Episode 152 – #Kanye is Running… for album sales

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Matt Wright & Spike Cohen

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Kanye West announces he is running for President, #GhislaneMaxwellDidntKillHerself, Scotus has a few more rulings this week, and Florida Governor signs an occupational licensing law that β€œrepeals more occupational licensing laws than any licensing reform ever passed by any other state” according to the Institute of Justice. 

Plus: A Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney At Law Anchor call in moment, and an update from Spike on the campaign. 

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Episode Transcript

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you’re giving money based on
korean favor like many people people
love me and you know what i’ve been very
everybody loves me
it’s social media it gets out i have you
know hundreds of millions of people
number one on facebook you know i was
number one on facebook and i just found
out i’m number one on facebook i thought
that was very
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard
for spike jews world cohen i am matt
wright and together we are traversing
the muddied waters
of freedom jews oh juice
that one was tough hey everybody how are
you doing thanks for joining us
matt how was your week my week was good
my week was good
i’m uh you know getting all ready for
some big event that’s happening here in
orlando this weekend
oh yeah we’re having the convention yeah
we got that convention happening
well that explains why my wife and i are
going to orlando
tomorrow oh it explains i was
for a minute there was like i was like
well i mean you know it’s nice
i hear disney world’s opening back up
uh so you know i thought well i’ll go to
florida but
you’re right it was because of the
which is good because i’m actually going
to be speaking uh on friday yeah
it’s good it’s good because i’m actually
scheduled to speak at the luncheon
on friday uh at noon which will be on
i’m told um and then also i am hosting
the uh gun owners of america’s
uh uh panel on the second amendment and
civil liberties and self-protection and
gun rights and all that
uh and it’s going to be hosted by me
uh antonia uh okafor cover maj turay and
many other
uh libertarian and libertarian-leaning
uh activists of all different uh
ethnicities and
sexual identities and everything else uh
to show that liberty that
the uh the cause of gun rights and gun
ownership is not a
a white people thing so that’s happening
saturday morning um
yeah by the way let me i just want to
talk about that for a minute
okay that is happening saturday morning
i was thinking that was going to be like
a saturday night thing
no but now i have to wake up early to
tour you have to wake up early because
it’s going to be like 10 00 in the
yeah i think yeah 10 10 o’clock so i
have to leave here
at like 8 30.
maybe earlier maybe earlier
well i’m leaving here at 8 30. how long
does it take to get you to
the rosen center in orlando florida
about hour and 15 normally okay yeah
i’d leave eight 15-ish
yeah that’s a babysitter thing though oh
okay okay well then
that’s not like that that’s not
me that’s fair that’s fair so folks
thanks for tuning in we have quite a
show for you we’re going to go through
week’s events and we’re going to do uh
some call-ins from our chris reynolds
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor collin moment
about halfway through
uh we’re gonna go through all of various
week events and then we’re going to give
an update on the
jorgensen cohen campaign first and
first and foremost allow me to thank
casey nester campbell
for the cava that i am drinking on
today’s episode
it is a lovely
white sand cava from the island of van
and allow me to thank le blue jackson
uh for my uh pure what is this ultra
pure water that i’m drinking on this
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henry mcmaster governor of south
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who we can both attest to is a bitch
matt i just want to say that um
it was two years ago oh yeah july
4th so what saturday
two years ago saturday that spike cohen
officially joined
muddy waters media and aired his very
first show of my fellow americans was
that with um
was that with lou sander or what was
that lou sander it was an episode
detailing the history of the american
and the articles of confederation and
the constitution that replaced it
and uh it was a very rousing discussion
a incredibly well-read and brilliant and
well-spoken man in luxander
and an absolute bumbling mess of a
person who did not know
what the hell he was doing in me spike
cohen but i’ve gotten better
you much much much better yes you have
yeah i mean i remember the first show of
muddied waters of freedom
you know before you were the host right
and um
it was uh it was a bumbling mess of a
it was awkward and quiet and we didn’t
really know
what we were doing and i would like to
think that i have also gotten
more we have all gotten better we have
all gotten at least marginally better i
slightly better i tell people don’t
watch that episode but it’s actually a
great episode that episode one
so much information incredibly
informative i’m just sitting there like
hey that’s great uh so i have another
question and everything i say ends like
like i’m asking you a question it was it
was my voice
i don’t know what was wrong with i had
no idea i was like going through puberty
all over i was going through a few
at the age of 30 what was 36
going through puberty live on facebook
and youtube um so yeah no so we’ve
we’ve moved past that thankfully and
have moved into
