order a pizza which is much less
expensive than getting popcorn in that
sort of thing and then you save all the
money on the food and everything else
here here’s what’s more troubling though
this is going to be the narrative every
time something fails terribly they’re
going to be like this is because the
anti-vaccine because into taxes
they won’t allow the anti-vaxxers to go
anywhere and it’s their fault so they’re
victim blaming first of all and this is
like what they’ve done to millennials
like millennials have detroit destroyed
napkin the napkin industry by just using
paper towels and it’s like maybe the
napkin industry sucked like maybe we
didn’t need that many napkins
like how was that
people need
like there was just everyone needed
ornamental napkins everywhere right like
it’s there was like a few different
things like millennials are destroying
this like millennials are broke most
millennials are broke and that’s why
they only buy paper towels because it
has multiple functions that’s why
they’re stealing toilet paper from the
from the library and then taking it home
instead of buying one of the
hopped up price
when i was a very very poor
late teen early 20 year
one of the greatest things i ever
was one of those little bathroom key
things that opened
that open the paper towels and the
toilet paper dispensers
wow matt
that’s yeah that’s that’s a that’s a new
level there man that’s yep that was that
was a great thing to procure
thank you ruby tuesdays for letting me
procure that
so hey folks if you’re wondering what to
with all that money you’ve saved from
stealing toilet paper like not even just
stealing the roll there but stealing all
of the toilet paper like matt did
apparently for a good bit of his life
i would just take a roll but they were
the big restaurant size one so it would
last me a while
we have an auction coming up next week
uh we’re going to be auctioning off
something fantastic you’re not going to
believe what it is matt
we have
a very nice
waffle how libertarian party waffle
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by the fine people that defy the power
isn’t this nice isn’t it lovely and it’s
to make it even better
oh my gosh
on this side
you have
both of our signatures with a you are
the power
wow now and i don’t i don’t want to
spoil anything because
we’re going to have to see how next week
but we may also
auction off
some of the targets that are autographed
yours truly and
his truly
some of the targets that we shot at the
shooting with spike and fu event that
happened here in tarpon i forgot about
that oh including there’s
including including susan
including poor
oh susan
so you may want to show them so next
man that’s all the way over there is it
all the way um
i mean i can grab it if you want to see
it but uh
tune in
next week if you want this
one of a kind
waffle house caucus mug autographed
by spike cohen and myself
half of the proceeds will go to defy the
power which great people so we are 100
good with that um but
yeah you can tune in for that
so the back back story on this uh the
backstory on this target that matt’s
about to show my wife when we were
shooting we got to pick out our own
targets my wife picked out a target and
it’s one of those ones where there’s a
victim on it being held at gunpoint
and she said
it’s up to you to save susan protect
susan i didn’t do that
i didn’t do that
joe fairbotham did that
he just
murdered susan joe fairbottom
emptied his mag
into susan’s head
now i avenged susan by killing the perp
and shooting the gun out of his hand
yeah no
yeah but we have some of the real
targets here yeah we got a bunch of
targets we also got the the deranged
clown that i murdered the arrangements
well i mean technically
he was the one with the grenades so we
got all that stuff we’re gonna be
auctioning off that’ll be fun
what what is with the people i don’t
like susan
in the comments they’re like
not a fan of susan
yeah yeah momentous shout out to susan
and her mom and him
i have to roll these up now
i’m happy that you were wearing um
clothes shorts and you got it
i thought that’s a lie eskimo now like
that’s a lie susan would have never
pushed for higher taxes
well she won’t know he’s not karen
yeah she’s definitely not now that she
really wants that death tax to be lower
everyone press s for susan
so speaking of
steaming piles of donkey manure
that’s a terrible thing to call susan
but here is the
she was pushing for water mushroom
much mud rot water mushroom coffee
replacement cacao rapid fire segment
brought to you by mudwater muddy waters
media brought to you by
so uh now that the infrastructure bill
has passed the senate um and people have
had a chance to read it
because last week when we reported on it
not many people had a chance to read all
2700 pages 2702 i believe oh
one of the things
that is included in this
2700 page
steaming pile of donkey manure
that’s right
there is a new regulation that’s going
to be coming into play
on all new cars
they will all have to become equipped
with a technology that will passively
detect whether a driver is impaired and
passively measure his blood alcohol his
or her blood alcohol concentration to
see if it’s above the 0.08 percent limit
set by federal regulations
here’s my favorite part
uh right now
this technology
is not at a point
that is ready to be released
so like for instance right now nissan
has one um nissan has something similar
but let’s say
you’re an uber driver or a lyft driver
or you’re just dd and some friends home
one night because you don’t drink like
you know spiking myself
one of your inebriated passengers
decides to touch the shifter or
accidentally touches the shifter your
car shuts down
and if you tell your drunk friend hey
make sure
you don’t touch the shifter
guess what they’re gonna do
i know what i would have done when i was
drinking oh also i hope you didn’t use
hand sanitizer anytime soon
oh yeah that’s another good point this
is the dumbest damn thing do you know
how subtle this how how sensitive a
touch sensor for blood alcohol is going
to have to be
if your drunk friend sneezes in the car
it’s shutting down
like this is the stupidest like
do you know how like
do you know how
little how little
i mean ah like
0.08 alcohol in your blood
and it detects it on your skin
like parts per billion
this thing would have to detect there’s
already bad enough there’s a high level
of false positives
for um the breathalyzer
which is why now like in an increasing
number of states you can refuse the
breathalyzer and unless they have a a um
and they have to give you a on the uh
what’s it called a a roadside uh um
sobriety test sobriety test and if you
pass it even if you smell piss drunk
they in some states they
they don’t have the suspicion from the
sobriety test they can’t bring you in
for the for the blood test which is the
really only accurate 100 accurate way to
do it or 99.9 percent accurate way to do
it but they’re gonna do this on the
[ __ ] people said what if you just wear a
oh yeah no forget how stupid this is
like this is the dumbest
damn this is you know oh you better make
sure that the auto driver car won’t run
unless your hands on the steering wheel
and so everyone went and bought these
like grips that go around it you can
just use any like gym uh gym equipment
grip and just put it and just put it
around it and leave any weighted grip
and it’ll it bypasses it like
what if you just put a freaking bag
around it like
here so here’s the thing that’s so much
if this passes
assuming that this is going to be this
is going to be a done deal by the end of
the week and we don’t even have to go
into the 1.3 trillion in the new 660
billion in new spending but just on this
regulation um
if if this passes this week i believe
that this won’t get
unveiled until
2026. i think they have five years to
create this technology
and then put it into every car that they
make and
in 2026 uh the secretary of
transportation i believe um has the
option of pushing it out another three
uh so to 2029
they gonna come up with something that
goes around gloves and bags
by 2029
they’re just they’re just gonna put a
tube in and say blow it’s
that’s exactly what’s gonna happen here
passively my ass because they’re gonna
do exactly what they’re doing in the
with so i’ve seen i had a a loved one
who ended up um and ended up with oh i
had to get the one
the car wouldn’t start and and he’d have
to randomly pull over and blow into it
every like randomly every five to 11
minutes it would start making this noise
which was super safe you know you’re
driving down the road and you just got
to pull off onto a shoulder and blow
into a thing that’s safe there’s no way
that that leads to accidents and um
and uh uh so because you had to put it
in park and blow on it
anyway so
you know
that’s what they’re gonna end up putting
in every day it’s gonna be like you’re
on parole
and for forget you know car
