(((My Fellow Americans))) #96: Ask Spike Anything Before He Heads To Alaska

(((My Fellow Americans)))

In just a few hours, Spike will be on a plane headed to the Great White North to headline the Alaska LP’s Gold Rush event.

But before he heads out, he’s here LIVE and he’s eager to answer your questions. So ask away!

Episode Transcript

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before i become a slave yet
that is what i heard them say
way back in the days
but it seems like since that day
we have solely changed
i’ll be buried in my grave
before i become
that is
but it seems like since that day
we have sorely changed
live oh beautiful myrtle beach south
you’re watching my fellow americans
with your host spike cohen
yes yes it’s me
it’s me keep clapping you probably just
lost me on kennedy but keep clapping
that i’m here clap for the alaska
how would we know that you wanted the
alaska miracle
if you didn’t keep clapping welcome to
my fellow americans i
am literally spike cohen and i’m so
happy to be here with you today
wednesday the 14th i think 14 yeah it’s
and uh really happy to be with you here
tonight uh
just literally just finished up on uh on
kennedy uh having a really fun uh party
panel on there
and uh i am in like six hours
i’m gonna be heading off to alaska so i
figured i might as well stay up and
answer some questions for an hour or so
before that
thank you for taking a break to spend
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uh definitely go and do that thank you
so much mr joe davey i’d like to thank
for this delicious
french-sounding pure water that i’m
drinking on this episode
of my fellow americans buluvanaka it’s
actually very good water we found out
that it’s
a way higher percentage of oxygen than
it should be
someone who understands chemistry can
sound off in the comments
it says this is 11 hydrogen and 89
oxygen but i thought that it was
supposed to be 33 hydrogen
and 67 oxygen i thought that’s
someone can correct me on that otherwise
this is very very oxygenated water
it’s basically air it’s very good shout
out to tehran turks’s mom
as always folks like i was saying at the
beginning i’m going to be in alaska this
time tomorrow
and i’ll be there all weekend for the
gold rush event
uh which is being presented by the
alaska libertarian party
if you go to alaskalp.org
gold rush you can get in on the gold
rush even if you aren’t going to be in
alaska with us
um we’d love to have you in alaska but
it might be a bit of a schlep where
most of you live if you don’t live in
alaska even if you live in alaska might
be a bit of a schlep because it’s a
large state
but i’m going to be in beautiful wasilla
alaska at the
um oh gosh what’s it called it’s in on
east beaugard road it is the
there’s a name for the resort it’s very
important that you know what the name of
this resort is
it is the matsu
resort uh and we’ll be doing an event
friday night
uh a like a gathering or social
then on saturday night we’ll be doing
the big event gold rush where we will be
talking a bunch of different experts uh
we’ll be talking uh
two libertarian candidates not just in
alaska but
around the country uh people listening
in online
on how to effectively run their campaign
i will be headlining the event i’ll be
giving the final presentation
on how to build a culture of winning uh
both in your campaign
in your local affiliate and in the party
in general um and so
i will be at that and i’ll be leaving
at like five in the morning because it
takes all day to fly to alaska so that’s
looking forward to that so because i’m
already up because i
just finish the kennedy i figured i’d
answer some questions
because that’s always a fun thing to do
people like the amy as they like to
ask me questions so here we are uh i’m
going to go through
uh and i think someone explained the h2o
thing h2o2 hydrogen
wow so it’s actually supposed to be 67
hydrogen and 33 oxygen
unless i don’t under instill in missing
something because if that’s the case
then this is way disproportionately high
in oxygen
i must sound like an absolute fool
to someone who understands this i can’t
imagine how foolish i sound right now
but that’s what it sounds like to me
that’s all i’m saying folks
a scientist i am not um so yeah so i’m
going to be answering some questions so
be sure to
ask any questions that you have and i
will go through and start answering
right now jeff depoy says i want to see
matt’s nipples well i’m sorry friend uh
that’s not this show
you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for his
show i’m sure he’ll do that
uh jimmy lee says anyone catch spike on
kennedy he dropped a mic on a democratic
strategist yeah so i just got to say on
national television
uh they were talking about the abolish
the police movement and the uh
the conservative person and the liberal
person were going at it with each other
and uh and i was explaining how this is
less about abolishing the police and
more about
you know holding bad police officers
accountable when they do bad things that
if any of us
used a gun instead of a taser
accidentally and killed someone we’d go
straight to jail
and we’d immediately be indicted and
charged with a crime and
have to pay bail and everything else
whereas when it happens with a police
they get to go home and they get to uh
have police protection if things get
rough like uh like the
like kimberly uh potter i believe her
name is
uh officer potter did when when when she
killed um
dante wright um and that’s the problem
they’re not being held accountable and
they uh and you know the police unions
are protecting them and but but i ended
by saying well you know
maybe we’re looking at this the wrong
way if we abolish the police
all of those uh gun control and taxes
and laws and all the other rules and
things like that that the democrats and
progressives want to put in place
no one will be there to enforce them so
maybe we’re looking at this the wrong
way guys
and um i i could feel the uh
i could feel heads exploding so i i had
fun with that
um let’s see where’s the mixtape we are
working ashley
we are working very hard on uh deciding
how we’re going to release an incredibly
vulgar rap mixtape that i made 15 years
without it destroying me and the
libertarian party in the process
um spike’s feeling brave tonight yeah i
know i’m i mean i got my fancy tie on
this is my brave tie
tasha cohen’s spouse is a golf pro yes
benjamin thank you
i’d need everyone to know that two days
okay so this wasn’t a long time ago this
was not in my prime because i’m
definitely not in my prime
two days ago i was doing putt-putt mini
with some friends that were in town and
i got not one
not two not three and not even four but
holes in one on an 18 round course
almost a third of them
were holes in one and i was putting
because i was holding a bottle of water
so i could stay well hydrated
and i’m lazy and didn’t feel like
putting it down because i was already
bending down more to pick up
the ball out of the hole and that was
way more bending than i’m used to
and i didn’t want to do additional
bending to put my water down
so i just kept putting and with one hand
and it turns out that’s actually the way
that you should play golf
or i’m just that good let’s see let’s
get some questions here
so question what did you do to acquire
perfect oh
what must i do to also have perfect i
actually don’t have perfect teeth this
one’s a little bit crooked but thank you
that means a lot
i was just born like this
um five that’s right matt
count them five holes in one
uh jeff jabowski jacob
jakubowski says how do you feel about
making fcc and other regulatory
departments smaller if not abolished
fcc is especially one i would like to go
after personally actually my next guest
next week is going to be eric peterson
and we’re going to talk about pretty
much how the fcc has made things
a lot worse especially when it comes to
the internet
why is the federal government involved
communications and the internet
i mean if you read the constitution i
don’t remember any amendments about
granting them or delegating them
authority to be involved in
any of that and the 10th amendment tells
us that
if a uh power is not explicitly granted
in the constitution
to the uh to the federal government then
it’s best left to the states or
and i add preferably but or the people
like you
just the market you do it so i don’t
know why there’s an fcc
i haven’t really heard a good argument
for it i’ve heard a lot of arguments for
reforming it
because it often does terrible things
that drive up the cost of internet and
the potential for regulation and create
a cottage industry around protecting the
market share of the
few handful people that control the
internet right now but i have not
actually heard an argument that it
should exist in the first place
uh samuel bragg do you like turtles sure
turtles i do like turtles uh
gary doan doan
maybe it’s dylan jerry doan says hi i’m
dante doan and i have a question about
why you’re an anarchist when my dad is a
well i’m i want to get a fight with your
dad man but uh
so here here’s the difference between
the anarchist and minericus argument
um by the way dante’s a seasoned
reporter he interviewed uh vermin
supreme last year
his dad i heard has done some stuff too
um so
minikis libertarians in general
including minikis and anarchists
libertarians believe
that people do best when they’re most
free we believe in uh private property
rights or we believe in
self-ownership we believe in the idea of
personal autonomy we believe that
anytime that someone violates
someone’s lives or their rights or their
property that that’s an act of
aggression and that that’s bad
a miniarchist believes that a certain
amount of
