Episode 205 – Watch out for the Bidenflated Pegasus

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

The republicans are blaming the democrats for the inflation we are seeing, while hoping the voters forgot who controlled the Senate for the last administration. A huge leak about the privacy of cell phone owners across the globe (except in the United States?), and Big Brother is spying on your Facebook, but no worries because “people are dying”

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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who would have thought this could have
i’ll tell you here’s the story if it’s
bad it’ll be front page news of the
if it’s great they won’t even cover it
now if it’s bad i’d say
a laughingstock all over the world you
say election freud you get cancelled the
proof that joe biden hasn’t lost it was
that vladimir putin said that he seemed
very sharp how about it might take a
cognitive test first
woman’s man camera tv but for me it was
am i right in other words the entire
system was rigged
there’s a lot of enthusiasm for joe
biden he’s the most popular president
he’s significantly more popular than
barack obama was in oh wait
am i right clearly now if it’s bad i’d
it’s fake shansaki so so it must be true
now listen if you have not subscribed to
youtube channel
do it right now do it today
and now matt wright and spike cohen
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and
welcome to the vanguard for spike
former vice president al [ __ ] cohen
i am matt wright and together we are
traversing the muddied waters of
freedom that was beautiful
former vice president al [ __ ]
folks thanks so much for tuning in to
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like that every time that we go live
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right uh not too soon
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like that’s
not too soon no not even a little bit
still had
still had the other headphones in when
we were having all the audio from so we
we were having so many audio problems
today folks
which is which is how for all of you who
that this is always my fault
that it which it usually is but it’s
this time it’s not so suck on that
right this time it was 100 my fault and
i don’t know how it happened because
everything was working
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so this is how it always happens
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and then then it’s not
right exactly yes that’s exactly how
that goes
and it’s gonna be so today’s show i’m
gonna just apologize
for many things because uh
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has no notes
so this is just going to be a grand old
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um we had a great weekend you were down
here in florida we uh yes
it was it was that was so much fun that
was one of the greatest
weekends the liberty we had a lot of fun
we had a lot of fun at the shooting
event we had a lot of fun
the pre-gaming the shooting event uh we
had a great day the next day
i ate well we ate but i ate in
so much greek food this weekend that’s
that’s no that’s not greek um
i ate so much greek food this weekend it
was insane
and uh i so there’s a place in tarpon
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yes that the salad dressing the greek
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yep 100 matt didn’t
which i apparently did not do i was like
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bottom i don’t know what the deal is
with that
which is apparently how greek coffee is
made and you’re supposed to add water
and mix it and continue to sip on it
but he just had me add water and then
slam the rest of it
which that kept me up until about 3 a.m
yeah i i felt your
your rush like i could feel it was
popped yeah like we all felt the
impact we all felt like the shock wave
from that
and he said you’re always gonna remember
me i will
always remember that man and it’s like
that’s impossible for me not to remember
this because
i feel like i just took lsd or something
right um
i just mainlined cocaine and now i’m
just gonna be
up that dressing was stupid it was so
yeah i just wanted i want to walk around
i want to i want to be able to start
every episode by saying thank you to
mama for giving me
this leader of dressing and just sucked
down the dressing for the whole episode
man that was good that was incredibly
good but yeah i know we had an awesome
even got to walk the beach have a really
long not even remotely uncomfortable bro
with jack lloyd and the two of us
and the two of us not weird at all weird
not uncomfortable
yeah and now you’re still in
what’s that it wasn’t uncomfortable for
no our respective significant others
didn’t like it but
we were it felt right and it felt good
yeah that felt like home
i felt i felt at home i felt like
i felt like i had curled up into a
little ball of comfort yes
yes male comfort yeah it was it was like
three liberty father figures
embracing to pass the liberty
like that yes to make a mushroom cloud
explosion of
liberty yes yes but not in a weird
way no it was a normal way it was normal
we were having a real normal one
so we uh so we had we uh we had that
and uh i am now in south dakota
as you can tell from this wall behind me
i’m uh i’m now in beautiful
south dakota and uh i will be here all
for freedom fest and really excited to
uh to be one of the opening speakers
tomorrow and
then now every single day of the
i’m doing a panel um
we’ve had some last minute cancellations
and so i’m filling in on some more
panels so i’m
despite going speaking to her but i
don’t leave here i just stay here
great and i am here in florida where uh
i will stay
and not do that
well i’m i’m i’d be lying if i said i
wasn’t at least partially envious of you
i mean it’s really cool that i get to be
here at freedom fest
but i also like and i know it’s the fact
that i haven’t slept in 48 hours
probably talking
but i haven’t slept in 48 hours right
so tonight i’m going to sleep dude i’m
going to wake up tomorrow i’m going to
be so freaking excited about freedom
i’m going to be running it around
freedom festing it up i’ve never been to
freedom fest so i’m not sure what to
do you know what you could use in order
to help wake you up though
mud water coffee alternative that’s
wow because right now it is time for the
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today you know what i just realized i
didn’t i forgot to bring my mud water
and that’s probably why i’m dragging
that and again i didn’t sleep i haven’t
slept but usually
that would have kept me going
yeah i think that’s part of it i think
we may have stumbled onto something
so according to a new study
by brightline watch
one third of americans support secession
yes as long as it is within these
selected groups
wow one third
of americans support breaking up of
to be in the selective groups so as you
can see
for the pacific time zone 47
of democrats were like yeah let’s do
this where it’s washington oregon
california alaska
and hawaii sorry malik you’re stuck with
in that country uh yeah what happened
there that kind of sucks
yeah i mean where else would you put
them though uh i wonder what because i
wonder what percentage of alaskans would
be like
just make your own country yeah i think
that would be higher
um just no i absolutely do not want to
do that
um but down here in the south
where it would be you me cajun jason
all of us down here uh 66 percent of
50 percent of independence 20 of
democrats were like yeah let’s do that
which leads me to believe it secession
is not only a fantastic television show
on hbo but it is uh possible
and as we could start our if if not if
nalik would
leave the frozen tundra of alaska and
come down here
we could literally start leave me
is that what we went with is that the
official name leave me alone i couldn’t
remember any of the others
i think that’s the one that got the most
votes anyway i liked personal injury
attorney chris reynolds to stand
that’s the one i voted for uh matt
that’s the one i came up with which was
i like probably like leave me a little
milonia is kind of cool yeah leave me
i i i get it no i like get it i’m a fan
of it like just leave me alone
no step no stephiopolis is probably
another that’s a good one
that would be a good one no stepopolis
um so yeah so i actually got interviewed
on rt about this
subject i think most of this is just
people that are dissatisfied with the
way things are going in the country
um and i think some of it some of it is
more partisan in nature
you tend to see you know republicans be
more likely to say they want secession
when there’s a democrat
in in the white house democrats are more
likely to say it when there’s a
but i mean those numbers were solid
across the political spectrum
and these are solid numbers like down
down in the south 66 percent of
republicans which is by far the highest
which is also not surprising for the
but when you take a look at uh
when you take a look at the northeast
and pacific
you’ve got almost half the democrats in
the pacific and 39 percent in the
and you never so uh democrat support
is never below what is it nine 17
so you’ve got a large minority even in
in some states
uh independent support i think never got
below 20 something
and republicans support never got below
30 something so i mean
there’s a sizable percentage i’d be
interested to see
like how that compares to
before the lockdowns yeah um that would
be an interesting thing
even though the lockdowns were largely
done at the state level
so i’d be interested to see like is this
an ongoing trend
is this kind of an outlier um you know
you know like a year from now do it
again or six months from now do it again
and keep doing it to see like
is there a a baseline and growing
support for this
or is this kind of a blip and it’s
usually much lower
or you know what what is it because i
mean yeah 330 million people
in a in a that are so
culturally diverse and not just meaning
like you know
ethnicity but just dip like the entire
vibe of california is starkly different
from that of idaho or which is starkly
different from that
of texas which is starkly different from
that of
anywhere in new england which is starkly
different from that
of south carolina which is starkly
different than from that of florida
which is starkly different from that
of new york you know we have a bunch of
they were intended to be at least
semi-autonomous nation-states
and now i mean they’re increa if
anything we’re increasingly divided
and it’s not because of immigration and
it’s not because i’m sure
the media hasn’t helped but it’s really
it’s like yeah i don’t think most people
want to be forced into this association
right um
so it’s an interesting thing yeah it is
the way that they have that map kind of
broken up
like you could give virginia to
the northeast i’d be okay with it just
pass it on up there um but
if you had like i know that the biggest
issue would be the heartland because a
lot of people wouldn’t want illinois
according to the commons michigan’s like
michigan’s in the comments going we
don’t want
illinois but uh i would
i could see this working as these five
different countries and well
six because alaska one two three four
yeah six because alaska
would uh become their own
yeah i don’t see alaska being a part of
california and hawaii and all that i i’m
not even sure i see hawaii being a part
of all that no i think hawaii would go
back to being their own autonomous state
they’d actually probably like to um the
crazy thing about that
is if you can you bring that graphic on
one more time it’s
the support among independents is
steadier than that
among republic than that among
republicans and democrats
republicans and democrats their support
varies wildly depending on the region
in other words like you know democrats
have the highest support for this
in the northeast and the pacific where
they know that they’d run everything
um whereas the republicans highest
support obviously in the south and then
to a lesser extent
in the mountain areas but if you look it
never goes below what 30
30 what’s the lowest one 30 for uh for
uh independence and it goes as high as
