The Wrighter’s Block Episode 63 – Kevin Kahn Gets Wrighter’s Block

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Kevin currently serves as the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Ohio as well as the County Chair for the Hamilton CountyLiberty Party which covers Cincinnati. In addition, he was the 2020 LibertarianParty candidate for US Congress in the 1st district of Ohio.Kevin also sits on the Board of Accountability Now Ohio, a grassroots, non-profit, activist organization working to eliminate qualified immunity in Ohio via putting an amendment to the State of Ohio’s Constitution on the ballot for the state’s citizens to vote on in the 2022 election.

Episode Transcript

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so again thank you all so much for being
here tonight i i am very excited that
you all are here i’m very excited to
have my guest on tonight um my guest
tonight is kevin kahn he currently
serves as the political director of the
libertarian party of ohio as well as the
county chair for hamilton county
libertarian party and in addition he ran
for uh congress in the first district of
ohio uh
yeah plus we have so much more other
things to talk about other than that and
i’m very excited about all of them so
please everybody welcome with me the
wonderful the fantastic the amazing mr
kevin khan
thanks for having me on no absolutely
i’m excited to be here go good i’m i am
excited to have you here um
so welcome uh obviously thank you thank
you for taking the time on a thursday
night because again a lot of things you
can do on a thursday night and you
choose to spend it with me which
i understand fantastic
so uh kevin um i uh like to start off
all of my shows because 98 of the people
that i have on my shows are libertarian
um so how is it because
i ask everybody how they became a
libertarian but from what i understand
you have a very interesting story on how
you found yourself in the band of
misfits and nerdy wells that’s known as
the libertarian party
my road to liberty yeah
yeah it’s uh
it’s interesting it’s uh
not unlike a lot of people uh finding
their way to the libertarian party or
liberty as far as having a negative
interaction with the
federal government
but it was it was unexpected i
am 52 years old i was not a political
i don’t think
i probably voted in some presidential
elections i never voted in a primary
i i’m a business owner and i travel a
usually out of the country more than i’m
in i never really
spent the time to get mail-in ballots
when i wasn’t going to be here just
wasn’t an issue um
and uh
so my wife is an immigrant um she’s
mongolian and we have uh
a daughter that was that was born in
and um in 2018
and you know one once uh she was born i
went did all the paperwork at the
embassy there and it was
surprisingly very expeditious got a
passport in two weeks and
and off we we went we you know i did my
business and then
we came here and
we’re here for a bit and then in the
summer times we go back there so um you
know we could spend time with my wife’s
and um in 2019
um my so my daughter would have been a
year and a half then
we are coming back from asia
and it wasn’t it wasn’t our first trip
here so she’s got a passport and she’s
got stamps in it showing that she’s been
around and she’s been there and she’s
been here
and we are flying and land in uh a west
coast airport i think it was san
francisco okay
and you know when we were overseas if
you know with
in uh in 2019 we we see we see some news
coverage we see the
the uh
you know the kids in cages at the
southern border and what’s going on and
and well anyway we get back here and
we’re going through customs and
and uh
the guy who’s supposed to check us in
and and stamp our passports kind of
was challenging the veracity of the
documents that they gave me to use to
prove who we were right
and you know it was a it was a you know
let me get my manager let me get my
because some things don’t didn’t make
sense and
you know it first of all is scary as
hell going through my mind thinking that
you know a guy who
knows my name only because he read it
off of a passport right and i know his
last name because i could see it on his
and i know that this guy is thinking
uh if if it came down to it he could
choose to separate
my child from my wife right no
absolutely like he could just say no i
don’t believe this and and i’m thinking
you know something calamitous
could really
because some stranger
is having a bad day or has
misinformation or you know something
went wrong
um you know it just kind of clicked that
we we shouldn’t be in a situation where
this could happen ever ever
you know thankfully nothing did you know
what i would hope would have happened
was we get there and they checked the
paperwork and they say you know san
francisco your final stop and say no
it’s cincinnati
you know have a great rest of your trip
do you have anything to declare
yeah right
um yeah i’m tired it’s been a you know
18-hour flight right
i’m really tired and a little hungry
but uh
so yeah so we you know we finished we
finished the trip and and i thought
about it and
um i contacted the folks at at the
libertarian party of ohio um at the
headquarters in columbus
uh again this was you know this was
middle of august and i said hey
i’m i’m up for doing something you know
what what do you need i you know i’m
