The Wrighter’s Block Episode 64 – Don Johnson Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Don Johnson is running for Summerville Town Council in Summerville, SC. He is running against the lack of transparency Summerville practices when giving tax breaks for individual businesses, and has a desire to unleash the free market to attract higher paying jobs, new businesses, and new start ups, while fixing the local infrastructure with creative ways with minimal burden to the tax payer

Sounds crazy right?

Plus he has a big announcement he’s premiering on the show

Episode Transcript

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everybody can hear me well on this
week’s episode i don’t think i’m getting
any like dropped frames i think
everything is working the way that it is
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let’s just get into it uh tonight’s
guest is
don johnson
and while this don johnson does not work
for vice nor does he live in miami he is
running for somerville town council in
somerville south carolina please
everybody welcome with me the one
okay not the one like there’s others but
uh the only don johnson running for town
council in summerville south carolina
what’s going on don how are you
oh great great to be on the show
no i’m glad that we made this work i’m
glad that uh we are here um and uh even
with the little snafus there at the
beginning we are uh we’re we are rolling
and we are going live
yep so we’ve got a lot of information to
share with you yeah
and looking forward to the interview no
absolutely and i’m very excited to have
you on
i’m very excited to have you on and uh
honestly uh
again thank you for spending the time
but like how i like to start out most of
my interviews um depending on whether or
not the person is in the liberty
movement or not
but how is it that you found yourself um
associated with the band of misfits and
nerdy wells known as the libertarian
party like what was your what was your
road to this
to to this bastion of liberty and
well first of all i’m a i’m a pastor
oh i’m so sorry about our intro song
no no you go right ahead um i’m a
veteran i fought in the u.s army
in the 80s during the cold war
i’ve been a lifelong conservative
there is this some parts
no matter what party you belong to
there’s pieces of the party you don’t
agree with
and true it got to the point where
the status
that that run
basically the republican the democratic
no matter who’s in power
there’s not really a lot of difference
they have an agenda
and they they want to get that agenda
i just started thinking okay
what better way of
demonstrating my liberty
and my constitutional rights
than becoming a part of the libertarian
absolutely absolutely and you know um so
my story isn’t
uh all that dissimilar
um i started i i was i was raised a good
conservative republican and uh i
was uh on my
on my way to
being i was a pretty strict neocon when
i was younger
um i was a pretty strict neocon when i
was younger
i remember the iraq war when it was the
second one when it was breaking out and
how i was saying no we need to be over
there we need to be fighting the
terrorists and today i would not be
thinking these things um but these are
but that was the way i was going and as
i got older i started realizing that
there were things that i wanted for me
uh that i thought that should extend to
everybody and uh much like
for me a lot of uh came from i got
arrested when i was in my teens in my
late teens early 20s uh for possession
of marijuana i had a dime bag that i had
forgotten that i had because i didn’t
smoke weed at the time and then i
thought this is really silly like why am
i getting arrested for this it’s if
it’s a pla like it’s a plant why
shouldn’t i be able to use it and that’s
kind of what got me started down this
road of uh freedom and liberty um and
then seat belt laws really stuck with me
for a while because i was like if it’s
my body i should be able to not wear a
seatbelt and now i choose to wear the
seat belt i don’t do it because they
tell me to um but that was kind of how i
got started on it was there were little
laws that
strictly affected me and then i started
seeing other laws that were affecting
people as a whole like that the way that
the tax laws worked in the way that um
and the way that uh you know spending
was being done and all that and i was
like this is insane like
they they are literally stealing from
the people in order to make sure that uh
that they can fund their passion
projects that most of us don’t want and
or care about
right i grew up in the 70s and 80s
and i remember i’m from virginia
born in emporia virginia but i lived
mainly in yorktown virginia beach my dad
was in the navy
and i remember my first car didn’t had a
lap belt he never wore your belt had a
70 mustang is my first car
you know i remember in virginia where
you could it was legal to drink and
you could have an open container in your
and drive down the road and drink a beer
slowly but surely
the people in power
eroded your rights
to where
you couldn’t
not have a seatbelt on you couldn’t have
an open container in your car there was
severe penalties
for people who
their laws
whether you agree with them or not
you have to follow their laws
i don’t see any word a constitution that
says you can’t
ride a horse drinking a tank or a veil
and somehow this become part of our our
legal system right and i i
i may be a cynic
and i’m gonna embarrass myself right now
because i just blanked on this guy’s
name but the british are coming the
british are coming uh
paul revere thank you paul revere
i’m willing to bet
he was not all that sober that night i
think that would have taken a little bit
of alcohol to do
what what sober person would have made
that ride right now
exactly no
that is what i’m saying i feel
you know they certainly didn’t have
youtube to watch
and they’d have twitter to go on
and so he had to keep himself busy
somehow so he rode horses and
made silver
what better way of entertaining himself
on a saturday night
than screaming at the top as long as
waking up his neighbors up exactly like
he had to do something and you know it
was for a good cause but that’s why many
of us do go out in the middle of the
night and scream it’s because you know
it’s for a good cause um
but yeah and many times it’s also
because we’ve had too much to drink um
i’m seven years sober and like through
two weeks so i don’t have to deal with
that anymore but um thank you um
you uh are in
you told me this before the show but for
anybody who doesn’t know where
somerville is
uh let’s let’s let them know about where
somerville is in south carolina
somerville is a
bedroom community
out just outside of charleston south
we’re probably
15 miles off the coast
the town of somerville is one of the few
cities in the state that has three
and insider city limits dorchester
berkeley and charleston county so