50 like it seems like independents are
the ones who
most support this it’s actually pretty
incredible this this breakdown of this
information is pretty it is surprising
what i find shocking is you have 26
in the northeast you have 26 percent of
republicans and in the pacific you have
27 percent of republicans which means
they know that they are staying in these
areas because they like it but they’re
afraid of what would happen
if it were to break off right and
they’re like no
no no we need we need everybody on our
side here
so instead of moving to an area where
they’d be okay with it they’re staying
for whatever reason right right right
yeah interesting interesting uh
i’ll be interested to see how that trend
plays out if support for
you know because no one there is saying
we want to start civil wars and fight
each other um
you know but i i think people are just
saying you know can we peacefully break
up from each other
and just have you know open and free
trade because i guarantee you the people
there are thinking
you know we still want to be able to
trade we still want to be able to travel
and things like that
and there’s absolutely no reason we
couldn’t continue to do that right
absolutely no reason whatsoever or
better yet
go back to what the founders intended
which was you know under the articles of
where they really were well at that time
13 but now
50 independent nation states who had
open and free uh you know trade and
travel agreements between them
that that would probably be a much more
workable scenario than
what we have now right and um j adam
weggs in the comments says missouri will
go to war with illinois and wants to
know if michigan is in
northern michigan anyway right northern
michigan would definitely be up
um so
speaking of different countries
a man who was born in havana cuba tells
cubans seeking refuge
from the communist government his family
escaped from when he was a child that
help will not include asylum if not
sought in the right way
alejandro mayorkas said allow me to be
clear if you take to the sea
you will not come to the united states
you will be sent back
now let’s put aside the fact that
well let’s not put let’s actually start
with the fact that like matt
said alejandro mayorkas
came here or is it alexander it’s
alejandro alejandro mayorkas came here
in 1960 to escape
the cuban regime the same one that he is
now telling cubans
who are dealing with an even more
uh you know many decades later much more
regime castro regime in cuba
that no they can’t come here and by the
way he’s saying you can’t come here
i’ve had a lot of people when i when i
put this out they push back and go well
he’s just saying they can’t come legally
what he’s not saying to you but what all
already know is that there has been no
legal migration
to the u.s from cuba since 2017
when the u.s government stopped
cuban visas so there is no such thing as
a legal
process to migrate here even if you are
in the system processing to come here
you are halted indefinitely
there are cubans who are here on
temporary visas
who are in a bit of legal limbo because
they won’t get reprocessed
they’ve literally stopped doing it so
the legal process for cubans trying to
come here right now
is no so when he’s saying don’t come
illegally he’s signaling to the american
public well i’m just saying don’t come
here illegally
he’s saying to the cuban people which
they know
don’t come here the only way to come
is by sea the only way to come here is
flee you we won’t let you in we will
take you we will detain you we will send
you home
yep um now many people in the media have
kind of walking it back a little bit for
him and they’re saying
he’s saying don’t come by boat
because he does say those who attempt to
come to the u.s by boat will be
intercepted by the u.s coast guard and
back uh and they’re like and they’re
he’s just saying this for their safety
because they don’t want them to
uh they don’t want them to uh risk
coming the dangerous 90 miles during
hurricane season so he’s telling them
not to
and they will be sent back but he goes
on to say anyone lucky enough to finagle
an asylum interview will be resettled
he’s saying you’re not coming here he
doesn’t care that his people you’re not
coming to the u.s you’re not coming to
the us
the man whose family escaped from cuba
is telling other cubans you will not
this is what woke representative tyranny
looks like
okay we hear all the time well they
might not have changed the policies
but at least they’re including a more
diverse group of people
to be included in it so that they can
you know weigh
their their feelings and their
communities feelings
as representative of that community here
is what that actually looks like
it looks like a cuban man who was a
cuban-american man
who came here to flee
the very same castro regime that he is
now telling the people of cuba
they are not allowed to come here to
flee from that’s what woke
representative diverse tyranny and
oppression looks like
it looks like the oppressors
putting friendly faces in charge of
being ones to give the bad news
right right um
and speaking of
woke oppressors uh giving bad news uh
press secretary jin saki um
told the white uh jen prasaki jim posaki
press secretary zach
reporters that the white house is
regularly coordinating with facebook and
other social media giants on the
latest narratives dangerous to public
health that the administration
thinks should be censored this came
after joe biden said
facebook is killing people
and he walked that back real fast
well you know it took him three days but
for joe walking anywhere fastest
takes three days um but it takes him
about three days to walk back to
something yeah
yeah um there were probably some stairs
so i have this video it’s it’s a little
long and i apologize but
there is some really good points in here
that uh you need to see
uh because
so it’s about three minutes long but uh
to lead it in jin saki was asked how
long has the administration been spying
on people’s social media accounts
and you know i’m not even going to spoil
anything for you because you need to
her answers speaking of misinformation
and the announcement from yesterday
for how long has the administration been
on people’s facebook profiles looking
for vaccine
misinformation well that was quite a
loaded and inaccurate question
which i would refute well peter first of
as you know we’re we’re in a regular
touch with with a range of media outlets
as as let me finish as we are
as we are in regular touch with social
media platforms
this is publicly uh open information
people sharing information
online just as you are all reporting
information on your news stations
right okay so these 12 people who you
have on a list 12 individuals do they
that somebody at the surgeon general’s
office is
going through their profile i’m happy to
get you the citation of where that comes
from there’s no secret list
i will tell you that these are people
who are sharing information
on public platforms on facebook
information that is traveling
is inaccurate our biggest concern here
and i frankly think it should be
your biggest concern is the number of
people who are dying around the country
because they’re getting misinformation
that is leading them to not take a
vaccine young people
old people kids children this is all
being a lot of them are being impacted
by misinformation big concern though i
think for a lot of people on facebook
is that now this is big brother watching
they’re more concerned about that than
people speaking of misinformation and
the announcement from yes information on
your news stations
so for some reason we can’t hear that
and i can’t figure out why because this
is a muddy waters media production
um speaking of misinformation and um
okay i think it got to the point that i
needed it to
um in it
the reporter from fox news says
a lot of people are worried about big
brother um
are worried about big brother and uh big
brother looking over their social media
accounts and she says
you think that they care more about that
than they do about
those who are dying from the pandemic
i would like to see your stats on that
because i just don’t believe it
she is saying people don’t care about
their privacy as
long as we are saving lives
so there goes all that bs that they’ve
been telling us about oh these are just
private companies
and we’ve been saying that from the
beginning this is not private these
private companies are taking coerced and
coerced and sometimes guided and ordered
from government and this is not
you know facebook and and twitter and
the rest of these
are not saying you know if anything
facebook’s actually pushing back a
little bit and saying no we’re not going
to ban
any person who says they’re not going to
get a vaccine or that they you know
that they they don’t feel like it’s safe
for them to take it you know
so once again you know i’m not the
biggest fan of mark zuckerberg and
i mean facebook has not been kind to
muddy waters by any stretch of the
but if i have to pick between mark
zuckerberg and joe biden or donald trump
or you know chuck schumer or uh
mitch mcconnell or nancy pelosi that’s
not even close who i trust
no and uh tim y song i’m sorry if i said
your name wrong tim
uh tim why song in the comments says
we’re so we’re close to people no longer
i’m sure of it we’ll get some privacy
back then and i 100 believe that he’s
being facetious here and yeah that’s
once they
once they take it and the government is
looking at your facebook post and
telling facebook
or twitter or instagram which i mean
that’s facebook
um or anybody else that you should
censor this you should take this down
you should put up a warning you should
put up a
uh this violates community standards
uh the government will continue to do it
because they already know that they
can and that is just something that’s
going to continue
happening yeah
and it’s only going to get worse and
they’re going to continue to play us
against each other
you know i’ve noticed the the left-wing
reporting about this
this censorship is joe biden finally
tough with all of these stupid
conservatives and it’s similar to how
conservative media
will show videos of cops brutalizing
protesters and say
look at how the police are finally
cracking down on these left-wing
antifa agitators you are
cheering on your oppressor because they
attacking the people that you were told
are your enemy
when the reality is the people doing the
attacking are your enemy
at the same time they’re always making
it clear well this
is just about your safety you know the
patriot act and the 1995
terrorism anti-terrorism act and the
anti-crime bill and the nfa
and the assault gun ban and assault
weapons ban
all these things they’re going to go
away once things are safe well
no they don’t they stick around and you
know we have terrorism hasn’t been a
it never was a problem in any real
substantive way and
it certainly isn’t one now but all those
all those
protections are still in place uh same
thing with all those crime bills
even though we you know overwhelmingly
know that that’s only made things
worse this is what happens when you give
them an inch they take
everything and then they try their best
to get you to fight each other
you know oh well my enemy’s not a
tyrannical government my enemies those
antifa scumbags
my enemy is those conservative trump
supporting bigots
it’s no your enemy is the tyrants
the actual tyrants not the cheerleaders
yeah um okay i forgot that since we
re-switched everything i have to do
something differently now
um but uh right
so we have a government that’s going to
continue spying on you and they’re doing
it in the name of
safety which uh let’s think roughly
around september 12
2011. um they started saying we’re doing
this in the name of safety and these are
going to be temporary measures and
all of those measures are still in place
20 years later yep
it is not temporary these are things
that are going to continue to happen
there are things that are going to
continue to happen and people
will uh continue to just get used to it
and that is
the plan yeah that we just saw this with
the uh the texas democrats that fled
uh so that the republicans in the uh
in the legislature in texas couldn’t
have a quorum to pass their
their uh voting bill or whatever it is