happy to run
if you want it local that’s fine you
know tell me tell me what you need and i
think a couple weeks later they came
and uh
they said
we’d really how do you feel about
running for congress we’d we’d really
like you to run for congress because in
uh people
register their party
based on
the primary they vote in
and if you run as a libertarian you
would cover the largest geographical
area possible
in ohio for us to
you know have people that have the the
selection of libertarian so i said yeah
sure no no problem i’ll do that um like
i said i’m a business owner i i kind of
set my schedule i wasn’t expecting it to
a super involved campaign
you know but i was i was willing to i
was willing i was willing to do it it
was fine you know it’s it made a lot of
sense and and the issues were important
you know and then um
covet hits
and i’m not allowed to do my business
traveling anymore i’m i’m i’m stuck
so it’s like yeah i’m i’m gonna go all
in on this and spend some time and and
you know see what type of impression and
dent i could make in the area and
and and bring other people to liberty
because uh
you know i found that you know after
after the joy that i get from
um you know experiences with my with my
family and
managing my business which
thankfully hasn’t
been that much of a challenge even
though i haven’t been
to my office in over a year because i
can’t fly there um
helping people
find their path to liberty is is a
fantastic feeling i yeah so i understand
i have i have stayed stayed the course
and and done that and i you know i had i
some fantastic people some great people
here in ohio that i i love spending time
with and uh
you know and off we go here we are right
that that start that started in 2019 was
when you were flying back
yeah it was we were coming back august
2019 and i had to be uh
get my paperwork uh certified to the
um in december so there was a there was
about a a four month
so you went from being like a like not a
political but just not involved
politically voting once every four years
kind of a thing too
you held me up coming back with my
family through customs and now i’m here
and i’m ready to burn it all down
in four months like four months later
you’re like nope i’m running and this is
what i’m gonna do and then on top of it
the government said oh besides uh you’re
not gonna be able to run your business
for the next 18 months because of this
pandemic and so you were just like
give me the match give me you you’ve now
given me the fuel just give me the match
and i will do this and you uh you ended
up running for congress in ohio um
that is unbelievable just the quick
turnaround that you had on that um
but the fact that what you’ve decided to
do afterwards is decide to continue
pushing the message of liberty and
bringing people into the liberty
is admirable i know many people that run
and then you kind of never hear from
them again they run they don’t win um
and then they’re just kind of gone you
they’re just out there
ether somewhere
i’m i’m i’m
i don’t know the demographics of your of
your audience um but i’m guessing that
a lot of people who
uh are regular watchers are
activists of some type
it is
it is
if if you don’t manage your time
correctly it is easy to burn out
um you know after the campaign i took
and you know a month off where i did
um and then
you know and it was planned and people
knew that this was gonna happen and then
uh came you know come around new year’s
uh it was time to
you know get get some things started
again i had i made like i had mentioned
made some really good friends here in
southwest ohio and
this election cycle a couple of of uh
the local hamilton county libertarians
are running for office um
mike mayne’s is a sitting city council
member in the city of harrison who is
running for reelection
uh we lost ballot access so he got
stripped of his l
and is running as an independent and he
has a
uh running mate joe combs so you know
i’ve been meeting with them and
and i thought
uh even though i’ve only done this once
i do have experience i know that if i
ran again i would do better than i did
the first time
the libertarian party of ohio has just
about every one of its
directorships open
uh the political
director the position is is basically
the the cat herder right who
deals with the candidates and the
questions and how do i do this right
and so you know i i put my hand up i
said i
i’ve got experience i’m willing to share
i know a lot of the the people um
you can give me a title you don’t have
to give me a title if there’s somebody
else who wants it that’s great and i
will pitch in where i can
um but you know you said 98 of your
guests are
libertarians so they probably know that
once you put your hand up you’re in
you’re right
right so i i became it and and uh
and started going down that path working
with the the folks who were looking for
help on how to you know how to get to
office here so i’ve been uh
active in the libertarian party uh on
and off since 2013
yeah 2013. and um like when i first
moved down here to florida i started
working on a libertarian campaign for
congress uh it was a special election
and i started going
uh i started going immediately
i started going immediately and like i
was just like i’m going to help this guy
win i want to see the first libertarian
person in congress and i was working on
