The Cajun and Jason…Show?

Tonight we raffle off my hat for a family in need. We will talk about T-Mobile getting breached again, New Zealand goes full tyranny, again and we talk about the Afghanistan Papers! Don’t miss!

Episode Transcript

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how is everyone tonight on friday
welcome to the cajun eskimo show from
biot igloo as you can see i have my
live with me in the cajun libertarian
studio which is actually
my kitchen believe it or not um
eskimo why don’t you give everyone a
great greeting eskimo she says hi
tonight on the cajun and eskimos show it
will actually be the cajun and jason
bearded truth mr murica the bearded
truth we will be talking about t-mobile
getting breached again
new zealand goes full tyranny again
and the wonderful afghanistan papers
which are all too intriguing and very
too long to discuss in one episode but
absolutely fascinating next on the cajun
and eskimo show from bayou state blues
yes yes yes welcome back to all of you
wonderful friends and family to the
cajun eskimo show from bayou st igloos
on muddied waters media whoops my bad
i’ve got a little different setup
tonight i just bumped the table and
knocked the camera so but you know who
doesn’t mess anything up cumberland
cannabis company based out of tennessee
for your online weed cbd and all of the
natural and organic necessities
that you will need to get your weed
online and feel better reduce that
inflammation and live a better healthier
life with can cumberland cannabis
you know who also is fantastic and who
reduce your inflammation and your
worries and stress if you’re in
pennsylvania joe soloski joe soloski for
pennsylvania governor the key to
pennsylvania’s success and if you did
not know joe is the voice of the muddied
waters of freedom intro on tuesday night
joe will be on my show
very soon
this week i believe this wednesday
so check that out check out joe if you
live in pa make him your governor it
will be worth it
with that being said
uh obviously you see i have eskimo here
live in the cajun libertarian studio so
who we will bring on tonight is
mr america the beard of truth or
i don’t know if he can know this but i
can see him in the gulag down there with
that ridiculous crap on
uh he has labeled himself mr beard of
truth mister braided truth what’s up
hey so um
for anybody wondering what the hell is
he wearing so
on i believe it was monday night’s show
you had a wonderful guest on your
standalone uh page where you were
talking and this is terrible this is
this is not a well made prop by any
means but
you had a viewer that was talking about
how you’re always wearing a black hat
your black beard just molds into your
black shirt it’s weird it’s almost as if
like this was planned or something um
but you had no idea of this so
i thought i was going to take it upon
myself to wear poorly made prop to be
the second cajun but but really what the
people want
is the better beard and so
okay let’s give the people what they
you just lost style points there you
were gaming
i think you were even trending on
twitter there for the last few seconds
you also don’t have a shirt from spike
cohen handed to you personally that says
young padawan
oh i you’re you’re you’re absolutely
right he uh he just showers me with
compliments he doesn’t
doesn’t give me the pity gifts
yeah no absolutely absolutely no that’s
beautiful uh so of course i i i would be
remiss without saying this because
there’s so many people here who are
joining in for these podcasts uh
and they may think that we hate each
other but of course this is all and good
libertarian brotherly love uh from one
navy guy to another navy guy
uh you know as we talk about something
that’s so relevant for veterans later on
and and so this is this is all in the
best of flavors and the best of fun and
uh so excited to be doing this and uh
joining you tonight
yeah yeah thank you for joining i asked
jason to come on short notice because i
wanted to do
uh in a raffle or auction for this hat
and eskimo is out of town i meant to
mention that at the very beginning she
is doing her thing in the alaskan
grocery store
i believe so she is out of town and i
asked jason to come on and for anybody
that doesn’t know i would be
hard-pressed to think that you don’t
know but jason has a show on monday
nights on monday waters media would you
like to pitch that show
absolutely so i am of course the mr
america the bearded truth of running my
shows monday nights 8 p.m eastern that’s
freedom time of course
uh not central but but eastern and where
we take one topic each week we dive deep
into these topics and we talk about did
you guys just lose me or is that me just
like okay okay perfect uh when we dive
deep into like a specific topic and we
talk about the history of it we talk
about the rep from the republican side
the democrat side and of course the
libertarian solution to it some of these
topics we’ve hit already our certificate
of need um which is your health care
finding ways of making health care more
affordable more accessible and getting
cronyism and monopolies out of the way
we’ve talked about civil asset
forfeiture where law enforcement
has a legal tool in which they can take
your property that’s your money your car
your home your boat whatever it is as
long as they think that it may have been
associated with a crime of course
without due process we’ve talked about
the war on drugs we had matt wright from
here from mighty waters of
we spoke uh a great length on the war on
drugs and everything else and and so we
hit so many different topics and uh so
we’ve got of course an abundance of them
coming forward um i’m excited we’re
gonna have cajun on here soon we’re
gonna have uh we have bootleg coming up
this monday night 8pm eastern uh we’re
gonna be talking a little bit about guns
which is of course libertarian rite of
passage um
and we’ve got some great guests coming
on so it’s not just me pontificating
into a microphone but having some good
conversations and so i’m so incredibly
excited for that
nice yeah your show is uh extremely
informative entertaining and absolutely
amazing as you are and as my beard is
why don’t you uh give us uh what you can
because obviously we have to be
discretionary in the information that we
share but about the family that we’re
trying to help out by auctioning or uh
raffling raffling this hat off which
should be pinned to the top of the
comment section as soon as soon as
ashley grier smooth pops in
um so
yes uh so we have a family and part of
being a libertarian is the idea that we
take care of our own we take care of our
own society we take care of others
within our community and so um
i’ve got a family that has been very
close to me that i’ve known them for
years and
they’re going through a pretty difficult
court battle
for family court to protect their
youngest or their oldest uh child and so
as they’re fighting through this process
it has been incredibly cumbersome and a
financial just sinkhole if you will um
just naturally as how family courts go
and so they’re actually a risk right now
of actually to give the update that um i
failed to uh to send over to matt wright
to get the gofundme updated which uh
we’ll we could get that into the comment
here in a second but
um they have lost their last legal
representative uh due to not being able
to afford it after spending more than
thirty thousand dollars in the last year
and a half two years um they needed to
put up a good chunk of money to begin
with that was twenty five thousand
dollars in order to
just fulfill the retainer to to have
that legal representative follow them
into um into trial or to represent them
in trial
and so they’ve lost that representative
they’re they’re fighting right now to
get into a new
uh legal representative so that they can
maintain their daughter and why this is
so important is that if they are unable
to because of the the state that they
live in
if they’re unable to go to this trial it
reverts back to a decision before
wherein this child may potentially be
going back to a very volatile and
destructive lifestyle um because of the
the upbringing that she has gone through
there so it’s incredibly important for
us to be able to take uh take some
efforts um take our time and and build
up for somebody within our own community
and help out when we can and so every
little bit that we we’ve been able to uh
has been amazing and and to
expand upon that uh if i could real
quick before we get into the raffling um
i did
probably like a month ago we did pepper
payne for families gain on muddy waters
freedom with spike
and that
and i ate
so many peppers
um the following day i ate a piece of
beef jerky that was well over a million
scoville units and i said if we make it
to five thousand dollars in total
whether that is on the gofundme whether
that is um sent over to my paypal which
has been cleared out so everything that
goes into the paypal is going to this
family’s fund um or through other means
if we got to that five thousand dollar
mark i would be eating
a drop
of this pepper and it’s called the end
flat line and it is seven million
scoville units so seven or six to seven
times hotter than that beef jerky and um
sure as heck we’ve hit it
so before
he explains the raffle for tonight i
want to show you guys that that that red
dot right there that’s that’s gonna make
me cry
yeah yeah i was gonna say uh hold off
for a second on that because i want you
speak for a minute
and so
what we’re doing is we’re wrapping up
with there are only 31 tickets left
they’re only five dollars a ticket
excuse me
and so these things are going to go fast
uh you’re going to get this worthless
hat that i will sign that’s all also
maybe i throw in a written hand note
which is
less worth than the other stuff uh
doesn’t matter it’s five dollars people
five dollars is five dollars throw in
five dollars
hope to get the hat the original hat i
see somebody gave me some flack in the
comment section because i did buy
i’m sorry i did have one made
not to reveal my sources but here is a
new one see it’s still got the sticker
on it it’s never been worn the only
the very first piece of merchandise that
was ever made for the cajun libertarian
brand is sitting on my head and has been
since just about day one so that is what
we’re raffling off it is very
sentimental to me
as my grant has grown exponentially
leaps and bounds beyond what i ever
thought in a million years
that it would
and so um
it does hold sentimental value to me but
more importantly we’re trying to help
out a family in need roy martin says not
worthless it covers your bald head bro
i’m not bald i have hate
he had to pull it back all the way to
the back of his head to find find where
it’s proceeded to it’s because it’s what
you know what nah since you said it i’ll
say it too right look i can see the back
of your scalp from the front of your
scalp i don’t want to hear it
we got the same problems we got the same
our beards are phenomenal our head hair
is less than
i would also like to add on on this hat
thing is that
cajun is a part of the muddy waters team
right cajun is a part of this muddy
waters team and so far
everybody who’s been a part of the the
muddy waters team has been absolutely
amazing has been incredibly intelligent
who has not
yet reached their fullest potential
and so
uh as he is degrading himself of his
value of today
come back next week and that hat’s worth
another 32 cents uh come back and
come back in a decade and cajun
libertarian is now like the speaker of
the house of the us congress and it’s
just running things right so it’s it’s
not just about the value of today but