uh a good number of them tested positive
for covet
they were all vaccinated and so the new
narrative is becoming
well the vaccine’s safe and effective
but you still got to mask up and you
still got a socially distanced and you
still got to stay home and you still got
to do this and you still got to do that
and and the reality is it’s never going
to end
if you let them tell you that you can’t
go outside and you have to put this in
your butt
and by the way i’m not saying if you
most safe and comfortable staying in and
not going outside unless you absolutely
need to
and you are in a position to be able to
do that do that do whatever it is that
makes you
feel comfortable and safe you should do
that if you feel like you need to mask
up at all times
even when you’re outside yes mascot
whatever you need to do
if you want to take the vaccine take the
vaccine whatever you feel like you need
to do
if you feel like you need to go over and
above the what they’re recommending and
and you know only go outside in full
biohazard get
whatever you feel comfortable doing do
but imposing this on everyone long term
if we allow this to happen
it will become the new normal all of
these things end up becoming the normal
if we simply shrug our shoulders and say
okay it’s always going to be this way
the war on drugs is the normal where a
plant will put you in jail in many
states still
for years and years and years either
owning it or selling it or
using it literal medicine will put you
in prison
that is a normal it is a normal that
please can brutalize you
with cameras watching them do it and
they almost
never face any kind of accountability
for it even being sued for it
the best you’re going to get is some
kind of settlement from the the city or
the state or whoever
but no one’s going to admit any fault
there’s probably going to be no change
to policy
and even if there is a change it gets
ignored this is the normal
we accept these things as normal and we
look at other countries that are worse
off and go
well at least we’re not like them yeah
we have to fight back we have to
reject this we have to get involved at
the local level
we have to stop this stuff from
happening we need to claw back our
freedom whatever was taken from us
will be so much harder to get back we
have to fight
to not let them have anything else and
we have to resist whenever we can
and not hashtag resist actually resist
absolutely um
i’ve seen a lot of so a lot of people in
the comments were talking about ed
snowden which
you guys are kind of handling the uh the
segway for me
um because edward snowden tweeted
that uh this story that we’re about to
cover is the biggest story of the year
and what we know about this story uh
is what we’re finding out now i believe
is just the beginning
uh but the question is how much will we
be able to find
out about the story um it was revealed
by the guardian that a leak uncovers
global abuse of cyber surveillance
weapon and spyware sold two
authoritarian regimes used to target
activists politicians and journalists
this is called the pegasus project for
anybody who has not heard of this yet
when i was doing the notes yesterday i
had read that article earlier in the day
and then we sarah and i went to go do
trivia after i finished doing these
and our trivia team name was google the
pegasus project because
if you have not heard of the pegasus
project yet
it’s [ __ ] up um
human rights activists journalists and
lawyers across the world
have been targeted by authoritarian
governments using hacking software
called pegasus sold by the israeli
surveillance company nso group
according to an investigation into the
data leak
pegasus is a malware that infects
and android devices so even iphones
wonderful security systems that they
brag about being the absolute best
can be uh hacked by this um or
infected by this not hacked by this um
enable the operators of the tool to
extract messages
photos and emails record calls secretly
activate microphones
and turn on your gps at any time
the leak contained a list of more than
50 000
phone numbers that it
is believed to have been identified as
those of people
of interest by clients of nso since
50 000 people
have this on their phone we’re gonna get
more into this
uh as we go but
this is a terrifying thing to know that
out there in the world and governments
are the ones that
bought it this was not for sale
to you to me to spike to anybody muddy
waters anybody watching the show
probably anybody watching the show i
don’t want to make any assumptions that
heads of state and other countries
aren’t watching us for
information but
nobody watching the show has this
right um
the data contained the time and date
that the numbers were selected
or entered into a system um
and the data isn’t they made sure to say
that the data is an
indication of intent the presence of a
number in the data does not reveal
whether there was an attempt to infect
the phone with spyware such as pegasus
uh the company’s surveillance tool or
whether any attempts succeeded just that
somebody attempted to do it or just as
somebody had the intention
to use that number to do this
the presence of the data of a very small
number of land
or the presence in the data of a very
small number of land lines and u.s
which the nso says are technically
impossible to access with its tools
um so they’re saying that’s technically
impossible for landlines and u.s
numbers but they say the president’s in
the debt of a very small number of land
lines and u.s numbers
so that means that somebody had the
intent of doing it in the u.s
but nso was saying that’s not possible
but i don’t know if i believe that yeah
i don’t think i believe that at all
honestly i mean there’s
why would it be impossible right i mean
right there’s no reason it would be
impossible i don’t understand how cell
phones work they’re magic to me
um and i’m just happy that they
do work but i don’t see why they would
be on a different system
than the other countries where this does
i could see why it landed i could see
why land lines would yes
yeah i can see why landlines would work
because it’s a landline it doesn’t have
an app on it and that kind of stuff but
phones if you’ve got a smartphone i see
absolutely no reason why this couldn’t
work with that yep
and especially with how it gets on your
um and even if even if there’s a
different system in place or whatever
there’d be a way to make it where it
complied we’re comported with that
system like
there’s no reason that it can’t i don’t
i don’t believe that right
um of 67 smartphones that were suspected
of attacks
23 were uh successfully infected
and 14 showed signs of attempted attacks
the remaining 30 had inconclusive tests
but mainly because the owner of the
had gotten a new phone
so the number was on there and possibly
the previous phone was infected and they
got a new
phone right right right
so uh scott greer says who has a
landline i’m certain that they
still businesses businesses still have
for the most part everyone has
smartphones at this point
especially the kind of people they’d be
targeting like it would be hard to be
to find someone who doesn’t have a
smartphone at this point
so the pegasus project by the guardian
was a collaboration of 80 different uh
who came together to work on this and it
is a massive
massive report with new information
coming out daily um
but the those who worked on the story
were able to
identify 10 governments to believe to be
responsible for selecting targets
i am going to mess up this first one
azerbaijan azerbaijani thank you uh
uh bahrain kazakhstan mexico
morocco rwanda saudi arabia
hungary india and the uae
you have a confusion i feel like the u.s
did too
or the us is you know what the us might
not even need this they might have their
own system because i mean they’ve been
back when this one remember it was 2013
it was eight years ago
when edward stone released revealed that
they were tracking
every bit of electronic communication we
were doing
imagine how much more advanced it is now
it’s not like they stopped
right agreed uh but yeah it just could
be that the us hasn’t
purchased this system because why would
they they have their own yeah they’ve
got their own
uh rwanda morocco india and hungary
denied having used pegasus
because why would they admit it
um and the other governments uh they did
respond to invitations to comment
shocking shocking um
so once the phone is infected with
pegasus a client of nso
so one of the countries that we just
mentioned could in fact take
control of a phone enabling them to
extract a person’s messages calls phones
photos emails
secretly activate cameras or microphones
and read the contents of encrypted
messaging apps
such as whatsapp which isn’t encrypted
anymore because facebook
telegram and signal
so if this gets on your phone your
signal your
your coveted signal uh which i use
religiously and i love it um
doesn’t matter like they’re still going
to be able to read whatever you put on
your your beloved signal that’s what i
said that to people when they’re like oh
it’s encrypted
it’s safe i’m like it might be safe her
say for her but if if someone’s spying
on your phone and again i’m not a
a cyber security expert by any stretch
but i know enough to know that
they could get stuff off your phone
there’s not a magic app that’s going to
stop that
i mean they’re they’re if they’re even
able to just
log what’s on your screen
yeah then by virtue of that that’s
enough you know even if they’re not
getting the metadata or whatever
if they’re able to just log what’s
happening on your screen
that’s more than enough to see what
you’re seeing on signal right
yeah more more than yeah if you just get
the screen recorder going without their
without their knowing it and just
watch everything that’s happening you’d
be able to watch everything in real time
um the nso clients could also secure a
log of a person’s past movements and
track their location in real time with
pinpoint accuracy
so there was a story that we did a few
years ago
probably not a few years ago probably
about a year ago about a guy here in
who got caught up in a um
it was either a burglary charge or a
murder charge and it was based
and it was based on uh his location
while he would ride his bike and they
used the location while he was right
it was a the
track my ride app or something like i
don’t remember
but they used the location that was
stored in this that they
uh that they used a warrant and got from
google uh to get the information and
google gave it to him and they said okay
well this guy has been riding his bike
past this place
every day for the last however long as
people who do workouts do
and they ended up arresting him for
robbery or murder we covered like three
of the same stories i don’t remember
which one he was
um i think his was murder
or attempted murder or rape it was like
a serious choice a serious charge and it
was coming
i mean any of those are serious but it
was like a serious like it was like a
violent crime
you know go to jail for a very long
period of time charge
and he had they had no evidence other
than this ridiculous geo tracking right
now they would be able to do that to you
they could figure out a way to try to
get you to go to a certain area and then
use that location
to pinpoint you to an area
um the latest advances
in their technology enable a
uh enable it to penetrate phones with
what is known as a zero click attack
meaning a user does not even need to
click on a malicious link for their
phone to be infected
they were sending the links through
and whatsapp would uh archive
the message and it would infect the
so governments are now buying this uh
spyware to spy on their enemies and it’s
one of the guys was spying on his own
family like he put in the numbers of all
of his family
sure they didn’t say which country
that’s from but i mean i’ve got some
saudi arabia um just just my bet
because why else like there are very few
countries where your family is someone
you’re going to necessarily worry about
saudi arabia
it’s a it’s a a a neptune and epitaph
it’s a monarchy it’s a it’s a divine you
right of of rulership uh divine right of
country where yeah your cousin could end
up being your enemy because they’re
trying to work their way up the
