Episode 133 – A Tuestastic Tuesday

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Matt Wright & Spike Cohen

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Bernie has stumbled since the South Carolina Primary and Joementum has seemed to change the landscape of the Democratic Primary. Join Matt and Spike as they venture into the 14 states voting today for a third of the primary votes, and watch as Bernie once again fails to gain the support of his voting block. Plus abortion.

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baby don’t you know so beautiful Oh
beautiful beautiful
baby don’t you know baby
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard for
spike the silverback gorilla Cohen I am
Matt Wright and together we are
traversing the muddied waters of freedom
that feels like a personal attack
because I’m sure some of the hair on my
back is gray and that’s really no one’s
business hey everybody how are you doing
it’s good to talk to you tonight on this
Tuesday sztyc Tuesday to tastic twos
tastic we’ve already got Shane Sweeney
oh good
she’s Sweeney in the comments over on
the youtubes they shame you dry-aged any
tilapia tonight huh tilapia is better
than salmon 2020 is his hashtag tonight
oh is it is that is that why we both
watched the same video where someone
dry-aged a bunch of different types of
delectables and some tilapia and said
that the salmon was perfection and the
tilapia was all right is that why I said
that Jane I guess that’s why he said
that good to have shared he says no I
don’t play with my food okay I don’t
know that’s what he says okay yeah
fairly fair enough well welcome everyone
to this Super Tuesday were not gonna say
yeah we’re not gonna say that but the
super it’s a Super Tuesday cooler it’s
super to sir if ik as well
Super Tuesday fix Super Tuesday Asik
it’s a to sir if ik to stack eel it’s
not Super Tuesday damn it
gasma k– super Tuesday’s me it is not
here anyway I’m sure it is somewhere
sadly not here great
first and foremost allow me to thank
Benjamin Daniel Morris Chestnut the
sixth that I’m drinking on today’s
and allow me to thank Kroger Benjamin
Matt Mekhi Phifer Kroger for this
purified drinking water because I ran
out of the Aqua ponic I had been
drinking for a weekend out I was fine
man it was so good – that water was like
bula vinaka oh boo Wanaka bula vinaka
did Mekhi Phifer it’s a Benjamin Daniel
Morris chest must not freaking you know
I’ll go upon a Larenz Tate twist miss
that so yeah so we already have some
results we’re gonna be going over some
other of the week’s events most of which
happened like yesterday but the already
have some results coming in but before
we get to all that before we get to all
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pick that up and oh oh also our friend
our friend Justin Tucker if I’ll put his
GoFundMe in the notes he is a supporter
and follower of ours he’s also a really
great guy he’s been very involved with
the Libertarian Party of Chicago he had
a fire in his apartment a couple of
weeks ago lost literally everything
everything but like the clothes on his
back and and so we have a go or a
GoFundMe has been set up to help him
with his trying to get back on his feet
find a place to live get some clothes
and furniture and stuff like that and so
be sure to help with that also I’m sure
most of you or a lot of you know that
there were some really devastating fires
in earth fires very devastating
tornadoes in the Nashville area and the
surrounding area of Middle Tennessee
last I thought you were gonna go with
the tornadoes and then you said fires
and I was like I don’t know where were
their fires
I just inspires there’s no there was
thankfully there were no fires but there
were there was a terrible tornado many
people died an entire many homes were
destroyed a lot of I think there are
still people missing an absolutely
devastating there was a an entire
homeless community that was completely
wiped out
absolutely devastating and so the
Libertarian Party of Tennessee is
actually going to they’re collecting
donations right now they’re doing a
fundraiser where they’re going to work
with local charities and local groups
that are helping people there and go out
and also help themselves help go out
themselves and help with the people that
need the help there with the tornadoes
and so if you go to and I’ll put this in
the notes as well but if you go to LPT n
org slash donate and then when you make
your donation it will in your little
prompt where you’re donating it will ask
you what it’s for be sure to put for
tornado relief if you want to donate
just for general stuff as well you
certainly can but if you’re wanting to
donate specifically for the tornado
relief put in the byline that it’s for a
tornado relief and that will go directly
to the people that are on the ground
helping with the tornado relief there so
so those are two things if you were
looking to be helpful today for people
those that those are things that you can
help with our top fan Robin Dominic says
Vermin is my birthday month glad I
wasn’t born in November if for no other
reason then you get to have vermin as
he’s what October right yeah he was
October and a Scorpios delight let me
put it that way
absolutely absolutely beautiful
absolutely beautiful thing that that
vermin did there so you’ll all
definitely enjoy that we’re already
getting some up great dates from Chris
Reynolds personal injury attorney Chris
Reynolds attorney in law who’s also a
top fan make mega fan mega fan what’s
the thing that you can’t actually that
really only Sarah can be super fan super
super fan super fan I mean really no one
else can do so Chris said um Pete
currently has more delegates than Warren
which is hilarious so because he’s not
in the race anymore
um so ton of updates already goodness
yeah it’s so many updates already we
probably should have started the show at
7:00 but as we all know it’s super
Tuesday’s why we’re all here it’s what
we’re all interested in so
our Biden has won even though the polls
just closed not long ago Virginia which
was called literally 30 seconds after
those polls closed North Carolina which
was about 15 minutes right and Alabama
Alabama right that’s the one that just
came in yes yeah in Alabama
Bernie has won Vermont which is comes as
absolutely zero shock totally bogus and
nobody no one but we’ve got it we’ve got
a lot of good stuff tonight we’ve got a
lot of so much information and some
other stories that don’t actually have
anything to do with uh what Super
Tuesday but they happen this week they
happened this week so you know this is
what we do on this show we we we parse
through the week’s events with the cheer
and a plum of the what are we winter
wave urns or something man what a little
bit of homoerotic thing are we for this
anyway we’re just nice men that are
sharing things with you
so like the nice men that we are oh also
with a hundred percent reporting a big
blow out there and American Samoa Matt
was very excited about this one Michael
Bloomberg wins an American Samoa out of
with 50% of the American Samoan vote
Matt yes with the American Bloomberg
winning American Samoa in Samoa
honestly did not see that one coming no
one did no not even a little bit on that
one you given the people that voted for
him no they all were like oh you did too
Wow so we’re gonna we’re gonna kind of
discuss a couple of different models and
a couple of different theories that we
have for tonight we won’t know if we’re
right or not tonight and we’ll get into
why later
because delegate counts are work we’re
gonna know who wins almost every state
but we aren’t gonna know delegate counts
obviously until after everything’s
counted and sorted out and people have
stopped fighting each other and so
there are a lot of different ways that
this can go we think we know which way
it’s going and and have said so from the
beginning and have said so from the
beginning and we’re very very rarely
wrong it’s kind of scary actually it’s
kind of scary we’ve been we’ve been
doing we’ve been killing it on elections
in life we are often wrong
oh yeah Holmen in politics very rarely
the outside of local census goes down
odd cast and mm yeah exactly
but so right now Montlake well earlier
today not right now models have changed
but earlier today model showed that
Biden could get as many as six hundred
and thirty delegates or as few as three
forty one which is a huge swing as a big
swing that is a huge huge swings and
Sanders could get as few as three 25 or
as many as 608 also a large swing yes
very large swing obviously we’re gonna
know we’re gonna know after all of
today’s votes have been counted which
because of California could take a week
brought to you by shadow I mean at least
with California it makes sense right no
it’s because their systems actually
designed to obfuscate right because your
system is designed to cut it’s kind of
designed for the voter it’s not designed
for the people like us who are nerds who
want to find out what is I don’t want
that right but in California most of
Californians vote by mail and ballots
only need to be postmarked by Election
Day so that means they have up until
today to vote so it’s gonna be like two
days from now before they even have all
the and and and in fact even possibly
more because California is a large a
pretty large state right so I mean we’re
maybe three days I mean I don’t know how
long it takes them to get around there
but maybe two or three days for all the
votes to come in yeah they’re looking at
possibly Friday for having all of the
votes which means next week on our show
with whatever elect whatever primaries
are going on that day we will probably
be able to announce California province
will probably but we would have thought
that with Iowa two and turned out right
no no no absolutely not but so
California is gonna hold up everything
so we’re they’re probably gonna announce
a winner I’m not gonna give that a
guarantee but we’re gonna we can’t
really say who wins Californian at what
state or Evert rate right uh currently
currently we have it predicted that it’s
gonna be a close race with Biden and
Bernie getting roughly 465 delegates
each from today and I can fluctuate for
7450 you know whatever right there’s
gonna be somewhere around there we think
we think the Biden is going to take the
majority of those right Bloomberg and
Warren coming they’re gonna come in
somewhere with the low 200s high 100’s
and even that’s kind of questionable
yeah it looks like especially for Warren
but Bloomberg and Warren are pretty much
in there as spoilers for you know
Bloomberg being a spoiler for Biden and
Warren being a spoiler for Sanders and
Warren really being a spoiler for for
Sanders because Bloomberg can dump
endless reams of money and stay
competitive just by you know inundating
the airwaves Warren is truly limping to
that to the convention in the hopes that
she’ll for some reason get picked in a
brokered convention which I don’t see
what her calculus there is except she’s
the only
woman left that isn’t tulsi gabbard so I
don’t I don’t see why she would think
that would happen but that’s I mean
she’s truly just playing spoiler like
and and I’m sure Biden’s happy she’s
still in the race cuz she’s just making
that that much harder for Bernie to get
the majority of delegates before the
convention right and right after the
South Carolina primary she came out and
attacked Bernie which I thought was I
thought that was a really odd choice for
her was she trying to go home but yeah
yeah she attacked Bernie she goes we
don’t need senators who have been there
for 40 years and haven’t accomplished
anything I can’t remember the exact
wording she used but she just she went
hard after Bernie saying he has done
absolutely nothing as a senator and has
never gotten anything done and or passed
and that’s not the kind of leadership we
need no orgy so she’s going hard after
Bernie and she could have seen that the
Joe mentum was a real thing so that way
she kind of figured you just kind of
pushed that oh if she stays in makes it
harder for Bernie and also she’s got
conducts progressive cred making her a
potential VP pick both because she
appeals to progressives probably not as
much now but previously appealed the
progressives and also because she like
basically Kamikaze Bernie great that’ll
be a matchup huh but as we all know over
the weekend shortly after the South
Carolina primary mayor Pete bootie judge
heat dropped out the next day a mere Tom
Steyer dropped out the night of yeah
which personally I think it’s because
that video was leaked of him and
juvenile back in that ass up back that
ass up you know if he had done it well
again we’ve talked about this with mayor
black faced with our governor black face
north is Northam that you know he says
the reason he was doing black fill a
black face was to dance as Michael
Jackson to impersonate Michael Jackson
the only person to ever use shoe polish
to impersonate a man who is actually
whiter than Ralph Northam but he said
that he did the whole dance and Matt and
I are pretty sure he does it well
because when they asked him if he could
do it he got super excited about it and
his wife his eyes lit up I know that and
I’ve said this many fine like I know how
to dance so when people say to me oh can
you know oh you can dance do it now I
get like excited because I know people
don’t expect that I’d be able to dance
then I don’t like get to dance and like
and I know they’re gonna be like oh my
gosh mr. good dancer he had that same
look on his face like I’m about to show
the world how great I can dance I get to
show off the fact that I can moonwalk
that I can moonwalk right and his wife
was like no it’s not appropriate and
he’s like no she again
well yeah exact there’s some controversy
as to what she said in appropriate
circumstances that was a sentence in
appropriate circumstances and we don’t
know we don’t know if she was saying in
appropriate circumstances or she was
saying in appropriate circumstances
either way she was not did not want him
dancing then no she did not but I think
that if he’s as good as as we think he
is then she screwed him up there cuz if
he had gotten out there and nailed the
moonwalk and then the he and the whole
thing I could actually in do the double
spin and all that send the kick and
everything all would have been forgiven
or most have would have been forgiven a
lot would have been forgiven a lot of
people would have been like well he
really nailed that that that moonwalk
though similarly if Tom Steyer had
gotten out there and you know showed off
his his twerk team black girl magic then
you know it could have worked for him
but no Tom Steyer
has zero black girl magic and and it
and so he’s out of the race with his ear
was 0% reporting in North Carolina Biden
got 33% Sanders got 26 where we got 12
with 0% reporting zero percent reporting
according to the decision desk HQ that’s
it’s a low sample now none of whatever
happens tonight does not seem to change
the fact that nobody is going to get the
necessary 1991 delegates yeah in order
to win on the first round right it is
gonna go to the second Biden could
possibly have a good enough day which
would push him through the which would
push him through the rest of the
primaries in order to get the 23 75 or
whatever it is I can’t remember off the
top of my head
2375 with the super-delegates in the
second round but he is not going I don’t
think anybody’s gonna reach the 1991 for
the first rounds
no it’s it’s it’s what now like like a
six in nine chance that no one gets it
or something like that it went down a
little bit okay
and went down a little bit today and
it’s a like actually yeah it’s like six
and ten now so it just went down
slightly succeed yeah I mean it the odds
are no one’s gonna get the majority of
Delegates right but if someone really
pulls away interesting results here I
know that they’re very very little
counted so far at fight in Texas with
five percent in Bernie is leading Biden
27 to 25 with Bloomberg getting 20 in
Massachusetts which is literally right
next door to Vermont and is the state
that Liz Warren lives in Bernie Sant our
Joe Biden ahead now this is with only 2%
reporting but he’s ahead 35 to 24
against Bernie Sanders Liz Warren coming
in third right now at 22% Matt I have to
think that those results might flip up a
little bit yeah I’m gonna I’m just gonna
go ahead and guess I don’t see that one
a hanging out too long but but if it
does if he takes Massachusetts and and
and similarly similarly in Maine which
it doesn’t border Vermont but it’s right
there next to it well it’s New Hampshire
yeah there’s yeah a tiny sliver of a
state called New Hampshire and between
it with also with two percent reporting
Joe Biden with 38 percent to Bernie
Sanders 32% with Bloomberg and third at
14 percent now just keeping in mind how
pathetic Liz Warren remaining in this
race is right now from a trying to get
delegates in the actual election
standpoint that’s clearly not what she’s
not what she’s doing even in her in her
press releases now it’s talking about
how she thinks she’s confident she’s
going to be picked by the delegates in a
brokered convention which is sort of
what Buddha judge was saying until and
klobuchar were saying before they they
they they got knuckled down hard by
someone because they both dropped out
and endorsed Joe um but so I mean she’s
coming in third in her state coming in
fourth we presume because it only shows
the top three here on 538 maybe
gabbard’s ahead of her in in Maine which
is literally right next door to
Massachusetts again I have to think
these results might change to percents
not a lot with more percent reporting
Joe Biden is ahead 24 to both bloomberg
and Bernie have twenty percent each and
he has 25 with again zero percent
reporting in Alabama Joe Biden ahead 51
to 18 with Bloomberg in second and
Bernie and third and then with 4% in in
see Oh Bernie Biden and Bloomberg are
basically in a statistical tie at 24% in
Tennessee in Tennessee so now according
to North Carolina exit polls Biden still
has a problem with young voters
preliminary data suggests Sanders
crushed and with 54% to 21 percent among
17 to 29 year olds which is not
surprising at all now and they virtually
tied among voters 30 to 44 but between
45 and 64 went for Biden 47 percent to
18 percent yet there’s a huge
generational gap in Democrat voters
you’ve got your your and I didn’t that
was actually 55 this 55 to 8
so you’ve what you’re looking at there
is people who are 45 to 60 45 and up
have been taught
socialism is bad anybody that calls
himself a socialist is bad even though
they vote for Social even though they
and Republicans vote for socialism and
big government every time they vote the
word socialism bad right yep yep every
time but they hear socialist socialism
they say they can’t support that because
socialism is bad right which we agree
don’t get us wrong yeah we agree but
that is why you’re seeing that trend as
it gets younger more and more people are
willing to vote for it because they
aren’t being taught that that is bad
anymore well they’re hearing that the
current system is free-market capitalism
which it is not it is not and they are
getting screwed by this free-market
capitalism because when you know they’re
making not much more than their parents
and grandparents made at their age and
the cost of housing is 10 times higher
than it was you know when their parents
and grandparents were their age and the
cost of education is 30 times higher and
the cost of health care is 20 times
higher they can’t afford it and they’re
having to compete with robots
and losing their jobs to robots while
their parents and grandparents are
telling them to pull themselves up by
the bootstraps like they did back when
the house costs you know 3 grand
and uh and you know they were they were
making you know six bucks an hour but
you know that house cost three grand
and so you know they’re being told oh
Bernie’s gonna destroy free-market
capitalism and they say okay good
and the goal what we’re gonna have to
pay all these taxes that’s fine I’m fine
with me paying lots of taxes and so
that’s I mean that’s that’s you’re
seeing a generation that has been
Millennials and and and Gen Z have been
completely left behind by this you know
big government corporatist economy and
to the benefit of their parents and
grandparents to their direct detriment
and so they’re voting for something that
they feel is a punishment to those
people so it is very much a generational
war being played out in the Democratic
primary and in the election in general
because a lot of those Democratic
primary voters if Bernie gets it are
gonna vote for Trump and a lot of those
Democratic primary voters if Biden or
Bloomberg or some other establishment
candidate get it are gonna vote for
urban supreme or not show up or vote
green party or vote you know Democratic
socialists or whatever vote something
else or not vote so it’s it’s it’s a
tough time to be a in the leadership of
the Democratic Party it is a very tough
time so we’ve got five possibilities
that could happen tonight many of which
are already happening not none of them
are good for well so none of how this
looks to be playing out is good for
Sanders so first we are obviously
correct that’s the number one thing
Biden edges out Bernie by a handful of
Delegates tonight we’re looking at 468
450 somewhere in that range this is
gonna hurt Bernie but he’s can bounce
back especially with Joe Biden being Joe
Biden yes which will show you some stuff
later when we say here’s how Bernie can
win this thing
we’re actually serious because up until
the end burning can actually win this