that gives everybody all your listeners
a context of where somerville is right
originally somerville was established in
the 1800s
as a
bedroom community to get away from
the the heat and the humidity of
the everyday life of hustle and bustle
in the big city of charleston in the
1700s 1800s so they came inland and
planted this this vacation town
just to get away from charleston
and that makes sense so where i’m from
virginia um not originally but i grew up
there and i grew up in a town called
manassas manassas virginia
my mom lives in fredericksburg oh okay
yeah um
i love fredericksburg great great town
um and
you know initially when i moved there uh
manassas was i was very young
it was like the rural area it was
it was for commuters and people who
didn’t who wanted to live near dc but
not near dc uh you know you could go
there on a you know on the weekend if
you wanted to and go check out the um
go check out the uh monuments and the
museums and stuff but you weren’t close
enough that you’re gonna feel the
traffic by the time i left
uh you could feel the traffic uh the
traffic would had extended all the way
down past fredericksburg
yeah um it’s gotten further today oh
yeah i’m certain
frederickburg is 60 miles from dc
but it still takes you about two hours
to get there right i used to make a good
joke i used to make a joke and i said
the reason that manassas is so great is
you are three hours from the beach you
are three hours from the mountain and
depending on what time you wake up three
hours from dc
yeah three hours from pennsylvania from
philadelphia three hours from baltimore
your three hour banasis you were three
hours from everywhere uh by the time i
just like i live on the coast
charleston i can get to columbia south
carolina the capital of south carolina
which is an hour and a half away
quicker than i can get to mount pleasant
south carolina which is right on the
coast right
with traffic
and and yeah like here in here in
florida uh people they complain about
traffic and i think they’re adorable um
i’m like you’re cute that’s
you think you think this is traffic like
if there’s a wreck yeah i’ll give it to
you but that was like every day where i
came from like this is nothing like yeah
maybe nothing like the perimeter around
oh yeah
yeah the the highway just before we get
to dc it’s ridiculous for uh 495 up in
dc and uh for
up around atlanta i think uh or 575.
five seven four seven five five seven
you gotta be careful what side of
atlanta you move to
depending on where you work
because it makes a light it makes a life
difference yeah because you might take
three hours to get to work if you’re on
the wrong side of the city
yeah no atlanta is one of the worst
cities i’ve ever been to for driving um
hey that’s why i live here uh
15 minutes from the beach it’s great um
uh i know that one of the reasons that
you are running for town council uh is
that you feel that somerville has a
transparency issue
and um
good and one of these one of the reasons
that you that you have stated on your
website is that
it’s it’s giving tax breaks to
individual companies but not companies
as a whole
or individual businesses i don’t want
people to think corporations when i say
companies so just businesses
they are trying to attract new
businesses by giving them
tax breaks
while the businesses that are here
the mom and pops that
support this town that’s been in
business for 50 years 60 years
they are paying
out normal
such high taxes
in the town
but yet they
give tax breaks to new businesses
that the taxes should be equal for
everybody no matter what you what you’re
coming to town for
you know the government shouldn’t be in
the in the business of picking and
losing winners right and the town has
set businesses they would like to
which is normal
in any town they have that
but you should go you shouldn’t be
giving away the dimes or
just to
satisfy the needs of the town council
and you see that and this you see
literally everywhere um from from your
from your city governments to your state
governments to the federal uh they they
pick and choose winners um
that’s when you get obama’s uh uh you
know they’re too big to fail um
let me be clear they’re too big to fail
uh but you you have the too big to fail
then you have like the amazon they’re
coming in and they’re gonna get the tax
breaks but their employees are gonna pay
the taxes which then they’re going to
get back to amazon
you’ll see and then you’ll see that in
both states and in cities
and this goes for companies
like pfizer pfizer had that issue in
newtown connecticut where they
they said that they were going to take
over a factory and they would um they’re
going to take over a factory they were
going to get some massive tax breaks for
coming in there and they ended up using
a imminent domain to take over a good
portion of the city kicked a lot of
people out and then they never finished
the project so people just ended up
being displaced
because pfizer wanted it and then they
just never
finished the project give you a prime
example the next county over berkeley
which part somerville there’s a berkeley
county in somerville
they give they have no business taxes no
business license fees
and the berkeley county is booming
they are tracking so many people in by
doing away with the business license
fees doing away with some of the
the normal everyday
issues that go along with businesses
and startups
dorchester county and somerville
goes out of their way to find people and
that’s basically what it is if you want
to start a business in somerville you’re
being fined
that’s what make no mistake that’s what
a business license is right if they find
for you to come in and do business in
the town
and that’s not a
smart way to start off a business no
you know it’s hindering minority-owned
little mom and pops that want to get
started but they can’t they can’t even
get out of the gate
and you would think that in a town like
somerville um
literally a town anywhere uh my personal
opinion a town like summerville or you
know anywhere else
one of the biggest issues that i see and
this is
not something that
you will have to deal with but uh
the student debt crisis the student
we’re willing to give kids you know
hundreds of thousands of dollars to go
to school to get a worthless degree but
we won’t give them twenty thousand
dollars to start up a business where
cities like somerville or you know even
here in saint pete or you know some of
the smaller cities you know more inland
in florida
if they would give business loans to
these kids uh who are hungry to work who
don’t want to go to school they’re like
hey i want to open you know this coffee
shop or i want to open this um
computer store or you know whatever
but you’re taking that away from them
because they’re like oh no that’s too
big of a risk if you would take that
risk on on young entrepreneurs more
often uh
you would end up getting a more