hierarchy of the family so
yeah no that saudi arabia and or the uae
i can see azerbaijan honestly i mean any
of these dictators i could see them
doing it but yeah
my best guess would be saudi arabia yeah
saudi arabia was my when i when i read
that i was like well
come on we we know
we know but yeah so governments are
buying this spy on their enemies and
um like 180 something journalists
were in there because people were trying
to figure out where they were getting
their sources and stuff like like
this is a terrifying thing and again
this story broke yes yesterday or sunday
um and by the time i read the initial
article on it
there was so much more information
coming out that i didn’t have time to
read everything
so uh as my trivia name yesterday was
google the pegasus project or just go to
the guardian
um and read all about it because this is
absolutely terrifying that it is out
there that a company has made this and
uh governments are buying it in order to
spy on
individuals um
and incidentally this can be deadly
this is how they got jamal khashoggi yes
um how the saudis found him
and tracked him down that’s right and
murdered him and edward snowden’s been
pushing this for the past day or two
about how you know there needs he
believes and i
tend to agree although i don’t know how
enforceable this is actually i do
it’s not enforceable he’s calling for
there to be a ceased fire and a total
on any anyone he’s saying that spyware
should not exist in any application and
should be treated the same way we treat
weapons of mass destruction
that there should not be any use of it
or any further development of it
by any private or public sector actors
and that it should basically just be
banned and verboten
and you know i’ve been asked a few times
on twitter and other places what i think
about it
and i say listen i agree i think that no
one should be using this i don’t really
the people who are trying to put
edward snowden in a cage for
revealing that they spied on everyone
to be in charge of making sure no one’s
spying on anyone i just i
i think this is one of those you know
the state
state craft creates these fox in the hen
house situations
where okay well what are we gonna do
we’re powerless to stop it
and the only people who have the power
to stop it are the very ones who are
using it
so who exactly are we supposed to trust
there this is yet another example of why
statism is a
i’d say a failed project except it’s
going exactly the way the people in
wanted to yeah i was gonna say it’s
working exactly it is a
fantastically uh
because no matter which side you’re
looking at if you’re looking at it from
this side
uh with the pegasus project and them
spying on you to get more information or
figure out where you are to kill you
or if they are uh pulling the jinsaki
and saying
uh we need to be more worried about
people dying from a pandemic than your
yeah this is what they want and there
are people on
i don’t want to say the left but the the
authoritarian side
there are people on the authoritarian
side who agree with jensaki
who are saying yeah this is totally fine
a lot of those people would look at with
what’s happening on the pegasus project
and say
no this is this is too far
but the difference between these two
is like this the second that the
says we need something like the pegasus
project to stop the spread of
misinformation to save lives for covet
it’s it’ll these exact same people will
say well i guess that’s what we need
we gotta spy on these these crackpot
uh uh right-wing conservative fascists
who are spreading misinformation about
by the way every single thing that is
considered settled silence about covid
was at some point considered
misinformation right by the same people
that are now calling it settled silence
so the i
what’s that that was one of the things
that was in jin that video with jin saki
that we couldn’t hear
um yeah he said well you know people are
stuff about um about fauci
saying not to wear masks and people were
saying you should probably wear a mask
uh but he said no you don’t have to wear
a mask are you gonna remove all of those
and she was like well and then she just
to uh well dr fauci knows that science
changes and you know blah blah whatever
exactly that’s why you don’t ban people
from saying things
right because if you ban someone from
the only way that you that science can
change or that consensus on something
can change
either in a scientific clinical you know
uh setting or a political setting or
any kind of setting it requires people
to present
dissenting ideas and information if this
is the if whatever the baseline of right
now of every single subject
is now considered settled and anything
that goes against it
is misinformation against the settled
then if someone says wait a second
i have a hypothesis because again that’s
how the scientific mess
method works i have a hypothesis that
that’s not true when it actually works
this way
that’s going to be considered
yes because before you can test it you
have to hypothesize it
this is the most anti-science thing and
no any person who thinks for a second
that there’s a major difference
the only difference between telling you
what you can and can’t
post anywhere even text messages
not just social media but anywhere
basically telling you what you can and
cannot say on the internet
the difference between that and spying
on everything you do on the internet
is just the mechanism of control but
it’s the same thing it’s controlling its
control and if they can convince you
that it’s for your
safety and protection then they get to
do it you get to cheer them on
and and and whether we’re talking about
this kind of stuff or whether we’re
talking about cops
cracking heads of protesters or whether
we’re talking about a gigantic wall to
keep out people that scare you
or or whether we talk about you know uh
uh what you know controls against big
scary looking black guns
whatever it is it’s the same thing it’s
the same thing over and over again
it is government convincing you to be
more scared of this boogie man
than of them having this control over
you so that you cheer on them having
that control over you
so you know who doesn’t have control
over us
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and here is our first call from
i gotta make sure that this isn’t i
haven’t used this board in a while and i
quickly plugged everything in so this
first one might blow your ears out and i
hey spike and matt this is adam calling
in on the chris reynolds personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor colin moment
and i’m calling in today to
talk about cuba but not in the way that
most people would expect
as we all know the communist cuban
government has cut off access to
internet social media and phone
to most of their population and result
as a result of the protests however what
people don’t know is that the
cuban people have been relying on ham
radio specifically
within the 40 meter band and the cuban
government has started
tracking and jamming 40
signals within the 40 meter band coming
out of cuba
take a listen
if that sounds like garbage to you
that’s because it is
have a great day guys now to drive home
how important this
is adam i don’t know a lot about ham
radio adam’s actually someone who’s told
me a lot and i’ve done some more
the thing about ham radio is that
because of the very low
frequencies that they use they are able
transmit sometimes across the entire
but at the very least over very wide
geographic areas
using towers that are
sometimes homemade and using very little
electricity so what ham radio allows
is for people to be able to broadcast
far and wide
easily and cheaply and so basically what
is happening here is the cuban
is stopping everyday cubans from being
able to get the message out not just to
other parts of cuba
but to around the entire world right so
to venezuela to parts of the us
departs to possibly even western europe
again you know given the right
conditions given a good enough
tower uh uh given you know uh the
you know the right expertise and the
creation of it
you can use like a 40 millimeter
bandwidth to
access all or most of the planet
in the right conditions and so you know
this is how
many cubans are able to communicate with
the western hemisphere
and vice versa to be able to communicate
to have people talk back
to them that’s being blocked and it’s
so and this is probably even more
in cuba where there are still a good
number of cubans who
are not accessing the inter we’re not
accessing the internet and social media
and we’re relying on ham radio to be
able to reach other people in other
countries and around
cuba as it as it would be if they did
the same thing here in the u.s
so this is you know this is what tyranny
looks like but don’t worry it’s for your
safety and it’s to save lives so it’s
uh so we have another one from j adam
wags but i think it’s just a repeat
so we’re going to find out really quick
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor colin moment
and i’m calling in today to
talk about cuba but not in the way that
most yeah
same same one all right our next call is
from andrea o’donnell
hey guys it’s andrea i have a state
representative of north carolina who
recently posted
about the opioid crisis saying that he
would never legalize cannabis
he believes it’s a gateway drug i have
convinced him to have a sit down with me
and i have a little bit of a plan but
i’m wondering what you guys
would ensure you mentioned thanks
that is first of all that’s awesome
that’s a great
fantastic question but congrats to you
that’s amazing that you did this
outstanding andrea this is exactly what
we talk about on this show when it
says getting lo you know it’s easy for
us to shake our fists at the bootlickers
but often these folks don’t know that
guy probably just has no clue what the
hell he’s talking
about or she’s talking about i think
it’s i think she said it’s easy i think
you know they probably have no idea what
they’re talking about so
you know what a chance to reach out and
say hey i’d like to talk with you about
you know it’s a lot easier to reach
state reps and local
legislative people than it is to try to
reach someone in congress or the senate
or whatever unless you’ve got millions
of dollars
we’re just not there yet um although you
know justin amash told me that
you know even when he was in congress
that most other congress people
would kind of you know mention that if
they got about a dozen calls about
something that would make them seriously
look into it
phone calls like actual phone calls um
so even there you might be able to
change something but
that’s fantastic the first thing i would
bring up
is and you can google this and find it
the person who
came up with the gateway drug uh uh
narrative that the answer during that
press conference back in the i think 80s
that person has multiple times said that
it’s something i believe it was a she
uh just made up on the spot because she
was being cornered about well okay
yeah make crack illegal make heroin
illegal make meth whatever
why would you make weed illegal and she
went well because it’s a gateway there’s
no science about gateways
and if you if you if you google it
there’s all sorts of data
that shows that at the very least it’s
inconclusive that cannabis
is a gateway and at and at the most
there’s evidence showing that it’s not a
gateway and then you can talk about the
that lack of access to cannabis for
chronic pain relief
and ptsd leads people to use
those drugs so it’s actually prohibition
is a gateway to harder drugs
right one of the things that i would
i would avoid personally um
i would avoid going through the entire
history of how it became prohibited
um yeah because even
no matter how accurate it is that it was
prohibited uh for racist reasons
and the fact that it was prohibited for
racist reasons and the fact that uh uh
dupont and
the paper guy were afraid of hemp plants
uh taking over um uh
don’t bring up any of that talk about
find find personal interest stories of
people in that guy’s district where
it could help them uh here in florida
um god i wish i could remember the name
of the bill that i helped write the
white paper on
um but uh we
we did when we were going for medical
