The Wrighter’s Block Episode 66 – Kristine Cousler-Womack Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Wrighter's Block

Kristine has only been in the party since 2019, but hit the ground running becoming the Pennsylvania state manager for the Jorgensen/Cohen Campaign in 2020. Now, on top of coaching tee ball and soccer, being active in her church, and active in the community, she is managing the campaigns of Joe Soloski, Nicole Schultz and Tim McMaster. So, apparently she’s a superhero who has figured out how to slow time down.

Find out how tonight.

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throwing parties and a ten by seven cell
it’s so standing the legs i’ll go
to convince the whole damn world i don’t
need anybody’s help yeah i am waving
water so my liver
song for me when my hiding place is
i don’t need anybody’s head
yes everybody it is me and welcome to
this fantastic thursday night here on
the writer’s block a muddied waters
media production
uh thank you to all of you who spend
every thursday night spending your
evenings with me there’s a lot of things
that you could be doing on thursday
night and i appreciate that you choose
to be here with me right here on muddied
waters media
especially you know football’s back so
you could be watching football but is it
really football if it’s the redskins
versus the giants or sorry the
washington football team versus the
no it’s not um
thank you all so much i do appreciate it
first and foremost allow me to thank the
wonderful and fantastic michael
chad murray i think that’s actually a
real person michael chad murray i think
that’s a person uh michael murray for
the cava i’m drinking today uh you are a
wonderful person and i love you dearly
thank you so much for this cava um to
you and to all of you who are here
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jack casey has written some books
i have not read them
if i were a betting man there is
probably a lot of porn
but he says that they are fantasy he
says their fantasy i don’t know what
kind of fantasy he’s talking about
um i won’t read them because if they’re
if they’re terrible i’m going to feel
bad for peddling them to all of you
people out there and if they’re great
i’m gonna feel bad about all the things
that i’ve said about them um
if you take a look at the covers one’s
got a smoking ring which i’m not really
sure what that’s in reference to all i
know is
what somebody told me in a bar once and
a ring don’t fill a hole and that sounds
right up jack casey’s alley another one
has a sultry looking butterfly with a
sticking out of it for some reason don’t
know and the other one
because of who my guest is and the fact
that my parents watch the show i’m not
going to tell you what it reminds me of
um but
let’s just say it’s filthy and you you
can find it at sex shops
and joe soloski he is running for
governor of pennsylvania um which ties
in very nicely to my next guest uh and
if you want to make pennsylvania
mightier than the sword of evil
government you need to vote for joe
soloski so
if you happen to be in the pennsylvania
region of these united states vote joe
in 22. um
right yeah 22. um and make him the next
governor the first libertarian governor
you guys have the power to make the
first libertarian governor in the world
in pennsylvania and you know it’s going
to be a step up from whatever crap
governor you have right now um i don’t
even know who it is
but vote joe soloski
now my next guest uh is a magician
i don’t know if anybody knows this she
is abs she has to be a magician because
on top of
being a devoted wife and mother and on
the pto which i think is the same thing
as the pta in other states um
okay cool uh being the president of the
pta uh and coaching soccer and coaching
she has time to be very active in the
community and active in the libertarian
party and uh is managing multiple
campaigns in the state of philadelphia
or is it might be a commonwealth i don’t
know um it’s commonwealth yeah the
commonwealth of pennsylvania she’s right
there um the commonwealth of
so she has more than 24 hours in a day
or she has slowed time down i don’t know
which it is and i cannot wait to find
out with you because i am so excited to
know how to get more hours in the day
please everybody welcome with me
christine cousler womack
hi guys
said the name right i was like don’t
miss it don’t mess it up don’t mess it
christine thank you so much thank you
for spending your thursday night with me
i know that you are a cowboys fan so
obviously you care very much about this
game that’s going on this evening
they both stink so
they’re both awful
i want to know for let’s okay so i got
to start the way i normally do but i’m
really interested in how you get 29
hours in a day um because that is that’s
the only logical explanation to all you
um but how is it that you found yourself
what is the story that brought you to
the libertarian party
or to the libertarian movement even if
you’re not like so much on the party
i come from a very political family my
grandmother was a i can’t believe i’m
gonna utter these words a elected tax
collector for 45 years as a republican
um so
it was you were a republican or you’re
not her grandchild
but um
uh so but when i was with my ex-husband
he uh was a republican we were mccain
and palin and forgive me for those days
i know better now
um that was the one that changed me
i actually had i actually went to see
sarah palin talk um at the york fair and
had a lipstick republican pin it was a
whole thing i regret those days but
when he didn’t win we my ex
came to know about ron paul
and uh he’s what i like to call my baby
steps into the libertarian party sure um
he’s a great entryway but he’s not what
kept me and brought like fully brought
me in um
i know some other people love him that’s
fantastic uh for me he was like that
toddler book to bring me in right and so
what’s funny though about my ex-husband
is he is now a bernie bro
um so that’s a weird transition um
but so i came in um
dabbled in it a little bit with ron paul
um back
in like the 08s and stuff like that
and then i actually got very active once
i got with my current husband my love
and um
we got active in the gary johnson
campaign in 2016. so i know i’ve been
active active since 2019 but i was
actually very involved locally with
the gary johnson campaign and i say that
specifically because the current the the
then chair of the york county um lp
wanted nothing to do with the gary
johnson campaign he wanted to focus on
his own mayoral campaign in york city so
he was like
you do whatever you guys want to do for
gary johnson and
and we’ll do whatever we want to do for
the and my campaign
i get so i
i’ve worked on multiple campaigns um
i’ve worked on multiple campaigns i
joined the libertarian party officially
in uh 2013 and then i left in like 15.
