Episode 165 – Debatemageddon 2: The Veepening

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Matt Wright & Spike Cohen

VP Mike Pence and Top Cop Kamala Harris set to face off in the thunder dome of politics. Will it be a replay of the Trump/Biden debate from last week, or will it be a snore fest of a debate? Join Spike “Method Manischewitz” Cohen, and the guy on left, Matt Wright as they pick apart the candidates in true Muddied Waters Media fashion!

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Episode Transcript

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mr president your campaign agreed to both sides would get two minute answers uninterrupted well your your side agreed to it and why don’t you observe what your campaign agreed to as a ground rule okay sir look here’s the deal tremendous sprouts and joe does the circles and has three people here’s the deal he’s been totally irresponsible and responsible yes here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job here’s the deal i don’t trust him at all murder you i know you don’t let me shut you down for a second judge he wants to shut down the country country let me shut you down for a second judge i’ve done more than you’ve done in 47 years joe i get my time back time back you can’t fix the economy until you fix the covert crisis he does not have a plan i know how to do the job it’s the same process there has never been an administration that’s done what i’ve done that’s done what i’ve done let it shut down responding you have begun look here’s the deal it’s hard to get any word in with this clown this is the way it is look here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job come on man here’s the deal everybody knows he’s a liar fake news they give me bad press look here’s the deal i don’t trust him at all i know you don’t the second subject dead if we just wear a mask we can save those numbers we got the gowns we got the masks we made the ventilators you don’t know how many people died in china you don’t know how many people died in russia you don’t know how many people died in india maybe you could inject some bleach in your arm and that would take care of

don’t ever use the word smart with me give me your because you know what there’s nothing smart about you here’s the deal tremendous sprouts and joe does the circles and has three people here’s the deal he’s been totally irresponsible responsible yes yes he’s four here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job would you shut up here’s the deal i don’t trust him at all to you i know you don’t close your eyes remember what those people look like look like this healing anti-semitic bile accompanied by the ku klux klan but he said we’re very fine people on both sides you call them super predators african-americans super predators what and you call them worse than that what you call them super predators are you willing to condemn what the promise is i’m willing to do anything to it hey somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the lessons here’s the deal it’s hard to get any word in with this clown

here’s the deal everybody knows he’s a liar fake news they give me bad for us look here’s the deal i don’t trust him at all vote you will determine the outcome of this election vote vote vote you have to have your ballot in by november 10th november 10th that means that’s seven days after the election election don’t tell me about a free transition as far as the ballots are concerned it’s a disaster he has no idea what he’s talking about here’s the deal he’s just afraid of counting the votes because you’re wrong it’s a fraud and it’s a shame look here’s a deer tremendous sprouts and joe does the circles and has three people here’s the deal he’s been totally irresponsible responsible yes yes he’s full here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job here’s the deal i don’t trust him at all to you i know you don’t will you say that’s the end of this this is the end of this debate this ballot count we’re gonna leave it there uh to be



good morning good afternoon or good evening and welcome to the vanguard for spike parting of the red man sea i am matt wright and together we are traversing the muddied waters of freedom nothing’s ever going to be uh burning bushwick bill i’m sorry i was really i was really happy with method mana chevits oh that was a good one that was last week that was last week that’s why i figured out i would do red man this week okay oh i see what you did yeah i did i did it i like i appreciate your your your hip-hop knowledge here yeah folks thanks again for tuning in for another amazing episode of the muddy waters of freedom this one of course is a special one it’s debate magetta

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between the other two candidates um so i just wanted to toss in that susan page from usa today is going to be the moderator there are going to be nine topics that are going to be covered today she at least as of an hour ago had not released those nine topics to the public so and apparently the campaigns don’t know either so allegedly nobody has any real idea of what is going to be happening um during this debate uh personally what i think pence and harris both need to remain calm throughout this debate you don’t want another dumpster fire of a debate like we had last week um and for pence i really don’t see this being an issue i’ve never seen that guy get above like a three mike pence has i don’t think ever been excited about anything in his life i think um i think for him the harder thing for him is going to be in to be engaging is an ongoing issue yes right uh uh i very often when i’m talking about our opponents on my stump speeches i routinely forget to mention mike pence because he is that forgettable right um if i were on here so i was asked actually earlier i was uh being interviewed and i was asked you know what would you ask kamala harris and mike pence if you were on the debate stage uh and i said uh so commonly harris i’d obviously ask her about that those times that she uh intentionally tried to have uh black men executed that she had evidence that they didn’t commit the crime uh why she would do that and if she considers that morally to be uh if not it’s certainly not maybe not legally but morally to be attempted murder uh and uh and then i would if i remember to ask mike pence anything if i remembered he was there he was there i would ask him what happened to the mike pence who was going to you know advocate for smaller government and lower taxes and reducing the size and spoken power of government is it that he uh doesn’t really believe those things or is he as irrelevant within the white house as he is outside of it yeah um for harris her remaining calm exceptionally exceptionally important and if i was mike pence i would just hit her on a record hit her on a record to try to rattle her to the point where she once again says the people need to elect me president which she has now done multiple times on this campaign trail i would just keep trying to hit her on that hoping to god that she would say and then you could just hit her on the fact that she’s not running for president that would be funny so sort of the tulsi strategy of just saying hey remember all those things you did right that were really terrible that was awesome that was awesome the the chris farley strategy of how to debate kamala harris is just ask her about a record right um yeah so we will we will see it’s actually what it’s nine now or about to be nine so it’s about nine o’clock yes starting shortly i’ve got it i’ve got it going on down right below the streaming thing and i’m just kind of waiting for the candidates to uh them to come out right as opposed to last week where we’re sitting there going is this on pause why so so folks uh while we are waiting to see my uh my opponents come out and uh and pretend that they are our only options uh for the american people to vote for to their utter horror um i do want to talk about my my tour it’s been going very well and uh i am currently working my way down the east coast tomorrow i will be in hampton roads virginia uh and then the day after i will be in charlotte north carolina uh then after that i will be in atlanta georgia uh weather permitting the following day i will be in birmingham alabama uh and so on and so forth we’ll be working our way down all the way down to miami for the possible debates on the 15th we don’t know what trump might show up in a bubble and uh decide he’s ready to debate i don’t i don’t know he has antibodies now he has he has antibodies now that doesn’t it’s not how that works but anyway we’ll see we’ll see what happens and uh and uh either way i’ll be in miami and uh we will so be sure to check out my uh eventbrite uh or to check out my uh my my facebook event section and you will see all of my various events that are coming up i will be doing a waffle house tour uh in ohio uh in a couple weeks as well so be sure to uh to check that out there and if i’m coming anywhere near where you live uh be sure to come out i’d love to meet you and i’d love to answer any questions that you have and uh you know let’s go win this thing guys so is it i i are we are we almost there yet no they’re still they’re still not out um so they’re running late they they are they are running late um so funny funny story for me uh today i got a text message from an old friend of mine from nashville that i haven’t spoken to in years um and she said hey did you used to do a podcast with spike cohen and i said i do i still do and she the one that’s running for vp and i said yes and she was i’m interviewing him on friday oh that’s funny yeah and i was like really and she goes can you give me information and i fed her

i fed her almost every nickname i have ever given you wow she may ask you about you pulling off a kickflip she may ask you about your favorite muppet

okay this will be a hard-hitting interview if there ever was one it’s going to be a hard-hitting interview no i guess she and some some of my other friends all started a uh a a site to educate the voters of nashville on everybody running and i guess you’re doing an interview with them so yeah we got a shout out from uh brandon cody uh i’m not sure if it’s bowers or bowers saying that they uh he voted for us today thanks so much for your support brandon that means for that means everything to me um people are now asking about the kickflip hey thanks matt um i i did one time one time accomplished a kickflip one time and then i tried now people are telling me to do one now um because that’s possible here i don’t have a skateboard i haven’t skateboarded in 20 something years look at our professional opponents there still yeah still still waiting no not there i’m like trying to see if there is there movement do you see movement yeah there’s some movement oh yeah no it’s not frozen i can say that there’s a movement down there at the bottom yeah that’s that was my only thing i’m like is is there movement happening what if they’re watching this they’re thinking you know what i’ll just i’ll just wait for the other one to come out and let spike demolish whoever the other opponent is thereby helping me for not going out there i mean listen folks we saw in the last debate joe jorgensen won that debate uh and frankly so did every single one of you watching who have been trying to say for well over a year now that there’s not really any real difference between trump and biden that they both suck that they both can’t really articulate any policy changes they’re gonna make uh they think it can barely form a coherent sentence the only thing they’re really good at is insulting people and shifting the blame uh and that at no point are they going to acknowledge that they or their parties have worked together to create the problems that we’re facing right now the only way we’re going to solve those problems is by to kick them out and to completely dismantle it uh we might see a slightly more sophisticated version of that tonight but i don’t know

so next wednesday you’re gonna be in orlando is that the 14th yes

yes yes yes and yes i will be next wednesday on the 14th on the 14th yes in beautiful orlando and that means that i will also be in orlando on the 14th uh so a question is waffle house an official sponsor of the tour no no but they have not given us a cease and desist as of yet as of yet in effect we’ve actually talked to the waffle houses that we’re going to go to and they have encouraged us to come so nice there is that oh good so now yeah susan susan page is oops susan page is doing her thing

and now when i introduce the candidates please welcome california senator kamala harris and vice president mike pence

and libertarian candidates spike cohen and spike cohen and spycone clap for that you stupid bastards thank you

