Episode 136 – World War C: Dick Pound Town

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Matt Wright & Spike Cohen

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The world is in the middle of this tiny little health kerfuffle, and everyone has been losing their ever loving respiratory systems. Time to get into the nitty-gritty on many a subject including the so-called USA Freedom Reauthorization Act, and many of the aspects of the sickness shindy so many are shocked by.

Calls from Chris Reynolds and a Vermin/Spike2020 update.

Kava from Benjamin Daniel Morris Chestnut the VIth
Water from Kroger
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Episode Transcript

This episode transcript is auto-generated and provided as a service to the hearing impaired. We apologize for any errors or inaccuracies.

oh how I love when I slow don’t forget
myself and not go round I lost my feet
that I love you too bad that dreams
don’t just come true staying put not
making sense yeah I’ve been living in
the previous dance why won’t you help me
move on I can’t look can’t make amends
yet so sad when I leaving friends but
we’ve been going song give me back the
conversation I’m sorry I lost my
patience no I just can’t catch a break
yet I’m always like yes still always
wait in forget myself
to pathogens or just come true
picking it and my banana pants having
fun hitting that banana grab I love just
wasting my time in it checking my
no whip won’t turn me to a better man I
know it’s killing my vibe I do my words
just seem inefficient I’m scared of the
recognition I’m sorry it’s you want
missing to tell the truth I can make it
so forget myself and
too bad the Jews are just coming true
suddenly I can see the world has it’s
supposed to be in the pain son my heart
is left my church unseen we can be
anyone we wanna be in the world can put
our worry down to read but I can’t find
too bad that dreams are just garbage
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard for spike
Vina Turia’s je w cohan
I am Matt Wright and together we are
traversing the muddied waters of freedom
I like that was that um have we never
used that before
notorious juw I don’t know but I’m about
to go on like this whole 90s rap artist
pun thing that’s fine
I love it I’m surprised cause I’ve been
called that a lot before so I’m
surprised it’s first time on the show
hey everybody how you doing whoo how is
everybody doing on this fine fine week
we just hope you all had a lot of fun at
home at home at gluing nothing odd much
on the Internet absolutely nothing be
just being just a new normal of being
home on the Internet great I mean
honestly we really don’t have to say ask
what you were doing because we’ve gotten
hourly updates we already know when one
of who has been up to
we know how you’re doing in we’re
concerned if you need to reach out we’re
here we love you Matt Hicks asks to make
it the new normal and Maria Eden bozos
barely sober unless he Sobers good good
to be we’ve been essentially sober both
of us for going over dan dan foul says
day one two three eight nine oh two five
seven two three eight seven of
quarantine loads of fun that’s what it
feels like it’s tough when you’ve
already gone through all your snacks
that you were intending to make last
till like June oh it looks like I am
about to I just got a notification oh it
looks like I’m about to be shelter at
home from the from Florida just from
Pinellas County well breaking news if
you’re in Pinellas County
it’s looking like that’s gonna happen
tomorrow you’re not allowed to leave
your house unless it’s to go to the
store with a bunch of other people and
crowd together in a panic and not social
distance with a bunch of other people
who the only thing they can do is go to
the store – and the hours are restricted
so you’re all going at the same time and
that way you’re all huddled together
coughing on each other yes but don’t go
anywhere else because that would be
Oh bass our good friend bass over on the
tube of you says his company gave him 80
hours of paid leave for the pandemic
jeez that sounds nice well I mean the
Trump checks we’re about to get way more
we’re getting paid brah about to get
paid Lee maybe maybe you’re maybe not
the Trump Pelosi checks mack nick says
once again spike alone is once again
publicly masturbating by watching his
own podcast that’s not confirmed we I
don’t know what spike does underneath
that table that’s really none of
anyone’s business honestly so first and
foremost allow me to thank Benjamin
Daniel Morris chestnut chestnut the
sixth for the kava that I drink on
pretty much every episode of this show
and allow me to thank Kroger Leon Smith
mystical from No Limit Taye Diggs
restore for my purified drinking water
and allow me to thank my wife for the
taste orange juice for this orange juice
the orange juice wouldn’t give me more
of a ship we already have these
quarantine ease and chief these
quarantine ease of orange juice and that
we need more I told her we need more and
she said we don’t and I said we
definitely do
and she’s me but I’ll see you to get
through we need the vitamin C to get
through to like August
bula vinaka boo oh yeah boo Wanaka
forgot to say that this
okay so yeah we’ve had a few streams are
up on all of them in they all look good
yeah yeah not a single Norman when that
happens usually by now we have run into
some kind of catastrophic situation with
the audio typically um but no right now
looking and sounding good which is good
cuz that’s what we’re all doing now
talking to each other on the Internet
until we fall asleep pretty much that’s
just that’s it and then go into the
store and get this canned meat like you
know and vegetables and if they got
toilet paper and perishables I love the
ones who show up like this is gonna just
be like a long hurricane and they’re
just getting lots of bread and milk and
eggs and I’m like guys this system
that’ll last you about a week you’re
gonna have a bunch of french toast and
then have to go back to the store
because know this is gonna last yeah but
I’m not mad at that
I’ll leave french toast all the time I’m
good with that right but you have to
keep going back so if the whole thing is
you’re gonna try to you know quarantine
for a couple months while things blow
over just wait for things to blow over
it’s kind of hard to do that when all
your food it’s gonna rot it about a week
and a half if you haven’t eaten it which
you have because everyone’s just sitting
around eating all day there’s layers
there’s layers to this that’s someone
was talking about how the you know
there’s been a lot of blame on that the
reason there’s so much you know there’s
not enough food and that they’re you
know people are going through groceries
is because people are hoarding but most
people eat out at least go out to eat at
least once or twice a day whether it’s
fast food or they go to a restaurant or
whatever takeout or something like that
whereas now like fewer and fewer people
are doing that they’re having to
actually eat at home so there’s been
this shift in the market to groceries
and it’s like everyone’s like eating
from stuff they got at the store which
is messing with the stores cuz they
didn’t anticipate that not sure why they
didn’t but here we are
Passover on YouTube asks do you guys
think that this kerfuffle will have a
lasting effect on social norms such as
handshakes which yes I think that
in the future it’s all going to be
kiddin’ play kick the kick hook thing
the hook thing I think that’s that that
is going to be the handshake of the
future yes and then will you lock up and
go around in this and gentle run in a
circle you jump around on a circle yes
start practicing this is going to be
choreographed for everybody so get ready
that if nothing good comes from this us
bringing back the kitten play house
party leg hook dance thing dad yes yeah
that will have made this all worth it
please please let’s get that started
let’s definitely make that a thing we
will have to do the next time well I
guess we can’t get together because
we’re both quarantine but we can maybe
make some kind of weird Photoshop thing
of us doing that I know that definitely
needs to be a thing that’s a great idea
Matt so yeah so speaking of kitten play
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders the kitten
play of our time oh by the way this
episode first and foremost of course
this episode is brought to you by the
Libertarian Party dad bought calendar
featuring the sexiest libertarian men to
ever hang from a calendar if you want to
scare people away and keep them from you
know violating your social distancing
nap you can just wear one of these when
you go out and have that there and
people will be scared to go anywhere
near you much less six feet it’s also
brought to you by the libertarian party
Waffle House caucus the most
disease-free caucus in the party
currently because they close they’re
closing more and more of the Waffle
House’s so we’re all having to stay home
we have buttons inbox me for those sweet
sweet buttons did you know facebook does
a closed caption live really yeah I’m
watching it go right now that’s so cool
we’re you add on that one YouTube we’re
yet on that one
it says that’s so cool oh my god so cool
okay all right I’m not gonna be free I’m
not gonna like lose my composure about
that um but that is really cool so yeah
Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden on
our continuing our continuing not so
Super Tuesday special that we have on
every Tuesday what’s up this is the
godforsaken election cycle that we’re
going through right now so a little
upkeep from last week because we weren’t
gonna be here for we’re Arizona closing
Biden got 39 Bernie got 28 Bloomberg
Warren zero yeah big shocker Joe Biden
wins another state and then the abroad
results Democrats living abroad Democrat
oh gosh you can’t even see that or I
can’t see it that well anyway Bernie won
that yeah Bernie won went 58 percent he
won right
he got nine Biden got four yeah really
right now Joe Biden’s holding on to
about a 300 delegate lead 314 to be
exact and not a single person knows when
the next primary is actually gonna
mm-hmm I mean yeah a lot of them are on
the books but we don’t know if they’re
actually well you know they’re saying
that the next one’s gonna be June 2nd
there’s gonna be 10 states voting that
day with 680 delegates the ones that
were planning to vote on June 2nd and
all the ones that have been postponed to
June 2nd to which and I can fairly get
well guarantee you they’re not gonna
happen June 2nd like I have a good
feeling they will not yeah I mean I’m
call me the optimist I guess I’m just
kind of hoping but we well that was
weird but yeah we still have like I know
first week of May they’re like next week
there’s elections planned but I’m
willing to bet that they aren’t going to
be yeah they aren’t gonna be happening
it’s hard to shelter in place and vote
at the same time right right
so I’m willing to bet that that is kind
of that’s what we’re gonna be looking at
it’s no elections for a while and there
might be just one big one somewhere down
the road if we happen to get all the way
to November
you know what the sexiest one would be
if the Democrats just go
yeah Biden’s ahead we’re just gonna give
it to him at that and announce it on
zoom and a poorly in a poorly produced
live stream like the ones they’ve been
doing yeah that would just be perfect
and that’s not that’s not impossible for
that to happen and then for Joe to
announce Hillary Clinton who’s gonna try
to Skype in from her phone this is
really like some magical stuff that’s
happening we’ll see going Dan Fouts just
asked is it just mine that keeps getting
interrupted on Facebook and I am willing
to bet that it’s not because our numbers
of people who are watching have they’re
shooting up and down randomly so I’m
betting Facebook is overloaded with the
large amount of people who are watching
yeah cuz we have no dropped frames but I
just saw it to mine got interrupted as
well so maybe guys just turn off the
closed captioning and make the video
work that would be nice
either that or you can go visit visit us
on YouTube you can visit us on Twitter
or you can visit us on FL o te dot app
slash muddied waters media slash live
and we’re all here on periscope – well
Twitter periscope saying yeah yeah no
this is a Facebook thing because I’m
looking and there’s no problem with your
videos yeah so if you guys want to let
me let me go ahead and give them the
youtube link and that way they can go
join us on YouTube anyone who’s having
problems with our Facebook live go to
the youtube link or let me give you the
float app link upload that one then I
got a very copied okay cool um and much
better experience over there anyway than
Facebook we’d really just prefer
everyone go over there anyway um but
anyway yeah so that um so that’s what
happened so far there I I personally
think that there’s a possibility we’re
not gonna have an election this year
which would be even funnier but that
would be funny that would be funny like
in a horrifying
way that you know will lead to deaths
but God could you imagine the absolute
battle that would start over the late
and he goes hey you know they’re saying
to shelter in place there seem to
shelter in place so there’s no election
the hell was that I don’t know that was
that was Bernie and Trump had a terrible
lived in foster care
oh my god Stephen King ask baby yeah no
like a really bad like I’m like I’m like
twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and
Vito but only the worst parts and then
but still life points of Trump in and
only the worst parts of Trump and Bernie
but with this Arnold’s poor
pronunciation of English
so speaking of poor use of English in in
yeah I mean you know a guy named Wayne
Allen Bailey and real quick before of
Louisiana so real quick before we go any
further did not assassinate anybody oh
yeah he’s got an assassins name he does
to have an assassins named Wayne Allen
Bailey of Louisiana assassin and or
serial killer a political figure did not
