Episode 200 – Reunited and it feels so good

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Matt & Spike are LIVE together at Muddied HQ, and they’re talking with Billy Ukwu of End The Two Party System! They’re also responding to your voice messages and auctioning of signed swag!!

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Episode Transcript

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we can’t allow
bad things to happen to our country and
bad bad things are happening to us
perhaps like never before you’ll be
seeing what goes on and perhaps like
long and steep i said general i might
have to grab you by the [ __ ]
they made that a big story but they
didn’t make a bible the triple falling
fall i wasn’t gonna fall dr fauci who i
actually got along with he’s a great
not a great doctor but he’s hella
found she said powerfully at the
beginning of masks then he went into
masks and then he became a raffle master
look at the world look at what happened
to the world and look at the world it’s
not just us
administration seems to be putting
america last there is nobody like us
nobody has the people that we have
nobody has the genius that we have look
at the world look at what happened to
the world
and look at the world it’s not just us
[ __ ] we failed me back
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and
welcome to the vanguard for
spike sitting in studio with me for the
200th episode cohen i am
matt right and 200.
folks thank you so much for joining us
in this [ __ ] hundredth episode that
doesn’t work no it doesn’t work
thank you so much for joining us for
this second second 100th
200th episode of the muddied waters of
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um we have a very special guest on for
our 200th episode
uh we’re excited too
we we are very very excited um
he is the not only is he a member
is that what we’re doing sure he’s not
just a member of the and the two-party
system he’s also the president
in the fountain and the founder and uh
you’re probably wondering what is in the
two-party system
well let’s find out together ladies and
gentlemen please welcome to the show are
you ready for the
yeah okay welcome to the show mr
billy ookwoo billy thank you so much for
thank you guys it was great to be on
here thank you and thank you for your
patience while we figured out how to do
right you were i enjoyed it well that’s
we’re glad you did um well welcome to
muddied waters um
i am very excited to have you on because
uh anybody that’s trying to work
on ending the two-party system is really
just a friend of mine
yes yeah you are definitely you are
definitely a friend of ours
before we get started so i’m not sure so
correct me if i’m wrong you consider
what do you what how do you consider
yourself politically and how do you how
did you get there come to that that
conclusion was it kind of an aha moment
gradual evolution over time everyone has
their genesis story tell us the billy
uku story
well i’m uh registered as a green uh
but however labels you know i i i agree
with some libertarian things but i
consider myself mainly green
okay how i got here was uh my dad’s a
he’s pretty politically involved so ever
since i’ve been a kid i’ve been you know
paying attention to politics we discuss
things that are current events that are
happening so uh originally i was a
one of my good friends actually
introduced me to the libertarian party
with ron paul
during the um i believe that was the
election with
obama and mitt romney and so from there
that was my first time actually learning
about another party and
seeing their candidates seeing what they
were about although he was running for
the republican side
uh from fast forward a little bit into
2016 with the hillary and donald trump
election uh after what happened
after bernie got screwed over i was
looking i was pretty pissed off i was
looking for an alternative candidate
similar to him
so i saw jill stein uh that led me
towards the green party a bit more
and you know pretty much ever since that
point i’ve been green
very good and so your your goal here
with uh in the two-party system
i’m gonna go i’m gonna jump to a v i’m
gonna leap off to a branch here and
assume that this is about ending the
two-party system am i right that’s 100
correct that’s awesome tell us about
what you’re doing within the two-party
okay so we’re establishing ourselves as
a 501c4 nonprofit organization
uh we’re nonpartisan so we’re pretty
much working with all
all uh political parties all political
to try to uh you know for one educate
that don’t know about the other
political parties and the barriers
against them the reason why it’s so
difficult for them to get wins
and then also try to raise money so that
we can lobby to try to uh
get some laws changed like ranked choice
voting campaign finance reform
and also try to support some big name
third-party candidates if you can
very good very good now what was you
know you mentioned that you used to be a
democrat what were some of the things
that made you realize that
the democrat party wasn’t where you
wanted to be
well gradually i started noticing little
things here and there you know paying
attention to them but really it was the
bernie sanders thing uh that
opened my eyes just the way that they
handled it yeah the way they kind of
screwed him you know it just seemed like
uh conspiracy pretty much
so and i didn’t like that at all now and
then looking deeper into it you know i
seen a lot of the bad things that the
democrats were doing not being fair
you know so it it just disillusioned me
so then in last year the democrats
obviously nominated
uh joe biden and kamala top cop harris
uh did you uh find yourself second
guessing whether or not the uh the
democratic party was your home
no by that point i was already going no
but i mean you were you weren’t
you weren’t wondering if maybe maybe it
was your home
after nominating joe biden he’s like you
know what this no
i’m this this is the guy i want to i
want to back
right now going from jill stein to yeah
joe biden matt and i both uh grew up as
republicans yes and kind of came from
that and it was sort of a similar thing
where we were watching people like ron
and other liberty leaning or independent
republicans or even constitutionalists
who would just
get screwed constantly and the only way
they were allowed to stay a part of that
was if they just backed whoever screwed
them and that kind of led us both
uh and this was years before we even
knew each other that kind of led us both
on the path of like you did sort of
the party itself and realizing wow this
doesn’t represent us at all we don’t
like this at all and that’s
that’s what brought us to libertarianism
you know that that was the beginning of
that process of bringing us to
libertarianism so
we’re happy to uh we’re happy to have
you in the in the fight to
end the two-party system what is some of
the stuff that you guys want to get
involved in and that you’re
you’re working on to do that to
accomplish that goal
so primarily uh we’re working mainly uh
on the education
side uh because there’s a lot of people
believe it or not
who don’t know about uh that there’s
other choices right and even the people
that do know about the other choices
they just think that maybe we’re just
not really uh seeing that there’s a lot
of barriers making it difficult
uh for third parties to get seen raise
and stuff like that so we’re mainly
working on education uh
mainly through social media because
there’s a lot we want to try to get a
lot of the younger voters so we’re
trying to use things that will
um attract them you know like media even
comedy things like that as we’re trying
to work towards
secondarily um we’re going to be
lobbying for uh
certain things like campaign finance
reform trying to push uh ranked choice
voting in all states if possible
nice and um you know even working on
things like gerrymandering which has
been a big a big problem
yeah uh even trying to work to see if we
can try to open presidential debates at
least to try to get four people on there
you know yeah that’s all good stuff man
now personally one of the things that
i’ve always thought
with uh the debates with the
presidential debate commission
is if you as a candidate are on
a on the ballot in enough states that
you could win the electoral college
you should be on the debate stage i’m
not saying everybody that runs for
president should be
on the debate stage because that would
be like a thousand people
right there would be so many people
right um but if you are on enough
uh state ballots that you could win the
uh the electoral college if you want all
of your states
you should be allowed on the debate
stage and for 2020
that would have been obviously biden and
trump and joe jorgensen and it would
and and me as well and that would have
been howie hawkins and angela
i forgetting her um
no i think it was walker oh gosh walker
correct yeah
angela walker yeah so that would have
been joe biden and kamala harris that
would have been donald trump
and mike pence that would have been joe
jorgensen and me and that would have
been howie hawkins and angela walker
and that seems perfectly that’s not a
you know a
an absolute mess where there’s dozens or
hundreds of people four people
yeah and honestly that have been much
more interesting than what it was
yes yes yeah it would have been a lot
more substantive too because there would
have been at least two people on there
who actually understood
the issues you know all for all of my
policy disagreements with
with howie and with angela everything
that i ever saw from them was that they
at least
understood what was going on and they
often had the same conclusions of what
they wanted to see as libertarians we
just had maybe a different
tactics or strategy of how to get there
or policy
uh proposals of how to get there but
they deeply and intuitively understood
what was going on
and that was sorely lacking in those
oh absolutely it was pretty much just uh
name calling
you know poop throwing there wasn’t
really much policy behind it and it was
pretty much just the same old same old i
really wish
we could get other parties on there it
would really for one point out that the
fact that these other two guys don’t
know what the hell they’re doing
yeah and you know and it would open some
people’s eyes i think if you guys would
have been on there
i don’t think they would have even won i
mean there’s other issues there
that make it difficult for third parties
to win but it would have made a big
difference in the election
right yeah it would have at the very
least i think we we would have obviously
done much better
i i don’t know if i don’t know if if
debate performance in and of itself can
can propel us to victory but at the very
it makes a lot of people look and go oh
wow there was only one good choice isn’t
and it could potentially lead to you
know us coming in second or even just
you know blowing through all previous
records and being able to set the
the momentum to be able to win in
upcoming elections after that and i do
think that’s a big part of it so
it’s great that you’re doing that kind
of stuff um now
uh be in i’m sure that there are plenty
of people that are watching and i’m
looking at this and everyone’s really
pretty much
so many people are saying hi to you like
ryan bedford uh
is saying hi uh i’ve seen so many people
got scroll up because yeah yeah uh now
