Episode 202 – Joe Biden Continues to Plagiarize

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Joe Biden rips off everyone from Eric Swalwell to yours truly in a week of just rapid facepalming by anyone who believes in decorum from the White House. Brody Anderson joins the stream to talk about winning a 6-year term to the River Valley District Board of Trustees!

Plus we talk about the True Hero, John Hurley.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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let’s go
this is about why i say what i say do
what i do
expression goes the proof of the
pudding’s in the eating we’ll find out
we’ll find out been a long day for y’all
i just finished the last meeting i made
it clear to president putin i told
after two hours there we look at each
other like okay what next
you’ve heard me say this before again
and again i’m gonna keep saying
come on man i made it clear well i tell
you what i’m doing i’m i’m following the
rules man
this is about why i say what i say do
what i do
i did what i came to do we’ll find out
we’ll find out what this is about why i
say what i said
do what i do expression goes the proof
of the pudding’s in the eevee we’ll find
we’ll find out biden said invade russia
that was a joke this is not a kumbaya
moment let’s hug and love
each other folks look i caught part of
president’s uh
putin’s press conference i told him come
on man
i’m gonna keep saying it man and uh and
so it was uh
that it was kind of after uh uh
do what i do i did what i came to do get
up we’ll find out
we’ll find out this is about why i say
what i say
do what i do expression goes the proof
of the pudding is in the evening we’ll
find out
we’ll find out
and now matt wright and spike cohen
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard
for spike kerminch the frog i am
matt wright and together we are
traversing the muddy waters of
freedom kermit so we’re doing just
all random stuff now it’s not comic book
just it’s it’s literally
whatever i come up with in the two and a
half minutes before i have to say it
in that very moment well i love it and
kurt that’s
is mild lead you it’s at least yiddish
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then we could have gotten 10 million
but we did we didn’t uh yeah we got a
huge show
so we should probably stop we should
start with the show yeah we should
probably do the show um
so uh we we were supposed to have this
guest on a while ago and we
feel very bad that we weren’t able to
get them on before uh due to technical
issues so many technical issues they’re
shocked to hear that there are technical
issues with this show
but joining us all the way from the
river valley district in illinois please
welcome with us brody anderson
brody thank you so much for coming on
the show man
no thank you guys for having me i really
appreciate it i’m glad we uh made it
even after all those technical issues
yes absolutely especially since they
were all my fault
so bro tell us a little bit about
yourself you uh you won an election
and uh you were elected to a six-year
uh with the river valley district
library board of trustees which is
really cool but before we get to that
i want to we want to hear a little bit
about you anytime we have someone on for
the first time we like to hear about
their background
where they namely how they became a
libertarian that’s our our big stick
here so
everyone has their libertarian genesis
story um
tell us the the brody genesis story
well um my story is it’s kind of weird
so are all of them i think so um
i was uh in case you can’t tell i’m i’m
pretty young myself i’m uh 26 years old
and i was in
high school back in the 2012 election
um and i remember this video
i i remember this uh my head got kicked
out he was told what’s that please stop
coming back
to this school
um anyways it so i uh
we had a mock election right much like
most schools do
right so you know you have the sample
ballot print off and you know 2012 so
there’s obama there’s romney right so
forth and so on and i remember
going to vote and i remember
looking at the ballot and there was
other people on the ballot other than
democrats republicans and i sat there i
remember sitting looking at this ballot
and i thought to myself what
do we know about these people right
they’ve got no media exposure they’ve
uh didn’t get on the debate so i haven’t
seen any ads or anything from them
so i remember sitting there and i
thought to myself well this is
bizarre i don’t know anything about
these people and me being a curious
person by nature i
went home that evening and started
googling and looking up things and
sure enough it uh put me on the path of
governor gary johnson
and jim gray and uh i uh
been kind of riding the coattails ever
since i did my own research and i’m like
yeah i kind of agree with this party
more so than the uh other parties
so with that being said that’s how i
ended up
in uh the libertarian world um
yeah that’s actually so that’s actually
really uh
that’s so different from most of the
stories we get on the show because most
people are like oh i came from the right
i came from the left you know
um but nowadays thanks to uh
wonderful people out there raising
wonderful libertarian children
and for the internet existing
uh people like yourself are able to
research and you
get to learn about these things
well before many other people had the
opportunity to
um because yeah most of the people that
we talked to they’re like oh yeah i was
democrat and then you know i just i
hated taxes
and they wanted more taxes so i was like
and i hated republicans because you know
they suck so
uh i ended up finding the libertarian
party and i was like yeah i agree with
these people
and um either that or you get the
republicans who are like yeah you know
i i’d liked whatever republicans
like and i and i and i hated taxes
and uh but so i ended up
but i was really against war and
republicans were all about war
so i just kind of whatever um
so it’s it’s good to see uh people
kind of learning about it at younger
ages and coming to it
on their own as opposed to uh
coming coming to it after years of being
but just beaten down by the current
um so you’re
you’re obviously you were in high school
in 2012 so you’re
an old soul um but so what made you
decide that you’re like okay i’m going
to start running for office now
i want to get into this what what caused
that to happen i mean that
it’s it’s already a big so you know as
as essentially a kid you’re still in
when you were in school you’re like yeah
i’m a libertarian
that’s a big jump enough and then you’re
like not only am i a libertarian
i’m going to run for elected office and
i’m going to run for win what
run to win what what led to that so
um i think part of my i guess
towards that was i when i was in college
i worked for the college radio station
the station was called wpfs and i
actually had my own show
it was called wall-to-wall politics and
what i would do was
every sunday at noon i would sit down
with candidates i would talk about
issues much like you guys are doing here
right and
we’d hash things out and when i kind of
got into that i i got
talking to those people i’m like yeah i
could see myself
running for something one day so
um with that being said
i kind of got started there now when it
came down
to the river valley library right
um first off i i wanted to pick an
election that
i could win right um too often
we get bogged down with things such as
well i’m gonna be senator i’m gonna be
and they have no elected experience
whatsoever they just show up and
make it on the ballot line and it’s like
great you know i i i get the appeal
it would be awesome to be governor you
know it would
be a huge huge win but i think you need
to start
small right and that’s what and that’s
what i did so
um what i ended up doing was there was a
vacancy on the board
and this vacancy according to the bylaws
was to be selected by the current board
well it’s a seven member board
and it was split three to three when
selecting the candidate being someone
um one of the height one of the problems
with the board
was it was always deadlock and there was
definitely two factions right
those um i guess kind of pro
library and against library um
and i wanted to make a difference right
i felt like i could promote uh
still small government values even
being on a library board so actually the
director of the library had talked to me
she said yes would you you know this
would be a good way for you to
uh get on the board so i got my
paperwork signed i
filed my petitions and i was the first
person on the ballot line
um and i think that’s a really really
really important thing that sometimes
um candidates overlook right yes um in
elections like this
that are you know your local
consolidated elections
get on that ballot line first because
maybe these people don’t know know you
no clue
right no clue when i was doing culture
of winning and talking with elected
uh that won their races and especially
when there were these types of races
i would say how did you win and they’re
like i put my name on the ballot
and i’m like wow and it was like it
and it was like and and i’m like what
kind of campaigning did you do and
they’re like
very little and no one knew who i was
and now and then they talk about all the
great stuff they’re able to do once
they’re in office
but that was a that’s a thing like
people often just have no clue who you
right and and i will add that this was
actually a contested election
right so there was the vacancy
seat went up for the next election which
was this spring
so there were six candidates on the
and the top four were elected
um so when you start looking at numbers
here um
there were almost 1500 votes for this uh
district and i pulled about 15
or so so i got fourth out of sixth place
getting me elected getting you elected
that is awesome
that’s awesome and what you said is uh
you know you said you that you wanted to
start small and work your way up and
that is something that
uh i will talk about a lot on the
writer’s block i’ve talked about here on
this show and
i talk about it mainly when uh i’m in uh
rooms on clubhouse uh but one of the you
know the libertarian party is a
bottom-up organization you know always
has been that’s the way that
it’s been planned out and uh that’s the
way that it should stay
but because of that you need to win
these small local races like
uh the like uh the library board of
and you have to be able to prove that
what you want to do
works at those positions and then you
start working your way up and
uh so you have people like you guys that
run for stuff like
vice president
so i wasn’t going to mention anything
right so do you have what you’re saying
so you
you obviously must have plans to like
move on to like
running for mayor or uh state rep or
well sure sure and i and yes that is
kind of the goal and and part of it is
you know my political aspirations but
also i think it’s just good government
at the same time you know i i don’t
a candidate no matter if it’s lowly
library board
or as high as senator of the united
states should
have the same position forever right if
the people like you
you should be able to lead by example
and move on to the next
um to the next level right um get new
voices in
right even those voices don’t
necessarily agree with you but it’s good
to get those new ideas
in so um do i expect to be on the
library board until i’m old and gray
no of course not right um i
there yes i i’m not making any
announcements yet
right and
right and so let’s say and i’m not
saying like
if you were going to make an
announcement today what would it be but
what would be in your mind the next
logical progress progression for you
where do you see yourself next probably
getting into some of the local
so we’re looking at things maybe uh such
uh board of trustees for the town
possibly the mayorship but i believe
uh getting on the town council first
would be
more beneficial um because i could be
able to play and said
here’s my experience on the
board of trustees for the library let’s
apply that
and all the good i did to
the municipality and then maybe be a
head of municipality
right right and then from there who
knows right there could be
you know state rep one day
and then so forth and so on yeah and
that’s absolutely absolutely
yeah and and this is we wanted to bring
this up and part of why we wanted to
bring you on
is uh the libertarian party
congratulated you
among all the other candidates who won
when you won your race
for uh for for library trustee and i’m
rightfully so yeah and rightfully so
like it is
we are a small party we’re the third
largest party but that makes us
considerably smaller than the other two
and we are showing that we are you know
building that that uh that grassroots
level of support
and and good governance and working our
way up to the bigger races
and there were some i’m going to pull
we’re going to pull up just a few of the
just more abusive stuff that uh
that was out there you know people were
saying um you know
i want to point out that the bottom left
one um
i put that in there because i thought
that was fun yeah late that one wasn’t
that one wasn’t really offensive yeah no
that’s that’s actually a good one but
you know um a lot of you know just
typical stuff
it’s a bit sad this is worthy of posting
on a national page
is this meant to be a joke while we’re
really moving up with district library
board of trustee winning seats and
here here’s the thing and and maybe you
can speak to this
we often hear as libertarians well if
you want to try to win for president
or congress or governor first you go to
win some local races which we do we’ve
won hundreds of local races but
they’ll say you gotta win with some
local races then when someone wins with
the local races
they say this [ __ ] and so