no no I did not do that oh by the way
this episode is brought to you by
personal injury attorney Chris Reynolds
attorney at law Chris Reynolds law.com
but that was right you know Chris
Reynolds Chris Reynolds Chris Reynolds
faced I don’t know like this doesn’t
help marketing like this is no no way
look for this guy if you need an
um so yeah so okay so we nellen bailey
who did not have a fun week when we were
asking how everyone’s week was he would
have said not the best guys long he put
a post out having to do with this whole
worldwide health kerfuffle he posted
scher scher scher just in rapids Parish
Sheriff’s Office have issued the order
if deputies come into contact with quote
the N
did shoot on sight lord have mercy on us
slash or hashtag kovat 19 hashtag we
need you Brad Pitt now putting aside his
crimes of grammar and spelling which
frankly are capital offenses Wayne was
telling a joke about World War Z right
Matt yeah it’s a it’s a World War Z
reference yeah it’s a World War Z
reference Brent and that’s why saying we
need you Brad Pitt there at in the
second hashtag and that’s all it is it’s
he is making light of the kerfuffle that
is going on worldwide with health
reasons and yeah that’s pretty much it
right and he ended up getting into a
little bit of trouble for this as you
can guess that that is not your normal
photo he did not take that willingly
yeah that’s not a selfie right I mean
it’s like it’s a kind of selfie but not
the kind anyone likes right well except
in a selfie you take the picture
oh it’s more of a Yui yeah it’s a Yui
it’s a Yui bought and paid for by the
taxpayers of I’m gonna guess Rapids
Parrish Rapids Parrish am mm-hmm
because he was charged he was brought up
on one charge of terrorism terrorism
terrorism for that post now this is
absolutely absolutely gonna get thrown
out at some point or he’ll plead down to
like being a jerk or spelling poorly or
something like that like Rapids parish
is filled that way that you know that
was the thing that I was the least
worried about from that cuz that
couldn’t be because I was more just like
it’s actually not as I you know I’m I’m
Kramer Jew and and it’s it’s you know it
is what it is but there were some perk
and so I mean it is what it is
see I was brought up on terrorism this
is going to be thrown out at some point
this was to scare people at home that if
you post something we don’t like we’re
gonna arrest you um but this will get
thrown out he might even get some money
if he finds like an ACLU attorney or
someone to represent problem yeah
here’s his problem I guess here’s the
problem at a time when the prisons are
releasing nonviolent and jails are
releasing nonviolent offenders and
nonviolent accused people haven’t even
gone to trial yet so as to stop the slow
of the coronavirus in the jails that are
filthy they’re now putting him in there
for making a bad poorly grammar joke
about a movie a movie reference he’s
making a bad joke about the brouhaha
going on while making a movie reference
and he didn’t even say he was gonna do
anything again he he posted that the
sheriff’s office was gonna do something
yeah with we need you Brad Pitt hashtag
right like this is so going to get
thrown out it’s just such a waste of
time like what a bunch of nonsense and
speaking of a base to a bunch of waste
of time nonsense that is being postponed
the head of the International Olympic
Committee man named dick pound has
decided that he’s gonna postpone
tremendous waste of time for the first
time since World War two he is going to
be postponing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
right now we’re hearing that they’re
tentatively panned for 2021 but many of
the athletes whose careers were nearing
the end of their Olympian possibility
just saw their hopes of gold taken to
dick pound town dick pound town dick
pound town dick pound here giving you
the I’m the mayor of dick pound town who
wants a key look that he gives often
which he definitely is the mayor of dick
pound town I mean you can tell that guy
is the mayor of dick pound town oh yeah
it’s definitely the mayor and dick pound
oh I mean listen it is clear that the
IOC decided to try to soften the blow of
the announcement that the Olympics were
being postponed
at least until next year by having it
announced by a man named dick pound it
is clear that that was an obvious but
obvious attempt to soften the blow the
old softened dick blow the old battle-ax
acid the old flaccid dick the old
flaccid soft dick pound low town dick
and getting soft pound there yeah this
tables a little wobbly like pound town
my friend right yes there’s really like
that’s really the only story there most
people would talk about how like you
know people’s hopes are dashed and
they’ve been go do in their whole this
their whole life they’ve been training
for this moment to be told that they
can’t and you know some of them have a
very short window they might already be
out of their prime by the time they they
do it again if it’s looking like an
18-month thing they may not even qualify
by then that’s what other people would
focus on we’re just really really amused
by this man’s name right pound dick
pound hmm he could have chosen Richard
let’s let’s talk about this for a moment
listen okay look I’m gonna let you know
right now that does not make a
difference it makes a small difference
it doesn’t doesn’t it no I feel like it
does know as I have first-hand knowledge
of this it makes zero difference so if
you went by Richard pound people would
still call him dick pound yes because
everybody knows that that’s what the
nickname for that is what if it was rich
pound if it’s rich pound you could
probably get away with it right so rich
pound and he’s like giving this like you
know devastating international news I
don’t like the last name pound like rich
pound sounds like usually getting
screwed by the 1%
which again is not as powerful as as
dick and I’m dick pound dick pound Nick
pound hey everyone I wish I had gotten
the I hope he when he comes up to the
you know up to the dais or whatever when
he gives his announcements he goes hey
everyone its dick pound here and then
just looks at everyone really
uncomfortably as like a real like alpha
energy thing for like a solid 20 30
dick he had to have gotten beat up a lot
dick pallid I mean you know maybe not
maybe this guy like I mean we don’t
unless he just slayed and then that’s
what I’m saying
he made it look like kicked everyone’s
ass like he may have been like yet I
mean you know it’s like the whole boy
named Sue thing like you know guy named
dick pound I don’t know how one becomes
the head of the International Olympic
Committee but maybe he’s maybe he just
pulls left and right maybe he’s you know
the old dick Pole
so we’ve pounded that we’ve dick pounded
that story you know speaking of I don’t
have a good segue here I don’t think
that’s how often on the ground something
oh God probably isn’t yet actually with
all the you know he will facing the
ground Kenny Rogers uh the gambler
chicken if chicken aficionado yeah
chicken efficient I don’t know let you I
don’t get the references here go ahead
well the gambler Kenny Rogers he is the
gambler he sang the song and was the
actor on television
chicken aficionado hmm because of Kenny
Rogers chicken oh yeah he’s alerted okay
with a penchant for singing passed away
from natural causes this week in under
the hospice care proving that he of all
people definitely knew when to walk away
or run or run more like I mean he
you know them that’s right marla eden
beau he knew your fold
he knew when to fold those particular
particular things right there so yeah I
mean Kenny Rogers is like a very
talented artist and and musician and he
will be greatly missed and it’s really
sad awesome
I’d see I never had his chicken was it
good yeah his chicken was really good
they had that whole Seinfeld episode
about it I’d say I remember that but I
never actually seemed when I saw that
episode I thought it was fake I didn’t
know there was such a thing as Kenny
Rogers chicken and then it turned out ya
know it actually is and people say it’s
good I’ve never I’ve never had it before
when I hate to say but whenever I think
of Kenny Rogers I think of who ever
played Kenny Rogers on MADtv and like
the Jackass gets this jackass and then
they would like they would do stuff I
yeah yeah I got a name I can’t remember
anyway whatever yeah so he did that and
that’s I hate that that’s what I think
of that and the gambler but he
definitely I mean islands in the stream
yeah Dolly Parton had like a 30-year
friendship and it stemmed from I think I
think that was kind of like when they
first became friends was when that song
came out and then there are friends for
and they were close apparently forever
well for the rest of his life
Wow forevers maybe he’ll haunt her so it
can stay forever it’s it’s but it’s sad
but ya know I mean if there were ever a
time to pass away peacefully of old age
in hospice care it would be as the
pandemic is coming to kill us all
that would definitely be a good moment
for that speaking of things that are
destined to die the upcoming Libertarian
Party corona vention in August text on
Austin Texas May 21st through 25th
brought to you by the CDC and Purell
have so so here’s the situation there
with the I spent more time on this and
I’m comfortable talking about the the
Libertarian Party had it has their
National Convention scheduled for May
21st through the 25th in Austin Texas
and you know when they scheduled that
who would have thought that everything
was going to shut down both by force and
fear of a deadly virus as of right now
the City of Austin has said that there
can be no gatherings of more than I
think ten but not I mean way more than
the say twenty five hundred that would
have to gather for the Libertarian Party
convention National Convention but it’s
through May third and so a lot of people
in the Libertarian Party are saying well
maybe they won’t extend it well they are
and the reason they are is because at
that point according to some people
there might be tens of millions of
Americans needing hospital care across
the country and there’s not gonna be no
one’s gonna want to go to a convention
in Texas in that time yeah and um like
there aren’t gonna be airplanes flying
there now and as a person who is not a
member of delivery I guess I am a member
or a member of the Libertarian Party of
Georgia that’s right I am but outside of
that accident and try that outside of
that trickery no I didn’t know but yep
so uh outside of that like I’m not gonna
be one of the delegates I’m not gonna be
going down there and voting but many of
my friends are libertarians and I like
to consider many of my libertarian
friends to be smarter than your average
right please don’t go there with guns
saying we’re gonna go do this anyway
please don’t do that please don’t do
yeah if you’re one of my many many many
many libertarian friends who are very
passionate about libertarianism and
everything show the world why you’re
smarter yeah yeah so let’s put aside the
question of whether we’re not it’s a
good idea to gather in large groups with
guns during a pandemic libertarians
naturally when they’re told by
government to do something they want to
do the opposite and I get that because
I’m an anarchist 35 minutes and 47
seconds and I get whoa I know I know I
haven’t done it why don’t I don’t say it
as often now I’m running for office now
when you’re running for the highest
office in the land so you know I get
when when government says do X and
you’re like I’m gonna not do X and so
right now government saying everyone
stay inside don’t go outside which is
we’re gonna get into later why bands are
stupid and don’t work and I’m actually
going to be putting a feature video
about it on on my page
despite Cohen your next VP facebook.com
slash and literally spike going but you
so it doesn’t work it’s a good idea
until this thing calms down to practice
safe interactions with people don’t go
out more than you have to don’t you know
stay stay six feet away from people wash
your hands and all that stuff that isn’t
really you’re not able to be safe enough
to prevent the spread of a virus that is
this easy to spread in a in a hotel
conference center with thousands of
people like there’s a thousand there’s
over a thousand just delegates and then
you’ve got the people they brought and
then you’ve got the media and then
you’ve got to you know the members of
the part like I mean you’ve got a solid
at least
two thousand people it’s not possible
for everyone to take up six feet in
every directly it’s not possible for
everyone to be washing their hands
they’re all gonna be using the same
bathrooms like it’s just there’s there’s
a reason that we’re being advised not to
do this
we shouldn’t be forced not to do this
but we should as libertarians make a
smart choice not to do this
so hopefully supposedly the LNC is
meeting to talk about contingencies I
know the bylaws supposedly don’t allow
for there to be a for there to be a
virtual you know remote convention but
there’s got to be something we can
figure out that is not you know even if
it doesn’t comport with the exact law
this idea of just doing it anyway is is
a is just it’s not a good one
for the personal health of the people
that go and their loved ones and also
for the perception that that would give
of everyone else that libertarians are
every bad stereotype that we’re told
that they’re told we are that we don’t
care about others we don’t even care
about our own health we just care about
making a point that we’re gonna do
whatever we want and that we usually
have guns when we do that and that you
know we don’t care how much damage it
causes or how absurd it looks so let’s
not do that yeah let’s not let’s do not
that yeah that would be better let’s go
do something that’s not that’s not that
Bassett I went out shopping for
groceries today and was hyper concerned
people walking around with gloves and
masks I mean honestly if there are
people with gloves and masks that’s