senator harris and vice president pence thank you for being here we’re meeting as president trump and the first lady continue to undergo treatment in washington after testing positive for covet 19. we send our thoughts and prayers to them for their rapid and complete recovery and for the recovery of everyone afflicted by the coronavirus the two campaigns and the commission on presidential debates have agreed to the ground rules for tonight i’m here to enforce them on behalf of the millions of americans who are watching yeah you and chris wallace both good luck either campaign or anywhere else has been told in advance what topics i’ll raise or what questions i’ll ask this 90 minute debate will be divided into nine segments of about 10 minutes each i’ll begin a segment by posing a question to each of you sometimes the same question sometimes a different question on the same topic you will then have two minutes to answer without interruption by me or the other candidate then we’ll take six minutes or so to discuss the issue at that point although there will always be more to say are they sitting so that they don’t have to wear a mask yes a debate okay that that was part of the rules but america was going to be sitting as opposed to standing because of that reason because when you stand you have to wear a mask to protect you have a respectful exchange about the big issues facing our nation let’s begin with the ongoing pandemic that has cost our country so much senator harris the coronavirus is not under control over the past week johns hopkins reports that 39 states have had more coveted cases over the past seven days than in the week before nine states have set new records even if a vaccine is released soon the next administration will face hard choices what would a biden administration do in january and february that a trump administration wouldn’t do would you impose new lockdowns for businesses in schools and hot spots i have an answer for that they probably will continue to kick the can down the road not acknowledge the fact that the reason that we’re even facing the pandemic as badly as we are right now is because the cdc didn’t allow medical professionals to test covet patients for the first two months that the virus was here which allowed it to spiral out of control and as she just said we are at and above record highs during lockdowns it’s almost like they didn’t work anyway that’s that’s really literally the answer to that one in five businesses closed we’re looking at frontline workers who have been treated like sacrificial workers by the season i’m looking at over 30 million people who in the last several months had to file for unemployment and here’s the thing because of the law on january 28th the vice president and the president were informed about the nature of this pandemic they were informed that it’s lethal in consequence that it is airborne that it will affect young people and that it would be contracted because it is airborne you just said and they knew what was happening and they didn’t tell them that would be airborne that it would be airborne and that it would be in fact march 13th what they knew what you might have done to prepare like allowing the cdc to allow medical professionals to test patients by the way go ahead and mute real quick the reason that no one is going to talk about this the very reason why the virus is spiraling out of control even though this would be such an easy dunk for the democrats to go donald trump didn’t allow the c didn’t have the the cdc under donald trump didn’t allow covent patients to be tested for two months the reason she can’t say that the reason no one will say that even though it’s common knowledge it’s multiple news reports about it everyone knows this is the case is because it’s their system too it would have been completely the same with them these weren’t new regulations it isn’t bluster or rhetoric it is something that has been in place for years if hillary clinton had been in office it literally would have been the same way so you will not hear about the actual reason that the uh and also they can’t pivot and try to blame it on you wanting to live your life and not face a massive government-imposed depression so that’s the other reason they won’t mention it than that of almost every other wealthy nation on earth for instance our death rate is two and a half times that of canada next door you head the administration’s coronavirus task force why is the u.s death toll well really there’s a percentage of our population higher than that of almost every other wealthy country and you have two minutes to respond without interruption this isn’t cvc didn’t test him i want to thank the commission and the university of utah for hosting this event and uh senator harris it’s a privilege to be on the stage with you you know our nation has gone through a very challenging time this year but i want the american people to know that from the very first day president donald trump has put the health of america first before there were more than five cases in the united states all people who had returned from china president donald trump did what no other american president had ever done and that was he suspended all travel from china the second it was already too late it was already here and they weren’t allowing that to be tested so it spread opposed that decision he said it was xenophobic and hysterical but i can tell you having led the white house coronavirus task force that that decision alone by president trump bought us invaluable time to stand up the greatest national mobilization since world war ii what what about it i believe it’s interesting for thousands of american lives because with that time we were able to reinvent testing more than 115 million tested reinvented you have to mute reinventing testing what that meant was that they tried to reinvent the wheel there were already american companies that were making a approved covet 19 test kits by the millions and the cvc said nope you can’t sell them here you got to sell them overseas we are going to make our own and it’s going to be even better than anything you’ve ever made about two months later they went well it turns out we suck at making test kits so just go ahead and start selling them here but not all of them we’re only going to approve about two or three of them uh and now i think we’re up to like five or six different types out of the dozens that are being made here still many of them are still only being sold overseas because they aren’t legal to use here usually because they don’t automatically report to the government so it had nothing to once it was here once one person had it here this highly virulent pathogen that that spreads very very easily and as kamala harris has said seven times already is airborne uh which airborne is relative but it does spread easily it can spread asymptomatically as a result of that once it’s already here it doesn’t matter you can shut off all travel from any country on earth it doesn’t matter it’s already here if you’re not testing patients it’s going to spread out of control especially since a good number of the people that get it don’t ever have any symptoms they have it they spread it they never have so much as a sniffle and then it’s it’s gone out of their system for and they have it for weeks that way go ahead and go to this whatever they’re not real quick let’s give a quick shout out to the uh travis county libertarian party who is watching us right now shout out to travis county travis county yeah thank you for watching travis county i think that’s in texas travis county texas well why didn’t you all tell anybody he said because the president wanted people to remain calm well let’s go i don’t know but susan this is important and i want to add here we go vice president i’m speaking i’m speaking yeah you can have 15 more seconds and then we’ll give the vice president so i want to ask the american people how calm were you when you were panicked about where you’re going to get your next roll of toilet paper how calm are you when your kids get sent home from school and you didn’t know when they were supply chain issues related to the lockdown and the government restrictions on it they are blaming covid for toilet paper vice president pence a chance to respond vice presidents you have one minute you know there’s not a day gone by that i haven’t thought of every american family that’s lost a loved one and i want all of you to know that it’ll always be in our hearts and in our prayers but when you say what the american people have done over these last eight months hasn’t worked that’s a great disservice the sacrifices the american people have made the reality nothing to do with what the american people did the federal government under republican and democrat control did not allow the testing of covent patients and i know i keep saying that it’s because it’s the most crucial way to slow the spread of a highly virulent pathogen many of whom who suffer from it spread asymptomatically it is the only way to slow it and contain it and it was the one thing they didn’t allow even still they were making it hard joe and i have talked to so many medical professionals across the country who are saying that their jobs are still being made difficult in trying to test and contain this virus because it turns out that our massive federal bureaucracy for healthcare that drives up the cost of healthcare and makes it where you can’t even find out how much your services cost for weeks or months it also isn’t a great way to deal with the pandemic but the sacrifices that they have made putting the health of their family and their neighbors first our doctors our nurses our first thank you vice president and i’m going to speak up on behalf of what the american people vice president pence you were in the front row in a rose garden event 11 days ago what seems to have been a super spreader event for senior administration congressional officials no social umass and now a cluster of coronavirus cases among those who were there how can you expect americans to follow the administration’s safety guidelines to protect themselves from covet when you at the white house have not been doing so how dare you accept the american people when they whatever you just said it would be they’re willing to put the health of their families and their neighbors and people they don’t even know first president trump and i have great confidence in the american people and and their ability to take that information and put it into practice in the height of the epidemic when we were losing a heartbreaking number of 2500 americans a day we surged resources to new jersey and during our super spreader event we did not allow a single chinese person into it thereby saving the lives of potentially again americans stepped forward but the reality is the work of the president of the united states goes on a vacancy on the supreme court of the united states uh has come upon us when the president introduced judge amy coney barrett wow if i may say that rose garden wow no wonder they don’t ever let them talk right goodness they’re an honor to be there many of the people holy hell that event susan actually would say and i wish i was up there right now this would be brutal it’s an outdoor event which all of our scientists regularly routinely advise the difference here is president trump and i trust the american people to make choices in the best interest of he trusted the american people so much that he didn’t allow medical professionals to test patients which hillary also would not have done that’s with the coronavirus but a government takeover of healthcare thank you thank you the green new deal all government control we’re about freedom and respecting the freedom of the american people let’s talk about respecting the american people you respect the american people when you tell them the truth you respect the american people when you have the courage to be a leader speaking of those things that you may not want people to hear but they need to hear so they can protect themselves so if kamala harris is going to talk about respecting the american people this is a woman who fought to keep non-violent criminals in jail so she could keep them as free labor she kept she withheld evidence from an innocent man who was on death row two men two men innocent men two two innocent men in order to make sure that they would stay on death row as opposed to uh you know letting them go free as they should have been and she wants to talk about respecting american people her time as the top cop of her district proves that she does not respect the people

not even remotely not even again these two will be at their best when they are saying how terrible the other one is you you never hear a better broken clock moment for a republicrat when they’re saying how terrible another republic rat is that’s the only good that you’re going to get out of them in terms of honesty if the trump administration approves a vaccine before or after the election should americans take it and would you take it no if the public health professionals if dr fauci if i got to turn captions off that’s annoying yeah that is incredibly annoying absolutely but if donald trump tells us i should that we should take it i’m not taking it vice president pence there have been a lot of repercussions from this pandemic in recent days the president’s diagnosis of covert 19 has underscored the importance of the job that you hold and that you are seeking that’s our second topic tonight it’s the role of the vice president one of you will make history on january 20th we will be the vice president to the oldest president the united states has ever had donald trump will be 74 years old on inauguration day joe biden will be 78 years old that already has raised concerns among some voters concerns that have been sharpened by president trump’s hospitalization in recent days vice president pence have you had a conversation or reached an agreement with president trump about safeguards or procedures when it comes to the issue of presidential disability and if not do you think you should you have two minutes without interruption is there a situation in which mike pence could talk about this and donald trump would blast him on twitter for suggesting that he can’t be president for the next 30 years

in less than a year we have five companies in phase three clinical trials and we’re right now producing tens of millions of doses so the fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine i love that democrats have become mildly anti-vaxxed during this unconscionable it’s a very interesting look and i’m