do you want to speak a little bit about
that about and you already have kind of
a little bit do you want to speak a
little more about
the purpose of running for these types
of races and and why
it’s not a good idea to besmirch a 26
year old who’s already won elected
office and has a viable strategy for
working the way
i’m leading you and you’re in your
answer but can you talk about this a
little bit
yeah yeah so um first off let me go
ahead and
say uh some of those comments i found
absolutely hilarious
i was as surprised as anyone else that i
was on the
national page for the libertarian party
i didn’t get like a notification or
anything it was just so one day i was
just scrolling through my facebook
and i’m like oh there’s my picture why
is it there
and then i clicked on it and then i’m
oh this is awesome um so thank you
national party for
uh the shout out it’s it’s appreciated
and also thank you party first it’s yeah
it’s well deserved you
you so brian
uh brian lambrecht who does amazing work
here at muddy waters media for us uh and
is truly the backbone of this entire
um he uh he managed
he he managed your campaign
um and these are his words i i am not
him even a little bit because i know he
is a very hard worker who manages a lot
of campaigns and does a ton of work
um but he said i managed his campaign
actually he did the bulk of the work
so i get the win so
like you you you
fought like you ended up managing
essentially you were
one of the main managers i don’t want to
take brian completely out of this
but you were one of the main managers of
your campaign you did the work you got
yeah the national party needs to
celebrate these wins because
these are where that’s where the seeds
are planted
that is where the seeds are planted that
will get more people looking at the
national party
um you you are the seed that will want
to one day grow until
into the tree you are a 26 year old who
single-handedly won an elected office
without the power of a major party
machine behind you
right and according to brian he said
brody did it all so i can take brian
out completely without offending him
who had absolutely nothing to do with
your campaign
nothing he gets the false win for your
by the way joe makes i’m certain he
marks it
oh he should mark it he needs the win uh
he needs more words he’s got plenty
um joe makes drifts first of all thank
you for your your donation there
uh he said this guy should be called the
librarian do you are do
are you cool with embracing the term
sure sure in fact there were comments
like that
in the uh the lp comment section and uh
those are some of those i found
the most humorous yeah no it’s i i think
it’s i think it’s good stuff and i
yeah some of it was just funny stuff
it’s like oh yeah libraries libertarians
don’t like those
maybe he’ll burn it down or whatever
like you know silly stuff like that
but some of it was just it’s like what
do you
guys want like we’re not to announce
tomorrow that we won the white house
these were special elections like here
it is you know this is we’re winning
and you know we’re winning more things
our rate of winning is going up and has
been over time
you know yes it’s going to start at the
local level and work its way up so
um i’m i’m thank you for your patience
on on getting rescheduled we uh with our
my technical difficulties and um i think
it was
my internet just stopped working wasn’t
that what that was that day
i don’t i’m trying something like that
yeah something like that yeah i
i remember we did a show but i think we
started like right now
like 9 40 8 45
and when we tried to get him on he was
already gone and i don’t think that
might have been what it was i think that
was what it was yeah we just were in
we were later than we usually are this
today we were only normally
um so brody i think we think you’re
and uh i’m really looking forward to
seeing what you have in the future
you’re not even 30 you’ve already been
elected um neither one of us can i
cannot wait to see what the future has
in store for you because i i see a lot
of great things coming from you
and the last person i said that about is
this guy down here
i came in through let whatever speak for
i came in third so um brodie before we
let you go how can people
stay keep in touch with you what where’s
your social media your website whatever
else how can people find out about you
you know i’ll be honest spike i really
don’t have a lot of social media
good for you that’s probably i i mean
it’s it’s one of those things that um
you know one of my policies has always
been i
am a pretty calm and kind person by
i don’t get into the twitter fights i
don’t get into the arguments
um i think staying out of it is hyper
um because it shows that you’re beyond
the mudslinging
right so um do i plan on having a social
media page
somewhere down the road for brodie
politician or whatever right um
yeah probably but at this point being a
for my local library and my local
you know governments are made are made
to be small localized
right you know my constituents can find
that is the best answer you could answer
any freaking elected official has ever
given on this
i am local and if people want to reach
they know how to reach me and the rest
of you guys it’s nice to meet you
uh i we are having a bunch of people you
may want to at least consider getting on
clubhouse because that’s a cool place to
talk with people
that is yeah you just get to talk with
people and it’s really it’s fun
i i enjoy it too much because super fan
sarah andre
my girlfriend if you don’t know uh she
uh hates that i spend so much time
on clubhouse and that’s why you like it
no i like it and she hates the she okay
that’s why
she likes i like it because she okay
we’ll unpack that later
um the uh the what’s cool about
clubhouse is that because everyone’s
and there’s no like messaging or texting
or whatever
it’s a lot harder for people to be rude
and mean and hyperbolic
when they’re talking like it that tends
to smooth out not all of it but
a lot most of it um a good portion
yeah it’s a good way to be able to do
that so
brody again thank you so much for coming
on man uh
we are really excited to see what you
have in store uh i look forward to you
doing so well
that we are in your constituency and you
do have to have a social media for us to
be able to contact you
wonderful wonderful well i appreciate it
madden spike thank you so much for
having me on
um i i know it’s really important to get
my message out there
and you know one last thing before i go
i remember my father once told me as a
life is like a bus people get on and off
at any time
and i think the liberty movement’s the
exact same way you know
i might not go as far as anarchy or
some of the uh other forms of
but we’re all pushing the right
direction and i think that message of
unity and pushing the right direction
is the most important message that we
can have especially with some of the
uh fights that have been going on inside
the party yes
amen amen can we get this kid running
for governor or something
ready we’re gonna stay inside we’re 26
so eight eight years so
we’re looking at 2028 you can run for
president right
yes yeah i like how you you knew that
answer already you’re like yes
because i’ve definitely thought about
that and it’s it’s city council then
it’s state rep
and it’s congress then it’s president
right it’s stepping stones just like
everything else
every two years this kid
this guy i’m sorry i keep calling you a
kid i’m an old old man and i keep
calling you a kid
you this man this grown man this very
this young man
want to raise himself anyway brody we
love you thank you so much for coming on
man and uh
we look forward to uh to hearing more
from you in the future
i cannot wait to have you back on yeah i
cannot wait to have you back on
i’ll take you up on that i promise when
you win the gubernatorial race thank you
thank you guys have a good night you too
man thank you
man that guy’s good i’m really happy
about it that guy’s good
yeah he’s good he may be the best
politician that’s ever been on the show
the guy who won library trustee might be
the best politician hey do you have
social media no my constituents know how
get in touch with me because i believe
in small government well
okay then well okay then just the ice
man that is such a good answer it’s good
no that’s good
that’s a good good answer it’s a good
idea it is a fantastic
answer holy god so folks i
i’m just impressed by the kid by the by
the young
not the kid the young man i’m i’m
impressed like he’s calling him a kid
he’s a grown man he’s a girl he’s 26
years old he’s a young man
he i’m just truly impressed by him like
he was
his answers were so good
why is he more polished than me i’m 39.
like this is did he’s good
that is so good but you know what it’s
so good
you know what else is good folks these
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coffee alternative matt so i just want i
just wanted to announce that uh before
we get into the
mud water mushroom coffee replacement
cacao rapid fire segment
um two weeks from today
is that what it’s called because if so
i’m sure that mushroom
coffee that’s what it’s written in the
yeah no that’s good i like it all right
uh two weeks from today
two weeks from this date uh jason lyon
mr murica the bearded truth
will be joining us right here
wow on muddied waters of freedom
non-top fan jason lyon noted non-top fan
jason lyon uh will be joining us right
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of freedom uh
because you know he wants to apparently
injure himself i am putting in the notes
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yeah carolina reapers yeah all of those
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that’s jason lyon help the father get
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watch jason live on there
true i’m sure that’s
true this is why you can’t ever be a top
this kind of behavior so folks but this
kind of behavior is getting him on the
well that’s true too we’re rewarding
this kind of behavior so that’s uh two
weeks from today
um yes and uh i’m looking forward to
having him on
uh at first i just can’t wait to have my
admit i miss having that guy
on i want him back on his own show every
every monday
is what i want um but i’ll settle for
killing himself on our show
sure so speaking of settling for people
not being like joe biden’s whole page
from our playbook
which may change how we have to
push muddy waters from now on the anchor
dot fm
slash muddy where’s that actually let me
pull that up
the way that we usually promote anchor
dot fm slash muddy waters at the end of
the show
he went and did something that made it
really creepy and i don’t really
want to do it again i got them
1.9 trillion dollars relief so far
they’re going to be getting checks in
the mail that are consequential
this week for child care
this isn’t just about whether or not
excuse me you can
provide water for someone standing in
line while they’re waiting to vote
this is about who gets to judge whether
your vote counted
after it’s been cast think about it
christmas is wrong just remind him i
don’t know
on the environment why would i not be
for it
employers can’t find workers i said yeah
pay them more stop doing that
this is an employee’s
employees bargaining chip now
so he’s stealing our shtick yeah what is
he watched an episode he’s like you know
what i got this great idea
this is what i’m gonna do during my next
press conference i’m going to
whisper important parts or parts that i
deem important
now it makes me question whether or not
anc anchor dot fm slash muddied waters
uh bit at the end of every episode for
the last year and a half
has been awesome or really creepy
i mean we were being ironic
kind of yes
it’s not like we really started enjoying
it after a while
started that way
well now i feel weird great maybe we
shout from now on
like go the other way just get far away
from the mic just squeeze
it as loud as we can new ways just
screaming shrieking asmr
so uh biden part of that was referring
to his ridiculous uh spending bill
uh 1.2 trillion dollars including 579
billion dollars in new funds
over eight years on ostensibly
transportation waterways and broadband
internet but it’s really just gonna go
in the pockets of cronies
uh 312 billion of the new funding is
spent on
transportation which means the pockets
of cronies 109 million dollars for
bridges and roads pockets of cronies
uh 49 billion on public transit which
really that’s the
right directly in the pockets of
government uh 66 billion dollars on
passenger and freight rail because they
can’t just repeal the jones act that
certainly wouldn’t work
uh and then 25 billion on airports
because you know who’s not making money
right now
airlines and airports matt can’t imagine
can’t think of why they can’t make money
maybe it’s because they shut down the
economy for the better part of the year
told people stay at home and not
uh travel and not go anywhere and you’re
forcing them to get an
untested unapproved uh vaccine to
be able to do that i don’t think that
has anything to do with it no that kids
agreed it’s corporate greed matt that’s
why we need to give him money
that’s true yes uh electric vehicle
infrastructure will get another 7.5
billion as will electric buses and
public transit
um which is really so i saw this great
tweet today
and it said uh tell me that
tell me that you’ve never been to the
midwest without saying you’ve never been
to the midwest
and it was jen sackey saying
the midwest needs 500 billion
no 50 billion 50 billion in charging
around their highways for all the
electric vehicles out there
um there’s also 20 billion for
infrastructure financing program that
will per the white house fact sheet
leverage billions of dollars into clean
and clean energy with a lot of that
