Episode 195 – Because Israel V Hamas Is So Contentious, Let’s Talk Abortion

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

It’s Supreme Court season and decisions are beginning to come out from this session. We will cover a few of those, as well as talk about some of the cases they have agreed to hear next session.

Episode Transcript

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by our count rudy giuliani is at least
the third
attorney to have his personal
communications with former president
donald trump
seized by the justice department sense a
theme here
there was a big bang bang bang on the
door don’t you want these bang bang bang
bang bang bang
don’t you think you should take it they
said no no the subpoena required them to
take all electronics they said no no no
i feel sorry for that part of hunter
he says i’m not an addict we have a
picture of him smoking a crack pipe and
then saying that he’s not an addict
smash on my doors no no no no
in a frightening way no no no no
one last time i said no no no no
don’t you think you should take it six
o’clock in the morning
there is no justification for that you
aren’t it is an illegal unconstitutional
war joe biden says he didn’t know that
this trade was coming
maybe he doesn’t remember i’m not sure
if he can retain anything smash on my
no no no no in a frightening way no
no no no one last time i said no
no no no don’t you think you should take
it six o’clock in the morning there was
a big bang bang bang bang the door don’t
you want these bang bang
was a big bang bang bang those are the
hundred dividends
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and
welcome to the vanguard
ford i can’t believe i’ve never thought
about this before spike
eric ju lye cohen i am matt
right and together we are traversing the
muddy waters of
freedom wow
wow hey folks my camera doesn’t work now
if you’re listening to the podcast you
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yes yes
so um we’re getting a little bit of a
late start as everybody can tell
a bit uh a bit we’re a bit late by
an hour-ish um still no spike audio in
okay we’re gonna try something different
you know what we could do what could we
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right yeah i could just give you
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um so yeah apparently we figured that we
would give this a shot on clubhouse
we wanted to um and it’s
not working the way that we wanted it to
but as we can see
we are running through tons of technical
difficulties um tons of technical
difficulties today
uh spike’s camera’s not working uh skype
is skype um oh spike
joined me as a listener i’ve raised my
i see that i’m going to invite you as
speaker uh
i’m joining as a speaker
i’ll even give you muttery
hey everybody i’m spike cohen i’m on
this show is to be just beautiful to
listen to
as a podcast episode so folks hey
now that we’re doing all the different
things at the same time
this is episode oh no we already did
that we are so we already did
so outside of the technical difficulties
how was uh california this weekend
california was amazing in fact this
photo’s actually from california and it
sums up how i
treated the entire weekend no it was
really cool i had a
lunch in my honor there are people that
pay to have lunch with me now it’s
actually kind of unsettling but i i went
i got to i got introduced by larry sharp
i mean you know like that’s a big deal
i got i i got to uh meet a whole bunch
of libertarians from california i got to
uh what else i get to do i also while i
was there i i had a video address to the
pennsylvania convention
and i zoomed in to the and and spoke at
oregon and arkansas libertarian party
um and uh i did a bunch of interviews
and stuff too but
um no it was fun it was really good
really successful they sold out
totally sold out a convention um even
the galas and all the like the
the the upgrade stuff was all sold out
too so i mean it was just a
honestly just a ton of people um
it was just a ton of people matt um so
it was a good time we had a really good
and uh and it was a lot of fun
thank you i went to the beach
i went to the beach and i got
i got slightly finger oh good
i got slightly pinker on the back um
applying spf 60 three times throughout
the day
was not enough for my fair irish skin
sorry maybe next time you should try not
being irish descent
um speaking of trying to be less
you could if you could just try i’ll try
i guess i just want to see that you
tried matt
speaking of not of trying
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but cold matt
uh so it is a supreme court season and
if anybody has been watching us since
last year uh you know that we will kind
of delve into a lot of the supreme court
stuff as they’re announcing more
and that actually starts today
nice so on monday
the supreme court ruled 6-3 that
inmates whose convictions became final
before last year’s decision in
ramos vs louisiana cannot take advantage
of it on a federal collateral review
now for anybody who does not know what
that is
uh anybody that is sentenced to life in
prison or death has to be sentenced
by a unanimous jury
this was decided last year now anybody
that was
convicted before this decision they do
not get to take advantage of this
so people who are sitting on right and
god well hey
yes i agree but they made a huge mistake
in what they did here i think right i
they made a huge mistake in how they get
get there
um now this mainly hurts inmates in
louisiana and oregon
uh which were the only two states that
allowed non-unanimous juries in those
two states
right right um now
kavanaugh bret gang rapist kavanaugh
stated that the ruling in ramos
announced a new rule
as opposed to a defining of an older
so he would they were changing the rules
and because of that many courts
interpreted uh
apodaca to allow for non-unanimous jury
verdicts in state criminal
trials which is true so that was how
louisiana and oregon were able to get
non-unanimous jury trials um but with
the decision that they were making is
so therefore it establishes a new rule
of criminal procedure generally
uh because it’s a new rule of criminal
procedure it generally does not apply
retroactively to cases in which inmates
are seeking federal post-conviction
sorry because it’s a technically
a new rule it does not count as
something that you can try to
uh jump on jump on later now
edwards vs vanoy is the case that
decided this
right they did not pick the greatest
to try to convince the supreme court
that this needed to be looked at
uh frederick edwards was convicted and
sentenced to life in prison
without the possibility of parole in
louisiana nearly 15 years ago for a
series of crimes that included
armed robbery rape and kidnapping and
11-1 was the jury finding
now if you are going for
trying to say okay maybe we shouldn’t be
doing this you might not want to go
with somebody who is up for
armed robbery rape and kidnapping
that was not the right case to bring to
try to win this argument
yeah but even still these aren’t like
supposed to be emotional people this is
the supreme court like they’re supposed
be able to hash this out agree they are
supposed to hash this out
but at the same time
spike just updated the notes and
i can’t wait to find out what this is um
yes they are the supreme court they are
supposed to be impartial but
when you’re going to be looking at it
when you’re going to be looking at it
a legal standpoint should somebody who
did armed robbery rape and kidnapping
should they you know should they be out
on the streets probably not
like and you are now giving them license
to say yes
to overturn that conviction
right i get it i get it i mean
so people that are on death row right
now uh because this is
um i mean this is including there are uh
states that actually allow
uh death row cases without uh unanimous
decisions right
louisiana and oregon were the only two
and what so what’s the cutoff there is
it just a simple majority or it has to
be like a three-fifths majority or
um i think it depended on death
and it depended on the size so
it was different i know that florida was
attempting to
change that rule two years ago
and i don’t think they ended up doing it
well they didn’t end up doing it because
louisiana and oregon are the only two
right right right so well that
sucks yeah it does suck it’s like
moving for like and i understand the
this is a new rule for all things going
because the law was read differently
under those trials it’s different
i get it kind of i don’t agree with it
but i understand
the logic
i’m certain a lot of people wish that it
was retroactive so
they could at least get retried and
possibly at the very least get retried
at the very least get retried i mean
imagine you’re in prison
and you know you’re now told that if you
were on trial now
you wouldn’t get in trouble i mean we
wouldn’t apply that to a a law making or
we shouldn’t apply that to you know a
law making something legal
uh it’s like okay well now it’s legal so
can i get out of jail now
but we see that i mean we see companies
that are you know making millions of
dollars selling marijuana and yet there
are people still being locked up for it
and people that are
wasting away in jail over it so well
speaking of stupid things al watkins
the attorney of the
q shaman jacob chansley this is the guy
that has been
uh he’s actually been well known in
arizona but he was the guy that was
dressed in the
the weird helmet in uh with the horns
and uh during
the capital riots yeah the bison hat and
like not wearing a shirt with the
tattoos that was scary
oh walking yeah exactly l watkins is his
attorney and apparently he’s even
crazier um he has uh and he’s gotten in
trouble with the judge and
all in there in uh chancelley’s trial
and uh all sorts of stuff he’s uh
he said some stuff uh in an interview um
i believe yesterday or earlier today and
i’m just gonna
read this segment this clip from that