manufacturers working on things that we
actually want like
lower gas mileage since gas prices are
three bucks a gallon now or higher um or
you know flying cars
maybe figuring out a way to get
full-size spares in every car that’s out
there instead of those tiny little
donut things that you can only go 55
miles an hour on uh forget any of that
because now they’re gonna have to focus
figuring out how to passively check for
your blood alcohol level uh every time
you get in the car
here i’m going to say something that’s
going to piss everyone off
if you’re driving is still so good that
you need to have some active passive
detector in it to be able to know that
you’re drunk and you’re driving isn’t
making that readily apparent then
there’s no reason for you to get pulled
over you’re not actually driving
and .08 is a damn joke okay it’s one
thing to say you know if you are
impaired to the point of unsafe driving
that or you know or erratic driving then
that’s one thing but some arbitrary
number which is based on like if you had
a couple drinks a few hours ago or
something like that it’s stupid this is
raising revenue this has absolutely
nothing to do with safety this is about
raising revenue and by the way it’s
going to make things less safe because
again if they’re anything like the ones
for the parolees for the probation
people that are that are doing the dui
everyone’s going to have to be pulling
over randomly every five to ten minutes
uh to uh to to blow into something yeah
there’s no way that’s going to end
and even if it’s something you can’t say
you can’t
is it gonna say that you can’t start
your but 2029 what percentage of cars
are going to be self-driving by then
so you can’t get a sober ride home from
your own car if you’re drunk
does it detect kava levels no because
that’s not blood alcohol level um
but uh
yeah like there’s so there are so many
issues that are
that come up with this
entire scenario and the entire thing is
do i want drunk people out on the road
no is is .08 a
terrible terrible one terrible limit yes
it is
isn’t much better
0.12 yeah then you probably shouldn’t be
driving but
should it be yeah 0.1 or higher there’s
a good chance you probably shouldn’t be
driving 0.08 is
not 0.1
and i’ll get hate for this
the crime isn’t driving drunk the crime
is when you hit something or run over
something or
yes i i agree with that the crime is
that now there is an argument to be made
that if you’re driving erratically and
are in a state where you can’t not drive
erratically then it is a public safety
measure to take the person off the road
now the question is should they then be
convicted of a crime as opposed to just
being taken off the road that i would
argue no you shouldn’t and that that’s i
would agree i would agree with that yeah
i would agree with that that’s the
difference that the difference is
between is it public safety issue or is
it a crime issue for example when i hear
about someone who’s like acting
erratically in public uh and uh and they
get put in a sober in a in a you know in
an area that they’re either taken home
or they’re putting it in a you know a
cool-off tanker or an um what about
what’s wrong with a silver tank or what
yeah drunk tank to cool off
but they aren’t charged with anything
that’s not like that’s not the the worst
tyranny i’ve ever heard of it’s it’s
hitting them with a crime for it that’s
the problem did they hurt anyone did
they violate anyone’s rights or was it
just a public safety issue or a public
health issue for them to um for them to
still be out there like that that those
are two different things and yes even i
i’m an integral capitalist
are we still doing where we count how
long it takes for me to say i’m an
anarchist on the show or are we
no well once you started running for
office we said
so as an anarchist uh what is that uh
uh 39 minutes 18 seconds um the uh um uh
even in a private law society in a
privately private property society if i
own a road i don’t want drunk people
driving on it and i mean actual drunk
people actual people that are driving
erratically impaired i don’t want them
on it and i’d want them i’d want them to
be taken off of it until they weren’t
paired anymore but i wouldn’t want them
charged for with anything i wouldn’t sue
them for anything i would just say okay
bud you can drive later when you’re not
like this um
anyway what a bunch of nonsense
twenty percent of the cars on the road
are gonna be self-driving in by eight
years from now give me a damn break
right that’s that’s also the weird thing
is they’re doing such a huge push
for electric v for electric vehicles and
self-driving vehicles like in the
infrastructure package
such a huge push for these things
and then they’re gonna throw in oh yeah
but if your
blood alcohol content is above 0.08 for
0.08 or above
uh you’re not your self-driving car
can’t take you home
so when all the when all the the the
crypto people who moved to singapore to
get away from the new regulations on
crypto in this uh in this bill uh and
are making billions over there and our
industry’s dead here and uh they come
over here just to party and in what used
to be our great cities and they’re in
their self-driving cars um
you know they’re going to uh i’m
picturing a future like looper where
there’s just like a handful of really
rich foreigners that come over to hang
out in the ruins um when they come over
in their self-driving car the the
dystopian police will you know demand
that they not drink while they’re being
driven around by a self-driving car did
you just reference looper with bruce
yeah remember that that was a good movie
that was a good movie i haven’t thought
about okay i thought you were going to
rant on how that was like a bad movie or
something no it i i like i haven’t
thought about that i saw it in the
theater i don’t think i’ve seen it since
but no i like it i like that movie
looper was a great movie and i like the
whole like you know we’re like this
third world place and the chinese come
over here just to like
so speaking of
tim potts uh
even with
oh well so
we wrote this uh
before joseph gordon-levitt is who
starred in looper with bruce willis
and he did it was a great that was a
good movie i know it was just supposed
to be like an action movie but it was a
good movie uh and uh what’s his name was
in it too um
from dumb and dumber
jeff daniels is in like all of that
guy’s movies except for the star wars
movie he directed
oh yeah
he was good he was like a convincing
when it first started i’m like oh he’s
gonna be a goof but he was actually like
a good bad guy um so speaking of people
that make ideal bad guys uh when we
wrote this andrew cuomo was still uh
saying oh you know once you hear my side
of the story you’ll be shocked even
though everyone including the president
of the united states of america was
telling him to resign uh he’s now
resigned he’s now resigned on the the
scandal about how he um shoved covet
patients into nursing homes and uh
disabled group homes and then lied to
officials about the uh nearly 20 000
elderly and disabled new yorkers who
died as a result no i’m just kidding
it’s because some people said that he
grabbed them
it’s so this entire thing just shows
in no way
are we making light of the terrible
things that cuomo has no god no
not even a little bit but there’s a
scene extensively about what a perv this
guy is like i mean we’re talking a lot
about that no no no no we are dead ew
disgusting i’m fine with him having to
go because of this
but there’s a episode of community
britta who’s the blonde girl if you
haven’t seen it brita says she’s getting
angry about something and she goes
i’m a
murderer i’m okay with or i could be
accepting of murder but sexual ass
harassment is where i draw the line and
that is literally what that’s literally
100 that is what’s happening now what
people may not know because you found
out that cuomo resigned today um
this morning
last night and this morning he was
making a latch last ditch effort to uh
keep his job
and he was making a deal or attempting
to make a deal with the democrats in the
new york legislature or the state
assembly or whatever they call it there
that he would
run for governor
next year
if they did not impeach him
he was
please don’t impeach me and i won’t run
for governor again because he did not
want the embarrassment of going through
an impeachment
that was how bad he didn’t want to
also if he gets impeached he can’t run
for office again
andy loses his uh his pension but if he
and they don’t investigate and impeach
he can still run for office in the
future so
i mean which means this schmuck is still
considering running for president in the
future and the sheer khatzbah
that it takes
to look in that mirror and be like yes
you should run for president
with this happening is just
it is
really really
really really something now of course
joe biden did issue a statement on this
uh in the wake of this uh this
