Episode 203 – “Lose Your Land,” – The New Hit Single by Eminent Domain

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Avery Rumberger is 18 years old and running for judge of elections in his precinct, southern part of Cass Township in Schuylkill county, PA.

Jen Psaki is trying to be a spin doctor, but she’s more like a spin intern, the fastest woman in America gets booted from the Olympics, Bill Cosby is out of jail, and why eminent domain is stupid and deserves to be ended.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

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i haven’t eaten something so i’m
actually i’m probably i’m going to eat
while we’re doing this
so uh tony dorazio is also playing and
thomas quiter
and superfan sarah anderegg oh and jack
and jack casey jack do you mean the same
jack casey
that has these books that i refuse to
read ever
yes well that jack casey is going to be
playing as well what great day in the
morning everyone
so speaking of great days in the morning
this is a kind of great day not in the
morning but it is
i’m having a nice day this is a terrible
segue so we have a guest
we yes we have a guest um
who i’m glad that this is a few months
later because otherwise we’d be
contributing to the delinquency of a
and so i’m happy now that he’s of
majority age so he can experience
this nightmare of a television program
that we have um
our guest tonight is 18 years old
and he’s running to be judge of
elections in his precinct
which is in uh cass township in shri
kill county we’re going to find out how
how to say that how to say that uh
we’re about to find out together uh
folks you’re not gonna believe how to
pronounce this county uh this
young man’s name uh ladies and gentlemen
please welcome to the show
mr avery rumberger avery thank you so
much for coming on the show tonight
what’s going on guys how you doing doing
great how are you doing
i’m good and matt you were close it’s
pronounced skookal
skookul this is skulkel
yup skuco i think it’s
dutch i’m not sure i’m sure it must be i
mean it’s pennsylvania pennsylvania
dutch country
as i’ve learned from the office um
okay google in no way that’s better
i like skewie
well you live in a fantastic county
avery tell us a little bit about
yourself tell us the avery story what
got you into libertarianism man
so um really got me into libertarianism
was actually a year ago prior to last
i was a trump republican um and i
supported him in 2016.
um granted i was 13 so i didn’t know
much about politics
but when i supported him and he got into
and he didn’t keep his campaign promises
i was like what
what the hell so my really good friend
of mine his name is cole stevanovsky
um he mentioned to me he said hey
i’m a libertarian and then i was like
what’s a libertarian
and he got me into it he showed me the
whole platform he sent me to the party
and then i paid attention to the
nomination process when you guys
you and joe and when you and joe got
nominated i signed up to volunteer for
joe and then that was a giant snowball
effect where sam robb he was in charge
of pennsylvania for your campaign
he contacted me so yeah yeah sam rob’s a
great guy
yeah we love sam sam asked me to be the
schuylkill county coordinator for your
so i said yes to that and it took me on
a pretty big journey i actually you
definitely don’t remember
i met you in wilkes-barre um and uh so
okay well wilkes bear was where we were
uh doing signatures out in front of the
courthouse right
no i don’t think so we met at some sort
of square i don’t really know wilkes bay
that was about an hour away from me so
but it wasn’t in front of a courthouse
um after your election was over i was
by another man his name is mitch
mancavic um
he ended up getting a county committee
going for the lppa in schuylkill county
so i was appointed secretary and
treasurer there and i was also appointed
board rep so it was a giant snowball
effect of
literally within a year of my friend
introducing me to the libertarian party
being a decent standing member so and
then i decided to run for office when i
found out there was a vacancy and it was
uncontested so i was like hey why not
the molten maneuver
yes you are taking part in the malta
maneuver which is getting libertarians
elected to uncontested seats and then
just taking over entire states
so you are running for judge of
which i will admit i will admit i’ve
never heard of such a thing can you tell
us a little bit about what judge of
elections is
it’s not as prestigious as you think so
in pennsylvania
in their precincts they have a judge of
elections and two inspectors of
and i forget what the exact rules are
but there’s a majority inspector and a
minority inspector
that i don’t want to say report but they
work under the judge
and all the judge does it the precincts
is make sure nothing’s really fishy
about the voting they
help people vote and they just run the
voting machines so
okay sounds a lot more prestigious than
it is but it’s a start
no but it’s an important job too like it
is it’s important to have someone
checking the integrity of the vote
that’s happening there especially in
this in an important swing state like uh
like pennsylvania is
exactly that’s incredible man go ahead
so so i’m you’re eight man you’re 18.
you like you just graduated high school
i’m assuming like maybe i’m assuming i
don’t even know
okay um so you just graduated high
and then you thought you know what i’m
gonna do on my first summer off
yep i’m going to mount a campaign to run
for judge of elections in the southern
part of the
cass township in school kill schuylkill
schuylkill county pennsylvania
yep that that is one hell of a beach
week my friend
so folks if you woke up today and said
you know what
i feel like i could be doing more you
probably feel even more like that
now you might actually feel like a bad
person after this because here you are
probably older than 18 not running for
judge of schuylkill county’s elections
um i i i i this is incredible i
so just to put it in perspective like
you said
in the lat in the 2016 elections you
weren’t old enough to drive
and i’m not saying that to like as a oh
you’re a kid or whatever but just to
put in perspective like you just became
an adult
and are already getting heavily involved
politics and activism in your local area
and i just i don’t have i can’t
articulate how proud of you i am and how
cool that is what you’re doing
like there’s no way i can’t i have no
words for that
we right now we have a young man on the
show who
he can’t buy cigarettes he can’t buy
he can go to war and he can run for
judge of elections
yeah and he just goes to run for judge
of elections
and i like honestly man i’m very i’m i’m
proud of you that is amazing when i was
18 years old i
i had dreams of one day running for
office um
and then when i was 18 i took a
different path
yes um one i thought i took a different
path too in here
fair fair uh one that was heavily
influenced by
a lot of chemicals um and so i decided
that i’d would rather just talk about
politics but you were out there doing it
and if i had taken that path uh we
wouldn’t be talking on the show right
but i am really proud of you and i’m
yeah honestly that is amazing that
you are uh taking this kind of step at
this age
and that’s wild man yeah let me ask you
it is inspiring to see somebody of this
age doing something
like this let me ask you something i was
just about to say so
you you mentioned that before you said
this is only the beginning what is it
you have in mind so
you’re starting with this judge of
elections role which is a perfect
opportunity for you to show
what you’re able to do at an elected at
an elected position
what what are your what are some of your
future goals
so right now i’m i just got enrolled at
shippensburg university in pennsylvania
i’m studying
two majors criminal justice and
political science after that
i plan on going to law school and
getting a law degree i’m not sure what
type of lawyer i want to be
but i want to be some type of lawyer and
eventually i want to go farther in
politics i want to keep it realistic i
don’t want to say right now at 18 saying
i’m going to be president one day but
something realistic for what i’m
involved in now
senator national senator and stuff comes
around where hey i have a real shot at
winning the presidency
who knows
these are not the goals i had when i was
18. i just want to put that
i i think i think it’s incredible i
think i am i can’t
i i don’t have words for how cool it is
what it is you’re doing
um but it is very very cool um
we’re gonna keep tabs on you because i
think that you’re you’re gonna be doing
some incredible stuff there
and um we are i on behalf of the
jorgensen cohen campaign
i am grateful wilkes barry so that’s
where we met at like a town square
and then went off and and did yes okay
all right all right i remember that i
remember that
um yeah that’s okay i was at the whole
time we’ve been talking i’m like wilkes
barry where the hell was it okay
so listen man i i am just so happy that
you came on and uh we are very excited
to see what you have in store
uh thank you for uh i’m sure you’ve
heard the term molten maneuver
thank you for taking part in the molten
maneuver there in pennsylvania
and all the stuff that you and other
pencil libertarians are doing
uh how can people keep up with that like
pennsylvanians are doing great
great institutions are killing it how
how can people follow you and what your
your your exploits and your in your
political ambitions what
how can people follow you on social
media um so i don’t have an official
page yet
but okay i have my facebook it’s avery
um r-u-m-e-r-g-e-r i have my instagram
which is the same thing
i have every social media that you
expect an 18 year old kid to have except