uh actually being good at this um and
speaking of being good at something
and then leveraging that for
politics uh kanye west
has decided to you don’t have the
updated notes
i don’t have the update and that’s why i
haven’t no you don’t so uh
breaking news breaking news
the trump administration is looking to
ban tick-tock
ah looking to ban the old
tic-tock social media right when i get
on tick-tock
literally spike owen if if you’re
looking for a reason why
there it is that’s definitely the reason
why yeah
um in june it was reported by forbes
that the app was caught spying on
millions of iphone users
again by apple after previously being
caught in april
and they were also caught doing this in
uh mike pompeo warned american users of
chinese apps
that they need to be careful in that
risk putting their private information
in the hands of the chinese communist
but in all actuality i’m pretty certain
it’s because
the tick tock kids messed with donald
trump yeah
yeah yeah the reason this is happening
folks is because
when uh when uh donald trump had his uh
his last rally in tulsa oklahoma
um they had a million people over a
million people try to get tickets to go
to it
and um the reason for that was because a
bunch of uh
teenage k-pop fans on tick-tock decided
uh they call it operation lincoln they
decided to
uh pretend that they wanted to go and
sign up to to go to this
event which crowded it out made it
harder for other people who
actually did want to go and so it kind
of screwed with the president’s numbers
now meanwhile it turned out they were
vetting those but it created this
situation where
uh uh trump was claiming that you know a
million people wanted to come and then
he could
i mean he had like less than half
nickelback actually did much better
there the last time they were there
uh and they had all these you know they
had these outdoor areas for overflow
capacity and all this and no one can
like next to no one camps like 6 000
people that came way less than once
trump trump scheduled a sec like a a a
pre-talk yeah give you like a pre-talk
to talk to all the people that were
going to be waiting outside
yeah and there was no one there yeah
there was no one there was there were
reporters out there and that was it
reporting that no one was there it was
it was pretty bad so i’m pretty sure
that’s part of it
uh tick tock is actually owned by an
american company uh they have an
american headquarter or their own
so they’re owned by their subsidiary of
a chinese company
uh but they’ve also had quite a bit of
autonomy they’ve said they haven’t
shared any data
with the chinese government uh in in any
situation they’ve never been requested
to share it and they never have shared
they actually that doesn’t mean it
wasn’t taken though it didn’t mean it
wasn’t taken but they also said that
all of their servers are in the us and
singapore so they’re no more
uh they’re no more vulnerable to having
their information taken than
any other tech company um when the
recent hong kong security bill was
they did what many other tech companies
did and and now boycotted uh hong kong
so you can’t do business uh you you
can’t use tick tock if you’re on hong
so this is because the k-pop kids
screwed with trump’s rally that’s that’s
all this is about
um there’s no security implication to
the existence of tick tock and speaking
of tick tock
if you want some great content uh be
sure to follow me
at literally spike cohen on tick tock
and if you want absolutely no content
you can follow muddied waters media at
muddy waters media because we have a
thing we just don’t do anything with it
yeah for a while we were only following
one person and that was vermin that was
german supreme yeah
no no uh we’ll probably start following
me on there as well
um yeah i think we’re following up maybe
yeah i mean
the reason i the reason i have a tick
tock is because i have a campaign uh
social media team who is
putting me on tik tok and telling me
things to say on video so they can add
it to tick tock so
that’s that’s why we’re on tick tock
otherwise i would not be on tick tock
because i
don’t get tick-tock
i don’t get tick-tock but i don’t have
to get ticked off because
no i’m i’m starting so having it on my
phone since
vermin supreme since right uh
i get tick tock a lot more than i used
to because man if you’re just trying to
five minutes to six hours it’s real easy
to do
well speaking of killing time kanye west
is decided to kill
anywhere from a few minutes to the
better part of the year
right running for president running for
of these united states so far he has
hit the ground running by tweeting that
he’s running for president
yeah uh i believe that the ballot access
uh in three major states have already
uh he um
i don’t believe he’s filed officially
he hasn’t he hasn’t done it with
anything right um yeah basically
kanye is doing this for publicity yeah
because he has a new album coming out
and he really wants it to uh be a big
and that sounds a lot like another
famous person that ran for president
who had a tv show that was getting ready
to air and he wanted it to be a big hit
and get more money for it of course he
is the president he’s now the president
but he also like registered and filed to
run for president
he had a campaign like so he actually
yes it was to try to push his show but
right he did put everything into motion
as opposed to just
declaring he was running for president
but this is something vermin says
running for president is a declarative
statement in and of itself if you
i am running for president you’re
running for president
it doesn’t mean you’re going to be on
any ballots or that anyone’s going to
vote for you
or that anyone even heard you when you