it’s the value of tomorrow and and cajun
libertarian is going places that is
undeniable at this point and and so
you can you can literally have a a
hat right now that was from the very
beginning of cajun libertarian
and now find me another hat out there
that was there from the original cajun
yep you won’t find it
one of one of a kind i believe that
raises the value quite a bit it is one
of a kind what do i know i had it
specially made i had the second one
specially made actually to be honest
with you they had the second one
specially made just because whoever wins
the hat if they didn’t want one that was
uh just filled with my nasty sweat
then uh actually i don’t sweat that back
because it’s always in here there are a
few sweat lines but if they wanted the
brand new one i’ll still sign that but
probably people are going to want this
one and then i’ll wear the new one this
is the very first piece of cajun
libertarian merchandise ever made
and it has sat on my head for every show
since it has arrived at my doorstep and
that it that does hold sentimental value
and thank you jason for those amazing
except for the curse of being in
politics don’t don’t do that
as we sit here and we we talk about this
spike cohen
two years ago when i first started here
at buddy waters um
we were having conversations right matt
was a former i believe vice chair for
for florida um i was a county chair here
in in south carolina
we literally had a conversation the
three of us and spike was like look at
you guys you guys are doing all those
politician-y things and i’m sitting over
here just being in my radical anarchist
self like having a good time with it
and and you know he had no ambitions
whatsoever to run and we we got him
there to the sclp presidential debate
so we could cover it as muddy waters
team um
he hangs out with vermin supreme and and
of course the rest is history now we
have the greatest vice presidential
candidate the libertarian party has ever
put up because spy cohen said that he
was never going to be a politician and
yet when he went out there he kicked ass
and so now it’s just a matter of us
muddy waters team uh and as of course
you guys the viewers as well of
encouraging cage of libertarian to
continue to grow continue to develop and
then go kick ass and take names just the
same way that’s great
big facts
i am
yeah i i’m fully uh i get you know i
i give a lot of crap to spike just
because i know he’s a a big deal and he
can take it and
but at the end of the day i’m super
honored to be here on the muddy waters
crew with you
and matt wright and eskimo and spike and
i i said it at the convention that i
hosted in tunica you know i’m super
proud to follow spike’s lead i’m super
proud to learn from you and matt
and uh and eskimo she does way more
research than i do as well
how does that make you
feel feels very arrogant about that
she does more
it’s gonna kill me still we we we tried
to cover that enough times at the
beginning so that i would not die
not gonna happen i’m dying
no i have no plan for this process right
like just whenever it peaks my interest
to slam that microphone into noick’s
face and ask her a stupid ass question
i’m gonna do that how does that make you
feel nervous
thanks not
so five dollars a ticket you can
get a hat worn by me signed by me which
will be insignia
uh i don’t know if that’s the right word
insignia’s i will put my personal
signed it will be signed but it’s a
signi insignia though it’s not an actual
i’ll give you a back story real quick
like 20 seconds
uh all of the electronic devices that i
use all day long including my phone for
work i have my personal insignia that i
use which is n-o
my first name is noel and then my last
initial is oh and i do it
as a cool little design it’s a very cool
came up with myself because apparently
i’m a cool guy with pretty ingenuitive
uh ideas that’s debatable however it’s
not debatable it is a really cool
insignia i will sign that on this black
cat with a white sharpie my personal
insignia not the the cajun libertarian
brand unless the person that wins it
specifically wants cajun libertarian if
not then i will actually give you my
personal insignia on the hat and it will
go straight to you i’ll mail it straight
to you uh look we’re talk we this family
needs tens of thousands of dollars and
we pumped out barely over 30 i think
almost 40 tickets we’re we’re right at
30 now
it’s only get at five dollars a ticket
y’all it’s only going to give this
family 175 dollars but
that’s a lot of money because that’s
i’m waiting on them to pin it into the
comments if you can’t find it in the
comments yet you can go straight to my
page it’s pinned to the top of my page
the cajun libertarian the occasional
libertarian the page with like 15 000
followers not my profile
it will not be on the profile it’s
shared to my profile yes but it’ll be
much easier if you just go to my big
page and just pin right to the top i’ll
try to pin it to the twitter as well
we’re going to let this raffle run
through the weekend i would really like
to sell these tickets out
through the
end of this episode we will let it run
through the weekend i will announce the
winner on monday the cambridge
libertarian live just a thought episode
that i release every monday at the
beginning of that episode i will let
everybody know who won and then i will
gather their information and send them
the hat and
i have a secret present to send as well
along with yes a handwritten note from
me myself occasionally libertarian in a
thank you
letter for this family that i care very
deeply about and i want them to do the
things that they have to do right like
thomas daniel tweeter says do the thing
whatever the thing is in front of you
that you need to do do that thing well
right now the thing we need to do is
sell 30 more tickets that’s five bucks
five bucks is five bucks please uh oh
it’s did you say do the thing in front
of you
oh i did but
yeah go ahead
is there anything else you want to add
before you were indisposed for a few
no that was a big ass drop though i’m
really scared
but no i
this is this is so incredibly important
um while we’re waiting to get those
links put up there um if you guys go
over to the cajun libertarians um
facebook page you guys will see it there
i actually just found it i don’t have a
way of copying that i don’t know how to
do that i’m tech-tarted uh but um if you
guys are looking to donate directly let
me put that oh no i can’t do that either
um i can figure out how to make comments
but you guys can go to gofund dot me
slash 519
and that will take you right to the
gofundme you could uh
if you want to make donations outside of
the raffle you make them directly there
and of course you can find me
my paypal that we’ve been using as a
loophole for people who don’t want to
pay the fees of gofundme you can always
find me paypal mr beard of truth
but without further ado let’s um
let’s get into the rest of the show
let’s get into the rest of the show
oh my god it burned through
holy crap it burned through the cracker
so while he eats that devastatingly
ridiculous amount of pain
janice in the comments says i think
there’s a five-ticket limit
and she is going to purchase five
tickets 25 bucks on paypal for five
tickets please good cause
joe thank you for posting the gofundme
in the comment section thank you very
much i am working with two different
screens right now y’all so please bear
with me
i have never done anything like this
but we will make work the other one is a
there he goes
there he goes a lap tablet so i’m
actually touch screening this uh laptop
so yes five dollars is five dollars
while you watch jason die so five
dollars five dollars uh that when he did
this for the family a few weeks ago
about a month ago and he had all those
those peppers
you can imagine how much his
mouth was on fire and by extension
you could probably clairvoyantly see
or get a good visual of the future which
is still the past
but right now if you didn’t hear about
it it’s in the future for your mind
that him on the toilet the next day was
probably something similar
to him sitting
or hovering above the seventh gate of
these peppers begin to exit his lower
intestines into the toilet
and now he’s dying
no that is
oh my god no that’s terrible
i my mouth is on fire it’s cool
let’s roll
we’ll give jason a break for a minute
as we start to dip off into what we have
so i have worked a
bunch of overtime this month in the
blistering heat
of south mississippi in august
just incredible but
i love this so much and i love what we
is so important that it doesn’t really
matter except for the fact that i did
not have time
to extrapolate
the uh
the the content out of these articles
and information that i want so i’m just
going to cherry pick it as we go along
here t-mobile
says at least 47 million
current and former customers have
been affected by
a hack t-mobile has confirmed that
millions of current and former customers
had their information stolen in a data
in a statement t-mobile which has more
than 100 million customers
said its preliminary analysis shows 7.8
million current post paid t-mobile
customers had information taken in the
data breach
the carrier said that some personal data
was taken including customer names dates
of birth social security numbers and
driver’s license information for a
subset of current and former post-paid
customer and prospective t-mobile
the co the company also said that 40
million records of former and
prospective customers was taken but that
no phone numbers account numbers pins
past passwords or financial information
were compromised here is where the
kicker comes right ready for the fun
the company warned that approximately
850 000 active
t-mobile customer
phone numbers account pins
and account pins were in fact
and that customers names phone numbers
and account pins were exposed t-mobile
it has reset those customers pins
and they are recommending all post paid
customers to proactively change their
account pin
vice reported this weekend that t-bubble
was investigating a possible hack after
a seller on known
on a known criminal forum
claimed to be in possession of millions
of records
the seller told vice they had 100
million records of t-mobile customers
which included customer account names
phone numbers and the imei
numbers of the phones on the account
t-mobile warns that there could be more
fallout to come noting that
it confirmed there was some additional
information from inactive prepaid
accounts accessed through prepaid
billing file
but did not say what
only that it was not financial
information so if you are a t-mobile
customer at this present time past
or present and apparently or future
you’re at risk yeah
so i actually got that text yesterday
t-mobile has determined
that unauthorized access to some of your
personal data
has occurred
and we have no evidence that your debit
card or credit card information was
compromised we take protection of our
customers seriously
we are taking actions to protect your
t-mobile account
and we recommend that you take action to
protect your credit card
freedom we’re here
probably yeah
so i don’t the reason i bring this up
y’all is because with all the stuff
that’s going on between coronavirus and
this one might have slipped through the
cracks for you
it just might have
by the way another company that you can
defy the power you see i have a defy the
power mug right here which i can
take a nice wonderful sip of my diabetic
friendly throat wetter from defy the
got it in tunica
and my mouth does not burn as much as
jason’s because i have a defy the
mug in my hand back to t-mobile
this is well you finish off with
t-mobile i’ll give you one moment please