i don’t like the interface so i don’t
have a twitter okay um i have an old
account on there
that’s right unfortunately yes but i do
not post
okay yeah you’re like me you’re like me
you have a you have an inactive
so we’ll have to we’ll have to challenge
each other to start putting stuff on our
tick tock
so okay so people can follow you on
social media avery rumberger
yep i don’t know if you want to put my
name up there but it’s
r-u-m-b-e-r-g-e-r let me do that so i
can hold on one second
i’ll put that in there
avery r-u-m-b-e-r-g-e-r yeah
yep cool avery rumberger everyone go
follow him on social media
go uh go cheer him on for all the
incredible stuff he’s doing
and andrea o’donnell we don’t know if he
hasn’t only fans and we’re not gonna ask
because he just turned it
okay so no we’re not going to pressure
the kid into getting
only fans okay give it a few months all
right thank you for your contribution
finances really no i mean i
don’t even want to go there avery thank
you so much for coming on man we are so
excited to see what you have in store
and uh and we are happy to have you uh
as a part of money waters uh feel free
to come on we’d love to have you on in
the future again
thank you i’d love to
thank you man thank you
thank you i am oh there we go
nope that’s it okay um that’s avery
avery is now hosting avery is now
thanks matt thanks for coming on
man i cannot wait to see what happens i
i don’t i he somebody in the comments i
think it was zach martin i’m not 100
sure so this kid has his life together
kids has it together more at 18 than i
do at 32. i understand that completely
that’s how i feel in this moment i
thought i had my life together at 39
turns out apparently not i haven’t been
elected judge of anything
so there’s that i haven’t been elected
anything of anything
uh i know that’s what i’m saying neither
of us have been elected to anything or
all it’s great what you’re doing as a
kid he’s already doing more than us so
there you go
um yeah best of luck there’s a great
comments for avery there
best of luck um adam wakes
uh is informing us that he knows several
18 year olds on only family
why are we going uh jack casey says he’s
setting avery up with a
porn crown and only fence and
it’s only fenn’s though it’s different
only finns
only fans it’s jack-jack mermaid site
oh i want to move on from this segment
now i was having something so
badly really weird um and apparently
garrick millbrandt has slept in his car
in avery’s car i’m assuming
oh what a nice guy to let garrick mill
brandt sleep in his car
that’s the kind of hospitality you get
that’s the right that’s
the kind of judge of elections you want
for the southern part of cass township
kill county pennsylvania google uh
uh avery’s brother gary is asking us not
to corrupt his brother into getting an
only fans thank you
we’re gonna move on from this this
segment because i feel dirty we’re gonna
move on to my
sure we’ll call it my favorite segment
segment the
mud water uh what are we calling this
the mud water mushroom coffee
cacao rapid fire segment brought to you
again by
mud water coffee alternative it’s got
all these things in it that are not
coffee that it tastes equally not good
but you can put some honey in it that’s
it’s good for you matt
so next week everybody uh you’re going
to want to tune in
next week’s going to be a big show oh
next week yes mr merc oh did you watch
jason’s show yesterday
yeah so good yes
so okay so excited to have him back for
anybody who doesn’t know
uh mr america the bearded truth came
back and he
is going to be doing shows regularly
again i don’t know at what rate i think
it’s every other week i’m not 100 sure
um but he did an episode yesterday that
up on all of the podcasting sites it
went up
uh earlier today and it’s up on uh it’s
up on youtube it’s up on facebook it’s
up everywhere
uh it is fantastic jason did a
killer job at this uh at this show and i
cannot wait to see what he comes out
with next
yeah because man that was good and his
format is really cool his format is
super cool he’s diving into specific
issues every single week and
drilling down into what the libertarian
solution would be to that
so instead of doing sort of a scatter
shot thing of all the different things
that happened that week he’s picking one
single thing
focusing on it uh isolating it and
talking about
how libertarians could fix it i think
it’s so cool what he’s doing right
yeah and so next week he is going to be
a very special guest
right here on the muddied waters of
oh yeah that’s where yeah where
because we are uh
spy case that this is happening i hate
this so much
but the reason that um spike wasn’t
involved in the decision making on this
is because i knew he wasn’t going to
like it yeah
he would he would have been against it
um but i just posted a link
in the comment section down there uh so
this is a gofundme we are trying to help
one of our friends one of the
friends of the show um keep his daughter
and because custody battles are so
um we are we started a gofundme
um jason is a good friend of this person
and in order to help raise money he is
going to be on the show next week
and he i don’t like that
as we raise more money he
is going to eat hotter and hotter
peppers live on the air
so if you want to see jason m payne give
during the show next week and we can
we can feel pain yeah we can make
jason’s butthole ablaze
i was gonna say the pain is only we’re
getting the like oh this is really spicy
we don’t have
the like two days afterwards of absolute
toilet agony toilet agony
if you want to help our good friend
jason experience toilet
agony while also helping a father stay
with his daughter
two very weird things to juxta
pose together then come join us next
on the muddy waters of freedom i might
not do that episode
i kind of have to i’m the one that
streams it but i i yeah i was going to
that’s i may just shake my head
unapprovingly the entire time i’m very
uncomfortable about this but again
you know if you’re the kind of person
that plays games like adder pan then
you’ll probably love this because then
you get to watch
jason it’s like saw but with peppers
now did you did you see uh
bootleg libertarians say that he let his
child play
at her pam
no so not uh chris darnell from not a
real libertarian apparently let his
child play at her fan and he goes
my child said it was easy and that then
had nightmares
yeah that’s accurate yeah the game
doesn’t look especially difficult you
just turn it on and then die
like i just
it’s just like why
oh people are in the comments arguing
with me about how much toilet agony he’s
going to experience
okay i sure
who’s in there uh uh john morrissey of
defy the power
um is saying uh two days toilet agony
more like ten hours okay all right okay
it don’t feel like two days
of ex of just straight toilet agony
that’s gonna feel pretty rough
it’s gonna feel rough but you know what
also felt rough
the meat prices huh guys so
you know what else is going to be rough
libertarian jeopardy because i’m going
to be exhausted i’m also going to be
eating because i haven’t eaten yet today
and we’re going to be playing jeopardy
hosted by brian lambrecht and featuring
nullick nullic
uh noel the cajun libertarian
myself sarah anderegg thomas quiter
and tony arazio some of the best
libertarians to ever play jeopardy on
the internet but you know what isn’t
great about
and isn’t you know what sucks
so the white house
hey folks we hope everyone had a great
fourth of july
and we also hope that you really enjoyed
that extra 16 cents we hope that really
came in handy
while getting all of your items for the
barbecue according to the white house
that by the way can we just talk about
i’m not sure if i’m insulted more
by the fact that the white house tried
to claim that the cost of
anything is down from last year
or the puns in the stem tweet
how long it took me to figure out the
mustard one yeah that was bad
that was so bad i was i read that like
so many times i did not understand it
i was trying to i’m like i think joe
biden wrote this and had like
a sundown moment in the middle of
writing it or something
uh so it says planning a cookout this
year ketchup
on the news according to the farm bureau
the cost of which is this is a lie the
cost of a fourth of july barbecue is
down from last year
it’s a fact that you must hurr
that’s the worst pun that is so bad
that’s beyond dad joke that’s creepy
uncle joke
um hot dog hot dog the biden economic
plan is working
and that’s something we can all relish
okay so bad terrible puns aside that’s a
straight-up lie because we know that gas
prices are up what 40
40 what are they 41 higher
41 percent higher than they were this
time last year house prices are going up
annually right now which means they’re
going up roughly uh
16 cents every 10th of a second i
um 16 cents every 1.3 seconds right now
wow but but let’s take a look at what uh
they’re comparing these meat prices
to okay so the meat prices that they are
comparing it to
uh showed the largest annual increases
in 2020
beef and veal prices increased 9.6 pork
prices rose 6.3
poultry prices uh were up 5.6 and other
prices increased 4.4 percent which is
much higher than the normal rate of
uh when we’re looking at dairy dairy
prices rose 4.4
eggs were up 4.3 and non-alcoholic
beverages were up 3.6
during the year which was also higher
than normal
so the fact that things dropped a cent
each overall really
isn’t that big of an accomplishment and
the reasoning behind this
was because supply chains were broken
people weren’t going out to restaurants
as much
food products and retail stores um there
was tons of food products that were
sitting in retail stores
and uh not going to restaurants and
schools so prices on