uh bountiful economy in your area
because you will start seeing a lot of
businesses moving there
you’re exactly right
you know
and not only that but there’s
there is ordinances in town
they can’t put up you’ve seen these
feather flags for example to advertise
their businesses
um you know their certain businesses
churches whatnot are allowed to fly them
but i’ve got a local
barbecue place here that can’t
have been fined by the city
because they have a feather flag
advertising their their business on
their property
it’s not on the road it’s not
by the ditch it’s actually on their
and this guy’s being threatened with
fines and court fees if he puts out of
any kind of advertising for his business
you know they’re
they’re just um going out of their way
to alienate people and i don’t
understand why so
i know that uh
where anywhere that i’ve lived here in
florida it hasn’t been that big of an
issue but where i was living in
tennessee and in
uh it was
the city planner had to approve any sign
you were going to put out in front of
in front of your business like you had
get approval
for the sign that was going to be out in
front of your business that was going to
be for um you know to advertise for
yourself and it had to fit the feel of
the town and it couldn’t be anything
that was too flashy or light up or
anything like that
is summer does somerville have some
restrictions like that on smaller
they have they have ordinances
the town council approves and turns down
that’s their job to make laws
and they
what you can and can’t do in your own
personal business
there is no going to a city
administrator and applying for this and
applying for that
because all they’re going to do is turn
around and say there’s an ordinance
against it
i like i i i smile
i smile and i chuckle only because it’s
not surprising um
so what else would you want to do in
order to attract high uh to to attract
more jobs and higher paying jobs to the
outside of the business licenses
people don’t want to hand out they want
to hand up yes they want an equal
playing field
and that’s my plan is to give them an
equal playing field for their businesses
so they can come in
and they have a fighting chance
at starting a business
you know
i would like to go through the ordinance
codes for businesses
and and see what doesn’t work
the town council still thinks we’re in
and if if it doesn’t apply to
the historical downtown somerville
and that look they have and they have
ordinances where you can’t color your
house a certain color it has to remain
historically intact
there are certain ordinances on the town
council or the in the city
that are outdated
they don’t make any sense and i would
like to do a comprehensive
review of ordinances
that hinder our businesses
fair um now
i know so as somebody who has tried to
start businesses uh in the past and you
know some of them in virginia some of
them in tennessee some of them here so
i’ve had like different experiences
different experiences attempting this in
different areas um but here’s what i
apparently siri thought that i said
i’ve tried so i’ve tried to start
businesses in different areas and what i
found is that um
depending on where you are is gonna like
obviously that’s gonna depend on the
restrictions that you’re gonna have to
go through um but there has never been
anywhere that i’ve lived where you could
just easily go and get a place and open
up a business put a sign out and
stock the shelves and be like okay i’m
ready for business uh
how much of the regulation and
restriction in doing so do you think
you’ll be able to
hinder or get rid of in summerville
i think we i think we can
get rid of a lot of it
you know
what the problem with the town council
there’s a majority of the people on the
town council
all vote together no matter what the
mayor and
three three of the town council they
vote together no matter what
the other three
i feel like they can
listen to reason
if they know that they have a voice on
the town council
they are more apt to
listen to reason
listen to reasonable arguments
and i think we can get i think we can
get rid of
some of the town ordinances that hinder
and i would imagine that the people on
the town council especially if they were
to be able to look at um
was that buckley county that’s right
next door berkeley berkeley okay
berkeley um
looking at berkeley county and seeing
that the you know the economic boom that
they’re going through by not having
these restrictions
you should be able to say hey look we
can do this
if we sort of follow this model
more people can come here more
businesses will open
that will mean higher paying jobs which
means more people will move here which
means you know more uh
more more uh attractions coming here
more businesses more and it just
uh success gets success
but but their only focus that i can see
is real estate development
multi-family homes
there’s apartment complexes going up
that that
they’re not required to fix the
as part of their coming to somerville
they just put up an apartment complex
add a thousand homes two thousand more
cars to a two lane road to start with
that’s gridlocked
and we’ve got four of these divisions
going up right now in sunrise
some of the roads can handle it some
and right now you sit in traffic for 30
which doesn’t seem like a long time for
most people
but in somerville it takes you 30
minutes to get anywhere right where
back in 1990 when i first moved here
there was almost no traffic
and i yeah and i unders so when i moved
to nashville people talked about traffic
and i thought that was adorable the last
few times that i’ve gone to visit
nashville i they understand what traffic
is now um but it seems like whoever is
allowing these
multi multi-unit homes to be built these
con condominiums and apartment buildings
to be built in uh somerville they must
have been doing the city planning in
nashville because nashville just went
way up and they did absolutely nothing
to the infrastructure
to try to fix it
so with somerville having
like you said
like they haven’t done anything to
plan on fixing the infrastructure and i
know somebody ran there as
the uh i don’t want to misquote you it
was either the
the infrastructure
councilman or the uh something
the fiction road guy fix the road guy um
fix the road guy um
so you only hear only hear that six
months before the election that they
want to fix the roads right and then
the other three and a half years you
don’t hear a word out of them right
because you have to make that promise
again three and a half years later
hope they forgot about it
so what are the plans that you have to
to kind of help uh ease the weight
that’s on the infrastructure going on in
well part of the problem is
when they plan something they they don’t
plan out
they plan for the next
five years
they’re not planning out the next 25
years um
you know working with the
the county and the state
and the federal government for roads