this isn’t the first time that t-mobile
has done
has dealt with this so
i’m not
an advocate against t-mobile here right
i have no idea their infrastructure
at this point
it sounds pretty bad right it sounds
pretty bad i mean it’s not really a
laughing matter i’m more laughing at
jason and t-mobile’s just absolute
i’ve read it straight from the website
there or straight from the uh
from the article 100 million account
users minimum
pay for security man
like come on
this is absurd the fact that this is
multiple times now you’ve dealt with
in your infrastructure system that’s a
problem just a real coffee level
we need to uh correct that problem
everyone was listening and watching
right now
i would do the things that we just want
to be doing in regards to your t-mobile
account if you are in fact
what’s amazing about t-mobile is
that so many people are attracted to
them because they’re the un-network or
the uncarrier if you will
they’re very casual with the way they
handle things they’re they’re not on
your face and so
there’s definitely a reason
uh definitely a reason why people want
to go to t-mobile
and they give a lot of discounts so
i actually have a business discount for
being mr merc of the bearded truth i
also have a veteran discount and so
to be able to stack discounts like that
is fantastic
um and and so they are on the cheaper
side compared to some of the other
businesses out there so
it sucks for
for people that are in need of a
somewhat reputable um
phone carrier but at the same time
you’re coming with those risks
and so
of course as we have
uh this guy dying um
yeah but uh as um as people are trying
to find
barriers to move to t-mobile has shown
as you said you know they have a record
not being very good at stopping those
hackers so
take that
as you guys are figuring out who you
want to move to as people are moving
uh from phone carrier to phone carrier
i highly suggest you do not gravitor
gravitate towards whatever it is that
jason mr beard or truth just put in his
mouth probably a bad idea
it’s a terrible idea
seems like a bad idea yep but
we do a lot of bad ideas and a lot of
bad things for good causes and that’s
the feeling
five bucks is five bucks and a hundred
million scovilles is a hundred million
for the right cause
we need
another like ten grand and we’re going
to try to knock out
175 worth of that 10 grand a night so
please buy a ticket a raffle ticket
should be in the comments section if not
set the pin to the top of the cajun
libertarian page hopefully ashley will
have the details posted in the comment
section here in the chat
again you can go straight to my page the
cajun libertarian and find
the raffle
setup right there pinned at the top you
can also donate to straight to the
jason lyon put his paypal in there he
will get that money straight to the
same system as i have done several times
and you guy have it you guys have
embraced it just paypal me and i send it
straight to him same concept here paypal
jason it gets straight to there
first just take one minute while jason
continues to recover mr beard of truth
mr murray it’s gonna be all night
i just wanted to show you i don’t know
if you’ve seen this picture yet jason
but i wanted to show it to you
you know who that is
that looks like a younger jack casey
that is a younger jack casey
it’s not a it’s not jack casey
people want to see
his leg
is that his foot that’s bent weird
you know
you know
is he wearing capris that’s right there
it is yes he’s wearing capris that’s
much he’s wearing capris no chest hair
and he’s wearing capris yes my biggest
chris he needs to be wearing a bra if
he’s if he’s
wearing capris all right or just or even
just seashell pasties right something
he’s wearing
cover up the nips
nipple gate back over again we’re
starting this back up again
nipple gate
so i
would like
the all infamous famous and wonderfully
beloved as thomas daniel quiter likes to
put it the chubby cheeks of justice give
us the best absolute most phenomenal ad
read for jack casey in the royal that anybody has ever had
eskimo give us the best jackassee every
great ad read
you are fantastic thank you sir that was
absolutely the best ad read i’ve ever
heard from the
and she is delightful that you all
enjoyed it as well
that is a fact
i’m not sure how much jason is enjoying
i tell you what he’s not stuck in a
wheelchair with abs upside down feet
thomasquiter is though time for
there’s no quit in quitter thomas daniel
quitter for senate if you don’t know
he’s running for the 52nd district of
new york state for senate and he is very
much in a wheelchair as a [ __ ] that
gets his bones broken very easily with
upside down feet what else you may not
know about thomas quieter he is
absolutely brilliant and deserves to be
in the 52nd district senate of new york
state so please go to hit
the donate button smash the donate
button at tom from that’s ceo
there’s no quit and quitter thomas
daniel quitter for senate new york
now that’s a phenomenal ad read
much better than than nalix over there i
thought it was pretty great it was good
it was good
it’s the best jack casey ad read i’ve
ever heard
tom from yeah that was a good ad
read so in keeping with the theme of
i guess there isn’t really a theme but
we’ll we’ll go to it we’ll go to it real
quick let’s talk about
new zealand for a second this isn’t
uncommon in that region though right
like we see australia kind of doing the
same thing but we’re going to show you
all some graphics that going to make a
lot of sense to you
we’re gonna talk about a few things that
do not make sense to you i’ll be very
quick with this because we are actually
all ready to almost 40 minutes
and we want to get to the afghanistan
papers because that is what matters so
new england has entered full lockdown
new zealand oh
like yeah new zealand the country that
apparently we have no idea even existed
prior to
however it is that i came across this
article and had to reach out to the
nationally syndicated publishers of said
articles and radio ads to find out what
the hell they were talking about because
i had no idea what new zealand was
before today apparently to some people
on twitter that’s
new it was beautiful beautiful
thank you
so new england new england new zealand
has entered full lockdown
mode why is that important
i’ll tell you why it’s important give me
10 seconds
after recording its first
case of the delta variant
they got one
one case
and they shut the whole country down
they shut the whole country down after
all case jason you know
in the past new zealand has a track
new zealand and australia both like they
they run eerily similar to each other in
which they’re like
over dramatic and what’s what’s what’s
crazy about it right is
is we understand that covet is a thing
right covid exists covin is is
detrimental covert you need to take some
precautions right my family were taking
a lot of uh vitamin c vitamin d uh
taking some zinc and we’re taking
precautions in order to minimize our
risk of covet
we’re limiting how much we’re we’re
going off and doing body shots off of
random strangers right we’re
we’re trying to we’re trying to mitigate
our risks as much as possible but we’re
also not just giving up the economy
we’re not just giving up a life and just
sitting in a room going oh my god kova’s
out there um
but you have certainly
some mindsets out there that are kobets
out there
why have we not locked everybody in
their own little separate room and and
we’ll send the police out day and night
to cover all these things and
and i i’ve got a buddy that lives down
in australia um
down in sydney and and he he’s another
fellow podcaster who i hope to have on
as well um but you know he’s been doing
every day of lockdown and just talking
about the experiences there and it’s
scary how australia and new zealand are
so symmetrical on this
of just shut down everyone’s life you
guys don’t need to live there’s there’s
a virus out there
my mouth is done by a virus that still
globally maintains
a 98 point plus
percentile chance of survival
we are ruining people’s lives
we are wrecking countries economies
a 98 point i’m being generous there
very generous because here’s the thing
that like a lot of people have missed in
all of this is that we know that there
are people that carry covid that are
asymptomatic the entire time now how
many people have been tested that were
just asymptomatic you just woke up and
was like i want to swab my nose today
and i don’t want my to use my own q-tips
i want to use
my insurance in order to get a get a
swap and i want to have somebody else
swap my nose for me you know so we have
so many cases out there of covid that
have never even been
nobody has any ideas ever occurred
and so as a result of that the number of
cases has been inflated
um we also know that there have been
plenty of pharmacies that do this
testing that have
that have been known that hey we’re
popping positives and it’s not real so a
false positive so we’ve had inflation on
the cases
and we’ve had uh
uh so we’ve had more people that have um
that have had covet that have not been
tested and known
but we’ve also have numbers that are not
accurate because they’re they’re even
expanded beyond because we haven’t ever
gone back to check up on it it’s as soon
as you pop positive right go into
quarantine for two weeks we’ll see you
hopefully you can survive hopefully your
job will still take care of you
hopefully they’re gonna follow the laws
and everything else and and they don’t
find a reason to fire you and everything
else so
you could you could get your life
together don’t worry you could do it in
just two weeks though don’t worry about
today um
and and so that 98 percentile i mean the
number is sitting right around 99 i
think and and it’s even further
it’s even smaller than that of a
mortality rate and and that’s important
and we also look at the mortality rates
these are these are people by their age
demographics these are trending right
along with it so it’s a really weird
situation of we need to be super fearful
it’s like you don’t need to be
super fearful of it you need to
understand it you need to kind of work
within your own and work within your
community to minimize your risk but at
the end of the day like you can’t just
give up life
for the fear of losing it
yeah yeah and that’s essentially what
we’re talking about here here’s my
concern is that a country like new
in australia which you and i have both
seen the graphics before we’ve posted
them here uh it does not
they’re going to look
they’re it’s already in the article here
many many articles they’re already
promulgating the idea that these
lockdowns these full-scale
100 percent totalitarianism lockdowns
work and they’re going to reference
countries like new zealand and australia
that’s that’s a valid point to bring up
so let me get to the rest of the title
here and i’ll show you all the graphics
um the country hasn’t seen a single
locally transmitted code of 19k since
february new zealand imposed a strict
initial lockdown last year barring
almost all out of country visitors
notice the word placement
they tell you
entered full lockdown mode after
recording its first case of delta
variant very catchy gitches you good
yeah bad bad journalism as far as truth
concerns but good journalism if you want
to get people’s attention second
sentence the country hadn’t seen a
single locally transmitted coven 19 case
since february now that’s where they get
you because they say oh my god full
lockdown mode
what’s going on first case is delta
variant then they tell you they haven’t
seen a single transmitted case
since february then you’re like oh my
god holy crap maybe this works then new