night right and then Bloomberg and
Warren will get 150 to 270 each you can
split that however you want I don’t
worry I don’t really care
doesn’t matter to Biden wins huge he’s
gonna be raking in over 600 delegates
Bernie will stick right around the lower
400s and then Bloomberg and Warren 52 to
15 the third Bernie wins huge which it
does not look like that’s going to be
happening no and Bernie wins huge brings
in about 600 delegates which could
happen if he wins Texas and California
Colorado and Utah I don’t see that
happening I you know I think oh yeah
Texas is the one that’s a question yeah
Biden brings in around 450 and then
Bloomberg and Warren split 62 220
somewhere in there number for Biden and
Bernie both clean up Warren and
Bloomberg get next to nothing 35 to 140
ish and both carry both Biden and Bernie
carry around 580 that’s actually pretty
likely that is that is exceptionally
likely a but Bloomberg appears to be
doing better than I thought in some of
these states already like American Samoa
American Samoa yeah you killing it in
American Samoa and number 5 no this
isn’t gonna happen
but uh Bloomberg and Warren win big and
Biden and Bernie each get less than 400
delegates giving them the majority on
the day but Bloomberg and Warren get 250
to 300 that’s the least likely to happen
but the most entertaining would be that
happening oh god that would be a mate
now if this thing came a true four-way
race that would be easily the most
entertaining television that doesn’t
involve nudity or penetration
um honestly possibly even more I mean
you know sex is great in all but have
you ever seen a four-way Democratic
primary huh
so I mean raking was Jeb Bush Jeb Bush
wins it all when’s it all today
wins every single state in American
Samoa speaking of which real quick
seratonin before I forget says how come
American Samoa can vote and not Puerto
so they actually neither of them can
vote in the actual election but they can
vote in the primaries so Puerto Rico is
gonna be voting later on this month in
the Democratic primary so they do vote
in the primary but not in the election
which is kind of a sting you get to pick
who runs but then you don’t get to pick
don’t get to pick who wins who actually
wins right who’s gonna be your ruler it
is what uh what it is
Dave Jones says thank you spike it’s
rough here in Tennessee many folks
displaced and in need of help donate if
you can and help show we can help folks
without the threat of government force
exactly when people say to us without
government who would you know help the
poor help the needy the answer is we
will um and we need to show that what
will McElveen says no shoe on head boot
maybe we all know dementia Joe was
winning the nod shoe on head I will put
the shoe on my head when the couch
auction starts and not a second before
let’s see
Wilma McElveen again says one thing is
sure Jane Sweeney will back the next one
to drop out for the Libertarian Party
nomination that is correct Shane Sweeney
has been a impressively in fact Shane
put Steiner for LP POTUS hashtag Shane
Sweeney in addition to being wrong about
fish is also trying to actively recruit
failed Democrats to join lincoln Chafee
in running for the Libertarian Party
nomination as a failed Democrat and I
mean listen if we’re gonna go with
Chafee why not go with Budaj but
just gay yep
what else do we have here I believe that
was my custom Chris Reynolds personal
injury attorney Chris Reynolds Reynolds
pent you can you can tell because it’s a
solid drop it’s a solid it’s a good
thing yeah yeah that thing just flew
right on out of my hand yeah I I got I I
got my pen and I have one of his um well
there’s a name it’s that whatever the
brand is but it’s that the water bottles
yes all of this stuff is no no it’s not
that it’s a it’s like thin and oh I know
which ones are talking about anyway yeah
I think everything he gave us I mean
usually when you get swagged from people
it’s nice that they gave it to you but
it’s not always the best quality but
it’s you know free stuff that from your
friend or whatever everything all of the
Chris Reynolds stuff is like it’s
quality top qualities I’m not gonna like
this is my favorite shirt yeah it’s a
really nice shirt I try to only wear it
on Tuesdays because I like to have it on
for the show I know I keep forgetting I
came forgetting to put it on I have I
have the three shirts and I absolutely
they fit amazing new he needs a v-neck
option so you can show off your chest
main I mean I can always just pull it
down that’s true you know it’s give me a
nickel and I pull it down that’s how it
works do you want to do
Cuomo or do you want to do Biden let’s
knock out the Cuomo thing real quick so
in in New York over actually last night
in the dead of night was like 1:00 in
the morning that they passed this thing
the New York Senate passed their Cuomo
virus bill where they basically give for
the the main part is they passed a 40
million dollar emergency spending
measure to help with the spread of the
corona virus they’ve had two at least
two confirmed cases and it’s a 40
million dollar slush one that they’ve
given to Cuomo to basically use as he
sees fit to battle the corona virus
in New York that’s not even the
beginning to be the worst part of it
there’s a problem with the verbage of
the bill because it says that Cuomo
would be granted unlimited authority to
rule by executive order superseding
local and agency Authority and state
authority during any declared state
emergency including instances as vague
as a storm or as infrequent as volcanic
activity it authorizes him to suspend
any law he deems fit and to basically
operate as an autocratic dictator
without any consultation from the
legislature as well as to determine what
qualifies as a public health emergency
so not only is he allowed to do whatever
he wants in the case of a public health
emergency he’s allowed to define what is
a public health emergency and they gave
some guidance on it it’s anything that
could potentially lead to the the loss
of many lives
well that’s anything that could be I’m
going to suspend everyone’s right to own
a gun because of the potential for loss
of lives it’s a public I mean we’ve been
hearing for a while from the anti-gun
people that it’s a public health
emergency just the sheer number of guns
on the street the way this is worded he
could absolutely you know just decide to
take everyone’s guns if you want to do
were to try seratonin just committed so
he’s King now and yes yes very much he’s
essentially the king any any time he
decides something as a public health
emergency he can just literally like
they they gave him they authorized him
to do whatever he wants
we usually screenshot these you know
types of bills and we highlight the
worst part to show you know how terrible
this you know one part of the law is now
the the weasel wording from this one
part makes it – this entire bill is
about two pages long and there isn’t a
part that isn’t highlight able as a
terrible thing and so it just wasn’t
even worth it to try to show you all of
two pages on a screenshot and with
letter with you know yellow highlight on
all of it because all of its bad that 40
million dollars not even a beginning to
be the problem it’s it it’s it’s it is
now Cuomo is essentially an autocrat and
whoever replaced him because I don’t
think there was a a sunset on the rule I
don’t think so
the whoever is the Governor of New York
now can govern at will I’ll get his true
autocracy as long as he says that it’s a
public health emergency when was the
last time that a politician made a major
you know authoritarian move without
claiming that it was to protect the
lives of people so the health Chairman
Richard Gottfried Democrat out of
Manhattan argued that during previous
public health emergencies quote no
governor no health commissioner ever had
occasion to ask for anything like the
powers that the governor is asking for
in this bill I think it’s important to
ask why what problem does this bill
solve this is Democrats asking why this
is a New York City Democrat saying hey
whoa wait why are we doing this and then
also from New York City from Staten
shout out Staten Island we got the the
vermin spike 2020 campaign got the only
I’ve got the endorsement of the only
elected libertarian in New York City
representing the great borough of Staten
Island that’s how you say that
but senator Andrew Lanza of Staten
Island says vote for this and we’re
going home
vote no and you’re pro pandemic that’s
not the way it’s supposed to be and
that’s like this is a perfect example of
the government in the dead of night
using fear to make a massive massive
power grab
right and it’s 100% accurate because
that that are those are the options it’s
you vote for this and you go home or you
vote no in your pro coronavirus yeah
which is how you would be labeled like
you would be you voted against the bill
to try to stop the coronavirus because
there’s no nuance anymore no way you
know to go in front of a crowd and say
yeah I didn’t want us to be governed by
a dictator at this point right now
people are so scared that they’d say I’d
rather have a dictator than coronavirus
you know which as we’ve just go ahead
sorry and a lot of the coronavirus a lot
of the fear of the coronavirus is just
being stoked by the media oh yeah
which is why we set it on our show a
month and a half ago yeah you’re not
gonna die from the yeah you’re not gonna
die from the coronavirus I might I might
NEMA am i me I’m on an immuno
suppressant for my MS so I wouldn’t die
from it but I might end up in the
hospital temporarily because my body
don’t fight stuff good right but I
probably wouldn’t even die right but
more than likely you are not going to
die from the corona virus more than
likely you’re not going to get the
corona virus yet if you watch any any
mainstream media which it’s weird saying
that cuz I try to stay away from it but
the way the stream media claims can
leave that is all they’re reporting on
oh they don’t really care about anything
else they know that people are afraid of
this virus so they continue to push it
on you so you’ll watch out yeah so you
watch so you watch they are even they’re
just attempting to release dopamine and
serotonin in your brain and which you
get from being scared and then you tune
back in and you watch more and they’re
like hello people are afraid of this
let’s keep speak spoon-feeding it to
spoon-feed net get up to them
up-to-the-minute updates on the corona
virus and what they they don’t update
you on the fact that for example there
are I think 90,000 confirmed cases and
50,000 confer just under 50,000
confirmed recoveries meaning that of the
people whose and there’s probably way
more people that actually have it but
their symptoms are so mild that they
either don’t know they have anything or
they just figure they have you know the
sniffles or whatever and go about their
day they’re like well it couldn’t be
coronavirus because I’m just you know a
little under the weather so it’s clearly
not that and so but he but you know of
the people who were sick enough to
actually go to a doctor or go to a
hospital or whatever more than half of
them have already recovered at worst
this virus has a 2.3 percent somewhere
around a 2.3 percent fatality rate which
is high for a flu-like virus now and
that also depends on where that’s two
point three in China in South Korea it’s
point five percent yes now in in Iran
it’s it’s I believe higher than that but
again that’s that’s comparing deaths to
confirmed cases they keep saying oh well
a lot of kids haven’t gotten this well
we know that’s not true the kids have
clearly gotten it they’re just not sick
they don’t feel bad what we know about
this so far is that anywhere from
probably twice as many to even ten or
twenty times as many people as actually
have it compared to how many have been
confirmed especially in places like
Latin America and sub-saharan Africa
where they’ve only recently even begun
testing in the United States right now
unless you are in a major metro area or
on the west coast if you go to a doctor
and say I’m sick I don’t feel good and
I’ve been traveling to China they’re
gonna treat you symptomatically for it
but like if I went to a doctor up the
road they don’t have the equipment to
test me for coronavirus so there are way
more people that have it and I’m not
saying that to scare you it’s actually
the opposite if you
consider that there are probably 10
times as many people that have it as
have been confirmed that 2.3% death rate
goes down to 0.23 percent which is about
twice as bad as the flu which is I mean
people dying is bad like when we’re pro
we’re anti people dying of disease on
Muddy Waters media but it’s now not I
mean even at 2.3 percent it’s not the
extinction level event that some people
think it is at point two three percent
it’s now a another bad respiratory
illness that you know might become a
seasonal thing like the flu but it’s not
it’s not SARS it’s not MERS it’s not
Ebola it’s not bird flu which has like
an 80% death rate it’s not swine flu
it’s more viral than any of those things
so you’re more likely to get it but
you’re far less likely to die if you do
get it so it’s a bad thing but peep but
at no point you know what’s worse is
having a single person in control of the
state of New York at whim forever
because again I don’t believe there’s a
sunset to this law whoever’s the
governor of New York now can simply
declare something to be a public health
emergency they can do whatever they want
without any kind of approval from or
oversight from anyone and if you don’t
think that won’t that that if you think
that won’t be used for everything moving
forward then you haven’t paid attention
to the government Dever
because that’s always what they do we
have an authorization of use of military
force that was passed in 2001 signed by
uh voted forward by lincoln Chafee by
the way but it was it was to authorize
the President to fight the war on terror
mostly for him to go after the Taliban
it is still being used now to start
stuff in Yemen in Syria in Iraq in in if
you’ll recall there was this big vote on
whether or not to authorize the
President to go to war in Iraq that was
a non-binding vote because the President
had already had the authority to do it
government takes
authority that they’re given in a in
fear like 911 something that makes
everyone scared and just says here take
this power so you can keep me safe and
they use it forever
yep so quick update um they are up to 25
percent of Election Day precincts
reporting in Tennessee Biden has taken a
narrow lead he’s at 27 Sanders has 24
Bloomberg has 22 Warren has 10 so
remember in all of these states you need
15 percent or more in order to get any
delegates whatsoever so right now you’ve
got a Biden burning Bloomberg all got
the three B’s Tommy be and it was Buddha
jesh Biden Bloomberg Bernie or footages
and if beto had made it oh ho if the toe
had made it it was just one minute by
the killer beez of the Democrats Hillary
beats uh so obviously keeping an eye on
all of the races keeping an eye on all
the races like updates are coming in so
fast it’s very difficult and since we do
everything on our own we are taking all
the time we can now I haven’t seen any
Massachusetts I with eight percent
reporting Joe Biden ahead in
Massachusetts 31 to 28 again 8% not a
lot still ahead
Massachusetts that would be shocking
equally possibly shocking 20% 20% which
is much more than 8 percent in in Texas
bernie is ahead 29 to 22 for Joe Biden
in second with Bloomberg at 18% really
really spoiling things for Biden there
if you look but you have to think Texas
is in like two different time zones so
you’re looking
two different you have two different
windows of opportunity here now is
eastern Texas more progressive well
eastern Texas you’re gonna I think you
have Dallas in Austin which is gonna be
more progressive which would make sense
because remember when we were covering
the midterm elections and it was looking
like bado was beating Ted Cruz and then
initially and then as it went on longer
Ted Cruz started pulling ahead and
obviously won but this is a bigger lead
for Bernie than bado ever had yeah
that’s interesting
it appears as though it appears as
though our good friend bass from the
tube of you is now over on float float
up FL OTE bonus beat and it’s somebody
named bass I’m assuming it’s the same
one and he’s commenting he said that he
believes the mortality rate jumped to
three point four percent on the
coronavirus and so I just got a weird
update and then asked if today is Super
Tuesday which yes it is I just got an
update from Fox News saying that Bernie
won Colorado which is weird because
their polls close at nine their time so
I mean he’s gonna win Colorado that’s
not the shocking I wonderfully
prematurely released it because there’s
there was another mistake in reporting
that Warren has taken the lead in
Massachusetts but it’s based on a data
entry error in the town of eastern where
she has gotten more votes than the town
of Easton has so it looks like there’s
some errors going on brought to you by
the shadow app no doubt so
let’s say let’s let’s say that Biden
takes a huge lead and a lot of people
are going to say that Biden is the one
you know he’s the one to beat and he’s
going to be impossible to be because
that’s who the DNC wants Biden has a bad
history of being Joe Biden we all know
this to be exceptionally true yeah so
like even worse then because it often
Trump is Trump’s biggest enemy in terms
of optics but Biden takes it to a
completely different level because he
says stuff that makes you question
whether he’s still all there right not
like his intelligence but like his
presence like is he developing
Alzheimer’s or dementia or is this all
just too much for him because he’s as
old as he is cuz he’s like 79 or
something 72 he is the youngest Democrat
running well who’s the one that’s 79
oh well Biden just has an age well then
compared to Bernie that Lisa hair plugs
in the teeth
veneers help but they do I love how Joe
Biden has more hair now than he did in
1988 yes when he first ran when he first
ran like when a lot of our viewers
weren’t born yet right he was already
completely almost complete he had this
like absurd layer of fuzz that I’m sure
he convinced himself look like hair but
it did not and then all of a sudden he
had hair again not a lot but definitely
more than he had then he definitely he
definitely got some plugs done but Biden
being Biden as we all know he is prone
to making mistakes yes last week he said
that he was running for
and then if you didn’t want to vote for
him vote for the other Biden okay yep
but over the last couple of days Biden
has continued his history of gaffes on
the campaign trail oh yeah
the first one is the first video we’re
going to show you here he’s going to
flub the words of the Declaration of
Independence this one’s my favorite this
was so good it’s so good it’s so good
and then he reminds everybody to vote
for him today
yeah so we’ll uh let’s play that right
now we all these truths to be
self-evident all men are created by gold
you know this you know the thing look
tomorrow super 30 Tuesday and I want to
thank you all no it’s just it was only
on the on the right side I’m not sure
what happened with the audio there Oh
gotcha so yeah that’s weird yeah but so
so he first he said we hold these truths
to be self-evident that all the men and
women are what you know you know you
know the thing you know the thing you
know the thing and then he’s in so go
out there and support me on super
Thursday super Thursday yeah super
Thursday the very famous the
exceptionally famous voting day of super
Thursday married a of super Thursday
usually when someone does a misspeak
right like they do a gaffe it’s because
they say some they start to say
something else that sounds similar to
the thing that they’re saying right like
they’re making like this like kind of
you know Freudian slip or whatever I
don’t think there’s any Super Thursday
or anything Thursday there’s not even a
taco Thursday it
Taco Tuesday it’s not good I would have
been way better with him saying go out
there and vote on Taco Tuesday because
he still was saying something he was
saying something related to Tuesday a
and B it has the same kind of flow to it
as Super Tuesday super Thursday there’s
nothing there’s nothing there’s nothing
yeah he was talking about the super
Thursday sale at Wegmans and just
totally he he was just very excited
about it it’s just it’s it’s hilarious
and so then we have where’s that so then
he after beta will work endorsed Joe Joe
had a little conversation with him in
front of the crowd which went as well as
one would expect this guy you’re gonna
take care of the gun problem with me
you’re gonna be the one that leads this
effort I’m counting on you I’m counting
on you we need you badly the state needs
you the country needs you you’re the
best thank you thank you thank you which
to have Beto in charge of guns in
America is quite possibly the most
terrifying thing I have ever heard it
would be more terrifying in my mind to
have someone who is effective in charge
of it that’s so I mean if you can think
of someone that you would want to turn
the American public like the idea of
pudding I get what you’re saying the
idea of putting someone who really just
doesn’t think you should own a gun in
charge of that effort is frightening
when you consider the fact that he’s he
and Eric’s wall well are
two people who are the best suited to
turn the general public against any
given thing that they’re promoting so
having him in charge of that effort
would largely help the pro-gun side um
because of the type of person he is and
