Episode 192 – Biden Gives the State of the…wait, nope. He Addresses Congress

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Joe Biden goes up in front of a minimal amount of congress to talk about the state of the union, but don’t you dare call it that! He’s addressing Congress and don’t you forget it! Matt and Spike live stream the event in hopes that it’s worth its weight in comedic gold that we are expecting.

Episode Transcript

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social media has been going crazy about
the latest with joe biden appearing on
but something stands out his hands they
seem to appear in front of the
microphones like he’s on a green screen
come on
you know the things
here’s the deal
don’t worry
i know for the bathroom
what the hell is going on here
social media has been going crazy about
the latest with joe biden appearing on
but something stands out his hands they
seem to appear in front of the
microphones like he’s on a green screen
come on
here’s the deal
don’t worry
i know
what the hell is going on here
social media has been going crazy about
the latest with joe biden appearing on
but something stands out his hands they
seem to appear in front of the
microphones like he’s on a green screen
come on
don’t worry
i know
uh good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome
to the vanguard for
of freedom i think you might be using
the wrong microphone
i checked it right before we started
no it’s this one oh
well then i guess zoom is going to just
that’s going to be one that we have
is this better yes
okay folks thanks so much for tuning in
to this amazing episode of
biden gedden i don’t know what we’re
calling it uh of the joe biden
uh whatever he’s called what is the
congress address to congress not a
definitely not a state of the union
that would be completely different than
the what this is uh folks thanks so much
for tuning in
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jewish technically
um so speaking of technically jewish
so matt speaking of jews washington dc
yep there’s a lot of them there there’s
i’ve heard there are some there um yeah
so joe biden’s already started we’re
actually gonna go back to when he did
uh he only started a couple of minutes
ago so we’re just gonna go in
and somebody had to be on fox news so we
have to stay
someone had to be on fox news so we’re
gonna just go ahead and go back to when
when he started and we’re gonna start
live reacting to that about three
minutes ago
oh look at joe coming in for the first
time today
joe biden out of nowhere
coming in right now
see the beauty of this being just a
little bit delayed is we don’t actually
have to stay for all this we can just
i mean we can skip right through stuff
we can literally skip to oh wow
he got up there this man ambles you know
like for for being 78 he’s got quite the
he definitely got up there fast
i wonder if she’s gonna rip it up this
he’s gonna frame it right there members
of congress
i have the high privilege and distinct
honor to present to you the president
of the united states
is he going to wear the mask the whole
time no he’s oh okay okay
thank you
thank you thank you thank you
good to be back
it’s good to be back
he’s never oh well he was in trouble i
understand it’s good to be almost home
he was also in the center hall anyway
thank you all madam speaker
madam vice president
oh you’re doing the thing okay no
has ever said those words from this
no president has ever said those words
and it’s about
first lady i’m her husband
second gentleman
members of the united states congress
and the cabinet distinguished guests
my fellow americans that’s why all the
setting tonight is familiar this
is just a little bit different a
reminder of the extraordinary times
we’re in
throughout our history presidents have
come to this chamber to speak to
to the nation and of the world oh good
to declare war
to celebrate peace to announce new plans
we got 20 bucks he declares war
tonight i come to talk about crisis
or opportunity about rebuilding the
revitalizing our democracy and winning
the future
for america i stand here tonight
one day shy of the hundredth day of my
a hundred days since i took the oath of
office and lifted my hand
off our family bible and inherited a
we all did that was in crisis the worst
pandemic in a century
the worst economic crisis since the
great depression
the worst attack on our democracy
because of the law of the civil war
now after just 100 days
i can report to the nation america
is on the move again
it’s funny because this is kind of
symbolic of how his crowds were during
the campaign
the possibility crisis to opportunity
setbacks and the strength we all know
life can knock us down but in america
we never ever ever stay down
americans always get up today that’s
what we’re doing
america is rising anew choosing hope
over fear
truth over lies and light over darkness
after 100 days of rescue and renewal
america is ready for a takeoff in my
this is nothing but platitudes this is
saturday and saturday night live wrote
it like he’s not going to say anything
of any
it’s just we have shown everything’s
everything’s fine americans never give
they never let down they never surrender
we’re a fight
on this island like i mean it’s just
literally just platitudes
we had to act and thanks to the
extraordinary leadership of
speaker pelosi majority leader schumer
this is so bad you’ve
american people democrats independents
and republicans
we did act together we passed the
american rescue plan
the most consequential rescue packages
in american history
why why does it keep we’re already
seeing the results
yes we are already seeing mass inflation
from your rescue rescue package
anyone who has tried to buy any lumber
or uh hardwood
or any kind of supplies knows yeah we’re
seeing the results the cost of
everything’s for the road
we will have provided over 220 million
coveted shots
in those hundred days thanks to all the
help of all of you
i mean isn’t that that’s kind of
something you inherited though
with your help like you want to talk
about inheriting something
whoever was president was going to be
responsible for the for the covet
vaccination because that already set
where the poorest of the poor can be
we’re setting up community vaccination
developing mobile units to get to hard
to reach
communities today
90 of americans now live within 5 miles
of a vaccination site
everyone over the age of 16
everyone is now eligible to get
right now right away go get
vaccinated america go and get the
they’re available
you’re eligible now
if the zodiac killer wants me to get the
vaccine i already don’t want to do it
i’m just saying like
fully i mean copenhagen if ted cruz is
that confident about it
i feel pretty secure in my decision not
to get america overseas
fully protect the capital anymore senior
deaths from cover 19.