uh malik nalik
yeah um uh let’s see cajun said hi
yeah like i’ve just been saying billy
and everybody’s saying billy’s such a
nice guy
he’s so glad he’s on here love what he’s
doing everyone is and then a lot of
people are also
in there saying there’s a lot of there’s
some overlap between
green and libertarian which yeah and
that is
where the two parties we can meet and we
can say okay we can work on these things
together to try to make these things
um and it wouldn’t be complete and total
gridlock we’d at least be able to work
on these things
um and one of the big things that we can
obviously work on is ending the
two-party system
in order to ensure that our voices
can be heard in upcoming uh and upcoming
races upcoming elections across the
um so just the fact that you’re out
there and that you are working
you know that you’re willing to work
with other parties other third parties
your libertarians your
uh constitutional parties whoever um
i guess um but you’re willing to work
with these parties in order to
make sure other voices are being heard
shows a lot
that the third parties the the minority
parties if you will
uh are willing to do things that even
the big parties aren’t willing to do
yeah because the only thing the big
parties aren’t willing to
are willing to work together on is
making sure the smaller parties aren’t
exactly exactly yeah exactly so now
first off i wanted to say uh hello to
all you guys i’m sorry i didn’t say that
the first time
uh but yeah 100 there’s a lot of things
that both the greens and libertarians
agree on you know like campaign finance
you know ending the two-party system
yeah even things like police reforms
and stuff like that there’s a bunch i
mean there’s a list of stuff like that
i definitely agree 100 you know there’s
no way we’re ever going to be able to
end the two-party system
trying to do this individually no no if
we work together as a group we can get
so much more done
than a single group’s trying to work at
different you know different goals
and and specifically with the
libertarians and the greens we’re both
anti-authoritarian parties so we both
want to end the wars
we both want to end police brutality we
both want to end
uh things like the war on drugs we both
want to end things like over
we definitely want to see prison reform
and sentencing reform
uh things like ending cash bail there’s
so much we agree on we want to end civil
asset forfeiture
um you know there’s so much that we
agree on we both want to incorporate
like there is a lot even on economic
things there’s even a lot of things that
that we agree on and i i believe that
when we work together on those things
not only are we more able to get those
things accomplished
but we will find along the way that the
more that we talk together the more we
realize that even in our differences
there’s a lot that we agree on even on
that um and i just i’m interested in
your thoughts on that
yeah 100 you know and that’s one that’s
one of the things that we’re going to be
definitely trying to do especially in
terms of uh
lobbying and supporting certain
candidates you know
like i said campaign finance reform uh
ranked choice voting but also
um candidates that uh want to work on uh
things that both uh both major third
want to work on like you said um what is
it called police brutality
uh ending war war on ending the war on
candidates like that that we believe
that can um actually win
we’re gonna definitely put full support
behind and we and we also
in terms of education want to work to
highlight uh
a lot of similarities that both of these
parties have so that you know
everybody some there’s some people who
actually believe that libertarians and
greens cannot work together
that’s 100 untrue no no i think we need
to totally highlight that
we can be friends and then when we get
on the debate stage when we get a fair
then we can actually start the debate
yeah absolutely i agree i agree let’s
work on where we want to go and then as
we get there we can start
you know arguing with each other again
right so yeah it’s useless
the way that we’re doing it now exactly
exactly it’s what they want us to do
have us constantly fighting each other
while they work together to screw us all
over and rob us blind so
we agree 100 there now billy um let me
ask you this before we let you go and
again thank you so much for for coming
on and
watching us figure out how this wiring
works um what
how can people reach you people want to
help with ending the two-party system
how can people reach you how can they
help billy and how can they be a part of
what you’re doing
well you can check out our website
where you can volunteer you can even uh
help donate so that we can uh get
especially get our media
off the ground um you can join our group
on facebook and the two-party system you
can follow our page
uh and the two-party system really we
need a lot more volunteers so we can get
this stuff done we can get our
voice across and yeah that would be
extremely helpful you can you can
message me too on facebook billy uku jr
uh you can follow us on instagram all
these things would be extremely helpful
um letting your family members friends
know about what we’re doing
all big help to us once again
www.andthe2partysystem.org where you can
sign up to volunteer and is that 2 was
in two or the number two
that’s uh two okay all right so end the
two like written out two
and the two party system.org.org.org
correct no spate no uh underscore all
one sentence cool very good beautiful
well billy again thanks so much for
coming on
we talked about it uh before we went
live but we might actually be hanging
out the end of july when i come up to
hampton roads and maybe again
when i’m in baltimore a couple months
later so we’ll see no promises but we’ll
we’ll see if you’re able to come up and
i’d love to get to meet you in person
yeah i’d love that and i’d definitely be
there man all right great being on here
thank you guys
hey thank you thank you so much for
coming on ladies and gentlemen billy
junior thank you so much thank you so
much have a nice day
and the two parts
dot org that is awesome guys so let’s do
an update on the uh
on the auction here the
package a uh let’s see what happened
here package a
it’s gonna be a way up holy crap guys
this is why we need a producer
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so uh you know we started the show back
december of 2016 december 5th i think
december 5th or 4th
of 2016. and uh since then
we have gone through growing pains
there’s been a lot of changes there’s
been a lot of
differences being made um but
one of the biggest things that we have
always been grateful for here at muddy
waters are the people who have been
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uh there are people watching right now
who have been watching since the
and to each and every one of them thank
you for being the real ones you guys
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in all honesty at the beginning when we
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um you were the ones that really made us
decide that we needed to keep going yeah
um so to all of you who are still here
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so very much for uh keeping us going and
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yes thank you guys so much don’t leave
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appreciate the fact that nobody oh no so
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that’s that’s what it says there’s get a
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so that’s package a comes with that if
you think he was being offensive by
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accent no that was how he wrote that was
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hey we’re at 200 b we’re at what do we
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assuming 115
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mm-hmm understandable i feel
a little awkward doing it yeah oh b150
and it’s from a woman so that’s
oh thank you ashley good she’s bid 150
for b
uh for package b for the baby the a
is um
yes okay so that uh 150 for b and uh
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yes uh we are going to
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uh jack casey is bidding salmon coin
which okay i don’t think that’s a thing
i’m not sure i don’t
it’s what it’s what he’s using in his
uh yes cult leader jack casey uh who you
can go to
uh theroyalgreen.com and help bolster
his cult by buying his cult ebooks
yes yes um
so our first call is from damian longora
damien longora hey guys this is damian
longoria first time
message leaver uh i was just curious
about your thoughts on blackrock a
federally funded company
outbidding middle class americans by 20
to 50 percent of
market value to inflate the housing
thanks i don’t know much about this but
i know a little bit okay okay i know a
little bit so blackrock
is a uh investment group that goes
around and picks up real estate and uh
they oh god
who owns my house
they’re like i can’t think of the people
who own this house
the big organization uh but they’re a
huge housing organization that uh just
picks up houses and they just buy them
uh all for cash um they buy them all for
cash and
people have an issue with them uh
spending twenty to fifty percent more
that is a problem but it’s not the real
uh yes blackrock doing that does cut out
people who are first-time homebuyers or
you know maybe second-time home buyers
who have a growing family anything along
those lines
right however the issue that uh the real
isn’t that they are doing this the real
is that inflation and the uh
housing market has gotten so out of
control because the government has
allowed things like this to happen
right right right and and the thing is
if someone is coming in and buying
something at 20 to 50 percent
higher than others are buying it for
it’s because they’ve determined that
there’s a market value there which means
that’s the actual market value
absent them being given money by
government to do it or something like
that that’s one thing
which actually that’s what most of the
mortgage uh crisis is
is the government underwriting bad loans
by so-called private mortgage companies
which inflates pricing these are the
kinds of policies that are bad
blackrock buying this stuff at these
price at this pricing
is a symptom of the real problem which
is the government inflating
the value of housing right and driving
up prices to that increasingly
small increasingly large number of
people cannot afford entry into the
housing market right that’s where the
problem is you get government out of
things like
uh underwriting bad loans and just
instead just letting the market decide
what loans they’re going to underwrite
if you get the government out of
monetary policy that drives up the cost
of everything if you get government out
zoning laws and other restrictions on
the housing market
that create artificial scarcity when you
do these types of things
you see an equilibrium come to the the
housing market
uh that’s not going to exist as long as
government is you know
pushing and pulling here and there to
make the pricing go up
right and as bob bob weird
if that’s your real name man that’s
awesome uh bob weird says blackrock is
essentially the trading desk of the
federal reserve and yes