probably better than them walking around
not like that like I mean there are so
many people that have this that have
little to no symptoms and they’re like
oh I feel fine but they’re sniffling on
their hands and then touch and stuff and
and what you know like they don’t
realize that it might not be seasonal
allergies or it may be seasonal
allergies but they’re also having an
asymptomatic you know experience with
the disease and they won’t ever notice
or they won’t notice for a couple weeks
so if they’re taking those precautions
I’m actually happy to see people like
that but I’m not happy to see is when I
go to the store up the road and
everyone’s crowding on each other and
hugging each other and you know wanting
to strike up a conversation with me
and you know our it you know it don’t
want to do anything even remotely social
distancing in any way whatsoever that
bothers me a lot more than people like
keeping their distance and having gloves
and and and and surgery I mean surgical
masks are a bit much unless you’re
coughing and sneezing but I’d rather you
wear it than not rather that then what I
see the tourists doing who apparently
everyone’s still going on vacation which
is just hilarious
yeah that’s so I live I live in Pinellas
County in Florida and Spring Breakers
are everywhere I whenever I go out I see
them and they’re out here and there they
don’t care when people were like oh yeah
Florida man’s crazy they don’t care
they’re on the beaches doing whatever no
it’s not it’s everybody else that’s
doing it most of the Floridians I know
are comfortably hanging out in their
houses happy just an all right I’m at
home I’m gonna watch Netflix or am yeah
they’re whatever yeah there’s a whole
Ocoee sorry go ahead yeah it’s just
insane when you see videos like we
posted that video
the centipede yeah yeah the the beard
the beard luge centipede and people were
aligned up ATM for anybody who knows
what that means and or or a to a number
to em hey oh that’s good a to em but
yeah they’re pouring the beer down the
crack and drinking it and be everybody
out flora what’s wrong with Florida no
that’s not us that’s real that’s people
from other places that’s Ohio and
Illinois with same place here where I
live in Myrtle Beach that’s that’s your
Tennessee that’s your everywhere else
New York New Jersey all these people
come down here they act somewhat normal
up there and come down here and just
demonstrate how quickly we can spread a
disease usually aids but now now then
that’s a big one that that’s a big one
but usually usually AIDS or like
but this one’s even easier to spread but
they’re still using like gonorrhea
protocol like you know we got to really
spread this thing and you know have I
ever told you the story about after I’d
been living here like a year and it was
right after I quit drinking okay which
you’d most people don’t come to Florida
and quit drinking but I did you know I
got one good year of partying and I was
like okay I got to stop and you know I’m
like five and a half year sober now
right yeah five now five and a half
years over four and a half I don’t
remember a number of years yeah a number
of years a number and I so it was right
after I quit drinking and I was tired
all the time I was really lethargic
I was really lightheaded and foggy and
there was some other things I can’t
remember what it was and I went in to
the doctor I went to the doctor to uh
well yeah I was just like I don’t feel
good blah blah blah and she goes okay
well what are your symptoms
and this woman was from Georgia not the
state the country oh yeah very and she
was a very hard woman is the only way I
can think to say yes and I gave her all
of my symptoms and she dead
she dead-ass looked at me in the Angela
oh no blood tests no nothing oh you have
HIV yeah my face was probably a lot like
that and I was like a home I’m gonna
have to see some blood tests before I
just assume you’re right except that as
my fate yeah good news is I don’t and
that is yeah I was like wow I never went
back to that doctor
I also have an Eastern European doctor
AIDS story
oddly enough Wow yeah so I went to the
to Costa to a to a actually a cancer
doctor a on Khalid oncological
hematologist or something like that
cancer doctor
because there was some blood stuff and
they were concerned that I might have
cancer this was this was I didn’t tell
it was funny because I’m when I told you
I didn’t have and you’re like I didn’t
know you even thought you might have
cancer it’s because I didn’t tell anyone
but anyway so I went to I went to the
doctor and I’m telling her all you know
what what the blood results were and she
said and she wasn’t I don’t know if
she’s from Georgia I believe she was
Russian and she said have you been
tested for HIV and I said well many
years ago yes but I’ve also been in a
monogamous marriage marital bliss
relationship for 10 years and I’ve had
an HIV test since then so I’m pretty
sure I’m good and the look she gave me I
thought you’re gonna test me for HIV
anyway even though I said that sure
enough as soon as she walked in she said
she said you don’t have HIV it feel like
a follow-up appointment she said you
don’t have HIV and I said I knew you
were gonna test me so good news by the
way everyone I don’t have AIDS
and I don’t have cancer I do have MS but
I don’t have those other things we are
an HIV free show this is an HIV free
zone which is you know I mean right now
with all the pandemics going on it’s
nice to hear that people aren’t diseased
that was the same appointment where the
doctor’s assistant asked asked me about
my vermin supreme pin and then wanted to
take selfies with me because he was like
all endeavor man’s brain
anyway so um yes speaking of amazed
Sierra Peterson some some bad bad news
from Sierra Peterson
she misses writing fake stories for us
she is distraught and she wants us to
start a satire site which we’ve actually
talked about doing yeah we have talked
about the only way so that might
actually happen Sierra we we actually
have talked a lot about having like a
fake conservative site that would be
satire but just with enough of a tone of
seriousness where it could convince
enough conservatives that it’s real
that’s gonna get them to share it
and now that we’re all just staying at
home all day long that we might actually
look like we I don’t have anything else
to do right like we don’t have time we
have time to do stuff now
so exactly that might actually happen so
yes so okay cool so speaking of all I’m
not even sure how tight
speaking of things that aren’t
especially of what speaking of things
that should be satire oh gosh yeah
so Liberty Cerveteri constitutionalist
darling and Ron Paul great value knock
off Rand Paul pictured here being filled
with the coronavirus has been diagnosed
with the what’s that you’re not supposed
to say oh no diagnosed with he’s been
under the weather
yeah diagnosed with a bit of illness a
bit of a bit of a hoax as his father
would say scaring many of his uh his
fans and his fans and followers there
and of course he because he’s now locked
away he and a few other Republican
senators are now locked away he he can’t
vote so I read something today and don’t
quote me as this is what will happen
okay I want this to happen I really do
but they are working on a lightning the
dress code in the Senate and they could
go into an essence dad I hope that
happens oh man I almost put it in the
notes today and then I said no I haven’t
I don’t want to get people’s hopes up
that would be well you can’t tell who
they are
cuz they’re all like wearing hazmat
suits right oh yeah so I was really
hoping that would happen but yeah so
there is a way that they’re like they’re
trying to figure out a way around
I mean the idea that they can’t vote
remotely is just so stupid it’s not like
oh we have to make sure to keep the
integrity there’s a hundred of them like
it would not be difficult to confirm
that the person remotely voting is in
fact that senator like there’s no reason
that someone who can’t be at this
Capitol building shouldn’t be able to
vote like it’s it’s it’s literally like
I hate to do this but it’s the current
year like it’s literally 2020 and we’re
still making them like be physically
present in a building right yeah most of
his fans are actually fearing the he’ll
continue to buckle to other members of
the Senate and Donald Trump when it
comes to matters of security which
brings us to FISA Act yeah 2020 the
bipartisan House bill USA Freedom
reauthorization Act of 2020 passed the
house 278 to 136 on March 11th this is
the thing that I said I wanted to talk
about last week but we didn’t have time
and luckily nothing happened so nothing
happens anymore sort of something did
happen but there is a reason that they
haven’t voted on it now I know what
you’re thinking freedom reauthorization
hey guys I didn’t know that my freedom
needed reauthorizing well mats can
explain what that whole thing means yeah
you know how pretty much the Patriot
Patriot Act was unpatriotic and the
Affordable Care Act was unaffordable
yeah and the 2015 Freedom Act is that
2015 I think that was 2015 was had
nothing to do with freedom this is the
same thing just saying ah yeah yeah the
same thing
so what’s funny is it passed 278 to 136
on March 11th and if you take a look at
the list of people that voted for it the
reason I didn’t pull it up is because
there’s 435 of them and
I wasn’t gonna do that because you would
have been able to read them all right it
is not a party vote and it’s almost
50/50 for and against oh wow yeah it was
bipartisan foreign bipartisan against
that’s endured that’s very rare yes very
very it shows you that taking away your
freedoms is a bipartisan thing the
Senate was supposed to vote on it last
week right after some provisions of the
USA Freedom Act but Rand Paul Mike Lee
and a few others were holding it off the
best abilities
coming up on the boat but they bent over
and took the old dick pound from from
the leaders in the Senate
so a lot of the Patriot Act in the USA
Freedom Act expired Sunday at midnight
and the vote was supposed to be Monday
which would have reached many of these
provisions okay now they agreed to
extend some of those provisions that had
expired for 77 days which I thought was
a weird number so a number yeah for 77
days pushing the vote of the bill back
why 77 does that other one has to fall
on something important because it’s only
better after something or something like
yeah I’m not I’m not going past 60 days
what we want 90 days I’ll give you it
I’ll give you 80 days
I’ll give you right 70 days I want to 80
days 77 like I mean it right it is like
negotiation from the world’s greatest
negotiator Donald Trump right it sounds
like it yeah yeah makes no sense
now the bill would reauthorize section
250 section section 215 powers Congress
established under the USA patriot
in 2001 and that is the provision
National Security Agency cited in the
past to support their unwarranted
collection of phone records and hundreds
of hundreds of millions of people in the
United States signed voted for by one
well someone who is running for the
Libertarian Party nomination oh yeah we
can chase ’em Chafee Chafee JP chef hey
JP now to his credit he now says that
he’s against it and wouldn’t have voted
for it so I will give him that cuz I I
ride him a lot on this he did say he
wouldn’t vote for it now knowing what he
knows so I will give him that I will
give him that he did he has said that
but he did though he did now as we all
know this has been brought up in the
past but the Free Press action
government relations director Sandra
Fulton which that’s just a mouthful of
an organization the reordan is the
reauthorization of unchecked spying
powers past the house 278 to 136 as
we’ve already said so you know but not
without bipartisan opposition from a
growing number of civil liberties
champions on the hill I will say that
going through that list you would not
think huh a bunch of civil liberties
champions in this bill but yeah whatever
they voted against this thing so I’m not
gonna hit him hard good for them yeah
seventy-five Democrats join sixty
Republicans in one independent we all
know who that one is to say that this
legislation didn’t do enough to protect
the privacy rights of the people in the
US that’s nearly fifty more votes
against them than the last time section
215 was up for renewal baby steps baby
steps like we’re getting there but man
like they now section 215 of the Patriot
Act allows the government to obtain a
secret order from the Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Court
requiring third parties like telephone
companies to hand over any records or
other tangible things if deemed relevant
to an investor
hurt international terrorism counter
espionage or foreign intelligence
investigation these are the same rules
oh god what was that guy’s name from two
weeks ago who got caught up in that
where’d somebody rob the house oh gosh
the govt of geocaching geofencing
warrant offensive warrant they get a
warrant for every thing that happened on
anyone’s smartphones in a geographical
area for a specific period of time so if
you just went by there on your Android
they’d have all your data like all of it
that is accurate the same this is the
same section that allowed I wish I had
that guy’s name written down that
allowed him to deal with all of the
issues that he had there’s actually two
of them there was a guy that was accused
of murder and arrested for and then
another guy that was accused of robbing
a house and that both with both of them
they were arrested and turned out that
they had nothing to do with it
but because they were desperate to land
it on someone they went after them
because they were the only one that
anything came up that they could even
try to go after him for but they didn’t
do anything
and that’s the thing that they keep
trying to update and they continue to do
it as Sandra Fulton the director of the
Free Press action government relations
they keeping it and that is the thing
that in 2013 Snowden demonstrated that
