The Wrighter’s Block Episode 74 – Amy LePore Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Amy LePore is the vice-chair of the libertarian party of Delaware. Full stop. Even after members of the state affiliate got together to change the rules to oust the duly elected EC, then for their prestige they topped that fun little trick.

Join Matt today as he talks to Amy about what happened, what the fallout has been, and what is being done to rectify the situation.

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to bring on my next guest uh she was
supposed to be on three weeks ago two
weeks three weeks ago two or three weeks
ago uh and i had to cancel and i hate
having to cancel on people
so uh
i am very glad to be able to bring on
once again amy lapore
amy how are you so much
thank you so much for having me it’s
great to be here no absolutely uh i am i
am so glad that we were able to get you
back on so quickly um
i hate canceling shows like i
legitimately felt bad that day when i
was like sending you that message i was
like god i hate doing this i can’t
believe i have to cancel a show
it’s quite all right i’m good
we’re just hanging out
excellent but hey we’re here now and uh
we’re here now and that is all that
really matters
um so before we get into all the happy
haps up in delaware um
let’s get your origin story and how you
found yourself in the
island of misfit toys known as the
libertarian party
where where did you start like how did
you how did you end up realizing you
were a libertarian what made you decide
to join up with the party um and what
made you decide to go for
such a high profile role in the uh in
the uh
delaware else
okay absolutely so
so i think um
my my story is best told by starting
with the fact that i had a lengthy
public safety career okay um and and i
started there
very young
um and
the opportunity to interact with the
public but also with um public money
and with the grant process and
the the public safety procurement
process and my specialization in ems and
emergency management really gave me a
great glimpse at the community
and and how they were
receiving public services or not
um and and really i started to question
whether or not community could do
the work better right so
i went back to school
i said i have to understand what i’m
seeing here i have to understand why
grant budgets are unnecessarily bloated
i have to understand why we treat
citizens like they are
secondary in importance
so i went back to school to to find out
why and
you know studied a little bit of public
choice theory
ended up studying alongside or rather
writing alongside
researchers from the mercatus center
george mason where i stumbled upon a
thing called austrian economics
and and that was kind of it for me so i
was a libertarian for some time but
certainly not an activist and and in
fact spent a lot of time questioning
whether political mechanism was had
utility uh at all um
a little maybe some days i still do now
but but we’re doing such good work in
delaware i’m feeling okay about it
you asked how i ended up
in a role with the state board for the
libertarian party of delaware and and
you know i i had the opportunity to to
be the state coordinator for the
jorgensen campaign so i had the
opportunity to interact with some
incredible people
we recruited
so many volunteers we got so many people
excited about what was possible if we
could grow the party in delaware
wanted the opportunity to
be able to continue to harness the the
work of those volunteers and their
passion for for liberty and in a time in
our country when it could never have
been needed more
um so yeah i kind of i stumbled into it
a bit but but i’m i’m glad to be here um
no regrets
beautiful um
i had to mute because my fiance just
came back and the dogs just ran out and
i was like this is going to get very
loud um
well no that’s awesome um actually i
went to
college i started college i don’t want
to say i went to college at george mason
because i started college there and then
i discovered that drugs were really fun
and i did not make it very far
but i actually went because of their
economics department and i wanted to be
an economist that graduated from george
mason and then
i discovered something called ecstasy um
and that there are there are many paths
there are many paths
um but yeah uh
that’s incredible were you living in
virginia at the time or were you
just going no
so i i
did my research work at university of
delaware but i ended up um
uh writing book chapters for for work
they were producing uh and and in fact i
have an edited volume um that i
completed a couple of years ago and some
of their authors contributed chapters so
really was just kind of like a collegial
opportunity uh to kind of learn from
them um so i did not study there i was
at university of delaware okay that’s
cool no that’s that that’s very cool um
george mason’s a beautiful well it was a
beautiful campus when i was there i