resignation and i had a nurse at uh
nurses at
walter reed hospital who would
bend down and whisper in my ear
and go home and get me pillows they
would make sure they’d actually
probably nothing ever taught in uh you
can’t do it in the covert time but
they’d actually breathe in my nostrils
to make me
move to get me moving
powerful stuff
powerful stuff
so joe biden before his resignation
called for his resignation which
if you don’t see some amount of irony in
you’re not looking hard enough um so
here we have from last week and a lot of
this is dated now because i work on
tuesday mornings and i don’t have time
to update the notes so you get the ones
that i did yesterday um
and the news changes overnight sometimes
i was gonna say this is usually pretty
accurate this this one just kind of
happened this one this one got away from
me like and it’s like the first half of
the show um but
uh jinsaki uh was doing her
daily press briefing and uh
she took this question from a reporter i
don’t know who this reporter is but
she looks not happy with this person and
i bet this person never gets called on
did you have another question yes
on in a follow-up to the report on
governor of homosexual harassment a lot
of men in politics have been accused of
sexual harassment uh president biden was
accused by female secret service agents
of skinny dipping in front of them
offending them according to former
washington post reporter ronald kessler
who’s an author as well
his former senate aide tara reid accused
him of sexual assault
the washington post and the new york
times had published multiple accounts of
women who objected to the way president
biden touched them
should there be an independent
investigation of allegations into the
president as there was into governor
well first i would say
the president has been clear and
outspoken about the importance of women
being respected and having their voices
heard and being allowed to tell their
stories and people treating them with
believed he said believe them
he said believe them
leave him he said to believe them
respect that has long been his policy
continues to be his policy
that those were that was heavily
litigated during the campaign i
understand you’re eager to come back to
it uh but i don’t have anything further
other than to repeat that he has called
for uh the governor to resign go ahead
believed believe
and when when kamala harris was asked
about it and whether or not she believed
his accusers she said yes
i assume yes
because that seems to be
now tara reed who is the staffer that
was being referred to by the reporter
took to twitter shortly after this and
this is a response
ask sake did i miss the investigation
and litigation no because there wasn’t
any i sure did not miss the smears and
attacks on my character during joe
biden’s campaign as i came forward was
it safe to come forward i think not
that’s because
they didn’t believe
this one woman
well the other women too they didn’t
believe any of these women the believe
women crowd who
we are not fans
of justice kavanaugh okay we have
extensively talked for years now we were
talking about this back in like 2018
2019 when all that stuff was happening
was that 2018 yeah that was 20
17. was it 17
i think that was 2017. 17 or 8 whenever
that happened whenever he was up for uh
um nomination and whenever they were
doing all the allegations against him we
talked about all the problems we had
with him we said that you know the the
everyone that was making accusations
against him deserve to have their time
and their due process to have these
claims vetted and then we heard those
yeah those allegations were
jack casey says 2018 okay i believe you
those allegations
i will say that the uh christine blasey
was the most believable yes up until
sure up up until there was no evidence
to support it the house didn’t wasn’t
real and
whatever else and they had that guy that
was there saying
i remember this
justice kavanaugh
kavanaugh just showed his
dinglehopper to christine blasey ford on
this date and time
um yep
and what’s
what’s crazy is like you said
that was the most believable one because
the other ones were like
national enquirer or no it wasn’t even
national enquirer level like it was ju
it was stuff that was just
a couple of them a couple of them yeah
world daily news a couple of them were
just like they were pranks like it was
just bad and yet the whole time we were
being told believe women believe women
believe all women believe everyone that
accuses anyone of anything as long as
they’re a woman okay fine great okay
later that year or the following year
when all of joe biden’s accusers came
out all of a sudden we don’t believe all
women we need to look very soberly
and with a lot of scrutiny at the kind
of allegations that are being made
because these are serious allegations
they should not just be taken at face
value because they could destroy
someone’s political career if they’re
not true and gosh darn it this person
joe biden certainly has a lot of
political enemies and there’s all sorts
of reason to think that there’s a
potential that someone could just make
something up without any
any credibility or any uh evidence of it
and just hope everyone believes it for
political reasons
yeah and that’s what’s true with
kavanaugh too
and if you were to say last tuesday the
day that the investigation dropped on uh
on cuomo
if you were to go over to the bastion of
free speech and
bipartisan or nonpartisan reporting
uh known as cnn
if you were to go to that article
i actually was i was meaning to make a
graphic for it for this week but then i
totally forgot that i took all these
screenshots and i just remembered but um
one out of every five comments or so was
yeah but
what did the last president do
yeah uh total what about it yeah what
about what about trump what about trump
uh i’m gonna have to find one because
one was so bad
me a person who
we don’t like trump
we don’t like trump but there was one
that was so bad well yeah there was
until mr grab him by the
pu cat cat why
donald trump that’s actually what it
says um donald trump is investigated
charged and sent to prison i don’t want
to hear nothing about sexual harassing
inappropriate comments or groping
females by anybody he did ten times
worse that wasn’t the one that got me
um i gotta find great so then no one
should be accused or or prosecuted
investigated kavanaugh for sexual
harassment until donald trump is right
like if we’re let’s it’s because clearly
you aren’t just you know caping for joe
biden clearly this is the desire to make
sure that donald trump is prosecuted
before anyone else’s for the same thing
right so then we should not be
believing all women during this time
we should just dismiss all accusations
of rape and sexual harassment and sexual
assault um
and coercion
women trump didn’t resign this is from
adam hernandez um
over on facebook uh trump didn’t resign
neither should cuomo sorry get over it
well he did so
he did resign now yeah this was a week
ago uh but in in this case he is
there was an investigation done
there was an investigation uh and they
found that he sexually harassed slashed
assaulted 11 women who worked for him
and retaliated against one who spoke out
get over it
according to adam hernandez over on
facebook don’t go to just any adam
hernandez like i know you guys don’t
know which one so don’t just like don’t
do this
if you see one on cnn being a bit of a
douche you’re probably on the right
track but um
he’s saying just don’t search it destroy
every atom
but this is a perfect example of how
hashtag believe all women turns into
uh what about trump i actually have a
friend named adam hernandez
please don’t go after every adam
hernandez and especially not one on my
friend’s nose best friend yeah yeah i um
that’s funny um
and you know republicans do this too
right you know i mean this is the
partisanship that makes things so
terrible it’s like oh they did this
horrible thing
oh yeah well this guy did this horrible
thing too okay well then why would you
vote for someone who’s like the person
you hate
that didn’t make any sense so speaking
of things that are going to not make any
sense to make you absolutely and to
decide yourself with the
disgusting terrible thing the senate
democrats unveiled a 3.5 trillion dollar
budget resolution
and just for anybody keeping track
uh right now we we are 28
in debt
the rest of it changes so rapidly i
couldn’t tell you where we’re at but
28 trillion 68 50 or 80 billion
um in debt and they
that was before
that was before the new spending in the
senate today
but now we have a 3.5
trillion i almost said billion budget
resolution unveiled by the democrats
they said that this 3.5 trillion will
unlock funding for universal pre-k and
tuition-free community college for two
years because they didn’t it was it was
they have only been able to ruin k
through 12. so now you got to start with
pre-k through 16.