um and then
i rejoined when spike signed me up for
it and paid my dues uh in 2020 um and
those have expired so i’m not even a
member of the party anymore but um
i uh
mccain was what like got me over to the
libertarian party because uh
i i’m from a very conservative neocon
and uh my dad my entire life talked
about how mccain he’s just a democrat
he’s a democrat he’s no better than
those stinking democrats and i was like
oh okay cool got it mccain bad democrat
got it and then he got nominated as the
uh republican
uh the the gop nominee for president and
everybody’s like we gotta vote for
mccain he’s gonna be great and i was
like wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
you’ve been telling me for the last
however many years i’m not gonna say um
that mccain was terrible and he’s a
democrat but now we have to vote for him
and uh well
he’s better than the other guy like no
no because
two years ago he was the devil
and so
how is he not the devil today
um because he’s between the flag of the
team right he’s he’s wearing the right
flag and he he got up there and he was a
he was a prisoner of war uh so you have
to vote for him no i didn’t and i voted
for bob barr which isn’t you know that’s
like the worst of the best of three
evils or the worst of three the lesser
of three evils but
that was what started me i was like no
i’m not voting for mccain and i’m not
voting for obama so i voted for bob barr
and wayne allen root
i don’t even remember those things
that was that was how i started and then
i started looking into the libertarian
party a lot more after that because i
was like i’m not voting for mccain i’m
voting third party screwed this
um and then my dad blamed me when
virginia uh went to obama because he was
like you voted for mccann i was like he
lost by more than one vote it’s not me
it wasn’t me that did this
my mother-in-law did that my
mother-in-law did that with the trump
and clinton
um i love her she is a very left very
democrat though and so
you know we worked
the gary johnson campaign and you know
we i mean we were doing parades and i
literally lost my voice from screaming
in the parades fighting with both sides
um down the parade alley and my
mother-in-law was like it’s because you
voted third party i’m like i wouldn’t
have voted for hillary clinton like
it’s not just because she has a vagina
does not mean i’m gonna vote for her
like that’s not how this works no and so
when when biden won
i was like so are you going to thank me
because i was the fault for him loot for
clinton losing so am i now to play you
know to praise now for biden winning and
she was like i guess that logic flies
and i was like yeah it should i mean you
can’t have it one way without having it
the other i’m looking forward to your
thank you card in the mail
when um so when i first got into it
there was a special election going on
down here in florida uh for uh house of
representatives the the the previous guy
had passed away and so they were doing a
special and david jolly was going
against alex sink uh and david jolly was
like the hand-picked
he was the hand-picked
uh guy from the incumbent the guy who
passed away i don’t remember the guy who
passed away his name but uh he he was
like on his team and he had left to go
be a lobbyist and then he was going to
come back and take over
this seat and
my candidate that i was working for the
libertarian he got enough votes
that i got yelled at by republicans and
democrats uh and the democrats were mad
at me because i made them lose and the
republicans were mad at me because i
almost made them lose
and i was like i can’t
you both can’t be mad at me one of you
at least has to be somewhat grateful
so that was
and then after that it’s just been i’m
voting libertarian every year i don’t
care and
i’m not voting for either of the duopoly
the republicrats and i am forever going
to vote third party until we get fair
elections for third parties in this
okay you you said that i was like
somebody somebody else noticed your yes
guys this is not a north korean leader
this is it’s also not marco rubio yeah
it’s not margarita it is steve carell
from the office that says that’s what
she said just for the record
with my dundee right behind it so
so yeah we’re we’re in office house see
party planning committee well yeah
you’re in pennsylvania um
from what i understand uh and spike
sings your praises by the way uh he he
said that you collected like a record
amount of signatures
uh for the uh ballot initiative in
liz collected the like record list her
wiggler um i think i said that right who
knows um
she collected the most signatures out of
everyone in pennsylvania but she was a
candidate so she was on a different
tallying sheet okay um i collected the
most from volunteers gotcha yeah he said
that you knocked on like two thousand
doors and like collected
i’m just i’m i’m repeating like speaking
very good praises
not actual facts um
most of the signatures that we collect
my husband and i camped out at our local
flea market every other weekend when we
didn’t have our son um when he was with
his dad and so we collected signatures
then which was in trump country so it
was super fun um and then uh we
tour we uh escorted spike around eastern
pennsylvania um last august so spike was
a hand in helping to get those
signatures um it was it was an
inevitably as a team effort my name was
attached to the petitions because i was
at each one of the locations but it was
a team effort i don’t take all of the
credit for that i know my name is the
one that’s on there but there was many
volunteers that we had at different
locations um that stepped up and
followed us from williamsport to
scranton to pittston to allentown to
quakertown which is spike’s favorite
place qmart
um and then reading where we got to be
part of a protest about a guy who died
from the hands of the government over
some marijuana
and then into york um
where i’m from so it was the last stop
on the tour so yes my name was attached
to i think it was almost 300 signatures
um but
spike is spike in all of the volunteers
that we had that weekend was a huge part
of that right well that
is a very humble and political answer so
when are you running for something uh i
am not running for office i considered
running for mayor of dallastown where i
um because the mayor has run uncontested
for the last uh decade
um but he is like a landmark
in this town
and uh with the campaigns that i’m on
and i forced my husband basically to run
for borough council um
because because the part of the mold
maneuver i’m assuming you’re familiar
with the maneuver i am familiar with the
molten maneuver um
my the there was a two-year borough seat
that was running uncontested in our
borough so my husband’s running so he’s
one of the
139 candidates that we have on the
ballot this november in pennsylvania of
which 115 of them are uncontested oh wow
that’s amazing yeah so i’ve had
a number of
uh candidates and people who are working
with the candidates from pennsylvania on
the writer’s block and on muddied waters
of freedom and
yeah pennsylvania is absolutely killing
it right now they are doing such great
work when it comes to the liberty
movement and they’re putting people in
at the right places and i respect that
as much as
i like i know that you were the um the
the state manager for the jorgensen
campaign the jorgensen cohen campaign
and as important as that is in election
in in presidential election years the
important work is what we’re doing in
the years following that um and going
going after those locals going after
your city councils and your county you
know county commissions and
uh state and
state offices and mayorships and all
that kind of stuff um that’s where real
change is going to happen and where
people are going to be able to see how
the libertarian policies and how
libertarian philosophy is going to work
in their communities and pennsylvania is
doing it right and i respect all of you
that are doing it uh the way that you
are because it is absolutely amazing
the groundswell of people that you have
running and the quality of people we’ve
got nicole schultz in the comments who
is right here um
and nicole there too right and nicole is
fantastic uh she was on my show she is a
wonderful human being and she has a lot
of great ideas and i understand that you
are her campaign manager
she is one of my best friends and yes i
am her campaign manager
so what is going so let’s
on top of being the campaign manager for
nicole i know that you are also the
campaign manager for joe soloski who is
running for governor and for tim
mcmaster who is running for
pennsylvania center right not senate not
correct he he ran a special election
back in the spring because the senator
arnold passed due to a brain tumor
back in january so he ran um he got i
believe the highest percentage a
libertarian has got for a state senate
which was a little over three percent if
i remember
um which has been phenomenal he was not
super thrilled but i’m super thrilled
because i know the work that he put in
and i know the work he’s going to put in
the next year because he’s running again
in 2022.
