Episode 201 – Biden and the Supremes

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

GOP Sen. Rick Scott defends a socialist policy to cheers, Catholics want to punish politicians who don’t follow them blindly, and Joe Biden and Putin meet to show the world that they can sit in the same room together and have nothing exciting happen.

Plus the Supreme Court rules on ObamaCare (part III), and they rule on whether a catholic adoption agency in Philadelphia has to accept same sex marriages to qualify adopting parents.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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why not
visit the border why not see what
americans are seeing
i think that uh at some point she may go
to the border we’ll see
but uh we’ll circle back you had a
message for would-be migrants
don’t come do not come put in reverse do
not come
so how quickly does this change what we
see at the border
what her focus has been what the
assignment is is to work with leaders
she’s doing exactly what the president
asked her to do it is insulting it is
embarrassing oh
you have a message for would-be migrants
don’t come
do not come put in reverse do not come
you may go to the border
i will have to circle back on that one
do not come
chocolate do not come i expect that
sometimes she may
the reason that i’m in guatemala is to
address the reasons people
leave home flee they want to stay they
don’t want to leave
we are going to the border we’ve been to
the border this whole thing about the
and i haven’t been to europe what her
focus has been what the assignment is
is to work with leaders she’s doing
exactly what the president asked her to
it is insulting it is embarrassing you
have a message for would-be migrants
don’t come do not come
i guess they better arm up and get guns
and be ready
maybe they’re gonna have to start taking
matters into their own hands
it is bad all around don’t come
do not come put it in reverse do not
come to me go to the border
i will have to circle back on that one
do not come
do not come i expected some time she may
go to the border
and now matt wright and spike cohen
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome
to the vanguard for spike
rabbi ron cohen i am matt wright and
together we are traversing the
magnitude waters of freedom are we back
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no i literally like i haven’t had time
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was the
first thing that popped in my head as i
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we don’t have a we don’t have a guest
this week that’s weird it’s we don’t
feel weird like usually it’s like hey
and now our guests they’re running for
the pawtucket city council
that we talked to him and they tell us
about why pi tuck needs the libertarian
solutions that we
only we have and then we do a whole
and we don’t do we aren’t doing that
right now we’re not doing that right now
um yeah so how was your weekend
we haven’t like done one of these in a
while where we just
catch up for five minutes yeah we
haven’t talked or anything my weekend
was good
we uh we went i was in uh north carolina
for um the libertarian party of north
carolina’s convention
uh very very well attended record
turnout for everything pretty much at
capacity for everything i’m pretty sure
we broke the fire code
on friday at the reception um
don’t tell anyone i don’t know if that’s
i don’t think the
the north carolina fire inspector is
watching our show
before i’m sure we were do they have a
statute of limitations on that like
don’t they have to catch you
in the act i mean is the statute of
limitations like three days or something
i don’t
i don’t i mean first of all i’m joking
of course we didn’t break the law
that’s stupid but then uh so then we had
a really great convention and then on
sunday we had a pound the pavement event
with cell liberty with brent to ritter
who was just on your show
um on the writer’s block and uh had a
really really great outreach event went
into a really cool community that one of
the people in that
uh county affiliate lives in um and so
he was really excited to have us go and
we we knocked on doors
uh with uh with some of them were his
neighbors who already knew him knew him
some of them weren’t
a few a couple hundred doors i think we
knocked on we knocked on a lot of doors
got to meet a lot of people got a lot of
people signing up for the party really
great stuff
and uh and then i got to come home and
it was a different feel because i’m
i’ve been flying everywhere um and this
was like i just drove up at my
convenience because it was about three
hours away and then i drove back
when we were done so it was kind of a
cool um a cool thing
nice yeah very cool yeah no it was
really really fun
and next weekend i’m gonna be in
yes yes you are somebody said in the
comments just now
i thought you were going to be in
michigan last friday but no you’re going
to be in there this friday
michigan this friday and if you want
friday saturday and sunday and if you
want to
come shoot guns with me on my birthday
then uh go to my social well go to the
libertarian party of michigan page
or twitter and they’ve got the
information about the shooting with
spike event
uh i’d love to see you there and and
have a pew pew good time with you
oh that is your birthday isn’t it the
28th yeah my birthday’s on the monday
wait yeah when’s the pew event i thought
it was the 17th friday
no it’s the my birthday’s the 28th
so i’m actually flying home on my
but i get to spend my birthday weekend
shooting guns and hanging out at a
i mean it’s on the balance
it’s good it’s my birthday it is your
so speaking of speaking
speaking of birthday it’s the mudwater
coffee alternative masala chai cacao
mushroom trapid
fire segment brought to you by mudwater
i’m looking at your calendar right now
your pew pew event is the 17th
you’re talking about in florida yeah
yeah i’m doing an event on in michigan
on friday oh this friday
yes this friday shooting oh are you
doing a pew pew event there
too i’m doing pew pew events everywhere
everyone wants to pee pew with me now
there’s another who wouldn’t who
wouldn’t want to pew pew with the jew
pew pew jew i mean
i’m a jew who to pew pew
yeah speaking of jews
no um i was like i have no idea where
you’re going with that
i have nothing speaking of no segue
whatsoever former florida governor
and current is currently again his
current senator
he’s yeah current center i guess yeah
rick’s spot
i think he’s still there still should be
there rick scott was speaking
i think we i think we were the first
people to announce his win
yes oh we were the ones back when
everyone else was like
that’s a close one that could be
watson’s name could win it we’re like
rick scott’s gonna win rick scott’s
gonna win and we were right
we called every single race in 2018
all the close ones including the the
jack kemp stacey abrams nightmare fiasco
that took weeks brian
what’d i say jack kemp jack jack kemp
was bob dole’s running mate
he’s been dead for a while um brian is
him he’s not yeah he’s been dead he’s
been dead
uh jack kemp won that brian kemp
not jackham brian kemp won and we called
it we kept calling him jack kim
who’s dead he’s dead yeah he died in
he’d been dead and so we uh but so he
so we called all of those um but
so speaking of that rick scott he was at
faith and freedom coalition and he said
he said this he said worse we live in a
nation where these
woke rich pampered football players
are kneeling for the pledge the pledge
of allegiance
nope but when you watch your grandkids
and you watch other younger people the
younger generation
you see that we’re not losing if we
stand up every day and fight
we are winning that’s
not how it works but
yeah let’s forget that they don’t
do the pledge of allegiance so before
that video uh they do the pledge of
allegiance together as a room and he
starts talking about how great it is
uh and then i wasn’t gonna
play all of that for you so uh i cut it
down to just where he said that the
nfl has woke football players
who are kneeling for the pledge of
allegiance so we’re just gonna
let slide for the sake of this story
that it’s the national anthem and not
the pledge of allegiance
yeah yeah but this is a room full of
yeah faith and freedom coalition
conservative christian constitutionalist
yeah assumably christian republicans who
believe that socialists are godless
who apparently don’t know that the
pledge of allegiance was written in
august of 1992
by a socialist minister francis bellamy
and he wrote it partly as a marketing
to sell more flags
and partly to show allegiance to a
nation no matter what atrocities they
committed in response to a divided
america after the civil war yeah
yeah that’s what it was and wait till
you find i’m gonna pull this
up because why not uh you know
so putting aside the fact that they’re
all a bunch of godless socialists
um it’s uh it’s well i guess he wasn’t
godless he was a minister
ostensibly he wasn’t afraid he was a
minister he was a godless minister
but he was a he was a socialist uh
just to put in perspective just how
socialisty this was
this was the salute that he proposed
that people use
when they do this pledge now yes this
was before
the era of the nazis but like this is
straight up
like jingoistic
um pro-government it is not
has nothing to do the founders would
have tarred and feathered this guy
if he had been around during that time
like if he had been around and said hey
i know
let’s um let’s make a pledge
that everyone makes to the flag
and to the country he was hired to do it
yeah he was hired by the government to
do it
yeah yeah the founders would you would
have tarred and feathered
everybody in government at that point
everyone in government at that point
yeah yeah right absolutely
so that’s not lincoln because he was
already dead
um but they would have wanted to
they would have wanted they would have
wanted to but look so here is a perfect
example of what conservatives
republican conservatives do they don’t
try to shrink government
or shrink its influence in our lives
