Episode 172 – Four Year Anniversary of the Best Political Show On the Planet (This One)

We have now been doing this show for four years (yes, it’s true), and this is the culmination of those years.

Also, we discuss qualified immunity, monoliths, Biden, and Trump.

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that can’t be true but it is

proverbs 4 20 your lungs are now filling up with chronic illness

oh i know what that means

get out of my lungs at night

get out of my body

elbow i call you well back i call you well knees i call you well feet i call you well kidneys i call you well flatter i call you well stomach i call you well intestines i call you well call me


well that’s coveted 19 for somebody now then i have some videos i want you to watch

get out of here


good morning good afternoon or good evening and welcome to the vanguard for spike rick rothstein cohen i am matt wright and together we are traversing the muddied waters of freedom hey everybody rick rothstein cohen here i was wondering when i saw the thing we’re going to show later if you were going to do that so folks thank you guys today or next week because of the thing oh you just did it wrong well anyway folks thanks again for tuning in to this muddy waters media project production be sure to share this right now share it right now because mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey and whoever the hell owns google none of these people want anyone to see what we’re doing so be sure to stick one to them by uh by sharing this the last thing that we want is for any of you or your loved ones to miss out on a single moment of money goodness be sure to like and subscribe and follow and whatever it is you do on whatever platform you’re using to watch or listen to this be sure to do that and if you’re doing it on youtube don’t just hit subscribe hit that bell hit the hit the bell because then that then it’ll blow your phone up whenever we put anything new on surely you want that and uh give the gift of money waters today kids love it first and foremost i would like to thank siesta cava siesta cava.com for the cava that i am drinking on today’s episode and allow me to thank lible purified ultra pure water from the wherever the blue water comes from it is both kosher and made in america like me


so i don’t know how many people out there um they may have seen that uh spike more so than me but definitely spike has been uh getting deep faked a lot of places and in a few of them i unfortunately have been have bit i don’t know why you are now being it’s because it’s because i asked for them then to stop um

so now i’m involved however there was one about a hallmark movie called there ain’t no such thing as a free christmas and i just want everybody to know that should we make that movie i already have the sweater that was being worn let me let me pull that up while we’re talking about it because i’ll even put on the sweater i mean it’s really bad and it needs to end uh leave spike cohen alone everyone leave brittany alone leave her alone this has gotten completely out of hand i am sick of there we go i am busy in this florida winner you look the same as you look in this photo uh hold on here we go uh

okay nope

there we go this is

this is what we’re dealing with right now as you can see i am already prepped for my roll i am ready spike just needs that purple dress and long brown hair this needs to end enough

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yeah so we have a we have a huge show today um it is the four year anniversary of the very first time these microphones well not these microphones but other microphones were used to uh record an episode of a show that later became the muddied waters of freedom um so we have a lot of big stuff planned is there background noise on your side possibly okay possibly okay is my like is my i saw that my audio isn’t good and no your audio is good there’s just something happening in the background right yeah okay there there is something in the background okay all right go ahead yeah because uh matt hicks said matt’s sound is not good yeah no you sound you sound fine though anyway go ahead for we this is our fourth anniversary episode fourth anniversary episode um and so obviously uh thank you to everybody out there um we are going to have to do things a little out of order this week uh so we’re gonna have to move the rapid fire because we have a guest on this week yes um we have a guest on this week and he has to be in a meeting at 8 45 so we’re gonna bring him on starting out and then we’ll just read we’re just shuffling things all day today um but allow us to bring on aaron cooper writer the owner of brood cafe i believe at brood cafe brewed coffee shop in lexington kentucky uh you may have heard about him um let us bring him on now hey andrew thanks nope that’s not okay so the way it’s gonna work is whichever one of you is speaking is gonna show up on the left so that’s how we’re doing that andrew thanks so much for coming on muddy waters to the money waters of freedom oh thank you uh spike and thank you mike um i figured well you called me aaron i’m really andrew i called you mike you’re really mad i just thought it i just thought that’s what we were doing today yeah i mean you know we’re just gonna we’re just gonna roll with it no i’m just giving you i don’t know why i wrote yeah you’re fine i don’t know why i wrote andrew down uh or aaron down um uh andrew thank you so much for thanks so much for coming on uh we definitely appreciate it um now you it’s it’s brood is a brood cafe brewed coffee brew it was uh brewed coffee and beer i guess right now it’s just brewed coffee because the abc came in and took away the beer part so right now it’s just brewed coffee now brewed coffee and more coffee right right it’s brewed coffee we’re just brewing so much coffee here brewed coffee and knock on the counter right maybe the beer shows up in your hand

so let’s uh can you tell anybody who already doesn’t know why it is that you are now just brewed coffee instead of brewed coffee and beer well um we got here in kentucky mandated uh about two weeks ago to close to indoor dining and my coffee shop is 90 indoor dining and we’ve got a big bay door i opened that up a little bit i googled what was a patio it said it was a concrete pad with an overhead and i said i’ve got polished concrete floors i’ve got a roof i’ll just crack this door open i’m a patio now makes sense to me right make sense yeah well uh sounds like a patio to me yeah and that’s what i thought but they banned indoor seeding for eating and obviously i’m like hey i can’t i can’t survive with that so i cracked that door open and then karen that was her real name karen i’m not making that up from the health department came in and said mr cooper rider i’m here to destroy your business and i said come and take it

that was the literal post on our facebook was a picture the health department closure order and we captioned it come and take it with the nice uh letters there so right now so so the contention is that you are so you could have just the coffee but you couldn’t have the food or the alcohol and remember you couldn’t have coffee either nobody you can’t have anything drinking no no they couldn’t sit in there and drink coffee nothing okay um and so you know a lot of people are confused on this they’re like well what do you mean you’ve got to go carry out delivery okay here’s the first thing name one time anybody has gotten coffee delivered by the cup i mean what are you gonna do pay eight bucks for a cup of coffee to get delivered to you and it’s cold that doesn’t make any sense i’m not going to lie i have done that well you know it’s oh man it’s exceedingly rare yeah yeah yeah i promise i can’t build a business off you but okay not everyone’s like

i was at a convention i didn’t have a car and there was nowhere for me to get coffee that was walking distance so i uber eats it oh gosh was it cold well i got iced for that purpose oh that ice melted though by the time it was yeah yeah exactly exactly he had lukewarm watery coffee that sounds like a fantastic drinking experience yeah that’s how i want people to remember my best i was going to say that’s that’s that’s how you want to remember that’s the business model you want to build it on is all coffee meaning i want to deliver coffee that hotter ice always goes up at the same temperature yeah we’re one temp we’re one temperature coffee that’s it and it’s not enjoyable um so you know a lot of people thought well isn’t carrie out a large part of your business and um no local coffee shops don’t have carryout as a large part of their business they do have some don’t get me wrong but for your local coffee shops uh a lot of us are what they call third places for those who don’t know a third place is like your panera your starbucks it’s a place where you can go that is in your home or your office a third place where you go to work study and so that’s how our business is built off of our particular coffee shop has a 2 000 square foot dining area and has a rent to match so for not using that 2 000 square foot dining area uh we’re being crushed by our rent and so um when karen came in and said mr cooper rider these people can’t be in here i said i’ll open my door more she said no you did 50 percent of your walls missing and i refused and it escalated from there we had a hearing yesterday in front of a judge um it is getting very interesting we’ll we’ll see where we’re going with this so basically you’re being punished for the fact that you didn’t have the funds or the availability to build a drive-through center uh you know when you started the business and that you don’t have the tens of thousands of dollars to build one of these ridiculous outdoor tents that people are using it’s it it’s not even just tens of thousands of dollars i’m selling coffee here my average is like six bucks i mean how many propane bottles can i afford really you know i mean listen you know on a good day your local coffee shop does 5-600 bucks on a good day you know do you really think they can afford a tent and propane heaters and all that exactly and every coffee shop like i i am a coffee house misanthrope i will hang out at coffee shops literally all day long but none of them can survive on just to go business people people like me who sit there all day long ordering all of the different stuff while i’m you know doing homework or while i’m writing or i’m doing show notes or editing uh videos for the show like i’ll sit there for six seven hours i mean i’ve had i’ve had customers tell me like their accountant asked why they spent 500 last month at brewed because they just sit there all day yeah ordering coffee and and you know once again the the business has that large of a dining area for that reason we’re the largest indoor wise coffee shop in lexington um kentucky here and so you know it’s you’ve gotta you’ve gotta rent to match you’ve got utilities to match so the governor throwing us a bone said hey on december first you can apply for uh ten thousand dollars to help pay your bills um to which first off i qualified for a fifteen thousand seven hundred dollar eidl loan um six seven months ago now and uh i haven’t got it yet right right and so i i don’t really believe people on a large scale are getting this money because my personal experience with all of it has been uh 50 50 on if i’m getting it and then on top of that 10 000 doesn’t go very far um as i just said are a good day at a coffee shop an average day for us it’s 400 500 bucks we’ll fly that out we’re doing over 10 grand in revenue a month right and the lockdown order alone was for a month and you know they’re going to renew it it’s not like the numbers are going to go down it’s winter time everybody’s inside everybody’s getting sick anyways and they’re just probably going to call it covid well and the reason they’re getting incidentally the reason they’re getting sick is because they’re inside the reason that cold and flu season sees more people with cold and flu is because people are indoors around each other more often so now they’re telling us to stay inside and and not go anywhere and not go outside at all and what’s real crazy too is my main demographic is obviously age you know 18 to 30 right right and in the entire state of kentucky has 4.4 million people there’s been one death from covet in that age range that that is their official numbers not the oh you know this listed is that comorbid no no literally their official number is one um under 40 in the state it is 15. under 30 it’s three i mean i don’t think a coffee shop is is the worst yet and you know not to go to rant about the data but the the study they’re all going off of that have decided restaurants are terrible um is a study done with 150 people that were positive 150 people that were their control that were negative and they just asked them both what they did i you know i only have a high school diploma um i did take ap problem stats and they taught me something that said um correlation doesn’t exactly mean causation and uh generally speaking if you’re going out at all you’re probably more likely to get sick in general and uh you know i don’t know about you but uh i tend to always go out to eat when i’m going out uh that’s generally part of my plan is right right dinner or lunch and so but what’s funny about that study is they had a specific question for bars and coffee shops and only three percent more of people who tested positive went to bars and coffee shops so the people tested negative but yet they lumped us in with the restaurants which were two to one in the same category and the absurdity is like you said correlating correlation does not mean causation it’s also really really falsifiable if you have data that’s based entirely on anecdote survey right so it’s based on hey did you do this no you have no idea if they did or didn’t you don’t know if they said yes because they want you to think they’re cool and have friends that they go to restaurants with you don’t know if they said no because they don’t want to be judged by the fact that they went out to a restaurant like you’re not actually just testing whether they did or not well you know 70 percent of those people also said they wore mass that tested positive so

well it sounds it sounds to me like there’s a high correlation with mask wearing maybe that might be that right they actually i believe in the in the study i was looking at the ones who just positive actually wear their masks more in their reported question than people that doesn’t surprise no do i think that’s actually true no i think the whole they tested positive and they’re like were you wearing your masks like oh of course i was yeah exactly so how many of them were going no i didn’t go anywhere you have no way of knowing that data is so easily falsifiable and like you said they’re destroying people’s livelihoods as a result of that ten thousand dollars is like what 14 bucks 14 days 15 days of your average revenue right it’s it’s not there and on top of that too and this is what people don’t understand you are not asking business owners to forfeit money only um and and people keep saying oh it’s about money it’s about that’s not what it’s about it’s about the fact that i have to look my wife in the eyes and say hey remember all those years because i’ve been in business for myself for three years that we had sleepless nights that you didn’t see me for days that we got two hours of sleep over the course of 48 hours the the time that instead of going on that vacation we put 10 grand into our payroll those those months where we paid others instead of paying ourselves all to build a better future it’s gone it’s gone yeah it’s just gone and i can’t do nothing for it that’s why i said no i’m willing to comply as far as i can but once i can’t anymore and my choice is to give up that sacrifice i can’t do it i can’t look my wife in the eye and say i’m sorry i didn’t stand up enough i get it i get it man i get it and it’s everything that i’ve been seeing like you have been fighting you have been fighting this tooth and nail um which good on you so many so many other people who say oh i’m against the shutdowns i’m against these lockdowns i’m against these uh government regulations of my business during this time period that like they’re hurting me they’re hurting me financially they’re hurting my business um you have been fighting it tooth and nail and

