Episode 176 – 2020 is ending, but that doesn’t mean the nightmare is over (Plus, mic auction!)

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

It’s almost over! Matt and Spike go through the events of 2020 that we may have all forgotten about, and discuss what is in the NDAA. Plus, we auction off the mic Spike lost last week. #BigBlackMicAuction

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because my mic died now this isn’t just
any mic this mic
is the mic that i got when i first
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final time
of serving me and us serving us serving
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on my appearance on kennedy so it got me
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so after a week of
fostering uh
saying there’s no way that he would ever
sign a spending bill of the magnitude of
2.3 trillion dollars unless even more
money was spent
on stimulus donald trump signed
the 2.3 trillion dollar stimulus
or spending package and to many of his
this came as quite the shock just
but however i see a lot of people saying
you know trump
trump could veto trump’s been
threatening a veto look he’s not going
to veto and let me tell you why
because at the end of it he wants to he
still wants to remember
i’m the best and the greatest president
we’ve ever seen
everybody out there i’m the greatest he
is not going to be the guy that
doesn’t give the stimulus to the people
he won’t do that he wants people to
continue loving him
love it and loving in quotes uh he wants
people to continue doing that
without and without doing this he
is going to lose that for a lot of
people who have been waiting for
a new stimulus donald trump is a big
government progressive
a few months ago the only reason he
would veto this is because
it wasn’t big enough in fact he just
recently released he wants to uh bump it
and give everyone two thousand bucks and
cut out the foreign aid which
hey you know what cut out the foreign
aid let’s be clear the coordinates about
three billion dollars
give or take so it’s a it’s a it’s a
pittance of it
sure cut it out um and honestly if you
were saying just give everyone two grand
and cut out all the other stuff you know
don’t do any of the other things just
give them two grand
i’d be on his side if that’s what he
means if he means just do it this way
again we’re not fans of handing out
money to people
but when you shut down everything you
sort of have to
make sure people don’t starve to death
and i mean this is terrible like i mean
it’s it’s
it is the beginning of ubi which is a
terrible inflationary program that would
be financially ruinous sorry to all my
my ubi loving libertarians but i’ve
talked many times about why it would be
even worse in the welfare state because
there’s no means testing so politicians
just give you checks every day if they
want to but
so it’s not a good thing uh but i would
side with him if he said you know
instead of
600 bucks uh and all this other garbage
just 2 000 bucks to everyone i think i’d
and no and none of this other fluff or
programs being created or whatever i’d
probably be like yeah you know what do
that thing
do what he said um but he’s not going to
do that he’s going to talk
he’s going to do what aoc does here
there’s a comparison he’s going to do
what aoc does
he’s going to that’s a good comparison
to his supporters
he’s going to play good cop this is a
terrible bill this terrible ability
shouldn’t be passed would need to be a
better ability
it’s just this isn’t good this is not a
good bill
we could have done so much better and
then he’s going to sign it
and guess what happened folks
everything that we literally said every
single word literally everything
is exactly what happened is exactly what
he was like i’m going to send it back
i’m going to send it back i’m going to
redline it
and i’m going to send it back and
they’re going to have to pass that and
uh no yep he signed it and
now now i we had the the people when i
when i put this out on twitter and said
hey look he did the thing we said he’d
uh a lot of people said that’s not true
he invoked
the impoundment control act of 1979
and i said that’s correct you should
read it it says that he can delay
funding for 45 days
that’s it that’s it and he’s not going
to be president for another 45 days
he just signed a bill
to give money to joe biden to spend
he just eased you know for all the talk
of is donald trump going to acknowledge
that joe biden’s the next president
to help the transition he just handed
2.4 trillion dollars give or take
to joe biden to ease that transition
into the biden presidency
he signed it all the empowerment control
act says is that if
co he can tell congress what he wants to
have changed
congress can decide to uh to negotiate
if they negotiate it the way he says it
automatically becomes that way
if they don’t or if they fail to or
refuse to
it gets passed the way it was just
they just failed to change anything yep
the house
uh added the two thousand dollars but
that was it the senate
under uh cocaine mitch mcconnell said
nope we’re not just going to
uh add the 2000 we also have to couple
that with
repealing section 230 and uh
investigating the election
that failed you’re getting six hundred
and it’s a nearly twenty five hundred
dollar bill for it that didn’t fail
that that vote didn’t fail uh he delayed
the vote they
he blocked the move to vote only on the
and then he said that he wanted to he
was like if you want to
if you want to put in the 2000 because
that’s what trump wants we’re going to
couple it with the other things that
also wants but he said we’re not going
to vote on that until after we vote
on uh the ndaa
so it’s not that it failed it’s just
that he blocked it from even reaching
the floor
at this time so when is it going to go
after the ndaa vote but both ran we’re
going to get to the ndaa
yeah yeah it’s at least going to be
after that segment so
that’s all that matters um so it ain’t
happening right now the way it’s
written right now is what aoc
and trump complained about together and
then they both
aoc voted for it and trump signed it you
got conned
yeah ever you got caught aoc said it’s
too long nobody has time to read it and
voted yes
trump said it’s a terrible bill signed
it signed it
oh and we were also told well he line
item vetoed it no he didn’t
the line item veto was ruled
unconstitutional in 1998 there is no
such thing as a line-item veto at the
federal level
he he invoked the ica which allows him
delay funding until biden’s president
it that’s all he did he signed a bill
for joe biden to spend money on
because he’s the most libertarian
president ever
we’re gonna get to that later too that
was 1998
oh okay no it was pat the bill was
passed in 1996 it was immediately
challenged by some of the senators
who fought to to get it to not uh pass
and uh it uh hopped around federal
uh through 96 and 97 and then in june of
1998 the supreme court uh refused to
hear the case
which uh upheld which then by process of
them refusing to hear it it upheld the
lower court’s
uh uh ruling that it was
so we haven’t had a line item veto for
22 years and we briefly had it for like
eight weeks okay
because i i was like i remember
a long time ago uh when i was in civics
uh i answered that they could line item
veto something and it was
unconstitutional at the time and that
in 1998.
so so
they used to not have a line item veto
then they introduced a bill called the
line i think it was called the line item
veto act
which gave the president the ability to
just veto specific
parts of legislation and then the
the congress would have to vote to
those specific line-item vetoes um and
it was ruled unconstitutional
yes okay yeah they said that it is not
up to the president
yeah they said that it is not up to the
president to decide what parts of
he’s okay whether or not or he or she is
okay what they’re not okay with
they can either veto the whole thing or
they can pass the whole thing they
because uh for them to be able to line
at a veto
is a inherently legislative act
they are choosing which parts they want
to there to be law and which parts they
so it’s actually an extra legislative uh
process that is not
uh what was intended for the executive
that’s what the court said um and so
there is no line item veto and that’s
not what he did he didn’t
he didn’t he he basically asked congress
if they’ll renegotiate so they might
they’ll they’re gonna possibly do it and
we might or might not get
2000 or we might get just 600 uh and
either way we’re also getting a huge
we’re either getting a 600 check and a
2400 bill with interest
or we’re getting a 2 000 check and uh
god knows how much bill with interest
i believe 4 000 is the estimate
so so should the 2000 get past
should it happen
the estimate on how much that will
increase the just the the direct
yes is to 463 billion dollars
yes so that is one half of the 900
billion just over one half of the 900
dollars for the stimulus package already
so it will add and make this 27
ish uh 27ish trillion or 2.7 trillion
dollars making it
the largest spending bill ever passed
most libertarian and conservative
president ever
ever keep in mind the thing that the
republicans are praising him for right
is for saying spend even more money that
we don’t have
run up even more deficit spending please
oh and also cut out three billion
dollars in aid which again
as i said in that clip good cut it out
cut all of everything out that’s fine
it’s a drop in the bucket compared to
the increase
uh that three billion dollars okay great
take it out you’re talking about adding
what uh uh almost 300 billion dollars
to it so you’re taking out a penny and
adding a dollar
that’s what hat where you’re taking out
a for every billion dollars
you’re taking out you’re adding 100
billion dollars to it that is not fiscal
it’s many things but physical
conservatism is not one of it now
well hey real quick i do understand
why uh kelly loffler and david david
laughter and purdue the jordan the
senate the republicans and con
and the senate um i understand
why they will vote for it oh of course
yeah i get it they are buying a vote and
i unders i understand it
i get that
i don’t know if the rest of the
republicans will fall into that line
i kind of doubt that they will well many
of them will but not all of them
possibly enough to flip it which is why
mitch mcconnell wanted to pair it with
everything else
yeah exactly mitch mcconnell is trying
to kill this thing
oh yes very interesting
it’s very interesting what mitch is
doing uh
mitch this is further proof that mitch
mcconnell cares about mitch mcconnell
and has a very very long game going on
uh that is uh
very interesting human being mitch
mcconnell cocaine turtle mitch
uh is uh make tick making a typical
cocaine turtle power move that he
want to make uh but thankfully
um we did have christmas
morning specifically in
the south we had a great
peaceful morning we got to spend time
with loved ones
on zoom uh and uh
or or in person i i mine was in person
unless you worked in nashville uh
so someone
took an rv it’s if you look there in the
left corner there’s a white rv
and they parked it in front of the att
and then they they
oh and he was in it as far as they found
evidence of his existence in that rv
enough to be certain that he was in it
obviously died because you don’t survive
being inside of a vehicle that
that does that so for anybody who
doesn’t know
i am before i moved here and started
this whole thing i lived in nashville uh
and i know
exactly where that truck was parked i
have walked right next to that spot
countless countless times um
and it’s it’s on second in between uh uh
church and commerce i believe uh right
across from the spaghetti factory like
a lot of great businesses around there
absolute tragedy that something like
this is gonna happen
in uh downtown nashville uh especially
on christmas
um and my heart goes out to every one of
the business owners
they were already having a huge issue
with the fact that uh their mayor was
closing them down
lockdowns and lockdowns and their mayor
was like
making them even strict uh more strict
than the governor was
so nashville was having a really
difficult time especially the downtown
businesses so
adding that to it my heart goes out to
everybody in downtown nashville yeah um
thankfully it appeared no one died
uh well well except for the person who
did it
no one else no one who wasn’t three
three people were injured
yep three people were injured and 70
were damaged so it’s devastating what
happened to the businesses and obviously
to those people who end up being injured
thankfully no one’s dead except for the
person who decided to blow his rv up in
the middle of downtown
um so that’s good um his name is
anthony warner anthony warner
and uh for some reason that we either
don’t know or hasn’t been told yet
uh he locked himself in his rv and he
set off a timer
uh and there was a loudspeaker that told
everyone to evacuate the area before
blowing uh himself up
uh and doing the damage that we were
just talking about in in that historic
area of nashville
uh i actually listened to one that had
um the audio to it it was actually a
leaked video from the
and it was creepy because it was
something out of like saw you just hear
woman’s voice saying if you can hear
evacuate the area you must
evacuate the area evacuate the
area if you can hear the it was like on
a loop
for like i think 15 minutes right it was
like so so there was
it said that for a while and then when
it got to 15 minutes
there was a countdown that said if you
can hear this evacuate
this our this is rv or vehicle or
is going to uh blow up
uh in 15 minutes and 14 and you know in
14 minutes
yeah and then i did a countdown to
really let people know
and a big reason that a lot of the
people left was because there was a
saying this is going to blow up get out
yeah that’s if if anyone ever gives you
a countdown and says to leave
just go ahead and do it right even if
they’re fun in you
i’d rather have them go hey gotcha then
actually blow up and then you’re dead um
so yeah no it’s uh
it was a very very creepy thing um
and uh so tell what
did you find i couldn’t find out much
about the guy other than he had a
computer business like yeah so i thought
i found out a little i did not find out
a lot
um he had a house in antioch tennessee
which is right outside of nashville
right um he ended up just
giving his house to some woman just gave
it to her
he’d been there for like 10 years or
something like that
and he just signed it over to this woman
who hadn’t signed it she didn’t even
know that it was being given to her
um his neighbors his neighbors
uh just said that he was a quiet guy
seemed nice they all said you know
the typical he doesn’t seem like he
heard it he
never never would have guessed that he
would hurt anything he wouldn’t hurt a
he he used to watch out he was so quiet
he was so quiet he kept to himself yeah
right yeah he was a loner he was a
recluse um
they were and they said his next door
had talked to him a couple of weeks
beforehand or a week beforehand or
and he was asking he saw him out by the
mailbox when he was driving by and he
said hey yeah and you know talk to him
about christmas what his plans were i
mean that guy’s got plans for christmas
but he just said he said the neighbor
asked him if santa had anything
uh in store for him you know