everything in res and grocery stores was
up right now everything is back open so
yeah prices have dropped a little bit
if not enough that
who notices 16 cents and the fact that
they had the audacity
the audacity to brag about this
to brag about this while gas prices were
up it’s three bucks a gallon for regular
here right now 297
297 for regular here right now where um
where avery was he was telling us before
the show it’s like
four bucks four bucks a gallon yeah wow
the audacity for them to go you can get
all of this food for 16 cents less
here’s a perfect example of how
government manipulates data for
political purposes
they picked the one thing that shot
through the roof last year
because of the shifting of the entire
food market
away from restaurants and almost
entirely to grocery stores
and like matt said also the supply chain
issues and the fact that some of the
meat shops kept shutting down because of
covet outbreaks and everything else
which led to this massive increase in
even as last year that same time last
year the price of a lot of stuff
was plummeting because there was little
to no demand for it people weren’t going
outside in in most of the major metro
areas in this country
and so instead of focusing on the fact
that now the price of everything else is
skyrocketing they took that one thing
that skyrocketed last year
and focused on the fact that it dropped
just it just like can’t even notice it
to the point where probably
unicorns it’s still go yeah it’s it’s
trapped a unicorn’s whisper and we’re
going to brag about it
we’re going to there’s a different word
that i usually use but i’m not going to
say that on
the air a whisper that’s different than
whisper so it dropped by
nothing essentially effectively zero
and they went and like flexed on it
meanwhile you’ll notice i mean look at
the ratio there of the
the the um the retweets and uh and
comments to likes
uh this was panned across the board uh
everyone was saying
uh you’re a bunch of morons why would
you even say this now
speaking of people in the white house
just saying some just
wow wow
here is the new talking point remember
joe biden last year who was going to
hold police officers accountable and we
need to listen to the voices of the
people marching in the streets for
racial justice
marching against all of the policies
that i’ve been
pushing forward since the 70s since i’ve
been in office
so here’s what they’re saying now you’re
going to be shocked
saki had a explanation about meat by the
way forgot that
that was like skipping a reduction in
some of the costs of key components of
the fourth of july
fourth of july barbecue that was what
the tweet was noting
so does the white house think that 16
cents off a barbecue
has more of an impact on people’s lives
than gas being
a dollar more this time at this point
i would say if you don’t like hot dogs
you may not care of the reduction of
you don’t have to like hot dogs
i will say that what we are most focused
on is the fact that we’ve created now
more than three million jobs since the
president took office that’s what we’re
focused on
and continuing to implement additional
components of his economic build back
better agenda go ahead
andrea just kind of switch gears so
part of me doesn’t envy her her job even
though she did sign up for it because
she literally has to take a bunch of
[ __ ] and try to make it sound like
she really believes it at the same time
she signed up for that job and i hate
her because she’s
good at deflecting and actually i don’t
know is the wrong word
oh yeah good’s the wrong word she just
does it a lot
yeah she she she deflects a lot sir
as as cajun calls her circle back saki
um but i also don’t know if there’s i’m
trying to picture okay so
let’s say i decided to be joe biden’s uh
press secretary would i be able to do
much better on
hey guys the price of meat 16 down 16
yeah um the price of everything else is
up by
exponentially oh well you did you hear
about the jobs like i don’t know
how else you could do that but
to pivot constantly
so i i and i mean that that’s every
press secretary
every press secretary is constantly
pivoting except for kaylee mcnair
mac and kate mcinerney
the girl that lives in tampa um and
comes to the aquarium
um except for her because she would just
attack the reporter
and that was at least entertaining
that’s fine
so yeah that’s what i do that’s okay so
that is what i do i’d be like how dare
how dare you you’re saving people 16
and you’re out here questioning it i’d
pull out something they tweeted once be
like how could you even stand there and
ask me that back when 2013
you said this that’s not even funny
i don’t even get the reference
how dare you i i don’t know but so
here’s something
nullic said it’s like gaslighting from
yes when you order your got your your
narcissistic gas later from wish
so speaking of narcissistic gaslighting
watch this this is just not
if you want to be able to show a
democrat how stupid their vote was last
president ran on most importantly did
not run on defending the police he’s
always opposed defunding the police
i’ll also note because you’ve asked this
question before or a few times over the
last several days
that when we talk about uh individuals
in congress and their support for
funding or
opposition to funding for the police i
think what the american people are most
focused on is how people vote
what their record is which is a public
record and i will note that
while the president ran on and won the
most votes of any candidate in history
in a platform of boosting funding for
law enforcement
you remember that remember that guys
when he said my focus is on boosting
funding for law enforcement
that was my favorite part remember when
that never happened
after republicans spent decades trying
to cut the cops program
which again is public record we don’t
need to uh under
under uh undervalue the the intelligence
of the american people
uh yeah because you know anyway
that’s what i’m doing right now because
that’s literally what i’m doing in this
it’s in his budget it was in president i
went back to hating her again in trump’s
he significantly cut that so that’s a
change and the american rescue plan
had a great deal of funding for local
and state authorities
something that can support funding for
local police and communities across the
something many have used it doesn’t
require me telling you names of
individuals who
oppose the american rescue plan every
republican opposed the american rescue
and i don’t have time to read out all
their names today
so here’s the unspoken spoken there
what she just said to black lives matter
and all the people that protested for
uh for you know uh police accountability
what she just told them was hey screw
for voting for us in your face
we’re gonna kneel some more and uh uh we
might put on a kente clock later
and oh happy juneteenth but uh actual
absolutely not we’re gonna nearly triple
funding uh and and and the real unspoken
there this is the ugly one and i
say this is someone who ran for vice
president against both
uh joe biden and donald trump last year
what she just told everyone was if you
less funding for police she should have
voted for trump she you should have
voted for trump
you should vote for republican that’s
what she said that’s why she’s literally
what she said yeah
and what uh like what she said was uh
joe biden talked about
like increasing funding for police no he
didn’t throughout the campaign he never
he never i will say he did not say
defund the police ever
no did say a redistribution of funds he
said that we need to stop the
militarization of
police he still lies
those are both lies because he does not
he is redistributing funds he’s
redistributing them
from covid funds to the police to the
and local police uh or he’s telling
states to do it anyway
and he’s increasing funding for more
of police what she said was if you
weaker police forces you should have
voted for trump yep she’s not wrong
she’s not wrong and here’s the other
thing if only there had been someone
that all this funding for kovid’s gonna
go to police enforcement
and that the new i thought i spelled
or no i guess i thought i smelled
menthols is i don’t think i saw you
wearing a mask
if only someone said that repeatedly and
got told no no no the democrats have
they’re now the justice democrats
they’re running on a platform of holding
police accountable
to when they enforce all the laws that
they passed
stop voting democrat and for that matter
stop voting republicans stop voting
stop voting this is what they do
it’s what they keep doing they’re just
playing a good cop bad cop routine
you’ll notice every time she wants to
change the subject she just reflects to
how much republicans suck
and when trump was in office every time
he wanted to change the subject
they just shifted they’d pivot to how
much democrats suck
that’s literally what they do they keep
you voting for them to stop the other
side and they keep the other people that
hate them
to vote for the other side to stop them
even though they’re all working together
to screw you over
because guess what all this stuff almost
all of it
gets passed in a bipartisan manner so
there you go stop voting republic crap
speaking of republicrats not really
speaking of justice sure
i mean it is speaking of the justice
bill cosby is out of prison
matt bill cosby yep bill cosby got
released from prison
um so the pennsylvania supreme court
overturned his sexual assault conviction
due to a non-prosecution agreement that
he struck with a previous prosecutor
back in 2004
which should have prevented him from
being charged over his 2004
it says encounter here but rape assault
assault rape of uh andrea constand
yes now yeah so the
go no go ahead
at the time in 2004
the prosecutor in 2005.