going to charging stations in the
let’s just have you ever said to
yourself oh my gosh if the government
doesn’t open some more gas stations
i don’t know how i’m going to be able to
fuel my vehicle no
because they don’t need that
nope they’re literally
they already have stations everywhere
once there are enough electric as there
are more and more electric vehicles on
the roads
it will make more and more sense for
those providers to
put charging stations what this does
is has the government either build them
or hand money to companies to build them
even though they have no problem
building them just as soon as it makes
sense for them to build them
which means that if they haven’t done it
yet there’s no real demand for it
and that means that they’re going to
make these things and they’re going to
end up being obsolete
and or not working anymore by the time
they’re needed and they will have
already wasted your money
in the process it’s not like we have the
of years of government central planning
and spending to show what they do
when they spend money like this now
this part i actually really liked where
i said there’s also 20 billion for an
infrastructure financing program that
will leverage billions of dollars into
clean transportation clean energy
uh senator mark warner from virginia
said that the 20 billion will be used to
attract 180 billion
in private financing for infrastructure
so they’re going to take 20 billion
to advertise for people to invest in
infrastructure so they’re more than
likely they’re gonna say
uh well we’ll give you a you know x
amount of tax break
to spend this much okay
that sure also doesn’t work so
where i live uh the airport the airport
is owned by
the um is owned by the i’m trying to
remember it’s either owned by the city
and it’s on county land or it’s owned by
the county and it’s on city land anyways
owned by government and on government
land in order to try to attract more
to our airport uh they uh introduced
these tax breaks basically
uh and the tax breaks were basically
money they were handing them
in order to open uh their airlines there
they remember you telling me this story
when you dropped me off at the airport
day after it expired they all announced
that they were leaving and they had
already it was obvious they were leaving
because they were already cutting all
their flights they were having like the
minimum number of flights to continue
getting the money
they were having like a flight a week or
whatever the cutoff was
and there was like one person there and
there were these nothing burger flights
that they were keeping going
just in order to be able to get the
money and then the da
literally the date it wasn’t the week
after when a few day it was
literally the day after it expired that
they already they released their thing
saying that all of them released their
separate things saying
that they were leaving and we went back
to having like at the time i think
two or three airlines you want to guess
how many airlines we have now
they don’t work when the government says
hey i’ll give you money if you spend
the gov the companies go all right
what’s the absolute
minimum i have to do to get this money
okay i’ll do that
yeah i got this money buy
that’s how that works if they were gonna
spend the money
it’s because there’s a market demand for
it which means they’re already going to
spend the money
i feel like i’m gonna do what he’s doing
i feel
very big joe biden energy right now if
need to have it they’ll already spend
the money
ports and waterways are going to be
getting 16 billion more under the plan
okay good um there would also be another
okay good oh that’s good there would
also be another 11 billion in spending
on safety projects
perfect good we need more safety
uh 266 billion will go toward other
infrastructure which that’s like
when you get a job and they say like in
duties they’re like other duties to be
assigned by manager
yeah and like everything falls under
that category
um but that’s going to be getting uh
where is it
60 nope 266 billion uh 65 billion for
because comcast spectrum bray house
wow at t verizon need government money
to lay these lines
um 55 billion for water
water there’s infrastructure demand for
and 73 billion for electrical grids
because no one needs electricity
literally all of this
we could have saved however many minutes
we’ve spent on this by just saying
they’re going to rob you and hand it off
under underwrite the uh infrastructure
for the some of the largest companies on
this planet
who are already making money hand over
because even with this shutdown economy
you still needed water
you still needed internet more so than
ever before you still needed electricity
uh you know possibly more so than ever
all these things that they’re doing
they’re literally this is all just
this is a new they used to call it pork
spending now they call it
infrastructure it’s [ __ ]
they it all of these companies are
already they’re either already going to
do this
in which case there’s no need to give
them money or they’re just going to take
this money to do it
and then it’s just going to get
abandoned because they didn’t need it
in which case there’s no reason to give
them this money now how are we going to
pay for this
well let’s show you this is how we’re
going to pay for
infrastructure pork spending
so 100 billion net from an irs
and awesome so that’s with audits that
means more 100 billion dollars worth of
so real quick for anybody who doesn’t
know about this this was actually
supposed to we were going to cover this
on a show
months ago but we had to cancel that
show for some reason and then it didn’t
make it to the next one
they are going to start going after
venmo payments yep
paypal payments cash apps whatever
um to find out if people are not
accepting or not reporting all of their
income so the people who are like
um who are babysitting or mowing lawns
and taking venmo payments
or you know musicians who are playing
out and they’re like tip me for
you know tip me on venmo and people do
it uh they’re gonna start hitting those
they aren’t this money that they’re
saying that they’re going to be getting
this hundred billion isn’t from like the
one percent or the two percent
they’re going to be going after the
lower class with this
the people making the least amount of
money bill gates isn’t saying hit my
it’s gonna be going after this is a
audit enforcement against the lowest
in this country to hand off
nearly two trillion dollars in let’s
face it
pork spending to the biggest
on this planet and they’re selling it as
needed infrastructure
uh a hundred billion in public-private
partnerships which
oh that’s just corporatism yeah yeah
that’s corporatism
they’ve tried to stamp this cute little
on uh corporatism yeah mussolini’s
idea for how economies should be run
80 billion uh on user interface program
65 billion is that not unemployment
insurance or is that
yeah that’s probably unemployment
insurance i saw you guys steal
80 billion dollars from from
unemployment insurance
yes oh because they had all the people
stealing money from uh
unemployment so they’re going to go
after the insurance oh so it’s never
going to happen
okay so they’re never going to get that
money right 65 billion
spectrum sales 60 billion dynamics
scoring uh
30 billion in toll credits and 25
right 25 billion in recouped
unemployment insurance arp supplements
dynamic scoring that means total
[ __ ]
so dynamic scoring is saying well it’s
going to cause this much more economic
expansion and we’re going to get that
much more
uh tax revenue from it in other words
we made it up so 80 billion is never
gonna happen because whenever government
says we’re gonna find and root out
waste fraud and abuse which is what
program integrity is
that never happens uh when they say
we’re going to uh
60 billion dollars uh dynamic scoring
we’re gonna we’re gonna
we’re gonna create the economic growth
and get this much more
that’s not gonna happen uh and the uh
and the
public-private partnership uh i’m not
sure exactly how they expect that to
bring in money when it’s actually going
cost money fascist corporatism costs
um they definitely will get the toll uh
credits and then 25 billion in recouped
unemployment insurance arp supplement
gonna go ahead and
doubt that’s gonna happen but let’s say
that’s gonna happen we are looking at
and if you and if you listen to
uh if you if you listen to the committee
for a responsible
federal budget they estimate that the
100 billion
net that the irs from irs enforcement
which is going to cost 40 billion in new
they are estimating that it would only
bring in about 60 billion in new revenue
which is a lot less
yeah also let me see here i’m not sure
are they saying spectrum the internet
company sales
i would like to say i did more research
but yeah yeah no problem i
let’s give them the benefit of the of
the doubt and say that that’s a real
thing that’s going to happen i
strongly doubt it is we already have 240
dollars here that is absolute [ __ ]
and it’s not going to happen
um so based on that you know where
that’s going to come from
more of that irs enforcement and tolls
in other words if you’re poor screw you
poor people
and middle class people you’re gonna pay
the vast majority
of the cost of this handoff that they’re
to the wealthiest people in this
country again
that’s why he’s whispering it because
he’s hoping you don’t hear it
oh but that’s okay because he’s gonna
give you some checks if you have kids
you have to pay for that too with
interest later and so will those kids
and kids that haven’t even
been born yet they’re gonna have to pay
that off with interest as well but in
addition to that
they’re going to rob you and give it to
very very the top .001 percent
infrastructure infrastructure
so before we get into more about joe
biden stealing stuff
yes because i had this really worked out
but then i saw this video and i had
this video i had to share uh so speaking
of joe biden spending more money on
bad things here’s
that too so it’s the thought there
basically that
somebody some criminal who has been
committing crimes with
limited interruption or interference
from police for the last couple weeks or
is going to stop this easy life of crime
they have a summer job well i think the
president believes that we shouldn’t and
we shouldn’t allow access to
guns to those criminals who are
currently illegally bilingual from some
dealers across the country and
part of his announcement is taking steps
to do exactly that but part of his
announcement is also
ensuring their specific guidance to
communities across the country to ensure
that they have
funding to get more community police
around the country something that was
supported by
the american jobs plan uh that was
supported that was voted into law by
democrats just a couple of months ago
some might say that
the other party was for defunding the
police i’ll let others say that but
that’s a piece go ahead would you
so joe biden’s doubling federal funding
for she said community policing it is
not community policing
it is the police departments that
already exist she has doubled it
and is now this is okay so if you voted
if you were one of these poor hapless
fools who said
uh well i’m voting for joe biden because
i think that black lives matter and i
think i’m sick and tired of seeing
the police running rough shot over the
most marginalized people
in this country joe biden said hey uh i
got a black woman for vp
corn pop was a bad dude don’t look at my
50 year long record
and now he’s doing what he’s always done
he has doubled
to over three more than doubled to 388
billion dollars
per year in federal funding
with no strings attached to police
across this country
and he’s threatening to implement gun
making sure that the only people who
have guns
especially in the the urban communities
the communities that are the most hard
hit by crime and police brutality
that the only people that have guns
there are criminals and the police
i was going to say hang out because
we’re going to get into that next um
so i don’t want you to go off on one of
your tire okay on one of your tyrants
and just like bla blast through and i’m
like well we covered half of this
um but my favorite part of that was
she jen sackey is sitting there and
i think that the republicans are in fake
some might say that republicans are in
favor of defunding the police i won’t
say it i’ll let others say it
jen let’s take a look at some cities
let’s take a look at portland let’s take
a look at chicago let’s take a look at
you know where they effectively did that
none of them
are run by republicans and i’m not
defending the republicans the
republicans are
you know voting for more uh more
legislation in order
to keep uh to make crack and coke
equivalent in the bad direction by
powder cocaine even higher yeah right so
i’m not defending republicans on this
even a little bit
but to attempt to pass off
that the republicans are the ones that
were pushing for defunding the police
and trying to
get that little nugget of information
into people’s ears in order to try to
change that narrative a little bit
is so beyond the pale
when it comes to well-thought-out and
well-crafted plans because
jesus christ kamala harris was fighting
for deep on the police
if what that was was a gigantic middle
to everyone who voted for joe biden they
sucked it up and they listened to
aoc and bernie sanders and all their
progressive heroes
and said you have to vote for joe boyd
because he’s better than donald trump
and then joe biden doubled funding for
the police
oh he also uh has a record number of
children in cages i’m sorry
shelters joe biden’s kitty shelters
you got screwed you got played maybe
next time you won’t do that
if you’re not gonna vote libertarian
vote green don’t vote whatever