how really no one likes him that much
everyone was happy that he gave Ted Cruz
a run for his money and then it turned
out that uh he was terrible and that’s
why he was one of the first to drop out
because progressives saw rights room the
establishment saw that he wasn’t gonna
be the least bit effective as a nominee
the everywhere he went got mad that he
scuffed up their counters with his shoes
and you know he just made a lot of
you don’t go everywhere and stand on the
tables and unsurprisingly in his
endorsement of Biden he closed it out by
saying everything he had just said in
English in Spanish everything yeah it
seemed I kind of skimmed it I was just
looking for that clip right um
approximate Louis president el próximo
president o los los Estados in Udo’s Joe
Biden Joe by Joe Biden Jose B den Serra
and reg is going back to work she will
see us on our next break bye Sarah
aye sir um senior senior sniffy yeah
right now it’s looking as though oh yeah
man that Davidson County where Nashville
is again shout out to Nashville I live
there love every love that city hope
everybody is okay there and if any of my
friends from Nashville happened to be
watching give me a
just let me know you’re okay but because
of Nash because of what happened in
Davidson County a lot of people aren’t
going to be able to make out to vote it
says but maybe a potentially good sign
for Biden oh because that’s like sort of
the progressive hub is and would be in
Nashville right
48 percent of Tennessee voters said they
would return to Obama’s policies which
is a I mean that’s Biden bye-bye Biden
is the idea of Obama being normalcy and
a return to Biden being normalcy uh
being a return to that normalcy with six
percent in Colorado coming in a eight
percent in Colorado coming in I thought
they closed at nine it must have been
that they close at eight their time but
that would still be ten right they must
close at seven so it was most benign our
time but so with eight percent in Bernie
Sanders at 39 percent with zero percent
in Joe Biden that 43 percent no doubt
helped by Amy Klobuchar who I believe
when she dropped out I saw something
that showed that she was still in the
lead there for election dinner in in
Minnesota in her state yes and so it was
it was kind of a it was a toss-up
between Bernie and Klobuchar well now
Joe now this again with zero percent in
but he is now I mean that 43 percent so
again that can change but he’s way ahead
10 percent in Arkansas reporting Joe
Biden’s ahead 25 to 24 in Tennessee with
28 percent in he’s ahead Joe’s ahead 34
to 24 with zero percent in Alabama still
Joe Biden had 62 16 with Bloomberg and
second 10 percent of Oklahoma in
reporting in Oklahoma Joe Biden is up 30
percent to 21 to Bernie in Maine and
Massachusetts Joe Biden still ahead in
the 30s and in Texas Bernie Sanders
still ahead of of Joe but like we were
saying that that could tighten up North
Joe is killing at 36 – 24 Vermont of
course by an hour burdening way ahead 51
to 24 and in Virginia right well I was
already called for for Joe but with 99
percent reporting Joe got of 53 percent
again American Samoa Michael Bloomberg
just destroyed it there in the old Miss
is a 99 percent of precincts reporting
in Virginia is that the one you just did
yeah yeah 50 he’s he’s ahead 53 to 23
yeah now twelve hours ago and of course
obviously this is all subject to change
now with the actual results haven’t come
in but 12 hours ago 538 predicted that
no majority no one would get the
majority of delegates before the
convention the odds of that happening
were three and five so 60% odds that no
one was gonna get it the meaning that it
would go down to a brokered convention
which is gonna favor the establishment
candidate over Bernie especially if the
establishment candidate comes in with
more delegates than Bernie because then
they have a compelling reason to say hey
we picked the one with more delegates if
Bernie comes in they can still screw him
for some other reason but ultimately
ultimately they can pick whoever they
want the odds of Biden getting the
majority before it before the the
convention so he just wins outright it’s
three in ten so there is a 90% chance
that either no one is going to get that
the majority and win the nomination
outright without any brokering or that
Biden’s gonna get it without any
brokering Sanders getting the majority
one in 12 chance and then the rest are
less than one in a hundred
so yeah it’s either gonna be a brokered
convention that Bernie gets screwed in
or Bernie or Biden’s gonna win outright
at this point so it’s either gonna be a
brokered to mention that one of them
gets screwed in or Biden wins out right
right cuz I don’t see it where like
right now
right now and a lot can change like
there’s still a lot of primary season
left but because we’re like I think
after tonight we have 2/3 of the primary
level right so right now it looks like
Biden is gonna be up in the lead by the
end of tonight still could change you
know lots there’s even a lot of tonight
left but if he ends up if he ends up in
the lead by tonight it’s going to look
as though he’s gonna be the one that’s
going to take it because the Jo mentum
is gonna be strong whether or not he
gets the majority of Delegates is
different and there is ZERO guarantee
that they that the DNC chooses Biden
they’re more likely to choose Biden than
Bernie oh yeah but if it goes through
that second round and he doesn’t have
the 2375 he will there anybody can put
throw their hat in and then it becomes a
free-for-all and could be Biden or it
could be literally anybody else in the
DNC yeah at that point it could be
anyone else and there may be some
appetite to just ditch Biden for
Bloomberg or I don’t think it’s gonna be
any of the other people that ran
honestly I think if they go outside a
Biden or Bloomberg it’s gonna be Hillary
Clinton or Michelle Obama or you know
some some someone that you know isn’t
even being discussed right now or hasn’t
been contending contending for this race
to begin with can you think of anyone in
the field
besides Biden and Bloomberg that
actually have run that they would go
with no I mean it would be a terrible
argument to make because these are
people that dropped out because they
couldn’t they couldn’t you know they
didn’t have the chops for it even Buddha
says he’s dropped out and and and and
gone with by now so yeah I I don’t see I
I don’t see yeah I don’t see I don’t see
a scenario
where they don’t but they go with any of
the people that have already run instead
of Bernie or Biden I think it would ever
go you know it would be their Biden or
Bloomberg or they now go with someone
else but I mean they’re going to they’re
going to screw Bernie if they can if
Bernie does not get the majority of
Delegates they are going to screw him
because well if he if he gets the plort
if he gets the plurality if he doesn’t
get the plurality of Delegates they
aren’t screwing well yeah they’re there
they’re just giving it to whoever got
not but yeah I’m he’s gonna get he’s
gonna not win it I guess is what I’m
trying to say unless unless he no matter
what he is not winning yeah unless he
gets which is now a less than one in 12
chance which is still possible unless he
gets the majority of Delegates going
into the convention he’s not gonna get
it because the DNC is looking at boomers
who will stay home they will stay home
or they will vote for Trump um cuz
they’re not I don’t think that a lot of
them are gonna vote third party those
are the people who say you’re throwing
your vote away but then they’ll stay
home and not vote but I I think ABC just
called Tennessee for Biden welp which
according to our stats I have commanding
lead but it’s still early so but I said
that Biden would I said that Biden would
pull that one but less than literally
yesterday Bernie was in the lead in that
state yeah yeah it’s gonna be
interesting to see how all these all
these forecasts update after this I
think they’re all gonna pull him in
Biden’s favor I still don’t think
Biden’s gonna get the majority but I may
be wrong I mean if Joe mentum is a thing
and the polls didn’t have time to work
because I mean the the people that
dropped out in and of themselves didn’t
have enough of the vote to make a
difference for their
you know campaigns but both of them
dropping out and then all these people
endorsing Joe and there wasn’t really
enough time to update polling to see how
that would work for them but if you know
80 or 90 percent of Buddhas edge and
clover chars supporters flipped for for
Biden over Bernie which is very likely
to happen in the case of an endorsement
right afterwards this now became Biden’s
race to lose and that would not reflect
in polling immediately because there’s
just not enough time to update all the
polling to to reflect that but there’s
time for us to see it in real time when
people actually show up and vote so I am
very interested III mean me apparently
we missed it but Oklahoma was called for
Biden as well that doesn’t surprise me
he’s not he is like if you look at the
races with the exception of
Massachusetts in Maine which he is still
ahead in Massachusetts in Maine now with
11% reporting in Massachusetts and 9%
reporting in Maine Joe Biden way
outperforming how he was expected to do
there in Texas it’s still 29 to 22 for
Bernie very interesting development
there that’s so with that with that
especially that one
Biden wasn’t supposed like I didn’t we
didn’t have Biden predicting to win
Texas by a lot we’re talking like one
two delegates max difference between the
right so no matter what happens there
they’re gonna be so close it’s not gonna
make that big of a delegate count
difference right you know that they are
gonna get the lion’s share of delegates
from Texas right right yeah no it’s not
it’s not gonna make a huge difference
what will make a huge difference is open
Oh Bernie’s now ahead in Maine with 10
percent reporting he’s now I had 35 to
34 but in Massachusetts Biden still at
30 to 30 you still have by 5 points that
will be an interesting one if somehow
Joe Biden I don’t see it happening I
can’t see that happening
serotonin says I’m so mind blown Biden
is gonna lose to trump which I think any
in all honesty not a Trump fan I think
any Democratic candidate loses to Trump
I honestly believe that she says I hope
Bernie runs in 2020 Ford that would make
him I think 83 I don’t think that’s
gonna happen but I I here’s the thing
I still say if there’s if and I say this
totally anecdotally seeing the level of
energy when I went to a Bernie rally was
comparable to the energy I’ve seen at a
trump rally and in size as well I could
see Bernie beating Trump especially if
these not going to get the Boomer vote I
maybe not but here’s the thing that if
between now and November this you know
what we’re being told is stock market
correction because of the coronavirus
ends up turning into a bubble correction
and we start seeing real because what we
haven’t seen yet is the reality of the
fact that we haven’t been getting good
shipped to us from China the way we
usually do anywhere near it and you’re
gonna start seeing shortages of stuff
and you’re gonna start seeing panic and
in that kind of perfect storm of people
freaking out about you know there are
they’re gonna die of this foreign
disease and as are they gonna be able to
find toilet paper and are they gonna be
what all of the arguments against
socialism are gonna beat someone out the
window in that moment
well you can’t vote for socialism
because it’ll destroy everything and
everyone’s gonna be looking around
seeing everything destroyed and go well
we got to try something different Bernie
and you know it Bernie will be able to
say you know Donald Trump oversaw this
economy falling apart and you know and
and you know we’re all dying of
coronavirus and I’m gonna fix all this
and get you know give you health care
it’s not I think yesterday was the
largest day for the stock market in
history right and that’s what I’m saying
it could it could
back it could be that this was a
temporary whatever but there’s also a
thing called the bull trap where people
go oh I’m just a bargain I’m gonna buy
now I will be very interested to see
what the economy looks like come May or
June um and if it really is if a
combination of corona virus pandemic
panic short shortages of goods
especially so I was talking with someone
who’s a part of the physicians for a
free-market I think it’s what they’re
called um something like 85% of the
products medical products that are used
in hospitals come from China which is
not surprising eighty-five percent of
most stuff comes from China they’re not
getting any stuff at a time when they’re
gonna desperately need it so a lot of
change YB which is why the Attorney
General said please stop buying masks
right exactly if we have a spring and
summer of existential dread and
shortages and people being told to stay
home so they don’t get a disease
everything changes
like it really changes people’s concept
of what they’re willing to accept and it
could I mean if it got bad enough they
could actually suspend the election
temporarily I don’t see that happening
but I you could have a situation where
people vote against Trump on mass just
because they’re associating Trump with a
horror that no one except maybe people
who live during the 1918 flu pandemic
you know which there aren’t a lot of
them you’d have to be a hundred and two
plus two even been alive during it I
don’t in fact I don’t think there’s
anyone alive who would have been old
enough to actually remember the last
time we experienced something that led
to this level of panic disease wise it
changes a lot of things so you know all
things being equal and normal I don’t
see anyone beating Trump we’re about to
not experience normal stuff all right so
that’s very interesting to see with
Maine how many were you reporting before
I don’t remember but now it’s at 11%
Burnie is ahead 35 to 34 so from NPR I
have 26 percent reporting with Biden at
thirty four point three Sanders at 34 I
would what with what percent reporting
26 and then in Massachusetts with 19
percent reporting I’ve got thirty three
point seven with Sanders with 28 Warren
with twenty which if Joe Biden starts
winning the Northeast if Joe Biden
winning New England
if he wins New England Robin Dominic
says I’m gonna lick people at the
please though I don’t know if that I
mean let’s be clear two months from now
is about when they’re saying it’s gonna
be true panic mode where you know
they’re telling people to stay home they
might not do the convention like I still
have my own my travel plans but they
might not do it like you know we
sometimes get into this normalcy bias of
like well yeah I’m gonna do it I might
get canceled I mean if you look at
what’s happening in places like Japan
and South Korea or whatever anything
that’s not an essential thing has been
canceled it’s not happening
Italy starting to do that to Iran is
doing that as well like they’re not
doing cultural events and they’re not
doing and the next step after that is
like yeah we’re not doing political
party stuff either like we’re really
just not encouraging a bunch of people
to get together and shake hands and
coughin each other its knees on each
other because that’s how this thing
spreads the good news about this is that
it’s not like the common cold where it
actually aerosol eise’s and is in the
air you know the common cold next to no
one dies of it it’s pretty much like a
zero percent death rate but it’s like
super super easy to get we have a
natural not different levels of natural
immunity to it but it’s actually in the
air it actually aerosol eise’s and
spreads around in the air whereas this
thing doesn’t do that it’s on droplets
from when you call
and sneeze so what’s on either if you’re
close enough to someone in the coffin
sneeze on you and then you touch your
face or whatever or if it’s on surfaces
of things you touch so if you really
like OCD fastidious about it you can
actually go to public events and be fine
the problem is most people are nasty as
hell and and and not actually even say
nasty a lot of people are nasty as hell
like don’t wash their hands after they
use the bathroom but even just from
normal people who aren’t that nasty a
lot of people don’t use Purell every
time they’ve shaken someone’s hand or
every time they’ve touched every
anything because it seems over you know
seems like overkill with this it’s not
overkill it would actually be smart to
do that um I’m gonna be very interested
to see what what may what what late
April and and May and June look like
thankfully my favorite activity is going
out in the ocean which is a bunch of
salt water and being left the hell alone
to swim for hours at a time so if
everything gets canceled I just get to
go do my favorite thing out in the most
sterile place possible and I already
have enough canned goods for life so a
lot of people have been wondering about
Bloomberg and what happens to him after
today does he stay in does he not stay
in does he drop he just paid seven
million dollars which to him is
absolutely nothing he just paid seven
million dollars for post supertuesday
ads yeah he’s not going anywhere he’s
not going anywhere Bloomberg’s gonna be
there until convention Bloomberg is
waiting for there to not be a delegate
lead you know someone he’s waiting for a
brokered convention where he can show up
and say hey guys I can spend five
billion dollars on this on my
presidential campaign not take a penny
from you let you spend all of your money
that you bring in solely on down ballot
candidates Senate governor state Senate
City Council all that stuff it’s spended
entirely on that I can self-fund my
entirely and still be worth it still be
like the 10th richest man or 15th
richest man or whatever on earth like I
can I can spend money that has never
been spent before in a presidential
election myself and it not really affect
my bottom line all that much and if you
think that that isn’t a compelling
argument to career political party hack
operatives then you’ve I don’t want to
say that but you you then but you you’re
wrong let me say that
do you want to we’ve got multiple calls
from Chris Reynolds you want to do one
now you know that will give time for
other stuff to update on do due to its
do so now is an episode or now now is
our favorite segment the personal injury
attorney Chris Reynolds attorney at law
anchor : moment where Chris Randall
deems some like just like a jingle for
that it will be better than that but I
don’t think it should be is that it was
that we kind of go along with a lot of
the other stuff that we do around here
that makes sense yeah and by that you
mean I sing amazingly you do thank you
oh absolutely do you have the voice of
an angel I appreciate that a fallen
angel was there more to that or no just
an angel let’s thank you so here is the
first one from personal injury attorney
Chris Reynolds attorney in law
personal injury attorney Chris Reynolds
here with your most important news of
the week which obviously is the recent
announcement by I believe it was
Princeton to have Marshawn Lynch as one
of their speakers I believe at their
class today whatever that is obviously
Marshawn Lynch one of the more modern
philosophers of our time but I was
wondering what you guys thought about
that selection is he gonna get up there
and just say things like I only hear so
I don’t get fine yeah I was gonna say
what can we expect from a Marshawn Lynch
speak and what do you guys think of this
selection Thanks all I know about
Marshawn Lynch is that he gives
interviews where he says I’m just doing
this so I don’t get fined and that’s
like that’s pretty much all I know so I
hope that’s what he does because that
will be funny I’m will get to cover that
yeah yeah Marshawn Lynch is a I mean
he’s famously introverted for a football
player that’s just really weird to say
but it is he’s famously introverted yeah
and to have him as one of the speakers I
mean if that’s what they want cool but I
can’t imagine why yeah interesting pick
I wouldn’t tell him with Richard Sherman
oh yeah no I’d go there and scream and
it’s actually like he’s like college
educated and everything right yeah no he
I got a communications degree from I
think Oregon um well yeah he uh Marshawn
Lynch was he did a guest episode on the
show Brooklyn nine-nine and I remember
that they were really excited about the
fact that it was Marshawn Lynch in there
oh this guy’s not gonna say anything
it’s gonna be great trying to get him to
and then he just kept talking and he
never shut up well maybe it’ll happen
here yeah yeah maybe maybe that’s who he
really is and he just doesn’t like
talking to the press maybe he doesn’t
like talking to people because he has to
could be which is like when I have to
write I like talking to people in
general but when I have to it’s like
what are you doing it’s good to see you
so maybe he’s that way too here is our
next you want to do another one
yeah doing all right so here’s nothing
new coming in right now all right
oh yeah no he he he hit us hard today he
changed the game personal injury
attorney Chris Reynolds here with your
AOC Millenial minute so with the recent
dropouts of some of the other Democratic
primary contenders and good old mayor PD
and Amy Klobuchar and some endorsements
of good old Joe Biden Joe by the
momentum of the populist Darlene that is
Bernie Sanders has slowed and I don’t
know what’s gonna happen today with the
voting on Super Tuesday but there’s a
lot of people talking about you know
it’s basically Bernie or bust and to me
that seems like that is a sure way to
ensure that Donald Trump stays in the
presidency but I would love to hear your