coercive force or government is needed
in order to protect
the lives and the rights of the property
of people because otherwise uh you know
warlords will rise up and
and fill that that uh vacuum of power
and uh and take over
um as an anarchist i believe that the
government are those warlords who have
rosed up and taken over the power and
imposed themselves on people and i’m not
sure there’s a viable way to create a
micro state that only protects the lives
and rights and property in the people in
order to do so
we’d have to find some incredibly humble
and accountable and well-intentioned and
incorruptible people and if that’s the
if there are a bunch of people like that
existing then maybe we don’t need a
so i certainly uh have no problem
allying with minaricus the
libertarian party was formed as an
alliance between anarchist and radical
minicus to
set the world free in our lifetimes uh
we certainly agree that we’re headed in
the wrong direction currently and that
we need to head in the other direction
we just
disagree on what exit we need to get off
on once we start heading that way minar
kiss want to get off on
exit 5 and i want to slam into the guard
rail and run to the ocean
um thomas quiter
says have you or would you ever be
willing to eat
moose well thomas yes uh unfortunately
i’m now on a very restrictive
pescetarian diet so i can’t actually eat
moose but
yeah before that i would i’ve had
venison i’d assume that’s similar
deer and moose that not be kind of
similar question um matt urban how many
times irving how many times did you make
a hole in one in your epic i only need
one hand mini golf adventure well that’s
an excellent question matt
five five of them
uh steven andrew what’s your feeling on
section 230. i think a lot of people
don’t necessarily understand what
section 230 is they think it’s a
regulation that
protects social media unfairly uh
here’s the reality section section 230
is simply a
clarification that if uh someone posts
or creates something or sells something
or does something on
your website or venue they are solely
for any criminal or simple liability
that happens as a result of it now
not only does that make sense because
you know for example
if ebay were responsible for everything
making sure that the legality of every
single thing
that was sold on their on their uh on
their site or facebook was responsible
for making sure
every single thing that’s posted on
their site wasn’t illegal or defamatory
uh harmful or infringing on someone then
i mean they wouldn’t be able to function
and no it’s not their responsibility
they’re just a platform uh so i don’t
think the problem is section 230.
if anything if you get rid of section
230 then what happens is now they’re
going to be even more restrictive
because they’re going to make sure that
nothing gets through that might
potentially cause them any liability i
think that
it’s a terrible terrible or even worse
yet they’re going to
uh you know get carve outs and
exemptions for them
but the smaller social media companies
won’t be protected so so
section 230 is not the problem the
problem is that we in general have a
regulatory regime in this country thanks
to all the regulations and taxes and
mandates and licensing fees and
everything else and the fcc and
everything else that’s in place
that makes it so that big businesses
have an unfair advantage and are able to
crowd out their smaller competition
at the same time you have government
threatening the social media outlets
and basically forcing them to censor or
else they’re going to step in and take
harsher uh harsher penalties we saw that
with tick tock
we saw that with facebook after the
capitol hill riots getting government
more involved in this
is a bad bad idea get government out of
it get government out of
get rid of the fcc or at least greatly
greatly reduce it get rid of all these
taxes and regulations that
make it so that big uh big established
mega corporations
are now able to have to they have to
compete with the smaller competitors now
if facebook’s a little too infringing
on your on your right to free speech
okay great you go somewhere else it’s
their platform
they can they can censor you if you want
but let’s make it where
it’s they don’t want to censor you that
there’s an equilibrium or if they go too
we just all go somewhere else because
there are plenty of other competitors
um i didn’t claim five stephen
i have witnesses it was five um
what’s back i don’t know what’s back
oh lost the feed no
oh well i’m back um
a lot of stuff about oh okay so too high
yeah but two hydrogens for
per oxygen would that still be 11
hydrogen and 89
oxygen that i don’t get it
um says they’re probably using molar
sure decorum bot sure i’m sure that’s
p asks will the government ever stop
stealing from us
it’s not likely but the reality is
should be able to fund itself
voluntarily i i actually call for
getting rid of all taxations
taxation and replacing it with a
voluntary transfer fee if you want to
pay the fee
then your purchase is protected and if
you don’t want to pay the fee it’s not
it’s on you something happens something
you you something bad happens with what
you purchased
you can’t sue them you can’t call the
police it’s on you
most people want to pay that but you
have a choice whether you want to pay it
or not which means that the government
will have to actually
make that a reasonable price or because
you’re certainly not going to pay
40 or 50 percent on everything you buy 5
maybe eight percent yeah you might do
that three percent four percent whatever
yeah you might do that
now government has to actually be
accountable and live within its means
because you’ve taken away their ability
to rob you
and now they have to actually provide
you with value eureka
if you live in florida and need to sue
someone yeah no that’s that’s our main
uh spikey is gonna eat salmon to near
extinction and heckle sarah palin i’m
gonna at least eat the salmon
and if sarah palin comes by i certainly
have some things that i’d like to say
uh to her i’m about to be nice to sara
i’m not really mean to people in general
but if she gets near my salmon we’re
going to have trouble i’ll tell you that
right now because that’s
do not do not
get in the way of my salmon especially
smoked salmon my gosh
oh man there’s so much salmon in alaska
to quote wayne campbell contractor no i
will not bow to any sponsor that’s
definitely me on this show
um let’s see here
will you please shout out the hashtag
defend the guard act every chance
you get defend the card act what is that
i’m not sure if i’ll even card
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah no i absolutely
support that
the uh that’s a bill that would make it
where you can’t deploy
uh the national guard to a conflict
externally or internally without a
declaration by congress yes i support
that hundred percent
um so shout out to the defend the guard
um kenny johnson asks and by the way it
was uh maryland veterans for peace who
asked that
kenny johnson says should i fry some
zucchini for dinner tonight i think so i
like zucchini it’s fantastic
um uh wyatt
cryptocurrency platform coinbase went
public today thoughts on cryptocurrency
to the moon to the damn moon i think
we’re going to add at least a zero
to most of the values of the main
currencies we’re seeing now before we’re
reaching an equilibrium i think that
we’re looking at world
reserve currency status you know all of
the naysayers that said this was the you
other tulip mania because you know you
remember all the usefulness that dutch
tulips had
uh you know they’re they all the things
they’ve said
uh they’ve all not come true
you know every time it it goes up and
they go it’s gonna crash well it crashes
to you know 10 times more than it was
the last time it crashed
uh and we haven’t had a crash i’m not
sure we’re gonna have a crash
i think we’re now at that point where
we’re just gonna kind of see steady
we might have some real hyperbolic
growth in the future and some retracing
but a crash like we saw in 2018 2017
i’m not sure that’s in the in the making
anymore i think we’re going to be seeing
you know we’re in this really
interesting period of kind of steady
high single-digit growth uh and
double-digit growth for some of the from
some of the altcoins in the
cryptocurrency sphere uh
money fiat money is going to continue to
lose value and utility
and cryptocurrency is going to continue
to get better and better with technology
changes so
i mean if one thing’s getting worse and
the other is getting better where does
that leave you
um see
joshua mchose says no by weight okay
oh oxygen is larger and heavier per atom
sure i don’t sure
um chris bakke or bocce says so i’m
confused about
biden’s executive orders do people who
own 80 lowers and pistol braces become
i see they’re still selling them at the
proposed orders
whenever they go into effect into effect
is that they’d have to have
um they’d have to have their own um
uh their own serial numbers
which for anyone who does builds that’s
the dumbest thing because you’re gonna
have multiple serial numbers it’s gonna
be so stupid
uh timothy sparks do you know the
difference between a handgun and a taser
yes and unfortunately apparently
there’s many there’s some police
officers out there who don’t and
let’s just say she was a 26 year veteran
on the force
she has handled both her gun and her
taser quite a bit
yes in the heat of the moment could
something happen sure
and if one of us did something like that
in the heat of the moment we’re going to
be held for negligent homicide
or first or second degree manslaughter
i’m glad to hear that she’s being
prosecuted because
you don’t get to accidentally shoot
i don’t think she did it necessarily in