he said he’s like uh nashville in the
world is gonna remember me after this
christmas and the guy just thought that
maybe something to do with his computer
business maybe he was getting some cool
gifts he
didn’t even consider that he was going
a terrorist attack yeah he was going to
who would think
yeah i would i’m trying to think any of
my neighbors
that if they said something like that i
would go to terrorist attack
no there’s there really isn’t a whole
lot that
one of my neighbors would say to me that
i wouldn’t unless they’re like i’m gonna
blind i’m gonna go blow up hillary yeah
yeah yeah if they actually
said it yeah if they just kind of like
said something
uh if they just kind of said something
off the cuff then yeah yeah
no like something flipping i would just
be like okay
cool yeah have a good day man yeah
you wouldn’t think terror attack this is
a few other things you might think
um and it’s also how we said it like we
now have the the hindsight of 2020
knowing what happened
you know unless he’s like they’re gonna
remember me like you know if you just
said yeah you know people are gonna
remember me be like hey yeah
merry christmas pal and then you go on
about your day you don’t really think of
it but
so and yeah basically really yeah
brandi powers uh said why park in that
spot specifically
apparently that was a massive cell hub
for a tnt
and some people are saying that he was
on this anti-5g crusade
i’m not going to say that because i
don’t know like we we don’t know
there he didn’t leave a manifesto he
didn’t leave any notes he there was no
reasoning behind it that they have found
or they haven’t released
so we don’t know we just know that he
went to nashville parked in front of the
atnt building
and blew himself up yeah blew himself in
an rv up
it’s possible he was in some kind of
like beef with a t over
like some kind of customer service thing
and it just went to his head or
something like
we don’t know no no there’s it’s
the odds of it being a good reason are
very low
there aren’t a lot of good reasons to
blow yourself up in front of a major
building on christmas morning like it’s
it’s not and the att building
is so cool oh is it
the 18 it’s just a cool building it’s
it looks like a batman building
it’s yeah it’s just a really cool
building so
we don’t know but and we don’t know why
so he quit claimed his home to some
yeah well not a straight i guess they
know each other i’m not even 100
sure um but if some woman that
she didn’t know that she got the she
didn’t know that she got the home she
had to sign the deed but it was all
written out that she was going to be the
new owner and she just needs to sign
on that line that is so weird i don’t
this is such a weird story hopefully we
find out more because why the hell did
he do this
um hopefully we find out what actually
happened uh
but um
now good news is that the atf has told
that your stabilizing brace on your
weapon if you have one
will be legal at least until joe biden’s
right a couple weeks ago we actually
reported on this that
they were going after the stabilizing
braces um but
no not anymore they released a notice
saying that they were withdrawing the
former notice so
if you are somebody out there with
stabilizing braces on your pistols and
whatever else um don’t tell anyone
don’t tell anyone but you’re okay for
okay i’ll say it stop telling everyone
about all your guns
like it’s one thing that to tell them
that you’re armed or to show a gun or
something just to normalize it
but i know a lot of people that they
just share all their guns
stop posting that on the internet now
everyone knows you have all these guns
and they’ve got pictures of it and
there’s photographic evidence and they
know what to look for
it’s don’t it’s just no
what’s a gun
yeah do you know do you know how many
guns i own
no zero i
don’t even know what a firearm is i know
it’s i
i served a little bit of time in the
military i understand what one is but i
own zero i mean i’ve
i think i’ve seen one on tv
oh i’ve definitely seen that i watch a
lot of tarantino it was you know i saw a
thing and it it made a noise
now i watch a lot of cop shows they use
them all the time
um well you know what you can get and
the atf has not ruled
that it’s illegal yet and you definitely
want to get one before joe biden bans it
and that is a dead microphone
the this microphone uh for those who
didn’t catch it earlier we are doing a
hashtag big
black mic auction and uh this is the
microphone that i have been using
uh for uh the better part of
three years now and it has helped to
propel me
to the where you see me today dear in my
on this show in the same seat you saw me
in literally the exact same seat that i
started this show in
um although i’m thinking i might upgrade
i might end up getting a new chair too
but anyway so we are auctioning this mic
off it is
own a piece of history this mic started
uh at as a uh started my career
uh interviewing mostly just my friends
singles sometimes dozens of people
watching and uh
and it has you know propelled me to the
point of actually being on
national media and uh and having many
singles of people watching and listening
did a couple zeros have been added to
that over the over the uh over the years
and uh so a lot of history here and uh
you can have this i will sign it with
your name uh we’ll sign my name but i’ll
personalize it with your name
and uh you can get this today for the
low low price of whatever the highest
bid is during this auction
um and uh i will also send
the this the cord because it works you
can use it for something else
uh and also i am told that it’s possible
that this might be able to be fixed
um supposedly these connectors uh break
easily and are replaced somewhat easily
as well
so you could potentially have a mic that
used by me and signed by me that you can
use in your
podcasting slash virtual
schooling slash whatever you want to use
a microphone for uh
correct right now the bid is at 140. is
that 140 are we at once
140. the uh the highest bid
is in fact at 140 united states dollars
and that’s where we are right now i’m
going back to make sure we don’t have
anything higher but it looks like yeah
i’ve been kind of keeping an eye on it
oh okay so we’re at 140.
um we’re at 140
and uh whoever has the highest bid at
the end of the show will
be the lucky lucky lucky winner
of this microphone someone said that’s
18 on amazon this is definitely not only
on amazon these are
well i guess maybe a bro maybe a broker
i literally bought the same mic
so we would sound the same and then mine
i love it i’ve now got this really cool
microphone it’s a
shure mv7 which is like a really yes
it’s it’s the kind that joe rogan uses
if more people would visit anchor dot fm
slash muddied waters and hit the donate
button i’d be able to get one of those
um derrick ambrose offers a 600
credit on my taxes well that’s i already
got one of those
so thank you um
so okay so there’s where that’s where we
are right now
and uh elizabeth cokeyard says for the
love of god wait for my stimulus well
listen you can pledge now i mean you
have to pay this very second we will
want it relatively soon um but yeah
uh so okay so we’ll we’ll let that
um but uh now we are going on to
yet another item uh that is going on and
is the ndaa
which is a convoluted mess
i know you’re surprised to hear that so
fun facts uh the ndaa started 60 years
ago there’s a 59-year streak of
passing it in case you didn’t know that
um i learned that not long ago and i
felt i needed to share
um so when trump vetoed the ndaa this
congress said we’re not going to be the
first one in 60 years not to pass one
um now he vetoed it
not because you know the outrageous
spending or because it should be
yeah as it should be he vetoed it
because it didn’t get rid of section 230
there were provisions in it seeking to
halt the us troop withdrawals in
and germany and it changed the name of
military bases
around the world uh named after
confederate generals
which to
so it changed the names of bases from
confederate generals
yeah did i say that wrong no i just
think i read it wrong
okay um because god knows
i’m perfectly fine with worldwide mass
murder campaigns
as long as the bases aren’t named
after racists right
right ra racists that we long ago
accepted into our military and now we
need to adam
i don’t know i don’t i don’t know i
don’t know
i don’t know now the house voted uh
yesterday uh 322 to 87
to override the veto wow um which easily
surpassed the two-thirds majority that
they needed
and now it has to go to the senate
where it needs the same two-thirds
to pass without a signature but it’s
gonna be slightly more difficult
because in a rare but not as rare as
other people
not as rare as other occasions rand paul
and bernie
sanders are saying they’re going to
stall the bill for different reasons
right rand is going to stall because he
wants to end the afghan war and bring
the troops up
bernie is going to stall the bill until
we get the two thousand dollars
so this bill actually uh the way it is
it actually it am i correct that it
it’s it halts
trump wants to halt u.s troop
withdrawals or this bill
halts bill the bill holds okay halts
u.s trooper draws in afghanistan and
germany so that’s actually a good reason
to veto it yes okay that one is
so that was i everything that i was
reading about it
from uh the media was because he wants
to get rid of section 230
which real quick guys if you get rid of
section 230 do you think social media
is going to be a better place
do you know how bad it will get if they
can be held
liable for the things that we say on
their platforms
we are and have often been the victims
big tech we are not defending big tech
by any stretch of the imagination no
if you make it so that big tech
companies that facebook can be held
liable for
anything that happens as a result of
something that was written or
posted on facebook or on youtube
or on twitter they are going to
so heavily monitor
and censor everything you do
you think you’re being heavily censored
you won’t get to say that something’s
you won’t be able to give your opinion
about anything
even like and they can’t
individually monitor you so they’re just
gonna set the bots
free it’s going to be
like there will be entire words you can
just never say and not like
bad words words like bad and dumb
and guarantee and anything that a lawyer
would look at and go
you might get sued for that like this is
a total nightmare it would effectively
end social media
and by the way not just facebook but
parlor and mewi and float and all the
third-party ones anything that is a
social media platform
the people who own it can be sued
for anything that anyone says or does
using that platform as a medium for
yep all social media will be heavily
heavily heavily heavily censored because
it has to
you know patricia marie says moist will
be banned
and yes moist wood moist will absolutely
be available how many people
dislike that word yup yup
caitlyn clovin says but my redneck uncle
said section 230 is what zuckerberg is
using to control
our shadow government it it has to go no
you’re right
you’re right that’s true that’s true
it is true that section 230 also
says that mark zuckerberg can control
your thoughts and send children to
rape bases in mars uh for the reptilian
overlords that control
our deep state government that’s not the
part that we’re against repealing
we’re against the repealing the other
the part that would literally
end with social media social media right
like it would end social media and
people go over
well shouldn’t shouldn’t uh companies be
able to be sued for things they do yes
for things
they do
if you make it the law that you can be
sued for something that someone
says or does on your platform
which means mark zuckerberg can end up
being treated like ross
say goodbye to social media as anything
other than a
heavily heavily approved you will be
allowed to post pictures of your
pets after you have proven you own them
through registration
and maybe food but possibly not that
i was going to say depending because you
could offend somebody with
an allergy this is
bad yeah do not get rich
don’t get rid of section 230. if you
want to
reclassify them as
publishers as as opposed to platforms
yeah yeah
yeah that’s a different discussion
completely different discussion but if
you get rid of section 230
which keeps them from being able to be
sued for what we say
on their platform well this show is gone
yeah the show is so gone all the shows
are gone
all the shows are gone everything is
no one big tech would rather social
media not exist than for them to be
perpetually potentially exposed to
lawsuits because you posted something
and it offended someone else and so
they’re not going to they’re going to
err on the side of caution
the bots will be all over the freaking
place if your pictures
here’s a perfect example um in reaction
to uh legislation that
was passed uh to protect children uh
against uh
objectionable content uh youtube put out
bots that if you have a lot of bright
and and
and uh bright and pretty colors or
cartoonish looking effects
on your video it automatically reviews
it to see
if it’s potentially being marketed to
children and it greatly reduces the
amount of money you can make because it
greatly reduces the kind of advertising
that’s allowed on your video
even if it has nothing to do with
imagine if those same bots are being
told get rid of anything that could
potentially get us sued
social media ends as a result of that
not because no one wants it anymore but
because no one wants to get sued out of
so the only social media that is left is
like illegal underground social media
that the vast majority of people are
going to be too scared to use
because it will be easy to track if
you’re using it or not this is a
terrible terrible terrible terrible idea
um there are
all uh all sorts of uh uh
all sorts of things that can be done
mostly just
deregulating the social media and
internet sphere so that
more competitors can come in which is
why they never actually talk about that
because it’s an
actual solution but this is a terrible
we definitely do not want that um
yeah you’ll have to get fda permission
to post pictures of food that i mean
you that this is really really really
really really really bad
no no
so the house voted 322 to 87 to override
um now it goes back to the senate well
we already did that part
um so outside of halting troop
outside of halting troop withdrawal this
the ndaa included
14 lockheed martin f-35 joint strike
over what the department of defense
budget requested
of 12 f-35as and two f-35
or sorry f-35as and two
f-35bs so they’re getting
14 over yeah they’re getting
more planes than they asked for yeah
they’re getting more than they asked for
and these planes are like hundreds of
millions or billions of dollars each
the this one actually i don’t have that
big of a problem with
the air force is to add six uh f-35s
turkey had originally paid for but when
turkey bought
uh weapons from russia they voided their
contract so now we just have the planes
i’m okay with that they can have that
they voided a contract sure all right i
may not agree with the terms of the
contract but it was contract
it was a contract yeah it was a contract
9.1 of the 730 billion
is in those planes uh
there is full funding of north roman’s
b-21 stealth bomber
uh which including which includes the