um the prosecutor who was involved in
this case knew that he would never get
a criminal conviction or even get it
past a grand jury
and he recommended that uh andrea
go with a civil suit and they signed
the non-prosecution agreement right
because there was a non-prosecution
bill cosby said some self-incriminating
things like
i gave women quaaludes
and then had sex with them while they
he never said that part he always said
that he gave them the quaaludes but they
took him voluntarily
but sometimes they needed coaxing um
yeah so in order
to ensure that she would get something
this is what the prosecutor did
was it the right move probably in 2004.
probably they had nothing they had they
had they didn’t really have he had
nothing without his testimony he would
just pleaded the fifth
they had nothing then
later the prosecutor who came
after that was like i
don’t care about that agreement it was
kind of like right there at the
beginning of the me too
and he said we have 19 women at least 19
women who have complaints
against bill cosby all for the same
we’re going after this guy and we’re
going to use this testimony against him
which is illegal
yep violates his his due process rights
because he was
he said it on the explicit agreement
that basically
it’s a immunity deal they said they
weren’t going to prosecute him
yes and then they did
that’s why he waived his fifth amendment
right was because they said they
wouldn’t prosecute him in retrospect he
should have just not said anything to
i mean from from a how to not get in
trouble standpoint
um from a moral standpoint it was right
for him to you know finally say what
happened but from a
stay out of jail standpoint not so much
and he still didn’t say what happened he
just said yes i gave that i gave them
drugs to help them relax
i never did quaaludes
i’ve seen wolf of wall street i’ve heard
stories from people who have done
they don’t just help you relax right
um so what the process what the second
prosecutor did
was illegal and shouldn’t have been done
should not have been done and
cosby going free is the right move from
a due process standpoint
yeah absolutely because we’ve said it on
the show
countless times yeah we’d rather see a
thousand guilty people go free than one
innocent person sit in prison
especially if it’s because a prosecutor
did something heinous in order to get a
exactly yep
because with other people it could be
used where they’re getting coerced
confessions that aren’t
true i mean that this is a incredibly
slippery slope if you allow prosecutors
to get confessions in exchange for
promising not to
prosecute and then they prosecute or
another prosecutor prosecutes like
that’s a great way for even more
innocent people to go to jail in the
future um
but the rules of law the rules of law
are there
to protect the innocent right
sometimes the guilty
profit off of it um
and legal niceties aren’t just for nice
yeah yeah bill cosby was at one point
he was america’s dad um you were you
were a big fan of his show weren’t you
a huge fan of uh all of his shows so i
was a fan of the cosby show i was a fan
of fat albert
i was a fan of a different world uh
which was produced by him and featured
some of the people from the cosby show i
think he might have even cameoed on it
as well
uh he was considered one of the nicest
guys in hollywood he was
america’s he was he was america’s dad
and it also cannot be underestimated the
fact that
in a time when every depiction prior to
bill cosby
almost every depiction of black people
and black families
on tv was of black people who were
uh in poverty undereducated um
you know trying to uh uh uh
you know experience a white world uh
probably the closest thing to something
positive was something like
um the jeffersons you know that they
that they were you know able to start a
business and
and and move up to the east side and be
around white people but
what bill cosby did was he made a
positive multiple positive black
role models and i’ve spoken i’ve had the
opportunity as someone who’s run for
office and someone who’s continuing to
do activism to speak to all sorts of
people across
multiple walks of life and i can’t tell
you the number of people i’ve spoken to
uh including some white people but also
mostly black people
that characters from the cosby show
characters from a different
world helped shape their world view of
what they wanted to do in life
and that can’t be underestimated
he’s a rapist it’s and it’s true
that he should have gone free because of
this violation of due process
not necessarily for him so much as for
the what would happen if this were
but he raped people and yes he’s a very
very old man
uh he’s either blind or going blind at
this point he’s gonna get to live his
final years out
not in prison and probably won’t live
much longer
uh his his health is terrible across the
board he’s there’s no risk of him
hurting or raping anyone else or
anything like that
he would he he raped people probably a
lot of people uh j
adam wags in the comments said what
about fresh prince of bel air yes first
principal air
uh did a lot in order like that was that
but it came it came after without cosby
there would have been no fresh prince of
bel air
exactly cosby and a different world
spawned a fresh prince of bel-air and
family matters family family matters
with urkel right
yeah yeah yeah family matters it that
was an
age of that kind of programming and then
later on martin
and uh um living single all of these
living single whereas white people with
but like funny um the uh
and then and then uh hanging with mr
cooper like there was this whole series
of shows
where the black with the people that
were in it were predominantly black
and were largely successful and it
wasn’t seen as like this
crazy feature like oh look they’re
successful it was just a matter-of-fact
and that started with the cosby show and
it there was an era of positivity
and you know instead of this idea of
like we’re always going to be
we’re now in an era of struggle theater
for black people and there’s actually
you know among black people there’s
increasing talk about why is every
almost every single depiction of black
people going back to
slavery segregation you know beating
that drum as opposed to
some positive you know features that are
out there that’s why so many people were
happy about black panther even though it
was completely fictional
it was at least a positive depiction it
wasn’t like look at the struggles that
we have
um so all that to say that there’s a lot
of good that bill cosby has done
i don’t think that we should just write
all that off wholesale
and it is correct that he was set free
he was a rapist and i hope that he at
least learned his lesson
and i don’t know what else to say about
him right
um on the other sp end of that spectrum
is someone who is learning their lesson
who i don’t believe did anything wrong
or at the very least
nothing deserving of what she is going
and that’s shikari richardson
so real quick i learned about shikari
two years ago oh wow two years
yeah two years ago i saw a video of this
it was on facebook or youtube or
something i saw a video of this girl
who was i don’t know 17 or 18 or
whatever she was at the time
um in a race and i
like i was floored at how fast this
this young lady was just unbelievably
yeah and then i saw that like this year
i started following her on um instagram
because i wanted to find out like if she
like gonna make it to the olympics and
then this year i was like oh this is
amazing this girl is gonna like
the muddy waters media account’s been
following her since she was like 18
years old
and like all of her races come up on our
instagram feed
um and i was like this girl is like
insanely fast for anybody who doesn’t
she is the sixth fastest woman who has
ever lived and she is 21
yep so she hasn’t even peaked yeah she
hasn’t peaked
well she has she she’s already one of
the fastest women who’s ever lived
um and uh her story is also inspiring
um she has talked about how her uh
you know she recent she learned shortly
before one of her more recent
that her uh biological mother had died
um and she was able to push through that
break records um and
we hope that this is just a really
unfortunate speed bump
in her in her career because like we’ve
said she has not even peaked yet
but it’s unnecessary a couple days ago
the us opc the olympic and paralympic
and the u.s anti-doping agency
which is set up to stop people who use
performance-enhancing drugs
they officially announced that shikari
richardson’s uh
that she was having a a month-long
suspension which would
eat into at least part of her time in
the tokyo olympics
on friday for using the very popular and
notorious performance-enhancing drug
known as
weed wait
i used to smoke a little bit of weed
um i’ve heard of it yeah
i had a skosh here or there just tiny
tiny tiny bits i’m not sure if i’ve had
maybe in passing right you know maybe a
little second hand
and um secondhand i might have gotten a
right secondhand uh any time that i had
a secondhand
uh encounter
there was probably a lot of first hand
encounters while i was getting that
secondhand encounter though
i never really felt like getting up and
going on a mad dash sprint running
fast really fast so if
i allegedly south carolina has no
statute of limitations on any crime
so i will say that this uh is for
possible entertainment purposes
and in no way is meant to incriminate me
or admit to anything but if i were to
have ever
allegedly smoked anything resembling
uh i certainly can’t imagine that i
would have wanted to
run really fast run really fast like
really like
or do anything really other than just
sit there
to steal from the late and great and
brilliant robin williams