and again before or actually not again
i’m saying it for the first time
before i start these are not my words
and please
do not judge them as being my words
because i wouldn’t say
some of these things so we’re just going
to read it i’m going to read it to you
and and you can you can look at it while
i’m reading it
so watkins the q shaman jacob
chancelli’s attorney
said his client had asperger’s syndrome
and indicated that chancelley’s mental
and the impact of trump’s quote-unquote
propaganda efforts
would play a role in his case this is a
from watkins a lot of these defendants
and i’m going to use this colloquial
perhaps disrespectfully but they’re all
[ __ ] short bus people
these are people with brain damage
they’re [ __ ] [ __ ] they’re on the
god damn spectrum
but they’re our brothers our sisters our
our co-workers they’re part of our
country these aren’t bad people
they don’t have prior criminal history
[ __ ] they were subjected to four plus
years of goddamn propaganda the likes of
which the world has not seen since
[ __ ] hitler
this is a attorney this is a criminal
defense attorney
representing someone in federal court
you know
if you’re looking for an attorney and
you want an attorney who’s not going to
that you’re a [ __ ] short is this a
segue to marketing
or that you have asperger’s and brain
damage chris reynolds
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
yes i would
probably not say that publicly
probably i probably i don’t say it
but he will not say he would not
publicly say that to
anyone that would have a say
in your yep this is a brent ritter says
the longest chris reynolds commercial
ever yes
no that is um now i don’t believe chris
is licensed to represent you in a
federal criminal court
um but for the right price he probably
could get the
sit the bar or whatever
yeah i would love to see chris reynolds
actually i would love to see any other
say that to the press or to a judge
or it’s really just to anyone your honor
my client is all that stuff
it’s like alex jones yes
this would vary that was big alex jones
energy there
right so speaking of good
it’s a little [ __ ] [ __ ] yeah yeah
again that’s that’s this man’s words not
matt um
speaking i could actually hear matt
hicks saying all of that
as an attorney as an attorney yes
in court i can hear him saying that and
he is
becoming he is in law school so that
could happen soon uh
so and he probably would represent you
in federal court for criminal stuff
um now speaking of good scotus decisions
there was one was uh they did vote
nine to zero in the coniglia versus
strom case that the
government can’t just bust into your
house and take stuff from you without a
under the so-called community care
taking provision
for those who don’t know the community
caretaking provision uh you know the
police aren’t able to unreasonably
search or seize your
your property but they did allow a carve
out for
for example if you were in an accident
and your car is uh is uh you know uh
uh in the way of traffic and they have
to get into it to
move it out of the way or they have to
break into it to get you out of the car
you know jaws of life or something like
that uh and so they had to put that
provision in because if they’re actually
you know having to save someone’s life
protect public safety then there are
times that they will have to actually
violate someone’s property without a
which is you know that in those cases
that’s reasonable
well they were using it to say it is
caretaking to the community to stop
someone who might potentially be a risk
to others
so we’re just gonna as donald trump
would put it due process first
take or take the guns first due process
um and thankfully uh top impression
that’s ever been on this show
yes thank you that was terrible well
thank you and
the supreme court including that
president’s three appointees but
unanimously decided that no
you have to have a warrant guys you
can’t break into someone’s house
and take stuff from them uh without a
warrant now
some people got excited saying oh good
that’s the end of no knock raids nope
nope nope
no knock raids still have a warrant
other people said
red flag laws too they have a warrant
too now the warrant is stupid
and that there’s no due process with it
which is why it should be ruled
because you don’t even get to have a
chance there’s no actual process there
they literally just present that someone
said that there was a potential danger
and get the warrant
um it’s it’s it’s basically automatic
um so you know that that we need to get
rid of red flag laws
uh but this doesn’t do that this just
makes it where they can’t bust into your
house without even that
um do you know the do you know the case
behind it
uh coniglia yes so he was arguing with
his wife
and handed her an empty gun and said
just shoot me in the head and put me out
of my misery now anyone who’s married
gets it okay
like i can’t i’m not saying
let me let me let me take a step a
moment to
this is not like
brent is lying listen this
lies he didn’t he gave her a
an empty gun and said just
kill me now is that dramatic and and
yes yeah should you do that
no is
is this a you know is this something
that is criminal no it’s not it’s not
criminal it’s unloaded and he’s being
dramatic it’s dramatic flair so
then if i recall like the next day or
something like that
after they calmed down she mentioned it
to someone and then they called the
no so she uh she left
that night and he went to as the article
that i was reading on it earlier said
overnight at a hotel oh
and she uh he left it and then she
i think she mentioned it to the like she
called the police and so
she was worried about him because he
and so they went and they ended up
finding him at the house the next day
and they talked to him and they said hey
let us bring you in for psychological
and he said you know he he went
uh but the rule was they could not go
into his house
uh and they told the wife that they
weren’t going to take anything from the
house but as soon as they left
the cops went in and took all the guns
okay so even though so
oh so they lied too right yeah no
yeah well that’s yeah so
yeah okay so they uh so they lied
okay but thankfully the supreme court
said nope can’t do that gotta have a
and uh so for the states that don’t have
red flag laws
uh they have to actually have a reason
to come into your house um
because red flag laws are not a good
reason at all i mean there’s no there’s
vetting of the source of who’s saying
it’s basically swatting
using the police
that’s what swatting is yeah i mean
with spotting you are using the police
it’s like swatting
but with the police um you know
the adult version of swatting it’s the
adult version of swatting
right it’s it’s swatting without video
games so
so and no if someone asked no i’m i am
i just it’s been a long day of fighting
with my computer
and here we are um so speaking with
someone who often is mistaken for a very
drunk man
joe biden i really thought you were
going to go to this after the last story
giving out the biden bucks yes
he’s going to be giving out the biden
bucks they’re going to be getting
dispersed starting july
15th but not to everybody um
they are going to be kick-starting
advanced payments of the child
tax credit um that the american rescue
uh introduced uh widening the tax credit
reach and beefing up the amount
to thirty six hundred dollars per child
five and under and three thousand per
child between six
and seventeen um now it also provides
households the option to receive a
monthly payment of
250 or 300 instead of a one-time
sum at tax time which means that once
your child hits six years old he needs
to do fifty dollars worth of work
because he has now lost you fifty
dollars by getting older
yeah um so make them pay for it
right i mean make them do more work
make them work fifty dollars worth of
chores because they’ve now cost you
that um
so families with children can tap into
the cash even if they have little to no
income tax obligations which is a change
from the structure
tying the credit to earnings so before
you needed to have some sort of
money to get the tax credit right
but now you no longer need that the tax
is just going to be given to you if you
have kids
so then it’s not a tax credit it’s just
a money
it’s just a check it’s just money
for creating children and if you don’t
kids great news your property taxes
are paying for other people’s children
an estimated 39 million households are
going to be receiving the cash
without needing to sign up for it which
means that people uh will just start
getting checks deposited
into their bank account because
they had children congratulations
on i think sperm to ovum
and i think what this does is it makes
it where people
who would pay that money in taxes they
like the people who get that refunded to
every april or whatever uh they won’t
get that money back anymore if they take
it monthly
uh where the people who wouldn’t get
like that money doesn’t matter because
they don’t pay taxes
uh they would not
see anything different except for more
so um
but uh
speaking of someone having a child and
being a massive burden on the rest of us
liz cheney
was ousted from leadership
that’s a dick cheney joke ousted from
leadership in the gop
this week and well thank god
the less cheney’s in power the better in
my book yep
um because honestly like liz cheney
uh i’m not a not a fan of either of the
chinese but
uh she is a terrible war-hungry
power-driven horrible person
so i don’t know that she has lost the
power um everybody knows it’s because
she continues
to say that trump is lying about the
election and um
the election was being stolen from him
but kevin mccarthy
uh the house major minority leader who
vying for speaker in 2022 so hard uh he
had a different explanation
he said that removing cheney from the
number three leadership post was
necessary to resolve
internal conflicts that have distracted
and divided republicans
as they focus on winning back the
majority in 2022.