marijuana uh
we were it was called the something
something uh
bill kathy jordan the kathy jordanville
and this was a woman who had uh
she was older uh she was older she had
uh it was either ms or
it was either ms or um als i don’t
remember which one but she would she
would get
she would get serious seizures and weed
was the only thing that would help
probably ms als typically doesn’t have
cd yeah okay
um so we
we wrote this bill for her and then we
said this is
and we had video of her having seizures
and this was video that was given to we
didn’t like
set this up to get this her family sent
us this um
and it was video where the seizures
would subside immediately and she would
go back to kind of being back in her
right mind
and this was part of what we used in
order to push this bill
um so if you can find people locally in
this guy’s district that he would have
to connect with
um i would try to do that um
or even at least in the state you know
try to find in the district if at all
but at the very least in the state and
and also
show like you know you can pull up some
you know fine youtube videos there’s
plenty of youtube videos of people
you know doing these you know time lapse
videos where they’re having seizures or
tremors and they smoke
some pot you know find kids that have
epilepsy or are taking chemo and can’t
eat and this is the only thing
that helps them find veterans with ptsd
find these stories show them to him
uh i think he said it was a hymn and and
just show him like you know this
is it has medicinal
use right and even if it’s used
it’s still so much safer than the
alternatives and and what i would do is
i’ll speak to the concern so this isn’t
someone who’s saying i want to lock
people up for a plant
this is someone saying i am concerned
that this
this drug this plant this whatever is
going to lead to more people
overdosing on heroin so attack that
by by talking about and you can show
of people who resorted to heroin
actually first resorted to pain pills
because they couldn’t get cannabis and
then once their once their lifetime
fda pain pill limit was up they had to
resort to getting pain pills illegally
which was more expensive than just
getting heroin
and so eventually now they’re taking
heroin he’s worried about
that whatever the gateway is to
people dying of heroin overdoses so show
him what the actual gateway is
and then show what marijuana actually is
it has medicinal purposes
yeah it has recreational purposes but
focus on the fact that it has medicinal
it is far safer than the stuff that is
that is the alternative to it
and you know this is about helping
people and helping people
not end up addicted um i think that goes
an incredible way to to being able to
to you know show him that this is about
preventing overdoses when people ask me
about the war on drugs
i say i want to end the war on drugs
because i want to crush the cartels and
i want to end the gang violence and i
want to end these epidemics of overdoses
and we can’t do it using the failed
strategies that created the conditions
for all those things to flourish in the
first place
so here’s our next question from
for the chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling moment
this is with seedwitt calling in
from forest park georgia i just wanted
to get you all’s opinion
on the blue origins space flight that
place earlier today lasted for 13
minutes and then came back down
and then i didn’t know whether or not
you saw the press conference afterwards
jeff bezos gave out two awards is that
what it sounds like to you
and the other one was to
some other person who owns restaurants
anyways he gave a hundred million
dollars a piece to each of those
for stability and something
anyways just want to know your opinion
on it and hope
to hear this on the show bye
jeff bezos i i i couldn’t hear it what
did you hear any of it so
uh jeff bezos went into went into space
um that was really difficult to hear i
don’t know
i don’t know why that that was how he
recorded it uh
i tried to make that as loud as i could
but he went into space and then uh he
came back down
and he gave awards stephen i’m sorry i
we couldn’t hear you
yeah we don’t
we’re not we’re not sure what what was
said there but um
what i will say and i’ve said this many
times jeff
if your plan is to nuke us from orbit
i’m canceling my prime account
right yeah so
your move so we have another one from
stephen witt so hopefully we can hear
this one
better hello
guy on left and spike cohen for the
chris reynolds attorney at law anchor
call in moment
this is steve witt calling in again i
would like to hear
your opinion on the whole situation that
happened at the
wii spa in san francisco where the
trans woman exposed herself
to a mom and her six-year-old daughter
in the women’s locker room
causing protests out there which
protesters have been shot by police
as well as just overall what happened
inside of the spa
that the trans woman was accused of
um just want to hear your opinion and
thank you very much
you can go with this one before i
answered the first couple ones before
so this is the la thing right
the what the la the los angeles thing
this is the los
angeles spa that that said that they are
trans-inclusive and then that led to the
protests which led to the counter
protest which
led to the please got it okay
shootings right uh i wanted to make sure
that that’s what we were talking about
before i
started just throwing things out um
so the place said that they were
anybody walking into that place into
spa spa is that what we’re spa sure
i think a spa okay anybody that uh the
place that they were trans inclusive
anybody walking
in there knows that they’re trans
so if you didn’t want to go somewhere
where that sort of situation might not
have happened
you should have gone somewhere else
there’s probably it’s la there’s tons of
them there’s spas everywhere you could
pick somewhere else where they
aren’t trans-inclusive well it’s la
right um
but you kind of understood that this was
a risk that you would take going
into this spa um the fact that you went
in there with your daughter
i understand that it might not be
something that you want to have to
explain to your daughter because i don’t
know age is here i don’t know any of
in time and place for everything um
but knowing that that is a risk going to
these places you may have to think
should i be bringing my daughter to
these places
so my thing is this
and maybe i’m not understanding this but
i don’t i’m not sure how old the kids
were in question but i don’t either that
again and that’s why i’m like i don’t
really know
if they’re like really young kids why
would you have them around anyone
any strangers exposing their genitals
that’s a good point like i get that
there’s a difference but even still why
why would you have them around anyone
exposing their genitals
um would be the first question uh but
beyond that yeah that’s basically
my thought on this is if you know
they’re trans exclusive you know what
that means
and if that’s something you’re not
comfortable with then go somewhere else
now i will say this
if there were ever a point where it were
required for
spas to be trans-exclusive and to allow
there not to be you know uh a genitalia
segregation you know or something like
that you know between the different
um then we would be the first one saying
no absolutely not there’s first of all
you shouldn’t force
that association on anyone and second of
all if someone really doesn’t want to
have to look at penises
or flip side look at vaginas or whatever
then they shouldn’t have to
they shouldn’t have to and they should
be able to choose to go to a place that
either doesn’t
that only serves people with one set of
genitalia or
that separates them or whatever i mean
there’s there
that shouldn’t be up to the government
but that’s not what this was that was
them yeah
bye everybody that was them choosing uh
choosing that um so that’s
what sparked the protest and so then you
had the protesters
that were saying they were fighting
pedophilia which you know
the spa said this was not a pedophilia
incident this was
a trans client coming in to receive the
same services that everyone else
did there i i wasn’t there i can’t tell
you but that’s
that’s what they’re saying regardless
you had these the anti-trans or
save the children they called them
protesters um
and then you had the the pro trans uh
counter protesters
uh and then you had the police coming in
who had literally
just been warned a had an injunction
filed against them by a judge
telling them to stop firing less lethal
rounds at people
in their chest and head and at
point-blank range you’re not supposed to
use that point-blank range ever
and you’re never supposed to use it in
that in
below there below their waist um leslie
the rounds
are something that are supposed to
technically i didn’t realize this
they’re technically supposed to be fired
towards the ground
with the idea that they then bounce up
and hit people at the very least
yeah if it’s that close range you
actually fire it at the ground with the
idea that it comes up
i didn’t when i first heard this i
thought it was one of those why don’t
they shoot them in the lake
no that actually turns out that’s how
they’re supposed to be used now
if they’re further away then you do it
with the idea you’re aiming towards
the midsection but again with the idea
that it’s probably going to either
or hit them really low the whole point
is to distract them or to
to obfuscate them uh you know in their
in in moving forward
not to hit them in the freaking chest
and buckle him and and i mean if you see
the the footage
in the pictures from people that have
been hit with these rounds
it breaks skin it it leaves these
gigantic gashes if it hits you near the
heart you’re
dead if it hits you in the rib cage it
breaks your ribs
it’s this gigantic projectile hurtling
at you
it’s like getting hit with a it’s like
putting a baseball inside of a
you know a it’s like a baseball and a
grenade launcher or something like that
it’s it’s
it’s really intense what it’s doing and
there’s a proper usage and that isn’t it
and so once again they go out and do
exactly that they’re shooting people
from five six feet away
directly in the chest people who are
posing notes because that’s the other
they’re only ever supposed to use it if
people anywhere near up close
if there’s no other option and if the
people are presenting a clear and
present threat to themselves to up to
them or to others
we saw multiple footage of them not
doing that so
outside of the whole trans inclusive
debate or the we spa debate or whatever
once again here comes government to fix
things by attacking
non-violent protesters and jared curry
says i want to protest people bringing
their kids to the spa
that’s supposed to be relaxing which
i i can’t i can’t hear you oh sorry uh
jared curry said
i want to protest uh people bringing
their kids to the spa
it is supposed to be relaxing
like i mean are we talking little kids
were they
the child was six why are you bringing a
six-year-old to a
to a spa where people are exposing their
genitals right
uh matt hicks in the comments uh a
little bit earlier said
you walked into a locker room and got
shocked that you saw a naked person
which yeah that’s kind of what happened
uh you walked into a spot where you knew
this was hap
where you knew that it was trans uh
inclusive you knew it was
you went there with your six-year-old
and you’re a six-year-old
and yeah you want to go out i understand
if you want to take your six-year-old
out for a nice day or whatever
but if that is something that you don’t
want your six-year-old to see
do the research and take them somewhere
else don’t take them there
right like don’t take them there
unless they can show that there was an
actual incident
of assault assault or or harassment or
pedophilia or anything else
this sounds like someone who probably
just didn’t know they were trans
and yeah let the buyer beware type of
thing i mean
and i’m i would imagine their signs and
stuff and and if there’s not there i’m
sure there are now
um and go somewhere else like this is
this is if you don’t want that then go
somewhere else and if enough people
are upset about it obviously there’s
going to be plenty of a market for