they try to conserve it
so it’s like you know bugs bunny and
and yosemite sam bugs bunny draws a line
in the sand and says don’t take one step
and then yosemite sam immediately takes
a step further
and then bugs bunny steps back and draws
another line in the sand and says don’t
take one step
this is what they do they go don’t you
dare take th
do this or expand this and then people
do and then they spend the rest of their
lives defending it
so you know an ostensible conservative
in the uh the time of the pledge of
allegiance would have said
no we don’t want to pledge to the
government and a flag that’s ridiculous
and now they go these welk
billionaires are are which they’re not
because again it’s the national anthem
these people aren’t even respecting our
our socialist flag government
devotion pledge
yes this is how you get free this is how
you get phrases like
get big government out of my medicare
but keep it in everybody else’s bedroom
keep it in yes oh well but keep it in
everyone’s bedroom too yeah exactly
gotta have it in everybody’s bedroom but
keep it out of my medicare
my medicare keep your big government
health care out of my medicare
keep it out of my social security yeah
keep big government out of my social
security and my medicare which i have
unironically heard
i don’t know how many times so rick
scott’s definitely got that vote
he’s in florida so that’s probably right
i was he he knows his base
yes he knows what got him elected over
an astronaut yes yeah
speaking of
speak um
speaking of
insidious speaking of things that
speaking of people who worship things in
the sky
wow yeah the us catholic bishops
uh got together and agreed to draft a
that would detail the conditions under
which catholic politicians
biden joe biden
yeah uh who do not follow church
teachings on
abortion and other issues may be denied
and when i tell you they had a vote it
was not close
i should have put the numbers in here
but i was not forward thinking enough to
do it i believe it was 161-52
oh wow so it was like yeah it was not
close and and while they’ve stated that
members of the clergy that have
committed sexual abuse of minors
will include deprivation from office
uh and potentially defrocking they’ve
not said if they will be denied
so if you
rape a child
possibly you get communion
if you
believe differently
on abortion no communion
no communion rape a kid it’s in the air
it’s up in the air
yeah and the venn diagram of four
percent of priests and biden
the circle that the things outside of
the overlapping area is real small
i mean biden didn’t take a vow of
so that’s he may have
we don’t know i promise he’s gonna
really have sex with anyone
he may just be really bad at it it’s
like joe biden do you promise not to
ever have sex
come on man who am i going to have sex
with my wife come on
so you know the thing like i guess
i can be i can just be here and like
they’ll be she’ll be she’ll be
i mean how how does anyone how am i
gonna come
and be home with my wife and then i i
mean have you
would you ever say that you’re gonna um
going um well anyway
uh so speaking of um joe biden
he uh he met with uh vladimir putin uh
yes he did immature bear rider vladimir
putin last week
and while literally nothing came from
the meeting except a a
line in the sand by uh biden prohibiting
putin from cyber attacking 16 different
he he met with biden he met with putin
and he has said that he is not allowed
to a
cyber attack 16 industries
this is literally and in case you think
i miss
here’s i’m not misquote like this is
here’s what he said
another area we spent a great deal of
time on was cyber
and cyber security that i talked about
the proposition that certain critical
infrastructure should be
off limits to attack period by cyber or
any other means i gave them a list
if i’m not mistaken if i don’t have it
in front of me 16
specific entities 16 defined
as critical infrastructure under u.s
from the energy sector to our water
so what he did was he sat down
with the man that he referred to as a
a month and a half ago and he said
mr putin i’m assuming is what he called
uh mr putin here is this list of 16
that i don’t want you to attack
just these
the others well
we get it when you have to do things
we understand but these 16 don’t touch
don’t touch these 16.
everything else we couldn’t even think
and their critical infrastructure
everything else i don’t give a damn
about it
it’s it’s in
incredible so these are uh these two eye
opening moments came in the press
conference after the meeting uh one at
the beginning and and one at the end
uh and the first one uh
was at the very beginning where biden oh
that’s what we just said
no no oh okay then this one’s different
here’s here’s what he said again
i’ll take your questions and as usual
folks they gave me a list
of the people i’m going to call on so uh
jonathan associated press
i haven’t seen these before well i saw
wow so he’s not even
no they they gave he’s not even hiding
he’s not even hiding it but as usual
they gave me a list of names
like legitimately wow
this guy right here and biden have so
much in common
because they’re puppets oh i thought
no like
right well yeah i mean same thing same
same same theory same theory maybe
different application uh and then later
he said this
making it worse oh this is so he was
if he said why he felt confident
about his uh his uh putin
why he felt confident that putin would
not uh
continue to use cyber attacks against
the us which is this is a
not unreasonable question so here we go
here’s the here is a the president of
the united states of america states of
who is literally the president right now
here is his response
to this very valid and concerning
question are you so confident he’ll
change his behavior mr president
yeah what are you doing
so when did i say i was compromised i
what i said let’s get it straight
i said what will change their behavior
is that the rest of the world reacts to
them and it diminishes
their standing in the world i’m not
confident of anything
i’m just stating a fact
but you i mean that sounds like
confidence if you say that will do that
right and then i’m not confident
i’m just stating a fact i’m just saying
this is what’s going to happen
i don’t know how many of our views
though i don’t know how many of our
viewers are
poker players uh but when you have the
nuts it means that you have the best
hand possible there’s no hand out there
that can beat you
and that uh is a fact so
when you have the nuts you are confident
that you are going to win um
so if you ray it’s a fact if you are
i never said i’m not confident i’m just
saying a fact
one of those is a lie and i’m guessing
since you’re not confident
it’s the second one
speaking of liars and and nuts
california versus texas
um the supreme court on thursday
yet another effort to dismantle
obamacare otherwise known as the
affordable care act
uh the justices did not reach a
conclusion on the main issue in the case
which is whether or not the entirety of
the aca was rendered unconstitutional
when congress eliminated the penalty for
failing uh
to obtain health insurance
because instead here’s what they did
instead by a vote of seven to two
the justices ruled that neither the
states nor individuals
uh can challenging the law have a legal
right to
sue the government yeah so no one has
right no one has standing no one on
earth has standing
while i was doing the notes for this and
reading about this
stupid case um
i went like back and forth between
highly upset and going i mean that’s
kind of a good point
but i’m also highly upset
now but yeah you kind of have a point so
let’s get let’s get into this
uh the case california versus texas was
sparked by a
t by texas and a group of other states
with republican leaders
uh who went to federal court uh arguing
that the mandate was now
unconstitutional because it could no
longer be justified as a tax
since congress changed the tax penalty
for failing to obtain health insurance
uh lowering it from 695 to zero back in
i believe um it was during the attacks
uh trump’s phase one of his tax plan
right that we never saw phase two of yes
and if the mandate is no longer
constitutional they contended that all
of the aca’s other provisions including
medicaid expansion and protections for
people with pre-existing convention
conditions had to be struck down as well
yes because yes it would
right because because the people who
uh argued in court uh against the
removal of the mandate back in 20 i
believe 12
argued mandate is inseparable from the
rest of the policy in other words
yeah if you remove that then that means
the rest of it
has to go with it as well that’s what
right obama’s
attorneys argued nine years ago
and that was what john roberts ruled on
nine years ago when he said it’s a tax
yep so it may it’s not a penalty
which i’m not sure what the difference
there is
i’ve never gotten a good enough
explanation it’s a tax
it’s a tax but it’s also a not tax tax
because then it didn’t have to be passed
the way that attacks would have to be
have to be passed right yeah
so the 2007 uh the 2017 change yeah 2017
i did put it in the notes
uh to the penalty transform the mandate
into a standalone command to buy health
uh something that congress lacks the
power to do they can’t say you have to
buy that car
or nothing not allowed
um so the individual who was involved
the individual plaintiff bayer explained
contended that
they are harmed and therefore have a
right to sue because they have to pay
each month for health insurance to
comply with the mandate
except there’s no punishment for that
mandate now
so even though the aca instructs them to
obtain health insurance the irs can no
longer impose a penalty on taxpayers who
fail to obtain insurance
and there is no government action
connected to the harm that the
individual plaintiff claimed to have
a key requirement for standing
it’s been ruled unconstitutional for
them to say you have to do it
it doesn’t matter what the bad gosh
brayer emphasized that the states have
not shown a link between the
unenforceable mandate
and the decision to enroll so their