now sure i can see this you want to show
the united front you want to say look we
are one party working together
i get that
but be honest about why you’re kicking
her out yeah let’s be clear
because she went against the the
orange god yeah this is this by the way
this is
you know we talk a lot about orange man
bad this is orange man good
this is the opposite end of trump
derangement syndrome where
any you know stating very clearly and
succinctly and let’s be clear she’s
trump’s lying he lost the election
nothing was stolen from him
and it’s she don’t need to be praised
for saying that but she’s the only
republican in the house saying it and
that’s why they removed her from leaders
or she’s one of few that are saying it
and that’s why she was removed from
leadership it has nothing to do with
distracting or dividing there’s no
distraction they just don’t like her
they don’t like that she’s saying
it and they’re also sending a shot
across the bow to the other
you know on less than friendly to maga
that you know this is still the magical
even if trump’s not here
exactly and i think they’re putting a
lot of weight on the fact that they
think that
uh trump is going to get them the
uh in 2022. they think that a lot of
trump publicans are going to be showing
up to the
uh showing up like she’s going to get
primaried so hard by somebody
trump hand picks and
she has a good chance of loot like i
don’t know how wyoming is but
uh she has a decent chance of losing it
if the republican party puts all of
their weight behind that person
but uh representative ben klein told the
hill we have a diverse conference with
diverse views
we celebrate that and we are looking to
our leadership for our messaging
and we don’t want to distract from that
message um
nothing says diverse like you aren’t
allowed to have a difference of opinion
on something that already happened
yep uh and jd had this to say about her
i know that there are many members who
have expressed concern about their own
and i think that’s an important point to
think about as well
that we now live in a country where
members votes are affected
because they’re worried about their
security they’re worried about threats
on their lives
and then added the majority of the
republican party is not where i am so
she’s admitting that she’s not where the
majority of her party
is she knows she’s an outsider yeah
now that’s the reasons why the gop hates
her here’s why everyone else should hate
she is a pro war
neocon pro-torture
pro war on drugs
even harder than it is now um
she isn’t she has been against any kind
reforms that would stop uh um
over criminalization or police brutality
this is a person who has never seen a
uh abuse against people that she didn’t
love and want to see even more of
she’s in favor of the wall she’s in
favor of the strictest
uh immigration uh uh uh
restrictions she she is a
she is as bad as it gets um
i don’t i don’t see how she didn’t make
it alongside
alan dershowitz on the skoda shortlist
to be honest
um she’s just a really terrible person
and the thing is if you think about it
matt she’s she’s bad
and libertarian
she’s like a republican who uh probably
was rooting for joe biden so they could
you know some decorum back in the office
you know the man who says
the completely non-racist things like
you can’t walk into a 7-eleven or a
dunkin donuts without
speaking speaking with an indian accent
with a slight indian accent yeah and you
uh you know barack obama was the first
mainstream african-american who was
and you could understand when they spoke
right and he didn’t want his kids to
grow up in a
in a racial jungle racial jungle
or you know authored the 1994 crime bill
but you know he speaks with decorum so
that makes him a
much much much more
apt president than the last guy yeah liz
cheney is 100
she is the you know the
manifestation of a dc swamp demon
and the things she doesn’t like about
donald trump
are probably the few things that
actually weren’t terrible about him
oh and also that he’s mean and tweets
and and
lies openly instead of you know covertly
like she’s used to
you know you know you know when a
dictator dies and their kid takes over
and this can be in movies too like not
just in real life you know a bad person
dies and then the kid takes over and you
hope the kid’s gonna be better and it
turns out the kid
is even less redeemable than the other
person because they were raised in that
and that’s all they know and they’re
just terrible it’s like it’s like kim
kim jong-un you know is even worse than
kim jong-il
that’s liz cheney like dick cheney’s
like oh thank god he’s out of
congress and then here comes his kid and
she’s worse
right and dick james that’s what he
meant to run for president in 2024
and that’s terrifying to me yeah and the
fact that you’ve got
you know mainstream corporate you know
left-leaning media
praising this woman tells you everything
you need to know about
mainstream corporate left-leaning media
that that you know here here’s here
and and and fox will do this on the
other side sometimes too you know
the conservative media will do this on
the other side too where
you know a democrat will say a thing
that they agree with
or anything that and it’s always like
some horrific democrat that
is terrible and everything else but they
said something about
their fellow democrats so you know we
got to go praise them for a month
um so anyway the further this person
is from leadership of anything the best
yes of anything and in all honesty like
you can say that about
99 of politicians
yes yeah no i’m not positive she’s going
to be replaced with anyone i don’t also
hate she uh who she was replaced by um
oh god who she was what is that i cannot
remember who she was replaced by
but this one whoever she was replaced by
was like an anti-trumplicant
um she was against trump and then one
day all of a sudden she just
flipped 100 oh at least stefanik okay
yes thank you okay elise stefanik
has a 34 con fiscal conservative rating
with the club for growth
now you’re probably thinking wow that’s
not very high let me put that in
ilhan omar has a 38
rating with them
so like one of the most yeah
one of the most liberal
the like one of the most liberal members
of the democratic caucus
in the house you know a self-proclaimed
member of the squad
my somali chade is
is more conservative and yeah i’m going
to mention that a lot
you know you want to talk about my ilhan
is more conservative
than the third most highly ranked
person in the house yeah in the house
caucus and she’s also more libertarian
on a lot of social stuff so i mean you
might want to take a second look at her
i don’t know
um but yes uh anytime anytime
any pretty much anybody gets kicked out
of power i’m like i find it entertaining
um so good written siblings cheney being
in power i’m certain she’s going to run
in 2024
even though she’s saying that you know
she’s just focused on her election in
um which she’s going to have a hell of a
time winning
but yeah she’s she has nothing in the
in the gop
yeah i’m in like i’m interested to see
how all of that turns out but
you know uh she’s gonna definitely run
in 2024.
she’s definitely gonna run in 2024 for
president and dick cheney’s gonna try to
get all of his neocon buddies to back
that the media is gonna do over that oh
it’s gonna
she is going to be like
she’s gonna be like the second coming of
oh yeah jeb bush that’s a good one yeah
jeb bush
she’s going to be these because they
tried inflating that nonsense too
him and uh what’s what’s his name in um
in ohio um john kasich
man they they just desperately
desperately tried to breathe life into
campaigns um funny thing
uh so speaking of well here’s something
that’s the opposite of a nightmare
and that’s the personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor call in moment where you can go
to anchor
dot fm slash muddied waters
to leave messages you go and just press
the message button
and you can leave us messages and we
answer them right here at this time well
whatever time we do it uh on tuesday
usually around eight but not always um
and uh and we we answer your questions
and your messages
right here of course you can also and
also make a donation
you go to anchor dot fm slash
uh money waters and uh there’s a donate
button there and you can become one of
regular donors that’s right
so here is a our first question
from matt laser legend hicks
who everybody on a clubhouse you’re not
gonna be able to hear this oh
spike and guy on left this is matt hicks
calling from the
beautiful town of bishopville south
carolina on the chris reynolds personal
injury attorney attorney of law anchor
colin moment
dm i don’t really have anything to
report about the
news of the day
did that just go out or did i lose you
no that went out what just happened okay
hold on
let me play that again and
guy on left this is matt hicks calling
from the
beautiful town of bishopville south
carolina on the chris reynolds personal
injury attorney attorney of law anchor
colin moment
tf i don’t really have anything to
report about the
news of the day or anything like that i
just wanted to let you guys know that
an education in law is a fascinating
today i learned that sometimes
beavers build dams in drainage culverts
have thunk it right anyway that’s
yeah that’s pretty much my life now
hashtag lee’s a legend
well that’s good to know yeah fancy
fantastic information for everybody
thank you
by the way i got to see matt and he they
got him dressing
beautifully he’s dressed in a suit and a
tie with a matching
pocket square it’s pretty incredible um
so here’s that picture
it was great yeah no he’s he looks
in fact i’m gonna go find that picture
while we listen to this next one from
laser legend hicks
hey guy on left and spike this is matt
hicks again on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney of law anchor colin moment
gm uh i just want to clarify something
from my last call in
it’s not that i’m unaware of all the
news of the day
it’s that it’s so depressing to me that
i don’t even want to talk about it
like the whole israel palestine thing i
don’t want to get into it
the the whole cops murdering people in
north carolina
thing and being told nothing’s wrong i i
just don’t even want to get into it
right now i gotta
i gotta go home and drink a couple beers
hashtag was a legend yeah
i actually want to talk about the israel
thing because sure i’ll do it
um we didn’t bring it up in the show
notes and i’m
i’m actually in the process of compiling
a very very detailed
timeline starting in the 1800s of when
this whole
conflict and the events leading up to it