the reality is that we will have a vaccine we believe before the end of this year and it will have the capacity to save countless american lives and your continuous undermining of confidence in a vaccine is just it it’s just unacceptable at least several months of safety profile at best it’ll be in the next within the next year from now we actually do know what failure looks like in a pandemic it was 2009 the swine flu arrived in the united states thankfully it was ended up me not being as lethal as the coronavirus but before the end of the year when joe biden was vice president of the united states not seven and a half million people contracted the swine flu 60 million americans contracted the swine flu if the swine flu had been as lethal as the coronavirus in 2009 when joe biden was vice president we would have lost two million american lives his own chief of staff ron claim it was let’s say last year this is the weirdest flex i’ve ever seen ever before this would be like saying ebola came to america and it had a 50 death rate if it had spread as much as this one had half of americans would be dead now like what does that even do really i’d be laughing too right by the way shout out to uh lori hughes for the 99 cent uh super chat donation on youtube lori hughes um trump did the same thing in the debate uh against biden where he brought up the swine flu and started talking and i was like this is the weirdest flex ever like it’s just a really really weird time that virus that didn’t kill a whole lot of people it was actually like about as deadly as a cold or about or it was actually less deadly than the flu the regular flu yeah how about that huh asking me to serve with him on this ticket was probably one of the most memorable memorable days of my life oh that’s another question i would ask her is uh do you still believe what you said last year when you said that you believed joe biden’s accusers that he sexually assaulted them and if so is it that you don’t believe that that that matters and that we should be actively electing sexual assaulters to uh the office of president or were you lying or did some other evidence come to light that you refuse to release to the public which you have a history of doing about hard work about the value and the dignity of public service oh shout out to leonard probosco who has uh donated five dollars on on the youtube super chat letter for bosco elected the first woman district attorney of san francisco where i created mine for law enforcement in terms of reform of the criminal justice system i was elected the first woman of color and black woman to be elected attorney general of the state of california where i ran the second largest department of justice in the united states we are aware of your time in the department of justice uh there i took on everything from transnational criminal organizations her bringing up her bringing up her past as a district attorney is a t like that opens the door for everything else it’s incredible but here’s the thing mike pence will not flank her from a criminal justice standpoint this is where i’m needed because he won’t do that he’ll say you’re a man be perfect liberal who doesn’t care about law and order against the violent anarchist forces of antifa communism or whatever he’s going to say but he can’t he can’t flank her from that he can’t bring up a criminal justice record because they are all about the police can never do anything wrong prosecutors can never do anything wrong so i don’t think it’s gonna happen by the way shout out to dave davis and uh uhana broderick uh for their 499 donations on youtube dear davis uhan runway the modern norm until the 2016 election and in recent days president trump’s doctors have given misleading answers or refused to answer basic questions about his health and my question to each of you in turn is is this information voters deserve to know vice president pence would you like to go first well susan thank you and uh shout out to laurie hughes let me say 20 u.s donation president thank you so much lori laura hughes we’ll see you in the savannah i can’t wait to see you’ve all been by the outpouring of prayers and concern he for the president’s not even i don’t believe the prayers and the concern that have ushered forth for every american impacted by the coronavirus but the care the president received at walter reed hospital the white house doctors was exceptional and the transparency that they practiced all along better than americans yeah people have uh it was right to know about the health truth of their president and we’ll continue to do that but i’m just extremely grateful and was more than more than a little moved uh by the broad and bipartisan support and senator i want to thank you and joe biden for your expressions genuine concern and i also want to congratulate you uh as i did on that phone call uh on the historic nature of your nomination um i i never expected to be on this stage four years ago wow so this is all nonsense so uh shout out to meg jones 10 donation in memory of shannon jones uh thank you so much for your donation and definitely uh rest in peace to shannon um uh the regular guy uh made a 420 donation nice nice i see i see what you did there i see what you did you did a thing and i saw it uh we both did uh and antonio andrade uh for his five dollar donation abolish the atf absolutely that’s what we’re here for shout out to edward uh uh ramon i hope i hope that i’m saying that right or agreement uh for his 499 donation spike to the page uh mike lee uh shout out to mike lee for his one dollar donation mike lee

and greg gibbs thank you for your 4.9 4.99 donation thank you we now know greg trump owes and is in debt for 400 million dollars and just so everyone is clear when when we say in debt it means you owe money to somebody and it’d be really good to know who the president of the united states the commander-in-chief owes money to because the american people have a right to know what is influencing the president’s decisions and is he making those cronies who put him in office

so susan i’m glad you asked about transparency because it has to be across the board joe has been incredibly transparent you know what’s really like a transparent thing would be like for example if um you were trying to have someone executed for murder and you had evidence that they didn’t do it that you would be transparent about that maybe stop trying to have been covering up everything or if you had a vested financial interest in keeping uh

uh for prison contractors uh you uh would be transparent about that we’ve got some more shout outs here uh to shout out to alex boyer for his two dollar donation i am am going to go buy myself a sodie pop after this thank you uh shout out to adam wakes for his one dollar donation adam love you man uh jay norton for a 20 20 donation the libertarian armed bear caucus loves mystery science debate theater jay if there is a facebook group for the libertarian armed bear caucus please please please please send us an invite uh i definitely need to be a part of that shout out to alan mendez for uh his seven dollar donation thank you so much turned this economy around by cutting taxes rolling back regulations thank you thank you guys there are fewer right there are more regulations now than there were when you came into office and the average tax burden of the average american family thanks to your war on trade is 23 higher than it was when you came into office this has been another aspect of life for americans it’s been so affected by this coronavirus we have a jobs crisis ruling on friday because of the lockdown unemployment rate had declined to 7.9 percent in september but the job growth had stalled and that was before the latest round of layoffs and furloughs in the airline industry at disney and elsewhere the airlines who were given trillions of dollars in your money in exchange for not firing people or furloughing them are now doing that and experiencing record profits which is why we are in the worst recession of our lifetimes while stock prices are at and above all-time highs anyone who says that they want a system whereby we are not robbed to make the rich even richer uh should not be voting republican for democrat ever got some more shoutouts here natasha farver a shout out for your 299 uh donation hands doing the side of the horns with sparkles around two minutes it’s they’re they’re uh they’re emojis that we don’t see on here

what i agree yap’s hands doing the sign of the horns with the sparkles uh judith reuter five dollar donation wish you wish you were there i do too judah thank you i think we know what would happen right now raymond mannis 499 donation all the best on the run spike thank you so much raymond uh another one from adam wakes two dollars love you too spike uh love you too man uh mike rafferty twenty dollars uh hashtag let them speak cowards you know listen we’re seeing right now why they wouldn’t imagine this mess uh let’s see rob z 1999 donation on behalf of jennifer o’connor country over party absolutely man natalie bruno 50 donation 49.99 donations so glad to be on the team hashtag vote roll and natalie thank you so much uh greenfield baguette five dollar donation shout out to greenfield uh john grady 25 donation check out the patriot the philosopher and the madman on amazon i’ve been told that a couple of times john thank you amanda fought 50 donations see you in the woodlands with some smoke saying oh i will be your best friend let me tell you something amanda we will i will imprint on you if you bring me so sam into the woodlands kayla phillips 5 donation thank you so much kayla this debate is i didn’t anticipate just giving shout outs to everyone on the facebook all right let’s go back to this nonsense example for folks who want to go to a two-year community college it will be free if you come from a family that makes less than 125 000 you’ll go to a public university for free and across the board will make sure that if you have student loan debt it’s cut by ten thousand dollars that’s how

to the federal government that’s an illegitimate debt and you should know it first of all corporations so write that down second of all uh when it comes to uh higher education it’s government that drove up the cost if government wasn’t involved in deciding what the cost was they’d have to charge you what you could afford and the lenders would only give you what they thought you’d actually be able to pay back based on the expected income from that federal government involvement is why the cost of healthcare or healthcare too but why higher education is so expensive in the first place uh get the government out of it and allow the price equilibrium to come in and americans will be able to afford it also stop pimping four-year schools there are trade schools where you can immediately start making more money two-year schools uh two and three-year schools sometimes one-year schools that are trade schools and also get rid of occupational licensing there are a lot of things that you shouldn’t have to go to school what was it six years to be an interior decorator in florida or something like that man was predominantly some uh yeah six years six years plus two uh internships some states three years to braid hair this is utter nonsense let’s do some shout outs these people are idiots um i don’t want to talk about i wouldn’t i’d rather talk about our amazing fans here baron elijah five dollar donation big love from hawaiian shirt enthusiasts my insurer igloo time uh tara leech five dollar donation and duopoly we’re working on it tara thank you so much joel getz five uh 499 donations spike myself are the only real libertarians great meeting you in wilkes-barre hey listen joel um the minute that you say uh that you are a real libertarian you’re actually technically not a real libertarian but it was great meeting you in pennsylvania uh leonard provosco another four dollars let earn help us mama joe you’re our only hope thank you leonard uh genotube live 4.99 donation shout out to genotube melissa team uh five dollar donation hashtag spike the debates spike the debates hashtag hashtag spike to the mates irvin savik 100 donation go get it thanks so much thank you thank you so much irvin kyle schroyer 5 donation and the duopoly let’s fix the country absolutely kyle thank you so much

let’s go back to this took office half of our international trade deficit was with china alone and joe biden wants to repeal all of the tariffs that president trump put into effect to fight for american jobs and american workers there are americans who have lost jobs and farmers who now live on welfare where they used to be farmers who farmed things because of the war on trade all you do is get rid of the regulations that drive up the cost of doing business in america and hiring americans and all those jobs will come back i already argued with chris taylor brown’s toaster about this he already acknowledged we already acknowledged what the problem is here i will argue with mike pence’s toaster next if i have to or commonly harris’s hair dryer really whatever whatever appliance they want me to argue with i will do it and i will win by god shout out to mrs rogers for the 20 donation we met at anarchon in virginia prison families for joe and spike i remember you i remember you thank you so much uh you’re doing great thank you i appreciate that rebecca penn glass five dollar donation hashtag spike.mike spike pence in real time uh leslie knowles 4.99 donation uh thank you so much leslie i will be there on saturday with my dad and elena i’m excited i’m excited too leslie i can’t wait to meet you thank you so much uh friday uh saturday the 10th come on now yeah joe biden will not race shabbat miracles in atlanta go ahead joe biden will not end fracking he has been very clear about that joe biden is the one who during the the great recession was responsible for the recovery the 1994 crime brought america back and now the trump pence administration wants to take credit when they ran when they rode the court coattails of joe biden’s success for the economy that they had at the beginning of their term of course now the economy is a complete disaster but joe biden on the one hand did that on the other hand you have done it was on its way to being a disaster because of the austrian business cycle could tell you decades long before any of us were born why it would because of the federal reserve policy of republicans and democrats but it’s especially bad now because of the lockdown the coronavirus did not attack businesses it it was a virus that spread because the government didn’t uh allow medical professionals to to do their job and then also again uh then they locked everything down and it has not stopped spreading you have donald trump who’s in court right now shout out to rob dye for his 50 donations and hoping to see you in the white house bike i would love to do i would love that very much rob thank you so much this is very important susan yes and we need to give we need to get vice president i’d just like he interrupted me and i’d like to just finish please if you have a pre-existing condition heart disease diabetes breast cancer they’re coming for you if you love someone who has by they she means big pharma that enjoys republican and democratic patent protections charges you ten and a hundred thousand times for decades

president trump and i have a plan to improve health care and to protect protect pre-existing conditions for every american but look uh senator harris you’re you’re entitled to your own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts you yourself said on multiple occasions when you were running for president did you say you’re lying on friday she said good line joe biden and pointed and said i guarantee i guarantee that we will abolish fossil fuels they have a two trillion dollar version of the green new deal susan that your newspaper usa today said really wasn’t that very if we’re talking