um but yeah the story with nicole is
super funny i don’t know if she told you
of how she i convinced her to run for
office did she tell you we we talked
about it but not everybody was watching
my show so we can we can talk about it
again okay yeah we so we do a girls
lunch once a month uh it’s been on
hiatus because of how busy we both have
i can see that so typically we do a
girls luncheon and we did a cracker
barrel typically because they have like
a 5.99 deal and it’s really cheap
and um i was working on joe’s campaign
and we were trying to there was no one
running for lieutenant governor at the
time so we were trying i was trying to
like see about who we could try and
convince to run for lieutenant governor
and i was like venting to her
we just no one wants to do it and that
we really want someone who’s smart and
articulate and that you know can
talk to the masses and has like a story
that can reach everybody
and she was like i’ll do it
and i was like
and she was like yeah she’s like she was
she’s always been libertarian minded and
voting and stuff um
same with her husband levi we refer to
him as jesus because the way he looks um
but yeah she
she did everything right there and then
she wasn’t dues paying at the time
she was actively helping here and there
and stuff but she right there and then
paid her dues up paid her husband’s dues
up and we started rolling and we got her
logo and she jumped right in and made
her announcement back in december the
same day as joe
and the same day as steve sheets who’s
running for u.s senate
who i help whenever wherever he needs me
on that one campaign too because why not
add another campaign or two right
because three isn’t enough
if that’s my husband’s borough run fair
four isn’t enough you’re
if you’re if you’re working on or
managing four campaigns you can do
another one like there’s time in the day
especially in york uh apparently so
initially i actually told nicole i was
not gonna be her campaign manager
because i didn’t want it to interfe like
to affect our our friendship our
um and then i realized i told her a
helper like i’ll give her all of like
the the sign quotes that i get and all
the literature quotes and stuff and i
was like at this point i’m giving you
all the work so why don’t i just do it
right so i just signed up to do it
basically how it happens my husband is
my assistant campaign manager for her
campaign so in the event that i have to
be somewhere for joe or tim and we need
someone with nicole he we will split and
tag team the whole campaigning stuff
nice yeah no uh so i’ve had
i believe i’ve had everybody that you
are working with on my show um or on one
side of a good campaign manager it’s a
sign of a great campaign manager um
but yeah uh like joe soloski is one of
my favorite people in in the world uh
that man is absolutely incredible and um
i just got a water delivery um
she heard it in my voice
but uh yeah he he’s he’s the voice of
the muddied waters of freedom uh he
introduces me and spike every week um
and he
i know that he is going to run a very
good campaign um what is it that you’re
doing on these different campaigns
that is going to make a difference in
so we’re showing a united front because
i think that there’s a lot of
divisiveness even in within parties um
that one one person says one thing one
says the other and i
don’t think that there’s um
dave just said he’s the assistant to the
campaign manager
office quote um
uh um
joe and nicole work really well together
and they technically don’t have the
nomination yet and so we’re trying not
we’re trying to be humble and you know
realize that we still have to earn the
trust and the and the respect of all the
libertarians in pennsylvania that will
be voting in march at convention um but
we’re trying to show united front and to
talk to the people and to listen
specifically because it’s not about what
joe and nicole won it’s about what
the people of pennsylvania want it’s
same with tim i mean tim did a great job
with having boots on the ground and
going door-to-door to talk to people
um he went to gun shows and everything
like that to get the word out and then
we had lots of people standing at the
polling places and that’s the key it’s
you know i can’t control
whether they put them on the stage
during a debate but i can control how
often that they’re out and talking to
knocking doors and nicole has ugly acres
which i know you’re aware of i i’m very
they make great jam
they make fantastic jams ugly orchard is
my favorite ugly orchard everybody needs
to buy all the ugly orchards anyway
um so at her events she wears nicole
schultz stuff she and at our street red
event she was actually given
mike time to talk about her campaign and
everything like that so she’s made
connections in the community and then
we’re just passing them over and
bringing joe in there too
and i think that that’s what’s key here
is because i don’t know how it is in
other states because i’m too busy to
figure out what’s happening in other
um in pennsylvania
you don’t have free time here huh that’s
um in my free time i play
500 on my phone but anyway
in our state the lieutenant governor and
the governor are two differently elected
it’s not like the vice president and the
so we could in theory have a republican
and a democrat or a libertarian and a
that’s why i think showing a strong team
effort that they’re able to work
together and
conquer divide and conquer over the
topics is key yes no that’s
valid point so here here in florida you
don’t elect you elect them together you
don’t vote for each one individually you
if if you’re voting for a governor
you’re getting the lieutenant governor
it’s like president vice president like
i’ve never really given much thought um
i’m not sure how tenant like i lived in
tennessee for a number of years but
they’re very hazy because i was drunk
all the time um and i don’t remember how
they did it there um and in virginia
it’s the same you got governor
lieutenant governor same
uh on the same ballot um
there is
like there’s so much to unpack here like
again like
i don’t understand how you do so much in
a day pto president coaches t-ball and
soccer active at your church planning
community events
i can tell you if you’d like to know i
want to know so badly because
i so i’m i i like to think that i’m a
busy person i you know i have a job i’ve
got a girlfriend with we’ve got she has
two yeah she has two kids and i’m i’m
i’m i’m there for him um and then
and then you know i got this and then
i’ve got a side
side gig
side gig and plus uh jason lyon mr
america the bearded truth he and i are
working on some projects as well and uh
i would really like to know how to
balance all of this a lot better
my my answer’s not going to really help
you but it could help some other
um i’m able to do everything that i do
because my husband
he is the one who works full-time and uh
allows me the opportunity to work
part-time i’m a substitute
paraprofessional in our school district
so i’m a teacher’s lead so i kind of get
to make my schedule and adjust it and