first year of procurement funds
the pacific deterrence initiative
which will enhance and focus department
of defense efforts
to counter china’s influence in the
funded at 2.2 billion includes
investments in infrastructure and
to the region billions of dollars to
make sure that china
doesn’t flex their muscles in china
like the indo-pacific imagine if the
chinese government spent billions of
dollars to send their navy here to keep
the us military from flexing their
in the gulf of mexico or off the coast
of california
or pearl harbor or
port of charleston or the florida keys
or you know just a matter of miles away
from the shoreline of the united states
that’s that’s what that is that’s what
that is
that’ll help yep um it provides 250
million for the ukraine
security assistance initiative which
provides support and assistance to
the ukrainian armed forces
uh it prevents reduction in the number
of u.s forces
stationed in in germany below 34
500. so no matter what there will always
be thirty four thousand five hundred
uh troops over in germany the hoted that
is germany
the hotbed that is germany right now uh
it fully funds the european deterrence
and invests in additional capabilities
that support deterrence in the european
area of operations
500 million a lot of people so a lot of
people are saying that this
was in the uh spending bill
but apparently it’s not in the spending
bill but it’s in the uh the
defense bill the ndaa so is it two
separate things or this is the
this is the money to israel so i never
found the money to israel
in the spending i didn’t go through 5000
cages so this must be the okay i’m
thinking that it’s this
okay uh 500 million in u.s assistance to
israel under the u.s israel
memorandum of understanding uh for eight
one of the largest historical provisions
of defense aid to
israel one of the richest per capita
countries on earth that already has a
massive military
and a lavish social safety net you are
having tax
you are having debt run up in your name
and your children and grandchildren’s
to hand even more money to that and many
other governments
it authorizes the state department to
offer rewards for
for providing information on foreign
interference and provides a defense
or provides a definition of foreign
election interference
and i can’t see how that could possibly
go wrong
i can’t think of how that
could go wrong nope
there’s no way that could go wrong no
um one of the sections lays out
higher requirements for appellate
military judges for the appeals court
process which actually isn’t
a bad thing um they need 12 years of
experience however however
the very following subsection says it
can be waived if it will impair the
ability of the court to hear and decide
in a timely manner so however many
paragraphs was spent on that were
complete and total waste because they’re
just this is how government works by the
so they’ll introduce a reform but
they’ll give weasel wording to
themselves so that they can immediately
invoke it and go well
we can’t do this this would impair the
ability of the court to hear
and decide appeals in a timely manner
the the first example of this weeding
weasel wording is actually an article
one of the constitution it’s called the
habeas corpus uh uh habeas corpus clause
and what it says is that and i’m
paraphrasing but it basically says
that the right the ability of government
to suspend habeas corpus
uh uh government shall not be allowed to
suspend habeas corpus which means they
hold you without a reason for holding
you they can’t detain you indefinitely
have to give you due process and all of
that they can’t just hold you forever
unless there’s a war
or and it names a couple or insurrection
unrest or some other condition that may
require it so when we talk about you
know oh guantanamo bay is
unconstitutional or
you know uh you know holding american
detaining them against their will
indefinitely without trial that’s
no it’s not no it’s not that the
founders the hamiltonians
absolutely put in the constitution
the weasel wording that allows them to
do that so this is just
continuing on that proud federalist
tradition of weasel wording
and if you wonder why uh when donald
trump was
all upset about uh everything this
summer and he said
and he said uh antifa is a terrorist
yes because he is able to then hold
that he calls antifa that he calls
indefinitely yep because they are a
terrorist group
and since antifa is not an actual like
structured organization
he can call anyone antifa that he wants
to yeah
and then that means he can waterboard
them he can send them uh or and and now
joe biden can
joe biden now will soon get to decide
who is or
is not a terrorist
we’re going to miss all of you by the
yeah yeah well actually you might be
with us
um so you never know but
and what it does what essentially what
the ndaa
of 2021 does is it takes a lot of power
from the legislative branch yep
yep and it hands it to the executive
just gives the power that they once had
and they said
no you can have it mr president
checks and balances we don’t need that
one they just handed it away because
they said no no
you guys can deal with it we don’t want
to deal with that we’re only making a
hundred and thirty five thousand dollars
a year
or whatever it is um we can’t possibly
be involved in this whole
legislating things and reviewing the
branch and providing counsel and
advice and counsel you can do all that
you can do that you’re all already in
the same office you can just
do everything right
but yes that is what the ndaa is doing
it gives a lot of money to a lot of
different places uh it ensures
that we won’t be taking troops home from
from afghanistan or germany or germany
some other places
for quite some time and it takes a lot
of the power that at one point was given
to the legislative branch
for a specific purpose and hands it off
to the president
yep the uh once again the congress is
abdicating their responsibility and
giving away
power uh to the executive branch now
i’ll tell you one thing that is good
to give away and that is this dead
we are uh doing if you just tuned in we
are doing an auction
uh of this my microphone that i have
been doing i have been using for
uh since the beginning of my podcasting
career and which uh finally came to a
sudden and screeching halt
in between my uh recording with kennedy
or my live episode with kennedy and uh
and my uh and uh the holidays christmas
the live christmas show and if i had to
a thing between those for it to go dead
we that the live christmas show we were
a little late
uh i will be thankful this thing
served me well it struggled to rip
to hang on and stay with me through the
kennedy interview
and for that i will always love you but
now it’s time for you to go off
to someone who will keep you for your
historical value
that you have as being spike cohen
libertarian party vice presidential
candidate and
podcaster world renowned world renowned
everyone extraordinaire extraordinaire
podcaster extraordinaire um
to keep this in your collection and also
we’re told it might
actually you might be able to fix it
because it turns out it’s just this uh
it’s just this connector this usb
connector here and i’ll give you the
i’ll give you the cord too you can have
the cord so the oh what what are is what
are we still at 140 for the bid
one one uh
uh i’m gonna bid for it uh caitlin
clovin she’s gonna bid for it and then
put a joe jorgensen sticker on it we
definitely have room for that
tons of room for that uh
um and uh yeah we are at 1 40.
and so uh what we will be doing is at
the end of this episode whoever is
giving us the whoever has the highest
we will be giving this microphone
well selling or rewarding you for your
right for your donation for your
donation we will be giving you this
totally coincidentally but only if you
have the highest bid
you have to have the highest donation
the highest donation
the highest donation to muddy waters
media gets you
a microphone tom pinkishoff asks uh
have we thought of getting the
microphone on joe rogan
sure sure i would love to have that
microphone on joe rogan
just have it sit here and joe’s like hey
man you ever tried dmt
and the mike’s like
because it’s a mic
the mic so you two blankly might the mic
just stares mickedly
mike mikedly staring uh
at the joe rogan so yeah no you can get
this uh we are at 140 and uh we are
continuing to
take bids all the way through
now we uh
as we mentioned before 2020 is will be
remembered for a lot of things
but one of the things it’ll be most
remembered for
will be the fact that we got to
actually that’s the last four years
yeah that’s true what was the final year
it turned out to be the final year the
final of
us living under the governance the
guidance if you will
of the most libertarian president
of possibly all of american history not
now but ever in any
country in history easily the most
libertarian won
donald j trump and so we here at muddy
waters media have put together
a video thanking donald trump for his
very libertarian not remotely big
government authoritarian actions
by putting together a series of his
greatest hits in what we call
thank you president trump
we will bridge our divisions heal our
wounds and unify our country
and if we do that if we work together
then there is nothing we cannot
achieve as americans there are a lot of
things that i’m unhappy about
in this bill there are a lot of things
we shouldn’t have had in this bill but
we were
in a sense forced if we want to build
our military we were forced to have
there are some things that we should
have in the bill
but i say to congress i will never sign
another bill like this again i’m not
going to do it again
i like taking the guns early like in
crazy man’s case that just took place in
this bill contains 85.5 million dollars
for assistance to
cambodia our order also does the
ends the policy of catch and release at
the border
134 million dollars to burma
and it’s going to be a real war it’s
going to be a high wall it’s going to be
a beautiful it’s going to be a warning
25 million for democracy and gender
programs in pakistan
calls for the hiring of another 5 000
border patrol officers calls for the
the number of ice officers
1.3 billion dollars for egypt
and the egyptian military which will go
out and buy almost exclusively
russian military equipment
so today i’m announcing that i have
directed secretary perdue to provide
16 billion dollars in assistance to
america’s farmers and ranchers
505 million dollars to belize costa rica
el salvador guatemala
honduras nicaragua and panama
creates an office of homeland security
dedicated to supporting the victims
of illegal immigrant crime
566 million dollars for construction
at the fbi this support for farmers will
be paid for
by the billions of dollars our treasury
takes in will be taken in depending on
what period of time we’re talking
many billions of dollars i am asking
congress to amend this bill and increase
ridiculously low six hundred dollars
to two thousand dollars take the guns
go through due process
and everyone stood and clapped everyone
stood and clapped i was
really worried at the end there that i
misspelled libertarian
um you’re like waiting the whole time
like yeah i was like
crap i i i’m pretty certain i spelled
that correctly
um he said he was gonna date he said he
was gonna
drain this drain the swamp but it turns
out that
it’s a federally protected wetlands
jonathan farmer says that soft emotional
background music
is like 10 cents a day vibes which
that was exactly what i was looking for
that was what i wanted
we were going for arms of an angel but
not getting sued sued or demonetized
or yeah or having our video taken down
but that same general vibe so if that’s
if it made you
feel like we were going to tell you that
for the cup of price of a cup of coffee
a week
you two can save a starving
ethiopian badger uh
that’s what we wanted by the way for the
small price of a of a cup of coffee a
you too can save a small ethiopian
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a day you can give somebody a 600
stimulus check um for the small price of
the highest bid
at the end of this episode you too
can save the life of this
microphone because again i’m being told
that you can fix it it looks like this
thing is
out a little bit so you can fix this and
then you
oh did you just yank that thing out one
day no
i literally wasn’t even touching it it
was weird
so a little bit of a backstory here
i was doing my sound check with
kennedy’s uh uh
so a couple hours before they call you
and just do a sound check and tell you
where the mic should be positioned and
everything else and uh
i’m talking with him and all of a sudden
i couldn’t hear him and i went
well that’s not good and he couldn’t
hear me so i i
messed around with it a little bit and
it was working fine again i went okay
then that night i do the up the
interview with uh
kennedy everything works great i get up
i go to i think like grab something to
drink or something come back to get
ready for the show with max it was like
10 minutes later
five minutes later and it didn’t work
ever again
opening bid for 100 right now we’re at
the high bid of 140
and i think one cent i think someone did
that i think someone did the 140 in one
cent anyway
don’t even accept that yeah don’t do
that yeah we’re doing we’re doing one
we’re doing at least five dollar
increments you can’t don’t do the thing
unless you go up to 420 420.69 then we
will allow that
if you go up to 420.69 we will allow you
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bids that are not in five dollar
correct um so speaking
of speaks speaking of people
shamelessly giving us money oh
i like that there’s a lead in speaking
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attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
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for i’ve seen this a couple of times uh
in the comments uh throughout this
episode people wondering
about the hot dog story from matt hicks
now i want to let everybody know
that matt hicks
made a video explaining the hot dog
it was about 20 minutes long
and his computer and he
let’s just say it wouldn’t export
properly i don’t know what the issue was
on why it wouldn’t export properly
but he’s going to work on it and
hopefully we have it
uh next week for next week
but i’m not making that promise
hopefully we will ring
in the new year with
the hot dog story the hot dog story the
infamous hot dog story
the 20 minute long 20 minute
hot dog
epic if you will the odyssey
the odyssey of the hot dog the hot the
hot dog odyssey the hot
odyssey yes
so uh here are the questions we have
actually quite a few of them
and we will start with this one from
joni saad
hey spike and guy on left this is joni
in texas
um i was calling to see if you guys had
seen the body cam footage of joshua
he was shot by police in lamarck texas
just outside of houston
and if you guys had seen that i’d like
to know what your thoughts are
i feel like that cop decided to shoot
him before he even opened that door
but um yeah let me know what y’all think
bye i have heard of this
um but i have not uh
i have not actually seen i’m trying to
see if i can find the
oh the yeah the joshua fee shooting
joshua feast yeah no i
so i watched it
i watched it
was he like ready to shoot
as soon as he opened the door possibly
but according to police and