either trans non-inclusive whatever that
means you know uh uh
only one set of genitals welcome uh spas
or all genitals welcome innies over here
audi’s over there
um and and you know with no separation
because at the gym
they have you know different sets of of
and you know typically or locker rooms
one set of genitals goes over there the
other one goes over there also don’t
bring your kids there
right another place not to bring your
kids agreed
um here is our oh god
we have a series of them from
the laser legend himself okay
well hello there guy on left and spike
this is
matt hicks calling in on the personal
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
colin moment tm um
so in today’s news apparently some dude
named bezos did something in a giant
space stick today
um i don’t know significant
maybe maybe not it’s a lark
it’s a frolic it’s whatever i don’t know
seems cool i’d like to ride a giant
wang to 60 something miles high or
whatever the hell he did that’d be
that’d be kind of cool but
only if i could drink beer in zero
yeah man hashtag laser legend yeah
i mean jeff bezos went to space on a
giant penis uh
it literally is like the scene from
austin powers
and i know we’re not the only ones to
break that but the guy
looks like dr evil and
he yeah i mean it looks like he’s got
the shaved head and everything
and he flew off in a giant space stick
so honestly
i don’t think that was supposed to be
look like a giant space stick
i think he said i want a rocket that
looks like me
in my head
but it just so happens he’s a dick he
looks like a giant space dick yeah he’s
a [ __ ]
so like and a lot of
is it
is it cool yeah like i wish i could go
to space do i hate him for being able to
no do i all the people who are online
uh bitching about
uh bitching about how he uh he’s got
more money than god why can’t he do
something other than go to spa i don’t
care what he does with his money
yeah it’s it’s i don’t care yeah
we can talk about how we got his money
i’m i’m upset about the bailouts he got
i’m upset about you know the no bid
contracts he’s gotten
i’m upset about that stuff i’m not upset
the guy is rich
and i’m certainly not upset that he’s
using his obscene fortune
to push along innovations that are
eventually going to become more
you know a hundred years ago people were
pissing and moaning that the ultra rich
were flying around
in you know in uh in in lighter than air
uh craft while the rest of them were on
some of them still using uh uh you know
and and some using autumn automobiles
and saying things like well you know
they’re up there flying around or they
could use that money to help people yeah
i mean that’s true but
now air travel is prolific i have flown
more times than i’ve wanted to in the
past few days
and it was relatively inexpensive and
and and you know
it always starts with the people that
are super rich saying i want to do that
and that creates the demand because
there’s not enough volume of demand yet
for that thing
but they’re willing to put up the
obscene amount of money to pay for it
just to do it then prove that it works
so that the next tier of rich people can
get in and do it
so that the next tier of people can get
in and do it build out an economy of
scale and eventually one day space
you know we might all get to you know
save up money
and do a hour-long space cruise
in the near future right like next few
spend a couple grand and go up into
outer space
for a few hours and experience zero
gravity and all that
so i learned a fun fact yesterday
that i’m going to share with you today
because if anything shows the power of
the free market versus
the government this is it how much
do you think it costs for nasa to send
one pound of anything into space
oh i know it’s absurd it’s like in it
like hundreds of thousands or something
like that no it’s not that bad
it is not that bad okay
uh ten thousand eight hundred dollars to
send up
one pound a pound a pound
how much do you think it costs spacex
like a thousand eighteen hundred
eighteen hundred for one pound from
spacex yep
ten thousand eight hundred
from government yep because spacex is
trying to create a profit
right and this is what collectivists and
even some conservatives
like there are even some and even some
libertarians some people who don’t
understand why profit
and profit motive are good and lead to
because at first at first blush it
sounds like well if you gotta factor in
the profit
doesn’t that mean it’s gotta cost more
because otherwise if they didn’t have
the profit
then you know they’d be able to charge
less because they wouldn’t be profiting
you’re not factoring in human nature
human nature is that if someone’s got to
eke out a
a living and a profit from it they’re
going to find a way to do it in the most
and efficient way possible so this is
why nasa spends
tens of billions of dollars to do
something that costs
hundreds of millions or billions of
dollars in the private sector to do
and the more you get government out of
it and the more you deregulate it i mean
think of all the times that elon musk is
trying to do something
and the federal government has just flat
out told him no
you can’t do it we won’t give you the
licensing we’re not going to approve it
we won’t let you do it
imagine if instead they could just do it
and assume the liability for it
right this would allow a
renaissance of space travel and all of
the advances that are going to be able
to come from that you know we have a
huge thing that’s happening right now
with all this space
junk that’s all the the leftovers of
these satellites and other things that
have been launched into this into the
space over all this time
there are countless satellites in the
air for
you know telephone cable tv internet all
these different applications
and over time they degrade and then they
fall apart and now they’re just floating
going hundreds of miles an hour zipping
around the the orbit
some of the pieces slowly work their way
down but much more is going up
faster than the stuff’s coming down
there’s going to have to be safe and
effective ways to get like
some kind of capsules or nets or
whatever up there
to be able to trap that space junk so
that we can have space travels that we
can’t have
you know more effective use of space uh
that’s only going to come
by making it increasingly cost efficient
to do so and that’s not going to come
from government
it’s going to come from the elon musks
and this jeff bezos’s
and the rest of them and frankly the
only thing that’s keeping it from
becoming even more affordable is that
the government keeps giving them money
to do it
don’t give them money just let them do
it let them do it
remove the licensing let them frickin do
it let them profit whatever they want
and we’ll have amazing space travel in
our time
thing to be left in space was the uh
first dog that was sent up there
um what’s that the saddest thing up in
space is the first dog that was sent up
um because the russians
let him die yeah here’s our next one
laser legend matthew hicks well hello
again guy on left and
spike this is matt hicks calling once
on the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney on law hickory call in
a moment
here uh so
i’m getting ready to go to the south
carolina association for
justice annual convention in hilton head
in a couple of weeks
and they’re all out of hotel rooms down
there which is kind of bad
because i need a place to sleep so i
rented a boat
like like a small boat with bedrooms and
a shower and a bathroom and stuff so
that’s kind of cool
but it’s got two bedrooms and it’s just
me so if one of you guys wants to go to
hilton head for the weekend of august
7th let me know hashtag ladies and
wait i wanted to hold on let me tell you
i i’m almost certain i’ve got
something that damn it to hell yeah
i got something that weekend
i’m super excited to do it of course
the thing that i’m doing the weekend of
august 7th but
it does unfortunately mean that i’m not
going to be able to go
right on the boat and hilton head man i
want to go on a boat in hilton head with
matt hicks you should do that man
i have uh that’s going to be the first
weekend that
the kids are back oh yeah so
hey kids who wants to see uncle
yeah i don’t think i could convince
sarah that that would be a great way to
that time they would love matt hicks
they would man they’d love him they’d
love matt hicks uh here is our next
kids love him here’s our next one for
matt hicks i’m starting to get terrified
oh uh this is this is matt again guys
in case you were wondering the south
carolina association for justice is a
lawyer thing for basically every lawyer
is invited to come except for like
prosecuting attorneys because
[ __ ] them that’s why
i like it yeah i like anything called
the association for justice
is likely to either be a really good
or a terrible terrible terrible
i’m i’m still here i’m i’ve been told
that something is waiting for me at the
i have people delivering me the finest
goods here’s more from matthew and spike
this is
matt hicks calling in on the personal
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
or caller moment p.m i’m sober
i’m still driving home from work i’m
almost there so that’s kind of a thing
um i just wanted to give you guys an
update on one of my previous call-ins
um i got the [ __ ] the box
has been got it’s dealt with
let me just tell you eight years
this fox has been stealing my chicken
killing my turkey
all the baby birds realized it was eight
years i
got it i got him yesterday
oh and the shotgun was the right choice
well well yeah we knew that yeah i mean
what are you gonna use a handgun right
um i guess a rifle probably but still
shocking better um
i didn’t realize it was going i knew it
was going on for a while i know it was
eight years are you sure it’s the same
fox did you say eight years or a year
i thought he said eight years i thought
he said a year because i remember when
he started talking about it on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law and cullen moment
well i don’t know i think i think he
said that far back
no um i already hit it
it’s gone okay all right no problem yeah
no i can’t uh oh eight he said eight he
eight years didn’t know it was eight
years do foxes live eight years
yeah i guess so he’s been haunting you
since he was a baby
and now in his old life he said okay i’m
done i’m ready for matt hicks to take me
right i’ve lived a good life and i’ll
give him this
i’ll let him be the one that takes me
that’s funny circle of life here’s our
next call from james m
hello this is james m ray calling for
the chris reynolds
personal injury attorney at law anchor
in moment i was very pleased last
to meet with spike and talk about
thorium but i wanted to also thank
spike’s wife tasha tasha is
the greatest and i hope that spike has
showed her the cuban funnel-eared
bat picture because i said i would tell
him to
and i’m also i’m also into venomous
snakes i’m into i’m into the critters
that tasha is not into
you know i’m into the not nice critters
anyway it was very very nice meeting you
and seeing all of you this weekend
so thank you very much and have a great
day and thanks for the for all the help
well thank you james what was it i was
supposed to show tasha
uh i don’t know something bat ah
uh she she likes all that stuff she just
don’t like chickens
according to google uh the lifespan of a
red fox is two to five years so this fox
live the best life off of matched
and i’m pretty certain that red fox
lived a lot longer than two to five
yeah i think he was like in it that
killed him too oh man
matt hicks if you killed red fox i would
be so mad red fox screw you man
that would make you a dummy um
that would make you the big one
you big dummy um
people people when they they have no
idea what that’s in reference to no when
no one gets that at all
no no well let’s see what matt hicks has
to say about whatever well hello there
guy on left and spike this is
matt hicks calling in on the personal
injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney law calling something
something tf
uh i just wanted to let you guys know
that uh this last weekend my wife and i
went out and bought a
robot vacuum thingy that cleans
our house for us which is really cool