even to the point where it could potentially uh cause you may be held you may be held in contempt if you don’t comply uh you may um yeah i could i could very well over the next couple of days i could get arrested for making a cup of coffee in america yes and that was some that was something uh i didn’t know if you were going to be able to come on because when we started talking about this uh you said that you had a court date on monday uh yes at a court date yesterday and there was a chance that you could be held in contempt so you didn’t know if you would be able to make it on which is why i didn’t want to announce that you were the guest on the show no and i don’t blame you because i still don’t i mean right now if you’re to ask me i don’t even know if we’re operating tomorrow i mean it is you know there’s there’s some meetings tonight that we’re going to talk about some things i have no idea and when it comes to the fight and the pushback and and we’re starting to see some things we’ve got here in kentucky the the people who set it up they came they spoke to me for a while before they decide to do so we’ve got about 100 restaurant owners have signed on to a petition saying there’s opening up december 17th with 50 capacity whether the governor allows them or not they’re just doing it and i i hope to see more and more pushback like that obviously we get a lot of support from people coming out and and that’s insane but i want to see more i know more business owners and how they feel i know they want to open up i they need to open up they and and that’s the only thing is is that are you going to just sit by and let them take what you work for or are you going to fight for it because they’re not going to cut you another check i’m sorry it’s not happening no you know you’re you’re hearing biden talk about 15 an hour minimum wage which will crush small business that will crush us there is no way in heck your local coffee shop can survive a 15 an hour minimum wage i’m telling you right now what’s going to happen starbucks is going to stay at the same price because they can afford it for a little bit exactly coffee shop has to raise its prices market share goes over to starbucks here in four or five years you have no local coffee shops and starbucks can up their prices to readjust and all you’ve done is move the market share more you hear them talking more about those types of things then you hear them worrying about oh what are we doing to help these small businesses that you know under the fifth amendment takings clause we kind of owe something um you know because we’ve commandeered their property for publicly stolen their property exactly and they’re stealing your property by taking your livelihood from you and i know you said it’s not about the money it’s not just about the money but it’s also about the money you have to pay your bills you have to pay a mortgage you have to pay your you know loans and everything else you have to pay everything that that everyone else and maybe even put some money in your pocket and do things you’d like to do as well just like everyone else does they’re stealing from you well and it’s and it’s you know in january of this year i was worth three million dollars i got a food stamps card in the mail yesterday yeah i like it is literally taking people who were if if you’re worried about tax money though we all know how we feel about that but you’re taking people who are taxpayers contributing into the system right and and you’ve to to which the time they’ve broken my legs and then they made me fill out paperwork to get there i got a 50 50 shot and getting my crutch of getting your crush and then and then if i’m not thankful for the crutch i’m skewered on facebook and on social media by all the people saying you care more about money than you do people’s lives and i’m sorry but going back once again to the numbers three deaths under the age of 30 how many suicides and overdoses i mean in in lexington alone in the month of august we surpassed the amount of overdoses we had at this same point i’m sorry in august we surpassed the count of overdoses we had last year so every overdose death since august has been a surplus over the prior year oh wow and you can’t tell me that’s not killing my generation more do our lives our generation more sorry guys um do our lives do our lives not matter too i mean you know does it not matter if we’re dying i i’m really confused but i thought lives matter and and i guess they just don’t i don’t know it’s i mean yeah it is a massive it is a massive problem and we we here at muddy waters from the beginning we were saying how this you know these uh quarantines and these lockdowns and shutdowns and all that they’re gonna they’re gonna cause uh massive depression you know people are gonna drink more people are gonna do drugs more you’re gonna see a lot more people having alcohol related injuries and illnesses you’re going to see a lot more people having overdoses and you’re seeing that and you’re right to a lot of people in charge they are looking at this and they’re saying okay kovid kovid might kill

point zero four percent of the population so we need to shut everything down we need to shut everything down but in doing so we are gonna forget about the people who have depression issues who have addiction issues who are uh struggling to get by and then they’re just gonna fall into a bad pattern after that they’re gonna go they’re gonna be pushed to having to do long after this is over exactly right long after this is over well and you and you look too look at the state of kentucky too as well so right now you can’t sit down my coffee shop legally and get a cup of coffee but you can go gamble at the casino that’s at 33 capacity you can go watch the uk university of kentucky basketball game forgot you guys don’t live around here and uh the number one source of cases in fayette county based on testing once again i’m not saying i believe they’re dead i’m just using it against them is coming from the university of kentucky which is open 100 now why is that because if they don’t collect their tuition if the state does not collect those gambling money they will go insolvent so they’ve decided to leave those things open especially gambling which you know a lot of gray on those slot machines now i don’t think that’s uh a non-at-risk demographic out there pulling the handle yeah but but they’ve decided to leave those things open in their terms risking lives because the state can’t afford it to close why can’t i make that same decision for my own family right well you answered your own question because you’re not the government i wanted to uh bring this in uh our one of our our big fans uh matt hicks asked is chris wiest involved in your in your suit or anything or have you yeah so he’s my civil attorney okay and then which is he’s my civil attorney and then um which he if you go to the brood facebook page you can actually watch the entire hearing from yesterday um because we it was on the room and i and i and i live streamed i actually i shared that into the muddied waters group yesterday oh okay as kind of like a teaser of who’s gonna be coming on right right so chris is my civil attorney and then i’ve got a team of five from the nash marshall criminal attorney here now a lot of people ask themselves well why do you have a criminal attorney um because things can get iffy so if the worst case scenarios i’ve been told is i’m looking at a year in jail um which is the worst case scenario wow best case scenario couple of fines and it’s a crapshoot now have you considered rebranding yourself as not a coffee shop but a biden harris victory rally sit-in center well i thought about that um actually in fact in the in the hearing yesterday my the judge asked the health department what is the because here venues are allowed to have a capacity of 25 people and the judge goes why is a venue any different than a restaurant why can’t a restaurant have 25 people and the health department goes i don’t know we didn’t write this order the governor did we think maybe it has something to do with taking your masks off to eat so they’re not even able to competently uh competently defend their their their order that they’re and and and if the brief we filed beforehand they knew that question was coming because that’s what we filed in our brief they’re telling me that government is incompetent yeah they had hours to prepare for that question and their best

i think something about taking your mask off to eat i don’t know man i didn’t write it well you probably i don’t know if you feel comfortable answering this or not but just based on that it’s kind of sounding like maybe the judge might be a little bit um amenable to your argument or or at least it has some some thoughts going on there about how this might not be the best idea now like um my lawyer has said that there’s been a ruling and my lawyer has said that i should not acknowledge the ruling because i am unaware of the ruling um but there has been a ruling i’m told i haven’t read it i’m unaware of it okay um i haven’t heard about it maybe if you google about it you might find it no i just try i i literally just tried to do that and there there is no new news on it oh okay gotcha no new news okay so yeah we’re all in the number on this side of things and i do not suggest anybody to go google it because there was not been any news within the past hour about this um but i i do have a meeting here in a bit i still have time though don’t worry guys i still got like 10 minutes but um we are we are figuring out what the judge comes back with and then let’s say he comes back with something saying we have to completely shut down you know how far do we want to take it as far as are we you know cause because here’s the bottom line i mean the whole thing started over my family and you know i’m not trying to miss my son’s birthday here in six days he’s turning nine i’m not trying to do those things but at the same time i want to have something to leave my kid and you know i’m 28 i don’t have a high sc i only have a high school diploma it is hard to think will i ever be at this point will i ever be able to build back again um a lot of people are like oh you’ll do it again you’ll do it again and you know it’s very easy yeah there’s a reason why yeah see there’s a reason why this is this is a dirty little secret there’s a reason why all the very successful businessmen um are the ones that stump for the most amount of communism and socialism okay they feel guilty because they feel like they got lucky and they don’t feel like if you took it all away from them away from them they’d be able to do it again and they think they got lucky and they feel bad about it and the way that contributes in is a lot of times successful business people just feel like they got lucky and they don’t know if they can do it again and i feel the same way i don’t know if i could build back again i’m not gonna lie i i honestly believe that the reason that the most wealthy support these things is for much more sinister reasons than that i’m not talking about very high wealth very high wealthy support these things were completely different because it just shuts out their smaller competition exactly i’m talking about the you know mid tens of millions people that are like 10 million 15 million that that don’t have so much money and influence that they’re going to be able to benefit from regulation but that for some reason they always seem to be more liberal and from from what i’ve read and correct me if i’m wrong because again everything that i’m going on is stuff that i have seen online while i was looking uh looking up information about this so everything that i’ve read is since they came in and they told you you had to shut down and you sort of were like gave the finger to the order everything um people have been showing support and showing up yeah so should should the worst happen and you have to

oh that’s mine oh okay i was like sorry oh you’re good um should the worst happen and you have to shut down um do you think you would still have the groundswell of support from all of the people who have been showing up giving you support well i think that’s what uh that’s what the meeting’s about here in a bit is to see how many people show up right um you know we’ve we’ve called a community meeting to talk with the business owners in the area um depending on how many show up will determine a lot of how we move forward because you can feel like you have a lot of support when you have a couple hundred people online sharing and commenting and everything else yeah but the question is who’s gonna show up to where you know we we had a case a little bit ago in kentucky that was um not a case i i supported but this case regarding an individual named kim davis and i don’t know if you remember this but when gay marriage was legalized yes yes yep she would refuse she was a a marriage certificate whatever and she refused to issue the licenses right and she was in jail for one day but because of the amount of protests that and the people outside the prison they immediately released her um obviously i don’t agree with what she was doing obviously we all think government shouldn’t have been involved in issuing marriage licenses and shouldn’t be um but at the same time that shows what if you have enough community support that can be your best defense and so if i can get together a good defense from community support um then you know then i i i might feel more emboldened to not follow compared to if if it’s literally just me and like 10 guys that are crap posting online for me then you know maybe maybe i that isn’t a good defense and what’s best for my family you have to think of your family here like it’s one thing to say i’m willing to go to jail for this but you’re not a single guy you have to think of your family you have to think of being able to provide and help them um you know so you you have to make some some you know adult decisions here but if you’ve got this you know behind you then you can do it right and you know what the health department doesn’t want any part of this i mean obviously they have offered to give me back my so so how this worked was the health department came in they’re like hey you’re not supposed to be serving i was like yeah i feel like i want to anyways and then they yeah long story short they pulled my license to serve food they then tried to call the lexington police department to come arrest me and shut me down the lexington police department said nah i don’t want any part of this and said they wouldn’t come and so they then had to go get a then they had to file against me in court for an emergency injunctive order from a judge telling me i have to close to get the police to actually enforce it because these these mandates are not um in the traditional sense they do not follow kentucky revised statute laws so police won’t enforce the mandates but these entities like the health department can do things to put then get it to a point where police will enforce it which is what they’ve what they’re doing right now is they’re trying to get it to a point where they can get the police to actually close me down