and not ready for prime time renewables uh and instead deregulate the market so that we can use nuclear in the meantime which has zero carbon footprint is the cheapest form of cheapest most plentiful and safest form statistically of energy available which will also allow the renewable market to skyrocket because what renewables need for development is a for government to stop subsidizing bad providers of renewables and b for energy to be so cheap and plentiful for them to do the kind of research they need to do to research the next generation of truly renewable uh things that is joe jorgensen’s plan for the energy for energy uh it does not involve uh absurd rhetoric about uh taxing uh cow flatulence uh or of uh uh you know threatening to bankrupt entire industries uh which is sort of a republicrat uh favorite uh shout outs to uh uh caleb persinger for 49.99 uh donation so glad i found this campaign i’m so tired of the republican nonsense hashtag vote gold shout out to jen mcnorris for her 20.46 dollar donation i’m certain there’s a symbol symbolism there shout out to who should be debating the spike man 2020 46 46 oh the 46 president oh 46 uh vp uh uh shout out to raymond mannis 299 u.s uh hashtag make it the gold house 2020 waffle house uh oh shout out to governor uh nicholas wildstar for five dollar donation good to see you man uh shout out to samantha finch for five dollar donation jonathan reels and i are coming to see you in birmingham i love it i cannot wait for that looking forward to wall files i am looking forward to that too uh angela hatcher uh shout out to her for her 17.89 donation she says freedom uh isaac gross uh shout out 24.99 donation uh you should be on that stage hashtag vote gold we see what’s happening but we see why i’m not on the stage same reason joe wasn’t on the stage because uh we would instantly win it would be an instant win with a possible flawless victory uh christina page a 50 donation uh in memory of david jackson page first killed by police and then victimized again by qualified committee absolutely i’m sorry christina and thank you so much for that donation um shout out to joel goetz 499 donation please tell bonnie that you agree that turkey bacon is disgraceful to the name of bacon listen listen uh bacon is a victimless crime okay that doesn’t mean that it is not a disgrace to the name of bacon it’s not bacon it’s not bacon it’s not bacon it isn’t bacon right i i as a jew am in fact a bacon expert uh and turkey is not turkey bacon is not bacon beef bacon is in fact bacon uh turkey bacon not bacon uh pam tringle uh shout out for your 499 donation logical people for the united states of america we need to start somewhere absolutely pam uh shout out to mel magnuson 17.76 donation joe spike to restore freedom and liberty in this country absolutely uh trisha goode shout out to you for a 1999 donation love meeting you in des moines yeah tricia was great meeting you thank you so much for coming out uh governor wildstar another five dollars hashtag throw your vote away vote libertarian joe j2020 uh hashtag to uh uh or shout out to tj norman 1.99 donation uh he asks how do you plan on getting media coverage uh we have to make our own coverage we have to be bold we have to get around the media we have to do our own video ad placement on streaming sites we have to do stuff like this we can’t rely on the media the media will uh do everything they can to shut us out we have more support than any other libertarian ticket before and they’re doing everything they can to pretend we don’t exist precisely for that reason they are horrified at what will happen if we get the attention that we uh that we have earned uh br shout out to brett kernbeck uh for a 1999 donation thank you for truly fighting for the preservation of liberty spike so refreshing to hear a person in the presidential race finally pushing trade schools like i’m very happy that i graduated from thank you man shout out to lupe gonzalez hey lupe thank you for tuning in uh 4.99 uh or actually lupe mcdougall now technically uh 4.99 donation uh hashtag shout out to chris cole five dollars for victims of family law for spike cohen and the family law industry and absolute immunity for judges let’s get our kids back absolutely man thank you so much for your support great senior north carolina let’s get back to this nonsense that the west coast of our country is burning including my home state of california because of bad uh forest management policies in the gulf states which are being battered by storms joe has seen and talked about storms in iowa whose entire crops have been destroyed because of floods and so joe believes again in science i’ll tell you something susan i served when i first got to the senate on the committee that’s responsible for the environment do you know this administration took the word science off the website any energy any any energy or climate change plan that is not completely centered around nuclear energy which is the cheapest safest most plentiful

sustainable and also zero carbon footprint any conversation about climate change or the environment or energy that is not centered around nuclear energy is an intentionally useless conversation this has nothing to do if they wanted to truly stop climate change they would embrace deregulating so that nuclear energy uh would not be prohibitively expensive to get involved and the only reason we don’t see new nuclear plants in this country is because they have regulated them and to be prohibitively expensive to building and maintaining any new ones period that’s the reason we don’t have them and they are doing that intentionally because they want you to have to pay more for energy to benefit the cronies that put them in office they also want to keep this uh specter of climate change over you and this fear of it happening they know that they could stop this dead in its tracks by deregulating and allowing for more nuclear energy and also deregulating would allow for more products to be made here instead of on the other side of the planet and shipped all the way back here which would greatly reduce the carbon footprint of uh of our consumption so the fact that they’re not talking about those things tells you that they have no serious intention of dealing with this they just want to scare you uh let’s see uh shout out to andrew k and 20 donation great meeting you tonight in dover hey man thanks so much for coming out uh amber i’m gonna have to unfortunately shorten uh the what i’m reading from these messages just so we can actually get back to the debate uh shout out to amber five dollar donation can’t meet to we wait to meet you friday in north carolina absolutely shout out to dara waidu daria dara for uh 10 donation first time voting for a presidential election excited to be voting for you guys thanks man um uh or thanks i i shouldn’t gender you thank you um eric granada uh five uh four dollars 4.99 donation thank you so much uh victims of family law uh carol baker shout out to you for your 1999 donation spike the vote a bunch of other hashtags i really love thank you carol thank you so much all right let’s go back to the development center we don’t need a massive 2 trillion dollar green new deal that would improve just the nuclear energy we just need to hear energy and american families thank you joe biden wants us to retrofit nuclear thank you vice president business buildings it makes no sense it will cost nuclear jobs president trump thank you very much america first he’s going to put jobs first and we’re going to take care of our environment and follow this nuclear yes you know on the issue of jobs senator let’s talk about no nuclear you the vice president earlier referred to as part of what he thinks is an accomplishment um the the president’s trade war with china you lost that trade war you lost it their trade wars aren’t won and lost everyone loses the consumer loses government wins by getting a bunch of new people that are relying on them because they’ve destroyed their economy and they get a bunch of revenue from it there are no winners and losers and trade wars except the governments of the respective countries engaging in them and the losers are literally everyone else shout out to noah lindgren 1499 donation came around to youtube just to give some money hey thanks uh fernando rivas 4.20 donation ken bowden did nothing wrong matt did you know ken bone voted for us i did i knew that uh i retweeted that presidential welcome to the bone show the american people uh amanda ford uh shout out to you from your 10 donation pair character jumping up and down saying number one fan thanks hair character uh

like say thanks by the end of the month doesn’t that like encourage more is in america right now and it is because of the catastrophe and the failure of leadership of this administration thank you senator harris vice president pence let me give you just 15 seconds to respond because then i want to move on well i i’d love to respond look lost the trade war with china joe biden never fought it joe biden’s been a cheerleader for communist china through over the last several decades and and again senator harris you’re entitled to your opinion you’re not entitled to your own facts when joe biden was vice president we lost two hundred thousand manufacturing jobs because regulations that caused that to happen and they’ve continued to lose jobs to china and other countries during the uh during the trump administration because of regulations has nothing to do with the trade war if you drive up the cost of living in the u.s that just makes it worse if you tell the average american we’re going to increase your cost of living by 23 percent with tariffs then you’re not actually helping them you’re making them lose their jobs become reliant on welfare and the cost of living i just need to respond very quickly 15 seconds thank you thank you joe biden is responsible for saving america’s auto industry and you voted against it so let’s set the record straight thank you america’s ondo industry continues to fail because of legacy costs related to uh mandated uh legacy labor costs which is making it again increasingly unaffordable to make durable goods in the us uh at the current rate uh none of this stuff will be made in america in another few years uh and it will only get worse as they continue to increase tariffs that just caused these supply chain costs to continue to go up for businesses that are still here that are having to import stuff into the us so that will only get worse shout out to jennifer abernathy i’m gonna keep saying the amounts 11 11 donation in honor of madison kingston robeson uh hashtag justice and for all recovering democrats thank you jennifer uh and uh shout out to derek rhodes five dollar donation shout out to rachel for your five dollar donation rachel watson knock knock who’s there joe mama president joe mama for president to renegotiate i like that um jesus uh de la torre uh shout out for your 1776 donation first ever campaign donation because i want a shout out and voting gold is the american thing to do thank you so much it was a huge win for american auto workers it was a huge win for american farmers especially dairy in the upper midwest but senator you you said it didn’t go far enough on climate change that that you put your your radical environmental agenda ahead of american auto workers and a head of american jobs like literally this is why nothing ever gets accomplished is because they have to use their weird rhetoric against each other that’s not solutions oriented it’s it’s create division oriented so if we talk about for example they’re talking about jobs and they’re talking about the environment and instead of saying the reason why jobs are as bad as they are here is because of the regulations that are driving up the cost of doing business in america and hiring americans and if we get rid of those things will get better and the reason that we have so many environmental issues is because of regulations that have uh increasingly made it unaffordable to provide clean forms of energy or for smaller competitors to compete with larger more polluting companies instead the democrat says you don’t care about science unfortunately and the republican says you don’t care about auto workers you just want to pass your extreme democrat agenda it’s all nonsense it’s all hysterical rhetoric that is designed to keep everyone nice and divided instead of actually focusing on what the problem is how to solve the problem because how to solve the problem is never having to look at these two again and replacing them with people who understand what the actual issue is china we’re going to continue to stand strong thank you vice president we want to improve the relationship but we’re going to level the playing field and we’re going to hold china accountable for what they did to america you have destroyed the playing field you and her and your parties have completely eliminated the playing field and i asked the vice president how would you describe our fundamental relationship with china are we competitors adversaries enemies you’ll have two minutes uninterrupted china’s a client china is a client state of u.s crony businesses who have put these two in office and their parties in office to create regulations and laws that make it increasingly unaffordable to do business in america and hire americans which necessarily leads to larger companies just moving their bases of operation overseas because they’re the only ones that can afford to do that this place is a wasteland for anyone who would want to compete with them and they move all the jobs over there and just bring them back oh and all the also they uh they uh use the military to protect their goods as they’re being shipped back into the us so here you have it where they have robbed you of your ability to thrive and then use every bit of taxpayer service that you’re paying for to externalize all of their major costs including the cost of protecting their shipments all the way back here from pirates and bad actors so at every single step you are being screwed over by big business cronies who own both of these people that you are watching right now that is why i’m not on the debate stage right now that is why joe was not on the debate stage with donald trump and joe biden because it would be very very very easy for us to simply sit here in between these two arguing over which one sucks worse and then every once in a while i could raise my hand and say i agree you’re both terrible here are the policies that you’ve been passed uh and implemented and executed that have led to the bad things we’re facing here is how we undo them and both of you you have to go war that is why we’re not on that stage and let’s talk about standing pew the reputable research firm has done an analysis that shows that leaders of all of our formerly allied countries have now decided that they holding greater esteem and respect hashtag hashtag to justice who’s the guy on the left that’s a guy on the left