anybody that watches the show knows that
i don’t
side with the blue often um and i’m not
siding with them here
on this one i’m taking a neutral stance
because i don’t know everything because
i only saw the video once
um they’re saying that he had a gun
uh at the beginning before the cop got
out of the car so if that was true then
yes i get why the con the cop was ready
to shoot
i don’t know enough about this case to
make a educated
to give an educated opinion on it
whether or not uh feast has the gun out
at the moment that the cop pulls up on
is the difference maker in yeah i think
that is the difference maker and i don’t
know that answer
so i cannot joanie i’m very sorry i want
to be able to give you a better answer
but i can’t yeah i know
i’m watching the the video while matt’s
and context is everything
if this were just he pulled someone over
and they got out and ran
and he just opened fire like this then
it is beyond like this is just totally
and from what i understand they pulled
him over
because he was wanted in a homicide
now under suspicion of a homicide yeah
now with that
said officers are not not allowed to
shoot someone who is running away
uh it becomes somewhat
murky if the officers wouldn’t that
depend on the state
uh i believe that there is a federal
precedent that
can’t yeah you can’t shoot someone for
running away there the the
the stop or i’ll shoot thing is not
that’s not real you can’t do that
um so where did the video go
in that yeah so but yeah that’s well
it’s actually estelle getty technically
uh ruined well he was the one that said
it though
well but she was like i did it i am so
glad you got that reference of that
terrible terrible movie
that’s a stopper my mom will shoot i
uh i thought it was funny anyway um
you watched it when you were 12 of
course you did well yeah
i thought it was funny so yeah i’m
looking at this video i i will say
even if they had a reason to think he
had a weapon on him guy’s kind of
running away right off the bat
and he’s firing at him as he’s running
away but if they it
this is not as cut and dry as it looks
if they actually did
know that he had a weapon ahead of time
or they had already seen a weapon
uh you know if it was truly just they
pulled him over
in suspicion and he ran away and they
shot him
yeah no that’s that’s steve was looking
to shoot him before he even got out of
the car
right and that’s that is a big like
that’s the big difference maker
that’s the big difference mate yeah yeah
and uh patricia marie says how many
shots were fired
i’d i think two yeah i was gonna say it
it wasn’t like um oh god was the guy and
who was getting back into his car or he
was trying to go into his car and his
kids were in there i can’t remember
oh jacob um
yep yeah in wisconsin yeah yeah yeah
i was gonna say minnesota but that’s uh
that was george
that was george floyd yeah george floyd
was in minnesota yeah wisconsin johnson
and he got shot in the back like 14
times like that was egregious and awful
yeah yeah i know this was
jacob blake yeah i this is a tough one
guys like
looking at it and unfortunately you’re
kind of having to go by the
what the police said about this um right
and jim jim lee is right under suspicion
doesn’t get the death penalty and i
that’s correct totally that’s correct it
is 100
agree if he brandished a weapon
at the beginning of everything it
changes it changes a lot of stuff it
changes all of it and that’s the part
that you don’t
know because what it changes is
the split second mindset of getting out
of the car and again we do not we’re not
back the blue guys here like
everyone who watches this knows putting
yourself in a situation where
if someone had just pointed a weapon or
had a weapon
and now they’re jumping out of a car by
the time you’re firing and realizing
they’re running away
one reason why i’m somewhat
agreeable to believing what they’re
saying is
he fired and then i think as he’s
realizing he was running away and not
something towards him he stopped as
opposed to just
emptying his his you know magazine on
the guy as he’s running away
um that again this stuff happens in
split seconds and we’re gonna
sit here and watch it from the comfort
of our chairs
as opposed to being there in that moment
you know in the dark and
everything else i i i we get to teach
there’s a lot of questions
yeah there’s a lot of questions we we
tuesday evening quarterback these things
yes um and a lot of times
again not back to blue a lot of times
we’re like oh yeah he shouldn’t have
acted this way he should have done that
what spike says in the moment whatever
this uh
oh god what was that guy’s name the guy
he was in arizona he answered the door
ryan shaver
yes that was cut and dry i don’t want to
hear any excuses for that nonsense
zero excuse whatsoever we watched that
so many times but
yeah well i watched it so many times we
showed it on the show we watched it
that show will never make money because
that’s on there
um but totally worth it to show it
um in that moment
the cops did everything wrong i don’t
care what their training says
i don’t care in the heat of the moment
they did it wrong yeah no it was wrong
his hands were already down he was
already yeah yep i watched this video
and i typically will
automatically take the side of whoever
gets shot me too yup and in this one i
watched it i went
yeah yeah
i will say first watching it the first
thing i think is okay gets out of the
car and runs away and you’re shooting at
why if the answer is because he was just
pointing a weapon at us or
other people or we saw him brandishing a
weapon oh okay well that
definitely makes things a lot different
obviously we need to end qualified
we need to end the war on drugs we need
to reduce the number of police
interactions with the public so that the
only time that they are
you know getting engaged in something
like this is if it’s something like a
drive-by or a
armed robbery or a attempted murder or
attempted rape or
you know getting a suspect of one of
these things as opposed to
them often just giving people a hard
uh for violating a law or being
suspected of violating a law that
isn’t actually shouldn’t even be a law
and and and has no victims
this leads to distrust of of the police
i would prefer
for us to all be able to look at this
and in context
be able to go go ahead ryan whitaker
ryan whitaker
ryan i was combined so ryan whittaker
daniel shaver was the one where the the
officer made him play simon says
yeah yeah right okay okay all right so
i i wish we could tell you more but it’s
it’s we’d need to know more about what
happens but there’s certainly it’s
i will say it it certainly looks
it’s a it’s questionable at the least
but um
so here is a question from will uh
will mackel being here on the chris
reynolds personal injury attorney
anchor calling moment tm
i just got pot shamed by my mother how
terrible on christmas eve to be pot
by your own mother hashtag
guy on phone
hey listen it happens to the best of us
never never actually that never happened
to me
didn’t happen to me on christmas it
never happened to me because
uh well maybe it didn’t i just don’t
remember it
it ain’t shame if you don’t remember
that’s not true um so okay here’s the
next one from from will mcelveen
will mackel being here on chris reynolds
personal injury attorney
anchor calling moment tm i meant to tell
y’all she pot shammy because she said
i’ve already smoked too many joints
how ridiculous is that it’s christmas
eve i should be able to smoke 30 joints
if i want to
anyway love y’all hashtag guy on phone
we’re celebrating the birth happy
hanukkah hey thank you
we’re celebrating the birth of our
savior why can’t i smoke
30 joints i should be able to smoke as
many it
it comes from the earth it’s a religious
natural god gave it to us
i should be able to smoke as many of
these as i want today
what do you mean i can’t smoke as much
weed as i want it’s the first time
it’s holiday it’s
absolutely fine this is a tragedy
and a travesty and well yeah you sure i
you may get caught shamed by your mom
but that’s her right to do that just as
much as
i think it’s your right to smoke 30
joints on that day that’s fair
so i mean you know whatever this however
people want to spend that holiday
freedom’s not always pretty i remember
it was uh christmas eve many many moon
i was i was a bartender and um i had to
do the day
shift on christmas eve uh and then i had
at my parents house that night and the
day shift at chris
on christmas eve at a cajun restaurant
manassas virginia not
like the kicking dime you think that’s
going to be
so it was me i’ve been to manassas i
know what you’re talking about
it’s me the the server that was working
and uh the day manager and
the three of us got obliterated together
i think we had like three customers all
day long
and we got just wrecked that day
and after we closed up we drank
more and then
i went to my parents house for christmas
eve dinner
and i was super drunk
um and i was just being drunk
me just so everybody knows uh if you
don’t know i don’t drink anymore
um i stopped six years ago uh
but i should i show up and i’m being
drunk me
and i remember my mom
drink shaming me as will would say
and she said she said
matt you’re too drunk to be here on
christmas eve with your grandmother
and me
who was obviously very sober responded
mom if you think that’s drunk let me
leave i’ll come back in a half an hour
and then you’ll really see drunk
and so will grandma and so will grandma
so i quit drinking
that’s that’s good we’re glad that
you’re no longer scaring people’s
uh with your level of intoxication
now you’re scaring them with their yeah
that now you’re scaring
grandparents over something completely
different yeah completely different
very valid reason so here’s a final one
from will mcelveen
hey guy on left and spike co and this is
will mclevene
calling in on the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling moment damn it i will get
that right
anyway i think you just did give you a
little update
i don’t give a [ __ ] what anybody says in
my family i’m still gonna smoke pot
i’m about to smoke a big fat joint right
now because it’s [ __ ] christmas and i
can do that
merry christmas guys enjoy it
bye oh wait whoa whoa [ __ ] hashtag
guy on bone it’s a religious holiday
it is a religious holiday it’s a
religious holiday
and i hope that will uh mcelveen
michael being malcolm i think it’s
mclevin i hope that will mclaven had a
great christmas and i hope everybody had
a great christmas
this was one of the best christmases
i’ve ever had i know you you knocked it
out of the park with your christmas
yeah we we had a we had a fantastic
christmas too so it was a good
it was a good closing out of this
incredibly interesting year
um so here we go here is
uh a question we have some questions
from billy pierce my friend billy pierce
out in texas
oh billy pierce actually helped me out a
lot with the uh
the defense bill stuff oh cool
yeah so big shout out to billy pierce
shout out to billy pierce
um here we go with his first question
howdy fellers this is billy pierce from
houston texas
it’s the end of the year and as i sit
here drinking a single malt
avalor abuna scotch i’m uh getting a
little nostalgic
but doing my end of the year review for
myself i am now
and the people closest to me it’s where
i uh give myself some honest feedback
and constructive criticism and highs and
lows of the year and do that for the
people that are closest to me
professionally and personally and ask
them to do the same for me
so uh do you guys do this amongst the
muddied waters media staff and folks and
compatriots and friends of the show and
the organization
or uh you guys just uh ignore each other
and uh try not to say anything
mean or nice um and
how would you review yourselves what
kind of performance
review would you give one another if you
were handing them out
and uh how do you think how do you think
you guys did this year
talk to you soon so i don’t think we we
sort of do a
a a recap on a regular basis sort of a
of how things are going um not like a
not like a strict performance resu
review per se but i guess that’s what
we’re doing we just
we we don’t do it in like a structured
we don’t make a swap list or anything
like that like wait a minute are you
are you saying nothing about this is
structured i think they
figured that out no i would never say
that this show isn’t structured look we
overlays we have amazing
overlays and videos look we have look
this is if don hicks calls in
we have sirius this is a serious august
program here
yeah this is this is cable level
cable level news right here
this is easily public access level if
not better
so better right write that down um
but yeah i’d put that in your pipe and
smoke it
i would put that with your single malt
scotch whatever you said um and drink it
uh i think we did pretty well this year
we easily
got exponentially higher engagement than
we’ve ever gotten
ever we have grown by leaps and bounds
our audience is getting both bigger and
more awesome
every single episode um
y’all are uh
y’all are amazing um and have done a
fantastic job
i think we’ve done good i ran for vice
that was fun we had
episodes that had combined viewership of
a million
uh i yeah
i think we did well uh yeah i think
um you know that
honestly the thing the fans did amazing
uh oh gosh yeah the fans are
fantastic the fans did amazing um
anybody who has anything to do with
muddied waters
i have zero complaints i mean spike
could have done a little more work
he kind of phoned it in this year uh yes
a little bit like literally on the phone
right um i you know i focused on
i tried to make it you know it was like
a it was like a live laugh love
thing and uh but uh
no honestly it
the only person i would have any
negative feedback for is myself which
i don’t need to air anywhere i just need
to fix it and do it
um but again like spike did amazing
jason was awesome as jason always is
jason is amazing that dude that jason
let me just say this
jason lyon jason lyon
is an inspiration
to anybody who knows and if you don’t
haven’t realized that jason
lyon is an inspiration that’s because
you aren’t paying close enough attention
jason lyon is by far
one of the most inspiring people i have
ever met in my entire life
and to be able to call him a friend and
a brother and somebody that works with
us here at muddied waters
is a true honor yep it’s an
absolute honor and i am grateful to be
for us to be his friend and his
partner and colleague in all of this
he’s fantastic and it just tells him
that we said that yeah he did he’s in
the comments right now
i didn’t know he i didn’t know he was um
but no i
i am actually honored to have jason here
with us
doing working on this helping build this
but yeah i don’t think we’ve ever really
had like the end of the year review
where we said okay we need to work on
this because honestly
we all work as hard as we possibly can
to make this great
on top of everything else that we have
to do yeah i mean i think
this has always been a labor of love and
there’s certainly times where we’re like
hey we should try doing this
or we should do this better or maybe we
don’t need to do that anymore but it’s
always from a standpoint of hey let’s
try this as opposed to this sucks or you
we have to do this because we’ve always
treated it as something that we want to
we don’t make a living off of it we get
