Episode 206 – Tuttle Twins and Infrastructure

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Connor Boyack joins Matt and Spike to discuss the new covid guidances by the CDC and Dr. Faucim, and the infrastructure bill that is seemingly passing through Congress.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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mr president
you’ve been the big guy for six months
now in the white house
can you take us behind the scenes
something that was extraordinary or
unusual that happened that stands out to
you here’s the deal
i want to say oh i like to walk out on
the road
what come on jokes
i’m not you know what i mean
i just don’t like the way that guy wears
just thomas like telling your kids like
what you’re four years old when you see
it written across the street i grew up
in a neighborhood where you became
a cup of firefighter priest i wasn’t
qualified for any one of them so here i
by the one of the things i’ve gotten
able to get done i’d get well
that’s what let me finish the question
the answer i want to say oh i like to
walk out on the road
what come on
i don’t care if you think i’m safe and
the fact is you may not like me and that
you’re right
i’m sitting across from putin he knows
who i am
joe biden what’s that all about you’re
the big man i think i know who he is but
again one last thing
we don’t talk enough to you about this i
don’t think here’s the deal
i want to say oh i like to walk out on
the road
come on
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i am matt wright and together we are
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of freedom hey folks thanks so much for
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wow we’re gonna get to that later but
we’re gonna get into that very shortly
yeah we’re gonna get to that in a little
bit uh first and foremost allow me to
thank the wonderful and fine people
oh wait i was asked not to do that
thank you to casey thank you to casey
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beloved akka now uh the the
siesta cava website is down for a little
so he said please don’t give out my
website because
it’s not on the internet anymore yeah no
that makes sense
well so in the time that we normally
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jack casey wrote these two books the
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and silver throned it and i wouldn’t
i’ll never read that have you read them
yet no i read
one paragraph of the royal green and i
know that there is a
ship in there called the orphanage which
i think speaks a lot to
jack casey’s childhood um but outside of
that i have no idea
yeah i’ll never read this because no i’m
yeah there’s not a shot in hell i’m ever
even gonna think of reading this and the
reason why is because if it’s good
then i’ll feel bad about how i’ve talked
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and if it’s bad then i will
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right for everybody that bought it
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so spike do you know who runs better
than the government
oh no i’m literally wearing the shirt um
no who
you’re not following the script it’s in
the notes um
well luckily
that’s right why yes i do
thomas daniel quiter runs better than
the government and he qualifies this
by stating he could manage a step and a
dive which is at least one step better
than the government
which and he’s not wrong he’s not wrong
makes total sense
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ftg what does ftg stand for
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i don’t have any good segues this week
matt speaking of things the kids love
yes we were talking about kids earlier
matt what else kids love that we can
talk about on this show
you know uh so i have been a fan of our
for uh many a year i found out about him
a different person’s podcast um many
years ago and i immediately went out and
i bought
all of the books that were available at
the time um
i’m very excited to be able to say that
he is finally here on muddy waters media
uh please welcome with me the author of
the tuttle twin series
connor boyack connor thanks so much for
joining the show man
well thanks gentlemen and and you missed
the the best segue
i also publish books that can be used to
prop up
tables and death so i feel like that was
the segway we could have used
we could have used that see the problem
is i don’t really
know that these are books and so
it’s possibly a cult that this
jack guys so if if we had closed with
i was immediately going to go in and be
like but here are some books that i do
recommend you read
and that we that i have actually read
because i have read all of them all of
the kids
read them wow what a trash on jack that
would be to be like
so this guy that pays us you can choose
what you want to do with his book but
this guy
who’s never given us a penny you should
definitely read his books
so for those who don’t he gave me the
entire series this week so
oh yeah i just got this
you got a graphic i got a graphic good
yeah i know i appreciate that so for
those turning into an nfg maybe we’ll
make you some money
yes this is a you two all of you
watching this can have this
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send me 500 dollars i will give
this to you and only you no one can ever
have this
no one no one else can have that graphic
i’ll give you the whole app non-fungible
you can’t fund it so uh tell us so for
those who don’t know
tell us about the tuttle twins and and
you know what got you to even have the
idea to
to start that so the tuttle twins is a
series of books
for kids uh that teach the ideas of
to the rising generation now we have
books from toddlers to teens
our main series is is the one that matt
was holding up that’s for the
kind of the five to ten uh year olds
that’s kind of our flagship
uh series of books um
and basically we’re filling a massive
void where our movement
has not been talking to the rising
generation we wait until people are
adults that have been propagandized by
the schools and colleges and then we you
know go to work trying to educate these
people so
our vision is that we should be doing
that at a younger age that we should be
enabling parents to talk to their kids
and having conversations about these
elijah stanfield who is the illustrator
he and i uh several years ago he worked
on the ron paul campaign on 2012.
i also did he was doing a lot of the
videos for the rev pack
uh we’re both uh very passionate about
these ideas
and dads of at the time young kids
and we were kicking around some ideas
trying to think you know what could we
and what what would be a fun project and
at the time
um i found myself like i literally went
to amazon one day and i’m like you know
uh books that teach you know free
markets to kids and and there was just
nothing and so it really validated for
us that there was this void
uh in the marketplace we didn’t know if
there would be demand
um but we decided to do just one book as
a little test that was the
the law based on bastiats the law we
basically with all the kids books we
take like the core
ideas out of the original book i mean we
got atlas shrugged and economics in one
and human action and the creature from
jungle island
so we take the core ideas we wrap it in
a fun story elijah does a bang-up job
illustrating them
um and uh and then we educate the kids
but also their parents who are often
learning these ideas for the first time
so that’s been a fun
fun thing as well that is
i bought the books when i bought the
books initially
um i didn’t i did i still don’t have my
own children
but um i didn’t have i didn’t have kids
at the time
uh but i had a nephew who was right at
that right age
for it um he was right you know eight
ish at the time seven
eight so i would take them home with me
to read them
and his parents i think they still hate
me for that because
because they’re like bernie supporters
and they did not like what i was feeding
their child
but i was like no they’re kids books
like why would i it’s just a kid’s book
it’s fine what’s wrong with they’re like
books you have a problem with kids books
yeah why do you not want me to
read he wanted me to read him a book and
i happened to bring one and
stop reading him those and i was like
well hopefully something’s stuck
you gotta plant those seeds while you
can i know
and now it’s interesting because you’ve
got um
i believe and you can tell me if you
think differently on this
i believe and i’ve decided in this
moment that matt also believes
that children are kind of
inherent like when we’re born we’re kind
of inherently
anti-authoritarian we we are trying to
figure things out for ourselves
obviously we fall short because we’re
still developing physically and mentally
but we have this kind of inherent desire
not to be controlled
and to try to figure things out as best
we can and it seems like over time
you know we sort of have it beaten into
our heads as we’re developing that
well not only do you need someone to
guide you but you also need someone to
tell you what to do with every aspect of
your lives and and
you know there are these specific people
that we’ve decided are authority figures
and you have to listen to them at all
times and everything else and
so by the time like you said by the time
someone’s an adult they’ve been
conditioned with all this stuff but
it’s probably would you not say it’s
probably a lot easier to reach them
at younger ages where this stuff
intuitively makes even more sense than
it does as
as adults i i think that’s the latter
part of what you said is true
i’ll quibble a little bit with the first
part i think where we run into the kind
of anti-authoritarian
comparison breaking down is that a lot
of people perceive you know
parents as the source of authority and
there’s this question of like how much
authority does the child have or not
i think um i i think an example that
we’ve seen work
far more powerfully than focusing at it
kind of the authority side
is the fact that like all parents all
good parents all say
teach their children the non-aggression
principle right it’s like
you’re spending your whole parenting
life basically saying
hurt other kids don’t take their stuff
leave other kids alone and and so you’re
basically teasing the napkins already
it’s only later in life that parents
start adding these little asterisks on
the end
of like oh well it’s okay to hurt other
people in this context or it’s okay to
take people’s stuff you know here
and those exceptions are added later in
life but
it’s really been fun for us because it
provides a little snapshot where we’re
like hey look
you’re already teaching these ideas you
you want your kid to understand these
ideas of peace
and cooperation and social harmony and
collaboration working together all these
and so we can tap into that and say
those are good ideas you’re exactly
right for teaching these ideas and guess
what they’re libertarian ideas
and guess what they can be consistently
applied as your kids get older and turn
into adults and so we can build that
common ground from a young age because
those parents are already thinking that
in terms of parenting their children by
saying you know leave other kids alone
don’t hurt them and we can use that kind
of reference language
and that’s covered very nicely in book
number six the golden rule
yes sir thank you very much except i
don’t have the book so i’ll just keep
doing this
right buy your nft today
so but that’s a good point so you’re
right we’re actually
telling kids don’t hurt people don’t
steal from people
don’t touch people without your consent
if someone tries to touch you without
your consent be sure to let us know you
know like
all these things that really are just
the nap applied to everyday life
and then at some point as they get older
it’s like well you’re old enough now to
know the truth there are actually times
where it’s perfectly acceptable to
violate all those things and it’s like
what and it’s but it’s for your own good
the parents are only saying that because
they were taught that too
so in your case here’s a book that if
you already believe that this just helps
you as a teaching tool and as a
educational and entertainment tool for
your kids to share these ideas
but you know if you got a parent that
maybe is libertarian-ish
but you know is still maybe on the
fringes of some stuff they’re reading
your stuff and realizing oh wow this
is consistently with the basics of what
we tell people that you don’t hurt
people you don’t
rob people you don’t kill people you
don’t you know touch them without their
consent you don’t do those things that’s
amazing what you’re doing what uh what
you shared about your i think you said
as your brother or sister
saying don’t read this to our kids
that’s actually rare for us what’s been
really interesting
is we’ve been able to reach far beyond
libertarian circles in fact
when when elijah and i did our first
book we went to freedom festivals we’re
thinking here’s all these like
libertarians we’ll start here we’ll have
a booth
we’ll say hey guys you’ve all read the
law by boss yeah come get the children’s
version and you know we sold a lot of
books and
and that to us was like a market signal
like hey there is interest here
but when we started going beyond that
other libertarian events online
we exhausted our audience pretty quickly
like the libertarian community isn’t the
biggest one
and then we realized like what we’re
doing here is bigger than just helping
libertarians teach their kids it’s
trying to teach the whole world these
ideas and so we have to market
more broadly and so what we’re finding
is that you know when we appeal to that
rational self-interest of a parent like
you want your child to be well-rounded
you want them to learn the golden rule
you want them to learn about
entrepreneurship don’t you want them to
learn how money works
and how to you know start business and
it’s important for them to to you know
understand property rights and they can
understand our freedoms and history and
blah blah blah
and and you can use more i hate the word
inclusive now but you can use this
broader language that has an appeal to
to moderates even folks on the left
oddly speaking
right now in fact last week we started
some online ads targeting bernie sanders
and it’s performing better than our ads
going to conservatives like it’s
i think it shows that there’s at least
this like broader appeal
to some not not all of them granted some
of our books are far more libertarian
than other
others but uh i think there’s a broader
appeal here we’re seeing outside of the
preaching to the choir already
libertarian type of event which is fun
because i’m a person who wants to grow
the movement
i don’t really like the navel gazing and
the infighting and the
you know everything else but i i want to
you know grow the congregation and reach
a lot more people
and uh i bet dollar for dollar tuttle
twins is doing it far better than any
other initiative because we’re reaching
entire families
and we’re reaching them in a way that’s
very appealing and endearing
so we have a couple of good questions
here in the comments uh billy pierce for
uh i love billy pierce he’s a great dude
he said our 300 plus family homeschool
co-op here in
houston uses these books to teach these
core fundamentals early
thank you for your work is there more to
oh that’s a great question billy i love
talking about that one so
um yeah we’re putting out several more
books this year
a lot of people don’t know that we’ve
moved beyond the kids books and so we’ve
a series of nonfiction books for the
teens a guidebook series
we’ve got novels like the old choose
your own adventure
type of novels if you guys remember
those and so we’ve got three we’re about
to put out our fourth
uh in just a few weeks and so that’s
coming soon
we launched our toddler books these
little board books and so we got the