shout out to melissa harmer uh hashtag vote gold shout out to um mia lewis hope to see you tomorrow get my waffle house mug sign absolutely mia uh shout out

you did an interview with my boy crypto jaws him and i served together in the navy on the same ship please come to chicago soon i was in chicago a couple months ago i will try to get there as soon as possible uh shout out to lowell’s it’s dave hashtag pokegold2020 hashtags mike to vote uh shout out to uh oh chairman mike mike connor jr uh we’re working it in iowa for spike keep representing chairman mike shout out to chairman mike and uh and thank you it might sound complicated but really it’s relationships so just think about it as relationships and so we know this in our personal and professional relationships um you gotta keep your word to your friends gotta be loyal to your friends people who’ve stood with you you’ve gotta stand talking about the cronies you gotta know who your adversaries are and keep them in check but what she’s talking about american consumers and workers is that he has betrayed our friends and it and and and and embraced dictators around the world let’s take for example russia so russia watching democrats is my favorite television community of 2020. russia interfered in the election it’s amazing not china which is like far more aggressive and actually communist uh it’s it is a very very interesting dynamic of of where the the republicans are demonizing uh all of china and uh the democrats are demonizing all of russia and it is an absolutely astounding thing to build has put us in a position i want to see how pence responds to her going after russia and russia interfering in the election because with everything that was declassified true or not true i want to see what his response to this is allies around the country and because of donald trump’s unilateral approach to foreign policy coupled with his isolationism he pulled us out and has made oh and real quick for anybody out there who uh is saying that i need to stop vaping apparently you’ve never watched this show before you have

this man would end the stream before he would stop vaping that’s right absolutely shout out to jordan harris thank you hashtag vice president

our allies but we’ve been demanding nato is now contributing more to our common defense than ever before thanks to president trump’s leadership we’ve strengthened our alliances across what that means is you’re still paying for the defense of other countries um against those who would do us harm at a time when we’re 27 trillion dollars in that and in the worst reception area um of the middle east george would end all of that nonsense these countries can defend themselves

it has caused immeasurable suffering overseas not to mention all the suffering to veterans that come home uh and often are notably about ptsd and other issues uh including the ones who unfortunately come home in the flag-draped castle it needs to end the empire needs to get less safe and made less secure and uh it is time for us to heal caleb miller’s murder uh shout out to uh rio radius shout out to rodriguez uh sydney says hi hi sydney uh shout out to bonnie f don’t read though we had an opportunity yeah breaks my heart to reflect on it but the military came into the oval office presented a plan they said they knew where caleb was baghdadi had held her for 18 months abused her mercilessly before they killed her but when joe biden was vice president they hesitated for a month and when armed forces finally went in it was clear she’d been moved two days earlier and her family says with a heart that broke the heart of every american that if president donald trump had been president they believe kayla would be alive today thank you very much we destroyed the isis caliphate uh and you talk about re-entering the iran nuclear deal i mean the last administration transferred 1.8 billion dollars to the leading state sponsor thank you very much of terrorism president the leading state sponsor of terrorism is saudi arabia or arguably the united states government um that was money that was americans president owned by chinese by iranian private iranian company assets that was them getting their money back largely and if i were the president of iran i would want nukes too because that’s a great way to not get bombed by the us that’s actually the only way to not to assure that you aren’t bombed by the u.s mueller family i know about your daughter’s case and i’m so sorry i’m so sorry um what happened to her is awful and it should have never happened and i know joe feels the same way and i know that president obama feels the same way um but you mentioned solamani let’s let’s start there so after the strike on soleimani there was a counter strike on our troops in iraq and they suffered serious brain injuries and do you know what donald trump dismissed them as headaches and this is about a pattern of donald trump’s where he has why are they there to our men who are serving in our military as such why are they there neither one of these two who will say that the problem is that they’re there of our fallen heroes and said what’s in it our fallen heroes deserve for there to not be any more fallen heroes because we bring them home because the whole thing has been murderous failure that has only benefited central bankers around the world especially here in the us through the federal reserve uh military and energy contractors huge big business cronies foreign dictatorships in drug cartels global drug cartels those are the people who have benefited oh and the terror groups uh who use these invasions as a way to uh uh as a means of of recruitment for their terror groups uh when they aren’t directly receiving funding and arming and training uh from the u.s government and it’s it’s western property and donald trump had talked at least six times to vladimir putin and never brought up the subject joe biden would never do that thank you joe biden would but joe biden i mean joe biden’s son would get a donation would you get a three to give a shout out to moscow for the 3.5 3.5 million dollar donation

this donation thank you senator harris this is such an important issue but we have other important issues as well and i want to i want to make sure we have a chance i really have to talk about that she has 15 seconds because well i gotta we’re trying to keep learning are you i’m sorry vice president oh well well mike pence is out of nowhere mike mike pence standing up and standing up i need more than 15 seconds i’m i’m sorry captain in the united states marine corps my son-in-law is deployed in the united states navy i can assure all of you with sons and daughters serving in our military president donald trump not only respects but reveres all of those who serve in our armed forces otherwise you would bring them home right thank you vice president america people deserve scissors what you are able to do for those that put

agreed to the rules for tonight’s debate with the commission on presidential race oh wow oh she’s not too oh she’s not playing moving forward she yes susan page is not playing around with both

no i don’t i don’t think they have a mute button in this one i think they might have one in the presidential as the last topic you’re gonna need it you’re just gonna see it

between trump invited the next open hearings on amy coney barrett’s nomination to the supreme court senator harris you’ll be there as a member of the committee her confirmation would cement the court’s conservative majority and this is where you get to watch them say the opposite of what they would say for 2016. right that’s all and i would i would have so much fun in this moment of saying as soon as one of them would say something i’d say you’re the former governor of indiana that’s what pence would have said four years ago and then when pence says something i’d say indiana to do that’s what uh harris would have said all aboard four years ago you have two minutes uninterrupted well thank you for the question but i’ll use a little bit of my time to respond to that very no issue before the american people deserve to know he wanted more than 15 seconds he he was getting more than 15 seconds one way or another when he was getting his cam 25 headed to baghdad to kill more americans president trump didn’t hesitate and qasim salamani is gone but you deserve to know that joe biden and kamala harris actually criticized the decision to take out solemn qasim salamani it’s really inexplicable but with regard to joe biden it’s it’s explainable because history records that joe biden actually opposed the raid against osama bin laden it’s absolutely essential that we have a commander-in-chief who will not hesitate to act to protect americans and to protect americans you have two people arguing over who can engage in the most pandering jingoism and it is let me say president trump if this was some kind of theater instead of like something that actually affected the lives of people i would be clapping because that’s the absolute she’s a brilliant woman astounding it’s almost inspiring how a sizable american family they can cynically look at the people they’re victimizing every day and our hope is in the hearing next week unlike justice kavanaugh received definitely uh you and others by the way i’d be wearing this shirt at the debate i just want to make that clear and we particularly hope that we don’t see the kind of attacks on her christian faith that we saw before i mean the democrat chairman of the judiciary committee before when when judge barrett was being confirmed for the court of appeals expressed concern that the dogma of her faith lived loudly in her dick durbin of illinois said that it was a concern senator i know one of our judicial nominees you actually attacked because they remember the catholic knights of columbus just because the knights of columbus holds pro-life views thank you thank you thank you vice president for your time it is when the hearing takes place thank you vice president that judge amy coney barrett will be respected thank you vice president voted and confirmed that the supreme court of the united senator harris you’re the senator from and former attorney general of california so let me ask you a parallel question to the one i posed to the vice president if roe v wade is overturned what would you want california to do would you want your home state to enact no restrictions on access to abortion and you have two minutes uninterrupted thank you susan first of all joe biden now note that they did not ask her whether or not she thinks that they should confirm amy coney barrett and yeah back in 2016 let me read what she said uh the president is going to be in office through january of next year we as americans deserve to have a fully staffed united states supreme court there are very uh important issues before the supreme court right now right right i’m wondering if she wouldn’t have said that this time honestly i imagine she would what an interesting flex pivot here to and to roe v wade come up you know it’s been about election year or election time it was kind of a gotcha question but you have no restrictions on abortion over 40 million people have voted people are in the process of voting right now and so joe has been very clear as the american people are let the american people fill that seat in the white house and then we’ll fill that seat on the united states supreme court and to your point susan the issues before us couldn’t be more serious there’s the issue of choice and i will always fight for a woman’s right to make a decision about her own body it should be her decision and not that of donald trump and the vice president michael pence but let’s also look at what else is before the the court it’s the affordable care act like literally in the midst of a public health pandemic when over 210 000 people have died and seven million people probably have what will be in the future considered a pre-existing condition because you you contracted the virus under the system that you are about to develop trying to get rid of the affordable care act and i said it before and it bears repeating this means that there will be no more protections if they win for people with pre-existing conditions this means that over 20 million people will lose your coverage it means that if you’re under the age of 26 you can’t stay on your parents coverage anymore and here’s the thing the contrast couldn’t be more clear they’re trying to get rid of the affordable care act joe biden is saying let’s expand coverage let’s give you a choice of a public option or private coverage they’re actually neither one is going to get rid of it one of them wants to expand it the other one wants to rebrand it and then expand it the affordable the affordable care act which has driven up the cost of healthcare even more massively than before it

that would strike down the affordable care act the president says president trump says that he’s going to protect people with pre-existing conditions but he has not explained how he would do that and that was one of the toughest nuts to crack when they were passing the affordable care act so tell us specifically how would your administration protect america i want to watch this i have to see what he says access to affordable insurance if the affordable care act is struck down well thank you susan but let me just say addressing your very first question i i couldn’t be more proud to serve as vice president to a president who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life i’m pro-life i i don’t apologize for it he’s talking to 20 percent of voters

