Mr Bearded Truth – 15 – The affairs of Veterans and current events with Sean Grehalva

Jason has a soft spot for our veteran community. To talk about the climate for both our veterans and active duty, he is sitting down with an incredible man namely Sean Grehalva. Join them as they discuss this and other current events.

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Episode Transcript

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Mr Bearded Truth – 15 – The affairs of Veterans and current events with Sean Grehalva
Streamed live on Nov 1, 2021
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Jason has a soft spot for our veteran community. To talk about the climate for both our veterans and active duty, he is sitting down with an incredible man namely Sean Grehalva. Join them as they discuss this and other current events.

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hello and welcome to mr america the
bearded truth covering political and
social issues one liberty at a time with
entertaining insights of current events
and important discussions on topics that
affect us all
shining the torch of liberty and
brightening the future by bringing
libertarianism into our everyday life
and now your host the friendly
neighborhood libertarian jason lyon mr
murica the bearded truth on muddy waters
am i excited for another wonderful
monday night and to be here with you all
i’m so excited thank you guys all so
much as the intro goes of course i am mr
marco the bearded truth jason lyon thank
you so much for being here
it means the world to me and while i’m
giving thanks let’s go ahead and give a
thanks to uh of course the man the myth
the legend matt wright and spike cohen i
don’t know i don’t know who that second
guy was but for giving me an opportunity
to come here on muddy bars media to give
me a platform to talk about my opinions
my views and my perspective on what’s
going on out there to help hopefully
make a difference for the betterment of
our society and our future
tonight i’ve got an incredible man just
i met this guy through uh through
previous work endeavor and
truly revolutionize the way that i i
look out uh across the world this guy
has a has
made such a large impact and i know i’ve
said this about a couple of guests in
the past but but this man sean grijalva
uh he is
he has left a lasting impact in my life
my wife’s life and and everyone around
me um
just truly an incredible man so i’m
excited for him tonight so so thank you
sean for for giving us time tonight to
come on here uh but before we get into
that i should probably already have had
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uh now that i’ve probably droned on too
long he might be asleep on the other end
i have
and and i kid you not this is a man that
when i first heard him i actually saw
him kind of similar to the way you guys
are seeing me the first time i saw this
man was actually was through a camera he
was he was a
in a in at hq and i was in a remote area
saw him he was talking about stuff and i
was like man this guy’s got it together
he’s got to be old no he’s he’s youngin
and he’s got it down
met him in person fell in love with this
dude and just his mannerisms his
intelligence his his well-roundedness um
just a wealth of knowledge and and i
hope that you guys are gonna love him
just as much as i do um
but without further ado let’s bring him
on mr sean grijalva there he is nice and
you’re still muted my bud
there we go
that is the that is the the 20 20 uh
i think you’re still muted
how’s it going man
it’s been going all right it’s been
going all right i was um this pack past
week has been pretty great i was able to
uh get back together with um
you know some friends some great liberty
minded individuals they’re doing amazing
things across the country
and you know it was like the recharge
that i needed and i can’t
i cannot adequately express
just how great that was
you know coming into uh monday you know
it was it was a rough weekend kiddo was
uh definitely sugar high and hardcore
yesterday yeah and then um you know just
getting back to the grindstone today and
i’m just here and ready to get back to
work you know how about you uh i’m doing
good i’m glad i’m so thankful that you
that you uh took the time out of out of
your schedule to come on here tonight i
uh he may have told me in the pre-show
um that this is his first podcast that
he’s coming on
you’re not supposed to tell people that
this is his 10 036 podcast that he’s
been on so you guys love him and cherish
him find him on all the other podcasts
that he’s been on if you find them send
them to me of course um
this is this is
it’s truly an honor to be that um and
and i’m so excited for this this is
you’re actually and i in no joke you’re
actually somebody that the way that you
present yourself
as long as you do what you do like
you’re you’re already way better than
the mr bearded truth by far so your
league’s ahead so i i don’t know
certainly we’re uh winning in the beard
game right now that’s for sure it comes
with a it comes with a title it’s best
beard on on muddy waters media so it
it’s got to come with something um but
tonight so you’ve been somebody that has
been working on
the legislative side of things you
you’ve been working on the grassroots
side of things you work on foreign
policy a lot you work on on
just literally every aspect of kind of
what society sees
while being the faceless man in in that
right um
and so i reached out to you and i was
like sean i love you so much
i gotta have you on um and i wanted to