don’t know what it looks like now um but
it was a beautiful campus and the uh
two and a half semesters that i was
there just prime
prime education opportunity at the time
but um so let’s get in
let’s just dive right into what is going
on uh
i should have welcomed you and i
apologize for this i i made a mistake
here but i should have welcomed you in
the vice chair of the delaware lp
uh because
you are the vice chair of the delaware
but not everybody agrees with that
uh so
let’s talk about what happened here
what happened at the last convention
other than you winning when was the last
yeah the last convention was over the
summer was june 5th okay and that was
where you you rightfully won the
vice chair position
me and a host of other folks as well who
are kind of who are names you would know
from the delaware saga of course the
chair uh bill hines um certainly as well
one on that day so yeah
yeah okay so and when
what happened between let’s
what happened between convention and
that kind of led to what we are going to
mainly be focusing on tonight
so the board is made up of 10 folks okay
it was a bit of an even split around
many of the issues we confronted in
those couple of months there was an
incredible amount of disrespect for the
because i think
there was some jealousy about the the
role he was able to attain
um from from certain other board members
uh and
i think that
the delaware libertarian party has been
for many years
and while there are wonderful people in
it it has been tiny and it has not has
not really produced much has not
recruited it has not um
it has not grown into the community and
built any type of a reputation and so i
think that bill’s chair mia’s vice chair
you know dave casey dylan griffith all
these incredible folks on the board
we had been working since the jorgensen
campaign and we did not stop and we were
ready to go and we want to make change
in delaware and so i think um
there was some tension regarding wanting
to build that reputation from the party
or for the party rather and so between
and about the end of and and you know
when when everything happened around the
end of september beginning of october
there was just this tension um
about a 50 50 split on the board uh
until such a time that one person just
got sick of it the poor guy he was our
secretary um and he left and said just
you know i really can’t can’t do this
i can get into it the extent that you
want me to but the story about the
the the saga in delaware that everybody
has heard about really really starts at
the end of august and i’m happy to talk
about that if you want me to no i
absolutely because okay according to the
notes that i have
is that on october 1st will mcveigh
jimmy brittingham joe d pascal
uh joe de pascal
brandy something like yeah something
like that
brandy kershabal and uh mary pat mcveigh
got to get got together on october 1st
so were there
more happened in august before this
you got it the the importance of that
that date of august 31st is that those
folks those five folks on august 31st
hid um hid some
language that would down the line uh
they would use to attempt to change the
and they hid it like i don’t know like a
teenager would like with a meme dump
they they put it on facebook
they turned off the comments and then
they like
posted their memes right i’m like
showing my age here right look at dana
but like they
they did like a like a very kind of
immature like an approach that is
not something i expected because i
expected like adult behavior and
professionalism but they
they buried this random language after
having shut the comments off buried it
in like hundreds of images one night
and resurrected it 30 days later in this
fake meeting on october 1st that you
just referenced where they
claimed to oust the chair the dually
elected chair
myself and then dave casey
and so from what i understand
this meeting lasted not long like five
you know five five ten minutes but in in
the first few minutes they voted to
change the threshold for removing uh
anybody that was in the lp delaware uh
leadership from eight to ten
board members to two to three county
you got it yeah absolutely
so they were just basically
they basically just said okay
we’ve now put this language in it’s been
a month let’s get back together and uh
we are going to vote to make this change
so that way we don’t need
we don’t need to have a quorum of
officers we just need to have two out of
the three county chairs
okay so real quick question and this is
my own ignorance every state i have
lived in has been like virginia
tennessee virginia tennessee california
arizona pennsylvania for a minute in
do you only have three counties in
that is correct okay that is crazy right
that is wild to me
um okay that was the part i was like
it doesn’t sound right
it does not sound right even a little
bit okay so because there were
county chairs there they were able to
vote in these changes because of the