abcs of liberty
you know so here’s m for sound money and
it shows them at the
you know the printing machine here the
bazillion dollars
and uh elijah had a blast in fact
there’s another one in here i got a
spike you mentioned consent right and so
here sorry my light is reflecting but
like there’s b is for bodily autonomy
c is for consent you know and and
that’s what we’ve got we’ve got all
these top oh here’s the nap
so uh the nap uh
let’s see if is that focusing don’t hurt
people don’t take their stuff
and so we play it up as like a nap for
toddlers but anyways
so we’ve we’ve got these we’re launching
a cartoon i don’t know if you uh
saw spike at freedom fest but we were
premiering our first cartoon
we raised five million bucks for season
from a bunch of investors from all our
supporters that’s going really well
season or episode one is almost done
we’re going to launch that this fall and
then just keep pumping out additional
we’re shooting for like a
show far into the future where we can
reach a huge audience
um we got all kinds of ideas and my my
vision for this
is like i want to become this content
teaching you know the ideas of freedom
to families all across the world we
translate our books into like
like 15 languages at this point um
and uh somebody actually asked a
question about that and i was going to
ask it but you
knocked it out already so you know and
that’s what’s so exciting to me is
because like sometimes when we pre when
we advertise to the conservatives
you know they’re like oh america this
teaches the constitution i’m like well
no it doesn’t like this
teaches like philosophical and economic
which relate to people all over the
world and so yeah we translate them
germany is one of our top performing
countries we got a ton in brazil
venezuela france mexico tons in italy
and so we look for like strategic
partners around the world who are going
to like go market it in their
country and really push it out there and
so that’s honestly one of the funnest
parts for me is
when we get to translate the books and
really try and find those international
that is awesome we uh we have another
well one of the questions is shut up and
take my money that’s not really as much
uh but one person uh kenneth ebel asked
uh have you uh had done any work with uh
like possibly having this featured as
part of ron’s
ron paul’s homeschool curriculum or
not yet so ron’s been very great to us
he’s totally supportive of what we’re
doing in fact at that first freedom fest
elijah were there with the first book i
had just listed the books
on our website tuttletwins.com i think
like the week prior
so i’m getting some little notifications
on my phone every like 20 or 30 minutes
with an order
and i’m sitting behind the freedom fest
booth and i get a little notification i
look at it
and it’s from ron and carol paul his
wife ron and carol
and they ordered 50 books and so i
emailed them and they’re like oh we
wanted one for all of our grandkids it’s
all right the father of the freedom
movement you know is endorsed our work
so he’s he’s been very gracious very
supportive of what we’re doing
um but his curriculum was actually
developed by
gary north um so he kind of white
labeled ron’s
name to create this curriculum and
they’re kind of doing their own things
we have no no plans to be part of it
we’re really trying to build our own
um and so uh love what everything ron is
doing and has done in the past but uh
but we’re forging our own path
that’s awesome that is awesome no that’s
amazing and it’s and it sounds like you
guys are doing a great job at
you know you say we’re trying to forge
our own path and do our own thing but it
sounds like you guys are killing it
in that manner
right you you have a you’ve got 12 12
books out that i have here and then
you’ve got
uh the toddler’s books and then the
books for the teens and choose your own
adventure and here’s here’s a little
so so 20 2014 you know is when we
started publishing
uh our first book and obviously when
you’ve got one book and then
two book and no one knows what you’re
doing or who you are
right it’s gonna go slow and gradually
but in 2014 through 2019
we sold a total of 750
000 books and we self-publish and so
you know had no mainstream media or
whatever i thought it was amazing i was
i was very
happy for that success so 750 000 across
all those years last year alone 2020 we
sold 1.3 million
books uh almost double the entire
you know past five six years and so
momentum is totally picking up i mean
parents across the country are like the
world is nuts
what’s going on you know we’re losing
our freedoms what can we do about it and
a lot of
honestly especially the moms they feel
like there isn’t anything they can do
politically right but then when we say
oh hey but you can’t educate your kids
and you can talk as a family and you can
make sure
that your your kids are aware of what’s
happening and they can understand
and and uh appreciate you know what
freedom actually looks like and how to
try and defend it etc
that’s very empowering for mom to be
like oh i can do that you know
take my money right and we’ll go read
these books together and have quality
family time so it’s been a very
empowering thing i think in 2020 to
give people something they can do and
feel good about
and and that momentum is just continuing
we think 2021 we’re going to beat that
and so our goal is 2 million books this
um and i think we’re going to accomplish
it it’s it’s especially with the cartoon
coming out
uh it’s it’s amazing i just saw a
preview of some of the upcoming episodes
and like
we’re we’re super jazzed we think the
cartoon is going to reach so many more
just because it’s more entertaining it’s
it’s just a fun
kid show with like some freedom stuff
sprinkled in there and then when we hook
them then it’s like hey if you want to
you know learn a little bit more or get
more developments yeah
read the books get the books
oh no i was just gonna say i watched the
preview that you had uh in the little in
the tent there at
freedom fest honestly i went over there
because i smelled popcorn
but then once i got there i was genius
marketing move i’m like i smell
popcorn and there’s this gigantic bag of
popcorn and they’re like
there’s a movie too or there’s a there’s
a cartoon if you want to watch it too
and i’m like
i’ll watch the cartoon with the popcorn
and uh and so went in
and uh it was awesome and like you said
very very light
touch right like it has libertarian
themes in it
but it’s just it’s just like a really
cool fun children’s cartoon
and with the idea like you said you get
that hook in
and if they want to find out more and
they’re interested in the books now
they’re going to get more exposed to the
you know bigger picture ideas of liberty
i think it’s fantastic
um where so when when the cartoon comes
out where are people going to be able to
watch it is that going to be on
tuttletwins.com or is that going to be
youtube vimeo
or everywhere great question so uh
we’re gonna have our own app where
anyone will be able to download it and
everything for free so apple tv roku
download it on your phone your tablet
whatever um
and so that way we’re gonna have a
little community that we’re gonna create
on our own
and people can watch it as much as they
want we’re gonna have it translated so
we’re gonna
we’re gonna again this is an
international play as well with the
cartoon and so we’re gonna have
subtitles and probably eventually
for other languages but everything will
be free and
we’re going to use kind of a pay it
forward model
we’re using the same distribution
partner that a show called the chosen
is doing and they are doing a like a
show about jesus and the apostles and
they felt like
you know hollywood is never going to
make this we’re going to go forge our
own path
and so they’ve really figured out how to
do this the distribution companies
learned a lot
and we’re going to take all that
learning and then bake it into our app
for the tuttle twins and eventually
we’ll set up distribution deals you know
we’d love to go talk to hulu or netflix
you know once we got
some justification say hey guys like
there’s some demand here but what we
don’t want
is we don’t want any of those networks
to touch the the content so my role
as executive producer is to make sure
that everything is faithful to the ideas
and the philosophy and we don’t want
this going you know on some weird path
if someone else got involved and so we
want to make the show that’s faithful to
these ideas of freedom
and then from there once we’ve proven
ourselves then we want to go talk to the
big boys about
you know licensing and distribution but
for now it’s just going to be on an app
for free watch as many times as you want
wherever you want
now that that’s amazing yeah because i i
knew that it was coming out i’ve known
uh i think i saw the uh the gofundme or
whatever crowdsourcing that you did i
saw that when it first came out i may
have even given to it i don’t even
um but i have no idea anymore um
but i saw when it first came out and i
was like man i wonder
where they’re going to be releasing it
because i didn’t actually read it
um i was just like no i’ll give conor
money i like that guy
um but um so i’ve been wondering where
it was because or where it was going to
be coming out when it was ready
um because i i can’t
selfishly i can’t wait to watch it uh
because i think
i love the books they’re great um i read
them before
like i read them before children were in
my life um
and so i was like i can’t wait to watch
this but now i say
i can’t wait to show my girlfriend’s
this show because it’ll be a show that i
will be able to tolerate
and tell tell me spike if you felt
differently and
obviously with a pilot episode we’re
going to get better over time but
what we’re going for is what matt was
just talking about um
we’re we’re really trying with the
cartoon to have like the kid level humor
and then an adult like jokes that only
the adults are gonna get
so that the whole family wants to watch
this thing and then naturally the kids
are gonna be like well wait why was that
funny and then
the parents can explain and that way the
next time the second third fourth fifth
time the kids are watching
they’re gonna understand the jokes too
but we want to create this family
experience so that
it’s not like no parent wants to watch
veggie tales right and so
that’s just like you put your kid in
front of the tv
and like hey kid watch this and while i
go do dishes or whatever but
for this we want the whole family
talking about this together
so we’re really going for that dual
level of humor do you do you feel
watching that pilot that that element
was there
yeah there was definitely the the um and
it’s similar that you see in cartoons in
general now where there are certain
things that are like i don’t think the
kids are gonna get that right like it’s
like that
that’s gonna go over kids heads uh at
least initially
but the parents watching it are going to
i think what you built was perfect and
i was really impressed with the
production values of it i’m like this is
no different
than what i would see on netflix or you
know cartoon network or nickelodeon or
any of these
um and and it’s i mean it was the the
the work speaks for itself i think it’s
and uh i i really look forward to seeing
how this is gonna play out how it’s
going this is
this is something i fee i i criticize
our movement for right
just collectively speaking broadly
speaking i feel like we don’t have
kind of uh cultural elements
media production we don’t have i mean
like you think of
i don’t know hercules kevin sorbo right
you know and they’re kind of
he’s doing his thing and like there’s
all these like b-listers and and people
doing kind of
some maybe cheesy stuff or lower
production value and things like that
but right you know i feel like
we really need to hook the rising
generation we need to give them
something that’s engaging we need
something with high production value
you know and so yeah we’re shooting for
the moon here we
animation’s super expensive and like the
more that you
even like like animating someone’s mouth
to like match the dialogue
and every little thing like you add like
that adds a ton of cost
but looking at it we’re like we want
this to be a generational thing we want
to do
dozens of seasons of this thing like we
want the tunnel twins to be a household
name across the world
and if we’re going to do that we can’t
go low budget we can’t do something
half-assed and just
you know preach to the choir we got to
do something really good that people are
going to love
and the kids are going to like a disney
movie that they’ll just want to watch it
again and again right yeah
right right let those ideas sink in so
that’s what we’re aiming for
we see this a lot right we see this in
like uh
in uh religious media and in in you know
sort of
conservative media and libertarian media
and stuff like that where
they’ll put out something that’s about
of the way there and it ends up becoming
this thing where it’s like
uh well i want to watch you know
whatever the adventure time and they’re
like okay but first you have to watch
this and they put the thing in the kid
watches and it’s like
whatever okay did you learn yes i
learned can i watch adventure time now
this what you know they want to what
you’ve created is like something that
kids are just going to want to watch
like just on its own it’s going to be
entertaining in its own right
and there is a lesson there as well and
like you said as they get more involved
in it they can do the books they can do
the stuff for the kids i love that you
have one for
you know logical fallacies for for
teenagers but
you know you can get them along that
path i think it’s really great now
for people to follow you uh doing this
uh tuttle twins is pretty much on all
social media
uh platforms and then there’s also
is those best ways to reach you yep
cool cool man so you’re actually gonna
stick around with us
folks we have uh um uh connor’s not just
didn’t just come on as a guest to talk
about his show he’s actually gonna stick
around with us
for a little bit to go over some of the
uh some of the things that have happened
this week
uh and then we’re gonna let him go
before we get into the asmr segment
because that’s i don’t wanna
i think weird um so we don’t need to
weird him out more
we don’t need to weird out the creator
of the tuttle twins here we’re trying to
listen to the tuttle twins pages
let’s just imagine the freedom
we’ll do we’re gonna do an episode and
hopefully you don’t you know throw a cng
at us but we’re gonna we’re gonna read
uh a tuttle twin’s book
um all right probably the one about
logical fallacies in asmr format and
then you’ll never
know the show again um so so i read the
search for atlas
sitting in bed like my girlfriend she
made breakfast the other day
and i was reading the search for atlas
and she’s like well
can i hear it so i read the entire thing
out loud while we’re lying in bed
drinking coffee and she was like this is
a great way to spend a saturday morning
and i was like
sure yeah it’s as better than like it’s
like a reader’s digest
like no like so few people are going to
go read atlas shrug
unless they’re like hardcore you know
already objectivist or libertarians and
so we can reach a lot more people with
ideas that way why not yeah no i i’ve
three quarters of atlas shrugged and
then i stopped
i got through the entire thing in one
day it was great
yeah exactly exactly so we are now
where’s the thing hold on this is okay
uh now speaking of shrugging
you two can shrug off coffee forever
mud water coffee alternative which
brings you
the mud water mushroom coffee
replacement cacao rapid fire segment
brought to you by mudwater matt
so there’s a new virus that is spreading
through the country
brand new and rachelle wallensky the
head of the cdc says if we all get
or wear masks for two weeks we should be
just fine
and wait this sounds familiar