allegations that they are
injured because their residents in an
effort to comply with the mandate enroll
in state-sponsored programs like
which costs the state’s money has no
so basically because this is a
completely unenforceable law
they are declaring it unconstitutional
but you can’t sue the government for it
because you can’t actually be harmed
because they can’t punish you
so why does the do the states not have
standing they’re the ones having to pay
for this
uh because if the people in their state
don’t sign up for it they don’t have to
spend the money
but it’s because now it is literally a
choice it’s back to being they’re saying
it’s a choice to sign up for health
so if i say hey you better do this if i
point a gun at you and say hey but you
better do this thing
but the gun is one of those things you
you pull it and it just
makes a bang noise and a little flag
that comes out that says bang that means
i can do that to you
so we apparently have something living
in our
roof that i just heard that really
distracted me because it did not sound
oh gosh yeah sorry um
so only two justices ruled in support of
the challengers
uh justice alito and justice gorsuch
with alito writing the dissent saying
that this is the most recent chapter in
our epic
affordable care act trilogy yeah
um the key part of the dispute over
standing alito noted is that whether the
state’s injury can be traced to the
federal government’s conduct
um the states contend that the mandate
is unconstitutional and they wouldn’t
otherwise have to pay the expenses that
flow from provisions of the aca that
can’t be separated from the mandate
now justice thomas justice thomas who
has become
prolific in his writings after like 20
years of writing nothing i find it
amazing over 20 years almost 30 years of
writing next to nothing who now writes
on a regular basis which i like
i mean that’s constantly yeah no i i i
i like vocal clarence thomas because he
is that
yeah even when i disagree with him vocal
clearance thomas
is on one and and will tell you
he does not approve of your nonsense um
so he stressed that the plaintiffs have
not identified any unlawful action that
has injured them
because apparently people getting notes
from the irs telling them they have to
something and who may not research
what the fine is and that it’s zero
that that’s not somehow even though it’s
been ruled unconstitutional
that they can still do it as long as
they don’t do anything to you
if you don’t listen because everyone
when you get a letter from the irs
saying you have to do something
that’s safe to ignore right guys
right yeah tom has pushed back against
the lido’s argument that the states have
standing based
on costly obligations imposed on them
um imposed on them by other provisions
of the aca that cannot be severed from
the mandate um
and the states did not uh thomas said
that the states did not make this
argument in lower courts
um and the lower courts did not address
it in any detail
so because it wasn’t addressed in the
lower courts
it wasn’t part of the case that was
brought to them
this is like qualified immunity for bad
it’s this it is it’s that is the best
that is the best way to put it if
something’s unconstitutional if
unconstitutional and inseparable
from the rest of the policy or the law
it’s unconstitutional
it doesn’t matter if there’s a fine or
not you can’t do it
and i just i just want to say that
it’d be like if okay so if i go and i
point a gun at you and i say get out of
the car i’m stealing your car
and then you get out and i get in and i
go i just kidding and i get out and let
you get back in your car
and i i want to say like nobody is
winning this like right now
nobody has won like obama comes out and
he’s like let me be clear
the affordable care act is uh still
the law of the land or whatever he said
i don’t know um
and he came out and he said that uh and
the republicans are like oh this is
unconstitutional but you can’t
charge us anything for it because that
we’ve overturned the law
like this law literally means nothing
and has only done
uh work to hurt people trying to buy
health insurance
it has made health insurance more
but you don’t get taxed for it if you
don’t have it
so first of all there’s a lot of people
asking to see the dog like a lot
just putting that out there um
hannah myers in the comments she’s
talking about the fact that
if something’s unenforceable it’s a
suggestion and that civil disobedience
makes these suggestions
irrelevant that’s that’s fair and
that’s true uh she also says it’s if
it’s not addressed in a lower court the
court of appeals can’t rule on it and
that’s understandable but
the it has been ruled to be
so what potential at what point was the
world unconstitutional
what’s that at what point was it ruled
unconstitutional because it has
continually stood up in
in the supreme court no but the the the
mandate has been ruled unconstitutional
oh yes yeah yeah
and it has been deter it was argued by
the people who were trying to
maintain it that it’s inseparable from
the rest of the law
so what are we doing here i think the
reality is
the courts realize that congress is such
a damn mess
that if they rule that aca
is not legal that it’s going to destroy
the health care market
because congress and and state
governments have just completely driven
up the cost of health care with you know
certificate of need laws and cost plus
legislation and
insurance regulations and and taxes and
close to 30 of all health care costs are
related to some kind of tax
or or fee or or regulatory capture or
something like that like
it it all of this is in the rule
all of this is baked into the cake of
why it’s so expensive and
if you get rid of the subsidies inherent
in the
aca and the expansion of medicaid
that’s gonna make a lot of people
and and don’t replace it with something
even if it’s just un
unraveling those regulations which could
happen without
getting rid of obamacare most of the
regulations could be gotten rid of
without even touching obamacare
and they’re not doing that no one’s
doing that democrats aren’t doing it
republicans didn’t do it no one’s doing
because they want the cost of health
care to constantly go up um and i think
the supreme court
realizes that like yeah if we let this
if we let obamacare go away a ton of
people are just gonna
not be able to afford health care and
especially on the
butt end of a pandemic that’s a bad
that’s bad but and here’s the problem
that’s not their job to do
they are not legislators they’re not
their job is to look at the law and say
is this legal is this constitutional and
you know this is a really really really
hackneyed argument
well really this is
the precedent here is if
if the government can convince the
supreme court
that no one is being harmed quote
then it goes away so all and here’s the
thing that’s
that’s a really good point and here’s
the thing
do you know how they do it they make the
taxpayer pay for it
so here’s the thing all of the costs
here are not on individual people
they’re on the taxpayer the tax estate
through medicaid
and they just rule that’s not that’s not
harm either because everyone’s choosing
to do it
so now they can make blatantly uncle the
precedent here
is that government can now make
blatantly unconstitutional rules
and mandates and and un uh un uh
unfunded uh liabilities and mandates and
as long as it’s being paid entirely by
the taxpayer
the courts are going to go no one’s
being harmed here
that is man i didn’t even think of that
when i was doing these but yeah you’re
they just opened up such a this is a
mess that’s a mess this is
like i’ve known ass mess i have known
this was a mess
since john roberts in 2012
said yep it’s not a penalty it’s a tax
um even though it was it’s not a tax
it’s not a tax it’s not a tax when they
were pushing it
uh and anyway no it’s not a penalty it’s
a tax um
and i’ve known since then that obamacare
was going to be a huge mess
i did not yeah
so hannah meyer says i like the idea of
a marketplace marketplace has a person
apply for insurance and all insurance
companies compete for that possible
customer why get rid of that we already
had that
we don’t that’s that’s not something
that government created
marketplaces exist that’s not something
government controls
absent government first of all putting
aside the fact that insurance is a
uniquely terrible way to provide
funding for health care it’s it’s one of
the single biggest drivers
to the increases in the cost of health
care to begin with this all started
with fdr in the post-world war ii era
where all of a sudden all these
in in reaction to uh uh fdr’s threatened
wage caps
started offering comprehensive health
insurance was which is
comprehensive insurance is basically a a
bill paying mechanism that is spread out
to the entire pool
which means that you are removing the
consumer from the payer
which always leads to cost overruns both
because the consumer isn’t primarily
concerned about cost
and because the person that is going on
that the person that
is the provider knows they can charge
whatever the hell they want to
because it’s not that person in front of
them paying for it it’s a multi-billion
dollar pool that’s paying for it
this is one of these this is probably
the single biggest driver even if you
take out certificate of need laws
even if you take out patent protections
for drugs that have been around for
hundreds of
or for for decades and over a hundred
years sometimes even if you take out
cost plus legislation one of probably
the one of the if not
the single biggest caught driver to the
increase in the cost of health care
is the insurance system now putting that
there is no need for government to have
a marketplace do we need a government
you know i always go back to things like
food or or or housing things that are
as crucial and as urgent of a need for
us as health care is
we don’t need government to provide us
with a marketplace for food
or for housing or for any of these
things we don’t need it for
health care or for health insurance all
their involvement does
is drive up the costs period that’s all