guys’s thoughts on the whole Bernie or
bust mentality going so for anybody who
doesn’t know it’s a lot of the Bernie
bras which is the California version of
a Bernie bro if you don’t know a lot of
the Bernie bra they they are the Bernie
brethren for the more religiously
inclined maybe they they are saying
they’re gonna vote for Bernie and if
it’s not Bernie they’re not voting for
anybody right and as we can see like
Bernie is pulling pretty much
traditionally at about twenty three
twenty four percent yeah among people
who are likely to vote that are
registered Democrats right this isn’t
like this doesn’t include Independence
and people who would normally vote third
party right but that is how he pulls
amongst Democrats now let’s say that
half of those half of those people are
Bernie bras if you lose fifteen percent
of your potential electorate you’re out
like you’re out and I understand what
you’re doing
you you want Bernie and you don’t it’s
not that you want Bernie it’s that you
believe in a movement that Bernie is
creating it’s very much like Ron Paul I
mean the movements are completely
different but the the mentality the
mentality of it’s either Ron or nothing
yeah yeah right same thing with third
party voters you’re gonna be looking at
like Libertarian Party the Green Party
you are looking to push a movement as
opposed to trying to defeat a candidate
or push a candidate yeah so the Bernie
bros the Bernie brethren they they are
saying you know it’s gonna be burning
it’s gonna be nobody and I respect that
but at the same time this is somebody
who’s voted libertarian since like 2008
but at the same time you are definitely
going to cost the Democrats the election
if you do that more than likely yes here
and here’s the thing I we have a ton of
I wish I had kept it in the in the
sequence here so I could show it again
but we have a tone of the vermin spike
campaign has a ton of yanking and Bernie
bro supporters the yang gang have
already a–probably we probably got
a quarter of the yang gang people at
least already that have actually joined
the team or are actively promoting us on
social media I don’t think we’re going
to get a lot of Budaj as your club which
are people but bernie bros are already
actively supporting us with the idea of
that if bernie doesn’t get it they’re
voting for vermin supreme and by the way
that doesn’t mean they’re voting
libertarian that means if Bernie if
Bernie if Bernie’s not on the ballot and
he can’t you know run because of
sore-loser laws or whatever and vermin’s
not on the ballot
they’re either right writing in Bernie
or they’re writing and vermin just
despite everyone all of that to say that
they don’t see this isn’t about you know
vote blue no matter who does not
resonate with them we have to stop Trump
at all costs does not resonate with them
to them Joe Biden is every bit as bad as
as Trump Buddha says or Bloomberg I mean
and and freely with Bloomberg Bloomberg
is every bit as bad as Trump anything
you could say about Trump Bloomberg is
is that at least is bad from any
standpoint progressive conservative
authoritarian libertarian whatever
argument you want to make any negative
thing you want to say about Trump
Bloomberg is at least as bad um so
that’s it that’s a unique moment where
we can all come together and agree that
he’s terrible but they they’re similar
to libertarians in that they don’t see
this as a you know we must stop Trump
that’s the most important thing because
to them they want to stop everyone that
they hate including every Democrat
almost every Democrat except for Bernie
and like the squad and like you know the
hardcore progressive Democratic
Socialist members of the party and yeah
they don’t give a crap if if it’s Biden
if it ends up being Biden versus Trump
they don’t care if Trump wins again
similar to libertarians people get
frustrated with libertarians and they go
well you know you’re costing Trump the
election and to which I always say well
why don’t you think I’m costing burning
the election like what makes you think
I’d vote for Trump over Bernie I
wouldn’t vote for either of them but
like what why would you think I’d vote
for either and Bernie bros are I I mean
I I had talked with them constantly on
especially on Twitter by the way join me
on Twitter at real spike Cohen join me
on Facebook at literally spike Cohen um
the but that’s my VP pages on Twitter
and Facebook
but I’m talking when Bernie Bros way
more than I ever thought I would like a
play more like a lot and one thing that
that I’ve known it’s the exact same
theme is with libertarians they don’t
care they don’t care if it’s a Democrat
or a Republican they want Bernie or
they’ll vote for vermin supreme they
don’t even care what our serious
policies are some of them ask and they
get interested but a lot of them are
like yeah we don’t care what you are you
can run as whatever we’re gonna vote for
you just because that’ll really piss off
people the most
if Bernie doesn’t get it and that’s uh I
mean it’s it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a
reason to vote vermin in the in the in
vote for vermin in Austin if they don’t
cancel it because the coronavirus but
it’s also a reason to understand that
they don’t care if Donald Trump wins so
um do you want to do another mother oh
go ahead but yeah that that is what a
lot of people are going to be saying
about that’s what a lot of people are
gonna be saying about Trump especially
Bernie bros they do not care if Trump
wins re-election if the DNC is perceived
in their mind to have screwed Bernie
out of this election again Sarah I’m
talking to you specifically if if they
are perceived to have screwed Bernie out
of this election again they will not
vote for Biden or Bloomberg or whoever
else happens to get they will 100% vote
green party vote right and Bernie yep or
not though yeah
or vote for vermin or whatever the vote
though they’re not going to vote
Democrat and and let’s be clear at this
point anything short of a Bernie win
they will see as Bernie being screwed so
even if Joe Biden just turns this thing
around and comes in with a majority of
the delegates or with such a large you
know so many so much more delegates than
anyone else
it’s not the majority that he you know
they end up deciding to give it to you
know give it to Biden because he’s got
you know 300 more delegates than anyone
else they’re gonna see that as Bernie
getting screwed let’s remember that
Hillary Clinton went into the Democratic
convention with more delegates than
Bernie now we also know that she was
being fed answers at the debates and
there was all sorts of shenanigans going
on in the background and it’s because of
that that anything other than Bernie
winning is going to be perceived by his
most hardcore supporters as being him
being screwed and it could Varenne and
they might very well be correct whether
they’re correct or not doesn’t matter
it’s what they perceive it to be they
perceive it to be that it’s either
Bernie wins or Bernie got screwed
screwed the Democrats we’re gonna vote
for you know vermin Green Party DSA not
vote some might even spitefully vote for
Trump like I mean you’re dealing with
some people that are very very similar
to the yang gang people people didn’t
understand the yang gang people they
were much smaller group than the Bernie
people it was yang or nothing they
didn’t give a damn about the other
Democrats and they especially hated the
more progressive ones um which is very
interesting um but yeah I mean that’s
that that’s the that’s how it’s gonna go
one of the people in Team vermin is a
Bernie bro and he’s supporting Bernie in
the Democratic contest but he’s also
pretty sure that Bernie’s gonna get
screwed so he’s already working with us
he’s already like whipping you know
Bernie Bernie supporters to you know
become vermin supporters if and when
Bernie gets screwed and is already
trying to help us in the libertarian
contests for that eventuality
because he recognizes that Bernie’s
probably not gonna get it and every day
he posts his daily reminder that if you
want to defeat Trump you have to
nominate Bernie Sanders and I haven’t I
happen to think he’s probably correct I
think any Democrat that has and even
with Bernie’s massive problems with
boomers I think you have an even more
massive problem and an ongoing problem
even past this election if you continue
to piss off young voters which is why
again the libertarian party needs to
nominate me in Berman supreme because we
have an opportunity to flip an entire
generation of left-leaning
of voters into libertarianism by using a
beloved character that they follow on
social media but god forbid we you know
try but win over people what you’re
saying about Bernie before you went on
the Bernie Berman thing what you were
saying about Bernie yeah the boomers
like they have a huge problem with
boomers and it was said in the comments
that boomers are going to look vote blue
no matter who that is not actually
accurate they will not vote for people
that they perceived to be socialist yeah
a vast majority of them will not a
recent Reuters poll came out that said
52% of Americans will not vote for
somebody who Percy who says that they
are socialist or believes in socialist
ideals that already you’re already
looking at the fact that you are out of
52 percent of America right I don’t know
if that’s loading America or not so that
could just be all of America even
including the people who don’t vote I
would assume that it’s at least
registered voters if not also likely
voters yeah what I would that’s what I
would assume yeah but you’re already
looking you’re fighting an uphill battle
if granted you only need 43 44 % to win
as Trump showed us but you’re gonna be
look you’re gonna have to be looking at
that in areas where most of these 52%
live swing stance word that’s because I
guarantee you wisconsin’ that numbers
way higher than 52% oh yeah the reason
that numbers even as low as if you take
out New York and California and New
England all of a sudden that number and
and I guess maybe Washington state or
you know DC and Hawaii like the
Washington state’s actually a pretty
conservative state – yeah – Seattle
right but if you take out like the
hardcore blue states that they already
know that they’re gonna win and run up
these major vote numbers in the actual
states that matter in terms of the
electoral vote it’s way higher than that
and so no III have said from the
beginning I think the Democrats are
uniquely screwed because Trump has been
able to create
a really weird coalition based entirely
on a cult of personality around him
meaning he can shape-shift politically
and they don’t care they just believe in
Trump as the strong man that’s gonna
save them the Democrats have to create a
standard coalition against that and it’s
hard because their coalition is divided
between establishment boomers who don’t
like who vote Democrat because the
parents voted Democrat so they vote
Democrat but they’re they could just as
easily vote Republican or not vote if it
goes too far to the left and hardcore
progressive you know far left voters who
are voting on a you know a class warfare
you know standard socialist they’re
voting for democratic socialism they’re
voting for socialist and communist
acceleration ISM you know those are like
the standard Bernie voters then you’ve
got the and these are the ones that are
also seeming to go behind Biden you’ve
got a lot of minority voters that are
voting on on minority specific interest
you know civil rights issues and things
like that another group that the
libertarian party ignores at its peril
but god forbid we reach out god forbid
we get out of the convention room and
talk to the people in the lobby anyway
the the so you’ve got that group you’ve
got a really weird coalition that you
and and blue-collar voters that are in
unions who are increasingly going to
trump so it’s it’s a really weird
mishmash you have to hold together and
all of their candidates deeply offend
one or more of the of the groups that
they need to to build that and Bloomberg
somehow offends them all which is fun
but so no I mean I think that this is
you know we’ve said from the beginning
we think this is Trump’s to lose I will
with the caveat that if we go into a
massive bubble correction and pandemic
at the same time where we’re looking at
a world that is temporarily worse
than anything any of us that are alive
have ever experienced that changes the
calculus entirely and it’s completely up
in the air what could happen then
the election being temporarily suspended
but I assured of that I think you have a
I think you end up having a massive vote
for change which is probably gonna look
like people voting Democrat because
they’re not the ones in charge but it
could also look again going back to
because I’m running for office as a
libertarian it also could be an
opportunity major opportunity for people
to vote completely outside the
Democratic and Republican a narrative
paradigm but it’s going to require a
candidate that even gets attention real
quick the New York Times has now
upgraded Minnesota they aren’t calling
it yet but now they’re saying very
likely Biden okay and this is actually
very huge if Biden wins Minnesota thanks
to the endorsement from Lobo char and
mayor Pete who are both you know
Midwestern ER Democrats this will push
Biden ahead in later primary states like
Michigan Wisconsin Indiana he’s going to
get a huge jump because of this yeah
they’re gonna follow suit with Minnesota
this is huge for Biden and and it’s it’s
also know I’m sorry go ahead and
initially like in the notes literally
what I have for Minnesota Bernie is
projected to win but she endorsed by
didn’t so the majority of her supporters
who didn’t vote early and that was a big
portion of that who didn’t vote early no
go to Biden which is all happening yeah
right our prediction was 55 for 55% of
the delegates for Bernie 35 for Joe
that’s my prediction not our prediction
and the rest distributed between the
other two this is looking like it is
going to be absolutely wrong and that is
huge news for Biden because he starts
pulling the Midwest he could cattle
himself all the way up to 1991 first
ballot when you freaking numpty dumps
were out there talking about how we were
stupid for thinking Biden was gonna get
this cuz Biden’s dumb and he’s
segregationists and oh come oh look at
this Kamala meant him remember that guys
that was last that was less than a year
ago remember that we were sitting here
standing stead firm is steadfast saying
Joe Biden’s gonna get this remember
after after Iowa and New Hampshire and
they’re going woo this is breweries
would you go soda sue dilute good
now look stop thinking we’re not gonna
be right about everything right we’re
gonna be right we’re gonna be right
definitely gonna be right especially on
this kind of stuff we’re gonna be right
where’d you find that far back where
sometimes wrong but we’re gonna be right
we called like all of the major contests
on the midterms with really hours or
even days before they were called for
anybody who doesn’t know this is how I
used to do the notes for the show they
used to be all handwritten in a notebook
and now really have updated yeah right
here that’s interesting um and now we
have updated to using actual decent
technologies the Internet yeah yeah yeah
and word processors yeah trying to find
I know that in one of the many notebooks
that I have around here I have are I
think I haven’t dated 200 our
predictions that we made yeah yeah Joe
Joe Biden still ahead holding onto a
very small lead in Maine with 25 percent
reporting with a seven-point lead in
Massachusetts if he wins Massachusetts
here is the thing guys more important
than you know him winning Massachusetts
is just a flex on Bernie him winning
Midwestern states and southeastern
states is what actually matters not just
from a delegate standpoint but from from
it like a delegate count standpoint but
how the operatives are gonna look at
things because those are the states you
need to win Bernie Sanders can win 90%
of the vote in traditional blue states
and it won’t matter if he underperforms
in Wisconsin in Michigan in Minnesota in
Pennsylvania in Ohio in in in Iowa in
those tuna Brattle Nebraska’s free bread
but but in those types of states in
Texas which in is not quite a swing
state but it’s you can do pretty well
there in Florida if Biden wins those
kinds of states even if Bernie kills it
in California which it’s looking like
that’s gonna possibly be close if Texas
is even if Biden kills it in those
places or Bernie kills it in those
places if Biden edges him out like he
did the Budaj edge in in in the states
that matter
on Election Day that’s going to be a
serious like that’s gonna be a serious
argument real serious rational argument
in favor of going with Biden over Bernie
which is what we said last year so right
now as of two minutes ago Maine’s
continuing the canidates votes would
Biden now enjoying another state
apparently just got called for by now
I’ll have to look that one up real quick
enjoying a lead of less than a
percentage point in Maine Lewiston Maine
which is the second largest city has now
reported and Biden’s victory there
closely matched his current margin in
the state he won thirty three point
seven percent of the vote to thirty two
point three so Maine is not off the
table for anybody but there’s definitely
there’s definitely the chance of Biden
what running running well not running
Biden winning it which will be huge it
will be huge he’ll be he’ll be flexing
that that’s that’s just flexing on them
I assume Maine as a state where the
delegates are split proportionally so
there’s not gonna be a huge different
delegate wise
whether you know burning ones by a point
or two or Biden wins by a point or two
it’s just the bragging rights of being
able to say yeah I just beat Bernie
Sanders in his backyard and in
Massachusetts that will be a freakin
flex that will be a hard hard flex to
say I beat Bernie Sanders in in the
capital of New England
I mean Massachusetts is the most
populous state in New England with the
most populous city in New England it’s
not even close when people say New
England they think Massachusetts like
that would be a gigantic a gigantic flex
to the that’s at the Biden campaign one
that I don’t think was anyone
anticipating that
no nobody wasn’t anticipating that it
looked it was between Bernie and Warren
in Massachusetts like it could have gone
either way but it looked like Bernie was
gonna take it and it was gonna be really
funny because Bernie was gonna
bitch-slap Warren in her home state yeah
well now she’s looking like she’s gonna
come in third right now it’s looking
like she could come in third and just
get demolished which to which’ll Dwight
does which could help Bernie because for
her to come in third in her own State
there is gonna be some serious pressure
on her on the progressive wing to drop
out because for her to say what’s that
I’m I was thinking out loud I’m bettin
the Arkansas was just called for Biden
is what I’m betting that probably so Joe
Biden ahead in Minnesota and Arkansas
Tennessee Alabama Oklahoma Maine
Massachusetts North Carolina and
Virginia have already been called for
him so far Vermont has been called for
Bernie oh and cholera Colorado and
Vermont have been called for Bernie his
home state
in Colorado oh well yeah so according to
NPR Biden projected to win Minnesota
that makes I mean that the numbers here
reflect that so which is in Texas all of
these forecasts that we were looking at
did not anticipate him winning Minnesota
so not that that three in ten he’s
probably gonna have I’m guessing he’s
gonna have close to even odds when all
said and done tonight of of winning the
of winning the majority of delegates
before the convention coming into the
convention which will make him the
presumptive nominee and there will be no
argument for why he shouldn’t be well
I’d it’s not even a matter of argument
that’s the rules right they’re bound in
the first the the candidates are the
delegates are bound by the results of
their state primaries in the first round
right yeah so it so it doesn’t matter if
there’s an argument or not he’s gonna
just automatically get it and that
Sanders won in twelve is probably gonna
drop to even less than one in twelve
meaning he’s going into a brokered
convention that he will not win
especially if again the only shot he has
if he doesn’t get the majority is to not
just have more delegates than anyone
else but I have a fairly good commanding
lead of the delegates that don’t look
like is gonna happen anymore so what
it’s okay so what it’s looking like in
Texas is that Bernie Sanders is winning
more of the rural that’s so weird
like it says only ten percent reporting
here but it says thirty five percent
where I’m looking where are you looking
on 538 okay what do you got that with
thirty five percent reporting Bernie
Sanders at twenty nine percent
Joe Biden at twenty three percent
Michael Bloomberg at 19 percent is what
I have at ten percent reporting here but
the New York Times upshot they are still
saying that Texas is leaning Biden they
haven’t switched that yes really they
have yes so they have to know yeah what
are those are being okay what areas are
being counted right now okay but you
just said Bernie’s outperforming in
rural areas well I was trying to figure
it out in my head and then I had to stop
that sentence because I don’t know if
that’s right okay
but yeah so god that is so weird that
burnt that Bernie it’s not weird that
Bernie’s doing that well in Texas it’s
weird that with Bernie doing so well the
New York Times is still saying that it’s
sweet light slightly leaning Biden in