i feel like i’ve seen this i don’t know
man i think it’s going to work this time
this is definitely this is going to
yeah this time this time it’s going to
be different
we are not going to lock down for a year
although like
for for connor i feel like that may have
been really good for his business
silver lining in a dark cloud right
what’s that quote that’s uh fool me once
shame on you
fool me twice shame on me right
right bill clinton we’ve we’ve been here
yes this 15 days to 15 days to slow the
i thought we were still in day like 507
15 days to slow the spread i i didn’t
know we’re we’re now in a second
phase overlapping the existing one 15
more days to slow the spread again
um right we’re in we’re in day five of
as opposed to day 507 of covet
yeah this is i’m gonna say conor i don’t
know how much you’ve traveled
um in the last year i have been to
41 or 42 states i have done
close to 200 different events and i’ve
met i don’t know how many tens of
thousands of people
it’s at least 20 000 with a conservative
estimate and i have
you know basic health and safety
precautions i’ve been using for years
i wash my hands regularly i don’t touch
my face unless my hands are clean
i don’t eat or drink after strangers or
really after anyone except
i guess my wife and i’ve been able to
negative this whole time and i feel like
maybe you can you can weigh in on this i
feel like maybe
we don’t have to try to recreate cold
and flu
season conditions by telling everyone to
stay home unless they absolutely have to
go outside what do you think
so i wrote a book a few years ago called
tom woods wrote the the forward to it
and it was a
catalog of how politicians try to
exploit our emotions and how we can stop
and after i published that book i was
really worried like
i was excited a tiny bit kind of like
that silver lining in a dark cloud
i just mentioned but like also horrified
that a book like that is never not going
to be relevant it’s like bob higgs’s
crisis in leviathan
that he wrote in the 80s right our most
recent tuttle twins book is i don’t
think i have it here but it’s based off
of that
called the crisis of the tuttle twins
and the leviathan crisis
there we go there’s your nft oh you got
it matt’s got it so
this is a cycle that happens again and
again and and so in feardom it’s
basically like
the idea here is not safety it’s it’s
and thomas jefferson has the great quote
where he says the timid men prefer the
of despotism to the tempestuous sea of
liberty and the problem i think that we
as libertarians face
is that people do prefer to be taken
care of cradle to grave they want
someone to protect them to save them to
keep them
comfortable and stable whereas liberty
is tempestuous
it’s uncertain it’s unpredictable you
might catch coven you might
die if you’ve got comorbidities right
but it’s worth it like life is worth
living what’s the point of you know
being under quarantine and not living
and so i think that’s a challenge is
that depressingly
we’re in a society where people do
prefer the column of despotism
and uh they trade their liberty for
security and we
have the horrible status quo that we’re
now in but with you i’ve been traveling
a lot
i’ve been fine uh at freedom fest what
we were there like a week ago two weeks
ago everyone was jazzed
shaking hands like like people were
excited to just like rub
shoulders again and and have humanity
back at least to some degree so i’ve
been feeling that in a lot of the events
i’ve been going to is
people are fed up and they just want to
go back to the old normal yeah
yeah and you know crazy thing about that
very often despotism only provides the
fascia or the the facade
of of calm and stability
when the reality is the status quo of
despotism and increasing despotism that
we live under
is also the same status quo that’s
bringing us
you know the cost of living spiraling
out of control
um the these these the fact that kovid
wasn’t able to get
uh controlled because for the first two
months that the virus was here
the government wouldn’t allow anyone to
test for it so it spread out of control
then they uh you know shoved covid
patients into nursing homes which
you know caused all these headlines of
you know thousands of old people dying
and that led to the fear that led to the
lockdowns which have
clearly done nothing to slow or stop the
spread so if anything it seems to me
you know yes there are certainly
instances where freedom
is more tempestuous as you put it or as
jefferson put it
or more unpredictable than despotism
but it seems like on the balance we
actually do
better when we’re more free it’s not
just that you know freedom
in and of itself is is a good thing it’s
also that freedom typically makes things
better too at least in
in by my measure i think
uh i think what jefferson said should
probably be paired with what bastian
said talking about that which is seen
and that which is not seen it’s very
easy to see
the tempestuous liberty oh my gosh that
guy’s open carrying a weapon
right or he’s walking around without a
mask or oh my gosh look at the
the exploding number of cases from the
delta variant as if
numbers of cases means anything and yet
we fixate on that tempestuous data point
for instance whereas to your point spike
i think that which is not seen is the
despotism that it appears
calm but you don’t see the business
owner you know losing 10 years of his
life with all the stress
you know the the the failed marriages
the child abuse
the suicide rates you know you don’t see
the stuff that’s buried
it doesn’t make the news and yet it’s
certainly real
and and you know it reminds me of back
when uh the olympics happened a few
years ago and where was it it’s china or
and they have this whole pretty facade
of what everything looks like but then
they don’t let media go to like the
slums that are like two blocks away and
bring pressure in like
i don’t know it’s just orchestrated or
right right it’s it’s minders telling us
what to look at
um so speaking of which we have uh
new information that you would not have
heard outside of the mainstream media
like uh for example on a podcast that
airs tuesday nights usually around 8 pm
um uh it states that even fully
vaccinated people
can be carriers of covid and spread it
to other people matt
even if they’re vaccinated yeah so
because you never would have heard that
anywhere else before
now ever ever
uh it is recommended that everyone
should be wearing masks again
all the time uh vaccinated unvaccinated
uh whether you are indoors whether you
are outdoors uh you should be in a mask
um and if you need confirmation on this
watch this clip of a fouchy we have
talking about wearing masks and when you
should do that
should not be walking around with masks
let me just state for the record
that masks are not theater wearing a
mask might make people
feel a little bit better and masks are
and but it’s not providing the perfect
protection that people think
that it is there has not been any
that putting a mask on and wearing a
mask for a considerable period of time
has any deleterious effects there are
unintended consequences people keep
fiddling with the mask and they keep
touching their face
and can you get some schmutz sort of
staying inside there
of course you do not need to wear a mask
indoors if in fact
you’ve been vaccinated good that you’re
vaccinated but in a situation
where you have people indoors
particularly crowded you should wear a
so even if you are that’s what that was
you should wear a mask
if in fact you are vaccinated fully
vaccinated you are
wait the in one of the in that last one
he said that in the same interview there
was this
yeah that was the exact same interview
incredibly protected and you do not need
to wear a mask outdoors or indoors
when the children go out into the
community you want them to continue to
wear masks you know if you look at
children outside particularly when
they’re with the family uh
walking down the street playing a game
or what have you don’t have to wear
a mask the the the pediatric the academy
of pediatric
actually makes that recommendation that
children should be wearing masks
uh from two years old onward and you
you’re asking now if
your child is a member of your household
can you walk outdoors
with your child without a mask according
to that chart
the answer is yes but the child can’t
not to beat it and beat it to death
yes yes because now the cdc says i mean
i think i’ve got this right
one mask is better than zero masks two
masks is better than one mask
but you don’t have to have double masks
is that right i mean
you know it became clear that cloth
coverings that you didn’t have to buy in
a store
that you could make yourself were
adequate and then you wanted to fit
so one of the ways you could do it if
you would like to is put a cloth mask
which actually here and here
and here where you can get leakage in is
much better
contained are you a double master dr
fauci look like you are
that is just and this is all like for
those who are going yes but the science
changed this is all within like a two or
three month period that most of these
uh some some of those were from last
year uh some of those were from last
some of them were the same interview uh
that those were from interviews over the
course of the entire
series um but yeah the uh
how how quickly he goes back like like
you said he goes back and forth so
quickly he does it in an
interview uh on fox that was on fox
right that was neil cabuto that was new
yeah he’s still on fox
he’s still on fox i just think of that
boy who cries wolf
parable or whatever right like exactly
leaving the boy at some point because
you know making things up and saying
stupid stuff and
when are we gonna get to the point where
we’d like stop listening to this guy
it’s crazy i i don’t know so you’re you
don’t consider yourself a fouchiest
well maybe maybe i should consider him
competition did you see that fauci is
getting a children’s book now
it’s so when fauci goes to washington
and it’s got him
you know as a cartoon character on the
cover and it’s a whole glorifying weird
culti kind of book
so um last year during the pandem like
when everything was shut down even
florida was shut down for a little bit
but we had just reopened
there’s this like quirky independent
here that uh you had to make an
appointment to go to because they would
only let like
two parties in at a time kind of a thing
and they had one
they had a book there that was called uh
dr fauci became america’s doctor and it
was geared to kids
and i saw it and i picked it up and i
almost bought it because
i didn’t want anybody else to because
how would you
my like put it behind a stack of other
books way back
somewhere where they came right exactly
and i was just like wow they were just
and they the same place had a uh
children’s book about pete buddhist you
know children’s book about nancy pelosi
and i went
well i’m just never going to come back
to this bookstore
and people accuse me of propaganda right
that is it’s just it’s it’s horrifying
and you know at the same time you know
if only if only someone had
said that you know the possibility that
you know the vaccinated are almost as
to spread covet as the unvaccinated on
say the night before that it was
released that they said that
yeah on i don’t know kennedy on fox
hold on what are your thoughts yeah i i
think that the problem is here
i think the data is going to kill their
requests this is only
a pandemic of the unvaccinated narrative
that they’ve been pushing out for the
last month
i think what the data might very well
show if they have it’s one of two things
either they don’t have any good data on
why they’re doing this
or they do when the data is that
vaccinated or un
this is such a shameless plug for me
anyway vaccinated you’re gonna get
and you’re gonna spread it which kills
their whole narrative of well this isn’t
just about you
it’s being a good neighbor to others to
be vaccinated so you can’t spread it to
them but
if you still can spread it to them and
that turns out to be the case
then if someone’s not worried about
getting sick personally then they don’t
actually have a good reason to tell them
that they have to get vaccinated i think
that might be it there’s also a
possibility that it’s
the fact that they’ve never really had
good data about the mask mandates if
you’ll recall
when they first did their studies about
mass mandates in different cities
compared to cities that didn’t have them
in their reference period they didn’t
see any difference in hospitalizations
or deaths
so i think what they have they might
have a lot of data but it might not be
showing what they want anyone to see
if only someone had said that so
he’s your senator spike i’m certain
you’ve heard lindsey graham fully
and he has coveted now yes
yeah did you uh shocking
uh a strategist for the rhode island
democratic party
named kate coyne mccoy uh i saw this
earlier today and i forgot to add it to
the notes
uh tweeted out i hope or
it’s wrong to hope he dies from covid
i mean i get it i’m anyway so
the uh i i get it but i i mean the the
the texas democrats who left texas
and they were on a plane together and a
bunch of them they were all vaccinated
it is
the dc mayor all of these people
so it’s by the way we’re not
anti-anti-vaxx on this on this program
they’re saying that this particular type
of vaccine doesn’t actually necessarily
make you immune from the virus
it just preps your immune system to
fight it better so that it comes
basically not as a novel virus so you’re
much less likely to get sick
or or die okay great then it’s a
personal choice
if i can still get it and spread it to
other people either way in almost the
same level
then why are you pressuring me to get it
if i don’t want to get it if someone
else doesn’t want to get it
then that’s our personal choice that
affects our personal health
and literally no one else right
i’m sure connor at some point we went
from like risk mitigation
to like we can’t have anyone getting
coveted at all right before
15 days to flatten the curve it was
really just about maximizing
hospital capacity and spreading out the
right right infection that everyone was
going to get and now for some reason
people think like
like focusing on the case counts i
guarantee you had we been doing this for
influenza for years people would have
been losing their minds with how many
were getting the flu and the flu kills
all kinds of people and there’s a
vaccine and a lot of people don’t get it
and some people do like
and it’s just amazing how when you can
fixate people’s attention on something
they’re gonna have this like irrational
fear about it where they can’t evaluate
risk relative to everything else in
their life
and uh and and i mean it’s fear porn
people obviously are addicted to this
right now
and the media is seeing tons of clicks
and i don’t see them stopping anytime
right and so you saw this a lot when uh
fauci’s emails
uh came out and the entire time he
wasn’t worried
about you know treating the people who
had it it was he was worried about
numbers and then he was just worried
about vaccine he wasn’t ever
really worried on how to treat it or how
to uh slow it in any way
because he was just like no we need to
figure out what the cure is we need to
get the vaccine
and then once they got the vaccine it’s
just it was all about the vaccine
um and at no point was it we need to
figure out a cure we need to figure out
how to slow it because
as we’ve learned over the last year and
a half um
the three things that you shouldn’t do
if you have covid is to isolate yourself
stay indoors and
um not go out you know not go outside
um because uh the sun helps
cure you yeah but but that big pharma
can’t package and sell the sun
so that’s valid yet yet
yet yes give it time soon
give it time i gotta get my monthly uv
ray infusion donald trump tried to tell
us if he was going to put sunlight in
our veins or whatever he said back
so speaking of uh former presidents i
did it i finally had a relevant segue