rule change that they put into place
you got it they they spent about five
minutes on this whole ordeal they
changed the bylaws from a four-fifths
vote to remove someone in leadership to
two county chairs um and and two of them
just happened to be county chairs so
they said uh let’s remove these other
three people and it was done and it took
yeah like five minutes between 801 and
806 that friday night
and in that same time period they agreed
uh they agreed to appoint mr mcveigh and
mr brittingham
as chair and vice chair
yes it’s yeah an enormous shock that it
would end up that way that’s weird it’s
weird that the two two of the county
uh ended up being the chair and vice
chair now yeah
i will admit like this
this is an egregious egregious act by
anybody in any political uh organization
any uh affiliate of any kind however
i think the next thing that they did
the most shocking thing i have ever
heard of any anybody doing in any party
uh when it comes to uh anything like
anything about membership or leadership
or anything like that
so a month later on
halloween basically a month later
they got the same group together
disenfranchised the entire membership
and more than 2 000 libertarians
which included
you guys i’m assuming um included you
guys anybody that had been ousted and
all of the members who had been paying
lifetime memberships all of them and
just said nope you are no longer
libertarians or members of the
libertarian party
of delaware
that is correct
and that
that blows my mind that somebody would
have the gall to do that
so they did
they did a couple of things on the 31st
and then november first they
yeah to 2060
ousted from from participation in the
and then they also claimed to have
disaffiliated the one of the county
affiliates which dave casey is the chair
of which i promise you is alive and well
and healthy and doing incredible things
so i don’t know how disaffiliated they
the next day it’s weird that they just
affiliated the one
county that they said
we only need two out of three we all
know which one we don’t want
i know i know
the next day
they whitelisted
those libertarians who they deemed
worthy for party participation
and it was like mostly their family
members and then like a handful of folks
don’t support them but support us and
and come to our meetings and participate
along with us
i understand so i get for for accuracy’s
sake i understand that list has grown to
30 people now
but um
yeah so so kicking out 2 000 some
libertarians um
making kind of an acceptable you know
libertarian list out of out of about 20
members the next day and
that’s that’s
how they continue to proceed and you
know the lnc decision in eve in december
has thrown a wrench in a bit i’m sure to
their their process but yeah so it’s
it’s as absurd as it sounds
so before we get into what the lnc
decided um
if you think about it
their decision to go down to 20 members
means that in
the over the course of a month
they went up uh
50 in membership like they increased
membership by 50 so really if you’re
just going for fast membership rates
rising what they did is smart
i mean immoral is all hell
but it makes their numbers look good on
it’s a really good point they must have
been working on recruitment
they went from 20 to they went from 20
to 30. like that’s like
like finally though finally they’re
recruiting it’s good
yeah look at this look at the num look
at the increase in recruiting that we
have gotten
over the last month obviously we’re not
the problem
when uh
so i know that the lnc met about this
initially initially the uh
outcome was not favorable like it was
kind of like this is kind of on delaware
let them figure it out
yeah so if that’s the fair way to put it
yeah there were two votes in the third
week of november
the first vote was whether or not to to
just recognize bill as the chair
the the vote was to tell the truth you
know the lnc had the opportunity to tell
their dues paying members and and the
public and the broader libertarian
community the truth which is that bill
heinz is the dually elected chair and he
has a board that he leads um they didn’t
do that
there was also a vote that night to just
affiliate the libertarian party of
delaware which you know which is in
keeping it is a step they can take it
isn’t keeping with their bylaws because
there is turmoil um and they couldn’t
manage that either
so they did neither of those things on
november 21st
um just as
a real quick side note uh here in the
comments uh super fiance sarah anderegg
says love your sweater
and i’m assuming she’s talking to you
and not me yeah i think she might be
talking to you because that is a
kick-ass sweater thank you thank you uh
now and then afterwards she said amy’s
and i went oh thank you
once the lnc made their decision their
once they voted on that in november and
it was essentially like okay we’re just
gonna let
delaware handle this i almost said
democrats uh we’re just going to let
delaware handle this you know joe