the government had relied on section 215
for years to conduct mass surveillance
surveillance or surveillance thank you
surveillance of billions of Americans
domestic telephone called detail records
showing who called whom and when now
they are using this to spy on you there
is no question about it
there is no doubt about it and that is
what is happening witness they say that
it is for hang on I want to make sure
that I say this right international
terrorism counter espionage or foreign
investigation they say that some ways
for but they’re using it to spy on all
of you on you on you also unless you’re
related to international terrorism
counter espionage or a foreign
intelligence investigation they’re just
spying on you for no particular reason
and they are we we know that they are
know that that was shown to us that was
shown to us and nothing’s changed like
nothing has changed if anything because
remember Edward Snowden said that in
what 2013 2012-2013 okay
think of how much technology has
advanced in the last seven years that’s
how much more the government spying on
you like now you have Alexa and you know
smart everything and your smart phones
even smarter and your car might even
have smart features like they’re spying
on you all the time while you watch this
right if you’re watching this on a phone
or a laptop with a webcam or a TV Smart
TV with a webcam by the way our show on
a big-screen TV looks amazing it does I
watched him I watch them I know that
somebody is watching our show on a
big-screen TV right now
no she sent me a picture oh cool my I
watch it look fantastic I watched it on
my dad my dad’s house once on like a 60
something inch TV and it looked like it
looked so I just wanted to kiss both of
us we just looked so good I mean I want
to do that anyway but it looked like it
was really nice right it was it was nice
like our our production values our
kissable they are kissable speaking of
in case of all I see continued continual
kissable production values please donate
to us anchored anchored FM / Muddy
Waters hit the old donate button or at
you can pay palace at muddied waters of
freedom at gmail.com that’s right and
we’ll kiss you okay thank you for the
much of the many of the fixes in the
freedom reauthorization Act failed to
put in place stronger reforms favored by
privacy racial justice and civil liberty
advocates most of whom support an
alternate and alternative bill the
safeguarding Americans private records
Act which I have not looked into yet but
I will now introduced earlier this year
with bipartisan support but with all of
this going like would this happening and
much like last week when we were talking
about the ernit Act mm-hmm you have the
USA Freedom reauthorization Act and the
ernit Act happening
notice how much of it you hear in the
news because right now everybody is
distracted by the health hubbub that’s
going on worldwide the own health hub of
the old health hub and it’s based on
their being able to do these things now
easily because everybody is distracted
by the media telling them they’re going
to die and I’m not saying that you’re
not like this isn’t a bad disease I’m
not saying that this I’m not saying any
of that yeah but but you’re you’re being
so heavily distracted by a very serious
frightening thing that’s the only thing
they talk about right that government is
we’re focusing even even when we talk
about government overreach we’re talking
about government telling us to say in
our houses we’re not talking about the
fact that the government is finding new
and exciting ways to infringe upon your
privacy including what we talked about
was that last week with the urn attacked
right yeah where they’re basically
finding a way to kill and end and to end
encryption right that long-term as
serious as this viruses ending
encryption will infringe upon the
average person on this planet long term
5 10 20 30 years from now far more than
a virus will and I am NOT saying that to
underplay how serious this virus could
a hundred hundreds of millions of people
or tens of millions of people could die
worldwide from this virus I am NOT under
playing the seriousness of this virus
that is how serious this encryption
thing is right I yeah what we are doing
with both of these things is showing you
how important these things are and how
they will affect you long after we’ve
forgotten about this yeah yeah yeah like
decade like decades later you know
thirty to twenty thirty years later
we’ve well past moved on it’s a it’s a
terrible you know it’s a terrible moment
in our history that we talk about and
this will be affecting us every day and
getting worse so we have a on a cheery
note we now have our next segment which
we invite you to be taken to dick pound
townn by personal injury attorney Chris
Reynolds with our personal injury
attorney Chris Reynolds attorney at law
anchor callin moment and I’m pulling
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equally we built welcome why mean the
money we could only of money priority
look forward to that bet more but we
look forward to that more but we welcome
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good way to put it
right we want the money more but we’re
equally welcoming them both so here is
our here is our message from personal
injury attorney Chris Reynolds attorney
at law
personal injury attorney Chris Reynolds
here with your media minute for those of
us who are stuck indoors and have been
for a number of days there’s only so
many things we can do and I would love
to hear what the muddied waters media
team would say is maybe their top three
or top five movies to watch while
quarantined at home thanks I’ll let you
start with that but I have I do have a
couple things that I’ve been watching
top three or top five movies watch well
being quarantined does he want
quarantine theme or does he just want
movies that I don’t know here’s what
I’ll tell you like everyone wants to
watch contagion and stuff like that
right now I am NOT interested like I’m
living that like I don’t need to watch a
movie to scare me about diseases I’m
good that’s just me personally I know
some people that helps them cope I don’t
need to see that okay I’d like something
to distract me from that all right so
we’re looking for distraction movies
alright so we’ll do we’ll do a couple of
different categories if you’re looking
for comedy I highly recommend Jojo
Rabbit really I definitely die recommend
that movie was so good okay he was so
good and I understand your trepidation
about wanting to see that movie I’ve
heard so many good things about it um I
just am I when it when the trailers
first came out I was extremely concerned
at the idea of making Hitler into this
kind of lovable character and so that
has that has kind of Concerned me what I
will say that you know I’m being told
that that’s not really how it how it
that’s not what you were doing yeah it’s
it’s about this young Nazi kid who looks
like he could be related to me it’s
about this young Nazi kid who he’s
growing up during World War two
everything he has ever heard his
Hitler’s great Hitler’s great Hitler’s
great and he made Hitler his imaginary
friend okay so it’s not really Hitler
it’s this little kids imagination of
what Hitler is like based on everything
that he has been told okay
that movie was just fantastic
big-time recommending it one of the good
comedies have I seen recently I’ve been
watching so much TV like shows not
movies I got this weird thing about Iran
I’m gonna have to come back to comedy
because I’ve been watching it it follows
was a great horror movie dr. sleep was a
great horror movie and what was that
another one I can’t remember the third
one that I watched if you’re looking for
drama uncut gems was fantastic if you
want to see Adam Sandler played off
character uncut gems is a great way to
I can’t believe he didn’t get nominated
for that movie uncut gems was good for
adverse Ferrari was very good and knives
out I’m not really sure where you would
want to put that drama or mystery or
comedy cuz it kind of fits on all of
them knives out I highly recommend I
recommend everybody go to see that one
yeah I mean that’s that’s kind of what I
got right now if you’re looking for new
stuff if you’re looking for old stuff
just run through the entire Quentin
Tarantino catalog in order Reservoir
Dogs Pulp Fiction Jackie Brown the one
with Kurt Russell in the car that prefer
yeah death Proof and then inglorious
basterds are sorry Kill Bill and
glorious bastards
Django Hollywood once upon a time in
Hollywood go through all those because
those are just great movies everyone so
I watch a lot of documentary the thing
I’ve been watching and rewatching a
bunch is called Tiger King which is a
documentary good I was I was totally
saying it’s super good what made me even
be interested in it at all first of all
my wife is like really really into big
cats like tigers and lions and all that
stuff um but we have one of the ones
that is featured the Tigers Preserve is
like 10 miles away from me right now and
we’ve we went there for my wife’s
birthday like 12 years ago and and it’s
incredible but when we were there the
whole time were like this is a cult like
Tasha was asking the people who work
there and they’re all like yeah we all
live here together and we’re all so
happy and we we never leave and she’s
like when was the last time you saw your
family and she’s like the woman one of
the women she was like yeah we don’t see
our family we don’t ever leave here it’s
it’s 24/7 for the rest of our lives
and we were like you don’t talk to your
family and they’re like yeah we
sometimes call them but we don’t see
them and everyone was saying the same
thing it was like oh this is a cult and
the way that the women were talking
about the main guide da cantle we were
like oh so you’re all sleeping with him
this is a sex cult and yeah the Tigers
were cool but anyway so so he’s in there
but he’s not the main story no no the
main story is a guy named Joe exotic who
isn’t was the Liberty oh he ran for the
the Libertarian Party nomination for
president in 2016 did not do well I
don’t think anyone actually voted for
him but then he ran a in 2018 he ran for
the Libertarian Party nomination for
governor of Oklahoma which is where he’s
based I don’t want to say too much I
just want to say
that you will absolutely love Tiger King
it’s got all the different things it has
like drama it is hilarious it has it
makes you really really think Humanity
has failed in like some some really
fundamental ways it will make you hate a
woman named Carol who lives in Florida
because at first you’ll wonder why Joe
hates whom he refers to as this bitch
named Carol in Florida and then you find
out you too will hate Carol in Florida
so I don’t want to say much more but it
is ivory watched it a couple times it’s
really I don’t want to say other things
to watch I guess don’t don’t the
Dolomites movie with Eddie Murphy
yeah I’ve been watching um god I hate
that I’m gonna say this hello I’ve been
watching this show on Netflix called
All American and it’s a show and it’s
like if you take Friday Night Lights
okay and then you take Beverly Hills
90210 or The OC or any of those shows
gosh and you mash them together you know
and Taye Diggs is in it so I don’t I
definitely don’t want to watch this
yeah I’m not good it kind of sucked me
in but I’m a sucker for she’s happy
think about I was gonna say like it
sounds like I could see why you would
end up doing it I just don’t want to
yeah when I first started watching it I
was doing it because it’s I thought it
was gonna be like a Friday Night Lights
or just a sports thing and then it
wasn’t and but I got sucked in enough at
that point you know saying I don’t
really have to think about this which is
great cuz I haven’t felt like thinking
about TV shows recently right right
right yeah so yeah
Tiger king and oh here’s something not
to watch love is blind my wife made me
watch the first episode of that
and I reality show that’s the one where
they have they have the men and the
women separate and they have them meet
but they don’t get to see each other
they’re in this like room these like
really comfortable looking lobby like
rooms that they can hang out in and talk
to each other on these dates but they
can’t actually see the other person so
they don’t know what they look like and
the whole premise is like well I just
don’t want to like have him like me for
my looks I want to like me for who I am
everyone’s attractive like if I was
there and I’m there with all the guys
and I’m like okay all these guys are
attractive I’m attractive unless this is
some like unless the name of this show
is like you know you know that you know
you dating a swamp pig or something and
like all the women are unattractive I
have to assume that unless there’s some
cruel trick being played here that
they’re also attractive and conversely
the women looking at each other and
going well we’re all hot so clearly the
guys are attractive too so that to me
just completely the the whole premise of
like well I don’t know I think if he’s
gonna like me for me you can assume that
they look good there were a couple there
that were but like for the most part so
right there they lost me right there I
was already yelling at the TV and my
wife say give it time because you’re
really gonna love it and your game
sounds nothing like this no I know
that’s how she sounded in my mind when
she was saying this and so I’m watching
this and sure enough I figure out why
she wants me to watch it
cuz there’s this white guy black woman
romance yeah and she’s like they are us
and I’m like no they’re not because if
they told me if they’ve told me yeah we
want you to you know date people without
knowing what they look like I’d be out
of there I’m not interested I’m not
gonna do it how much are they paying me
oh that’s right yeah I’m assuming you
get paid to be on these shows I don’t
know I’ve never died
depending on how much they’re paying me
yeah that’s a good point if they were
paying me enough I would I’d I’d play it