and so you know it’s it’s a it’s a mess there for serving coffee again right this is yes we’re talking about serving coffee and i already know they’re people going dang a pandemic you can go to walmart you can go to uh kroger you can go to costco you can go to restaurants you can go to church you can go to all these different places here in kentucky you can get a lap i can literally go down the street get a lap dance at a strip club called deja vu because they’re 18 and up and they don’t serve alcohol and no food so the health department doesn’t regulate them yeah so i can literally go down there right now there’s one of those in nashville yeah i can literally go down there and get a lap dance right now i can go get some strange woman sitting on my lap yep during coven but i can’t go sit down drink coffee several feet away from everyone else at a reduced capacity yeah right i can’t do that but i can do that and and what’s crazy is is is you bring up that shopping thing and everything else so during the hearing yesterday there was a point where uh the mask mandate that we have issued for kentucky came up and it came up where when they had came in there wasn’t people wearing a mask but the health department cited me for it but they never actually asked if anybody there was um not was was uh medically exempt from wearing a mask right to which the health department responded with well

if they can’t wear a mask since they offer other services like curbside and to go they shouldn’t allow people in without math so basically so walmart can say you can’t come in without a mask because they offer curbside or delivery of their groceries so there’s a way for you to get your groceries that involves you not going into their building so so they can deny you service if you can’t wear masks that comes from the ada now here’s the interesting thing is that not the exact same argument we use as to why people who are susceptible from covid can just stay home

they’re saying people who can’t wear a mask can just stay home and we’re saying people who are who or just stay outside of the business and have it brought to them or whatever yeah right right yeah we’re saying the same thing about people because you know cove is not exactly new it’s been around eight nine months we know who the at-risk groups are it’s not hard to figure it out you know hey are you over 50 yeah are you overweight yeah are you or do you have other health complications yeah you know you’re probably at risk right and so keeping that in mind there’s all these services we can i mean it’s 20 20. you can get your groceries delivered you cannot leave you can’t choose to not leave your house and um you know it’d certainly be easier for the government to spend money and not that i want the government spending money and doing things but it would certainly be easier for them rather than trying to issue us eidl loans for tens of thousands of dollars that do not solve the problem instead spend that money on services to get seniors their groceries that would also also solve the issue but yet we’re not seeing that because you don’t get to control others which is what this is all about yeah we had a very important question in uh the chat and jared curry wants to know do the strippers wear masks they do i heard they do i don’t actually know that when i called up there to confirm this like years ago before we put a post on it on my facebook page right um i uh i uh sorry when i when i went up there and i called him destiny told me she said sugar i gotta wear a mask but if you take me into the vip room i’ll take it off and i was like whoa that’s getting real that’s not gonna slow the spread i know this is pretty certain that that’s going to speed that spread right on up it’s going like now right now pretty easily after that destiny are you telling me you’re willing to break the law in the vip room destiny destiny sounds like a super spreader i know in more ways than one

oh man so so you’re still formulating based on the level of support you get what you’re gonna do moving forward which makes perfect sense what makes no sense is the fact that they’re even doing this to you in the first place it is utter absurdity it is i love to say it because i love throwing it in their faces it’s anti-science because the world health organization said last month actually two months ago now because it’s now officially december they said two months ago that long-term lockdowns do little to nothing to affect the overall spread of kovit 19 and that in the meantime they do irreparable economic and social devastation child malnourishment homelessness spousal abuse domestic abuse addiction overdose untreated illness all sorts of other things that happen as a result of telling everyone just stay inside forever it doesn’t work it’s a six-year-old’s response to hearing that there’s a disease going around everyone stay inside to win i don’t know that’s what that’s policy right now and it is not based on science it’s based on fear and uh and and and leveraging that fear to control people and and it’s and and you said it you know it’s a six-year-old’s response i mean you know we’ve we’ve been making some posts about it but it is a failure of leadership to not be able to creatively problem solve and that is what we’re seeing we’re seeing leaders that do not know how to solve another problem other than hitting it with a hammer saying ah there we go i fixed it fixed it up fixed it i just we did it patrick we saved the day i know i did it i’m all good no i like like what’s creatively problem solved let’s like figure out a way to engage your community to like hey let’s create a shop for seniors program where while you’re at the grocery store you purchase you pick up a list to purchase groceries for another person that has submitted it in and paid for it already and then you drop it off on your way home i don’t know i just made that up as i was sitting here something yeah exactly exactly and you know what that is a better plan you just came up with sitting here spitballing off the top of your head is better than anything else i’ve heard in terms of mitigating this illness i got a good one how about they stop restricting the kinds of tests that can be put out there greatly increasing the number of tests and the availability of them so that we can more quickly find out who has or does not have coven that would have been great or getting rid of certificate of need laws that that greatly restrict access no i know i know they are i’m actually working with uh someone who’s going to be running for office in 2022 raymond yeah yeah yeah ryan raymond and our and our product page for us yeah no listen it’s absurd uh kentucky i think there’s uh 5700 uh beds fewer icu beds fewer than you would have if those certificate of need laws didn’t exist those are the kind of ideas that would that only exist the the realities that only exist because government is standing around going no you can’t do that why because that says here on this sheet of paper exactly what you just went through in the in court you can’t do that why i’m not really sure i think it has something to do with masks i don’t know because mask speaking he can’t have 25 people because they mass take off but you can’t eat in the movie theater covid when it looks at popcorn it looks similar to kovid and it goes oh we’re already good here and it flies away there that’s that’s why i haven’t taken over this we’ve already taken over this theater so we’re it’s like a defensive mechanism it’s a defense record oh no there’s already coveted here and kovid’s very it’s not a social virus so it sees itself and it goes it leaves i heard covid only likes good movies too that’s why they haven’t released anything worth watching ah so that’s why the theater is upset oh another ryan reynolds vehicle okay i’m gonna i i know most places uh apparently covet doesn’t work after 11 o’clock at night because that is when all the bars have to close down because well that’s when you also you also hear you know when bars were open if you sat at the table near the bar no covet but if you sat at the bar

right but the bartender is just all in that covet cloud making my drinks though so i have a lot of questions about what are we doing for wrist mitigation for my bartender because apparently she’s just in this whole cover she’s in the cove zone so you were that’s why she wears that paper mask my wife and i were my wife and i yeah exactly my wife and i were driving back from something we went to and we stopped at a visitor center to use the restroom and the visitor center usually there’s two different ways to leave the restroom and go out to the the door to leave and one of them was blocked off and as we were leaving we had to go around the long way and uh and as we were leaving my my wife said i wonder why that’s blocked off i went covered and she said it’s not because of covet that probably would and the guy who me in the place said no it’s because of covet we’re not allowed to have two entrances uh out of a bathroom into the main entryway or something like that and it was like yeah that’ll stop coving if no one walks through this hallway that’s where the cove it is i love it when all these businesses are just doing things they never wanted to do in the first place and blaming kovid like i was in keudoba the other day and i was like yeah can i get a glass of water like you got to buy a bottle and i’m like why they’re like covered i’m like you sure you just don’t want to give me a free glass of water sorry sure the the shake machine milkshake machine’s broken it’s covet it’s got it it’s covered it just came down with a case of it this is legitimately mcdonald’s heyday because they can just say everything that’s everything is broken because everything that’s broken we called out our guy to fix it but he was clear somebody who was near somebody that tested positive for kovids milkshakes are filled with kovid sorry you can’t have them gotta wait our oreo guy had maybe a sniffle the other day so we don’t want him coming by so that’s gonna be this soft serve ice cream we have no milkshake sorry i know like like you could literally get away with anything if you just claim that scovid’s fault it’s ridiculous it is ridiculous well andrew i know we’re we’ve kept you way longer than we’re originally supposed to i know you’ve got your meeting with your attorney but know that we are standing here with you whatever decision you make you have allies here at muddy waters media and there are a ton of people uh that are in the comments that are supporting you on facebook and youtube and twitter and everywhere else where can people reach you if they want to be able to keep in touch with you and support you and find out more about what you’re doing so you can go to our facebook brood we keep that pretty up to date um i created a parlor today because dan bashino actually tried to parlor at us um you know tagging us in something and everyone was like oh get a parlor and i was like okay

um today and i forgot the handle i think it’s at brood coffee but i heard it’s hard to find people in parlor anyways so uh but our facebook page we keep pretty up to date with what’s going on you see announcements you can just google brood um you know we’ve been pretty you know on the news as far as it goes we we make the front page news just about every day around here in these parts um yeah you just so you know you are at brewed coffee on parlor oh okay on parlor there you go i don’t have very many followers there but uh you just gained muddied waters media so and and so follow us there you know depending on what the judge hands us down and depending on our support depends on what we do um i know the health department just wants a bleeding stop they’re begging us just take back your food license and do to go and carry out and stop going to the media and telling everybody what terrible people we are um and you know they keep leaving that option on the table for us they really want us to do that i really don’t know if we can survive or not i mean you know obviously with the amount of attention we got the calculation shifts because we’ve got more business coming in and you know maybe now that more people know about us maybe we can survive on carryout but at the same time i don’t like just one man’s whims telling me you know whether or not a person can pick up coffee or not which is literally what this is you have just deciding you know uh uh uh willy-nilly who can and can’t be open on who’s greasing his pockets right a lot of a lot of elected leaders in the in the state leadership have have gotten in communication with me um and a lot of federal ones too as well and they they have informed me that the way andy beshear our governor makes his decisions um this last lockdown mandate apparently he walked in um to the to the republicans right which keep in mind they run everything else other than the governor’s chair and walked into the republicans five minutes before the press conference and said i have five minutes you can ask one question as he then went off and shut down an entire industry now it correct correct me if i’m wrong are do a lot of the restaurant owners in kentucky are they uh planning a protest for december 14th that they’re going to open up so yes so that gentleman there he came down to brood he met with uh me and we talked and you know his conversation with me inspired him to go ahead and start this protest kra kentucky restaurant association has jumped on board that’s the largest uh kind of lobby group for restaurants to the government um they’ve jumped on board with it a lot of people have jumped on board with it um you know you know what if if we go down but 200 other restaurants open up on the 17th that’s a victory you know um if we go down and that means that bashir doesn’t lock us down but opens up restaurants mid-december because he’s worried about how much more rebellion he’s going to get right that’s a victory um you know we’ve got to define what our victories are here and if if that’s the pushback we need to get the victory that’s it um but you know i mean listen i’m not getting the 10 000. andy offered he already told me i’m disqualified uh um because i went in close um you know we a lot of people have been saying oh you did this as a stunt listen i didn’t call karen from the health department down um you know is as far as our gofundme goes anything that we don’t use for legal defense and you know my attorneys have been very gracious with me um we’ll be refunded back to whoever donated um you know we’re not doing it to make money off of the event we’re not doing it for any other reason that i literally just couldn’t afford to close and you know that’s that’s just it i just couldn’t afford to close and you know if you guys want to support that great we have some cool t-shirts too that ryan raymond made for us uh you can go in our shop and look one of them said the first revolution started with t well the second start with coffee um that’s i i like that a lot i like that a lot yeah that one’s a pretty good one and then um another one we have that’s been a good seller is a coffee first revolution second um so that’s been some some popular shirts there so we like it we stand with you uh andrew keep fighting the good fight we support you 100 and uh and thank you so much for coming on we greatly appreciate you coming on monday waters of freedom thank you spike thank you so much thanks man appreciate it thank you guys they’re destroying his entire livelihood they’re crushing it yeah no they are crushing his entire business for the sheer fact that for the bashir fact for the bashir oh uh for the bashir fact uh that they need to symbolize that they are trying to do something in addition so we talked about how henry mcmaster is a bitch andy bashir also a bitch uh seth thomas benton says andy bashir is a massive tool and yes you know i am a fan of that now anybody anybody out there who’s watching uh go follow brewed coffee on the different social medias show them support any way you can um i i think he said he had a gofundme he didn’t say what the gofundme was um i think the gofundme is just oh you’re saying like what the address is yeah uh so people can go out if you want to support the gofundme i think it’s just on his facebook page on the on the facebook page for brewed coffee okay uh find the gofundme donate what you can help out any way you can because uh andrew is a great guy and his name is definitely not aaron uh but and andrew is a great guy and as superfan sarah anderegg says his spirits are super high even during this time like this has to be a really stressful time for him and he is able to still come in here laugh joke and smile and that is massively enlightening like it lifts the spirits uh they just posted in the facebook group uh if you want to support and you can order beans k-cups and merch from broodco b-r-e-w-e-d-c-o dot myshopified.com and you can get some of their merch and beans and k-cups and such there so go out support brood as much as you can support andrew and his family and everybody else that works there because and he’s right the 15 minimum wage will crush his business oh yeah just as quickly as bashir did or bashir is trying to anyway and for the same reason because uh because the um the big corporations want it uh walmart amazon all the major microsoft all the major companies that either aren’t paying anyone a minimum wage anyway they’re already paying everyone over 15 bucks or they can afford to pay that cost right they’re fine with it because they know they can afford it they can eat the cost maybe raise the price of things a little bit but they can eat it they know that their smaller competitors cannot so they go will you support workers no you don’t you don’t support workers you support getting rid of your your smaller competitors and and flouting your own regulations that you push whenever you want to because you know the government won’t enforce them against you that’s the whole point of it and it’s just it is brutal to watch the weaponization of government because here you have government imposing itself in a way that greatly greatly benefits large businesses at the expense of literally everyone else and anyone who speaks out against it is labeled a covid denier who hates my grandparents and wants them to die there’s no nuance here at all it is impossible that someone could actually say you know what i think masks and social distancing and all that stuff is a generally good idea when you’re feasibly able to do so but you can’t shut down the entire world and expect the outcome of that to be better than the outcome of a virus naturally spreading and if the government did actually care about stopping the spread they’d get out of the damn way of healthcare workers so that they could actually work to slow and stop that spread in the first place so it’s just utter nonsense and i hope he prevails and uh it just needs to end all these things just drive home why we need to grow the libertarian movement into something that can unseat these people and just get rid of them so we never have to worry about this kind of nonsense again but we were happy to have him on as a guest no absolutely i’m i’m super glad that he came up now now speaking of coffee i was gonna say i don’t know how to segue into the rapid fire from that speaking of coffee here is the segment we usually do at the beginning which is the black coffee cold brewed caffeinated crappid fire segment brought to you by black bruised coffee uh spelled blvck go to blackroose.com and use code mw for free shipping matt