uh former president barack obama matt is
uh ann connor
uh is throwing himself a 60th birthday
in a place where covet apparently
doesn’t exist martha’s vineyard
uh where there’s going to be 475 guests
and over 200 staff members it’s really
nice that
kovid doesn’t exist on market copa
definitely does not exist
on martha’s vineyard i’m grateful for
for these instances i think the more
that happened the better i mean it’s
like when people get upset
with like trump or biotin or obama
golfing instead of working i’m like i
want them golfing every single day
yeah and and so i feel like it’s people
get outraged
oh my gosh how dare you know obama hold
this party and then like
the more that this crap happens the more
this all unravels and the better off
we’re gonna be
you know and you’ve got the dc mayor and
then you had the
uh california governor you know doing
his little party and all the hypocrisy
is just showing that it’s like rules for
me and rules for thee
it’s showing the elitism it’s showing
the authoritarianism
this is how we kind of break things down
is by getting people to be so disgusted
with their overlords that
they just have widespread non-compliance
and so the more this happens i’m just
sitting here like
applauding from the sidelines saying all
right another case that kind of
puts a little you know crack in the uh
the facade here to try and dismantle it
all together
right what it also go go ahead matt go
i was gonna say so you like you you have
seen this throughout the entire
uh plandemic where you you know you had
nancy pelosi going to get her haircut or
whatever when they shut down all the
salons in san francisco then you had uh
um doing literally everything she said
told people not to do
and she lord all of it she went to
she literally did all of it uh
everything that she was like no you
can’t do that
and she but i’m going to
but screw you you don’t get a choice um
but and you know the the dc mayor now
who like and obama like recently was
tweeting out about the delta variant
um and how it can spread quickly and
hurt people um
even if they’re vaccinated so i’m
interested to see the logic between
him reaching that to i’m gonna throw a
party with
over six with like 700 people well it’s
it’s okay matt and and conor because
gems is it pasaki or saki
it’s saki but saki circle back zack he
uh it wasn’t a big deal because uh
barack obama has been a huge
advocate of individuals getting
vaccinated and what cdc has provided
guidance on
is for indoor settings in higher
substantial high zones
of covet cases and that this event is
outdoors and then a moderate zone
you know moderate zone 675 people
from all over the world all over the
world together
moderate is a super spreader event
right so this is a super spreader event
it’s the super spreader 60th super
this is a global warming uh crisis isn’t
it everyone’s flying in their
private jet private jets you know not
paying their carbon offsets
nope you know no it’s a nightmare the
other aspect of what you were saying
conor is that not only does it show the
you know rules for the and not for me
thing it also shows they know this stuff
is full of crap if if barack obama
or mayor bowser or uh or gretchen
or um uh the texas democrats
yeah yeah or the texas democrats or you
know any of these people and there have
been republicans too there everyone get
you know everyone
uh the governor of ohio mike uh dewine
if they actually believed
in their own orders being effective
they would obey them themselves because
they don’t want to get coveted and
die nancy pelosi is 81 right like these
some of these are people that are well
within the age words not i mean you
don’t want to get it you know vaccinated
not vaccinated
you don’t want to get it and they still
routinely flout their own orders
which means not only we already knew
they thought they’re above the law but
what they’re saying is they don’t think
this actually works
they don’t think it’s necessary or
effective or else they’d be following it
themselves they’re saying
and it’s another reason why we can
applaud this like you said is they’re
this is all garbage it’s full of crap
there’s not it’s all it’s
fake and so it basically tells us we can
disobey it just like they do they we
if they want to flourish so can i think
the last part that we have to figure out
how to overcome i’ve been thinking about
this in the past few weeks
is i think what this really boils down
to because of everything that you just
pointed out
it’s really just the the virtue
signaling it’s a projection
of being someone who cares and as i
think about the businesses so many
business owners they don’t want to
comply with this crap anymore they don’t
want to have these restrictions they
don’t want to have to
require vaccines or ask for people’s
papers or
require masks or any of that kind of
stuff what are they worried about
they’re worried about all of the cairns
like bombarding their yelp page or
google page
with negative reviews and so they have
to project
that like every time you spike you’ve
been flying a lot i’ve been flying and
oh we’re here for you we care for you
like no you just don’t want people to be
upset with you that’s all this really
boils down to
and you’re terrified that if you don’t
go along with this
ruse and pretend like everyone else is
and we all know it’s kind of this
concern now that the mom is going to
come after you and that’s the piece that
i don’t know
how we overcome i don’t know how we
disempower the karen’s
to bombard these you know review pages
and leave nasty reviews and stuff
that to me is the the puzzle piece that
if we can figure out how to solve
and not care about those people and
their opinions and go about it
like if this was pre-social media i
think we would have regained our
freedoms far faster but it’s because of
all these review opportunities and its
ability to
for anyone to publish a tweet and have
it go viral and you know
have someone be cancelled i think that’s
the hard element of
us letting go of what these karen’s care
and for us to not care what they say and
i don’t know how we solve that little
last piece i feel like that’s what’s
i think if we apply rules for radicals
we isolate and stigmatize them
and make them look as foolish as they
the fact that the truth’s on our side if
and this is something we as libertarians
are often loath
to do because you know we want just the
to to you know to win out because
they’re the facts but the reality is
you know we’re in a we’re not in a
marketplace of our
ideas as much as a battlefield of ideas
and we can stay you know consistent with
our beliefs
while also engaging it you know a lot of
people think that’s all
that rules for radicals was specifically
for progressives it actually wasn’t
it’s it’s a it’s a a a case study of how
uh different practices can be used to
you know politically isolate and
and harm your opponents and in this case
i think that
if someone is out there trying to ruin
people’s lives and livelihoods
uh through their you know borderline
aggressive actions
uh in in commenting and threatening and
and you know calling the police and all
this stuff
call them out no one likes a snitch so
column happen is what they are the
cairns and the snitches
i actually like the whole labeling
people like this as karen’s
because it has really blunted the people
that were like
well i’m gonna speak to the manager
until everyone has to wear a mask
it’s like okay karen calm down and you
know i think that that’s actually an
example of that and i think
we probably just need to do more of that
just isolate these folks
when they’re doing it and say look at
this schmuck who won’t let
you know a bunch of people choose to be
together harming no one
because they’re freaking out you know
they’re so worried about staying safe at
here they are standing out in front of
the store screaming at the top of their
lungs spreading their
their formates or whatever they’re
called all over the place um
you know i think it’s it’s you know it’s
absurd now thankfully guys
uh if for the people that are watching
in new york city
that are watching obama have this you
know party with you know
675 people from all over the world there
they should be very happy to know that
uh if they’re not vaccinated they can’t
do and anything
anything indoors indoors anything at all
so i like in i was going to say like i
was wondering how like in a city like
new york
where now literally you can’t go to a
restaurant gym
indoor arena anywhere like basically
anywhere inside without a vaccination
like what do the shop owners do then
because you’re right they don’t want to
do this now they’re just being
forced to do it they’re being told no in
order to
stay in business you have to accept
these things um
so what do the shop owners do here like
i don’t want to comply but i need to
stay in business i have to stay in
yeah yep i had a couple times on the
trail where i
we would go into an area with a mass
mandate that was being
not just brutally enforced but kind of
selectively enforced they were they were
going after specific businesses they
were trying to shut down
uh you know so if there was anyone even
you know not wearing a mask over their
nose they’d come in and give them a hard
and so you know we’d go into either a
restaurant or whatever during the
and i would typically go in without a
mask just in general
and and uh you know i’d have people say
i don’t like it but we are routinely
getting threatened
we’ll lose our business license please
put the please put the mask
on until you step step 10 steps over
there and sit down then you can take it
it’s total foolishness but if someone is
watching and
they don’t see me telling you to please
put your mask on
i’m going to get in trouble even more
than you are and in those cases we do it
we put the mask on
sometimes i’d literally just hold it
over my face walk over and take it off
to show
just the whole absurdity of the thing
but you know we would do it because
what are we going to do wreck that that
you know restaurants livelihood because
of a bunch of
you know keystone cops in their city
enforcing this thing so i think a lot of
the business owners they just feel held
hostage right like
i’ve had a number of them come to me and
say similar things they’re like i hate
i’m trying to find ways to fight against
it but in the meantime
i’d prefer to to play these shenanigans
than be shut down
and they feel like it’s this massive
trade-off where if they don’t go along
you know then then the alternative is as
we’ve been
seeing throughout the country this very
um use by the government of this like
lockdown power to just
ban business altogether and they clearly
don’t want that so they’re willing to
quite a lot of impositions on their
freedom yeah
yeah and that and that’s been one of the
like seeing what they announced in new
york today which
i have to be a little honest i don’t
know if they announced this to try to
blunt the news of
cuomo getting the sexual assault
uh being found uh guilty of sexual
assault or in the investigation
um i don’t know which one they put out
to blunt the other one i’m not sure
which one was there to
add it that was there as a buffer for
the other news
i’m not sure well i do know i mean bill
de blasio hates uh
andrew cuomo so i
tend to think that i’m honestly not sure
i i i don’t know which one it is yeah i
don’t know
i don’t know i don’t know i just don’t
know why people still live there anymore
i have no idea but i’m grateful that
they live
there instead of here in florida
because i don’t want you voting that way
here well they’re working their way
there but it’s often the ones that are
trying to escape that that are
that are working their way then um right
you know this this is a i mean it’s the
biggest city
uh in the uh in north america actually i
think or second largest to mexico city
but it’s it’s the largest
uh city in the u.s one of the largest on
and uh you know remember by the way
folks remember
you know i don’t know a week ago when
you know even suggesting that there were
going to be vaccine passports was
extremist misinformation and conspiracy
theories even though
the government literally said that they
were working with
private entities to create the the
protocols for these vaccine passports
and now here they are um this is very
similar conor to
i remember last year like in as early as
march of last year making anti-lockdown
videos we hadn’t even had lockdowns here
and i was saying they’re coming here’s
what’s happening in other countries and
here’s why lockdowns don’t work and are
a stupid idea
and i would have people in the comments
saying you idiot that’ll never
happen here that’s a conspiracy theory
just because it’s happening in china
in italy and france and spain
and parts of canada and there’s our
cities suggesting it
and they’re we’re being threatened that
it’s going to happen and they’re already
limiting the number of people that can
be in outdoor events
they’d never tell us we have to snare a
house and within weeks those were the
same people saying you
idiot if you go outside you’re killing
my grandmother
and it just goes to show how quickly
that can turn so that now this thing
that was you know misinformation
uh you know a matter of days ago is now
you know
is now happening in the largest city in
the country you could get
kicked off of facebook and twitter a
week ago for things that are
you know being stated yeah
i if you guys haven’t read it or your
audience i
loved reading the book uh by milton
called they thought they were free and
it’s this interview
with a bunch of germans in post-world
ii germany and and milton mayer he was
an american
journalist of jewish uh of jewish
and german descent so he’s interested in
this question for like multiple reasons
all these you know
american journalists jewish german and
he’s like trying to figure out what’s
going on so he goes to interview these
germans from all walks of life
trying to answer the question like how
did you let this happen how how did
why did you support it how did you go
along with it and it’s spike it’s kind
of like what you were just saying it’s
this oh this could never happen oh that
next thing is absurd oh that
you know that that next thing is going
to happen and we see from from
if i were to boil down which is a
disservice to some of the amazing
interviews and insights that are in
there but
you boil it down and it really all their
stories come down to
well we didn’t object to that thing
before and so why would we object to
next incremental thing and that next one
didn’t seem
you know like that was going to happen
but had you at the beginning told us it
would go
to the end we would have clearly
objected to that but we were conditioned
in this constant incremental almost like
of act of inaction because we had been
conditioned to not stand up
to a b or c and so by the time we were
at x and y and z
we were used to like our failed
predictions our inability to see what
was coming down the path
getting used to listening to experts it
was very mind opening for me to see
the degree to which humans are willing
to put up with this authoritarianism
and i’m not comparing at all what we’re
going through with nazi germany
and yet there are echoes of what
happened then
to what’s happening now and you can see
similar psychological things at play
that i think are really insightful for
us to
have this warning about because it could
get a lot worse
yeah so there was a this isn’t this
isn’t to compare to nazi germany it’s to
say that in any of these cases
of this sudden increase in
totalitarianism in multiple
historical references large and small
every single one of them starts with
well we’re only going to do this and
it’s because of this thing you’re really
scared of
and well no well we’re going to have to
do this and they just you know uh uh
who is it rupert uh eris mendez in the
comments said you know frog in the
boiling water like that’s
that’s the whole you know you slowly
bring it up until eventually they don’t