unless there was a giant hershey bar at
the other end of wherever i’m supposed
to run to
even then i’d saunter i it depends on
how many
others were there trying to get to that
hershey bar that’s true that’s a good
point that’s a good point so
the u.s anti-doping agency doesn’t even
uh tetrahydrocannabinol which is thc the
psychoactive chemical found in cannabis
they don’t even consider it a
performance-enhancing drug the only
reason this is illegal
is because it’s or it’s banned is
because it’s illegal in
in most countries uh they allow alcohol
um is in fact they allow rampant use of
in the olympic village um to the point
where there are some people who refuse
to actually go into the
uh olympic build village because it’s
just this den of debauchery drunken
um so this is not a moral thing either
it’s not oh
drugs are bad you shouldn’t do they’re
fine with people getting intoxicated
this is because weed is illegal that’s
literally right
there’s no there’s no reason other than
it’s just because it’s illegal in most
in the statement in which the usada was
uh richardson’s suspension the
the travis tiger tiger
said richardson’s use of cannabis
out of competition and was unrelated to
sports performance
and that really is a statement that
nobody needed to make
yep because
we all knew she wasn’t smoking weed to
enhance hers
her performance at running or at
yeah except eating it helps paulo brian
says if you’re a competitive eater
in which case yes that would possibly be
a performance enhancing drug but i’m not
sure if nathan’s tests on the fourth of
right and she’s also the opposite of a
competitive eater
she is a very slender woman who runs
very fast
i’d maybe she can eat i don’t know she
might get down on eating i don’t know
i mean she probably does because she
honestly as i’m saying that she could
probably get down on some food but
but regardless especially if she’s
smoking but
regardless um this is just
they’re literally saying in their
statement that there’s no good reason
for them to suspend her
and then this patronizing nonsense from
uh he described her suspension as
heartbreaking and then he said hopefully
her acceptance of responsibility for
what her respect acceptance of
responsibility and apology will be an
important example to us that we can all
successfully overcome our regrettable
despite the cons costly consequences of
this one to her in other words
there’s no good reason that we’re doing
right but we’re still going to do it
and we hope she learned her lesson
which is do you know what do you know
where she was
when she did this no she was in oregon
oh where it’s legal where it’s legal she
was in
oregon where it is legal to do this
so like for travis just
shut the [ __ ] up and let shikari run
yeah and it actually gets worse uh a
little bit of breaking news here
yeah i didn’t know this he told me
i found this out right before we went
live um
so there was hope that the 4 by 100
relay actually happens just outside of
when her ban starts
or ends so they were hoping okay then
she’ll get to participate in that relay
uh and at least get some uh medals
uh usa track and field announced
today earlier today actually just an
hour or so ago
that they’re not going to include the
nation’s best female runner
alive right now in their olympic relay
even though they could
she can still practice she just can’t
right there is literally no good reason
that they are doing this there’s not so
for those who have been saying
well yeah even though it’s wrong it’s
the rules and they’re a private
so they should be allowed to do it we’re
not disputing that we’re not saying that
this should be
banned you know these this ban should be
banned or the government should step in
we think the government should end the
war on drugs which would end the entire
reason they’re even doing this to begin
with but yeah they’re a private
they have their own rules and they can
they can enforce them as they wish
this doesn’t even this isn’t even
required by the rules
this is just punishing her just to
punish her
and so at least as it stands the fastest
american woman right now
is not going to be able to participate
because however many months ago
she smoked weed
and that’s just the dumbest damn thing i
can think of in this moment
for the people in the comments who are
bringing up michael phelps michael
phelps wasn’t uh
yes he was suspended for three months
but it wasn’t during an olympic year it
was just during
world trials and world nationals but not
of the olympics
um and michael like for anybody who’s
like yeah nobody
gave michael phelps nobody like
hit michael phelps as hard as they’re
hitting her yes they did michael phelps
they did the whole thing
yeah he went through a whole thing like
the paparazzi was constantly hounding
him and he had to tell people
i don’t smoke weed i get tested all the
time which i mean
there’s a picture of you buddy um but it
was from a few years back and
and he was saying he hadn’t done it
anymore and honestly i think a lot of
speaks to how attitudes have changed
about weed in the last 12 years
because him having that bong set off
this whole scandal
that led to not just the suspension
which it didn’t
it didn’t uh disqualify him from being
in the olympics
because it was the world nationals and
the uh
us tri and the us uh
not the olympic trials but like the u.s
finals right so he
he lost out on some uh he would have
gotten more gold medals because he was
easily the best swimmer at the time so
he did miss out on some medals but none
of the olympic ones
but the paparazzi really dug into him
uh there was even like they were
questioning his sexuality
he talks about now how it like led to he
was you know
contemplating suicide it was bad for him
uh but it did not affect his olympic
uh performance and he also never
actually and he did lose endorsements as
yeah he did but i think nike dropped him
and then
gave it back to him after the three
months it’s
weird like it’s so like we’re still
doing this
anyway so the absurdity here is that
and he never even tested positive they
literally just had an old picture of him
so this is the second lesson today of
stop admitting the things
i don’t know maybe it was how i was
raised did you do it no i did not do it
did what i did no i have no idea what
you’re talking about we have this letter
that you wrote no
i didn’t do it i didn’t do it and i
wanted to be my attorney
like i don’t know why yeah oh well it
was a rough time no i didn’t do it i
didn’t do it
my attorney i don’t answer questions no
no no plead the fifth attorney attorney
anti-semitism i’d say anti-semitism but
i can’t say that you could still say it
just throw them off this is blatant
what and that gives you time to run away
um so
isn’t your last name it’s supposed to be
hatfield and you’re trying to claim
fancy citizen come on wait what cemetery
and then you run that gives you a chance
to run
oh by the way we don’t have a video of
shikari running
so i’m going to simulate it
was that 10.6 seconds yes i was knocking
it because that’s how that’s how long it
takes her to run
i already have a head rush from doing
that um
i i now have even more respect for her
that she can do that for 10.6 seconds
moving your legs too i won’t even doing
that so speaking of impressive
you forgot the other side thing that she
she she’ll and then
when she wins jazz hands
because she’s that good she’s that good
she does jazz hands while she’s running
now you know what also is good and
libertarian jeopardy which is coming
right after this ends and i have enough
time to grab my
food that’s cooking right now and then
we’re gonna watch we’re gonna all play
libertarian jeopardy right here on muddy
waters media
special late night event to raise money
for the
breaking boundaries for freedom event in
tunica mississippi at the horseshoe
resort and casino
we’ll talk more about that tonight did
you say tim horton’s casino
no i don’t know did i say tim moore i i
thought i said
i don’t know i thought i heard tim
hortons and i was like
i don’t think there’s a tim hortons in
judica but
i hear there’s a nice waffle house there
um i hope so
our next episode our next segment is the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law
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but we will like you more so here are
the questions
from our guests here we go here’s the
first one from james m ray
hello everyone this is james m ray with
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law
anchor call in moment this one’s going
to be pretty sad
too because i just read the news that
janice mcafee has now given us
of her take on her husband’s murder
and i’m with janice i think there’s
something very epstein-ish about this
so it’s very sad and i’m
hoping to have a better time on the day
that we get to see spike here in florida
so i’m excited about that
you all have a great show and good luck
thank you james uh matt what do you
i can see this
yeah we didn’t left us last week did we
we didn’t we we didn’t talk about this
and i’m not sure
so i could see it going either way i
could he’s left all these
hints of how or not hints but like flat
out saying if i ever get killed
it’s it’s all right i never would kill
myself i love my life
i could see it where he did that
so that if he died people would know he
was murdered
i see that so i see it as three options
i see his three options option one
he did do it in order to
basically just be the troll that he is
um and have people constantly wondering
whether or not he did he did it or if he
would or
if he was murdered um right i could also
that he was murdered yeah and
that everything he said before that was
true except for the dead man switch
hasn’t gone off yet or
that he paid off a prison guard to help