there’s a lot of resources out there
that are available to a small town
most of the towns aren’t owned by the
south the roads aren’t owned by the town
they’re state roads or county roads and
these roads can
there’s money out there that can be
i can’t tell you how many penny taxes
we’ve had in summerville
and they’ve there’s nothing fixed yeah
we we get those here all the time every
time they it it’s marketed the same way
it’s always penny for pinellas because
i’m in pinellas county they’re like
penny for pinellas and that’s going to
help with
public transportation or with the
infrastructure and i’m like
you guys voted this in i’ve never voted
for it but uh you guys voted this in not
too long ago and i’m noticing you’re
trying to do it again
what happened to the money that you got
from the last one
you know
the the town of somerville
thinks a way to increase revenue
is to
incorporate non-incorporated parts of
the county
so they’ve got a
they’ve got a economic development
manager who makes six figures
and his only job is to go out to
businesses in the non-incorporated part
and convince them
that they should become incorporated to
receive services
that they already received to begin with
then we have a mutual aid agreement with
the county and the city
the fire
sheriff’s office
the city fire department the county fire
department right
the town police the city uh the county
sheriffs they already have a mutual aid
agreement in place
so if they can’t the county can’t
respond the city is going to respond
but yet they think that going out and
incorporating parts of the town that are
unincorporated to get them into the tax
that’s how they’re looking to raise
and build the town up
and and
it’s only good for
you know these this supposed support is
only good for two years
and and it makes no sense whatsoever
you know
you know we just recently fired our
town administrator rebecca vance
right which i’m still
not sure why
it happened
you know she was up in myrtle beach
south carolina becoming the first
president female president
of the town administrators and municipal
association president
and while she was up there
they had a special called meeting
to terminate her contract
you know
these are the things that our town is
doing so
for what apparently was
no real reason they just got rid of her
they didn’t think that she was one of
the highest
sought after administrators in the town
in the uh in our town
but in the state i mean by evidence
of her peers voting her as president
they cited the only signing they gave
is that
they could no longer work together
scratch your head yeah scratch my head
everybody scratching their heads
and this is one of the few people
that would
tell the town council
what they needed to hear not what they
wanted to hear
well okay well
that that that’s what did it
but that’s right that’s the town
administrator’s job
is to
run the operations and daily operations
of town
and give sound advice to the council
because they can make the best decision
and i’ve been in business for 40 years
that is their job that is 100 their job
like that is their job just to say
you’re not there you’re not a yes man or
yes woman you’re not a yes person um you
are a you are somebody who is there to
give the best advice possible and the
most sound advice possible and the
council can then either take your advice
or not but to to let somebody go because
they’re difficult to work with because
they aren’t a yes person
well i’m sure there’s more underlying
facts than that probably but we’re not
we’re not privileged to the
the real reasons
that she would let go
kendra biller
kendra biller she says hey and she then
says stop paying taxes
uh and josh ambassador
joshua says it’s uh almost like
government wastes our money um how are
wrong to elect a libertarian to fix the
roads uh
because you know but but the thing is
with with their administrator they had
to pay her 140 000 to get her out of
contract today
because it was in her contract to only
turn around to hire another
and pay them 160 000 this year a year to
do it
so in order
so basically it cost them 300 000 to get
out of this contract yes
now the person they hired
i’m sure is will do a good job
uh she used to work for the town
she got hired on a phone call they
didn’t even have an interview process to
hire the next administrator
there was no
announcements there was no minister uh
there was no interview process there was
let’s see if we could find the best
one phone call and she was hired wow
yeah and for so
and that that just kind of displays
government for you because i know that
in the private sector uh if you are
hiring somebody for a hundred and sixty
thousand dollar job um or you know
whatever even less uh i know that for my
job that i have uh which i do not get
a hundred and sixty thousand dollars i
was interviewed four separate times
right and then i was given like tasks to
do to make sure i could do the job and i
had to prove myself like even before i
got hired and then once i did they were
like okay well no now we will hire you
so in order
so government is just saying 160 grand
let’s just give it to
somebody called jim i think he’s looking
for work and
called jim and jim now has a job
that’s basically exactly what happened
please tell me that the new
administrator’s name is jim because i
will be really
it’s a lady oh okay i would have been
really happy if it was jim um
and like i said i’m sure she is
i’m sure she is going to do a
good job
she used to work for the town so they
have a relationship with her
you don’t know what’s out there i’ve
been a restaurant in the restaurant
industry for
you know 35 40 years
my current yeah my current job with
it took me a month to get hired
at the manager for just chick-fil-a a
month a month
a month yeah yeah but you would think
that the
number one
employee of the town that runs the
day-to-day operations
there would be something more
where’s the accountability from our town
council right
that’s what i’m talking about
getting right back to transparency
they think that they can do and say what
they want and nobody is paying attention
but i’m here to tell them
that people are paying attention
we are about to vote them out of office
so uh switching gears a little bit um
because because i want to get to this uh
i know that recently south carolina
passed open carry
right um
but from what from what i understand
according to this article that i read
somerville is not as keen on the idea of
open carry as the rest of south carolina
seems to be uh what is it that they are
with open care how are they ruining open
they are in the process of
saying that open carry
will not be allowed on any town property
even though it’s a state law
even though they have the second
amendment right to carry an open open
weapon now in south carolina one of the
caveats is you have to first have a
concealed carry permit
to open carry
so it’s not like it’s a wild west where