Texas in Texas that has to mean that the
western side of the state is way more
conservative right and and here’s the
thing with Massachusetts what are they
saying about Massachusetts are they
saying Bernie still ahead there or
switch back to them cuz I just wonder if
it’s like Boston gets counted way after
or something so there you’ve got with 34
percent reporting 34% for Biden 27 for
Sanders and 920 will 2020 for Warren
right but do they say like who they give
the edge to there let me go back over to
that one free thing Bernie back ahead in
Maine by the way with 32 percent
reporting Massachusetts says maybe Biden
really if he wins Minnesota and
Massachusetts this race I wish you
people would listen to us from now on
you some of y’all had me doubting myself
a little after New Hampshire I’m like
wow maybe Biden just really is gonna
crash and burn I shouldn’t second-guess
if everything works out the way it is
right now Biden will get 620 delegates
tonight 620 delegates tonight now what
are the odds
go ahead that was option two yeah
ranking in over 600 delegates Bernie
around 400 which he’d get well he’d get
574 because the other two would just get
trounced which is that’s what’s gonna
happen well so that was actually more
like what was that prediction number
three or four where that for where where
it’s just
Burton Bernie and Biden walking away
with it and and we missed you too Shawn
where’s my notes where my notes here
where yeah three is no for our for
prediction number for that this just
becomes Biden and Bernie’s race and the
other other to get almost nothing which
is what it’s looking like it’s looking
like Warren’s gonna get next to nothing
and Bloomberg got American Samoa but
it’s looking like they’re going to yeah
it’s looking like option for is what’s
gonna happen
everyone’s coalescing around the the
socialist candidate and the anti
socialist candidate but but it that it’s
working for Bernie or for Biden so no
one predicted an outcome in which Biden
won Minnesota and Bloomberg one American
Samoa right that didn’t come up in any
prediction in no one there’s there was
no model computer model that showed that
happening that was not considered likely
for those two things to happen and yet
here we are
every computer model that I saw on
American Samoa had five hundred thirty
six percent Bernie at thirty five point
five percent and then the rest was just
kind of split up so boom Burt Bloomberg
killing it in American Samoa um
interesting thing there’s he with it
being that close he didn’t really he
stole it from both of them equally
sickly yeah oh but gas so tulsi gabbard
came in second there with 29%
really yeah but she’s Hawaiian yeah I
get that but I mean interesting
territory American Samoa apparently
apparently but you know what good kava
they’re really good kava over there in
American Samoa so a lot of money voters
over there so you know the American
Samoans out there bula vinaka will
wanaka to american wanaka for completely
throwing us for a loop why the hell not
good for them
why not I cannot wait for this Democrat
primary forecast to update which I’m
sure they’re waiting to the end for that
day now Matt what do you think the odds
are that California is going to be so
horrified by what they’re witnessing in
other states that you’re gonna see this
massive move over to Bernie it’s sort of
like defensive voting for for Bernie or
their even enough people on the fence
for that to even happen or make a
difference so again like we said earlier
more than half the voters vote by mail
oh yeah
so 50% of them have already voted and it
had to be postmarked today so that meant
actually about probably an hour and two
hours ago two hours ago I can’t do math
two hours ago
two hours ago when the post office
closed at five that was when all votes
had to be in right now everybody kind of
knew about Virginia and North Carolina
and Vermont
you kind of knew which way those were
going you knew that Arkansas which I
think just was called was gonna go Biden
but Bert like Maine and Massachusetts
you thought that was gonna be more of a
race between Bernie and Warren yeah and
that nobody saw that Biden was going to
be in it so 50% of these people and you
have to remember of these 50% at least
20% of that 50 I can’t do math that well
seven point five seven point five to ten
percent of those people or of the entire
people that vote voted for Buddha Josh
Klobuchar or somebody else that dropped
out so you’re looking at twenty percent
of the voting block that’s gone yeah
twenty percent of the voting block gone
voting for people who are no longer
running so and we’re showing up to the
polls today
I think everybody’s showing up today
knows who they’re gonna vote for so you
don’t think there’s gonna be this
because their polls close in an hour you
don’t think in this next hour there’s
gonna be enough people saying well I was
considering you know voting for Warren
but I’m gonna have to vote for Bernie
now to try to stave that you don’t think
it’s gonna be enough to make a huge
difference anyway I don’t know I don’t
think so because I think that Bernie and
again this is looking at models which
I’ve been doing literally all week right
um enjoying the crap out of it too which
is really weird because I hate stats but
I I think that looking at models it
looks like Bernie should win the vast
Micallef or Nia does this yes you did
and I did we I think we talked about
that no yeah no okay
actually now I didn’t put it in here
yeah you did I saw it I thought I’d put
it in there but it’s not in the
California section I wonder if it got
deleted cuz it may have but it
definitely did put it in there you did
put it in there luckily I texted it to
somebody else
yeah no the de California do you need
time to pull that up or so I found it
okay so a hundred and forty they have a
crap-ton of delegates four hundred and
fifteen or so massive amount of
delegates right the largest delegate
poll in the nation so of the four
hundred and fifteen
a hundred and forty-four will be based
on the popular vote of the state okay
144 so 144 just gonna go straight to
whoever wins the popular vote whoever
gets the power can’t vote which is gonna
be burning okay that’s gonna be great
the other 271 will be divvied up based
on each individual congressional
district probably based on population of
district so almost like an electoral
college for each district in the state
right which I would assume probably
helps Biden I would think so in areas
like la San Francisco the the heavier
concentrated I think that actually helps
Bernie but in the more rural areas he’s
going to be pulling a lot from there
right so since it’s a proportional that
sense it’s a proportional state as
although the states are since it’s a
proportional state and you’re looking at
it from the amount of votes that they
get not strictly just unpopular oh wait
so the 144 doesn’t all go to who wins
the popular vote that’s going to still
be proportional as well Wow yeah so
California there is a chance minimal
minimal chance definitely not calling
this yeah
minimal chance that Biden can gain a lot
more delegates in California than
anybody thought was actually possible
yeah and keep that keep that gap in
there as narrow as pot like as close as
they possibly can right which would be
huge for the Biden campaign so it’s
maybe so you know what actually going
back to your question maybe maybe people
are going oh well I was gonna vote for
Warren but now I’m gonna vote for Bernie
just because I can’t have Biden but it’s
not even gonna make that big of a
difference because it’s so proportional
that unless a hundred percent of the
voters even the ones voting for Biden
said in this next hour I’m voting for
Bernie it’s not gonna be enough of a
swing to make a huge difference
no because over 50% of the voting bloc
has already voted incredible this is in
crowd my buddy Anna Nashville who lives
like I know he lives really near where
the tornado is well the tornado was he
is good and all is well with him good
good so I’m very glad to hear that Brad
loved you and I also glad that you are
doing okay and that everybody there is
fine bass over on YouTube asked if we
saw when Trump ducked down at his podium
to make fun of Bloomberg I did I didn’t
watch that I just saw a screenshot of it
but I didn’t see the hole I didn’t I
didn’t watch the entire thing I just saw
that he did that seratonin says I know
Matt remembers I was a Bernie supporter
in 2016 and so he thinks I’m just a sore
we don’t think I don’t think you’re a
sore loser but you are already calling
where is it I don’t have to go too much
further you are already saying did she
said Biden didn’t even campaign in any
of these states this is a joke do you
believe these vote counts like I have no
reason not to believe these vote I don’t
believe what they tried to do in Iowa
that was garbage like that was a total
screw Bernie
whether it’s Buddha says or whoever
we’re gonna screw Bernie that that was
that was calculated perfectly to try to
blunt the reality which ended up being
that Bernie won Iowa and to stretch it
out as much as possible to make it look
like he didn’t win most people don’t
realize he actually ended up winning
Iowa I think that’s how convoluted they
did it that was intentional they wanted
this he won the popular vote but he
didn’t win the delegate count right
right but he got the most votes there
they like wanted it to look like you
know there was booed or judgmental or at
least that you know Bernie was a you
know a paper dragon that he wasn’t gonna
do as well as people thought that was
intentional like that was not a nap
function that was intentional it was
close enough that they figured out that
they could screw him that way so I mean
they have their legitimate complaints
about how this is gone the rest of these
votes I think this is what we thought
would happen boomers and and and and
Obama supporters are showing up and
voting for Biden black voters are
showing up on mass and voting for Biden
you know it is what it is let’s see here
Matt Peterson Vols member of team
Supreme said r.i.p Vern Bernie just got
out of work watching these results come
through it’s just gross this is Matt
this is what Matt Wright and I have been
mat here to my left have been predicting
to my right to your left have been
predicting from the beginning is that
people who don’t follow day-to-day
politics are gonna show up and go Oh Joe
Biden he was Obama’s vice president what
a great time that was OOP yep and that’s
what’s happening that is a hundred
percent have to campaign there he did I
think in the last couple he’s done two
rallies in Texas that’s it nice probably
it looks like he’s not gonna win Texas
but he didn’t campaign in any of these
states and Bernie’s been all over the
place and Bernie has serious excitement
momentum that’s completely different
than people are in Bernie skipped a lot
of the south well he also knew there
wasn’t a shot like it wasn’t but you
know what honestly he probably screwed
himself there cuz he could have it is
not hard for a progressive Democrat to
convince a black voter that they’re the
best choice for them it’s a lot harder
when you don’t go there and talk to them
and everywhere ELC campaign was
overwhelmingly white and so Biden that
allowed Joe Biden who I mean matt has
defended his support of segregation in
the past but you know I mean Joe Biden
who has a lot of terrible optics who you
know brags to audiences about his
support of anti busing policies
Matt the south will rise again right but
I mean Joe Biden who goes in front of
audiences of almost entirely black
people and brags about the time that he
threatened to hang a black man for
jumping in into a swimming pool without
a shower cap on and getting his black
hair in the clean pool like I mean that
this is someone who’s eminently easy to
beat if you go there and talk to them
which is another thing I tell
libertarians but God forbid we do that
either because they’re not in our little
room we booked and so at any rate this
is a little personal for you it’s just
like maybe let’s try to do what
political parties do which is contest
and win elections I don’t know anyway
that’s my own little personal ax to
Austin is definitely gonna be fun if it
doesn’t get cancelled um and again I’m
not going there to hurt anyone’s feeling
to win elections and it turns out you
got to like talk to voters who might not
even agree with your ideas at first
and anyone who have never heard of your
party people who have never heard of you
in the building that you’re it is much
more important that we talk to the
dozens of other fellow libertarians who
already completely agree a hundred
percent to the point that they’re
actually signing up to be delegates to
go to Austin and and vote for then who
they want to be the nominee
they are so diehard dyed-in-the-wool
libertarians that is clearly who we need
to spend all of our time with not the
people in the lobby who outnumber us 20
to 1 and have never heard of us not to
mention the people outside the building
who outnumber us thousands to one and
also have never heard of us no we
definitely need to just keep talking to
each other just saw a great headline and
says Bloomberg spends five hundred
million wins American Samoa hey it
worked in American Samoa yeah
apparently with 40% and in Texas
Bernie holding on to a 6% lead in Texas
yeah yeah I mean it’s looking like he’s
gonna win Texas but again like you said
it’s not as oh we were talking about
California but I was reading this thing
they’re also very proportional so he’ll
get the you know the lion’s share of the
delegates but Biden will pick up some
delegates there as he’s picking up in
places that no one expected him to win
now speaking of places that Bernie has
been overwhelmingly expected to win with
61% counted in Utah
Bernie is ahead there 33% to 19% with
Mayor Bloomberg in third place is Liz
Warren with 16% so Biden by Joe mentum
not making it into Mormon country mom
Utah is a very independent voting group
because they are Mormon and Mormons are
uniquely independent in in how they
approach things they often intentionally
vote differently than everyone else
would expect them to so that’s not
surprising and I believe Bernie actually
has a lot of progressive Mormon support
and has for a while so I didn’t want to
say he beat Hillary in 2016 in Utah as
well so the only state left to start
reporting is California which will
happen in God
38 well I put in the notes I don’t think
that we’re gonna get to well there’s no
reason to go to California because we
don’t know when all of their ballots are
gonna it’s gonna take days well we’ll
talk about California on next Tuesday
because that’s when we’ll actually know
what happened there right
in Massachusetts 46% in Biden holding on
33 points will cook 34%
Bernie and second with 27 and
born with 20 and in Maine with 37
percent reporting bernie is ahead by 34
the what I’m looking at only says it
doesn’t give the it only gets round
numbers it doesn’t give the percent but
it’s saying 34 to 34 but with Biden I
had Bernie ahead Oh
so I’m looking at Politico right now
okay and on Politico to have 49% in
Biden at 34 point one Bernie at 33 point
six and Warren with 16 so that’s
actually more that’s a more recent one
than what I’m looking at 37% and you
said 49% of so with nearly 50% in Joe
Biden ahead by what 0.6 percent
something like that Oh five point five
percent in Maine and ahead of
Massachusetts Joe Biden when if you ask
me and and it I’m sure it doesn’t matter
nearly as much from a delegate
standpoint mm-hmm from an optic
standpoint its Joe Biden winning a
fairly decent lead in Massachusetts and
Minnesota is a gigantic I’m the
presumptive frontrunner I’m the
front-runner now like that that is a
gigantic I am the front-runner no one
can say I’m not by the way Joe Biden
took him 30 years 32 years to win one
primary three days later he’s the
nominee no great that is an impressive
if you tried to chart that that would
just be like like that they would just
be like you know there would be like
this list long line of nothing and then
a little bump in the middle right
straight up right this is what Joe Biden
has been saying would happen for 32
no one believes him except me and Matt
and and him and I guess is I don’t think
his wife believed him
no but yeah here we have bit her finger
I would say he probably
she probably bought it voted for when
does Delaware vote in a couple weeks
she’ll probably vote for Bernie cuz he
literally like chewed on her finger on
national television International in
adult world saw that do you want to do
Supreme Court or more Chris Reynolds
let’s let’s finish off Chris and then
we’ll do we’ll do Supreme Court justice
so I can keep things linear sure
personal injury attorney Chris Reynolds
here with one of your favorite segments
of the week where Spike shed some light
on some of the more nuanced and
complicated subjects circulating
throughout the world which of course
this week has to do with the New York
Knicks obviously after you know the the
main thing that you think of after you
think of losing associated with the New
York Knicks is Spike Lee and Spike Lee
goes to a game last night and is asked
basically to leave probably the most one
of the most passionate fans for such a
losing franchise that I’ve ever seen in
my lifetime um so I would love to hear
what uh what Spike thinks about how
Spike Lee was was treated Thanks
why was I’m googling this why was he
athlete I honestly don’t know oh he
tried to go in through an employee
entrance and he’s not right an employee
and he’s not an employee so they asked
him to leave and now he is saying that
he is never going back to medicine
squared he’s not going back to Madison
Square Garden oh wow and he’s been there
forever yeah he I don’t think he’s
missed a game since yeah he’s like been
a fixture I don’t even know
do the right thing came out in July of
2003 Jule I of 1989 I don’t think he’s
missed a game sense I mean when you said
that this was about the Knicks I thought
I don’t I can’t tell you anyone who has
played for the Knicks since Patrick
Ewing and that Jeremy Lin guy who I
think is now with the Raptors this is
the level of stuff I know about basket
about professionals poorly professional
sports in general if it’s not
prizefighting um so when you said Spike
Lee I’m like well I at least know who
that is but I will say that’s pretty
devastating if you’re like I mean that
he’s like a fixture of those games so I
don’t know what else to say that’s
that’s crazy I I don’t I mean I I this
might come as a shock but I don’t
haven’t really heard much about this to
be able to tell you one way or another
what I think so that’s what I have to
say about that Matt do you have anything
to say besides what you’ve already said
I don’t like I’ve never liked Spike Lee
but this brought up and I’m not sure why
was another thing that happened a few
days ago was so Chuck D of Public Enemy
endorsed Bernie Sanders and Bernie
Sanders was going to there was a Public
Enemy concert that was also then gonna
have Bernie give a speech and so Bernie
put out a poster which shows him like
you know doing this or putting up his
fist and it says Public Enemy and Bernie
Sanders or whatever and Flavor Flav’s
sent a tweet or a cease and desist
telling Bernie to stop using public
enemy’s name and that you know they he
gave no permission for that and that he
won’t be he won’t be performing at it
now and it turns out Chuck D actually
owns all the rights to Public Enemy and
so Flavor Flav had no authority to say
any of that and so Chuck D oh that’s
probably why I came up because like if
you talk about fixtures Spike Lee being
at the Knicks game at Madison Square
Garden and flavor
being in Public Enemy two things that
ended this week yeah
at least they waited till after what’s
that he was the hype man right yeah he
was the hype man and he’s arguably way
more famous than Chuck D now Chuck DS
the he’s the one that wrote the most of
the lyrics and he’s he’s the the real
like he came up with the brand Public
Enemy and everything else I leave a
flavor was more I mean he was a rapper
and a hype man he wasn’t just a hype man
but he definitely was not like I mean
Chuck D is the mind behind it but I mean
thankfully they all waited until after
Black History Month to do this stuff
because you got Spike Lee no longer
going to Madison Square Garden this was
a rough Black History Month this was a
rough this was a really really it
reached a point where people stopped
talking about it because it was just up
just a rough of rough Black History
Month so that’s what I think about that
let’s go through the next one personal
injury attorney Chris Reynolds here with
yet another AOC Millenial minute so we
recently had a South Carolina primary
and a lot of people online at least
seemed pretty confused how all of these
media outlets were calling victory for
Joe Biden with pretty much 0% reporting
we had issues obviously in the 2016
election everyone thought that Hillary
had it in the bag and obviously that was
a mistake as well and so I would love to
hear your all’s is take our perspective
on you know how they come up with these
numbers and can we believe them this
time thanks Matt I’ll let you start
because I actually live in South
Carolina so
as far as how they’re predicting the how
they’re predicting the elections on
Election Day they’re doing it by exit
poll their interview they’re asking
people as they’re leaving who they voted
and assuming that everybody is telling
them the truth which I’ve tried to do
exit polling before very difficult to do
because so many people do not want to
tell you right and then from that you
can’t just do a straight up this is what