pretty much the real enemy is the
federal reserve
the fact that they’re using blackrock
doesn’t mean that blackrock is really
the enemy
it’s that the federal reserve has
created massive inflation
like uh for instance today i went to
uh voluntarily for the first time in
many years
i don’t know why i might be pregnant i
was craving mcdonald’s um
but i their mick banana peppers pretty
so i got a double quarter pounder meal
uh and when i used to purchase that in
my younger days when
my arteries and colon could handle it um
it was like six bucks got it today it
was ten
these are the things that are because of
inflation these are the things because
they are giving out stimulus checks and
because they’re giving endless
because they’re giving endless um
uh unemployment uh that you’re seeing
these price hikes going up and up and up
because these companies now
uh are having to pay people more money
to work there because a lot of people
can make more money
sitting at home on on unemployment yeah
so you’re going to be noticing
that prices across the board are going
up the housing market
isn’t the isn’t the
it is a symptom of the disease right is
a symptom of the disease
it is not the disease itself the disease
itself is as bob weird said
the federal reserve yeah you have the
the federal reserve
printing out trillions of dollars of
notes that they turn around and lend to
the federal government
now the federal government all they do
is stick you with the bill for that
you’re now paying me
that plus the interest for the next 40
years every time they print out more
um and so you’re really paying close to
probably two or three dollars
on every dollar that they’re printing
out now but at the same time it’s even
worse because not only are you paying
that inflated price
but as they keep adding to the monetary
supply without adding any value
that causes the value of each of those
federal reserve notes to go down
that’s why in the last 108 years that
uh that the federal reserve has existed
the us dollar’s value has lost
it has lost 98 of its value it’s like if
every dollar you had used to be worth 50
times more than it is now
imagine how much purchasing power you
have lost
imagine how much ability you’ve lost to
be able to put aside money
and build a nest egg and to invest and
to build a financial
uh nesting and legacy to pass on to
future generations
and instead you’re scraping and
surviving to get by doing your best
to be able to make ends meet and and
increasing number of people are in that
and you have large companies like
blackrock and other companies uh in all
sorts of different sectors that are able
to swoop in
and buy things at what they consider to
be a sale price
uh because they’re sitting on all this
cash and from
due to stimulus spending and the rest of
us are left out that is why we are
against stimulus spending
it’s not that we’re against people
getting help it’s that we recognize this
isn’t helping
it’s creating the problem and making it
worse right and as
uh now like trump says trump says that
crypto is an assault on the u.s dollar
no that that that’s not true crypto is
not an assault on the u.s dollar
the u.s dollar is an assault on the u.s
dollar the federal reserve is an assault
in the us dollar
exactly yeah the the spending policies
of congress and
the administration now and uh the
previous ones going back
longer than i can remember uh that is
the assault on the u.s dollar
it is not crypto crypto is the market
trying to figure out a way to correct
what the federal reserve and our
administrations have been doing
for such a long time yeah and the answer
is to get the government out of it
uh government is constitutionally
allowed to
print currency it’s proven that it’s
going to use that to control the
monetary system and you know subjugate
everyone so
get government out of currency end the
federal reserve end government currency
let the market provide currency now
you’ll have providers who have a vested
interest in the
their currency gaining or at least
retaining value over time
instead of having a vested political
interest in having it lose value over
right so our next call is from
alex oh hello
nope there we go hello hello alex from
virginia calling in on the personal
injury attorney chris ron’s attorney law
anchor calling moment
i have two questions for you today
um first question probably more serious
than the other one
i was at publix yesterday getting some
fried chicken because publix makes
really good fried chicken
except yesterday it just wasn’t good did
i get bad back or is this more endemic
a more regional thing a bigger
thing if you will and second question
is in your dream version of in kazan
what’s the smallest crime that gets
punishment and what is that punishment
thank you okay so let’s handle the
public’s thing first
um as a
member of the church of publix uh that
is florida’s flag and uh i appreciate
every publix
that is out there um no their fried
chicken is just
it’s fantastic still to this day um
and it must have just been a bad badge
that you got but you’re in virginia
so if it is a area
if it is endemic to the area that you
live in it’s a virginia
it’s a virginia problem it is not
something that south carolina or
florida can help i was gonna say uh i
have not eaten fried chicken in five
years uh but the last time i
did eat fried chicken by the way press f
in the chat for me
to not the fact that i can’t have fried
chicken but um
the last time i did have fried chicken
uh it
actually i think it was public fried
chicken uh at least one
one it is so good it is good now i live
in south carolina i don’t live in
uh but that is two out of the three
mentioned states that have really really
good fried chicken
i’m thinking it might be specific either
to your state
or to the specific employees who made
that batch
who should be fired not just for making
bad chicken but for
smearing the good name of publix
slandering slandering it just destroying
uh as to the second question yes the
smallest crime in and capistan
that would be so i mean it’s it’s
a crime is going to be something that
actually was an act of aggression
against someone
so or their property or their property
right um
so i mean i guess maybe like a very
petty theft
uh is probably the only thing i can
think of because even an assault is
going to be more
serious even a simple assault it’s going
to be more serious shoplifting yeah like
a shoplifting or
a pickpocketing where there wasn’t
violence where you know so when you grab
something and run away or something like
that uh in which case the punishment
is gonna be give them that thing back uh
and if it’s
been something you’ve done on a regular
basis uh probably some kind of you know
requirement to uh
a requirement to uh to you know
participate in some kind of program to
uh to
dissuade you from doing that in the
future with the idea that
and this is where the punishment part
comes in because people say well what if
they don’t want to do it
well then they get dis-affiliated and
and disassociated from the people in
in that society uh and and you don’t get
you know you’re not going to be let
aloud at the stores you’re not going to
be a part of the people that are there
people are going to
basically ostracize and shun you uh kind
of in a similar way that amish people do
um you’re just not going to be allowed
to be a part of it um and until you
uh your conduct
of not of not victimizing people comes
into uh
comport with the other people that are
in that society you’re gonna have to
find a new one
and uh your reputation is gonna proceed
you when you go there so
the the uh far more important than you
know we’re gonna throw you in a cage and
we’re gonna make
is no one’s gonna want to be around you
if you if you’re someone that steals
uh and you’re not willing to uh to learn
from your mistakes
no one’s gonna want to be around you and
that reputation is gonna follow you
now alex in the comments said uh i was
thinking littering since it violates
property rights and the punishment would
be clear that’s a complaint yeah yeah so
you’re right that actually would be even
less so
and yes the punishment would be here
pick that up like you know and
pick it up yeah and maybe clean up clean
up other litter
around again if it’s like a regular
ongoing thing okay great here you get to
learn what
litter’s like right you know this is
what happens when you’re littering on
people’s property
so now you got to go and clean it up so
yeah no that probably that’s probably
even a smaller one
than a simple uh um you know a simple
robbery type of thing but these are
examples of crimes that
yes they are acts of aggression but
you’re not going to get tactically
there’s also proportionality the
proportionality of littering is clean up
the litter that’s how you make
right on that yes now um for anybody who
is just joining us uh this is our 200th
episode 200 200 episodes
and uh we are only doing personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor colin moment
yes um so oh yeah we didn’t do a chris
thing at the beginning oh so this
episode by the way is also brought to
you by personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at law
if you are in uh florida which is where
we both are right now right now
in the great state of god florida uh
then you uh if you get personally
then look at that smiling face right now
that man is going to potentially get you
the kind of money that you deserve
uh in uh recompense for the harm that
has happened to you
and so if you go to chrisreynoldslaw.com
and contact chris today he may be able
to sue those people
it’s very true very possible now because
this is the
200th episode and the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds spectacular
um anchor colin spectacular anchor
colin yes spectacular yeah
uh we are doing a couple of raffles
today um so
package a for package a you’re going to
get a bunch of stuff you’re going to get
so much stuff so it’s technically an
auction not a raffle
that’s a valid point yet uh an auction
this autographed picture of the two of
smiling smiling and if you notice i am
on no there’s something
i am on the left yes i am on the left
as but yet i have signed the left but he
has signed the left and i have signed
it’s a wacky signed picture where we’ve
signed each other’s bodies
holes and if you also uh you also will
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spike cohen you are the power bracelets
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embroidered a beautifully embroidered
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now package a in addition to that comes
with this
signed copy of universal basic income
for and against by anthony samaroff an
absolutely fantastic human being
and he has signed it in scottish
he has signed it in scottish yeah and it
begins with
so it’s literally signed in scottish uh
and then
package b you get sarah ander eggs
this is actually sarah anderegg’s uh
suckle on the t of liberty or sorry
shuckle on the t
of freedom shirt um that she has
autographed herself and spike and i
are have also autographed um and we are
bidding these
two things off package a package b right
now the leading bid for package a
is is 200
is it i think i think so i think it’s
200 yeah the leading bid
for package a oh j adam webs thank you
for the five dollars appreciate you
we’ll we’ll go back to that in one
second uh package a it’s looking like
200 and package b is 150.