zealand posed a strict initial lockdown
last year barring almost all
out of country visitors new zealand is
now one of the last countries to
encounter the very
prime minister arden i’m not going to
try her first just send them baby
um i don’t speak new zealand
probably prime minister
i don’t speak kiwi either i hate kiwi i
don’t speak
the whole island of new zealand’s going
to be mad at us now
more than 142 count countries have
encountered delta so far according to
the world health organization here’s a
quote from the prime minister of new
delta has been called a game changer and
it is arden said where show me show me
the stats they’re not there show me
especially when it comes to children
specifically there’s a game changer the
only reason why it’s a game changer is
because they came out with a vaccine
that was like somewhat effective against
like the the older variant like not even
like fully very
yeah so so they they skewed data and
they made everything else to make it
look more uh
more as a as a good strong defense there
and then the delta variant came through
and of course it’s a mutation it’s a
different thing and so the same vaccine
is not working at the same effective
rate um but they’re still keeping the
sku data and so
it’s a game changer guys
it changed yeah i agree with you it’s a
game changer because it changed cool
that’s literally it yeah that’s
literally it the country make no mistake
the media is going to reference
the success
success of new zealand and australia by
absolutely going full-blown tyranny and
authoritarianism and literally australia
right now is sending military and police
out into the streets to make sure that
people are locked in their homes it’s
unreal we’re going to show you a couple
of graphics here in a second um
good i i do want to say like it would be
incredibly effective if new zealand and
australia would just populate their
entire islands um i don’t know if you
have if you have a graphic available for
that but yeah we got a couple of them if
they were if they were just to populate
their entire island where they had a
mile between each and every one of them
there’s no way that they would be able
to transfer it and then you could just
i i don’t know how you’d have commerce
but but yeah so so the the problem has
always been is whenever whenever
governments talk about being successful
around covid right it’s
are they are they single minded on this
are they they pinpoint targeting one
aspect of this if we want to end covet
cases and that’s the only thing we want
to do
then sure right locking everybody down
you throw everybody in their own
singular padded cell you throw food
through a little little vent and you
just have no interactions with other
people and if you could somehow function
that sure you can beat covet cool
but the problem is is that you can’t be
laser-sighted on that because when you
have circumstances where you’re locking
people in their homes right um
i realized we’re going to go way over
time but whatever you guys are ready for
this i’m ready for this let’s do this um
but when you lock people in their homes
right let’s not even worry about outside
the doors but inside the homes right you
have a higher suicide rate we’ve seen
this in america we’ve seen this across
the country where people cannot handle
staying locked in their homes they
commit suicide you have a higher
domestic violence
rate you have rape you have divorces you
have to where people are not accustomed
to being in the same 5 foot by 5 foot 10
foot by 10 foot 20 foot by 20 foot area
and they they go insane and so you say
yeah it’s only for two weeks well that
two weeks turns into two months that two
months has now turned into two years for
some people i mean michigan still
probably has stolen their first lockdown
i mean
governor whitmore is just not letting go
but the point is is that when you want
to govern over a body of people um you
cannot be so focused on one aspect of it
because you’re going to have
catastrophic losses everywhere else um
i’m trying to remember who the who the
quote was from but there are no
solutions only trade-offs and if your
trade-off is that you don’t give a damn
about everybody you just want to end the
coronavirus so you can brag about it
then cool power yourself on the back and
beat yourself up with your metal because
you’re an idiot
you can’t just give up on the people and
then say well i care about you i just
want to end the coronavirus that’s not
there’s nothing there that that makes me
want you to be
to have you around me anymore
yep that that’s a fact
so finishing the quote here uh it means
we need to no no don’t be it’s great
this is from the prime minister of
has been called a game changer and it is
arden says
it means we need to again go hard and
early to stop the spread
we have seen what can happen elsewhere
if we fail to get on top of it we only
get one chance
that’s false
you only get one chance
yoko you only get one chance so here is
an image that i snatched off of google
about 10 minutes before we went live
this is not mine i didn’t make it this
is somebody else’s and it is very
there you go
oh the green
spread out
move to the green green
that’s math right there
that’s numbers that’s math for everyone
at 2c
and whoever made this graphic says
nobody lives here
all of the green is where nobody lives
eighty percent
eighty percent
eighty percent australia
may be worse
they’re just living along the coast i
let’s just i i don’t blame you for
wanting to live on the coast and having
those sick sick waves i like i’m all for
it right surfing is a huge thing in the
culture i’m all for it but you’ve got
like that town right smack dab into the
it’s like a little bitty dot right there
but all the other math
is over here
there’s where the numbers are
just so it’s not applicable don’t listen
to it if you want to listen to anything
about australia has to say go listen to
gun control now that the police and
military is roaming the streets because
nobody’s armed
that’s a math fact
well there’s so
here’s a common misnomer about australia
that i’ve learned um so yes they had
their buyback and they had all this
other stuff they actually have more guns
in australia now than before they had
their buyback um
they so it they’re they’re armed once
again it’s just they don’t ever pull
them out i
it’s it’s a cultural thing there of like
yeah all right we’ll get into australian
politics another day culture another day
but clearly we just don’t know about it
it’s the country north of china yeah
yeah we don’t know
nobody lives here
new zealand
[ __ ] their entire country down with one
case of government there’s australia
doing the same thing
and i would like to proudly say that
numbers and math were brought to you by
one of the greatest philosophical
orators of our generation little wayne
numbers don’t lie thank you
lil wayne no they don’t not when they’re
so that math segment was brought to you
by lil wayne again phenomenal
philosophical or writer as you can
clearly see right there uh hey eskimo
what are your feelings on lil wayne
oh he’s the greatest songbird of our
generation that’s probably debatable but
you’re entitled to your opinion
in other news washington football team
decided they came down to the last few
names of what they wanted to call
themselves and they’re all terrible just
stay with washington football team
washington armada brigade commanders
defenders presidents red dogs red wolves
so we go
warmonger warmonger warmonger warmonger
pink hogs and reddish wolves
i don’t know who’s running the pr
department at the washington football
the washington redskins is what they’re
formerly known as because apparently
that was offensive
um racist fire them
this is my my toddler could come up with
better football names than this all of
these are boring and out of this list
they’ve narrowed it down to three that
they haven’t talked about yet so they
went from this list nope let me back up
they went from washington redskins
to this list to say hmm yeah we’re good
with this list we’ll narrow it down to
three oh my god fire your pr person
they’re all terrible just a washington
football team matter of fact you’re a
terrible football organization anyway
just a seed
i want to see the washington presidents
and then just see like them come out in
wheelchairs one day and like come out
secret service is just escorting them
like you can’t hit these players don’t
touch them
like i want the full rendition of it
like these are presidents of the united
states like you go to like sac the
quarterback and secret service tackles
you just like beat you up
i want this
that would be a great 12 minute cartoon
south park i hope you’re listening which
i’ve got some south park material coming
up soon i imagine they’re going to be
covering that
what an atrocious list of names armada
brigade commanders defenders presidents
red hogs and red wolves for some reason
they decided they wanted to keep the
term red and not the term skins as
apparently when i got that ass backwards
it was red to the skins that was
apparently offensive not actual skin
they need to just keep it washington
football team because
how stupid they are like for real like
just just
we’ve got cleveland browns what does
brown stand for nobody cares nobody
cares washington football team all right
you represent kind of the
arguably like one of the worst parts of
the country
and so you don’t get a good team sorry
you don’t get to be you don’t get to be
the titans you don’t get to be the ants
you you don’t get to be the what
you talking about the world championship
that’s cute
anyways hall of fame quarterback top
three greatest quarterback of all time
moving on
by the way
top three uh
super bowl champion
greatest stat leader of all time in drew
brees and at the quarterback position
not arguable that’s that’s direct math
thank you for that math little wayne
numbers don’t know it’s on live boom
synced it
that’s beautiful
on the afghanistan papers which
everybody wants to hear about we are at
an hour
as we’ve uh been seen in the news uh the
last week or so
afghanistan has made its way back into
being uh something that’s driven a lot
of us to have conversations around it
whether you’re republican democrat or of
course as you guys are here libertarian
uh we all have our views and everything
else and what i’ve noticed personally
and what i’ve been grateful when people
have been bringing this back up is the
conversation around the afghanistan
papers if you guys miss this don’t worry
you’re like a lot of people this was
brought out and quiet it was brought
forth by the mainstream media itself the
washington post um
had to uh fight in a three-year legal
battle in order to get a little over two
thousand i think it was like two
thousand one hundred ten pages of
quote-unquote lessons learned
in which
the government actually did some
documentation over what we’ve been doing
in afghanistan at that point for the
last 18 years to be able to learn the
lessons of it so so when we get into
another country and we continually say
that we’re not going to nation build and
we start nation building um how to
actually handle that and and to
do this a little more efficiently a
little more effectively and a little
more cost of being a little more uh
effective with the cost because what
we’ve seen is over two trillion dollars
be spent in afghanistan in 20 years what
we’ve seen is is well over a hundred
thousand deaths in afghanistan whether
that is the afghani military the
security forces whether that is u.s
troops whether those u.s contractors or
just civilians or and of course the
terrorists um as we’ve labeled them
this giant 2000 page document finally