him fake his death
and he is alive somewhere
i could see any of those three happen
but i i honestly do not know
that man was a mystery to me um in
every conceivable aspect and
i i i liked mcafee like he was
he was he was crazy but he
but he was at least entertaining whilst
being crazy
and he was a lot he was definitely crazy
but he was less crazy than he let on
there was a lot of intentional trolling
to get people to be like this guy’s
nuts so there was a little bit of that
right so i on it like and so i can
honestly say
i could see any of those three options
not only being possible but any of them
are plausible
yeah there’s i guess a fourth one where
he just died of neglect there you know
he’s a 75 year old man lived a little
bit of a rough life
wasn’t getting the best medical care and
then the prison covered it up
and said he killed himself rather than
admit that they have terrible sub
substandard that’s also plausible i
don’t know
and john mcafee led his life in such a
way to leave everyone wondering to the
very end on everything what was real and
what wasn’t so it’s kind of fitting
i i will tell you this if janice is not
um well two things if if he didn’t you
if he’s not i hope it is i hope it is
that he paid off a guard
janus is doing this whole thing and then
she’ll go and get to disappear and spend
time with her husband
if it’s not and if he really is dead
whichever one of those options it is
he’s dead because of our tax system
yes period yes
so and so for anyone who says oh
taxation’s not extortion it’s volunteer
if you choose not to pay it they’ll put
you in a prison and
they’ll they’ll let you rot there so
uh and now we have some messages from
brian lambrecht which is
hey uh matt spike um how you guys doing
i uh i know you’ve been busy i haven’t
been able to get a hold of either of you
guys for a while
but i i thought i could leave a message
for you here and and you guys would uh
be able to hear this uh before the show
uh nothing’s wrong nothing wrong at all
i just
need to let you know about a
situation that came up i’ve been
promoting the event in mississippi this
in tunica and everything was going great
i know spike you did some interviews
there might be a few more lined up but
some of the ones coming up are a little
uh they’re a little weird it’s a little
so the last press release i put out it
was it was fine but
some of the details got a little muddled
and i’m not sure how
i i thought i had the information
uh i went through all the details and uh
you know in tunica i mean who who would
have thought
there were two uh convention centers in
in tunica
and that they both would have an event
going on this weekend
uh believe it or not uh the one
liberty event that’s happening with the
mississippi libertarian party is
happening at the one
convention center and the other one
is uh having something else going on uh
and i accidentally put that address in
the press releases so i i put the wrong
for all the newspapers the radio
and the tv networks throughout the
state of mississippi and they
all looked up the wrong address and and
that’s where we’re at right now
so we got some requests coming in and it
didn’t make sense and i went and i
looked back
at the press release that i put out and
it turns out that the other convention
is um fur con
so yeah it’s a furry convention
i mean i i wasn’t expecting that
uh we got some really weird uh interview
uh furry weekly reached out a
profile of muddied waters media was
added to wiki fur
matt you got some requests to be on some
pretty big podcasts with some huge
uh so i put you down to appear on uh
underground fur talk and yiffing with
this can’t be wrong spike you on the
other hand uh the local
cbs and nbc affiliates sent the list of
questions and uh
the the local cbs and nbc affiliates
sent a list of questions
and um i i think you need to call them
i i’m not sure where to go from here
clearly have the wrong idea about what
you’re running for or what campaigns you
were part of
i i don’t know i’m not sure what to do
with this
and we’re actually getting inundated
with a lot of these things and some of
these questions i don’t
think i’m qualified for this
so i’m gonna forward them to you uh we
17 and i just need you to go through
and ask these questions about you
and fur khan and you’re going to have to
clarify some
things so yeah i i apologize uh it was a
misunderstanding and a mistake and i’m
that we can get it cleared up this week
mississippi i don’t thanks i’m gonna
to believe this isn’t real and
i look forward to your appearance on
yiffing with strangers
you know if you think i i know lots of
people who watch
yiffing with strangers so if they want
to have me on i’d be more than happy to
come on
why do you know people that watch
whatever that is
um because
brian watches it
i’m gonna go on to the next thing here i
can’t do this
i don’t we’re gonna that’s not real i
don’t believe that’s real
that can’t i don’t want that to be real
i already have people who think i’m a
because i i changed my name when i was
three i haven’t watched my little pony
three it’s like a marine once you’re a
you’re you’re never gonna give like you
made the mistake by telling everybody
you were a brony when you were three
because you never get to take that back
like you’re always implies that you’re
adult i was a child who watched
i was a toddler who watched my little
pony that’s
a brony you don’t call a three-year-old
i 100 percent have called a
three-year-old bro
that’s his i don’t we’re going to move
past this we’re certainly bro what are
you thinking
we’re circling away it’s the oppo
opposite of circling back we’re circling
away from this
so here is one from matt hicks
here i am relieved from matt hicks
hey guy on left and spike this is matt
hicks calling in
on the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor calling
t.f so i just found out from a
friend of mine in kershaw county south
yes you heard that right kershaw county
south carolina
population of the entire county is
probably somewhere around 30 000
people right they have just had a
deputy from the sheriff’s office sworn
to the secret service
task force so that they can now use
federal assets to collect cell phone and
computer data
yeah i don’t know how to feel about that
yet except not good but i’d like to get
your thoughts on it
hashtag laser legends if it’s happening
there that means it’s happening all over
the country
it’s happening everywhere
that’s happening everywhere hey guess
how that’s being funded
with your covet relief dollars with your
coveted relief money
i’m gonna do some more joe biden asmr
we’re giving substantial money
to the police so that they can enforce
our rules against you
even harder i wrote the bill
yeah that that’s part of the tripling
of uh donald trump’s yeah
so this is what happens oh god shinsaki
telling everybody if they wanted to
defund the police they should have voted
voted republican
oh if you are a progressive
and you ever vote democrat again
you’re not a progressive you certainly
don’t care about criminal justice reform
you’re just a lackey for the democratic
party and trust me we
rib on republicans and conservatives all
the time on this all the time if you if
you want limited government
you are a schmuck for voting republican
okay like that so i
trust me this is not exclusive but we’re
gonna talk about you for a minute
if you are a progressive who votes
jen saki literally just told you you
should vote republican
if you want police accountability
and joe biden’s giving money to your
local police department to collect your
data for the federal government to spy
on you
to spy on you for the federal government
there’s no way that’s going to be used
way wildly disproportionately against
poor people and people of color
and other marginalized people there’s no
way that’s definitely going to be used
against those rich white
insurrectionists right
not against you
definitely not against you so
all right here’s another one from you
and tucker carlson
sure you and tucker carlson did you not
hear about that
i heard bits and pieces that he was
spied on that they were collecting
information from
he’s a listen any any and i’m not
excusing this but this is standard issue
if you’re a newsmaker out there in any
real way
there’s a file on you they’re checking
you i’m sure they’re checking me i’ve
been on tv at this point i’m sure
they’re checking all of us there’s a
file on
all of us like yeah i think that he’s
being spied on in the exact same way
you or me or anybody in the comments is
being spied on
you just knew somebody at the nsa who
said yeah we have a file on you
yeah exactly like the 30 000 people in
kershaw county are being spied on
they are collecting information your
every single
electronic communication and all of your
and they’re just collecting it not for
any kind of anti-terrorism purposes
because it’s
impossible to be able to sift through
all of that at once and find terrorism
in fact it actually
distracts them from being able to stop
extremists and terrorists and so forth
they’re literally keeping it so they got
a file on you that they can use against
yep that’s literally all it is
so here’s one from chris darnell
hello this is the bootleg libertarian
i’m asking to see who do you think
will win trivia tonight there’s a lot of
great people
excluding myself that will be involved
who do you think will win each round and
who do you think will take home
the grand prize
let me take a look at the rounds
i i think i know who’s going to win it
who is it that’s participating again
it’s me you nullic
no noelle i guess the the bootleg
libertarian sorry
let’s say this name um
yeah it’s in bootleg libertarian um uh
thomas quiter
and tony dorazio right uh and jack casey