80 since january down 80 percent because
of all of you
and more than half of all the adults in
america what is gotten at least one shot
a mass vaccination center in glendale
i asked the nurse
i said what’s it like she looked at me
and she said
it’s like every shot is giving a dose of
that didn’t happen that didn’t no that
didn’t happen
in florida was a child suffering from
autoimmune disease
wrote to me said she’s worried that she
was worried about bringing the virus
she said she then got vaccinated at a
large site
in her car she said she sat in her car
when she got vaccinated and just cried
cried out of joy and cried out a relief
parents seeing the smiles on the kids
faces for those who are able to go back
to school
because the teachers and school bus
drivers and cafeteria workers have been
grandparents the teachers have been
saying or the parents have been saying
open the schools
since this time last year they were not
waiting for anyone to get facts
it means everything those things mean
you know they’re still you all know it
you know better than any group of
americans there’s still more work to do
to beat this virus
we can’t let our guard down but tonight
i can say because of you
the american people
our progress these past hundred days
against one of the worst pandemics in
has been one of the greatest logistical
logistical achievements this country’s
ever seen then you can’t take credit for
because you’ve been president for three
months first hundred days been president
for ninety nine keep our commitment
democrats and republicans of sending
fourteen hundred dollar rescue
checks to eighty-five percent of
american households
and sticking them with eight thousand
dollars in debt
for it with interest it’s making a
you all know when you go home for many
people it’s making all the difference in
the world
who who is this making who is fourteen
hundred dollars
after months of not being able to work
this has made
all the difference in the world for home
put on the table and saved her and her
from eviction from their apartment
my grandmother fourteen hundred dollars
save them firmly from eviction
and put food on the table to the eye
something she said she put off for
months because she didn’t have the money
one of the defining images at least from
my perspective in this crisis has been
cars lined up cars lined up for miles
at food banks because they lost their
and because of the lockdowns and they
weren’t allowed to work
while multi-billion-dollar corporations
like walmart and target and costco
stayed open
even though you were far more likely to
catch covet there than in a small
they were lined up for miles he was
going to say
lined up for miles against the fault
in this position yeah that’s yeah that’s
another one
lined up for miles to get into a shelter
because the cost of living is going
through the roof and they can’t afford a
roof over their heads
and fourteen hundred dollars did not
make the difference we’re also providing
rental assistance
you all know this but the american
people i want to make sure they
keeping people from being evicted from
their homes
providing loans to small businesses that
and keep their employees on the job
during these hundred days an additional
000 americans enrolled in the affordable
care act when i established a special
sign-up period to do that
800 000 in that period
you just admitted that they can’t afford
their own health care investments ever
in improving health care for veterans
critical investments to address the
opioid crisis
and maybe most importantly thanks to the
american rescue plan we’re on track
to cut child poverty in america in half
this year just reopening businesses
and ending the lockdowns would cut child
poverty in more than half because child
poverty has nearly doubled in the last
year so a lot of this
is just as things start to reopen as
governors who are facing recall are
things are just naturally coming back at
least somewhat just because they’re
letting people work and go outside and
associate with others again
for someone who says he wants to talk
about everything and he inherited he
sure doesn’t want to
recognize the things he’s inherited in
the first hundred days
than any president on record the
international monetary fund
i want to get angry about watching this
but we actually like
decided we wanted to watch estimating
our economy will grow at a rate of more
than six percent this year
that’ll be the fastest pace of economic
growth in this country in nearly four
because the country shut down last year
it’s easy to break records when the year
before nothing was allowed to be open
right that’s that’s a good way to have
quite an economic recovery
meanwhile trump was doing this after the
worst part of this of the
the shutdowns and the the economic
devastation that came from it when
things started to rebound well this is
the strongest month we’ve ever had so i
mean this is
not just a joe biden thing but i mean
talk about skewing
skewing data has literally transformed
our attitudes as well as our
the transcontinental railroad the
interstate highways
united two oceans and brought a totally
new age of progress
is he taking credit for the
trans-continental railroad system
universal public schools and college aid
opened wide the doors of opportunity
scientific breakthroughs took us to the
you have so ruined education
with government involvement that you’re
now having to expand it on both ends
you’re having to introduce
pre-k universal and uh universal
community college now because kids
aren’t learning in that k
through 12. now thankfully during the
pre-k and during the the 13 and uh
the the college and up uh you’re
allowing for them to still have choice
instead of putting them
ghettoizing them into mono into
geographic monopolies that are run by
the government for now anyway
uh but you you when the federal
government got involved in education
we went from number one in education now
we’re somewhere in the 20s
and we’ve spent three trillion dollars
and anyone who has a kid in public
schools can tell you what that’s led to
um that’s not exactly something i would
i would harp on
it’s clean look at that turtle and today
up to 10 million homes in america and
more than 400
000 schools and child care centers
have pipes with lead in them including
drinking water
a clear presentation i thought he was
taking credit for that
he is that’s not going to jobs plan
creates jobs replacing
100 of the nation’s lead pipes and
service lines
so every american can drink
clean water
say in the comments if you believe that
we’re gonna at the end of the biden
administration that we’re
st all lead pipes are going to be gone
just go ahead and drop that in the
comments if you if you think that’s
actually going to happen
since they’ve been talking about doing
it for at least 20 years now
the rural america this still doesn’t
have it
it’s going to help our kids and our
businesses succeed in the 21st century
and i’m asking the vice president to
lead this effort if you would
because i know get done
you are under arrest and put in prison
whatever she was just he was just
talking about storms hacks
catastrophic failures with tight tragic
as we saw in texas and elsewhere during
the winter storms
the american jobs plan will create jobs
that lay thousands of miles of
transmission lines needed to build
a resilient and fully clean grid
we can do that say nuclear say nuclear
don’t pretend that you want a a a good
because anything that is not built
around the most state
there was one form of energy that was
still able to be provided during most of
winter storm and that was nuclear
two million women have dropped out of
the workforce during this pandemic
two million and too often because they
couldn’t get the care they needed
to care only women have been affected
aaron who needs help
800 000 families around the medicare
waiting list right now to get home care
for their aging parent or loved one with
if you think it’s not important check
out in your own district
democrat or republican democratic
republican voters
their great concern almost as much as
the children is taking care
of an elderly loved one who can’t be who
can’t afford anything because you’ve
robbed them for social security for
their entire life and now they can’t
afford their basic care
keep in mind when you’re hearing joe
biden talk about all of his solutions to
all the problems that we’re facing
keep in mind that joe biden was in the
senate since
1973 and was one of the top people in
multiple senate committees and was one
of the ch and was a chair of
multiple senate committees and then was
vice president for eight years
one of the few things that donald trump
said last year that was true
was when he would talk about the fact
that joe biden for all the people to
talk about what they’re going to do why
didn’t joe do or propose any of this
why did he instead push all the policies
that have led to the bad outcomes that
he’s now talking about
but now he’s totally gonna fix it
working with all those same people in
the senate that helped him make the
problem in the first place
jobs american jobs plan will put
engineers and construction workers to
work building
more i assume the american jobs plan is
this two trillion dollar thing he wants
to push
uh yeah that’s the infrastructure plan
that he has lined up he’s going to be
announcing in a little bit a
1.8 trillion child care bill
wow farmers farmers planting cover crops
so they can reduce the carbon dioxide in
the air and get paid for doing it
think about it there is simply no reason
why the blades for wind turbines can’t
be built in pittsburgh instead of
when crops die
they release the carbon so
real quick he just said there’s no
reason that wind turbines can’t be built
in pittsburgh
instead of beijing but yet he wants to
the corporate income tax or the
corporate tax
to 38 from the 23 percent that it is now
that’s a good reason not to grow there
is a reason that you can’t build those
in pittsburgh
as opposed to beijing it’s because
you’re going to be losing
so much more of your profit by building
them here oh matt you don’t have to
worry about that we’re going to grow
crops and they’re going to suck up all
the carbon
and then they’re never they’re never
gonna die and release it they’ll just
they’ll just hold it forever
man and i might note parenthetically
that does not that does not violate any
trade agreement
it’s been the law since the 30s by
american tax dollars are going to be
used to buy american products
made in america to create american jobs
that’s the way it’s supposed to be and
it will be in this administration
remember when that was called nativism
for four years
it sounds like america first right there
yeah it sounds like america first
that’s pretty pretty dangerous talk my
cabinet people
their ability to give exemptions has
extraneously limited it will be american
now i know some of you at home are
whether these jobs are for you
so many of you so many of the folks i
grew up with
feel left behind forgotten in an economy
that’s so
rapidly changing it’s frightening
i want to speak directly to you because
you think about it
that’s what people are most worried
about can i fit in
independent experts estimate the
american jobs plan will add
millions of jobs and trillions of
dollars to economic growth in the years
to come
it is for the low low price of several
trillions more in debt with the interest
future generations will have to pay off
so that when they get old they can tell
whatever crony politicians in office
i feel a little left behind by all of
clearly that’ll fix it this time require
an associate’s degree the american jobs
plan is a blue
collar blueprint to build america
do you know why it requires an
associate’s degree because the
government so
screwed up k-12 education that being a
high school graduate effectively means
nothing it’s not a it’s not it doesn’t
demonstrate that you have any skills
it just means that you you know made it
through the scantron system of no child
left behind which you are one of the
main proponents of so you’re the reason
why we now have to add another layer of
schooling just to get a basic job
so i have to disagree with you a little
bit the reason associates degree
is uh is required for basically anything
nowadays is because they gave loans for
school to
everybody who wanted one and everybody
believed that they
you know needed to go to college that’s
true too yeah
therefore they made having an
associate’s degree yeah
you at least have to have that that’s
the new book the new standard yep
and then he he he that man wrote the
that said you can’t claim college debt
on your bankruptcy meaning that all of
that debt needs to get repaid somehow
you can’t take it off on your taxes
hurting people who are
trouble finding jobs after they go to
college and they have all of this debt
he is the reason for all of it fixed it
gonna fix it an opportunity while we’re
doing this let’s get the paycheck
fairness act to my desk as well
equal pay it’s been much too long
and if you wonder whether it’s too long
look behind me
well i mean that would prove that it’s
not because you’ve got a vice president
and the speaker of the house so
that would it’s a powerful lagging
indicator there
and some of you know more about this
than i do
we’ll see more technological change in
the next 10 years than we saw in the
last 50.