some money from it it helps pay for
itself for the most part
puts a couple bucks in our pockets for
the most but it’s like it’s not
it’s it’s not something at least now
maybe in the future but it’s nothing we
can live off of so it has to be
we can’t burn out doing this and so
we’ve made a point of hey let’s have fun
doing this let’s make this an enjoyable
thing and i think
that shows in what we’re doing it shows
on these shows
it shows on the memes that we post it
shows in the stuff that we do in our
facebook group be sure to show
go to the muddy waters facebook group
and uh
and join so it shows them what we do
and we have a lot of fun and
it shows
it shows in so many ways and
i’m okay so
yes we have fun like we’re having now
we’re having fun
so yes that’s the answer to that yes and
we love jake
oh someone asked about matt hicks matt
hicks is fantastic we love matt hicks
uh even though i guess he’s not
officially part of muddy waters he’s
part of muddy waters
uh caitlyn clovin says i’d like to file
a complaint actually how does one do
that you don’t
you can send it you can send us a
message to our uh
facebook business page and one of us
might look at it
yeah um and maybe not you have a you
have a better chance of us looking at it
if you leave a grilled cheese recipe
you have only a chance of you have only
accurate only chance you have is if you
also posted grilled cheese recipe
because that’s the rules that’s what it
says uh so here’s another
we have a few from billy uh here is uh
here’s the next one from billy pierce
who by the way ran a fantastic campaign
for theft commissioner
in i forget the county name in texas but
actually he’s gonna tell he’s gonna tell
oh good i’ve already listened to these
howdy fellers billy pierce from houston
texas here
amongst all of the other crazy things i
did this year i ran for office
for a county office here uh harris
county tax assessor collectors
as the libertarian party nominee and i
sit on the
executive committee for our county
affiliate and the third largest county
in the country
and uh over the course of running for
office i became uh
i became exposed and aware to all the
many caucuses within the party
yes the waffle house caucus the mises
because the
the radical caucus the i haven’t been
exposed to this much caucus since i was
in the navy
uh and i don’t really know what to do
with all of them so uh
what do you think the role of the
caucuses or cockeye
what do you think the role of these
caucus uh
affiliates are and how important are
they and how important it is to
to align with them or not align with one
multiple of them what do you do with all
this caucus
well my question um well we now have a
big black mic caucus we do
um whatever you did with them in the
navy that’s what you should continue
doing with them
you could just no judgment either
no judgment no matter what the answer is
whatever you did with them in the navy
your body
it’s your caucuses
do you do what you want no listen the
purpose of a caucus within a political
party is for people with a common goal
common mindset common values to come
together and to try to work together
uh to essentially coalition
and advocate for the changes they want
not just that political party structure
and its values and its culture
but also in how it spreads the message
to uh to others and
and also works too hopefully to try to
actually get uh
libertarians or people members of that
party elected
um i myself am a member of quite a few
um i’m the founder of the waffle house
i am the appointed chair of the smoke
salmon caucus
uh i am uh in the mises caucus i
am in the radical caucus uh and i am
uh uh in the um what’s the other one
oh i’m in the psychedelic caucus and i’m
i’m forgetting something
so i’m in i’m in a few of the caucuses
and i have friendly relations with the
pragmatic caucus the audacious caucus
you know all of the various caucuses
that are in there it’s not real i don’t
i don’t
know offhand of a caucus that i you know
reject outright
um i think it’s one thing to
come together on common values and goals
and try to push forward
yep and another thing to make your
caucus your only ally
and all of the other caucuses the enemy
and that
happens from time to time i don’t know
of a caucus where everyone’s doing that
but there are certainly individual
members of different caucuses
that see it that way our caucus is the
only one that
really you know has the the libertarian
party and the libertarian movement’s
best interest
everyone else must be stopped uh or must
be crushed under our boot or whatever
it’s it’s not good i think one
bad effect of the caucuses is that
people forget that we agree on like 85
to 90 of things uh especially when it
comes to actual like
government policy
there is so much less difference
between someone who’s a member of the
mises caucus and someone who’s a member
of the audacious caucus
than one would think even though they
are often in bitter opposition to one
another or the members are often in
bitter opposition to one another the
reality is
if you were to ask a member of each
caucus what their position was on a
given subject
probably nine times out of ten they’d
say roughly the same thing
and i think we need to remember that yes
it’s cool to get and
get into our different groups and to try
to push forward and to try to affect the
cultural and uh and and values changes
we want to see in the party
and to push forward our ideas for how to
help spread that message outside of the
party to you know everyone else
but i think we need not lose the force
for the trees that’s my personal opinion
the reason that i’m popular within so
many caucuses is
because i have gone into them with an
eye towards coalition building
that we agree on so much let’s focus on
that and and let’s focus on how we can
work together
there will be plenty of time for us to
argue over what we disagree on
after we have taken control from the
republicans and democrats and given the
power back to the people
then we can start arguing over what i
personally think are largely petty
differences that really don’t matter
when the government is currently
exponentially or not exponentially but
rapidly growing uh in every single
aspect of our lives
um i think that that’s the the that’s
where we should be focusing our fire on
that’s my opinion and personally uh the
only two caucuses that matter are the
uh waffle house caucus and the trashy
problem caucus
oh gosh trashy prom caucus how did i
visit the trashy palm caucus those are
the only two
um because yeah what’s everything spike
said is correct
except that the libertarian the the
waffle house caucus and the lib
trashy prom caucus which really
what trash you come doesn’t end at
waffle house um
i was going to say that’s kind of i mean
there’s a lot of synergism there
it’s basically it’s basically it’s
it’s basically it’s basically the same
so here is another one
from uh from billy he’s howdy fellers
billy pierce from houston texas again
amongst all the other crazy things that
i do in my spare time
i teach a an economics class and
formerly a government class to a group
high school homeschoolers here in the
harris county and houston area
and an interesting thing came up in
talking about the fifth amendment and
how it relates to uh economics
in the current times and uh question is
do do the closings of businesses all
our county the closings of businesses by
the government
constitute a taking under the takings
of the fifth amendment and if so do they
compensation by the government even
though that compensation would have to
be stolen
from private citizens first but is this
a taking
and uh does it warrant compensation and
could we look at
stimulus or or or money going out as a
so i’m actually go go ahead matt cause
i’m actually pulling up the exact
in the fifth amendment so but go ahead
okay so the takings clause uh
essentially says that the government is
not allowed to take your private
property from you without just
right something along those lines i
don’t remember the exact wording of it
i spoke with a certain attorney
a certain attorney who may or may not be
the sponsor of the personal injury
attorney chris reynolds
exactly like that picture um he may be
someone that if you are looking for
a personal injury attorney in uh the
greater tampa bay area of florida you
can go to chrisreynoldslaw.com today
to get the compensation and the help
that you need
and the
initial text that i sent him was what’s
your opinion on government shutdowns of
falling under a fifth amendment
violation um
under the takings clause yeah
to which he responded it’s a terrible
and seriously
flawed analysis of that clause the
would have never been okay with that
they wanted government to stay out of
the lives of citizens
unless absolutely necessary like housing
soldiers during war
definitely not because a business is
struggling so let’s have the government
repurpose it
it’s ridiculous if the government thinks
they need that power
amend the constitution don’t come up
with some garbage rationale that’s the
takings clause
uh that to take garbage rationale that
the takings clause gives power that the
clause clearly does not
just more judicial legislation and i
said sorry i meant
is it a violation of the takings clause
because yes it absolutely is
okay so he so chris would say that
because if you’re thinking about what
the government’s doing is you have your
private business
you have your private property which is
the business um you also have the
private property of whatever
money would be coming in from the
business whatever product would be
coming in from the business and they are
now saying
no you cannot have any of that they are
literally taking
all of that from you so
yes this would fall under the taking
so here is the the actual fifth
amendment and
uh i’m i guess i can i don’t have to
read the whole thing but
there’s there’s many different things
that are covered under this uh it’s most
as uh you know i plead the fifth because
it says no person shall be held
to answer for a capital or otherwise
infamous crime unless on a presentment
or indictment of a grand jury
except in cases arising in the land or
naval forces or in the militia when an
actual service in time will republic
nor shall any person be subject to for
the same offense to be put
uh twice be put in jeopardy uh of life
or limb
nor shall be compelled in a criminal
case to be a witness against himself
that’s the biggest part is i plead the
i don’t have to testify against myself
nor be deprived of life
liberty or property without due process
of law
nor shall private property be taken for
public use
without just compensation so
here is there are many different things
in there
specifically what we’re talking about is
uh private property cannot be taken for
public use without
just compensation shutting down
shutting down and seizing a business for
the public use of
you know protecting people or the public
lack of use or
public lack use or but here’s the thing
if it’s taken from someone
and then seized because they can’t pay
their taxes and then now it’s owned by
the government for them to do what they
want with it
that’s a quote-unquote publicly use or
at least a government seizing
the interesting part and this is why i
pulled up the fifth amendment i was
pretty sure that the fifth amendment
never actually
specifically notes the federal
it doesn’t it’s not just saying the feds
can’t do this to you
it’s saying no one can do this to you
so yeah
and the fact that a pretty good attorney
we know
said that it would qualify as taking
lens for me to say that it’s taking
i um because i
that was actually the last question i
listened to i haven’t listened to any of
the others
um i listened to that question the other
day uh
because i’d kind of like to know what
i’m about to get into
matt hicks have just stopped because
i now understand what i’m going to get
into um
but with other people i kind of want to
be a little bit prepared
know if i should delete things we’ve
only ever had delete one
um but so i listened to that one
and i actually i thought about that for
a while
i did the same thing spike did i looked
up the fifth amendment i read it made my
own opinion on it
then i asked chris what he thought and
he agreed uh with what i initially
thought so yeah
it does it it does they are taking your
personal property or your hope of making
your personal property
so does just compensate is just
compensation due
yeah even if it does come from the
taxpayers yes
based on what the constitution says
yeah absolutely absolutely uh kenneth
asks uh is the um how would taxes not
fall under this
aren’t they technically taking your
property yeah of course yeah of course
they are now
uh they would argue that the just
compensation is the services that you
get for it but more importantly in the
constitution under the um
uh tax and spending clause it says
congress shall have the power to lay and
collect taxes duties
impose and excises to pay the debts and
provide for the common defense and
general welfare of the united states
uh but that all of those duties imposed
and excises uh shall be uniform
throughout the united states so you
can’t charge a higher tax
to kansas uh than you do to south
carolina or to
california those individual states can
have higher tax rates but the federal
government has to charge everyone based
on the same thing now i would argue that
a progressive income tax
is not uniformity but that’s a whole
other subject um
so yeah um so that was
that and then here is the next one from
howdy fellers billy pierce from houston
texas here this time of year i sit down
write a letter to the governor of texas
greg abbott
and i also write a letter to the county
judge of harris county lena hidalgo
and in reviewing this year’s performance
their performance
as governors i i noticed a couple of
things that i actually
liked and wanted to run it by you we’ve
actually had some easing
of some of the uh the licensing
um regarding portability of medical
licensing and
nursing licensing and things like that
and some easing on some of the
old blue laws specifically those related
the consumption and sale of alcoholic
take away licenses being able to sell
things to go
things like that how do you all reckon
convince government to let us keep these
instead of taking their power back and
charging us for the pleasure
what do you think i mean it’s better
that it’s slightly less restrictive than
it was
but we don’t believe that government
should be licensing anything
right government shouldn’t be licensing
these things um
i think the question is
how do we convince them not to do that
as long as as i mean benjamin harris
just said in the comments government
licensing is racketeering and yes it is
protection racket yeah all of government
is racketeering for
like speeding tickets racketeering yeah
duis at 0.08 that’s fundraising like
it’s fun anytime government is coming to
you anytime anyone
including government is coming to you
and saying
hey if you don’t give us money we’re
going to make things tough for you
right that’s racketeering that’s a
that’s a protection racket you can
reason if you give me money
yeah bracket otherwise we’re not gonna
let you and if you try to do it anyway
you’re gonna have trouble that’s
yup that is you know and
any of these definitions for
racketeering or whatever they always put
you know
non-government meaning that you know if