biden’s from there it’s
but once they uh
made that decision in november i imagine
that the
that the tone of
what’s happening in the future was a
little bit
what happened in december that kind of
turned that around for you
yeah so so while the lnc couldn’t muster
uh a measure of leadership on november
21st there are a couple of members who
who have been incredibly uh supportive
because they understand what what the
truth is and those members pushed to
make sure
uh especially susan uh hogarth you know
bringing forward uh a a group of folks
to work around um to workshop
a way that we might move forward
um and what was put forward on december
5th at the lnc quarterly meeting
was a motion that would
permit both sides
to hold conventions
and to gauge the
attendance and legitimacy of those
um and to then render um
affiliate ship if you will to one of
those two one of those two sides and and
so they did pass that resolution um and
and i’ll be clear it is not ideal
it is not
it is not kind of the the ethical moral
outcome right but it’s it’s one that
was an advance over where we landed on
november 21st and so we we took it
it’s not we’re not thrilled with it
we took it we’ll do it and we’ll win
who is going to be in charge of deciding
which one is deemed to be more
yeah nice i i said legit and i think
really the if i the the wording in
the resolution is really focused on
attendance so it seems to me a numbers
game and so for us that means getting
butts in seats and getting folks excited
and using this as an opportunity to
reach out to those 2000 libertarians
kicked out of party participation and
saying we’re here we know you haven’t
heard from libertarians in many years
but but we’re here we’re work and we’re
doing all kinds of awesome things
and we want you at our convention
physically and in person
i understand there’s some weasel words
being used by the other side about proxy
uh for convention and about virtual
attendance which
you know they don’t have tools for
a um a professional legitimate voting
opportunity uh they have just kind of
discord and then this will mcveigh
um you know it’s kind of the honest
craft in the background with some bots
you know it is not like a trustworthy
process so we understand them to be um
you know using their their weasel words
and weasel tactics a bit uh in order to
prep for their convention so we are
concerned about whether or not the the
numbers um game is a legitimate one
right yeah that
my concern
what i consider to be the legitimate uh
libertarian party of delaware um
my concern is that the people
who voted to say let’s just let delaware
handle it are the ones who are going to
vote to make that
make that decision
and they’re going to be the ones that
are going to say okay well it’s either
this one
that invited
somebody in the comments said this
really just pushes me towards full
anarchism and i well yeah that’s where
i’m at like um
you said something earlier uh before i
get back to my point you said something
earlier about you know the
the leadership at lnc failed to show
leadership and i thought to myself well
not new um that’s
par for that course
what i see
my that’s my fear is that the people who
are in charge
who are in charge of making that
decision in
november are going to go back and
they’re going to say okay well we’re
going to give it to not the people that
invited the 2000 libertarians that have
been disaffiliated
we’re going to give it to the other
people who were
quote unquote last in charge
and that like that’s my concern about
i do feel
like you guys the the the rightful uh
affiliate the rightful uh
leadership council
has the ability
to put together a much better convention
than they ever could with their 20
people 30 people
now that now that you have a convention
on the horizon a new convention on the
horizon when is that going to be
yeah um
somewhere between the end of february
and the beginning of march we are we’re
still shopping around for venue uh
that’s big enough to suit the convention
we hope to have
very cool and
once you
once you find the venue and you kind of
not nail down time period
what’s what’s the goal like how many
people are we trying to get what are we
trying to achieve while we’re there what
what’s the plan
so our last convention so the one that
occurred over the summer there were 40
voting members okay and i am given to
understand that that is
maybe the largest number of voting
members at a convention that delaware
has ever had
so um again matt when when um the folks
who volunteered for the jorgensen
campaign came on board there were like
17 libertarians meeting in delaware
now there’s like i don’t know somewhere
between 40 and 50. so you know if that
if that tells you anything about how we
have grown but but what we started with
the the growth there is amazing even if
you had 2 000 libertarian 2060
libertarians uh signed up as
libertarians being able to go from 17 to
uh you said 40 50.