that’s how rapidly
artificial intelligence is he taking is
he taking credit for so much more is
and we’re falling behind the competition
with the rest of the world
decades ago we used to invest 2
our gross domestic product in america
we’re going to use american money for
american sex robots
research and development today
mr secretary that’s less than one
china and other countries are closing in
we have to develop he’s china baiting
like literally
everything that they criticize trump
about and we are no friends of the trump
administration on this show by any
stretch of the imagination
literally everything this is blue maga
someone said it in the comments
this is blue maga it’s the exact same
thing that trump was saying
but with just a little bit of rainbow uh
sprinkles on it and
it’s the same china’s coming to take
everything from us we got to raise taxes
and increase spending uh we need to get
more american jobs so we need to raise
taxes and increase spending and have
more debt spending
like it’s just it’s the same nonsense
over and over and over again
uh and and you know with very with just
little hobby horse stuff thrown out
like oh uh uh equal pay for women and on
the other side though
oh protecting the thin blue line it’s
it’s cultural
virtue signaling that is masking the
fact that there’s no real difference in
policy between the two of them
it’s enhanced our security no it well
the nationalists health the nih i
should create a similar advanced
projects agency for health
do you know why the vaccine came out as
fast as it did was they actually
just let them put it out there once it
was still in trials
so the companies that participated in
operation warp speed
actually got their vaccines out to the
market after the ones
who looked at warp speed and said well
actually no if you just let us go and
make it and don’t restrict us we’ll be
able to get it out faster so
you know why we would expand on that
other than
it helps feed big pharma there’s no good
reason to do it h
they’ve excused the point of personal
privilege and i forget you standing
mitch and saying name and after my
deceased son
it meant a lot but so many of us
had to see sons daughters and relatives
who died of cancer
i can think of no more worthy investment
i know of nothing that is more
so let’s end cancer as we know it it’s
within our power
it’s within our power to do it
first of all
because no one thought of that before
right i
i think trump promised it trump
promised it we’re going to cancer we’re
going to end
cancer matt i mean i want to end cancer
government which is a type of a cancer
is the last organization i expect to
do anything but make cancer worse
if he’s declaring more on cancer cancer
will win
cancer will win we will have cancer
cartels that are being sponsored by the
all you have to do is declare yourself a
cancer and uh you’ll have a toyota hilux
filled with guns and ammo
uh pair uh airdrop to your house
that’s going to get fact checked
i just want to be clear from my
perspective doing nothing
is not an option
shout out to adam wags in the comments
uh who said that this is giving him
um so god speed to you adam
we can’t be so busy competing with one
that we forget the competition that we
have with the rest of the world to win
the 21st century
secretary blinking can tell you i spent
a lot of time with president xi
traveled over 17 000 miles with them
spent the time over 24 hours in private
discussions with him
over the course congratulations we had a
two-hour discussion talk to this guy for
24 hours
he’s deadly earnest
about becoming the most significant
consequential nation in the world
who cares i am not
america i am not the prestige of the u.s
government i am certainly not the major
corporations that make
trillions of dollars at the expense of
people like me and everyone watching
who are just trying to live our lives
who gives a
[ __ ] which country or government is the
most powerful one
oh well they’re restrictive yeah no our
government’s not restricted they just
told us all to stay inside for a year
oh they’re warmongering no our
government definitely isn’t warmongering
they’re only the most warmongering
government long-term
of any country on earth in its history
it who cares what i care about is the
that this government the one that claims
to represent me is robbing me
and everyone i know to the tune of
trillions of dollars a year
to hand off to the cronies who put them
in office
this this constant oh we got to be
bigger than china
why why can’t we be
freer than china why can’t we be
individually more prosperous than china
why can’t we have more autonomy
and determine self-determination and
freedom and liberty than china
that’s what i care about i don’t care
about our gdp
compared to china especially since those
numbers are so manipulated in the first
place by central banks
i don’t care why should we care about
century that 12 years is enough in the
21st century
i doubt it 12 years
is no longer enough today to compete
with the rest of the world in the 21st
why why is it not it used to be
not only did 12 years used to be more
than enough to get an education to be
able to compete with the rest of the
world not only was it that
but it actually was one of the best
places what happened in the past
i don’t know 40 years or so since
basically you’ve been in the senate
uh that changed that i wonder what
happened could it have been when the
federal government decided that it was
going to
help with education and ended up
institutionalizing it and turning it
into a monopoly that was controlled at
the top
and instituting a bunch of policies that
have nothing to do with education and
everything to do with empowering
teachers unions and crony corporations
at that very direct expense
of teachers and parents and students
with no regard for the actual schooling
or the quality of the schooling or the
educational outcomes
i wonder why 12 years isn’t enough
anymore joe we better make it 14.
that’ll fix it
or something after high school when you
add two years of free community college
on top of that that fixes it
you begin to change the dynamic
two years we can do that that’s it
it’s two years matt just two years
that’s all we needed
we thought the number was 12 it was 14.
black colleges universities
tribal colleges minority serving
the reason is they don’t have the
but there’s the reason is their schools
are so poorly
managed and funded that they have single
graduation rates tribal schools
some of them have effectively zero
percent graduation rates
and they aren’t allowed you think that
your school if you’re not a native you
think that your school doesn’t have any
real autonomy outside of the federal
imagine if your school was run by the
federal government there was no school
there was no administrator it was just
the bureau of indian affairs deciding
what your schooling was
go ask a native on a reservation what
their schools are like and then tell me
that you want the federal government to
be more involved in schooling
if i’ve heard it once i’ve heard it a
thousand times
joe any country that out educates us
is going to out-compete us you’ve never
heard that once
she’ll be deeply involved thank you jill
it’s true if you’ve heard it once you’ve
heard it a thousand times because you
haven’t we need you
american families plan will provide
access to quality affordable child
care we guarantee
because if you thought ruined public
schools were enough imagine when they
child care they’re they’re going to
start it out younger
like instead of just being pre-k they’re
going to start the indoctrination
before pre toddlers two three years old
as soon as maternity leave for work
ends they’re gonna start the
into the state and everybody’s gonna sit
there and they’re gonna say well
this is free free care so i need it so i
can go to work and that way i can raise
my kid
and the schools and the the child care
places will take them and they will
start teaching them that this is
necessary because of government and this
is necessary because of government
and within one generation it will be
that it will be the standard necessary
that this is only possible with the help
of government
exactly and the only reason that we’re
even talking about this right now is the
government has driven up the cost of
through taxation and debt spending and a
massive expansion of the monetary of the
of the federal currency
that we now are at a point where both
have to work full-time to not even be
able to make ends meet
which means that they need to work and
work and work sometimes two and three
jobs which means the kids have to be
taken care of by whom
the government of course that’ll fix it
by the way
when you’re watching this and you’re
looking around
i’ll i’ll wait to say this the next time
they pan around to all the people 200
in the pockets they’re going to help
take care of your family
and that will help more than 65 million
children and help cut child care poverty
in half
okay i want you to look at i want you to
look at some of these people when they
zoom in on their faces and when you’re
told that you know government’s going to
fix things
and government this and they want you to
think of this shining city on a hill the
font of wisdom you know bestowing us
with its
its greatness look at these people
look at these people that look like they
should be
in an emergency care center getting help
look at these people who
obviously have addiction problems and
alcoholism and
and are barely holding on by a thread
despite all the makeup and everything
they throw on them to try to make them
look presentable
look at these people for a moment and
realize these are the people who claim
to have better
knowledge and authority over you than
you do yourself
these people right here these schmucks
right here