realize that they’re literally being
and uh you know it’s which is why we
need to fight
tooth and nail this idea of government
banning through social media
misinformation because we keep finding
that today’s
misinformation is tomorrow or next
you know truth that we’ve been trying to
expose including this potential lab leak
in china i remember i was being called a
racist for eve during the campaign
when someone asked me about the lab leak
and i said
i don’t know it’s possible is it
possible that communist china
screwed up in their in their research
that they were doing
and it accidentally leaked and that now
they’re trying to cover it up and
and we’re trying to cover up that it
even existed and then after that they
blamed it on wet markets
is that possible it’s absolutely
possible is it possible that the the
you know the consensus theory right now
is also true yeah that’s also possible
but i don’t trust
uh communist dictatorships i don’t even
trust my own government why would i
trust theirs
and people are saying oh that’s racist
against chinese people turns out now
that that’s a
viable theory that that’s happening so
there was this um there was a show it
may still be on netflix it’s uh
darren brown who’s he’s in
he’s a british mentalist like magician
darren brown pushed to the edge to call
that or the push i don’t remember which
but in it he takes this guy and
he just slowly gets him to do things
that are wrong
little by little by little up until he
asks him to push somebody off of the
ledge of a building
um and it’s that same theory because at
the beginning he’s like i shouldn’t do
this but
all right i’m gonna do it and then each
one is just incrementally worse and it
was a great visualization
of what you see happening in a lot of
totalitarian governments where it’s just
like okay we’re just gonna go this far
okay well now this far now this far up
until the unthinkable is being asked of
but it’s too late at that point um
it’s a it’s a it’s a great show uh i
don’t i don’t remember if it was a
series or a show
or a single thing but it was fantastic
i’ll have to look into that it’s a it’s
a modern version of what’s been known
for decades the stanley milgram
right yes m-i-l-g
and this has been replicated a lot of
study those you know that you’ll hear on
the news like experts say this or study
you know a new study shows this
and the problem with all these studies
is they’re often not replicable right
it’s like they had some crappy study
you know if it’s true if it’s data
oriented if it’s science you should be
able to replicate it the milgram
experiment has been replicated
time and again showing the degree to
which people are willing to follow
right in the original experiment it was
it was you’re sitting there and this guy
in a lab coat
who looks all official a doctor like is
saying you need to shock the person in
the other room
and the other person in the room was
part of the ruse right they weren’t
actually being shocked
and each time that person would hit the
button the guy in the next room ah you
know he’d like get pretend to get zapped
but the person pushing the buttons
thinks this is all real and part of this
very important experiment and and so the
lab coat guy is pushing the the button
pusher no you need to do the next one
that increases the voltage
and no you gotta do the next one and
pretty soon the guy in the other room is
screaming bloody murder like stop this
unhook me now
you know i feel like i’m gonna have a
heart attack and the person on the other
end of course is like terrified
like should i really do this do i really
need you and the person is like no
the lab coat he’s like no this is really
important we have to see this through to
the end
and how many people are administering
even the fatal doses so they get to the
there’s no more sounds coming there’s no
yeah and you think he’s paralyzed or
dead and the guy’s sitting there like
someone help him should we do something
yeah keep pressing
and they do they keep pressing the
button and so
over and over again people these
experiments have shown i guess this roof
one is a newer
iteration of that that people are
willing to obey orders even going
against the dictates of their own
and that to me is such a depressing uh
revelation about the human condition
that people are willing to subordinate
their own conscience
to the the whims of even pretend
authority that’s just wearing a lab coat
you know much more like official
government you know people it’s crazy
and and two horrifying even equally
horrifying aspects to
what you just said with the milgram
experiment number one those people in
the lab coats never said this is the law
you have to do it or you’re gonna get in
trouble they never
threaten the person they only in a very
stern tone
authoritative tone say you have to do
this this is
very important it’s crucial to our study
they have the they know that they can
get out and leave at any time and refuse
to do this and there were
a small minority of people i’m not doing
this as soon as the person went ah the
first time they’re like no i’m not doing
this i’m not shocking anyone but the
majority of people
not with under any threat of coercion
not under any kind of oh you’re going to
get in trouble you’ll be the one in
there getting shot it literally just
you have to do this it’s very very
it is crucial to this study that you
continue to do this the other thing
that’s really scary is
that first shock starts with ah what was
that wow that was terrible
and then it goes ah and then it goes ah
and you know the total screaming
at to the point of and then like you
said to nothing where they’re just
pressing the button and nothing’s
and it started with oh hey that was
inconvenient i didn’t like that
right and so it makes it sort of with
this like well i guess the next step is
and it’s building this foundation
foundation upon foundation of well this
level of harm is okay
well this level of harm’s necessary too
well you know this level of harm’s
necessary too
and at some point there’s a sunken cost
fallacy that happens where it’s like
i’m already this far in i better just
see it through to the end
and that’s that’s what this system of
despotism is built on is
on just constantly growing that level of
comfort that people have with harming
themselves and others for
the thing whatever it is you know the
the the whatever the effort or
initiative is
it’s horrifying yeah you should do so
are you going to do a a a tuttleton
twins milgram experiment book
we’ll have to throw that maybe in a
cartoon episode
oh m is for milgram um okay so uh
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skip the
bryan one
yeah we’ll do that right here yeah do
that later
um and then we’ll so we’ll start with
this one from john bartassic
bartes bardasic
i can’t hear anything
you jinxed yourself there’s your this
isn’t an error hold on
this is not an error hold on so
yesterday the nfl
okay here we go here we go see this was
this was the chrome this wasn’t me all
right here is from john partask
hey there matt and spike this is john
bardock from richmond virginia
so yesterday the nfl sent out a memo
further demonizing all
unvaccinated personnel in the league
and they did this 20 days after players
had the option to
opt out for the year kind of seems like
a little bit of a
extortion and that if this information
had been available
before the opt-out date a lot more
players would have opted out
yes yeah um
i don’t know if you know spike the nfl
either you have to get the shot or you
have to comply to
a weekly covid test at your own expense
um and a lot of players did not want to
do that so some people have said i’m
just going to quit and they’ve left
some people have gotten fired because
they refuse to get the shot
um but they did it after they said after
they gave you the
opt out option they didn’t make that
rule before that
expired so it was like they took they
were like
you can opt out of the season if you
want but then everybody’s like okay well
this thing looks like it’s clearing up
we don’t really
want to do that and then after that they
said oh well now you have to get the
or you have to get tested every week and
i know that the
tennessee titans quarterback ryan
tannehill uh
recently broke down and got the shot uh
he didn’t want to have to worry about
getting tested every week and where
be like the only person wearing a mask
on his team and
it was what the nfl has done here
was they took away their actual freedom
of choice on this thing by saying well
no now you if you opt out this year
it will count against you it won’t just
a free pass for a year what and what’s
insane about this is
according to the government now 70 of
americans have gotten at least one shot
which means we’re about maybe two weeks
from uh from full from what they call
herd immunity herd immunity is
from 60 up why are we still
doing this and the answer is what i said
on the the kennedy thing
and uh on uh fox business uh 8pm eastern
um the reason that i that this happened
is the reason they’re saying is because
we don’t have hurt immunity with
vaccination you can still get it
and spread it the only way that you can
not that you can potentially not get it
and spread it and actually be immune
is to get covid like that’s that’s the
only way and even some people that get
covet still are able to get it and
spread it again afterwards
usually it’s it’s less severe that the
second and third and so forth time but
but the reality is like there is no such
thing as hurt immunity for this
so and and again if you have the vaccine
you can still get it and spread it so
just let people make their own choices
regarding the uh you have to get tested
at your own expense there’s federal law
that says that anyone who wants to get
the test in america
can get it for free so i don’t even know
how they would enforce that that’s the
federal government or the taxpayer or
are paying for it so how could they say
you have to pay for this test
i i don’t even know how that’s possible
to me to me there’s an interesting
libertarian question here right because
it’s like you should have the freedom of
to require anything you want is a
condition of working and if it’s my
my property rights you know i should be
able to you know
make you stand on one leg and if that’s
what you want to do is a condition of
working here then that’s my right
and so i can see the the argument and i
tend to fall even
even now even still uh to the argument
that business owners
nfl all these groups they have the right
i can call them stupid i can say they’re
doing dumb stuff
but i think they have the right to do it
but i’ve been persuaded i’ve seen in
some libertarian circles some folks
advancing the argument
that you know they’ll go to the extreme
and they’ll say all right well the
cattle cars hauling all the
the jews to the gas chamber what if
those were a privately owned company
right is it okay just because you know
and and i’m like okay well i can see
the argument where in this climate of
fear and bullying where the government
is trying to outsource
its uh executive function or its
of you know whether people are being
vaccinated to the private sector and
pushing businesses to doing this
there’s this weird middle ground where
if you’re kind of deputizing the private
sector on your behalf
to have this kind of
quasi-authoritarianism i can at least
see an argument
being made that this isn’t quite you
know private companies doing what they
want of their own accord
they’re operating under duress and
and so in that element or in that
circumstance i can at least see the
argument saying
well maybe there’s a basis to like sue
the company or
fight back somehow and not have this
argument of oh it’s their company their
property rights to do what they want but
you know if they’re the ones being
deputized by the state
then like maybe they should suffer the
same fate of the state and be opposed
just like we’re opposing the state doing
these mandates you know this is similar
you know the the social media censorship
argument that we’ve been having for
years now and what i’ve always said is
you know yes in a purely you know
private world we can just look at this
and say hey listen they can do whatever
they want with their platform
we should be looking more at how if at
all is government involved so in the
example with social media
uh social media has been part of the
atlantic council
which is a consortium of multiple
government agencies and
multiple governments including the u.s
government mostly western developed
country governments
that are setting standards for you know
suggestive standards
of course under the threat that you’ll
get in trouble if you don’t use it for
social media companies
so i don’t really see increasingly i
don’t really see mark zuckerberg as the
i see the people like joe biden who
claim that mark zuckerberg is killing
by allowing us to share our concerns
about the covet vaccine which keep being
proven right
uh it’s really government that is the
issue here so
you know going to this thing yeah you
know the nfl relies heavily on subsidies
and tax breaks and eminent domain from
federal and state and local governments
across the country and if they then if
those governments then go
oh by the way it’d be a real shame if
some of our biggest
public-private partnership corporatist
partners were to
not mandate vaccination and man there’d
be a lot of liability in a
a definite drop in the tax breaks we’d
be giving them
yeah you’re now you’ve got you’ve got a
you know part of corporatism is the
of free market capitalism when the
reality is you have government
centrally planning things so heavily and
picking winners and losers
and yeah that leads to you know would
the nfl
absent all of those controls and
coercion would they be tr and mandates
in some cases
uh be um be uh requiring it
i don’t know but ultimately it’s kind of
academic because
it is in the midst of all that that’s
happening i think at the very least we
should be calling it out even if we then
say hey listen they have the right to do
even if there is some government
coercion at the very least we need to be
calling it out it’s stupid
um if nothing else um so here is the
next one from
jacob lebel haven’t had one from him in
a while
hey guys this is jacob labelle one of
the real ones
i have a question for connor if he’s
still available
connor who could write a better
children’s book
you or guy on left wow
wow guy on left is matt by the way
that’s me
in case you didn’t know who guyon left
i i wondered if this guy is your asmr
guy sounding like he’s like a late night
soothing sounds in the seat tune in now
wow hey let the market be the judge
yeah i was gonna say i feel like i can
answer this with he has slowly published
children’s books and sold like one point
what last year
connor’s response just a few was the
most subtle
burn ever on this show
hey i’ll just let the market figure it
out right
yeah he he sold over a million books
last year
and i sold like 40. i think what’s your
i don’t i don’t know i didn’t know you
have a book i do yeah i’ve got a book
it’s uh i’ve got two books um
they are not children’s books do not
read them to your children unless i was
gonna say
don’t read those children jesus do not
read those to children unless you are an
awful parent
um one is called can you keep a secret
and it is the
story of a very uh introverted young man
who falls in love with an alcoholic sex
addict with multiple personalities
and yeah it’s based on a true story
um i wish that was a joke
and the other one is called dear jack
diary of an addict
and it’s about four friends who come
together to help one of them get off of
and as he is getting over his
addiction um as he’s getting over the
initial hump of his addiction
uh it is juxtaposed against
diary entries that show how he got into
cool also the reset or they’ve been out
for a while
um so can you keep a secret came out in
and uh dear jack diary of hannah came
out in 2000
i quit drinking in 2000 yeah 2014.