that’s right now uh last week a 10-foot tall monolith was found in the utah desert by a group of scientists who were counting goats and god i wish i was making that up because that is a fun sentence to say out loud um so this monolith was found made news all over the place you may have heard about it but over the weekend the bureau of land management known as blm announced that the structure was removed from the public lands by an unknown party and the reason that it was removed by an unknown party was because they it was private property and they were not allowed to touch it however oddly enough another one appeared in romania shortly after the first one disappeared now in other hard to explain things from this week it was reported that joe biden won a record low of 17 percent of counties and ended up with the largest vote total in history that actually doesn’t surprise me that speaks to the increasingly polarized nature of voting where a a an increasing you know it is just these highly centralized coastal and and high uh high population areas that are overwhelmingly voting one way and these you know large sprawling rural and small suburban areas that are overwhelmingly voting another way so norma so normally i would agree with you uh normally i would agree with you but in these cases uh when obama won in 08 he won with 28 i believe it was 28 percent of the counties and he had 60 uh 69 69 million votes rounded 69 million um it wasn’t on the nose uh when he won in 12 he had 22 percent with 64 million right so there so there was a drop-off this was another five percent drop off but he jumped up in votes by 15 16 million now that is where that’s where i’m like something about that seems off those numbers don’t add up in my head um and yeah there’s going to be there’s going to be demographic shifts you’re going to have a lot of older people who are passing away and a lot of younger people who are moving in and becoming voters voting age and yeah right voting age and for the most part the older people who are going to be dying off are going to be more conservative and the people who are going to be coming in are going to be more liberal however

the 16 million jump is it doesn’t make sense to me well you know i would normally say this but over the weekend uh joe biden did weigh in on this controversy

that was the wrong one that that was done after the long weekend joe biden did uh weigh in on this controversy and i had a nurse at uh nurses at uh walter reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear and go home and get me pillows they would make sure they’d actually probably nothing ever taught in uh you can’t do it in the covert time but they’d actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move to get me moving

now so i have seen that video i don’t know how many times since i first put it into the notes but something just clicked the nurses would go home to get him pillows yeah the pillows at the hospital at walter reed not good enough no no they went home to get pillows they went home they got the good home pillows yeah they got they got their pillows and brought them to him mom can we get hos pillows at raltha reed hospital we got pillows at home pillows at home oh

now speaking of joe biden

he he gave a speech last thursday on the day of thanks um to a church uh and for all of you out there who thought that possibly the stress of the campaign was causing him to say all these crazy things and now that it’s over he would he’s gonna have less of those moments less gaps and stuff you would well we can with the help of god heal

and if we do and i’m sure we can we can proclaim the promised promised with the promised who wrote these following words the lord is my strength and my shield the promised the palmist i’m jewish

and knew he meant the psalmist

i’m glad because uh i heard that and i went i don’t know what he’s talking about

when that palmist hits yeah when that palmist hits you know back in school they called me the promised the promised

four years of this guys well up to four years until he dies this is or 20 gets 25th amendment or gets 25th amendment it did uh

it’s because guys it’s not going to get better it’s definitely not good this is dementia he’s only going to get more you know ronald reagan they joked about his last couple two three years in office where he started going downhill he was getting older he was sleeping more he would sleep during meetings he would sometimes say some goofy stuff biden is starting off worse than reagan did when he was leaving yes this is bad reagan at the end of his term was able to give was still able to give very coherent speeches it was when he would talk off the cuff that it would get weird biden’s been like that forever now he’s having a hard time with the speeches he remembers what the promised

what the promised he’s been having trouble with a teleprompter for a while now i got news for you if you don’t vote for joe biden you ain’t a promised

four years of this four years four years of comments four years come on man come on man come on man my man cornbread was a bad dude papa’s bad dude now thankfully uh the good news is donald trump’s not gonna be president anymore so you you take you take your you take your very first there is a silver lining it’s that it’s that it’s that now trump has admitted that he would vacate the white house uh should the electoral college select biden um should select biden the supreme court fails to hold up any of the lawsuits about election fraud or even refuses to hear them now however sources have said that he is planning a competing event for inauguration day to announce his run for 2024 and this is not a joke

that is not a joke when i wrote that i said i’m gonna have to get a graphic because everybody’s gonna think i’m kidding this is honestly not only is it not a joke it’s what we should have expected right there was no way that donald trump is going to allow the fact that he’s no longer president taking him from making everything still about him and what’s going to be interesting is to watch and see if the media continues to let it be about trump i think they are and here’s why

he’s way better for ratings than biden is and for the part of the media who prefers biden over trump all you got to do to make biden look more palatable is focus it on trump and if you’re part of the the the right wing media your voter base is part of the cult of personality of donald trump right there is no downside if you are part of corporate media there is no downside to continuing to primarily cover donald trump i don’t know if it’s going to work long term because people a lot of people that i know who didn’t even vote for biden who either voted for us or even some that voted for trump because they didn’t like biden they breathed a sigh of relief and say well at least we won’t have to deal with trump anymore and i’m thinking yeah no that’s not how it works no he’s not going away back to the apprentice

could you imagine that season like would nbc hire him back no it would have to be on like oan or something like that right it would be like on the blaze or away probably not even the blaze would be on oan right oh man or be on twitter he’d just have it on periscope and then they read up they’d have things come up saying we dispute everything in this episode right no none of this is real no this is real now speaking of trump now a lot of you may remember if you tuned in last week yes um we discussed sidney powell being disowned from the trump campaign for saying some questionable things about uh georgia governor kemp and secretary of state brad raffensberger because if there’s one thing that the donald trump campaign hates it’s disparaging people close to him because they didn’t completely act in lockstep of whatever he wanted them to do and and she said what she said which i’m going to paraphrase yes is that the georgia governor brian kemp and that brad raffensberger um took money to include dominion voting systems as their primary voting

way the thing now on sunday in the first interview since he lost the president blasted the use of dominion voting system machines in georgia placing blame on kemp and raffensberger for approving the use of the machine he said everything has to be approved by the legislature and they had judges making deals and they had electoral officials making deals like this character in georgia who’s a disaster this character what’s that this this character in georgia a republican a republican secretary of state everything has to be approved by the legislature nope and the governor has done nothing he’s done absolutely nothing i’m ashamed that i endorse him but i look what’s going on but yep but i look what’s going on it’s so terrible there is an upcoming election happening in georgia which will decide

which party controls the senate and not just that it’ll decide whether there is any opposition in control of either house of of of of the congress against joe biden or if it’s a completely democrat house in congress and so on the eve of this runoff election that’s going to decide this donald trump is primarily messaging that the way of voting in georgia is flawed for democrats and is a sham the implicit message there is that if you are a republican it is a waste of time voting for voting at all

because it’s all about him yeah he he from the very beginning i don’t know how many of you remember this uh back in 2016 uh 2015 during the first uh republican debate yep um i will always remember this alexander snicker it was on his birthday and he did a live stream of it uh a watch along thing um sort of like what we do uh for our debate events when they don’t get taken down they did it correctly and you had to have it on you had to have it on your own tv and then they uh and then they just talked about it but i remember one of the questions that was asked was does everybody hear or please raise your hand if you do not agree to sign a paper that says that you will support the eventual nominee

and donald trump was the only one that didn’t raise his hand

or sorry he was the only one he was the only one who did raise his hand yeah he’s the only one that did raise his hand uh he was the only one that raised his hand and there was laughter because you knew that was a trump-framed question because he had said multiple times i don’t know if i’m going to support whoever it is if it’s not me i don’t know if i can support him and so they asked that question and he raised his hand because the gop from from the beginning they were trying to have him not win oh they were horrified they were horrified and the reason they were horrified because i know some of the the people that are in statewide leadership positions in the republican party their concern wasn’t even that he couldn’t win in 2016. their concern is what’s happening right now is that eventually the public would sour on him and he would drag the party down with him because everything is always about him it has nothing to do with anyone else it always has to be primarily about him which means if he loses he doesn’t care if everyone else has to lose in the process of him blaming everyone for why he lost we just had an election where joe biden beat donald trump but where republicans gained everywhere else in other words this was not a blue wave election it was just the opposite it was a not a red wave election but actually a red correction from the blue wave of of 2018 but also where they said you know what we’re done with trump we’re sick of trump we’ll take biden by fine whatever we’ll take we’ll settle for biden but we don’t want we don’t want uh democrats there are fewer democrats that got that got elected back to their houses seats in the house and in the um and in state legislatures and in state governors officers the only reason that democrats came closer to winning the senate is because republicans were having to defend a record number of seats in blue states because they were defending the seats from the 2014 red wave election that happened which is a shocker that they were able to maintain uh or even come close to maintaining uh their majority everyone expected them to lose their majority even if trump won so this was the public saying no thanks we’re done with trump we’ve had that that was fun no more trump please and donald trump is going to be bound and determined to take his cult of personality and force it to make him make the gop the party of trump and i don’t know how they’re going to fix this man he’s kind of so hus probably be the 2024 nominee i don’t so i don’t he i think he would be too old for it i honestly do because he’s what 74

yeah so he’s 74. biden is right now i believe biden is the oldest president yes right either one of them would have been the oldest president if if if either one was elected they would be the oldest they’re going to be older than biden at the time that inauguration happens and i don’t i don’t think that the republican party would reelect him however i am not saying that it wouldn’t be one of his children

i think it’s going to be trump i mean i think it will be trump no i mean i think it’s going to be donald trump senior i i i really do i think that uh i think he’s again way too early to tell oh of course yeah i i went too early i wouldn’t put money on it and there’s all sorts of things that could happen but i i feel as confident about this as i did back in when we were talking in like 2018 talking about who was going to be the nominee and we were like it’s going to be biden it was like ah bernie sanders no it’s going to be biden um gosh what are their names now uh mayor pete pete it’s going to be biden mayor pete’s on the list of uh potentials for you in