both sides of the aisle claim to know
better than you
how you should live they claim to know
better than your family
how your family should operate they
claim to know better than you and the
people that live in your community
that how your community should run
despite all evidence to the contrary
despite decades and even centuries of
proof that when
they’re put in charge of stuff they just
screw it up
and they run up a massive bill and they
have no accountability for it and they
turn around and blame you for it
look just i i’m waiting for them to
look at these people yes look at these
and realize this is who is saying they
should be running your life
i wouldn’t want these people to bring in
the cart
at the shopping carts at a store i
managed anywhere in the world
right here because they steal the
quarters out of the little cart return
thing three times
for the same drug nearly three times
what other countries pay we have to
change that and we can
let’s do we talked about fraud yeah look
at aldi they have the thing where when
you put the cart back in
the the quarter comes out you get you to
return the car
okay these are the
well that too yeah like at the airport i
would would you trust ted cruz at an
no they won’t just
won’t just tell people on medicare a
little prescription drug costs for
and the money we save which is billions
of dollars
can go to strengthen the affordable care
act and expand medicare
coverage benefits without costing
an additional penny it’s within our
power to do it let’s do it now
the reason there’s not a single go ahead
the reason that medication
is so expensive is because of how many
times that they need to
outside of operation warp speed they
have to go through all of these trials
and all of these tests to get through
as of seven years ago i don’t know what
the stat is now as of seven years ago
in order to get a drug from the
concept all the way through production
on average one billion dollars and you
only had
a few years to sell it before they would
start making generics
so they had to jack up the prices on
everything in order to try to recoup the
billion dollars on that one
not including all the ones that failed
that they just
lost one right and not and the vast
majority of drugs end up not making it
to market in those trials they find out
during the trials that it doesn’t work
fine so let them put it out let people
who want to
purchase it go and purchase it let them
be the trial participants who are paying
for it and if it works great you can
expand it out and have everyone use it
if it doesn’t work
great you move on back to the drawing
board but by doing this what it does is
it makes it where
it robs uh people of time to be able to
actually get on these drugs
if they do work uh they then only have a
limited period of time which means
they’re constantly pushing to make
negligible changes to the formulary so
that they can constantly be
uh re-upped and not have generics come
in and replace their drug
uh they put pressure on the insurance
companies to only buy the newest version
of it so that you can’t get a generic
version they make it illegal for you to
go elsewhere and buy it generically and
bring it back here
shout out to dan berman who’s actually
buying insulin and in mexico
for 12 bucks a dose or 12 bucks a pen or
whatever it is and coming back to the us
and illegally selling it for 12 bucks at
to show this is the exact same pen that
you were spending thousands of dollars
to get here
but because it’s in mexico it’s being
made in mexico and and and sold in
mexico where they don’t have all these
regulations in place
i can sell it to you for 12 that you
want to talk about saving money just get
the government out of it not only does
it makes all forms of health care
the fact is you constantly have
republicans and democrats arguing
over who should be paying for the large
and growing cost of health care should
it be the patient
should it be the taxpayer should it be
some combination in between why the hell
aren’t they arguing about why the bill
is so damn high to begin with
because it’s their fault that’s why they
don’t talk about it
it was when george w bush was president
when he started
39.6 percent that’s where it was when
george w was president we’re going to
get rid of the loopholes allow americans
to make more than a million dollars a
and pay a lower tax rate
on their capital gains in americans who
receive a paycheck
we’re only going to affect three tenths
of one percent of all americans by that
action three tenths of one percent
and the rs is going to crack down on
millionaires and billionaires who cheat
on their taxes
that’s not what they do it’s estimated
to be billions of dollars
i think tanks are left right and center
i’m not looking to punish anybody
but i will not add a tax burden
additional tax burden to the middle
class in this country
they’re already paying enough all taxes
are a tax burden on the middle and
poorer classes
when you let’s say we had a completely
100 progressive tax rate okay
you paid zero percent on the first i
don’t know
hundred thousand dollars you made and
from 100 000 up to
up you know going up from there it
eventually went up until you were paying
you’re paying 90 of your of your income
anything over let’s say a million
dollars in taxes
all you’re doing is taking that and
adding over adding that as overhead
to the cost of the goods and services
that you sell
and rent out to everyone else which
means that it’s the people that are
buying it that end up paying that final
you are the one that pay that final bill
it doesn’t matter which
income level is paying it if you are the
net consumer if you are the end user
you’re the one paying it the poorer you
are the higher a percentage of your
is going towards just buying the things
that you need to get by in life which
means the higher your de facto tax rate
all taxes are attacks on the middle and
lower classes all of them
there is no such thing as a tax on the
wealthy it always goes back to you
and uh and then the ones that you know
can’t find an artful way to pass it on
they just give up their citizenship they
just move their headquarters overseas
and they keep selling you stuff here
and you keep paying the tax for it
that’s all that happens
according to one study ceos make 320
what the average worker in their
corporation makes so this is the this is
the ceo
which by the way he’s the one who’s
created the conditions for that this is
the ceo scapegoating
where it’s uh well we gotta tax them
more ignoring the fact that those ceos
just pass on their their taxes to you
like we were just talking about the same
roughly 650 billionaires in america
saw their net worth increase by more
than one trillion dollars in the same
exact period
and for some reason they saw fit to give
you 200 billion dollars in outside
funding i wonder why that is
like specifically joe biden i wonder why
the richest people in this country
would give joe biden and donald trump
and their respective parties
nearly half a uh what was it or 200
million and
something almost a billion dollars in
funding uh between these two candidates
trump and biden their parties and also
lesser candidates down the ballot
i wonder why they’d give a billion
dollars away to them
i just i just wonder again look at these
people these are the people that know
better than you
they look like they barely made it out
of their house
what i’m proposing will help create
millions of jobs and generate historic
economic growth
these are among the highest valley’s
investments oh that’s an excellent point
christina says in the comments yeah part
of the reason why the billionaires made
so much money
they were allowed to keep their
businesses open yep
i just read that and i was like yes
because over the last year and a half
walmart your walmarts your publix your
uh costcos your whoever in public
i love publix and i’m not saying
anything bad about the owner of publix
or anybody else
that is associated with publix publix is
heaven on earth
um but but they were allowed to stay
open for the last year and a half
and mom and pop shops all had to close
so they were making all of the money
and they were figuring out ways to write
it off because the
uh because of all the government
programs that were there to to help the
that own small businesses people from
publix were taken people from costco
were taken people from walmart were
being able to take
all of that money and they were being
able to write off stuff on their taxes
that were supposed to be going to small
business owners
and that was all approved by joe well
not joe biden in this case but by the
in his party by the people that voted
for him to be there
and he and and he was on the sidelines
pushing for all these things to be
i mean it wasn’t like he was saying oh
no don’t pass these stimulus bills or
don’t pass these restrictions
he was 100 behind all of that if he had
been in office he would have been
pushing for it as well
you know they tell you that you can’t
open your small furniture store your
small restaurant
because if you know 10 people are in the
same building together it’s going to be
a major risk
but all of us let’s all go to costco and
walmart and target and
matt’s beloved publix at the same time
hundreds and thousands of us at a time
all crammed together because they also
shut down they made it where you know
there was a
a a curfew time of when you could go
there instead of being able to go 24
uh so that where we used to go shopping
at like two and three in the morning we
had to go with everyone else where we’re
now crowded together more than we’ve
ever been before in our lives but it’s
okay because we’re all wearing masks
that’ll fix it
um and then we wonder why the areas that
have these restrictions actually most
states actually saw worse covid numbers