I was told by people you then have to
break those people into the various
demographics of who is projected to vote
so it’s a it’s not just because if only
white for example if for some reason
only white people answered you can’t
just go with what they said because you
have to factor in black voters and
Hispanic voters in it so it’s very exit
polling is a very difficult science
sorry go ahead oh no you’re fun but when
it comes to early polling much like what
we’re looking at today right much like
what we’re looking at today people have
separate models for everything that’s
why at the beginning we had five
different ways that this could go and
it’s still too early to say which one of
those five it’s going to be it’s still
too early to say which one of those five
it’s gonna be huh sorry I just read an
interesting update but because of that
because there are so many different
models in so many different ways that
this that everything can play out we
have the you have the narratives that
people choose and they go with it they
have the narratives and they go with it
and that’s what the media reports and
that’s what people push I know
numerous people who are Bernie fans and
if you were to ask any of them this
it would have been option three Bernie
wins huge and brings in and they would
have gone more than six hundred
delegates which I wasn’t willing to say
I was saying about 600 but I don’t think
he would hit 600 I think it would been
about 570 ish and then biding around 450
they would have said the opposite and
the sign that Biden comes in with over
600 delegates and our burning comes in
with over 600 delegates and Bernie Biden
would end up with about four now because
of that you have to look at all the
models and try to figure out where all
the trends are going the way that for
instance the way that we saw it going
the way that we saw it going it looked
like it was going to be a lot closer
than what it appears to be happening yep
although with Texas and California still
out there Utah was just called for
Bernie which isn’t a surprise yeah but
that we did not predict Bernie running
away with it right we do not forget we
definitely didn’t right but back in 2016
so many models showed that Hillary
Clinton was going to run away with it
that was the narrative being pushed and
that was also the narrative that made so
many conservatives go out and vote
because they had the beater and that
kept a lot of Democrats I won’t even say
liberals but that kept a lot of
Democrats from going out to vote because
they didn’t think they had to yep so
that’s kind of where you’re at with
early early polling and models and back
what is being reported to you by the
media which is why you should just watch
this show we said what was gonna happen
a year ago yeah we did over a year ago
yeah and lo and behold look at that look
at that yeah it was less it was last
February we started talking about this
before I was on before I was on the show
Muddy Waters was saying what was gonna
happen with the impeachment he was gonna
get impeached for something and then he
was gonna get acquitted for it you guys
are just causing undue harm
yourselves by not just watching the show
taking what we say as the absolute truth
and then sharing it with your loved ones
so that they also watch it and decide
what the truth is based on what we say
so we could all just save a lot of time
matt said pretty much we saved no time
well I mean you know save time I’m
worrying about it just watch us and
we’ll tell you what’s gonna happen just
watch us it’s only like three hours um
but so Matt said everything I would say
more when it comes to exit polling and
early vote counts and everything that’s
even more detail than I would than I
would have said I want to talk
specifically about South Carolina I
could have told you what was gonna
happen in South Carolina I didn’t think
he was gonna get 48% but I knew he was
gonna get over 35 or 36 percent I know
he was gonna walk away with it and the
reason for that is that the South
Carolina Democratic primary electorate
is something like 60% black it is the
blackest I believe the blackest most
overwhelmingly black electorate of any
state or you know party voting
electorate of any state the Democratic
Party in South Carolina is essentially a
black party now there are certainly
white people in it but all of the people
in major positions of power are black
it’s it’s a black party it is a by the
way and that’s the future of the
Democratic Party in the southeast in
particular is just being black dominated
parties because white voters are
increasingly becoming white identity
voters meaning that they are becoming a
voting bloc that votes Republican
especially in the south and black people
vote Democrat like well over 90 percent
of black people vote Democrat and so
that’s the reality is that if you want
to win the Democratic nomination but
especially in the south you have to
appeal to black voters Joe Biden is
Barack Obama’s vice president
the end he’s the vice-president to the
first black president first and only
black president in history that’s it oh
and no one came and really contested
here because they figured Texas and you
know Florida and California and
Minnesota and Wisconsin were better uses
of their time which may or may not be
true but they completely left it open
for Biden to just walk away with it and
guess what guys if Bernie and maybe
spent a few times in South Carolina to
help blunt that Joe mentum in South
Carolina we might not be witnessing what
we’re witnessing right now we may be
witnessing Bernie Sanders on his way to
getting a majority of Delegates because
let’s be clear we are we are witnessing
the very real possibility of Joe Biden
marching to a majority of Delegates
before he gets to the convention that
could have all been blunted by spending
a few times in South Carolina and
talking about Joe Biden’s problematic
issues with black people but they didn’t
they just seeded the entire state to him
in a party that is increasingly reliant
on black voters for relevance stupid I’m
not saying camp out here come here four
or five times and bring up some of the
stuff Joe Biden said and make that be
the conversation but that didn’t happen
so so the New York Times is still
leaning Biden in Texas which is huge
really still leading so on Politico I’ve
got it pulled up and it looks as though
in all of the major I had that backwards
and all of the major cities outside of
austere out sorry outside of Houston hmm
so in El Paso Corpus Christi San Antonio
Austin Dallas Fort Worth all of those
are Ernie where he’s winning pretty
massively mmm everywhere else in this
state appears to be going by so it’s
just does the people outside of those
cities in
including Houston do they have enough to
overtake Bernie yeah exact so by the way
Joe Biden was only given a one in five
chance actually a 19 percent chance of
winning Minnesota so that was a total
upset there and that even factored in
Klobuchar dropping out and endorsing him
yeah so that is a that is the biggest
upset of the night I have to think that
massachu him winning Massachusetts if
that happens we’ll be at least an
equally big upset okay
oh here’s an update on the forecast the
odds now wait is this are you talking
about 538 yeah 538 doing their
prediction oh the simulation so yeah the
simulation by the way their simulator
has completely crapped out on them
because he won Minnesota yeah it’s not
making predictions anymore which is
funny yes so what’s funny is I was
playing around with their simulator
yesterday because anybody could have
gone in and done it yeah I did the same
thing I played with the prediction then
Yeah right and it would not let you
would not let you choose Biden for
Minnesota yeah wouldn’t do it yeah so
anyway their their prospect is that now
no one getting the majority goes up to
65.1% and Joe Biden getting the nominee
Joe Biden getting a majority at 30.1% so
now that’s ninety five point two percent
that either no one gets the majority or
Joe Biden gets the majority both of
those scenarios are Bernie does not get
the nomination
oh that yeah yeah no matter it was like
a 95 why 2 percent chance that bernie is
not going to get the nomination and as
as much as I’m afraid to say this but
also I feel very confident in it even
before tonight I knew there was a zero
percent chance of Bernie ending up with
this nomination yeah
zero percent if he walked in with
anything less than a majority which was
never going to happen they were they
were going to find a way to screw him
out of it now they don’t even have to
screw up they can just say I mean so the
average delegates here it’s saying that
they’re projecting Joe Biden gets an
average of seventeen hundred and
seventy-five delegates and for Bernie
Sanders to get econo a verge of thirteen
hundred and fifty eight delegates they
are predicting that Joe Biden even if he
doesn’t get a majority is gonna come in
with over four hundred more delegates
than than Bernie Sanders there is no
argument that can be made for why in
light of that two not two left-wing
activists but to the people who run the
party the establishment that runs the
party there is no argument you are going
to be able to make that they should give
it to Bernie if if Biden is that close
to a majority and has that many more
delegates than Bernie there’s no
argument that you’re gonna be able to
make that’s going to sway them they’re
gonna simply hand it to the guy who is
way ahead in the lead it’s it’s that’s
simply what’s going to happen um but but
very very interesting ninety-five point
Bernie Sanders has at this point a four
point eight percent chance of getting
the majority of Delegates and that is
and that is with factoring in him
winning California like they’re already
saying with him winning California 4.8%
but it does not say with him winning
Texas so it might go up a little bit if
he wins Texas but it’s not gonna go up
enough for Texas Texas is gonna be a
huge Texas is gonna be a huge difference
maker but for them to still be saying
they’re leaning Biden clearly for no one
to be panicky pressing the panic button
on that and saying Bernie’s gonna get it
they know something that we’re kind of
predicting which is that that the West
Coast votes are gonna be you know a lot
a lot or west west side vote with the
western half votes are gonna be more the
rural votes are gonna be more Pro Biden
but at this point I’m thinking Bernie’s
gonna win that but it’s also looking
like Biden’s gonna win message I find
that so funny so I guess in Houston
there are extremely long lines in black
and Latino neighborhoods due to the fact
that Texas closed hundreds of polling
places across the state since 2012
including many in Harris County where
Houston is if they give those people
time to vote which I think if you’re in
line they have to give you time to vote
I’m not 100% sure it’s whatever rules
the Democratic Party wants so if they
give them time to vote
that could be a huge swing and a lot of
people are going to disagree with me
here but that’s gonna be a huge swing
for Biden
yeah because black and Hispanic voters I
think it’s pretty even with Hispanic
voters between Biden and Bernie black
voters black voters are gonna
overwhelmingly vote for Biden black
southern voters are going to
overwhelmingly vote for Joe Biden
whatever edge Bernie might have with
Hispanic voters which I think he does
have a slight edge with them completely
erased by by the overwhelming share of
black voters that Joe Biden’s gonna get
seratonin mentioned that barack obama
hasn’t even endorsed hasn’t even
endorsed joe biden he’s not
– he’s a sitting president and this is a
very competitive race and he doesn’t
want to be seen as that’s that is not
that surprising yeah that’s not gonna
happen yeah that’s like how like george
w bush even though he was dead set
against against trump never made an
endorsement prior to prior to the
nomination like that’s just not how it
works sitting presidents don’t don’t do
that so so that’s why that happened and
she also said that and Bernie’s civil
rights activism would have been a
winning combo
not if you don’t tell him about it very
similar to another party I’ve heard of
that has a really great record on civil
rights but no one knows about knows
about it because we don’t tell anyone we
just talk to each other about it get
really upset that no one else knows as
we then walk out in the lobby and don’t
make eye contact with anyone so this is
actually a really good point
we’ll the fact that Biden’s surging on
supertuesday that’s gonna be like that’s
gonna be the narrative yep that is gonna
be the narrative going into next week
and next week we have this is why we
need an intern guys that would be great
so while he’s well he’s up good so March
10th it looks like there’s only two and
it looks like it’s Michigan and
Mississippi he’s gonna win both of those
you’re gonna win both of them Biden’s
gonna win both of those he’s definitely
he was always gonna win Mississippi I
think he’s gonna win Michigan I don’t
even know what the polling so is there
no I have no clue no idea no idea no
idea I know what to easily look that up
right now don’t know don’t care it
completely irrelevant prior to this
election right up until him today
the national polling average had Bernie
Sanders at twenty eight point nine
percent Joe Biden at 18.1%
how much did that matter after the
events that have happened over the last
four days not a damn bit mmm so I don’t
even care what the polling says I don’t
care what the trend say Joe Biden’s
gonna that’s Joe Biden’s to lose because
he just won Minnesota and no one would
have predicted that nobody and Minnesota
is way more progressive than Michigan
and Michigan is way blacker than
Minnesota Minnesota doesn’t have a
it has Minneapolis I mean there are
black people in Minnesota but it’s
there’s a much larger black population
in Michigan and there’s a much larger
non progressive population in Michigan
he’s gonna win Michigan
he was always been in win Mississippi so
there’s some more Joe mentum for you the
very next Tuesday is gonna be joe
winning Joe clear
the deck and how many weeks of that
before people just who are even the
least bit on the on the on the fence go
you know what we got it we got a gippy
because here’s what here’s what that
that conversation becomes at this point
it’s clear who the front-runner is and
we have to get together and defeat
Donald Trump and the only way we can do
that is by getting behind the
front-runner Joe Biden the vice
president of Barack Obama and if Owen by
the way if you want to see Barack make
an endorsement before he actually gets
before Biden gets the majority of
Delegates let him start sweeping entire
decks where there’s serious pressure on
Obama to just step in and and and and
deliver the coup de Gras that everyone
already saw coming and if and when that
happens the elections over the the
primaries over there’s there’s nothing
left because then a lot of Warren voters
are gonna become Biden voters which I by
the way I think that’s why Biden’s
winning Massachusetts because all and it
probably wise winning Minnesota to a lot
of Warren voters who are progressives
who hate Bernie Sanders because frankly
if you’re voting for Warren it’s because
you’re a progressive and because you
hate Bernie Sanders for whatever reason
in that scenario if you’re looking at
the numbers and you realize Warren’s not
gonna get it
you start voting for Biden just to screw
Bernie this was a perfect storm for Joe
that he’s been protecting for 32 years
we’ve been predicting for over a year
he’s been predicting since before most
of us were born so there’s more states
voting next week it’s Michigan
Washington Missouri Mississippi Idaho
North Dakota and the Democrats abroad
we’ll probably when Democrats abroad
Sanders won that pretty handily yeah in
Iowa that’s tough to say but right now
Michigan by 50/50 Sanders 48 button
even if it was even that close before
Biden’s gonna destroy him now
yeah with with with Biden surging
leading the normative media yeah he’s
gonna take Michigan yep Washington State
yeah I know it’s frozen and this entire
site is going really slow because
everyone oh because everybody’s on that
Washington is Sanders is forecasted to
win actually pretty handily because
Seattle’s gonna carry him yeah I was
gonna say he’s gonna win the West Coast
State so probably wouldn’t work into I’d
assume right cuz he’s gonna win he’s
gonna win Portland he’s gonna win
Seattle like the West Coast is his to
lose right the West Coast is definitely
that’s Biden’s help man
please do not reload to the top of this
page what are you on Politico 538 oh
wait I see I’m just on the live results
as they come up I am on the 2020
Democratic primary ap has called
Massachusetts for Biden Wow yeah Biden
predicted to win Missouri by is
predicted to win minute Mississippi yeah
Idaho that’s gonna be up in the air but
I don’t know I’m not sure what to tell
you there but that’s time that’s tough
but I will I’m gonna lean toward
Democrats broad I want to Idaho
Democrats abroad is leaning Sanders
which I kind of figured I kind of
figured that because
there’s a possibility that bernie
sanders will get 0 delegates in alabama
which no one predicted he is dangerously
close to falling below the 15% threshold
what do you think that’s gonna look like
when the other southern states start
voting after this night Biden is gonna
get our Bernie’s gonna get shut out Joe
Biden had a one in five shot in all
prediction models of winning in
Massachusetts EP just called it there
for him
similar one in five shot in Minnesota
yeah right now Biden has a three and
five chance in Idaho if it looks like
the country is coming behind him when I
know he’s gonna win I know he’s gonna
win ID on Bernie Sanders is gonna clean
up in the in though in the western
states but not as much as it looked like
before Biden will still get enough to
get some I would think some delegates
there Biden’s gonna sweep the rest of
the country I’m not willing to go that
far but yeah it’s gonna be he’s gonna
sweep most of the rest of the country I
mean yeah it’s Bernie gonna win New York
yeah yeah New York City yeah he’s in New
York City yeah he’s gonna win he’s gonna
win let it this way Biden wins New York
City then we need to just even stop
talking about this and just wait till
after the convention cuz then it’s over
right but uh yeah he’s definitely gonna
win New York’s New York state because
he’s gonna win New York City um but the
rest of them any of the the purple and
and reddish states or the or the light
blue states uh it’s gonna be Biden Biden
gonna get the majority of delegates I
think I don’t know I’m calling that I
think he’s gonna do it alright
ai-ai-ai-aight it is and this is not a
I’m not gonna die on this hill I might
be wrong I think at this point he’s
definitely gonna come in with the most
delegates which means he’s almost
assuredly gonna get the nomination I
think he’s gonna I
think I think he’s gonna get the
majority of Delegates I think we’re
about to see a major realignment here of
people starting to code because most
voters just want the uncertainty to be
over like most voters are not
ideologically married to any of these
people clearly it’s why they’re voting
there Biden in the first place
most of these voters are not gonna want
to see how some convoluted brokered
convention plays out where Liz Warren
might get it or Mike Bloomberg most
voters are gonna say you know what Joe
Biden is walking away with it it’s time
for us to close ranks around him so that
we can defeat Donald Trump in November
and that’s gonna carry the day and if
the Libertarian Party nominates me in
Vermin we are going to score like
freakin 20% of the vote I I’m just gonna
take spikes campaign update off because
I’m afraid of what you’ll say I’ve
already said what I have to say honestly
like III you know there are some
incredibly principled people running for
the Libertarian Party nomination Berman
Jacob Hornberger Dan Berman and and
others and then there’s a couple others
that are also running
I even like Ken Armstrong I don’t agree
with him but I think it’s incredibly
principled and a nice man and I think he
he has charisma to know I love him he’s
a really cool guy
I hate that I don’t agree with him
politically and I shouldn’t say that I
probably agree with him on 80% of stuff
but you know he’s a constitutionalist
but anyway all that to say we have some
incredibly good people running that 98%
of the country isn’t gonna care about
because the media is not going to put
them in front of people and they’re just
gonna get shut out and that’s a
structural thing and the people that you
need to get are disaffected voters which
in this case is going to be something
like 15 million Bernie Bros who are
going to be so pissed off that German
supreme sure where do I sign up
to vote for him and if even one in 20 of
said what’s this all about this
libertarianism thing and actually got
into it and found out that would be like
a quadrupling of our membership I
happens and whoever we go with guys and
this I’m definitely gonna be saying so
do you have to be scared of me saying it
here because I’m gonna say never whoever
we go with let’s start talking to other
people like I get that we are fiscally
conservative and socially agoraphobic
but we have to start talking to other
people we have to talk to normies I know
you don’t let not talk to them like tell
them their bootlickers like talk to them
like we actually care about them and we
have this incredibly empathetic
political message based on self
ownership and non-aggression and
voluntary societies and then we hate
everyone so much we don’t talk to them