got released back in 2019 and it was
never talked about it was never pushed
it was never never something that like
really garnered a lot of attention and
it needed to be because what we learned
from the afghanistan papers and you guys
are going to hear more about this is
that the government had no idea what
they were doing there
but what they did know was what they
were doing was not helping the cause
and so if you if you are sitting in a
situation if you’re sitting in a
circumstance where you have nothing in
front of you to say that’s where we need
to go
but all you were doing is leaving death
and destruction in your wake
it might be a good idea to pull out now
we had a president obama talk about how
we’re going to pull out 10 000 troops
and we’re going to leave a small group
there just to be able to keep things
going keep the training going with
afghanistan um he clearly did not we had
president trump he did pull out some
troops and they moved him around the
middle east we’ve seen some shuffling of
troops if you will
saw president trump come in he said i’m
gonna end
the troops there in afghanistan and
it ramped back up to 13 000 troops so we
still had a good amount of troops there
um so we clearly didn’t end it there and
now we had joe biden that was just like
man we’re gonna pull them all out and
and and so i’m not saying like there’s a
good way to do this and i’m not saying
that joe biden in any way did it the
right way right first you want to get
your equipment out first you want to get
your troops out first you want to get
the americans out and then you want to
see if there’s people that you want to
take out and be able to see that are
going to seek refuge because they’re
going to be murdered by the taliban we
know this we they’re going to be
murdered by other entities there’s going
to be a giant civil war
there’s there’s opportunities there for
us as a country to be able to provide
some support and it doesn’t mean that we
have to give them like a heavy amount of
social safety nets or et cetera like we
don’t have to fund them in any major way
um but there’s there’s there’s basic
things that should have been done there
by joe biden and by his administration
they failed on that so they pulled out
and this has caused everybody across the
spectrum to go just absolutely insane
and so
documents these documents are still up
on the washington post if you get stuck
behind a paywall let me know i will be
more than happy to provide that for you
i don’t believe in in the necessity of
of an organization that has the quote of
their their their slogan is democracy
dies in darkness but we’ll only shed
light on you if you pay us a pace a sum
of money um
so i i’m willing to
openly say this i might get my account
banned for that good luck finding it but
but the thing is is that this these are
incredible documents and so i want to
read some of you guys some of these some
of these quotes from this these are
these are officials these are government
officials that are sitting around here
that are believing that they’re saying
these things in secret that they’re
never going to be released to the public
this required the washington post after
getting some information
um to file for freedom of information
act request right a foia request and
this is this is just as it sounds right
this is one law that actually follows
through with with the intentions of its
meaning where you ask for information
then you have the freedom as a taxpayer
as a person um to be able to
to sue
to have information be given to you and
so they use the the foia in order to to
collect this information
and one of the biggest things is that
these interviews reveal that there was
no consensus on the wars objectives let
alone how to end the conflict so if you
have no end goal there um we’re gonna
have a lot of issues
um and of course as as as we discussed
this i i know i’m dominating a little
bit here cajun if you want to hop in at
any moment feel free to do so i’ve got
i’ve got a good bit of information here
but uh you’re always more than welcome
and i’ll try to keep keep an eye on the
chat as well if you guys have any
questions or any want me to go back and
cover it at all you guys also more than
welcome to hop on to the podcast any of
your favorite podcast apps you guys can
come back and watch this show again and
of course if you’re watching this live
it’ll be back up in a minute shortly
after we end and you can go back and see
it again
so how many different ways can we lie
about what’s going on in afghanistan
well the government tried literally
every one of them um they lied to us to
give us comfort right we’ve seen a very
common trend of bad situations where
government says hey look it’s not that
bad if we can use the coronavirus right
trump said that you know just magically
coronavirus is going to disappear um
and and that it was just a
a weapon to be used against him right
and there’s still many people out there
that believe this that it was just
purely for political aim that
this virus was created wuhan china and
was used as a means to get president
trump out of office
and and it just went awry which is why
it’s still here right
okay that’s really far fetched but if
that’s your belief whatever
point is that president trump said look
it’s not that big of a deal you’re gonna
get it you’re gonna be fine yes
a lot of people will but there’s still
some precautions that should be taken
it’s not just a matter of we’re gonna
wake up one day and it’s gonna be gone
we’ve seen we’ve seen lies around a lot
of the circumstances but what they did
here was several of those interviews
described explicit and sustained efforts
by the us government to deliberately
mislead the public they said it was
common at military headquarters in kabul
and at the white house to distort
statistics to make it appear the united
states was winning the war when it was
not the case
every data point was altered to present
the best picture possible uh bob
caldwell an army colonel who served as a
senior counter insurgency advisor to the
us military commanders in 2013 and 2014
told government interviewers surveys for
instance were totally unreliable but
reinforced that everything we’re doing
was right and that we became a
self-licking ice cream cone
that’s a great analogy
john sopko the head of the federal
agency that conducted the interviews
acknowledged to the post that the
documents showed the american people
have constantly been lied to
what we hear from government officials
right is that we’re turning a corner
we’re making progress we’re growing on
on our efforts and we’re we’re finding
success right we’re killing the
terrorists right when when uh when
terrorists come and they attack right
i’m sure many of us have seen throughout
the years of of watching the news and
and seeing the topic of afghanistan come
up right
when when afghanistan when when there’s
a terrorist attack against the u.s
military or against the people of
of afghanistan right there their
military their security or whoever
right there’s always an excuse around it
right oh this one was a sloppy kill this
was a sloppy attack because they’re just
becoming um
they’re becoming frantic or
they’re becoming panicked and and a
radical and and so that’s why they did
this right they’re they’re they’re on
they’re on their heels right now they’re
up against the the ropes um we’ve got
them now right
we’ve seen where you know they’re just
like oh well you know this was the
reason that was the reason
no the reason was was that there’s still
a strong force in the region they’ve
been a force in the region the entire
time we just
continue to change up the facts and
change up the story change up the
narrative in order to make it look like
america was doing a lot better than what
it was this has been going on for 20
we’ve known that it is not been going
our way for 20 years
there was there was quotes at six months
after invading into afghanistan after
invading into iraq that we were like man
we don’t have a clear objective here
what are we actually going to do
how are we going to have an exit
so we we could probably spin
and we probably should we probably
should do like a a three-month series on
the afghanistan papers because it would
require three months of episodes for us
to to flesh everything out
but it’s funny going back because this
is the way our media works our
politicians work they repeatedly said
and i heard a lot of the clips going
through over and over and over and over
again we’re turning the corner return 20
of we’re turning the corner they
fed us lies on what was actually going
on in afghanistan i hope i’m not
stepping on your toes here but no look
the afghanistan is i heard this
reference uh earlier this like yesterday
i think afghanistan is like the the
bermuda triangle of empires right like
everybody that goes into that country
fails there’s a huge reason for that
because geopolitically and
geographically that is an unsuccessful
territory to try to obtain regardless of
your military stance and we’ve seen that
the united states has the greatest
military the world has ever seen and we
still couldn’t do the job because you’re
with people that don’t even have roads
they don’t have bridges they’re all goat
paths and buried in the wilderness this
is an impossible feat they knew that
they still continue to try to spin it as
if we were ever winning the war and we
were never winning this war
yeah no absolutely the infrastructure
there has been broken right um
if you guys go and dive into this there
was a man um crocker uh
barry crocker i think it was um but he
was one of the first guys to come into
the area into afghanistan and
and he highlights on
the issues around afghanistan now after
1979 when um when russia left soviet
russia when they’d left or kicked out
of afghanistan
um we left
right we were not there anymore so from
1979 to 2001 we have no idea what was
going on in afghanistan we had no idea
of the culture of what was going on
there we didn’t know that corruption was
literally at every single level of
we didn’t know how the networking worked
we didn’t have people that would speak
darcy we didn’t have people that would
speak um
i i don’t want to butcher it it starts
with a p and i forgot the language but
there’s two major languages there um
pashtu there we go um
side story i used to actually work in in
on fairbanks
or fort wayne wright alaska i actually
worked with a company that was creating
translators back in 2000
uh 2007 2008 i actually worked on
building hand or like
little translators that went on your
belt and worked on posh2 and darcy so i
mean it was really cool to see those
names pop up again but
um so we didn’t know the language we
didn’t have any means of of having
connections um for networking purposes
for gathering intel so we basically went
into this giant corrupt area and was
like hopefully you guys will work with
us because we’re america we’re here to
help you and free you and all that stuff
didn’t happen right we were taken
advantage of at every twist and every
turn um i mean the interpreters um they
were taking money from us they were they
were gouging the americans and being
like oh you know
they became large profiteers from this
um we were working with corrupt warlords
warlords in the area in order to go
after other warlords to go after other
terrorist groups so we were literally
pitting the bad guys against bad guys
and and like just
paying them money and we’ve talked about
this when we talk about a lot of our
foreign entanglements that we help the
bad guys and those bad guys after they
receive money from us after they receive
weapons after they receive armaments