that is part of i’m an organization
freak my house is not organized
let me make that very clear my house
laundry is still sitting upstairs in the
washer that needs to be turned to the
next cycle and stuff
um but when it comes to my schedule
uh my son comes first always and forever
my son comes first and then um
and then i try and just navigate
everything else i know that there’s some
things that are out of my control and
that’s why i have a team around me and
behind me and beside me to help with
that i can’t be at
and that’s
key is having a very very very
supportive husband
and then a team of awesome people and a
lot of those awesome people i can’t
believe i’m going to utter this word one
being joel getz um
are people that i met through the joe
jorgensen campaign bonnie flair hardy
tyroli and she’s got a long last name um
and then you know joe i met through the
the jojo campaign and tim i met through
the joke i mean he’s in york too but we
really connected over the joe jorgensen
campaign and actually is our last sign
wave right before the election night
that tim asked me to be his campaign
manager um for his well originally it
was going to be for conewago township
and then um senator arnold unfortunately
passed and i was like hey tim this is
your area
like you should run for this special
this really terrible thing that happened
to this guy
i really felt like i was robbing a grave
like i literally saw the announcement
and went oh that’s tim’s area let me
i felt horrible
uh but at the same time uh democracy
doesn’t stop so
we just have to you know send
condolences and he actually
this is how awesome tim is um he
actually was given the contact
information for senator arnold’s wife
and he is the only one of the candidates
that reached out to her to see how she
was doing
and um
advice and just anything just to check
in on her and she was very appreciative
from what i was told um
and i believe he may have swayed her to
vote for him but that wasn’t why he had
done it he wanted to do it out of
respect for her and her no absolutely
and you know absolutely
it it it is a
it’s the right it’s the right move to
make as a decent human being not as
somebody trying to win an election like
that’s just the right thing to do and
it’s fantastic that tim did that
and tim’s sim’s the best i mean his
whole his whole thing for the campaign
was that he’s a former wrestler and now
he’s a goat farmer
and people are like what
like he’s legitimately the most one of
the most down-to-earth people that i’ve
met and i’m i’m very thankful to call
him a friend he was a heavy metal
drummer wasn’t he also yeah he played in
a band and he uh wrestled snooki
uh at one point i have a picture of him
from that match i think it did i think
you might have seen it um i don’t think
i’ve seen that but if not i can try and
find it if you would like um i would
love to see this
um but you know he was legitimately down
to earth and just wanted to connect with
on on their level um because that’s the
way we should be as representatives you
know we were
when i say we i mean anybody in politics
represents um the people
i’m trying to find the picture
um and not themselves
so that’s what we were trying to convey
i think he deleted it off the group page
you you said that you’re a part-time
substitute teacher
i am um so let me let me ask you uh
because of kovid and everything that’s
going on what’s going on in
pennsylvania’s schools
a little bit a little bit
wow there’s tim
he’ll tell you it was a hundred pounds
ago yeah i was gonna say that does not
look like the tim i know
what what what’s the schooling schooling
like in pennsylvania right now with
everything going on
so we have um here wolf i mean i’m sorry
um governor wolf
as our governor um
and we voted back in may to reduce his
so but he um and then levine was
appointed to administration for for
biden um so we got rid of her thank
goodness um but what they did was they
replaced her with someone not with any
medical degree um as our secretary of
health or what whatever the title was
director of health director and um
they found like a little loophole
to go around the emergency powers and
they put a mask mandate in for this
state for schools k to 12
regardless of vaccination status
there are some some schools in our dish
in our county that are
that rule where they’re allowing parents
to sign exemption forms
but wolf is actually going after
practicing physicians who are signing
exemption forms and having the and and
requesting the licensing board to review
uh which is
just easy if you ask me but um yes i
i can’t i can’t think of much worse
my friend has a legitimate um like her
doctor literally like has given her this
exemption but they said they can’t do it
right now because of the licensing like
you know
i won’t say her name but she’s uh
one-eighth jew uh pentecostal or
whatever jew some her family died in the
holocaust so she has problems with all
of that and then you add in um her
health issues with anemia and things
like that that cause her to like she
just has a sphere of
government overreaching and again and
the mask and what have you um
and she said her doctor would not sign
an exemption for him even though she has
all of the medical needs to get an
exemption form
um so
personally in our school district
our school board meeting which was for
finance and planning of uh the stadium
that’s being built it wasn’t even about
was shut down
before it even started because parents
were refusing to wear masks had signs
and were like chanting and yelling and
i am an advocate for protesting i have
done it myself on many occasions with
the black lives matter
protests done at our york catholic
um last summer and i’ve done stuff with
their districts and things like that but
you can’t make change if you can’t have
your voice heard and so by having the
meeting shut down
uh does not allow you to have your voice
heard so i i support them in protesting
i just feel like there’s a way to have
diplomacy right in the process now i get
that yeah uh nicole schultz a future
lieutenant governor of the state of the
commonwealth of pennsylvania nicole
schultz uh said wolfe did the same thing
for restaurants and pulled permits
yeah yeah um there was a lot of ones in
this area that stood up to him um and
they ended up not paying any fines
and not losing any of their license
around the clock diner was one they were
actually on some fox news and things
like that um
they actually
will tell you they’re a libertarian
leaning business but then they fully
support all of the republican candidates
which really
pissed us off during tim’s campaign
it’s it’s right on the skirts of tim’s
campaign or a district and i talked to
the owners before the um chris gephardt
had announced his run and got their
support and then they turned around and
put this big ass on um for chris bevart
in their parking lot and i was like
yeah and so like that’s an issue that uh
that i have seen multiple times like
i’ve talked with business owners and uh
back in 2020 people were like yeah we’re