said it and so i mean
kanye’s already ahead of the game in
that because a lot of people heard him
say it
right but that’s you then have to
do stuff yeah there’s there’s things
that you have to do to follow
that up because even a lot of states
don’t allow write-ins like you have to
try to get on the ballot or no one can
vote for you if they even want to and i
deeply suspect that this might be the
that we hear of this actually i
shouldn’t say that i think he’ll tweet
about it some more
he’ll continue to continue this but in
terms of actions
i think that just talking about it is
the most we’re going to get and i i am
thankful about this because this is kind
of waking people up to the idea of not
voting for trump or biden it’s helping
with that
which uh if you don’t want to vote for
trump or biden
and you want someone who’s actually
going to be on the ballot
you’ve got other options
so speaking of somebody who doesn’t have
more options
so well someone who currently has very
few options very few options
jizzling gizlane maxwell did we
determine whether it’s gizlane or jazlyn
so as part of my show prep for the show
i watched a bunch of show
like i watched and listened to a bunch
of podcasts and radio shows and
just to find out how to say her name
and they all said it differently so no
one knows how to say it no no
no yeah and we all won’t know soon
because she’s gonna
not kill herself
right uh well as we all know she was
arrested at her hideaway last week
in new england um and
proving that it’s not a very effective
no if you can get casually arrested at
it you didn’t
hide away very well um
and she was transferred to the federal
the federal metropolitan detention
center in brooklyn
which used to host
r kelly and martin shkreli just for
little fun facts
fun facts about this i actually found
this right before the show so
uh fun facts about the metropolitan
detention center
in brooklyn describe uh an ex warden
describe the jail as one of the most
troubled prisons in the u.s
guards have been jailed for raping
inmates and accused
accused of beating them while the entire
prison lost heat and light for a week in
the depths of winter last year
fun facts about the prison that she is
now in oh and she’s also
in uh 14 day isolation because of covid
that sounds fun none of these facts
sound very fun the r kelly martin
shkreli thing
was kind of fun that’s kind of you know
that’s a that’s it
hill after that yeah it really goes down
after that so of course all of social
including yours truly and
him uh guy on left uh are also
uh also not really
we’re all waiting to see when she dies
she was the next one and she has all the
information that jeffrey epstein had
and now she has invested she probably
has more
she possibly has even more and she has
every reason to spill the beans
if she doesn’t die oh yeah and uh she
also stated that she will fully
cooperate with the investigators
yeah so she was put into quarantine
today possibly already dead
i’m saying yeah she some covid related
incident yeah that’s if if i was
if i was betting on it yeah a covid
related death
yeah related so this is uh gizlane
age just want to know how old this
she was born in 1961
okay so she’s so she’s 59.
so statistically
if she got covered she should survive it
the odds are very much in her favor you
know she’s not in her you know
70s 80s 90s you know and and she as far
as we know
maybe she has a health condition but
more than likely her the odds are pretty
overwhelming that she would survive this
so if she dies of covid then
hashtag gizlane maxwell didn’t die of
tyler rush is betting on a covid
two covets to the back of the head uh
while she slept um
yeah yeah no r.i.p in advance
um gizlane maxwell
not that she’s a wonderful person
because i mean she was right i was like
i’m not really giving her the rip she
doesn’t really
r just r just r
just r i am certain
r to gizlane maxwell
given that pre-ard for that pre-r before
she ours
uh i mean so this is someone who helped
jeffrey epstein’s pedophile island and
his abuse of
hundreds i think of of teenage girls
like i mean
i don’t know if we’re ever gonna know
yeah i mean many many many countless
teenage girls to be raped and abused
by powerful powerful people right
including possibly the president and
previous presidents and according to
one parlor user last week um
the chief justice of the united states
sure right i mean
could i i’ve heard far less
plausible things in my time
one thing one thing the one the one
person whose name keeps getting floated
that i
absolutely believe is prince andrew
well especially the way he handled it
like he first he was just gonna ignore
and i was like no you can’t ignore that
you can’t ignore the rape of children
yeah you can’t ignore international
teen rape you have to say no
or if you did it you have to really get
out in front of that you can’t just
not right cannot say anything you
you can’t just let that one slide into
the background i would definitely not
let that slide
you can’t let the kitty rape slide you
have to kind of
talk about it that’s that’s a story you
want to get ahead of that’s the story
you want to get ahead of
and especially if you didn’t do it you
definitely want to get ahead of it to
say hey listen uh
right furthest gets out there did not
rape the kids
but when you don’t say anything and then
your initial response is just sort of a
really meek response
starting to look like he might have done
it there prince andrew um
so yeah no i mean it’s it’s it’s it’s
she when she dies which is probably soon
it will be to protect people like him
uh just like jeffrey epstein’s uh didn’t
kill himself
gizlane maxwell didn’t kill herself and
probably didn’t die of covid either