government does it it’s suddenly okay
by any real common sense definition of
these terms
what they do is racketeering um and it
should end
and it doesn’t do any good and it’s
always used against them those with the
least power
when you put a license when you say you
have to pay x amount of money to be able
to go into a certain certain type of
the less money you have the more
disproportionately high of a barrier
that is
okay so if you make this much per year
and i make this much per year
and the barrier for being able to get
into this business is this much
it sucks that i have to pay that but i
can afford it if you’re down here
you’ve got to try to save up to pay that
you’re more than likely not going to be
able to pay that so you either have to
abandon doing that and just work for
someone else or
you do it illegally and hope that the
police don’t come and take everything
from you for doing it illegally which
they probably will eventually that’s why
a government should not be involved in
it keeps people in generational poverty
it protects
uh the entrenched business interests
that don’t want more competitors
and it makes things more expensive for
you because you have fewer competitive
choices to choose from
the only people that benefit are the
cronies and the politicians you lose
everyone loses except for them
taxation and staff billy pierce 2022 if
he runs for something
uh we have one more question from billy
uh regarding robin hood howdy fellers
billy pierce from houston texas here
i’ve moved on to less expensive whiskey
because if you’re gonna have four or
five of them
why waste the expensive stuff and i’m
reading the sec
filing and sec charges against robin
hood financial
that were released earlier this month
and i can’t sort out with
is this the sec actually trying to
protect consumers
from from bad practices or is this just
sec and the government at large
protecting their crony favorites and
assuming that the consumer the american
is too stupid to understand things and
enter into a contract
um of their own desire um saying oh no
you’re too
dumb we have to protect you from
or did robin hood really actually do
worth censure sort this out for me
what do you think so
i think it’s mostly the latter i think
it is mostly that
robin hood uh and for those who don’t
know robin hood is a
uh it’s a company that they largely they
have an app that makes it a lot easier
for people
uh who aren’t in you know used to uh
investing to be able to invest in the
stock market and in crypto and
in some other things as well and i think
actually just the stock market and
crypto i don’t think you can get into
uh futures contracts but um
what it also does is it makes it so that
you uh can automatically have a certain
of of your money that you’re spending
and your account
go into uh like the interest like the
the difference in the
in the the whole numbers so if you have
some change left over
it rounds it up and invests that into it
and there’s some things like that
um what i’m seeing here is it’s claiming
that um so basically here’s the problem
and this happens a lot the sec went
after robin hood
robin hood agreed to pay a 65 million
not criminal but civil penalty but
part of it is that they’re uh they don’t
have to admit or deny the findings but
they’re also not allowed to respond
um other than a prepared statement that
the sec
signs off on so you’re getting the story
from the sec
raise your hand if you can figure out
why that’s a problem
uh here’s what the sec said between 2015
and late 2018 robin hood made misleading
statements and omissions
in customer communications including in
faq pages on its website
about its largest revenue source when
describing how it made money
namely payments from trading firms in
exchange for robinhood
sending its customer orders to those
forms for execution
also known as payment for order flow uh
one of robinhood selling points to
customers was that trading
was commission free but due in large
part to its unusually high payment for
order flow rates
robinhood customers orders were executed
at prices that were inferior
to other brokers prices um
if it is true that robin hood
was and this is a big if if it is true
that robin hood was claiming
that uh that there were uh that there
were no
commission fees but that the reality was
they were paying fees we won’t call them
commissions but
they were paying us fixed fees to
these brokerage firms that amounted to
the firms
getting more money out of the
transaction than would have been gotten
in a traditional structure
uh a traditional fee based or commission
based structure
then yeah that’s misleading and and uh
even in a libertarian sense that would
be considered uh
fraudulent statements um
it’s a big if because
there are so many times that government
alleges this kind of stuff
and companies just decide to not fight
and to pay the 65 million bucks so they
can keep going forward and keep being
allowed to do business
uh especially if they’re not required to
admit to any wrongdoing
i i i don’t know what to tell you i i
honestly don’t know what to tell you
um i mean payment for order flow is
common so i’m not sure why they wouldn’t
say that
and it’s technically not a commission so
i don’t know it’s definitely it’s it’s a
little murky
uh but i also think it would be better
if the government wasn’t involved to
begin with
uh because we’d have far more options uh
in the trading sphere
uh and uh you you would
instead of having a robin hood that is
able to perfect example
robin hood is able to afford to pay this
and be able to keep going
many other smaller firms are not which
means you are restricted
in the ability of who is able to uh
provide you with these services
to who can afford to basically pay off
the government for the permission to
continue doing it
which means you have fewer choices to
choose from which means you have less
which means they instantly don’t have to
be as accountable because if they had
more competitors
they’d have to be more accountable
because they’d lose your business
so i think it’s back i think typically
you know once again government getting
involved makes things worse
yep um sure so
that was the i i had to talk to somebody
from um
from from time code productions about
something so i missed half of what you
no problem so i’m just gonna agree uh by
the way big shout out to time code
uh big shout out to the time code for
studio space yep
yeah now let let me use the studio space
here uh
in between in between my studio spaces
um great guys that work here uh the
the awards that are up behind me they
recently won for a short film
um and um yeah they’ve done a lot of
great short films they do work with
different real estate agents uh we work
with different real estate agents
made commercials for people they do it’s
basically a one-stop shop for any video
a video need that you may have great
uh hard-working guys um so if
you have any video need go to time
code production.com
so that was another that was the final
chris reynolds segment of the year how
about that
um and speaking of such
i don’t i mean it started with a
literally with a bang
hopefully does not end in a bang
it did
we have a uh a series of uh of the
headlines that were
the most uh eye-catching
legitimately i took headlines for this
yeah like these are literal headlines uh
that we focused on
and reading through these it is kind of
it’s insane
they’re they’re all happened this year
these all happen this year
and some of them you may not have even
heard about because
all anybody talked about was
the election and corona
that was it that was it that was it
that was absolutely it but all these
other things happened too
so let’s take a walk through memory lane
on uh on 2020.
i i’m so we started the year pretty
pretty close to the beginning of the
uh or in january world war iii almost
broke out uh after
the or i’m sorry world war three almost
broke out uh
uh in january after the assassination of
uh iranian army general
kasem solomani solimani
uh on a very via a airstrike
uh in an iraqi civilian airport on uh
the third of january
uh the iranians responded by firing
uh dr uh firing missiles
with without any targets into empty
to show that they could fire missiles
and uh and that pretty much ended it
and we actually predicted that something
like that would happen that iran would
have to make some kind of show of
strength but that it couldn’t be too big
of one
because they didn’t want to actually
start a war that the u.s would probably
let it go
because they also didn’t want to start a
war uh and that that was what was gonna
happen and that
is in fact what happened that’s right
um ukrainian international airlines
flight ps752 was shot down
by iranian military i completely forgot
about that
i’d there was so much in this i forgot
about i completely forgot about that
the uh wildfires swept through
australia i think we all briefly
remember before
the world ended with the pandemic with
covet uh
the uh all the heartbreaking images of
you know the the near extinction of uh
of koala bears uh and other wildlife uh
in australia kuala bears being one of
the few wildlife in australia that don’t
try to kill you
um unless you get close to it yeah and
really only because they’re sedated
from that from the eucalyptus
oh don’t make that joke okay don’t good
uh kobe bryant passed away in a
helicopter crash with his daughter
um that was this year yeah that was this
year that was in january of this year
um president trump was acquitted on
articles of impeachment
abuse of power and obstruction of
congress and you
can tell because no one changed their
mind on it
yeah not they did not change a single
voter’s mind
about anything zero percent of people
this one i don’t remember i don’t think
we covered this one
we we did not cover we definitely didn’t
cover it but i don’t even remember
hearing about it
um because this was right about the time
that covet was starting to kick into
high gear around the world but uh for
anybody who doesn’t know a
[ __ ] star disappeared
for two decades astronomers studied a
star in a galaxy 75 million
light years away and when they looked at
the latest
observations they couldn’t find it
anymore and they still haven’t
they think that possibly it’s the first
star because it didn’t supernova
they think it was potentially the first
star to get swallowed by a black hole
a whole ass star
just disappeared just going
that’s arguably scarier than covid yeah
also equally scary was tiger king so
right around the time that we all
decided we were going to stay home for
two weeks to slow the spread which then
became the entire year
uh netflix
treated us to the perfect storm of a
about meth and tigers and people on meth
who were playing with tigers and a
just the one the rest of them were
absolutely not libertarian although that
guy in in florida that
the the cuban guy in florida he seemed
kind of libertarian
but other than that no total
dumpster total dumpster fire but it was
that [ __ ] carol baskins
gaskins baskins baskins uh she’s on
dancing with the stars now
now harvey weinstein he got sent to
prison for 23 years for yes
raping um he’s
probably going to be in there until the
day he died did he get out for covet
before i double down on everything
hold on uh harvey weinstein uh
was he so they thought that he had covid
he was in isolation with 101 degree
but it turned out that he did not have
covid but his health is still declining
and that was
that was the last thing uh there was a
delay in granting his extradition
um uh earlier this month
but uh but he’s still i mean he’s in
um he’s in a new york prison so yeah no
he’s not going in they’re not going to
let him out yeah i didn’t i didn’t think
i wanted to make sure before i mean it’s
new york who knows they’re
putting people in rest homes that have
covet they’re taking people out of
prisons because of
who knows um but yeah harvey weinstein
was sent to prison for
being literally one of one of if not the
biggest piece of crap in hollywood
yeah um
tom hanks got coven tom hanks speaking
yeah biggest at the time the biggest
name to get coven
and everybody thought tom hanks was
gonna die and
he quarantined himself in australia yeah
and uh then he ended up surviving and
suddenly it became a lot less scary to
a lot of people just not the government
murder hornets murder hornets
they were a sponsor of our show for yes
we used to be this
show was very briefly sponsored by
murder hornets for a couple times
they weren’t a good sponsor they didn’t
give us any money they just said they
murder us yeah like
well this sponsor they’re they’re you
know they said if you put us on
we’ll murder you last right
and they’ve been holding up to it so far
not murdered
so far not murdered not murdered but
apparently no one has been murdered by
in the u.s a little bit of an over
overblown threat there
uh but george floyd uh unfortunately was
um he was uh killed by derek chovin
uh over a alleged uh
phony 20 bill right and personally
personally i think that
george floyd should have been times
person of the year
i believe that george floyd was
responsible for the most amount of news
because with i and i could be completely
here of any single person yeah yeah but
i think that george floyd
the the the murder of george floyd by
derek shovin
um brought about all of the blm riots
it brought uh it brought
uh the autonomous zone over
in seattle and the one in portland um
you started seeing people fighting for
brianna taylor yeah
even though brianna taylor happened
before this george floyd was kind of the
catalyst that it
brought up yes yeah that brought
everything out and
arguably because of you know antifa
showing up to these things
that was what made trump say antifa uh
is now a terrorist organization uh so
are the anarchists
um i think george floyd
should have been person of the year i
mean that’s a compelling case i do know
every election year
time picks whoever won presidency uh
this time they pick joe biden and kamala
because no one likes joe biden
and they’re already trying to sell
kamala harris for
probably 2024
and hoping that you either don’t know or
forget that she was
one of the most brutal prosecutors in
recent memory but that’s a whole other
um oh gosh i forgot about this one so
poland it’s like a polish joke
poland invaded czech republic
they accidentally invaded they uh they
invaded and briefly occupied territory
in the czech republic
they stopped locals from entering a
church in their own country
uh the misunderstanding was quickly
cleared up in the polish army retreated
they thought they were in poland even
though everything was written in check
their gps i’m trying to remember this
story it was either their gps or their
maps were malfunctioning or
not working or something like that or
they weren’t on and so they ended just
like a mile or two
inside of poland at czech republic but
they stopped people
from going places until they could
figure out what the hell was going on
they set up an outpost to stop vehicles
and the fact that the signs were all in
and everyone was speaking check did not
raise any flags did not concern them
remotely that maybe they weren’t
in poland right especially when people
started yelling
we’re in the czech republic but
unfortunately they were yelling it in
yep um jason lyon says they didn’t do
trump in 16 i’m assuming he’s talking
about time magazine yes they did they
did trump in 16.