they can just all come in and burnish
guns on their hips you have to have
background checks
you have to have you have to go through
a lot of hoops but the town council is
in the process
that no one is allowed to have an open
within the city limits hometown property
which includes the parks the roads
um the sidewalks sidewalks no nowhere um
cooler has revealed on the council
my opponent in district one of
who’s a lifelong democrat
he got up there and without even knowing
anything about the open carry
he was ready to vote it down
he was ready to say no i vote i vote
that you can’t
have an open carry policy on town on
crown property in somerville
he wanted to do away with open carry
without even hearing about it
the chief of police doug wright he’s
a wonderful man
a career
police officer in uniform
two of the town council members was
placed on a committee to study this
and their rationale is a fear that
they’re going to have
a hundred phone calls a day saying that
there’s some crazy guy with a gun on his
and you need to send a police out to get
that that’s their whole rationale of the
open carry
is they’re afraid that people are going
to complain
because of guys in a park having a gun
on the side
when i grew up in virginia
we had we had rifles and shotguns in the
back in the back
in the back of the car
yeah and nobody said anything we weren’t
out killing everybody right now time’s a
little bit different than it was back in
the 70s and 80s
no silk shirts no polyester suits
are you telling me that the shirt you
are wearing right now is not a silk
hey hi this is this is gq okay all right
you know though this is a claw shirt but
i i so i’m not i’m i’m literally not
making fun of that shirt because it
looks very similar to the one i wore to
work today and like i was thinking
earlier i was like i should have kept
that shirt on because we would have
matched um
i don’t look like your younger brother
right yeah my better looking young my
better looking younger brother let’s be
honest um
but yeah um
yeah even when i grew up in virginia um
which was a little bit later than the
70s and the 80s um
people still drove around with guns like
i i remember specifically with people
carrying sidearms and just walking
around town with them and that was nice
you go to school and have a rifle in
your in your back of your car
you know in the window of your pickup
truck it was common practice
and crime was at an all-time low because
everyone carried a weapon
you restrict the the rights to carry
that emboldened the criminals
to carry more arms
they’re not going to listen to the laws
they don’t care about the laws if they
were they wouldn’t be criminals exactly
and all that these and all that these
laws do is create criminals because
you’re you’re your gun owner the person
who you know who’s out there and he’s
got you know a couple even if he’s only
got one or two handguns he’s not gonna
give them up because why would he give
them up uh because he knows he may need
them to protect himself at some point
right or she he or she uh will need them
to protect themselves at some point and
they’re not gonna just give them up
because the government now told them to
um or you know i can’t carry it so well
i guess
oh well i’m not gonna have it no i’m
still going to have it i’m just going to
be hiding it from you
and josh umbach
he made a really good point in the
comments that i want to scroll back to
and he said too many people worry about
biden or trump and don’t see local
issues in their own neighborhood and
i have said for a while that whoever
gets elected president whoever gets
elected to the senate or to the house in
your area it really doesn’t matter all
that much to you the difference in what
that is going to do to you as an
is pretty minimal
where you can make a difference is
paying attention to the local things
that are going on when you see the penny
somerville when you see the penny for
summer i almost said pinellas and i was
like well that’s that’s me uh when you
see the penny for somerville taxes like
that’s going to affect your
everybody that lives there but
especially the lower class the lower
class in the middle class um because i
want to make it clear that
all politics are local
you know this is where you change the
fabric of our society
by getting elected to the local offices
your school boards your
um your town council your county
because these are the people who are
making laws that affect your day-to-day
you know
the only thing that the federal
government does is makes the national
debt go up and makes your taxes go up
no matter what side of the fence you’re
whether you’re a democrat or republican
they all do the same thing
but it’s the local government that
affects the laws you know
my opponent for example
got up in a town council meeting and
says we pass laws we pass town
that take away the rights of our
and i’ve got we’ve got them on tape
saying it
that he passes ordinances just to take
away your rights
now tell me that’s not
an oversight
that’s big brother at his finest
i don’t know how much you’re spending on
your campaign and i’m not going to ask
because i don’t feel that i if i wanted
to look it up i could but you know we
don’t need to discuss that here
but if you have enough money for tv ads
that is the only thing i would play like
yeah i would just play that on like
every edge
this is what he said i pass ordinances
to take away your rights
that’s and the mass mandates are another
you know he he they had a
protest when they were first doing the
mass ordinances in our town
and he literally got up
turned red in the face screaming at the
people that said they don’t know what
they’re doing
that town council will make the
decisions that will affect their life
they are so far out of touch
especially my opponent
he has been in office for 12 years
trying to get his fourth term
he’s been on school board for a couple
years before that
he is out of touch with his people
you know he he doesn’t talk to his
constituents except six months out of
the election
you know and and he he is bent and
on telling
the citizens of this town
how they should live
how they should work how they should
do everything in their life he wants to
control your life
and i am not going to put up with it
let me let me ask um
i don’t know how south carolina is
overall i know that um
henry mcmaster uh
he shut things down for a little while
at the beginning um of the covid thing
of the covet experience the covet
experiment um
but i know that south carolina’s
they’ve opened pretty much back up i’m
not really sure on mass policies or
anything like that right now but i’m
assuming just based on what you’ve told
here in this interview right now uh that
your opponent uh
would he’s for the masked mandates and
he’s for possibly vaccine uh passports
and things like that
yes okay yeah they just on the list just
on the little
you know it’s all it’s all for show