started in earnest we could actually go
back a couple thousand years
to really dive into it but at least the
last 150 years are relevant actually
just over 150 years it’s not
nearly as cut and dry as either side
wants to say it’s actually much
simpler colonial powers have imposed
themselves on the region
and picked power players on both sides
to constantly fight each other in
perpetuity to make everyone hate each
so that one side can blame one side the
other side can blame the other side
and they could just fight forever um
there were already
jews that were voluntarily moving to
uh what was then uh palestine which was
uh occupied by the ottoman em it was
part of the ottoman empire and had been
for like 400 years at that point
and they were moving there buying
parcels of land from willing buyers
creating communities and building
relationships with people
and with arabs and um and bedouins
uh within the region and things were
largely okay there were a couple of
scuffles and conflicts but nothing that
was too intense uh
and uh in fact i don’t believe any
deaths or if there were there weren’t
that many
um but relatively you know considering
the the major cultural differences
between the eastern european jews that
were moving there
and the yemeni jews that were moving
there and the the palestinian arabs that
had been living there for quite some
uh and also uh the conflict with some of
the what they call the old yeshuv
which were jews that had never left and
were still living there
relatively peace and harmony in that
region and then as the colonial powers
post world war one came in and started
dividing up the land
and shoving people in there um in
you know uh third-party programs uh uh
the the
these the new wave zionist programs
where people were being
kicked off their land to put jews on
that they didn’t even want to be on
because they’ve been taken out of their
their home countries
that the whole thing has been a mess and
continues to be
uh there are no angels in power in
there are no angels in power in hamas or
pialo or fatah
there aren’t any angels in power in any
of the the seats of power in the middle
east and there certainly aren’t any
angels in power
uh positions of power in the
post-colonial powers like the us and the
european powers and russia and so forth
that this is just an absolute nightmare
where people are being used
as pawns and chess pieces in an endless
battle to make money for
both the u.s military-industrial complex
the european military-industrial complex
and the russian military-industrial
complex the whole thing is an absolute
mess and a nightmare and
and to watch people just blame israel
or just blame the palestinians or to
just blame one side or the other is just
absurd and foolish i will say that i
will say that
probably the biggest at least in the
modern era uh
post picot sykes agreement and post
british mandate of palestine the worst
player in there has been the us
but the whole thing is an absolute
nightmare and it’s a perfect example of
how people’s
just because they weren’t respecting
people’s lives and property rights
everything turns to garbage and that’s
what’s happening there
and i don’t talk about it a lot because
if god forbid i say anything about it i
get one
side telling me that i’m a self-hating
jew and why don’t i stand with israel
and then i got the other side telling me
that i’m a jewish zionist pig and of
course i’m gonna side with the jews
even though i’m not saying either of
those things because everyone’s so full
of their own [ __ ] when it comes to this
so there yeah i wasn’t planning on
talking about it at all which is why i
titled the episode what i did um
but yeah uh yeah i wanted to stay out of
that entire thing like
again like i said i would rather talk
abortion than i wanted to talk about
right now we’d rather talk about
abortion black lives matter
and uh i don’t know gay marriage 10
years ago
um like go back in time to 2010 and
argue about gay marriage
right but anyway here’s a here’s a
pallet cleanser
here here we go there’s a pallet
cleanser this is what matt hicks looks
all the time now
look at that look at those shoes
i know these shoes because he’d wear him
on the campaign trail
oh when he was my manager he’s right
there those are your body shoes
man look at that look at that look at
the matching pocket
square with that square and time look at
his he’s shaved
kind of sort of ish i would have gone
with the white shirt with that
personally but that’s me
you know we’re not all means he also has
a lot
look at this this is look at that
that is what shark looks like i’m gonna
call him matt sharp now
good old match sharp
look at all the sex appeal um
so those were his questions yes we have
i think if you refresh that page there’s
two more there’s three more oh
good um good so we’ve got another
message from
why aren’t there more artists like eric
now before we get into this uh
that’s this message is how i came up
with your nickname today
um eric julie eric you lie
um but yeah uh if anybody doesn’t know
eric july he is the lead singer of
backwards he
is also a rapper and just released an
um called um
it’s called um it’s called
um it’s called um it’s an amazing album
um yeah wrap circle no sample edition
um i just added it on my phone today and
i couldn’t remember i just
was like eric julie’s new album um but
uh and i listened to it a couple times
say for anybody who watches the show
regularly you know i don’t regularly
uh i don’t um listen to a lot of the rap
right not down with the rap music
but uh yeah i i listened to it a couple
of times today and i enjoyed it
i thought it was good uh but i don’t
know rap music
so spike were your thoughts
uh on on why there aren’t more artists
like eric july
i don’t know i mean he’s a uh
he’s a uh an incredible uh rapper
he’s actually he’s actually a really you
know how like
when you hear an artist who’s like a
friend of yours and or
someone that you know agrees with your
political stuff
um like i remember when i was a
conservative and people would be like oh
listen to this this is a conservative
rapper and i’m like oh good and then i’d
listen i’m like
well he sure is conservative and you
know but it but it wasn’t like he wasn’t
good um or she wasn’t good or
or they were okay but it weren’t like as
great as they were being made out to be
and it was like their whole niche was
i’m a conservative
um or i’m i’m or i’m sure they do it on
the you know i’m a liberal and i’m the
liberal rapper
and it’s like i’m the liberal rapper and
i’m here to say you know
when you cross the street you better
look both ways
or something like that i don’t know this
is actually the peak of spike’s rapping
that’s that’s my that is my those are my
that’s me spitting hot fire but um
eric’s like a legitimately really good
rapper like
even if it wasn’t a friend of mine even
if it wasn’t you know part of
uh you know the liberty movement i’d
listen to his music it’s like really
good um
so i honestly don’t have a good answer
for that i think
if it’s why aren’t there more uh
libertarian artists in general i think
there probably are a lot of them but
they’re probably just you know
brow beaten and not saying it because
you have to signal being this
kind of center-left progressive i know a
lot of artists that are increasingly
aren’t really able to talk about just
how far you know
true far left not far left like you know
joe biden extremists but like or you
know bernie sanders bros like
legitimate far left anarcho communists
and stuff like that
you know rage against messina i don’t
think they’d be allowed to exist in the
you know uh entertainment sphere that
exists now like those are very extreme
stuff that they were putting out there i
don’t think that would be allowed now in
in the mainstream you know i think that
they would
only because uh the entertainment
industry especially really appreciates
um so any band called rage against the
machine talking about taking it all down
while taking massive amounts of money
and corporate oh yeah yeah
uh they would they would find that
entertaining and
uh probably yeah yeah no but buy our
profit is our
profit and stuff shirts here on amazon
yeah um
possibly possibly so here is the next
from robin
sorry it’s loud i’m a truck driver in
beautiful northwest missouri
but i have a bit of a conspiracy theory
question for you
why did hospitals wait until march
to start preparing for the coronavirus
last year
instead of doing something to get ppe
as soon as they saw it in the news in
china in december
and january
so do you want to give your thoughts on
that first
so a lot of it was they weren’t allowed
yeah uh a lot of it was they weren’t
allowed to they were told you know they
couldn’t test for coronavirus
they weren’t allowed to look for it so
there was no reason for them
to try to stock up on anything uh
because they weren’t even
allowed to test so yeah they were going
to try to make it where it wasn’t even a
yeah i so it they were told not to test
and and by the way that was you know so
i heard someone recently say yeah well
that was just because trump was trying
to bury it no that was just
that was a legit cdc uh uh regulation
now he did nothing to
push that aside because he wanted to try
to downplay it pretend it wasn’t going
to happen
and and not affect the stock market or
whatever but the reality is
no matter who was if joe biden had been
president or hillary clinton had been
president or
you know whatever person you’d rather be
president who isn’t a libertarian had
been president
whatever republica had been president
they wouldn’t have touched cdc
regulations and the cdc regulations
didn’t allow
for the testing of novel viruses without
cdc approval which you often takes
months to get
so they just didn’t let them do it now
they could have still
gotten masks and you know protective
gear and stuff like that
uh honestly some of it robin the a lot
of the
um supply chain isn’t in place to do
that kind of a ramping up so when they
were talking about you know 14 days to
give us time to build up the resources
and then the hospital said
where we’re already having shortages
before this
you know we’re already having a hard
time meeting our demand now
um and a lot of that is because of
restrictions on the supply chain and the
inelasticity of the supply chain because
of regulations
uh it takes so long to get approval to
do things
and some of it is just a culture in uh
you know major in big business and in
society in general that
unless the government tells you there’s
a problem people often
just kind of wait for it um we’ve seen
that with like hurricanes and stuff like
that you know there are those forward