like this is life-changing because we
have seven dogs right
but um so anyway i named him dr
bunsen honeydew because there’s a little
app i use to control them and his name
is dr bunsen honeydew on it which is fun
but i have concerns that maybe i just
gave the fbi a map to the inside of my
yeah yeah what do you guys think hashtag
laser legend
if yeah yes
so if its name is dr bunsen
you need to get another one that’s
broken and call it
beaker yeah and it just
like shrieks um so if it makes you feel
any better
matt the
government already has your floor plan
yeah like i mean that’s yeah i could go
to the
county courthouse and get that
it may not know where your coffee table
is but let’s be honest
neither does your robot it just knows
when it hits something
yeah it just knows that like where to go
on the floor
um so yeah i don’t think anything
they haven’t gotten any new late
breaking information
um i mean you walk around just like the
rest of us with a smartphone
so they have access to your front and
back cameras at all times
and everything that you’re doing on it
i i’d worry more about that than
your dr bunsen honeydew
no matt hicks says no they don’t my
house was built without permits by hand
by a guy that
drank way more than me
okay so now they have you so now they
have your floor plan
now you’re like everybody else now
you’re like everyone else
no but you know what i mean i assuming
they can get a good idea of your floor
plan without having to have a
robot scanner in your in your house i
i think they know where you live right i
don’t think and where you sleep
relative to where you live again your
phone maps it out perfectly
so i mean if you consider that your
phone is accurate to within like three
just by where you stand and sit
routinely in your house
your phone knows when you’re using the
yeah your phone knows a lot of stuff
which means the government knows a lot
of stuff
did you so instagram used to have this
thing uh
on it that they got rid of it would
make a map of where you posted all of
your photos
so if you were to say and go on to a
go on to a celebrities page and i
actually did this with a friend of mine
who’s in a band
uh from sweden and i showed it to him
and i was just like look i bet i know
where you live and he’s like how could
you know where i live i live in sweden
and i was like yeah watch
and i was like so here’s
your map you can see all of the places
that you posted and he’s like okay and i
started zooming in
on sweden and i was like so here’s
you probably live right around here and
he’s like oh my goodness i kept zooming
i’m betting your house is right there
and he’s like his eyes got really wide
because can you turn that off i was like
i haven’t figured out how
that’s why i stopped posting on
instagram or i never post from home
yeah i hate that yeah um
so we have i don’t like that at all no
they got rid of that function
that is no longer there probably for
that reason
the fact that i showed him where he
but they still have that they still know
where you’re posting they’re just not
sharing it with everyone else
right so we have a series of calls from
brian lambrecht
hey spike it’s uh brian again i’m glad
you made it safely to rapid city
looks like an exciting week at freedom
fest the schedule’s packed
i’ve been updating the calendar as new
information comes in
so you should have up to the minute
accurate info
as the week goes by we ran into a bit of
a surprise today
looks like you’ve got several big fans
excited to see you this week
and i did my best to squeeze in a bit of
time for all of them
uh even some podcast requests that are
going to be there we made it work
um one of those fans has gone above and
beyond to get your attention uh this guy
was just full of energy and passion
and uh so i i included it in your uh in
your itinerary for the week
so you’ll see it on the itinerary
okay so his name is frederick and he’s
been a fan of yours for a while
and um also i was you know looking into
him when we were you know talking and
taking notes and
he sounds like he might be a potential
whale donor
uh so i thought okay well that’s that’s
something we can file away for a later
speaking of dates he asked if you were
free for dinner sometime this week
i figured this was too good of an
opportunity to pass
so i told frederick of course i put it
on your calendar
he was excited about this uh he figured
without you know tasha around
in south dakota all week you might get a
bit lonely and he was offering some
seems like a really nice guy so i put it
on on the agenda all the information is
there and uh
yeah he’s he’s really excited i’m glad
you’re gonna have something to do this
so i looked up a few restaurants in town
and found a bar and grill that had some
great salmon options for you
uh he uh wanted something more intimate
and picked some
fancy place on the outskirts of town he
uh i’m guessing frederick wants to maybe
discuss some serious future political
moves with you wanted some privacy
and he offered uh to pay for dinner so i
thought all right well this works out
and and like i said before he sounds
like a big fan he was
quoting your speeches to me over the
phone uh he was asking questions about
you know what is spike like
you know when he’s you know when on the
campaign or you know what was it like
off the podcast
and yeah he asked if you’d autograph a
few things for him and i’m like yeah
spike’s totally cool he’ll you know
whatever you got
he’ll sign something there we go so he
was really excited about about dinner
uh oh he also asked if you could shave
before you go out
dude we’ve just had a stream of good
luck lately
so it turns out frederick is also a kind
of amateur photographer
and thought that you could use some new
headshots and then after dinner you
could go back by his villa and do some
photo shoots
i thought this was a great opportunity
so i signed you up yes
he was ecstatic you know how volunteers
can get
uh he said he even had some outfits for
you that he thought you could try on
things you could pose for in him uh he
even had some custom things that he said
he had made which i
guess he knows your measurements i don’t
know uh sounds like a real artsy kind of
and if photos run late if you guys you
know stay up or whatever
uh he said you’re more than welcome to
stay the night at the villa
and even go out on his boat the next
morning so
that was great i i told him you guys
will you know figure it out on the fly
anyway i gotta run i got press releases
i gotta get ready for the rest of the
week hey man you have a blast at freedom
fest i’ll talk to you soon
bye so i wonder what he wants me to sign
where where are you i’m in
rapid city south dakota rapid city south
do you know a frederick here i don’t but
uh you’re going out on a boat the next
the rapid city boat there is
there is no water i found it
there’s gut hold on i’ll be right back
there’s got to be a body of water
somewhere around here
for a little dinghy i mean there’s a
couple of small like
there’s a so there’s a little retention
pond back
in the hotel well it sounds like a
it sounds like you and uh frederick are
gonna have just
a fantastic time and i could go to eagle
they got a river there i’m a little
jealous of uh
you and frederick’s time together
because it sounds like you guys are
going to have just a blast
and a half listen unironically if
someone wants to take me out to dinner
and pay for food well and yeah pay pay
and pay i mean it’s the paying that’s
the pay for
this part and uh
yeah that was our chris personal injury
attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor call in moment
now if you anchor dot fm slash muddy
now if you want to be involved in that
wonderful time uh all you have to do is
visit the website at the bottom anchor
dot fm slash muddied waters
and uh you can leave us messages and
while you’re there you can also donate
uh you don’t have to donate for us to
your message but it definitely increases
the odds of it happening
yeah buy a wide my legs
we’ll also like you more yeah that’s
true we will we will 100
like you more um
so there’s absolutely no way to segue
into this so we’re just going to go
right into it
the gop seeks to make biden synonymous
inflation the inflation that we here at
muddied waters have been warning you
a year long as the show’s suggested i
for a very long time um
they have even instead of calling it
inflation they are dubbing it
bite inflation
who was the girl that was on kennedy
that you made eye roll so hard that we
thought she lost her eyes
oh uh
yeah i i think her name was eva
sarah i don’t know is that what i’m
doing right now that’s what when i said
bite inflation
i i don’t know how she feels bite and
fly inflammation yeah bite inflation
um consumer prices have risen
they’re saying 5.4 percent in the past
12 months ago the labor
department but
i will say so normally i like the hill
they have some good reporting but they
said that
gas prices have returned to pre-pandemic
and no they have not and
technically i thought about it for a
while after reading that
it’s true they just didn’t say how long
pre-pandemic levels right like
2014 pre-pandemic
levels right right um
oh joe flation would be so much better
than bite inflation
wow wade crumb good
job um joe afflation much better than
biden inflation
so plation i could get behind right
so yes they’re saying 5.4
which all of us out there in you know
the world
understand that that’s [ __ ] um
i couldn’t even begin to tell you what
it actually is
so using their old measures i just saw
before going live using their old
measures that they used not that long
it’s actually over 10 percent and even
that isn’t
accurate because it doesn’t include a
lot of things so it’s it’s
we’re in double-digit inflation and have
been for quite some time right now it’s
double-digit inflation right now janet
the bastion of free-market thinking and
sound economics soothsayer that she is
said we will have several more months of
rapid inflation so i’m going
to say that this so i’m not going to say
that this is a one month phenomenon
but i think over the medium term we’ll
see inflation decline back toward
normal levels of course we have to keep
a careful eye on it
she’s not saying the prices are going to
go back down to normal levels she’s
saying the rate at
which they increase is going to go back
down to normal levels right
right she is not saying that prices are
going to go down she’s just saying that
the rate of increase isn’t going to go
up much more
right um
senator shelby the republican from
in a hearing with the fed chairman
jerome powell who is a republican
by the way um said in the 1970s as you
will recall high inflation crippled
consumers with rapid and sudden price
many of those conditions exist today
such as loose monetary policy and
significant government spending
powell again a republican who
constantly reminds people of trying to
find a job during the 70s
uh inflation said the recent surge in
prices is primarily driven by short-term
not by the decades of policy that led to
the 70s crisis
so it’s really good that we don’t have
decades of bad policy and spending
habits that would lead to inflation
yep that would be terrible if we did
that would be awful if we did
absolutely awful if we had
any evidence that we’ve had and by the
way if you if you go back to that
so this was made in uh in
like 2018 or 2019 this doesn’t factor in
the massive
stimulus spending we’ve had over the
last year right
so it’s actually much higher than much
much higher
we’re we’re above 2029 levels
are we already above 2029 levels oh yeah
yeah yeah
we they spent close to 20 something
thousand dollars
per person household or hustle
yeah i so i was trying to find the most
updated one
in 2019 was unfortunately the most most
updated chart
because because they haven’t gotten the
data from the fed because they’re going
to massage it as much as possible right
but some rough back of the book math
we know x was spent x divided by x
number of of households
x number of people x number of taxpayers
here are the numbers we get
they they’ve they’ve blown through that
prediction right this is a bill curve
we’re on now
so and i was going to say and after
that chart doesn’t include 2020 doesn’t
all of the spending from 2020 all of the
stimuluses from 2020.