stop voting for blue maga
because that’s what they are yeah and
they’re way more brazen with it too
the way that the republicans are way
more brazen with gun control because
who’s going to stop them they’re
democrats are way more brazen when it
comes to
police brutality and the war on drugs
and uh putting people in cages and using
them for free prison labor
look at where most people get arrested
and imprisoned
it’s in blue cities and blue states
because they get away with it
way more than the republicans do the
republicans talk
all that crap about about doing stuff
and they certainly aren’t helping
but the democrats get away with way more
of it the same way that republicans get
away with way more gun control
way more funding for abortion way more
all the stuff they say they’re against
debt spending and stuff like that the
democrats there’s no one that can hold a
candle to democrats when it comes to
have using that it’s it’s fitting that
they’re blue because they are the
main arbiters of the thin blue line
you said doubled i thought i thought he
like more than doubled it i thought he
was like
he more than doubles it he almost it was
it was i think 40 billion away from
tripling it
okay that’s that’s what i was thinking
it was like somewhere around there
but yeah yeah and at those numbers you
can almost say
tripling like 40 billion of that number
isn’t that big of a deal anymore you can
tripling far easier than you can say the
republicans were
defunding the police but that was a
gigantic fu
to most of joe biden’s voter base who by
the way isn’t paying attention anymore
they’re just so happy donald trump’s not
in office anymore because i can’t stand
those tweets
yes so so happy we don’t have mean
tweets anymore
um so speaking of joe biden and
not mean tweeting he stole a page uh
right out of eric swalwell’s book and
many of you may remember
eric swalwell tweeting that it would be
a short war my friend
the government has nukes too many of
them but they’re legit
i’m sure if we talked we could find
common ground to protect our families
and communities
in which a sitting congressman
threatened all gun owners with nuclear
weapons with
nukes and nukes and
you as logical and rational people
probably thought well that was really
stupid and i can’t believe that
somebody had representative somebody in
the house of representatives would
say something so dumb thankfully even
the moronic president that we had
november 16th
of 2018 he would never say anything like
that dumb and probably nobody after him
yeah the second amendment from the day
it was passed
limited the type of people could own a
gun and what type of weapon you could
you couldn’t buy a cannon those would
say the blood of the
the blood of patriots i want to play
that first part i can amendment from the
day it was passed
limited the type of people could own a
gun black people
and natives yep that’s who he’s talking
as his justification for gun control
he’s saying well you know when the
country started we didn’t let
slaves and natives own guns
anyway and what type of weapon you could
own you couldn’t buy a cannon
yeah you could you could absolutely you
could absolutely buy a cannon
you could you had 100 devices the
madison letters
yep yep you could 100 own anything that
the government had
you could have cannons rockets
everything else you know who couldn’t
even have a sick shooter
black people and natives say the blood
of the
the blood of patriots you know and all
the stuff about how we’re gonna have to
you know the thing move against the
government well the tree of liberty is
not water in the blood of patriots which
yeah no actually it was happened is that
never been if you wanted to think you
need to have weapons to take on the
you need f-15s and maybe some nuclear
the point is that there’s always been
the ability to limit
rationally limit the type of weapon that
can be owned and who can own it
the last rationally limit
he just said it was rational everyone’s
getting caught up in the fact
that he talked about nukes and f-15s the
real buried lead there
is that he said it was rational that the
government told
black people and natives that they
couldn’t own weapons to protect them
against the us government infringing on
their territory
and sue and genociding them and the ku
klux klan
or at that point it wasn’t the klan it
was just their mat their owners
uh and later the ku klux klan to defend
themselves against that
so that they could actually try to live
their lives under without being
constantly threatened by terrorism him
so him using the him using rational
him using rational is no different than
you will hear people say common sense
gun control
like it’s the same thing
it’s the same argument what they’re
saying is the exact they’re they’re the
same words
but he’s just switching it up a little
bit um
because was any of it common sense no in
his common sense
uh common sense gun control there’s no
such thing as common sense
obviously 85 million people voted for
biden we don’t have a lot of it out
81 million people voted for trump not a
ton of common sense in this world
um so to say common sense gun control
rational we don’t have rational people
uh so
saying that is a moving target that
allows them to put it wherever they want
the fact that he is now putting it on uh
on not allowing slaves or natives to own
guns yeah i’m certain unwittingly
because i can’t imagine he thought
that sentence out even a little bit uh
before he started it
um is
just unfortunate for him but that i
think they’re trying to switch from
common sense because it’s been hit so
many times by
so many people who are pro-gun um that
they started saying rational i think
that that’s going to be their new buzz
yeah and and and what i love is that as
their example
of rational gun control is not letting
slaves and freed slaves and native
people own guns
that’s going to be their talking point
as well you know they didn’t let the
slave zone go
yeah no that’s a perfect example of why
we should never be limiting the arms
he also straight up lied yeah you could
own a cannon
you could own not only could you own a
cannon at that point the absolute
of military technology was a
sailboat a large sailboat that was armed
with multiple cannons and if you had the
money to buy one you 100 could buy one
in fact the government would often hire
you using letters of mark
to take on their enemies so you you
could lit
you could 100 own any type of weapon
that existed out there
and yes the founders some of the
smartest people
in this country and on the planet knew
that greater technology would have
exist in the future which is why they
wrote arms and not
guns they said any kind of weapon
we can’t even imagine you know whatever
even unimaginable types of weapons in
the future
and and and like uh like matt said in
the madison letters
and in other times they said the purpose
of the second amendment was that if the
government could have it
you could have it that there could be a
great equal the second amendment was
supposed to be a great equalizer
in which the american people anyone in
not just american citizens literally any
person in america
if they wanted to could own any arm that
the government had that any that anyone
even if the government didn’t have it in
fact there were times
where the people that were fighting
against the government had newer stuff
than the government had
which by the way thanks to 3d
manufacturing that’s about to happen
again that’s a whole other subject
another thing that biden was railing on
uh throughout that entire thing i
i i only clipped the nuclear weapon part
was high capacity magazines which
meaning uh magazines that
hold more than 10 rounds which come
standard with many of the most popular
handguns and rifles sold in the us
he obscured this point by saying there’s
no possible justification for having 100
rounds in a magazine
that’s a big jump from 10 to 100 and i
mean who’s to say
like maybe 100 rounds i don’t care but
it’s a huge jump
so he is trying to get rid of uh
magazines getting uh
that whole 12 15 20 um
and which is a regular that’s a regular
capacity a nine millimeter regular
uh uh magazine has uh gosh now i don’t
remember i think 12
15 something like that that before you
go i think twice
yeah before you go into extended
magazines so they’re now saying you have
to have
not even standard even standard capacity
magazines for many firearms is now going
to be considered illegal
right um and
what some people may know what may what
you may not i think we reported on this
actually when it happened
in new jersey they decided to pass a ban
on all high capacity magazines and
received a lot of pushback from law
enforcement officers
because the law included an exemption
for any law enforcement
officer while actually on duty or
traveling to
or from an authorized place of duty
it said that they could have rounds that
were 15 or 15
uh up to 15 rounds the police lost their
ever loving mind because they said what
about off-duty police
what about off-duty police what if
they’re getting attacked because
they know that they might want 15 rounds
if they’re getting attacked as an
off-duty police officer but you
as a citizen as an individual who hasn’t
crested with a silver piece of ten on
your chest
you are not worthy of having 15 rounds
you can’t be trusted with it
but these people can and the same thing
happened in
uh new york where they put a seven round
magazine limit
uh in 2013 but they had an issue
with former cops people who weren’t on
the force anymore former
cops were like no we need more that’s
not going to be good enough we’re going
to need more
and they ended up in both of these cases
changing the law
for uh law enforcement that was off duty
in new jersey and for former cops in new
york because if you are a member of that
club you don’t have to play by the same
rules as everybody else
exactly yep
this is this is yep yep yep
and biden pushed uh on the rhetoric uh i
this quote makes me so happy um button
pushed on the rhetoric on the
second amendment only being for
self-defense saying no one needs to have
weapons that can fire
over 30 40 50 even up to 100 rounds
unless you think the deer are wearing
kevlar vests or something
and he thought the line was so good he
repeated it and said
what do you think the deer are wearing
kevlar vests which
created a trend on twitter where people
were saying
no i don’t think it was a deer wearing
kevlar vest that came in and raped my 80
year old grandmother while they robbed
no i don’t think it was and just going
through this long list of terrible stuff
that happened
because they aren’t dear wearing kevlar
vest that you need this for
this is for your self protection yeah no
it wasn’t dear who no knock raided the
wrong house and threw a grenade in and
almost killed my
toddler and yeah you have a legal right
to defend yourself against that
and a moral right as well doesn’t matter
if it’s legal or not
because that’s what the second
amendment’s for
yes it can be used for fun shooting
events like the upcoming
shoot with spike in the philosopher
event in tarpon springs florida that’s
going to be happening on
saturday july 17th in the tampa bay area
and if you go to my social media you can
see actually if you go to spikecoin.com
you can
uh find out more about that event yes
it’s for that
and yes you can use it to uh to defend
yourself against
private sector home invaders or thieves
or someone trying to hurt you but that’s
not actually what it’s for
it’s so that government remembers that
they’re also
human beings with soft bodies that can
catch lead
and that helps keep them under control
which is why every single time the
government tries to infringe on your
rights the first thing they do
is grab for your guns so the fact that
he is threatening to grab so hard
which by the way a lot of this isn’t
gonna happen this is the
uh this is the democrat threats and the
republicans go oh my gosh we’re gonna
fight tooth and nail because we’re
fighting for your right to keep and bear
and then when that fails we go oh yeah
the republicans protected our right to
keep and bear arms and then the
republicans get into office and go well
you can’t have this you can’t have that
you can’t have this you can’t have that
and we go well it goes we just got to go
with it because the democrats are worse
it’s good cop bad cop but
regardless all of this is about
shaming people who believe that they
should be able to protect themselves
against anyone if a
citizen has no business owning these
then people who are far more likely to
use them
in bad ways in other words people who
work for the government
have no business in hell of using them
or owning them
also after he said do you think the
deers have kevlar vest is because he
forgot he already said it
fair after plagiarizing us and then
plagiarizing eric swalwell he
stole a page from the last 70 years of
foreign policy by directing military
forces to conduct
defensive precision airstrikes against
facilities used by iran back militia
groups in the iraq syria border region
welcome to the 17th term
of the eisenhower administration uh
pentagon uh spokesman john kirby
described this strike says self-defense
calling them both necessary to address
the threat and appropriately limited
in scope as a matter of domestic law the
president took this action
in pursue pursuant to his article ii
authority to protect
u.s personnel in iraq there is uh
incidentally i read it
there is no article 2 authority
to protect u.s troops that are
permanently occupying a foreign country
with no declaration of war from congress
in fact there’s actually you can’t do
right yeah
senator chris murphy democrat from
connecticut he
said my concern is that the pace of
activity directed at u.s
forces and the repeated retalitary
strikes against iranian proxy forces are
starting to look like what would qualify