than the ones who didn’t
because it turns out when you herd
people together into a select number of
businesses for a select period of time
it actually leads to more spread it also
destroys small businesses
it destroys all the opportunity that’s
been created it takes people that have
spent years and decades building up a
financial legacy
for themselves and their households and
their communities and creating jobs
and creating a small business that they
can live off of they have everything
decimated in a matter of weeks by
schmucks like this who pretend they know
better than the rest of us and now he’s
going to sit here
having gotten hundreds of millions of
dollars in funding from the very same
damn cronies that he helped benefit
and says we need to raise taxes because
they’re making too much money
they know damn well what ends up
happening you pay that bill and they get
all the stimulus spending
and kent’s consensus is if we act to
save the planet
we can create millions of jobs and
economic growth and opportunity to raise
the standard of living almost everyone
around the world
clearly he’s talking about nuclear
energy because that would cut
greenhouse gases reduce the cost of
energy create millions of jobs
it would that has to be what he’s
talking about matt
yeah the investments i propose tonight
just funding everything into uh solar
wind and uh closing down oil oiled
uh oil wells and coal mines
and um just destroying jobs making gas
prices more expensive for everybody
across the uh
nation no of course not a massive tax on
lower and middle class um all in the
sake of we need to do this for the
economy and
in the future it’s going to create more
jobs there’s no way that’s what he meant
this man clearly did not mean
introducing so-called renewables that
actually make you more reliant on fossil
fuels for the power grid because
power grids require a constant stream of
energy to be able to provide for our
energy needs and of course renewables
are very unreliable and reliant on
environmental factors like the amount of
wind that’s out there and the amount of
and replacing something like nuclear
that has a steady and consistent
stream of energy which is kind of
perfect for a power grid replacing it
with something so unreliable
clearly clearly is not again look at
these people just look at
these people these are the people who
wake up every day and say i know better
than the 330 million people in there in
this country how they should live
our commitment to you they look like
they needed help putting their socks on
i pointed out tim no responsible
american president
the only reason that they’re even here
is because they lost their job at aldi
where they kept stealing the quarters
from the from the shopping cart the
president has to represent the essence
of what our country stands for
what’s that if you return the car it’s
not stealing
no they don’t return it they like to
break into the little thing and take the
money out yeah that’s stealing
yeah that’s stealing no they leave the
cart in the in the
parking lot and then they turn around
and go look at all these carts this is a
problem i’ll fix it
and then they create a cart program but
they got fired
before they were able to do that
well i made very clear to putin that
we’re not going to seek esc
excuse me escalation we’re not going to
see that
but their actions will have consequences
they turn out to be true and they turned
out to be true
so i responded directly proportionately
to russia’s interference on our
elections and the cyber attacks on our
governing our business
they did both of these things
and i told them we would respond and we
but we can also cooperate with what
with what what did they respond with so
joe biden you know the
the the leader of the left the leader of
anti-war peace loving left
is there is no there is no more anti-war
peace loving
certainly not in the democratic party um
he is calling out
china the world’s largest and strongest
and russia who we could probably beat
russian war right now it would not be a
short war it would be a very long war
and who knows unless china joined them
what the end result would actually be he
is currently calling out two of our
biggest longest
running enemies of the united states
and at what end at what
end where is
he says that we’re not going to come
we’re that we’re going to pull out of
afghanistan in september 11th
of this year afghanistan is
exceptionally close to russia
why do you think he wants to wait so
it’s not because of he has some plan to
pull everybody out
it’s because he knows that he needs that
area to put people
later for whenever something could
and he’s gonna hold out until then to do
well and i mean there was already a
negotiated withdrawal of afghanistan it
was supposed to be may 1st
that’s what the u.s government and the
taliban agreed to
was that the u.s government would leave
on or before may 1st that was negotiated
by the trump administration
biden comes in and out of nowhere
unilaterally says well actually
we’re staying till september 11th some
arbitrary date based on the fact of a
terrorist attack that happened there
uh that happened in the u.s uh what uh
20 uh 20 years ago why that would be the
why you wouldn’t just stick with the
actual agreed upon date
and instead go four and a half months
later when the taliban has already said
if if troops are still here past may
first we’re gonna start fighting back
again and they’re gonna use that as a
pretext to stay in afghanistan
and then and also this is also at the
same time that he’s building up all of
his talks against russia talking about
russia needs to not do this with the
russia needs to back off the ukraine we
will not take any of russia’s
malarkey what on the border of ukraine
and um
um and come on man
come on man come on man look look
this is this is russia russia’s got a
and we they they meet they’re on the
border of
the ukraine kings and they got
the the the you know you know you know
the you know
the thing they got the thing you know
the thing
i mean sometimes you gotta look at
someone like vladimir putin
and you gotta say when you when you look
and then you gotta tell well
come on come on don’t pull anyway look
anyway i was kneeling down to talk to
so i could look her in the eye the
stitching looked at me she said
i know that changed the world that did
not happen
well after the conviction of george
floyd’s murderer
we can see how right she was if
if we have the courage to act as a
stop treating george floyd like
a martyr he is not he did not sacrifice
his life for justice he was a murder
i george floyd did not
he is not the the the second coming of
christ who said oh let me give my life
for the democratic party george floyd
arrested and then killed or he was
and then killed maxine waters right
there uh is one of the reasons that an
appeal is going to happen
in next year yes yeah if if derek
chauvin ends up having a successful
it will be because of maxine waters
we have to come together to rebuild
trust between law enforcement and the
people they serve
to root out systemic racism in our
criminal justice system he’s not
1994 crimes george ford’s name
with the largest amount i know
republicans have their own idea
and behind him on his right your left
on his right yeah yeah his right your
left is somebody who put away
more black men in the state of
california than anybody
in the history of the entire state and
he’s going to talk about
systemic racism and how we need to fight
it now
where was he in 1994 where was kamala
harris before she got to the senate
they were putting says they were putting
black men
behind bars and laughing about it
yeah yeah i mean if you want to talk
about joe you want to talk about
yeah systemic racism you’re looking at
one of the architects of systemic racism
in the 20th century
uh the 1994 what’s that
the architect and the enforcer yep the
architect and behind him his enforcer
what the 1994 crime pill the 1984 crime
you’re looking at the man who was uh one
of the who was the chair of the foreign
relations committee at the time when the
was selling crack cocaine in
predominantly black communities
to fund their us government-sponsored
terror groups
in central america he would like you to
know he’s very upset about systemic
racism now you’ll notice he didn’t
talk about the reasons why these things
are happening
the war on drugs qualified immunity
civil asset forfeiture the 1033 military
surplus program which he is ramping up
to record numbers
even black lives matter came out and
said joe biden’s giving more military
equipment to police departments around
the country
than any president before him including
trump and he’s going to sit there and
have the audacity to talk about ending
systemic racism this is one of the
single most responsible men
uh responsible people for systemic
racism and again right behind him is
someone that at least twice we that we
know of
put innocent black men on death row for
murders that she had
evidence they didn’t commit but they’re
going to end systemic racism
by not actually talking about what the
solutions are or the fact that they’re
the ones who made it as bad as
bad as it is and how we can actually fix
these things the actual solutions to it
because if they actually provided the
solution then the people wouldn’t just
be pissed off all the time
if instead you make the problem
something that can’t be fixed
like racism because there are always
going to be racists out there and you
say well the problem
is racism and we’re gonna have to fight
racism what that means is the problem is
something that’s
never ever ever going away so just be
really angry about it
definitely don’t think there’s a
solution to it because there is not
and this bill is mostly about giving
additional funding