right did uh do you think this is going
to make it to trial like do you think
there’s any shot yes if you elect joe
jorgensen and i
we will try our best to make sure she
makes it to trial
she won’t be i know i know i know
i know if you once you elect us we’ll
make sure
that other gizlane maxwell’s and jeff
don’t not kill themselves but yeah no
she’s not gonna make it four months
there’s no way yeah no she’s gonna make
it i
might she might already be dead
they’ll wait they’ll wait a few days
they’ll wait a few right
you can’t do it immediately yeah you
yeah you can’t
like that that would be a level of
unheard of i mean it was pretty brazen
the way they did it with epstein
it was oh uh he killed himself even
though he had just said he was in good
and there’s no camera footage and
he was in like the most secure cell but
we have no footage and no witnesses
and um also the way he did it was
really would have been hard and also um
one of the coroners uh says that it
doesn’t look like he killed himself and
he didn’t look like he killed himself
but he totally killed himself oh and we
burned his body like
immediately but he he totally did it
um judith reuter asks bpa free bottle
there’s no this bottle this water is bpa
non-carbonated made in the usa and
just like me right like we don’t have
bpas that’s not a
i don’t i believe i’m bpa-free
i’m pretty certain you’re a bpa i don’t
i’m not really 100 on what bpa is i know
it’s harmful
i don’t know if it’s like naturally
occurring in humans but if it isn’t
it’s in plastics oh then i don’t have it
right i’m bpa negative
and kosher well actually i’m not kosher
if you eat me that
is not kosher really
yeah you can’t eat jews
so speaking of eating jews
for the first time since 1996
the supreme court made rulings in july
for a week that’s nothing about eating
jews that was just a terrible segue
that was an awful segue yeah first time
since 1996 they made rulings in july
and they’re gonna have more yeah usually
like around my birthday june 28th
um that’s like their final rulings are
happening the 28th and 29th
and 27th and so forth right but there
were so many
uh they listened they heard so many uh
uh in may that they had to actually
extend out which
you don’t hear of often like completely
sort of out of the norm for them i mean
since 1996 anyway
um so they did have a pretty big week
one of these happened last tuesday
moments before our show so we didn’t get
a chance to talk about it
but i felt that it was important so
we’re going to spend a very brief amount
of time on it
okay um but last tuesday the supreme
court endorsed a month
endorsed montana tax credits that helped
pay students to attend religious
schools with chief justice roberts
a state need not subsidize private
but once a state decides to do so it
cannot disqualify some private schools
solely because they are religious
so that opens possibility for school
choice to become more prevalent
uh or or
for states to stop subsidizing private
education completely which
i know people are gonna get mad at me
and this is not an official jorgensen
cohen campaign platform
that would be my preferred outcome and
here’s why
when you open the door to state
subsidized charter schooling here’s what
you now have the state becoming the main
uh payer the main consumer of education
in private and charter schools they’re
the ones paying the bill
and if they become the ones paying the
bill now they have to do it the way
that the state says to so very quickly
these charter schools become
private in name only their
customer is the government they might
have a handful of people
who uh you know who are paying out of
pocket but the vast majority of their
are public education kids kids who who
can’t on their own afford to pay for it
and so what happens with that
and the reason they can’t afford to pay
for it is because their parents have
been robbed through the
property taxes and all the other taxes
to pay for their public education so
it’s all a shell game
but what it leads to is the state
controlling all forms of education
and eventually they’re going to make it
against the law to have private
education that isn’t paid for by the
state now all of a sudden it’s all
just public education it’s all just
government-run education
uh and they control how that education
is doled out um
and then eventually you know the one
good thing that would still exist is
you know it’s not that the teachers
unions aren’t involved and and
the the schools can be shut down uh if
they if they aren’t performing well and
that the teachers can be fired if they
aren’t performing well
once they’re getting that money and once
they’re being told what to do then the
schools say hey wait a second
you shouldn’t be able to shut us down or
fire our teachers
and now we’ve
just got government
everywhere schools are called something
else and you have destroyed
private education and the next step is
going after homeschoolers
and for those who are thinking that i’m
looking really far ahead and making a
lot of assumptions
i invite you to look at everything the
government has ever touched ever
they start with saying we’re going to
help increase access by
allowing people who can’t afford it and
they can’t afford it because we took
their money
and and we’re going to make people who
can’t afford to be able to have access
to these things
that we need then they say well because
we’re controlling who has access and
bringing these customers to these
providers we’re going to tell them how
to do their job and
then they say well since we’re telling
them how to do their job we’re going to
make sure that they don’t fail
and that they they never go under and
then one day they make it illegal for