okay the the mayor of south bend is going to be the person the ambassador to the u.n or p is the most like if i had to put non-plus and and make up make it a person it would be mayor pete milk toast milk toast just have you seen him kiss his husband no so if you had to come up so you know the people that are like i’m fine with people being gay i just don’t want to put it in my face they could watch me or pete kiss his husband and go i’m fine with that like they they go and they’re like and then they they just like continue doing their thing it’s like two like goldfish i so i’ve seen him eat a chicken wing and that is a disturbing thing yeah he looks like a rat like some cheese yeah

yeah that’s that’s where can’t trust a man that eats a chicken wing that way i don’t trust anyone who does anything that way if you if if it is ever made if it is corn i accept it and make that face well maybe not make the face but the oh the motion but this is the fish yeah because he’s got that a he looks like mike schefsky when he’s angry um

speaking of which speaking of which speaking of sports jokes

so i okay so quick prediction okay who do you think’s gonna do you think the uh uh purdue or uh ossoff’s gonna win the the runoff in georgia and keep in mind you may not know this but shane hazel who was the libertarian nominee uh he uh he was that were you telling me that no i’m telling the public oh okay i was like no i know you’re a member of the libertarian party of georgia i know you know but i know i i know him well yeah so so shane hazel uh who who was the uh lp nomin uh candidate um he obviously didn’t make it to the runoff um and uh the republicans have been trying to court his supporters so rand paul came on his show pretty good show but it ended in shane saying yeah it looks like you know the the the republicans and he actually kind of got ran to admit that there the republicans don’t back up what they say um and as a result of that uh senator perdue who previously had said he was going to be on shane’s show he sent a message to shane saying well uh because you don’t think that there’s you know any difference between republicans and democrats i don’t see much use in coming on your show so i’m gonna go talk to people who recognize the need to make sure the democrats don’t take control of the senate in other words i’m not going to try to convert voters who aren’t sure who to vote for yet to vote for me i’m going to talk to people who already decided they were going to vote for me i’m going to take my ball and go throw it into my echo chamber and my echo chamber is largely going to not vote because our party’s leader president told us not to just told him not to because the president and fr uh i was talking i was talking with a maga guy earlier today and i did not get a chance to fact check this but he said that trump is going to georgia this weekend i don’t know if that’s true um uh i know he’s going on the uh i i know he’s going hold on he is going soon it might be this weekend yeah yeah he’s going to he’s going to georgia how do you think so i guess that’s your that’s the question for you matt and for uh and for you folks that are that are watching do you think trump’s going to help

in georgia so i think purdue wins okay okay i think purdue wins uh kelly loffler

possibly i mean that one’s tough i don’t know um

the the republicans need both to win

yeah otherwise it is a virtual tie which kamala harris makes a a democrat lead so the republicans need both to win but

who is that warnock is it warnock against uh loffler i think so it’s off against uh against purdue purdue and i think warnock against right yeah um but however if if one win if purdue wins i don’t see how loftler would lose because you would imagine same vote totals

yeah i mean you would think especially as polarized in the election as this is right and for a runoff and for a runoff where it’s like okay but who do you really want to know yeah so yeah if purdue wins i think lawfully wins

i don’t know who wins i’m i’m i’m trying to figure out whether trump’s gonna be a net benefit or a net harm in whatever he does this weekend i think he’s gonna go down there and not even help himself and just be like these these vote these machines the dominion and hugo chavez and i think he’s gonna i think he’s gonna really demoralize the exact voters that uh that uh that uh uh loffler and and purdue need and what’s crazy is they can’t do anything to rebuke him so if they can’t do it they have to just take it it’s a hundred percent gonna depend on which trump shows up like whether it’s the i’m still bitter about this election and georgia screwed me over and the dominion voting systems made me lose and these are the worst voting systems in the history of voting so if that guy shows up hurt if he goes down he’s like we need to rally behind behind david perdue and david kelly kelly lafleur and we need to show up and vote and whatever um he helps so it depends it really depends on how angry he is that morning yeah but here’s the thing though no and i agree with you how he comes in but i think even if he comes in chipper it’s inevitably going gonna go into i was robbed they robbed me of everything dominion these voting machines it’s a sham it’s a big travesty and the courts are covering it up and this governor here that i wish i hadn’t endorsed him he sucks ugo chavez like i really i i’m i’ve never watched more than a couple minutes of a trump rally i might watch this one right i might watch i wouldn’t watch it for the same reason that i might watch this one a train wreck oh wow we’ll have to find out what it is and see if we can do that see if that’s possible so uh i love the comments here our supporters are all very right they’re like it doesn’t matter who wins uh you know a republic rat wins either way uh uh doesn’t uh libertarians always win because we get proven right when these people suck um so you know it’s this is all

it’s all good you guys are right you guys are absolutely right uh someone’s saying that trump’s gonna say show those rotten democrats that we can win even with their fixed machines this is and that’s the message is like let’s go win with this sham of a system that robs me and you of our of our votes let’s do it again a couple weeks later i i am i am oh patricia marie asked what type of drinking game for the rally any of them you’ll die of an overdose of alcohol any any time he says the word dominion rigged no you will die you will die that was like saying

you will die a drinking game with donald trump right now is either going to be you die or you’re stone sober like it’s not it’s not yeah yeah it’s man what a time to be alive folks so speaking of which um speaking of being alive now it’s time for the personal injury attorney chris reynolds attorney at law anchor call in moment where you we take your calls uh your messages that you left on anchor uh which you can do at any time you can go to anchor anchor dot fm slash muddied waters and leave messages for us there’s also a little button there to leave a donation if you want to you can give us give us money give us give us money but uh you can you can go on there leave messages and we answer them every week and we have quite a few quite a few questions from from three people we have 14 messages oh god we have 14 messages from three people let’s get right on that right now nine of them are from laser legends nine of them are from the laser legend so uh let’s get started right now with a message oh a message from chris reynolds that’s been a minute personal injury attorney chris reynolds here with your aoc millennial minute the supreme court has decided to hear arguments on the case involving whether or not a legal immigrant should be counted in the census and the ramifications that would extensively have on things like how many house members are allocated to each state and federal funding estimates say essentially that you know a few states would probably gain a house member and a few states would probably lose one um the bigger thing probably is the federal funding um but i wanted to kind of get your guys’s opinion on that or if it’s going to be one of matt’s favorites the good old pca um and i also wanted to get your guys’s opinion on whether or not this should even be decided by the judiciary or if this should be something where the law has changed thanks so first of all it should be handled by the legislature preferably not the courts but what’s a pca i don’t know what a pca is i assumed it was something soccer related it might be i don’t actually know anything about soccer so i want to hear your thoughts on this first do you think that uh people that are here illegally uh should should be able to uh count in the census um so i don’t think there should be one

i don’t think there should be a census i don’t think they should be taking a record of us um since there is one honestly no and that could be my gop coming through like the the roots that i that i grew up right right right like i don’t think we should have a census we should not have a government-funded and backed census since we have one uh no i don’t think i don’t think so um so i think but it should it should be handled by the judiciary as opposed to legislature you do think the court should handle it as opposed to the yes okay um i think that they i think that the courts will say whether or not that was in the framing and then you just have to accept it so sticking with what the founders intended as opposed to creating a new legislation okay that’s fair enough um so my thought on this is i would be a little bit more agreeable to the idea of well it should only include people that are you know legally able to participate in you know voting and all that stuff if it didn’t include prisoners so our census includes prisoners and there are some rural districts where something like 98 of their population includes prisoners that are in their zip code or in their you know census metro area and they get way more federal funding they get way more state funding they get way more representation than they would otherwise get because they are counting these massive prison populations even though these are towns and counties that sometimes only have you know a few hundred or a couple thousand actual residents uh or actual you know residents that aren’t there in the cage and uh and so i think if we’re going to argue that the only people that should be counted are actual citizens who have the ability to vote they should be not be they should not be counting prisoners and they should not be counting people with felony records who are disenfranchised from voting um and if they are counting them then i think that they should be counting anyone because then the purpose of the census becomes how many people are here that’s fair i and i can i can accept that but i would be i would be fine with them saying no it’s only the people that are able to actually you know legally participate in the system okay great then don’t include prisoners and really they shouldn’t be including prisoners anyway because unlike people that are here illegally the prisoners still can’t choose so either way they should not be including prisoners um because the prisoners can’t choose where they are if you can’t choose where you are then you shouldn’t be counted in anything you know that’s what was actually trying to be avoided during the three-fifths compromise uh uh when the founding of the the constitution that you know you couldn’t count a full slave as a full person because they’re not allowed to vote but now they’re doing it with the with the new the new breed of slaves that are that are in our prison system so you know we we did away with the three-fist compromise and have something even worse now um so those are my thoughts on that and pca i don’t know what that is i i have no idea what that means no idea what pca so here’s the next one from chris injury attorney chris reynolds here with trump time with only about 50 days or so left in his tenure um i think a lot of people are are wondering whether or not the things that are more specific to um president trump such as the isolationist policies that he’s had or racism or any of the other things that you would associate with him specifically whether or not those are going to follow over into the republican party and whoever the the next leader or group of leaders would be in the party or if that part of it will die off and so it just kind of got me wondering should the nfl have forced the denver broncos to play without any quarterbacks thanks

we kind of covered the first one earlier because you think you think trump’s going to be 2024 right now i think he’s going to be either the nominee or the king maker for whoever is the nominee this is the trump party for quite some time and i don’t think any of his kids have the have the um

the i’m not even sure the wherewithal to take over for their dad none of them command that cult of personality like he does uh as well and then and the only one who might even come close is ivanka and her uh her sensibilities are completely different than her dad’s so i don’t see that happening i don’t see the the torch being passed that way to one of them now will one of them run for senate or governor or whatever very possibly uh will one of them run for president very possibly are they going to command that cult personality the same way no there there are many other trumpier people that would run as the trump candidate uh and unless the dad was right there foster fostering it along it would be really hard i i i i don’t see it happening uh so you think you’re thinking he’s gonna george wallace it he’s potentially gonna george wallace it where george wallace wasn’t allowed to run for governor of alabama back in 80 or 70 something and he had his wife run in his place

but not not that he’s not allowed to run but he would just have somebody else do it and he’d just be the puppet master possibly although i don’t i think he’s just gonna keep running until they tell him he can’t um there because there’s nothing stopping him he can run again and he can continue running all the way to the end yeah he can he can run and win one more term yeah he can continue running until he wins another term and if he doesn’t he can just keep running and i think now i want to address the first part where he so first of all trump has not been isolationist he has been a neocon light uh where he has not started any new wars he’s only continued to expand the existing ones uh so he’s he’s certainly not isolationist or even non-interventionist um although it has been nice not having any new wars for the for the last four years so there’s that um and when it comes to racism we just elected the architect of systemic racism in the 20th century uh and and his running mate who was one of its most brutal enforcers right who enforced his rules better than anybody else in the country yeah yeah so if you if you want to end to institutional racism you’re not going to get it from either party trump was just the loudest about it that’s really what it came down to he was the biggest jerk about it so so what i could see happening is uh trump runs as a libertarian the libertarians they accept him because he has name recognition he can he can raise funds he can raise funds he has name recognition and uh they they’re oh wait no we have a different chair now never mind um

yeah sorry joe didn’t mean that about you um

so what happens when you force me into a party um

i did force you into the party you did force me into the party and uh as far as the denver brock the nfl telling the denver broncos that they shouldn’t have a quarterback to play of their quarterbacks came down with kovid and the other ones had gotten too close to him over the last week and a half or whatever um so they weren’t allowed to play so they had to have somebody else like i think when they’re wide receivers became their quarterback um