bring you on specifically to talk about
veteran issues and and and here’s
something that i
may not have told you
um but this is what’s so exciting for me
is because there’s there’s a stigma that
i want to break here
because you’re somebody that i’ve
leaned into to ask questions about when
it comes to foreign policy you’re
somebody i’ve leaned into to ask about
the veteran community um on on issues
this is
this is a veteran coming to
a non-veteran
you’re you’re somebody who’s never
never been able to to take that that
that oath of of signing up to your life
and and putting that on the line
but you’re somebody who
needs to to be heard and and you have
such a a an aura of
of grace and intelligence and and
well-roundedness when it comes to these
conversations so i wanted to comment i’m
glad i had you fooled
but i wanted to have you come on just to
be able to to break that stigma for so
many people
and i wanted to put that out front for
the audience because
as you guys listen to what you talk
about right your your empathy on these
issues your your your understanding your
your grasp of it all the holistic uh
approach to all of this
doesn’t mean that you have to be a part
directly a part of the community but i i
i could see you sitting down with a
group of veterans and
blending right in um
so so
you’re the honorary veteran for the
night and i love you and i appreciate
you so having you on tonight talking
about veteran issues we’re going to be
talking about a couple things i’m so
excited for this
we’re going to start with kind of
sticking to the veterans issues and then
later on in the episode we’re going to
move on over to kind of the active duty
and kind of moving into the more current
events and then maybe even get into some
serious serious current current event um
of what’s been going on but
the veteran thing that’s that’s
something that’s near and dear we’ve had
discussions on this podcast in the past
over healthcare
so the veteran healthcare
how is that compared to the rest of the
country’s health care um from from your
perspective and from what you’ve been
working on
so what i can tell you is that you know
i’ve got a lot of friends family members
loved ones that have either
gone into harm’s way themselves or
um you know they’ve served in all sorts
of different ways
and for me it
i have seen the level of courage and
love that these folks have been able to
show through their actions
by volunteering time and time and time
to go out and
do the mission do the job and it’s you
for me it was something that
looking back now at the ripe old age of
redacted we’re just not gonna talk about
but you know it’s it’s something that i
really wish that had
earlier in my life
to go ahead and sign up and be a part of
but the reality was that in my life i
didn’t get there and
i can sit here and say you know like oh
at again the ripe old age of we’re not
going to talk about that
i can go and try to
you know
put in there raise my hand
you know pledge the oath and all that
but at the end of the day
i think that i can probably do more
with my words with how i type and the
conversations i can have to improve
those who were able and who did raise
their hand and pledge to
protect this country
and for me
looking at their medical care this has
historically been something that has
always been
devalued in america and it’s it’s a
shame really yeah um yeah i’ve got
friends that have been on and off
tracker at different points in time
either through marriage or by themselves
and there are aspects of it that work
really well but one thing that we can’t
escape is
when it has utterly failed yeah um now
luckily you know we have seen uh the
passage of like the mission act um you
know which was a huge huge victory
uh but even today what is the mission
so in really broad terms um because i
don’t i don’t want to get too bogged
down no you’re good you’re too early in
the show
you know it it was set up as a way that
veterans could get the health care that
they needed through alternative means
instead of just going through the va
that’s so important i mean and
i wanted to highlight this really
quickly because as we go through this
right this was an admittance by
that what they’ve been doing for our
veteran community isn’t up to snuff and
that it can be provided better in other
means and so the mission act that was
that’s something that you know we’ll
we’ll dive into that a little more but i
wanted to wanted to highlight that real
quick and then i’ll let you let you
continue on sorry about that yeah
um but even today you know we’re seeing
that the va is still just not
implementing it the way that it
that it should be the way that it was
written yeah and that has been a real
problem this is this is a program
the va as a whole was intended to come
and it was supposed to care for our
we’re seeing what we see with government
institutions and that is it becomes more
you know keeping jobs in line nobody
getting fired nobody getting arrested
you know even if you have cases where a
veteran god forbid literally dies in a
waiting room
waiting for care
yeah that’s
nobody in america is gonna say that’s
absolutely nobody is gonna say that’s
okay and with the admission act it
other healthcare providers to start
stepping in and help take up the slack
and you know i wish the va weren’t
trying to obstruct and
weren’t implementing
but the unfortunate reality is that’s
what they’ve been choosing to do so it’s
it’s up to good watchdogs good
legislative advocacy to go in
do the conversations the hard
conversations and see that our veterans