they do all they do is drive up the cost
restrict your options and increase
regulatory burdens that make everything
more difficult and more expensive
there is no need we a a health insurance
you know website where you can go and
look for health insurance that’s
that is not needed government is not
needed for that um
wow that’s terrible so in order to not
the health care system because congress
so screwed it up
the legislating from the bench that the
supreme court just did
opens the floodgates for the government
to do anything unconstitutional that
they want to
as long as they make sure that any um
cost burden
is put on the taxpayer instead of
individual people
instead of the end and then that way
there’s no damage
and therefore no standing
even if they’re ordering people to do
something that they explicitly are not
allowed to order people to do
how could that go wrong
so speaking of the opposite of
what that is which is a terrible thing
here’s something that isn’t terrible
and that’s the personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor call in moment uh where you can
go to
anchor dot fm slash muddied waters
and you can leave us messages right here
right there
and we will play them during this
segment the personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law anchor
calling moment
um and i just want to say i have not
pre-screened these so we don’t know
what’s about to happen here
goody goody well we have we have
four of them well that’s cool um
i wonder if we’re gonna get serenaded
again um
not a real libertarian says i get mail
all the time for competing automotive
but never healthy never held it yeah and
yeah yeah
all the time oh and by the way auto
insurance if auto insurance was the same
way health insurance was
do you know how much your freaking auto
insurance would be if instead of auto
insurance being something that you own
you pay basically a nuisance fee
so that if you uh well in some states
it’s not a nuisance fee because of uh
no fault laws but uh in at least in
south carolina it’s basically a nuisance
fee for
for that we we get for our car insurance
if you have a claim
of liability for someone else the damage
that you cause someone else
uh you are taken care of you can also
get comprehensive coverage that takes
care of you as well and that costs more
if you don’t want to if you just want to
have where you’re
held against any liability for someone
else you just pay for that
now imagine if they if uh you know
bernie sanders declared
that car insurance is a human right and
so now
and gas and and everything that’s
related to owning a car is a human right
so now your health insurance or your car
insurance doesn’t just pay for that
it pays for your oil changes it pays for
your gas
it pays for window replacements it pays
uh you know wiper replacements it pays
for uh you know
basic little d dings and scratches and
and stuff like that
your your car insurance would cost
thousands of dollars
hours and you would be constantly trying
to figure out
how to use it as much as possible and it
would cost
a fortune and it would take forever to
be able to find someone to provide you
because everyone would on always be
taking their cars in for stuff
to to because the cost is being spread
this is the tragedy of the commons uh
this is how these things play out every
single time
everyone’s trying to grab uh as much as
they can from the market
so anyway that’s uh that is the the
reality of what would happen
if that’s if car insurance was like
health insurance health insurance used
to be
something you paid a few pennies back
then now would be a few bucks
a month and if you had something
you end up in the hospital for days or
you um
or you uh uh you had something like some
chronic illness or cancer or something
like that
then it steps in and pays for that but
if not if you’re just going to the
doctor for regular checkups you go to
the dentist you go to this you go to
you’re paying for that out of pocket
here’s what happens there now those
doctors have to
abide by the price equilibrium if they
charge too much for those services
if they charge more than what their
average patient can afford to pay they
don’t have any patience
insurance destroys the price equal
because now not only do they not have to
make it cost what you can personally
not only do they have a multi-billion
dollar pool that they can feed from
they don’t even have to tell you what it
costs they don’t even know what it costs
because it has to go through this
ridiculous byzantine process of
approvals and
and network coverage and everything else
where hundreds of administration
administrators have to be involved and
all of them are getting a salary
right so now that drives up the cost
even more the potential for
gr uh graft and theft and and skimming
and everything else
is widespread because there’s so many
people looking at it and no one knows
what anyone else is doing
they literally don’t know what it costs
until they get the bill back
sometimes weeks or even months later
this is a terrible terrible system
so um so
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney in law anchor call a moment oh
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that’s also true because some of y’all
have scared us a few times
um here is the first one from alex boyer
hello hello alex from virginia here
why can’t i hear this i don’t know
okay that should be let me pull it up
with something else because i don’t know
why i can’t hear those
i think something with anchor’s not
working because it is playing right
ah give me one second all right no
that’s fun
so hey folks how are you doing
sorry just pulling this up um
no crap all right so we can do it where
we i mean the the terrible way
what’s what’s the terrible way i just
play it over my phone right here
oh no i mean it won’t be
it’ll be the best option at this moment
yeah let’s just do that because i can’t
get it to work i don’t know what’s going
on but i think it’s their their site
hopefully it works on your app
hello hello alex from virginia calling
in on the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney law anchor common
and i just want to get your guys’s
opinion on probably the biggest scandal
of the year up to this state
this past week sem irena an
indian comedian and internet personality
put on a charity event
in which indian celebrities
and whatnot will play against vishy and
nan’s five-time world chess
championship they’ll all play games of
chess at the same time
and one of the guys nikhil kama
he actually beat a nod air quotes there
and it was found out that he was
cheating and then he went on twitter
it’s like
oh i can’t believe you guys actually
thought i’d be vichy
um so basically you know it was just
prank bro
what do you guys think about this
this is why i screen
calls so
he an indian guy had pranked people and
didn’t actually win
i don’t i don’t trust that guy at pool
at chess now
i don’t want to play chess with that guy
that’s what i think no me neither
here’s our next call from matthew
maybe that was your computer being like
don’t play this please don’t play this
because it wouldn’t it wouldn’t play
mats either so
here here the here is the next call from
matthew laser legend hicks
hello yes guy on left and spike this is
matt hicks coming from bishopville south
carolina on the personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney
or calling moment df uh so i
heard today on the radio that congress
is a try
they’re uh trying to address sentencing
disparities between powder cocaine and
crack cocaine
the democrats seem to want to reduce
tendency guidelines for crack cocaine to
bring it in line with powdered cocaine
whereas republicans want to increase
sentencing guidelines for powder coating
bringing it online regret cocaine
and let them do whatever the hell they
want with their own body
hashtag league legend
so so of these positions i like the
dems position more but like he said why
not just leave people the hell alone
and not put them in prison for
possessing a compound that
big pharma sells for billions of dollars
every year
right um
your phone needs turned down like two
okay uh thanks ellie um
yeah uh i don’t i don’t understand
how we are uh still having this
this conversation yeah this discussion
it makes
it makes no sense uh it does it does not
surprise me that republicans
i’m certain tom cotton is leading the
charge um
i don’t know i have not looked this up
but if
if i were a betting man
i would bet tom cotton is yeah it’s
doing that fight
yeah now let’s fight
let’s never fight again
let’s uh let’s never forget
that it was the democrats specifically
the congressional black caucus
that demanded that ronald reagan
implement the sentencing disparity uh
crack and powder cocaine in response to
the crack epidemic
that was happening in um
in in the uh mostly black inner cities
uh now of course we now know that it was
the cia that was pushing those drugs in
those cities in order to
fund their clandestine uh uh operations
in central america certainly they’re not
doing that now
definitely not there’s no way we’re
going to find out a few years from now
that they’re doing that with meth and
silly never that’s not
that’s certainly no sure
50s 60s 70s 80s 90s and 2000s and
early 2010s and we have proof of it and
no policy changes have happened and
many of the key figures are still in
their positions of
power in office but surely they’re not
still doing that now
there’s no way they can’t be they
we wouldn’t there’s
they wouldn’t do that that’s in the past
that’s all that’s very funny they would
attempt that again that’s not after 16
the last
very 70 years up until five years ago
so uh yeah no they should leave people
alone i’m glad that the democrats are
talking about reducing the disparity in
sentencing but
right first of all why are we still
talking about crack are people how many
people are still smoking crack at this
well okay so the democrats are trying to
reduce it for
hunter um
wow and the republicans are trying to
increase it for
for hunter wow this is all about hunter
that’s funny and possibly true