anyone to do it outside of this
and then they take over as complete so
kind of scary but we will see how this
ends up ending
uh and then there was another thing so
yesterday in a rare unanimous vote the
supreme court ruled that members of the
electoral college
have to oh god vote have to vote for
won the popular vote in their respective
states and states are free
to remove and punish presidential
electors who speak with their pledges
to support designated candidates thereby
essentially destroying the entire
of the electoral college in the first
place matt
yes and no okay yes and no i mean the
the the i mean the electoral college
has been a rubber stamp since like you
know the second election
oh yeah of course so yeah it was the
original purpose was if they disagreed
with what the voters said they could do
but the other purpose of the electoral
college was to make sure that
large population areas weren’t dictating
all of the country right right well and
it was also that the idea was that this
was a collection
of 50 nation states who were in a
federation with each other
in a federalist system uh but that they
as individual states
chose who they wanted to be president
and you know it was you know there was
waiting based on
population uh how many votes they got uh
but it was not you know it was just
it wasn’t just oh we as an entire
country pick this person it’s
we as a collection of 50 states each
select this person so
you know this gets rid of the faithless
faithless elector
uh and just has it where you know the
um you know whoever wins their popular
vote in their state gets the
the points right um and this all stemmed
from a case out of washington
where they find several electors a
thousand dollars for attempting to place
their votes for someone other than
hillary clinton
um which
i get it i get it i get it
i get it r.i.p to those electors by the
right um justice kagan wrote the opinion
and uh everybody but one signed on to it
and in it she wrote the constitution’s
text in the nation’s history both
allowing a state to enforce an elector’s
pledge to support his party’s nominee
and the state voters choice for
um and i
i kind of understand this ruling
the state party is selecting these
people to to be
a member of the electoral college to be
an electorate for your state
it’s supposed to be an honor and your
party picks you and says hey we want you
to do this they don’t want you to change
your mind
the reason you are being given that now
maybe not originally is because it
wasn’t it’s an
honor um and they don’t want somebody
rogue um but like catherine bernard did
in georgia
right didn’t she yeah that was
that was her first you know real
exposure in in politics in georgia was
she was the faithless ron paul
elector and uh i thought that was
somebody from texas that did that
no she wanted to do it and they
basically did everything they could to
yeah that was your whole thing yeah
somebody in texas did do that
in 16. yeah um so this didn’t say that
the states
oh wait no this said that the states
actually that they have to do it they
can’t decide for themselves they have to
force the electors to vote for whoever
won the popular vote
of their state of their state okay which
basically which i talked about later but
we’ll just get into it now
but the national popular vote interstate
should be crushed by this well it should
be crushed by the fact that it’s an
interstate compact which the
explicitly says is not to be allowed
not a treaty i read all the arguments
yeah yeah but it’s a compact not a
an agreement between states outside of
the federal government
agreed but
no matter what the i think that that’s
why they kind of made this ruling
to say no like just so we don’t have to
that case yes you have to vote for who
wins the popular vote
in your state in your state ah
instead of the popular vote overall i
think that i i
i don’t know i haven’t spoken with
anybody on the supreme court recently
or ever so you didn’t do your job the
notes you didn’t you didn’t contact the
source for your show notes is what
you’re saying
i did not know i only i went to uh their
reasonings and i read all of them
and i did not get you didn’t ask them
what they meant
right i did not ask them why whatever um
whatever i i was not able to get that
great why answer from clarence thomas
who also
yeah wrote again uh the suddenly very
clearance thomas who went like 20 years
without writing anything
now every single decision he writes
pretty much almost uh
and he wrote that is powers related to
electors reside with states to the
extent that the constitution does not
remove or restrict that power
thus to invalidate a state law there
must be something in the federal
constitution that deprives the states of
the power to enact such a measure
so basically what he’s doing here is
he’s going to
the 10th amendment and saying look this
is on the states they can do this
now if more of the supreme court would
go to the 10th amendment
more often we may not have this show
we’d have a smaller government yeah if
we if we had if the if the states were
if the federal government was limited
limited to its enumerated powers
like really limited to its enumerated
we’d have a much smaller government
we have a government that the supreme
court routinely says
that kind of sounds like commerce uh so
yeah they can limit that
they can control that but that’s no
commerce meant
goods and services traded across state
that was it and when it said regulate
back then the term regulate meant make
more regular
allow it to flow freely regulate didn’t
mean what they’ve turned regulate to
mean right now
just control now yeah yeah right yes
now of course the court’s opinion does
not extend to