are cared for in the right way
yeah no absolutely and
you know there’s been so many different
wake-up calls that i would say
around the nation around veteran
healthcare veteran just
way of life right 22 veterans per day
are committing suicide and that’s that’s
one of those things that just shocks
people right such a small portion of our
is having such a high suicidality rate
um that we
is the how much of that
ownership is on the va for a lack of
care and lack of treatment um you know
because we do have veterans that were
created um and and certainly this isn’t
supposed to be guided as a discussion
centered around like
why are we having so many veterans
created or like why are we damaging our
veterans but
how do we
when it comes to the va healthcare
system how do we make them whole again
how do we make them be able to prosper
and and i think that you know the notes
that you’re saying here is that in large
parts it’s just not
up to snuff
yeah and that’s exactly it it’s just not
up to snuff right now
you know
and they when we start diving into
really complex issues like suicide
um even just like mental health in
general homelessness
um which often times is directly related
to mental health
you know
these are not
ankle deep subjects these are really
really difficult subjects that
you have professionals who have
gone through huge amounts of expense and
personal time
just trying to better understand the
subject matter so that they can provide
the care that these veterans deserve
yeah and
you know to sit here and give like a
a quick one minute talk or
even an hour-long talk on on any one of
these subjects that we just brushed up
against is a disservice yeah these are
very very convoluted very complex
that are super individualized for each
and every military veteran
that is out there that is afflicted by
these things yeah yeah no absolutely and
that and that’s
this is almost like a very good like
kind of as you pose it’s like a nice
skim over a lot of things where we’re
addressing some deep
rooted issues that we have
for our communities and
and and it highlights that we don’t you
can’t have a centralized planning on
these and they’re just going to delegate
a or or legislate
a response for all of these things
um and and so that’s a so it’s
so incredibly important that when we
talk about like you know just
specifically on the healthcare aspect of
what our our veteran community is facing
right we’re there
from the va i believe that the national
average wait time is roughly
at least double of what you would see
from a private um specialist if not
you’re having incredibly long wait times
to to be seen for for things that could
deemed urgent um depending on which
region of the country you’re in
so there’s a lot of non-care that’s been
going on and that’s you know to circle
back to the mission act that’s why this
was so important for so many communities
was it was like
if the va is not able to provide this
for you in a reasonable i believe that
it was if it wasn’t in a reasonable
amount of time or if it was a a
an unreasonable distance you could go
somewhere else and the va would pay for
it and give you that opportunity am i am
i misquoting that or am i missing
no and actually i have the uh va’s
mission act uh website pulled up here
and right there on the page they they
specify if you’re not within a 30-minute
average drive time for primary care or a
60-minute average drive time for
specialty care let’s hold the phone just
right there though
we’re talking about 30 minutes
they’re saying if a veteran is not
within 30 minutes of a primary care
i guess
physician a facility like however you
want to describe it if they’re not
within 30 minutes
you know i live in uh birmingham alabama
central alabama
it’s not a gigantic town i mean i love
it um but it is it’s not a huge place by
any means
30 minutes is
like where my parents live yeah they’re
really not that far away so
you know
30 minutes out in the country
we can be talking about some serious
distance 30 minutes within a
metropolitan area though
i mean look at it from
the va perspective the amount of
hospitals that they would have to buy
to build the number of physicians and
nurses and admins that they would have
to staff
the reality is
they’re not going to be able to do that
you know and
i can sit here and cast vision for you
know oh this is how i would solve it or
this is what i would say is important
and this is this is a really convenient
way to do it
but at the end of the day
the point remains that the va is just
not hand just not equipped to handle
this kind of an issue
when we saw the passage of the mission
act we saw the government as a whole
this is a problem we are not equipped
for this and so what we’re going to do
is turn to
yeah it’s not a great marketplace like
healthcare in america is not a great
marketplace at any
you know by any stretch of the
but at the end of the day like it’s
getting them closer to
what a real
option would be yeah
gives you more options
yeah giving you more options is never a
bad thing
right um and and that’s so
to elude for you in the audience um we
i’ve had that discussion in the past
about certificate and need laws about
our health care system and and it is
absolutely universal for the most part
that everyone agrees that the healthcare
system here in america is not working
for for mainstream society um
and so
what is the better way right that’s why
we discussed that in a previous episode
so i would encourage you guys if you
guys missed that go back and check that
one out but yeah no it’s it’s absolutely
