Episode 197 – David Chipman Hates Children, But Joe Biden Loves Them

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Liz Terwilliger is running for Congress as a Libertarian for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District! Join us as we talk to her about the campaign and what she wants to see change in our government.

David Chipman sat in front of the Senate last week and had the inability to answer the simplest of questions: What is your definition of an assault weapon? Find out what else he said, or didn’t say tonight!

Also, #supremecourt rules on tribal police roles, Creepy Joe Biden is back, and Amtrack wants billions for people to not ride the trains.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

Episode Transcript

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you landed
haymakers on joe biden how do you go
from being such a
passionate opponent it was a debate
you’re considered the most liberal
united states senator
somebody said that it actually was mike
pence on the debate stage
she kept laughing is there something
wrong with her too
is there something wrong with her she
kept laughing
the media said
and now matt wright and spike cohen
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome
to the vanguard for spike my favorite
spice girl was scary
cohen i am matt wright and together we
are traversing the muddied waters of
freedom folks thanks so much for tuning
in this is of course a muddy waters
media production we are happy to see you
be sure man i got a lot of a lot of
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so so
we are today a fantastic guest actually
we do we do have a fantastic guest we
have a
wonderful guest she is currently
currently running uh for congress as a
libertarian in pennsylvania’s 12th
congressional district
ladies and gentlemen please welcome with
me and with spike
ms liz terwilliger
did we say that correctly you did say
that correctly
yes okay liz terwilliger liz
thank you so much for coming on the show
i just want to say liz that um earlier
today i was on clubhouse
talking with uh some people who are
watching the show
as we speak um and when i said that you
were gonna be the guest
uh one of the guys in the clubhouse said
did you say liz terwilliger is gonna be
on and i said yeah why because my
daughter voted for her
so you you got you got
that you’re one more closer you’re one
closer you got jimmy’s daughter
and possess a write-in so that’s good
hopefully in the district
awesome awesome so liz tell us a little
bit about yourself whenever we have a
libertarian on for the first time we
always ask what is it that brought you
to libertarianism and the
and the lp was it you know an aha light
bulb moment or
kind of a gradual evolution over time
tell us the liz terwilliger
genesis story well i think i became a
libertarian in my middle school
civics class but um
i was a democrat off and on
for many years because i couldn’t truck
with the republicans on social issues
but i had enough during the
hillary debacle the primary that kicked
me out when
they had released the tapes the emails
and everything but just the whole
insider shenanigans it just showed that
you know it doesn’t matter both sides
are just
garbage so i was ready to
turn away and come to liberty so here i
well that’s awesome that’s great we’re
glad to have you uh and you are running
for the uh pennsylvania
in the 12th district um for the uh
is that for the house the the the
pennsylvania house no that’s for
regular house federal house u.s house of
oh this is you we need to start i’m
currently watching
i mean you know but yeah okay
so you’re running for congress uh to
represent pennsylvania’s 12th
congressional district
what is it that inspired you to run for
that office what are the the things that
you want to change
uh if you get elected to that so my
current representative inspired me to
run for this office
during trump impeachment part one
he um i messaged him because
he drank the kool-aid and so everything
was the republican party line and i
wanted to know
why he felt that impeachment was an
unconstitutional process
given that it’s you know in the
but i couldn’t get an answer so i was
really upset and i was complaining about
it a lot apparently
and my husband told me i needed to do
something or stop complaining
so yes i decided to run against him last
and they kicked me off the ballot thank
you for coming to williamsport and
helping me collect signatures by the way
oh yeah yeah
that was fun we ended up 20 signatures
short after the challenge so i was a
and uh he’s still not representing or
responding to the people of the district
here i am again knocking on his door so
who who is your current representative
fred keller okay so now keep in mind
that he gets on the ballot for
you know this but for those who don’t
know this he’s on the ballot
automatically because he’s a republic
rat and he gets their his party’s
he’s on the ballot automatically you
had to get how many signatures did you
have to get
so i was lucky last time because he won
in a special election so i only needed
1800 signatures
which means which means you really need
4 000 signatures
to hold up the challenge because more
than likely you had way more than 1800
but after they challenged the signatures
you got down to 20
20 less now you know that 20 short was
enough for them to go no sorry liz
the american people only should have two
choices for congress
because you fell short 20 uh signatures
after we
ravaged the list of signatures that you
brought to us
right which was still you know almost
800 more than he collected but
yeah well then he i shouldn’t say yeah i
don’t know how many he actually
probably none yeah i was gonna say not
many probably none yeah so
uh so you are uh besides uh running
uh to read the constitution and know
what it says
what are some of the things that you’d
like to change when you get elected
so the most like the bedrock of my
is to make legislation more transparent
so that
people are more engaged in the process
and can participate in the conversation
so we have these so biden is great for
this because he’s given me
all of this all this fodder to work with
because we have these humongous
packages right of legislation and nobody
knows what what’s in them
and so you can’t have a conversation
with somebody about the infrastructure
because invariably you don’t you’re
gonna miss something and they’re gonna
be like aha but
because you don’t know what’s in there
so so people don’t
want to engage but if we took it one
piece at a time
some of that maybe we want i don’t know
but probably not the whole
package but um what’s more important
to me is that we get people to engage in
the conversation
so that’s uh really the bedrock of my
campaign is bringing people into the
process and
making them understand that this is
important to them it affects their lives
and a big part of that would more than
likely be requiring that legislation be
one item at a time instead of these big
omnibus legislation that literally no
one ever reads
like it’s it’s functionally impossible
for people to read
a forty thousand or sixty thousand or
hundred and fifty thousand page document
no one has ever read it they’ve read the
parts that they’ve
uh that they’ve added to it and amended
to it but the actual legislation
itself it would take actual it would
take months or years for someone to read
and they give people a few hours to
review it
before they they go to a party-line vote
so you would require that every
every single bit of legislation is its
own standalone item
absolutely and things like in the um
covered relief package
the lovely money that’s going to start
coming around for parents
that 300 a kid that starts in july i
that was something that you know
probably we should have talked about
but it was hidden in that covert relief
package so people didn’t know it was
but right those kinds of big policy
changes they deserve
debate and discussion so then you
disagree that we need to
pass it to find out what’s in it
i think legislators should probably know
like what’s in it too before they vote
on it
one would think one would think you
would think they would want to know but
apparently they don’t
they just do whatever they’re told is
your campaign slogan bring america
together again
no but i do have a bumper sticker that
says that my campaign slogan is a
representative not a politician
okay yeah because somebody in the
comments said that uh she bought your
uh bring america together again puzzle
and i was like i was like i
i like bada yeah
i could be a member
so according to uh ryan in the comments
you collected 900 signatures on your own
yeah yeah i did last year
i think i got maybe
200 and i was i was there for
about maybe like 101 to 150
i actually probably closer to 100 and i
was proud of myself
like i i had not actually done ballot
signatures before
and i actually went to brian and asked
him his tips on on how to do it because
he’s a he’s a
wizard at it and um i uh
i i thought i did 900
yeah when we uh lost our ballot access
case so pennsylvania
you know sued the state over ballot
access because of covid to try to get
signature relief
and we lost because apparently it’s not
a big deal to collect
signatures in a pandemic during a
pandemic when you’re not allowed to be
around people
yeah yeah so i got kind of
upset about it and i took my petitions
with me everywhere i went so if i
stopped to get gas
i’d ask the folks at the gas station to
sign my petition
if i you know everywhere literally
everywhere i went i had to ask everyone
so that is incredible and if
i have to say i have worked on numerous
campaigns here in florida from you know
city council level up to governor um
most of the candidates that i have
worked for
they’re happy to go door to door
but they are not 900 signatures happy to
go door to door they are
that’s a different one they’re like you
know 50 to 100 signatures happy but
they’re happy to have you go out and do
it for 900 to a thousand signatures with
no problem
but uh if you are out there just going
i’m asking everybody i’m getting
i respect the hell out of you as a
you know i like collecting signatures i
i like to have a reason to walk up to
people and talk to them
and the great thing about being third
party is we get signatures from
so i’m spreading the word to democrats
and republicans because they want to
they as if like they’re voting for me
when they sign my piece of paper
they want to know like everything i
stand for and you know
so it’s a great way to have a
conversation with people you wouldn’t
normally talk to so you weren’t just
asking for signatures you were literally
and i would go up to people and say hey
how are you doing uh can i get a favor
my friend liz is running for office and
she can’t get on the ballot
unless these signatures get signed it’s
the stupid rule you gotta get signature
to be able to put her on the ballot and
they go yeah okay sure you’re actually
wow but i’m collecting for me which
makes a difference you know when you
know that’s true hey
i’m running for congress and they’re