every scenario that could
pop up um and in it in her
uh in her opinion kagan listed a few
uh she said if the winning presidential
candidate dies after election day but
before the electoral college
casts its votes states can’t necessarily
force electors
to cast ballots for a dead person
okay so
situations like that she also wrote that
the state restrictions
on electors couldn’t violate the equal
protection clause or impose additional
qualifications for
presidential candidates and even though
she didn’t like say
anything she didn’t go into depth on
california recently had a case that was
shut down by
uh scotus uh saying that
all potential candidates had to release
their tax returns
so that is required is 35 years old born
in america
i think that’s it right uh 35 uh
35 years old um born in america natural
born citizen
and uh you have to have resided here for
at least the last seven years i believe
yeah something like that and it’s to
prevent you know uh
the fun fact that was added because
uh the greatest concern at that time
when the revolution happened
and then when the constitution was added
the most popular person
in the us was the archbishop of
the the head of the anglican church and
there was some serious concern that
people would elect
the head of the anglican church which
would essentially bring america back
into the fold of the british crown
and so uh uh and so they introduced that
saying that
they had to actually live in the u it
had had to be born in the u.s
uh and had to live here for seven years
um but and then also they have to be
35. uh so um
yeah so that’s the only restrictions
that can be put on uh for someone to
qualify to run for president
right so when california says all
presidential candidates to be on the
ballot need to release their tax returns
they can’t do that you can’t say that
right exactly
they cannot say that so everybody is
assuming she
uh i didn’t put this in the notes but
she was making a lot of pop culture
which when i think of justice kagan i’m
not thinking somebody who
can make pop culture references and she
put it in the opinion
and they were well-placed did she
reference kanye west running for
uh this was before um
oh actually well i don’t know when she
wrote the opinion it was released on
monday so i’m assuming she wasn’t
she wasn’t last minute writing the
saturday night uh but she did reference
uh the show hamilton and she referenced
i don’t remember the other thing she
referenced some other show that’s
we referenced juice world
yes we did but i’m also not in the
supreme court
which is accumulated references a lot
well i do um and i go
follow me on tick tock at literally
spike cohen
yeah so that should bring into the
national popular vote
interstate compact because i can’t see
how it can continue
i don’t see how it can continue either
and again i’ve always thought it was i
didn’t see how i could continue before
but i think it’s always been i think
it’s always been on incredibly
shaky ground because again the
constitution says that the states can’t
create a compact
can’t create an agreement between them
that without involving the federal
government because ultimately what could
happen then
is that you could have the states create
their own little interstate agreements
that uh not all states would be included
and would be an end run around the
constitutional process
which is what this is the whole purpose
of the interstate compact
is to create a compact enter the states
between the states
bypassing the constitutional process
and you’re not supposed to be able to do
that whether you support the national
popular vote whether you support
keeping the electoral college in place
whether you support some other system
ranked choice voting whatever
this is the way you’re supposed to go
through it so speaking of the order of
things and how you’re supposed to go
on this show the very next thing we do
on this show
is the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor colin
moment matt
that’s the order of things we’re a
nation of laws
that is the order of things that we
wrote out in the
bylaws nation yeah and there’s no if
some other
hosts of the show decided outside of the
show notes
to make their own order of things
that would be illegal on this show
jason who just lost the game
um so we have uh
the personal injury attorney chris
reynolds attorney at law anchor colin
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can also leave a message you are not
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message we
are happy to take all um
all various um questions and so
we are taking our first question from
zach taylor of uh drunken disorderly
i believe that’s right
hey spike i’ve heard you talk about
doing away with the va
which on a surface level is a disabled
veteran i’m all for
putting our our health care more into
the private sector
but my immediate question is how does
make up for all of the doctoral training
that the va provides
because every clinic is staffed by
a doctor and then
basically doctors in training who are
working under that doctor
and without that ability how are those
people going to
get into the medical world in a timely
fashion so that we can start lowering
the cost of
goods um have a good one
hey well thanks for that question so uh
i recently i i for those who don’t know
i have ms so i go to doctors a lot
and thankfully it’s stable it’s been
stable for many years but i do go to
doctors a lot to manage the situation to
you know check my levels because i’m on
a treatment and all that stuff
and usually when i go to doctor’s
there are trainees there uh sometimes
more than one
um so i don’t see any reason why you
couldn’t continue to have that