and jack casey oh and and and ashley
and ashley smoot ashley grier smooth
oh yeah yeah okay um and uh and also
sarah andereg yes i think sarah is gonna
win it
no i think um i honestly i think tony
dorazio’s going to win i think it’s all
libertarian stuff right i think the
uh the round one it’s uh
thomas in in round one it’s me eskimo
and chris darnell
okay in round two who is it
oh well who do you think’s gonna run
round one
that’s tough um not chris darnell
i think it’s between me and nolac okay
okay and then round two is that
you tony dorazio and ashley smoot
i think tony’s gonna win that and then
round three
is thomas uh jack casey
and superfan sarah
i think i’m gonna go with thomas there
and then is there like a championship
round or
yeah and then i think there’s another
round out i’m not 100 sure how this is
uh so like jack casey i could see
winning it because people who write
usually have a lot of useless knowledge
so it really depends on the questions
because he’s a cult leader so he just
has a lot of time to like
right study things he’s an
um i’m going with tony dorazio i think
that’s i think tony
right there yeah yeah
yeah i think tony here’s uh here’s one
last one and you can find out
tonight on libertarian jeopardy right
here on muddy waters media shortly after
this show ends
after this show shortly after just
enough time for me to get my food
here’s one more thing from bootleg
also i look forward to seeing y’all this
weekend in tunica and safe travels
yes absolutely man i look forward to
seeing you i got i got my tickets for
the gun show
i have no good segue to this i’m just
um eminent domain so
go ahead so this is nightmare
first of all i thought you’re probably
wondering you’re probably wondering hey
should the police have all this ability
to like control us and
and you know enforce things at will with
all this federal funding there’s no way
they’re going to use that for
absolutely terrible things that will
benefit only the
absolute wealthiest people in the
country right
matt right so
i do not know how to say this name so
i’m guessing here uh icehander
eichener eichner probably i’m gonna go
with eichner i like ike
nervous chicago was passed on by the
supreme court this week
and this is just one of the
many mistakes that have happened
over the course of the last 16 years
when it comes to eminent domain
um fred eichner owned a
tract of land in chicago’s river west
river west
neighborhood uh two blocks
uh two blocks north of a factory owned
and operated by the
bloomer blommer chocolate company
i should have looked up how to say these
things uh buy a chocolate company i
think willy wonka
uh is stealing land from people well
yeah you cannot tell me willy wonka
wasn’t evil he murdered like five
in his they should have listed
uh so the company wanted uh eichner’s
to create a buffer with nearby
residential areas
and he was like no i’m not going to sell
that to you for 824 thousand dollars
and eight hundred and twenty four nine
hundred and eighty thousand
whatever that number is um two months
chicago when sorry buddy um
this is going to make
the area better so you’re just going to
have to do that
and it planned to invoke its imminent
domain power to transfer ike nurse
property to the company
and chicago identified it as uh
identified in ostensible public use
the city needed to travel the land to
the factory because otherwise
it may be it may become a
blighted area that
for those keeping score that’s the
government deciding to steal your land
from you and give it to someone else
because they think
you’re gonna turn it into a blighted
or if right that you are going not that
you’re going to turn it
just that if these people don’t get it
it will become
it will become a bladed area and it’s
not that it is a blighted area
yeah that it might be one
b1 yeah um
and many of you are probably sitting
there thinking how is this possible
this can’t be real there is that
doesn’t sound constitutional at all and
you would be right
but this is all possible because of
kellow versus new london
in 2005
the same year that bill cosby signed a
agreement it’s all coming together
with the state or commonwealth of
um this happened in new london
oh theory confirmed
new london connecticut approved an
integrated development plan
uh to revitalize its economy
uh in respondent city through its
development agent
purchased most of the property earmarked
for the project from
willing sellers but initiated
condemnation proceedings when
uh the owners of the rest of the
properties refused to sell
now right at the time new london was not
in the upscale area
um i i don’t know if it is now um and
they had a factory that shut down
a company that
you hear it all the time about in the
news today because they made a vaccine
uh decided that they wanted to open up
their factory there
but in order to do that they wanted to
uh make like a riverwalk
and the uh make a river walk and like
increase some business
and right new london said well yeah that
could potentially help our
area become less distressed yeah and
increase tax revenue
yeah right so suzette kello and eight
other property owners sued the city in
state court challenging the use of
eminent domain for the project
they argued that because their
properties were being taken for sale to
private entities yes that’s what was
happening it was
being sold part of it was being sold to
pfizer who was going to own
all of that and then they were going to
rent the property
on top of it to the different businesses
the takings were not for public use as
required by the fifth amendment
because they weren’t because i would
argue public use
some would argue that susan kello
suzette kello was right
the trial court partially granted the
plaintiff’s request
for an injunction partially where the
city had planned to use the property to
support the park
and marina the court found that the
taking was not a valid
exercise of eminent domain
so the only so basically the only part
that could even be remotely construed is
public use
right yeah not not
domain yeah but the kings were held
valid for parcels where the city planned
to put
office space private office space right
they said was okay yeah right and
a 5-4 supreme court majority sided with
trial court and allowed
a local government to bulldoze
the working-class neighborhood so that
private developers would have to
would have a blank slate uh in order to
build a luxury hotel
a conference center and other amenities
if this sounds like the exact opposite
of what eminent domain is supposed to be
used for
there are many people out there who
agree with you in fact
a few years ago on the exact same day
maxine waters spoke against
this ruling
this was the same day that rush limbaugh
the man who probably agreed with maxine
waters once
spoke against this ruling for the same
so according to the supreme court this
unsavory land grab
qualified as a legitimate use of the
city’s eminent domain powers because
the city has carefully formulated an
economic development plan that it
believes will provide
appreciable benefits to the community
tax revenue
tax revenue because again they left out
the park in marina the
one thing that you could even begin to
which even that would be unjustified but
even remotely begin to say
well it’s for the community a park and a
marina who doesn’t love parks and
they’d said no to that part but the
office space part
so when they’re saying appreciable
benefits to the community
they mean tax revenue
they mean that your house can be stolen
from you if someone wants to build
something on it that will generate more
revenue what they don’t sell it that way
they say
well this is going to create jobs for
the community
but that means tax revenue that means
tax revenue
according to justice john paul stevens
what really mattered was city officials
had a plan and that
they firmly believed that their plan was
in the city’s best interest
um more on that later yeah
uh all that the supreme court had left
to do
according to stevens was grant the
government officials
broad latitude in determining what
public needs
justify the use of the take broad
latitude and determining
what public needs justify the use of the
taking powers
so that means that if your local
government says
i we really need
we really need an ice cream shop where
your house is
because according to uh environmental
and uh whatever else um whatever
studies they do it would do really well
right where your house is and we think
it would be good
it would be good for the economy and it
would be good for the city because we
need ice cream there and it would create
because we did an economic impact study
and created a plan
more on that plan later by the way
so after this travesty
this absolute travesty of a judgment by
the supreme court
um new york the state
proceeded to tear down homes and
businesses in order to make way for
the brooklyn
nets i think they’re still the nets i
don’t remember brooklyn’s basketball
yeah just tore it down because they
needed a basketball arena there and it
was going to be good for the economy
the local economy homes and businesses
in harlem were ripped up in order to
extra campus space for columbia
university and many of you out there
might be thinking isn’t colombia a
private university that charges
exorbitant fees for people to go there
and can’t they afford this
to like purchase land on their own yes
yeah oh and guess who was primarily
targeted for the tear down of homes and
businesses in the progressive utopia
of new york city mostly poor black and
brown people
yeah in brooklyn and harlem first first
but also not the first time that’s
happened central park is where
uh there used to be the the black
communities in new york city