and possibly accurate wow
well that’s what we think about it
thanks matt what’s our next one
our next one is from the eskimo
oh no hey matt and spike i was wondering
if you could talk about
marjory taylor green and how she’s
advertising that she’s abolishing the
atf oh yeah
by actually having the atf be reabsorbed
by the fbi
have a great day folks yeah so yeah this
there was somebody on uh your twitter
who was bashing
uh who was bashing you uh because
marjory taylor green who’s a republican
uh is doing things to end the atf and
what have libertarians ever done and
blah blah blah
and so as me on twitter not as muddied
waters as me i was like
she is just she is not abolishing the
atf i mean she she’s getting rid of the
but she is just moving it to the fbi
who will need considerably more money to
do it
and you’re not going to save a dime and
it’s probably going to cost
so much more because the fbi is already
so much of your money already so you’re
actually getting a win here so whenever
libertarians were like oh i can’t
believe i agree with marjorie taylor
green on something you don’t
you don’t marjorie she is
she is 100 virtue signaling to
the members of her base
who were like we need to get rid of the
atf because you know they’re going to
come after us because you know we
believe jewish space lasers exist or
the ever um and
even if they get rid of the name atf
someone has to enforce all the nra’s
proposed gun control legislation that
they pushed to get past for the last 80
right who’s gonna do that
let me say that again every single gun
legislation that is on the books right
now at the federal level was either
written sponsored or supported by the
yeah yeah
yeah yeah oh that was a tough pill when
i found that out
and then started looking into the nfa
and how it was the nra that
wrote it here so here in florida
uh florida most i will say it every day
free free estate in the free estate in
the nation
we can do pretty much whatever we want
one of the things we can’t do anymore is
open carry
who wants to know why i’m assuming
everybody watching right now is raising
their hand like
polite school children or at least
screaming at us saying yes
yes obviously we want to know why and it
is because
we now have concealed carry
this bill was written and backed by
the nra now why would the nra want
concealed carry over open carry
because in the bill you have to go to an
nra registered facility to get trained
yep to get your concealed carry cronyism
100 cronyism the nra is not
about protecting gun rights it is about
making money for themselves
and protecting the manufacturers who
give them money to protect the
manufacturers they don’t give
crap about you as a gun owner the nra
cares about
their people their their their money
that they make from certifying
and the the bait hook that they use to
get people to get that certification
is this type of legislation that a lot
that you know
puts them at the forefront you know you
have to get their uh certification to be
able to legally do it in all these
states they don’t want constitutional
they don’t want open carry they don’t
want permit less carry they don’t want
what the founders actually intended they
want your right to keep and bear arms to
be infringed all the way up until the
where they can you they can bring their
providers in to
to provide you with whatever education
is needed uh
because of the legislation they
supported and they sell it as gun rights
they care about their they’re making
money for themselves
they care about the republican party no
matter how gun control
heavy they are at times they care about
gun manufacturers
which means if you want a 3d print a gun
or or buy a gun from someone else
or make a new gun company or sell
uh equipment that you know other that
the major manufacturers don’t sell
you’re screwed um lower thirds
yeah lower thirds they’re against lower
they they
they would i mean they yes before
and and before anybody’s like yeah but
they suck anyway bump stocks
bump stocks yeah from what i understand
i’ve never used one
but from what i understand bum stocks
make it where it’s really difficult to
shoot during their
gimmick yeah they’re a gimmick and it’s
kitschy and whatever but
the nra was quick to go yeah we can get
rid of those
and suppressors
protect your hearing yes they had no
problem with that
they made a couple signals about oh you
know whatever they didn’t fight it
you know why because none of their major
sponsors were making suppressors so they
didn’t care
they don’t care about you oh and they
care about police unions
that’s their big friend now is the
police unions and the fraternal orders
of police
and that’s why they’ve come back to
their old routes of saying guns should
for lawful uh protectors of our
communities not for violent criminals
which is what they’ve always said
do you know who’s a violent criminal you
the very second that you disagree with
him you’re now a violent criminal a thug
as uh wayne lapierre said at cpac
a couple months ago he said i was
getting ready to bring this up
i wish we still had that clip we need
the government to enforce
all these gun laws on the books does
that sound like the second amendment to
the nra anyway go to the next one
real quick in the comments uh kenneth
ebal says nra is the largest concealed
carry licenser i
i did not know that but i don’t doubt it
i don’t i’m not even going to fact check
because that is so believable there’s no
way it’s false
uh selena stewart says uh join uh the
goa the gun owners of america yes yes if
you are a member of the nra
get rid of that and go join the goa yeah
yeah yeah
exactly absolutely you know uh the nra
by the way someone mentioned uh
recreational uh
marijuana in the uh in the in the
comment uh do you know what the
nra does not want you to be able to own
a gun if you uh if you use
recreational or medicinal marijuana
they’ve been very clear about that
very clear about that safe
yes you get drunk and drink and shoot
all day long they don’t care about that
marijuana drugs are bad
uh jack casey says it’s funny that
democrats and libertarians both oppose
the nra but for completely opposite
uh you know dems think the nra is
standing the dems don’t realize the nra
is like their greatest
it’s their greatest ally yeah yeah their
greatest ally
in the in the fight against legal
yep yep yep exactly it’s insane
so here’s our next uh our next call from
not a real libertarian oh wow
is a chris darnell um
libertarian um
spike is supposed to be coming on the
show uh here soon but i want to know if
matt ryan would be interested shooting
coming on
at some point as well because my show is
times better than cajun um but i mean
wow so i will say i have been on uh
chris’s show a while back and i know i’m
i’m supposed to be going on again soon i
don’t know if it’s scheduled yet but
uh brian would apparently it is um
yeah i think matt i mean no pressure
since this is public
but he’s right he’s you know asking me
live on the air
no uh absolutely chris i would love to
come on the only reason when you sent me
the invite the other night that i didn’t
on your show is because when you sent
i was in the middle of
defecating and i was not going to come
on your show
whilst doing that um
and then after that i was in the middle
of something else
and i was not going to come on your show
whilst doing that either
why are you giving me that look like i
can’t tell if i don’t want to know any
of this
what no so
no so yes i would love to come on your
show as long as i am not defecating or
anything else stop like what i
and everyone now what are you doing what
were you doing like everyone
so all right that thanks for that
question chris
so here’s our last call from the host
that is apparently not as good as chris
oh oh yeah okay let’s let’s do that one
and then yakov mark hill asked a
question in the chat but we can do that
after this one
pretty cool uh so here is one from the
cajun libertarian who is not as good
dream mine
cajun one spike zero hey listen hey
pal look
just cause i begged you we both begged
you to come on
muddy waters and you kicked and screamed
just because you sing
better than me just because you played
i apologize just because you can play
guitar look everyone saw the dog now
just because you can play guitar
everybody saw the dungeon
it’s just because whatever pal
you know what i don’t i don’t need this
so um okay so yakov markell asked
who is the most powerful person in the
liberty movement at this moment
i don’t who is the most powerful person
most powerful person in the liberty
movement at this moment
i don’t know who do you think is
oh man so many people would not like my
you’re going to say rick desantis aren’t
so you watch my show from thursday thank
oh wow where i called my governor
oh jacob markell just left us a message
because he wants it he’s gonna ask the
thing yeah
hi spike uh just a quick question i want
to get your opinion on this
who would you say is the most powerful
libertarian in the movement today
thanks so
i don’t know
if if we’re talking about sheer power
and like sheer power
i would it’s a toss-up between
you and dave smith
it’s a toss-up between you and dave
smith and on
because dave smith has just a horde of
followers that will
do anything
if we’re just talking about most
he kind of has a slight edge
are we even do do we are we registering
though like
i mean i i within the party that’s
probably accurate one way or another
but over the entire liberty was was he
saying look he was saying libertarian in
message there didn’t he or did he say in
the liberty movement he said the liberty
that’s why i don’t okay well in the
liberty movement
joe exotic
i don’t know i don’t know and i’m not
trying to avoid it
i i don’t there’s so many different ways
to look at it
there there are so many different ways
to look at it
um like and there are a lot of good
for a lot of different people that i can
come up with that’s what i mean so like
if you consider
you know rand paul or thomas massey to
be in the
liberty movement there’s a good
there’s a good argument that
one of them is i would give it to massey