taxpayer funding of abortion all the way up to the moment of birth your administration has continued to fundamentally increase funding to planned parenthood of america now for our part i i would never presume how judge amy coney barrett would rule on the supreme court of the united states but um will continue to stand strong for the right to life when you speak about the supreme court though i think the americans your administration continues to fund abortion with taxpayers what a cynical lie to people who only vote based on this one issue i mean there have been 29 vacancies on the supreme court during presidential election years from george washington but this is the one issue where you have the christian conservatives that are going this is what they’re gonna vote on so you have to push this you have to push it because then they’re gonna say okay well now if we get amy coney barrett and you’re gonna have the opportunity to overturn roe v wade when in all actuality all you need is all you need is a president that won’t sign a funding bill that funds planned parenthood or other or other providers and implements policies that greatly reduce the amount of abortions by increasing the economy by deregulating increasing the economy and lowering the cost of living through deregulation of the regulations that drove up the cost of living and made it unaffordable to hire americans and also by uh getting the federal government out of the adoption question adoptive parents who are trying to adopt uh children uh are often unable to do so they spend thousands of dollars are frustrated for years and eventually give up while children grow up in one foster home after the next where they are often subjected to abuse and and rape and neglect and ultimately a lot of them increasing number of them graduate out meaning that they be turned 18 and are told all right you’re on your own now they have often never had a parent or at least not in the time that they have been you know that they’ve had memories that they could remember having one because the government involvement makes it so hard to adopt american children all of these things contribute to pregnant women who can’t afford their children saying i’m gonna have to have an abortion i already have children i can’t afford them and uh you have one side that just wants to you know pretend that you know that that these conditions aren’t making there be more abortions uh and then you have the other side who also wants to do that while also demonizing abort people women who get abortions as you know heartless baby murderers when in fact many of them are mothers uh who are making an incredibly incredibly difficult choice based on the survival of the children that they currently have you you reduce the conditions that lead to abortions instead of trying to get government involved in it and you end taxpayer funding for abortions the only person who’s going to reduce the number of abortions without trying to infringe upon uh the the rights and the life of pregnant women is joe jorgensen these two will continue funding abortions and leading to and and contributing more policies that continue to make abortions uh continue to to increase

let’s talk about this yeah i’m about to

so the trump pence administration has been because i sit on the senate judiciary committee susan as you mentioned and i have witnessed the appointments for lifetime appointments to the federal courts district court’s courts of appeal people who are purely ideological people who have been reviewed by by legal professional organizations and found to have been not competent are substandard and do you know that of the 50 people who president trump appointed to the court of appeals for lifetime appointments not one is black this is what they’ve been doing you want to talk about packing a court let’s have that discussion all right thank you thank you senator let’s go on and talk about the issue of racial justice i just want the record reflection she never answered the question so maybe the next debate joe biden will answer the question but i think the american people know the answer thank you vice president in march briona taylor a 26 year old emergency room technician in louisiana was shot and killed after police officers executing a search warrant in a narcotics investigation broke into her apartment the police said they identified themselves taylor’s boyfriend said he didn’t hear them do that he used a gun registered to him to fire a shot which wounded an officer the officers then fired more than 20 rounds into the apartment they say they were acting in self-defense none of them have been indicted in connection with her death senator harris in the case of riona taylor was justice done you have two minutes i don’t believe so and i’ve talked with brianna’s mother tamika palmer and her family and her family deserves justice she was a beautiful young woman she had as her life goal to become a nurse and she wanted to become an emt to first learn what’s going on out on the street so she could then become a nurse and save lives and her life was taken unjustifiably and tragically and violently and it just it brings me to you know the eight minutes and 46 seconds that america witnessed during which an american man was tortured and killed under the knee of an armed uniformed police officer

and people around our country and of every race of every age of every gender perfect strangers to each other marched shoulder to shoulder arm and arm fighting during a pandemic for us to finally achieve that ideal of equal justice under law and i was a part of those peaceful protests and i believe strongly that first of all we are never going to condone violence but we always must fight for the values that we hold dear including she’s not going to name a single policy and that’s what joe biden and i have said on this subject look a former career prosecutor i know what i’m talking about yeah i know you locked up a ton of black people yeah she can’t name one because she used all america and our criminal justice system which is why joe and i will immediately ban chokeholds and carotid holes george floyd would be alive today if we did that earthquake it’s illegal to commit murder he committed murder on the issue of criminal justice banning chokeholds oh my god get rid of private prisons and cash bail and we will decriminalize okay cash jail and we will

or george floyd any qualified immunity so bad officers and bad actors in government are held accountable and no knock raids and civil asset forfeiture and the war on drugs and bricks uh mandatory minimum assistance any innocent american life and the family of brianna taylor has our sympathies

but i trust our justice system a grand jury that refused the evidence and it really is remarkable that as a former prosecutor you would assume that an impaneled grand jury looking at all the others wow he’s taking the brianna’s killers did nothing wrong route i think look with regard to trump yeah but that’s speaking to him what happened to george floyd and justice will be served but there’s also no excuse for the rioting and looting that follow so this is the republican democrat not a single policy one talks about racial justice the other one talks about one order no one actually presents anything that’s going to change a single damn thing by the way you want to stop riots and looting and the war on guns that your your running mate donald trump has continued to enforce that makes it difficult for everyday americans to protect their homes and their properties and their businesses as well as making it increasingly difficult for protesters to protect themselves from violence you’ll notice need to remember something um joe biden said that he believes that law enforcement has an implicit bias against minorities wow this is a great insult to the men and women who serve in law enforcement and i want everyone to know who puts on the uniform of law enforcement every day and president trump and i stand with you and it is remarkable that that when senator tim scott tried to did something land on his head brought together a group of republicans and democrats senator harris you got up there’s something on the top of his head and then you filibustered senator tim scott’s bill on the senate there is something on the top of his head there is something on the top of his head but we don’t have to choose between seriously he’s not small that has landed on mike pence’s head while he does his part in the republican party president trump’s

and we’ll leadership what we do ronald reagan thank you for your time and saying yes record unemployment record investments in education and the fight for school choice for all of our money thank you i’d like to respond senator harris i will not sit here and be lectured by the vice president on what it means to enforce the laws of our country i am the only one on this stage who has personally prosecuted everything from child sexual assault victimless crimes of hundreds of thousands of african-americans who are still in prison now and many of whom are unable to vote uh and you made that that way permanently uh in california um you this is the perfect example of why you will wasting your vote is voting for either of these two parties and this is a perfect example as to why wherever you fall on this position neither one is presenting an actual policy they are presenting rhetoric to their base to fund a culture war to fuel the flames of a culture war which is often spilling out into actual fights on our streets and in our neighborhoods instead of presenting actual policies because a they want to keep you all at each other’s throats and hateful of each other instead of being solutions oriented and b they’d have to acknowledge that both of them have been working together to make these policies that led to these bad outcomes this is the political theater that leads to the deaths and suffering of so many americans it has to end it will only end when we stop taking these people seriously and start voting for a real opportunity not to throw our vote away and that is voting libertarian where a young woman was killed and on the other side there were neo-nazis carrying tiki torches shouting racial epithets anti-semitic slurs and donald trump when asked about it said there were fine people on both sides this is who we have as the president of the united states and america you deserve better joe biden will be oppressed oh it’s a baby bath yes that is a baby bat

so much more in common than what separates us vice president pence let me give you a minute to respond thank you susan i appreciate that very much

that’s one of the things that makes people dislike the media so much in this country susan is that you selectively edit just like senator harris did comments that president trump and i and others on our side of the imac senator harris conveniently admitted after after the president made comments about people on either side of the debate over monuments he condemned the kkk neo-nazis and white supremacists and has done so this is the weirdest stupidest conversation about nonsense it doesn’t matter them neo-nazis like this started as a conversation about how are we going to end police brutality and it has turned into did donald trump say nice things did he say that there were good nazis three years ago having personally prosecuted i’m glad you brought up your record senator thank you but that’s i i really need to make this point when you were when you were d.a in san francisco left office african-americans were 19 times more likely to be prosecuted for minor drug offenses than whites in his wow when you were attorney general of california you increased the report the disproportionate incarceration of blacks in california you did nothing on criminal justice reform in california you didn’t lift a finger to pass the first step back on capitol hill i mean the reality is your record speaks for itself president trump and i have fought for criminal justice thank you vice president isn’t it sad when as terrible as trump has been thank you sir on criminal justice reform you know there’s no more arguably marginally better than the democrat vp candidate he is better than marginally better than the vp candidate and the president and the presidential candidate he when it comes to criminal justice reform credit where it’s due trump is not that bad he’s not great but he’s light years beyond the other two in their in in how they that’s specific in that space right in that specific subject and how they’ve been in the past there was a net there was an actual net reduction in the number of people in prison now some of that was just the sunset provisions of people that had sentencing that were charged during the 1994 crime bill that finally are allowed to get out of prison but uh yeah no this is i’m surprised they did that because now it kind of messes up this whole i support the police i want to talk about the connection between what joe and i will do in my record which includes i was the first statewide officer to institute a requirement that my agents would wear body cameras and keep them on full time we were the first you arrested and put in prison more black people training for law enforcement way disproportionately higher what was the user said like 19 times that that’s why it was like 20 times as many black people as white people you’re talking about body cameras we did the work of instituting reforms that were about investing in re-entry this is the work that we have done and the work we will do going forward and again i will not be lectured by the vice president uh greg hoffman if you want to vote for me uh you go to youtube and you vote with your dollars that’s the only way you can really vote for me because i’m not running for anything senator harrison i’d like to pose the first i’d like you to respond first to the question on our final topic the election itself president trump has several times refused to commit himself to a peaceful transfer of power after the election if your ticket wins and president trump refuses to accept a peaceful transfer of power what steps would you and vice president biden then take what would happen next you have two minutes so i’ll tell you um joe and i are particularly proud of the coalition that we’ve built around our campaign we probably have one of the broadest coalitions of folks that you’ve ever seen in the presidential race of course we have this was a chainshop why would you not hit this out of the park what is she doing republicans in fact seven members of uh president george w bush’s cabinet are supporting our ticket uh we have the support of of colin powell cindy mccain john kasich um over 500 uh generals retired generals and and former national security experts and advisors are supporting our campaign and i believe they are doing that because they know that joe biden has a deep deep-seated commitment to fight for our democracy and to fight for the integrity of our democracy and to bring integrity back to the white house and do you still think he raped those women we believe in our democracy and here’s what i’d like to say to everybody vote please vote vote early come up with a plan to vote go to iwillvote.com you can also why would she not answer this we have it within our powers next week question for her to knock out of the parking lot trot around the stage of course

man really yeah i mean if there was a time to do it it would be when right when she did that garbage

yeah nine muscles

here we go hurt our democracy with what donald trump has been doing as he did on the debate stage last week went again in front of 70 million people

oh did it do that again why it did this last time

well that’s not good that’s not good why did why did you cut off kamal i mean i get it but i mean i get it i get it because like answer the question senator harris so it did this last time but it i just kept it muted for a second while we talked and then it came back on banner and president trump refuses peaceful transfer power what would be your role and responsibility as vice president what would you personally do you have two this is a terrible question for him because like if he says i won’t let that happen trump will blast him because while joe biden and kamala harris rattle off a long litany the establishment in washington d.c an establishment that joe biden’s been a part of for 47 years president donald trump has launched a movement of everyday americans from every walk of life and uh i have every confidence that there’s the same americans that delivered that historic victory in 2016 they see this president’s record where we rebuild our military we revived our economy he’s answering the way you have to answer this exactly why would she not answer the damn question like i said yeah it doesn’t make a lot of sense to our federal courts at every level i mean you would say if he didn’t do that it’s a constitutional crisis and the military will have to remove him like i mean that like when you talk wow i must tell you senator your party has spent the last three and a half years trying to overturn the results of the last election it’s amazing when joe biden was vice president of the united states the fbi actually spied on president trump and my campaign i mean there were documents released this week that the cia actually made a referral to the fbi documenting that those allegations were coming from the hillary clinton campaign and of course we’ve all seen the avalanche the what what you put the country through for for the better part of three years until it was found that there was no obstruction no collusion case closed so he’s saying that spying is bad in the congress trying to impeach the president of the united states