after they receive the munitions after
they received the vittles after they
receive all of these supplies and goods
and tech and everything else
they then turn on us
so we’ve been doing this for 20 years in
the region
there are some of the worst people in
afghanistan that we were partnering with
because we wanted to go after this other
terrible person yep
we we had no idea what the hell we were
doing from the very beginning and as i
said right we went in and george bush
was like we are not nation building and
then he left office and obama came in he
said we are not nation building and he
left office and trump went in he said we
are not nation building
we were nation building the whole damn
time old time whole time
we were we were destroying schools we
were destroying buildings we were
destroying roads they were destroying
buildings they were destroying schools
they were destroying the roads and then
we went along and built them back up
just to have another war there 15 days
we continued to do this and we we said
well as long as we have the great
intentions as long as we have good
intentions we’ll come out on top
and as as you were talking about a
second ago this is the bermuda triangle
there has never been an empire right
even going back to the romans they could
not conquer in afghanistan
this is not a place you want to go to
for whatever reason if you are a
religious person if you’re a theocratic
person your god is telling you not to go
to afghanistan
so if you want to support our troops
maybe don’t support the way joe biden
pulled out but you got to support the
pull out you gotta save our people
yeah that that’s super important
i’ve said this repeatedly i’ll continue
to say it
the pull-out was absolutely necessary
the pull-out is absolutely the right
thing to chip in a long time ago the way
we did it
was absolutely atrocious and everything
that i’m hearing from top to
was that biden absolutely knew exactly
what would happen if he did it this way
he did not listen you even have liberal
media right now
going at the biden admin for the way
that it was pulled out because
it was wrong it was terrible it was
absolutely atrocious
is that the right thing to do
pull out of afghanistan yes should have
been a long time ago because no we are
not supposed to be in the business of
nature building
do you just abandon everything
yeah just leave american troops there
just leave the equipment there just just
pull out some planes see if you can drag
some afghan people uh from the from the
sides and from the wheel wells of those
and and just just pull out and and
everything will be fine um and then i
wish i would have thought of it uh pull
up the um the interview recently uh with
george wallace
president joe biden sat down with george
wallace and goes uh george wallace was
like well
you had people hanging off the heads of
planes and and falling off and he was
like man that was like four or five days
that’s the that is the end all arguments
right you can’t beat that anymore that
was four or five days ago why are you
talking about this man news cycles on on
36 hours at most and you’re talking
about something that was like three news
cycles ago like come on bro
like at this point what matter what
difference does it make
i actually tweeted about it and i was
listening to it go i listened to it many
times over right
it was like holy crap this has some
serious hillary and benghazi
vibes to it right that was four or five
days ago what are you talking about and
dude says you don’t think there was
anything we could do we could have done
biden says no
wait what
there was nothing we could have done
look right now
no i’m not going to say that i want to
go into that later anyway between
between benghazi between afghanistan
between iraq between yemen where you
know um
just in case we have any big trump
supporters in the room i want to say
like president trump supported genocide
in yemen we’ve had an attempted genocide
by saudi arabia since 2014.
this started under obama where he
expedited uh arms deals with with
lockheed martin and all them
to send missiles to send intelligence to
send military members to send a military
equipment to help saudi arabia blow the
[ __ ] out of the yemen and so we’ve had i
i well over a hundred thousand children
killed in yemen um we have a population
that’s starving that doesn’t have
medical support that doesn’t have water
that doesn’t have the ability to sustain
and it finally came up to congress right
who’s never had a say on this in any way
shape or form without going to the
constitutionality of congress has the
power of president stone to declare war
they came together with a bipartisan
resolution to pull us out of of
supporting the genocide
going on
by saudi arabia in yemen
and president trump vetoed it cited that
we are making too much money off of
these arms deals with saudi arabia so
we’ve had this issue where presidents
are just willing to justify bad actions
um because either a it’s profitable
which really shows the military complex
that we have or b because they’re like
well we need to have clear objectionable
reasons to get out and so as much as i
hate the way joe biden got out and and
as terrible as it is
i’m gonna receive some flack for this
and i’m gonna i
completely accept it i would rather us
pull out the way that joe biden did that
does not pull out and continue on down
this this path because
it’s it’s putting good americans at risk
for a cause that we have no [ __ ] clue
about that we have no idea about being
there for 20 years we were the blind
leading the blind and and it shows when
we talk about the training that was
going on there um when we were training
military people or when we were training
the civilians to become military to
become security forces right we didn’t
know about the culture to be able to
give them good skills or good uh tactics
to be able to handle this but we also
knew that we did not put it a as an
early enough priority there um so the
numbers weren’t high enough so there
wasn’t a good vetting system maybe they
were vetting it too much but but
regardless there wasn’t enough people
there early on and so they wasn’t
looking good enough in the media so they
ramped up the recruitment efforts and
there was also some corruption where
officers of the afghani side were
claiming that people were there that
weren’t there so they could pocket more
money so they can get more funding so
they can get more resources so they can
get more supplies et cetera et cetera um
but we knew that we were not only
training people who had no desires right
no desire that after this training they
were just going to take their equipment
and go home they had no intention on
ever fighting for their country fighting
for their safety fighting for their
freedom fighting against the the the
groups that we’ve deemed to be the worst
but then we also were training people
within those groups that we we thought
were the worst right we were training
actual terrorists because we were like
well we basically just need butts and
seats and we need to teach people and so
there was a lot of fraud waste and abuse
there was a lot of people there being
trained that were planning on coming
back and killing american soldiers
killing the uh afghani military
they were sending rats in like crazy so
we had no [ __ ] clue of anything going
on in afghanistan and
and so for me like
i’m just i i i feel terrible saying it
but i would rather pull out just [ __ ]
rather than stick around and give it
another 20 years
to that point i will say this i will
offer a different perspective
this isn’t a binary option but if we
have to go with the two then yes i would
rather pull out
and figure it out with it you know
instead of being there another 20 years
yes but there is there was not a binary
option here there were many layered
options to which this administration
could have taken
and i posted a meme that i stole from
somebody and i had flack in the comments
talking about you’re making this
political right it was the afghan
or the i’m sorry it was the taliban
guy standing next to the apache
helicopter and somebody had photoshopped
a riding with biden flag on there you’re
like oh you don’t think that trump would
have done the same thing well
trump wasn’t he was president for four
he didn’t do that
not justifying his reasons i’m saying he
had four years to do the exact same
maneuver he didn’t do it there’s a right
way to handle this this was not the
right way the way that trump did it
wasn’t the right way the way obama did
it wasn’t the right way the way the bush
did it wasn’t the right way none of it
was done effectively
and i think what you and i
should do is go into
that series now that we talk about it
even more because there’s so much to
flesh out of these afghanistan papers
and whether or not whatever your
feelings are on michael flynn
uh the dude in the afghanistan papers
was spot on
he was there he he was right on
i earned so much respect going back
through and
listening to what michael flynn was
adding on that it was it was absolutely
incredible and
and before i before i continue on with
the michael flynn stuff hey
and i realized we got to wrap it up here
to here in a couple of minutes but um
trump did have a plan to pull out and
trump never pulled the court to get
to start that movement he had
contingencies put in place that like
basically saying hey look you know we’re
gonna pull out and if you guys don’t
follow these things right we’re gonna
come right back
and and of course the issue is is that
you can’t ever expect that that’s gonna
follow through right we’ve known people
in the region um who you give them an
inch and they take a mile right and and
certainly when you have an organization
that we’ve deemed to be a terrorist
organization in this way right they’re
going to push those limits they’re going
to bring the troops back in and and and
so there’s
as you said there’s no clear-cut way to
really handle this and it’s just all
about finding
um a right way um
we got to find the best way possible was
this it no of course not there’s way
that we could handle a lot of that stuff
as we talked about pulling more of our
things out before you pull out um not
doing this with like a three month
expectancy of in three months we’re
gonna have everybody out so
hold your hold your bunkers for three
months and then uh see you guys three
months in one day as you guys take over
the country and in a matter of
two weeks as you guys show that the last
20 years of our efforts
can be upended in two weeks
yeah lily benton on
youtube says i don’t believe there was
it ever going to be a right way but
definitely a better way
and that is absolute fact
the obama administration the trump
administration both saw
that this maneuver
would end in absolute chaos
and from according to every new site
that i’ve heard
and read
they all say the same thing
this is one thing that americans are
going to
predominantly agree on that we wanted to
get out of afghanistan
but we didn’t want to do it like this
and so for the p
i thought that comment was pretty funny
in my comment section uh
well y’all are trying to make it a
political situation trump did the same
thing he was just a fat orange imbecile
like a lot of that’s you know
whatever but the fact of the matter is
he didn’t neither did obama so was it
political yes
was it bipartisan no
it wasn’t
the democrats said it was wrong the
republicans said it was wrong
joe biden did this under his own accord
on his own yeah he did this to make
whatever statement that he wanted to
make in his incoherent lack of sleep and
probably too much inshore in gogurt at
one point and decided you know what f
everybody and what they say i’m gonna do