like i’m not signing your thing
what’s wrong with you yeah no i i did
the i did the hey can you give me can
you do me can you help me out my friend
over here
uh is trying to run i if i if i had
yeah i don’t think i had 900
about why i’m running for vice president
in me
for the few days i was in pennsylvania
holy crap
that is incredible liz so
you clearly are dedicated to this this
is obviously
you know what you are here for is to
spread the message of liberty and
i know people are excited to help you
how can people help you where should
they go
your social media your website so forth
to to help you in your in your run
so if people go to liz
everything is off of there you can find
our social media links our donation
page our shop where you can get some
really cool bumper stickers
my favorite one right now is equal
rights for everyone
but there’s also make orwell fiction
again there’s some really fun
libertarian themed
bumper stickers there um you can sponsor
my miles for my walk-a-thon i’m walking
washington dc right now
anything anything for a buck because you
know my opponent
i usually call him uh he who shall not
be named but we named him
but anyway he spent over a million
dollars in the campaign last year
and the democrats spent like i don’t
know 35 000
and we spent six so we’re really trying
to raise money because we’re running to
and we need money if we’re gonna win so
that’s why we’re starting now and not
in 2022 when we’re actually running that
is awesome liz thank you well
yeah we will try to get you as much help
as we can uh it is in the comments uh
liz twowilliger4for not the number four
for congress.org uh and it’s terwilliger
g t-e-r-w-i-l-l-i-g-r i’m telling myself
that g e r
c e r would i say g i r or c
you you said g r you just skip you
skipped a vowel
i said g r uh
oh you know what else people can find on
my website is that
spike and tasha cohen are going to be at
perspectives on freedom in september
with us
in williamsport jersey shore so people
take advantage of early bird pricing and
sign up
yes and that’s happening on the
september 17th to the 19th september
through the 19th yep through the 19th
you’re committed to three days i didn’t
know that yet but i i i
no that’s great no listen i’m happy to
be back in pennsylvania i had such a
good time there when i was there last
um so i’m happy to be back at the
pennsylvania fundraiser
on the where the williamsport
it’s it’s perspectives on freedom so
it’s uh um
we’re calling it american values form
it’s an issues discussion forum
okay so it’s going to be a lot of fun
i’m looking forward to
i’m super excited now i had no idea all
right well cool i’m looking forward to
that well then i will get to see you
yeah you have to check out the smash
event that you’re going to be involved
in friday night
so i will do that i will check out the
smash event that i’m
going to ask brian about as soon as this
show is over
one of our lycoming county affiliate
members owns a smash therapy
business where people like go smash
things therapeutically
oh wow so air hosting uh fun we’re doing
a fundraiser for
community nonprofits we’re gonna ask you
and tasha to each pick a non-profit
and we’re gonna have a smash therapy
so like you can smash stuff with a
baseball bat other things
things yeah not all at least one plate
that you can write something on and
smash it yeah
i’m not smashing you okay but not my
wife and i aren’t getting
smacked well not there
not not in public like that no not like
that that’s
no no but you’re you’re going to be
welcome to take baseball bats to
bottles and oh that i will do all day
see so it’s like a rage room
exactly okay yeah oh i can’t wait
go to the website check it out because i
have a lot of rage
pent up and i look forward to that so
liz terwilliger for congress
dot org spell t-e-r-w-i-l-l-i-g-e-r
dot org it took me a while to do joe
siloski so you know i need some time
but uh so okay uh that’s in the comments
and uh and
i will see everyone out there in
pennsylvania september 17th to 19th i
knew that
um liz thank you so much for coming on
again uh we had a lot of fun talking
with you thank you again
thanks for having me appreciate it thank
you that was fun that was uh
oh i have to do the thing yeah you have
to do the other thing i have exactly hot
oh wow this is weird oh man look how
neat and clean that is isn’t this show
so clean
and spiffy now folks
it’s not if you were upset or anything
but now
look at how beautiful look at how nice
it is and how
organized it is and it’s
like we listened to what people were
saying almost like we
were listening we weren’t though but we
so but speaking of being organized
we have the next segment because we have
segments on this show
this one’s being called the i didn’t oh
i didn’t make the same it’s called the
mud water
coffee alternative masala chai cacao
rapid fire
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so i don’t know how many of you out
there know this but uh or how many of
you pay close attention to
our social medias but if you are one of
the many
who pay close attention you already know
this um
in two weeks ish
june 13th i don’t know how many that’s
12 days from now in about two weeks
um in less than 14 sleeps
right we are going to be airing a brand
new show
here on lip on on libertarian network
on muddy waters media not the name that
is not the name of the company that
i started um here on mighty waters media
we’re gonna have a brand new show
um it stars
the cajun libertarian and the eskimo
it’s going to be i believe 3
p.m eastern yes sunday
starting sunday june 13th at 3 p.m
is cajun and eskimo
from bayou to igloo
by used igloos with cajun and eskimo
we are very excited about this like they
i’m not gonna lie when we were in
i was in clubhouse i was at work and i
was just kind of listening to clubhouse
rooming clubhouse while i was working
and i heard them start talking about a
show that they wanted to do
and i picked up my phone and i texted
spike and i said hey what would you
think about adding them
uh to muddied waters and he said yeah
that’d be cool
i believe that was his exact quote uh
was yeah that’d be cool and i said okay
so as soon as i was on like
my lunch break or something i went out
and i uh
talked with cajun i talked with cajun
and i said hey would you guys want to do
this on muddy
and it took some negotiating
some very tough negotiating on my part
because he was like no i want to do this
on my own because i’m a cajun and i was
like man but you could just
do it on ours and he was like but no and
after a while i had to contact him and
beg him right
yeah and there was like but i’m such a
rugged individual and i’m like yeah but
you know we could help
i put so many spices on my seafood yeah
and he’s like
i could my show is cayenne pepper and it
was like that’s mine
but we we also could help you and and
after what felt like months
of really intense grueling negotiations
nolik was fine with it the whole time
but yeah she was like yeah no we should
do this like
started the show and noel was like no
i’m i’m
from the bayou and we’re like none of
these are reasons not to
be on muddied waters um but after months
of that
seemingly it was actually hours but it
felt like months
we were finally able in minutes it felt
it was months since uh we
finally chiseled if you will
this deal for lasting peace in our time
and a show on sunday afternoon and a
show on sunday afternoon at 3 p.m
3 pm eastern and some of the stuff that
they pitch i’m not even gonna
i’m okay so i’m gonna do that horrible
thing that people do i’m not going to
tell you what it is that they’ve pitched
on things that they’re going to do on
their show but
i’m excited to watch these like i am
super excited to watch this
and i am i don’t want to ruin their [ __ ]
like spoil anything about their show i’m
going to let them tease whatever it is
that they want to tease about it
but i am super excited about this and
i am uh very happy that they are now a
member of the muddy waters family
and uh we welcome them wholeheartedly
to the muddied waters family and we hope
that this lasts
until the world ends yes
and a reminder for for eskimos and other
people in alaska
that’s like
11 in the morning on sunday yes
because and it’s actually the previous
sunday because they’re
seven days behind us no um so uh
it’s it is i i’m super excited so uh be
sure to tune in uh
sunday june 13th at 3 p.m eastern
standard time eastern daylight whatever
eastern and uh you will get to watch the
thing that we
literally begged cajun
to do with us he put he put up quite the
battle but you know what we broke him
and he is now he actually physically
punched the air
while we were talking uh yeah he said i
live near
alligators and we’re like again none of
this is a reason
so do we not that has nothing to do with
the terms
of a partnership agreement right so
they will be joining us make sure that
you turn in june tune
in june 13th 3 p.m eastern
if you’re in the frozen tundra of alaska
that would be 11 a.m and
you two can enjoy if you’re on the left
it’s new
for many of you left coasters it’ll be a
great way to wake up
you soy boys it’s at noon um so we’re
really excited about that
but you know what we’re not excited
he said somehow this now feels like a
real historical event
it is no this is a big deal speaking of
historical events
the supreme court decided unanimously
that tribal governments
and their police officers have the power
to temporarily detain
non-indians suspected of breaking
federal or state laws
within reservations now
what i learned by this is that they
weren’t already allowed to do that
yeah in other in breaking news
tribal governments and police officers
were not allowed to
detain non-indians suspected of breaking
federal or state laws making them
completely different from literally
any other police officer
ever yeah so this started from a case
um cooley united states versus cooley
uh cooley was arrested on indian
um he was stopped and he ended up being
searched by a
uh native police officer who
was a member of the reservations police
squad uh the defense suggested that the
officer should have assessed
cooley’s indian status and then let him
go upon realizing he was a non-indian
unless the officer actively witnessed
him committing the crime
um a framework that the prosecuting
jurisdiction the united states argued
was unworkable and unsafe for officers
and tribal
uh communities which
i get that like if you don’t see them
committing the crime but you suspect
um so that was the argument was he
he was not uh he did not hold indian
status therefore
he should not have been able to be held
by the
native police officers so
they ended up ruling that no they can do
that um
unfortunately the federal crime was
he the the arrest led to uh prosecution
federal drug and firearm charges which i
feel like
he should have been arrested for but at
the same
if it’s there like why wouldn’t they be
allowed to do this already so this is
the thing
there’s two there’s two issues here
and guns should not be crimes those are
victimless crime laws
but let’s pretend for a moment that we