we’re like somewhere between with all
three counties of course yeah right yeah
and and you know we don’t we don’t have
like a um there is a bit of a lock on
one of the counties um down south where
members have been threatened to to not
show up so
we’re really working with the two
counties here fair
yeah that meant
oddly enough that makes sense um
the growth that you showed just in in
in that short period of time from the
people from the jorgensen cohen campaign
coming on and kind of
taking charge and using that momentum to
push forward uh to have that kind of
growth from 17 to 40 to 50 is incredible
in that kind of a time period
kuda kudos to all of you who are
actually doing real work as opposed to
just being upset about
who’s in charge or you know
who that the people in charge are
affiliated with or anything like that
uh yeah um the the people here are
incredible um
i i cannot say enough about what they
have already been able to build and
about what their potential is so it will
be something to to behold when it is
permitted to kind of manifest itself
fully and we’re not mired down in
[ __ ] right
so once uh
because you know put positive things out
there and hopefully positive things come
back so once you guys end up being
seen as the rightful affiliate and
you are now back what are the plans for
delaware what is it that you that you
guys that you and the others uh want to
do in order to ensure that
that delaware continues to grow that
liberty starts spreading and
that it doesn’t put out another biden
yeah so the first thing we’ll do is
we’ll deal with our internal issues and
we will never put
important bylaw changes in the hands of
a couple of members who are elected
those decisions should be made by
members at convention yes bottom line
so the membership should drive
everything not only elections but also
the the doctrine we adhere to so that’s
an important internal change we have to
past that i envision exponential growth
we continue to recruit and bring in
excited people
i’m not gonna lie right now it’s really
hard to explain to a new person what
they’re seeing
uh in delaware so that’s a little bit of
a that’s there has been a little bit of
a law and a couple of folks who said oh
my goodness
i’m not dealing with those people and
when you shed them then we’ll we’ll come
back so exponential growth
um we also
you know we have no no other recourse
than to work with the two old parties
when it comes to finding sponsors for
legislation um but right now
we hope to have our first bill going in
that will be sponsored by folks from
both of the old parties and and that’s
the defender guard legislation we hope
that will be um at least entertained
this session if not passed
what’s this legislation concerning just
people outside yeah absolutely so
so the defender guard legislation as i
understand it in 37 different
legislatures right now across the
and it seeks to um make it so that the
governor cannot deploy our national
guard overseas
unless congress has declared war
seems like a no-brainer
yeah that seems that seems like a
no-brainer um and
and there’s a lot of bipartisan support
for it and here again we’re kind of
forced to work with with republicans and
democrats and um they have they have
really been open-minded and and amenable
to it so my point my broader point is
you know that’s not the only bill uh
we’re looking at so we’re looking to
work with legislators and and start to
bring kind of some liberty focused bills
into that general assembly because there
are certainly not enough we
have a lot of folks who are going to be
strong candidates so we are running a
school board candidate at the beginning
of this year
and i think he will he has
received endorsements from other
organizations already um that will not
just receive the libertarian party
endorsement and we’re super excited
about that and it’s an important time to
be running in school board campaigns um
he’s also my husband siam bias but um
but dylan griffith will will be a
phenomenal school board member um and
and past that um i think we’re going to
have a couple of other candidates step
up but we’re going to focus on local
elections um local and you know kind of
municipal elections uh statewide
elections if it if it
in the cards and it’s the right
candidate and um it that that candidate
has honed a message that that people
want to hear um but what we’re really
going to focus on on
the most local elections possible and
we’re going to start winning there
perfect yeah what i’ve been saying for
years um so i officially became a member
of the libertarian party in
2014 i believe um i was a libertarian
years before that joined the party in
and then um
i got involved i was you know knocking
doors and then in 2016 everybody was
like gary johnson’s gonna win the
presidency all he has to do is win new
mexico and then
this is how it could happen and i said
he’s not going to win new mexico it
doesn’t matter and then how do you not
have faith in this and
then in 2020 the same thing people were
like we just need them to win one state
and i was like they’re not going to win
one state and people got mad at me and
they said spike is your best friend and
co-host and business partner
how can you say that i was like well i’m
realistic um
and what i’ve been saying for years is