um he was person of the year that year
and they had him positioned
uh i believe he was sitting facing
the opposite way yes you see me facing
but they had him lined up where the
m in uh the m in time
made it look like he had devil horns oh
that’s funny
i believe that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
i’m gonna pull that up because that is
yeah i believe i believe that was 2000.
i know they did it to him i don’t
remember i
i think that was 2006. yeah i know that
was that was that was 2016.
that is extremely petty and funny at the
same time right
yeah here’s that here’s that image i’m
pulling it up right now
um so that you can see it yeah i mean
that’s petty as hell
like that’s super it’s funny too but
it’s petty
yeah it was subtle little subtle little
dig at him
uh but yes he was time he was person of
the year 2016.
um the pentagon released three ufo tapes
uh nobody cared no one cared and then
recently when a freaking israeli general
who used to be
the head of the israeli space program
said that uh space security program
space security program
said that the world governments were in
touch with the galactic federation
and were just waiting for a good time to
tell us no one cared about that
no one cared about that either and when
freaking monoliths just started being
discovered all over the place and no one
knew where they came from we still don’t
know where they came from
no one cared about that either we are so
unfazed that the possibility of an alien
invasion at this point
seems like a welcome reprieve
it’s just it’s just amazing uh
so uh what else so uh
kim jong-un died uh but then he did then
he didn’t
he was dead for like a week yeah he was
dead for like a week everybody thought
his sister was gonna
uh take over or i think his sister maybe
yeah no his sister his sister sister
yeah and uh
then he undied he undied he
he he came back to life for anybody some
people may not know this but uh the
personally for me the weirdest piece of
news was a spike cohen got nominated vp
for the libertarian party totally had
you would think i would have known that
but totally had forgotten
that uh spike cohen ran for vp that he
got nominated by the libertarian party
um that one was always my favorite i
liked it i would briefly show it because
the campaign
hated it did they really
yeah i would be like oh brought to you
by joe oh i mean brought to you by yes
i’d do that
um yeah so um
i was the i was the vice presidential
nominee for the third largest political
party in the united states of america
and i came in third
so i got that going for me which is nice
i am the first millennial to be on a
national ticket
i am the first millennial to
ever get in all to be on all 50 states i
am the first
millennial to get over a million votes
take that aoc
and uh in fact i got
like almost nine times as many votes as
now that was national and she’s in a
single congressional district but it’s
getting nine times as many hey take the
i’m just saying so anyway yeah so uh
it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot
of lessons uh about
what to do and what not to do and uh and
uh the biggest thing i learned from it
is that we need to grow the libertarian
party and that’s what i’m focusing on
now so
uh very very exciting stuff uh another
big news item
was jar i.e a12
how do you pronounce that kyle
that is kyle musk elon musk and his
baby mama i don’t know what that
relation is um
they named their child kyle
spelled the most bizarre way now
actually the way that i have it in here
uh which is
the x and then the a e and the ae symbol
a e symbol and then a 12 yeah a-12
that’s not the child’s given name uh
because in california there is a law
that you cannot
name people numbers so instead it’s um
x a e symbol a dash
x i iii
sure pronounce kyle pronounce kyle
listen when you’re a multi-billionaire
giant of industry you name your kid
whatever you want it’s not going to
negatively affect
people i i remember hearing someone go
well i guess so it’s going to be tough
for them to get a job
no they’re elon musk’s kid
son right it’s a son son okay kyle kyle
i’m assuming i mean i don’t want to
anyway elon musk’s offspring i don’t
think we’ll have to worry about getting
a job
so don’t go and name your kid this based
on that
uh unless you are literally elon musk
watching this right now
then you can do whatever you want yes
jeff bezos you can name your kid
anything you want yeah if you are worth
a mil
a billion dollars or more you can just
probably name your kid whatever you want
everyone else maybe consider think twice
about it
right um water was discovered on the
i didn’t even remember this yeah water
was discovered on the moon
um and i know that they are now using
that information
to uh set up try to set up like a
some sort of base international base or
um so that way people can stay there and
then launch on
um yeah
uh there was an explosion in
jonathan chalmer spelled it water with a
v um
for the a uh oh yeah like black coffee
yeah uh an explosion in beirut
killed at least 204 people earlier this
uh i know we reported on that briefly
back when that happened uh
awful awful news don’t know if they ever
figured anything out about that that one
i think that they uh some like that one
was one of the ones that kind of
after it had like everybody everybody
freaked out about it and
it was huge news and they’re like oh we
was this because it was a terrorism was
it because
it was a plant of some kind i can’t
remember um
and then kova
and the election were happening so
suddenly nobody
even thought about it anymore yeah i
think it was i think that they
determined that it had something to do
unstable chemicals or something like
uh it was a boat filled with ammonium
nitrate i believe
yeah yeah yeah yeah larger is saying
forgot about explosives that it had yeah
yeah so
they don’t you know no but it killed 204
caused 6 500 injuries 15 billion dollars
in property damage
and left an estimated 300 000 people
homeless because it just wrecked
buildings uh left and like made them
um just an absolute it was a it was the
equivalent of
1.1 kilotons of tnt
making it more powerful than the uh
uh then the um i believe making that
more powerful than the fat man
and uh and and little boy uh
let me look that up
uh no i was wrong uh it’s it’s less than
the air
to genie nuclear uh nuclear warhead but
fat man and little boy were more
explosive but i mean this was right in
the center of downtown
uh on the port uh incredible it’s
terrible terrible thing so uh and then
possibly one of the most disastrous
things of all
sean connery died and then nothing else
and then alex trebek died oh yeah i
should have put that in there you’re
yeah once i got to the sean connery
death it was just like nothing matters
after that
now sean connery uh everybody has
their favorite sean connery moment
there are so many good ones like you may
maybe bond
might be where you first started
watching them uh
perhaps as uh indiana jones dad and the
last crusade
oh yeah right yeah i mean classic yeah
yeah yeah yeah
um first thing i i saw him in i think
was uh the untouchables
it was the untouchables or indiana jones
i don’t remember which one was the first
um and the in the untouchables he was
he won an academy award for that one um
but it was one line in the rock
that made me love sean connery forever
and he and nick cage are talking
and they’re getting ready to storm the
rock and
he looks at nick cage and he says
something along the lines of um
are you ready are you ready and nick
cage is like
i’ll do my best and shine
looks at him oh hunt for red october
that’s a good call there
yeah that was a great movie was good
darby o’gill and the little people so
wes erickson bringing it back
wow that is an old one right there but
he looks at nick cage
and he goes losers always whine about
doing their best
winners go home and [ __ ] the prom queen
and i remember hearing that line for the
first time
and i was just like this guy’s the most
amazing person who’s ever lived
most amazing family business
with dustin with uh with um sean connery
dustin hoffman and matthew broderick
were there a family of thieves oh i
saw this movie family business
19 it was like an 80s movie okay
it’s go it was good it was good i’m
gonna have yeah i’ll check that one out
i like everybody i was gonna tell you
what happens but that’d be like a major
spoiler alert
i’ve never heard of this movie it’s
really good at the end
at the end he redeems himself by
no watch a movie it’s good um and
uh yeah that was pretty much that was
pretty much 20
20 20 and i mean covid and the election
we know that everybody said and of
course we still reported that
every day well yeah and i mean there was
no point to mentioning that because
everyone already knew that
uh and of course one of the major things
that happened this year is my mic died
but thankfully you too can own this
piece of history
really only one of you can unless you
want to do some kind of co-op sharing
thing that’s between y’all
i don’t care uh but we are auctioning it
off right here
uh whoever gets the highest bid uh in
the comments will uh be the official
of this microphone which i will
personalize and sign
for you and which again i’m told might
actually be able to
get fixed if someone knows how to fix
these little connecting thingies here
then you can have a microphone that was
signed by me and works
for the low low price of whatever the
highest bid is our highest bid is
what do we have the highest bid that we
have without any stipulations or
addendums added to it i think is just
yeah and unfortunately we can’t do
addendums and stipulations
because that just creates a whole thing
so we got 140 140 is the highest bid
whoever bids higher than 140
will be the person who is in line to get
this now um
so if you don’t if you want it and you
have more than 140
i have some fantastic news for you so
we’ll let the bidding continue on that
uh we’re going to do our final segment
now and talk about
someone who should have been home not
just for this christmas but
for many christmases um
his name is ross ulbricht
uh ross made a website uh
called um silk road which was
similar to ebay it was a it was a
bidding auction site
where you could purchase anything that
you wanted provided that it didn’t
violate the nap basically it had it
could not be anything
uh violent and in addition to that uh
ross didn’t allow the selling of weapons
even though that doesn’t violate the nap
he was a pacifist
and he didn’t believe in weaponry and so
he said no selling weapons
but anything else was on the table which
meant a lot of
and he uh used bitcoin uh that was the
way that
uh things were bought and sold on uh
silk road
was with bitcoin which made it uh
largely untraceable
and it allowed people to anonymously and
procure things that often weren’t legal
uh instead of having to go out on the
streets to get those things
they could order them from the comfort
of their home and have them delivered to
their house
and that allowed things to be a lot
safer and a lot better for everyone
involved and it was no one’s business
because no
there were uh there weren’t you know
victims in these
transactions uh the government uh
a few years ago arrested i think 2013
arrested ross
they uh alleged that he had taken out
hits on people even though they had no
evidence of that that he had done that
and just to prove that that was all a
smear they immediately dropped those
charges once it went to trial because
knew that they had nothing for it uh
there were multiple examples of
uh judicial abuse in his uh in his
uh in his trial his judges were not
allowed to call
most of their witnesses almost all of
their objections were overruled
uh the courts were allowed to introduce
irrelevant uh uh circumstantial evidence
and things that
weren’t proven things that were obtained
uh two of the uh main uh witnesses for
i believe fbi uh or atf i forget which
or maybe it was dea it was dea actually
one of those agencies two of their
biggest witnesses turned out to be on
take uh and yet those uh that testimony
was not thrown out
or and they weren’t allowed to mention
the fact that they had been uh
put on the take to the jurors um it was
just a travesty of a trial
and if you ask me the reason that they
that they
grabbed him was because he was sitting
on what is now
billions of dollars worth of bitcoin and
they wanted the bitcoin and they wanted
to make an example out of him
if we used the same justification
for why they popped what ross albrecht
because keep in mind ross himself never
actually sold anything illegal
it was the website where things happened
that were illegal he just had a platform
if we applied that same standard to
facebook or to youtube
or to twitter or instagram or any other
social media site or to ebay or any
e-commerce site almost all of them they
could get in trouble for the fact that
stuff was being sold
illegally on their platforms he just
created the platform
he did not encourage anyone to do
anything illegal there were things on
there that were perfectly legal as well
um and he was basically uh uh he had his
good name destroyed in the public people
thought that
to this day when we bring it up people
go didn’t you hire a hypno to kill
people no there’s no evidence of that
there never was
one of his supposed victims uh one of
the supposed marks that were gonna be
uh uh that was gonna be uh killed and no
one was ever killed just to prove it
um one of his supposed victims that was
gonna get killed has said from day one
that he never thought that this any of
this was true or that ross or anyone
else tried to have him killed
they think it was all nonsense that the
government used to frame
uh ross and to smear his name to the uh
to the public
um and we believe that uh that he should
get a pardon or at the very least a
so that he can go home so
i know that the odds of president trump
watching this is relatively small
somewhat yeah somewhat low even though
spike did run against him um figured he
might want to check up see
you know what the competition’s doing i
was briefly his running mate
in you were in michigan in in michigan
for like the better part of a few days
so you know i might check into the show
so um we would like
everybody to uh tweet
to president trump um in the
nicest way in the most polite
ways like we make yes we make fun of
trump a lot we make fun of everybody a
lot on this show
but we want everybody to tweet out
uh to tweet to president trump because
we know that that’s
the easiest way to get a hold of him um
literally ask
in the most polite kind without malice
possible please
will you pardon or commute the sentence
ross ulbricht
please yes yeah hashtag free ross
um and let’s uh let’s try to get them
one thing i will tell you is that i have
short list of the things that i would
immediately do uh if i were part of an
administration or if libertarians got
that i would call for them to
immediately do and uh
one of them in that short list is pardon
ross albrecht pardon
and commute the sentences of anyone
tried in federal crimes for victimless
but ross ulbricht especially he would be
one of the first ones to
to be getting it he should not be there
uh and and
and he has been an upstanding citizen in
the prison he has helped
uh people uh learn to read he has uh
been a part of i believe a bible study
group i mean this is someone who is
a uh i don’t remember now if it was
abiding bible study or a reading club
you know here he is he’s been he’s been
you know railroaded in a kangaroo court
he’s in prison for the rest of his life
and uh
you know he’s helping people
just like he did with his website right
which is all he was trying to do
it’s all he was trying to do and yes he
was trying to make money doing it
but that was you know he did not live in
a lavish lifestyle
he did not live a a uh keep in mind
bitcoin back in the time
was fractions of a penny on the dollar
what they’re worth now
um so it was worth i think tens of
millions back then but he also wasn’t
the only he was one of the
creators he wasn’t the only one um and
uh you know i don’t think he thought i’m
going to become a billionaire i think he
thought i’m going to provide a way
for people to be able to safely get the
things that they want
and need without the government snooping
on their business and there is
nothing wrong with that that is morally
um and uh we don’t believe that he
should be in jail we don’t believe he
ever should have been in jail
and uh when libertarians are put in
office uh in the white house that will
be one of the first actions that we take
is to free ross and people like ross
for every ross there’s many more whose
stories we don’t know as well
uh but they equally deserve to be free
so hashtag free ross ulbricht
we’ve had a couple of bids uh jim jim
lee says
150 okay 150.