gonna vote for um you know we’re gonna
vote for uh spike and joe and i was like
great you know that’s awesome and then
outside of their business they would put
up trump or biden signs and i was like
but you told me you’re gonna vote for
spike and joe why are you putting these
up and then
well if we put the other one up nobody
will come
because that like because that’s where
we are and i’m like well then why put up
any sign
like and they said well that happened
a friend of mine um business owner in
this area opened a pizza shop in tim’s
district and i’m friends with him
because he’s the former pto uh president
of the same school that i am and he does
a lot with the community and and so i’m
i’ve become acquaintance with him and so
i took tim i’d asked darren if i could
bring tim there to meet him and he said
yes and i got a picture of him and uh
posted on tim’s page and i shared in the
community page and they’re like oh the
last business that brought politics in
it you know got shut down and it’s like
this is just someone running for office
stopping to congratulate them on a new
business it’s not darren didn’t put any
signs he let him leave literature just
like he lets for everybody else right by
the register but he didn’t like put
everyone must vote tim mcmaster
outside the pizza shop um it was just
showing someone see no one said this
about chris gebhardt um going to a dance
studio opening like
it’s it’s hypocrisy it is and it’s and
unfortunately it’s like that is where
we are as a nation um
and people see it as if if you don’t
take a stand you’re taking a stand for
the side i disagree with
yep so everybody feels that they have to
take a stand somewhere um and i i don’t
where the manager of ruby like what who
the manager of ruby tuesdays is going to
vote for i don’t even know if that’s
still a restaurant um
okay um i don’t like i don’t care who
he’s gonna vote for like if i want your
all-you-can-eat salad bar for lunch i’m
gonna come in and get your
all-you-can-eat salad bar um
so there are there are actually people
in york so we have a donut shop called
maple donuts in new york and they are
hardcore trumpers they are like
they i’m pretty sure they’re the ones
behind the the biden taliban billboards
that have been popping up everywhere it
says make the taliban great again with a
picture of biden in a turban and a
bazooka gun or something um
but everyone knows their trumpers and i
have friends who are far left that are
like i love their donuts but i will not
eat there and i’m like okay that’s
you’re right but like at the same time
it’s a doughnut like
we have a coffee shop here in town um
called conservative grounds
they’re big biden supporters um no uh
they’re they’re they’re huge trump
supporters and if you go
i haven’t been in like i kind of want to
go just for the novelty of it but if you
go in they have a mock-up of the white
house with trump standing behind the
and i’m like
i kind of want to go
and broadcast a show from there uh
because i think that’d just be funny um
and then to have them kick me out
but yeah like every business everywhere
so i i hang out if anybody watches the
show they know this uh i hang out at
what kava bars i don’t know if you have
them up there um but it’s what i
yeah uh it it’s made from a root it is a
root drink um but it gave me some when i
quit drinking it gave me somewhere to
hang out and socialize with people um
but because it is a root drink
uh you can guess the type of people who
open these places or work at these
places or hang out at these places and
most of them are not trump supporters uh
like i’ll go and i’ll hang out there and
most of them dislike me vehemently
because i’m the reason our candidates
in most situations
i love that yeah that means i did my job
i want you both to lose
yeah bdsm guru says i’m an atheist that
would never consider boycotting
chick-fil-a the food’s good so i go yeah
i don’t care about people’s political
opinions if the food is good or the
product is good i’m gonna go i i don’t
care i am a massive baseball fan i i
love the boston red sox they’re they are
you know i was i had season tickets
their first year
um and i’ve seen them play a lot i like
the nets uh different different
divisions so it’s fine um yeah
like i got the baseball package this
year as i do every year and people were
like how can you get the baseball
package they’re doing all this woke
stuff and i’m like because where did
where do you draw the line if i if i cut
out baseball if i cut out football if i
cut out amazon if i cut out uh every
restaurant if i cut out starbucks if i
cut out uh any coffee shop really except
for conservative grounds um if i
if i cut out all these things that i
really like
what am i left with like i still need to
have stuff to do like you have to draw
the line and then
at some point you have to understand
that your money isn’t gonna make that
big of a difference to them they don’t
they get the advertising money the
advertisers aren’t going to pull from
them because the advertisers agree with
them so they’re going to continue to
give them money pizza hut is going to
continue to get money because on friday
nights people don’t want to cook and
they’re gonna order pizza hut so they’re
gonna continue advertising so you giving
them that hundred bucks in order to
catch 162 games of baseball isn’t making
a bit of difference to them
they don’t care if you are a fan they
we are the little specks
um on their on their screen
when it comes to things so yeah sarah
my girlfriend super fan sarah andre said
except olive garden i will not go to
olive garden
i went to olive garden for the first
time in probably
years i think mine it was last time i
was there was my niece’s birthday
um i remember because they’re little
characters called ollie and that’s my
son’s name so because of oliver yeah so
i remember thinking it was super cute
but we were in town on that side and we
had it and my son loved spaghetti so we
went there i’m a picky eater so like i
was like can you make this and this and
this and this can you mix together
together now after like after january 6
olive garden in dc
apparently a lot of the
not surprisingly knowing the
people that typically go to olive garden
but a lot of the people on january 6
dined at olive garden um and then olive
gave uh the credit card receipts and the
to the fbi and when they did that
yeah when they did that i was like i’m
never going back to olive garden i don’t
care if they’re going to give me all the
pasta i can eat
um or unlimited salad and bread sticks i
feel like i’m advertising for a lot of
i did cracker barrel with their 5.99
we’ve done cracker barrel chick-fil-a
ruby tuesdays in olive garden um
i think that’s all owned by like the
same company too
james cassaberry says his son is also
oliver he also says go nuts um
so my oliver is actually kind of named
after green arrow
uh oliver queen okay i wanted like i
wanted like a medieval name but i wanted
something normal and my ex-husband
wanted a superhero so we agreed on
oliver great on oliver i like it