malice but you don’t get that he’s dead
you don’t get to accidentally kill
people um do you think ted cruz is the
zodiac he’s all but confirmed it troy
like he’s pretty much admitted to it at
this point
um let’s see here
uh james m ray says when are all the
cohens moving to florida
it’s not my department but um
uh an elite trump says chemical engineer
here if it’s talking by volume
hydrogen takes up way less volume and
they weigh significantly less than i
don’t so
oh okay so it’s okay much less um
yeah i don’t know eric i have no idea um
uh rob tark says self-realized
libertarian here well welcome to the
welcome to the party
when is the party going to meet in the
middle ground to appeal to the masses
instead of what i’ve experienced so far
with interco-capitalism shills
debating with centrist uh the problem’s
not the
uh sticking saying to our principles we
don’t need to meet anyone in the middle
on policy we need to meet them where
they are
in outreach and messaging
we need to meet them where they are
on their concerns empathize with them
and validate their concerns
explain how we got here establish that
we care and that we have solutions and
then we can take them on the journey for
how we get there
how do we accomplish those things i go
around the country
both online and in person i don’t water
down the message when someone asks me
education i don’t say well you know i
think we should get rid of no child left
behind and maybe
reform common core i say that the
problem is that the federal government
shouldn’t be involved in education and
it’s debatable whether or not the state
should be involved i think that the
schools should be the ones deciding
their education
you take all that power and all that
money and all that freedom and
decision-making ability that’s been
robbed of the schools
over the past several decades which has
led to our schools going from being
number one
to like number 20 something or 30
something while they spend trillions of
dollars over the past two generations
clearly that has failed the answer is to
take all of it back and put it back in
the hands of those schools
put it back in the hands of parents put
it back in the hands
of local school boards and teachers and
administrators the people who have an
actual stake
in how those schools operate and what
happens in the outcome for those
students when you do that
we solve the problem now i just met
people where they were
on their concerns i can empathize with
the school board members who
increasingly have no real ability to do
anything they’re just
figuring out what federal mandate
they’ve gotten and how to try to
comply with it without breaking some law
and desperately still trying to educate
the kids in some
hackneyed way empathizing with the
teachers who aren’t really able to come
up with their own lesson plans anymore
they’re handed these
standardized test things that don’t
really accomplish anything they’re
having to
relegate kids into special needs classes
when they know damn well there’s nothing
wrong with them they just don’t test
the parents who aren’t able because
they’re having to both parents are
having to work full time
to be able to make ends meet to pay for
those schools and other failed things
from government
and are turning around and seeing that
their kids are being failed in those
schools that they’re being forced to pay
for no i don’t have to meet
people middle of the middle of the road
on the on the problem that that’s
you don’t meet them on policy you meet
them where they are on messaging that
fixes the problem
we have a false dichotomy in this party
that we either have to be milk toast and
watered down or we have to be brutalists
who are mean to everyone and
i reject both of those
p why is it hard for libertarians to
convince people that the government is
the federal mafia for the same reason it
was hard to convince people that
supported the mafia that they weren’t
really protecting them
when you think that the reason that you
have anything
is because of the bad guys that are
robbing you
then suddenly you start defending what
they do
well they got a hard job no they they
their job is to rob you and hand off to
cronies and make your life harder
so that you’re dependent on them um
again that’s where you have to meet them
you have to meet them where they are
and explain the problems um
see here meg jones so since you like
stuff what kinds of florida man
souvenirs would you like to score
when you’re in our neck of the woods in
june sunshine and beach water
i want to go there and soak up the rays
and swim in the crystal clear florida
waters that’s what i want
um tom arnold how much to advertise on
my fellow americans
reach out to us on muddy waters media
and we will talk specifics for anyone
who wants to advertise on
on my fellow americans or any of our
fine programming on muddy waters media
um let’s see what would be the ideal
solution down
units says what would be the ideal
solution to the current police state
well number one
we need to de-federalize them okay the
federal government
should have no role both by
constitutional appointment
and by common sense they should not be
involved in law enforcement
put it back in the hands of the local
communities to decide what they want
their rules to be what they want their
police departments to look like what
they want their security to look like
who they want to be in their police
the next thing is we have to hold people
in government including police officers
accountable when they do bad things both
civilly and criminally so we need to end
qualified immunity but we also need to
end absolute immunity for judges
and prosecutors and politicians and we
need to end sovereign immunity for
why in the hell do we have an entire
class of people who have
most of the power and all of the
decision-making ability
and no accountability that makes no
sense whatsoever hold them accountable
we also need to end things like the war
on drugs and other victimless crimes we
need to end civil asset forfeiture which
is basically just
a massive robbery of people that haven’t
even been convicted of a crime yet
there are so many things we need to do
but the bottom line is we need to take
away their power decentralize it and
hold them accountable when they do bad
the same way that any one of us would be
held accountable if we did the same
um people still talking about the
hydrogen and oxygen thing listen
at this point i just acknowledge that i
suck at science and really should not
ever talk about
hydrogen and oxygen again um
todd kern says spike how does it feel to
be a sex symbol
feels great man uh i know what it feels
like to be a spouse symbol
um brenda ritter says please don’t
release the mixtape yeah no you get it
you get it you remember what music was
like back then
um let’s see here
sally ann combs says will you do a
fundraiser with the like
i don’t am i saying lycoming lycoming
county uh pennsylvania affiliate that
involves participants winning the chance
to do an escape room with you
in williamsport pa listen get in contact
with my media
and eventsp guy brian contact me on my
social media
i’d be happy to do anything like that
that sounds really cool actually
uh reach out uh to me on social media
and uh we’ll we’ll run that through the
the people on the team that handle the
media and events i’d be more than happy
to do that
um i actually like escape rooms too um
brent to ritter brenta ritter is
actually one of the witnesses
of my uh mini golf miracle
that happened two days ago five holes in
not one not like a fluke not two like
oh hey oh five like like a
like a like a like i had a system of how
and it was the hard ones too
it was the hard ones
it’s the hard ones um
uh joe park portel says do you have to
take a bush plane to get where you were
going in alaska no thank god no
no no i’m taking commercial jetliners
all the way there and all the way back
uh mansfield mafia i’m a big fan of
removing police from non-property or
crimes of aggression
i talk to police officers and i say
look at the growing discord and the
growing animosity that the public has
towards the police
why it’s not because
you know we hear oh the next time that
you you get raped or murdered called a
no one’s worried about the police
stopping rapists and murderers
they’re worried about the police pulling
them over and ruining them financially
for weeks because they have a busted
light or their registration expired
because they couldn’t afford it
or their seat belt isn’t on or you know
some other they
they forgot to use their blinker because
they were nervous because the cop was
behind them
that upsets people people are upset that
they’re that people are put in cages
over victimless crimes
people are upset that when bad officers
not all officers but the ones that are
bad do bad things
that the entire thin blue line protects
them that the police units protect
unions protect them that there’s no
accountability that we’re only just
starting to see some level of
accountability for this stuff after
decades of this and it’s only because
now everyone’s walking around with an hd
camera and they can’t
deny that it’s happening anymore that’s
why people are getting upset about the
but when you end those problems when you
get rid of qualified immunity so that
bad police officers can get routed out
and now it’s only the good officers that
are left when you end wars on victimless
crimes so that now when the police are
coming out
they’re coming out to protect the lives
and rights and property of the people
now when police drive down the street
people cheer and applaud because the
police are here that’s what i want i
want people to be happy
and relieved when they see a police