uh dvsv flood
over on the tube of you
says 169. nice
169. nice um
so right now if dvsv
flood over on youtube is serious
and wants to send 169 dollars
to muddiedwatersmediagmail.com via
um we you you will be the winner
of spike’s big black mic
well no new new one uh jimmy
jimmy lee uh has upped his bid to a
hundred and seventy five dollars
175 dollars from jimmy lee
who let’s i want to say uh jimmy lee
jim lee uh one i found out he used to be
a dj for
a number of years yep dude has a
radio voice
dude yes um and he is
uh he’s a big member
he is a big member of the um
me wee group uh oh eddie waters miwi
group and he
i could probably make him an admin of
that group at this point because he
he keeps the conversation going uh oh
jim is amazing i got to meet him
uh twice in ohio i met him in july
uh in columbus at the ohio convention
that’s where i first met him and his
um and then uh got to see them again
uh in ohio when i did the waffle house
whistle stop tour
uh and he he went to a few of my stops i
think he joined me
i want to say he joined me in cincinnati
or just outside of cincinnati
and went through all the way through to
columbus and i
he wasn’t at the last one or two stops
but he was at a good number of them
and uh it was uh
very uh it was very cool to get to hang
out with him and his wife
and uh and tasha loves them as well um
and uh it’s really cool but yeah i know
he has a great voice he’s like he
definitely has a yeah he has a dj
now over on youtube uh connie keller
bids 176. and
okay normally i would say that’s not a
high enough
that is not a high enough amount uh to
for us to take it away from jim but
since they live in the same household
i’m gonna accept that
that’s fine yeah
i mean you guys can just go back and
that’s between y’all yeah that’s between
y’all yeah liberty shamrocker
uh liberty shamrocker yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah 170 tony and jimmy yeah
176 is the new bid jim it’s on
um just think i mean you guys can keep
outbidding each other because
think of how great jimmy’s voice will
sound oh jimmy i knew that connie was
your wife he’s
when he fixes this he already knows he’s
directly into it yeah he’s gonna sound
even better than me because he actually
has a good voice
this made my voice sound good and it
seems we’re at 177
177. so there is now a a marital
happening in the uh
in the uh the comment section so right
now we’re at 177.
um so i’m gonna give them a little bit
of time to work that out
uh and just kind of close by saying guys
this was an insane
year it was good and bad
this year was nuts i just want
i just want to say i know that a lot of
people um
coven was a huge issue
covey was a huge issue many of us lost
our jobs many of us weren’t able to find
you know we didn’t know where our next
didn’t know where our next paychecks
were going to be coming from
you can focus on what was terrible about
this year or you can
look at you can focus on what was good
i am an anomaly and i unders and i
understand that but i do
i do want to talk about it really
quickly um
because a year ago i was working at a
business that got shut down we were
supposed to uh
reopen but because of covet we ended up
not um
so i ended up being unemployed for
literally the year yeah this was this
was my job doing this
making this show um but
this year while many people would have
been like oh that’s awful like
how did you make it like yeah it was
tough but
a year ago i didn’t have a job uh
i didn’t have a job super fan sarah
anderegg uh
wasn’t living anywhere near me much less
where i can see her every day naked um
and and uh
the show was kind of one of the only
things that i had that was keeping me
uh and even that was
stressful as hell um
but over this year over 2020 over the
coved year sarah now lives here uh
sarah now lives here spike and i somehow
got closer than we’ve ever been um
we got closer than we’ve ever been i now
have a
job that i start monday um
2020 is kind of the best year of my life
like i will not look back on 2020 to be
like oh that year was terrible
i will look back at 2020 to be like that
changed the course of my life forever
for the good and it really did and
because of that i have you know
i have uh people like spike and jason
of course superfan sarah andereg um
superfan sarah anderag adam the freeman
and my parents and so many other people
that were there
casey uh casey nether campbell
uh huge
helps this year they kept me going when
i was getting down and
because of the support from all of these
people and because that i have this
amazing team uh i don’t like to call him
a team this amazing group of friends
that are there to help lift you up and
help push you yeah because of these
2020 literally i am the happiest i have
my entire life right now
and a lot of it has to do with the
people around me a lot of it has to do
uh different life situations but no
matter what
no matter what these are the people
these are the p like these are the
people that helped lift me up making 20
how fantastic it truly was for me
so don’t focus on yet covet happened
the election happened focus on whatever
you can find from this year that was
good that you are learning from
that you can take and that you can take
into the future and that
you can say you know what 2020 was a
tough year but i learned a lot from it
it will make the rest of my life better
because yes 2020 was a crazy year
but it could also be the best year
you’ve ever had
it was i
listen i very much enjoyed this year
and i am
it was very challenging a lot of
incredible stuff happened this year good
and bad that the
the uh loss of some close ones to covid
and other things as well
um the loss of my dog that i had had for
uh 12 years he was uh i called him my
you know he was basically like my best
friend and only just because he was my
buddy he went everywhere with me he was
pretty much always by my side for 12
years and um
and we had to let him go and um
this campaign meeting so many incredible
people across the country
getting to build this thing with matt um
getting to see matt you know bloom in
his relationship with sarah and the kids
um just so many incredible things that
have happened this year so many
opportunities that have opened up for
for both of us and for us together in in
muddy waters
when this mic died it really drove home
thinking holy crap all the stuff that
we’ve been through even just this year
you know what what started out as sort
of a hey i wonder if i could run for the
vice presidential nomination what would
that be like and then to get it
and then to engage in one of the most uh
robust campaigns that any third party
has ever engaged in certainly the most
robust one uh
that you know the libertarian party has
ever engaged in 35 states 75 stops
tens of thousands of people um just
that we met with in person just
absolutely incredible
um i am eternally grateful for it and i
am so excited to see what 2021 has in
store for us
and for all of you all as well and for
those of you who have been here from the
thank you so much uh you certainly are
some real ones
we we will never forget you and for all
of you that are joining now
welcome welcome aboard and we’re we’re
just getting started we’re about to have
so much fun
we’re getting started we’re just getting
study we started with muddy waters media
we’re just getting started with uh the
you know our involvement in the liberty
movement we’re just getting started and
and so many things things we haven’t
even started yet um and uh we hope you
stick around because
we’re gonna have a lot of fun this year
and uh 2021 is gonna be a great year
i i absolutely and matt you know man i
love you
i am honored to be uh your your friend i
am honored to be
your uh partner in this and i am honored
uh to be working with you in all of this
i think it is the coolest thing and i i
can’t wait to can’t wait to do the next
yeah i mean all of a sudden like all the
same back to you like yeah
we we say it a lot on this show um but
every time i say it i mean i every
tuesday i get to hang out with my best
and talk about what’s going on in the
world and laugh
and that is truly the best way to spend
a tuesday
is to hang out with your best friend and
laugh about what’s happening in the
and um i can’t honestly think
of anyone else i’d rather be doing this
well thank you um in the entire world
and thank you every tuesday it’s
just fun and i could not ask for a
life ignatz71 says you guys are the
modern day
you’re george michael sure
sure i’m the guy whose name i don’t know
i was going to say i can’t remember the
other one so sure i’ll be i’ll be george
um modern
so the final bit and i’m gonna stop this
because you guys are out bidding each
other and this is absurd
uh is connie’s bid uh of 181 dollars and
some falafel
which apparently we’ll have to collect
which we’ll have to collect when we when
we’re up in
uh in uh um in
in ohio next time so connie
congratulations we will send you the
payment info and then i will i will
be happy to send this along i’m i’m so
happy that it’s the two of you that are
getting this
especially if you’re able to fix it that
is so cool uh oh what uh you are guy
on the left of george michael
it’s accurate that’s actually accurate
wes erickson that’s hilarious um so
uh yeah guys just thank you guys so much
happy new year we will see you oh gosh
tomorrow don’t don’t say goodbye yet
tomorrow i am interviewing zubi
the libertarian rapper based out of the
uh we will be talking about uh all the
stuff he’s been doing including his uh
blockchain based clothing line
um and uh you know some of his uh some
of his uh uh
uh very brave and controversial takes on
some different issues
uh so that’ll be a pretty exciting
episode so we’ll be ending
the final muddy waters broadcast uh of
this year
uh will be me interviewing zubi so be
sure to check that out tomorrow on my
fellow americans
uh tomorrow wednesday at 8 pm eastern
right here on muddy waters media
and guys uh and yes i’ll get my wife to
sign it too
um and um and uh
matt if someone wants to ring in 2021
by joining uh money waters media on the
internet is that even possible and if so
how how can they do that
it is possible um
i just realized i just gave you the last
rapper name i’m never going to give you
sorry i know not even a little bit i am
so tired of looking
for rappers that i’ve never heard of um
and then and then julifying their name
right and then judifying their name
um but if somebody wanted to find us on
the internet all you would have to do
is go if you’re one of the old school
people who uh
truly enjoy listening to the sweet
soulful buttery sounds of our voices and
not seeing
uh the barrage of handsomeness
that explodes through the screen at you
and just listen to us instead
you can uh head over to anchor dot
fm slash muddy waters anchor fm
slash muddy waters anchor
cohen and matt wright
where you can also leave us messages
that we will play on the air
and you can give us money too you can
donate money to us
yep you can donate money give us money
freedom isn’t free
or you can find this in every episode of
muddied waters media at money the waters
wes erickson wants to know what your
favorite name was
i think joozy wow like the
easiest one yeah it was just so funny
like it just came out of nowhere like
you know rick rothstein and uh oh gosh
what were some of the other ones
i’d have to now watch the episodes
because it was if you were still in my
phone as
ll called you
that was a good one too but just jewsy i
just thought that was funny
um ignatz is saying at matt owes an
answer to your super his super chat oh
we got a five dollar donation from
mcnatt shout out to ignat71
uh it says for right on left i think
that’s you
oh right on left uh
can you briefly explain how the debt can
be paid down with immigrants and oil
no nope i have heard that explanation
and no i cannot do that briefly
but that
is really funny
that is really fun i’m not going to call
out what that’s about but i know that i
know what it’s about
yeah but that’s good
it is impossible to briefly do that yeah
you cannot briefly do that
you can very annoyingly do that i can
yes so folks be sure to to tuna
be sure to tune in uh tomorrow for my
fellow americans where i will be
zubi uh at 8 p.m eastern
7 p.m central time 6 p.m mountain 5 pm
pacific and
and then have a fantastic amazing
new years uh have a fantastic new years
and we will see you next year
next year uh next tuesday uh right here
same money time same money place for the
muddy waters of freedom where matt
wright and i will ring in 2021 like the
sweet little
where spike cohen and i and
thomas oh thomas quiter thomas creator
we’ll be ringing in the new year with
the former state
legislative candidate thomas an
all-around amazing guy
uh thomas quiter possible future
lieutenant governor of new york
so what hang out with him and uh guys
have a fantastic new year’s thank you so
much for being a part of this we love
you so much we can’t wait to see you
next week
tune in tomorrow of course and where
we’re going
we don’t need roads happy new years guys

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