though right you know he doesn’t believe
what he’s saying
he just wants to say it
you know
there was somebody i went to a town
council meeting uh last month
and he was up on he was up on there and
somebody walked up had a box of mass
walked up and gave him a mask
and he put it on after he got behind the
on the on the bench
now he’s the only one up there with the
mask on and he had it
so he
can’t pick this stuff up somebody walked
up an employee of the town
handed him a mask
and he wears it under his chin like a
oh he doesn’t have it all the way up so
he does the chin diaper
he does the chin diaper he’s got the
chin diaper yeah but yeah he sits there
and tells people that they should wear
hypocritical at best and and you see
and you see that a lot um that’s
i like the way you put that
hypocritical and best criminal at worst
um and you see that a lot and it doesn’t
matter at what level of government uh
you see
we need to wear masks we need to wear
masks but you know it’s all for show
you’ve got aoc in that video where she’s
around a bunch of people and then they
were doing a photo shoot and she put a
mask on and the guy that was in front of
her whose name i don’t remember but he
was another democratic congressman he
did the exact same thing and as soon as
the photo was done they both took him
off and they’re just sitting there
hanging out uh obama had his at his uh
birthday party um you gretchen whitmer
no matter what she does uh you you see
it no matter
you see it in all levels of government
at best
criminal at worst um i’m going to steal
that and use that so often go right
ahead cool um
i’m glad you agree glad glad you’re okay
with me taking that from you oh that
should be your new tagline
hypocritical invest
yeah uh criminal at worst um
what’s the rest of the town council like
on on the mask mandates and the in the
the jab mandates and things like that
they they
fall in line
it’s basically
for all tens of purposes it’s a six-man
council and mayor we have a strong
council form of government
the mayor and three of the town council
members pretty much vote in unison no
matter what’s going on
it’s like whatever the mayor wants they
follow behind um
you know
they’re gonna vote the way the mayor
wants to vote
this is the first time the mayor has
been in office as a mayor
but he’s he’s been a
ricky ricky waring has been the fire
chief he’s been
you know he’s been he’s been in local
politics his entire life
at one one level or another
great guy
i think he’s out of touch
you know he had a you know he’s backing
my opponent
so i’m a little skewed
that’s neither here nor there
had a fundraiser at his house for the
you you take your you take your allies
where you can get them
yeah but
he’s backing him because he votes the
way he wants them to vote
and and i get that because uh in any
level of government you’re going to back
the people that are going to back what
you want to do
um even even if you don’t like the guy
or even if you don’t really agree with
them on a lot of things if they’re going
to back you you’re going to back them um
which is um
i get like i get it like that’s how so
many things work um
once you win
according to
i don’t know how to pronounce this
person’s name and i don’t want to mess
it up but i’m going to try
in the comments uh who says you’re an
american hero but says that you are uh
you’re a shoe-in so does a somebody else
said you were a shoo-in
up here um and i don’t remember who it
was and that was a while ago um oh cj
uh said you were a shoe-in you said
you’re gonna take the w this year
we’ve got a very strong ground game good
um you know
i ran for the state house a couple years
and i spent 500 on my campaign
for the state house
and against my
i was at the time i was running into
against my opponent who won the primary
she spent almost 16 thousand dollars
and i took 40 of the vote spending 500
to your to your 500.
and i didn’t have the first yard sign
road sign i didn’t have the first piece
of advertising if i couldn’t afford it
the 500 basically paid for my
a few palm cards you know advertisings
you know you know like this right here
in the website
and that was it
and i took 40 of the vote
that is that’s got to be one hell of
sorry one heck of one
sorry pastor um one heck of a ground
game because you have to be going and
knocking on every door to do this
and that’s what we did we knocked on
every door now i’m taking that same
the ground game
and i’ve got a lot more money this time
you know
we talked about a huge announcement
and i would like to
officially thank
yeah michael heiss
yeah michael heiss uh my mind just
completely went no i i get it i forgot
paul revere’s name earlier and uh you
know michael heist and the
uh the mises caucus
came out today and officially endorsed
with their endorsement
and i think that’s huge yeah
them endorsing a local town person
is huge
i’ve got democrats supporting me i’ve
got republicans supporting me because
you know it’s not
it’s a person’s moral absolutes that win
at least it should be
you know we’ve had people in state and
federal positions in south carolina
had spent hundreds of millions of
dollars running for a race
and lost
because their message didn’t resonate
with the people
that actually happened here in pinellas
county um alex
alex sink was running for house of
representatives um and i think she spent
25 million dollars on that campaign for
a special election and uh yeah we had
that in her senator race against lindsey
graham his opponent spent 100 million
dollars and lost
you know
i just i can’t fathom that
you know but our ground game we have a
strong ground game
we have um
we have people donating to our campaign
if you would like to donate to our
don johnson for somerville um and our
website and our facebook page
is that uh f o r or the number yes f o r
okay uh all one word don johnson for
somerville dot com
um is our website
it takes the support of every person
out there to to uh
to win an election
it it does and i have no doubt that i’m
gonna win this election
yeah and you know from one of from what
i’ve seen in the commons the people who
uh came here to support you and uh to
see you on the show uh you have a good
amount of support behind you and i uh
and that’s absolutely incredible
and uh truly it’s
it is really good to see that you have
that support behind you
and especially if you’ve got a ground
game that’s the most important thing
anybody can have like in 2020 i get that
everything was a little bit different
because you couldn’t really have ground
games in a lot of places but for the
most part having the ground game is what
wins you election whoever knocks on the
most stores by the end of the campaign
will typically win
um and that goes for
any level of
political office
in this small district
in inside somerville
only 750 people voted in the last
election in 2017.
my opponent won it with 500 votes
out of 750 at a 750.