out and I just have to try to figure it
out from their voice yeah pretty much
which would my wife wouldn’t have worked
no no so anyway so yeah so Joe can you
ask like so what do you look like oh
they’ll say like are you tall and stuff
like that but I think the whole idea is
they kind of discourage that like
they’re trying to just find out about
each other and like who they are the
person so she made me watch the entirety
of the first show she made me watch a
little bit of the second show and then I
was done she was like going through the
the parts of the other episodes that she
wanted and I’m just like I’m done I was
like I can’t do this I don’t want to do
this so I would recommend not watching
that unless you want to watch like like
The Bachelor but they can’t see each
other it’s just that like no watch Tiger
King you will love Tiger King Tiger King
is everything that love is blind isn’t
which is why it’s good it’s the polar
opposite of love is blind Dan Faust over
on YouTube says I’ve been single for
like two years now and I’m a shorter fat
guy that would be hilarious to see those
reactions look George Costanza was a
shorter portly man mhm and bald
yeah and George Costanza he did all
right with the ladies he did okay you
didn’t he did well like they tried to
play it off like he wasn’t doing well
with the ladies and I thought no I think
he’s been doing pretty well on this show
like he always talks about oh yeah I’m
still single or whatever I’m like you
just went out on like six dates last
yeah yeah you know remember you’re
probably better looking than George
oh I’m Stein oh he is I’ll vouch for
that Dan Faust is way better looking
than George Costanza let me say this
Facebook but I’ve never stalked his
pictures oh no if you look it’s you’re
gonna be in for a treat
when I would like the idea of something
like love is blind but where one of the
genders are all really ugly like really
really ugly and but you have to marry
them first legally before you can see
them oh he’s showing my point my point
was instead of having it all be GQ guys
having it be a normal guy like so 11 GQ
guys and then one you oh yeah it would
be wholly out would be good that was
really good that I would like but like
with a great personality great that
would be amazing
I still like when you watch that show I
still like my idea where all the men are
like super super attractive and all the
women are just like like just absolute
train wrecks and bad people too so not
only are they not only are they ugly but
they have their like terrible but they
have like nice speaking voices and then
and you have to legally marry them
before you can see them in a state in a
state where it’s in South Carolina
because then if you want a divorce
it takes a it takes a year to get of
separation before you can get divorced
but you can get an annulment after if
you don’t consummate right you have to
consummate first how to like a whole oh
go Amish on it yeah go yeah do the whole
thing that would be like the
pay-per-view part of the show right and
then and then but then they would say
you know to see that part go to love
from a whole org slash whole scene and
then but the rest of it would just be
where the other stuff and then after all
that happens when you have she has to
get you have to get her pregnant and
then so it would take a few times and so
and then once she’s pregnant then you
get to see her and what would you call
this shot I’m working on that this
I still like the swamp pigs experiment
and they all have like really bad
violent criminal records like just like
they find like some really hard women
who are out on furlough and this is
their work release this is the world
found a job yeah but like all the men so
it’s not even like which one gets it
like they all get it I would watch that
oh it definitely and if you say you
wouldn’t watch that you’re lying like
look at me right now
any of you that are watching this if you
say that you would not at least catch an
episode of that to see what this is
about you were lying to me and yourself
right more so yourself more so yourself
because I don’t be I don’t buy it I
don’t buy it
I think Facebook dropped this again yeah
it’s looking like that’s what it’s
looking like so I don’t know if you can
hear us on Facebook but if you can just
go over to YouTube you tease girls Muddy
Waters media I’m gonna go ahead and put
in here Facebook up go to my need waters
or head on over to float float that app
slash muddy waters I’m putting both of
those there we go
alright cool so speaking of oh well we
still have much so now we are going to
the second part of our episode starting
with the starting with the corona fuff
alone and Charmin ultra strong
nevermind kind of surprised but Purell
wasn’t in there
oh no Purell was in that was in the run
of engine yeah convention with Purell
great you’ve grown a fossil with Bitcoin
in Charmin right now that makes perfect
so uh there is a lot to talk about as
far as the corona fluffle and so work
and I just kind of split up and talked
about a bunch of different things here
for ya cuz we’re not focusing on any
single topic for too long no starting
with infectious trading yes senators
Kelly Lafleur James Inhofe Dianne
Feinstein and Richard Burr pictured here
have all come under fire recently after
reading confidential information about
the worldwide rumpus back on January
24th and these four people proceeded to
sell off more than a combined four
million dollars in stocks well some of
them then went to the news and said
everything was okay and there was
nothing to worry about
yes hmm now this is not only a travesty
definitely illegal yeah
but yeah they did not mention anything
about the foofaraw not a single thing
was said about the foofaraw after that
January 24th meeting they just said no
nothing to worry about
and they sold off four million dollars
over four million dollars worth of stock
that was about to tanked and they knew
the foofaraw the foofaraw
the food for now Matt gets gay gate I
was gonna let you say it’s yeah Matt
gets Matt Gaetz
who is also here in Florida who recently
had to quarantine himself due to coming
into contact with somebody who was
infected with some disease said that bar
has screwed all of America and compared
him to Katie hill who resigned her post
for sleeping with a staffer yeah he he
wrote Katie hill her account Katie Hill
for CA gets run out of Congress for
screwing a campaign staffer her absent
any complaint which you know what that
senator burr stays as intelligence
chairman after screwing all Americans by
falsely reassuring us with op eds on
kovat on the world health kerfuffles
while he dumped his stock portfolio
early this is not fair now there was
something I liked there yeah she was
screwing her Safa staffer but no one was
complaining you know what I mean the
single person was complaining not a
single complaint you know huh you know
that picture her brushing the hair that
was pretty cool back shot was I mean I
wasn’t angry about that so yeah so they
sold off stock with insider info right
and how many of them do you think are
gonna get in trouble for that bagel are
you thinking it’s a round number are you
think are you thinking maybe they might
have just taken you to dick pound town
but here’s the thing if Katie Hill took
you to dick pound town you’re not gonna
be complaining huh her female staffer
was not complaining when she got taken
to not so dick pounds and said to to not
dick pound town well I mean we don’t
know I mean so in the next segment the
cure fol segment brought to you by Milan
and Donald Trump’s increasingly
desperate attempt to get you to vote to
re-elect him despite the economy
completely falling apart
when being stuck at home trying not to
die my land is the maker of
hydroxychloroquine by the way yeah the
malaria pill I’m on the pill that’s
exclusively for malaria they decided to
sponsor this segment for some reason for
some reason just for some reason just
for a reason that the FDA won’t tell us
no drum says we can’t let the Cure be
worse than the disease when talking
about whether or not America should be
shut down and America wasn’t built to
shut down like this
lots of relief yeah that’s a good thing
division between Trump and his team of
medical professionals has grown and even
his Surgeon General said I want America
to understand this week it’s going to
get bad that is from the Surgeon General
of the United States I think someone
needs to tell him that this country
wasn’t built for this week to go bad
right this country not built for this we
weren’t built on that so stop it dr.
Anthony Fauci fossum Fauci it’s Fauci I
thought it was foul see it’s actually
Fauci actually for a minute I thought it
was foul a okay I’m out she but it’s
actually Fosse Fosse
I bet back in the old country it’s a
foul G yeah betsa I’m one little bit
director of the National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases told
Americans they could expect to maintain
social distancing and stay at home for
several weeks I cannot see that all of a
sudden next week or two weeks from now
it’s going to be over I don’t think
there’s a chance of that fal’cie said I
think it’s going to be several weeks
when you think you’re maybe overreacting
you probably are not acting as
forcefully as you should so as we’ve
always said we’ve got to try very much
to stay ahead of the curve someone needs
to tell dr. Fauci that America
wasn’t built to be a twig though was not
built for a pandemic America was not
built for a pandemic so these are the
medical professionals and he’s going now
it’s fine I’ve got a good feeling I’ve
got a good feeling about this lots of
smart doctors out there telling me it’s
gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay this
country not built to be shut down no one
is telling him that no one’s telling you
that man nobody no one no no one in with
what the medical background is telling
you I’m sure you have people telling you
that but they don’t hey Mike Pence may
have prayed on it and he’s like no it’s
fine I like Mike Pence’s idea to
electrocute people with it and see if
that makes them ashamed enough to you
don’t have it anymore
Yeah right so the cure for America based
on what Donald Trump is saying is to get
back to work with other people in small
rooms in slow rooms and it’s more than
ten and to try to get you to get back to
work in groups of more than 10 he’s
gonna give you money to not need that
economy vaccinations package also known
as the stimulus package mm-hmm
I thought that was hilarious when I
wrote that no I like it
I like wanna meet economy vaccinations
stimulus stimulus I like stimulus
because I like everyone just talking
about stimulating I like that that’s
actually a good point yeah we should
take him to take the economy to dick
pound town huh I can have any complaints
from that now the stimulus package has
been in the works for 12 since February
and has originally started out about two
billion dollars and went to eight
billion dollars and then it went up to
like 30 billion
five hundred million dollars and now
both parties are budding HID heads about
the stimulus package and it’s somewhere
between two and 2.5 trillion dollar
stimulus package yeah that’s a big jump
from that subject gentlemen two billion
two billion that is some mission creep
there that is an one hundred thousand
percent increase right yes today during
a virtual town hall that I was trying to
watch very unsuccessfully because of the
large number of people trying to watch
it I can’t I cancelled the deal last
night because Nancy Pelosi put in a lot
of things that had nothing to do with
the workers they start throwing green
New Deal stuff in and the boardroom what
they will look like they have they have
things they are just terrible windmills
everywhere oh no the one Mouse he said
windmills everywhere I’m gonna repeat
that last part again they have things
that are just terrible windmills
everywhere this is what he said when he
said why he shot down the package wow
that is a really good graphic thank you
good gem which obviously windmills cause
cancer and that’s a little worse than
this respiratory rumpus windmill cancer
foreign alive or fuchal in the fish
source which is again let’s do these
words no you’re doing great you’re doing
III we now know all the synonyms for
kerfuffle oh no there were so many we
know as many as we’re gonna use yeah
that’s that’s accurate what the
boardrooms are always that that where
they’re gonna mandate how many people of
color and women are in large boardrooms
or something like that yeah 100% sure
why he said that based on all of the
stimulus package reading I did today
yeah also how did he cancel something in
the Senate yeah that’s a good point too
I’m not sure if he knows how cancel the
deal that I cancelled it there’s not
that’s actually what the Senate does
yeah no you you don’t do that
some things are disagreed on mandatory
$15 minimum wage for any company that
takes money 1200 or 1500 per person
checks mandated green policies for
airlines who take money
they’re pretty green right now because
no one’s using them yeah very true
suspension of the payroll tax which was
recently so recently the payroll tax was
halted until the end of the year the
Democrats want to put it back as part of
the 2.5 trillion stimulus package they
are also hoping for expand health
insurance premium tax credits under the
so-called Affordable Care Act expand the
Earned Income Tax Credit the child tax
credit in the dependent Care Credit they
are taking our lives and mind you what
Donald Trump says here isn’t exactly
wrong except the windmill stuff they are
gone like windmills and it’s not they
are trying to throw in green New Deal
stuff they’re saying any airline that
has to take that takes money will have
to comply to grain regulations and like
get rid of 50% of carbon emissions by
2038 or something like that something
crazy I can’t remem
and they are doing do we all remember
cat-car cash for clunkers they are doing
that for planes right for airplanes for
airplanes that is in the stimulus
package another thing that’s in the