his campaign if they needed anything i
was there um he lost the special
magnificently like just
it was
brutal um
and then he immediately started running
again for the next year’s election and
2014 uh because the special was in
i believe the special was in january
uh it was in january or february and
then the next election was in november
so he just started running immediately
again and on that campaign i was like so
i started with
his campaign in like december
and we just went that entire year just
going as hard as we could knocking on
every door that we could making all of
the phone calls that we had to make and
uh then after that i became the vice
chair of my county and then i was in
charge of helping um
set up all of the events and i was i was
just libertarian libertarian libertarian
libertarian libertarian and then i got a
and i had to go to work and then i was
trying to do both and it just burned me
out so quickly that i ended up having to
i just had to
like i had to take a break from
something and since the job paid my
bills i ended up taking a break from
libertarian uh the libertarian party but
that was when i started this podcast and
five years later i’m doing i’m still
doing this
um because i found that in me personally
um i have found that spreading the
message of liberty is easier
on this platform for me
because i i know when it’s going to be
there’s no surprises
outside of internet issues
that everybody in the comments is
telling me is going on
but uh
but other than that like
this is the great way to be able to
spread the message
so uh are you’re planning on running
again i’m assuming
i have no plans to run again at this
time um
i’m not i’m not ruling it out i can
say that the the number one thing
i learned about
being a candidate
is that you can’t
do it
your spouse 100 buying into it yeah and
she she did the first time around but as
i mentioned we have we have a young one
at home and um
you know i don’t think either of us are
ready to
to give 100 of our time back to a
campaign i get it so
so we will we will see and and
campaigning is not easy i mean i’m not
just talking about
the the the
mechanisms of the door knocking and the
phone calls and the whatever i i mean i
i kind of had it easy because we weren’t
allowed out right so my campaign was a
was a
a social media campaign with a few
events that we were able to get in but
it wasn’t you know there wasn’t that
much outdoor activity going on
but you know from from people who don’t
even know you just the
vile and vicious comments they make
to try to put you down because they
don’t agree with you is crazy
right the the amount really have to be
thick-skinned you do and
and uh
which i am it was fine
and it and and and it’s
it kind of helped my
patience because i you know i i’m not
very patient with that and i’ve been
working on that and learned to be but
you know if i didn’t
i would really have to think hard if you
know if we’re ready to be subjected to
that to you know that type of scrutiny
anger for no reason again you know it’s
just it’s nuts
so i know that one of the things that
you are working on um
is you want to spread liberty to
everybody which i respect and i
understand and that you want to see a
libertarian president in your lifetime
which i would enjoy that because that
would also be in my lifetime um
so what is it that you are what is it
you’re working on to help spread that
message now
yeah so in in addition to um
to working with the candidates here in
ohio um i am
joined the board i was invited to join
the board
of a group called accountability now
which is a non-profit
to one single issue and that is
qualified immunity in ohio and we are
working to do it
a constitutional amendment to the
state of ohio constitution
via a ballot measure
because as of now there is we don’t have
anybody sponsoring legislation in ohio
like other states have had
to eliminate qualified immunity so we
are going to try to put it on the ballot
for the voters to decide on
and and
i’m certain that everybody watching the
show or listening to this show on your
favorite podcasting app um is well aware
of what qualified immunity is but
that is the
the policy that allows police officers
to get away with literally anything uh
yeah and
for i mean for some clarification there
there are
jurisdictions have addressed it
differently and we are we are going for
a full out
elimination so it’s not just
police officers it’s not just the the
law it’s not no it’s it’s it’s
right it’s politicians uh i think it was
a court case back in 1981
i believe that included university
um yeah
and it and yes it is uh the reason that
it has become such a hot button topic
over the last year is because of police
officers and uh the police brutality
that we were seeing across the country
but so what is uh
i totally blanked on the name of your
accountability accountability now thank
yeah put the plug in you can you can
look at the website at
and so there are
there are five
board members
who who who kind of
administrate this uh i shouldn’t say
administrate we have some managers who
administrate who who are the
representatives of
the organization and
um the other four are all
um relatives i think three
are mothers and one is an aunt
humans who were killed by
oh well
in an unarmed state you know they were
they weren’t armed and uh
you it’s it’s like