thinking companies but
you know a major hospital system or a
major medical system
um that is not being told you know
here’s the money to pay for this
there’s not a lot of incentivization for
them to do so and they’ve kind of
learned to just wait for the government
to say it
um so yeah i i i
i don’t think there was necessarily a
conspiracy from the private sector this
is just
this is the inelastic supply chain
that’s been created and the inelastic
um that’s my word for the day inelastic
uh or it’s just the kind of complacency
that’s encouraged
uh and it’s a similar complacency we see
with people with these mask mandates
it’s like okay everyone has to wear a
mask now i’m
safe and i don’t have to do anything
smart like you know
wash your hands and sanitize them
regularly or you know
don’t get in people’s faces or you know
don’t eat after other people or
you know whatever because like it’s or
you know don’t you know you don’t
necessarily have to go into this place
when there’s 15 000 other people in the
in the store at the same time
well it’s okay we’re all wearing masks
and it’s like no that’s not how it works
i think it’s just you know when
government tells you everything’s okay
there’s this sort of complacency built
in um
and it’s it also feeds into the whole
normalcy bias thing well that would
never happen here
so here is the next question from
so i tried to leave a message before
this one and i’m not sure
it uh sent so i’ll keep this one short
and sweet
and just say spike uh it’s me mercedes
you know nemi’s nami’s mom and uh
i sent you uh some messages that you
should probably go
look at and i’m not gonna tell you what
they are because you know what they are
and uh the internet’s just gonna have to
uh wonder
because if you’re my friend then you
know what it is so
i kind of have to say what it is because
that sounds really bad mercedes that
so bad that sounds like mercedes is like
sliding up into your dms real hard yeah
hold on let me first of all let me make
sure that’s not what it is
that sounds like mercedes is just like
trying to get
all of spite by shipping so many nudes
no no these are no well i guess
technically they are nude but these are
pictures and videos of
puppies oh okay yeah
these are puppy these are puppy videos
pictures of puppies oh
look at the nose because payback is a
[ __ ]
actually she said what up payback for
what what did i do to you i don’t know
yeah i didn’t pay back for what mercedes
i have no idea anyway they’re pictures
of puppies everyone calm down
just because is that what we’re calling
them this week
that’s god here let me get a picture let
me grab one of the pictures jesus
i was like you can’t even like show us
because you’re careful okay yeah hold on
let me get a picture here from the thing
so you know
alex says convenient your camera isn’t
working oh
sure and i’m certain you’re using the
pictures from the message
here we go okay everyone here you go
here’s the picture
one of the pictures it’s a puppy it’s a
puppy look that’s a puppy
it’s a puppy’s it’s the picture’s really
big it’s like it’s a high quality
picture so
hold on it’s a puppy
it’s a picture of a puppy it’s a puppy
picture it’s a pup pit puppy picture
it’s a puppy picture
those those pup picks it’s old it’s a
pic all right so there’s a good one
thank you for
trying to get me in trouble on my own
show mercedes as payback for i don’t
know what i don’t know what i would do
yeah what yeah tell us in the comments
what the paybacks for like what did i do
here’s oh here’s a here’s one from from
friend of the show and our hearts
james m ray
hi this is james m ray calling on the
chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor call in moment and i am saying
that on friday night at the lpf
there shall be a ramen contest
which i intend to win although that
means i can’t be a judge
and i really want to be a judge anyway
people should pay to be a
judge and a contestant in this thing and
it should not make me look stupid
for once damn it thank you very much
have a great day
what make you look stupid uh
so for anybody who doesn’t know james m
ray’s in florida and he
is going to the uh florida libertarian
party convention
libertarian party of florida convention
which is in beautiful lakeland florida
from june 11th to the 13th
and if you’re out there and have netflix
and watch
really inappropriate television shows
and you’re like lakeland i feel like
i’ve heard that before
that means you have watched big mouth
where they make fun of lakeland for
like two episodes straight and they are
wrong about it um
but lakeland’s a beautiful town and i
cannot wait to be at the convention this
me either i’m going to be there
lakeland florida best known for being
equidistant between
tampa and orlando like literally
the exact
the end so i’m trying to figure out
whether to fly into tampa or orlando
and they were the tickets were the same
price and the drive was
to the minute the exact same distance
between the venue
i think there was like a one minute
distance i don’t know how someone takes
two major cities and says we’re gonna
build something
literally maybe six feet off center
from those two cities but they managed
to do that and congratulations to them
so here’s a uh here’s a question so
ramen contest yeah ramen contest so
there’s probably one of those friday
night james m ray’s
he’s either entering it or judging it
i’m not really sure where
no he said he’s entering it and he
doesn’t want to enter it then he can’t
be a judge but
i feel like they’ll still let you try it
but i think you can eat it i just don’t
think you get to judge it
and honestly
the person who’s gonna win
has probably been to prison
there is a cookbook out there that says
prison ramen recipes
and some of them are quite good so
they they pick up some stuff
prison ramen recipes yeah i don’t know
if that’s the actual name but yes there
is a book out there for prison ramen
college students prison ramen recipes
and stories from behind
bars wow
yeah oh wow and there’s also
just a ton of
like recipes on the internet what the
hell like
is this some an entire subculture of
prisoners that cook ramen
no it’s yeah it’s a whole thing i
learned about it in my early 20s
um one of my buddies who had been to
prison was talking about all the
uh things that he could do with ramen
and he learned it all while he was in
that’s okay
so we have uh here’s one from alex
hey spike and matt this is alex flores
from arizona wanted to call in for your
chris reynolds personal injury attorney
attorney at law
anchor.fm call in moment to ask spike
how he would feel about coming
to arizona in january as opposed to
august where he visited last time and
the gates of hell were unleashed on
arizonans anyways january is a lot nicer
i think you’d love it
let me know what you think spike love
you guys
i love you too alex i’d love to go out
there if we can make it work
um get in contact i’ll i’ll contact you
personally but yeah get in contact with
my people and we can make it work
i’d love to with that said i do not
i mean yeah it was hot it was wow
so 120 degrees
and windy but the wind is also hot
it’s like a hair dryer yeah yeah
the last time that i was in arizona um
i wasn’t supposed to be uh i was
supposed to be flying
across the beautiful country
three thousand or however many miles up
in the sky
uh a few feet up in the sky um to
tampa uh from san diego and
we missed our flight and then all
flights got canceled because of a
and we drove
and we stopped in arizona at one point
and at
like 11 o’clock at night i believe
it was uh 110 outside
yeah no it’s it’s
and this was that night yeah yeah
when i was there it was like a hundred
and ten hundred and eight hundred and
fifteen something like that
it was what oh what the hell is it one
oh anything at night
and i went out so we were you know we
were there during the day and it was
freaking hot
and we went in the hotel and night time
i’m like
yeah i’m gonna go get something to eat
and i i looked and there was a
mediterranean place up the road it was
only like two three blocks away
and i’m like you know what i’m just
gonna walk it you know i could use a
nice refreshing walk i’ve been
cooped up in airplanes and hotels and
yeah i’m gonna go take a walk
and it’s probably cooled down a little
bit probably in the 80s or so that was a
something or 110 something whatever
it was one something and it was also
extremely windy
and i’ve never experienced being hot
overwhelmingly hot
with wind blowing like it’s just hot hot
and there’s not a
there’s not there’s no sun there was no
moon it was
just black and hot
and it was really it was
weird and i and i and i i went ahead and
did the walk and got the food and came
back and i’m like
man this is hot and then the next day it
was even hotter and i had to speak
to 300 people
on a podium a metal podium and
talk and do an hour of q a and just
because i actually loved every second i
loved arizona but holy hell was it hot
arizona is beautiful but it is yes
it is arizona is gorgeous and yes steven
uh so my uh body man uh le quinn
uh served in iraq and he was in kuwait
he was in dubai and all of that stuff
and he said it was like that
it was like being there all over again
including the being really really hot
at night he said the vibe was exactly
the same
like we went out that night with some
some like friends and supporters
uh to hang out after the event and uh
they had misters
everywhere out everyone was eating
outside because of coven and
they had these misters everywhere like
like mister’s meaning that with mist not
like men
proper noun address like it was like
they were shooting mist everywhere it
was still hot because now you were wet
and hot
it was just hot anyway here’s a question
from brian cleary
hello matt hello spike real quick
question for you guys
so one of the things that has always
been a big problem for the libertarian
party is getting
a standardized message out everybody
seems to have their own little
niche or little take on the whole deal
what is the best route do you
all think to kind of consolidate a
down to something that the general
american public
will at least
come to grips with and accept to some
degree because we all know the little
tangents here and there that are going
to cause problems with the
general public but what are some of the
things that we can do on our side to
consolidate and kind of centralize our
um so i will say this
brian and that’s an excellent question i
think part of the issue has been at the
national level well first of all we’re
libertarian so we kind of
bristle against you know well we all
need to be saying this it’s like i say