um okay so
i just i i have to just i have to
this is why the show was so long i have
to do this okay i get it i understand
reason why everyone wants at least an
associate’s degree now for you to be a
freaking stalker at a store or or to you
know operate a uh
cash register is because
public schooling has become so terrible
that in increasing parts of the country
having a
a high school graduate degree having a
high school diploma doesn’t ensure that
you’re functionally literate or can do
basic math
that’s how much government has ruined
schooling that they have to have you pay
for college
to be able to prove that you can spell
and read
and add and subtract
so clearly
the organization that has spent
trillions of dollars
an education system
should be put in charge
of higher education of even of at the
age of three and four all the way up to
young adulthood and professional imagine
a a future where you have to go to
graduate school in order to be able to
work at waffle house or at or at
based on the people i know who work at
you need a graduate’s degree
historical literature to work at
no it’s gonna you’re gonna have to go to
law school at some point and then of
course the they’ll go well don’t worry
i’ll start out i have a universal law
school and then that there will be none
like this is
in universal med school and universal
anyway sorry
no you’re fun uh they also say that it
will make investments in public housing
and clean energy efforts and expanding
health care which all three of those
things after spikes diatribe on
public education
just terrify
should just terrify you even more just
say housing energy and health care
instead of education and it’s the same
ramp so
in order to pay for this
there will be taxes uh
apparently it’s only on
the wealthy
large corporations
corporations uh and while the specifics
aren’t clear
this is only a proposal and this is what
saying that they want to have done uh
biden is recommending
a 33
increase in the tax
yeah so 21 to 28.
taxes on the rich are to democrats and
some republicans what tariffs are to
republicans and some democrats and it’s
funny to watch like democrats who will
say you can’t put tariffs on things that
just gets added to the price of things
and the poor people have to pay for that
and then republicans will say you can’t
increase taxes on the rich in
corporations they’ll just add it to the
price of things they sell everyone and
then poor people will have to pay it and
they’re right
i don’t know why they don’t apply that
to all taxes because that’s true
they are also planning on extending the
tax credits for families and low-income
uh individuals including the child tax
credit now
a tax credit
is not a tax
cut for anybody who does not know this
i’m certain everybody watching our show
are highly intelligent viewership um and
i say that
with sincerity not sarcastically but
this show this segment has me in
sarcastic mode so if it came out
sounding that way i know that everybody
here understands no we have a very
educated no he’s we have a very educated
audience um but
everybody here understands that the tax
credit just means you’re going to get
less of that precious precious refund
that you’ve been waiting for at the end
of the year or in april
basically um
they’re going now the good news is
no it it
go in
no i was just going to say they were
going i was just going to go into the
next thing okay well the good news is uh
they are also going to ruin the dental
hearing and vision industries by adding
it to medicare um the one thing that is
creating so much innovation in dental
hearing and vision care is the fact that
people have to pay for it almost
entirely out of pocket which means that
these industries have to come up with
ways to make these things affordable
because there’s a price equilibrium in
other words if they charge too much for
the thing
they won’t be able to have too many
patients that can afford it because
you’re actually having to pay for it so
they have to figure out ways to make it
more affordable which means they also
have to find ways to innovate because
there’s also a bunch more people that
are providing in that sector because
they’re not having to go through all the
hurdles of becoming medicare providers
right so this means you have more people
on the job trying to innovate and you
have a direct incentive to drive down
the cost of those things once medicare
gets involved all of that goes out the
window only a small number of providers
are going to be able to afford the hoop
the the price of going through all the
hoops to be able to become medicare
providers and then once they do they’re
going to make so much money
billing the government
that they’ll shove out every other
competition that’s in the way and
eventually they’ll they’ll make it so
that those same uh uh you know cospl or
certificate of need type of legislation
that’s in the uh healthcare industry to
drive down prices which it does the
opposite will end up in these things as
well so if you were enjoying the fact
that you know uh technology on vision
and hearing and dental was you know
growing incredibly uh fast and becoming
more affordable compared to
the entire rest of human health care i
have some bad news for you so
when you when you were growing up did
you have braces or retainers or anything
no no i didn’t
man your teeth are just naturally that
straight yeah no i just have like
naturally perfect teeth yeah man that’s
good good on you um yeah so i grew up my
braces and retain
my immune system well actually my immune
system is great it’s too great um it
keeps attacking it’s it’s like yeah it’s
working over you’ll be great um
your brain is the disease uh your immune
system is trying to destroy it
so i grew up with braces and uh people
who watch the show know that i wear
glasses sometimes you wear glasses um
there was a time period when i was
growing up where the only place that you
could do that is go to the orthodontist
or to get braces to go to the
orthodontist and they’re going to put
that thing in your mouth and then you’re
going to have the braces on and they’re
going to be big and metal and with wires
rubber bands and all of this stuff and
it cost a ton of money according to my
parents who paid for it thank you mom
and dad for this
winning smile um
but now
you can order this stuff online yet give
them the imprint of your teeth and then
they ship you
clear braces that you can wear and you
can just have them and it’s like okay
wear this for a week wear this for a
week wear this for a week with glasses
it used to be you had to go to the
optometrist and then you had to get your
glasses and then you started getting the
one-hour glasses places that would cut
down costs for people but that’s because
people were having to pay for this out
of pocket so there was competition
involved then you got lasik and lasik
continued to have uh they’ve got price
decreases going on all the time because
as new technology comes out and as
competition increases more people are
spreading this out and they need to make
sure that they stay competitive in the
this will end
destroy all that
and because lasik was becoming more
prolific to for the people that you know
they wanted to say i can’t do lasik
because uh i have uh ms and they’re not
to do surgery for vision for someone
with a neurodegenerative disorder um and
but because of but i’m still well served
because there are some people that you
know they might do lasik uh but the uh
glasses and contact industries have been
like all right well hey stick around
with us we’ll make it super cheap and so
i got two pairs of glasses with the uh
anti-glare on them and then another pair