these are rookie numbers we got to get
these numbers up those numbers dump
these numbers up folks
now j adam wags uh made a a very
five dollar contribution thank you adam
uh and he says
friendly reminder that missouri passed
the second amendment preservation act on
making federal enforcement of gun laws
illegal in missouri
which is just amazing that’s not just
constitutional carry
that’s the true sec it’s also the 10th
preservation which is saying that
because the government has no business
uh infringing on the right to keep and
bear arms that the state will step in
and stop them from doing so
uh so that’s a fantastic um bid and i’m
it’s not alex boyer is bidding
point zero six bitcoin point zero zero
six bitcoin
um point zero zero six bitcoin
i don’t know which is 238.94
so that’s assuming he’s
serious that’s what the new bid is
yes 238 dollars
94 let’s say 240 250 yeah 240. that’s
that’s the equivalent
of 240 is that that’s package a yeah for
240 for package a and for package b
a for anthony a for anthony b for my
baby sarah
uh is 150
and honestly i appreciate all of you not
being really creepy and bidding here
i appreciate it i’m afraid that one
person is going to get into the
comments and um they’re gonna bid
an insane amount of money uh so it’s
actually any enforcement of federal gun
control laws regulations
executive orders and any other form of
gun restriction is illegal in uh in
missouri now which is really great
oh cool i guess no that’s fantastic so
here is our next
question from alex boyer uh no
no no hello hello alex from virginia
calling in on the personal injury
chris reynolds attorney law anchor
calling moment
and i was at work last night
i work at a paper mill we make these big
rolls of paper
and i was loading a rail car
with these big rolls of paper they
weighed about four tons each
and i ended up having to unload this car
because it was going over a bridge
and had a weight restriction where the
whole car could only weigh 260 000
right we went a little bit over that had
to unload it it was a whole ordeal
maybe one of yen’s know something about
moving freight cars that i don’t but
the actual locomotive weighs 350 000
which is higher than 260 last i checked
am i living in atlas shrugged
uh not yet because no one is shrugging
or very few people are shrugging but yes
this is
a perfect example of a stupid government
now i would assume that the 260 000
was arbitrarily set for a specific
reason that probably no longer makes
sense i don’t i don’t i’m not going to
pretend to know why that’s
the cut off but as you said the actual
locomotive itself
is almost 100 000 pounds heavier than
that so
why are we talking about this
so our next one from alex boyer hello
alex from virginia collin and personal
injury attorney chris johnson law you’re
calling homie you know the deal
all right following it up
on my previous question
um i’m just going to point out that if i
am living in atlas shrugged
i will absolutely be making a jungle
radio broadcast but i don’t have access
to radio broadcasting so
i will be leaving you guys
roughly 150 one minute comments on the
personal injury attorney chris brown’s
attorney law enforcement
it’s gonna be a long moment okay sorry
that’s perfectly fine that’s that’ll
take up at least one episode we’ll just
play them back
to back to back not even respond we’ll
just be like
good point and then we’ll play the next
one right so thank you the next one
comes from
matthew crowley who i had the pleasure
of meeting in florida this weekend
hello spike my name is matthew and i’m
running for winter haven city
commissioner down here in florida
my question is how can local
libertarians help
these non-partisan races that
libertarians are running in
thank you so how can libertarians help
other libertarians that are running in
these races i think first of all
you need to uh identify the ones that
are running
um and uh bring come to them and ask
well two things see what they need and
also let them know
what your talents are some people are
great with
the back end stuff that’s needed that’s
sorely needed
it’s often underappreciated but it is
sorely needed
the you know the the looking at uh you
know voter data
uh putting together um packets and
things like that
putting together uh literature all these
different things that need to be done in
order for the candidate to have the kind
of resources that they need and have
the lists and names of people that they
need to contact and all of that stuff
um if you might be good at door knocking
you might be good at the sign waving you
might be good at
uh you know you might have media
contacts you might just be able to you
might not have a lot of time
but you’ve got money so you can donate
uh pretty much whatever your
whatever your gifts or talents or or you
know whatever you can bring to the table
bring it and also see you know what they
primarily need help with um
also you know you can always con you can
always get in touch with the people
closest to you
and let them know why you’re voting for
and supporting that candidate speaking
of which
again matthew crowley is running for
winter haven city council winner haven
is just outside of your
commission commissioner commissioner uh
and it is uh
he is uh winner haven is uh in um
polk county yeah it’s it’s like it’s
late it’s sort of where the lpf
convention was yeah just outside of
lakeland in polk county
so if you live anywhere near there uh
pretty much anywhere in florida
or really anywhere because i mean you
can help people online uh go get in
touch with matthew crowley
for winter haven city commissioner yes
and thank you for your question matthew
appreciate it our next
uh question is from the eskimo
libertarian herself
hey matt and spike this is the eskimo
libertarian and i just wanted to say
thank you for inviting us on to muddy
bars media
we had a great time with our first
episode and i want to wish you guys a
200th episode great job guys and keep it
thank you thank you so much and happy
first episode to you
of uh of cajun and igloo from bayou to
what’d i say you said cajun dude cajun
and eskimo
from bayou to igloo uh it was uh it was
you you guys obviously had a lot of fun
yeah you killed it great great great
first episode
now i know that your co-host
has been online saying that he is a
host the two of us and
well i will admit that cajun does have
his talents
and i can see why people enjoy him
it’s why we asked them to come on the
show and even though he put up a
cut up put up a fight he put up a fight
he did we will admit that he put up
quite the fight yes
he is not he he would not be able
to sit behind the
coveted muddied waters microphones
to handle this show yet no no he is not
there yet no
no you you you are you are on your way
but the uh the young skywalker has not
the younger one the young padawan has
not surpassed
i don’t know star wars the young padawan
has not reached jedi master level yet
he is on his way now speaking of cajun
um i’m certain i know he’s got a comment
in here later
but coming up in three weeks
four weeks coming up soon tunica
yes tunica mississippi for the breaking
boundaries event in tunica
uh the muddied waters crew will be there
matt me cajun eskimo forgot their names
noel and and and nullic will be there uh
in tunica mississippi for the
libertarian party of mississippi’s
breaking boundaries events
uh where we will be uh doing an
incredible event to help
the libertarian party in mississippi to
break through the boundaries that are
by the republic rats and work to set
mississippi free
yes so if you want to uh do we have a
link for that
do you know no cajun if you can put the
link in the comments and then we’ll just
share it from here
i would appreciate it um but uh yeah
go to that site donate donate donate
make sure that we can help out
as much as we possibly can um and make
sure that we can all
attend this wonderful wonderful event
and while you are feeling generous and
donating don’t forget package a
comes with all the stuff we’ve already
talked about plus the universal basic
income by anthony
uh sameroff by anthony samara fantastic
when you can understand what he’s saying
and you will understand that when you
get this
because you can’t it’s very electrical
it’s just it takes you a minute you may
need to contact us and we’ll read it
we will be happy to read it to you it
was pretty package b uh
suckle on the t of freedom shirt suckle
on the t
of freedom shirt with that was a shirt
once owned
by the wonderful and beautiful superfan
sarah andereg
that she has been happy enough to
autograph right now the bid is 240 for
package a
and 150 for package b there we go
uh i saw somebody in the comments say
how do we bid uh just bid in the
comments and
if we don’t call it out um just keep
repeating it and we will see it
just keep bidding in the comments and we
will see it and i’m just looking for
that link
uh it is it’s alice wonder just posted
so i’m gonna see if i can neat i can
copy we’re just gonna paste that right
so that is now in the comments uh
oh i can’t do that can i they don’t let
yeah here give me one second i’ll do it
okay okay so
so here is our next comment from
the ink from connie keller from the
liberty shamrocker herself
the liberty shamrocker hey
jimmy lee here hello jimmy lee i’m
calling in for the chris reynolds anchor
calling moment so spike i got florida
curveball today
um or the other day on clubhouse so this
is a question about individual civil
and owning your own life your body and
so the other day i had an individual
come to one of our one of our clubhouses
and his mom is schizophrenic and she
also has emphysema
so the the problem he’s running into is
he can’t make medical decisions for her
and she keeps going into the hospital
for emphysema but then refusing
because she doesn’t think she has it
right so the question really is
is where at what point is libertarians
do we s
draw the line for self-ownership and
allowing uh either
i hate to be the status to say the word
state um
or an individual taking over the rights
for that person
since they’re really not able to make
that decision
so that’s an excellent question and this
is where sometimes people get confused
libertarian positions on things so in
order for someone to be able to exert
their own autonomy and self-ownership
they need to be able to demonstrate that
they have um
a level of competence and informed
consent now the vast majority of time
that’s not difficult you don’t have to
prove you’re smart or intelligent or
anything like that
you just have to prove that you have a
bit you’re able to have a basic concept
of understanding this is where
arbitration is going to exist in any
kind of civil society there are some
libertarians that convince themselves
and not just libertarians some and some
other uh you know
left-wing anarchists and other people
that you know believe that you can
create this
post-arbitration society where
everything is so
uh um uh airtight that there’s never any
potential disagreement
this is a perfect example of where there
would be so in any kind of
civil society including a voluntary one
that does a post-state
voluntary society there’s going to have
to be some kind of arbitration involved
where if someone has a relative who
because of either
uh schizophrenia or alzheimer’s or
issue that’s preventing them from being
dementia some issue that’s preventing
them from being able to make
basic decisions for themselves not just
that they make bad decisions
but that they’re unable to make basic
decisions for themselves
that someone can step in and say no we
are giving the
i guess power of irrevocable power of
to this person or only revocable by us
power of attorney and people will say
okay but in a post
society how do we determine who is the
arbitration body
that can do this if there isn’t a
government forcing us this is where the
concept of voluntary governance comes in
if you are choosing to be in a society
or a community that has this arbitration
then you are bound to its decisions
until such time as you say i don’t want
to be a part of that anymore
in which case you’re disassociated from
it and can’t
uh enjoy the benefits of being part of
it anymore this is not a perfect system
there are always going to be people who
are you know treated
uh not not the best or left behind or
you know
given preferential treatment this exists
in all systems and there’s no way to
avoid that from ever happening
but by making it more of a voluntary
it greatly reduces the potential for
abuse because if