uh with the doctors outside of the va
and have them in the
with private sector doctors maybe there
would be more of them that would be good
if there are more of them
you know they always ask is it okay if
you know these people witness and i go
yeah because we need more doctors um so
yeah no i i think
i think that could be met uh by
allowing the medical professionals to
continue having
uh you know people apprenticing under
them and for those who don’t know the
the jorgensen cohen plan for the va it
costs more money
per patient per veteran to administer
the va than it would cost to just give
directly to veterans and let them
the health care that they need through
private insurance and of course we know
private insurance
gives much better outcomes than the va
does which is
va treats its patients like essentially
third class citizens
so if private insurance and medicare are
first-class citizens
medicaid and some of the state run
programs are second-class citizens
the va are they’re treating their
patients like third class citizens it is
what we would expect from a nationally
health care system not just nationally
paid for but nationally managed
government health care system and so
simply replacing it with giving the
money directly to the veterans so they
can get the care they need
even including giving continuing to give
them disability payments and everything
it would still cost billions less every
year than uh
uh than our current the current system
which causes
terrible terrible outcomes among
veterans especially disabled veterans
the the epidemic of suicide and
and among veterans the epidemic of
homelessness among veterans because
they aren’t getting the mental health
and chronic pain treatment that they
need so they often turn
to self-medicating uh getting into you
know drugs that
lead them to have even worse problems
and and up on the streets and everything
else and it’s directly a result of
the va um and uh and all that so that’s
the uh
that is our plan for the for the va
uh real quick before you hit play on old
number two there
um takashi i saw on facebook that you
said that you left a question
um it never came through so
if you want to put that question in now
go ahead
because you said you did and we just
never got it so
put it in now so that way you can be
included in this because
we’d love to have you on yeah come leave
us a question because we have four more
and so there’s time
we have four more we’re answering before
you and so you have time to
thank you for joining the mudwaters
group yes thank you for joining us thank
you for joining money waters
and uh so our next question is from
timothy johnson
and what is oh that’s a picture of
timothy okay it adds a little picture to
them cool
all right timothy johnson
hey spike a man this is tim um the main
attraction to the libertarian party to
is gun rights so i was wondering what
your guys’s uh everyday carry
and favorite range toy is and why
thanks well unfortunately i don’t have
an everyday carry because i lost every
single weapon and bit of ammunition that
i have
at that tragic day at sea
r.i.p my guns um but my favorite range
toy prior to that happening
uh was a uh desert eagle 357.
um so if you picture being able to
you you’re carrying a a pistol that
weighs like six pounds
so it’s very very heavy uh and it was
originally designed to be able to fire a
50 caliber
magnum uh round without blowing your
wrist off
and so it’s so heavy when you fire
something like a 357
imagine firing a a a a 357 magnum round
and having less recoil than a lot of
nine millimeters have
um so you just with the 357 magnum
um so i would say that’s definitely my
favorite uh
range toy back when when i could do that
before that
right back before the building accident
the day of the purpose
my favorite everyday carry is um the
walther ppts m2
um comfortable easy to conceal uh the
range toy is the cz sp01
yeah uh it’s got a two pound trigger
amazingly accurate just fun just
so much see now i gotta google cz spo
too hold on one second
sp01 sp01
oh so you like the compact stuff okay
yeah i like something that’s extremely
heavy but has no wrinkle
like i mean literally it’s like the
opposite of most pistols most pistols
are very very light
have a decent amount of recoil and a
desert eagle is just like this
it’s like you know like a weight that
you’re holding like a dumbbell weight
but then you know i mean there’s nothing
to it um
so i mean the cz is
unbelievably accurate but it’s but it’s
so you can’t easily conceal it which
that’s why
the walther oh yeah walters or yeah yeah
right the walther’s just you can slide
that anywhere and nobody would ever see
it yeah well i
certainly wouldn’t because
one of the best things that’s going to
happen when joe jorgensen becomes
president is that the atf will be ended
and all
gun laws will be no longer enforced
and so we finally will be able to get
back the guns that we lost at sea
uh i think even wagner says
if only everyone knew that every lake in
america is a 90
gun yeah yeah every lake in america is
10 h2o and 90
ar-15 that’s right you know everyone
we want to end that formula because that
contributes to the
so next question is from samantha and
hello mr cohen uh my name is samantha
one of the issues that gets brought up
when speaking to people who are either
on the fence or
not exactly libertarian is
talking about you and dr jorgensen’s
policy on getting rid of the federal
minimum wage standard so
my question for you is could you please
go into detail
on what that actually means for people
that were to be accomplished sure
absolutely so we’ve seen what happens
minimum wage laws are introduced uh a
lot of smaller businesses especially the
ones that they’re talking about right