officer and that’s not going to happen
with the policies we have in place
you’re absolutely right
spike seriously what about the turtles i
don’t i’m sure this is a joke that i
should be getting but i don’t
i like turtles i don’t dislike turtles
uh mansfield mafia no no need to pull
people over for window tint or air
fresheners or once you pull them over
because you couldn’t see their license
but now you see their license
hey no problem now you can let them go
because that was clearly why you pulled
them over because they
the license now you see it yay now you
don’t have to tase them
or pepper spray them and threaten to
tase them and then tell them
that if they if they uh if they notify
anyone that this happened that you’ll
try to ruin their
military career um
derrick rhodes it’s because because
you’re a legend well thank you derek um
let’s see i’ve got requests for things
to tell kennedy i’m not some of these
things aren’t very appropriate
um zachary smith hey spike how do you
think the government is going to deal
with quarantining the troops coming home
from afghanistan
that implies that they’re coming home
zachary i mean you know
the uh previous administration
negotiated a may first pull-out date
uh and as a cease-fire in the meantime
with the taliban and the taliban has
held that cease-fire
and they have said that if troops are
still there after may 1st that they’ll
continue fighting back because it’s
their country and why are we there
so joe biden says uh yeah we’re sticking
around till september 11th
oh so they unilaterally decided that
they’re staying at least another what
almost four and a half months past the
expected withdrawal date well
here’s why because they know the
taliban’s gonna fight back
and then they’ll be able to fight them
and then they’ll say oh we can’t leave
the taliban’s attacking us no
schmuck you should have left so
unfortunately i don’t think that they’re
leaving i hope i’m wrong i hope that he
brings him home
just like i hope he stops building the
wall but he continues building the wall
it’s almost like he’s a
let’s um uh
a lot of stuff um oh um
flore troncone i think i hope i’m saying
that right uh what do you see for the
future of the lp i think that we
continue to grow
i think it’s time for us to to go out of
the era of
uh i guess entry level that we’re in
right now i think it’s time for us to go
into the level of winning
not just local and regional elections
but working our way up and scaling
our platforms for victory up to the
statewide races in the federal races and
i think we’re pretty close to that and i
think uh
i think there’s a snowball effect
happening every year there are more
libertarians than the year before
every year the number of libertarians
that are elected goes up
you know i think we’re doing well i
think we spend too much time talking
about the presidential election
i know somewhere in here i’m gonna get
asked are you running for president
really like who cares like just
seriously like who cares
like right now until we do the hard work
at the ground at the grassroots ground
level to get
thousands more libertarians elected and
to get libertarians elected
at these you know state led more
libertarians elected at the state
legislative level
and get libertarians elected at the
statewide level you know governor
um um attorney general secretary of
state and get libertarians elected at
the federal level congressional races
and senate and so forth okay we’re
running for the white house
and we get three percent one percent two
percent half a percent okay
yay we spent millions of dollars doing
okay yay
why now we have to uh for ballot access
in some states we have to run it and i
think it’s useful to help spread the
message of liberty and and use that
bullhorn what if they ignore us
and what if instead we could spend all
those resources getting thousands of
libertarians elected across
the country so that now when people hear
libertarian they go
oh yeah well you know my city council is
run by libertarians they’re doing a
pretty good job yeah my mayor’s a
libertarian yeah my state rep is a is a
libertarian that makes sense wow i
wonder what those kinds of solutions
would be like in washington
that’s how you do it um
let’s see here michael testa
hey spike what is the libertarian stance
on the environment some argue that quote
unquote strict liability in our
financial payments
after people are harmed by corporations
environmental wrongs are too little too
late it’s more than we’re getting right
now because right now when there’s harms
that happen environmental and
and damn property damage and health
harms that are caused by major
polluting corporations here’s what we
get instead of the the
strict liability and financial payments
first the government tries to cover it
up if at all possible
and if that doesn’t work or for as long
as that works and when it eventually
then they move on to giving them a slap
on the wrist fine that
does nothing to hold them accountable it
costs less weight
penny fractions of pennies on the
dollars less than the damage they cause
then they hold them harmless for the
damage they cause they they pass rules
uh like they did with asbestos like they
did with three mile island like they did
with all these other people
where they they pass uh rules that
protect them against uh they indemnify
them against uh against liability
against accountability so now the people
that did the damage aren’t held
accountable then they turn around
and they make you pay for it you know
you the one that got damaged your
environment got damaged your health got
your property got damaged but thankfully
they’re gonna rob you to pay for the
that’s the government model here’s the
free market model the free market model
you don’t give liability protection to
people who harm
other people especially not the ones who
do the most harm
and if they lose everything as a result
of the damage they did
good let it be a lesson to anyone else
who might do such a thing
and more importantly when businesses
that they’ll be held accountable for
doing that
now they’ll actually be more careful and
you don’t need
job-killing regulations that cut out all
their smaller competitors that can’t
afford the cost of
compliance with a regulation even though
they’re not the ones that are doing the
major damage these are smaller companies
they’re not doing all this damage it’s
the big ones
that can’t afford the cost of of uh
regulatory compliance especially when
they can just disobey it whenever they
want to and get protected for it
and all of that hold them accountable
and let them know that they’ll be held
and they will self-regulate not because
they suddenly become
angelic figures but because they don’t
want to lose everything
so um anyone ever listen to backwards
decent libertarian band i actually
bought their last album yes
let’s see here uh
brian scott lambrecht says foreign
policy question taiwan wants to buy
defensive weapons privately from
american companies but the chinese
government demands the us government put
a stop to this
to the sale as they see it as an act of
aggression from the u.s
as president what would you do what is
your role between not interfering
whereas another country
sees you as already interfering well
first of all we have to stop interfering
brian that’s the problem
you can’t say oh i’m just letting this
stuff happen over here
it’s totally private has nothing to do
with me while you simultaneously have
entire fleets of
of the largest navy on earth surrounding
this country
you can’t claim both so you have to
choose between one or the other well
the neocon occupy the world and all its
oceans models
surely is not working but taiwan wants
to buy
weapons from u.s private suppliers i see
no problem with that
pull out of there let people be
responsible for their own
defense and by doing that now you’re not
going to see as much of the
the graft and the theft and the bloat
because they’re gonna buy what they need
to defend themselves instead of having
you know this country that can print out
tens of trillions of dollars in fiat no
it’s federal reserve notes to pay for
going around and just wasting money on
thousand dollar hammers and
you know two trillion dollar weapon
systems that people don’t even like
uh you know i’ve talked to so many
people who say i don’t know why we’re
replacing with the f-15 with the joint
strike fighter and why we’re replacing
the a-10 with the joint strike fighter
spending all this money and it’s not as
good for those specific missions as
stuff we’ve had for decades
right so you know by allowing the people
who are actual stakeholders in their
defense to be responsible for their
i say that’s a good thing but you have
to simultaneously also get out of it
because you’re right right now china
would be able to correctly say okay
so you’re letting these private sales
happen but you’re totally not a part of
but also you’re surrounding us what’s
that about
so you get out of it and let people come
up with their own defense
um matt irving asks if
uh if he can convince me to run for
through a a put off which i assume i
hope to god is mini golf
um and how do i recommend that we help
push the libertarian message for
upcoming local elections
identify winnable races get candidates
involved who can win those races
and long before we’re running races we
need to be involved in our communities
get local libertarian affiliates not
just to get together and talk about
liberty at the same you know bar and
grill that we meet at every month
that’s also useful but also have us meet
up and help with soup kitchens
help with mutual aid stuff help feed
homeless people even if it’s illegal go
feed homeless people
you know most metro areas it’s illegal