enough people decide that this system is
corrupt or is
you know in inequitable or abusive then
people will back
back out of it and go form another one
or join another one that already exists
which will put pressure competitive
pressure on all these different
to be good at what they’re doing as
opposed to what we have now
where it’s a monopoly and there’s
nothing we can do about it but yes
in that situation there’s always going
to be some kind of arbitration board
that’s going to determine is this person
able to make basic decisions for
and if not who should be the rightful
person to make those decisions
at least until they’re in a situation
where they can’t make them for
yep so here is the next one
from chris it says from christopher
narnell but this might be jimmy again
hey this is chris darnell from out here
in uh
appalachia tennessee yeah um long time
caller first time listener
so this question goes either chat spike
or both
um let’s say theoretically the united
states has to change its name
it’s copyrighted the chinese something i
don’t know
but the united states has to change his
name what would you change its name to
and why
so if i were to change the name
um i would simply drop one of the s’s
and it’d be the united state of america
because the way that
we have been going recently we are not
we are not a uh republic of 50 different
states that are working together
uh for one great nation uh instead
we have one government that has been
leading over everything
um and instead of calling us the united
states of america
i would say we are the united states of
america and you could even throw in we
are the united states of america by
yeah um that’s not the ideal thing that
i would like to change into but being
that that’s
how it has been for the last adam says
state plus missouri
right um yes the united states of
uh but yes the united state of america
is what i would what i would change it
to right now
i would hopefully change it to something
different in the future but
right now that is the only thing i could
think of that would be acceptable
the united tates of america because you
said remove the s i did
um stephen stephen with the v yeah uh
stephen with a v
yeah good old vegan yeah i assigned
something to steven with a v
and so i signed it beef and anyway
so uh what would i want to change it to
well there’s one or two ways you can go
about it
you can change it to what you’d like to
aspire for it to be
um or you can uh you can
go with with what matt just didn’t
actually describe it
um so if i were going to change it to
what i wanted it to be
uh i would just i would call it
something like um
the free peoples of america but the
problem is
unless you actually change the system
you’re really just
you know creating more gas lighting for
people who think that they’re free when
they’re really not
and that’s not good so it would probably
be better to go
the mat route in which i would just call
it the state
which in all fairness most of us call it
that anyway the state
the state the state the state that’s
what i would call it
the state yes um that’s a good question
that is a good question that was pretty
yeah uh so here is one from the cajun
libertarian who is not as good of a host
as us but i don’t know
and he’s about to prove
what does spike dream on
when he takes a little spiky snooze
does he dream of muddy water
so wearing eskimos cute panda suit
don’t you wear your pretty jewish head
we’re gonna get you back to tasha
and her cozy tasha bed wow
r if he’s been
murdered by crystal meth tweakers
sarah’s [ __ ] out of luck
we’re playing that again yes that might
be our theme song that’s our song now
that might be the theme song for the
crystal meth tweakers what does spike
when he takes a little spiky snooze
does he dream of muddy water
so wearing eskimos cute panda suit
don’t you wear we’re gonna get you back
to tasha in her cozy tasha bed
then we’re gonna find our best friend
and we’re gonna give him a best friend’s
if he’s been murdered by crystal meth
i got a dog
sarah’s [ __ ] out of luck wow
that’s that is
i don’t have an answer to that
that is um i think i dream of going back
the cozy dash of bed even if i’m
that was the actual question right what
does spike dream of when he takes his
little spiky nap
yeah and if i get murdered by crystal
meth tweakers
wow yeah so well i mean we’ll we’ll take
sarah sarah
sarah’s not totally she she has she
she is the benefactor of my uh life
insurance so
well you got that yeah so i mean she’s
got that going for which is kind of nice
i guess i mean it’s better than not
having that
but yeah um and we’ll help if sarah
sarah will not be alone
and we will not rest until we find
justice for matt
and take down the crystal meth tweaker
right that it’s um it’s actually written
into our contracts that if either one of
us are murdered by crystal meth
tweakers um that muddied waters will
take uh
take care of the other ones
significantly put and put hits out
on that game right so
truly that just depends on the
supporters making sure that they
continue to donate to make sure that
sarah would be okay
and later on i will read uh from my will
that goes further into what’s to happen
if i do ever actually die
um so here is the final question that we
from josh yes
hey matt and spike josh mccoy is here me
and my one of my friends were talking
about the increasing trend of
libertarian awakening
in amongst generations yes i had pointed
out that generation z
and alpha are both have had access to
since their um child since they’re
pretty much
their infant mood and
um they have had more choices available
since birth
which has instilled some libertarian
philosophy yes i think that we may see a
large awakening three to four
what is your first perspective on this
spike how much help how much salmon have
you had this week and when are you in
cash of moving to alaska there is no way
of knowing how much salmon i’ve had but
it’s measured in many pounds i i just
want to say you watched me
tell talked about how i eat fish i’ve
told this story to like four different
people today
so uh spike and i uh had dinner
last night well first we hung out at the
fish zoo we did we went to the
we went to the to the water zoo the
waters because things are that are not
that’s true so using the points the
water zoo or the liquid zoo
um so i went to the liquid zoo and uh
spike got to see what did you call me
oh aquaculture expert man aquaculture
expert matt
my favorite mat yeah um so he got to see
me do that and then after that we
uh we picked up food um
for ourselves and our prospect our our
respective families um at prospecting
i mean for you it’s a perspective yeah
for me it’s perspective for you it’s
right um legally right
yes yes uh so we picked up bonefish yeah
we went to bonefish to get
i did not know that bonefish did like
party packs yeah
did not know this being a pescetarian
and a jew
i know the way to get the most already
cooked fish possible
if you go to bonefish they have these uh
family packs that they sell for 39.99
okay keep in tr keep keep up with this
okay with this
now if you go to a bonefish the average
meal there like a salmon meal is going
to be like probably about 20 bucks give
or take
so two people eating there you get maybe
two pieces of salmon
and whatever sides you get and drinks or
whatever you’re already in 40-something
bucks probably 50 something bucks before
for 39.99 they give you a big
like clam shell you know the plastic
full of salmon fillets or mahi fillets
we got one of each
uh like like what 10 of them 12 of them
yeah like a
bunch of them just a it was a lot then
you get another one
filled with uh the salad of your choice
uh then you get another one
filled with um filled with uh
the side of your choice you usually can
get either broccoli
or green beans or rice
and again filled to the brim and then
they give you a
side of cookies of mixed cookies
and then they give you what else a bunch
of bread bread so much bread they give
you like four or five
like pieces of bread like they bring out
that does not help him out even a little
bit yeah i don’t have it doesn’t have
the bread and i don’t have the cookies
i have the the uh the the side and i
have the the fish
for 39.99 so we got two of these with
tip it was still
uh it was just at 100 bucks that we got
these things and it was enough
for me to eat yes because
yeah so i had two pieces of mahi
and two salmon and some salad and
and these are the pieces that like
they’re a little bit smaller than if you
just ordered a piece of salmon at a
restaurant like a bone fish
it’s about maybe a half to two-thirds of
the side of that one piece
right you’re not getting like the full
fillet you’re getting a portion of it
but it’s still
it’s pretty decent substantial yeah so
matt got
basically the equivalent of one salmon
and one mahi plus the sides and all that
plus the sides yeah spike
he had i’m gonna have to try to describe
this for our audio listeners
as much as uh for the visual ones he had
a mound
that was roughly four and a half inches
high that
it it was the highest
level thing in florida because florida
doesn’t like have hills or mountains
it’s like completely flat
and his his mound of fish was the
it was it was mount pescado
here in florida and my fishy mound yeah
his fishy hill and he um
he was the jewish man that went up
a fishy hill and finished a fishy
because he went back for more yes he did
he went back for more
he if i had to guess on weight which
i didn’t hold his plate yeah because
that would have been a little weird yeah
but he was using two hands to hold it to
give you an idea
yeah um so that it wouldn’t fall because
it was like because you didn’t want to
yeah um if i had to guess he probably
went through about four pounds of
fish roughly last night and that wasn’t
the only time he’s had fish on this trip
yes and i ate the rest uh this morning
did you really well what what you and
tasha didn’t eat
i i eat a lot of fish and i i think it’s
important for all of you to understand
when i say i eat fish like i’m a
pescetarian that means i eat a lot of it
that’s all i i don’t eat carbs i eat
fish i eat fruit well i guess there’s
carbs and fruit and vegetables but i
don’t eat like bread
bread and and i eat some rice but not a
lot i don’t eat
like filling stuff i eat fish which is
very lean meat
uh and i eat vegetables and fruit
that’s what i eat and none of those
things are extremely fulfilling
so i eat a lot of them i have six to ten
cups of vegetables a day
and usually anywhere between two and
five pounds of fish
yeah it was a lot of fish it’s brain
yeah so what was i forgot what his
question was he has it
real quick we’re gonna just have to play
that again because i don’t remember what
oh oh
the the uh so something about generation
yeah so
so this generation it’s a weird
dichotomy of things that’s happening
right now
in one way they’re being exposed to a
very inherently con
consent anti-authoritarian message that
no one should be able to make you do
something that you don’t consent to
you know whereas you know at one point
rape was popularly understood
to just be um you know forcing someone
to have sex with you
there’s increasing understanding that
defrauding someone or lying to someone
for sex
is kind of a form of rape and uh and um
uh that you know coercing or trying to
talk someone into it
is also a form of rape it may not be
forcible violent rape but it’s still a
form of rape
um and we’re doing this with everything
and so there are a lot of people that
maybe our age and older who are going
all these kids they’re a bunch of mammy
no they’re they’re not they’re actually
getting that ex
that consent needs to be explicit you’re
hearing more and more that you
can’t you shouldn’t make a kid sit on
someone’s lap or give someone a hug that
they don’t want to
yes their kids yes they can’t you know
fully make decisions for themselves but
they should be allowed to decide if they
want to hug someone or not and if they
feel weirded out by someone
maybe go on that or at the very least
let them decide if they want to do
all of this is pointing to a generation
of kids and it kind of started with
i’m technically a millennial i’m just a
very old one it started with millennials
and it has continued to intensify this
idea that consent is key in
all things well that is what
libertarianism is based on
the reason that taxation is bad is
because it’s being taken from you
against your will
right it’s being coerced out of you the
reason that
uh you know all of the things that come