as a pattern of hostilities under the
war powers act
really both the constitute
yep really both the constitution and the
both the constitution and the war powers
act require the president to come to
congress for a war declaration
under these circumstances man this war
starting to look a lot like a war this
this war looks so much like a war that
you’re not supposed to be fighting
these freaking murderous sociopaths like
we joke about this stuff
but these are all murderers they’re mass
murderers and
they have the gall i mean it’s a lis at
least saying it
he’s at least saying hey you know this
thing where we’re fighting other people
and they’re fighting us
back with military weapons
this is starting to really look worried
looks like and i think some guys like
this looks like a lot like
a war the attacks are
70 years haven’t but this really
starting to look like that
and i don’t know guys i just read the
constitution and i’m
looking like we’re supposed to declare a
if you’re having retaliatory strikes
against proxy forces like a war
and there’s a pattern of hostility
under the war powers act like a war you
probably have a war
pattern of hostility
i don’t know some people argue that the
that the pattern of hostility won in
many ways was
was even more brutal than pattern of
hostility too
uh just because of the type of warfare
that was used during that one
uh uh but or i’m sorry patterns of
hostility that were used during that
type one but i think at least for the
u.s it was the civil pattern of
that was the most brutal to the american
it’s a good thing that those were
patterns of hostility and not
wars otherwise they would have had to
have congress approve them
so at a wednesday press conference biden
told state and local leaders
they could use the money provided to
them as part of the pandemic relief
to fund more police officers and hours
so in addition
to the mere tripling
of money if you were watching that
earlier talk that we had about the
telling all of their supporters hey [ __ ]
you we’re going to spend as much money
as we want on police
if you went you know what i think they
need to quadruple it or even more
well good news guys because they figured
out a way
corona virus relief money
that this schmuck leaned in and said
checks are going out oh my god you’re
gonna get a check 1.9
trillion dollars
1.9 trillion dollars that didn’t get
spent in the states and they said yeah
you know what go hire more cops and give
them more hours because apparently you
all [ __ ] need it and
they’re going to make sure to rob your
and raise your tolls to pay for it and
of course
those things are regressive taxes
they’re the
biggest impact on the people who are the
but that’s okay because it’s going to
fund the brutal police that don’t have
qualified immunity
that many of you marched in the streets
against and then voted for this schmuck
josh umba in the comments so
he wrote i’m worried about syrian
muscles here in ohio
spelled like the the
shellfish yeah muscles aren’t
good missiles and i’m thinking
i’d be more worried about syrian muscles
because yeah
listen i i would not eat syrian muscles
um i wouldn’t eat syrian missiles either
though so
so joe biden had a week as you can see
joe biden had a a great week for him
not so much literally everyone else but
we do have some good hands
what oh just
that entire that entire segment the the
not so rapid fire
um segment that we just did
that got me i was
that’s what i voted for folks that’s
what you voted for that’s what you said
trump because we do have some people
that watch us that that
fell into the i gotta vote for trump to
stop biden or i gotta stop
vote for biden to stop trump i hope
you’re watching this who’s not trump no
apparently worse now if it makes you
feel any better
if donald trump had been reelected he
would have been worse
than he was in his first year he would
have been yes and if you hear this and
you are reflexively
you fix your mouth to say anything about
6 or some [ __ ] that trump said or some
nonsense that some republicans said and
you’re not focusing on the fact
that the people you voted for did the
opposite and accelerated the exact
opposite of literally every
single reason you voted against donald
trump then congratulations you have
fallen for their [ __ ]
good cop bad cop routine and by the way
january 6
the insurrection the police let them in
half the time
hard there are videos of capitol hill
opening up the gates so they can go in
you got played so hard
i love that this is like me talking
about titanic
um yes this is you talking about titanic
that movie was such [ __ ]
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we will like you more wow we have a
oh gosh we have a lot of messages yep
okay so let’s start with
stephen moody
good evening muddy waters media
i was having a conversation with my
co-worker today
where we were talking about health care
general and how it started
become more expensive because of the
government’s infringement
on the people with licensures and things
like that
and he told me i came at it with a very
ron paul approach
and said what about
what if the reason licensures
and things like that arose were because
of malpractices
that nobody haven’t had an avenue at the
time to uh
do anything about which
it was a good point um we
you know work together we have open
minds and i was just curious
what you think about it what came first
the chicken or the egg kind of thing
well the pretext for licensures have
always been
bad actors now of course it’s actually
that’s not true sometimes it’s been that
we shouldn’t let black people do this
and so we need to put a fee on it
uh to make sure that they can’t afford
to get the license to do it
um but when that’s not the case when
they don’t use outright racism
uh the excuse they often use in the
medical field this was one of them
was that you know there was malpractice
uh there’s more malpractice now than
there’s ever been before
so if that was the purpose of it mission
the government’s war against malpractice
like the war on drugs in their war on
we would like to congratulate
malpractice for winning the war on
and and i don’t think that’s what’s
that i don’t think that’s what’s raising
all the rates for everybody across
across the board i i think it’s more
bureaucracy it’s more people having to
work at
healthcare.gov and the different levels
of administration that you’re now having
to go through
uh because the government has some
semblance of control over
health care so you now have to pay all
of these people
and how do you do it through the end
user so now everybody’s paying more
in order to make sure that all of these
people that
the people we voted into office said
yeah this is going to be good for our
and that no they were wrong so i don’t
really think it’s the malpractice
i don’t think it’s the malpractice
insurance that’s doing it i
think that it’s the government yep
when you drive up the cost so much and
you drive up the regulations so much
that doctors can’t
have their own practices anymore and
they have to become employees
of large health care management
companies which is why those are popping
up all over and getting bigger and
bigger and bigger and the number of
independent practices is going
into the toilet now they have more
people that they have to see every day
because they’re no longer setting their
own schedule they’re an employee
and they have to see sometimes two or
even three times as many patients
as they were seeing in previous times
which leads to malpractice
because even if they are perfect it’s
hard enough to keep track
of all of the patients that you’re
dealing with you’re bound to make
also you have less time with them so
you’re gonna miss
stuff and you’re gonna in the middle of
making mistakes and missing stuff
you are bound to have more and more
and more malpractice which leads to
and higher and higher malpractice
insurance rates
which leads to more and more and more
doctors dropping out because they can’t
afford it
which means to higher and higher and
higher patient loads for the doctors
that are staying
in it the war on malpractice has led to
more malpractice
thank you now real quick before you play
the next one
sure uh that was from stephen moody
yes that question uh for everybody out
stephen moody is one of our i think he
is our newest
uh patron i think
he donates to the show monthly uh and
i want you to listen to his question it
was clear it was concise
it was very well worded stephen
everybody out there should be more like
stephen donate to the show
yes leave clear concise messages
be like steven be like steven be like
be like stephen moody be like steven
now i’m scared to play this next one
this one’s from michael king
hey guys uh michael king here uh i just
wanted to say that not only
is it cool that my birthday is
mathematically significant
to uh it not only is it cool that
i share my birthday with comedic legend
mel brooks
yes uh but it’s also very cool that i
share my birthday with the one and only
spike cohen happy birthday spike
well happy birthday michael thank you
and uh not only that but we also share a
birthday with elon
musk and our birthday is 69 days after 4
i had to look that up when i saw that
yeah i was like
no way oh it is yeah
and someone and someone wrote not on
leap years and
because they don’t understand how leap
years work um yeah
no it doesn’t affect it still 69 days
after 4 20.
um because april’s after february
doesn’t matter
uh uh but also uh we uh
share our so the june 28th 1969
nice was the uh stonewall riot
uh and june 28 19
10 11 909 08
in the early 1900’s was when archduke
franz ferdinand was assassinated
triggering world war one
and eventually world war ii and
eventually the
cold war and then eventually the war in
the middle east
that part’s not the best but the rest of
it’s pretty cool
also it’s also pi day times two remember
what’s that
pi day times two oh that’s what
he threw me for a loop there uh famous
birthdays there are other people too
who have famous birthdays uh elon musk
john someone else john cusack
yeah john cusack kathy bates mel brooks
hi g1 uh yes
yes hi g1 rob dear dick oh wow really
uh deer deck one of the guys from bts
tatina arnold i think she’s funny um a
bunch of
asian people man that’s a good john
elway yeah i knew it was john elway it
um then a bunch of more
asians happy birthday michael
from me and the muddy waters crew all
right let’s uh go to this next one which
is from
tom arnold i just wanted to say
that i appreciate all the hard work that
matt wright does
to make this show so successful
you know matt wright’s partner seems to
be gallivanting all over the country
doing this and doing that
and yet matt wright is the one staying
at home
doing all the drudgery work the drudge
to get the make the effort to make the
shows be the success that it is
i just wanted to say how much i
appreciate matt
wright for all his endeavors thank you
and have a good evening
thank you tom for recognizing all of the
hard work that i put into this show week
after week
and i appreciate you in so many ways you
are a fantastic
mess just like the intrin if somebody
was the intrinsic
messenger of liberty tom yep yep yep
it would be you and uh i appreciate you
giving me
uh the shout out that i definitely
um i see the i see tom arnold as the
laureate of the of uh of the
liberty movement first of all tom
you’re you are unironically correct matt
most of the heavy lifting in this in
this uh in muddy waters
easily uh and second of all gallivanting
is an interesting way to describe what
they do
gallop hunting gallivanting just
going to going to parties going to
with your lovely wife and i mean that is
oh man hanging out and shaking hands
with people
kissing babies well i’m stuck here
picking up the slack
now i feel like i am gallivanting i
thought i was working
i mean i do do that but i also do some
working stuff too we have another one
from tom arnold which i assume will be
equally verbally abusive to me
i do have a question for spike though
this is tom
uh and that question is what is your
memory you know since yesterday was your
39th birthday what is your earliest
memory as a child
uh that’s all i got to say have a good
day keep the
keep up the good work guys bye oh now
it’s guys now both of us are doing good
work that’s convenient
um so you you are while you’re
gallivanting you’re doing
i’m doing some great gala for muddy
my first memory i think
my first memory was being
would that have been i think my first
i think my first memory would have been
around somewhere between two and three
and i asked my mom
she told me how old i was and we were
like learning counting like one two
three four whatever and so i knew like
one two three four whatever
i don’t know how high it could count but
you know she told me i was two
one two or three or whatever it was and
counted to it
and i asked her how old she was
and she said i’m 31 or whatever
whatever she was at the time and i just
remember laughing because it was like
that was such a such an unconscious like
the most absurd like it was like
like you might as well set a million
billion um
and so i just i was just i i think that
was my first member because now i’m 39
so who’s laughing now schmuck uh but
i uh but i do i believe that that is my
um i believe that’s my earliest memory
is is being in the kitchen
of the apartment we were living in uh
just outside of baltimore
in randallstown and and and laughing at
how old she was
i think
i believe so here’s the next one from
steven whit who
won our uh one hour contest i got to
yeah i got to delete play those reversed
play those reversed
so the fir that’s the okay all right
i’ll play
yeah okay play those reversed
according to what he told me this is
steve witt
calling in on the chris reynolds
attorney at law
anchor calling moment and just to