about it and when we do we talk about it
in such an angry way that it turns
everyone off and I’m speaking in general
there are some incredible libertarians
out there that are doing amazing work
but we have to start talking to people
outside of our knitting circles that
we’ve created for ourselves like we can
continue to spend all of our time
planning monthly meetings where we go to
you know we get a a table at a
restaurant or a bar or whatever and sit
there and and plan our next meeting and
bitch about the government and you know
occasionally glance at the waitress like
when she comes by to take the order like
we we have to start there are structural
changes in the party that will help
incentivize this but we don’t even need
that we need to talk to people anyway
anyway there’s my campaign okay we have
to talk to people we have just passed
our three which means for anybody who
knows we have one hour left before we
get cut right right well okay so then
let’s do a couple things let’s finish
the last moment Chris Chris isn’t I
believe no cuz we did the bonus aloc
minute we just have the medical minute
so let’s do that
and then we’ll talk about this this
abortion thing and then we will I guess
keep talking about updates until we
right before we get cut off and then we
will oh yeah real quick main with 58
percent reporting thirty three point
nine to thirty three point nine with
warn getting 16 point one if someone had
told you today that main was gonna go
called California what’s that oh of
course of course yeah cuz they’re not
even worried about in the bureau percent
reporting yeah I’ve I’m sure that
because they’ve already been looking at
exit polls for hours they’re just not
allowed to show them until after the
polls closed they don’t ruin this thing
I’m sure he sure he’s gonna get like he
might get sixty percent like III or more
like don’t no one doubted for it so it’s
tough it’s tough like I think he wins
the popular vote but the delegate count
I have no idea if Sanders wins the
delegate count or wins the popular vote
and loses commandingly in the delegate
count you are going to see such a
freaking mess not just from Bernie Rose
but from progressives in general who are
gonna say you know we complain about the
electoral college and now look in our
own system these are the rules that the
Democratic Party can change these rules
whenever they want and they aren’t doing
it they’re not doing it they aren’t
doing it in their own system because
they don’t want to lose boomers yep
that’s all it is
cuz boomers vote in a block and that
block is increasingly becoming
Republican and the Democratic Party
knows I mean boomers are old they’re not
gonna be here forever
but they’re gonna be here for twenty
thirty years and they’re gonna vote as a
bloc and as they get older they’re gonna
vote even more as a block they’re gonna
become something resembling a white
identity politics bloc of like 7080
percent Republican he
someone eat the Democrats or I don’t
know maybe another party that is able to
talk to people I don’t know if there if
there even is such a thing they’re gonna
end up being a massive Republican voting
bloc that does not care that Republicans
aren’t conservative that does not care
that Republicans are just a different
flavor of Republic rat big government
endless war endless taxation endless
debt spent they want their Social
Security they want their VA benefits
they want their Medicare they want to
have their problems blamed on brown
people and they want to you know be told
stand for the flag and bow for the cross
kneel for the cross battle you know
whatever get down for the cross so the
polls in California the split between
early and late deciding voters is
evident yeah Sanders crushed by then 41
percent to 18 percent among early
deciders okay
Biden one late deciders forty percent to
twenty nine so it’s the opposite of what
I said Joe Biden’s gonna win or again I
hope I’m not willing to say that because
Portland’s Portland is such a massive
City and I don’t know how I don’t know
how Oregon does it Matt late deciding
voters split for Biden what did you say
two to one forty percent to twenty
something 29 okay so okay so so so so
forty two thirty they broke for Biden in
California I know what I don’t want to
say he’ll win Oregon I want to say he’ll
do a lot better in Oregon in Washington
than is being predicted he’s gonna win I
doubt he’s gonna win if there’s gonna
give him more delegates which is gonna
make it harder for Bernie to get to the
1991 Oh perfect Bernie’s not getting 99
Brittany’s not getting 19 I don’t know
if Brees getting more no 200 a yeah I
don’t know if Bernie’s getting 1,300
anymore III think there’s there you can
wonder if he’s gonna get a thousand I
think that
Biden is gonna be the nominee I mean we
can already say he’s gonna be the
nominee because Joe Biden’s not gonna
walk in with 18 hundred and something
delegates and the and the the
establishment says let’s give her to
Michael Bloomberg or Hillary Clinton or
something like that
that would take them giving it to
someone who isn’t either Bernie or Biden
is gonna take them not coming in with
very similar counts where it has to be
split up and given to some consensus
candidate that doesn’t exist if if Bert
if Biden comes in with a commanding lead
just shy of the of the of the the
majority burnt Biden’s gonna get it in
the second round because of course he is
cuz he’s who they wanted anyway or he’s
one of the people they were okay with
anyway and he’s already right there so
that’s gonna happen hi the Biden’s gonna
get the majority I mean look at these
numbers Matt he has he’s he completely
swept Super Tuesday with the exception
of California and Vermont and American
Samoa and all in Colorado and Utah but I
mean he’s not sounding as powerful
anymore but no it really doesn’t but but
he’s he’s way over performing he won in
Maine he won in well no he wanted
Massachusetts it looks like he’s gonna
win in Maine he won in Minnesota in
Maine he’s up by 0.4 with two-thirds
then and Maine doesn’t have well yeah I
guess there’s Portland Maine but that
you know Maine doesn’t have this like
massive population center that takes
forever to count their votes or whatever
like it’s a it’s a fairly mostly rural
with some what we’d consider suburbs
it’s they’re big cities but they’re not
really like big cities um I see him
winning name and it looks like he’s
gonna frickin win message
yeah the a page is called California
yeah there’s I mean wait there yeah so
we don’t even have to we don’t name so
okay so let’s go for let’s finish the
Chris stuff and then we can talk about
abortion and then we’ll revisit the
other stuff right personal injury
attorney Chris Reynolds here with your
medical minute so it’s almost widely
understood at this point that the
numbers for the coronavirus in terms of
the people who have contracted it or
just wildly inaccurate
earlier today we had in the United
States six deaths with only 60 reported
people which is a 10% death rate which
is obviously not true and so there’s
clearly a lot more people out there that
have it that we don’t know and I guess
really my question is should we be
concerned that obviously our testing
system is really bad not only for this
virus but for things in the future
Thanks do you want to answer this first
or no okay short answer yes longer
answer yes but with the corona virus is
they call it the novel coronavirus it
wasn’t like anything else and so they
actually had to create tests for this
which is why whatever numbers they’re
telling you in China are a total joke
especially since so many people get it
and are either asymptomatic or have such
light symptoms that they don’t even feel
bad and they go about their day
spreading it to others because you can
spread it without symptoms the good news
to that is that that means that the
fatality rate is almost assuredly much
lower than we’re being told two point
three percent a pretty nasty fatality
rate for a disease as virulent as this
to put that in perspective that would
mean six to seven million Americans
dying inside of a year that’s a lot of
freaking Americans to die of something
that was not you know a lot of Americans
die every year an additional
six million that weren’t expected to die
is the pretty I mean nine eleven three
thousand people died multiply that by
two thousand and that’s yeah
two thousand 911s yeah so it’s gonna be
much lower than that the fatality rate
is gonna be lower and if it’s I think
it’s at least one order of magnitude
high or the number of people that
actually have it compared to who they
know have it just because a so many
people have it that are asymptomatic and
B even people that are symptomatic
aren’t getting tested for it they’re
just being treated as though they have
the flu or anything else it could be
even higher it could be to I mean it
could be a hundred times more people we
could already be experiencing a pandemic
and not even realize it I could have
gotten it in New Hampshire and not even
realized it like it could be way more
prolific than we think
which the good news would mean that that
means it really isn’t a you know it’s
just not as deadly it’s similar to the
flu death rate wise so once we get over
the panic of the whole thing and in a
year the vaccines come out and it now
it’s not quite as bad as we thought but
the short answer is yes there’s a
there’s a problem with the fact that
even now that the ability to test is is
pretty widely available that I can’t go
to a doctor and get tested for it around
here even if it took a week to get the
results I can’t I’d have to go to like
Charlotte or rally or something which
means I’m having to travel there by
exposing spreading my virus everywhere
I’m going so I think it’s a it’s a major
challenge but specifically with
specifically when it comes to this virus
it’s it they call it novel for a reason
it doesn’t have it’s only similar in
that it’s a type of corona virus but
there’s no way to test for it there was
no way to test for it prior to
identifying it and coming up with a
reactivity chain to be able to actually
make a test that works and in fact many
of the early tests had something like a
50% false negative rate which apparently
for the flu
it’s not much lower so that I mean so
there’s a lot of problems but yes the
short answer is they need to get on on
on the ball with this a little better
the other thing is that when you look at
the response time to this compared to
h1n1 or SARS even with the Chinese
government doing a lot of misinformation
early on and pretending it wasn’t nearly
as bad as it was I mean they tried
claiming into the end of January that
they weren’t sure if it was being spread
know somewhere in like the middle of
January they were being they were saying
that they weren’t sure if it was being
spread person-to-person which was utter
nonsense even with that because of the
speed of them able being able to map it
out with the genomes and and everything
else and being able to actually map it
out so that there are already potential
vaccines being created to fight it it’ll
be another year plus before it’s
actually out on the market because they
have to do safety trials they don’t want
to inject everyone with something that
ends up you know giving them monkey AIDS
or something like that but the the you
know the the reality is if the response
had been this fast with h1n1 there would
have been a lot a lot fewer people that
died from that conversely if the
response to this had been as slow as the
response to h1n1 we’d already be
experiencing a pandemic and they’d be
saying oh yeah by the way there’s this
disease going around everywhere and we
don’t even know how many people have it
and it’s you know you probably are you
know within 10 miles of someone that has
it so it’s it’s definitely things have
gotten better but it’s still it’s still
a big problem biggest problem is maybe
start stop putting a bunch of animals
together in wet markets and letting them
aerosolize their feces around each other
so that whatever Zoological diseases
they have can just cross mutate until it
ends up passing over into humans I might
be a good idea and wash your hands which
if you go to our Twitter that’s actually
on there what’s that on our Twitter it
actually says
we’re here to lead you into the dazzling
world of libertarianism it says that on
our Facebook we’ve been saying please
wash your hands since 2018 right we
called this once again we called this
wash your damn hands and stop touching
your damn face and I say that as someone
who is having to retrain the way that I
fix my glasses because I’m having to
touch my face so I’m now I’m gonna do
this number and I don’t do it perfectly
every time stop touching your face wash
your hands use hand sanitizer after you
freaking shake someone’s hands and wash
your hands and wipe down the toilet
like pretend a lot of us are gonna have
to become a little OCD and fastidious
about this when you’re out in the public
pretend that everything has coronavirus
on it and act accordingly like that’s a
good way to do it and I say that as
someone who is immunocompromised and is
planning to go to conventions at
different states and shake people’s
hands and hug them gonna be Howie Mandel
I you know what people are asking me
what I’m gonna wear cuz vermin’s wearing
a boot I mean we’re a frickin n100
respirator with the filters on it and it
has mat-su and everyone’s gonna love
this gimmicks funny I’ll bail yeah yeah
no it’s hilarious yeah that’s what
that’s why I’m doing it it’s definitely
why I’m doing it cuz of the humor great
definitely why I’m doing it but no I
personally think this thing is gonna end
up being somewhat more deadly than the
flu but not 20 times as deadly or
whatever what way more virulent because
it lasts so much longer so even though
the flu can aerosolize I believe Korona
by this coronavirus can stay on stuff
for as much as nine days and people can
spread it while being asymptomatic for
as much as two weeks and some people are
saying it’s even longer than that which
means there’s no effective way to stop
people other than mandating that
everyone stay indoors which would
destroy society I mean Brees your hand
if you have enough stuff to live on in
your house for two weeks without going
so um so if you wanna go ahead side no
the Republican primary for US Senate and
Alabama is over for now Jeff Sessions
and Tommy Tuberville will advance to a
March 31st runoff and then they will
face Doug Jones Elizabeth Warren has
already announced that she is remaining
in even though she got shellacked
tonight oh she’s not going anywhere she
is delusionally of the belief that she
is Native American debt she wins of her
ancestors are gonna carry her to the
nominee she is convinced I think that
she’s gonna waltz in there with like 87
delegates and you know or some
ridiculously low number of Delegates and
convince and if no one gets the the
majority of candidates that she’s gonna
be able to waltz in there and be like oh
yeah I’m the consensus candidate because
I’m a progressive but I don’t scare
people like Bernie because as evidenced
by the fact that I’m came way and third
like Pete Buddha Josh still has more
delegates in her um so I yeah I don’t I
don’t think she’s or she knows what
she’s doing she knows that she’s taking
votes from Bernie and she’s hoping Biden
remembers that and picks her as his VP
which is also possible yeah that could
be in America no one on the other hand
announced that he is going to take a
look at his campaign tomorrow
500 million for American Samoa not a
great investment
if Bloomberg gets out of this oh it’s
over it’s over it’s over
Bloomberg’s not pulling votes from
I mean maybe 10% of his if that how was
Bloomberg polling in New York because
so currently pledged delegates Joe Biden
has 313 Bernie has 210 oh and again a
lot of this is gonna change booty shows
26 Bloomberg 23 Warren 19 god she’s
losing Bloomberg and she’s staying in
club a charge Tulsi Gabbard on the board
with one
buh-buh-buh doesn’t that qualify her for
the next debate or something oh god
that’d be amazing I think I think
someone said that anyone that had at
least one delegate from I may have
misread that I honestly don’t know I
haven’t been paying attention to the
rules of the debate in a while by the
way the Dow plunged well that was
yesterday 700 more points so I’m not
sure what it went up today but I thought
it wasn’t 2,700 points or whatever it
was like twelve seventy or so yeah it’s
not that’s that’s called a bull trap
guys that’s people saying oles those
deals are all Burgin hold on I’m trying
to pull up then didn’t eat there was
something in here I saw that one to talk
about but it updated on me that’s how it
happens oh so with Maine with Maine this
is actually not important but
interesting the reason nobody is able to
calculate this is because Biden was so
far out of the realm of anything anybody
thought was going right going in Maine
that there are no models for it they
don’t know what towns are voting for by
yep this is figuring it out as it’s
coming yeah there’s no they said it
broke their prediction model their
prediction model made over either 10,000
or 100,000 or soda what’s that
that was Minnesota that broke it right
Minnesota broke it Massachusetts it was
our it was just yeah no Minnesota broke
it had no predictions for that like you
said it wouldn’t even let you make that
choice right and Massachusetts I’m sure
would just
made the computer stop turning on um I’m
trying to find a truck show this to the
people who are watching us right now
this is how the layout is of Maine on
who is winning so you can see that
Bernie is winning in the big suburban
areas like Bangor in Portland I actually
just had to look because I don’t know
may not Bangor Maine yeah yeah I knew
that I knew Portland I’m thinking and
it’s funny because my uncle used to live
there in Bangor he would go ahead and
Biden is winning everywhere else Biden
is taking the folksy crowd he is taking
that route he is and it’s working and
it’s working for him even with all of
his gaffes
even with all of the issues that he has
trying to remember that super Tuesday’s
on a Tuesday I am okay Biden resonates
with people the same way the Trump
resonated with people in a way Bernie
can’t I are you saying Biden resonates
with people or Bernie resonates with
people Biden Biden resonates with the
rural people which is interesting
Bernie resonates with I live in the city
I’m a progressive a progressive Biden
resonates with everybody else everyone
else he bernie Bernie’s main group is
college-educated white of urban people
like sophisticates under the age of 40
under the age of 40 and again that
doesn’t mean he doesn’t have older
supporters or black supporters all right
like that but generally speaking that’s
who he has Biden as everyone else Matt
I’d like to share with you an
interesting poll series of polls in the
New York Democrat presidential primary
last poll was done between the 16th and
the 20th of February so this would have
been before Bloomberg had his disastrous
performance in the debates which
ultimately by the way ended his campaign
Bloomberg had a real these results
showed that prior to Bloomberg just
cratering in that debate
he actually had a shot at this thing
that most of us probably wouldn’t given
him he actually had a shot he screwed
himself there he could have done it he
could have at least done well enough to
split enough votes to walk in and make
his case that he’s a multi-billionaire
so give me the nomination he screwed
himself there with an absolutely to
disastrous polling result so the last
poll how many points do you think it had
Sanders up by the 16th to the 20th of
February 17 four whoa
Sanders 25 Bloomberg 21 Biden 13 war and
11 bhootish as nine Klobuchar nine and
Gabbard won I think Joe Biden’s gonna
win New York especially if Bloomberg
drops out especially if Bloomberg drew
so maybe I’m reading this wrong folks in
this poll Sanders was ahead of Biden by
12 points 25 to 13 we have seen that
almost all of Buda Janklow Bashar’s
supporters have completely fallen in
line behind Biden that’s how he just did
what no one expected him to do the fact
that late deciders in California decided
what 40 to 30 or 40 to 29 to go with
Biden which was the opposite of what I
would have thought that you know they
would they would coalesce behind Bernie
to give him one last shot no they were
already coalescing around the presumed
frontrunner Bloomberg has already heard
his campaign quite a bit and is
apparently possibly dropping out
in which case which he would endorse
Biden oh no her I think that’s what’s
gonna happen if Bloomberg drops out and
endorses Biden then I don’t see any any
possibility of Bernie coming back from
unless Biden just dies or I don’t even
know what like what yeah what talks
about children rubbing his legs under
the pool like I mean what else can very
similar to Trump what else can this man
say not know which race is running for
not be able to quote the first sentence
of the Declaration of indepen like what
else can this guy do other than just
start dropping the end bomb on
ironically with the hard are just
repeatedly like do like a what’s that
guy’s name Oh Michael Michael Richards
you know just doing a set where he just
screams the n-word over and over again
with the hard R what is there anything
short of something insane like that were
or dying that you can see Biden doing at
this point at halt is own momentum he
seems like he’s done everything he
possibly could know he has done
absolutely everything that he possibly
could and you have two of the most
that’ll be Joe Biden and Donald Trump
two of the most gaffe tastic
foot-in-mouth politicians so real quick