what i want i’m a libertarian
but i i think that part of the thing is
so you can’t make anyone do anything
and and i don’t think that’s what you
were implying but that that tends to
kind of come with the territory of being
libertarian as we tend to
do our own thing but everyone tends to
be inspired by
people who are prominent leading from
the front um
especially if they agree with the
message i think a lot of times the
libertarian party like the actual
national organization has been hesitant
be the main messenger uh on on
on big issues they tend to be the
messenger of the party itself
and how the party itself is a is a good
to the um you know to the uh um
um um to to you know a lockdown to the
um sorry hold on
everything just popped up on my thing
hey that you know that
they’ve talked about for example the
fact that um
you know that you know the the
republicans and democrats are corrupt
can’t be trusted vote libertarian or you
know we’re kept off the ballot
and that makes it tougher for us uh so
vote for us enemy which i think is a
self-defeating argument but that’s a
whole other subject
um there so they often talk about that
kind of stuff as opposed to well
libertarians believe
this about this specific subject or if
they do
they don’t get really deep into it they
just kind of focus it yeah sean uh
one thing they say is all your freedoms
all the time well that’s a great meta
but it doesn’t answer okay well how’s
that going to work with health care
all your freedoms okay what is
how is that going to work with
health care well all the time you’re
going to get all your freedoms
so you know we we need to so and so it
leaves the individual candidates and
um you know activists and and messengers
out there to kind of say their own thing
um which is not necessarily bad but
often we’re all talking about different
stuff and it can kind of get all over
the place
so what i’ve tried to do and what other
prominent libertarians in fact have
tried to do
is encourage national
and lead by example in encouraging
national to
pick the main things that people are
talking about and come up with strong
messaging on those things
with the knowledge that when we do that
that the
um you know the other libertarians the
candidates the activists the members
will be inspired by that and we’ll also
move forward on that
um steven mentions the platform planks
we have
you know a great platform but again the
platform planks
they talk about all these different
subjects and give the libertarian
position on it
but it’s not written in a way that
actually is is a marketable message
right so um you know it will say for
example you know
uh uh you know when it comes to
education well we oppose
the department of the federal department
of education and are in support of
um you know getting government out of uh
and allowing the free market to provide
those solutions
okay so if you’re already a libertarian
you’re good with that but
that that if you’re not a libertarian
you’re gonna have a lot of questions
about well
what’s gonna happen next so it there’s
just i think that
um i think that the way that we need to
do this
is uh is to lead with by example with
good messaging
now brian’s actually in the comments and
he says that’s not the way some of the
leadership has been in the past
um unfortunately we turn many folks off
with some of our stupid messaging
i um
oh but then he’s i think then he agrees
with me he said the platform is great
but it makes no sense to the general
outside the party folks and yeah that’s
basically it i mean we have some great
we have the best ideas for everything we
just have to come up with a way to
present it to people who aren’t already
like us
we are very analytical we tend to be
very system
we look at things from a systemic
standpoint what is the root cause of
how do you fix it at the root cause the
average for here’s a perfect example
when presenting things the best way to
present it to libertarians is with some
very hard statistics demonstrating
you know what you’re trying to assert
with most people the best way to present
is through a story anecdotal uh um
anecdotal evidence you know look at this
person and what happened to them
or empathizing with someone in their cit
in their specific situation
um we tend to be like well we don’t care
about that we need to
look at the you know the reason why this
happened and we need to
drill down into that we don’t even care
about the hearing the individual stories
that’s just
you know anecdotal noise that’s not how
most people think so
um i do i think there’s a few different
aspects but i also think
often the libertarian party’s messaging
has been
again focused on the libertarian party
and why it’s better than republicans and
from a party standpoint um so i think
that’s what we can do
and then there’s another one here from
brian but i or i’m sorry matt did you
want to add anything to that
no you pretty much covered it like i
i was going to say a big issue is people
think that they know what libertarians
stand for they think that we don’t care
about poor people they think that we um
only care about ourselves and showing
how we make a difference is a better way
than just telling them what we see
for the future um so a lot of it is in
how you act and what you
uh in the message that you preach
um and a lot of our leadership
in the past um has had issues
uh even preaching it well um
and definitely i didn’t notice it if
they were doing it on the side
but i’m not going to say that they
didn’t do it right but
a lot of it comes in how you act in
public and
the way that you convey message
just because the republicans have donald
trump doesn’t mean that every republican
is donald trump i mean right now it’s
but um that doesn’t mean that
everybody’s going to go out there and
start talking like him no matter how
right right right right um
there is a lot that goes into
how the message is given and whether you
are going to be combative when they give
any uh resistance to what you are saying
so those are the things that i was going
to say
make a difference in the messaging is
you you are
the stalwart you are the one that’s
going out there and spreading this
and the way that you put it in the way
that you respond to them
is what is going to stick out in their
right right right you are the power um
the uh and like literally that’s an
example of what i mean when i say that
um the uh um you know alex and jacob
labelle they’re talking about the nap
and they’re saying that that’s
you know that that’s the best thing to
put forward you don’t hurt people you
don’t take their stuff
you know you don’t violate people and in
a meta sense yes
but again someone says what’s your
solution on education and i go don’t
hurt people and don’t take their stuff
and don’t violate their
their self-ownership the average
person’s gonna be like what the hell
does that have to do with schools
now we can figure out what that mean how
to apply that to that
because that’s our ethos and that’s our
values most people
don’t really know i mean yes they don’t
want to hurt people or take their stuff
but they don’t realize that that’s what
the public school system is
they don’t and and if you say it is uh
without explaining it they’re going to
take it as a personal install
instead of you know explaining why
it doesn’t work and then exp or
why education doesn’t work and then
later you can explain
why the public education system doesn’t
work and why
government getting involved in stuff
doesn’t work but that that’s a longer
message there
um yeah as and alex said it means that
as long as you don’t hurt
someone or take money or their stuff any
solution can be talked about absolutely
and that’s the thing you know our our
basics are
you know we need to you know
we are explaining how
libertarian solutions would work and
give examples of that
um you know and you know meg when people
say what about the roads we have the
answers to that like
the people that are making money off the
roads primarily can pay for the roads
and they’ll need to pay for the roads
because they still need us to come to
them or they need to be able to bring
stuff to us
instead of making us pay for it so
anyway there’s one more from brian
cleary but it’s the exact same link so
i’m wondering if they got one
yeah let me see it was the one last week
hello matt hello spike real quick
question for you guys yeah
yeah that’s yeah that’s some weird thing
that happens when brian leaves uh
it’s just with him yeah that’s that’s
weird and it’s literally just with ryan
yeah there’s no way these are two minute
long questions
yeah that’s that’s odd i’m not sure
what’s happening
but uh so
well thank you again for this uh this
segment of the personal injury attorney
with chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor colin moment um
so we’re gonna end on something nice and
nice and light and
airy abortion
aborting fetuses matt abording fetuses
because israel vs palestine was too
contentious we were going to talk about
abortion but then spike went and talked
about the other thing
um so the supreme court’s been
announcing some of the cases that they
are going to be reading
in the next session and one of these
dobbs versus jackson white or sorry
dobbs versus jackson women’s health
and you may be sitting there thinking
i’ve heard about this before
and you have right here on this show we
talked about it
for a different reason um
i believe it was roughly a year ago
uh we talked about this one quite a
while ago
i i believe it was in last session um
they these are the people who have the
the jackson women’s health organization
are the one p
the one abortion provider in all of
and they passed a law in mississippi
that anybody who is working
as an abortion provider has to have uh
local admin access or
uh local admin access to a hospital
yeah uh so that way they can go and sign
in and
uh do it there should anything go wrong
um and they said that that wasn’t fair
because there wasn’t a hospital close
enough to them
um so next
session we’re going to well and it was
it was written that way it was written
because it knew
they knew that they were targeting the
one abortion clinic in the state
abortion clinic and so they basically
made an impossibility and said you have
to have admitting privileges to a
hospital within a certain distance that
of that you are not so right they knew
what they were the one hospital that was
that distance wouldn’t give them
admitting privileges
right right so we’re going to be hearing
this case again
for different reasons
so the most recent
so the most recent uh appeal of this
that the constitution protects the right