has the thing where they uh they go the
other pair that i have has the thing
where they like turn into sunglasses
outside uh and have the eagle vision or
whatever versions
yeah and i got a a year supply of
contacts and my uh ongoing um um and my
uh my uh
checkup my my vision checkup as well as
like a three year uh auto checkup thing
where i can go in as many times as i
want for any kind of ongoing checkups
with my optometrist i got the entire
thing for like three hundred dollars
that would have been thousands thousands
just 20 or 30 years ago
i remember yeah i remember my first
my first pair of contacts
uh which was i got a pair of contacts
that were supposed to last me until
there was no date
it was just a pair of contacts and
please dear god don’t rip it because
uh if you do that’s like another six
hundred dollars down the drain like it
was expensive
uh now i’m buying dailies
so at the end of the day i just toss
these guys
personally i like dropping them in the
toilet when i’m going to the bathroom
and it looks like something’s looking up
at me um but
i do
um but
but i got dailies and it costs me like
300 bucks for an entire year of daily
that was something i didn’t want to know
about you
the it also includes measures to have
the federal government step in and
provide health coverage in the 12
states that declined to expand medicaid
under the affordable care act which
oh good um
the uh uh it has 626 billion dollars i
remember when budgets
726 billion dollars and now it’s like
that’s for one thing uh
for one thing
for the senate health education labor
and pensions committee certainly that
we’re also known as the help committee
the health education labor and pensions
committee no no
i hate the government so much
i do too so it increases the maximum uh
pesk pell grant
pell grants
i don’t know how that happened i’m like
what the hell is a pest grant pell grant
award and put investments towards
historically black colleges and
universities which
we’ve talked about this before
but the problem with historical black
colleges and universities
is largely has nothing to do with a lack
of funding typically it has to do with
the fact that uh increasingly they are
where the refuse gets thrown when it
comes to uh the state universities the
state university systems that run the
universities in their state they’ll look
at the hbcu and say all right just put
all the diversity hires there and so any
anyone who is an underperformer uh in
faculty who happens to be a person of
color gets thrown into the college so it
becomes the worst of the worst and no
one’s allowed to really say that because
it’s like oh you’re being racist no
there are some very high performing
black faculty members and they go
nowhere near hbcus they go to the other
colleges and then there’s this this
ongoing thing where an increasing number
of uh black students because they don’t
want to go to a poor performing college
uh they go to you know other non-hbcu
colleges and so it’s just sort of
leading these colleges to fall apart and
it’s entirely because the government is
using them as affirmative action uh
dumping grounds for their for their
poorly performing faculty that they
can’t fire um it’s just it’s ridiculous
it’s not a funding problem it’s a
perfect example of how government ruins
everything hbcus used to be some of the
highest performing colleges in the
country and they often had budgets of
far less than other colleges because
they were being frequented by uh black
people who especially during the times
of segregation often had typically much
much less money uh than white people did
that were in a similar professional
situation and and so now it’s the exact
opposite they get obscene amounts of
funding and they’re poorly performing
because the government runs it an
affirmative action
they’re also going to increase
investments in border security and
provide a pathway to citizenship
yeah increased border security sounds
like they’re going to finish the wall um
pathway to citizenship we’ve been
hearing about since
means nothing
nothing’s going to change
there’s no clear instruction on what
either of these means i can tell you
what they mean they mean walls and camps
uh because they can’t put walls in camps
so they put border security and a
pathway to citizenship the pathway to
citizenship is uh like what we just saw
uh last year uh where a woman that was
applying for asylum was illegally
detained and put into one of these camps
uh where she gave birth to a u.s citizen
uh who they left with her in their cold
cell uh to to
she they had her in a hospital long
enough to deliver the baby and then they
put her and the baby again u.s citizen
baby uh and they had family here in the
u.s uh put them back in the camp that’s
the pathway to citizenship in this in
this country for people uh who aren’t
already being sponsored by a colleague
or a uh or a family member um and uh or
who are a u.s citizen family member uh
or who aren’t uh marrying someone um so
yeah that’s that’s the pathway to
citizenship is more of the of the uh
what are they called shelters child
shelters not cages right not cages
they’re they’re not cages and they’re
not shelters
they’re not camps they’re they’re
shelters not camps um
there’s a historic level of funding for
public housing
green and sustainable housing housing
production and affordability and
workforce development and job training
programs now
when we dive into this real quick um
in the city of portland
in order to get a building permit it’s
45 000
in chicago it’s a hundred thousand
how much do you think those are going to
with this
this is bailouts for corporations that
ultimately make housing more expensive
that’s literally it and and the people
who will
lap this up
on the left and the right who will lap
up because the the right will lap up the
border security and the you know
military spending and the left the lap
of pretty much everything else uh they
all seem to lap up police funding now uh
it’s just mine because the republicans
for defunding the police the party of
defunding the police
there we are brave new world uh
this money goes to major corporations
it contributes to the caught increase in
the cost and the restriction of supply
and then it makes the price of things go
up and you get robbed to pay for it you
get stuck with the bill
with the interest
for the for 40 years after they spent it
because it gets
the way it’s funded is they uh sell
treasury bonds and treasury bills that
have a 40-year rate of maturity so
basically every time they do this it’s a
new 40-year loan with interest um
basically it’s a new 40-year mortgage
every time they do this to people um
and of course this all may be moot
because they actually need the gop to
aid in increasing the debt ceiling out
now cocaine mitch mcconnell said who’s
the commoner they won’t let republicans
having to say in this month russia but
they want our help in raising their
credit card limit to make it happen
which they will they they will it’s
actually that’s actually a really good
mcconnell um
yeah it’s it’s uh yeah and you know what
like in all three like when i was born
like horn but you got to do this i’ll
when i wrote these notes i was kind of
thinking mitch mcconnell’s not going to
vote to raise the debt limit and then
today he voted for the infrastructure
bill uh going against everything he has
been saying and promising so he’s
mitchell yes he’s go he they’re they’re
gonna vote to raise it because they need
to and they can’t have a government
shutdown and the midterms are going to
be coming up so
you can’t have a government shutdown
that are going to be blamed on the
republicans because you need to win that
we will be 31
32 000.