to walk around and hand sandwiches to
homeless people do it anyway
go get involved in and by the way i’m
not saying i would never encourage you
to break the law i’m just saying you
know you got to feed someone you got to
feed someone
but you know we do these types of things
we get involved in our communities
meet with other groups meet with liberty
adjacent groups people that want to hear
ideas meet with normies meet with
everyday people meet
at civic organizations and don’t go
there and proselytize to them just hear
their ideas and
share yours i think that’s the best way
to do it and then identify winnable
races local races
identify candidates who can run in those
races might be you
uh and if it’s not you maybe you can
help with the campaign run like hell for
those races come up with a with a
a solid message for why you’re one
running in that race
and go and knock on the doors and wave
signs and you know try to participate in
debates if they’re having local debates
it’s a lot easier for libertarians to
get in local debates than national ones
we get in debates all the time at the
local level
so you know that’s the kind of stuff you
can do
matthew vaughn prince says how are
children’s rights preserved
or how should they be when they have no
ability to preserve their own rights
i’m not a hundred percent sure that i
understand your question but i’m going
to answer it the way
that i think that i best can i think
that children
you know and there’s this you know this
odd debate that happens
and it’s a really cringy debate
especially when we’re talking about
sexual stuff where
when does a child become not a child and
and start to have their own
autonomy and and and things like that i
think on certain things
children have autonomy from the
beginning beginning i think that
uh you know for example i like that
we’re now telling not telling kids that
they have to sit on someone’s lap
or have to hug someone i think that
really they should be able to
decide that from the beginning now
financial decisions health decisions
that’s a different subject they may not
be able to be fully informed on that
the parent should be the the short
answer is
the younger a child is the more
responsible the parent is to protect
them to protect their rights to protect
their autonomy to protect their
their lives and their rights uh and
their property um
and the older they get and the more
developed their brains get the more
they’re responsible for that and it’s
it’s not a clean question there is no
clean cut off uh
and uh and each child is different from
person to person and it’s
you know it’s a really difficult thing
to talk about uh
in general uh and especially on specific
subjects but
i think you know the short answer is as
long as a child is unable to do that
that’s what the parent or guardian is
for to protect their rights and and
and their and their safety and their in
their lives
um some more hydrogen questions
brenter ritter just between us are you
running in 2024
sure um
jeff depoy give me an address to send
some salmon harvested fresh from lake
michigan i’ll smoke it for you or senfla
i will def
you i will be writing you um
jericho banker what do you think of
biden’s plan to pull out of afghanistan
too good to be true yeah well it’s not
gonna happen there was already a plan to
pull out in may that’s what
the military agreed to with the taliban
and now he’s
pushing it back by four months which is
going to trigger the taliban to fight
back because
we just or they the government just
violated their peace treaty so
that gives them an excuse to stay there
that’s what i think um
zach goose reinmetal i think that said
that correctly if no amendment is
absolute can i stop
paying taxes now i don’t see why not if
no amendment’s absolute
then um there’s a lot of stuff that that
we can do
um oh here’s a good one
derek rhodes what are your thoughts on
the government’s over regulation of
proven safer vaping products
i think that it does whatever what it
always does there are now more black
market cartridges on the market than
there ever have been because they’re
making it harder to get legal safe
products so you’re going to have even
more deaths and the deaths that they
point to for why they need to do this
almost all of them came from illegal
tampered black market vaping products
because of course they would
it’s just absurd i think that uh it’s
none of anyone’s business what you put
in your body and vaping is so much safer
than smoking
it is exponential it’s not even
comparable it’s the it’s i i don’t even
i try to come up with a it’s the
difference between putting
vapor in your in your water vapor in
your lungs
and burning something and and putting
that in your lungs
it’s a big difference uh it’s the
difference between being in a house fire
and choking and being in like a sauna
and going
oh it’s humid in here that’s like
literally the difference between vaping
and smoking
um rob tark
spike please address how you plan to
unite a party who is all over the place
with its ideals well i’m actually going
to be talking about that
in my appearance at gold rush uh this
weekend uh
in uh on april 17th at the matsu resort
in wasilla alaska you can also
attend online by registering by going to
alaska lp.org
gold rush but long story short um
who’s question rob long story short rob
you know every political party has
people that are all over the place
on their ideas i mean you look at the
republicans and democrats there are
people who you know
wildly disagree with each other i think
what’s most important is
instead of trying to make everyone think
this the same thing or agree to the same
let’s just give people winnable goals
let’s instead of the libertarian party
has these great aspirational goals we’re
gonna set the world free we’re gonna end
the fed we’re gonna end taxes we’re
end the wars overseas we’re gonna end
the war on drugs we’re gonna
end all of the bad things and give the
power back to the people
yay and then our plan to do that is
we need to find the perfect person to
run for president
and then they’re gonna get on the debate
stage and win the white house
and then also congress and also the
and also all the state houses and
they’re going to begin to undo
hundreds of years of bad policy let’s do
and then we don’t have a real viable
blueprint to do that so now we’re all
sitting here
we’re coping with one what seems like
one set of crushing losses after the
instead of focusing on where we are
winning and how to do more of that
so we start attacking each other it’s
your fault that we’re losing it’s your
fault that we’re losing if you wouldn’t
say this
that we’d be winning if you would stop
doing this then we’d be winning
if you just let me do x y z then we’d be
no let’s come up with ways that we can
more that we’re already winning that we
can win more like that
and let’s work together it gives us
something to do instead of attacking
each other
we build a sense of camaraderie with
each other and we start to realize that
there isn’t as much difference between
us as we thought we might have
differences in definition and policy but
the reality is we all want the same
thing we want a world set free
let’s see
uh roadblock rombau says how do you
think the democrats proposal for more
supreme court judges will go this this
is a standard thing that happens i don’t
think it’s really going to happen
uh but i think if it does happen then
goodbye to the supreme court being
other than a rubber stamp for the
executive because here’s why
the next president’s going to go oh you
increased the number of judges me too
and then the next one comes in and goes
oh you did that me too and then they
just keep adding more and more judges
you end up with this ridiculous
person supreme court and they just you
know fill the ranks enough
to uh to make it where they have the
majority and it becomes a rubber stamp
for them i think it’s a terrible idea um
i mean there’s already the the supreme
court often is such a rubber stamp that
gives such deference to
executive power gives such deference to
blatantly unconstitutional legislation
well the people want no that’s not your
job to decide what the people
want your job is to decide whether it
comports with the very
plain language in the constitution and
if there’s any kind of
uh uh any kind of um disparity
discrepancy there you
you look at like the writings of the
founders the federalist paper it’s it’s
it’s precedent you’re supposed to be
looking at not you know what your
feelings are on it
see here derek rhodes asks doge
i don’t know what to tell you anymore
man it’s not an all-time high i don’t
i don’t know i’m gonna buy some at some
i don’t i keep
i don’t know what to tell you it’s it’s
a meme
but here we are
here we are kellen uh i won
yuke says rothbard yes or no yes in
general i
i’m not a fan of uh rothbard’s so-called
paleo strategy i think
he even admitted that it wasn’t a good
one i don’t agree with every single
thing rothbard said
uh but pre-paleo rothbard was best
um and yes if i could push the rothbard
100 i’d smash that thing um
nbc has confirmed democrats will be
trying to add for supreme court judges
do you think it will pass no
um sean orton says
bitcoin is 1.7 million i assume per if
you uh
replaced all physical money before the
last stimulus yeah
i i will say that i think um
i don’t think it’s just gonna be bitcoin
uh i do i think bitcoin’s gonna be
somewhere between half a million and a
and then just kind of steadily rise over
time because it scares but i think it’s
true equilibrium right now
uh in in just the next probably next two
three four years
it’s gonna be somewhere between half a
million and a million that’s just my
opinion this is not financial advice
standard disclaimer i am not a financial