from the state are bad it’s because we
didn’t consent to them
it was enforced upon us at the same time
they’re being harry brown said this
over 20 years ago now probably over 30
years ago now
government is as he would put it
breaking their legs and handing them
he’s making the cost of living in the
barrier to entry
so high for poor for young people who
typically don’t have much of their own
and for poor people in general um that
can’t get by without assistance
from the state if they if they their
parents aren’t wealthy if they don’t
have someone who’s wealthy is willing to
help them
and if they aren’t some kind of
extremely exceptional person who’s able
to just
you know do a high vertical leap up to
that first bottom rung of the ladder
that they can get to
of the economic ladder the vast majority
of them are going to need assistance
and then they’re told well this
assistance is helping you because of
those greedy corporations that have made
things so
uh so expensive so while they’re being
given a very
explicit anti-authoritative
authoritarian message in one way
in another way they’re being told you
need government and you need programs to
help you
a lot of people are taking that for
laziness and it’s not if
you cannot afford
entry into the housing market if you can
barely afford rent even with roommates
or with a partner
if you cannot afford higher education
without some kind of assistance
or again having some kind of genius iq
that gets you a scholarship
it doesn’t work the way that it did for
people my age and older
where you can work part-time and make
your play your way through college
and you can you know go and buy a car
and a house right out of school because
you know you don’t have much loans to
speak of and all of that is the fault of
the government
so it is incumbent upon us to tell this
generation that yes you are correct
you own yourself you have autonomy
consent is key in all things
and against your consent the state
the republic rats created a system that
is robbing you of the ability to provide
for yourself
it is taking your bread from you and
giving you back crumbs
it is as harry brown put it breaking
your legs handing you a crutch and
saying if it wasn’t for me
you wouldn’t have a crutch and so
instead of you know uh
slothing these kids off as being uh lazy
or or or feckless we need to look at the
fact that they’re not there’s nothing
uniquely bad about them what’s uniquely
bad is the situation they’re in
and leaning into the anti-authoritarian
message that’s already there
we can very easily thread that needle of
saying and it is those authoritarians
that put you in the situation you’re in
yeah and i saw somebody in the comments
i still say if you voluntarily pay taxes
you should get your
head checked yes i would i would agree
with that
um however what i would say to that
uh what i would say to that is yeah if
you should want to voluntarily pay taxes
yes you should get your head checked but
if you want to voluntarily
donate to different organizations that
will be doing the exact same thing
that uh the government pretends to do
through taxation you shouldn’t get like
totally fine you are donating to the
things that you feel
are important enough for you to donate
yeah uh yes if you want to donate to if
you want to voluntarily pay taxes
there’s something definitely wrong with
you yeah and now there’s a key between
choosing to pay taxes to avoid
what they’ll do to you if you don’t
which is what the vast majority of us
are doing
and then they’re saying yeah i like
paying taxes because that’s how we fund
our society it’s like nah that’s not
really true it’s taxes are the prices
that you pay to live in a society
where you were taxed to pay for a
um and and and in a society that’s not
benefiting most people
that’s actually taking for most people
um we live in a society we live in a
in a society so thank you guys for your
question definitely thank you all for
your questions uh that is all of the
today for the personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor colin moment so what we have to
do now is
do the final pedaling of this
of this but before we get to that let’s
talk about this weekend
this past weekend okay we had a lot of
fun we did we had a we had a great day
we got to hang out for like a few days
yeah it’s it this is the
this is the most that we have had a
chance to hang
since before i got the nomination yes in
south carolina yeah yeah the last time
matt and i hung out for more than a few
hours was
when uh he came to south carolina for
the south carolina libertarian
and we hung out with vermin supreme and
dave jones who was
vermin’s southeast uh coordinator who is
now he is now doing a great job
as the chair of the libertarian party of
tennessee yes
um and we had a really great time little
did we know
that that was the beginning of uh the
process that would lead to vermin and
his team
asking me to run as his vice president
like a matter of like two weeks later
um so we got to hang out we spent most
of that weekend but we’ve actually spent
more time
this time because we
yeah well so i mean i stayed at your
that’s true yeah i guess i guess that
wasn’t quite as much right
um but more days but not as much right
exactly more days
and the the first time that we hung out
you know we we drove up to south
carolina uh we or we drove up to
wherever the convention was going to be
in south carolina yeah of florence yeah
yeah we drove up to florence together
and uh then we went back and i
hung out with you and tasha for like a
day for like a day or two yeah right
yeah this time um the difference has
you me sarah super fan sarah andereg and
have all been hanging out you got to
meet the uh you got to meet sarah’s kids
yeah i got to meet the boys little dj
david and jacob yeah got to meet david
and jacob we got to
uh we started at the libertarian party
of florida convention in lakeland in
um so we actually met there right even
though we flew into tampa i drove there
you met us the next day
we got to hang out had a great time at
the florida convention congratulations
to everyone in this party
in the state party of florida um i’m so
i just want to say i
i am a member of the libertarian party
of florida um
i have been on and off since 2013
i think 13 14. um and
right now what is happening in in the
state of florida
with the libertarian party i am the most
about everything going on right now in
than i have like since the beginning of
my tenure
uh here and a lot of the people in
leadership here i’m very excited stephen
nikaila is a
wonderful person yes he’s doing a great
he’s doing a great job i like a lot of
the stuff that he has going on
um and josh
i don’t know how to say josh’s last name
oh hello
yeah josh josh who just won uh
the vice chair uh i’m looking forward to
seeing what he does
yeah um but to everybody who won here in
florida congratulations
and i am very excited to see what you
guys do going forward
um and if you guys need anything if any
of you are watching right now
um please feel free to reach out uh
muddy waters media is here
as a platform to help you push any uh
events that you are doing
or uh any any uh fundraisers or anything
like that would be
happy to help yeah absolutely and that’s
an open invitation to all the state
affiliates but
you know obviously we have a special
place in our hearts for places like
florida and south carolina
because we lived there because we’re
there um now cajun says he’s coming on
the show very soon i’m not sure if you
i think that’s even steven yeah stephen
um sarah super superman sarah andering
was a delegate for the first time
got to watch the the fun of that of
business and what that’s like
um it was just a great uh i will say
this is this made me so upset because i
had not been to a convention in a few
and i’ll tell you why for anybody out
there who has been to a libertarian
convention you will understand
when i say this i don’t want to spend
the majority of my day
arguing over the word and or or or
whether something should be a semicolon
or a colon yeah i don’t want to do it no
uh which is why i typically don’t go to
conventions yeah
and i have told her this and i have told
her stories about
the one of the last conventions i went
to yeah
i can’t say the last one anymore because
i’ve been to multiple different states
um well the last national what this the
we can just say the 2016 national one
it wasn’t it was the 2016 florida one oh
2016 florida one
um they were arguing over i believe
it was an and or an if or an and or an
they were arguing about this for two and
a half hours it sounds about right
yeah two and a half hours and then they
tabled it and they said we’re gonna pick
this up tomorrow
and then the very next day they started
arguing it again
and after about another hour of this
argument somebody stood up and said
actually according to the bylaws since
we tabled it we can’t speak about it
until next convention so they wasted
three and a half to four hours of my
life arguing and or or
and i said i’m never coming back to one
of these things again
and now you’ve been you’ve been back to
several but that’s the beauty of the
business and some people enjoy that some
people just do it because it’s necessary
and then they go back to doing stuff
that actually brings people into the
party right
um the uh uh but that’s gonna be like
it’s seamless it’s really good so on the
saturday night
they actually were so far ahead of
that it was like two hours ahead so they
voted to start doing
sunday’s business because they’d already
finished up with saturday’s business
and they did that and we had a great
time that night um hanging out with
everyone got to salsa dance with martha
um and uh huh martha
i just said martha you said marta oh
martha martha i’ve been calling her
martha but it’s martha yeah
martha martha bueno martha bueno since
she’s got an english name i’m gonna say
it englishy martha bueno
uh was got the salsa dance with her and
then on
uh and my wife um and then on sunday
with me though
he didn’t salsa dance with me this you
want us also dance with me next time
i mean you mean when i was in south
oh yeah i made you salsa dance briefly
with me
yes he made me salsa dance briefly
without your consent right
um you just said you’re dancing with me
and i was like i don’t want to do that
yes i’m comfortable sitting right here
then on sunday they were able to get
everything else done we closed out early
got to have
you know even more of our sunday back it
was just a great event
i want to call out a few people uh
trixie who
made the liberty dogs treats that they
for us tash and i to give to the humane
society back home
humane society of north myrtle beach
thank you so much for those
the group defy the power you can find
them on facebook
defy the power uh they were making these
uh really cool custom bottles
or custom tumblers and they gave us
they gave us a spike cohen you were the
power one of a kind tumbler
um and that was very kind so go check
out defy the power
and then one of our fans and followers
dean peterson
painted a like a full-on painting i
should have brought it so you can see it
but i was afraid
that it was gonna i was gonna break it
on the way here it’s an actual
canvas painting of me and tasha dancing
and it’s from i guess a screenshot from
a video of us dancing in california
and it was absolutely beautiful you see
the water on the moonlight there
and uh dean we love you so much thank
you so much for that painting
uh we got to meet so many incredible
people and hang out with ones we already
um got to see some incredible work being
done there in florida
uh some awesome candidates that are
going to be running hopefully we’ll get
some of them on the on the
on the shows very soon and uh and then
we came back here
uh to the tampa bay area uh hung out at
the water zoo
uh i actually got to sleep in two days
in a row which is like unheard of
and uh yeah had a really good time no
it’s been it’s been fantastic having you
um it’s been fantastic having you here
and i always knew that it would be
um and you know just getting you and i
never get a chance to just hang out just
hang out
every time that we’re together it’s
usually online or we’re discussing ready
water stuff
yeah or we’re doing or we’re together
but we’re doing stuff the last time we
saw each other was in orlando for that
and you watch me run around like a crazy
person and sign 500 autographs and
do shoot uh promos for upcoming events
and you know jump into your car run to a
record record and immediately run back