rand i yeah i i kind of wish i would
give it to massey i would give it to
massey over rand because i think a lot
of the liberty movement
yeah right in the liberty movement i
think that they’re like oh
well he has shown to be more libertarian
than rand by a wide margin
but then the question is is he part of
the liberty movement at this point
i guess kind of like i mean i would
still say he is
the broader liberty movement yeah yeah
he is still part of the liberty movement
even if we don’t agree with him on
everything but he’s
right but he’s part of he’s part of the
movement he is pushing for liberty and
it may not be your partic
particular brand of liberty
it’s like diet liberty
the first where rand is pushing for
iberty i
the first name that came to mind was ron
um just because of the sheer number of
people he’s brought
to the yeah movement
that’s true
even though he’s not well you can’t say
he’s not active he’s not as active
because he’s not running for president
anymore but he has a freaking podcast
that he does multiple times a week
um right and he’s like
within the party i’d have to kind of say
yeah it might be a toss-up between
me and dave and maybe justin amash um
but outside of the party um
yeah i think it widens out a lot more
out of there
oh yeah outside of the party there’s a
lot of names that you can drop
yeah i i and any of them any of them
would be good like yeah you’re seeing a
lot of people
joe soloski yes you know what i changed
answer joe soloski
who is the key to america’s success and
so we’re going to say right now
joe soloski is the
is the most powerful person in the
liberty movement we just declared that
yeah joe soloski joe solowski most
powerful person in the liberty movement
hands down no question
anybody that uh disagrees is a bigot and
a racist
wow in a transphobe so uh in addition
should be canceled so so sorry for you
so uh our final segment is brought to
you by
jonathan reals who is in fact not a real
right now uh because according to the
federal government they can’t recognize
him as a person
until uh the uh until he raises
at least five thousand dollars in his
for congress us congress and so
if you want to be able to send your
federal reserve notes
to jonathan reels in order to make him a
real person
go to jonathan dot cash
uh somebody wanted to know what uh we
thought about russell brand before we
get into fulton versus
philadelphia and um now russell brand
i think is uh awful i don’t think he’s
funny and i think he’s obnoxious as hell
i have never really enjoyed anything he
has done uh forgetting sarah marshall
wasn’t terrible
uh but that wasn’t because of russell
brandt i kind of liked him
i kind of liked him and forgetting sarah
marshall but he wasn’t like oh my gosh
this guy’s so amazing yeah
yeah right he he wasn’t russell brynn
uh when he was quoting
when he was doing his live stream the
other day and he was quoting
our friend hannah cox and reading an
article that she wrote for fee um
i was like okay i might give this guy a
chance on the like
i’ll listen to him but like i’ve heard
his i watched his stand-up years ago and
i’ve heard a lot of the stuff that he
over the years and uh i
i’m pretty certain he’s an idiot um
but if but if he’s coming like
if he’s coming around and he’s like oh
yeah i’m not about
uh socialism anymore instead i’m kind of
free markets and i
like i’ll listen to where where he’s at
now but
i he’s very anti-authoritarian and i
have heard him say some stuff where he
kind of recognizes
um he’s willing to explore
stuff yeah and he’s not scared of
exploring ideas
right he’s not he’s not scared of being
literally as i’m saying this bobcat uh
is writing he’s hard to keep up with i
like his explorative nature yeah it’s
he’s not necessarily married to our
ideas uh
by any stretch but it’s like he kind of
open to hearing all sorts of different
ideas and he has a very
anti-um authoritarian streak
in what he um what he
gloms onto or what he tends to give
credence to
he’s also not like the deepest
philosopher in the world
nor do i think he’d claim to be one um
yeah he was pretty good and get him to
the greek too he’s alright
that movie was so terrible you didn’t
like that that movie was
no anything anything with jonah hill in
where uh he’s supposed to be funny
yeah no jonah hill is not funny
he is not he he’s great and his he is
great in his dramatic roles which i find
hilarious because he
does not seem like he would be uh like
was that yeah manic was that show on uh
that he was fantastic in that um he
was great and
uh uh wolf of wall street um
there’s been a ton of stuff that jonah
hill has been great there has not been a
movie of his that was a comedy that i
have seen
where i did not want to violate the nap
on jonah hill’s face
wow he annoys me so much
in common i have very strong opinions
about movies which is
i do yes i do you ever want to have matt
get really emotional ask him about his
thoughts on titanic but not now because
you’re doing the show jack casey says
yeah people grow towards liberty free
thinking good-hearted people typically
find us in our ideas eventually
just takes lots of time and
open-mindedness that’s a good point yeah
um good point yeah ovenz o’brien says
jonah hill was great in war
i dogs see that i actually wanted i
wanted to see that one but i i did not
see that
um i really like miles teller uh he’s
angry he won’t admit it but he’s mad
right now
i thought you said that yeah because you
brought up that stupid
movie god that movie is so bad
that movie is so stupid so
and it got nominated for like oh here we
13 academy awards and it was only
because they wanted to make the first
billion dollar movie in hollywood
that movie was so dumb god that movie
was stupid
this is titanic he’s talking about god
titanic is
dumb because really billy zane how bad
of a dude was he
he wasn’t that bad of a guy he was just
like he was just there and
like he got mad at his girlfriend
because he didn’t want her cheating on
with the with the poor broke popper
living in the streets of london and he
was like no well
and of course he’s going to have cl he’s
going to hate the lower class because
now his girlfriend
that he’s supposed to marry when they
get to america is cheating on him
with the lower class so yeah he’s going
to be like saying these snide comments
he actually didn’t do anything wrong
throughout that entire movie
uh he just wanted to get off the boat oh
god that movie is so dumb
13 academy awards do you know what
movies have beat out do you know what
movies it beat out for best picture
it beat out as good as it gets which
jack nicholson was
freaking fantastic in that movie and uh
helen hunt was wonderful in that movie
it was good movie
and greg kinnear wonderful in that movie
i think all three of them won
oscars for that movie do you know how
many people won oscars for acting in
one and it was the old woman who god
that stupid woman
she was like oh i don’t have the heart
of the ocean let me tell you this long
boring story about this terrible person
that i dated years ago who died
three days after i met him and i’ve been
holding on to this diamond ever since
and now
uh that i’ve told the story i can just
dump it into the ocean
who cares about my kids about my lineage
yes just gone
family no hundreds of millions of
dollars titanic
yeah it’d also be goodwill hunting and
goodwill hunting was the best movie of
the year that year
because matt damon and ben affleck were
so fantastic
minnie driver was so good in that movie
gus van sant’s
tour de force robin will yes robin
williams who did win an academy award
for that movie
uh because it was that so it was that
it was that good and no they gave it to
james cameron who’s a piece of
who hasn’t done anything good since uh
true lies in 1995
uh true lies in that or maybe 93 uh yeah
terminator yeah good terminator two
good abyss good true lies good
everything since then that cameron has
touched is i don’t care what you
think about avatar
i saw it when it was called dances with
wolves and i saw it when it was called
fern gully and he
melded the two together and he
delivered it to you in 3d and you all
just went
oh my god cameron is a god no he’s not
sucks he is like george lucas when it
comes to writing
and it’s terrible and it’s awful and
thinking he is good
so fulton versus pennsylvania versus
philadelphia yeah
so speaking of bad decisions
actually i don’t mind i i don’t mind
actually this one’s not terrible yeah
yeah yeah you need a minute
so this is a two-part decision folks uh
whether the city of philadelphia
violated free exercise and
in a decision on whether to allow their
department of human services
to give a catholic adoption agency
and if the court should refrain from
employment division versus smith in this
matt what’s employment division versus
it is a 1990 decision that ruled that uh
the free exercise clause of the
constitution does not prohibit the
enforcement of an otherwise
valid regulation of general
that incidentally burdens religious
conduct so
therefore if you are to say
not have a thing for uh
if you don’t like gay marriage that does
not mean that uh and somebody says okay
we’re not going to do business with you
because of that then
there is a free exercise clause there
you there is no freedom of religion
so due to uh catholic social services
i’m certain we will refer to from here
on out as css
refusal to certify same-sex couples as
potential foster parents the
philadelphia city council passed a
that condemned discrimination that
occurs under the guise of religious
and then instructed the city’s
department of human services which
contract uh which contracts with private
to place children in foster homes to
change its contracting practices
in 2018 so basically because
the catholic adoption group would not
certify same-sex marriages
uh the city’s adoption
uh the city the city’s human
department of human services right would
no longer give them
adoption leads foster children yeah
foster children
yeah to place right i was thinking it
was people who were looking for foster
children yes
they would no longer give them foster