they tore that up and so to you know
make sure to never do that again
they literally did it again and this
time they didn’t even do it for a park
they did it for highly profitable
major private businesses and you can
thank the kilo decision for that
yep now you might be thinking
i’m certain that it was ruth bader
ginsburg who was fighting so hard
against kilo
of course in the day
and you my friend would be wrong um
any such
sorry uh any sorry this was a how the
supreme court ruled in the brooklyn
arena case i i jumped ahead a little bit
any such limitation upon the sovereign
power of eminent domain
has it come as it has come to be defined
in the urban renewal context
is a matter for the legislature not the
read that i’m going to read that again
any such limitation upon the sovereign
power of eminent domain as it has come
to be defined
in the urban renewal context is a matter
the legislature not the courts that
means that your local governments now
get to decide
yeah this is good yeah we can just and
they’re right
because of kilo they’re right it is now
local city council that gets to go
hey uh good news bad news uh good news
uh we got this really great plan we
we hired a architect and a you know
advisor and we did an impact study and
it turns out here’s where the bad news
uh you got to take your land and use it
to build
a uh you know mini mall theme park
whatever the hell expansion for some
major business
you’re going to get pennies on the
dollar what its actual market value
would be if you held out
because that’s the thing people will say
oh well it’s okay because they’re
getting money no no
the federal you have a situation where
the city government’s deciding what your
property’s worth
based usually on its assessment value
which is
usually very very low instead of what
actual market value would be which is
what happens when a big business comes
to you
and the first five or six times you say
no i like it here
and so they have to actually offer you
really good money
more than what you would sell it for in
normal circumstances
and now you you know that so you get
robbed of that opportunity or to just
no i don’t want to do it and i don’t
care if you want to expand your theme
park or whatever
um as clarence thomas said
this petition that the eichener versus
provides us or provided us the
opportunity to correct the mistake
that the court made in the keyload
decision that decision was wrong the day
it was decided it remains wrong today
failure to step in today not only
deserves the constitution
and our precedent it also leaves in
place a legal regime
that benefits those citizens with
disproportionate influence and power in
the political process
including large corporations and
development firms especially
large corporations and development firms
now you might be saying
probably not but you might be saying
yeah but spike but at least one good
is that all this development’s happening
and it’s benefiting the citizens right
because you know government’s good at
economic development well
let’s go back to kilo guess what’s
happening with that property
just guess matt you want to take a guess
how that property is doing that was
seized and they bulldozed an entire
residential community
guess what’s going on with that property
right now i’m guessing not a lot
uh i’m guessing that uh pfizer
the company who is was opening the
the uh the the the
the plant there the whatever um i’m
betting that
pfizer uh came in uh did not
uh put forth any money towards the
project and the project sort of died
that’s my yes that well you are a very
smart man you might win jeopardy tonight
that land is still vacant not the
factory part they
they definitely built that but the part
that the factory was already there
the factory was already there oh okay
okay but they were gonna do a visual
so that part never happened it’s still
vacant now
something like 16 years yeah 16 years
16 years later it’s still vacant
it’s not going to be developed and by
the way
why would you develop something in new
london connecticut
if you know that the city can step in
and just steal it from you
it turns out that when the government
lets everyone know that they can just
take stuff from you whenever they want
to be able to give it to someone more
no one wants to do anything there
because central planning is a uniquely
terrible way to do economic development
this is yet another example it’s immoral
it violates your rights it is straight
up ex
theft by taking
it also doesn’t work
yeah so that’s the note we’re ending
this show on
that’s the great news that we have
that’s the great great news everyone
great news everyone um
joe vasquez says uh vazquez says the
government isn’t good at anything except
wasting money yeah and killing people
although they’re not really efficient at
killing people they just do it a lot
but yeah they’re really good at wasting
money and putting people in cages
again a lot of the stuff that they do
it’s not necessarily that they’re good
at it or efficient at it they just
that’s really
all they do but the wasting money part
no they’re
fantastic at that yeah just wonderful i
great at wasting oh yeah great at
wasting money and kicking poor people
out of their houses
so oh uh something andrea is mentioning
uh it’s called smart growth
um and this is yeah the cato institute
has talked about this
so this is called the smart growth plan
and if the county does this
they get federal money
so they actually get federal in
inducement incitement to do this
so not only do they get you know the
cronies pushing them to steal your
but the federal government helps offset
and that doesn’t matter if you vote
republican or democrat you get more and
more of that
this is not going to end until we take
government back for the people and take
the power back for the people
and dismantle all of this stuff
it’s not going to come from the same
fake champions who
show up and go oh i’m gonna vote for
justin i’m gonna fight for justice i’m
gonna fight fight for smaller gov no
they’re not
no they’re not their parties their
respective parties would not let them
to a level of prominence if they
actually did it look what they did to
justin amash
look what they do to thomas massey
anytime he tries to really do anything
of any real import
uh look what they turned rand paul into
they’re not gonna do it that party’s not
gonna do it we have to replace
all of them yeah
so speaking of replacing all that if you
want really great news
okay in just a few minutes as soon as
we’re done here
you can find us i think right here
actually you don’t even have to you
don’t even have to change the channel
you don’t have to go anywhere
you will we will be right back here for
libertarian jeopardy libertarian
it says 10 but it’s already past 10. how
weird that we’d be late to something
um and so as soon as this ends super fan
sarah andereck is taking calls about how
we’re late
oh whatever um hey welcome to money
media folks so
folks uh so we’re gonna be starting
libertarian jeopardy um
so folks be sure to tune into that uh
uh you have uh uh no tomorrow is my
fellow americans and we have a guest
cooked up for you you’re not going to
believe who it is because i don’t know
um but we have a great guest uh tomorrow
at 8 p.m uh and then on thursday uh you
have the writer’s block who’s your guest
i do i have vicki rose figures is going
to be talking about the tunica event
the tunic event vicky rose head of the
uh mississippi libertarian party
and uh and then we will be seeing you
uh and if we aren’t if you aren’t there
physically we’ll be live streaming i’m
sure quite a bit
from the tunica event in horseshoe
casino the right one not the furry one
and uh and uh we will we will see you
uh sunday at three tune in for uh an
episode of
uh cajun announcements so they are doing
friday this week
oh they’re doing friday oh because it’s
going to be at the i think because it’s
okay so friday this week do you know
what time
no you’re not going to believe what time
so that’s on friday
and then yeah monday is the next episode
of mr america the bearded truth
i don’t i think that’s the monday after
i think he’s doing everything okay
starting the following okay okay so next
next tuesday right back here same money
play same money time
spike cohen matt wright jason freaking
lion mr america the bearded truth
we’re going to be torturing him for some
reason i don’t know why but tune in for
and uh just tune in
two knit two ninika i don’t want to do
this show anymore i’m done with this
show i don’t
want to that’s what you get for jason
for doing james ray’s thing last week
sure um uh so matt if someone wanted to
find more terrible puns like that on the
internet is that even possible and if so
and if so how don’t ever please it would
be possible
stop saying that in usix if i never hear
tuninica or u6 ever again
it’ll be too soon
all one would have to do is go to anchor
dot fm slash muddy waters
i wrote the bill pay them more i’ll hear
you can hear all of our episodes at
1.8 trillion episodes
and you can i’m getting dirty looks from
super fan sarah anderick
but you can leave us messages that we
will play live
on the show and if you are
answer your questions we love you we
love you
and if you are so inclined you can leave
money that would be
instrumental in helping us eat
it’s consequential that’s consequential
going to survive you can give us
consequential money
of consequence or you can find this in
every other episode of muddywaters
muddywatersmedia.com well folks thanks
so much for tuning in we’ll see you in
just a few more minutes
uh for uh libertarian jeopardy and
we uh thank you so much again for tuning
in we’ll see you soon and where we’re
we don’t need roads

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