it also doesn’t include the american
rescue plan and the 3.5 trillion dollar
budget proposed by the democrats um
that the republicans are now using to
well this will cause too much inflation
completely leaving out the trillion
upon trillions of spending that they did
last year
injecting the economy full of cash for
absolutely nothing
and the money uh the money is backed by
nothing nothing and what uh
one one third of all dollars i believe i
think jason lyon talked about this on a
show a couple weeks ago
one third of all of the money in the
world was printed last year
yeah who was in charge of the senate
last year
bubblegums who was president last year
a republican
to say that so oh go ahead to say that
this is biden’s inflation
is asinine beyond all belief that was
like when
uh the economy was tanking in
early 2017 and everybody’s like well
this is trump’s economy and it’s like no
this is still
this is still obama’s economy
yeah yeah yeah this was like when they
blamed trump for the the
you know the border crisis and it’s like
no this is the logical conclusion
of statist policy which trump is
continuing to escalate and make worse
give him his credit but this is
we keep assigning it to specific actors
good at our good actors our lesser evils
and our bad actors and we go well when
my guy was president
we had the good things now that this
guy’s president we
have the bad things but every chart just
shows this
steady march towards more and more bad
things this yeah
exactly this has not changed anything
this is every single president from 1970
well till spike in 2029
and it just shows that they just keep
increasing spending all the way through
this is not a single party issue
every party does this to try to pin it
on the other party
is obtuse and just blatant
lying yeah yeah it requires just
ignoring fact it requires looking at
charts and going
well yeah but look at the part of the
people i don’t like
it’s the same chart it’s the same chart
this is
yeah this is you know seven trillion
dollars in debt was run up
by donald trump last year at least
no it might be higher um
back when uh obama was still president
i i wrote an article for some i don’t
even remember who i wrote that article
for but
and it i included a part where i said um
who which president doubled the national
uh bush or obama
and i didn’t answer the question and i
was enjoying watching people fight in
the comments because the answer was both
both both doubled the national debt
and it what like well bush’s was smaller
but he doubled it
he doubled it he doubled it
yep i got a text from somebody when i
posted that and
you know this is really you could argue
this in multiple ways because bush spent
a lot of money also and
you could say he doubled it like he did
oh so obama didn’t
no he did i didn’t say that neither one
of them did i just asked which one did
that could be both and it was
it was both and if donald trump had been
reelected he was well on pace to double
it again
yeah no he would whatever numbers
whatever numbers joe biden’s about to
put out
that’s what trump was going to put out
probably probably because as much as the
republicans are going to sit there and
we’re not going to give you the 3.5
trillion dollar budget they we’re only
going to give you the one
billion dollar budget or sorry 1
trillion weird we have to talk in
trillions now
we’re only going to give you the one
trillion dollar budget um
the fact of the matter is they
they would have broken they would have
given to the democrats in congress to
push it through and trump would have sat
up there he goes
this is going to be the last time that i
ever signed anything like this
i promise i’m never gonna do it again
which he said
five times every every single single
time would have made no difference you
still would
and would it have ended up being the 3.5
i don’t know would have ended up being
3.2 yeah
would it 3 trillion yes you might have
gotten the 500 billion off but when
you’re talking about trillions of
that’s nothing it means nothing oh he
didn’t take
a salary that’s 400 000 right okay
trillion 100 billion 10 billion
billion 100 million 10 million
million hundred thousand
it’s a fraction of a fraction of a
fraction of a fraction of a fraction of
a fraction of a fraction of a penny
it’s a nothing it is pocket lint
it’s not even that it is not as it is
you know
like uh throwing a giant stack of
in the trash uh or you know in a in a
a fireplace and setting it on fire and
saying it’s okay though
because i scraped my fingernail against
a penny and still have that on my finger
it’s nothing
it means absolutely nothing it’s not
even a rounding error it’s
not even factored in it means absolutely
this was the guy that went on we we’ve
covered the states of state of the union
where he talked about universal pre-k
and universal child care
that man couldn’t wait to spend money
like joe biden is spending right now
yep and he routinely said you know the
problem isn’t small government it’s that
the wrong people have been in charge
well now i am in charge he wanted to
tens of trillions of dollars he spent
and would have spent
tens of trillions more if he had gotten
a mandate to do so
right and he was voted out and the
difference literally
is gas prices went up
that is pretty much it because he i
think he would have kept gas prices down
because he would have been like no drill
baby drill
i think oil prices would remain down i
don’t even know that that’s the case
i think so here’s my theory on this
one he would see that it would be
american jobs getting american oil which
american oil obviously is better
um that’s him thinking american oil is
because american jobs why are we buying
it from somewhere else
and american oil is fantastic and it’s
the best it’s the greatest in the world
but that would have helped keep gas
prices down people
on the right and the left would be like
well at least gas prices are down like
when they were complaining
that he’s when the left was complaining
that he was drilling
they would at least be driving there
much cheaper um
and to the protests to make sure that
they were driving they’re cheaper
uh the people on the right would be like
well you know
inflation’s bad because of the pandemic
and he had to kind of
give away some stuff to the democrats
but at least
at least gas prices are down and he
would have always had
gas prices are down and that would have
his the thing that would get his base
together is gas prices are low
so i think he would have kept the gas
prices low
possibly but remember they almost spiked
up to i was just looking at
refreshing my memory on on gas prices um
there was a period of time in like
2017-2018 where they started
spiking up to around three dollars so
pretty close to where they are now
so i mean it could be i i i’d be
interested to see that but
in terms of the spending and inflation
it’s going to be the same
yeah for the most part but i feel that’s
why i feel he would have done everything
to make sure gas prices stayed down
because when you go to the pump you just
point at gas prices you could point at
gas prices and be like
awesome gas prices are still you know
two bucks or you know under two bucks in
most places in this country
so but the offset would have probably
been housing crisis though because he
was all about there would have been used
to say he
he would say to i remember he would put
out these mailers to boomer voters
you know i’m going to make sure that the
price of your homes keeps going up and
it’s like what he’s saying is i want to
make sure that
housing continues to be increasingly
for the vast majority of americans and
an increasing number of americans
that’s fair but yeah like but everybody
even the people like the people he was
pricing out of houses by doing these
they would at least be saying well yeah
we can’t afford a house but you know
what gas prices are low so i’m getting
to my job cheap and i’m being able to
save like as much
like that would be how he would
that would be their mentality their
mentality yeah
and jacob lebel i’m not saying american
oil is the best i’m saying that
that’s what trump would say right right
i i am not
i i was speaking i know i didn’t do his
voice for that segment but that was how
that was working
um right right but yeah that’s how
i think he would have kept gas prices
down and
because that would have been the best
way to appeal to his base
right right very possibly but regardless
of what it is
you get a republicrat you know earlier
you said it’s not a one-party problem
if you consider them both the same party
it kind of is but you know
this is you know but but from the
standpoint of seeing them as two
separate parties no this is a
republicrat rat
you vote for a republican or a democrat
you get the same thing you get more
spending more taxes more inflation more
war more people in cages you know more
people in camps
more impositions on your life constantly
spiraling out of controlled costs of
living which they use as an excuse
to impose more help on you you know
doing what harry brown said decades ago
you know breaking your leg giving you
crutches and and doing it increasingly
so that more americans
need more help and need more assistance
less able to be able to do for
themselves until eventually we’re all
just completely reliant on government it
is the
frog and the boiling pot method and it
doesn’t matter which republic rat wins
no because it’s for your safety um
so yeah um so you are in
rapid city south dakota you’re in rapid
i was going to say sioux city and i was
like that’s not right i’d literally just
yeah it’s not sioux falls yeah i was in
sioux falls last year for the campaign
i’m in rapid city south dakota for
freedom fest 2021 uh i will be the open
one of the opening speakers tomorrow i’m
actually opening for the main
uh the main personality here this year
the star
of the show jp sears i’m opening for him
um which is
kind of incredible um i’m opening for
him and then uh
and then on i now am doing a panel
every single day at least one panel
every single day
of the convention so one panel is going
to be on civil disobedience
uh when is the right time to to defy the
um another panel i’m doing is uh why
uh socialized policing has failed
i’m really excited about that one what
as they put it
uh the failures of police socialism
got me all hype and then also
i’m doing one on should
social media be able to censor us
that became a completely different
discussion in the last couple weeks
because now it’s
what we’ve been saying all along this is
government doing it not social media
right um they’re just using social media
to push it
um and then i believe there’s one other
that i’m forgetting at the moment but
um yeah it’s gonna be an incredibly
action-packed weekend
uh i do believe it’s being streamed uh
live at the freedom fest page and
and uh youtube not positive of that but
i was told that there’s gonna be live
streams of stuff i think um and all the
speeches will be
available i was invited to go to the
live stream and i said that i would
because why not what’s that i was
invited to go to the live stream so i
think that it’s
i think it’s being live just trunks yeah
i i
i believe it is and uh they’re also
going to be professionally recording it
there’s documentary makers here it’s
going to be a freaking just a blast
tomorrow to be incredible
and uh so we’ll be here i’ll be here all
week getting back home
uh monday so no i’m not doing an episode
of my fellow americans tomorrow
but you are doing an episode of uh the
writer’s block on thursday right
that’s right uh i am doing an episode of
the writer’s block on thursday with
preston who is a journalist editor and
founder of bam
uh bama news now uh one of the larger
independent news outlets for the state
of alabama he is coming on
um very excited to get him on and
hear what we’re going to be talking
about um
can’t wait for those notes um but uh
yeah definitely excited to have that and
then on friday
on friday is bayou is eskino and
it’s cajun and eskimo bayous to igloos i
don’t know who cajun’s gonna have as his
new co-host since i fired eskimo
um dad sad just
maybe we’ll have megan
maybe then on monday so have a great
uh 9 30 eastern
cajun oh it’s at 9 30 p.m eastern
and eskimo and then uh and then on
uh on monday at eight is
mr america the bearded truth with jason
lyon i love saying that
he’s back i love it do we know what he’s
going to dive into
on monday no i don’t even ask that like
it’s going to be incredible it’s going
to be great whatever it is the whole
purpose of his show is to
delve into specific one issue and like
focus on it
and get into the problems and the
solutions and everything so
he’s going to be great and then join us
right back here next week
no no no uh next week
next week there will be no money waters
of freedom or the writer’s block
or the writer’s block or the writers but
there will be an episode of
my fellow americans on wednesday so
we’ll see you in two weeks and in two
and in two weeks we’re going to be
having some fun
because we are going to be auctioning
off some really cool stuff
yeah we got some really cool things that
were auctioning stuff we both signed
uh you looked confused for a second i
was like aren’t we doing that
well though i was confused as it looked
like you were i you were looking to the
side i didn’t know if you were about to
show the stuff or anything but yeah oh i
did look but it’s way too far away for
me to go get it
okay we got some great stuff over there
yeah we got some really cool signed
stuff we’re going to be auctioning off
in two weeks so come join us two weeks
from today right here same muddy place
same money time ish
and uh for same-ish money time and uh we
will see you again and
folks thanks so much for tuning in to
another fantabulous episode
matt if someone wanted to try to find us
on the internet is that even possible
and if so how it
is possible all somebody would have to
do is head on over to anchor.fm
yeah and while you’re there just give us
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if you give us money
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closer to eight o’clock we start just go
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or you can find this in every other
episode at muddywatersmedia.com
well folks thanks again so much for
tuning in we love you
check me out at freedomfest this week
join matt on thursday for the writer’s
block join cajun and eskimo on friday
jason lyon on monday and then we’ll see
you two weeks from now for the muddy
waters of freedom
and where we’re going we
we don’t need roads

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