advisor i am not giving you financial
advice past
performance is not an index is not
indicative of future performance
you could lose all of your investment i
can’t tell you what to do
you have to decide for yourself i’m not
a financial advisor i’m just
a humble jew on the internet um
give us back the power i’m working on it
man working on it justin
justin lomnes i think i’m saying the
name right libertarians get a bad name
because we believe in having our own
decisions and living
live truly free most people don’t know
who libertarians are
justin like i went around the country
and we would campaign
heavily and put out stuff signed saying
come see the big blue bus
with your next vice presidential
candidate spike cohen you know he’s
running for
they’d show up and they go who are you
are you is i thought
trump and biden were running and i’d say
yeah i’m spike cohen i’m running with
the libertarian party and they go
what’s the libertarian party like most
people have no idea who we are
and unfortunately a lot of people who do
know who we are have a bad take on us
and some of that’s our fault some of
that is how we presented our ideas
when you say you’re going to take over
the world and leave everyone alone
if you don’t explain what leaving them
alone means that sounds like we’re going
to neglect you and we don’t care what
happens to you we have to explain how
our ideas work
which means when people ask you about
the roads and the schools and healthcare
and all the stuff that
that makes you mad well why would i have
to answer that the roads come on why
they don’t
their answer asking because just like
you probably at one point didn’t know
the answer
they don’t know the answer you do so
tell them so i think that would be
um how do we stop coveted passwords
first of all we have to stop calling
them covet passports
long after we will have achieved hurt
from vaccinations and people already
getting covered is
long after that is when they’ll be
putting these passports in place these
have nothing to do with covet covid will
almost completely be tamped down to
almost nothing by the time these things
are ready for prime time
this is not about covet this is about
using kovid
as an excuse to impose itself to have
big business and government work
together to create a caste system
in this country and around the world not
just what countries you can go to
but whether you can go to walmart
whether you can go to the school whether
you can go to the store whether you can
go to an arena or a
mall or a disaster shelter by the way
all the people saying oh these aren’t
going to be used to stop you from
fleeing a disaster
tell that to uh saint oh gosh saint
the island in the caribbean where that
just happened sixteen thousand uh family
either sixteen thousand people or
sixteen thousand families i forget which
is what’s but sixteen thousand people
and or families uh were in a red zone
under a volcano that just erupted where
if they stayed there it would be
certain death from so and potentially i
think just from the soot
and and not being able to breathe so
they said okay
we’re going to evacuate everyone who’s
been vaccinated
now less than five percent of the
population of saint vincent has been
vaccinated because they’re a poor
country and they’re having a hard time
getting the vaccine
and yet they still told people that are
fleeing a volcano
that they had to be vaccinated if you
don’t think that’s coming here
everything eventually comes here
sometimes sometimes it starts here
um matt ferraro my child has three
different standardized tests in four
weeks time how ridiculous is that
and how much did your kid learn from it
we’ve turned schooling into this
terrible monstrous monstrosity
for children where they fear going and
gosh am i gonna be able to pass all
school is supposed to be where you learn
not where you’re constantly having to
prove your worth
and god forbid you have some off days or
you just get nervous or
you have test anxiety i used to get test
anxiety as a kid and then you end up in
a special needs class
there are people with legitimate special
needs who need that one-on-one help
and now those classes are being filled
with students who do not have special
needs they’re being made fun of by their
classmates for having special needs when
they don’t have special needs they take
it out on the kids who do have special
needs and the the teachers who are
trained to deal with you know one-on-one
small group uh you know early
intervention stuff
now they’re dealing with a bunch of kids
who are so filled with angst and sadness
because they were shoved into special
needs it’s just a nightmare no child
left behind should have been called
an increasing number of children being
left behind because that’s exactly what
it is
what an absolute disaster
kayla revels says yes yes yes thank you
uh let’s go through some man we got a
lot of questions
so i’m gonna have to unfortunately cut
this off in a little bit because i like
have to finish packing
and i have to leave here in six hours
four at five hours gosh
bull johnson we will have a seat in
congress in 2022. i like that attitude
and i think it’s it’s absolutely
possible it’s absolutely possible if we
do the work between now and then
to identify a winnable maybe even more
than one winnable congressional races we
get a good candidate in there
we’re involved in that community we have
a solid message we go in there we don’t
get caught up in the republican democrat
nonsense because people are sick of it
we go in there and we present the bold
truth we don’t water down our message
we don’t go in there and try to tell
everyone taxation has stepped over and
over and again without explaining
why it’s theft and what the better
alternative would be we don’t just go in
there to be edge lords and we certainly
don’t go in there to be milk toast and
watered down
and tell them a bunch of stuff we don’t
even believe just to get their vote and
instead we go in there and explain the
way that we got this the problem that
we’re in and our common sense
libertarian solutions to fix it we can
win congressional races in 22.
justico mitchell want to be a governor
sure you got one
james weiner james winner do you think
the last lp campaign i assume he’s
talking about the jorgensen cohen
was more about showcasing you than
actually winning
i don’t think i don’t think it was about
showcasing us i think that
we ran to win to the extent that we went
around the country we did more
than the republicans and democrats
combined last year i mean we went on a
freaking bus tour during a during a
pandemic and lockdowns
visited 48 states went all over the
country talked to tens of thousands of
people in person and many more
uh online millions online uh we ran
as full-throated a campaign as we could
with fractions of pennies on the dollar
what the republicans and the democrats
have we did everything we could uh in
terms of getting the message out there
it wasn’t about showcasing us as
individuals it was about getting the
message of liberty out there as much as
and also in helping the down ballot
candidates as much as we could
and i’m happy that we were able to help
get a lot of down ballot candidates
elected in this last cycle
but i do think that we put a lot of
there were millions of dollars that were
spent that in retrospect
what if we had spent those on those
congr on those city-wide races and
county-wide races
something to think about again not to
say that we shouldn’t run a presidential
candidate but i really think we should
thinking about what our strategy moving
forward is in terms of what our main uh
our main focus should be um alexandra
uh or alexander i think it’s a draw
robin says says spike you’re awesome on
kennedy thank you so much
um she also
or he i don’t i’m not sure that name
might be alexander might be alexandra
alexander uh robinson also asked spike
have you ever had any contact with larry
elder and would you consider him a
libertarian i have not talked with him
i’d be happy to
i think he’s libertarian on some issues
i think i’d describe him more as a
maybe liberty leaning conservative but
you know
um tom stewart says serious question i’m
tired of trying to play by the rules i’d
rather now take a flamethrower to issues
the way the mises caucus does
any thoughts i think that there is a
difference again there is a difference
between as you said playing by the rules
playing nice for the corporate media
uh and uh and
i think that there is again a false
dichotomy here we either have to play
nice nice or we have to be brutalists
and i think i like a lot of what comes
from mises groups and mises people i’m
actually a member of the mises caucus
i like a lot of the the bold messaging
that’s coming out of it
i think that messaging needs to be
worked within the proper framework of
how are you positioning yourself to
continue that debate or that discussion
i always want to position myself in such
a way that i am forcing
the people that oppose me uh in my
beliefs to defend
their ideas on their terms of what they
and if instead i go in and i say
something that then i
or others have to defend and it brings a
lot of negative attention
when instead i could have put that
negative attention on the people that i
want to have to defend themselves and
always put them on the defensive i’d
prefer to do that
um but i i think that it’s important um
uh i think it’s important to uh to be
um but i think bold also you can be
boldy and smart you don’t have to choose
between being bold or smart i think you
can be boldly and smart
um let’s see
wow i think there are more questions
being asked
someone says brian says dude i like
burning things in my lungs listen that’s
it’s on you it’s your body um