they lost yeah they lost quarterback is a specialized position i i’m not you know i don’t know a tremendous amount about football but it’s not like moving you know a linebacker from this side of the line to this side of the line quarterbacks are pretty like the wide receiver did play quarterback in college so at least it he had some experience

in college well that is and his experience in college led him to be a wide receiver instead right um which means he wasn’t good at it in college but that well he was better than everybody else on that team fair like that was allowed to play quarterback that day yeah uh should they have done it i don’t know i no i don’t think so but is that what their rules say that they can make you play if you

no so they all of the quarterbacks were in too close of contact with somebody who had coveted so none of them were allowed to play in the game they i don’t know if they tested the people or it was inside the window before it would be testable uh so they just said now you guys don’t have a quarterback figure it out and no i don’t think that they should have done that but this is the new normal this is what this is the new normal we’re all in this together we’re all in it together and we need to make sure that the multi-millionaires on the football field who have excellent health care

we’re all in this together okay yes cameron cameron uh kogan i think is how you pronounce your last name uh the broncos did have the option to forfeit but why you might as well just put the wide receiver out there and tell him to throw like he did in college right wow all right here’s the next one it was against the saints too hello hello alex from virginia calling in on the chris reynolds personal injury attorney attorney at law anchor colin line i have a question today for matt wright and spike mcabee miller cohen um we’re about let’s see nine days out now and have a very important question for the two of you what’s on your hanukkah wish list thank you and also i wish you guys a happy birthday well the complex entity of muddy waters a happy birthday and four more years four more years oh yeah it’s four years that’s four years we had our one first term and we’re not term limited yeah

four more years um first of all thank you for maccabee miller that’s beautiful um also uh thank you for wishing us a happy anniversary yes thank you term happy birthday bursary and so superfan sarah anderegg i’m uh i i don’t know if you can look at me and say that man is not jewish but i am not jewish however uh my beautiful wonderful girlfriend sarah andre got me these shoes for hanukkah that she just could not wait to give me did she make those or did someone make them for you she somebody made them

she she commissioned this pair of chucks with our logo on it i’m gonna get the other one off here that’s those are beautiful they yeah no they are but i opened it and i was very excited where’s the other one there it is and so these one muddied waters of freedom right there on the side and what did the other one say truth uh yeah that one says truth on that side and then it says hang on a second gotta cover up a word uh justice inequality and then a word that we don’t really believe in and then on the other side it says freedom in liberty on that one what is the word that it that we don’t believe in um democracy oh okay okay i thought it was like i thought it was like something terrible or something like some kind of like disguise that was like yeah no it i i opened them and i i got misty i wouldn’t say i teared up but got a little misty because that is a that is a very uh that’s a very thoughtful gift that is a very thoughtful and very personal gift and obviously she knows me quite well um and i love her very dearly and thank you so much for those because they are awesome and she’s been all the time she’s been just filling you with delicious jewish pastries oh yeah goods oh my lord google and bobcat and holla holla um no there is no new baby on the way for anybody who is asking um we she is not pregnant yet um not for lack of trying though

um yeah i know i keep every time she puts up because i’m you know i’m friends with sarah and so i i see her stories and on her stories and she’s got all this stuff and i’m like i’m not angry i’m just far away disappointed i’m just a little disappointed i’m not angry i’m not mad i’m just upset and i see it and i go i’m so far away and i’m certain that that has gluten in it too and it’s just very difficult for me oh what am i getting so i also want uh i i i have a few things on my wish list um most of them relatively like benign pack or or you know uh uh not really sexy you know practical stuff like i’d like uh i’m getting some uh i hope hopefully getting some cedar shoe trees from my dress shoes and that kind of stuff you know i’m not gonna lie i would appreciate that what cedar shoe trees oh yeah for my dress shoes yeah yeah see cedar hangers cedar uh shoe trees oh yeah kills the odor keeps the moths away yeah so much better so much better so that kind of stuff i’ve got i’ve got a couple things there um mostly i’ve reached the point in my life when someone asked me what i want for the holidays i say i just want some peace and quiet so if you had to get if you had to guess what i got uh the boys who are six and four the two jewish boys hanukkah six and four

what do you think i got them i’m scared to even say anything i don’t know i don’t i don’t know i got them piggy banks so they can start learning to save

i mean that’s an age-appropriate gift it is and so they have wallets that they can’t reach because they would just want to play with it so i’m going to put and these piggy banks have like they’re like safes and they get a passcode so i’m going to program the passcode not tell them what it is and then they can just put all of the money in it and that way they have control over their money without being able to get it it’s a lot like you know the bank right right so you’re teaching two jewish boys banking very early yes i’m also like we uh uh we’re gonna try to teach them dreidel which i’ve recently learned about and that is just gambling yeah dreidel is just gambling that’s just gambling that is gambling i i am so intrigued to play this one it’s a gambling game so you’re teaching it’s on brand you’re teaching the jews banking and gambling and gambling right and they’re already in florida so they’re already they’re already set there they already go to florida and they’re not they’re not having to relocate to florida when they get older

just go if you’re going to be a stereotype just do it early you know just get all the stereotypes knocked out by like kindergarten and you could just sail through after that i’m hoping by the time that the elder one is 10 um i am hoping that he just opens up like a stock trading company and just starts bringing the money in well you’re starting them young you’re starting trying speaking of which current bitcoin price since we’re talking about is back down just below 19 000 uh and got so close to breaking 20 000 did recently uh hit an all-time high uh and uh and then retreated um but it’s staying in that 18 19 000 it keeps fluctuating between that uh it’s going to go above 20k it’s going to hit that psychological pi that psychological there’s going to be enough institutional data behind it to support it going above 20k and then it’s when that happens straight to 30k um that’s my personal belief i’m not a financial advisor i am simply a humble jew on the internet all right so here’s the next question from laser legend matt hicks here’s the first of hello there spike cohen and guy on left this is matt hicks calling from the lovely bucolic peaceful little rural town of bishopville south carolina on the chris reynolds personal injury attorney attorney at law anchor colin moment tm i just want to know how you guys are doing i don’t think people ask you that enough so how are you i’m

i appreciate you asking yeah thank you for asking me i’m doing good man thank you i’m doing well yeah we’re doing good um i feel weird i i usually talk to matt laser legend hicks who also was my campaign manager during the campaign every day for at least 20 to 30 minutes and i haven’t been because the campaign’s over we’ve only been talking maybe once a week now and it’s weird because i’ve been talking to him at least once a day for like six months yeah it’s kind of wild so anyway but no i’m doing good we’re doing good so here’s the next one hey will you do me a favor for the next one because i know that none of these are important will you leave the picture up for his entire question sure thanks absolutely

hello there guy on left and spike cohen this is matt hicks calling on calling in on the uh uh chris reynolds personal injury attorney attorney at law anchor colin moment tm uh my wife wants to know how seeing is how we just live with just us two people can make so many dirty dishes hashtag laser legend

how i don’t know

i don’t i don’t how many dirty dish how how can two i assume you mean you and and dawn how can you two make dirty dishes i


your your your pigs i don’t know i don’t i don’t know i don’t know how to answer that i don’t i don’t think i assume that you’re using

are they are the animals getting it too like are maybe the animals are getting are using your plates

maybe the animals are using your plates i don’t know i don’t know i don’t have a good answer for that i assume you know it’s a first world certainly a first world problem um here’s the next question from matt laser legend hicks

hello guy on left and and guy on wright who is despite cohen this is matt hicks calling in on the chris reynolds personal injury attorney attorney at law anchor calling moment tm i just wanted to let you guys know that uh i just took my first finals for law school today and that was hard and i did not like it so now i’m getting drunk hashtag laser legend now i knew that matt hicks was getting drunk just by the sheer number of messages he left just by this year because i was on my way to here to uh to uh to uh to timecode productions where i’m at i was on my way to timecode productions who thank you for allowing me to use your studios um for filming this you guys are great um you should check out all of their short films on youtube uh some of them are good especially the ones written by me um but fantastic people here but my phone exploded with message message message message message all from matt hicks and i thought he’s drunk yeah he’s yeah he’s drinking or he is drunk

now to be clear some of the best things that matt did on as my campaign manager he did very drunk

i heard i was talking with anthony welty in orlando and he said that uh matt hicks wrote out how people are supposed to act on the bus yes and he said that it was there were some very strict guidelines but the way that that insane bastard wrote it made it hilarious yeah yeah no there was a very strict code of conduct for the bus and it was written like national lampoon and you cannot tell me that he wasn’t drunk when he wrote it because it included wasn’t one of the rules you can’t drink on the bus yes you can’t drink on the bus uh and you can’t um uh you can’t do any drugs on the bus and he made it clear that the reason he was able to drink and do drugs was because he in fact was not on the bus uh he made he actually mentioned that uh and uh he said that no one was allowed to hook up on the bus except for me and tasha and only with one another and that we could do it anywhere we wanted to

and that if anyone had a problem with that they should just leave the room don’t make it weird

he is confirming he was drunk when he wrote that i uh 100 yes um yes he yes and and uh no i think even in the writing it said something along the lines of i’m drunk right now but i can be because i am not on the bus i i think that that’s in there i may be making that up but he he it got very specific in many things that only tasha and i could do and that everyone had to just take it and be okay with it and not as he put it make it weird so anyway uh so here’s the here’s the third from last question from matt laser legend hey guys this is matt hicks

calling in on the chris reynolds personal injury attorney attorney a law anchor calling moment

let’s get this bread hashtag laser legend

okay i want everybody watching this show right now to realize that that was his campaign manager

a very proficient campaigner a very proficient campaign manager arguably the man who just left that message was a very proficient campaign manager i would put matt hicks up against any campaign manager of any campaign in the united states he is a combination of brilliant articulate empathetic hyper aware amazing attention to detail really good at uh at getting the best out of others very encouraging to people when he needed to be very you know cracking the whip when he needed to be which was not often um machiavellian in his in his you know outlook on how to you know deal with different uh you know uh power dynamics and things like that and

often very drunk

including right now um so here is the second to last uh question from matt laser legend hicks yeah boy

hey guys this is matt hicks calling in on the chris reynolds personal injury attorney attorney in law anchor call in moment p.m one last thing before i forget uh i just got a phone call today from my council member from the county council here and i have been asked to be on the zoning and planning board and my question for you is what are they thinking

laser legend i think that’s actually a good spot for him

i don’t think like in all honesty i have seen matt hicks sober and very drunk because i believe those are the only two states of matt hicks yeah sober and zost right yeah cross-faded as he said earlier in the comments um those are those are the two states two states yeah he has two gears sober matt hicks honestly

i would back that man for anything he runs for yeah sauce matt hicks i would back him for completely different reasons and mainly because i think it would just be absolutely hilarious to see him sitting on a city council board stop yeah just completely cross faded and and still making more sense than anyone else on there right yep

yeah no i agree i agree right and i and i think especially zoning and planning it’s gonna i it’s gonna be times that he’ll get up there and you know very very uh uh intelligently articulate why government should not be stopping this person from you know getting whatever this uh you know variance or easement is that they’re trying to get and other times screaming into the air that i’m a free man and no one fucking tells me what to do um largely again the same message

just presented in different ways now sarah anderegg superfan sarah anderegg she says getting sauced with matt hicks is the next call-in segment now this is what i’m thinking just based on that and yeah i’m a fan of this if people have questions for matt hicks you have to specify matt hicks um i am willing to send them to him to grab recordings of him answering those questions while he is wasted and playing them on the air i don’t think he’ll have a problem with it so i’m going to go out and say if you want to do that knock yourself out yes if he doesn’t want to do it i will find another drunk person to answer those questions it’s not going to be as good it’s not going to be as good because the whole thing is that he’s drunk but we’ll answer it like very well uh so here is our last uh sega question of the segment from from matt laser legend hicks gentlemen stop bargaining stop it good good evening gentlemen this is matt hicks calling in on the chris reynolds personal injury attorney attorney at law stop barking anchor calling moment um i’m calling because i need your advice on a thing right so just a little while ago i was out back and uh there was a fox in my backyard and i’m gonna have i’ve been having problems with this fox for a little while now he’s killed a couple of chickens and i got off one shot at him with the shotgun uh but i was i was drunk and like 50 yards away so i didn’t hit the fox i need your advice how do i deal with this fox hashtag laser legend i just like the thought of matt hicks drunkenly firing a shotgun out of his backyard at a fox at a fox that may or may not actually be there um