you know
got rid of all victimless crime laws so
the only laws on their books are laws
that are you know where crimes are
things where you have a victim you know
murder uh extortion um
theft assault something like that and
someone has committed a state or federal
of hurting someone and then escapes to a
native reservation
do the natives there have the uh the the
police there or the natives here have
power to be able to detain someone who’s
suspected of actually hurting someone
and in that case our overwhelming answer
would be
yeah why wouldn’t they that’s they sh
would the fact that someone that’s so
it’s i mean imagine you go to uh
pennsylvania when i’m in pennsylvania
and and they say oh you know and if i
were wanted for something
in another state and i went well you
can’t arrest me
i’m not pennsylvanian
like that that doesn’t make any sense it
makes no sense yeah
or even because you know the argument is
the tribal nations are their own
sovereign nations well they’re kind of
not they if they are treat them that way
but that’s a whole other subject
but if i go to canada and i’m wanted for
something back in the states and they
want me
and the canadian police arrest me i
can’t go you can’t arrest me i’m not
canadian so it doesn’t
it doesn’t make it makes no sense but
apparently so apparently
it’s been an issue in the past
because why else would this become an
argument where they needed to rule on it
right right yeah yeah so for those of
you who’ve been skipping to the the
native reservations to to get away from
the feds
turns out you can’t do that anymore
can’t do that no
you cannot do that they can arrest you
and detain you there
they can’t arrest and detain you there
now so now what we have to do is
fight to turn native reservations into
nations of for all these crimes then
then we’re getting somewhere then
they’re choosing not to speaking of of
sanctuary nations
uh later this month on my birthday
uh june 25th to 27th i am going to be
in uh michigan in the where is this in
michigan at the
s soaring eagle casino and resort
i’m it’s so it’s in like central
michigan i’m not sure it’s in michigan
it’s in michigan but it’s in the saginaw
chippewa tribal nation
now i know what you’re probably thinking
why would the libertarian party of
have their convention at a native
reservation well because it’s michigan
and right now uh indefinitely the state
is locked down
and you can’t have any events there even
though kovid
is very much on the decline uh and uh
in in michigan has demonstrated uh
that the lockdowns have done nothing to
slow the spread of covet that is not
uh gretchen whitmer uh and her terrible
from continuing to uh impose them
themselves on the lives and rights and
property of the people of michigan but
the saginaw chippewa nation said hey
screw you we’re a sovereign nation we do
what we want
and michigan has repeatedly tried to
order them to comply with the uh
the covid orders that were ruled
unconstitutional about a year ago
and uh and the saginaw nation said no
screw you we’re our own tribe
so i’m all about tribal sovereignty if
for no other reason
then they routinely thumb their nose at
state and federal
uh laws and uh and and mandates so
um right that was a shame robin dominic
said that she heard that the soaring
eagle casino has really good pizza
i’m yes because of what because of
thing last week or she said yes at land
sharks and she goes i don’t know if you
know this or not but they they have
really good pizza
which is why i was there with more
people than i’m supposed to be there
without my mask on and i love she went
they got really good pizza it’s like
yeah i know i’m sure they do but you’ve
been telling everyone to
let their lives destroyed that was that
was such a bad luck for anybody who
didn’t see last week’s episode
that was such a bad line spike thought i
made it up
and he did he did the rim shot
uh gif that we do yeah and uh
you said you said that gretchen whitmer
uh uh said well it was really good pizza
and i’m like
and no but it turns out she actually
said she actually said it
she act because i’ll throw in stupid
jokes every once in a while and i’ll hit
me with that but that one was so bad
by a politician that he thought i that i
made it up which is insulting to me
but no but it was funny it was a funny
like stupid one-liner but she said it
but she said she said it to a state that
she has
mangled by not letting people live their
for over a year now even after the
supreme court ruled that it was
she’s like you hear her she thinks she
is abraham lincoln
so oh so yes it is in mount pleasant
of michigan and uh it is on the 25th
uh through the 27th and if you go to i
think it’s lp let me
double check lpmichigan.org i think it
is nope
is it michigan give me one second i’ll
tell you the website you can go to
party there we go it is michiganlp.org
you can get more information about the
event and you can register to be a part
of it i’d love to have you there
uh i will be speaking i’ll be doing all
sorts of stuff signing autographs doing
q a
hanging out with my peeps and hopefully
talking we’re organizing to talk with
some of the tribal nations there to talk
about tribal sovereignty maybe i can
float our sanctuary
nation for everything planned that we
just came up with now
so speaking of shameless plugs yes
joe biden oh wow
yes wow
man i thought about that one like four
four minutes ago and i was like i can’t
wait to get to the end
uh joe biden was speaking at joint base
langley and eustis in
the commonwealth of virginia ahead of
memorial day uh where he wants to make
sure that everybody stays cool
just so you know uh being sure to thank
governor blackface for all he has done
to support the troops in virginia uh
before this weird off the cuff
moment right in the middle of his speech
i’m especially honored to share the
stage with brittany
and jordan and nathan and margaret
i i love those barrettes in her hair man
i tell you what i look at her she looks
like she’s 19 years old sitting there
like a little lady or the leg squad
you’re doing triple duty as a
we all know that joe biden is
he has creepy moments
and then he has those moments that are
he’s why is he so creepy
like you know that before he goes out
to do any speech his handlers are
sitting there going joe
joe joe joe just read the teleprompter
you just don’t
say things about just girls
just read the teleprompter don’t even
don’t go don’t say anything else at all
because we don’t know what’s going to
leave your mouth just read the words on
the screen
as they are being highlighted follow the
bouncy ball joe
just follow the bouncy ball see
this and then she look look at her
and her hair she looks like a no joke
just read talk about housing
i could not imagine being one of his
handlers as he starts going off coffee
i’m here with brittany and the nathaniel
and whatever little mary katherine
look at her with the barrettes in her
hair she’s
she looks she just looks like a 19 it’s
just like
no joe shut up shut up joe shut up
it’s not even why is he so creepy
because there’s a lot of creepy people
out there
how how did he become the president of
america and don’t say trump because i
know that’s the answer
but i was going to say this he didn’t do
mean tweets no because he didn’t
no mean tweets but that’s i don’t know i
think i’d rather someone tweet meanly
say that [ __ ] jesus god
what the hell like why
i saw that video and i was like well
there’s no way i’m not putting that on
the air
no gosh i absolutely am putting that on
the air it would be negligent journalism
not to tell people
how creepy we’d be cnn if we were my god
what a freaking weirdo right
like what an absolute gosh
he got more votes than anybody in
i know no people saw that and went well
at least he’s not
orange more votes than anybody in
one in history
so speaking of things that are
depressing amtrak
uh has asked the government for 75
billion dollars with a b
to service improvements along 25
existing routes that almost no one uses
because it’s
amtrak the creation of another 39 that
no one will use
and the expansion of services to 160 new
across the country in the name of
environmentalism mentalism because
nothing says the environment
like trains just a chugging
along now here so
here here’s here’s trains here’s the
uh their argument is less cars on the
road well
less cars on the road less people
driving to travel uh
will create less co2 blah blah blah get
it all right fine
i get your argument what they also asked
was for the power to sue private
railroads that don’t prioritize
amtrak’s passenger trains
the majority of these uh private
these private rail tracks trail roads
these private railroads
are like 70 uh about 70
of the miles amtrak trains travel are
private owned
and they are all free that’s what we all
fuse them for
exactly they they are all freight
railroads and they are
used in order to make sure that goods
get around the country
and the cleanest way possible
because unlike people that’s actually a
good way to move freight
right they move it to different
locations where it’s then unloaded onto
trucks who then take the
who then go and move this up and
actually incidentally well we’ll talk
about that in a second go ahead
right so if this happens
if this happens yeah a vast majority of
the freight
in this nation will have to be moved to
trucks yeah and the trucks will now be
across the country releasing more co2
than the cars would have of the people
that were on the train
yep oh and the cost of all the goods and
services you get i know you were
probably thinking man
it’s way too cheap to get stuff i need
well good news
because this would make it go up now
you’re probably thinking
yeah schmuck you’re always complaining
about stuff but libertarians i bet you
don’t have a solution to this
actually we do it’s called repealing the
damn jones act
because it’s the jones act that has us
freight as the pri or uh freight rail as
primary means of moving freight across
the country
so it’s actually cheaper minus the jones
it’s actually cheaper to use boats
to ship things from one side of the
country over to the other
side of the country using the panama
canal thanks to the jones act which
exponentially drives up the cost of
using of using um
uh maritime freight uh
distribution or shipping it now makes it
it costs less comparatively to use
trains so the whole use of freight
trains isn’t because it’s actually the
best and most efficient way to do it and
certainly not the most environmentally
friendly way to do it
it would actually be way cheaper and
more environmentally friendly
to do it by boat but thanks to the jones
act we’re now
still using trains so if they repealed
the jones act that would free up the
rails quite a bit
it would also lower the cost of of um of
the freight that’s being moved across
the country
it would actually make freight right now
it’s cheaper to ship something from
china to california or from china
to new york than from california to new
york or new york to california
thanks to the jones act get rid of the
jones act we’re more competitive there
we’re more um environmentally friendly