of government says spying is bad on head of government ah that that’s the key that’s the key that’s the difference i think you’re gonna win this election president trump and i are fighting every day in courthouses to prevent joe biden and kamala harris from changing the rules and creating this universal mail-in voting that’ll create a massive opportunity for voter fraud we have a free and fair election there’s been uh mail-in voting in oregon for years there’s never been any kind of widespread voter fraud that would lead to uh you know that would actually change a major electoral outcome in any real way there’s been small anecdotal reports but nothing that would actually change the thing i actually like mainland voting because it it sends those mailing ballots to a lot of people that typically don’t vote they’re going to look at the ballot i’m definitely not voting for trump or biden and then they see joe jorgensen on there maybe they look into her and vote for her brooklyn brown she’s an eighth grader at springville junior high in springville utah and here’s what she wrote quote when i watch the news all i see is arguing between democrats and republicans when i watch the news all i see is citizen fighting against citizen when i watch the news all i see are two candidates from opposing parties trying to tear each other down if our leaders can’t get along how are the citizens supposed to get along and then she added your examples could make all the difference to bring us together end quote so to each of you in turn i’d like you to take one minute and respond to brooklyn vice president pence you have one minute that’s a good question and um let me just commend you for taking an interest in in public life i i started uh following the news when i was very young and in america are you going to not answer that we believe in a free and open exchange of debate and we celebrate unless you want to include third parties this is how we’ve created literally the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world if you’re a cronie i would tell you that um yeah that child didn’t say that on your local news networks is synonymous with the american people you know i look at the relationship between justice ruth bader ginsburg the late justice who we just lost from the supreme court and the late justice antonin scalia they were on polar opposites on the supreme court of the united states one very liberal one very conservative but what’s been learned since her passing was the two of them and their families were the very closest of friends i mean here in america we conditions we are aware that republicans are very close friends on this stage tonight but when the debate is over we come together as americans that’s what people do in big cities and small towns all across this country so i just want to encourage you brooklyn i want to tell you that we’re going to work every day to have government as good as our people the american people each and every day love a good debate a government as good as the people would be one that provided as many choices as the american people would want in times of need and we’ve especially learned that thank you for the difficulties of this year senator harris what would you say to brooklyn um first of all i i love hearing from our young leaders and when i hear her words when i hear your words brooklyn um i know our future is bright because plot twists dad was thrown in jail by kamala harris that is a sign of leadership and is something we should all aspire to be um and that you know that brings me to joe joe biden one of the reasons that joe decided to run for president is after charlottesville which we talked about earlier it so troubled him and upset him like it did all of us that there was that kind of hate and division what propelled joe to run for president was to see that over the course of the last four years what brooklyn described has been happening joe has a list it’s never happened before that across the aisle working in a bipartisan way and that’s what he’s going to do as president joe biden has a history of lifting people joe biden’s whole thing is don’t argue with them it’s just going to happen i mean you have to know joe’s story to know that so joe what she just said was joe biden’s history is lifting people up and fighting for their dignity the 1994 crime bill did the exact opposite of that the exact opposite to hundreds of thousands to millions of black men yeah crushed them and now they’re just going to pretend like none of it ever happened your work and through eventually your vote thank you to determine the future of our country and what its leadership looks like i’m guessing the last question and then they’re not going to do closings thank you so much for being with us tonight we want to thank also maybe that was the last question for its hospitality and most of all our thanks to all the americans who watch this debate tonight again our best wishes for a quick recovery to president trump the first lady and everyone who is battling covet 19. the second presidential debate is next week on october 15th a town hall style debate in miami we’re going ahead with this yeah i want donald trump to come there wearing the same outfit that vladimir putin were where he looked like he was in this like a space outfit right he comes in so he can’t you know infect anyone this is uh this is incredible so folks we got a slightly more civil debate than we did um a few days ago with uh those other two clowns but uh what we did not get what we also got was essentially a more civilized version of the same thing insults and accusations leveled against each other pivoting and changing the subject uh focusing on culture war uh talking points as opposed to actual solutions to the problems that were presented in the questions that they were asked a stunning refusal very often to actually even answer the questions and zero acknowledgement of theirs and their respective parties complicity and working with one another to create the mess that we’re in right now which is making things so bad in other words everything that we fully expected and in other words the entire reason why i’m not on that debate stage and for that reason why angela walker’s not on that debate stage uh and why the the green party vp candidate and why joe and and it wasn’t on the debate stage in the presidential debate because how easy would that have been to show the american people what a farce the duopoly is and and if you remember the last time that they allowed a third party to be on the debate stage was 1992 with ross perot yeah ross perot yeah bill clinton and george bush um and ross perot i think he got it was 16 or 19 i don’t remember the exact percentage it was 16 or 19 of the popular vote the next uh in 1996 when he ran again they didn’t allow him to be on the debate stage the reasoning behind that granted they came up with they probably came up with some other reasoning behind it but the reasoning the actual reasoning behind it is because he was taking too much away and the power was going to shift since then since 1992 nobody else has been allowed on the debate stage minus the republican and the democrat yeah yeah and and also he got nineteen percent after dropping out nineteen percent thank you thank you to everybody nineteen percent yeah uh ninety percent and and came back

after saying he wasn’t going to run anymore right now this was someone who after the debates prior to the debates a good number of people thought ross pearl was just kind of a funny little man with a high-pitched voice then they did the debate and holy crap all of a sudden he was leading in the polls for winning the presidency for no other reason than because it was just him and uh george bush senior and bill clinton no filter no competing narratives just the three of them telling the american people which one should be president and ross perot killed that because he was able to not play their game and say look at both of these people who are who they and their parties created the problems we’re facing we had a similar situation jesse ventura who was absolutely seen as an ironic joke candidate until the debates when he walked away with them solely by consistently pivoting to the fact that the two people he was running against for governor of minnesota were the people who created the problems that minnesotans were facing

that was enough for him to win that and the fact that he was popular in minnesota but the fact is that’s not why he won he won because he was able to show with no filter how much better of a choice he was than the other two clowns he was running against that’s why they don’t want us in these debates it is because they are scared of us and when i say us i mean you too they are scared of what will happen when enough of us stand up and fight back and say yeah we are here to spoil the election we are here to take votes from joe biden and donald trump from the republicans and democrats and put it back in the hands of the people by voting for a completely different way of looking at how government and the people interact with each other not just a new party not just a new politician but an actual different way of looking at things the libertarian way the common sense way that recognizes that you empowered with your power and your freedom and your money back will be able to accomplish so much greater things than you ever could under this terrible centrally planned arbitrarily defined and crony friendly policies that the republic rats have put forward in their exclusive control of every level of power in government for over 160 years now that is why we are not on the debate stage that is why joe is not on the debate stage that is why they are doing everything they possibly can from uh ballot access suppression to debate suppression to control of the crony corporate media and suppressing other third options to make it seem like these are the only two choices you have because they both suck and if literally anyone else got up there especially if george jorgensen and i got up there it would be a no-brainer that we had to make a course correction as a country people across the political spectrum including people who do not vote the apolitical centrists moderates progressives conservatives they would see how they were being played how they were being pitted against each other made to be desperate and anxious in order to keep them at each other’s throats so that they don’t recognize so they can’t see the theater in front of them it would lay it bare and that would be the end of their game that would be the end of their entire system and they know it they will fight tooth and nail to stop it and that is where you come in reaching out to your loved ones reaching out to your colleagues telling them why you are voting libertarian and when they start with all the nonsense about oh you’re just voting for trump oh you’re just voting for biden make it very clear that you would never vote for either one of them why you would never vote for them and why you are voting libertarian when they tell you you’re wasting your vote tell them that a wasted vote is voting for the people who put us in this mess in the first place when they tell you that you are throwing your vote away tell them that this is an opportunity not to throw our vote away this is an opportunity to take back what was stolen from all of us put it back in our hands in your hands where it always belonged take back the power in this country and put america on a path to freedom of the likes of which humanity has never seen before so that we can thrive and prosper and build a freer and happier and healthier society in the future that our children and their children and their children can

enjoy yep right there absolutely nothing i could could add to that and i figured i’m going to clip that later and put it on a youtube like a best stuff so i figured i wouldn’t say anything for a second so that way you just sit there like i’m just going to sit there and that way i can just clip it very nicely um yeah uh tough to say out of those real quick real quick uh david uh sponsor said just check google trends and searches for joe jorgensen and libertarian are spiking again imagine that weird weird and it it’s tough to say other than spike who’s on that one other than spike it’s tough to say who won that debate um oh man between them between them yeah like i can’t see only because kamala harris kept trying to downplay her record i kept hitting her mentally um like not hitting like knocking her down in points yeah yeah yeah but but that’s different from how it connects with people who may not know her record as well i was actually up until mike pence hit her for that for her actual record as a prosecutor i was saying that that harris was probably edging him out on on that because he was so muted and so pentane pencian yeah he was so mike pence about the whole thing and was totally content just not answering the question right and saying like you know i support the american people like the the most empty of blatant pandering platitudes and i mean she wasn’t much better but she at least hit him on stuff and he seemed and then when he would hit her on stuff it was stuff that wasn’t really often congruent with what they were even talking about it was like i want to change the subject to the green new deal when we’re talking about like covet and stuff so i it was just it was weird but then he hit her with that and he did the thing where he said i want more than 15 seconds that i just like that right maybe that’s just my bias i liked what he said that no i i i agree i agree there because when he was saying i need more than 15 seconds to answer this and uh susan

just forgot yes susan when susan from usa today uh when she uh she kept arguing he was like no i’m gonna take more than 15 seconds and eventually she just moved on which was the right thing to do as the moderator however when he went back he goes i’m going to answer that question because i’m going to answer that question because the next question you just asked me isn’t going to take me that long