and you know these these these folks
rightfully so would would like
their cases
heard opened or reopened and yeah
you know investigations and and justice
if it is warranted to be
served and
and you know qualified immunity
it doesn’t protect the police officer
from any
criminal investigation but it does for
it basically eliminates the the
possibility of a civil case right a
civil seat
so yeah that’s that i was i was humbled
that they asked me
to join um
but that that’s who we are it’s you know
it’s it’s basically
um families who have the drive
to see this through
you know a member of the libertarian
because this is this is one of our
signature issues this i would say over
the last over the last year
um it is in the top three signature
issues for the libertarian party it it
could be number one over the last year
year and a half um
a couple others i felt were should be
but they they weren’t but i so i would
say qualified immunity was probably the
number one signature issue that all
libertarians could call a less behind
like with your with the
you were saying you were saying that
it’s family members and you know mothers
of people who were
wronged by members of the government and
i was like man you could just called it
like mothers against qualified immunity
and gone well it you know each each of
the board members does kind of have
their own
has been publicizing the issue okay um
and it and
i wouldn’t call it an alliance but but
you know
strength in numbers
um and let’s get all of our
working power together and focus on just
this one thing and that you know that
was the initial
discussions that we had is what should
we be doing because it you know it
some some wanted to make it an entire
you know social justice thing and 15 an
hour minimum wage and this and that and
and and you know
basically i said from from the
libertarian party point of view you know
we want to deal with
this one thing right and i think that we
would have better results
if we focus on one thing and we can
spend our time and and because this this
isn’t easy
in reality to get this on the ballot
we are going to need somewhere between
around eight hundred thousand signatures
of right now
yeah that would that was going to be my
next question is uh so i know that
you’re like you said you’re you’re
trying to get it on the ballot for uh
the 2022 election how is that going so
far like do you know where your numbers
are at
we’re we’re behind schedule um so we we
basically the process is we
have a a legal team
wrote the what the amendment would
would read like okay
and we had to get
a thousand signatures
and submit it to the state attorney
general for him to
you know to uh review the word to make
sure that it was fair and truthful
you know there there was a lot for our
attorneys to work with there was uh
congressman amash’s
eliminate qualified immunity bill in
congress and there were other states
that had legislation that passed and we
you know
we we said we got the thousand
signatures back in uh april we were done
and we submitted it and ten days later
they said
yeah these two words don’t look correct
revise it and resubmit it
which means that we were again out
collecting signatures right because you
have to get a thousand each time
again and when they say a thousand that
means we have to get two thousand
seventeen hundred right fourteen hundred
something like that because they’re
going to try to figure out a way not to
let that ballot get on there
right right so we are in our second
waiting period
where we have submitted the revised
and i i think that next week is the
deadline when we hear it is now fair and
and see where we are but we have
in the interim you know we’re scaling up
we’ve got website we just went on
instagram we have a professional
manager who is
uh potential donors and partners who
want to help with the with the effort
i want to you know give a big shout out
to um
americans for prosperity and there’s a
libertarian who lives in southeast ohio
michael segrest who has been
phenomenal in pushing this effort
they’ve provided
activist training um
not only libertarians anybody who wants
anybody right anybody that wants to help
i’ve done some work with the afp in the
um yeah and and you know again with the
single issue we we would get feedback
from potential partners were saying oh
you know afp you we don’t like some of
the things that you guys push right you
know and i think that michael had the
you know a great answer when he said
that you know he he
he said uh we can probably find a lot of
things that we don’t agree with
especially on the economic side
but there’s no reason we can’t agree on
eliminating qualified of you
right so
let’s ju let’s just get it done
and and get out there so you know we’ll
we’ll see what happens what the attorney
general says in the next week or so yeah
and that’s as far as
going back really quick to uh afp like
so afp
i started i’ve done a little bit of work
with some of the people from there um
never anything official with afp but
yeah there is a lot of things that we’re
not going to agree with with the with
americans for prosperity and
that should not preclude us from working
with them just like there are a lot of
things that you know progressive groups
that we don’t agree on but that should
not preclude us from working with them
uh on the issues that we do agree with
them uh yep