what i want i have a feeling that he’s
kind of being tired of being controlled
as a puppet because that’s what he is
and he said no i’m the president i’m
going to do and say what i want to do
and he did this and it was absolutely
effing horrible
i want to make this political real quick
so uh yeah no absolutely so joe biden
did this why did joe biden do this
because joe biden doesn’t care because
joe biden doesn’t have the cognitive
ability to understand what he’s doing
most days right he has an idea and he
runs with it and so when joe biden wants
to do something he does it and and it
doesn’t matter because he’s not going to
get the political blowback because he is
geriatric because he is senile because
he is doesn’t have a cognitive gears
that’s actually meshing with another one
they’re just all spinning freely in
there um however they want and so as a
result of this right joe biden gets to
do what joe biden wants to and people
don’t get to hold it against them
because we have a society right now that
is structured around like if you have a
disability we have to like put you up on
a pedestal and certainly being an
absolute imbecile with no without a
cognitive ability without being able to
structure a sentence um properly um go
watch any of his interviews recently oh
my god but
if you have somebody like that you don’t
get to criticize him with merit right
it’s it’s just because you hate him no i
genuinely hate what he is doing i don’t
care about the guy at all right i don’t
find him favorable i don’t find him this
favorable if he was a guy next door to
me i would i would help him i would cut
his grass for him i would help take care
of him but him as the president united
states there needs to be some
accountability and there isn’t any
because we live in a society right now
where it’s all about the what about ism
right well what about trump trump’s bad
guy too yeah i agree trump’s a bad guy i
agree with you i don’t care
if trump lived next door to me i would
probably cut his grass too i i don’t
there are terrible people right
we already went after trump for [ __ ]
supporting a genocide
and you want to play the whataboutism
game with trump no no stop that you you
you don’t get to play the whataboutism
game exactly we’re talking about two
people that are making terrible
decisions for an entire country
this is why like
this is one of the things that like
stands out to me whenever we look at
presidential campaigns whenever we look
at the presidential candidates because
the anti-war candidate has been winning
when you when we saw obama obama said
look we’re going to make change and
we’re going to end these wars right
we’re going to pull out of afghanistan
and he said we pulled out of afghanistan
four times as president united states he
ran onto the first
term and then on the second term he’s
like all right elect me back and we’re
gonna finish out enough ksm we’re gonna
pull out that didn’t happen
then trump comes along and trump’s like
i’m gonna pull this out and then trump
guess what no he vetoes a [ __ ]
binding comes through is like
i like ice cream and people like it’s
not trump let’s go for him
so if you if you if we want to go
political with it yes
the democratic party is terrible yes the
republican party is terrible that’s why
we should be voted for actual anti-war
people people who are going to have some
some gears hitting
some gears that are meshing some gears
that are actually functioning
and then we’ll actually have policies
that are actually going to better the
lives of the american people better the
situations uh
and actually be able to pull us out of
all these endless wars and actually save
the people money and put us off into a
perspective and and on a trajec
trajectory holy smokes into a trajectory
prosperity and success and potentials
being met
let me get political
at this point let me ask anybody who
isn’t libertarian
what’s the worst that could happen
look at where we’re at right now
you’ve had
let’s look at the average
american voter which at this point if
you’re over the age of 40 don’t get mad
the average
the average demographic that runs
america are millennials i’m a millennial
jason’s a millennial
i’m 38 just turned 38 i’m a geriatric
millennial but i am a
that’s not a wheelchair millennial
but we
run the country right now
so these
topics these messages
need to be promoted and billboarded
we are in dire straits there’s make to
make no bones about it we’re in a bad
spot i know that there’s a lot of people
well we’ve been in a bathtub for a long
time when’s the last time you really saw
us in this bad of a spot
right we got
governors and mayors shutting entire
cities down requiring vaccine passports
uh papers please are you kidding me you
got the afghanistan
as a us the ussr
collapsed two years after pulling out of
2023 if we make it that long we’ll see
we’ll see if we can’t get that long
there’s a there’s a lot to be covered in
specific topic
the pending economic crash that will
make 2008 2007 housing market crash look
put that on there
the afghanistan bermuda triangle theory
you’ve got uh just the potential of like
just world decimation from like all
these stupid people running all these
you have
major catastrophic world economies
collapsing because of covet and shutting
down their entire economy because they
want to be
laser targeted
and then of course you still have
republicans and democrats running the
yep both stop
voting for the same
that you have habitually watched destroy
our country for a century
where are we at 2021 over a century
at least a century right
i try to be generous right like at least
a century and here we are
stop it
stop it
don’t don’t do this anymore evaluate
yeah yeah knocked it off how do you feel
the suit in that
astute analysis eskimo on the
afghanistan papers appreciate your input
uh eskimo
i mean this is ridiculous how
i’ve seen the meme so many how long does
it how bad does it have to get
before we re
before we evaluate other options there
are other options
the fear of oh my god the other person
might win should be absolutely decimated
at this point because you’ve watched the
same habitual pattern play out from
every administration for the last
hundred years there be a middle school
difference here a minuscule difference
there they just preach philosophy but
they vote and they walk and act and talk
the same
it’s semantics it’s semantics between
the two parties
and if you want change the only changes
coming through is when you have a party
that won over 50 percent
of the candidates they ran in 2020 that
is the libertarian party so go ahead and
look into the libertarian party figure
out why it is that we want to see change
see how we want to see change and then
with these policies with these actions
that we are pushing forward with
how that is going to better your life
how that is going to better your
neighbor’s life how that is going to
work to end monopolies how that is going
to make health care more affordable more
accessible and bring more satisfaction
how we’re going to look at the criminal
justice system and stop locking people
up for victimless crimes and create more
of a rehabilitative system where people
aren’t just sitting in time out for
several years getting indoctrinated into
the culture there but rather people are
being worked with to be able to
understand why the crimes they were
committing why those are bad and how to
get through it where they’re not
committing those again so when they do
enter reenter society at the 70 rate
that most people do um
how they’re going to be a productive
member of society rather than coming out
and potentially being a menace and ha
being a part of the sixty percent of
recidivism rate and going back in so if
we can stop crime by changing up the
system come and actually listen to
libertarians as we talk about these
issues as we talk about these topics
where we want to propel your life and
everyone else lives
forward and better and and really enable
you to get to your potential
that’s beautifully and most eloquently
said do you want to
do the last ad read jason
i’ll let you take it you let me know i
don’t think jason wants to do it
i think
i guess jason’s not gonna do it we’ll
let well let us come on eskimo tell us
about jonathan reals
great advertising
jonathan reals is not a real candidate
until we reach five thousand five
thousand dollars this graphic is not
accurate he is almost to his goal he
needs your help the federal election
there’s another one
if you are a republican or democrat and
don’t know about ballot access
that is something that you should look
into if you care at all about the word
and the actions of discrimination
mainly democrats looking at you
then you care about equal and fair
ballot access jonathan reels is not a
real candidate until we reach five
thousand dollars the federal election
commission states that an individual
running for a seat in the united states
house of representatives becomes a
candidate when he or she raises or
spends more than five grand
in contributions or expenditures www dot
jonathan cash jonathan reals
donate to jonathan cash now it’s
and worthy to say
that republicans and democrats collude
in court you didn’t think that was going
to happen did you people but they do why
because they’re scared of us
the vast majority of the american people
agree with the libertarian philosophy so
they get together and they spend money
together in court
to discriminate against third party
candidates like jonathan reels so go
support jonathan reels and get the
message out there that everyone deserves
i don’t care what party you’re part of
democrat republican libertarian green
party constitutionalist or whatever
other party that you may
closely align with your vote your name
deserves to be on the ballot
you should not have to spend money that
other parties don’t have to spend or
collect signatures that they don’t have
to collect just to be on the ballot
that’s discrimination
no it happens every year
as every candidate as
as the libertarian party had all 50
states with a presidential candidate on
them um many of these states came back
and said
we’re going to make the barrier a little
bit higher because as you get closer to
success we’re going to raise the barrier
for you to achieve that same success
we’re going to make it more difficult
for you
at the federal level or at the state
level or at the county level or even at
the city level to be able to run again
here in south carolina we just i i’m
pretty sure it’s pretty close to
doubling the number of signatures to get
to be on the ballot and it’s just like
man yep you guys you guys are protecting
something it’s kind of interesting that
you guys only want the fights between
republicans and democrats meanwhile both
parties talk about how they want to have
free and fair elections right you want
it you don’t want to discriminate
against the voters and we don’t want to
either so let the voters have an opinion
let them have a vote and that means that
anybody who’s running for that seat
should be able to run for those seats so
that the people can vote for somebody
that they believe in rather than being
stuck in the two-party system and of
course the republicans are worried about
their votes not counting because you
know voter fraud is is one of their big
talking points well it’s kind of
fraudulent in
my opinion
of who should be on the ballot is being
negated because of the laws that you’ve
decided to implement that don’t actually
affect you but just parties outside of
the the duopoly the the republicrap
party so eventually we have to break
down these barriers and allow for our
republic or dem uh democracy however you