children to adopt out to families
that the css found to be applicable like
good enough to have a to
to be parents right
uh this is the worst story since titanic
matt right
on the back you’re still upset about
titanic so i am so upset about titanic
css and and two foster parents
sharonelle fulton and
tony lynn sims bush wow those are some
uh went to federal court and saw a court
order requiring the city to resume
uh service referrals to css they
contended that the city’s decision to
cut off referrals violated several
different parts
of the first amendment the free exercise
clause which protects religious belief
and expression
the establishment cause which among
other things prohibits the government
from favoring
non-religion over religion and the free
speech clause
yeah a unanimous court said that the
city had violated
several parts of the first amendment
which was a big win for css and
faith-based uh child placement
organizations which
yeah it’s true the city is saying we’re
not going to give you children because
you don’t believe what we believe big
big big win um roberts
this was a unanimous decision there’s
i think there’s been five unanimous
so far this term yeah in in what was
expected to be a very bitterly divided
it’s actually been not yep
and it hasn’t just been rubber stamping
conservative stuff which is the other
fear that it would be it’s like no it’s
coming together a lot more than one
would expect because they’re a british
centrist anyway who’s i don’t know who
said that
um roberts began his opinion by
observing that it was
plain that the city’s actions had
cso css exercise of its religion by
requiring it to choose between
curtailing its mission or approving
inconsistent with its beliefs
right the city robert has not shown that
its goals of maximizing the number of
foster families and minimizing the
legal liability will be jeopardized by
giving css
an exemption from the non-discrimination
to the contrary robert suggested
including css in the program seems
likely to
increase not reduce the number of
foster parents
yeah because it’s not like there’s this
other group out there saying hey
we’ll take all those kids and and find
parents for them they’re
providing something that isn’t there’s
not a lot of other people doing it right
now so
it’s not like okay well we’re reducing
the number of foster parents
by including css it’s css is one of the
few people out there doing this
um so you’re actually restricting the
number of available parents
for these children and and it’s
important to note
that the percentage of children
a a i believe a majority if not a
majority a very large minority
of children that are in foster care
who do not end up going back to their
parents end up
graduating from the system what that
means is that they
turn 18 and don’t have a family
and they get told okay well you’re of
emancipation age now
we’re not responsible for you anymore
have a great day and they have no
and they have no parents and they have
no family
and many of them have been in there for
many years and don’t necessarily
have relationships with their blood
family and know how to reach them
and so now they’ve got to navigate the
having been not parented
in a real in any substantive way right
that’s what css and other and
incidentally i don’t agree with css and
i don’t believe matt does either that
you know that that same-sex couples are
unsuitable unfit yeah unfit for to adopt
children no
absolutely i disagree with it if they
disagree with it
wholeheartedly yeah we disagree
completely if the alternative
is to have them
not go to anyone
then i would rather them go to
an opposite sex couple if those are
a loving opposite sex couple who who
wants a child
if the alternative is nobody right
absolutely um i actually met
graduates on the campaign trail who
explained what that’s like
and yeah no i i
that needs to be avoided at all costs at
all costs
um robert’s concluded that css seeks
only an accommodation that will allow it
to continue serving the children of
philadelphia in a man
in a manner consistent with its
religious beliefs um
css does not seek to impose those
beliefs on
anybody else which they aren’t looking
say you can’t adopt a child you just
can’t they’re saying you can’t adopt one
through us
but you can go adopt one through anybody
right through anybody else you just
can’t adopt one
through us um and
while i disagree with their sentiment
here well i disagree that they aren’t
giving them the right to
the these people the ability to adopt a
they are not taking away their right to
do so
they’re just saying they won’t be doing
that yeah correct
um and there are plenty of kids out
there available
the biggest burden in parents trying to
is all of the red tape and and
regulation involved in it
um it is not a lack of of supply of
or providers by any stretch of the
imagination there are plenty
if you were looking to adopt someone
unless you’re looking for something very
like people go out there and they want a
white baby or something like that
um if you are just open to a child
that you can help that you can raise and
parent as your own
there are plenty of people out there for
right now on the second part of that
on whether or not smith should be
reevaluated uh the decision was 6-3
against with gorsuch
thomas and alito uh
in the affirmative wait
yeah right um gorsuch noted that if the
court had overruled smith
this case would be over right now yeah
yeah but and he also he also said the
majority’s course guarantees that this
litigation is only getting started
yeah because now you’ve got conflicting
not only do you have conflicting
decisions but the way that it was worded
the way that
the great and all-powerful all-knowing
roberts wrote it is now philadelphia
just has to rewrite a law
the city will resist working with css as
long as css
refuses to certify same-sex couples uh
gorsuch said and thursday’s decision
will allow the city to
try to avoid doing so by rewriting its
yep and so it’s and and like gorsuch
this is not limited to css uh he said
uh his quote was individuals and groups
across the country will pay the price in
in time and in continuing uncertainty
about their religious liberties
because you don’t strike down an absurd
decision that was made in 1990 that
opened this entire pandora’s box
until that is addressed and and people’s
right to religious freedom is
acknowledged and yes that includes
and as libertarians we believe that
people even as
you know we have in our in our platform
uh in the party
we hold bigotry to be irrational and
in that same plank of the platform we
say that people have the right
to associate as they wish and to
as they wish we actually all
discriminate every day when we choose
this over this we are discriminating the
discrimination people talk about is when
you’re discriminating against someone
their sexuality their religion their
race their gender their
whatever um that kind of stuff they’re
they’re familial status
their color their you know whatever
um what are you going to do put them in
jail for it
are you going to tell them that they
can’t do business because they won’t
serve everyone you think they should
serve why not
just get rid of the impositions
and regulations and and burdens to
barriers to entry
that make it so that people who are
marginalized have to rely
on people who hate them
to serve them who are only serving them
because they’re required by law
to do so can you imagine being in a
situation where you are having to beg
the government
to force people to give you or sell you
things because these people hate you
and you’ve been robbed of the ability to
be able to thrive and provide
for yourself and create a provision of
these services for others as well in
your community
that that’s the answer not not this
nonsense no
um and gorsuch closed with saying
individuals and groups across the
country will pay the price
in dollars in time and then continuing
uncertainty about their religious
which is 100 accurate
yeah now kavanaugh and barrett uh who we
were told were going to ruin
everything because donald trump is you
know they’re going to be right wingers
or whatever
uh they sided with the liberal justices
in both of these cases where the court
was split
confusing everyone who’s been fighting
for and against them since their
nominations because
that’s all we said
we said we don’t know this is why you
all you all need to watch this
and take in what we are saying because
going back to yakov’s question who are
the most powerful people in the liberty
movement the
us right okay because we’re
we’re we’re the most powerful people in
in media in the liberty movement in
media why okay
because we said from day one
that more than likely especially
kavanaugh barrett was more of a question
mark because she didn’t have a lot of
uh court cases to look at but kavanaugh
did and he’s basically
merrick garland he’s a centrist 90
90 agreement rate with merrick garland
when they nominated uh kavanaugh
when they nominated kavanaugh we look we
i looked it up we looked it up
and we reported on it they said he
agrees with merrick garland 90
of the time and spike said you know if i
know somebody who i agree with ninety
percent of the time and they want to go
out and give their just
like speak for me uh i’m gonna say yeah
sure go ahead because go ahead
there’s a yeah and
100 like and kavanaugh is proving
he is not the conservative fire brand
that everybody thought he was gonna be
he’s not in it for revenge on the
democrats like everybody thought he was
going to be
i’m not saying he should have done it
but i’m also not saying i wouldn’t have
understood if he like
did oh everything yeah this is going to
be his ref no it’s not
he already forgot about that nonsense he
knew that was a bunch of political bs to
get you guys to argue with each other
emotionally endlessly
they pulled all that allegation crap
because they knew that democrats
people on the left would reflexively
attack him and people on the right would
reflexively defend him and you’d all be
fighting over each other
for this guy who’s a freaking centrist
and here he is doing exactly what