because the bus was waiting for me to go
and take
and then and then go to miami where
ultimately i did my illegal event miami
um that was what pretty much every time
we’re together that’s what it’s like we
don’t really get to hang out
so this has been really cool now it’s
been it’s been an absolute blast having
here in the tampa bay area yeah and um i
honestly i can’t wait till uh me sarah
and the kids can get up to murder
yeah you guys or you guys can get back
down here that’s going to be really just
so we can all
do this all over again and next time so
well in fact when we
when we were in atlanta yes when we were
in atlanta together that was cool that
was fun the georgia convention where i
became a member of the georgia party
accidentally um it was an accident well
they wouldn’t let me
come to the convention unless i did
right so they tricked me
um we went to waffle house and he took a
picture of my waffle
and the syrup that i used and then and
then asked if
that was normal and thank you to
everybody out there who
resoundingly said yes of course that is
that was
i want to tell you brimley is still
alive and yet his goat wait no he’s dead
in me
wilfred brimley i think he though
wilford brimley
whether or not wilford brimley is alive
his ghost appeared
to tell us about liberty medical
wilford brimley yeah oh man
he died recently just that’s why i was
wondering yeah he died less than a year
shout out to wilford brimley rest in
peace forever his ghost
came back this was back when he was
still alive his ghost came briefly to us
to say
diabetes diabetes um but yeah so
i want to take a picture of the amount
of salmon that spite earl just fish in
general that’s
uh that spike will consume in one
sitting like i want to do a time lapse
of it because nobody would believe it
yeah next time we’ll do a video of me
eating like an entire plate full of fish
yes like it’s a lot i ate probably like
10 of them yes
yeah yeah it was insane yeah and then i
got more and i was actually
being so i told matt and i told this is
i was kind of backing off so i didn’t
seem weird because i wanted to like
like fill it fill it which is why i ate
some and then i’m like
he’s like you’re going back for more
aren’t you and i’m like well that’s
that’s less than i usually eat
but i don’t want you to think i’m weird
it’s like yeah too late for that
so then i got up had get almost the same
amount again
and you know i eat a lot of fish i just
need a lot of fish
yes and yes we’re gonna do a photo up at
waffle house in tunica
so back to the uh final bit of the
auction here
uh and the last time i saw uh we are at
245 for a
we’re at 240 245 for a and
still 150 for b uh yeah still 150 for
b guys i don’t think you
understand everything that you’re
getting everything that you’re getting i
should have pulled out everything
the hat yeah go ahead and get this up
the hat because we once sold a hat on
this show
for 420 and 69 cents because
that’s how you are um and it was a hat
that was signed by both of us
this is so much more than that right
this is you get one you get a a large
waffle house button and a little guy a
small waffle house button
there’s stickers up there you get a
this thing here this muddied waters
thing but embroidered
right you get one of these but you’ll
you’ll get probably this one because now
it’s sitting on my desk
you get one of these there’s two of them
here so there’s probably these two right
you get one of these one of the things
is this
yeah look at look at look look at the
quality yeah this is
really nice like look at that look at
the look at the raised like it’s
actually embroidered
it’s high quality high quality patch
there high quality stuff
i no boog plate carrier is complete
without one of these boys
absolutely okay let’s be very clear
about this okay very true
and we’ve touched all of this yeah we
have definitely that’s like a thing
you’re into
which that’s what we’re banking on
option b actually
we touched them and rubbed him a little
then then you get a signed portrait of
both of us where we have signed
our names to each other’s bodies why not
got two of them two right there we got
these then
in addition to that we have a
one-of-a-kind i keep doing that these
shirts which are custom they don’t exist
they don’t exist anymore you cannot buy
these anyway these are out of print they
don’t make these anymore these are the
original muddy waters of freedom shirts
they’re going to be signed by both me
and matt
both of these packages come with that
okay and then in addition to that
package a comes with a for antony
it comes for it comes with a a signed
copy of universal basic income
for and against by anthony samaroff
by anthony in scottish and i’m going to
read that again how he signed it
dear insert name of winner here oh
i if you ever want to go obtain the
give me a wee ring and tell me all right
anthony maman
i’m kumenta go get
the [ __ ] kettle on pal let’s have a
then we’ll go oop for a pint and get
smashed that’s how we talk love anthony
june 2021 yes you can have gosh
you can have this you can have that look
[ __ ] kettle on pal you can have that
uh right now the bid is
at uh 245 245 or
right now the bid is at 150 for all the
stuff that we said before the anthony uh
sam are off yeah minus this minus the
book you get
a muddy waters media exclusive shirt
of suckle on the teet of freedom
that was once owned by superfan sarah
anderegg and is now
autographed by her and autographed by me
and spike
yeah you may not see it but it’s there
yeah out there it’s not there yet i’m
gonna sign it
with and so
she was inside of it
much like no never mind wow
never mind nope so i’m not saying that
no and so
uh you can have that shirt that this
woman wore
right you can have sarah this was a
mother’s day present for her that she
did not appreciate
but you can appreciate you can
appreciate it for the low price of
something over 150
so uh package b for matt’s baby
sarah is at 150 uh and package a
is at 2 45. yes so you can have those
let’s start the bidding at more than
more than those numbers and more than
those numbers and if you can
like yes i’m all for crypto big fan of
but please and fiat this time even if
you’re going to pay in crypto
tell us what it is in fiat so we’re not
sitting there having to whatever right
we don’t want to do it
um so because this is episode 200 um
i don’t what do you know what episode
you i think you have now been on the
show for 128 episodes
if i remember correctly i know i was
starting when it was still in the double
digits yeah i think you were like 72-ish
73 yeah
um god that seems like so long ago now
three years ago was that really yeah
three years ago
we’re now in the 200th episode next stop
1 000. well 500. well 500.
right and we’re good we’ll celebrate all
250 probably
i don’t know how many of you um i don’t
want to seem creepy with package b
though alex
you know what i appreciate that this is
uh sort of a joke
because of something that happened in
the facebook group and we’re just
rolling we’re just rolling with it um
we could tag the guy gotta
be so messed up oh i’m gonna do that
let’s not do that i’d be
afraid uh yeah episode four episode yes
that’s going to be the next one
i don’t know how many people out there
know podcast
stats but the average podcast
lasts two to three episodes
so when you make i believe it’s your
seventh or eighth
episode you are in the 90th percentile
of podcasters because most of them don’t
make it that far once you hit like seven
or eight
you are 90 90
89 of podcasters are behind you
and in all honesty when this show
started that was sort of where i figured
you know we’d do a few episodes and then
it would just kind of trail off
um but 200
and not just 200. we have done
over a hundred episodes of my fellow
we have done over 50 over 50
50 episodes of the writer’s block and we
now have
uh uh we’ve had episodes of uh mr
america the bearded truth and he
plans to come back in the future when
he’s able to jason lyon jason lyon
uh and then we have now uh uh
cajun and eskimo from bayou to igloo uh
joining us as well this is a a
burgeoning media platform and we are
grateful for all of you for being
every single one of you yeah um and the
way that we
continue to do these things is from
fantastic people like you who donate
at anchor.fm if you’re watching on
any of the streaming platforms that’s
going across the bottom of the screen
right now anchor dot fm
muddy waters and thank you to each and
every one of you uh that donates there
uh gives us their monthly donations or
people like j adam wags who
uh will regularly donate on youtube
in the comments during our shows um and
thank you that what to
those people and you we also get people
who will randomly send us money on
paypal and
god bless you yeah we like that yeah we
i like it when i get random ones nice
um thank you and people purchasing our
our um our merchandise merchandise
oh you know what i forgot that i made
you can get your muddy gear today
store i like that thanks um
money gear today go to moneywaters media
thanks so get your gear today and uh and
and be a part of continuing to support
this thank you all for your support
um it is looking like we have have
reached the uh
the the bids that we’re going to get uh
so we’re gonna call it
245 on on package a package
we’re gonna start to close the bidding
going once
i gotta give it time because i got that
right now i get it
245 going twice
that oh that’s for the other one okay
245 going
and i’m
going to we’re we’re letting this wait
because there’s
because there’s a delay we talk and when
you guys 245
going to wise
and then
45 the final bid going to the winner
steven witt and i can actually deliver
that to him in person you can yeah
because he lives in the same county
right so congratulations congratulations
to stephen witt
on your win uh stephen if you even win
stephen stephen andrew wins um
if you will paypal us the 245
before spike leaves tomorrow um i will
give him the stuff to give to you
and he will deliver he will handle
you’re getting a hand delivery from this
stuff to you and actually if uh
he ends up being the winner he’s in
virginia beach
oh well that might work too so we’ll see
we’ll get we’re gonna get to package b
in a second
um uh folks right now the highest bid is
is 200 for package b so get your bids in
uh for that uh but yeah steven uh we
will i will get this to you
um it won’t be to i won’t be able to get
it to you tomorrow but i’ll be able to
get it to you
um before i leave uh for north carolina
this coming weekend
uh we can organ we can set up for that
um and
uh so now we are going to
the final bidding for package b which
is one of these one of those
one of these two of these
two of the well but one of each of those
one of each of these
and also the sarah’s old shirt
and and stickers and stickers right
and stickers for both and i want to say
like uh you
you see a lot of the stickers out there
suck and after time like they just like
they start fading or cracking or
uh i have had these stickers
for five years you’re not the the money
those things are like
the day that you got them the quality of
these things is incredible unbelievable
i’ve had it on my car since then and
these are florida summers florida
um you know florida winters aren’t
really anything but you know whatever
uh but hurricane seasons florida
basically four
summers right yeah it’s it’s three
summers in a spring
um but like it still looks
exactly how it did at the time i have
them on my water bottle which i don’t
have in here because i knew we were
going to have a lot of stuff on the
but i put it on there like immediately
first sticker i put onto this thing
other stickers are fading and cracking
this sticker
or is just it’s there and it is perfect
yeah um yeah no it is uh it ends up it
is um those things are incredible
quality so you’ll get some of those as
sarah anderegg says uh the muddy water
stickers are thick like car decals
or they’re thick like
jack lloyd’s character and the
wow yeah which i picked up every one of
his comic books oh yeah yeah
yeah no it was great to meet jack lloyd
uh and by the way
speaking of jack lloyd and the
philosopher uh the next time i will be
back here in florida
will be next july the
17th uh i will be at reload gun range in
tarpon springs florida
uh if you go and look for the
philosopher and spike cohen shooting
range event on facebook on twitter
everywhere else
there’s actually an eventbrite for it as
well you can register for it today
um and i’d love to get to hang out with