i like it i’ve been trying to convince
sarah superfan sarah anderic that if we
ever have children to let me name that
child fenway uh after the red sox
ballpark don’t let him do that she
she is standing strong on no
oliver’s original name was gonna be
lincoln after prison break
wow that’s unlike most libertarians i
yeah it was lincoln yeah but
uh do you guys have an event coming up
this weekend correct
we do um liz tur wiggler
liz i apologize don’t don’t murder me um
liz has a campaign event called
perspectives of freedom which is
primarily libertarian based however
there are some outside voices that are
going to be there to help kind of spread
um some knowledge across the board uh
michelle i believe is the democratic
chair for snyder county and she will be
there talking with mark rizako on a
couple topics um it’s got a wide range
of spokespeople um from nick and valerie
stark to spike um to thomas tweeter we
all know those kind of names that we saw
him already in the commercials um steve
sheets our former chair is going to be
talking with jen moore
on navigating a toxic political
environment which i think
jen moore is the current chair current
chair yes and steve’s the former chair
um but we also have like adam reinhardt
who’s our eastern vice chair who’s also
a pastor or preacher i don’t know he’s
in religion um he’s lutheran i think
anyway he and the um
the chair the founder of muslims for
liberty will be doing a thing about
faith and freedom
um and then there’s i mean there’s a
whole list of people um cajun is gonna
be up here oh wow doing yeah he’ll be up
here doing some stuff
bonnie who i mentioned from the jo
jorgensen campaign is also running a
special election
campaign and she’s actually our state
secretary um
by the way real quick nicole is actually
the lppa treasurer now too on top of
everything she does um
but bonnie will be there she’ll be doing
a part she’ll be doing a thing with
spike i believe on decriminalizing
they’ll be talking about military sam
rob and
sally who’s one of the people on
liz’s campaign sally’s husband luke will
be talking with sam robb and i believe
cajun about military stuff um so they’ve
got a wide range thomas cleeder is
cleeder’s gonna be talking about
healthcare and disability so there’s a
lot of topics um what does this and also
that what does thomas tweeter know about
healthcare and disability though i’m not
i don’t know why we would have such an
outsider to the topic talk about it i
have no idea
he’s just going to run away with the
topic so
it’s a little plug for him
for those that don’t want to endure the
lppa meeting will be able to enjoy
thomas’s um
presentation so there’s a hard stop on
that lppa meeting so what’s nice about
the perspective of liberty uh excuse me
perspective of freedoms event is that um
anybody can go to the lppa meeting
they’ll just have to get a ticket and
what liz did was she kept open because
she knew it was gonna be on tonight
talking about it
um open the registration for the lower
till tonight if anybody wants to sign up
they can just go to her website and what
is that
list her wiggler
here hold on i have it right here
let me let me do the job i’ll put it in
the comments thank you because i was
like man um you are asking me to spell
that last name right now and
so their link is in the comments um you
just yeah you just go there and you can
sign up for the cheaper cost for the
but and then
late registration will the pricing will
go into effect friday um saturday at the
door and sunday at the door the friday
is like the most i mean the whole event
is pretty awesome but friday is smash
for charity
um and what that is is they will be at
the break room
where they will get to smash plates with
bats and stuff
with spike and natasha and natasha um i
legit i was like is this a sex work is
real work event because you’re smashing
for charity and
will this be live streamed
i’m not sure about the live stream i
know that a lot of the the sessions will
be recorded um i believe that’s what i
heard from liz
um and then for friday all the proceeds
from friday will be split between the
two charities um liz does phenomenal
work in her community she’s at fairs
talking to people and getting out there
just like you know i tried to do with my
people um she actually put together a
dresser recently with toiletries the the
drawers instead of pulling out
fold down fold down and yeah fold down
and there’s toothpaste and deodorant and
feminine products for those
um that need them
and they restock it and there’s also
been some fruit and vegetables that they
put on it so
um she’s doing a lot to try and spread
the word
hammered last year
she they they challenged her for ballot
and she was short like 20 signatures or
something like that it was it was brutal
would you know
that she got there and it was i mean
minimal thing that they tossed they were
just like toss them out toss them well
the problem was is that she got almost a
thousand signatures by herself
and they’re like no one person can do
and it’s like liz canton this can um liz
absolutely can and she’s got a
phenomenal team behind her too and i
think that’s key when it comes to any of
these campaigns is making sure you have
the great people on i mean joel’s on my
campaign team but um
some some are questionable but um
but you know that’s the key is that is
having a good team behind you to support
you and everything like that and that’s
that’s what liz has that’s what i’m
trying to build with joe and uh joe just
for the record will also be the opening
remarks um on saturday uh perspectives
of freedom so and nicole will be there
she’s not speaking um she’s had some
health issues recently so she’s kind of
taking it easy a little bit while still
trying to stay on top of ugly acres and
the campaign and stuff so she will be
um and talking with people and getting
and letting them get to know her a
little bit more same with joe and tim
will be there as well
excellent well no that sounds amazing
and you’re right a good
the team behind you is what really
matters in any of these things uh what i
have said
for years uh now is that if you want to
uh especially in locals if you want to
win the person that knocks on the most
doors wins
having the p having the boots on the
having a candidate that’s willing to go
door to door to talk to everybody in
town to say hey i’m matt ray i’m running
for city council
i want to talk to you about my vision i
want to hear what you need what you want
from the city council and then we can
figure out if i’m the right candidate
for you uh and
having a team that knows all of the
answers and having them willing to go
out and knock on doors whoever has the
most doors wins in local elections
absolutely it that’s the absolute truth
um and being able to be your true
authentic self along the way i think
it’s also key because people are easy to
read if you’re being fake and stuff
um that’s one of the things if i can
plug my own county affiliate for a
second please do um
here in new york we try and do as much
as we can in the community uh it’s a big