now they’re talking about
15 an hour well the reason that big
business cronies and their owned media
are pushing 15 an hour minimum wage
is because they know they can afford it
but their smaller competitors
cannot afford it so you will have many
businesses that have to
uh draw down and fire people or even go
out of business
if they’re suddenly told that they have
to almost double
what they’re paying people um but again
amazon can afford that walmart can
afford it netflix can afford it
uh amazon can afford it i already said
amazon all these companies can afford it
and many other companies like facebook
and google they’re already paying their
employees you know they have skilled
laborers they’re paying them much more
than that for the most part
anyway it’s the mom and pop shops that
can’t afford it it’s the
small furniture stores that can’t afford
it it’s the small restaurants
that can’t afford it everyone else the
big ones the big boys can afford
it and they would love to lose that
smaller competition
but here’s what happens so those
companies go out of business and then
when the minimum wage goes up so does
the cost of living it goes up
that much more because now all the
providers know that everyone’s walking
around with that much more money and so
the cost of living goes up across the
board which disproportionately affects
the people who make the least so minimum
wage laws actually
disproportionately harm the very people
that it’s supposed to be helping the
poor because what happens is when those
companies go out of work
now the people that we’re working for
them are making the real minimum wage
which is the zero dollars an hour that
you make when you aren’t working
so here’s the real problem because we
have to look at there is a problem here
the problem is that people
an increasing number of americans aren’t
making enough money to pay for their
cost of living
and there’s two reasons for that number
one their wages aren’t going up enough
a natural reaction of the market and
number two is that the cost of living
keeps going up faster than their wage
increases are going up
the way you deal with the first part of
that problem is to create
more demand for their labor so we have
supply of labor because of businesses
going out of business and we have not
much demand for their labor
which means the value of their labor
goes down
to whatever the minimum is the way you
change that
is by removing those barriers and
burdens and taxes that the big business
cronies have put in place
via their bought and paid for
legislators and the regulators that go
through the revolving door
of the regulatory agencies back to the
businesses back to the regulatory
agencies you get rid of all of those
barriers that the cronies have put in
to stop competitors from working their
way up and disrupting and threatening
their market share you remove those
barriers so that businesses and job
creators can thrive across every sector
of the economy
and the number of jobs available goes
through the roof
the demand for labor goes up the supply
for labor stays the same or actually
starts to reduce
because more and more people already
have good paying jobs
and that will necessarily cause the
the benefits everything to go up because
if you want to get someone who
works you got to get them from someone
else you got to try to get them before
someone else does or get them
from someone that’s already actively
employing them that makes wages go up
as a function of the actual market as
opposed to
an imposition on the market by
government which means it’s sustainable
and it will go up faster than the cost
of living the other part is that cost of
living increase well that’s simple you
end the fed
because the fed has been leading has
been creating
the cost of living increases by
devaluing your currency over
time uh by printing out endless reams
of federal reserve notes that it gives
away to big businesses
and wall street and the airlines and the
hotels and you know and everyone in
uh whenever they feel like it and also
lending that money to itself to the
federal government
in the form of buying treasury bonds
that you have to pay off with interest
every day a series of new 40-year loans
is taken out in your name that you
your children their children and even
their children will have to pay with
but in addition to that by printing out
endless reams
of the same federal reserve notes that
you have in your pocket
and then your wallet and in your bank
account that you use to buy and
buy things that you need every single
day by printing out endless reams of
it reduces the value by inflating the
money supply it reduces the value
of each bit of that currency including
the one that you have
which is why in 1913 when the federal
reserve was created
two things happened afterwards number
one we went to war
and have never been out of war since and
number two
the cost of living which used to go up
and down with supply and demand and the
equilibrium of the market now just
steadily goes up anywhere from
three to ten percent on average uh to
the point to where now
the uh the reserve note that you have in
your pocket right now or your wallet or
bank account or whatever
your your dollar bill your reserve note
is worth two cents on the dollar what it
was worth in 1913
when the federal reserve was introduced
imagine if your money was worth
50 times what it is now that’s the
not not minimum wages so that is how we
deal with that we fixed the core of the
which is the bad policies of the
republicans and democrats that were
uh via bought and paid for politicians
uh to the behest and to the direct
benefit of billionaire cronies and to
the detriment of literally everyone else