update before we move on in Maine tied
up thirty three point six with 59%
reporting in Texas uh a 1.1 point
differential between them all so
apparently the buzz today was that
Kamala Harris was going to be endorsing
Biden huh and she didn’t show up and
now she looks like an idiot well no so
the question is was she waiting to see
if Joe mentum was real or I’m willing to
bet she endorses him tomorrow exactly
and and whose is and loses all the clout
she could have gotten from doing this
cuz now you’re endorsing you know
someone as they’re doing their victory
lap as opposed to endorsing them and
being able to say I was one of the
people who stood behind right because
come on Harris not named or argued no
much on live TV all these people argued
with each other about how terrible each
other is but no you’re right I mean it I
mean she’s the one who was the first
body blow to his campaign with the I was
that little girl which she was not um
but you know I was that little girl and
you did what and he just like like that
was his Michael Bloomberg moment which
he apparently I mean it looked like he
was to go to recover from unless you
talked to me and Matt who said that this
was all gonna turn around after South
Carolina but what do we know we’re just
watching the freakin computers couldn’t
have predicted this yeah there is
compute the computers would not let me
pick who I wanted to in certain races
telling the computer computer this is
what’s gonna happen or not Harper on
impossible now I did not see
I did not know Maine Massachusetts or
I admit miss those did not did not think
those Minnesota I hadn’t thought about
it but if someone had asked me and I
actually spent some time on it I would
have said I think he’s gonna win it now
because clovers are endorsed him and she
was gonna win it there were a lot of
people that I remember there was someone
who said you know don’t just want all of
the you know if you’re against Bernie
you want to have a bunch of people in
the race because the models are showing
that if their people dropped out that
Bernie would end up leading Biden or
Bloomberg by you know ten fifteen
percent that a suit that was asking
people a question on a telephone that
was not those people dropping out and
and showing up with them at a rally and
you’ve got all this emotion invested in
Buddhas edge klobuchar you know who bado
whoever you were supporting and now
they’re standing up on stage with Joe
Biden telling you why you should vote
for him instead right and we’re seeing
the results of that right now
so Texas is now and that’s with how many
percent reporting 42 percent in now it’s
less than a point differential from the
standard is met mine I’m looking at 47
percent in Texas and Biden still has or
bernie still has a three point lead hmm
so you’re seeing 42% and and Biden is
down by 0.7 so look that all this really
means about Texas is this is not being
decided tonight we are not going to know
who wins Texas to it it doesn’t look
like it now we might not know who wins
Maine which I would have assumed that
was I figured that one was done I
figured that would be Bernie versus you
know Bernie and then Warren in second
and Biden you know behind Bloomberg I
did not yeah I mean this is what we’ve
been predicting for quite some time Matt
it is I mean and we have been calling
Joe Biden’s gonna be the nominee for a
while and there’s still a chance that
he’s not but everything about this
points to the fact that yes it will be
yep by the way in California now it’s
only with 8% in but Bernie’s got 27%
Bloomberg 19% Biden 17% so he’s gonna
win California he’s gonna not he might
not get a majority of those delegates
yeah it’s looking like he’s not gonna
get a majority of those delegates so
that’s yeah he won in California but in
terms of Delegates this is this is gonna
be a lot of these races are gonna be a
lot closer than
we all thought Oh breaking news
cher has endorsed Joe Biden I mean you
know why not all right
let’s talk about Supreme Court Supreme
Court and you know more about let you
eat on this because you know way more
about this than I do so the Supreme
Court tomorrow is going to be hearing a
land mark abortion case okay
June Medical Services is suing Russo the
case is sorry June medical services
versus Russo its formally versus D June
medical services challenging a 2014 law
Acts 620 stating that no one can gain
access to abortion without a note from a
physician actually that’s wrong I typed
that incorrectly back in the law
requires doctors performing abortions to
get admitting privileges at a hospital
within 30 miles of the clinic right
admitting privileges gives an outpatient
doctor the right to admit patients to a
hospital and treat them if any emergency
occurs so that way if somebody is having
an abortion and something goes wrong the
abortion doctor can take them to a local
hospital where they can get treated
right by the abortion doctor many
hospitals will not give in Louisiana I’m
gonna I’m gonna preface this in
Louisiana many hospitals will not give
abortion doctors admitting access
because their their fundraising would
dry up yeah right exactly because their
fundraising would dry up you know now
there was a lot very similar to this
back in 2016 in Texas whole women’s
health first Heller stead it was very
similar almost to the letter similar
June medical services is claiming that
the law creates an undue burden on
abortion access and that was how the
Supreme Court ruled with
axis right yeah they ruled against the
law they did the good rule against the
okay many people in Louisiana fear that
this that this law will close two of the
three abortion clinics left in the
entire state of Louisiana in February
the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that
the idea that providers have difficulty
obtaining admitting privileges ruled
that the idea that provider abortion
providers have difficulty obtaining
admitting privileges and claim that
their law does not force clinic closures
right so Louisiana which has more
abortion restriction than any other
state in the nation eighty-nine separate
laws one of them is a 24-hour waiting
period after request oh wow
so since man these notes are all out of
order since 2016 when the Texas law when
whole women’s health first Heller stet
since then that shape of the Supreme
Court has changed a little not as much
as people think
early as much as people think but it has
changed a little you’ve got Neil Gorsuch
taking the police of ants Antonin Scalia
and then you’ve got everybody’s favorite
Justice Bert Bert Brett Brett Kavanaugh
replacing Anthony Kennedy and that’s
where the big changes now it leans
conservative as opposed to the liberal
court that it was before this and
specifically on this law like Brett
Kavanaugh actually votes a lot the same
that Kennedy would not on abortion
though Gorsuch might be a surprise
anyway go ahead go ahead and do since
this law was first put into effect in
2014 it’s gone through a lot of turmoil
after the Texas ruling it ended act 620
in April of 2017 Louisiana challenged
this law and somehow someway the Fifth
Circuit reversed the ruling in September
of 18 then it moved up to the Supreme
Court and in February of nineteen the
Supreme Court put a temporary stay on
the level so for the last year this law
has been kind of resting to the side
with the people from June medical
services trying to make sure that they
continue to fight it in May of twenty
and ever started may yeah may of
nineteen Louisiana seemed to have found
a loophole would be third party with
third party standing
stating that abortion providers cannot
challenge the law in the first place
because they are not the patient it
would be affected this changes the
landscape of this argument forever right
portion providers Planned Parenthood
women’s clinics all over the world sorry
all over the country are the biggest
reason that abortion cases get
challenged yeah you’re not gonna see I
mean you’ll see some class action
activity from from women who want or
wanted to get abortions but the the
juggernaut behind challenging this stuff
are the providers are that the health
the the medical providers and the
abortion providers namely Planned
Parenthood yeah so the state is actually
questioning whether an abortion provider
is allowed to argue on behalf of the
person actually impacted because Roe
versus Wade was an individual
challenging law of not a law on business
this case is not only gonna rule on act
620 in Louisiana
it would probably reverse Texas’s but
whether or not a third party like an
abortion clinic can challenge state law
since they themselves are not the
patients who are being affected
by the law that will be a huge I can’t
even this comprehend a huge huge case
for both sides of the abortion argument
it’s a huge case in general because if
you decide that a third party can’t let
can’t you know contest something in
court a lot of lobby groups are gonna be
done cuz their whole thing this would
challenge the ACLU would it not yeah I
believe so
like it’s hard it’s I mean technically I
can say all of the people this could the
ACLU would have to find specific people
that were affected by and and those
people would have to sue that is
my prediction here is that the courts
gonna punt on the question of third
party challenges just because it’s so
game-changing and that they’re going to
I think rule in favor of the Act so what
will change that I don’t I don’t see
this court this court is very like even
in its current makeup doesn’t want to
like do these massive game changes like
this I don’t see them ruling that a
third part either they’ll punt on it or
they’ll say no what third party can you
know cuz that’s the status quo right now
did you see the Supreme Court ruling
that third parties can’t challenge state
laws so there is a law saying that you
can’t unless you are affected by the law
it’s whether or not the Supreme Court
sees DIMM is being affected then as
being affected but because Roe versus
Wade is about an individual’s right to
choose they are not individuals mm-hmm
so then it wouldn’t really affect ACLU
because ACLU can say it because they’re
usually dealing with like freedom
speech cases and freedom where
expression stuff like that you know
where they’re saying this affects us as
well because of our freedom of speech
but where this is specifically
individuals choosing to get abortions
for a third party to say well yeah we
provide those abortions the court oh wow
yeah so what you’re going to see is
multi third parties how was the name of
the movie a citizen Ruth I think is the
name of that movie stars laura dern it
was an indie movie back in the 90s um
and in it she is a homeless
glue-sniffing drug addict
I think she’s homeless it’s been a while
and she gets pregnant and she becomes
the face of the pro-life pro-choice
movement both sides of it because the
pro-lifers are trying to get her to keep
the baby and the pro-choicers are trying
to get her to well to make her own
choice but later one of the guys offers
or money to get an abortion just to
prove a point and that caused a huge
thing but anyway that’s actually a huge
plot point of that entire movie then now
it’s spoiled for everybody with no
warning with no warning cuz I wasn’t
even thinking when I was worried
vomiting that but the entire thing is
about sort of what will start happening
you’re gonna start seeing clinics
finding people to sue the system to so
have to they’ll have to don’t have 100%
cuz have to cuz they’re not going to
simply just roll over and let this
happen they’ll just have to roll with it
and so you’ll be seeing these like class
actions from women who had to and then
the optics of that women going into
court would their babies saying they
didn’t want to have them
this is a huge huge law and there’s
gonna be a huge huge ruling on it one
way or the other it’s gonna be huge
because even if they because even if
they punt back to the state that was
huge like there’s nothing that maintains
the status quo here something major is
happening right that’s gonna be even if
it’s just letting you know letting
letting it expire or you know refusing
to see it or whatever and letting the
Fifth Circuit ruling stand Wow
that would be incredible so we’ve got
some comments here serotonin is not
having a good night he’s not having a
good night she’s not I saw that I didn’t
yeah she’s not having a good day Robin
Robin Dominic says Biden resonates with
people who are clinically dead which is
true yeah also said if she could turn
back time reference to share I’m sure or
maybe to that woman that wanted to have
an abortion that’s it this is so guys
this has what I’m enjoying about this
night besides the pure entertainment
value of what’s happening oh this is
this is this is I’m enjoying the reality
that we’ve been saying something very
similar to this was going to happen for
over a year and everyone oh you know you
don’t get it you don’t get it the
computers didn’t know this was gonna
we knew a year ago this was gonna happen
and it wasn’t some like dumb prediction
we said this was going to happen because
of the exact things that are happening
right now this wasn’t some like lucky
shot in da door no button I’m gonna go
with Biden cuz I don’t know what the
hell I’m talking we have articulated for
countless hours about why this was gonna
happen and here we are
Joe Biden at this point is the
presumptive nominee he’s definitely the
front-runner and I don’t think he is
definitely the front-runner no one no
one can claim otherwise Joe Biden with
late Desai here is some interesting data
folks Joe Biden with late decide let me
but in fact let me pull this up so you
can actually see it cuz this is magic
let me pull this up so you can actually
see this are you looking at the late
bursary yeah yeah late deciders guys Joe
Biden completely swept the deck on late
deciders which means that and Joe
Biden’s not a late deciders kind of guy
he’s someone that people would go and
you know what I don’t know I like Joe
I’ll go with Bernie or Peter this is
what Cole this is what coalescing looks
like it looks like people completely
abandoning their first 30 to negative 32
percent in Maine and Vermont for Bernie
that isn’t that is people who supported
Bernie who were saying you know what
this thing is done let’s go ahead and
vote for Joe Biden and they were doing
this on the strength of Joe Biden
winning one state and having a couple of
P and having two of the nominee to two
with the candidates 30 years yeah one
state in 30 years and then having two of
his opponents endorse him and drop out
and endorse him and then a third who
dropped out a year ago endorse him
months ago endorse him that’s on the
strength of that what do you think late
deciders are gonna look like from now on
oh yeah on the strength of him winning
all those damn states
like this is pure geek magic right here
because that just shows you what just
happened why the computers were wrong
and these two handsome handsome
gentlemen have been right all along
and why you need to just start listening
to us and we tell you what to do Oh
maybe throw some money our way on anchor
yeah please
Sanders margin down to 1.4 percent in
Texas per decision desk HQ and the
difference in Maine is roughly 90 votes
so you’re looking at a recount yeah yeah
that clue are looking at a recount
Sanders margin now down to one point
four percentage points in Texas Joe
Biden is gonna win Texas like so
delegate wise it’s not delegates it’s
not gonna matter it’s talking about our
delegate but but winning States is
narrative yes
bragging rights when he states his
narrative to be able to say I won hang I
want to go back up he is gonna be able
to say I won Virginia I won North
Carolina I possibly won well I won
Massachusetts Maine Oklahoma Alabama
Tennessee Arkansas Minnesota he is gonna
be able to say he won those possibly
Texas may be me here’s what’s happening
in Texas you know you’re exactly right
you’re exactly right here’s what’s
happening in Texas these folks are still
waiting to vote right now they’re both
there polling booths closed but they
were already in line and they are
waiting and they are I don’t think now
this is meanwhile this is one station
but it’s in it’s in Houston which is a a
largely you know has very large numbers
of black and Hispanic people is that in
Houston yet this is in Houston yeah
they’re saying voters
are still waiting in line Texas voters
specifically in Houston they are all
black and Hispanic yep
I’m telling you right now at least 60%
of the people in that crowd are voting
for Joe Biden so I think Joe has won
Texas or will win in Texas and it’s
gonna be it’s gonna be close it’s gonna
be very close we’re yeah yeah possibly
equal delegates yep but again to be able
to say that you won Virginia North
Carolina Texas Massachusetts Maine
Oklahoma Alabama Tennessee Arkansas
minus– so one two three eight one two
three four five six seven eight nine to
say you won 10 of 14 15 16 10 10 of 15
or whatever many places voted I think 15
to say you won 10 of 15 when Friday the
Friday before you weren’t expected to
maybe win one but you’re gonna get some
delegates from coming in at like 20
percent in a bunch huh yeah it dis
completely changed on what we said would
happen as soon as it went to black
voters and people who weren’t paying
attention Joe Biden let me show you
another graphic Biden is winning among
voters who said they want to beat Trump
now look at the numbers here Biden’s
ahead and 37 to 24 nope 37 to 25 for
people who say their number one issue is
beating Trump electability beating Trump
Sanders is doing way better than Biden
on agree you know that the most
important thing is it they asked two
questions what is the most important
thing for you know who
you who you want to you know why you’re
choosing to vote for and it was either
beating Trump or whether you agree with
him the most on the issues for the ones
who said the most important thing was
that they agree with on the issues with
the candidate they overwhelmingly almost
two to one picked Sanders over Biden for
the ones who said that the most
important thing is that Biden is is that
they beat Trump Biden beat Sanders but
only by 12 points the reason that that
matters so much more is look at the top
there nearly two-thirds of voters care
more about beating Trump than they do
about agreeing with the candidate that’s
why Biden’s winning is because they
perceive by Biden as being the one who
can win even if they agree with Bernie
Sanders more that is why where’s that
where’s that hold on sorry I’m hoping
not making anyone sick with it that is
why the late Breakers are going for
Biden not because they agree with him
more than they do with Bernie even
though some of them do well no the late
breakers probably most of those late
breakers agree more with Bernie but they
want to beat Trump and that’s more
important to them this is Joe Biden’s
race now which we predicted so damn long
ago it was it was like a a year ago and
if you would ask me what was gonna
happen a year before that I would have
said the same thing or pretty much as
soon as Biden was in the race that’s a
Biden’s gonna get it
he was Barack Obama’s vice president do
not be surprised if Obama endorses him
in the next couple weeks
don’t equally don’t be surprised if
Obama doesn’t do a thing until Joe gets
the the majority of Delegates because
Biden Obama’s not a big like big
risk-taker in general especially for
sticking his neck out for someone else
right and there’s an argument to be made
that there’s no reason for him to even
have to do it because Biden’s winning it
on the strength of his own performance
which is hilarious because it’s
performance is terrible um but he’s
winning it
but I also there’s a part of me that
could see Obama wanting to be seen as a
kingmaker and going and even though it’s
already a foregone conclusion at this
point am I am I wrong in that that
there’s a possibility that Obama might
want to be seen as a kingmaker and uh
you absolutely know you’re not wrong
yeah he absolutely wants to be seen as
that but I think that’s a big reason on
why he doesn’t endorse anybody because
if they lose he will be seen as not oh
okay I see what you’re saying
yeah yeah I mean once Biden gets the
majority of Delegates which at this
point I think is the most likely thing
to happen then I see I don’t I don’t see
Obama necessarily waiting till the
primary to endorse him if he’s already
gotten the the majority or the
convention to endorse him if he’s
already gotten the majority of Delegates
that means he wins so I could see Obama
doing it then but I could see if it’s
getting if it’s where it’s like he’s
just like a hop skip and a jump away
from it
I could see Obama just jumping in and
saying I’m with Joe and that if it if
it’s if it’s really cool like if it’s if
it’s well on and there’s no shot of it
not happening yeah yeah right then yes
he will absolutely do it but that will
further underscore the Bernie bro
argument that you know every you know
the only reason Biden got it was because
you know the establishment pulled out
every stop for Bernie which at that
point will not be the case but that’s
what they’re gonna say so we only have
about four minutes left yeah okay we
should probably start wrapping up let’s
wrapping it up so guys thanks again for
tuning in we will update you one cat
with more no I know but uh I might be
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Supreme just to piss everyone off and
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going we don’t need roads
you’re mine
you made me won’t you
baby don’t you know so beautiful Oh
beautiful beautiful
don’t you know

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