as the community organizer for york’s lp
um that’s one of the things that i make
a goal for our county i mean we just
collected over five uh
over 700 pounds of food to donate to the
local baseball stadium that works with
our hunger free hunger free mondays
which are with our local food banks we
do need over 700 pounds of food for that
we’ve done the street rod or a street
where we got
we talked to a bunch of people gave
lollipops out and
and it’s not necessarily knocking doors
but it’s getting down to the ground
where they are instead of expecting them
to come to you
and i think that that’s key is being out
there i mean we’ve done community
cleanups we go we’ve gone into york city
um and cleaned up and now we’re working
with one of our guys in our county
martin has a business uh clean clean
green cuts
landscaping and his goal is um he
personally will be going into new york
city once a month to do maintenance work
on shrubbery and yards and stuff like
that and uh he’s just asked us as a as
the local affiliate to come with him
once every two months so that’s a goal
thing that we’re doing too because
that’s awesome you know i talk way more
to people when i’m out there cleaning up
their garbage
because they’re like why are you doing
this and i’m like because this is what
we believe in we believe that when the
government is removed that people will
step up and they will help out where
needed whether it be trash cleanup or
helping feed the hungry or anything like
that that’s one thing we did during
jojo’s campaign is we got uh people in
our county
and um local a local business uh central
family i’m gonna plug him carl he’s a
huge libertarian and he actually used to
be a central uh hubspot for literature
um for campaigns in the area and i
actually took spike there um we all
donated food and went out and served the
homeless down here
and i think that that’s the key to
remember is that
it isn’t the big rich areas that will
win you the votes it’s the everyday
people and showing people that you
legitimately care and you’re not just
trying to do it for a photo op and
that’s what
all my campaigns and any campaign that i
help on to advise which i did a few back
in the special elections in the spring
um i really tried to convey is that you
need to get out there knocking doors
doing community events helping out where
possible and just
showing them like tim said he’s a man of
the people for the people
excellent absolutely and you’re right
you you have to be sincere you have to
be out there with the people because
it’s not the
it’s not going to be the rich people
that get you elected it’s going to be
the other it’s going to be the middle
class the lower middle class and the
lower class like they are the people
that are going to get you elected and if
you can talk to them sincerely and let
them know that you care
you will win but you have to do that
face to face you can’t do that through
tv commercials and through targeted
facebook ads you have to do it face to
spike’s actually one of the people that
have helped me navigate how to talk to
people because when he was in
williamsport last summer it was our
first stop with liz
and um
and he ended up talking to this guy that
was going into the courthouse
and uh he got talking and heard a story
about addiction and the war on drugs and
everything like that and
spike was like you know telling him
about everything that he’s trying to do
and how him and joe jorgensen are gonna
do this if they’re elected and
everything and and how it’s gonna change
it for the next person who won’t have to
go in his steps and both him and spike
the the guy and spike were both like
tears in their eyes like it was
spike has a way to talk to people on
their level without making them feel
like he’s dumbing it down it’s amazing
and if you haven’t had the chance to
hear spike talk in person like take the
um but it was unfortunate because spike
was like oh he’s a convicted felon like
he can’t vote and i was like hold on
hold on and i like
get darted after this guy before he got
into the and i was like as long as you
don’t have any kind of like
probation or fines if you don’t have any
debt to the state
you can vote
and um he was like oh i still find just
like the moment those are done you can
vote just so you know that you can vote
and spike was like i learned something
new today right
yeah and that’s different in every state
too so
like here in florida i think seven years
i think it’s seven years and
no fines or probation
um i think once you’re done with that in
seven years you can vote again and i
disagree with it vehemently but
i think my husband has actually talked
about trying to start a nonprofit to go
out and reach out to convicts um whether
in or in prison currently or in halfway
houses um because you know they’re given
such misguided information on what they
can and cannot do
and you know he spent a little bit of
time he did some stupid stuff when he
was in his 20s um as most people have
some just didn’t get caught
and um
and you know he’s a product of finding
you know not knowing exactly but having
to educate himself so he um we’re trying
to look at different value like avenues
with cobit has really put a hindrance on
it because you know they’re not allowed
to have visitors and stuff like that
like they would typically have prior to
covet right into there so we’re trying
to navigate different ways another thing
to add to my list of things to do
you don’t have that i mean
they’re all worthwhile causes
if i’m honest i wouldn’t do them i
wouldn’t take the time out of my
schedule um if i didn’t feel like it is
and i do believe that i you should talk
the talk and walk the walk so if i
believe that government is removed
people will step up i want to be a proof
of that
there is absolutely nothing i can say to
top that well i mean that
we’ll we’ll go out on that note uh pitch
everything that you want to pitch uh
because that would that yes
that is correct
um okay well pitch uh if you want to
help get joe siloski elected you can make donations
we’re currently um printing up a lot of
literature to hand out a parade we’re
doing rally signs kind of like the joe
jorgensen 11 by 14 ones um
one side says fighting for your freedom
and the other side has a logo um and
then same with nicole nicole
uh that’s without a c s-h-u-l-t-z as you
can see behind matt’s head
we’re doing rally signs to hand out a
parades and everything for her as well
that’s nicole right yes yep
yeah we try to make it simple for these
um just having the
and then tim mcmaster uh is running for
a senate campaign which he did prime
pretty much um on his own budget um he
pretty much funded his whole campaign uh
with the exception of a billboard and a
couple hundred bucks from some people
um and so he’s planning on running in
2022 and we are trying to gear up for
that as well so
to donate to tim all of that money goes
straight to the campaign to spread the
word get stuff to go door knocking and
uh and get literature out to people and
show them that the libertarian way is
the right way