and moving stuff within the country
and we free up the rails to use them for
whatever the hell they want no one wants
to use rails
rail usage is only because of regulation
and subsidy so
the real answer is to be environmentally
friendly by getting rid of regulations
move things to things that are less
environmentally friendly
so there so there so um
yeah he kind of covered everything else
in the notes right there
uh has a uh did make a statement about
the uh the situation with amtrak uh he
has for a long time
talked a lot about amtrak and he did
want to weigh in uh quite a bit
and i had a nurse at nurses
at walter reed hospital who would bend
and whisper in my ear and go home and
get me pillows they would make sure
they’d actually
probably nothing ever taught in uh you
can’t do it in the covert time but
they’d actually breathe in my nostrils
to make me move
to get me moving that’s a good point
you know this that is the single
greatest sound bite
that we have ever found yeah it’s why we
will continue using it
forever yeah yeah absolutely forever
uh good news everybody jack casey is in
the comments so apparently he
made enough money to bond out
so casey everyone good we freed jack
casey good job to all of you who went to
the royal green dot com and purchased
jack casey’s books
uh so you know he is out and he is safe
and we’ll find out what happens once he
goes to trial um
jacob in the comments says i got hairy
legs that turn blonde in the sun
is my favorite random phrase to say out
loud joe biden’s as well
that’s his yeah that and corn pop was a
bad dude are his go-to’s
corn pop was a bad dude so i actually
saw on twitter
um where it was on black twitter and
people were sharing that clip of joe
biden and they’re like
he’s calling us roaches and he’s talking
about how he made us touch his hair
and i’m like oh you just found this out
you just saw this
we’ve been we’ve been talking about this
for two years like
2018 i think when this came or 2019 when
this came out
we’ve been talking about this uh sarah
foster mentions uh
lng natural gas conversion for 18
wheelers there’s a ton of different
that would make the use of that with
the moving of freight and people way
more cheap
and way more safe and way more
uh or friendly you’re gonna be shocked
at why it’s not happening
it rhymes with schmegulations
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that’s true um
so we let’s uh
all right everybody in the comments just
roll off some questions and we’ll answer
three of them give us a couple questions
and we’ll answer the first
four of them
sure sure we’ll answer the first forum
people on youtube andrea mentions
uh that liquid natural gas is much more
complicated and expensive to transport
and store it is more
uh expensive well it’s more complicated
it doesn’t necessarily have to be more
expensive i was actually talking with
someone who is in this space who is
actually coming up with a way
to liquefy natural gas and be able to
have microprocessing centers
that can that can actually liquefy the
because it’s compressing it and it’s not
a lot of the expense comes from federal
regulations that are making it
prohibitively expensive
to liquefy it to compress it and then to
ship it
um it is six times more or eight times
dense than or eighty times much more
dense uh than regular gasoline
and ha and is is much much much cleaner
uh than gasoline or diesel or anything
else and it can easily you know you can
uh engines or make engines that just
burn on natural gas like it is
i think it’s going to be that bridge uh
the electric vehicle space continues to
become more and more efficient
and and displace um the the
combustion engine model it’s going to be
that liquid natural gas is going to be
gap that kind of stop gap between that
until eventually electric is the most
efficient way to to
be able to transport people and and uh
and um and freight and whatever else on
the land
uh and then after that long after
uh the long after electric displacement
like battery operated vehicles displace
uh internal combustion on the ground
you’re still gonna need it for the air
um for like airplanes and things like
that and possibly for
maritime purposes as well and lng can
work there as well
so it’s actually it’s a it’s a pretty
cool thing
um let’s see we have some questions here
yeah there’s um oh robin dominic best
fundraising ideas
uh smash room i was gonna say the smash
room that liz terwilliger came up with
fantastic fantastic idea
loved it so i actually there’s a great
way to
i’ll do this shameless plug again
another great great way to raise funds
is to have people pay to come and shoot
guns with me at a gun range and
i know what you’re thinking hey spike
that’s not
are you gonna do that yep i sure am on
uh july 17th
i will be in florida
in pinellas county pinellas county
at the philosopher and spike cohen
shooting event at the
doesn’t say where oh god it’s that uh
it’s at a it’s uh
it’s at a range it’s the it’s the
rain it’s like the largest closed gun
range in america it’s at the reload
quality indoor sheridan
range in tarpon’s tarpon tarpon
tarpon tarpon tarpon springs florida uh
and we will be doing that on saturday
evening uh we’re also going to do a a
talk and photo op before that a vip
mixer afterwards um and uh
and you are uh if you go to
i’m gonna get the link if you go i’m
gonna get the link to
how you can
how you can be a part of this there we
go it’s on eventbrite
and you can be a part of this i’m gonna
put it in the comments
now and uh but if you also if you just
google philosopher’s spike cohen range
event it’ll cut it’s the first thing
that comes up
um and if you go to spike co see i can
remember to keep plugging this if you go
to spikecoen.com
and go down to my upcoming events it’s
listed there uh
happening in uh in the website now i
have a website spycoming.com
did not tell you that no yeah
and for anybody who’s going to uh that
um with the philosopher and spike uh
sarah and i will also be there
so you will get a chance to meet the
entire muddied team
well you know not cajun and eskimo but
you know the the
people who have been here forever the
original well
well you know what i mean occasionally
eskimo can come we’re giving them like
over a month’s notice
that’s true they can come i i just don’t
want to guarantee that they’re going to
meet no we can’t yeah we can’t guarantee
it i mean
for it’d be a schlep for nullic but
right could get there
i mean if she started walking now i feel
she’d die she would get to anchorage in
and die and we don’t probably not
actually she wouldn’t die she probably
she wouldn’t die she’d be fine yeah i
know she’d be fine she’d
eat bear along the way um she was
back bare in her back in her satchel
line of carnage of where she made her
way through to
i love her so much um to to she does
have sleigh dogs though apparently
according to cajun
so oh okay well see that speeds her up
by about triple so up
well yeah up until she gets to the lower
48 where there’s no snow
oh yeah then it’s just then it slows her
down because
quite a bit quite a bit actually it’s
kind of depressing to watch dogs have to
try to do that
um but noel should be able to get we’ll
no guarantees but matt and sarah and uh
tasha and i will be there
uh and that is a great way to raise
money by coming and shooting guns with
that was actually proposed fantastic it
was an idea during the campaign
and we had tens of thousands of dollars
in pledges from people who wanted to do
and then it got shot down because so
yeah so um that’s that question
um um
let’s see um
well malik has a good point the salmon
are running and she has to fish
oh okay well then yeah no you can’t
falter for that but as soon as the
salmon are done
i actually knew that the salmon were
running them
of my short period of time in alaska so
bell asks uh just a question on how you
feel on regulation of the development of
new forms
to harness energy for new ev vehicles i
think that
it shouldn’t be regulated and that the
market is going to provide way better
things than government’s going to get
going to give us for example right now
the cleanest safest
most environmentally friendly and uh and
cheapest form of energy
bar none is nuclear and when i say
nuclear sometimes people go oh my gosh
what about three mile island fukushima
hiroshima and
that’s not an example of nuclear energy
uh chernobyl
is what i meant not hiroshima i guess
technically hiroshima is
going to recover from this chernobyl
three mile island
and fukushima my gosh spike yes those
are the three times something happened
now i can’t even begin to list off all
of the
accidents and deaths that have happened
from other mass forms
of energy it’s like how air travel
is so safe that we can name the times
that it has failed
commercial air travel has failed in the
past few years
that’s how nuclear is it is easily the
and the cheapest and the most
environmentally friendly of
all of the forms of mass production of
energy right now
and the only reason that it isn’t
widespread is because of government
and in fact it’s holding back
innovations in the nuclear space like
thorium salt reactors and other things
like that because again
it’s so heavily regulated that it’s
prohibitively expensive to make
a new nuclear power plant that
stops us from being able to have the
plentiful cheap energy we need to make
new innovations in energy you can’t make
new forms of energy without having to be
able to expend the energy
to research the new forms of energy so
the answer is get government out of it
so uh sally ann asked hang on a second i
just had it and then somebody commented
sally ann asked about what we think
the where did you go
she there it is uh what do you have to
say about the cyber attack on the jbs
meat processing company now
so all of you may remember
just a few short weeks ago uh when the
colonial pipeline got
a a similar thing happened
um a similar thing happened and uh
they got hacked by some ransomware
and they shut down oil to basically the
entire east coast
uh and ended up paying a 5 million
dollar ransom
i believe um to make sure that
uh they would let go because you know
that’s how
ransoms and blackmail work that’s all it
works well when you keep paying it then
that really shows them
right when you continually give them
more money they really enjoy it and then
they realize that it works
um also i don’t know how true this is i
saw it on
a guy show that i used to really respect
he’s gotten a little uh
he’s gotten a little out there recently
but he said that they didn’t even hack
the infrastructure of colonial and only
the billing
is that true i don’t that i don’t know i
just know they got hacked and i know
that um
they shut everything down because they
didn’t want it to be more widespread so
it may have been possible that it just
affected billing
but they shut down the network because
they didn’t want it to infect the rest
of the system or so
that in my i’m not sure no it’s not alex
jones ken
um so yeah i
i saw that i was like why would they
shut down the infrastructure
if but yeah that makes sense um