yeah we’ll be we’ll be about billions
we’re going to be somewhere between 32
and 35 trillion dollars in debt by the
end of the year because uh now that uh
the delta variant is going through the
roof and and you know the numbers are
looking like they’re going to be higher
because vaccinated people can get it and
spread it to other people and they’re
walking around sniffling and sneezing
like they have the cold but they still
feel good and so they’re not staying
home and they’re not being safe because
i’m vaccinated i can’t hurt nobody i did
it to protect everyone and then they go
and they’re spreading it to everyone
because they feel great like people that
have the cold which is why the cold
spread so prolifically so because of
there’s going to be pushes for lockdowns
which means they’re going to be pushes
uh stimulus spending and assistance for
those in need and that’s going to put we
could be hitting 40 trillion by the end
of the year
i think there’s gonna be another
stimulus bill coming down the pipe right
around oh yeah christmases
yeah yeah yeah
now we do have some good news
we do we we have it two pieces of good
the first piece is that
it’s the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney’s
what’s the second piece
we only have one
well if you go to anchor that is good if
you go to anchor fm slash muddy waters
you can leave messages uh for us and we
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uh because we don’t have to donate money
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we will like you more
a lot more
like way more
like way more do you know how much i
love jack casey even though we spend the
entire show making fun of him
yeah you too can purchase jack casey’s
books whom we love we don’t read his
books but we love him as a person we
love him to go to the room he’s
he’s a great guy
great guy that’s why i won’t read his
right i’d hate for his book to suck
because then i’d
not like them
so i’m just not going to read it
the worldgreen.com
so here’s our here’s our uh want our one
call and from tim lewis tim4va.com
good evening spike cohen and guy on left
this is tim lewis calling in on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor call in moment
spike i wanted to thank you for coming
up the other week to virginia hanging
out with us and the concerned veterans
for america
everyone else i just wanted to let you
know that we’ve got a handful of really
good candidates running for delegate up
here in virginia this year yeah we’ve
got sarah jarosz dean davidson and joe
pascal running in the southwest charles
running over in the hampton roads area
and i’m trying to fight the good fight
up here just north of richmond in the
fredericksburg area
if you guys can help us out by sharing
social media or maybe donating to a
campaign if you’ve got a buck or two to
spare but we’re trying to fight the good
fight and bring liberty to the people of
virginia thanks much for your time
yeah thank you tim and thank you for uh
for joining me in virginia not last
weekend but the weekend before
we had a great time and uh yeah uh
libertarian party virginia and
libertarian party libertarian party of
hampton roads
i mean i’m not trying to be rude but
they were they had were more put
together and had more stuff going on
than some state affiliates that i’ve
seen i mean they’re they’re doing some
fantastic work there and they and
they’re new they’re like two years old
two or three years old um so yeah go go
check them out lpva.org they have all
the candidates listed there
and i grew up like for anybody who
doesn’t know i grew up in virginia
that’s where i had my braces um
but i grew up in virginia and that state
has never really been the bastion of
that i remember it being
and it’s getting it’s definitely getting
worse uh so you definitely want to go
and support these people because uh they
are the people who can try to get it
back to the bastion of freedom i used to
believe that it was um
and tim lewis if he is he’s up in the
fredericksburg area he just said and
fredericksburg is one of my
favorite towns in virginia um
it’s got a great ice cream shop there
and i don’t remember the name of it
um just an excellent excellent spot and
so everybody go find tim lewis on
on the facebook and give him support
however you can and support all the
other virginia uh
libertarians who are running for office
because virginia
needs it desperately it needs it
it needs freedom
so bad they’re turning into maryland so
and speaking of maryland i’m going to be
in baltimore uh on september 11th for a
crab and chicken fest
oh cool
yeah uh tim for va um and uh yeah come
join me in uh maryland on september 11th
i will be there eating crabs come eat
crabs to spike um no they’re not kosher
but they’re crabs
so come eat them with me on uh 911
and uh and join me in baltimore john
yes carl’s ice cream that place is so
and then after you have eaten crabs with
me all morning long until we all just
want to go to bed don’t go to bed come
and join me and take the drive with me
to dc washington dc where i will be at
the end the damn wars rally in
washington dc on 9 11. anyone who knows
me back when i was in neocon is just
laughing their asses off right now that
i’m going to be in washington dc on 9 11
protesting wars with scott horton i mean
this is just it’s just
so we also got a speaking of
we got a donation uh from uh mr just
because who said keep up the good work
thank you so much man i appreciate it
well i assume here man says mister thank
you so much and yeah
okay good um
well that’s good that’s uh that was a
short segment uh so speaking of short
speaking of
short things that
i’m gonna let you struggle through this
speaking of things that really need
sure apple
so apple
they have broken their hearts it was
coming i knew it was coming yeah yeah
everybody knew it was coming they’ve
broken the hearts of everyone who has
continued to buy their products because
they idiotically believed
that apple would continue
to refuse to give back door to
that was this it was jobs thing
that was a steve jobs thing
steve jobs jobs jobs
that was a steve jobs thing that was not
what is his name uh uh ryan uh
the guy now
yeah tim
that’s not a tim cook thing
that’s a that was a steve jobs thing
no no
you can say that no i’m not saying that
i thought that joke up yesterday when i
or on sunday when i was doing these
notes and i went
no definitely not but it was
it was announced last week that it will
be implementing tools
that will scan everybody’s iphone in
icloud’s uh ipad iphone and ipad and
iclouds and all i messages for kitty
poor kitty porn you know to protect the
because of
a machine is going to know the
difference between you know child porn
and pictures of your kid in the bathtub
with you you know holding them
or even not holding them if or not no
but if if the formula is like you know
large larger hands
or something like that there’s no there
is no
there is no way
that this could end up
hurting innocent people
no way no
what they’re going to be doing is
they’re going to be scanning peop
they’re going to be scanning photos on
people’s devices when they attempt to
upload them to icloud
to see if they match known images of
child pornography
means that there is a database
of known child pornography out there and
if you share these images
it will come up in the scan and then
it will get passed on
to a person
i do not want to see the person who
signs up for that job
uh especially since it’s illegal to have
it for any reason ever ever
for any reason ever
is arguably illegal because they’re not
a government agency
and even
possession by a government agency is
strictly strictly limited
so this feels
very illegal
this feels illegal this feels like it’s
not legal
so apple’s going to be uh so if the scan
comes up positive the image will be
reviewed by a person
right again don’t want to see the person
volunteering for that job
uh and if it contains child porn the
account will be disabled
and the report will be sent to the
national center for missing and
exploited children there is an appeal
if apple is mistaken uh i don’t know
what that appeal process is and i know
that i don’t ever want to go through
that appeal process because i’m certain
that’s just going to be a huge pain in
the ass
i heard this on a different podcast
today i’m going to pitch this to you
before we
before we continue here
what’s that called where
video game people will
call this uh swatting swaddling oh
swatting yeah yeah
is this going to become the new swatting
from a phone
not connect like that’s not connected to
you you text a bunch of these images to
get somebody kicked off and arrested
possibly because uh does icloud have an
automatic uh upload
function yeah
then yeah
yeah yeah
yeah yeah because i i know so like
google has that and i uh and i uh
disabled it because i get texts from
people that have stuff that i’m like i
don’t need to upload this it’s not
because it’s not child porn it’s nothing
bad it’s just i don’t need to save it on
google cloud so i now manually have it
where um you know only certain folders
that i put stuff in actually go up as
opposed to you know just everything that
goes on my phone but a lot of people
just have it where it’s you know
everything that’s on everything is going
