April 15, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 28 – Ransberger Pivot and more with Steve Dasbach

Do you feel like every time that you talk with others, you're quick to find the problems in their ideas and strive to correct them and don't actually achieve your desired goal of sharing ideas and changing hearts and minds? Me too. It doesn't have to be this way. There are so many skills and tactics that can leave both sides understanding one another and even finding common ground. Join me as I sit down with Steve Dasbach to learn more about the Ransberger Pivot and other skills we can use to sell the libertarian message.
April 15, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 27 – Pushing forward on cannabis with William Henry

It's clear that the War on Drugs has been a complete failure. The first step to ending the war is to realize how harmless cannabis and how enforcement around this plant has caused more harm than good. With an abundance of information around this and as our nation as a whole is talking about this, I hope that you will join me as I sit down to talk with William Henry from Illinois as he explains to us his efforts, especially with his newly approved 501(c)(4) called Liberty Offense, to help not only his state but this entire nation move forward to making it a better place by changing the conversation.
April 12, 2022

Episode 237 – Biden Has A New ATF Pick

Marijuana may not be legal anytime soon and Massie is happy about that, Elon may be planning a hostile takeover, Kevin McCarthy may not support impeachment, and Biden picks a new ATF chief with a whole new set of rules. Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment! Become a member:
April 8, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 26 – Personal Financial Freedom with Todd Hagopian

Freedom has so many aspects to it. One of the crucial ones is to be able to be comfortable at least within your finances. I'll be joined to Todd Hagopian to discuss diversifying, retirement savings and avoiding those pesky taxes.
April 8, 2022

Mr Bearded Truth – 25 – Starting a small business with Superfan Sarah Anderegg

Starting a new business means there are lots of things to plan, if you want to be successful. Today, I will be joined with Superfan Sarah Anderegg to discuss some of the mindsets and processes required in order to be successful as you dive into the market.
April 7, 2022
The Wrighter's Block

The Wrighter’s Block Episode 77 – Bill Redpath Gets Wrighter’s Block

Bill Redpath is running for US Senate in Illinois, but outside of this, he is a two term chair of the LNC, a three-time treasurer of the LNC, and has spent over 21 years on the LNC. He is an eight time candidate for public office including fighting for the seat of a congressman who one time told Matt, “I hope that whenever I am no longer in my seat it is because you have it.” Bill is also a champion for LP Ballot Access, leading to 50 state ballot access wins for Presidential tickets FIVE TIMES since 1990.
April 6, 2022

Episode 236 – Biden Lowers the Deficit (Not Really)

Kamala goes to Jamaica, Elon takes shares in Twitter, Gavin Newsom owns himself, the GOP no longer trusts Madison Cawthorn, and Jenn Psaki is yet another White House employee jumping ship to the MSM. Plus, Kamala and Joe attempt to deceive everyone when it comes to the debt! Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment! Become a member:
March 31, 2022
The Wrighter's Block

The Wrighter’s Block Episode 76 – Andrew Heaton Gets Wrighter’s Block

Andrew Heaton, host of "The Political Orphanage," joins Matt to talk about different theories on International Relations, and how they all contribute to us provoking or preventing stupid wars.
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