so with the with the jbs uh meat
processing i was reading a little bit
about that this morning
it’s the same sort of thing they’ve
already shown that they’re gonna pay and
this is one of the
largest meat production companies in
uh this is going to like since the
we can say roughly since january 6th uh
because i can’t think of the exact dates
but roughly since you know the
the attack on the capital uh meat prices
specifically red meat prices have been
hit by inflation harder than anything
else in the grocery store
did you know that i knew it was one of
the highest i know it was like yes
and and and dairy and jerry were like
building supplies meat and dairy were
like the three biggest sectors that were
being hardest hit by
um price increases yeah um
this is what you’re going to see is
you’re going to see even a higher cost
of meat production because they’re going
to shut down like they’re going to have
to shut down production lines if it’s
the same sort of situation
right much like they did with uh
colonial with the colonial pipeline
uh when colonial paid they showed the
companies will
and that means that they’re going to
continue doing it
to large producers in america
yep now this goes to the question and
you’re 100
right when you negotiate with hostage
takers they keep
taking hostages because you showed them
you’re going to pay them that’s
that’s a problem here’s the other part
of the problem
going back to the pipeline uh colonial
why the hell is there one pipeline
that’s providing nearly half of the
energy needs
for the entire east coast you’re
probably wondering
wouldn’t there be like different
competition to be able to provide
different types of energy and different
types of pipelines and different means
of product yeah
you would if you didn’t have the
government so heavily regulating it in
the first place now
far be it for me to be a libertarian and
blame everything on regulation but here
i go
the reality is that when the market is
severely limited
and bottlenecked to create mega profits
for crony businesses
at the behest of those cronies for the
politicians that they put in place
this is what happens you can have
a single hacking of a single system of a
single company
completely shut down your supply of that
thing or at least greatly reduce your
supply of that thing
previously oil and now in this case beef
the reason we have this this factory
farm big ag
system in place to begin with is because
the us department of agriculture
is increasingly uh driving up the
regulatory burden the cost the barrier
of entry costs
to even be a supplier a commercial
of agricultural goods food and things
like that
in the first place which means that the
farms are getting bigger and bigger and
and more and more and more centralized
people assume it’s because that’s more
efficient it is not
it is not more efficient it is
incredibly bloated
incredibly wasteful there’s a tremendous
amount of waste that’s happening as a
result of it not to mention the
environmental damage and the and the the
health concerns and everything else
it’s bloated and inefficient but it’s
the only way to do business because if
you keep driving up the cost of
a business and if you keep subsidizing
the smaller farmers to
not produce crops and meat this is what
and now instead of having thousands of
different providers to choose from so
that if this company gets hacked
oh well that’s too bad they’re gonna
have to figure that out but there’s 999
other people to be able to provide it
now now that’s really about it that’s
they’re one of the few people in the
this is what happens when bottlenecks
are created to protect corporate profits
by politicians at the behest of the
cronies who put them in office
one of the many bad things that comes in
addition to
reduced access to the things that you
need increased pricing
and another terrible part of that is
if something goes down if they have a
or if they have a uh a hacking or if
they have
a recall or a shutdown remember when
romaine lettuce you couldn’t get any
these are the things that happen when
things are bottlenecked as a result of
the regulatory capture that comes from
government get rid of the regulations
decentralize the power free the markets
and you’re going to have cheaper prices
more access more disruption and
innovation which leads to better things
coming out of that market and when
something like this happens
you don’t completely shut down that
so also uh speaking of regulation
especially on the gas industry
earlier today i’m certain everybody out
there has noticed that gas prices have
gone up
yes a little bit
roughly yeah uh
so earlier today the biden
administration announced that it will
suspend all oil and gas contracts in
alaska’s arctic national
wildlife refuge amid gas prices
uh rising so he shut down keystone
which i’ve never been a big fan of
keystone pipeline because they took the
they just took it they were like no
we’re gonna take this eminent domain
nightmare yeah i was not a fan of
keystone at all yeah
am i a fan of pipelines yeah i want you
to get the land the way you’re supposed
to get it
um don’t use it for eminent domain don’t
say a minute domain we need it so we’re
gonna give you
you know the fair market value of your
land and
if it’s your house that we’re taking
sorry uh even if you’ve lived there for
40 years or whatever i don’t know if
that’s an actual story but
that’s how it works um so he shut down
uh which would have helped with uh gas
and oil prices uh throughout all of
and then he shut down in new mexico any
of the
he shut down any of the contracts in new
or arizona i don’t remember it was like
right when he first started
um and now he’s shutting down the
contracts in alaska
gas is going to get very expensive very
in southern california right now it’s
roughly six bucks a gallon uh where i am
it’s 280 290. um i have no idea what it
is where spike is because i don’t live
it’s about the same yeah it’s it’s i
think a little bit less it’s like two
last time i got gas it was 260 something
but that was a few days ago so
it might be in the 280s now yeah i got
it right before memorial day weekend and
it was like 270 and then the next day it
was up
because it’s memorial day weekend right
so it’s probably the same here yeah
so because of regulations because of
government because of you know
uh government intervention into so many
different aspects of our lives
we are going to continually see these
prices going up and these prices going
back down depending on who is in
office um 299 in ohio
uh but um
it’s another example of government
making it impossible for us to live
without being constantly for lack of a
better word shat on by
the policies of the administration that
is in office
and intentionally so so the biden
administration wants to
make people want to have these these uh
renewables quote unquote
and so they’re driving up the cost of
thinking that that will make people say
oh well then i guess we can’t use
gasoline anymore
we better use these renewables that
that’s not what it makes people do it
makes people say we need the price of
gas to go down because my car
my vehicle that i use every day uses
this is what central planning brings us
because central planning is done by
people who are so disconnected from
they have no [ __ ] clue how life works
because it works for them
however the hell they want it to because
they make other people do stuff for them
so if they create a new market reality
where everyone has to switch to
and everyone has to switch to electric
vehicles no biggie to them because they
just robbed those same people to get the
stuff that they need
for the rest of us who have to actually
provide value to others in order to get
the things the money that we need to be
able to live our lives
not so much and so this is what ends up
happening these bad things happen
keystone was an absolute eminent domain
nightmare let’s be let’s be clear about
and by the way that’s not why they shut
it down they shut it down because of
so-called environmental concerns even
though pipelines are way
safer to transport uh uh oil and and
um and other fossils transporting it by
the truck
by truck or train give me a break
it is it’s not even comparable it is
exponentially more
i know i’ve used exponentially many
times but every time it’s been correctly
used on this episode
it is exponentially safer and uh and and
better and more efficient the problem is
when you have the government say
oh nice thousand acres of land you have
i’m going to
buy by force about a total of
three acre strip right in the middle of
your property it’s gonna cut it right
down the middle
i’m not gonna pay you for the fact that
i’ve just rendered a good bit of your
property unusable because i’ve cut it
in half i’m gonna pay you for that that
you know
50 foot by however many foot property
that i’ve taken that i’ve taken from you
completely irrespective of the fact that
i’ve just rendered the rest of your
property or a good bit of your property
unusable or less usable by putting a
freaking pipeline right in the middle of
so here’s your money uh you can’t do
anything about it
they were also doing this to tribal
lands this was
the eminent domain is terrible for many
and and eminent domain for something
that is ultimately a private
you know this is coming from a pri from
private companies who are making a
profit off of it
great pay people what the land’s worth
and and if you’re making all this profit
fantastic pay people what their lands
worth you can find an agreeable
way to get people to sell their land and
if this doesn’t want one doesn’t want to
sell their land maybe this one will and
if it costs more
good because it needed to have cost more
you were
having it cost less because you were
using government force
to force people to sell it for pennies
on the dollar what what you were
actually taking from them
so that that’s a bad thing so we’re not
shedding tears over keystone and yes
it’s terrible that jobs were lost
but that’s like saying oh we should
seize this person’s farmland
and build a mini mall on it because
think of all the jobs it’ll create no it
you can create jobs by buying property
and then using it for commercial
purposes that’s fantastic you can’t
rob people and then say but think about
jobs right it’s terrible that those jobs
were lost
and and the people whose jobs were lost
they weren’t the ones that were trying
to rob people they’re the innocent
bystander victims of bad policy on top
of bad policy but
that doesn’t justify the theft that
happened as a result of it um
not allowing drilling in anwar not
allowing drilling offshore
these are they are intentionally and
also the the stimulus policy that’s
driving up the cost of everything
they want you desperate i’ve said this
many times they want you desperate
they want you scared they want you
anxious they want you unable to afford
just to live
because then you become more dependent
on them harry brown
uh probably the best
presidential candidate the libertarian
party has ever had in my opinion
my opinion uh harry brown once said
government is good at one thing