that’s a good turnaround for him
yeah but it wasn’t a
you know he won with conservative for
democrat he won with conservative votes
he won with
a lot of different things because
his opponent
they didn’t like his opponent so the
more of a vote against the other against
a loser than it was for the for the
person right i think we had a
presidential campaign like that recently
yeah i think so
and um you know
and the other two times he ran he ran
under post so he’s never had
a legitimate
he hasn’t had somebody that he actually
had to face off with now uh are you guys
going to do like public debates or
anything like that or is it going to be
hey i’ll debate him anywhere anytime
i we we’re gonna we we’re gonna make
that offer
uh i don’t think he’s gonna debate me
i go to the town council member uh town
meetings and he won’t even look me in
the eye fair
fair i mean he won’t even look i sit
right in front of him and he won’t look
me in the eye well you know what you
would think with what 67 days left until
the election um right 67 that’s what i’m
doing how about that november 2nd
yeah 67 sounds good um we’re gonna go
with it uh with 67 days left until the
election um he would at least want
if he’s afraid i get why he doesn’t want
to square off against you but if he’s
not afraid
you would think he would want to be out
there and said okay let’s do this let’s
you know let’s present the ideas to the
public let them make up their minds um
but if he’s not willing to do it it’s
obvious that he’s uh not
on your uh on
what you gonna do stand up there and say
i want to take your right take your
rights away listen i want to vote
against i want to vote for wearing mass
i want to put children in mass
you know
the thing that i want to get across
i love the people of somerville
i love i love them all
the good the bad and the ugly
and i’m probably one of the ugly ones
what’s that say about me if you’re my
better looking younger brother
the people of somerville
are very proud
and they just want a chance to be heard
give them the chance to be heard
the thing is what i want people to
listen to the show understand
is the people of somerville
are smart they are intelligent and they
can make their own decisions over their
i have some underlying health conditions
if i want to wear a mask i should be
able to wear a mask if i don’t want to
wear a mask
you i shouldn’t have to wear a mask yes
you know
leave it up to the individuals
the government doesn’t have any business
in mandating what i do with my body
i agree this that’s that that’s the the
nuts and bolts of it
because they want to run your life
you know if you want to send your child
to school in a mask
because you you’re looking after the
best interest of your child
do it but we shouldn’t have a school
board that demands you our mask
no and that’s one of the issues uh that
we’re seeing here in florida a lot um
because school school boards are saying
okay we’re gonna mandate masks and
desantis is saying no you’re not uh
don’t do that and then biden is taking
the side of the school board and it’s
becoming this huge federal mess which it
shouldn’t be becoming because it’s a
state issue it is not a federal issue um
but the way i see it
is that
if you the parent of the child
wants your kid to wear a mask
you should say hey wear a mask inform
the teacher
the teacher the the the coaches the
whoever that you want your child wearing
a mask and then they can afford enforce
it on the child because of the parents
wishes it should not be an all across
the board thing because if you have
children and you’re saying no you don’t
need to wear a mask because you have a
point two percent chance of uh
of experiencing negative effects from
this disease um so i’m not going to
worry about you wearing a mask and you
know suffering from potential
depression and
mental problems because you didn’t learn
how to communicate at a young age um so
i’m not going to have you do that uh
you shouldn’t have to wear a mask you
say no they don’t have to wear a mask
and it should 100 be up to the parents
and that will should not be put onto any
other parents and their children
just like vaccinations you know agreed
i’ve been vaccinated through the va my
wife has been vaccinated
that’s again a personal choice
whether or not you get vaccinated or not
agreed and it
that is 100
that is a personal choice
you know your medical condition and
you’re smart enough to make the choice
right and i would make an argument for
the entire american population
we are smart enough
to know what is best for our own bodies
the the so the way that
the way that i’ve always put it is that
uh people are dumb
people are dumb but individuals are very
smart uh individuals know what’s best
for them it’s when they get into large
groups of people but uh they make dumb
decisions hence the last
we can roughly say a hundred and
something years of
leadership in this country uh call it
box of people right
um and
if if you as the individual says you
know what
i’m i’m in my you know
20s 30s early 40s i don’t really get
sick that often i’m in decent shape um
you know i spend a lot of time outside i
eat healthy i don’t think i need to get
this vaccine
you should not need to get the vaccine
uh and if you’re like you know my child
has a point two percent chance of uh
getting any real negative effects from
this disease
i don’t want them to wear a mask they
shouldn’t have to wear the mask
i’m out i’m out in the public talking to
a lot of people
but i had a good friend of mine
that um
he made a very valid point
he can’t even get a six-year-old to keep
his shirt on
how is he going to keep it how are you
going to how the heavy the six-year-old
going to keep his mask on
brent de ritter who uh do you know brent
no okay uh he’s from he’s north carolina
he’s just north y’all um they they’re
the they’re the carolina with the less
waffle houses if you didn’t know okay um
but uh he said uh he’s got a company
called cell liberty and uh they do a lot
of fantastic work on uh the messaging of
liberty uh and how to properly message
um and he wanted to know if you were
doing follow-up calls to the door
knocking like if you’re calling the
people that you had been visiting and if
not and you wanted an extra volunteer he
knows a guy which i’m almost certain is
him but i don’t want to put that work
those words in his mouth
so we’ll take all the volunteers we can
get cool all right well yeah no brent’s
a fantastic guy fantastic messenger uh
cell liberty does a lot of really good
work and he have seen them i think i’ve
seen their ads on facebook probably yeah
now uh one wonderful wonderful man
friend of the show friend of mine and uh
friend of everybody at muddy waters
really yeah if you go to my website don
um there’s a place in there that you can
put your contact information if you want
to help with the campaign um there’s a
place in there where if you would like
to donate you know everybody donated 25
we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing
you know if everybody just went there
tonight and donated 25 a pop
from all your listeners we wouldn’t have
to ask for money ever again
don thank you so much we went a little
bit long we started late though so i’m
i’m saying that it’s okay um as long as
i didn’t like go into your schedule at
all um but thank you so much for coming
on thank you for spending thursday night
with me thank you for spending the
beginning of friday uh with me um
give everybody your last pitch here tell
everybody uh why they should support you
why they should donate to you why they
should vote for you depending on where
they are in the country um and um
well no matter where you’re at the