go back on what i was saying i want to
know your feelings
on the environmental protection agency
what all right here we’re gonna go with
the first one first
hello guy on left and spike
cohen this is my first time calling in
on the anchor call-in moment
and a quick little thing on facebook
popped up from the myrtle beach city
talking about the environmental
protection agency and their rules
the spreading of human ashes at sea
and i had to go ahead and look it up and
let me go to the website
the epa has issued a general permit
under the marine protection research and
sanctuaries act
to authorize the burial of human remains
at sea
the general permit is published in the
federal regulations at
40 cfr 229.1
and basically you
are not allowed to spread your loved
ones remains
at the shoreline you must be forced to
go three miles out at sea
and then so this is the continuation
this is attorney at law anchor calling
moment and
just to go back on what i was saying i
want to know your feelings on
the environmental protection agency
what people can and cannot do with their
loved ones ashes in terms of spreading
it in the ocean
the law currently states that they must
go three miles out from the shoreline
and i want to know your feelings on that
thank you
you did he say three or thirty three
okay so i understand what parts per
million in the ocean
is like i get it like it’s
and i guess their theory is that if it
gets three miles out by the time
i’m man i
your ashes are nothing
compared to everything else that’s like
oh [ __ ] how many
what percentage of people what okay
legitimately i don’t know these like and
i’m not like
i’m not trying to like downplay any of
it but what percentage of people are
getting cremated versus buried or
anything else uh i don’t know let me see
and then what pers and then what
percentage of
those people are saying i want them
spread at the ocean
like i imagine that the percentage of
people saying i want them spread at the
is probably a good number 20 to 30
percent would be my guess
um so so so it’s roughly half
the data is not super solid um it has
been going up
quite some time but it’s it’s around
that get cremated um now um
so it’s now the it’s it’s just over half
it’s now the
the most popular way replacing burials
um as being the most popular way of
getting buried
the percentage of those people who are
having all of their remains
put out to see first of all if every
single person who died
had their remains put out to see
it’s you’re still not gonna even notice
it in the wa
like it’s nothing that’s like saying you
can’t flick your
cigarette butt and that you could put
like smoking a pack of cigarettes
it’s like so like what a stupid
like your ashes are nothing like it fits
in a little
those urns only a little bit it’s like
fits in a bag like this big
eric b i’m not going to try your last
name eric i apologize eric b says my
question is how would they know
what the ashes are from right like now
granted if you have an urn that says
you know the here lie the ashes are here
so yeah i don’t know what you say on the
here are the ashes of john doe who died
last week
like they’re gonna be able to say no
those were definitely john doe’s ashes
who died last week
um but outside of that like
would they know there’s not
they’re not gonna know yeah putting a so
this is the most
this is about as unenforceable as it
like a federal agent is gonna catch
spreading their loved one’s ashes at sea
and is
a gonna give a crap and be gonna do
anything about like this is so
stupid three dog
like three miles and what’s the
difference like once it’s in there it’s
in there
it’s it’s just yes exactly it’s three
the water that’s three miles out comes
back to shore
first of all have you ever been to the
it’s windy do you know how little the
the bigger concern is when you spread it
out it blows in your face and everyone
else that’s on the beat
it’s you know little if that’s even
getting into the ocean to begin with
and no to any stephen or anyone else
that’s asked
that’s asking uh um
i’m not changing my will i am still
going to go out into a jewish canoe
filled with equally jewish kindling and
fireworks and people are my
my closest heirs and the signs are going
to take turns
flinging flaming stones at it like like
david and goliath except they’re on fire
i don’t know if that’s possible but
they’re going to do that and then
uh successfully sets me aflame uh is
going to get all my stuff
and if no one is able to set me aflame
then all my stuff
will all my all my belongings will be
put into another
jewish boat uh and set on fire um
because someone something has to burn to
atone for my death
um that’s not going to change because of
big government nonsense uh caitlyn
clovin she
now wants her ashes to be spread at the
next myrtle beach city council meeting
just to stick it to the man
and i like this idea
if they stop so i’m going to add that to
my will
if they stop me from going on the boat
for that thing then i want to be
cremated and i want my ashes to be
at the myrtle beach city council even if
i don’t live there anymore
wouldn’t you want to do it wherever they
ruled that you couldn’t do the
myrtle beach city council
fair justico mitchell
uh who you should also be like jessico
um for the same reasons uh because he
gives us money
um he said i wouldn’t want my ashes at
the beach that’s where car batteries go
that’s also true listen i’m not saying
you should so get me fired from work
but i’m not saying that that’s
that’s where you should do it and you’re
right that is the cheap and and legal
uh is to throw your car batteries
directly into the ocean
and as aquaculture expert matt wright
can tell you
that’s how you create coral reefs
um so that is not how you create coral
it’s kind of how it’s similar um
here’s one from matt hicks why hello
this is matt hicks calling in on the
chris reynolds attorney at law anchor
colin moment
uh often supreme court
is lost in the flurry of
prominent cases that are occurring and i
just went to the
penfield pipeline company versus in
it was just published today
supreme court
yeah so now a private company who has a
certificate from the federal government
can can
so i don’t know what happened there but
it sounds like eminent domain for
private companies
right uh a pipeline i could not hear
which one won a supreme court case um
that they awarded an eminent domain to
the private company
because the pipeline would be used for
the the good of the people um
i think that’s what he was saying there
sure enfield pipeline thank you matt
penfield pipeline vs new jersey
is the name of the case
well i mean listen certainly i mean
after keto
where the government said that you can
you can just give
you can take land from someone and give
them next to nothing for it
and uh give it to a company who builds a
freaking mini mall nothing surprises me
anymore that literally the government
has been told by the
all all governments in manitoba at the
federal level that you can
and when i say that the federal
government has told all governments
city all the way up to federal that they
can just take your stuff and give it to
a private company to make money off of
they’ll pay you
so it was a 5-4 ruling
it was a 5-4 ruling justice
wrote the opinion justice gorsuch filed
a dissenting opinion
in which tom uh clarence thomas joined
uh amy coney barrett filed a dissenting
opinion which kagan thomas and gorsuch
joined so the ones who voted against it
were barrett thomas kagan and gorsuch
and so you can do the math on who voted
for it
but um
yeah saying private companies can now
exercise eminent domain
right i guess directly oh they’re oh
they’re getting licenses from government
to exercise private domain
eminent domain so then they can use
private enforcement uh
to be able to to do it which is really
just one
step ahead of what was already happening
so yeah
yes he did yeah i do believe he was
talking into a fan
um so yeah i know that’s pretty much par
for the course of what government’s
doing at this point
right um here’s another one from matt
laser legend hicks
i hope it sounds better than that one
hello again guy on left and spike this
is still
matt hicks still calling in on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney of law anchor colin moment dm
um i just wanted to let you guys know
and and the rest of the world spical
already knows this but i think everybody
needs to know this
for his recent birthday i prepared a
delicious meal
of lamb tagine with couscous and flat
bread and satiki
and for the dessert i made some macarons
with uh
coffee in the cookie part a little bit
of coffee extract in the cookie part and
bailey’s buttercream for the filling
so i wanted to brag about that and uh
announced publicly that
i love you and happy birthday spike
so yeah he matt for my birthday made a
bunch of food
that i can’t eat a single ingredient
he specifically made it in such a way
that no part of it
could be eaten even separately by me
somehow he managed to do that thank you
happy birthday to me here’s one from uh
from james ray
hi spike and guy on left this is james m
ray calling for a personal
injury attorney chris reynolds attorney
at law anchor call
in moment i have a lot of ideas
and some of them take really smart
people with really
lots of hard work like energy from
thorium or electing martha bueno
but i have one really simple idea
and it has to do with how you guys close
your show
where we’re going we don’t need roads
we have the technology right now with
simple deregulation to make
ultralights into the drones of our
george jetson future
and that deregulation is to quit
limiting ultralight airplanes to five
gallons of gas only they need a decent
sized gas tank
and that would make them useful that’s
that’s it i feel like that’s a bit wordy
for the closing
now i’m gonna try it i’m going to try it
we’re going to try to do that
i don’t care what you say i’m saying we
don’t need rhodes at the end
i’m going to say all that [ __ ] i’m going
to say it and he’s right
that needs to be ended there’s no reason
that they should be saying how much
gasoline ultralight can you remember
when we had martha bueno
on our show when was that
that was that was like two months ago
yeah that was a while back yeah
that was back in march she was awesome
on our show
much better on our show than she was on
well she was great on cajun but cajun of
course because you know cajun isn’t as
good of a host as us so how could it be
as good
as it was on our show because we’re
better hosts speaking of which here’s a
call-in from the cajun libertarian
what’s up y’all cajun libertarian here
no jokes today no games no fun
just wanted to be honest with you and
say thank you to
and your respective spouses very much
for putting in
all of the hours and all of the work to
push the liberty movement forward
you are very special to a lot of people
and we appreciate you very much happy
belated birthday to
the spike cohen and we wish
both of you all the best and again thank
you so much
and i can’t thank you enough all jokes
aside guys all drinks aside
thank you very much for bringing us on
to muddy waters media
and i cannot wait to see what happens in
the very near future in the long future
it all looks very bright for our
movement and a lot of that
is due to y’all too so again thank you
very much
we love you and have a great show
cajun apparently forgetting that his
microphone was in the other room
no listen we love you too thank you for
for agreeing
to come on muddy waters uh you and
are you and noel noel and and now like
you you were both
doing incredible stuff growing muddy
waters and helping us to become
even bigger than we were before we we
love both you and our great
yeah very much very much we love both of
you very much and i um
i’ve been catching most of uh from
bayous to igloos
and those shows
are okay so it’s two halves of a show
right so you get when nullic does hers
i’m certain it looks like my notes that
you get to see i’m certainly looks like
my notes and she like sits there and she
gives us really well thought out
uh presentation on everything explaining
you know the backstories and the
histories and um
how we got here and what’s what’s the
fallout from it
and then cajun comes on and he’s like
so you all know me i didn’t like repair
anything so uh
and uh i didn’t have time to look
anything up for a while so uh
i i guess i’m just gonna talk about
snakes for an hour
and then he turns it into muddy waters
nat geo where he just
talks about snakes for an hour and
i’m not gonna lie i was enthralled the
entire hour
i mean i want to know about snakes
it was it was great uh apparently uh the
triangle shaped head
not an indicator of poison that is a
oh well how do they
man i’d have to watch the show again
okay i’ll watch it
so but thank you cajun we are just very
happy to have
both of you on and i’m very excited to
see how this is all gonna go and i look
forward to seeing you
in tunica mississippi and you can help
us get to tunica mississippi
by going to this thing nope not
this thing where you can actually get a
i’m over here and matt’s gotta go to his
right so you can see hey
look at this hey there’s a gun nope that
you can you can get a gun you can get
this gun
you can get this gun this gun g-force
g12 12-gauge
home defense uh 10 per ticket um
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there aren’t
yeah you can get up to 10 tickets per
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and then we’re going to pull once we’ve
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one of the tickets randomly and you will
whoever has that ticket will win this
uh gorgeous geforce g12 uh 12 gauge home
defense shotgun
uh you too can enter by going to paypal
dot me
slash lpms10 um and
in the comments put gun raffle when you
uh make your contribution
um and uh yeah you can help us