stimulus package they want to make
a crypto a digital currency oh yeah
that’s in there they want to make a
digital currency that is backed by the
Fed and it will only be like so your
$1500 checks that you would get those in
digital currency and you would have to
use a digital currency wallet built by
the Fed to spend it what are they gonna
call it shit coin like it right the like
dollar coin I don’t know Da Lat Fed coin
it’s gonna be it’s gonna be the first
coin that you can just reliably predict
how much it goes down every day like
what a what an absolutely terrible and
what’s the trick it’s still worth a
dollar yeah that’s all it is because no
one’s gonna trade it no one’s gonna
trade actual crypto for this coin no god
no this losers gonna always be worth a
dollar this literally they’re just
giving you a digital credit card is what
this is which is I mean whatever but
just to print light so they’re just
taking out the middleman of printing
crap out from nothing now they’re just
giving you numbers that mean nothing
right now many uh crypto enthusiasts
believe that the reason they are doing
this is they will ask you to put it into
your other wallet and then the Fed will
have access to your yeah I’ll definitely
not ever do that never if they want to
give me crypto garbage that loses value
every day I know and I’ll take it but
I’m certainly not commingling that with
anything I don’t have anyway cuz I lost
it all when my hard drive crashed oh
lost it all I have nothing on the same
day and then to console myself I went
out on my boat to fire guns into the sea
and to throw some car batteries into the
sea for a safe and legal thrill and
sadly the
capsized and I lost everything and then
when I came to shore I discovered that a
meteor had taken all of my water canned
goods and toilet paper
very sad press F everyone press F
everybody press F everybody press F
Griffith really really Facebook press f4
Facebook I mean we’re yeah we’re done on
Facebook yeah um Facebook I mean I think
everyone just abandon it because it’s
not working so and I don’t blame them um
so but we got our people over on YouTube
so that’s good some some people joined
us over there the real ones over on you
two are real ones on YouTube and it’s
non-flow and offload and probably I
think I’m periscope to probably probably
it’s the the bickering over the stimulus
package isn’t gonna end anytime soon
which is makes it even funnier right
because they are literally going to Bart
they are going to argue over the best
way to make the country heal by
injecting it with way too much money and
bailing out way too many companies and
they’re gonna do that for a very long
time yeah they are now keep in mind last
week they gave away actually the end of
the week before into the beginning of
last week yeah they gave 2.2 trillion
dollars to Wall Street and banks in the
form of loans repo loans and junk loans
which will not get paid back and they
basically just gave them that money
every single penny of that you’ll have
to pay back they also lowered the
interest rate to zero and they remove
the reserve requirements on the banks
and we talked about what that meant last
week basically it means the banks don’t
have to keep any money in the bank right
at the time that you might start pulling
out cash because you need it all that to
say they did all that without a vote or
a debate or anything else they just did
because rich people need to get money
basically now that they’re talking about
giving you basically your money back in
a roundabout way at this and only doing
that because they told you you can’t go
to work now there’s some problems now
they want to add pork and they want to
play these games and like we’re not in
favor of ubi or stimulus packages or
anything like that when you tell someone
they can’t go to work you got to do
something oh we were kicked off of we
were kicked off facebook completely
yeah we’re not live on Facebook that is
yeah Facebook must be screwing up yeah
oh yeah unable to connect yeah no
there’s a product it’s funny they warned
us about YouTube and turns out it was
Facebook that’s not working right well
that’s interesting
so anyway so yeah I mean they they have
been you know they had no problem giving
you bi for billionaires but now you know
you bi for the rest of us is a problem
that shows you where their loyalty is
but but have no fear folks because the
media is here to make sure that we are
as horrified as possible you know based
on an argument well not really an
argument a spirited debate that I got
into on reddit and you can follow us on
reddit by the way let’s search for the
subreddit muddied waters media the media
like we qualify is media because we are
dispensing information over the Internet
sure sure sure but when we refer to the
media we aren’t talking about the
alternative media we aren’t talking
about us we mean everyone else we heard
or we are libertarians or even rims Oh
suck ass Martinez yeah we are we are
referring to ABC NBC Fox CNBC MSN MSN
CNN we’re talking about them msl LSD
we’re not we’re not talking about renzo
over at the Washington Satanist we’re
talking about the
they’re Satanists who aren’t honest
about it the lizard people who run Fox
News in CNN and MSNBC in PBS Navy seen
CNN and CBS and NBC right so they have
been just hard at work too and still
fear in all of us not just of the
pandemic but really of anything they can
and the new thing that that they are
trying to create fear of is crime just
crime just crime so then while you’re
scared in your house that if you go
outside that the virus is going to get
you also be scared inside that the
people that the criminals are going to
come and get you right now if you take a
look some of them domestic violence and
child abuse will rise during quarantines
many of that is because they say that
there isn’t enough food isolation
compounds violence abusive victims are
more at risk during coronavirus
quarantines SPD addressing potential
increase in crime as businesses closed
due to coronavirus so the government
forces you to close and now crime is
going to go up the rise of coronavirus
hate crimes social work fear rise in
domestic violence during quarantines and
police commissioner says some crime will
increase during lockdown now they have
spent so very very long scaring you
about coronavirus and again it’s a
serious thing it’s a very serious thing
a very serious thing what now that
they’ve got you locked in your house for
the foreseeable future and now they’re
hitting you with because you’re locked
in your house the real crime might be
happening there yeah
you’re not safe anywhere America that’s
Nathan anywhere and tune in at 11:00 to
find out why which is the whole point be
scared so that you click the headline or
tune in or whatever listen to us tell
you what you need to be scared about
next right you won’t believe what we
have to say in some cities have some
places have been like releasing
nonviolent nonviolent offenders from
prisons which love it
great do it well other cities have been
saying that they aren’t going to be
arresting people for crimes such as mmm
robbery and burglary car theft things
along those but if you keep your shop
open past eight o’clock buckle up
because you are going to jail yep yeah
at a time when we have an increased risk
of people you know robbing each other
because they’re desperate and scared and
driven by media panic or they just have
more sitting ducks they’re not gonna get
in trouble but if you’ve got your I
don’t know kava bar open past a certain
time you’re screwed yeah and here and
here’s that here’s the Matt and I were
talking about how these bands aren’t
effective again let’s be clear you
should be socially distancing you should
be limiting the amount of time that
you’re out if you can do your job
remotely then do it you know those are
all things that are good ideas to do to
slow this the spread of this illness
because the CDC screwed us by not
allowing testing for kovat for the first
month and a half of the outbreak which
would have allowed it to potentially be
a containable thing like it has been in
Japan and to some extent South Korea and
apparently in Germany as well instead we
are still basically letting it run
around on untested or in our testing is
not catching up with the actual spread
of the illness because of how fast it’s
it’s increasing now so we’re gonna get
some of the worst outcome that anyone’s
had that’s entirely because of the
government not allowing us to do what we
needed to do back when we could have and
so because of that this is now a serious
thing and we probably need to limit our
interactions with others here’s why
government bans don’t work Matt can tell
Matt in fact I’ll let you tell it about
the the kava bar and what people were
doing because of the rules around you
know interactions at the Cobo bar right
so um a lot of actually all of Pinellas
County here there’s no alcohol there’s
no alcohol sales of all grocery stores
are closing at nine o’clock there’s a
few things like retail shops can
actually stay open with half capacity
but they’ve
kind of made it where it’s if you aren’t
a retail shop you are to go only like if
you don’t fall into an alcohol bar or
sit-down restaurant they’re really hey
you’re just just go to go only and many
people are following them pretty much
everybody’s following you now kava bar
people are a dedicated group of it
people and God bless them for it you
know like I will set it at a kava bar
for six seven hours and not even notice
it you’re taking away what literally is
these people’s homes with these rules
now what are they doing instead are they
sitting at home no they’re still at the
kava bar but since the kava bars are all
doing 10-minute hangout maximums
10-minute hangout maximums and then you
have to leave they’re going and they’re
sitting out on the sidewalk outside of
the view of the kava bar and hanging out
out there until they need something and
then they come back in and get more and
then they leave and they go and they sit
outside on the sidewalk on the sidewalk
where people are still walking around
where people are spitting where people
are sneezing where people are coughing
yep thing whatever where all of this is
going on they are still outside now
they’re in that area doing it where
people who would never have come up to
the kava bar are stuck like now they’re
out there just being gassed by people
who potentially have it out there
sitting in the coronavirus droplet drop
zone yep and then going back into the
bar yep and of course when other places
have been even more strict with
shelter-in-place laws and said well you
can’t leave your house to do anything
unless it’s a grocery store or a bank
where now people huddled together in
fear desperately trying to get stuff
and stuff sneezing coughing all over
each other basically being giant vectors
and those poor tellers there who are
interacting with people every bit as
much as healthcare workers are except
they have no protection because I
guarantee you they don’t have any masks
or any or any gloves or anything else
and they’re just being exposed to
whatever is happening there and they’ve
cut the hours off so for example our
Walmart used to be open 24/7 so during
this time I would go at like 2:00 3:00
in the morning so I had it was me and
maybe five ten other people in the whole
store that were in there shopping now if
I need something I have to be in with
the rest of the hoi polloi as we’re all
not socially distancing and just staying
really really close to each other right
so that’s a problem
same thing with banks these poor bank
tellers touching stuff that’s being
given to him and giving stuff back touch
basically just let’s spread the disease
as much as we possibly can
the next ratcheting up is to tell
everyone you can’t leave your house
period and guess what happens then a
bunch of people die from stuff like
eventually stuff like starvation and
lack of access to potable water or they
have a medical emergency but they can’t
go anywhere because they don’t have
kovat but some other type of medical
emergency or depression and anxiety sets
in and you know they hurt themselves or
people start getting really desperate
because they aren’t seeing they aren’t
even able to go outside long enough to
see other people and they start thinking
the worst and they start raiding their
neighbors or people get so stir-crazy
that they just start illegally getting
together and hanging out because they
can’t take it anymore
yep these things don’t work South Korea
had they had some restrictions but they
didn’t have to do heavy restrictions
because they were able to contain it
they were able to widely test it as soon
as they had a real outbreak and now what
they’re doing is they are able to
basically when cases come up they
contain those people they’re treating
the people everyone else is going into a
socially distanced in a way of living
but for the most part they haven’t had
to shut their economy down they figured
out ways to do things remotely they
figured out ways to do things with less
interaction and they’re doing what they
can to keep the spread as low as
possible not touching each other staying
far away from each other and all of that
stuff because they’re choosing to do it
see when you force someone who doesn’t
think this is a big deal into doing
certain behaviors they’re gonna do other
behaviors that either skirt the law or
are legal but not within the spirit of
that law and continue to spread the
illness it doesn’t really work
it slows I shouldn’t say it slows it a
little but it creates other problems
that on some ways are worse than what
it’s trying to make better so the bans
don’t work we are clear here that we
should be socially distancing we should
stop trying to pretend this thing is a
hoax or not you know it’s just the cold
it’s not as serious it’s you know h1n1
was worse and all that stuff we can
dispense with that but the bans don’t
work or they don’t work to the extent
that it’s worth what it does to people
over and above that and so and here’s a