14. i uh what was weird for me is
i wrote several books for adults before
i started doing
tuttle twins i’ve written i think now
like 30 books overall
and when we started doing the tuttle
twins books it was actually
it was hard like i can write for me it’s
really easy to write
a book for adults and i can just kind of
stream of consciousness just you know
type type edit it and off i go and and
that wasn’t
laborious like it takes a while and
whatever but
man like doing a book for kids was a
unique challenge that took us a while to
find our group because
you gotta like simplify it in a way
where the kids can
um understand it but then it has to be
engaging at their level but it has to be
challenging so it has to be kind of like
pulling them in a direction where
they’re going to keep reading it
but you don’t want especially for what
we’re doing with our kids books you
don’t want to dumb these ideas down too
much because
we’re already trying to simplify them
anyways it was kind of a process for us
figure out how to like balance all that
stuff together
so when i first got into the liberty
movement um
i had written one of the books i’ve
written deer jack diary of an addict
and uh i had started can you keep a
secret but i hadn’t finished it yet
but then i decided that i wanted to do a
liberty book for children
uh so i actually started one years ago
and you’re
it was it was so difficult to
to change my mindset from writing books
that were geared toward
full like to adult people who can
understand when i’m talking about using
heroin i’m not saying you should go out
and try heroin
um to trying to get liberty
hey kids heroine’s great um
i forget my parents watch this show um
but uh
like switching from switching from that
to trying to explain
you know like the non-aggression
principle and
government overreach to children uh and
mine was going to be centered in a
school where
the government was like the principals
and the teachers and the kids were just
trying to
live a normal life but it it was really
hard and i had to give it up and then i
you on the tom wood show and then i went
so i got your books and i was like well
this guy’s doing it better than i can so
yeah i i gotta say i’ve enjoyed having a
bit of a monopoly for a while
in kind of what we’re doing that no one
else has done this
and we we just kind of like fill the
void and sell a ton of books and
look that’s great we enjoy it but the
the ideological side of me
like the community builder trying to
change the world or whatever i’m like
we need like a thousand more people
doing what we’re doing yeah
you know i mean julie browski’s got her
book no one knows how to make a pizza
and she’s got the porcupine one too
and there’s the voluntariest uh there’s
a voluntarist book for kids and
there’s some others who have been kind
of dabbling and doing some stuff
and like okay sure it’s competition or
whatever but like
i i think we need a lot more of that
because competition’s good it’s going to
absolutely it’s going to happen
competitions you’re you were
doing a proof of concept in an entire
market to show there’s
even a demand for this and you’re
actually building them as you discussed
in this their spectacular show business
is good because it makes you
drives prices down those expensive
tuttle twins books gotta gotta
go down and collapse kind of bring them
down bring them down create a price
equilibrium for
for the tuttle twins so yeah i i haven’t
unlike anyone else here i
i’ve only published one book um as a
child when i was uh i believe
seven i uh wrote a book which was
published at my school
about my grandmother having her
gallbladder removed
and it’s called my mamie had her
gallbladder removed or my mimi’s
which was removed now what was it
yes by me um i i tried my best to draw
a gallbladder being taken out of my
multiple times it’s pretty gruesome i’ll
read that we’ll re we’ll do an asmr
segment where i read
my mind we’re going to do a story a
story episode where we just read books
and just read mine about i also i also
uh so that’s
you know uh and it did not sell well it
did not
my parents bought one um i think my
grandmother bought one too
god rest her soul now you can make an
nft about it and
you know yes i can make an nft more
my mimi’s gallbladder so here’s the next
one from josh
hey matt and spike and connor
um just wondering if you guys have read
any of the tunnel twins books or any of
books that connor has put together
i think they’re absolutely amazing i
wish i had them when i was a kid
they would have helped me wake up a lot
um to everything and
i’d say my kids absolutely love your
books connor
they already understand you don’t
hurt people and don’t take their stuff
and i was just wondering also if you
have any more books coming out for
kids because i would absolutely love to
buy them
so i think his first question was um
have you read any of your books connor
have i read any of them
you say they’re good but have you read
them yeah
it’s uh i i read the so when i do the
my i have two kids a boy and a girl and
they’re not twins
but i’ve modeled the personalities of
the tuttle twins
after my own children and so they get
kind of insider access right because the
script will change and we’ll iterate
we’ll drop a character or change things
and so they always love reading it at
the end because they know the evolution
of the story and they’re like oh
you know we know what it really was
before so yeah
it’s i’m actually a a paranoid
reader of my books because i’m always
worried that there’s going to be a typo
that despite all that like i have three
editors go over these
and like you know and and i’ll tell you
this matt that
that leviathan crisis book you got
there’s i’m not going to tell you where
you can go find them now but there’s two
typos in it
that despite all the reading and all the
checking you know i get the book and
then i’m doing this like leisurely read
after we got the
like we ordered 40 000 printed books
we do tranches of 40 000 at a time and
i was like oh crap you just turned this
into a brand new game for me
there you go he’ll find them let me know
how it goes
in terms of future books so that 12th
one just came out a few weeks ago
um and we’re working on
uh figuring out what we want to do for
book 13 but we’re also working on more
toddler books
we’re working as i said on the fourth
kind of choose your consequence
uh novel for teens we’re working on
uh some guidebooks we’re working on a
really big american history
textbook for kids about kind of the
declaration of independence the
the constitution but from kind of a
murray rothbard conceived in liberty
libertarian slant on american history to
talk about the philosophy and the ideas
and the classical liberalism rather than
these battles happened and they were
upset about taxation without
representation there’s so much more to
and with all the consternation over like
1619 project
and critical race theory and all that
we felt like it’s a good time to go deep
on american history
and give kind of the libertarian angle
on how everything went down
um and that tension and power between
you know the people and the aristocrats
and the elite and
anyway so so we’re working on a lot
these bags under my eyes if you can see
them they’re
uh i don’t sleep a lot we’re trying to
churn out a lot of content but
like like with last year selling 1.3
million books and this year trying to do
2 million like i feel this urgency
um to get a lot more material out and
get the cartoons out and really try and
accelerate this because
um i feel like we’ve kind of lost
you know the the adult generation
it’s gonna be very hard to like persuade
people but i feel a lot more hope when
it comes to like families and their kids
like i’m a big ron paul guy and and i
credit him
with bringing me into the movement he’s
he’s why i’m here
and um the thought that i often have is
like who is the next ron paul or pick
your liberty hero whoever that is and
like but for the fact that
he read a teleton’s book when he was 12
years old or something he would have
gone down a different
life path how many people who are who
are key to the future of our movement
and our world are we reaching right now
at a younger age and putting them on
on this path um that to me is super
exciting to think what the future looks
like and the contributions that are
going to be made by
all kinds of people who are reaching now
and so
for like forgive the the silly example
but i feel like
so i run a think tank we change laws
we’ve changed
dozens of laws we’re really good at it
and that’s kind of my day job
and so in that day job we’re trying to
persuade voters and reach adults and all
this kind of stuff
but i feel like it’s like we’re in this
big orchard full of
these older trees that are kind of like
decaying and diseased
and and knotted and everything like that
and what are all of us doing with our
podcast our think tanks our projects
we’re trying to fertilize these these
adult trees back to good health right
we’re trying to like save these adult
trees and we should like that’s super
important i’m not saying we shouldn’t
but any good gardener right
is going to focus on the seeds and the
and making sure that the future of the
orchard is spared
that same diseased fate that’s requiring
all this investment of fertilizer
sure keep doing that but also look to
the future and figure out how you can
avoid that
and i feel like that’s what our movement
for a long time has been missing
that’s what wakes me up in the morning
that was what’s that is what makes me
super hopeful is is the future and this
opportunity we have to really try and
the rising generation and and kind of
help them learn these ideas so that they
put them into practice and defend them
far better in the future than we are in
the present
well because we and we need more
and this will lead to that that’s you
know i say a lot
we don’t have a lot of second generation
like we have people that are like most
of us who we were conservatives or
progressives or not really politically
involved and then
something or someone or a combination of
or people or events brought us into the
liberty movement
and we’re just starting to see that that
second generation
of libertarians and what you’re doing is
actually doing both you’re creating
both a first and second generation of
libertarians by encouraging parents to
share these ideas with their kids
while also helping reinforce ideas or
even introduce ideas to the parents too
so it’s it’s incredible what you’re
doing um here is the
uh the next uh question i’m looking
forward to the tuttle twins and the
articles of confederation that’s that’s
the one i want to say
the tuttle twins discovered the
anti-federalists um
here we go here’s the next one from john
good evening matt and spike how are you
guys doing this is john from over at
defy the power
had a quick question in our research and
development area
we are working on a waffle house caucus
light up tumbler for christmas wanted to
see if you guys had some ideas or
your audience on different things we can
add to the tumblr
the tumblr will be available in ohio the
weekend of
august 20th thanks
i think that’s great is he does he mean
like led
light up tumbler how do you wash it yeah
by hand uh clearly
you know like the others that you don’t
put in the dishwasher uh
i put mine in the dishwasher i’m sorry i
put mine in the dishwasher they’ve been
working they’ve been fine
but i would not put an led one in the
so i don’t i i don’t know um like
i wish i’d grabbed those waffle house
tumblers from literally right there
um if you want to stay true to brand you
need the logo
you need to look probably
a donkey on there because that’s the
second inside joke with the group
and if you want to stick true to the
logo only like one third of the lights
should work
wow oh yes make it
led were only like yeah like like
somewhere around half the lights work
that’s like the w is out so it says
awful house
awful how wow that’s
it my only contribution is turn it into
an nft
yes make sure this this actual physical
item is also
not fun make it okay it can’t be machine
washed or
funged just put that on there it can’t
be funged can’t be made
um all right here’s the next one from
hey guys this is ken hope you’re doing
well i had a question i asked on the
muddy waters facebook group earlier and
matt already responded to it but i
wanted to ask it here what’s your guys’s
opinion on mandatory vaccination from
my wife was sent a notice this morning
from our employer tyson foods
saying that she’s got to get the vaccine
if she wants to keep her job i don’t
really care about the politics behind
the vaccine
but we don’t want to get it because we
want to start a family soon and we don’t
want to risk
infertility or birth defects we’re both
in our early 20s and in good health
and the vaccine doesn’t prevent
transmission so to us
this should be a personal choice i’m
conflicted because i don’t want to get
the government to come in for the rescue
but i believe her employer is too large
and government subsidized to have
any meaningful impact through the market
we just bought a house so we’re not in a
position for her to quit right now or to
pursue a lawsuit
she is looking for me to find a solution
for but i’m not really sure what to do
besides lie about it
about her getting it and i feel like i’m
submitting to him if i
yeah that’s a tough one man because i
mean you know i i was actually asked
about this at the the event i did last
weekend during the
the walk in and uh ruck march that we
did to
for conserved veterans of america and
and someone asked me about this
uh for a uh for a major for walmart
um and it was the same thing you know i
have a really good
this wasn’t like a walmart associate
this was someone making six figures
in a you know a managerial position uh
in walmart corporate and um and they
said you know there’s going to be a
um there’s going to be a exact same
thing there’s going to be a vaccination
and it is not um optional um
and and what do i do and in that case um
they’re actually working and i’m not
sure how this doesn’t
uh violate some kind of privacy laws
they’re actually working directly with
their health care providers to make sure
they don’t fake it
um and with their insurance company
which is provided by the company
and i said listen you know i’m i’ve been
retired for four years
it’s easy for me to say you should fight
it you should go take them to court
whatever but you know you
you know you know better than us what
you can afford to do financially
um it’s a tough one man and i i
i i never i never
recommend breaking the law publicly um
because that’s illegal and uh i don’t
do illegal things publicly and so well
let me rephrase that i don’t do many
illegal things publicly
i was gonna say i think you do yeah i
actually do a lot of illegal things
publicly but
you know this is one of those things i
don’t because it’s it’s encouraging
um i will say this i will say that uh
there are
those who have made the decision for
certainly with no coercion by me or even
suggestion by me uh
that you know if there is a way to fake
it that they they try to fake it
um it’s again not something i’d
recommend not even sure if it’s possible
honestly and i’m seriously not
recommending that i’m saying that that’s
that’s what some people choose to do and
some people say you know what i’ll do
the vaccine
um because i i don’t know how else to
fight it this is the crappy thing about
in a policy standpoint again this is you
this is not just like some mom and pop
shop telling their employees this this
is a company that
also gets heavy subsidization and tax
breaks and
and and eminent domain protections and
all of this stuff
um and you know they just so happen to
be deciding like all the other major
corporations in this country
that also get similar benefits and
protections from government to all
mandate this all at the same time
it is what you know this isn’t just a
private action
right and well i would never tell
anybody to falsify it because that is
um if you go to kenneth’s question i may
have uploaded
a high quality pdf of both sides of a
vaccine card and
said do not print this on four by three
paper with 110 pound stock
um because that would be fraud
and you don’t want to commit fraud but
it’s that it’s there
if you want to see what it looks like um
but if you
if you decide that that is a route that
you want to go you should do it before
they start making you get the vaccine
from their doctors
all right um so here is a three-part
quite i’m just gonna
play them all in a row we’ll go ahead
i was i was going to say we we had
connor for an hour
now we’re on now we’re on two okay so
i wanted to give him the option if he
wanted to hang out for the rest of these
before we just kept going i do got to go
in just a minute so we can do a quick
wrap up here
okay okay well this will be the last one
and then you can leave before we get
weird with the asmr thing
okay cool right to preserve your your
status as
a you know children’s book author um so
here we go we’ll
we’ll play all these from the cajun
so since i have the platform i would
love to speak about
an exceptional human being
that person being me and i’m totally
uh tom for 52.com oh
he’s running for the 52nd district of
new york state
that’s t-o-m-f-o-r-five
two dot com that’s time for fifty-two
dot com t-o-m-f-o r52.com
oops more heroine
because kids they’re completely quiet
as you can totally hear let’s learn
about animals
yes let’s learn about animals one of
those animals is this
tom for 52.com t-o-m-f-o-r52.com
sure yeah why did we stand there in the
show after he
gave him our friday night slot and we
are of course
definitely not talking about thomas
daniel quitter
tom for 52.com to win for
52.com definitely not talking about him
right now
yes exactly dot we yep
nope not doing that is he in the forest
like what what
yeah i think so glad that i can make
this last message
kid free yeah send them to the gulag
you who are we talking about isaiah did
you say muddy