they know how to break your legs hand
you some crutches
from the and i add from the wallet they
from the money they stole from you they
pay for the crutches
hand you some crutches and then say hey
if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have
those crutches
well yeah if it wasn’t for you i
wouldn’t need them either and this is
what government does they make you
dependent on them
and then they help you by robbing you to
give you back some of what they took
from you
uh as long as you can prove that you
need it and that’s that is the story of
what government does to you and that’s
what they’re doing in gas
yes thank you
can’t can’t say anything more um
um let’s we’ll do
i guess we can do one more question and
then yeah sure
we have to scroll up oh i’ve got one why
just why just why well that’s a good one
you could take that one
um why because because
because we love you s p i k
e spikey club well we didn’t nope
you did that wrong it’s s p
i i’m spike cohen k
e y why you are the power
m-o-u-s-e let’s we’re
gonna have to definitely come up with a
different name for that
yeah um of
absolute scumbags
murderous scumbags with the most
punchable faces ever
now in all fairness we have used that
phrase on this show a lot
we used it about nick sandman
oh but you know what and ultimately it
turned out he didn’t even do anything
wrong but yeah that doesn’t that doesn’t
mean he didn’t have a picture but yeah
no he definitely had one of those kind
of things he did yeah he had a punchable
and we used it about david hogg oh god
reviews about david hogg and nick
sandman but this is the first adult that
we’ve really ever
we’ve graduated to picking fights with
so let’s talk about david chipman david
so he’s uh joe biden’s obviously he’s
joe biden’s pick to be head of the atf
um so he sat in front of the senate
uh last week to discuss his potential
uh appointment the point disappointment
disappointment for many of us um but
before we get to how that went we were
lucky enough to
acquire video of chipman’s vision for
american gun owners and we wanted to
share that with you
yes we are very happy to show this to
that’s not inaccurate that’s not it’s
nope that’s not inaccurate even
even a little bit um i will say that
super fan sarah anderick did not like
the many takes of that video that i made
because i just kept playing
screaming noises yeah i know that would
annoying and i’m glad i don’t live with
you but i i i mean it’s accurate that is
he liked it he was happy posed in front
of that exact thing happening
we all remember david chipman in in the
trial he denied it
in the hearing he denied that was him
yeah no that’s that’s him look at that
face so i mean we all remember him
pushing these falsehoods
uh about the events in waco uh we’ll
we’ll put up some of the stuff he said
saying that the the branch davidians
were whereas it put we’re shooting down
uh 50 using 50 caliber uh barrett rifles
shoot down texas air national guard
uh i it’s just just total nonsense
that is completely true he still refuses
to edit or retract his statement after
being called out he’s an absolute liar
and he uses his lies to justify
murdering children there was a post that
he made
right at the beginning of covet i don’t
know if i put this in the
i don’t think i did um so there was a
post that he made
right at the beginning like it was march
of last year and liberty university was
sending kids back to school
and he compared liberty university to a
now from the man who was at least
partially responsible for the burning of
innocent people in waco
that has to be a really terrifying thing
for him to say
yeah because they’re just there yeah was
oh the justification was oh well they’re
a cult yeah that’s a reason to burn
children huh
right oh uh uh david koresh uh was
grooming some of them and having sex
with him that’s terrible he should be
arrested for that which is why you
should have arrested him one of the many
times that he took his motorcycle
to town by himself for hours at a time
to get coffee you could have literally
just scooped him up easily with like a
beat cop with no problem
uh instead you chose to uh conflagrate
and and create a standoff
in a with a heavily armed compound and
his victims if it’s true that he did
those things you
set his victims on fire with their
and you only did any of it because you
were afraid that clinton was going to
cut the funding to the atf and you
reasoning to have your agency
yeah and so now you’re aiming that ire
at schools that reopened before a few
months before
the department of education said it was
and cdc said it was fine to do so
that’s not scary huh
so after uh he left the atf
he became a lobbyist for the gun control
industry shocking
because the person that you want in
of the atf is somebody who has been
fighting to make sure that
it was legal for everybody to own
firearms in this nation
um he uh has called
gun owners racist yeah black panther is
unavailable for comment yeah
you’re right um he called gun owners
racist uh he compared
uh he has compared them to well i think
i have some of those yeah i got those
um so the man
who calls himself a gun expert considers
himself to be
the king of the gun experts uh
had trouble answering simple questions
this what’s an assault weapon yeah
senator um the bill uh to ban
assault weapons what is your thousands
of pages there’s no way i could define
an assault weapon you don’t have
you’re going to run in this agency and
you don’t have a definition of assault
but i would be enforcing the definition
that membership
i’m going to be issuing rules and
regulations just give me your definition
um i’ll give you one definition that 18
give me your definitions
one definition that atf give me your
i can give you one definition if you
want to answer my question how can i
vote for you
i’m not a fan of kennedy like in general
but yeah
he was not the only person to ask this
line of questioning many of the senators
did they just wanted him to come out on
the record to say what it was tom cotton
who i can’t stand i think that man is
villainous scum um
he was one of the ones that was there
also asking the same line
of questioning and uh he was saying you
know how
you know what do you consider assault
weapon and he says well you know the atf
defines it
and what he he says that he the atf’s
of an assault rifle would be any
semi-automatic rifle capable of
accepting a detachable magazine with a
caliber above 22
which this comes from an atf memo
and it’s like heavily buried and it’s
not like public knowledge is
something that if he hadn’t said it none
of us would have even
known it existed um but he said he kept
when tom cotton was questioning him he
kept saying it is up to you to tell me
what what an assault weapon you have to
defining it so you want us to pass a
bill saying that we’re banning assault
weapons and then
you don’t want any input on that and you
just want us to tell you what an assault
weapon is and he’s like
yes i will just enforce the laws you
know you are a man who was fighting to
get rid
of the ar-15 we’re going to get to that
in a little bit but
you were a man that was fighting to get
rid of the ar-15 for the entire nation
because of how dangerous it is and you
want zero say on this
i don’t believe you and i don’t believe
that you will
only stick to the law you will as many
of the executive agencies do just make
your own proclamations
and then do it they did it with the
honey badger
so a you know what is a a caliber above
9 millimeter because that’s 0.38 i
yep yeah a 0.223 yeah 0.223
but also depending on your definition of
pretty much all pistol rounds would be
considered that
and depending on how the atf that wants
to decide what is or is not a rifle
uh i’ve heard some declare it to mean
anything with a rifled barrel
which would include a pistol anything
with the uh forearm what’s that called i
forget the name of it
uh the forearm grip or whatever the
oh the the yeah and anything with a
detached uh extendable uh forearm grip
any of those things uh anything with a
barrel so
they tell you you can’t have a barrel
shorter than a certain length but now
but then they’re saying you can’t have a
pistol with a barrel longer than a
certain length
so you could have conceivably have a
situation where any
weapon above 22 caliber which means
pretty much
all pistols including except for 22
that go very expensive
could potentially be labeled an assault
rifle and do you think for a second that
the gun grabbers
would be the least bit upset about that
overreach of definition
this is someone who lied about children
that he helped set on fire
saying that the people there were using
50 caliber barretts to shoot down uh uh
texas air national guard helicopters uh
even though none of that happened and
there were no barretts recovered
no bears were recovered they did so it
was in
in the report in the report from uh the
department of justice
they shot at helicopters
they did not use 50 caliber barretts
they just
probably fired handguns probably yeah
this is nothing was shot down i
definitely don’t want to tell you what
an assault rifle is
what he thinks an assault rifle is
should horrify you
because it’s anything everything it’s
it’s it’s if you don’t have to pull a
lever or pump something
or you know do some action before
pulling the trigger each time
then and it’s over 22 which again over
would include
the vast majority of pistol rounds more
than likely if you have a pistol it’s
nine millimeter
that would be over 22. then
yeah he also said
i got really worked up during a lot of
these notes by the way just so everybody
he also said it is well within the
powers of congress to balance the rights
we have under the constitution and the
as a nation to keep us safe
i agree we should be disarming
government or at least greatly reducing
uh the armaments that they have
considering that the average law
enforcement agent is
several hundred times more likely than a
civilian to kill someone
despite being less than half a percent
of the population
law enforcement agents commit over 10
percent of the homicides
interesting so yes i agree with him we
should definitely be disarming
government including him so
if i if if i agree with anything with
david shipman on it’s that that man
never have a gun ever again ever
ever he admits to being a gun owner he
admits to it multiple times and he’s
like no you have the right time
you have the right to own a weapon
definitely not have
have a gun ever by the way uh in in
totally unrelated and unsurprising news
uh david chipman uh is a principal in a
company that sells
gunshot detection software which
would be much more
in uh in in demand
if you effectively made all weapons
illegal or the vast majority of weapons
illegal and then
had to have you know government agencies
and police departments
make sure that they found any gunshot
that was happening anywhere so they
could investigate to find out if it was
assault rifle coincidentally
uh david shipman would had would make
billions many millions billions of
dollars from billions
yeah totally unrelated billions
so um mike lee uh