you don’t have to agree with everybody
100 of the time in order to work with
them you just have to agree with them on
that issue and then work with them on
that issue
we’re libertarians we don’t agree with
ourselves right yeah that’s fair
you can’t go to a libertarian uh meeting
without people arguing over the most
mundane things
um so just
figure out what you can work with these
people on work with them and then you
can move forward you can say yeah it was
great working with you i’ll see you
while we’re battling against each other
on gun rights or whatever and
whatever it is whatever it is
um and i can’t wait to work with you
again on another issue in the future uh
it doesn’t have to be
an all or nothing thing with these
uh yeah and and and yeah i i think i
think that
when it is
you know it’s it’s it’s because the
duopoly has trained them
very well in binary very well right
that’s that’s that’s part of the job of
of preaching liberty right right is that
there is a there is
a third way and a fourth way and a fifth
way and there are lots of things that we
can get accomplished
without it being in us or them
binary type of world
and hopefully we can get people to buy
into that you know because it makes life
much more exciting and enjoyable
than to be limited to two choices right
and that is one like
that’s one of the things that i learned
kind of early on in my activism career
so many people are like oh i don’t want
to do that because you know
disagreements or whatever and i was like
well yeah but
we’re not gonna ever get anything done
if we’re just hanging out with the same
50 people in this room we’re gonna have
to branch out to work with the other
and that is also how we will spread our
message as if we do that um and that’s
how we came up with the idea of
we would host um
uh candidate forums and bring all of the
candidates that were running and then
invite everybody to show up so all of
these people would be there including
you know you’d have the libertarian
you’d have the greens you would have
everybody would come to them because for
the local elections
they weren’t getting this opportunity
anywhere else people were just going
they were looking for an r or a d and
that was it so they would come here to
see what they were saying and that was
how they were learning about what the
libertarian party was saying and what
the green party was saying and what the
reform or constitution party or whatever
else you know the democratic socialist
party whatever they were saying too and
that way they could learn and be more um
educated when it came to
uh doing their ballots
to everybody in the comments i don’t
sorry sorry kevin uh to everybody in the
comments i don’t know why the audio is
or sorry the video is freezing um
everything on my end looks like it’s
going perfectly fine i will have to
check things out
after the show i am very sorry
um apparently everybody can hear
everything we’re saying it’s just the
video keeps freezing so i don’t
understand why that’s happening
but so
uh one of our one of the comments did
uh love accountability now blondie and
andre are some of the best people
they and and they have been
so before accountability now started
um one of the one of the actually two of
the members um
cynthia brown and marcella bailey uh
mark marcella lost her her son
uh curry melly
jones and cynthia is is
her uh is it was his aunt
and we we met them last year
at the
during the ohio state of ohio convention
where spike was at right um
and i guess it was day two and it was
the afternoon and it was like
you know oh bylaws by a bylaws meeting
and it was like uh what else what else
can we do right so like oh there’s a
protest downtown like yeah let’s get out
of here right so
probably ten ten of us kind of
moseyed on rosie dawn out
to let other people figure out the rules
how things should be handled
and uh and and made spike made the
um with the group called uh
the escalado ohio now heartbeat movement
which which was based around um
the the killing of of uh
kareem jones and he was he was the first
person killed caught on
the video cam
the police the body cams
yeah the body cam and and
you know it’s i’ve watched it it’s not
for the faint of heart and you can see
where the hands were you know the police
were covering it up at certain points
right and uh
it’s uh
you know you can you could see it it was
a it was a travesty of what happened
um and and they are still waiting for
their day in in quarter of you know
injustice whatever for that to be
investigated and so we’re we’re out at
this at this rally and and we’re talking
to these folks and
you know they’re they’re they’re uh
motivated activists
and they’re not
out there
you know say you know trying to get
compensation or
you know you owe me this they just
want to be recognized that they have the
same rights as everybody else
including the police
and that
they’ve been
you know as a family as a group they
have been disenfranchised
um and we had really good conversations
and they were very supportive
the libertarian
um party and candidacies i know that
they had been um
or some the ones some of whom i’ve
talked to had been you know previously
they were bernie sanders supporters by
that time bernie was had been
disenfranchised by the democrats for the
third time um
and and they were they were all in on
on the jorgensen cone campaign right