well joe biden said you know you don’t need a rifle all you got to do is go out back and fire off the shotgun all you need is a shotgun all you need is a shotgun double barrel shotgun double barrel shotgun um you know i wish i could tell you that i am an expert in fox remediation strategies but i’m not gonna fool you or myself you know in all fairness all i know is what the fox says but i don’t know how to get rid of the fox

so hey thanks for calling in and thanks again folks for tuning in to this uh cr uh this segment of the personal injury attorney chris reynolds attorney at law brought to you by personal injury attorney chris reynolds attorney at law if you need an attorney for your personal injury attendance and compensation needs in the anywhere in florida especially in the tampa bay area of florida go to chrisreynoldslaw.com or just look into the ether for this smiling beheaded face matt hicks my good my good friend uh alex snicker who uh used to be

the executive i think he’s the national executive director for the republican liberty uh republican liberty caucus and he is uh he ran for senate as a libertarian here in florida he says treats give the fox treats so uh treat away treat away because if alex snicker says something i trust it give it treats and then

shh i guess shoot it right lure it in lure it in

do you like lead

so thanks for that uh episode so we have uh one more topic talking about uh qualified immunity which we’ve talked about quite a bit and this is a pretty egregious case of why we need qualified immunity and i’ll let you leave with this matt you did most of the research you did the research on this and it is absolutely gruesome it is and uh so just so everybody knows you may remember uh that we used to show videos of really egregious things happening to people and then we had an issue where youtube demonetized us for that so i am putting into the comments right now i’m trying to put into the comments right now there it is the youtube video of what we are about to talk about uh so you can watch it should you decide you want to um so back in 2017 kendall joseph was beaten and tased by the new orleans police causing his death there’s good that’s huge spoiler for the rest of this but it’s important you know this up front now back in 2017 a school official at gretna middle school told the two school officers that a strange guy was nervous and shaky and not walking straight and was loitering outside the gates of the school they approached him and he ran this is probably due to the paranoid schizophrenia that he suffered from

so the school officers radioed about uh the strange man who ran off and officers eddie martin and brandon leduff heard the call on the radio they saw kendall run by at that exact moment and gave chase uh they chased him into the parking lot of a convenience store and they told him to come over he ran into the store he jumps over the counter he jumps over the counter and the cops heard him saying help me help me somebody call the cops they are trying to kill me um the officers entered the store pointed a weapon at kendall he jumps over the counter and got in got face down into the fetal position which as every good police officer knows that is an attack position um

martin testified officer martin testified that he didn’t think kendall joseph had a weapon which makes a lot of us wonder why martin put most of his 300 pound body weight onto uh kendall and tased him for 11 seconds demanding he put his hands behind his back while he was in the fetal position face down now i don’t know how many of you have been tased i don’t know how many of you have been tased by i bet matt hicks has um but i don’t know how many of you have been tased by a police grade taser i have not i have only been tased by a normal civilian grade taser and if you are tasing me with that and you’re saying put your hands behind your back you are not going to be able to do that you cannot um then officer martin beat kendall with a baton punched him in the face several times and tased him again now this has got to be where it ends right that would make sense there’s no way that this poor kindle is doing anything no that was when officer dustin costa one of the additional cops on the scene kicked kendall 12 or 13 times and punched him in the head repeatedly

at the arrest of kendall joseph

13 cops in total were there

to catch a man who was acting a little weird who ran away screaming they’re trying to kill me please call the police who ran into a convenience store begging for help jumped behind a counter and got into the very dangerous fighting style of face down face down fetal position yeah yeah face down fetal position the most dangerous fighting style in all of martial arts um and the remaining 11 officers who weren’t involved with the beating and tasing uh helped handcuff joseph and place him in leg shackles before carrying him to a patrol car now during the struggle uh kendall made a variety of pleas he asked for someone to call the real police

he assured the group that he did not have a weapon and he called out for his mother now he like we said had uh schizophrenia paranoid schizophrenia and he had been experiencing psychotic episode and he ended up dying at the hospital from his injuries a few days later

his family wants to sue officers martin and costa especially since the deputy police chief anthony christina said officers responded to a potentially deadly encounter with a much lower level of force and de-escalation of force than could have been justified under the circumstances how is that a much lower level than co what is what would have been justified for them to just open fire on them i instead putting three and for anybody like if you’ve watched the video i do wait until you wait until later to watch the video but if if you already have watched it you know kendall is built like me and spike yeah he’s he’s like he’s probably about a buck 60. yes yeah he’s not a big guy he’s not a big guy and you had a 300 pound man put all of his weight on him punch him repeatedly yeah tease him multiple times and then another man come in and did he punch him in the head or kick him in the head because i don’t want to get that wrong um kicked yep kicked out 12 or 13 times and punched him in the head

this is the lower look for a man that is again in the fetal position face down and how do you know that when it’s on the video two it was testified by the owner of the convenience store yep and we have the video if there’s any doubt we have the video of them with five different angles depending on which video you watch i just grabbed one um so after two and a half years the u.s court of appeals for the fifth circuit who routinely side with police in these circumstances they ruled last week that the two officers who beat and ultimately killed a schizophrenic man are not entitled to qualified immunity and thus can be sued over the incident now this potentially can go to the supreme court though yes yeah so circuit court uh circuit judge don willett yes

he wrote though joseph was not suspected of committing any crime was in the fetal position and was not actively resisting officers martin and costa inflicted 26 blunt force injuries on joseph and tased him twice all while he pleaded for help and reiterated that he was not armed

he went on to write for those in positions of public trust from commanders in chief who must take care that the laws be faithfully executed to city of gretna police officers who vow to protect life and property while safeguarding constitutional guarantees proportional responses are good policy we expect those charged with executing and enforcing our laws to take measured action that ascend in severity only as circumstances require a disproportionate response is unreasonable and if it describes physical force inflicted by a police officer it is unconstitutional we are entitled to count on law enforcement to use no more force than necessary and we are entitled to enforce that standard as a matter of constitutional law when officers fail to honor it

that is from a fifth circuit judge that’s from a federal appeals judge yeah that is from a federal appeals judge that is from the fifth circuit who like i said routinely routinely sides with government officials and police officers in these matters

the needle is beginning to shift yeah the needle is shifting even if it’s just a little even if it’s just a little it is shifting and that

as horrible as this story is just knowing that a difference is being made

it’s the it is the same silver lining that donald trump is no longer president on the dark cloud that is joe biden is going to be president yep yep on the dark cloud that is kendall joseph died from getting beaten tazed by the police for committing the awful crime of being a schizophrenic the needle is beginning to shift and we are beginning to see it yeah it’s and this is a positive shift there are these times where there are social and political trends that are positive they are often outnumbered by ones that are negative this is a positive one and it’s a very very positive one uh there’s a good chance it’ll be appealed it’ll almost certainly be appealed uh the supreme court may or may not hear it uh if they don’t hear it or if they do hear it and affirm it this will be a huge chip against qualified immunity uh and we can thank you don go ahead if the supreme court if this gets appealed and the supreme court decides not to hear it that would become a per curium affirmed or a pca which chris texted me uh and it means that if scotus doesn’t touch the decision of the lower court and there’s no opinion it goes to that law so that becomes case law right so that would effectively end qualified immunity

well it would put a huge chip involved in a huge dent i’m not going to say up until now up until now all the major cases have resulted in them saying yeah if they themselves thought it was reasonable that’s enough right we we a few months ago had the case of and i forget the man’s name but where the judge gave all the examples of officers harming the constitutional rights and and sometimes taking the lie is that the guy that was driving the car he was driving the car and the police came and lied to him and and and uh lied about whether or not he had a right to refuse being searched and threatened to arrest him even though they had no grounds to do so and then did thousands of dollars in damage to his car and left him on the side of the road with this car dismantled by the people that were searching it and uh and and the judge upheld it uh this would be an example of the judges going nope this shouldn’t be this is not constitutional and and the standard they’re putting here is that if it’s unconstitutional right you don’t get immunity for it that would be a big one that would be huge that would be a huge one and we can thank you you broke the law you broke the law that you were supposed to be upholding you’re gonna get punished this was written by circuit judge uh fifth circuit court judge uh don willett who is on my short list uh for justices who uh i would want to see uh in the supreme court uh alongside when i saw that he wrote that i was like spike’s gonna enjoy this one yeah don willa is is one of those dudes uh don willett along with like uh uh andrew napolitano uh jim gray uh and not alan dershowitz

not alan dershowitz that would be a be a horrendous pick that would be yeah that would not be a good one that would be awful awful pick that would be campaign ruining that would be bizarrely weird for anyone to pick right

so we’ll see where this goes we’ll see where this goes um and uh but ending on on a good note there and speaking of ending on a good note as we said before four years of the of muddy waters media of the muddy waters of freedom uh and we have a little video to commemorate some of the uh some of the different excuse me some of the different things that have happened over the years um where we started and where we’re going and uh i’m really looking forward to showing this to everyone good morning good afternoon and good evening and welcome to the vanguard hello and welcome to matt muhammed’s first podcast which we will be naming later uh i am matt with me as always is muhammad hi mohammed hey i’m mohamed shaker thank you for joining us we don’t know what we’re calling this show yet because we don’t really have a great idea of what we’re going to call it yet

we have decided on calling ourselves the muddied waters of freedom welcome to the muddy wonders of freedom with your hosts

good morning good afternoon or good evening and welcome to the vanguard for muhammad i am max and together we are traversing the muddy waters of freedom i hope everybody out there on your facebook land is enjoying our very first live video

welcome welcome to uh the muddy waters of pleasure thank you so much i know i’m filling some some big shoes right now and by uh large shoes i mean that he actually has a large um i guess monstrous feet by the way that sun has to be just brutal to you right now so

i only know so many rappers and i am dredging the bottom of the barrel to keep coming up with new ones when are you going to call me rick rothstein today hey everybody hope you enjoyed that video that we just did


all we want to do is

that’s i am also hot and sweaty for the people you know it got me extra and i’m trying to put myself i’m sweaty for the people you may or may not have noticed that and the people but i got a haircut finally yes we did holy hell and it does not taste out of control it is

hey everybody i hope you enjoyed that fucking shit

kosher water kosher and made in america just like me i don’t apologize

to them you do so much in the party

even those of us

into the foreign party um but you you do so much for everybody and if that is the least that we can do to show our gratitude for all that you’re doing you’re an inspiration to so many and on top of that i get to have the joy of calling you my best friend and business partners thank you man i appreciate you man i love you and i am so i’m just so honored that i just want to say to you matt you are like a brother and you are possibly as much as any other person who responsible for why i am here right now um you were the one who first asked me to begin doing podcasting at a time when i was trying to figure out exactly what i wanted to do um you were the one that encouraged me to do that you were the one who uh you know asked me to uh you know take on a role as co-host of the muddy waters of freedom you were the one who you know was encouraging me to do things with south carolina libertarian party and and you have been a great encourager during all of that and of course i mean there my wife tasha and many other people have also been very very big part of that but you have uh you know i love you man and you are a huge part of why i’m here and a huge part of where muddy waters is going to go going moving forward and i’m just uh i’m honored to be your friend and your and your partner and this and i thank you

for the future vice president of the united states spike cohen i am matt wright and together we are traversing the muddied waters of freedom