asked uh about comments chipman had made
comparing first-time gun owners to tiger
uh and telling them that if they were
going to try to fight zombies they would
be better off hiding their weapons
behind their tins of beef jerky
yeah he said new gun owners might think
they are die hard ready to go but
unfortunately they’re more like tiger
and they’re putting themselves and their
families in danger
secure that gun locked and loaded and
hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef
that you have stored in a cabinet and
only bring out that out if the zombies
start to appear now this is a man who
says he’s also a gun owner
right and this is projection
so we already know that this man is
vile uh just violently
for all of you out there who drink
and you will occasionally vomit and you
dry heave
and you like get that stomach acid stuff
that comes up and it burns all the way
and as it comes out um that is who this
is as a person uh because this was his
to mike lee asking him about that quote
uh with regards to the comments that i
made on
cheddar um that was a lengthy interview
what i was trying to use is
self-depreciating humor the person who
had a gun
stormed behind his tuna and beef jerky
was me
and she was saying first of that look at
face how do you
look at that like how does your mouth
look like
he looks like the stereotypical
offended feminist mouth like that fish
mouth thing
where his mouth does the opposite of
what your mouth your your upper lip
isn’t supposed to be
curved up and your lower lip straight
that’s supposed to be the opposite when
you talk
like what the hell is this thing
i don’t even know how to do that with my
mouth you can’t
you literally look hold on hold on i’ll
go back to this
i yeah there is no
so imagine you have to look at the
camera every day
okay you have to look at that and
eventually you’re so just outraged
you’re like
no one should be able to have a gun
except for me except for me except for
what’s an assault weapon oh no wrong one
nope not that one
that one uh with regards to the comments
that i made on
and that voice anyway cheddar
um that was a lengthy interview what i
was trying to use
is self-depreciating humor the person
who had this is such
[ __ ] too behind his tuna and beef
jerky was me
and i was saying that all of us were
acting in new ways as a response to
and i thought that people should be very
clear that when they bring a gun in
their home they need to be properly
so again we have often times the ability
to talk to the media
sometimes that’s taken out of context
and i’m sorry for any confusion i made
when i was trying to point out the fact
that sometimes bringing a gun into your
home if you’re untrained
is a particularly dangerous thing to do
okay so
here’s what he said again might think
they are die hard ready to go but
unfortunately they’re more like tiger
king and they’re putting themselves and
their families in danger
so he’s now saying oh i’m totally just
saying i’m putting my family in danger
well then why the hell
do you want to head along right then why
do you own a gun
if you understand this why do you own a
gun and why do you want to be in charge
of people and guns if you yourself
are in fact and i quote putting
themselves and their family
in danger then what the hell do you have
any business owning a weapon or
commanding other people who own weapons
you don’t
so uh lee went on to uh to ask a little
bit further
when you gave a similar comment to the
salt lake tribune my hometown paper in
the legislation i had filed dealing with
with sound and suppressors
for firearms recognizing that there are
legitimate medical reasons why someone
might want to protect their hearing
using a combination of earplugs
and sound suppressors you said quote
the only people that benefit from this
bill are gun lobbyists
and criminals who want easier access
to deadly weapons that’s why this
irresponsible legislation couldn’t get
passed when republicans had complete
control of congress
instead of making it easier for firearms
that could be used in ambushes and other
attacks to enter
our streets congress should focus on
making the job of police officers
who are trained to serve and protect the
communities and their families
safe you’re saying that the the only
people who could benefit from them are
gun lobbyists
and criminals who want to kill people
is that statement also taken out of
context if so what was the additional
senator um i was trying to contrast the
fact that silencers are legal
you notice them through the general
firearms act the people who want them
unregulated are those that want to have
easier you’re not going to spit down
wind and then tell us it’s just raining
that’s not what you said at all
nor is that the impact that this bill
would have
no that was a total lie first of all
they’re not effectively legal anymore
and then second of all uh that’s not
what you said you literally said that
by the way let’s keep something in mind
because the i blame hollywood for par
part of this people think that a
suppressor because they call it a
silencer there is no such thing
they think that when you put a
suppressor on a gun it goes
it does not it is still loud
okay if you put a suppressor on a gun
and i’m in this room and you’re in
another room on another floor
and i shoot it you still hear it
through all the other rooms you still
hear it
it just doesn’t sound it doesn’t hurt
your ears and it doesn’t
temporarily deafen everyone in this room
so the purpose of a suppressor is to
make it just uh it make the sound
tolerable enough in combination with um
with a hearing uh
protection yeah with ear protection to
protect your
ears when you’re in like an indoor
firing range or something like that
okay that’s it is not this you know
assassin’s creed
there is no such thing that’s not real i
don’t even that’s a
poorly crafted movie plot there is no
thing um it will make a good bit of
and alert anyone that a shooting is
happening you know another use
is if you live in an area that has a
shooting range
outdoors and you don’t want all of your
neighbors within a mile to be pissed off
every time someone shoots the gun
because it does greatly reduce the sound
of that gun uh
in um you know a mile away or a half
mile away
now i wonder since we’re talking about
who would be the only people that would
be interested in something
if i were to own a company
that created devices and sold devices
that could detect gunshots from miles
and someone created a health protection
hearing protection tool
that would also make it harder for my
to be able to detect gunshots i
wonder if that would have a negative
on my ability to sell my device
this is cronyism plain and simple
and he will murder as many of you
and your children as he needs to to
control you and to sell his devices to
law enforcement
and that’s it
so going back real quick to the awful
thing he said where he says
well within the powers of congress to
balance the rights we have under the
and uh the responsibility as a nation to
keep us safe
he follows that with
extending the national firearms act
which regulates machine guns and
silencers to all
assault weapons would be a good way to
balance the rights and responsibilities
of americans so that means
because the nfa makes it so that
basically if you aren’t rich
you can’t own uh weapons that are
regulated by the nfa which are largely
uh machine guns and automatic weapons
and i do want to say mike lee i don’t
agree with him on everything but when he
was arguing with chipman here i had to
cut out like so much
of this just to get the points but he
was saying
he was like the [ __ ] [ __ ] line
that he said in there but
i was saying silences is illegal and
yeah you can own him he was like
there he’s like because of a 1930 law
that puts him on the bl
um but he was like yeah but they’re very
hard to get they’re very expensive
massive amounts of red tape and uh
bureaucratic nonsense that you have to
go through in order to get it and you
want to make this process more difficult
for more
people therefore making it where the
government is then deciding whether or
not somebody can own a gun
he made a very valid point that i wished
i had time to put in the notes but
it was a very busy weekend if david
shipman had his way
poor people would have to rely even more
on the police who routinely abused them
to protect them
simple as can be and if that’s what’s
required for him to sell more of his
ridiculous devices
and become a billionaire well then i
guess you got to crack some eggs
to make that omelet
this doesn’t get better because we’re
now including ted cruz which is
right which their voices
not that far off from each other no i
was as i was about to
queue this up i’m like this could be off
let’s see so ask if he would ban the
ar-15 and this is
i already am not looking forward to that
they are 15. there is that voice
one of if not the most popular rifle in
america it’s not a machine gun
it’s a rifle uh your public position
is that you want to ban ar-15s is that
uh with respect to the ar-15 on i
uh a ban as um as has been presented
in a senate bill uh and supported by the
um the ar-15 is a gun i was issued on
swat team and it’s a particular lethal
weapon no you weren’t
[ __ ] regulating it as other
particularly lethal weapons
um i have advocated for uh
no it is not let’s just for those who
for the uninitiated
and i hope zodiac drilled him on this
for the uninitiated the ar-15 is a
medium game hunting rifle it shoots a
round it is it looks similar to and is
intense stylized to look similar to
the m4 carbine carbine carbine the uh
and actual military grade weapons
it is not even remotely the same caliber
uh the
the um the uh uh the strength of the of
the barrel because it’s
shooting a fire it’s smaller account if
you tried to shoot an m4 or m16 round in
an ar-15
um you would destroy the gun very
quickly it did not it is not the same
weapon it is not even close
it is like saying that my uh
you know my 86 lebaron was the same
as a uh as some souped-up uh stock car
that used the same body
because it looks the same it’s not the
it’s not even remotely the same weapon
first of all we should be able to own
those as well m4s and m16s and
machine guns but let’s go back to what
he said
that is a lie he was never issued an
ar-15 he was not issued a gun
that was originally designed to shoot
david hogg has entered the chat um
feral hogs only i guess that’s good too
well you know
um they’re threatening me um
so another video that i wished i had
time to get
but again the weekend got all messed up
because of you know we had the long
weekend that we were supposed to stay
cool during
um but so i ended up not having time to
do everything
but uh
it’s just just the way those work i
the math does not make sense it was a
long weekend but the math doesn’t make
sense and somehow i had less time to do
notes you had to stay cool you were
under vice presidential order to stay
right um they asked them about uh
whether or not there should be armed
guards at schools
now there are many different schools of
thought on this whether or not uh these
should be private people