now i think kamala many of the people in the comments they were making comments uh such as uh her voice is awful uh her voice is awful it’s like a nails on a chalkboard i agree with all of that um but i feel that way about most politicians who are republic rats um yeah so i can’t really knock somebody on that but the ideas that she was pushing either were absolutely blatantly false as to what it says on their website what they’ve said out in public or she was attacking mike pence for a multitude of things that while many of them did have merit they weren’t really mike’s they weren’t really mike’s decisions he was just the vp that was waiting in the wings now one of the interesting things about this debate is it was pushed as potentially the highest watched vp debate in history because of the age of both trump and biden and the fact that one of these two could end up inheriting the uh the presidency one of these two very very likely i mean you’ve got joe biden is the oldest person ever run for president um and uh so kamala harris could very well end up replacing him if he got elected very early because he is 78 and does appear to be losing his faculties you know he’s fairly rapid like so those who have been following it uh joe biden in that debate was a lot more lucid than he has been in quite some time and yet that’s how he that’s he was still like that donald trump is a 74 year old man with uh low-level heart conditions and high cholesterol and obesity and uh a covent uh so

there’s something there too uh so yeah no it’s it that’s why it was most watched is potentially this was a debate between people who could very well end up being president during this next term if either of them get elected either of their parties get elected um you have another alternative which is a woman who is a brilliant self-made entrepreneur uh who has never ordered people around um who has provided value to people into the market uh and who is uh 63 and very healthy and her running mate who is uh in his 30s also healthy and uh and

arguably much more importantly i guess inarguably much more importantly we don’t want to rule you we recognize that the bad policies of these parties and the politicians behind them are why things are as bad as they are and we recognize that the only way to fix this is to dismantle them and to put the power and the money and the freedom back in your hands and remove these barriers and burdens that are making your life so difficult so that you can thrive that’s what we learned today

accurate also another thing that we learned today if you happen to be at muddywatersmedia.com and you hit the store and uh you hit the store button up in the top right uh if you get a you are the power spike shirt don’t get it in brown don’t get it in brown don’t get it in the ground don’t even know why that’s an option it just says you are spike cohen yeah it says you it says you are in spike home so uh don’t do that if you happen to go to muddywatersmedia.com and hit the store link

i want to see what it looks like does it look that bad when you when you say brown does it show what it looks like and what’s funny is since i don’t own a brown shirt i’m pretty certain that i meant to hit a different color and i was just doing it quickly and i got it in brown because i didn’t double check my work laura the power where is that there’s that underwear you can get of mine oh yeah that spike underwear that spike underwear sold like hot cakes at the beginning yeah i that’s what i heard um well i so i don’t get maybe i’m looking oh no


i don’t see the the one here which one the the the you were the power where it’s in yellow and and black or i i see the blue and the blue and red one but not the yellow and black one it is i mean it’s it’s there it’s just we have so much on the store it may take a while to okay all right well at any rate uh we did learn that how do you not see it it’s the third one

oh there it is

there we go yeah that’s the third one heather forrest when you say leaf had that steel which one of these i don’t know what any of these colors are you know what okay so apparently you can’t get it in brown kelly is green um oh yeah there you go you can’t get it no asphalt’s gray you can’t get it in brown that’s only on our developer side of it so i definitely just made a mistake so we also learned just now that you don’t have to worry about it you don’t have to worry about getting that’s actually a very rare shirt there yeah that’s probably this is a one of a thousand dollars this is one of a kind i will sign that with a gold pen and then we can auction that or you can keep it so it says you are spike cohen which if you really think about it you really all of us in a way are really spike cohen especially me

if you think about it that’s true i mean you are literally spiked i am literally spiking everybody else is figuratively spike it’s figuratively spike cohen i mean aren’t we all spike colin really yeah so folks i mean that debate was what we could have expected um i think obviously if i had been on that debate not only would have been so much more entertaining uh if for no other reason than i would have literally worn this shirt uh but also um it would have been more informative i think so many americans don’t realize that there are specific policies that will end these problems that they brought up um the vast vast vast vast majority of americans do not realize that the reason the pandemic is as bad as it is here is because the cdc didn’t allow medical professionals to to do their job this isn’t we just crashed our website what’s that we just crashed our website doing that wow well that’s interesting so tomorrow go to muddywatersmedia.com and keep trying to get on keep trying together give it a little bit of time um i i was assured by our network administrator that uh that wouldn’t happen ever again and yeah yeah that’s they’re scalable and then there’s uh you suddenly get thousands of times unfortunately i was kicked off facebook so i can’t even message the guy

there we go it’s still oh all right well yep yeah folks try again in a little bit didn’t just try again in a little bit

so matt so spike well let’s look so uh again folks uh if you want to uh i got some really cool news like i said go check out my events i will be uh all over the eastern seaboard all the way down to uh all the way down to miami and then i’ll be working my way west into new orleans and texas i’ll be doing a waffle house tour in ohio uh planning on going back to new jersey in new york uh gonna be our campaigning in arkansas with the dale harrison um gonna be out in i believe st louis missouri we’re working on all sorts of stuff i’m going to be in a lot of places so uh very likely i will be somewhat near you so i hope to have you come out and see me uh just stay tuned to my social media and the events as they as they are being presented and announced and uh also um i am going to be resuming my fellow americans my show i have my laptop i have my equipment uh we will be coordinating i don’t know which days we will be coordinating for me to go to different strategic locations where they will be able to have me have the uh the reason i have been able to do my show is i haven’t been at home and uh it’s one thing for me to phone into matt using wi-fi but for me to actually do my own show i have to be able to have a dedicated uh ethernet connection uh you know a wired internet connection which we just don’t have on the bus we don’t have it at the hotels it’s not something that we can get um and so we have i’ve just not been able to do it but we will be restarting be booting my fellow americans uh over the course of the next few weeks we will be uh doing uh an episode a week uh cannot promise the exact day um but i will be restarting that uh and i’ll be doing like q and a’s i might have some fun guests and stuff like that so hope to have you tune in for that giving lots of campaign updates and things like that and uh continue to watch every week for uh money waters of freedom as well uh where matt wright and i parse through the week’s events with the cheerful upclum of the sweet little summer boys that we are and i will be appearing on uh the arizona for jorgensen cohen streamathon tomorrow oh yeah i am yeah from uh uh 2 30 to 3 30 eastern 11 30 to 12 30 mountain um i will be on that show tomorrow uh where guy on left may not be guy on left on that show i may be guy on center might be guy on right might be guy i don’t know how they idea do it no idea you can be guy on bottom right then switch up the top center when someone else gets knocked off and comes back on you never know super excited though because uh leilani the uh the person hosting the show is a kava drinker and she is making some for my segment and oh really yeah so she she is a native of hawaii and uh we are going to drink kava together on her show nice yes very exciting i i got to meet her in person in uh in tempe arizona she’s fantastic you’re going to love her brandi powers i will post that link as soon as i get it if leilani is watching please post it yes so yeah be sure to tune in for that and uh and that will be fantastic and uh i will i will try i’m gonna try to tune in for that i’m trying to determine what my schedule will be during that time but i should be able to tune in at least for part of it um and uh yeah let’s let’s uh let’s support jorgensen cohen and uh let’s uh support guy on left who will be doing uh some live streaming for the campaign and for the cause uh shout out to uh to matt for that and uh yeah keep staying tuned in guys we will be continuing to update you on the the state of this race in the state of this country in the state of current events uh and matt if our website wasn’t crap

and bear with me would there be a way for people to reach us on this internet thing and if so how uh yes if somebody wanted to reach us they would be able to reach us at anchor dot fm slash muddied waters where you are trusted and valuable listeners can leave us messages that on normal occasions we would play live on the air and answer questions listen to comments whatever um live on the air we don’t do that during debates though or during special events uh you can also normally find us at muddiedwatersmedia.com but kudos to you for crashing the site tonight usually try again a little bit i’m sure it’ll be back up yeah uh and thank you for that uh in the meantime you can go to our store uh even as the website is down because that is uh that has a shopify link uh which is muddy dash waters dash media muddy dash waters dash media dot shop my shopify dot my shopify i just put it in there dot com uh and you’ll be able to see all of our stuff until the website is back up which i am certain will be any day now any day now any week now uh so folks thanks again for tuning in we love you all so much uh you are fantastic we love you and we will see you very soon stay tuned for uh my fellow americans and the muddy waters of freedom very soon and where we’re going we don’t need roads oh that’s me no no no million dollars and by the way wait a minute mr president your campaign agreed to both sides would get two minute answers uninterrupted well your your side agreed to it and why don’t you observe what your campaign agreed to as a ground rule okay sir look here’s the deal tremendous sprouts and joe does the circles and has three people here’s the deal he’s been totally irresponsible and responsible yes yes he’s full here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job here’s the deal i don’t trust him at all murder you i know you don’t let me shut you down for a second judge he wants to shut down the country country let me shut you down for a second judge i’ve done more than you’ve done in 47 years joe do i get my time back time back you can’t fix the economy until you fix the covert crisis he does not have a plan i know how to do the job it’s the same process there has never been an administration that’s done what i’ve done that’s done what i’ve done let her shut down it just gotta respond you have begun look here’s the deal it’s hard to get any word in with this clown this is the way it is look here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job come on man here’s the deal everybody knows he’s a liar fake news they give me bad friends look here’s the deal i don’t trust him at all the second subject

we got the gowns we got the masks we made the ventilators you don’t know how many people died in china you don’t know how many people died in russia you don’t know how many people died in india maybe you could inject some bleach in your arm and that would take care of it let’s see the disinfectant and a lot more gonna die unless he gets a lot smarter don’t ever use the word smart with me give me your because you know what there’s nothing smart about you here’s the day of tremendous sprouts and joe does the circles and has three people here’s the deal he’s been totally irresponsible responsible yes yes he’s poor here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job here’s the deal i don’t trust him at i know you don’t all your eyes remember what those people look like books like this healing anti-semitic bile accompanied by the ku klux klan but he said we’re very fine people on both sides you call them super predators african-americans super predators what and you called them worse than that you call them super predators are you willing to condemn what the promise is i’m willing to do anything to it hey somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the lessons here’s the deal it’s hard to get any word in with this clown this is the way it is look here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job come on man here’s the deal everybody knows he’s a liar fake news they give me bad friends look here’s the deal i don’t trust him at all what are you i know you don’t vote vote vote you will determine the outcome of this election vote vote vote you have to have your ballot in by november 10th november 10th that means that’s seven days after the election election don’t tell me about a free transition as far as the ballots are concerned it’s a disaster he has no idea what he’s talking about here’s the deal he’s just afraid of counting the votes because you’re wrong it’s a fraud and it’s a shame look here’s the deer tremendous sprouts and joe does the circles and has three people here’s the deal he’s been totally irresponsible responsible yes yes he’s full here’s the deal president trump did a phenomenal job would you shut up


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