you and shoot guns with you the most
libertarian thing possible
hanging out and shooting guns in florida
we can shoot guns with florida men and
yes and i will be there super fan sarah
egg will be there and
uh my buddy that has an uzi will be
there nice
yes we’re gonna be having a lot yeah
it’s gonna be a great time we’re gonna
be having a great time so come out to
uh so the we’re gonna go and close this
out the uh
closing out the bid for uh alex boyer
alex boyer who’s in virginia beach
he isn’t well he’s alex from virginia
and i think he’s in virginia beach i’m
pretty certain he’s in virginia
we’ll see either way we can either send
it to him or i’ll bring it up too
uh final bid two hundred dollars
going once and he said that he wasn’t
being creepy he just
wanted to give us money well that’s very
nice that is good he gets to get it and
then he can give it to me he can do
whatever you can
give it to me i’m not gonna
going twice 200 going twice
and give it a couple minutes
quite a minute just to make sure that if
anyone else uh
serotonin uh asks are there any more of
the superfan sarah shirts
no no this is the one sarah so if you
want to make a bid on it
uh you gotta go higher than 200
alex is not an opportunity okay so we’ll
just we’ll mail it to you
right uh if you win sarah if you want it
you gotta make a bid of more than 200
bret uh robertson asked what’s happening
just joined uh we are bidding we are
getting a
final bid for uh an auction for the
following you will get
this signed uh picture of me and matt we
signed it
uh we signed it each other’s bodies
um you will get one spike cohen you were
the power muddy waters media bracelet
you will get one muddy waters media
you will get one of each of the sizes
for the libertarian party waffle house
buttons you will also get a muddy wires
media sticker
these are really nice yeah they are so
nice these are like high quality stuff
and muddy waters maybe a sticker
and you will get a shirt that’s two
two shirts oh yeah you’ll get the signed
no not you can’t get these shirt anymore
this was like you can’t get this anymore
this was actually the second shirt that
muddied waters media ever put out
yes and you they’re not available
they’re not available anymore somebody
waters the freedom shirt we’re gonna
both sign those
and you will get the shirt that sarah
and yes you will get this lovely yes we
not that one and andrea said and and
they touched right
yeah we did we touched everything that’s
here we’ve touched everything here i
don’t know if spike’s touched the shirt
he will but he’s got to sign it you will
get the suckle on the teat of freedom
that was once owned by superfan sarah
anderegg and she autographed it
right across the bottom of the
breastus’s area
just to add to it um
okay so uh oh brit was one of the ones
who got the hat
um so uh so it’s
200 going once 200 going twice and at
this point i
feel comfortable saying 200 is the
final bid uh to the lucky uh
mr alex boyer uh we will be getting your
information uh alex uh just be sure to
uh paypal to uh muddy waters
for freedom entry email.com
rewires media muddywatersmedia gmail.com
uh and give us your address and we will
be happy to mail this to you
well that was a very successful auction
thank you guys anybody
uh wanted to buy muddied waters media
it may not be autographed by us but if
you want to show your support for the
all you have to do is go to go buddy
waters media.com
um well this is fantastic so let’s talk
about our upcoming episode so
uh tomorrow i will be back in myrtle
but i have a really cool guest my guest
uh tomorrow uh will be dr
e henderson lawson and she
is uh the author of i think it’s the
colored river
uh it is a story i should have looked
that up before my best friend
hold on that’s why i pulled mine up
evelyn lawson
yeah colored river uh the untold story
of the great
land theft conspiracy in freestone
county texas the government basically
stole a bunch of land from newly freed
farmers newly freed slaves or previous
slaves who were black farmers
took their property from them she is the
descendant of people who had their
property just
straight up stolen from them um by
government in texas and she’s written a
book about it and she’s going to talk to
us about it
uh it is uh right before juneteenth june
19th which is coming up on um
on sunday um which
uh so we’re gonna be talking about that
the legacy of juneteenth and how uh
many of the actions undertaken by
government uh against people
uh oh it’s saturday the 19th uh are
still plaguing people to this day
um she and her ancestors uh have every
right to the the land or at least
recompensation for what was stolen from
and we’re gonna talk about that we’re
gonna talk about what happened there uh
and then on thursday
is the writer’s block thursday on the
writer’s block i have travis bull
johnson who is running for congress in
western minnesota
um minnesota uh and i’m very excited
about having this guy on
um i’ve heard i haven’t had time to look
into him because spike’s been in town
but i’ve heard a lot of really fantastic
things yeah i’ve heard a lot of great
things from
about him from multiple people in the
liberty movement
and i’m very excited to have mon talk to
him about what he wants to do
um with in congress from minnesota
um apparently yeah army veteran 20-year
army vet
look at that yeah i haven’t even read
these notes yet yeah no he’s an
incredible guy
uh he’s so great i’m actually going to
be going up later on this uh
summer to be uh campaigning for him uh
with him for his uh congressional run
um but uh so that’s on thursday for the
writer’s block yes uh then on friday
saturday and sunday
i will be up in greensboro north
carolina for the
libertarian party of north carolina’s
as well as an event on sunday with cell
liberty we’re doing yet another pound
the pavement event in downtown
and if you want to find out about all of
those different events go to
go down to the event section and uh find
out more about those events and how you
can register and be a part of them
i had brent on my show last week
yes that’s right yeah i had brenda
ritter on the writer’s block last week
uh if you haven’t had a chance check
that out brent is fantastic
as i have said multiple times brent is
the only person
and i know that saying this right here
is going to be real awkward but brent is
the only person in the liberty movement
that i would endorse for
any position that he runs for nationwide
hands down same yeah yeah no hands down
he is the only person that i know of
that if someone asked me hey spike
what’s your position on something
i could say brent you tell him what you
think about it and i would be confident
that they
that whatever he said uh i would
probably 100
agree with and and and not just agree
with like how he said it
um and and the way that he presented it
in a way that connected with the person
so um i am uh happy to help him with
this event be a part of it
um that and then also on sunday at 3 p.m
is the second episode of uh
cajun and eskimo from bayou to igloo
with uh
noel and nulik um so be sure to tune
into that
and uh and then join us right back here
same money place same money time
different muddy location for spike
for yeah enough for the 201st episode of
the muddy waters of freedom
uh it is uh it is fantastic matt i just
want to close with saying
i want to thank you for your friendship
and your hospitality
and your support and i think that you
uh you’re my best friend and you are
my uh awesome partner in all of this and
i love you and i’m so happy to be doing
this with you
now and i just want to say that um you
truly are
my best friend and you’ve become a
brother to me over the last many years
um and there is nobody else in this
world that i would rather be doing this
together with
and when i say that you are my hetero
life mate
even though our significant others don’t
like that they don’t like it they don’t
like that
they don’t they they do not like hate
when we refer to each other as
our heterosexual life partner right i
don’t know why i’m not sure why so weird
whatever so what whatever it’s not your
pissiness really
but when when i say that you are you are
my heterosexual life mate and
i can’t wait i love you sarah oh but i
i can’t wait can’t wait to get my cozy
tasha bed and talk about it right
i can’t i can’t wait to see how far we
are able to take money to waters media
um and adding you know shows like cajun
and eskimo from
oh man i’m so excited bringing jason
back whenever he is right
and uh hopefully getting more shows
um to to just constantly uh
grow money well throw muddied waters oh
and also huge shout out huge shout out
this guy does not get enough credit
um anywhere uh brian lambrecht
yes brian lambrecht ryan lambrecht
quite possibly is the hardest working
member of muddy waters media yeah
and he is uh doing it all for
free yeah he is doing it because of his
for what we are doing um he also
for my team for free brian limbrecht is
one of the hardest working people
i have ever met in my life on anything
and he
is consistently dedicated to doing good
hard work better than other people that
are paid five and six figures to do
similar things
and it’s all just because he supports he
cares and he supports what we’re doing
he wants libertarians to win he wants
libertarians to do well
he wants to grow what we are doing into
something that will eventually be able
to pay him as well i mean let’s be clear
we want to make sure he’s getting paid
that’s actually one of the first goals
it’s like one of the goal one is like be
able to give brian something
but to be able to make what we are doing
and spreading liberty into something
that is effective and uh brian is
incredible and we love you brian
so big virtual hug to you big real
in-person hug to you man
i don’t think we could hug the last time
we did a show together because of covid
oh yeah because it weirded people out
right when you when you would
and to everybody out there watching to
everybody who shares to everybody who
comments everybody
who does all all of the things online uh
the people who have followed us from the
beginning the people who are starting to
follow us now thank you to each and
every one of you
you truly truly truly are such a massive
uh ingredient to getting liberty
out there to spreading the word of
liberty to making it a reality
in our lifetimes and if not in our
lifetimes in our children’s lifetimes
because without people like you who are
actively sharing these things who are
out there
working in the trenches who are
volunteering who are door knocking
who are uh at their local affiliates you
guys are the ones that are making
all of this possible even more so than
spike giving myself spike is out there
just doing a bang-up job messaging um
going around the country talking to
people spreading the word of liberty you
he and i are here every week uh tuesday
through thursday spreading the word of
liberty trying to get as many voices on
here as we possibly can
but you are the people out there who are
just grinding
it out and i respect the hell out of
each and every one of you
and thank you all for continuing to do
it uh because
it is a thankless job trying to get
people to realize they could be
free yeah and you guys continue to fight
that fight and thank you to each and
every one of you also thank you for
watching because yeah thank you for
watching too
and listening watching and listening
thank you for that and for all the other
stuff that you’re doing for liberty as
well but especially watching and
listening to this show that’s like the
number one that’s
that’s the best thing you can do for the
things that you are doing for liberty is
watching and listening to this show
we love you thank you so much for being
a part of it some would say that you
are the power i don’t know who would say
that but uh guys we love you so much
thank you so much for being a part of
this and uh we will see you tomorrow
with my show
thursday with matt’s show we’ll see you
i i hopefully see you in greensboro
we’ll see you sunday with uh noelle and
the nullic show and we’ll see you right
back here for the next episode of the
muddy waters of freedom
have a great rest of your evening and
where we’re going we don’t need

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Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon - USN Submarine Vet -Minarchist/Constitutionalist - #Liberty advocate - Principles over party - Constitution over Idolatry
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