oh uh wyatt says number one favorite
waffle house item
probably the bacon made limp and
unfortunately i can’t have it anymore
their sausage is pretty good but now the
i’m a big i’m a big
big carnivore and i’m now on a
pescatarian diet
i miss me i was told oh after a year or
two of
eating of not eating meat you’ll totally
miss it that’s a lie
that is a straight up lie
because i accidentally ate bacon in san
antonio texas last year
when i ordered the crispy uh i ordered
the crispy uh
um brussels sprouts with my salmon
and i said now remember don’t put any
bacon in it and they said okay we won’t
and they did and i was outside and it
was at night and we were overlooking it
was a
sort of a romantic setting for me and my
wife and we’re overlooking the waterway
the riverwalk there and it’s dimly lit
and they bring it out
i’m enjoying time with my wife and i’m
eating my food i go man these are the
these are the best brussels sprouts uh
oh that’s bacon
sure enough i look i take my phone out
point the flashlight at it sure enough
that’s a bunch of bacon
now i stopped eating it because i have
incredible willpower and because i
you know i’m on a very restrictive diet
for a reason for my multiple sclerosis
that was the best damn brussels sprouts
i’ve ever had in my life
so that is a lie and if you are telling
yourself that if you’ve stopped eating
meat you’re like oh yeah i don’t like
lie lies
lies you know it might be for ethical
reasons and that’s great
might be for health reasons that’s why i
do it and that’s great lies
lies that you don’t miss it um
justin 42 says i vaccinated i don’t want
to punish opt out
everyone writes everyone’s rights or no
eureka um
let’s see this uh
someone says get some sleep thank you i
actually wish i could i’ve got some
packing to do before i go to bed but
i love y’all this is what i love to do
this is what i live for
uh i love this this is actually going to
give me the energy i need to then go and
finish packing so i can
get up um kevin hobby says how was
oklahoma well it’s funny that you would
ask kevin i had a great time in oklahoma
two weeks ago that was awesome we were
there for my
well we were there for the oklahoma uh
libertarian party convention
and um i told them i said listen that’s
that’s our wedding anniversary so if you
want us to come
you got to bring my wife too and you got
to be really nice to her because it’s
our wedding anniversary
you want me to spend it talking to
libertarians which is what i do every
and they were very cool about it and
they were incredibly gracious and
they they put out the red carpet for us
they were amazing we had such a great
what what about neither one of us has
ever been to oklahoma it was amazing
um kevin hobby trying to been trying to
get your joe exotic reply all night i
don’t see
can you ask it again i don’t even see it
joseph adams anyone anybody know where i
can watch the kennedy show online so
they break it up into clips afterwards
uh if you go to video.foxbusiness.com
um and you can it’ll have a section that
says show clips
and you just click on where it says
kennedy and it’ll show the most recent
it they don’t always put all the panels
on there usually they put at least
one or two of the panels that i’ve been
on on there and uh
usually if they don’t they’ll at least
put it on like facebook or twitter or
something so i can share it from there
but the the best way um uh
uh the you know the best way to make
sure you can see it is to have cable and
watch fox business
um kevin hobby what do you say when
people ask you about joe exotic
listen here’s the thing with joe exotic
he was not very libertarian and
the thing is the reason he came to the
libertarian party
was because he knew something was wrong
and he knew there was a problem
joe exotic looked at things and knew
there was a problem in fact
his uh his campaign slogan was
let’s fix this [ __ ] okay so if joe
realizes that there’s such a problem
that people need to run to fix
it then that shows you just how poorly
the republicans and democrats are doing
okay and uh you know if it’s not the
republicans or democrats creating
problems it’s that carol baskin down
um but no i listen i i think that i
think bottom line is that
um if if the joe exotics of the world
can look around and go
this seems weird then i think that we
can all conclude that there’s a problem
uh and that you know your lying eyes
aren’t lying to you
and that there is really a problem um
oh okay there is already a second
segment up um
let’s see i can take uh so uh
only homan uh says
uh have you reached out to joe rogan
about getting on a show we have reached
out multiple times i’d be happy to get
on his show i’d be happy to talk with
uh interestingly enough joe rogan said
that he voted for
for me and joe for for president vice
and yet he didn’t have either of us on
the show
i’m not a hundred percent certain why
that is i don’t know if there was mixed
signals with the campaign i really don’t
um i i heard a rumor at one point that
uh joe jorgensen didn’t want to be on
joe rogan i
tend to not believe that i don’t really
think that’s true i’m not sure
joe went on a lot of different shows uh
like dave rubin and
kennedy and uh neil cavuto and other i
don’t know why she wouldn’t go on joe
rogan so
but regardless true or not i would be
more than happy to go on uh
to go on joe rogan um let’s see
um see
yeah i mean where anyone who wants to
reach out to joe rogan uh
anyone who wants to ask him to have me
on i’d be happy to do it
be more than happy to go on um kevin
ramlo i love your interview with matt
kibby during the campaign that was one
of my favorite interviews and here’s why
matt kibby if i had to pick one single
uh that is responsible for bringing me
to the liberty movement it’s probably
matt kibby
followed closely behind by ron paul
followed closely behind by a guy named
lou sander
who’s actually the one who helped me to
realize i was actually an anarchist not
just a libertarian but a libertarian
anarchist but that’s a whole other
matt kibby um you know i really looked
up to him i really do look up to him
and when i saw him at the convention i’m
like that’s matt kibby i’m going to play
it cool
right and then i and then he comes up to
me he goes yeah yeah i’m getting a lot
of interesting takes on you
uh i find you really interesting would
you like to come on my show i’m like
yeah we can make that work yeah that’s
sure that’s cool and i’m playing it cool
i’m playing it cool with everyone
like yeah matt kibby that’s fine i can
be on your show oh what’s what i got on
my scale
at 5 30. we should 5 30 was that work
for you okay good i’ll see you at 5 30.
then my wife comes over
okay and i don’t know why but in
trying to introduce my wife to matt
i just completely melted down and went
into a total fanboy moment
so it started as like tasha this is matt
kibbe he’s one of the people that
brought me to libertarianism it’s
probably the most responsible person and
he’s incredible and i’m going to be on a
show and i’m so excited i was like what
wrong with you no one said that i said
that to myself but
no i was very very happy to what about
ben shapiro i’d be happy to go on ben
shapiro there’s very few people i
wouldn’t go on their show i’d be happy
to do it did we lose the feed again
no we’re back no i don’t think we lost
the feed um
uh brian sutton uh where he says no
amendment is absolute not even the 13th
he actually said something almost as bad
as that brian
in explaining why we should have gun
control he goes from the very
beginning of the constitution you know
there were certain people that weren’t
allowed to own guns
yeah slaves and natives how did that
work out for him joe
did that keep him nice and safe at night
i could not believe the man said that
he’s right he’s 100 right
from the beginning of the constitution
there were people who were not allowed
to own guns
because they were being treated like
cattle where they were having their land
and being led down a genocidal trail of
that’s not a selling point that’s not
what i’d lead with
if i were trying to push for reductions
in violence
it was incredible and he wasn’t called
on it major media didn’t go hey who were
those certain people
because all we saw was the only people
we saw that couldn’t own guns were
slaves and
indigenous people absolutely
absolutely incredible um
let’s see here uh
p says are you friends with and i think
it’s camellia i think that’s how you say
his name foster
and matt welch at the fifth column i’m
in contact with matt welch i’d be happy
to go on the fifth column too there’s
really like i said i’d be happy to um
elizabeth elizabeth says can you ask
caitlyn if she can get you on rogan
i mean it’s her fault that we’re not um
let’s see here um
what’s a good one to end on alexander or
draw i
wish i knew which one that was robinson
says spike in your opinion who
would you consider the most brutal
dictator in the world today
there are many different ways to measure
if you go by just the sheer amount of
harm being done it’s hard not to argue
the current president is just because of
the sheer amount of harm and damage
that’s being done around the world
yeah i i i it would be hard not to argue
if you’re talking about potential like
not how much power they have but what
they’re doing with their power
i would probably argue kim jong moon i
mean i i think
uh uh it’s oon right
yeah probably kim jong-un uh just i mean
the way he’s treating his people
is just absolutely brutal um and the
conditions they’re living under i
i’m not sure there’s anyone that i could
say is as brutal as that
um see
uh vicky the people are asking me about
running for for president i
i have answered that i haven’t made any
decisions for 2024.
