Spike is Ruining the Libertarian Party

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On the May 26th episode of the late night show The Kris and Jessie Show with Kryssi and Jess, newly minted Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee caused quite a stir among the Libertarian elite because, in response to a photo of him lying in the sand at the beach without a shirt on, he took his shirt off and completed the interview topless. For anyone who has been a fan of Spike since he started with Muddied Waters Media, they know that this is not out of the norm for him. We have a show where we said the word nipple enough times to make an entire video with almost only that word. 

As the show was airing, social media flooded with anti-Spike sentiments, calling him a joke, wishing that he wasn’t the nominee, insulting his doughy figure (even though if they had watched the episode they would know he has lost nearly 100 lbs), pointing out his ‘moobs,’ and saying that he is single handedly ruining the Libertarian party.

While all of the people who were offended spewed their vitriol across their timelines, hoping above all hope that their complaints about his antics would get National to rescind the nomination, they forgot to do the most important thing: listen to their candidate.

Let’s take a moment and listen to a few of the candidates from the last election cycle and pair it with the audio of what Spike was saying during that interview, and see who is the most professional, or who was making a joke of the Libertarian party.

First, let’s start off some audio with 2016 Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld who said this while running:

Forgetting about the discussion on how she smiles and the ingrained misogyny of the statement, it seems to me, and maybe I’m wrong here, but a candidate for the third largest political party in the nation should probably not be singing the praises of another candidate, especially one so marred by controversy. Does it make it better that he looked professional when he said it?

Next, let’s take a listen to Gary Johnson, and anyone who has followed the Libertarian Party for a while can probably guess what clip I am about to play:

Maybe it’s just me, but the person who is running to be the Commander in Chief of the military and the man who will be responsible for the lives lost in that region if he turned out to be like every other President and sent our troops there for diplomatic reasons. Is there an improvement if you see him in a button down shirt, and jacket?

Before anyone spews more hatred toward Spike for his antics on The Kris and Jessie Show with Kryssi and Jess, maybe, just maybe, they should listen to what he was saying during the interview:

Out of these clips, (which I will be accused of cherry picking, and I did, that is true, but they were the defining moments of their campaigns) which one sounds the most professional? Which of these sounds like someone you would be proud to support? Does it matter that he said something you could be proud of a candidate saying while looking like this?:

If everyone would take a minute to listen to the words that were coming out of him mouth, instead of focusing on a bit he played on a late night podcast, where they talked about stroking liberty dick, and playing with liberty balls, and dropped every four-letter in the book, they would see he is the least embarrassing candidate the Libertarian Party has put up in years.

If people leave the party because he appeared topless on a late night, comedy, podcast, he will essentially ruin their vision of the party, it will improve it for every other member. So, yes, Spike is ruining the Libertarian Party, while improving it simultaneously.

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