uh is that the number four or for i
believe it is the number four okay
i want to make sure before i hit send um
no i appreciate it yeah no problem um i
was like
i like i typed it and i went
i don’t know which four this is
so we just we just changed his because
uh we had a tim for 2021
uh website but because he is running in
2022 we changed it to be more like
so um i’m i haven’t actually physically
typed that address in yet um because i
don’t control the website he does it
with another guy so
um that’s right i just get i just kind
of get told hey can you check this out
and make sure it looks okay
and then i get sent the link so yeah
let’s see it work there’s tim’s handsome
face right
well thank you so much for coming on i i
appreciate you not watching the cowboys
and the redskins or the washingtons
redskins and giants
a heap of crap and a heap of crap
i was i was so focused on not messing up
the washington football team which i
still did i missed the giants and i said
cowboys um
so i appreciate you not watching the
giants in the washington football team
um to hang out with me on this beautiful
thursday night this this yom kippur day
two which i think well i appreciate you
having me on i when when i was asked to
be on i was like me why why do you want
to talk to me but um okay
sure let’s have this one
right i absolutely wanted to talk to you
because i wanted to know how you do all
that you do
and uh do you rent dave out that’s
that’s a question
um i mean
it’s never been asked that we can
negotiate right
also superfan sarah anderegg has decided
she’s going to pennsylvania to have
coffee with you and nicole uh because
apparently yeah because apparently
uh women who
somehow pack 30 hours into a day all
want to hang out together too
well we have a cute little coffee shop
up here is that my church it’s called
common grounds
so we can go there they’ve got a really
good uh smoothie
too but that is much caffeine out so
that’s why i’m drinking milk i drink
only milk and water now
so i don’t even run on caffeine to do
all the stuff that i do
and that’s even more impressive but if
you did if you still drink coffee and
still use caffeine i would say for one
seventh of the caffeine you could switch
to mud water muddywaters mud
mud and make the switch from coffee to
mud water today um no thank you so much
uh for uh thank you so much for coming
on i do appreciate it everybody that you
are working with i’m a huge fan of
everything going on in pennsylvania
right now i’m a huge fan of um so if you
or anybody on any of your campaigns need
anything uh muddied waters media is here
to help so just reach out let me know
let uh spike well now let me know
because spike’s busy um he is super busy
he is super busy my son is so sad
because uh he’s not going to the
perspectives of freedom and he has yet
to meet spike he met joe jorgensen but
and but spike has made them little
videos and stuff to say hi
he’s all upset that he doesn’t get to
meet spike this weekend
so i’m gonna try and get my husband um
to get some um time with spike that he
can call in and facetime with him nice
nice well yeah thank you so much
anything that you guys need muddied
waters is here for you um let me know
let jason know let cajun know and i will
we we will all get messages that way uh
don’t let spike know because nobody
knows if we’ll hear from him um but no
we won’t
he doesn’t read his messages until like
two months later right i i text him and
we own a business together and i’m like
who knows we’ll see
um but yeah so uh
thank you so much i do appreciate it um
yeah if you want to hang out for a
little bit after the show please do i’m
just gonna close it out and uh we can
talk afterwards if if you have to go
just wave to me goodbye and just hit end
okay all right
thank you all so much for tuning in uh
and thank you so much to christine
cousler womack
um for coming on
i was so nervous about saying that last
name uh like i over thought it every
single time i said it uh christine
counselor womack um
we have a another huge week here at
muddy waters media tomorrow you have a
brand new episode of uh cajun eskimo
from bayous to igloos spike will be in
pennsylvania this weekend and i’m
certain there will be
footage of stuff from that coming up
we have on monday a new episode of mr
america the bearded truth happening at 8
o’clock eastern then on tuesday spike
cohen and yours truly will be parsing
through the week’s events like the sweet
sweet little summer boys that we we’re
still in summer right yeah i think we’re
still in summer are we not are we in
i think we’re officially still in summer
we’re like the sweet summer boys that we
are uh we aren’t autumn cherubs yet we
are still sweet summer boys and then
next wednesday spike cohen let me i’ll
even tell you who he has on uh spike
cohen has an episode of my fellow
americans with
maurice chama
and then next thursday join me
right back here for the makeup episode
with randall daniel and i’m very sorry
to randall for not being able to do the
episode last time but a storm knocked
out the power that is what happens in
florida summers um so
we get the makeup episode next thursday
at eight o’clock
uh and boy do i have an opening question
for that guy
because it’s going to make the rest of
the interview
really awkward and it’s going to be
so tune in we’ve got
muddied waters media five days a week
remember if you want to you can
you can become a member of the muddy
waters family um i forget how loud that
is you can become a member of the muddy
waters family uh by going to muddy or
sorry anchor dot fm slash muddied waters
subscribe and for nine dollars a month
you will get exclusive content you will
get invited to a exclusive facebook
group where you will be able to see more
exclusive content and you will get the
information for the muddy zooms where we
will be having them once a month where
you will be able to chat with me with
spike with jason with cajun with others
and it is going to be a blast every
single time so sign up today for the
muddy waters subscription experience
uh thank you all so much for tuning in
your fun fact of the week uh the first
to get a speeding ticket
to get convicted of speeding uh
was going six miles over the speed limit
at a raging
eight miles an hour
at a ranging eight miles an hour
he was going six miles over the speed
limit of two
uh so
keep that in mind remember government is
stupid uh thank you all so much for
tuning in
i look forward to seeing all of you all
next week and uh have a fantastic
weekend tune in tomorrow for cajun and
eskimo and
for muddied waters media and further
writer’s block i am matt wright and you
are perfect just the way you are
i am swinging from a seven-story window
throwing parties in a 10-7 cell
it’s outstanding the legs i’ll go
to convince the whole damn world i don’t
need anybody’s
cause if there’s room enough for one
there must be
i will be
i am waving while i drive
don’t bother swimming out to save me
don’t bother swimming to save me
i don’t need anybody’s

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