to have an abortion before it feed or
sorry nope roe versus wade and planned
versus casey ruled that the constitution
protects the right to have an abortion
a fetus becomes viable right now
in dobbs versus jackson women’s health
organization a
challenge to the constitutionality of
the mississippi law
uh with limited exception bars abortions
after the 15th week of pregnancy
standard right now is roughly 24 weeks
is roughly about 24 weeks so this is
nine weeks earlier
um so two months um
jackson women health organization
challenged the law again
and a federal district court agreed with
the clinic reasoning that the supreme
court cases do not allow states to ban
abortions before a fetus becomes viable
which occurs around 24 weeks of
pregnancy um
the u.s court of appeals for the fifth
circuit upheld that decision
rejecting mississippi’s argument uh that
the supreme court cases required the
court to determine instead whether the
law creates a substantial
obstacle for a person seeking an
abortion before the fetus becomes viable
so their argument is you can still get
an abortion before the fetus becomes
you just have to do it by the 15th week
even though the general consensus around
viability is in the second and third
is that how long that is 24 weeks what
is that four
six six no my math is terrible
uh yeah six um so six months in so yes
second trimester um
but yeah so the state suggests there’s
no substantial uh
obstacle uh the law prohibits all
abortions after 15 weeks except in cases
of health emergencies or
fetal abnormal abnormalities
abnormal abnormalities
abnormalities fetal abnormalities um
so mississippi decided to take this to
the supreme court last summer
asking the justices to rule on whether
all bans on pre-viability abortions are
unconstitutional things are different
this year from last year lots
of things are different this year all
republicans have a 6-3 sorry the
conservative leaning
uh thought process has a 6-3
uh lead in the supreme court
a big loss for the pro-choice movement
is uh ruth bader ginsburg was replaced
by amy comey barry
that is a huge difference that is a
polar opposite difference
on this issue in theory anyway yes
in theory we don’t know how she’s
actually going to vote on this
yeah you can only assume based on what
we know about her
that does not mean that she’s gonna go
the way that everybody thinks she’s
gonna go
uh there was a planned parenthood case
early last session
that uh uh judge kavanaugh
that everybody thought he was going to
be the end of it all and he was going to
destroy abortion rights for everybody
he didn’t vote to take on the case and
it would have
potentially gotten rid of funding for
planned parenthood
and that shocked me
but that goes to show you we don’t know
exactly what is going to happen
we can only assume uh the justices
are also sorry the state asks the
justices to weigh in on two related
whether courts should consider a state’s
interest such as protecting the health
of a mother
when reviewing the constitutionality of
laws that restrict pre-viability
and whether abortion providers have a
legal right to
challenge laws that ban or restrict
abortions on behalf of their patients
this is going to be because conceivably
now the question just becomes
well if they if they if they uphold this
rule if they strike down the previous
and say that this is not a substantial
then all that will need to happen is the
states will have to just keep
eventually over time pushing back that
that number of weeks until it’s
essentially impossible
impossible to get an abortion because if
you think about it i mean
if someone has i mean it can take a few
weeks before
someone can even know that they’re
um you know uh if someone is
you know uh two or three weeks late from
you know from a period and and you know
you’re already in week seven or eight
right there
um yeah
this uh
yeah this is a this is a um
i personally think they’re gonna uphold
the the previous court
decisions honestly i i know that that
it’s it’s as likely
to be struck down as it ever has but i
don’t see that happening
i think that i think what’s about to
happen is they’re gonna
they’re going to uphold it um
or find some weird reason not to rule on
it um which is actually probably very
um and um
yeah um
yeah i think that i don’t i honestly
don’t know what’s gonna happen in this
there is so much that could potentially
um but
a lot a lot of republicans are worried
this summer you’re gonna see packing the
yeah or at least biden attempting to
pack the courts
in order to sway favor back toward the
liberal effect uh the liberal way of
thinking and
in all honesty i can’t say that’s wrong
i don’t think it’ll work yeah but i
don’t think it’s wrong
so yeah i i don’t
i don’t see that happening either
i yeah i mean i have no idea i think
this is going to be such a status quo
and i may be wrong this may be you know
they blow it out blow it out of the
water i don’t see
biden doing it before that i see them
blowing this thing out of the
you know they could could they blow it
out out of the water yes and if they did
that would be biden’s pretext to then
pack the cords
i think that they’re going to keep
playing scared pool like they typically
do on this stuff
and uh and and and kick the can and
that will be the dying last gasp last
gasp of conservatives saying
well we need to vote republican because
at least they put in pro-life justices
no they don’t and you know that’s
the name of the uh vital or vita
vital i don’t know how to pronounce your
name i’m sorry samantha says what was
the reasoning the last time they
increased the number of justices that
was in the 1800s i think it was in
when lincoln was president i think that
was when that happened
and i’m certain it had to do with the
um i don’t know the exact
reasoning on why uh but i believe that
was when
when it happened and as stephen whitt
just says fdr did try
and they shut it down but what fdr did
which was actually pretty smart
he said he was gonna pack the courts and
you know the democrats in congress
uh and then the senate they were saying
no you can’t do that that would be
terrible for democracy that would be
terrible for this country
do not do that but it was enough to
scare the supreme court
to letting a few of his things go
social security um yep and that was that
and that was how he got those through by
threatening to pack the courts
yeah and that court incidentally
was was signaling that court was
signaling that they were going to
strike down social security as being a
blatant unconstitute like there’s
nothing in the constitution that that
grants the authority to create a pension
um and uh and and he still
he he scared them enough to pass there
were a few other parts of the new deal
that were blatantly unconstitutional and
uh and they passed it because he kept
threatening to
to pack the courts and render them you
know completely useless
right so
like we said the case is going to be
heard in the fall after the justices
returned from their summer
uh recess it’s going to be joining a new
york state rifle
and pistol association versus corlett
which is going to
involve constitutional carry of guns uh
um and it is looking
like there is a possibility that there
is going to review a
challenge to harvard’s race conscious
admissions policy
um so it could be
a very very interesting supreme court
season next year
i don’t know how those two were are
gonna go the abortion one i’m pretty
sure how i think that’s gonna go
uh the supreme what’s that
i think i know how the abortion one’s
gonna go and it’s not the way yeah a lot
of people are expecting it to
do do you think it’s gonna do you think
do you do you disagree with my assertion
i i think it’s gonna get shot down
i think they’re gonna agree with the the
lesser courts the under court okay so
you you agree with me
yeah oh okay yeah no i mean it’s fine if
you didn’t
i was just i was i the way you worded it
i thought you were saying you thought it
was gonna go
yeah i think i think it’s gonna get shot
down i think yeah i think a lot of
people are expecting it to go through
and they’re like oh yeah this this
court’s gonna pass it and
yeah i don’t think so i honestly don’t i
think that a lot of the liberals are
sorry a lot of the cons
hard to tell these days uh a lot of the
conservative justices
are going to sit there and they you know
they talk about being pro-life and they
talk about their religion
but when it gets to that point they
think they look at the laws as they’re
and they act they will rule that no this
does not go against the law
yeah right i don’t i didn’t yeah
i don’t think that it’s going to happen
um this new york state rifle and pistol
association versus corlett
this scotus has been all over the place
when it comes to gun stuff but
they often have sided in the on the
right side or at least towards the right
side maybe not 100 on the right side
um on when it comes to being in favor of
the right to keep and bear arms
if scotus ends up institut instituting
constitutional carry
man that’s fun fact uh for anybody who
lives in florida we used to have
constitutional carry here in florida
but if you had to take a guess at the
reason we don’t
what would it be
the police pushed for ending it
no but that was a good guess and you’re
not terribly far off
um i mean you’re on the right mindset
tracking you’re on the right track
um the nra
the nra passed the bill for concealed
carry that you had to get approved at an
training ground and
in that florida lost
their constitutional carry wow
because the nra is all about your gun
rights folks as long as you’re paying
them every month
not about raising their own money which
is why they’re now
out of it um
yep no listen when i hear people oh we
gotta fight and help the nra they’re
gone bankrupt
they were bankrupt long before they ran
out of money they’ve been morally
since they wrote the damn nfa back in
the 30s
what a feckless group of of swindlers
that is
convince people that they’re the they’re
the the bulwarks against
against the uh it’s the second time
bulwark’s been used in this episode
they’re that’s you know positioning
themselves as the champions of gun
rights when the reality is
every single federal gun regulation
that’s currently on the books was
or sponsored or promoted by the nra
and a lot of the state ones are too a
perfect example what matt just said it’s
to put money in their pockets
and to make money for um the republican
uh the police departments and the gun
uh manufacturers it has nothing to do
with your gun rights the very second
year gun rights get in the way of their
gravy train they
trample all over it um this harvard’s