to police departments in exchange for
less accountability outside of
government agencies
it creates a government agency to to
keep these these groups accountable but
there’s no actual civilian oversight
it’s just now getting buried information
that used to be publicly available or is
currently publicly available will now
only be available to this government
organization which totally will protect
i need not tell anyone this but gun
violence has become an epidemic in
america here we go
the flag at the white house was still
flying at half mast
for the eight victims of the mass
shooting in georgia
when ten more lives were taken to the
mass shooting in colorado
and in the week in between those two
two hundred and other americans were
shot dead in the streets of america
the organization that is responsible for
thousands of deaths a year here and
around the globe would like you to know
that you should not be able to own a
medium game hunting rifle
because someone who doesn’t care what
the law is is going to
kill people with it this is the uh the
the and i’m not a fan of these types of
analogies but it is very analogous to
cut off your penis to end rape because
other people who also have penises who
don’t care that it’s against a lot of
rape someone
are raping people you know it and it’s
if if we only had a good example of
somebody who just
just ignored the law uh in order to get
a weapon that they weren’t legally
allowed to have
like somebody who had a felony that
didn’t disclose it on their application
buy a gun and ended up getting the gun
that is
hunter hunter biden did not disclose
that he had a felony
on his gun uh application from two years
guns don’t kill people hunter biden kill
based the buyers of these ghost gun kits
aren’t required to pass any background
anyone from a criminal or terrorist
could buy this kit
and within 30 minutes have a weapon
that’s lethal but no more
and i’ll do everything in my power to
protect the american people for this
epidemic of gun violence but it’s time
congress to act as well you’ll notice
that everything is called an epidemic
everything everything well not
government corruption
or or uh uh rampant misuse of power
or uh or you know uh unaccountability
for government officials and agents
that’s that’s just the thing that that
race bait to instead but but this type
of stuff
is definitely an epidemic even though
decade over decade gun violence
continues to go down murder continues to
go down and gun violence of course as we
know is in the highest
in the places where guns aren’t allowed
and people go yeah but that’s
that’s because criminals have them yeah
yeah no that’s definitely why it is
it’s definitely because criminals have
them and because people who are law
do not have them which means they’re
reliant on the police departments
that they don’t trust to protect them
i wonder why it’s so bad there we should
definitely make that the way it is
everywhere especially since every mass
happens in a place where guns aren’t
when you can show me a mass shooting
that happens at a gun show
or at a a firing at a shooting
uh or something like that if you can
show me where where there’s a mass
amount of people with guns
that there’s also a mass shooting then
we can talk about how this is going to
uh restrict gun violence especially when
now they’re saying we need to go after
untraceable guns well
not so much because they’re untraceable
they’re untraceable
they’re kind of untraceable that’s why
they call them untraceable
because you can’t trace them
because they’re untraceable
it’s going to be hard to trace
untraceable guns
since they’re on track i’m just going
back to them moreover immigration
for more than 30 years politicians have
talked about immigration reform
and we’ve done nothing about it it’s
time to fix it
especially you on day one i’m like i
keep my commitments
congress if you believe we need to
secure the border pass it because it has
a lot of money for high-tech border
remember when you were told that there
wasn’t going to be another another
mile or inch or whatever metric he gave
of the wall built and it said we found
out that he has
actually expanded and accelerated the
building of the wall or
when he said he was going to stop
putting kids in cages uh but now there
are more
this guy right here this zodiac killer
right here he put out a video showing
record numbers of people
living on the floor in these camps and
cages uh
that under joe biden so if there is
anyone he
is uh more responsible for kids being
put in cages just in the last hundred
than donald trump was in the last year
joe who built the cages who built the
cages joe
now we can just say who packed the cages
joe who packed them
who packed the cages who created the
conditions for the migrant surge in the
first place the reason that all these
people are coming here
isn’t to get free stuff it’s not even to
get jobs
it’s to escape the political violence
that’s being created
by cia-sponsored narco-terrorists that
are taking over central america
after decades of the war on drugs
empowering these cartels to the point
where they’re taking over entire
and culling the population of anyone who
doesn’t support them and so these people
are fleeing for their lives
literally to get away from it and then
they come to come here
and the the the uh immigrant uh dignity
respecting democrats uh you know who who
immigrants welcome are shoving them into
the camps that they built
and new camps that are being built while
they turn around and go there’s a crisis
on the border
and we need surprise surprise more
we don’t need to end the war on drugs
that these cartels die and these people
can take their countries back
we don’t need to end the war on
migration so these smuggling cartels
fall apart and people can just come here
if they like to come here
and not have to work with criminal
organizations to be able to set foot
no we need more money to continue to
expand the problem that created this in
the first place
and throughout our history the country
supports immigration reform
we should act let’s argue over it let’s
debate it
but let’s act how would you believe we
truly want us to restore
the soul of america what’s that he’s
the country wants immigration reform
let’s argue about it let’s debate hasn’t
that been going on for 30 years and
nothing’s happened
nothing has happened it’s actually it’s
probably closer to 40 years at this
point that nothing’s been happening
this was a flash point back when
ronald reagan was running for the
republican nomination in 1980
this guy here has been in the senate
1973. he has been
every and he wasn’t just some you know
bit player in the senate he was one of
the leaders
in the senate it wasn’t out of nothing
that barack obama
picked someone that had been calling him
finally we got a clean black guy running
for president
that he would pick someone who would
basically uh backhand insulted him
in his race while he ran for he picked
joe biden because he was one of the most
powerful people in the senate that’s why
he picked joe biden
to be the vice president and as one of
the most powerful people in the senate
this man right here created the
for every problem that we’re facing
right now but especially when it comes
to immigration both with the war on
drugs and the war on migration
this is the guy who would gleefully talk
about the fact that if you come here
and you don’t have your papers in place
we’re gonna throw you in a cage we’re
gonna send you back to the furthest
reach of the country that you came from
he used to you know now that
you know the political winds has shifted
and his party can’t be that anymore now
he’s got to be
he has to act like an sjw about it now
he’ll say oh
immigrants welcome and you know no no
room for hate in this country well
at least there’s no hate in his camps
yeah i was gonna say there’s no room for
immigrants in this
country there’s no room to not allow
immigrant like he was saying there’s no
room for immigrants in this country he’s
saying that but uh he’s letting them in
he’s just keeping them
all confined to very tiny areas uh
packed in like sardines at the border
in a in a cage if you will and it can
or i’m sorry there’s shelters now it’s
now it’s a shelter a shelter is
something that you choose to go to
for a set period of time and then leave
once things are safe
when you’re forced into something that’s
called like a prison
or a camp or a cage or something else
it’s not
it’s really not good it’s certainly not
a shelter days together
we’ve acted restore people’s faith in
democracy to deliver
we’re vaccinating the nation we’re
creating hundreds of thousands of new
if you did a poll right now on public
confidence in democracy what do you
where do you where do you think that is
you think it’s high
this dog doesn’t
i mean i’m glad that dog didn’t bark
during kennedy
i have so i have no clue obviously no
clue on what this stat would be
but if you were to take a poll right now
of how much faith how do you view
democracy in
a good way or good light bad light
that’s it those those are your two
i am willing to say 30 or less say good
well let’s take a very i that’s probably
right i would say
probably roughly the same number that
approves of congress right now so
probably in the high teens low 20s maybe
i’d say 30s the ceiling at the very
least yeah sean orton says 10 percent
well let’s hear it i mean we have a we
have a scientific poll going on here in
the comments
let’s uh let’s let’s hear from y’all who
who here has uh confidence in our in
our democracy and it’s ours because it’s
forced on us of course
um making it ours that’s not an abuse
that’s not abusive gaslighting by the
way to tell tell you that something’s
yours because
you have to use it and you’re forced to
its whims making it yours that’s