uh and it’s alexander okay cool um i
haven’t made any decisions for 2024 and
i think it’s more important to talk
about the
races that we have a serious shot of
winning right now the thousands of races
that we can win between now and then
i think that that is so much more
important you know
going on the trail and i’m gonna have to
end on this um
and this answers a couple of the other
questions uh the
when you look at the reasons why it’s
something like 60 to 65 percent of
americans say
that there need to be a viable they want
a viable third party that they can vote
for because they’re sick of republicans
or democrats
and then we listen we go hey that’s
great news we’re the libertarian party
we’re a viable third party and people go
so anyway like i was saying we need a
viable third party the reason they don’t
vote for us
is multi-fold and meanwhile the reason
most don’t vote first
they’ve never heard of us but for the
ones who do the reason most of the
people that have heard of us
don’t vote for us what do they say to us
you can’t win
and that’s so frustrating to hear right
yeah it’s easier for us to win if you
vote for us but but that’s
also a lot of well i’ll get into that in
a second you can’t win
okay that’s the big one and if you can’t
win that i gotta vote for a lesser evil
right uh your ideas sound good but i
don’t know if they’re really gonna work
and we haven’t seen it played out at
least not the way you’re talking about
um i only really ever hear from you
uh every you know for a couple months
few months every
every four years what’s up with that you
know how involved are you
and then a big one if they do know us is
you guys are constantly fighting
everyone including each other what’s
that about
here’s the you can’t win thing when we
lead with telling people
how difficult it is for us to get on the
ballot again we haven’t even told them
what we’re about yet
we haven’t told them what our policies
are we haven’t told them what our
solutions are we haven’t told them about
the fact that the republicans and
democrats are playing a big good cop bad
cop routine with each
with each other to keep people into
thinking that they need to vote for the
lesser evil when that
clearly is not working we don’t talk
about that we start off with well it’s
important that you know that
they’re keeping us off the ballot and
they’re making it hard for us to even
and they’re putting rules that make it
where it’s nearly impossible for us to
even get on the ballot then we certainly
can’t win
and then the corporate media is shutting
us out too it’s really unfair
what people are hearing is i don’t have
a shot in hell of winning
and so then when they turn around and go
i don’t think you have a shot in hell of
winning then we get upset
why would we get upset we just told them
that so if instead
we focus on races that we can win right
now with the resources we have
and focus on building up our credo in in
our street cred in all of our
and in getting more libertarians elected
now we kill all those arguments
you can’t win yeah we win in cities and
counties and states across the country
thousands at a time uh your ideas sound
good but i you know how are they gonna
work they’re working in cities and
and counties across the country i only
hear from you for a few months
every year no you hear from us all the
time in cities and states and counties
across the country
you guys are constantly arguing with
each other and that’s all you do no
we’re actually also busy winning
in cities and states and counties across
the country i think that when we do that
then we put ourselves in a position to
actually be able to win the races
that we want to win and actually get
towards our goal and then they’re not
aspirational goals anymore
ending the fed can be within our reach
ending the wars can be within our reach
ending the war on drugs and victimless
crimes can be within our reach getting
people out of cages
and camps can be within our reach uh
ending all of this intrusion and health
care and housing and higher education
and food and everything else
driving up the cost of things so it’s
getting harder and harder just to get by
we can and all of that stuff we can take
all that power and freedom and money
that they’ve stolen from you put it back
in your hands
where it belongs so that you can be free
so you can be happier
and healthier and safer so you can
afford to live so that your children
have a brighter future so you can build
a financial legacy
instead of constantly struggling just to
make ends meet all of that is in our
when we do the work to connect with
and show them that our solutions work
and when we do that
we can win ow that hurt
anyway folks thank you so much for uh
for coming and watching this and hanging
out with me and asking me questions
i wish that uh ryan bedford libertarians
can’t lose in the arena of ideas
exactly exactly
all we have to do is get in front of
people we have better solutions than the
democrats have
for their voter base we have better
solutions than the republicans have
for their voter base we have better
solutions than anyone else
so why are we arguing with anyone let’s
just empathize with them
let’s validate their concerns let’s show
them how we got here
how we got here and how these policies
created the problems that we’re facing
and then we show them how we can fix it
with our common sense solutions how our
aren’t just morally right but they make
sense and they work
and let’s show them that even more with
human action by going out
helping people and going out being
involved in our communities
and going out and winning elections and
taking over city councils and county
councils and state council
state legislatures and school boards and
sheriff’s departments
how about libertarian sheriffs who just
completely nullify everything by saying
i’m not going to enforce that if it’s
not violating the lives and rights and
property of the people
in my jurisdiction i got no interest in
let’s win let’s win in ideas
let’s win people over let’s bring people
into this movement let’s win elections
let’s win
freedom for ourselves and future
generations folks thank you so much for
tuning in
to my fellow americans and uh and for
asking me all your questions i wish
that i could answer all of them but
unfortunately i’m just a
just a mild manager doing my best out
here uh but folks again
gold rush this weekend wasilla alaska
and online if you register at
gold rush we are going to be talking and
it’s not just me talking
uh we’re gonna have chrissy wickers and
tara de sisto and caitlyn cloven and
apollo pizzelle
and paul robbins jr and now i feel bad
because i think i left out just one
uh maybe it was two other people but
there are some incredible people that
are going to be talking
if you want to run for office as a
libertarian if you want to get things
accomplished in your community
tune into this uh if again if you’re
anywhere near wasilla come on out we’d
love to have you
uh and if not if you want to watch it
online it’s an all day long event
uh alaskalp.org goldrush to sign up
i hope to see you there or i hope that
you see me there if you’re online
and uh be sure to tune in tomorrow night
uh for a special episode of the writer’s
uh with matt wright uh be sure to tune
in this weekend
for gold rush by registering and being
part of gold rush
and then i will see you next week for uh
the muddy waters of freedom where matt
wright and i parse through the week
weekend’s events or the week’s events
like the sweet little 20 20 wonder boys
that we are
uh and then tune in back here uh
wednesday for my fellow americans my
guest will be eric peterson we will be
talking about how the fcc
is screwing up the internet and how they
can stop him it’s by
stopping the fcc and stopping uh any
attempts towards net neutrality
i should have told you that because now
you don’t have to watch it no you have
to watch it because we’re going to
explain why it is you’re not going to
believe what the answer is
tune in next week folks thanks again for
tuning in
i’m spike cohen and you are the power
god bless guys
i can’t make a change
just unite them come together become
hybrid at the least slightly like-minded
indeed the life i’ve lived brings light
to kindness
all you need is a sign put a cease to
the crimes
put an ease of the minds like mine
sometimes darkness is all i find
you know what they say about an hour for
a night in a time where the bloody the
blood who am i to deny would cry when a
loved one dies
i recognize that body outside with a
hoes in the body that was alive
tell me why
we will make a

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