up so yeah no this is 100 going to be
used in in whatever the terms kidding or
whatever ah kidding that’s probably what
i’m doing um
so they’re also going to be adding tools
to the messaging app uh
to warn children when somebody is
texting them sexually explicit photos
so that means that they know
which phones have the children
or which phones are owned by children
whether or not what’s being texted to
them is sexually explicit
and then they are going to cover those
in some way and say you’re getting
sexually explicit
photos texted to you right now do you
want to open them to which the correct
answer is
going to be no
that’s kind of insisting for teens
oh of course it ends sexting for teens
and and this oh uh there’s less than a
one in one trillion chance per year of
incorrectly they have no idea they have
no way they have no address they pull
that completely out of their ass that
number has nothing to do with anything
that they actually know they pulled it
directly right out of their own anus eye
ain’t i okay because that’s well they’re
right on outside the back door they just
gave them right on the old
back door right so boom like that one in
one trillion there you go here go take a
stiff at that it’s garbage there’s no
they have it’s not on it’s it’s not on
how would they know they have no damn
clue unless no clue they’ve already been
doing this
so uh
yeah i know there’s this so you know uh
this could be a sexually explicit photo
do you want to see it you want to roll
that russian roulette wheel in case it’s
nope so uh because now we know they’re
gonna send it straight to the government
so hey here’s this photo we’re not gonna
show you what it is it might be child
porn that could ruin your life you want
to see it
i can tell you there’s about a one in
one trillion chance anyone’s gonna press
yes intentionally
i can tell you the number of times i’ve
accidentally pressed the wrong button on
my phone but i can assure you that i
will make sure i am grounded as is the
phone when i make that decision i’m
pressing that
just comes up this may be child porn
no no no no no no
apple tries to screw you up by switching
by switching
the buttons around yeah
or making the yes button really big and
the other one like just text under it no
no thanks
making it like that little x on the ads
now uh even the electronic frontier
foundation who has been a huge advocate
for apple who has supported privacy
rights of its users
describes these new scans as a shocking
about face for users who have relied on
the company’s leadership in privacy and
um they went on to say
take the example of india just read the
highlighted parts people
take the example of india where recently
passed rules include dangerous
requirements for platforms to identify
the origins of messages and pre-screen
new laws in ethiopia requiring content
take-downs of misinformation in 24 hours
may apply to messaging services
the abuse cases are easy to imagine
governments that outlaw homosexuality
might require the classifier to be
trained to restrict apparent lgbtq plus
content or an authoritarian regime might
demand the classifier be able to spot
popular satirical images or protest
and if you think that won’t happen
they’re already doing that on social
media at the be at the behest of china
and other authoritarian and sometimes
religious authoritarian regimes you know
the ones that rainbow up their profile
pictures all from june 1st 1201 to june
30th uh at 11 59 59
give me a break and and by the way like
it says in this r in this thing this is
not a slippery slope it’s a fully built
system just waiting for the pressure to
make the slightest change they’re
building a system that censors your
content and sends it directly to the
government all it needs is for the
government to go yeah uh
let me get a
vaccine misinformation
me get uh uh people um you know making
jokes about uh you know being against
the lockdowns
let me get hate speech
yeah and many of you may remember uh
back in 2015 uh with the san bernardino
shooting that happened um
the feds were trying to get apple to
give them a back door into the shooter’s
phones so they could try to find out if
there are any other terrorist attacks
that were going to be happening
and apple said no
quite famously said no
somebody said that they got it open but
without a back door
i question
i question whether or not that’s a thing
apple famously said no and everybody was
like great apple’s awesome you’re not
giving them a backdoor that they will
obviously use to go after other people
outside of this case even though they’re
saying we’re only going to use it on
this case
they just threw all of that out the
window because you have places like the
united states england and australia
who have been constantly feeding the
fear of child pornography as an excuse
to pressure apple
android whoever makes android things um
that’s google isn’t it yeah uh what i
mean samsung lg
uh lg
but it’s all google’s operating system
it’s on google’s operating system yeah
but i mean the there there are most of
the hardware people that make the actual
phones often make supplemental um
wrap around operating systems and things
like that so there’s a lot of interplay
there i’m sure they’d be involved in
anything that’s involving detection
right that way
um and they’ve been trying to get us to
compromise our privacy for
years and
if this was being done by the government
if the government was saying hey you
need to give us these that would be
considered illegal
illegal and i’m betting apple is about
to get massive paydays
massive paydays from the federal
because they now have given them this
back door there is a backdoor into apple
products that the federal government now
can get into and not only that so will
hackers and
soon mac products won’t be any better
than windows and
which is why i mean i’ve been told for
years oh if you’re a real libertarian
you got to use mac stuff apple stuff
because there’s no back doors and like
if you think that freaking the tim rice
now of you know known as apple is going
to uh
tim cook what i say tim rice oh that
the tim you’re thinking about cooking
i am cooking i’m thinking i hope my wife
is cooking rice
if you think that tim cook uh is not
going to uh open wide for government
then i don’t know what to tell you um
you know
say what you want about steve jobs but
uh he was kind of my anti-government or
at least anti-bureaucracy um he was the
one who famously said why be in the navy
when you can be a pirate um and
you know
this what this is this opens them up to
getting all sorts of contracts all sorts
of you know cooperation public public
private cooperation money from
governments around here and around the
world and and again
this is what we call you know the foot
in the door the camel’s nose under the
tent you know it always seems harmless
the patriot act was to stop al-qaeda
it’s a temporary measure to stop
terrorists who want to kill us all um
you know this is just to stop
child porn putting aside the fact that
it right out of the gate isn’t just for
those things
it is what they use
to eventually destroy
any semblance of privacy that we have
with our phones with our computers with
anything and i i’ve told people all
along go ahead and operate with the
assumption that this device you walk
around with this gps enabled device that
has both a front and a back camera so
that whoever has access to it and
multiple microphones
and yeah it’s multiple microphones and
sensors it sees
you what you’re looking at and it’s also
got access to data that’s keeping track
of everything there was recently an
article that said that most social media
companies and google know when you’re
using the bathroom
okay and if you don’t think that’s
eventually gonna get to government if it
isn’t already i don’t know what to tell
you edward snowden showed what eight
years ago seven years ago that they were
spying on every electronic communication
that would happen
was that 10 years ago was that 09 what
was that
that was that was a while ago
2013 yeah it was it was eight years ago
eight years ago
you know if you don’t think
in those eight years that they’re not
now doing it with all your social media
with all your text messages with all
your uh you know facebook messages and
yes even your double secret encrypted
signal like if you don’t think they can
get around that on your phone
i don’t know what to tell you they are
go ahead and assume that they are they
are they are they are
they are they’re not a hacker they’re
the government they’ll literally just
get the the source code or whatever to
be able to access it directly because
your os is already doing that
that the the your
provider the people that made the
software already doing that and for
anybody who like
there is not a single person watching or
listening to the show
who has read
all of the terms of service of all of
the things and there are things in there
where it says we
we will share this if needed
we we will share your information for
ads we will share your information uh if
called upon we will share your
information it’s your information we
don’t care
we already have it we will share it with
anybody that really wants it
um exactly
and that’s
that’s why when you are talking about
for an example rosh hashanah
um you’re talking about rosh hashanah