definitely not gasoline
think about america not because i’m
because what’s happening with the
american people
we’ve stared into the abyss of
insurrection and autocracy
pandemic and pain and we the people did
was he talking about the autocracy of
the lockdowns and telling everyone
whether they could go outside or not
or he meant them he meant the mean
tweets he meant the mean tweets
he meant the mean tweets yeah we did we
stared into the abyss of mean tweets
position us to win the competition of
the 21st century
on our way to a union more perfect
more prosperous and more just
as one people one nation and one america
folks as i told every world leader i’ve
ever met with over the years
it’s never ever ever been a good bet to
bet against
america and it still isn’t we’re the
united states of america
there’s not a single thing
so just blatant nationalism now it’s
it is incredible to watch
it’s easy to be a republican before
this shot right there that you could see
somebody in the comments said this can’t
be joe biden because he’s not staring
at a teleprompter there’s actually two
teleprompters they are see-through
they are on either side of that stage um
i wanted to point them out
at any point when they showed them um i
don’t remember who it was in the
comments i said it but yes if you looked
in that shot that was just showing
you could see both yeah it’s there
inside and
kind of tilt it in and he was just going
from one side
to the other side one side to the other
side and he was just reading and when
one would go dark he would switch to the
other one because that made him give eye
contact to the room
um so no joe biden still could not make
through a speech without a teleprompter
um i don’t think any president has
really stood up there without one
um yeah i mean that’s i mean let’s let’s
let’s be clear as someone who gives
half hour and 45 minute long speeches uh
a script or teleprompter if you want to
go up there and give
exact wording you’ve got to have a
script or a teleprompter i mean like
unless you are
unless you’ve been you know practicing
this for for weeks and weeks and weeks
and have the sharpest mind possible and
and even then you’ll have some deviation
from the exact script
uh you’ve got to have a teleprompter but
i mean this man lives on a teleprompter
but imagine this is why you know again
and i’m not naming any specific person
but when people go
oh well this person got elected for
office we should definitely
you know give them the top of the mantle
for the libertarian party did they get
elected as a libertarian or did they do
did they get elected as a republicrat
where they got
endless funding and they could just give
platitudes and they could just
step in front of a teleprompter and they
could just you know say the same tired
thing over and over again
and basically use the cheat codes to get
to office because if it’s this
hey great job and hopefully you did some
good stuff while you were there but i
respect this
a lot less than i respect people who
work hard every single day
because this ain’t hard work this is
being a puppet this is being a mannequin
with a bunch of people in the sidelines
that bought and paid for you to be in
programming what that teleprompter says
for you to say all you got to do
is say it pretty
and for anybody who watches my show you
found out that i used to be a puppeteer
i was a much better puppeteer than
whoever is controlling joe biden
yeah no he is not there’s not fluid
motion there at all
it’s it’s very rigid you need to you got
to make it look
alive um somebody in the comments said
now biden is stealing quotes from
palpatine’s senate speech
and yes yes uh
comment made me laugh so hard um
but yes uh joe biden the the plagiarizer
who let the the honorable
the honorable president who is bringing
honor and trust back to our white house
was kicked out of the 1988 race for
he hasn’t gotten better he has not
gotten better
no everything that he used to believe he
was against bussing
which i was also against bussing but for
completely different reasons
uh are we doing the busing do the
bussing thing no i’m not doing the
bustling thing
he was against blessing because he
didn’t want his children to grow up in a
racial jungle
racial jungle yep exactly i was against
i’m against busing because that’s the
government making a problem worse for
yeah no he was against bussing because
his dixiecrat friends in the senate were
also against bussing
and he was trying to be this way joe
biden of the early 70s
when he came in he’s in delaware now
delaware back then was considered
part of the atlantic east slash
mid-south okay so you had delaware
maryland virginia the demographics were
a lot different and he saw himself
as the negotiator the linchpin between
the northeast democrats
and and western democrats and midwest
democrats and the old wing
southern dixiecrats who were losing
their influence
in in politics because the republicans
were kind of growing in in numbers and
taking over their routine in the in the
and so he was that linchpin between them
and he was very much
a pro rolling back integration reform he
very much pro rolling back the
restrictions on the
ending jim crow again he is the man who
unironically that he worried about his
children growing up in a racial jungle
and that meant exactly what you think it
and then every single policy he has
implemented in the past several decades
make perfect sense if there was if you
look at them
from the prison through the prism of
what would someone who’s afraid of their
children being around black people do
you don’t even have to look at his
policies look at some of the things that
he has
said over the last
hell you can go over the last five uh
eight years ten years
you can look at some of the things he
said you can’t walk into a 7-eleven in
delaware anymore unless you speak indian
uh he
didn’t the quote you said about obama
was really close he changed a few of
you changed a few of those words because
one of the words he used started with n
and ended in grow um
and he said that black people and
can’t get on the internet they don’t
know how to get on the internet
he is going to get rid of menthol
cigarettes because it hurts black people
as if that’s not the racist most racist
[ __ ] he has said this week
yeah joe biden january 31st 2007. so
this wasn’t something from this because
oh well that was in the 80s that’s okay
okay yeah i know it’s great to be
kind of clean adjacent in the 80s right
but this is 2007 referring to barack
i mean you’ve got the first mainstream
who is articulate and bright and clean
and a nice-looking guy i mean that’s a
story book man
you’ve got the first black guy who isn’t
a dirty stupid idiot
is basically oh who’s ugly too is
basically what he said there
yeah the first one
that was 2007 and again when you look at
his policies
suddenly they start to make sense
when that’s how you look at people that
don’t look like you
that’s how your war policy looks that’s
how your drug policy looks
that’s how your gun policy look we talk
about how the war on drugs
disproportionately affects communities
of color which it absolutely does
it even more disproportionately the war
on guns even more disproportionately
affects communities of color black men
are less likely
than white men to own weapons and
they’re seven times more likely to go to
prison for it and their sentences are
around seven to eight times higher when
they’re convicted compared to white men
and yet they are actually less likely to
own a firearm
you can thank joe biden for that who
built those policies joe
who built the war on drugs joe who built
the war on guns joe
who built the war on migration joe who
built the war on terror joe who built
the 1994 crime bill joe who built the
1995 and 1996 anti-terrorism bill joe
who built the 1984 grime pill joe who
has said his entire life
has telegraphed his fear of his children
being around people of color joe who has
done nothing but pander and play to
people’s racial fears even today joe
who has looked at a group of people who
were out in the streets protesting
against police brutality and told them
i’m gonna give you a black woman for
vice president
she’s one of the most brutal uh
prosecutors everywhere anywhere but she
was a black woman who did that joe who
met with civil rights groups a matter of
days after he was
elected before he was even uh uh
inaugurated met with civil rights groups
and told them to quote
exact quote to hell with y’all joe
who did that you did that maybe you’ll
say that in your state of the union if
you’re ever going to give one of those
because this certainly
wasn’t that apparently this wasn’t that
this definitely was not the state of the
union this was
and can we just talk really quick these
people are the ones who are
they’re saying if you get vaccinated you
things will change once you get
vaccinated 70 of congress has been
they are still standing well they were
much further than six feet away
yeah they were they were much closer
than six feet there
you think they were i think they were
further apart they had like nine people
in there
oh i know i just mean now when they’re
like yeah no sitting and just sitting
yeah they were like a good 9 10 feet
away from each other they were so far
away from each other they were all
masked ted cruz included who said he
wasn’t going to do it anymore
um but they were all like 10 you know 10
15 feet apart
and they’ve all been vaccinated and
they’re gonna say oh all you have to do
is get vaccinated and everything’s gonna
go back to normal that’s it that’s all
you need to do
and he said it at the beginning
everybody go out and get vaccinated
everybody go out and get vaccinated
and it hasn’t changed for them kamala
harris and joe biden were vaccinated in
january or in december