race conscious thing
um depending on how this decision goes
if they decide that you know
you can’t discriminate based on race
means you can’t discriminate based on
then that would effectively end not just
that but
you know depending on how it’s broadly
it’s worded it could end all
affirmative action uh mandates
which have been kind of outside of
academia affirmative action mandates
have been slowly going away it’s
you know in the in the uh you know the
ones applied to the private sector
have been kind of slowly winnowed away
because they’re terrible policies and
they didn’t actually
lead to increases in hiring of people of
color it just
led to shoving people of color into
these diversity departments where they
don’t really even do anything
and creating these separate corporate
cultures where they’re kind of
segregated away from everyone else
uh oddly enough it’s doing the same
thing in the schools but they have been
you know doubling down on it i love how
they did this
instead of challenging the how it
discriminates against white people
they’ve challenged how it discriminates
against asian people
yeah big time and
that is a stroke of genius because the
argument has always been well
yeah it discriminates against white
people but white people are the majority
population and you know they’re they’re
they’re the ones in control
so you know we’re just doing that to you
know set things right
this is saying well what about asians
they’re not in control they’re one of
the smallest
why are they being targeted and and they
are big time
especially at harvard even more than
white people yeah yeah
especially at harvard uh like they’re
even if they come in with the sat like i
don’t remember the stats on it because i
haven’t read it in a while
but uh if you want to talk about stop
asian hate like
harvard um really yeah
right so uh it’s gonna be a really
interesting supreme court season
yeah and i can’t wait to actually report
on a few more of the cases that are
going to be getting dropped
uh over the next uh
two months or so um and you’re gonna be
seeing a lot of
don’t worry about that um you’re gonna
a lot of uh we’re gonna report on a lot
of it as it comes out
so tune in for all of that um
spike uh do you who do you have on
i have josh eckel and justin cornett
uh and for those who are friends of my
fellow americans you know i had them on
a few weeks ago but we’re having them on
again they are with
for all tennessee which is a
pro-liberty lobbying group i know i know
those those words don’t seem to go
at all but they are um they are a
lobbying group that does a lot of work
in tennessee
uh in tennessee’s uh state legislature
pushing for pro-liberty
legislation and one of the things that
they just successfully helped push
was a ban on uh no knock raids
and not just no knock raids but a bunch
of other abusive
practices that were being allowed by
police departments across tennessee
um has been passed and it passed almost
um on a consent on a on a voice vote and
uh they they were in very they were
instrumental in getting it passed
and so we’re basically going to have
them come on to
flex hard how a libertarian
lobbying group or a liberty friendly
lobbying group because they’re
uh is is doing some incredible stuff in
uh only a few months after they were
created they actually as they said in
the last time they were on the show
they were created after being inspired
solely by me they didn’t say solely but
they were inspired by me during the
campaign talking about how we
can work to do uh incredible stuff in
our communities in our states and we
don’t have to wait to get into office to
do it
and uh and so they they went right with
it they’re going in there and charging
getting some incredible work done uh and
they’re gonna come on to talk
all about that and then on
thursday yeah thursday
maybe once again you are gonna have to
tune in
to find out how great of a guest i have
on thursday uh many of you enjoyed last
week’s episode
which uh was actually a really fun
episode to do i don’t mean to say
actually like i wasn’t expecting it to
be but it was it was a really fun
episode to do
actually she wasn’t terrible she was not
uh but no it was a really fun episode uh
so i’m kind of enjoying the surprise of
who’s going to be my guest um i will
actually have to reach out to brian
tomorrow but tomorrow night i will not
be watching
the show because i’m going to be at
toronto blue jays vs boston red sox and
i cannot wait
they’re playing in florida yeah
toronto is that because of the lockdown
that is so funny yeah so they’re playing
in florida
like 20 minutes from my house
that is funny yeah that’s almost as
funny as the time that
we got invited to the tampa bay
super bowl party and you went
it’s not it’s not i mean i couldn’t have
gone anyway right
we we just getting more into the tampa
bay buccaneer super bowl party and uh
it was a shame you couldn’t be there it
was a good time had by all
yeah and i legit couldn’t have been
there like i mean there was no yeah
there was there was i couldn’t have even
gotten on a plane in time to do it but
it’s just funny that’s all
i just find it funny um and then this
this weekend i will be in beautiful
golden colorado
6 000 feet above the sea in golden
colorado just outside of denver
for the libertarian party of colorado’s
convention it is weird
not seeing my face isn’t it it’s so
weird like i don’t
know where to look yeah
just look at the look at the two the two
cholos there
not a webcam in sight just living in the
um so uh yeah so libertarian party
colorado convention this weekend
uh if you want to take part uh you can
go to lpcolorado.org
and uh and register for the convention
there uh
one of the featured attendees one of the
presentations will be by tasha cohen
wow yeah wow
yeah so if you want to find out what
that’s about then you got to go to
and sign up today you can see her in
person find out what she’s talking about
i’m going to be talking as well but no
one cares about that now that they know
that she is
if you google spike cohen the first
thing that it guesses is spike cohen’s
wife yeah no that’s all anyone cares
about um so folks
uh and then come right back here same
money place hopefully an hour earlier
uh or 48 minutes earlier uh for
the next spanking new installment of the
muddy waters of freedom
where uh matt right now partially we
next week too oh yeah yeah
the suckle on the teats of liberty shirt
i can’t wait
and i will hopefully be
well i hopefully have a camera working
um you won’t you won’t believe what kind
of shirt i’m wearing next week
um for the muddy waters of freedom where
matt right and i parse through
the week’s events like the sweet little
wonder monkeys that we are
um yeah as long as you’re wearing a
shirt next week that’s all i really care
how do you know i’m not wearing a shirt
because we’re so emotionally connected i
can feel it your voice gets an octopus
or whenever you’re shirtless
wow well folks
uh and then uh and so we will see you
next week so tune in tomorrow for my
fellow americans tune in
thursday probably for the money
for the writer’s block and then tune in
uh well
come to colorado for the convention then
we’ll see you next year next week
um our show yes
no i was pointing to them not you oh uh
matt if you oh well no we do the thing
we’d like to thank all of our oh no well
we don’t have to do we’re still doing
the thing where we say their names
no not anymore we don’t have to oh
well we’re gonna well folks if you wanna
well just tunes just stay tuned and
we’re gonna do a thing stay tuned
for the stay tuned five minutes for
so folks well yeah but for our podcast
they won’t hear the names
they’re all watching like i know every
name on that list they’re all watching
the future anyway if uh matt if uh
people were to try to find us on the
is that even possible and if so how it
is possible
all one would have to do is head on over
to anchor dot fm slash money
yes where do you old school listeners
you can just
can tune in to hear these sweet those
tones of our sultry sexy
hey everybody calming voices
i love you and while you’re there
you can do it and i believe in you those
that we will play in the personal entry
attorney chris you can accomplish
everything that you’re trying to do
anchor call it moment and you can also
and you will not believe what would
happen give us money
you i believe that you can give us money
i believe that
all of you could give some money every
one of you is capable of giving us money
i believe it
a dollar a month i want to make sure
that the people on clubhouse can hear
oh yeah oh gosh yeah let me get let me
get my mic up here so you can hear
i’m using my bluetooth mic for
clipboards to get a new camera hi
a camera that works yes please
we just need a camera i don’t think my
camera’s not
i don’t think it’s i need a new camera i
think it’s just some weird configuration
give me money anyway just in case it’s a
new camera just in case
you never know i can have a second
yes and for everybody else you can find
this in every other episode at
to all of the fantastic and wonderful
people who have been hanging out on
clubhouse all night long
thank you uh thank you sorry about the
uh technical issues that we’ve been
trying to figure out exactly how to do
this but we are going to get it figured
uh to everybody else find me on
clubhouse muddied h2omat
and uh if we get our group going on
clubhouse we will be able to do
random talks throughout the week with
y’all so
join uh us on clubhouse while joining
yeah you’re on it too
join us on clubhouse and uh we uh can
do this we can take over that one too
anyone on anyone on facebook wants to uh
in needs an invite to clubhouse send a
message to
jimmy lee in the comments he is jimmy
in the comments jimmy the eel
just get into contact with jimmy the eel
and uh he’ll send you a link
he’ll send you an invite i don’t have my
invites yet because my account’s not old
enough or something i don’t know
um so i don’t think that’s how that
works well anyway
i i just know i don’t have any invites i
think that whoever opened your account
used them
or stephen witt no i open my own account
no that’s the thing i open my own
um yeah so i like a big man i open my
own account
uh so folks thanks so much for tuning in
we will see you tomorrow from my fellow
americans we’ll see you thursday
probably for the writer’s block
i will hopefully see you in colorado and
then we’ll see you right back here next
week for the muddy waters of freedom
so thanks so much again have a great
rest of your evening and where we’re
we don’t need roads

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