we’re not going to get a libertarian
president anytime soon we need to get
libertarian dog catchers libertarians on
school boards libertarians and city
councils and as mayors and as people
start seeing what libertarians are able
to do locally
they will start to
basically prom the voters will promote
them naturally
to your state houses or state
legislatures whatever you have um and
then state senates and then
and then to the house of representatives
or to the senate or to you know hire
higher offices uh federal offices
but you need to start winning here
everywhere but you know locally
you need to start winning locally uh if
you want to start winning here in st
pete first that’d be great i would love
it um
you need to start winning locally before
you’re gonna be able to win
any of the higher offices so focusing on
that i think is a focusing on membership
like you said and then focusing on um
winning local is fantastic
uh those are two huge items that
that need to be done in every affiliate
every county affiliate every state
affiliate across the nation
focus on winning local
pennsylvania who’s like your neighbor
just a little bit to the north um
what they’ve done with the molten
maneuver and winning 152
seats i think is the last count um
winning 152 seats is
because now you have 152 libertarians
out there attempting to show what it is
that they can do as libertarians and
because of what they can do because
we all know we have the best ideas we
just have to show people that we can do
so now that we have that opportunity in
pennsylvania those people will start
going to state
i don’t know what they have there uh
legislature uh and then to the state
senate and then hopefully into federal
i love i love everything
that you guys are doing up there in
delaware uh what is it that
people watching people that are going to
be listening on anchor dot fm or on
their favorite podcasting platform what
is it that they can do to help in order
to ensure that
the rightful affiliate wins
it’s an excellent question so
you know we we are raising funds for we
know we have a legal battle um and i
don’t have that link in front of me matt
but i would ask if i can share it with
you that at some point you share that
absolutely you know with folks we do
have a legal battle on our hands um
and i think in the coming months you’re
gonna start to see that ramp up uh
especially uh depending on what happens
with with the lnc
yeah i mean past that
i think you know when when they have the
opportunity to speak with
the chair of their state or with an lnc
member just making sure that the lnc
when they’re prepared to make a decision
if the decision to be made is on these
two conventions that they are making the
decision um
based on uh
not just attendance but but legitimacy
of that convention and approach to the
convention um and and actual attendance
meaning butts and seats not just like uh
who who you say voted when they were
online so that’s obviously a concern we
but but just yeah and and you know if
folks are listening and they’re not in
delaware you know they’re there i know
the history of the libertarian party and
i know what we have to overcome to move
forward and win these local elections
and impact legislation
but i do believe that that it can be
done i mean we’re going to do it here in
delaware and we started from from inside
a hole so i think that like
a lot of other places aren’t starting
quite from there and and it can be done
so yeah join up
beautiful uh i’m gonna tell you a really
fun fact about myself
uh my
either my great grandfather or my
great uncle i don’t remember which
we’re gonna go with great grandfather uh
he lost to joe biden in a senate race in
delaware in the
early 70s or mid 70s um
he wasn’t the republican he ran as a
member of the communist party
is that right yeah he had a uh
he had a newspaper that went out called
the uh god what was it called
it was called like the daily porcupine
or the weekly porcupine or something
which i hate now because you know
libertarians yeah
but um
and he ran against joe biden yeah he ran
against joe biden he lost miserably
because he was not a member of the
two-party system um
well it but it does seem like he
influenced biden’s policies a little bit
yeah you know biden was like i need to
pick up what that guy did yeah so that’s
but yeah so um yeah my my
my mom’s side of the family is from in
that area and one of my
one of my relatives lost to joe biden
well the senate plenty of people here
yeah have lost to joe biden he’s
certainly a favorite in this area i
don’t know why but yeah he continues to
be for some reason and i don’t
understand it
thank you so much for coming on i’m i’m
glad that we finally got a chance to uh
a couple of weeks ago and have you on so
we could talk about this because
honestly um i know that some people in
the comments were saying you know why
are we focusing on the infighting there
are bigger things to worry about
and to them yes there are bigger things
to worry about but if we’re going to
continue infighting we’re not going to
be able to achieve anything else because
you’re going to see the same issue that
you see
in congress where
you know
the republicans aren’t going to vote for
anything because the democrats put it up
the democrats aren’t going to vote for