uh who are armed or if they should be uh
police officers who are armed or if the
teacher should be armed
right all of that aside all of that
just imagine that it was an
all-encompassing term for any
any of the ways that you are okay with
having armed people at schools to
protect from schools
having cops at school even having cops
at school to protect shooting yeah
anything whatever
uh he says that he does not support
armed guards at school instead he
suggests metal detectors and other
measures like the ones used in
congress uh could be considered you know
except for the armed
guards yeah in congress
what protects people in congress is not
metal detectors
those are all compliments for the armed
who are protecting them because that’s
how you protect people is with people
with guns
that’s how you protect people now i
wonder if one of the measures he’d like
to see done
is his device that detects gunshots
and you could much more easily justify
having to need such a thing like that
if you didn’t already have armed guards
there to respond because then your
justification would be
well we need to be able to not make us
do with this faith
we need to be able to make it so that we
can hear when the gunshots go off so we
can call for the armed guards to come
instead of just
[ __ ] having them there to begin with
this is cronyism this is cronyism at its
absolute finest it is hiding behind
protecting you and your children the
children he will set on fire
if you have a gun that he doesn’t think
you should be able to have
but it’s all just him getting rich and
having control over you
it’s what all government is about using
the power of the state
to impose itself on you to enrich
and their friends and that’s it that’s
always what it boils down to
so uh real a few things from the chat
that i want to hit on but uh most
joe makes drifts over on youtube says he
looks like a spongebob background
and that is the most accurate thing i
have ever
read anywhere now
many people are saying that the ar15
uses a 223 or
a56 um
chambered in five five six air can also
be chambered in five five six as well
so yes uh they can’t did two two threes
and five five sixes
we apologize for not including
the five five six yeah it’s the same
size bullet you can fire it in it but
you’re gonna destroy your gun because
the 556 is much more powerful round
so and an m16 or an m4 you can fire two
two threes the
the ar-15 rounds in it all day long
because it’s more than you know
it’s more than strong enough the gun is
more than robust enough to be able to
handle that kind of round that’s the
is just in the same way that you know
where i was comparing my old car
to you know a stock car with the same
body yeah i could
try to burn the same fuel that it has
and i might get a few miles down the
road before my car explodes right like
it’s it’s not
it is not the same capacity weapon it’s
not even close
um and it’s it is um
it’s it’s there’s no com anyone who is
and hannah meyer says five five six is
way bigger makes a way bigger hole
so it’s it’s the round itself you can
like it’s the same uh uh with the same
caliber basically
um close enough to the same caliber but
the power behind it is completely
different it is not comparable
there is no comparing a medium game
hunting rifle
that is safe to be used by children uh
you know with you know minimal training
to a
weapon that was designed for shooting
other people the ar-15 is not designed
to shoot other people
i mean you can use it for that but it’s
designed it’s not designed for home
it is designed for shooting varmints
like that’s literally what it’s for
chamber pressure that’s the word i was
looking for yep if uh
if the ar-15 it’s gotta be if the ar-15
was dressed up with a nice wooden handle
or wooden stock
and you didn’t use
a detachable magazine nobody would have
an issue with it nobody would have an
issue with it
yeah but the fact that it it’s black and
people have an issue with it m4
chambered in 308 i thought m4 was
chambered in
oh no no but they haven’t been five five
six and seven
six two
yeah i thought its primary thing was
because the m4 replaced the uh the five
five six
yeah it primarily fires five five six
forty-five nato but it can also fire
seven six two okay all right
that mean for a second yeah no it’s it
is not comparable
there there is no you know it is not a
weapon of war it is a weapon of game
and uh i agree that we shouldn’t have
weapons of war in the hands of the
people who are the most likely to use
them to hurt other people which is why
david chipman and his ilk should be
forever yeah
and the atf
just yeah paraphrase something that
somebody says
should just be a good time weekend as
opposed to a government agency
um yeah exactly convenience store
yeah that’s what it is a convenient uh i
mean it sounds like a fun weekend
i don’t drink anymore but you know don’t
smoke cigarettes either
or smoke cigars i’ll shoot firearms so
we’ll just do fff firearms firearms
that’s actually what’s gonna happen this
uh 17th at uh at the uh the philosopher
spike cohen
matt wright sarah anderegg and tasha
cohen and jack lloyd
range event uh right
i’ll put the the link in the comments
again you can go
sign up and hang out with us in tarpon
springs um
in july and we can do that we can
firearm firearm and firearm and i’m sure
some people don’t have
alcohol and tobacco but matt and i don’t
we just do the f right
and nicotine i don’t to back
everyone press f everyone press f for
so so
are we going to jump on clubhouse for a
little bit after this uh yeah we can
jump on clubhouse for a little bit i
won’t be able to be on long because i
have a
i have a very early morning of stuff to
do before i get ready to head out to
delaware and we’ll talk about that in a
uh but tomorrow for the liberty speaks
to them
for the liberty speaks event in felton
delaware we’ll talk about that in a
uh next uh tomorrow uh on wednesday
that’s what tomorrow is
at eight pm we have my fellow americans
and we had a guest
uh but they unfortunately were not able
to be able to do it so we’re having to
so unless another guest comes in then
i’ll probably just be doing a
a q a session tomorrow just having some
fun with it
and uh yeah and then
on thursday you have an episode of the
writer’s block matt
yes with uh arie gabrick
airy harry gaber gabriel
okay i think you had a look on your face
i was like is it not gabriel have i been
i’m trying to figure i know it’s airy
but i don’t know um
if it’s gay record gabriel that’s the
last name yeah
um well that’s gonna be cool i like i
like gary
um arie uh is involved with outright
uh and was also uh on the georgia joe
jorgensen campaign
uh as a data analytics analyst
assistant and is uh continuing to work
in that capacity because that whole team
is now this autonomous group that still
has all that data and is working
directly with libertarian campaigns
and they’re continuing to refine that
data add to it from other people that
are adding to it
it’s great it’s what we need to have and
that is what we are going to uh that’s
what we’re going to be talking about for
half of the show
cool that is awesome and then uh
uh also tomorrow uh i am doing
at uh uh tomorrow at 1 pm i’m going to
be on clubhouse with nick gillespie
we’re going to be talking about
qualified immunity and why that needs to
but uh but uh and then later that
evening as my fellow americans
uh then on thursday is the writer’s
block and then
friday saturday and sunday come join me
in beautiful delaware
uh on uh on friday the fourth i will be
at the liberty speaks event
in pizza dilly winery in felton delaware
just outside of dover
uh the following day on saturday also at
pizza dilly i will be
at the delaware libertarian party
convention uh and then at six
uh uh or at six then uh on the sixth on
sunday at 10 a.m
i will be at wheelies farm stand cafe
for the liberty eats breakfast brunch
um and so i will be having a jam-packed
weekend that uh
this coming weekend in delaware so come
out and join me you can go
it’s eventbrite i know that yeah you can
go to
for liberty speaks i may have it in my
notes for writer’s block
yeah for if for liberty speaks here is
the link
oh no i don’t and then for the
here is the link
nope that’s libertarian
cajun i definitely picked up on that
brian is the one who books our show so
hopefully he picked up on that as well
and i would love to have you as a guest
on my show
good sir good sir i
understand that you had a guest on your
show last night
that he did an adequate job
at being a guest i heard that that went
um and uh the so liberty speaks i have
the event uh
in the event bright um and then uh or
have the eventbrite link in the comments
then uh
lp delaware convention if you go to
you can find it and then on sunday we’re
doing liberty eats and i don’t know if
there’s an actual
thing for that but it’s at wheelies
cafe in newcastle delaware so hope to
see y’all in beautiful delaware i always
have a great time when i’m in delaware
and then we will join you right back
here on
tuesday for the same muddy place same
money time for the muddy waters of
freedom where matt wright and i
parse through the week’s events like the
cheerful little little
tuesday at eight uh and uh our guests
are uh
conrad cheventuar and seiko mcmillan
uh from virginia beach uh the beach bros
uh we’ll be having them on so that’ll be
and uh yeah
that’s gonna be something uh it’s going
to be something that’s going to be
something because i’ve got a couple of
uh but yeah
uh to everybody else thank you for
tuning in as always
uh be sure
i forgot you asked the question and then
oh uh
if someone were to go on the internet
and look for us is that possible
please help you know it would be
possible all one would have to do head
over to anchor dot fm
slash muddy twice again yes this is
hi if you head over to anchor dot fm
slash muddy to watch
all of our audio especially you people
out there who love the dulcet sweet
sultry sexy tones the butter buttery
buttery tongue butter butter it’s like
while you’re there you can leave
us messages leave us tell us things
don’t do like you did this week where
you didn’t leave anything because we
didn’t i didn’t even know that we didn’t
have anyone that left in anything so
don’t do that
again yeah you can leave us messages and
yes you can also donate money to us
give us money and we will use that to
make this show even better
the more money you give us the better
this show will be for you and us
hannah myers for you i will say lower
lash line
lower lash i don’t know why the lower
lash line
i don’t know why she wants us to say it
lower left
line lower lash line
lower lash line and you can find this in
every other episode at
well that is fantastic i’m going to go
to that website for the first time ever
right now as this
show is over folks thanks again for
tuning in we’ll see you tomorrow
we’ll see you thursday i’ll see you in
delaware and we’ll see you right back
here next week
and uh thank you so much for again for
tuning in we’ll see you soon and where
we’re going
we don’t need roads

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