get to the breaking boundaries event in
tunica mississippi later this
next month uh roy martin asks can they
mail it to me roy that would uh
that would be a question for not a real
so go find not a real libertarian on
shouldn’t be hard there’s lots of them
and uh you
and you can uh ask him find chris
on facebook and ask him yeah i don’t
know chris darnell yeah
so here is another question from here’s
a question from
sunny olindi
what’s up guys this is definitely not
the cajun libertarian calling in on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney of law
i saw that guy’s podcast what’s his name
chris tarnell
something about being not a real
libertarian and that is a very accurate
title for he is not
a real libertarian but i didn’t see that
guy the cajun libertarian podcast
he is also pretty terrible but he is
still far better than
chris darnell and will dority
owen not a real libertarian so if you
get a chance to see how miserably
than not a real libertarian podcast is
please tune in
that way you can get all of your asmr
i don’t want jack casey’s god-awful book
theroyalgreen.com you can find them when
not a real libertarian
because that’s a terrible show
this is what our show has become we’re
advertising other people that aren’t on
advertising other people’s shows and how
they are also
advertising the same books that we
okay here’s another one from this one is
from the cajun libertarian as opposed to
that last one
which was literally not from the cajun
i just want to say that i heard that guy
matt wright on clubhouse
say that that other guy the cajun
was the best cajun impersonation
of me donald j trump of it
i love all the cajuns i just want to say
that i have all the best impersonations
there are no better impersonations of me
and i have all the best occasions
they all vote for me they come to my
rallies you see my rallies
you look how many people are at my
rallies so am i right
for you to say that the cajun
has a good impersonation of me i just
want to say
fake news that’s fake news
there is nobody better than me
not this guy cajun libertarian that is
better at being me
than me i don’t know i’m thinking that
the cajun libertarians donald j
trump impersonation has to be better
than that one there’s
gotta be it’s gotta be i hope to god it
so we got one more left uh here’s one
from connie keller
this is connie keller and i’m calling in
for my first
chris reynolds personal injury attorney
anchor colin moment
tm i’m just going to use this space
to thank you all every tuesday night’s
the best day of the week it’s date night
for jimmy and i
and i just wanted to thank you all for
all you do
thank you well thank you connie and
jimmy we love you both and uh
i love you very much in august
yeah for anybody who doesn’t know uh
connie and jimmy are they’re
wonderful people they’ve been fans of
the show for
i don’t even a while yeah um
and they uh
they have been massive supporters of
ours and uh
even during like the really difficult
times on the show they were there like
cheering us on and pushing us um and
they are just excellent people and they
are always there for
a very uh kind and
generous ear and we’ll talk to you about
pretty much anything that you want to
talk to them about
um but they are just great people who uh
deserve tons of praise
um if you are on clubhouse i’m certain
you have met them already
uh in one way or another but they are
wonderful people if you haven’t found
them on clubhouse or
on their respective social media sites
go out and find them they are great
yeah no connie and jimmy are amazing
people thank you guys so much
and thank you all of you for
contributing to another
great segment of the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor colin moment
uh now folks we’re going to end this uh
segment talking about someone who
um actually so we’re going to start this
segment this segment is brought to you
jonathan reals jonathan reals isn’t a
real person
he’s not real in fact well he should be
real but the federal election commission
has said that he is not
and that he’s not going to be
acknowledged at the federal level as a
real person
until he raises at least five thousand
dollars now i know
that jonathan reals is a real person
because i’ve met him and he is human
and he has a squishy human skin face but
he uh the fec won’t just squish his face
they want to get that five thousand
dollars in contributions to be able to
say he’s a person
so you can help him be acknowledged as a
person and a congressional candidate
by going to jonathan dot cash and
making your donation today now
there is someone who um has been known
uh in the libertarian community
particularly in the anarchist community
um and he
he gave his life to
protect people and it
should end there actually it should have
that it should have ended before that
yeah it should have ended before he gave
his life and and
after he it should have ended with he
saved people’s lives and
we’re gonna explain how uh what ended up
happening but this man’s name is john
and he lived in the denver area of
colorado and before we get started on
this show you just need to know john was
an incredible human being when he was
he was a kind
and caring strong and gentle
human being he brought a lot of people
to to the liberty movement and his final
act was to save lives
i’m gonna tell you the story in a quote
uh uh well i’m gonna i’m gonna set up
the story
um basically um
someone went and tried to target a
police officer
with a gun and and killed him
and uh this story from uh store owner
stephen cohen
no relation um is going to tell
what happened there uh john pulled into
our parking lot
around this was in uh old town in arvada
colorado john pulled into our parking
lot around 1 30
and was contemplatively smoking a
cigarette near his car
within under a minute upon john entering
the store
10 to 15 shots of what sounded like a
rifle or
tactical shotgun were fired in the
square 50 yards away
john and another unknown customer
unrelated to john went out of the open
door towards the square with clearance
and clear intent to eliminate the threat
while the unknown customer turned left
assess the situation without pulling out
a weapon john ran quickly
without hesitation straight towards the
shooter john
shouted at onlookers behind him to stay
inside and hide because the gunman was
coming back
john used this as an opportunity to run
towards the library where the shooter
and hid behind a brick wall upon the
shooter walking back again
walking again back toward the square
john pulled out his concealed pistol and
shot five to six rounds toward the
we want to thank and recognize john as
we believe that his actions saved more
lives from being taken
he needs to be recognized by arvada and
all the citizens of colorado
for his brave and selfless actions
great and this is a uh this is a quote
uh cody grossoweski um
nope cody groswitz who is a waitress at
schoolhouse kitchen and libations
and he was running straight towards
where he heard those shots
everyone else was running in the other
direction i just know that he was going
out there into the middle of all the
that i could have ever imagined in my
life that’s why he was
more that’s why he was more secured in
an area where he couldn’t get away
or do anything else because of where he
was cornered he was trapped
there was no other police officers
around at the time there was no one else
there to prevent this from happening
and this man ran yep i wanted to do this
because i wanted people to know what he
did especially his sister
or any one of his family members that it
was the bravest most selfless thing that
i have ever witnessed
in my life yup
this tells the story from eyewitnesses
that were there
here’s basically what happened last week
a man by the name of ronald
troic or troiky i’m not sure how to say
his last name
um he walked up to a police officer and
he shot him with a shotgun
then he walked back to his truck uh well
actually after he shot the
officer he then shot out some um some
windows of some nearby police cruisers
presumably to see if there were any
police in there
and then he walked back to his truck to
get a rifle
after he got the rifle he fired a few
shots in the air
um and moments later john hurley ran up
armed with his personal carry
and shot him ending that threat
we are told
that john picked up the shooter’s rifle
and that it was at this point that the
police showed up
after the situation had been resolved
and they shot john since he was holding
a rifle that’s the that’s the story that
we have that’s what the police are
saying yeah right
the police chief of the arvada police
called john hurley a hero who acted
courageously and without hesitation
mr hurley’s action saved others from
serious injury or
death which 100 true that’s correct
yep john’s family issued a statement
late friday saying that they were
thankful for support from the city and
police and were waiting for the outcome
of the third party investigation
into the shooting now the police
shooting is under investigation by a
critical incident response team which is
just law enforcement officers from
jefferson county according to
sheriff jeff schroeder it will make a
recommendation to the district attorney
who will decide if the officer’s
actions were appropriate now they’ve
released the footage
of the shooter killing the police
shooting the windows out of the police
going back to his truck and getting his
rifle and firing it into the air
what they have not released is the
footage of john
killing the shooter or of him
and they’re saying that they’re not
releasing all of the evidence until the
investigation is complete but they have
released the video of ronald troicker or
uh killing the officer and getting the
and they’ve released all the information
about troikey uh supposedly either
leaving a letter or something like that
saying that he he
spoke with his brother he and his
brother got into a fight that morning or
something along those lines and he said
i’m gonna
and his brother was called the police
because he was concerned because he said
i’m gonna go out and kill
all of the cops i can today something
along those lines
yeah so they’re releasing all of that
which is technically hearsay but they’re
releasing all of that
um and but what they’re not releasing
and what they actually didn’t even admit
to they didn’t they actually for the
first three days
wouldn’t admit that it was an officer
that killed john
they just said he died even though
eyewitnesses and some unnamed police
sources said yeah no the police killed
then a few days later they said well yes
we did kill him but it’s because he
picked up the rifle
but they won’t release the footage of
him supposedly doing this
but thankfully this is being
by a bunch of other police officers
john um i didn’t know john
i i never got to meet john um i don’t
know if you did
but from everything that i’ve heard uh
john was a good good person and he was
obviously one of the most selfless
people in the world
because he was willing to risk his life
in order to save as many as possible and
what has happened is an absolute tragedy
and i’ve seen a bunch of people in the
comments say picking up a rifle is not
illegal and you are right
picking up a rifle is not illegal yes
should have been de-escalation um there
should have been de-escalation
instead of focusing on that i want to
focus on the fact um
if you’re a prayers person a thoughts
person i don’t care who you pray to who
you think to you know whether it’s
christ allah buddha gandhi i don’t care
um have those prayers and thoughts and
uh with his family because
this shouldn’t have happened this
absolutely shouldn’t have happened there
is there is a gofundme
uh to help his family out um it’s easy
to find
if you google it um in the comments
okay um because this
is an absolute travesty and
john should be alive today
being regarded as a hero who saved many
lives instead he was shot
by the police uh too quickly
and it’s it’s it’s so hard for me not to
go in
to that aspect of it but i don’t i don’t
want to hit that aspect of it because i
just want the focus to be on john
yeah because john deserves it
and keep remember joan
no matter what we do going forward make
sure that we remember
john john hurley is
an amazing amazing selfless
brave human being who deserves to be
across the board by everybody and he
does not
i don’t want somebody like that to turn
what will eventually become the
political fight of oh yeah but he was
i don’t want that because that is not
what he was that is not what he was
so everybody make sure that no matter
what no matter what comes out in the
weeks and months about this we remember
as the hero that he is and not the
political pawn that they are going to
try to make him
exactly yeah no this is going especially
if there is enough evidence
that they should be arresting the
officers who killed him or at least
reprimanding them and or punishing them
in some way
um it’s going to get ugly he was a hero
was going to turn into
well he once posted you know uh this is
because he was an anarchist and he was a
libertarian um
he uh i did not ever meet him that i
know of unless he did come to
uh my event in colorado um when i was at
the convention i don’t know i don’t
believe so
um but uh i do know that he has shared
some of my content in the past
he’s been a integral part of the liberty
movement especially in colorado
um they’re gonna dig up stuff that he
has said they’re going to go well he was
one of radical anarchists and you know
maybe he also
wanted to kill they’re going to do
whatever they can if it comes down
right now they’re saying hero but if it
comes down to
acknowledging that he was murdered by
the police
or making him out to be a scapegoat for
the police
we both know what they’re gonna do and
so it’s gonna get ugly