perfect example of how these laws don’t
work a homeless man was arrested in
Orlando for not going to his home that
he doesn’t have because he’s homeless
you see and so a 34 year old man who was
walking with his bike was stopped and
asked where he was going and he said he
was headed to work but that it didn’t
open until you know several hours later
and that he was going to be hanging out
in the bus station they asked him where
he lived he said what street corner he
stays near or stays around and so they
arrested him to take him to the filthy
jail where the people are getting
coronavirus to protect him from
his homelessness yep and I guarantee you
a lot of that’s happening because you’re
not allowed to be outside right now and
there’s something like almost a million
Americans who live outside right now and
not by choice and a lot of them are in
California and Florida and Texas and the
places that have these these
restrictions in place in New York and
now it’s illegal for them to the the
fact that they can’t afford a home and
are in a terrible situation is now a
crime is now a crime they have
criminalized homelessness to be homeless
at this point so they’re gonna get it
you’re gonna get a record a criminal
record for being homeless for their
health so we asked if quarantines work
in our quarantine e segment and we were
saying we were drinking quarantine which
is his he’s having kava and I’m having
the last little bit of orange juice we
have because we could get anymore for
vitamin C so neither of these is
actually anything related to a martini
because we don’t drink what we don’t
drink bula vinaka again and so here are
some charts here Italy has been locked
down for about two weeks their numbers
continue to rise
there has been oh man these things like
I when I was making them I thought that
actually like on my computer I can see
that pretty well all right fine I’m just
I’m making a little bit bigger because
I’m looking at it on a small screen in
OVA OBS so it may just be that it’s not
quite as good but anyway um you know
people are looking on their phone I’m
thinking it might be a bit rough so
Italy is the black line there just below
China it is now at the point of just
past doubling every three days um so
it’s rate of growth has been slowed
whereas if you look over at the US we’re
still Dublin pretty much every two days
um so there is there’s some inertia that
happens here so even with a lockdown it
can take two to three weeks for the
number of
confirmed cases to catch up with the
number of actual cases we saw that with
China and with other places but more
importantly look at South Korea which
initially had a really south korea’s ear
it’s it’s blue south korea initially had
a pretty fast rise but they were able to
contain it and now it’s been fairly flat
for about a week
for about a week and keep in mind this
doesn’t include the number of people
that have now recovered so that numbers
that line if you include recovered
people would actually start dropping in
terms of the number of people that
actively have the the case this is just
how many people got it it doesn’t say
how many people still have it so South
Korea Japan Singapore and Hong Kong
their numbers are either flat or
dropping the interesting thing about
those four countries is that they
haven’t really done much quarantine for
people that aren’t converted the only
coordinated quarantine iing they’ve done
is four confirmed in suspected cases of
of kovat not so much just the general
public what are those things haven’t
what do they have in common the things
they have in common are that they have
encouraged people to do the smart stuff
to do the social distancing and
everything they have been active in
testing everyone even asymptomatic
people and they have very quickly
contained people when they get the the
virus also in South Korea and Japan they
have one country has 13 beds per capita
hospital beds per capita Japan I forget
which one is which one has like 13 beds
per capita the other one has just under
12 beds per capita the US has 2.8 beds
per capita so this is about to get
really really really really ugly um but
then go ahead I was just agreeing with
you so then we have so to breakdown how
things are happening with between some
of the most prominent American states
and Italian states and in Spain as well
and China here is the rate there and I’m
gonna I’m gonna make it bigger again
just so I can see it but so New York is
shooting up like what was your what was
your analogy there well moving like the
technology graph yeah yeah it’s just
shooting straight up it’s there at the
bottom left it’s doubling pretty much
every day it’s actually moving at a
slightly higher speed than doubling
every day no it’s just slightly on there
well so it has been slightly under but
if you look at the most recent shoot up
it’s actually happening at less of a
yeah yeah so I mean it’s we’re we’re
roughly doubling every day in New York
and if you do the math on that you’re
you go from zero you go from one
infection to everyone’s got it inside of
like a month
that’s what doubling everyday looks like
um Madrid not doing much better they’re
doubling every night just under every
two days and I will say that Spain
recently in instilled quarantine in
their country yep yeah and you know you
look at all these different states
Washington has has bent the curve they
were kind of ahead of the the curve of
getting it and have been kind of
proactive but again if you look at the
areas that are doing the best with the
exception of Wuhan China which I’m sorry
I don’t believe their numbers and this
isn’t China phobia or anything like that
I don’t trust their government their
government consistently lied about
coronavirus and co vid for a month yep
they didn’t even tell anyone for two or
three weeks so I covered it up they
covered it up anybody who wanted to talk
about it they covered it up the the
whistleblower who was telling everyone
he all of a sudden magically got it and
died even though he was in his early 40s
and very healthy he just happened one
was under state custody when he when he
that when he died of it right how about
that oh and he was arrested for
spreading rumors which all turned out to
be true because he was blowing the
whistle that there was something way
worse than SARS that was out there and
they were saying oh no no no that’s not
so I don’t believe the wuhan numbers and
I think that now that I think that they
desperately want to reopen the country
so that they can start you know they’re
doing the Donald Trump we weren’t built
to slow to shut down I
they desperately need to restart their
factories and they don’t care if ten
percent of their population or five
percent of their population dies as a
result they don’t they don’t care
they’ll just cover it up and and and as
long as those factories keep humming
along I don’t think they really care but
it’s a good thing viruses never mutate
when they spread and potentially get
worse now lombardia for anybody who
doesn’t know that is where Milan is that
is the state in which Milan rests you
can kind of see it was doubling pretty
much every two days for a while and now
it’s starting to get to every three days
but that was after weeks and weeks of
quarantine of which they just got
extended again yeah again but there but
then but the Italy numbers continue to
go up and they are doubling every three
days so this number could still
skyrocket yeah it could slow it does
have a large elderly population which is
part of why they’re know I mean they’re
they’re almost at 10% it’s like 8
percent fatality rate which is the
highest of any of the the countries that
have had a significant number of
illnesses but again you look there at
Daegu they’re doing the smart thing they
are keeping they are keeping on top of
the spread by testing containing and
distancing so again changes to their
absolutely but forcing it down people’s
throats it can bend the curve a little
but not as much as you think the only
thing that truly bends the curve is a
straight up lockdown where you can’t
leave your house and the problem with
that is unless there is a vaccine or an
effective treatment waiting at the end
of that lockdown it’s just gonna start
spreading as soon as you let people out
of their house you can’t make everyone
stay in their house for they’re saying
you know we’ll have a vaccine in the
next year to 18 months you can’t make
everyone stay in their house for 18
months most of us will die now
somebody somebody I know who is very
knowledgeable on all sorts of topics
including medical stuff and he posted
and I’m not gonna say his name because I
don’t know if he wants people messaging
him about this stuff so you guys are
just gonna have to take my word on okay
he’s saying that two weeks is not enough
of a lockdown because because that the
virus lives for two weeks it may take
two weeks for you to pass it to somebody
else you know like just randomly that
could be what it is so for all 325
million Americans give or take we would
have to be locked down for a hundred and
forty four weeks to make sure that it
moved through everybody it was going to
move through yeah one hundred and forty
four weeks that’s two almost three years
yeah yeah
and that’s why long term again if they
said we’re gonna have if it were like
the movie Contagion where they had a
vaccine in four months or whatever it
was okay great we just hang out for a
month or two until the vaccines out
they’re still not very feasible but okay
that’s not how it works in the real
world it’s actually a modern medical
miracle that eight that they can expect
a vaccine to be ready in the next year
to a year and a half I mean it used to
be like four years so just the fact that
we’re anywhere near it is is incredible
and there’s no guarantee that it’ll
hopefully this hydroxychloroquine and
azithromycin cocktail or this other
cocktail of HIV meds that has been tried
hopefully one of those will really you
know a be an effective treatment for
this or at least help you know make it a
little bit less rough um but if not it’s
just gonna keep spreading and no one has
a natural immunity to it until they’ve
gotten it and there have been some
reported cases of reinfection ‘he’s like
there’s not a good way to deal with this
long term
other than making changes in how we do
things voluntarily and
changing things in how we do stuff so
that we can do it long-term until we’ve
got this under control either with a
vaccine or a treatment or something else
more stuff being done remotely where you
can still do business and still interact
with people more social distancing when
you do have to be out freeing markets so
you can go to the store when you want to
instead of all being huddled together
with every other idiot that has kovat
not trying to tell people what to do
because ultimately they’re gonna find
something else to do which is worse like
lace sitting on the sidewalk and how the
politicians are treating the stimulus
package where they’re trying to put in
their own their own little agendas in
there like Donald Trump says you know
the Green Deal put in thrown green New
Deal stuff in it right publicans making
sure that they’re looking out for you
know they’re good buddies whatever
whatever they do during this time period
that we don’t get upset about they will
be able to do whenever they want mm-hmm
so they’ll be able to shut down they’ll
be able to shut down businesses for
anything that they’re like oh no it’s an
emergency we need to shut everything
yeah they’ll be able to take that away
they’ll be able to say you have to stay
in your house they’re gonna say you have
to do whatever you know like you’re
gonna have to take these vaccinations
you’re gonna have to do this you’re
gonna have to do that
yeah whatever they are saying that you
need to do and I guarantee you 60% of
America is just gonna have it spoon fed
to them and be like no this is what we
need to do in order to make sure that
everything’s okay whatever that is going
to give them the green light to be able
to do it whenever they want and that’s
the problem that’s the problem and
that’s the problem now if everybody who
had it or suspected had it or they had
the testing available early so everybody
could have gotten tested then the people
who were tested we’d be like hey you
need to kind of
please you know be a bro and stay in
your house for two weeks just be cool
about this and you know we don’t know
and if we could keep that number low
enough stay in your house and we’re
gonna bring really good treatment to you
or go to this hospital where we have it
specifically set up for the handful of
you know kovat patients that are gonna
just be popping up that we can’t do
anything about but keep the numbers in
the hundreds or thousands instead of
tens of thousands hundreds of thousands
millions tens of millions whatever keep
it in a manageable amount so that when
it does come up you say okay you know
either stay at home and we’ll bring
services to you or go to this hospital
and we will take care of you there or
this unit in the hospital that takes
care of you know patients that are
dealing with this and we’ll take care of
you there that’s an effective way to do
it as opposed to we still don’t know how
many people have it my guest Jordan
Logue on my show my episode of my fellow
Americans last week he flat-out said at
this point it is safe to assume that
anywhere between 5% and 50% of the
population already have it now
so that’s anywhere between we do the
numbers here between about 16 and 160 or
so million people that have it already
and it doubles every two days so it’s
already safe to assume that a lot of
people have it another thing that would
be effective is if ik is if and when
they can come up with an antibody test
cuz there’s probably a lot of people
that have already had it will test
positive for the antibody even though
the virus isn’t in their system anymore
which means they can get they can undo
their seat belt and and you know walk
about the cabin they can go back out
into the world because they are more