or january december and january so was
nancy pelosi yet they’re all masked up
they’re all messed up they’re all
nothing will change because this is how
this is how they control you this is how
they own you
what they’re gonna do is on top of we
didn’t hear a lot of it i
was reading a lot of it throughout the
day um he’s gonna have the
1.8 trillion dollar child care bill
which is going to include
stemi checks for anybody with children
for anybody with children monthly and
it’s a minimum of 250 dollars per
this is what he is going to attempt to
do so if you’ve got two kids 500 3 kids
he is going to make it where it
is more feasible for you to stay at home
and live off of the government and he’s
just going to continue
make giving more money away more money
away raising the debt raising the debt
raising the debt
and don’t give me don’t get us wrong
donald trump was going to do
something oh yeah i know trump would
have done all of this and he would have
done the red maga version of this
the blue maga like it doesn’t matter yes
um but no matter what he is going to
continue to spend money and he is going
to make it harder and harder for people
to want to go back to work
i’m certain many of you have seen it
here in florida in this area
there’s a group called casper’s company
and they own a
ton of mcdonald’s around here um they
were paying people 50 dollars
to show up to an interview because they
cannot get people to
to show up to work because nobody wants
to because they can continue getting
free money at home
they’re paying them 50 bucks to show up
to an interview that’s not going away
why would you go do a job for 15 bucks
an hour if you can get paid 13 bucks an
hour sitting at home
doing absolutely nothing exactly
i no i absolutely especially after a
year of
of barely being able to get by because
you can’t work and because
you know all of your opportunities have
been robbed of you i don’t blame people
for doing that but it’s also a great way
to destroy the economy in the in the
here is the reality joe biden and all
the people in that room
created the policies that we’re facing
now or the consequences that it came
from the policies that we’re facing now
and that’s not going to end until we
kick them out of office and replace them
with people who recognize
that they are the problem too much power
has been robbed from you and put in the
of far too few people and they have used
that power to rob you of everything else
that you have
your freedom your money your ability to
get by in life your ability to thrive
and to prosper
and they’ve used it to hand off to the
cronies who put them in office
and until we kick them out of office and
put people in office
who take all that power and freedom and
money and put it back in your hands
where it always belonged this is going
to continue
and it’s going to worsen and it doesn’t
matter whether you’ve got blue maga in
there red magga in there
or purple maga for that matter some
other party coming and doing the same
until we get people in office who
recognize that if government is even to
exist it should only exist to protect
the lives and rights in the property of
the people and that’s
it things will continue to get worse so
let’s get to it let’s
let’s get involved in our communities
let’s show them that our ideas work the
let’s show them that we care more than
the people that pretend to care let’s
show them how our ideas work
let’s get people elected in races across
this country
and show them what libertarian
governance looks like and then let’s
take back the power
right now
yeah so but a bunch of people in the
comments are saying this was all a plan
to get people dependent on the state
um strip of their jobs and create
dependency yeah yes
yes yes i don’t think that they foresaw
a pandemic
as the way to do it i thought they
thought i think that they thought it was
going to be a much longer
process but that was a goal that they
was for more people to be dependent on
the state
they would rely on government for
everything and the people who are
working the people who are out there
making a difference
every day the people who are going to
work who even you know even people who
aren’t making a difference every day but
are just out there contributing to
um they would become the pariahs you
would need to tax them you would need to
make it where
they eventually some way somehow had to
rely on government and that way
nobody would be able to live
uh without government intervention in
their lives
exactly and that’s what we see now we
see a bunch of people who their main
concern is making sure that you feel
you need them that’s why they’ve ruined
that way they you can they can say well
the problem is we’re not starting early
enough and finishing late enough no the
problem is you took something and ruined
you took away our ability to actually be
able to
to be able to fix this um you know and
it’s again it’s not gonna it’s not gonna
change until we get these clowns out of
office so let’s get to it
right now
don’t stop watching the show like wait
till the show’s over then let’s get to
so matt you have uh tomorrow night
on the writer’s block you have a you
have a special guest tell us about tell
about your guest tomorrow night i do i
have uh angela mcardle coming on
she is running for the
libertarian party chair national chair
and member of the mises caucus very
excited to have her on
um can’t wait to uh talk to her about
what she
sees what her issue is with the current
setup of the libertarian party and to
see how she plans on fixing it
um very interested in hearing her
thoughts on
these things uh yeah how was your name
i have not had a chance to watch it uh
my show my fellow
i know it’s usually we talk about who’s
gonna be next on my i know i’m all
screwed up because
we this shows on wednesday on your show
like i saw like the first
40 seconds of it yeah yeah yeah this
wednesday the 27th wednesday the 27th
yes i know
i know because it’s wet it’s always
wednesday hey welcome to my show every
episode has been on wednesday except
last week yeah no it was a it was a
great guest i had seth stoughton on who
was uh so everyone go and watch that
after this
or listen to that if you’re listening on
your your podcasting stuff
um seth stoughton who was the
not yet can’t listen to it yet well
hopefully once this is up
so seth stoughton uh he was actually one
of the expert witnesses in the derek
chovin trial
he is a law professor at university of
south carolina he is also an expert
in in police use of force he actually
was a police officer for many years
and uh is now an expert in the use of
force and we had a really good
conversation about how
the war on drugs and victimless crimes
uh the use of police to raise revenue
uh the uh warlike footing of the the
posturing of police departments and
police unions
has led to this adversarial aspect of
police just
increasingly becoming an a force against
us instead of what originally
they were intended to be in many
communities uh which was to basically be
a social welfare arm that also had law
enforcement aspects
um and that that has you know mayberry
rfd has turned into
the freaking you know swat teams that we
see now
that are are you know driving around
like they’re like they’re
occupying a war zone and and how that
leads to and how that coupled with
uh immunity and lack of accountability
for people in government including
police officers
has led to the perfect storm for things
like police brutality
and abuse and misuse of force so it was
a really good conversation
and uh hope to have them back in the
future because we just could i mean we
i had an hour with them and we could
barely scratch the surface of all the
stuff that
has uh that has led to this but it was a
pretty incredible conversation
nice sounds sounds good
and to that end i’m going to be in ohio
uh on monday i’m actually going to be
there on sunday and monday but on monday
i will be giving a press conference
i’ll be leading a press conference at
the state house in columbus ohio
with the accountability now ohio group
which is
comprised of the libertarian party of
ohio the heartbeat movement
and many other police accountability
groups within uh the state of ohio
we are going to be talking about a a
resolution that’s being introduced
to end qualified immunity and hold bad
actors in government accountable
uh and to talk about what our next steps
are for that
so i’m really happy to be in ohio to do
that and uh
then you can join us right back here
next week
right here but on tuesday normal time
normal muddy time
normal muddied place and time i already
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oh that’s true it’s actually yeah it’ll
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really cover anything from last week so
no yeah it’s gonna be like a week and a
half that we’re covering
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oh god folk thanks so much for tuning in
to this episode of the muddy waters
freedom we’ll see you next week at a
regular time tuesday at 8 p.m
have a great weekend oh and if you’re in
columbus ohio come on out and see me i’d
love to see you
and we will see you next week and where
we’re going
we don’t need roads
social media has been going crazy about
the latest with joe biden appearing on
but something stands out his hands they
seem to appear in front of the
microphones like he’s on a green screen
you know the on
here’s the deal
don’t worry
i know
what the hell is going on here i learned
do it

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Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon
Jason Lyon - USN Submarine Vet -Minarchist/Constitutionalist - #Liberty advocate - Principles over party - Constitution over Idolatry
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