merrick garland would have done
what an absolute mess they that that the
republic rats with their good cop
bad cop routine are constantly shoving
into the the faces of the american
people they have you
fighting with each other and unfriending
and blocking your family members
and arguing over thanksgiving dinner and
and you know refusing to meet with each
over this garbage that had nothing to do
kavanaugh or barrett i was arguing over
thanksgiving way before that
um yeah well that’s i didn’t mean you
you’re different susan from defy the
power hello
we are saying hi to you susan from the
yes defy the power where is that where
is susan uh
it’s not susan um susan
we were asked to say hi susan
yes from susan susan uh from defy the
uh if you don’t know who defy the power
is they make you find
amazing okay yeah uh
they make these amazing tumblers yes
tumblr therm tumbler they’re tumblers
they’re tumblers i i have one
mine’s actually in the dishwasher right
now because it’s being used so often
uh it is uh fantastic doesn’t say not to
not doesn’t say to hand wash those
it’s been holding up in it
but uh no they make these they make
these amazing tumblers
uh that are very very cool um
sarah you got one that yours says uh you
are the power on it right yeah it says
spike cohen you were the power
yeah um and
and uh sarah got one that uh says
mom life on it um
is uh for bobcat
the power um they’re not dishwasher safe
do not put tumblers in the dishwasher
you heathen yeah
yeah don’t do that um hand wash those um
but yeah uh if everybody watcher yeah
that’s if if everybody goes to i don’t
man i don’t know your website
on facebook they’re defy the power um i
think i’m certain it’s defined
yeah let me let me double check i think
it’s defy the power.com
yeah yeah yeah so let’s define i’ll put
i’ll put it in the in the in the
comments it’s defy the power dot com
they are super cool i actually put them
up on my social media when i talked
about the tumblr that
we got they’re really really cool don’t
put them in your dishwasher that’s weird
why would you do that
very cool they make so they make these
tumblers um
that oh they they have an extra
yeah that you can smoke weed out of they
don’t need their
yeah they’re bonds they’re tumblers but
they’re bungs um and apparently at the
libertarian party of florida convention
they sold more of those than they did at
the last dead show they were at
which shows you what the libertarian
party of florida is all about
and they got used too listen i’m sober
i’m i’ve been sober for 15 years and i
am i am confident
enough in my sobriety to be able to be
around people who are not sober and who
are getting
unsober uh and to not feel tempted or
anything like that
holy crap guys
like they’re really cool looking
we’re at a hotel pool guys that’s
anyway um yeah no that’s uh
yeah i know those were very well used
and apparently very
adorable because i’ve been putting it in
the dishwasher and it’s
uh nellick nellick trump wants to know
if you put your cast iron in the
dishwasher too
no i don’t put the cast iron in the
i hand wash that every time after use of
gosh and i put
silly so so we got uh incredible stuff
coming up so tomorrow
uh on my fellow americans i will be
michael bolden with the 10th amendment
center and i am psyched
that’s gonna be fun that’s really really
um for those who don’t know the 10th
amendment center does a lot of really
cool stuff around the 10th amendment the
fact that
most of the stuff that’s on the books
should be getting nullified because it
doesn’t comply with the constitution
the 10th amendment requirement that
anything that isn’t explicitly granted
as a power to the federal government
is to be left to the states or
preferably to the people
so we’re going to talk about that uh and
then on thursday who is your guest on
the writer’s block you know i can tell
you who my guest isn’t going to be
apparently um but i’m not going to do
that because he’s not going to be my
i have a mystery guest that’s going to
be linked to michigan
in some way
to promote the convention oh that’s
going on there this weekend
um okay great yeah i
i don’t know who i i know who it was
gonna be but apparently a scheduling
conflict came up so
now it’s a mystery guest from michigan
nice well that’s not crazy
um so that’s on thursday that’s
literally what my notes say
that’s on thursday um and then on friday
come on
out to see me in mount pleasant michigan
we will be doing a shoot with spike
event um and then come hang out with me
this whole weekend
at the soaring eagle casino and resort
uh i believe mount pleasant michigan uh
for the uh libertarian party of
uh 2021 convention uh and then
uh wish me a happy birthday on monday as
i fly back
to south carolina on my birthday this is
how committed i am to the liberty
okay i am so committed to this movement
that i’m flying around like a schmuck
on my birthday and then on tuesday a
week from today
same muddy place same-ish money time and
on sunday
oh gosh i need i’m so used to doing it
on sunday
at 3 p.m eastern which is
like 9 00 a.m the previous day in alaska
3pm eastern uh it is uh
cajun and igloo from the no cajun and
eskimo from the igloo to the usyk
and the come join
cajun and eskimo
as they do another show about
probably usex
if they don’t do a show about usix with
the amount that i’ve heard about busix
today yeah i’m going to be disappointed
i’m going to be equally disappointed so
folks uh it can be a us
travaganza this sunday at 3 p.m
and use extravaganza
cajun and eskimo from bayous to igloos
from bayous to
penis bones igloo to igloo six
a glue six so then uh join us
on tuesday right back here same muddy
place same ish muddy time
for the next episode of the money waters
of freedom where matt wright and i parse
the week’s events like the cheery little
little monkey boys that we are
matt if someone were to try to find us
on the internet i remember this time
uh is that even possible and if so how
you know it would be possible
all one would have to do i’m gonna sit
back for it
the the dog is now gone so i can
now sit back and not have to sit for the
dog behind me right
uh all one would have to do is head on
over to
anchor dot fm slash muddied waters
you can hear all of our episodes oh my
that’s amazing you can also do
things like leave us messages that we
will play
live on the air next time i’m gonna
figure out why my browser wouldn’t play
sound because i did i don’t know why
that what that was about but we’ll
figure it out next time
right we’re going to figure that out yes
and you can also donate money to us that
we will use
yes that will we will use to never bring
u6 again we if you don’t want us to talk
dick bones then you gotta give us money
right oozic
oh six oh six oh six
oh six oh six okay i just don’t want to
do this anymore
all you have to do is donate and i’ll
stop we’ll stop
give us money i just please
i don’t have any control over what matt
does but if you give him money he’ll
stop i promise
that’s right i’m the good guy here i’m
just trying to stop this from happening
alex grandmother is wondering what the
hell she is listening to oh my gosh why
would you have your grandmother listen
to this
or you can find this in every other
episode at muddywatersmedia.com
now before we go amazing uh before we go
i have to tell this story that is
definitely not my story
but because now like is saying things in
the comments and her grandmother is
listening i want to tell this story
um we all know how much
spike loves salmon
and that spike will eat
a metric ton of it a weekish
roughly yeah several hundred pounds
anyway you know yeah
so much so much salmon so much salmon in
the body
um it’s just it’s impressive really yeah
but i asked spike what was the most
impressive thing he has ever done
to curb a salmon craving
and his answer was not as impressive as
who whilst pregnant
caught a salmon with her bare hands
slid it open and threw it on a fire that
she made
yeah right there and then ate it and
honestly i thought that was the most
badass story ever
that’s pretty hard i was so impressed by
it i had to tell
everybody yeah i’ve been telling people
we have someone on muddy waters who
animals to death and then feasts on
their flesh
right while they’re pregnant while
they’re pregnant
like 36 weeks pregnant this woman is
she was she was like 30 30 weeks 35
weeks pregnant something like that when
she did this
big big pregnant and just had to you
know as
one does hillbilly hand fished a salmon
out of the water and then beat it to
30 yeah 36 36 weeks yeah 36 36 weeks
yeah unbelievable shout out to dominic
flores for the uh for the donation by
the way thank you
dominic yes dominic says character
holding their head in their hands saying
you’re my number one
thank you that’s an emoji that shows up
on youtube
oh yeah yeah
so folks tune in next week yes well tune
in tomorrow no 10 tomorrow tune in
tomorrow tomorrow michael bolden
on my fellow americans uh tune in uh
the mystery michigan nerd uh for uh the
writer’s block
uh friday saturday uh and sunday come
hang out with me
in uh michigan and then on sunday at
three uh
the usyk special then uh uh on
tuesday uh on monday is my birthday i’m
doing just which i guess say just kiss
the air and say happy birthday i don’t
as he flies over do you know what i
would like for my birthday
money give us money just make donations
of money money i’m 39 so give us 39
hundred 900
and then on tuesday
go to anchor dot fm slash muddy waters
and give us
30 that’s the wrong nope this is give it
go to anchor dot fm slash muddy waters
and don’t pledge to give us 39 dollars a
month for the rest of your life
i don’t know something give us money
join us right back here for uh another
amazing episode
of my full americans yes the jew wants
money everyone is shocked thank you
um folks thanks so much for tuning in
again we will see you
uh all week now that money waters media
is a growing conglomerate
conglomerate we’re gonna learn how to
say that now that we are one folks
thanks again for tuning in we love you
and where we’re going
we don’t need roads

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