anything because the republicans put up
and you don’t need that within the party
so we need to fix the infighting we need
to get it out of the way
and we need to have the rightful people
in place to make sure that they are
the ones that are you know leading the
charge the people that were voted on the
people that were
not really sworn in but you get the
point uh and so that way
moving forward we can
increase membership we can increase uh
local elections being one and that will
change everything at a local level where
it is most important to change it
because from there it will grow
yeah yeah for your your folks who have
have made those comments i i
agree with them 100
i am
matt i am sick of telling this story
right there is so much work there is so
much other work that could be done um
and i agree i think we’re focused too
much on on infighting and the only way
to get past that is for those folks to
make sure that they’re active locally
and they help to put measures in place
where this can’t happen in their state
right no absolutely not
absolutely not yeah there’s
so many issues that you see across
affiliates uh down here in florida when
i left the libertarian party it’s
because we were having
massive issues uh and i was like i don’t
want to be
a part of any of that going on right now
so i ended up leaving the party um
because of the infighting because of all
that i know that they lost membership
nobody should have to deal
with that because of infighting it
should be
it should be laid out these are the
rules this is what’s happening
now i think there are some protections
here in florida to ensure that
something like that doesn’t happen again
so here’s to hoping that the rightful
people in delaware
get their seats back or continue to hold
their seats because you haven’t lost
them you still want them you won them
and they’re they’re yours you can’t get
them back um but that you continue to
hold your seats and that uh you know
protections are put into place to ensure
that something like this doesn’t happen
four rogue people
absolutely it’s it’s ridiculous and it’s
a shame to have to come on here there’s
a much cooler stuff we could be talking
about there’s so much cooler stuff
honestly i was excited to have this
because i was like i can’t wait to have
this conversation
but yeah thank you so much for coming on
is there anything that you want to say
to our dozen of viewers right now that
uh you
would like to
that you would like to tell them
i would like to tell them thank you
and and simply that again you know i
couldn’t agree more we’re too focused on
the infighting and the literal only way
to move past that is to get involved
locally yes
uh so you heard it get get involved
locally and then you can go out and you
can do whatever you want um
well amy thank you so much for coming on
i’m gonna close the show out if you have
to go i understand um and if you don’t
have to go i’ll hang out for a little
bit and talk to you but if not i will
talk to you soon and good luck if you
need anything between now and convention
let us know you have all of the support
of muddied waters
i cannot thank you enough matt thank you
so much thank you and i’ll talk to you
all right thank you all so much for
tuning in make sure that you get your
muddied gear today head on over to store and you can
be the proud owner
of a waffle house t-shirt waffle house
caucus t-shirt not a waffle house
t-shirt because i think that would get a
but a waffle house caucus t-shirt
this weekend
i hope that each and every one of you
has a wonderful wonderful holiday
whether you’re celebrating christmas or
something else boxing day kwanzaa i
don’t whatever you want to celebrate i
don’t care
but be safe
make sure that if you’re going out and
having fun and partying and doing
whatever it is that you want to do
don’t drive if you can’t
trust me it’s not worth it
there’s a reason i don’t drink or do
drugs anymore and i’m certain you can
what that is oh yeah festivus happy
festivus everybody i did not do a
airing of grievances today but uh
you can just imagine where many of those
would lie and most of them are with
actually james cameron uh because that
guy sucks
so have a wonderful holiday season uh
there is no show
this weekend jason lyon is off tuesday
there is no muddied waters of freedom
i think we agreed on wednesday spike and
i will be together right here
in this chair
on tues on wednesday
uh where we will be giving the muddied
waters end of year wrap-up uh the two of
us will be here together and we will be
uh you know just going over everything
that happened this year the stuff that
we forgot about stuff that we uh didn’t
forget about but it doesn’t seem like it
was this year
and we have uh it’s gonna be a good time
so tune in that’s going to be at eight
ish eastern on wednesday i believe
for your fun fact of the week
let’s see what it is
dogs aren’t actually color blind they
can see in color just not as vividly as
humans which i did not know i always
thought they only saw on black and white
uh so again thank you all so much for
tuning in
enjoy your holiday
there is no writer’s block next week uh
so i will be back after the new year so
have a great new year until then i am
matt wright and you
just the way you are

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