country you can donate to me right
money money traveled electronically so
you go to don johnson for
and donate no matter where you’re at
why you should vote for me for some real
town council district one
i’m in touch with my constituents i’m in
touch with the people in my community
i’m a pastor
i’m a veteran and we have a strong
veteran presence in charleston
i love this town
and all i want is the town council that
is open
and transparent
the last 15 town council meetings
13 of them were specially called
out of the blue with very little notice
like the firing of rebecca vance they
gave a
i think a 12-hour notice that they were
gonna do this and it wasn’t public
or rebecca would have been there
she was the only person in town
apparently that didn’t know about it
you know
i’m sorry to say that but i know and i
i’m sorry to laugh but it’s
i don’t expect much less from government
like government at any level at this
point in my life
i have made
my life
service of others
whether it’s in the military
whether it’s in restaurants serving
my wife has worked for the school
district in the cafeteria system for 18
serving our children
seeing multiple generations come through
you know my wife was born and raised
here in somerville
my son went to
public schools here in somerville
i’m very familiar with our town
and what the needs are and talking to
and meeting with
every single day i get out and talk to a
lot of people and
we know
what people want in this district in
this town
i didn’t just come up with a platform
because it was a platform to come up
anybody can do that i went to my people
and said what is important to you
and i talked to hundreds and hundreds of
and put out surveys and found out what
the key issues of them were
and i built my platform around these
three key issues uh
limited government
you know
so they’re not empowered to take your
rights away like my opponent wants to do
uh transparency having equal playing
field for all people regardless of their
background their race their color their
being able to come to somerville and
open a business up if they want to
coming to somerville and having a good
safe we have one of the best police
departments in the country
we have a one of the best fire
departments in the country here in
and they need to be supported
period absolutely an infrastructure
yeah you know
having having
our roads
we wouldn’t be a bad place to live
we’re not a bad place to live
but our town council has been on
determining of putting more houses than
we have roads
not enforcing
people to the developers that develop
you know we have a uniform uh udo
uniform development ordinance right and
they are going through the last probably
six council meetings and gutting it
something they developed you know
christine zarnick with a council member
a couple years ago she got voted out of
office she lost an election and moved
back to new jersey where her family’s
from she was instrumental in developing
this uniform
development code
they have this udo they have completely
line items
50 percent out of it already
eliminating the restrictions placed on
do so they can come in and just build
whatever they want to build
it’s a shame and that’s why i’m running
for town council
and let me uh let me be probably not the
first but uh one of the first to say
congratulations on your endorsement from
the mises caucus that that is a huge
accomplishment um
and you’re always the first one to hear
this and this announcement
well yeah
for first people to hear it and no that
that is amazing uh good job uh i’m
certain that you will make michael and
the rest of the people with me cisco’s
very proud and uh i know that they are
all rooting for you as am i and
everybody here at muddy waters um
and uh i know that you just picked up a
fantastic volunteer um because cj said
so um
but uh
but uh i i absolutely believe that this
is your race your race to win and uh i
look forward to hearing from you uh over
the course of the next two months and
the week uh
anytime you want me to come on i’m i’m
i’m available to come on i was gonna say
yes you are welcome anytime i certainly
would like to come on november third
or the the first tuesday or thursday
after election for every thursday the
fourth right before we
let your let your viewers know that we
were victorious
absolutely i would love to have you on
uh so we could talk about the uh the the
winning election and uh we can talk
about how you did it and we can uh
give people some pointers on what they
can do to emulate exactly what you did
um but
thank you so much for coming on uh i do
appreciate it i’ve got to close the show
out if you want to hang out cool and i
can talk to you afterwards and if you
have to go i understand um but uh
i will talk to you very soon either way
again thank you so much hang out and
chat after the show okay cool sounds
good and i will be back in just a few
minutes then
to everybody else
thank you so much for tuning in today uh
it has been a fantastic night and thank
you to each and every one of you that
chooses to hang out with me on thursdays
because again there’s a lot of things
you can do on thursday nights
and you chose me
you like me you really like me
um that’s an old cut that’s a sally
that’s sally field when she won her
second oscar
thank you so much to don johnson for
tuning in uh it was a huge pleasure to
have him here
now tomorrow i have heard mixed on this
i there might be an episode of cajun and
eskimo from bayous to igloo starting at
9 30 eastern um i am
not 100 sure because he told me last
week that there wouldn’t be so but i’ve
heard now that there is so tune in
tomorrow at 9 30 eastern to find out if
there’s going to be an episode of cajun
and eskimo from bayous to igloos uh and
then we’re going to be taking the
weekend off and on monday you can tune
in right here 8 o’clock for mr america
the bearded truth who’s also in south
carolina um and he will be tuning uh i
don’t know what he’s talking about this
week but uh no matter what it is it’s
gonna be a great deep dive into a single
issue and he is going to uh blow your
minds with whatever he has to say um on
tuesday spike
cohen the libertarian 2020 libertarian
vice presidential nominee and myself
will be parsing through the week’s events
like the sweet little summer 2020 wonder
boys that we are um and on wednesday
spike cohen returns for my fellow
americans eight o’clock
next week and then thursday you can
choose to tune in and watch me eight o’clock
right here on muddied waters for a brand
new episode of the writer’s block before
i let you go uh reminder that on tuesday
spike and i are gonna be auctioning off
one of the libertarian party waffle
house caucus tumblers autographed by
spike and myself um and you can bid on
it you can bid on it and have yourself
your very own libertarian party waffle
house caucus tumbler i’ve also got some
good news coming about some other
tumblers that might be uh happening
hopefully pretty soon and you will be
able to get those you won’t have to bid
on them though um and uh
yeah i think that’s all the real news
that i’ve got for you fun fact of the
week uh when octopuses when an octopus
gets bored when octopi octopus octa when
octopuses um because it’s not octopi
when octopuses get bored they eat their
arms yeah weird right uh so again thank you
all so much for tuning in uh
reminder uh that uh tune in for five
nights a week monday wires media five
nights a week eight o’clock every night
except for friday where it’s 9 30. and
until next week
have yourself a fantastic weekend
i am matt wright and you are perfect
just the way you are i will see you soon

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