and then you get a
notification for a rosh hashanah box
on facebook
did that happen
that’s funny i
i thought of
i was thinking of because i had read
about how
this has to be just coincidental but
unless they’re scanning your brains in
which case don’t even you know don’t
worry about anything anymore they just
know you well enough that they just know
you at this point but but this wouldn’t
be because as we talked about before i
had perfect teeth but i was i had either
um someone had told me maybe that’s what
it was someone had told me about how
everyone when they age their teeth start
kind of moving and stuff like that and
so i kept thinking um i just have random
thoughts about like i wonder if i should
look into invisalign just to you know
for the future you know i may need that
or something and then i started getting
ads for invisalign
so i made myself stop thinking about it
and they went away
it’s kind of scary i mean so
these phones they know they know
everything that you’ve looked up they
know every ad that has come across your
um they know
literally everything like you said they
know when you’re going to the bathroom
they can track when you haven’t moved
for three minutes or whatever um
in the same spot because they they know
where you are within them within like a
what one to three meter range or
something like that so if you’re always
in the same spot around the same time of
day after being into what they
determined as your kitchen um
yeah i know they know when you’re in the
yeah they know when you’re hearing about
like they know they literally know
everything they know when you are
running out of things at your house
because of things that you say or
at the frequency at which you buy it
because we all have our banking apps on
our phone so they know how often you’re
getting things and they know when you’re
going to run out which is why you’ll see
ads for things um if they heard
let’s do what what sean merrill uh says
and and take a moment to each of us wish
our our personal nsa or fbi minder well
and hope that they’re having a great day
and that they they repent and part from
their evil ways
you know that’s where stephen came from
steven who
our assistant
oh yeah
our intern stephen
oh is he from the nsa
yeah he started out as he started out as
our official uh cia nsa agent and he
eventually came over and became our
i’m not really sure when that happened
but now he just does all of our audio
work for us because he’s really good at
audio yeah he he did better as an nsa
he did
he really did
so folks that’s terrible news but we do
have good news and that’s that next week
we’re going well there’s two things
number one good news is i’m not having
to go anywhere this weekend
but then
huh yeah i know really like i get to see
you it’s amazing yeah
good stuff uh and then also uh next week
we are auctioning off this sweet ass
waffle house caucus
cup what is what is this thing called
it’s a tumblr
tumblr i wanted one tumblr
from the fine people it defy the power
defy the power
and we will be auctioning off another
one the week after if you don’t win next
yes you weren’t supposed to say that
we want to have fomo we want people to
fomo we want them to fear missing out
it doesn’t this is an original this this
it won’t look like this one
oh yeah i’m not going to show them what
the other one looks like
yeah it’s totally but it is a complete
it is it is a
it is a waffle house carcass
tumbler and it is signed by both of us
but it doesn’t look like this but it’s
way different like that it’s way
different way different if you want this
one it’s the only one like this so uh
take part in our uh in our auction
um and so tomorrow
i am interviewing olga meshow washington
she is from south africa
and uh we’ve been trying to schedule
we have had one thing after the next
stop this from being able to be
scheduled originally she was supposed to
be on in june then in july she will be
here tomorrow uh at 8pm uh eastern
on uh my fellow americans and we’re
going to be talking about she grew up in
in in south africa in both
apartheid and post apartheid south
africa she now lives in the states she’s
going to be talking about what she went
through there how she overcame um the uh
some of the the bigotry and prejudice
that white afrikaners had towards her
especially after apartheid in her
professional uh in her professional
field how she uh was able to overcame
overcome it and become one of the most
respected people in her field
and how she thinks that applies to
racial relations in the u.s and i’m
going to go ahead and warn you uh she’s
probably going to hurt everyone’s
feelings a little bit because she
doesn’t mince her words at all
and uh there’s probably a lot of people
who uh
forget that there are other countries
i’m probably saying too much already uh
and have no sense of context or
i’m already saying too much she’s got a
lot to say and it’s going to be amazing
and then you’ve got uh you you’ve got
the the writer’s block on thursday
i do with uh randall daniel
uh the chair
chair of the libertarian party of
kentucky he’s going to be coming on and
we’re going to have a fantastic conversa
i don’t want to give away what we’re
talking about but i know that his family
in kentucky
is vast and wide and apparently has
something to do with the flag
yes yeah you you we we actually talked
about this when i was there in kentucky
randall daniel is an incredible chair uh
he is doing he uh is actually been
working with me for quite some time now
on building a a kind of a white paper a
short list um a cheat sheet for people
who want to start local affiliates in
their in their
city or municipality or county or region
um and are starting from scratch
they uh because they’ve done that
they’ve started from scratch he and
byron cabbage who was on your show last
week uh have done exactly that they’re
incredible people incredible activists
for liberty that’s gonna be a great show
and then on friday at 9 30 eastern uh is
uh cajun and eskimo from bayou to igloo
um and they’ll be talking about
whatever i don’t know what they’ll be
doing whatever they talk about probably
about walrus one of them is one of them
is going to be very well thought out and
organized and designed and the other one
is going to be we’ll potentially get
will potentially get us kicked off of
social media
probably yeah uh and then uh gosh
usually i tell you what to do following
me this weekend but
you can just follow me on social media
i’m gonna be home this weekend i’m not
going anywhere i’m not doing anything
you can catch me
in the bed sleeping
all weekend um and then on monday
on monday
at eight he does it at eight right yeah
yeah is another fantastic episode of mr
america the bearded truth with jason
lyon uh is matt gonna go on and make him
cry again probably
do we know what he wants to do
i think he was going to say but then i
made him cry so
i i
uh jason lyon is incredible uh every
week he he picks one thing to talk about
so like one week he takes so good
every week he he kind of where we talk
about like a bunch of different things
he dives down into a specific subject
and he is just a brilliant mind um he is
incredible brilliant yes he is
incredibly incredibly brilliant and is
incredibly able to break down ideas uh
in a way that people understand
definitely check that out and then join
us right back here next tuesday at 8-ish
pm for uh same money place same-ish
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superfoods and nutrients it’s not there
that’s jason
is online
all of your essentials in one
meal yes jason i said misty cheers
oh hell yeah oh that’s yummy cheers hell
yeah two scoops blend and go
why is this happening
i don’t know how long is this ad putting
you in control of your nutrition why is
this happening seriously this bad is so
and whispering is starting to hurt my
voice there we go
donate money so we can get youtube
premium on all of our computers
or you can find this in every other
episode at muddywatersmedia.com
i think i’ll just do that actually that
sounds way easier i mean um we really
need somebody to uh update
please oh gosh if someone wants to help
us update muddywatersmedia.com and by
that i mean updatemuddywatersmedia.com
please reach out to us on the inbox
because we’ve had like seven people do
it and every single one of them gets a
new job or a raise
it’s true so if you’d like a new job or
a raise and you want to help us for like
six days before that then
please reach out to us
sorry so thanks again for tuning in i’ll
send you the link buddy so you can
listen to that all the time
yes we’ll we’ll we’ll do yeah you can do
that again uh we will uh we will
hopefully have someone to update the
website soon but folks thanks again for
tuning in to this episode join me
tomorrow for my fellow americans join
matt on thursday for the writer’s block
join uh
cajun and eskimo for cajun and eskimo on
friday uh jason lyon from mr america the
bearded truth on monday right back here
for uh muddy waters of freedom folks
thank you so much we love you love you
love you and where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon - USN Submarine Vet -Minarchist/Constitutionalist - #Liberty advocate - Principles over party - Constitution over Idolatry
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