so just remember who this man was
john hurley was a hero who saved lives
who saved
potentially police officer lives in
addition to civilian lives
because even though he has an anarchist
he still wasn’t going to let someone
kill innocent people
and uh j adam weggs in the comments said
he’s gonna disagree
partially with me um and he says we
should remember the sacrifice he made
but we
must prevent further sacrifices from
being made
i don’t unders i don’t understand what
he’s saying there yes
we should remember the sacrifice he made
yes i agree with that the second part
sacrifices are always going to be made
by people by good guys with guns like
it’s got it’s going to happen
um it’s
i would like to prevent those 100
um i would like to prevent those 100
but what i’m saying is i don’t want john
to be the political pawn that is
this argument because john
is a hero and needs to be remembered
that way and we don’t need him tarnished
the people on the right or the left who
are going to try to paint him
in any way that’s different than what he
but yes i do want to stop any tragedies
from happening
and make sure that we wouldn’t have as
uh sacrifices being made but john
i don’t want him to be the pawn that is
what we are using exactly
exactly and that’s the thing he’s he is
a hero
and we need to just remember that
especially when it’s going to get ugly
we need to remember that he’s a hero
and um that concludes our show for the
day there’s not really a good way to
segue into something funny there
um just remember john um
so uh tomorrow on
my fellow americans i have a really
incredible guest
and i’ve actually i’m so excited for
this guest i’m so excited so i’ve
already done the interview uh i’m gonna
i’m gonna be live i’m gonna be coming in
live and i’ll be playing the interview
and hanging out with y’all in the
um while we play it but uh i interviewed
earlier today dave dahl who is the
and creator of dave’s killer bread
but he’s also a former multiple time
uh prison uh imprisoned convicted felon
who turned his life around um and uh and
started this company
and he has uh he’s he has sold the
company since but
uh when he started it and and even now
with the company that with the people
that bought it from him
they continue almo roughly half of their
work or almost half of their workforce
is made up of convicted felons uh
because they are committed to
giving that hand up and providing uh
teaching and
of skilled trades to convicted felons
he also does work with non-profits that
help convicted felons
um to be able to learn marketable skills
so that they can thrive and get ahead
and we had just an insanely good
uh and very motivational whether or not
you’re a convicted felon
you’re going to be motivated by this
you’re going to
feel more excited about taking life
by the reigns i know i was
and i wasn’t expecting that i thought we
were going to talk about how
felons can be able to get ahead it went
way past that
um he’s going to enlighten you
he’s going to uplift you we’re going to
have a really really cool conversation
about the changes that need to happen in
and the changes that need to happen in
government and in our society to be able
to help everyone but also be able to
convicted felons we talk about
restorative justice
this is a really really really good
uh interview and and we’re going to talk
about what you can do
starting right then watching it to be
able to help people help yourself
and help other people including and
especially those who have been convicted
in the past to be able to thrive and get
ahead i i can’t say enough about this
it is one of my favorite interviews ever
one of the most
uplifting interviews i’ve ever had and
i hope you join me tomorrow uh at 8 pm
eastern for
mindful americans with dave dahl and
then on thursday we’ve got the writer’s
block right
yes uh i actually bought dave’s killer
bread the other day just because i knew
he was coming on your show and i want to
see how it was
because i knew you couldn’t try it yeah
i can’t i can’t have it i actually
opened by telling him i can’t eat this
man’s bread like i i can’t have it i
can’t have them uh gluten it’s
rich i know it’s my wife’s favorite but
it’s tasha’s favorite bread
or one of her favorite breads um and uh
yeah i know it’s really really good i
can’t even begin to tell you
how motivational this is it actually it
changed the way that i look at how and
i’m not
exaggerating when i say this in the
first few minutes of the interview
he starts by saying a very simple phrase
completely changed the way that i think
how we can look at our lives and what
we’re doing with them
that’s and and it only starts from there
and just keeps going
that’s how good this interview is uh so
anyway i’m sorry on thursday you guys
know your friend yeah
uh on thursday i have uh one of the
founding members of bts jonathan reels
uh is going to be on my show
jonathan reels is going to be on my show
and uh we’re going to be talking about
making him a real boy
a real boy we’re going to give him we’re
going to make give him the pinocchio
and find out how we can make jonathan
reels a real boy
i don’t want to be a real boy
i can be a real boy with jonathan reels
um so uh tune in for that on thursday
at eight o’clock i can’t tell you how
it’s going to go because
mine are live um
and then after the writer’s block join
me on clubhouse with
uh congressional candidate travis bull
uh actually is that both of us or just
i don’t know is it on the calendar it’s
in the calendar
uh join both of us or me or both of us
you can join in too
for a uh uh for um
yeah for uh clubhouse with travis jones
congressional he was on my show two
weeks ago yeah
he’s a he’s a good guy uh on uh
friday join me at 9 30 uh p.m eastern
on liberty late night uh on facebook uh
i think they’re on
uh um youtube as well and then this
weekend i’m not gonna be anywhere
because it’s the fourth of july weekend
and you should go shoot off fireworks
and eat grilled meat and
remember that the founders
fought for well anyways
your anniversary day your show
yes july 4th also happens to be the
three year anniversary of the of my show
but i’m not gonna have a
what has it only been three years it’s
only been three years
all of this has happened in three years
jesus christ
um right and then on sunday i
don’t know if they’re doing a show yeah
i was gonna say i don’t know if they’re
you might be able to tune in at three
o’clock eastern
for cajun and eskimo from bayous to
and i highly recommend you do it because
their show is
wonderful if they have a show uh if not
watch watch last week’s if you missed it
you can’t yeah
but no it’s they they do if they produce
a great well
eskimo produces a great show cajun
phones it in
um but he does it with panache
so you know it’s kind of acceptable um
and then next tuesday
well next monday at 9 00 pm join me on
clubhouse with larry
sharp the one the only larry sharp
who is i have so much fun with that man
at these conventions
he is such a cool guy uh join me on
clubhouse with larry sharp
uh and then next tuesday right here
join us for the muddy waters of freedom
where matt right now parts through the
week’s events like the sweet little
summer cherubs
boys that we are
and then after that join us
on is that clubhouse
no i think that’s on cajun show oh uh
join us also next tuesday sorry
next tuesday at
5 30 i will be on clubhouse with adam
talking about nfts and the future of
before the muddied waters of freedom um
i will be on clubhouse in the muddy
waters media group room
club um in there with adam freeman
where we will be discussing nfts the
future of nfts
in uh some of the projects he has been
working on uh
we’re going to do like 15 minutes of him
and i talking and then we’re going to
open it up for questions
before the show
and then after the muddy waters of
freedom at lake
tennis we’re doing on a special episode
of uh the cajun libertarian we’re doing
libertarian jeopardy
which is a fundraiser that matt and i
will be taking part in
uh to help raise money for this thing
right now
uh whether you can also give to gun but
it’s for the same thing
we’re uh to raise money for the muddy
waters team to get to
tunica mississippi and you’re probably
thinking why are you going to tunica
mississippi well that’s because we
next not this coming weekend but the
weekend after that we’re going to be in
tunica mississippi
at the horseshoe casino and resort uh
for the
uh libertarian party in mississippi
boundaries for freedom for liberty event
uh and you can find out more about that
event by going to spitecoin.com and
going to the event section
that is there and you can register for
that event is going to be wild you you
are going to have
the cajun libertarian yeah and his
disproportionately attractive wife
you are going to have spike cohen and
his disproportionately attractive wife
we are equally attractive but thank you
no you’re not um
and you are going to have me
and my disproportionately attractive
girlfriend that’s fair but going back
again to what i what i was saying
you’re biased because you’re a head of a
sexual male
i am actually very very attractive to
gay men
so am i but i understand that
she is more attractive to heterosexual
males than i
am to gay men
your girlfriend yeah
so if there were a bisexual person of
any gender
who came across me and my wife
they’d be having to flip a coin
i guess actually they they’d want either
ricky dale harrington is also going to
be there uh as is
uh adam kokesh and um
holy crap there’s a lot of cool people
there there’s a lot of people at this
event there’s gonna be a lot of cool
people at this thing
i think you me and cajun are doing a
show saturday night live
like muddy water saturday night live
really cool event yeah this is going to
be a great
great event
definitely go spike cohen. well you can
also go to lpms.org and they’ve got all
the info there but
if you go to spycone.com and go to the
events section the info is there as well
um and then two other big things that
are coming up this is the following
weeks but
uh the following weekend i’m going to be
back in the tampa bay area for the
uh spike and philosopher uh shooting
event that’s the week after
it’s like the week after that uh when
matt wright
uh is gonna be there as well we’re gonna
be shooting guns
at reload gun range the largest indoor
gun range in the
america the east coast some it’s a big
one it’s bacon
and then it’s like the second largest in
america i think
and then the following week i’m going to
be speaking
at freedom fest that just came out
uh we just finalized that i’m gonna be
one of the opening speakers at freedom
and then i’m also going to be on
multiple panels two
so far and possibly other ones at
freedom fest
if you go to freedomfest.com or you can
go to spycohn.com and go to the event
section to find out more
um you can register and come on out it’s
gonna be
uh at the mount rushmore center
in south dakota and i’m really excited
about that
that’s gonna be the biggest liberty
in the country um and i will be one of
the opening speakers
because that’s my life now
so folks i’m sure you were writing all
that down
but in case you weren’t you just gave
him a month’s worth of information
initial yeah the next month uh uh
because then the weekend after that i’ll
be in uh
uh hampton roads virginia for the
concerned veterans of america
that’s probably a bit too far out let’s
just talk about this coming week
uh tomorrow my fellow americans 8 pm
eastern with dave
dahl uh to the day after and on thursday
the writer’s block with um with uh
jonathan reels
with jonathan reels and and matt wright
uh and then i’ll be on clubhouse with
travis bull johnson
uh on sunday which also happens to be
the third anniversary of
uh my fellow americans uh well i think
there will be an episode of
cajun and eskimo maybe i don’t know
there might be and then on
monday join me on uh clubhouse with
larry sharp and then right back here
next week
same same money place same ish money
time hopefully we’ll be on time that
uh join us for the next episode of the
monday waters of freedom where matt
wright and i parse through the week’s
events like the little summer monkeys
that we are
folks thanks again for tuning in we love
you so much
uh we couldn’t do this show without you
and uh
thanks again for tuning in where we’re
we don’t need roads because
uh if the gu you could have the ultra
and if the government were to were to to
they’re not allowing ultra lights to
happen because
you see there’s a regulation on ultra oh
wait a second matt if someone were to
look for us on the internet
is that even possible and if so where
are we doing it i wasn’t sure because of
the biden thing uh
hang on let me got wires everywhere
it would be possible uh all one would
uh all one would have to do is go to
anchor dot
fm slash muddied waters
i thought we were doing this before we
like go screaming the other way here you
do that and i’ll go oh are we doing over
no you go we’re doing
you are and i’ll okay scream what all
you have to do is go to anchor dot fm
slash muddied waters
anchor dot fm slash money waters media
oh just stop muddy water
and you can do other things like leave
us messages
screaming from other rooms or whispering
really close to a mic
or you can find this in every other
episode of motherboardsmedia.com
well that sounds fantastic well folks
thanks again for tuning in to this
of the muddy waters of freedom we’ll see
you next week
and we’ll see you tomorrow and thursday
and all day long but we’ll see you next
week for this show
and where we’re going we don’t need
because ultra lights are did you got the
minute they got a five gallons limit
that sucks huh
and we could all be flying around
because that’s safe and then
uh and the government needs to back
right off of my ultralight
molan ultra lady
no no

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