so that last clip what’s that oh crap i was like there there’s more i i i threw in and after credits crap hold on i’m going to pull it up the other way because otherwise we’re going to be sitting here and watching the whole thing because i you don’t have i don’t have that yet yeah i don’t have that one um

hold on one second sorry everybody

i yeah i threw in a post-credit scene because i know yeah i know

because honestly that pose like i was trying to figure out how to keep it in there and it made me laugh so incredibly hard um was this gonna work i don’t know i got a black screen oh good

um alex snicker thank you everybody i hope you enjoyed that content that we just fucking know you’re right

what is crap thank you alex snicker for saying that was literally the best video i worked on that uh yesterday i put that together yeah that was really good and for some reason i can’t that we we’re gonna upload it to the tube of you uh later so

yeah it’s not letting me well that sucks i’m sorry i screwed up the post credits it’s okay it’s okay spike but um yeah we’re gonna upload that to youtube later um you know what i where’s hindu in the post credits i can have that be the video that plays in the credits so if people stick around i’ll play the video again for the outro and make that that thing and i’ll probably end up cutting it then too because that’s how i am um but uh i will go ahead and i will do that and that’ll be nice for everyone that’ll be a nice thing for you um so anyway uh it has been an incredible four years for muddy waters it has been an incredible two years that actually just over two years that i have been uh the uh the co-host at muddy waters uh of freedom uh i have been absolutely honored to be a part of this it is why we and you and i are where we and you and i currently are uh it has been an honor to have jason lyon be a part of this uh it has been an honor at times he says he says jiff oh gosh yeah he calls it he calls him gifs and he thinks baseball is awful so yeah old gifson lion

well yeah oh that aside gayson lion over there old gayson lion over there uh that aside he has been incredible and i i it’s been an honor to have him be a part of money waters uh i will always be indebted to and honored by uh muhammad shaker who helped put this together with you in the in its formative years uh and was the original co-host here as well um he uh as i said and they’re left behind monstrously large clown shoes if you will uh to have to fill uh in his departure he he’s and i love him and he he was great as well um i’m very honored to be a part of this and i’m so excited to see where we’re gonna go you know over the next four years you know we could be like on on like a tv show on an actual like news network on a network on a network doing this nonsense and for anybody who’s been watching since the beginning i know uh alex snicker has been literally since the beginning he has been yeah he he has been there uh following along with the story um and a few other people that were in the comments i know that they have been paying attention uh since the beginning as well and to all to all the people who have been there from the beginning uh i thank you honestly thank you because i don’t know how many of you know this i did not want to be a podcaster i did not want to be yet another podcaster and uh muhammad kind of pushed me into it he wore me down and eventually i said okay let’s do this thing um and now uh four four years later four years later i get to sit there and i spend multiple hours a week hanging out with my best friend here um to talk about whatever is happening in the news and uh we get to joke around and laugh just like if we were on a phone like you are seeing our phone calls just with graphics which are also hours long at times right they yes we’re literally just doing what we would do on the phone anyway if we weren’t doing this and right to see it you just get graphics and frames and intro music yeah our intro music is whatever ringtone we have and we’re wearing clothes fair fair we’re wearing shirts but to everybody to everybody that has been here from the beginning and everybody that we’ve gained along the way you you literally are the reason that we do this and we thank you um thank you honestly you are truly and every one of you is an inspiration to us uh and you are the reason that we do this online as opposed to just over the phone um some would say that you are the power or the power i actually got a letter from you today which i thought was weird um and then

and then it had a bunch of signed cards and some you are the power pins oh yeah yeah um but because because we love all of you um if you go to our store which is in the description um from now until the end of the year until 11 59 on new year’s eve uh if you use the code mwa which i’m going to put this in the comments

m-w-a-m-w-a yeah yeah muddied m for muddied yes

oh yeah see how that could sound different um yes m as in muddied wa from money to water’s anniversary mwu anniversary if you put in mwa anniversary you get 10 off uh your entire order um i it honestly it’s the only way that we really know how to say thank you to everybody and we wanted to thank every single person who has been tuning in who has been sharing and each and every one of you have become a small member of my family because you are the reason that i get out of bed to do these notes and that i want to make these shows great and that i sit here in this room or whatever room i happen to be in that week um to to do this show yeah because that is how much i want to put on a great show for each and every one of you and

and uh honestly doing this is a lifelong dream and now i get to say that i do it and it is the most fun i have every week and some weeks especially since he’s now he’s all important vp nominee sometimes it’s the only time i actually get to talk to spike there have been times and it’s depressing where we didn’t talk all week and we just go in like a few minutes before we go live and like hey how are you doing i’m doing good i was in 15 different states or whatever we’ve been able to talk more since things have calmed down but um yeah and then as soon as the show would end he’d be like i really hate to do this but i gotta go and be like yeah yeah bye it’s i know it’s it you know so if for no other reason we got to still stay in touch every week um it was good to continue doing the show during the campaign and that was an important thing to me that we continued doing the show during the campaign and there were people on my team who were not all that thrilled about it because i was you know flying around the country they had no idea where i was going to be from day to day and i’m like don’t care we have to make it work this is a priority the same way that we need a certain amount of time for sleep i need a certain amount of time on tuesday uh to do the muddy water money waters of freedom and then eventually i said the same thing on my show as well but thank you guys so much for being a part of this uh we are only getting started as i say often this is just the beginning for muddy waters media uh we are going to continue to grow we have all sorts of exciting things that are coming new shows new programs all sorts of new exciting stuff that’s going to be coming out and i hope that you stay with us because we’re excited to roll it out with you and you are our trailblazers that were a part of the vanguard uh very early on in our in our beginning and and even some of the folks that are coming in now you you are uh like matt said you were like family to us and we are grateful to you so with that said tomorrow night on my show my fellow americans i will be live with david gay the uh dadman of liberty memes uh which is one of the most popular liberty uh meme liberty libertarian and meme related venues on social media uh he is also when they are still on social media when they’re allowed to be on social media they’re allowed to be there and they’ve had a decent run recently um the uh uh he has coming on specifically to talk about the liberty memes five dollar charity club um which is a facebook group that i’ve been promoting heavily um and uh uh no less than ron paul has been promoting it heavily there’s been a lot of people promoting it because what it is uh long story short we’ll be talking more about it tomorrow but basically uh you join this group you pledge to give at least five dollars a month and there are a number of different causes that come up uh usually different gofundme campaigns different campaigns uh to crowdfund uh charity and mutual aid for people who are in uh you know in a need for a specific thing uh small stuff big stuff all sorts of stuff and they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for people in need in just a very short period of time and not only have they done that but they’ve demonstrated that we don’t need government to get us to help each other and in fact we’d be able to help each other even more if we didn’t have government government in the way making things more expensive creating more hardships taking from us and making it where we’re less able to be able to help those uh around us uh and we’re fewer of us would need help in the first place um but so we’re gonna be talking about that that’s on wednesday uh on thursday and friday uh tune in to my spike cohen social media i will be doing episodes of culture of winning where i interview uh elected libertarians to talk about their blueprint for how to get elected as a libertarian uh and then uh have a great weekend come back here next week go ahead real quick uh over on me we the muddied waters group over on miwi which uh has a chat feature so people get to people chat during the shows and uh there’s some really good back and forth i just opened it because i saw that it had gotten some action during this episode and this picture if the camera will focus for anybody that doesn’t know that is spike cohen with laser legend matt hicks himself we are actually sleeping in that photo are you really i believe so yes that was in columbus ohio we were very very tired and thank you to jim lee for posting that one and i’m pretty sure my wife took that picture oh really yeah like i think we were like just hanging out and fell asleep we had a lot of sleepless times on uh on the campaign trail but i loved every moment of it and he’s very snuggly oh i could see that he’s like a tasty super snuggly he was very comfortable he’s like he’s like a warm body pillow laser legend body pillow um but so yeah so uh tune in next week uh on monday on my social media i’ll be doing an episode of culture winning uh and then tune in next tuesday right here same money place same money time for the next episode of the muddy waters of freedom where matt wright and i parse through the week’s events like this sweet little autumn monkeys that we are

stay tuned for that matt if someone were after four years of us existing finally say this is the day that i’m going to find out about money waters media on the internet is that even possible and if so how you know it would be possible for all those people who somehow aren’t listening to this show and are looking for us for the very first time but yet are hearing this somehow hearing this um you could head over to anchor fm slash muddied waters where if you’re one of the old school sorry i get it oh if all of a sudden they jumped up i was like oh no don’t um if you’re one of the old school people who enjoy hearing the sultry sounds of our buttery sweet voices for years who hate the asmr version of every one of our shows meg jones four more years of this at the end of every episode but if you like hearing the buttery voices go over to anchor dot fm slash muddy one two three you can where you can leave us messages that we will play live on the air for four years and you can also donate money so you can ensure that another four years of muddied waters media happens it’s a menage quoi of years you can also find us at muddywatersmedia.com where you will find this and every other episode of muddied waters media muddiedwatersmedia.com well that sounds fantastic folks thanks again for tuning in to this for tacular

sure the fourth anniversary spectacular spectacular of spectacular of uh the muddy waters of freedom thanks again for tuning in we will see you tomorrow right here at 8 p.m and where we’re going we don’t need roads good morning good afternoon and good evening and welcome to the vanguard hello and welcome to matt muhammed’s first podcast which we will be naming later uh i am matt with me as always is muhammad hi mohammed hey i’m mohammed shaker thank you for joining us we don’t know what we’re calling this show yet because we don’t really have a great idea of what we’re going to call it yet

we have decided on calling ourselves the muddied waters of freedom welcome to the muddy wonders of freedom with your hosts matt wright and muhammad good morning good afternoon or good evening and welcome to the vanguard for muhammad i am max and together we are traversing the muddy waters of freedom i hope everybody out there on your facebook land is enjoying our very first live video of the show yeah so uh welcome welcome to uh the muddy waters of freedom thank you so much i know i’m filling some some big shoes right now and by uh large shoes i mean that he actually has large um i guess monstrous feet by the way that sun has to be just brutal to you right now so brutal right now is there all right i’m just like and then i’m like just when you’re ranting i’m like i just find myself just going lower and i’m like oh wait i don’t look like i’m bored during this rant

and i am dredging the bottom of the barrel to keep coming up with new ones what are you going to call me rick rothstein now i’m closer to a genius knowledge in my brain hey everybody hope you enjoyed that video that we just did


that’s i am also hot and sweaty for the people you know it got me extra i’m trying to pull my sweaty for the people you may or may not have noticed that and the people but i got a haircut finally yes you did and it is not terrible it is a good serviceable haircut

hey everybody i hope you enjoyed that fucking shit

just release this that’s kosher water kosher and made in america just like me i don’t apologize

to them you do so much in the party

even those of us

you’re an inspiration to so many and on top of that i get to have the joy of calling you my best friend and business partners

i appreciate you man i love you and i am so i’m just so honored that i just want to say to you matt you are like a brother and you are possibly as much as any other person responsible for why i am here right now um you were the one who first asked me to begin doing podcasting at a time when i was trying to figure out exactly what i wanted to do um you were the one that encouraged me to do that you were the one who uh you know asked me to uh you know take on a role as co-host of the muddy waters of freedom you were the one who you know was encouraging me to do things with south carolina libertarian party and and you have been a great encourager during all of that of course i mean my wife tasha and many other people have also been very very big part of that but you have uh you know i love you man and you are a huge part of why i’m here and a huge part of uh of where muddy waters is going to go going moving forward and i’m just uh i’m honored to be your friend and your and your partner in this and i thank you for the future vice president of the united states spike cohen i am matt wright and together we are traversing the muddied waters of freedom

hey everybody i hope you enjoyed that content that we just fucking help

oh my god

we’re glad you liked it hit subscribe why is that why no you enjoyed the

hey you know when we did the thing if that’s a thing that you like i’ve got an idea for you i think we need to start over yeah

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