want to call it for them to actually be
representative of the people and we
could do things like what what maine has
done and have ranked voting to where we
can truly see how many people are
willing to vote republi or vote
libertarian to vote green party to vote
for constitution party to vote for uh
the rent is too damn high party to vote
for whatever party that they want to
because they can still vote for your
republicrap parties after they vote for
the party that they actually believe in
uh here’s another fun fact for you
i say this one a lot because it bears
repeating all the time in the state of
tennessee if you want to run on the
ballot as a republican or democratic
takes 25 signatures
pretty good pretty good not sure why the
signatures are a requisite but not bad
not bad libertarian candidates jason do
you know what it takes in the state of
tennessee to run as a libertarian to get
on the ballot while republicans and
democrats need 25 signatures
judging by a population like nashville
probably right right around twenty
thousand twenty five thousand
fifty six
25 for republican and democrat over 56
oh i’ll be generous just to make
sure that my math isn’t
completely correct
over 50 000 signatures to get on the
everybody loves math i know they do i
hate math i’m just kind of good at it
but i still i’m pretty good at you know
who else is good at math they’re very
socratic orator and philosopher
generation of our time no way numbers
don’t lie
philosopher philosophical doesn’t matter
56 000 pretty sure i’m right on that
uh just trying to be just trying to see
why cover my ass uh 25 for republicans
and democrats
25 2 5
5 6 with a comma
and then three more zeros after that
thanks little wayne
love your input you can get 25
signatures for any candidates standing
in front of a walmart and just
will you sign this yeah in an hour
i am a republican candidate 25
signatures i am a democratic candidate
25 signatures i’m a libertarian
25 signatures
but you have to do that
four times to get to a hundred
and then you gotta do it fifty six
thousand more times
you gotta do it 560 more times if you
get 100 signatures you will have to do
that again 560 more times to get on the
bat man i hope my math is right i don’t
know i’ve been working out so much over
time and you guys
like it’s crazy but um yeah the
discrimination is real
that’s what blows me it doesn’t blow my
mind because these words like
is just what people use to put a
political age and
they don’t really care about you being
discriminated against
they don’t really care
at all
take care no the only thing they can
they only care about their power and
keeping it
that’s all that’s all that they care
every every representative i can only
think of one representative in the last
four years that i saw that i can think
of two now i just thought of another one
but two candidates that ran that said
you know what this is my last campaign
this is my last time running and so i’m
just going balls to the wall i’m going
to tell you guys exactly how i feel i’m
going to fight against the system one of
those happens to be a guy that i don’t
find very favorable that was senator
from arizona and the other one who i
find to be a much more principled and i
actually was the first libertarian
to be in office in the house of
i know you know occasion i’m blanking on
i was waiting to see us i thought you
were gonna make a joke there now i’m
waiting to see if uh
nope i’m literally blanking on his face
i i can see his face but i don’t
remember his name but wait
go ahead sorry
no who’s uh who’s the libertarian he
justin amash there we go justin
yeah so justin lamosh right justin
lamosch went in and he was like last
no no he was
he’s still the first libertarian
representative because he swapped to
become a libertarian wall while still in
office um and so that’s why we actually
had the first tripartisan nope in the
south first tripartisan bill first
tripartisan bill with a libertarian on
it was the end civil asset forfeiture at
the federal level got nowhere absolutely
because he had justin moss on it but um
but nonetheless he stood up there and he
said look i’m not fighting to stay in
power i’m not fighting to stay in
congress i’m fighting here because i
made a vow to my constituents that i
would represent them to the best of my
ability and so that means that i have to
stand up here and i have to vote for
impeachment because that’s that’s in my
conscience as a representative of my
people of my district and he did that he
stood up against bills and was routinely
fighting against both republican and
democrat bills saying this is this is
outrageous this is disgusting we’ve seen
some of these things happen from people
like thomas massey we’ve seen things
like this come from from
rand paul we’ve seen this come from um
even people on the democratic side we’ve
seen this happen from some people who
don’t find very favorable like alexander
ocasio-cortez we’ve seen this from
bernie sanders we’ve seen this from um
forgot that person um
but we’ve also seen it from the moderate
side of the democratic party as well
where we’ve seen people step up and
they’re saying look i’m going to stand
on my values my virtues and
whether i agree with them or not i have
to applaud them for breaking away from
their party this needs to be done
because you cannot say that you are
representing your people tulsi gabbard
yes definitely um you are representative
of your people you are following in your
job if you are merely representing your
party it needs to be done
from the norm
this is what needs to happen
eskimo what are your opinions
astute analysis eskimo thank you for
joining us tonight
i appreciate your valuable input and
your presence in the cajun libertarian
live studio which is my kitchen
jason closing comments
uh i want to thank you for letting me be
eskimo number two today uh as a former
alaskan i felt as if uh i could talk
about this thankfully i live in a
sunnier state a happier state a warmer
state um but no i mean it’s been a hell
of a time man i appreciate it so much
it’s been it’s been a lot of fun busting
busting your chops with us and uh yeah
coming out with some great content great
great talking points and uh let me drop
the mic there a couple times but um
i love each and every one of you guys in
the comment section whether you’re
watching this live or coming back later
um please do make sure that you guys
come back and next monday i’ve got
bootleg libertarian we’re going to be
talking about my fave one of my favorite
topics and that happens because i can’t
say my favorite because i don’t have a
favorite i just have every topic be one
of my favorite but and then of course we
got muddy waters of freedom on tuesday
with matt and spike wednesday we’re
gonna be coming back with uh spike with
my fellow americans always a fantastic
show thursday
we’ve got the writer’s block with matt
wright and then of course next friday is
eskimo going to be back in our igloo
right friday is on hold i have been
invited to a tennessee event where they
are paying my way on friday so we will
probably do the eskimo
cajun eskimos show that weekend but it
will not be friday night so pending
so we’ll find a replacement we’ll find a
replacement for cajun on friday that
would actually be a better idea
no no no no no
um but make sure you guys aren’t
following up with me
yeah okay eskimo and jay jason and
eskimo jason eskimo rings better i’ll
have show notes
i’ll have show notes yeah we did the the
current igloo and the former igloo
but uh
but no i love love the show tonight
appreciate it so much it was an absolute
honor to be on here with you man and i’m
so glad that you have joined a part of
the muddy waters team and look forward
to having a show with with nolik one day
to be able to to welcome her in as well
and did i beat
have you been on with spike yet or did i
beat spike to to being on with you
spike has been on my show he came on my
show memorial day in may
this is [ __ ]
i thought
i’m glad i got you because i thought you
were going to ask if i had been almost
spike on my fellow americans i have not
been on with spike i’m
pretty sure that that’s not going to be
a thing i don’t know that’s like a 10
year wait list right now so just just
there’s no point in having me on his
show because everybody that watches his
oof that was going to sound real bad
i should probably stop there
everyone is great who watches spike
cohen’s show my fellow americans
wednesday nights at 8 ish freedom that’s
that’s it
so uh i got i gotta ask you before we
head out
who has the better beard jason near you
oh meow
bad answer
i have the power
young luke sky license so let’s ask
eskimos said who has a better beard
thanks eskimo i know i have the better
beard thank you everyone
tonight for tuning in and watching the
show we love you all so much we will
continue this endeavor very much so um
if you have not checked out mr america
the bearded truth on monday’s muddy
waters media please do so i look up to
that guy tremendously and i hope to god
that you do too and you saw tonight one
reason why many reasons why uh he
inspires me to do better at this job
that’s one of the biggest reasons he is
one of the biggest reasons you have seen
a jump in my show in my show’s numbers
because i am doing better at the show
why am i doing better at the show
because of people like jason lyon mr
america the bearded truth spike cohen my
fellow americans matt wright the
writer’s block nellick trump eskimo
and um
yeah that that’s just what it is i am
learning from these people who are doing
this vastly more better
even though
i have the better beard and eskimos said
it what was that
yes you are correct i do have the better
beard thank you
i love each and every one of you all we
will see y’all sunday night or i will
see you on my personal show the cajun
libertarian live sunday night for the
reschedule of the premiere
of the liz to williger for congress
interview which due to bad weather we
had to reschedule this week so sunday
night at 8 30 p.m central standard time
free to time on the cage libertarian
live and you know what that means same
cajun time same cage channel other than
that please keep up with muddy waters
media give them a follow uh follow them
on twitter instagram
everywhere you can possibly imagine that
you can follow muddy waters media do
that do the thing because we have all
the best people
excluding myself i am the least best
that is honest
that’s for real but what i can brag
about myself on is i am learning from
these people that are doing
greater things and more knowledgeable
and more prepared and i am here for it
thank you i love each and every one of
so much and
we need you we need your voice we need
your help don’t forget five dollar
raffle tickets go to the cajun
libertarian page pin to the top
five dollars you can get this hat
that will be worth absolutely nothing
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literally he said this literally tens of
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week so make a purchase now for a five
dollar raffle ticket and get the hat
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we fight for kids we fight for the
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so make your five dollar buy your route
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whopping 25 bucks so instead of going
and ordering
an entire meals
worth of fast food for your family you
can cook and you can take that 25 bucks
and you can give it to a family that is
struggling and fighting for their
children love you very much thank you
very much and we are
one two three

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