water it’s in my water
yeah can you say tom say come
for 52 52 dot-com
right to the gulag so thank you for that
yeah i um child labor child labor i now
support child labor laws after
listening to that so connor before we
let you go
uh thank you again for coming on you
know give your final pitch tell us how
people can stay in touch tell us what’s
you know how what tell us what you’ve
been talking for two hours there’s
probably not much left to say but tell
us how people can keep in touch with you
and they tell here here’s what we’ll do
we will reward the listeners who stuck
with us this long if you
use the coupon mud m-u-d-d
at tuttletwins.com you’re gonna get 40
off the kids books you’re gonna get free
activity workbooks
um and uh a screaming deal on all
for the the kids set of books that’s
what it applies to so right on
teletubs.com you can see what the the
bundle looks like
there’s an offer there that you can get
but when you go to the cart
make sure to add the coupon mudd that’ll
your discount uh and reward you for
listening to
the show this long guys nice thank you
it’s we’ve like i i say i feel this
urgency we’re trying to get the word out
as much as we can we hope this cartoon
we’re going to launch here soon is
really gonna accelerate this you can
find tuttle twins on all the social
media platforms
um and uh we’ve got some spicy memes
especially on instagram we’re having a
lot of fun trying to spread the word so
follow us buy the books check out what
we’re doing we’re trying to save the
country one family at a time
uh having a lot of fun doing it so
thanks for sharing your platform so we
can reach you
more people awesome man thank you so
thank you so much for coming on you are
a friend of the show next time
we won’t keep you for seven hours but
have a good night man thank you all
right appreciate you coming on thank you
so much yep
oh man that was a great guess i’m super
there we go there it is that was yeah no
that was great
um that was fun he’s probably the
smartest person we’ve ever had on the
he’s he’s up there and yet he’s still
you say he’s smart and yet he agreed to
be on the show for two hours so that’s
something well he agreed to be on the
show for an hour
well that that’s true he you know he did
he did a great job so
uh we uh so we have speaking of
infrastructure uh
we had uh a bunch of tuttle twins books
our infrastructure
tuttle twins books are infrastructure
but sadly they were not included
in the 1.2 trillion dollar bill that was
just past
matt yep well not passed um
yeah it’s gonna be people it’s going to
be passed yeah it’s gonna be right
spike spike nostra jumas
um wow yeah
um so no stretch that is like
increasingly easy
somewhere in the word in the name it was
not even like
i did i had to do that on the fly
and i was having trouble remembering
kosher thomas would have been way better
that would have been a lot better you’re
right i was gonna say
this uh i was gonna i was trying to put
spike at the beginning of it
but i couldn’t think of how his name
started and so i had to say
anyway the monster second out
we must be coming into the third hour
third hour uh
the monster 2700 page bill
tallies up over 1.2 trillion with only
with only the minuscule amount of 550
billion in new spending
only 550
um and not as much money uh in raise
and not as much in raising money to pay
for that spending
it’s like it’s debt spending yeah right
one of the ways that they’re planning on
getting the money
and we’re gonna have to just rip this
band-aid off immediately like normally
we’d save this for the end
but we’re just gonna yank this one right
on off
um is they’re gonna tax crypto
now as they say in one of the pages
buried somewhere toward the back
any person who for consideration is
responsible for regularly
providing any service effectuating
transfers of digital assets
on behalf of another person will have to
report each transaction
to the federal government on an
information return
yep and this would take effect on
january 1st 2023
uh so these newly defined brokers would
be required
to comply with irs reporting
requirements for brokers including
10 form 1099s
with the irs yeah and that which also
you go in no you can go ahead
no well it means as you said they’re
gonna have to collect user data
and and including their names and
addresses it also means
that they are now going to start being
regulated as brokers
uh which completely destroys a lot of
the crypto market
where people are just uh creating coins
you’re now going to have to go through
the the
federal regulatory system to be able to
have coins
that this is the beginning of regulating
uh and taxing crypto which in one way
means the mainstreaming of crypto but it
also means
you know it’s it’s now going to be an
act of civil disobedience
for some of these cryptocurrencies which
are uh
uh encrypted and which do not require
any of this to operate
it just for those things to exist are
going to be acts of civil disobedience
right um this
yeah you covered that uh yeah software
uh crypto startups all of those people
are going to be considered brokers now
which means they’re going to be
regulated which means that now you can’t
just make a new token you’re going to
have to go through the federal
government to do it
right um the
i just found out that sarah’s youngest
son likes pineapple on pizza and
somewhere dan berman is beaming so is
jack lloyd
and so many other people are not um
the mandate to collect names addresses
and transactions of customers means
almost every company even
tangentially tangentially related to
cryptocurrency may suddenly be forced
to surveil their users which means
the entire basis of crypto
will be gone it’s not very crypto
uh it it and and this can potentially
implicate miners
because they confirm and verify
blockchain transactions
which means that they are if you if you
look at this definition any person who
for consideration is responsible for
regularly providing any service
effectuating transfers of digital assets
on behalf of another person
there’s especially knowing how
government operates
there’s no way that they aren’t going to
end up finding a way to tax miners
um and and when i’m saying miners crypto
er crystal miners yeah ers
the people who mine crypto yeah right
now um cryptocurrency
exchanges could see uh 250 penalties per
whom they don’t accurately furnish with
an information return or for
whom they didn’t accurately furnish a
return to the irs
uh even with uh steeper fees if any
mistakes was judged
to be intentional now the interesting
the interesting thing about this is you
know i’m sure a lot of people are
already saying well that just means a
lot of these people are going to go to
other countries
so there’s something called fatca which
basically says that
pretty much every country on earth or
most countries on earth
comply with if you want if your country
and your banks and your system want to
be able to cooperate with the u.s
monetary system which you
kind of have to you have to report
to the irs anything that would affect a
person which means a united states
citizen a united states resident
a united states uh business based
anyone doing business in the united
states so basically
the irs gets the entire world’s
financial information so you can’t
really get away from this aspect fro
of it now what’s going to happen is this
is just going to grow
the crypto black market which means that
coins like monero and other coins that
are you know
ones that haven’t even been created yet
that are completely encrypted and
the market for them is going to go
through the roof
yes other ways they’re planning on
paying for this
[ __ ] of a bill um is redirecting 250
billion in
coveted relief funds including 50
billion intended for federal
unemployment relief that was skewed by
some republican governors that means
that if
you live in a state like florida where
the governor said
we don’t want the money no put it back
toward you know the debt they’re still
going to spend it
interesting thought on this uh
we said this was going to happen we said
there’s no way they’re gonna spend this
relief funds
it’s money that’s already sitting there
as a slush fund for whatever they’re
gonna throw at us next
and i remember people in the comments
going no they’re definitely gonna find a
way to spend it they can’t
if it doesn’t qualify for relief it’s
going to
be sitting there and then they’ll make a
bill saying exactly this
and we already saw joe biden used a
bunch of a couple hundred billion from
one of the relief funds to go into
policing for anti-terrorism efforts
because that’s important right now
anyway go ahead matt sorry
uh another way is they’re going to be
recouping 50 billion in fraudulent
unemployment benefits paid out during
the pandemic
which means that anybody out there who
they said oh you made money during this
that you didn’t report you now need to
pay us back for all the money that you
yeah which is why in in earlier bill
they were looking to
tax and get the records of people’s pay
pals in venmos
yep yep and keep in mind it’s not gonna
raise 50 billion dollars they always pad
this stuff with
well we’re going to fight waste fraud
and abuse and that’s going to reduce
it never happens they they do go after
individuals and ruin their lives but for
the most part waste fraud and abuse
never adds up to what they say
it does because the first of all their
the cost
of doing the investigation and the
prosecution and the seizure or the pro
of the of the funds that’s not factored
into the cost so it never happens
uh they’re also saying they’re going to
save 50 billion by delaying a medicare
rebate rule passed under former
president donald trump that ought to
make all the medicare uh patients happy
right um now i find it funny
that you say that they always pad the
numbers and how they’re going to raise
but they never pad the numbers on how
much they’re going to spend
because they always miss that one by oh
that one always matches the mark yeah
and speaking of that
let’s talk about broadband yes because
they are planning on spending 65 billion
on broadband across the nation
now otherwise known as subsidizing some
of the biggest
most profitable corporations in this
country right
now we’re going to take a look at
another broad ban company
um you’re going to be in kentucky this
weekend so this is perfect
perfect uh kentucky wired
was a plan to ensure high-speed internet
to all people in oddly enough
kentucky uh including schools businesses
and residents
it was proposed in 2015 and was supposed
to roll out in 2016 with a budget of 350
million dollars
the still incomplete project
it’s 2021 2015 proposed
the still incomplete project cost the
taxpayers at least
1.5 billion or roughly four and a
quarter times
higher uh thanks to cost overruns big
consultant fees and flawed bidding
processes that rewarded political
uh instead of prioritizing expertise
uh which you would hear about people
here yes it’s so
this is why i numbered what he just said
if you i’m just gonna read
that statement and this is basically a
of all government spending it doesn’t
even matter
what it is the still incomplete project
cost taxpayers roughly four and a half
times four and a half times more
and is again still incomplete so it’s
going to be even more than that when
it’s over
thanks to cost overruns big consultant
and a flawed bidding process that
rewarded political connections
instead of prioritizing expertise a
problem that the opponents of this had
warned about from the beginning
that is the entire story of all
government spending
it always costs more than they said it
would take
longer than they said it would sometimes
exponentially more
than they said it would both in time and
in cost
due to cost overruns meaning
it’s cost more than we said it would
because we were lying
big consultant fees in other words they
hire a bunch of consultants because they
don’t have
any idea what the hell they’re doing so
they hire outside people who charge them
a fortune that for whatever reason they
didn’t factor in
and a flawed bidding process flawed
in other words intended bidding process
where they reward all their cronies
with contracts that they don’t deserve
as evidenced by the fact that they’re
spending way more than they were
supposed to
and as always there were opponents of
the spending
that said this is exactly what’s gonna
every single time this is what they do
and every single time they go no that’s
not going to happen this time
because we’re going to fight waste fraud
and abuse
and so if the federal if the federal
government is
as cost-effective as um kentucky
in this venture the price tag before
finishing the project
will be
billion 250 million of the
66 billion they’re proposing yeah
and still will not be complete yeah it
won’t be yeah it won’t be done
yeah it won’t be done and we’ll drive up
the cost because eventually
they’re going to try to recoup those
costs from the people that are
benefiting from it
who if they themselves had simply paid
for it they would have
you know spent far less money than that
because it’s their bottom line
and they’ll pay a portion of it back
because they’re certainly not going to
pay the whole thing because they didn’t
ask for it they’ll pay a portion of it
and you’ll pay for that you’ll pay for
the debt spending with interest
over 40 years from when they spent it
and because that’s how long treasury
bills take to mature
and then also in addition to that you’ll
be paying for the fees that will be
added for the
infrastructural broadband payback
yep now
because everything is infrastructure yes
um its wide-ranging provisions include
343 billion for improvements on highways
and related projects so that’ll be 42
yeah 48.4 billion to make drinking water
and water infrastructure safer
so that’ll be 250 billion
7.5 billion to help construct electric
charging stations which is a lot less
than biden wanted he wanted so much
in order to put electric vehicle
charging stations across the midwest
where the percentage of owners of
electric vehicles
is insanely low
this is based on the thought flaw by the
way that’ll end up being 30 billion
and still not complete but the right
this is based on the flawed theory
that the reason people don’t buy
something is because the provision
of the the ancillary services needed to
it aren’t available yet that is the
opposite the reason that those ancillary
services are not widely available yet
is because people don’t want it yet as
the number of electric cars on the
market continues to just
go up as a matter of the fact that over
time they’re becoming
more efficient and better and and and
you know
cheaper they will eventually become
cheaper as it becomes as
the economy of scale grows as the new
the better newer batter
like solid state batteries and things
like that start to come to market
electric cars are the future for for
passenger travel on the ground electric
vehicles are going to be the future and
as that happens
the electrical charging stations will
also be added
and also the electrical grid providers
will be able to incrementally make the
changes needed to feed that
when the government steps in and goes no
we’re going to just add all this crap
what ends up happening is a bunch of
those things are going to end up lying
fallow and unused and there will also be
because of the the
drain on the system of having all these
additional stations
there won’t be time for the um the
energy grid providers to catch up so if
there is this sudden surge
of people buying cars because i’m sure
they’re going to try to feed that with
tax breaks and subsidies for that as
it’s actually going to break the grid
because they can’t keep up with it this
is what central planning does
instead of using price signals to
determine where resources should go
it uses political considerations which
is the absolute worst way
to decide where money should go and
with the broadband this is going to be
the same thing oh my god i’m bling we’re
in hour three i’m blanking on this word
uh the broadband and the electric
charging uh stations that they’re going
to be putting
are going to be useless by the time they
finally get all of these things in
because the technology will have changed
so much
there’s that and then they’re going to
say yep right
we’re gonna end uh we’re gonna end up
having it where they’re like oh well we
need so much more money in order to
upgrade what we just
did to so it meets today’s standards
um 350 million over five years for
reducing vehicle collisions with
350 million over five years for reducing
vehicle collisions with wildlife and the
bill would provide
grants for wildlife crossing structures
because the deer and the
foxes know that they need to take the
walking bridge
because they can read signs that say
animal crossing bridge here
so you don’t get hit by cars
350 million over five years
for reducing vehicle collisions with
not with bridges but with wildlife
crossings take structures
wildlife crossing structures
not for the people to go over but for
animals to animals for the because
they’re gonna know
to go over the bridge as opposed
to the spot that they can just
walk immediately across on because
animals know that they’re supposed wait
no hang on
350 million over five years
to save animals from getting hit by cars
with bridges
for the animals for the animals not for
the people
not for the cars people for the animals
because animals are great about crossing
the road as evidenced by the fact that
they constantly
walk into the road
so i was just saying although i will say
i’ve watched raccoons
which are but raccoons are super smart i
watch raccoons just sit there and wait
for the cars and then walk across
but again those are raccoons those and
they live and these are like
suburban and urban raccoons these aren’t
like wild animals like out in the wild
raccoons these are like
raccoons that are adjusted to us deer
aren’t that smart i was going to say i
just got back from a vacation where we
went through georgia and tennessee
and uh there were a lot of dead deer