and and they they gave an endorsement
they endorsed the five congressional
candidates and
spike kicked off his
vp tour
um cincinnati was the was the first spot
and i remember he came down from
columbus and he spoke and
they were in attendance when when joe
jorgensen was up in columbus and
and uh they they came down to cincinnati
for the election watch
you know dinner that we had in
cincinnati as we were you know watching
me set the record in the first district
of ohio for the
third party getting cornering like 3.6
or 3.7 of the vote something like that
right um
but yeah no and and and we kept in touch
and it was actually the same week that i
um to be the political director that
they called up and said
we would we would you know we would
you standing with us at on
accountability now ohio because
they they
understand libertarian philosophy on
this particular subject and and what it
means to us and and
that goes back to what i was saying like
even though you may not agree 100 on
something with these people the fact
that you agree with them on this work
with them on this
they like you said they start to
understand the libertarian philosophy on
this principle
they can start to relate it to other
and we we had
you know someone out of that out of the
de-escalate ohio now organization put
their hand up to run as a libertarian
for columbus city council
so which which is great you know so yeah
i’m i’m
thrilled to be a part of it and and and
you know i’m very happy
spending spending time on this and
spending time with them because i think
it’s uh
a worthwhile topic and they are
they are
good people to to um
you know to be working with on on this
and hopefully other issues i know that
they’re that some of them are working on
uh on cash bail
and as as libertarians in ohio we’ve got
a in addition to this
a bunch of a bunch of other issues we’ve
got some people working on rank choice
we’ve been contacted by people who want
to eliminate capital punishment here
repeal the capital punishment so i think
i think there’s a lot that
here in florida the capital punishment
one’s gonna be real difficult to get
through i think a lot of people agree
with it but i don’t know if it’s enough
to win
i don’t know if it’s enough to get that
one switched not yet um
so real quick uh elizabeth cokeyard said
uh i will definitely make another trip
to help collect signatures just tell me
when and where
and absolutely
and she also said uh earlier i wanted to
wait to bring this up but she said that
uh you were trying to get the record for
how many libertarians fit in your car
we did pretty good i mean i have a big
we uh i don’t remember how many we we
got in
um we had and we had some uh
i i’m trying to think if we had some
hawaiian shirts with long guns who got
in the car too but yeah we had a we had
a we had a bunch
um who were at the rally yeah yeah
so um i understand uh switching gears
completely uh i understand that you guys
have an event going on this weekend
we do we have so we are in an off year
as far as we don’t have a convention but
we do have
statewide conference okay
it is a a weekend
starting tomorrow
spike is the actually kicking off as a
keynote speaker for dinner
and we and it’s it’s a bunch of
of issues such as how to build county
how to write press releases
giving give hope some tools to help
expand the message of liberty uh in ohio
in addition to uh spike i know we’ve got
evan mcmahon from
indiana he’s the state of india and he’s
coming in
um ken mullman who
uh lives
right across the river in kentucky
he’s kentucky i know he’s got to be
close to you
yeah i mean he’s closer to me than
columbus it is
where i am but he you know he he spends
a lot of time here he’s he managed the
the last gubernatorial race travis
irvine um
so he he’ll be a speaker they’ll have a
panel and uh
there’ll be some fun events and
after that concludes around noon
the folks from de-escalate ohio now are
money raising rally they are trying to
go to an event
in washington dc on august 28th
called end police brutality in the
impacted families march and rally
the libertarian party of ohio we’re
gonna have a table there and spike and i
will be
uh speakers at the at at the park during
the day it’s a about a three-hour event
very cool yep
very cool um
so uh again thank you so much for coming
on before
i let you go
i have one question um
we we touched on it earlier that uh your
goal is to reach freedom in our lifetime
and to see the election of a libertarian
the reason why you want to see a
libertarian president
is one of the greatest reasons i have
so why is it that you want to see
a libertarian president in our lifetime
um because i would
like to be appointed to the position and
i’m not sure what i don’t know which
position this would be it is
but i i just want to be the guy who gets
to call the
ice officers into the auditorium
and say folks thanks for your service
you can go home now no no it’s no longer
required now wouldn’t wouldn’t that just
theoretically couldn’t that just be the
president that gets to do that
if he was a tyrannical dictator maybe
you’d think that he’d want to spread
some of that authority around but you
should i think but the president i think
the president could do that i would
i don’t know homeland security i don’t i
don’t even know where who they report to
i think they’re probably somewhere in