than likely that there have been some
cases of reinfection but they’ve been
rare on there usually people that were
immunocompromised are very sick for the
most part people that had it and have
recovered fully from it can now go back
out and not be scared of getting it
again they can still potentially spread
it to others so they still need to be
careful and still do the social
distancing and stuff but
they don’t have to worry about getting
in any more that would be helpful so
there’s there’s this a lot of things
that would be really helpful if people
did it and if the government you know
even with the government having already
screwed us it would be helpful if we did
these things because it’s the right
thing to do I want to speak again to
libertarians if the government gives you
good advice whether or not they’re
ordering you to do it I understand the
impulse to do the opposite but for
example if tomorrow the government
announced that it was illegal to blast
yourself in the face with a flamethrower
and you better not do it or we’re gonna
take your remains and throw them in jail
I’m going to advise you very strongly to
not shoot yourself in the face with a
not because it’s illegal and I know how
tempting it is to do it because they
told you not to but because it’s a bad
idea to do that right so this would be a
slightly less extreme example of that
yes they’re telling you to do something
you should actually want to be doing
even more in terms of your limiting
interactions and social distancing and
things like that it sucks that they’re
doing it this way and we need to speak
out against it like Matt was saying we
absolutely need to say that it’s tyranny
but in the same breath we need to be
saying that instead of doing that they
need to be focusing on letting us test
and letting us you know build the
products and the things that will make
it easier for us to be able to treat
this illness and to remove the
certificate of need laws so that we can
build more hospitals and remove the IP
patent laws so that we can make more of
these you know make more of these
treatments and these these medical
devices without having to pay a fortune
in licensing fees and remove all of the
red tape to being able to build new
facilities to do these things that would
be an effective time well-spent spent an
effective use of your time as opposed to
saying hey let’s all go and lick
doorknobs together and be armed in case
the police show up
that’s an ineffective use of your time
it might feel better
but it’s not gonna feel better if you
get sick and it’s definitely not gonna
feel better if you make someone that you
love sick and it’s not gonna feel better
when the public looks at you and goes oh
so they are what we were told they are
so let’s not do that right and this
isn’t about compromising morals or at
all this is about you keeping you your
family your loved ones everybody safe
everybody LT yep yeah and as far as like
the nap goes the non-aggression
principle for anybody out there watching
that’s not libertarian or libertarian
leaving you intentionally infecting
other people violates it thank you
thank you we don’t say even those of us
who are anarchists don’t say it’s
illegal to commit murder so let’s go out
there and commit murder because they’re
not gonna tell me what to do right if
you know the data of the likelihood of
you catching Cove it’d if you’re in
large groups during this time of high
infection rates and you know that you
are then bound to spread it to someone
else who may not handle it very well or
you yourself may not handle it well
there are examples of a lot of people in
their 20s 30s and 40s who got this thing
initially it was mild and then they end
up either dying or with serious
permanent damage to their organs maybe
they had an underlying health condition
that we don’t know about
maybe there’s a strain that’s stronger
than the others maybe it’s a combination
of those things maybe they just had a
bad treatment experience we don’t know
but it can hurt you and it could hurt
people that you care about even ones you
wouldn’t think that it could hurt and if
you’re doing that knowingly at the very
least you are being negligent you are
being negligent with the health of those
around you and that is I would argue
like Matt said a violation of the nap
this isn’t possible it’s not likely that
you have immunity you don’t have
immunity if you’re exposed to it you
get it if you expose others to it they
will get it that’s a violation of the
NAP so don’t violate the nap even if
they happen to make it illegal to
violate the NAP still don’t violate the
now yeah don’t don’t do it it’s the one
thing that pretty much all of us agree
on yeah yeah again first response to
being told you can’t do this is we need
to do this and do it loud and proud I
get it I get it this is an absolute
nightmare please state that we are under
which is a reason to work to dismantle
the police state it is not a reason to
give them ammunition against us
because I can tell you right now it’s
gonna be harder for me when this thing
does clear up and I’m at colleges and
housing projects and if they’ve ever
heard of libertarians it’s those people
that insisted on getting together and
continuing to spread the disease that’s
gonna make it a lot harder and they’ll
have a good point so let’s not do that
and let’s not do that but you know what
you can do this Wednesday tomorrow night
I am having Henry o Connelly Henry
why do you say his name oh no I feel
terrible now Henry I think it’s Connolly
the problem is his on his feet on his
like personal profile he has it spelled
all weird Henry yeah Henry Connolly I’m
having him on to talk about his open the
ballots initiative so he’s with the
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania the
Libertarian Party has an interesting
situation where they have to get unlike
the Republicans and Democrats who have
automatic entry on all ballots
libertarians and other third parties
have to get petitions signed in order to
qualify to be on the ballots well you
can’t do that right now it’s illegal to
collect ballots right now or to to
gather in such a way to be able to
collect ballot it click segment
signatures to get on the ballot and no
one wants to answer the insert their
door in the first place so what we are
pushing for is a campaign for all 50
states no bonus I don’t want to answer
my door
when there’s not a pandemic going on I
mean just you don’t want to anyway but
like so the most effective way is
typically you go on college campuses you
go to large events and you just say hey
we’re just trying to get on the ballot
all we need is your signature you don’t
have to vote for us or join anything we
just want to make sure you have as many
choices as possible people sign it all
day long you have to and in some states
you have to get hundreds of thousands of
signatures it’s absolutely ridiculous
and pay ridiculous filing fees the
Republicans and Democrats get on
instantly they don’t have to do anything
because that’s what the law says so in
some states like South Carolina the
libertarian party already has secured
ballot access but in a lot of states
like Illinois Pennsylvania of leave
California and and and many others they
don’t have ballot access they have to do
this every time
so what we’re pushing for is for the
states that require that to suspend it
and to open the ballots at least this
one time so that third party candidate
options can be on there otherwise they
are truly just restricting the choices
and saying you have two choices you have
Republican or Democrat especially in the
states that don’t even allow write-ins
where you literally just can vote
Republican or Democrat or nothing so
we’re gonna be talking about that
initiative and how you can help we’ll be
doing that Wednesday night and then
Thursday night if you are a member of
the Libertarian Party radical caucus I
am doing a one-time-only ask me anything
event for the Libertarian Party radical
caucus the libertarian conscious of the
libertarian party to talk about our our
campaign and our radical policies and
why we think our form of messaging and
principle is the best way forward for
the Libertarian Party especially in
light of the fact that all campaigning
is now done online and vermin and I own
the internet and are far and above ahead
of any of the Libertarian Party
candidates and actually comparable in
our reach and and production qualities
to the Democrats and Republicans so
that’s what I’ll be doing on Thursday
and then I have a bunch of podcasts that
are being interviews that I did on other
podcasts and radio shows that’ll be
coming out over the next few days the
vermin has a ton of stuff he’s been
doing all of our campaign updates are
just shows we’ve been on because that’s
now what campaigning looks like
gonna be scheduling a we’re gonna be
scheduling an online rally averments
bike online rally that we’ll be doing
we’re still working on the details of
that and yeah so it’s just been a lot of
fun getting a campaign from my guestroom
so ya know you got anything else no I
think that’s it you got anything no so
if you happen to be quarantined and
you’re surfing the old interwebs swing
on by facebook at facebook.com slash
Muddy Waters media you can find us on
youtube at youtube.com slash Muddy
Waters media you can find us on anchor
at anchor dot F M slash muddied waters
no media just muddied waters you can
find us on float at float FL OTE dot app
slash muddied waters media you can find
us on Twitter at at wonder score waters
you can find us on Instagram at muddy
waters media and you can find this in
every episode at muddied waters
media.com calm and if you want to follow
my campaign stuff I’m on twitter at real
spike Cohen re-al spike Cohen I like
recession reall
SPI ke co h en or you can find me on
facebook if you want the address
it’s facebook.com slash literally spike
Cohen and if you want to just search for
it in the Facebook search bar its spike
Cohen your next VP it’s something I want
to bring up dan foul says I work
frontline in health care I will not be
seeing my kids at all until this is over
because it means their elderly family
would be exposed to it this is what
we’re talking about and thank you for
that Dan this is what we’re talking
about no fan is right above that he said
I’m getting my flame for right now you
commie status well that’s it that’s his
right I mean honestly with a flame
thrower you I mean so long as that one’s
behind you you’re only hurting yourself
so I’d still advise you not to do it but
technically as long as no one’s near you
you’re not violating the NAP so right
and our good buddy Bess over there says
I don’t
want to hurt anyone I’m doing a
three-week quarantine 17 days to go and
thank you like this is ankle it works
like this is especially if you’re in
you’re you either suspect that you’ve
been exposed or you’re in like hell the
frontline in health care or like a lot
of these retail workers and stuff like
that I feel terrible for them because
they can’t quarantine they have to sit
there and freakin possibly spread it to
everyone but like if if you’re in a
position to be able to I mean I can’t
imagine what it’s like to not be able to
see your kids for weeks but you also
don’t to make them sick you don’t want
to make their family sick
like you had like it’s just the
responsible thing to do it sucks that
the government’s telling us to do it but
it’s the responsible thing to do and the
guard the way the government is carrying
it out sucks so let’s spend our time in
quarantine being the ultimate internet
internet libertarians by spreading the
message about how they’ve failed us how
they’ve screwed things up
Oh Dan’s gonna dance that he saved the
anchor link so we can send some stuff
for with his wonderful voice thank you
we look forward to that I look forward
to that so so guys just stay safe and
you know stay healthy and you know don’t
touch anyone don’t touch your face until
you’ve washed your hands and where we’re
going yet kid and play handshakes
oh yeah the kid and play handshake I’m
gonna go uh Photoshop that so we’ll have
a reference where you lock the leg and
dance around in this hop around in a
circle where we’re going you put our
faces on kid enjoy yeah absolutely
okay I mean well well yeah I was
picturing having each of us do the pose
and then locking them together in
Photoshop but you’re right away yeah
yeah but no it actually be way easier to
just put us on kids and I get to have
the hair well you get to have there I
get to have the hair you get there do
you want me to dancing I didn’t have the
Collin segment on my show I’ll bring the
Collin segment I’ll Dan if you tuned in
tomorrow night I will do the Collin
segment and you can talk with me and
and we’re we’re going we don’t need
roads I gotta pull the thing I forget
myself and not go out
I lost my feet that I love you too bad
that dreams don’t just come true stay
and put my making sense yeah I’ve been
living in the previous tense why won’t
you help me move on
I can’t look can’t make amends yet so
sad when I deepen friends but we’ve been
going song give me back the conversation
I’m sorry I lost my patience no I just
can’t catch a break yeah I’m always like
yes still always wait in
forgive myself and my god I lost my visa
to pathogens or just come true picking
it in my banana pants having fun hitting
that banana grab I love just wasting my
hey in it checking my Instagram
no whip won’t turn me to a better man I
know it’s killing my vibe
I do my words just seem inefficient I’m
scared of the recognition I’m sorry it’s
you one missing to tell the truth I can
make it different
so forget myself and
I lost my visa
to pathogens or just come true
suddenly I can see the world as it’s
supposed to be in the pain son my heart
is left my church uncie we can be anyone
we wanna be in the world can put our
worry down to read but I can’t find and
now them broken lights a broken soda no
it’s over
no it’s not over I can’t myself
I lost my visa
just come
to pathogens or just come true

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