yeah they didn’t other smaller animals
i’m sure in their last dying breath was
if only they had prioritized our safety
and the department of transportation
with a crossing structure i wouldn’t
walked out into interstate traffic and
stood there frozen as the car hits me
this reminds me there was it was either
a podcast or a radio show that went
viral and some woman was
talking on it and she was like why
because she hit a deer and she goes it
but it wasn’t at the sign
so how was i supposed to know that a
deer would be there there wasn’t a sign
and she wanted more money for
she wanted more money for um more signs
so the deer would know where to cross
i think that they listened to that and
they said this makes sense
this makes sense we should build animals
walking leaving the crossing structures
yeah wow kenneth says that was a gag
and i i’m going to choose to believe him
because that was okay that was a gag
video but this isn’t
but this this is thought it was real too
so elizabeth cokeyard says i’ve seen a
study done that these animal crossing
bridges actually do prevent some animal
i’m sure they do by virtue of the fact
that yeah some will cross
along there but there certainly would be
more by having the cars go
and and adam says why are they doing
broadband when the whole world’s moving
to fiber optics
here’s the other aspect of this in 10 15
years when they finally finished this
project with the cost of
billions more hundreds of billions more
than they said we’re going to be in
we’re already in we’re already at 5g we
are so
going to be so close i don’t think
people realize the
market that there is for all internet
and even low-level power to become
completely wireless
right like i don’t think people
understand that in like
another let’s say 10 years so many
things you’ll never have to actually
plug in we already have the technology
where you can put it on the plates with
the nfc technology or whatever it’s
it’s going to be where it’s just near a
zone and it charges or if it’s in your
house it charges
like right the the the stuff they’re
is they’re making stuff for
they’re making stuff for like last year
thank you they’re making stuff for like
last year
or excuse me this year
uh this is you know ten years from now
we’re gonna be so far it was like you
were saying with the charging stations
all this stuff
yeah starlink craig this is all gonna be
so soon yes
so the bill’s also going to be i’ll have
vaping i’ll be right back you i can hear
you but i’m going to just that’s them
yeah do your thing uh the bill would
also ban vaping on
amtrak and while this is sort of a minor
thing because i don’t ride amtrak
um but if i ever do
i guarantee you i will be vaping on that
um because i still do that i do it on
planes i do it in government buildings i
do it anywhere that i want to
um because stop me
really uh you know i don’t do it
oh um i don’t do it it’s really a vape
it’s not really a vape pen it’s just my
thing but it’s it came intaken
mulan vape um
but yeah anywhere they tell me not to i
pretty much i already do
uh so if i’m ever on an amtrak you’re
god damn right i’m going to vape there
and prior to the pandemic uh
congress authorized about 1.7 billion
each year in federal subsidies for
amtrak but since
joe biden loves amtrak so much because i
used to ride amtrak on my way into dc
when i was
you know a young senator from delaware
uh the bipartisan infrastructure bill
will give the service close to four
billion dollars each year
and i don’t know how many people um
ride amtrak anymore but i don’t feel as
though it’s four billion dollars worth
and if you remember from a couple of
weeks ago we did an episode where we
talked about part of the thing that
was being talked about i don’t know if
it made it to the final bill
uh because i haven’t read all 2700 pages
uh they talked about who’s voting on it
fair um they talked about taking uh
private railroads and giving uh
uh preferential treatment to amtrak so
they could use that which will slow down
shipping which is going to make
everything for you
cost more and billy pierce
had a really good point a second ago and
he said all this government spending on
steel copper etc is going to inflate the
cost of those commodities in the private
so that equipment and services are going
to cost more so everything that they are
in this bill is going to end up costing
as a taxpayer as a citizen as a consumer
and as a crypto holder more money
yep yeah but thankfully the dear matt
a certain percentage of the deer who
happen to walk across the crossing path
will not die until they’re shot
by a hunter
we’re eaten by another animal or eaten
by one of the animals in the crossing
path first of all
the smart predators are just going to be
like yeah no why don’t you cross the
now we’re good now you come on over
you’re safe come on over here come come
be safe in the crossing path with me
is it’s the toad in the scorpion it is
no come on
come on over this is how you go now
yeah no this is this is where you go
this is safe because keep in mind
predators tend to be much smarter than
prey right like in general
it’s it’s a it’s a numbers game you know
the the prey survived by just having a
bunch more than the predator
much more offspring than the predators
have but predators tend to be way
than the prey not always but typically
speaking right and so now
you’ve got this gained system of
crossing paths
and it’s going to be the predators who
figure it out first people
they’re going to be the first ones that
are like
oh sit there in the trees you bunch of
morons so anyway uh now the good news
is that uh the bill also reclassifies
gender identity as a protected class
okay fine but it’s because that’s also
that’s necessary that’s right like i’m
like okay that’s
i don’t care but why is that in this
did i skip over that part i did yeah no
that’s fine so what what does that have
to do with infrastructure
it’s right it’s absolutely nothing this
is you know we support
the you know one thing at a time
legislation that you you can’t keep
doing these omnibus bills
you know if you want to have broadband
then you have to introduce that as its
own thing
and let everyone have you also couple
that with legislation that requires
there to be enough time
for everyone to read it so they can
actually break it down and talk about it
and debate it
if you did those two things so much
legislation would
never happen because first of all they
wouldn’t have the time to introduce all
this nonsense
and and i’m not even talking about
specifically that the gender thing but
you know this whole bill nothing there
wouldn’t be enough time to give
everyone time to read all this stuff
which is good that would that would slow
things down
but then also you know if there’s a need
to reclassify gender identity as a
protected class
then introduce that by itself and let
everyone have time to read it
and then let everyone have time to to
debate it and decide if it’s needed or
not if it is great if it’s not great but
you know they keep adding this hobby
horse stuff to
every single thing um like for example
animal crossing i don’t know why that
bothers me so much but it’s just like
but yeah the amtrak thing also also
something to keep in mind
the uh when we’re talking about like
steel and stuff when they
come up with this pricing i guarantee
you they’re not using today’s pricing
for steel and wood and everything else
when they’re
estimating the using last year’s or the
year before
they’re using their core stuff their
full price 2018 yeah 2018 and whatever
the last available
you know standard for pricing is which
is way lower than now if you’ve been
outside and gone anywhere
bought anything and now imagine what
it’s gonna be five years from now ten
years from now they never factor that in
and uh even still it’s gonna i mean it’s
just gonna be ridiculous overrun like
there’s never been any of these things
that don’t end up having ridiculous
overruns but anyway so we’re now
because we’re in two and a half hours
into this and because apparently my i
just want to keep sneezing i’ll be right
i don’t know what i i must have uh this
is what happened is you know two and a
half hours in my
my my body said no we’re sneezing now so
you you see things now hey you know what
don’t worry i’ve got this
so tomorrow on a brand new episode
and it’s good to be back we needed the
week off it’s good to be back
um thank you all for tuning in it was
great having connor on
i’ve wanted him on the show for a long
time and he finally reached out and said
he wanted to be on
um so on wednesday tomorrow
on my fellow americans spike has
lou sander fiend
or luffine either way lu or lou
sanderfin who was mine i always called
what so he both was lou sander and lou
and luffine whatever you want to call
him lou is going to be on the show
lou is going to be my first guest on my
fellow americans
and he’s also one of the key people
responsible for making me an anarchist
by constantly asking me questions that i
did not have answers to
and encouraging me to read books that
made me very uncomfortable when i read
and so uh we’re actually going to talk
about the midwest peace and liberty fest
which is a festival he does every year
about that and we’re gonna talk about um
we’ve i’ve been talking a lot about
homelessness and the solutions to
and he has a lot of thoughts on that so
we’re gonna be talking about that
and he’s gonna i’m sure he’s gonna be
giving me a hard time about being
involved in the lp because he’s a
non-voting yeah he’s guarantee you he’s
gonna at least
he’s what you were three years ago
yeah no he’s gonna he’s gonna say you
were the promised one you were supposed
to be
and he’s i’m we’re gonna have fun with
that so he’s a great friend i cannot
wait to have him on that’s gonna be a
fun thing tomorrow
and then on thursday we’re doing an
episode you’re doing an episode of the
writer’s block
i am with uh byron cabbage who
is uh yes he
he’s in kentucky and he’s helping
organize spike’s whole event this
weekend so
i’m excited to talk to him and mainly
i’m just going to ask him for multiple
of spike throwing out the first pitch at
the florence y’alls
uh baseball game because
i want to see that train wreck and it’s
down the middle and if i was on that
side i would mute you
but because please
um you’re going to throw a heater
you’re you’re going to throw maybe a
change up which is going to go
wide outside shocking the world
i’m going to throw i have been
practicing just today i’ve been
and i have been routinely throwing at
least three out of four times
a ball that goes to the strike zone
measure how far from it 60 uh 61 feet
60 feet six inches but you know whatever
yeah no that’s what i did i measured out
i even gave
an extra six inches just you know make
what adjusts for the height no actually
the target’s higher than me
the way i did it it’s a tree that’s a
little bit raised up from where i am so
if anything i’m doing it at a slightly
more difficult
uh uh projection than where i would be
you know what is it four inches above or
so it’s not a huge increase it’s like
four or five inches raised i think it’s
six and a half inches
yeah whatever it is but i mean it’s not
like you know several feet up or
so if any but it’s it’s higher whereas
i’m doing it where i’m slightly
lower than what i’m shooting for and
i’ve been three out of four times either
like right around either in the strike
zone or at least where like they’re not
having to
you know move to to get it and and
that’s just in the first day that i’ve
been throwing it
so i’m yeah i can’t wait i can’t wait to
see you try this with
2 000 people watching you yes
that’s just going to make it even better
i’m going to nail this
i’m gonna nail this i’m gonna do it i i
think i’m gonna do it
i have faith in you and then on friday
at 9
30 eastern freedom time there is a brand
new episode
of cajun and eskimo from bayous to
with cajun and eskimo uh where they will
be talking about
hopefully not what they talked about
last week
yeah cajun yeah cajun
and right before that it’s at is it 6 30
eastern or 6 30 central hold on
i’m gonna pull it up in the calendar for
your thing for my
my when i pitched the shutout yeah uh
it’s gonna be after one pitch shut out
by one pitch uh that’s 7 30 eastern
this is 6 30 eastern oh 6 30 eastern
all right yeah so at 6 30 eastern at 5
30 uh
central wait is are we in we’re in
this is i think this is eastern because
we’re in eastern
okay florence kentucky is in eastern i
know there are parts of kentucky that
are central okay so it’s it’s 6 30 local
time which is 6 30 eastern
i will be throwing out the opening pitch
of the florence y’all’s baseball game
and if you want to i’m going to drop a
link in the comments
if you guys want to be a part of this uh
you can watch it on
vimeo yeah but if you want to actually
be there
um then uh you can’t be there
find them on vimeo because that’s what
i’m gonna do and i’m screen recording
i’m screen recording this train wreck
here is here is where you do here’s
where you
get yeah i want to go to it here’s where
you go
and use the link liberty use the the um
on use code liberty i’m going to put in
kdk over on youtube just said ex well
not just a few minutes ago said exactly
what i was thinking when you were
describing your pitching
practice spike over here training
himself to throw high
yup you may just go right over that
catcher with the way you’re training
oh yeah
oh so if you’re going to be in the
florence kentucky area
get tickets to this thing and watch it
and then tune in for cajun
and eskimo from bayous to igloos
at 9 30 freedom time on friday
and then next monday at 8 o’clock
eastern mr america the bearded truth i
believe will be returning sorry he
couldn’t be on last night he had some
issues come up and uh that’s on him if
he wants to tell people but
i hope that he is back on
monday because his did you hear his last
one on the constitution
i i did not and i hate that i missed it
but unfortunately it is
so good it is up on anchor anchor dot fm
slash muddied waters
uh and you can listen to that there
and you can listen to that there no
spike hasn’t gotten the wild thing
glasses yet but he is
hoping to get on their way they’re yeah
they’re on their way
there’s a slight chance they’ll get here
after the event because i
they i even paid for expedited shipping
but we’ll see
there’s they’re coming out they’re
coming from
their chinese classes but uh china
i mean i want to say i feel like i’d
rather it go somewhat high
and the guy has to reach up than for it
to bounce right
whatever you do don’t throw high well
yeah no you want to go high over
don’t bounce it i think that’s why so
many people throw it up and over
is because they’re like i don’t want to
bounce it i don’t want it so then
they aim higher and so when they throw
it goes sailing way above the catcher
oh man i got a pair of pf flyers if you
want to come down and get those
i’m not going to mail them to you i’m
certain we have the same size foot
i thought they were going to give me
cleats but i don’t know
got a pair of them too um
i’m going to want cleats i want to i
want to do the whole thing i want to i
want to
look down and get the call and you know
i want to you know pick my pitch and
check first base make sure that they
don’t try to steal second like i’m you
i mean there’s no one on the field yet
of course yeah
but you still have to do it you still
have to do it you’re not going to get a
chance to do it ever again
i’m not exactly when this is the next
time i need to i can check to make sure
you know nobody’s trying to steal no
one’s trying to steal a second
and then join us on tuesday at eight
eastern uh
next tuesday for another amazing episode
of the muddy waters of freedom where
matt right now i parse through the
week’s events
like the baseball champions that i
matt if someone were to try to find
muddy waters media on the internet is
that even possible and if so
how it is possible all one would have to
do is head on over to anchor dot
fm slash muddied waters hey
anchor this is the sound of a double
twin’s book against the migrants that’s
the titles
and then they found out about
let’s read them let’s read a passage do
you know how you’ll find next to me
you’ll find it i’ll find out soon enough
powerful it takes some great stuff great
stuff got it
you’re gonna hear some barking and loud
noises in a second
but if you go to anchor dot fm slash
muddied waters
you can leave us messages that we will
play live on the air
i can’t wait i can’t wait either
way and you cannot give us money
and you also donate you can donate money
so we can soundproof this room so you
wouldn’t ear parking right now
can we soundproof the room you wouldn’t
you’re barking if you donated more money
give us money give us money
give us money more money no berkey
or you can find this in every other
episode at muddy waters media.com
well that sounds fantastic uh it sounds
so fantastic that you should all go over
to tom from 52.com
oh also jonathan reels gosh i forgot
about jonathan reals
is not a real candidate uh the federal
election commission states that an
individual running for a state
in the u.s house of reps becomes a
candidate when he or she raises or
spends more than five thousand dollars
in contributions
or expenditures so if you go to
jonathan.cash you can help him in this
and i will be there on the 24th for the
outreach uh event with the vermin
supreme and uh and portia shepard and
jonathan reels the rally for justice
in uh they’re in beautiful alabama uh
more information on that
soon folks thanks again for tuning in
for this episode of my of
gosh the money waters of freedom we love
i love you and matt loves you and where
we’re going
we don’t need robes

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Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon - USN Submarine Vet -Minarchist/Constitutionalist - #Liberty advocate - Principles over party - Constitution over Idolatry
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