homeland security but there’s you know
either homeland security or this is a
bureaucrat who’s got an office with a
that they don’t really need who couldn’t
make that happen
and i would i’d be very happy to occupy
that office for a couple hours right and
make that happen yep you become the
secretary of homeland security so that
way you can go okay let me get all of
the ice officers thank you
thank you so much for your service you
may leave yep
yep you may leave it is over papers will
be at the table on the way out the uh
west exit door it’s sorted
alphabetically you’re gonna need to show
proof that you worked here
you’re gonna have to show proof that you
worked here you may get questioned on it
uh so make sure you have backup proof
that you worked here and uh if you can’t
prove it we have a holding cell until
you can
and you might recognize them
some people call them cages other call
other people call them uh off-site
whichever one suits you um
but kevin thank you so much for coming
on man i i really appreciate it thank
you again for having me i uh
i really this this is like a a highlight
to be on muddied waters i’m i’m really
appreciative thank you well no thank you
uh and it’s it’s great to have you on um
any any time that you want to come back
on muddy waters just let us know we
we have five shows a week so we can
definitely find somewhere that you can
go on uh without much of an issue and uh
we would love to have you back on
somewhere sometime in the future um and
i look forward to seeing what
accountability now uh does in the future
because i i hope to see
uh i hope to see that it gets on the
ballot in ohio i hope to see that it
gets on ballots all across america um
it’s it’s it’s still kicking around
congress but
there they are you know the the old
amash bill’s been reintroduced
um and they’re just not gonna you know
despite what
they talk about wanting to fix the
criminal justice system they are they
are not going to act on it right just
and that’s got it we’ve got to do it
locally yep and that’s one of the things
uh real quick before i let you go
this is how we do this um
that’s one of the things they’re like we
need to fix the criminal justice system
but they’re never going to it’s like
democrats will continually talk about
banning guns
and they might like chip away at it here
and there to say look we’re doing
something it’s you know we’re making a
difference but i don’t think they would
ever fully do it because what would they
have to talk about and republicans with
abortion if republicans got rid of
abortion they would lose that entire
the same thing with police reform for
both sides they talk about it a lot but
nobody does anything because they
continually talk about needing it and
it’s one of those planks that they’re
like we need to do this but we can’t
really do it because then we won’t have
it’s a fantastic money raiser
it is fundraising for their campaigns
every two to four years
it sure is
um but again thank you so much um it’s
yep and that’s it
everybody go to the website um kevin
khan thank you so much i will talk to
you again very soon i am certain um i’m
going to close the show out if you want
to hang out for a few minutes if not
cool all right yep i will all right
thank you all so much for tuning in i
definitely appreciate the time i am very
sorry for whatever the technical issues
were throughout this episode um i don’t
know what it is for the first time in
forever on my side everything looked
like it was working perfectly uh so i
don’t know what was going wrong and i’m
going to have to uh check on
all the different settings and all of
the different uh apps so i apologize um
tomorrow night tune in for a very
special episode of cajun and eskimo from
bayous to igloos where instead of cajun
and eskimo
it’s gonna be the battle of the beards
cajun with the cajun libertarian going
with mr america the bearded truth
tomorrow night at a
9 30 9 30. i don’t know what time
they’re doing the show tomorrow because
eskimo’s not on it so
we will find out together what time that
show is going to be plus they are doing
a fundraiser
and they are auctioning off the cajun
libertarian hat and the proceeds of that
fundraiser are going to a very good
cause um and speaking of that
to anybody who watched the tuesday night
show where we were auctioning off the
tumbler the waffle house caucus tumbler
autographed by spike and yours truly um
the woman who won that tumblr
i don’t want to give up too much of her
story i know we’re going to talk about
it on tuesday but she uh asked that i
auctioned it off again next week she
said that she didn’t want it
she her son
was unfortunately
he was unfortunately murdered last
summer um and he was a huge fan of
spikes and he was a fan of the show
and she wanted to just give us the money
because she thought that was something
that he would like
uh so
and we’re gonna do something for her in
the future because um
there’s a lot of stuff that is working
that we’re gonna be uh going into a
little bit deeper on tuesday and i don’t
want to give too much away but uh so we
will be auctioning that same mug off and
the proceeds of which i think are going
to be going toward a charity of her
so tune in on tuesday for the
re-auctioning of the
one-of-a-kind waffle house caucus mug

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