right that
if the va is just not
not quite cutting it for so many people
how do we you know bring them into
a freer market like i i don’t know how
to properly pose that but um
disadvantaged market i guess
well that’s for sure it’s certainly um
disadvantaged that is for sure you know
and you were kind of talking a little
bit earlier about how
top-down solutions just don’t work yeah
you know and
what’s the answer to that when we’re
looking at it what we really want to see
is we want to see ground up solutions
what does that look like in america
it looks like non-profits and other
organizations that are going out there
and they are meeting the needs on the
ground that they are seeing
and that is a revolutionary idea
especially in today’s america where we
can clearly see the march of socialism
and people that are clamoring for
top-down solutions regardless of what
that past history looks like yeah um
you know i
i probably shouldn’t mention um
different memes but yeah i posted one to
my instagram and facebook stories the
other day
and it was somebody comparing socialism
and yeah it’s failed in the past but
it’s kind of like a fancy baked good
um and then at the bottom of it it
showed piles of bones from um i never
got which country it was from it was
clearly from a socialist revolution
that ended up claiming a whole lot of
lies yeah with the little tagline on it
oh no i burned the souffle again
but enough of me ranting
you know
in today’s world when we see people that
are clamoring for top-down solutions all
they want is for the government to
intervene and do this and do that and
hurt people which we’ll get on that yeah
maybe a little later
going out
seeing a need and meeting a need is
something that is truly revolutionary
yeah and there are organizations out
there that are doing this
with veteran specific issues
you know they just
they’re doing it without any government
help they’re picking up the slack where
where the government has failed and
those kind of orgs
really and truly are the ones that we
should be thinking more than anyone else
do you have any in mind that the
audience may be interested in
i think it might have a few um
yeah it really depends what we’re
talking about um
you know one thing i i i have a little
bit of a lobbying background
um so i i do believe in reforming
government and you know
stalking the halls
uh really and truly like
cornering representatives and senators
when they’re not expecting it um but
reforming government is really a key for
that so you do have organizations like
concerned veterans for america that
really work towards that we also have
concerned veterans for american
foundation which is all about connecting
and educating and empowering veterans so
if you’re out there and you’re saying
like hey
i really want to see
this change go through or
um i’m a veteran and
you know who can i turn to
and uh get some of that training get
some that education
um and then connect with other people
that are out there doing big things
the cba foundation is another great
before you progress on so the conserved
veterans for america or cva
um recently
had a
i i moderately big guy i don’t know i
don’t know how to describe him um
well he’s he’s more referenced as
tasha’s husband tasha’s husband came out
to cva and had a great time
that’s just this just speaks to what cva
does right so if you can get spike cohen
come out there and and talk about ending
the wars you can talk about the the
veteran suicide rate you could talk
about the health care system when you
can have
when you can find an organization that
is out there for the veterans that is
able to reach libertarians that is able
to reach republicans able to reach
democrats and say we’re here for the
veteran community let’s build those
bridges and and
do this in the pursuance of these goals
that’s something that we all we should
all be aware of and we should all be
trying to lean into and find ways of how
can we help um if you guys are
passionate like i am or like sean is or
like many of us are on the idea that
veterans are our people too and they be
taken care of and and that’s something
i’m willing to put my effort into and
yeah absolutely
um and you know i certainly encourage uh
tasha’s husband
presuming i’m getting that right uh
you know if
if spike’s out there going around and
talking about ending endless wars and
all that the only request that i’ll have
is that he just keeps his shirt on while
he’s doing it that’s the only thing i
asked for
i don’t know that might still be too
soon i don’t know um i don’t know i’m
gonna say it anyway all right i guess i
already did no it’s okay i love it i
love it um i’ll i’ll make sure to send
the message over
but yeah no it’s
i mean
not to not to post puff my chest out at
all but
i’ve i’ve taken some of spikes talking
points on those issues
i don’t know why i need to puff my chest
out on that but
but no it’s it’s it’s good because yes
he is absolutely going out there and and
cva has been one of those welcoming
groups that you know being able to link
arms with and and make that impact so we
have we have groups out there pushing
for the legislative side pushing for the
cultural side pushing for a societal
change for a perspective difference on
our veteran community because
i think that one thing that that we
should be highlighting here is how
people view veterans
um this is the this is something that
does really become a mixed bag for a lot
of people
because you can see some people that see
veterans as as you know
towards the right side of the the the
spectrum where they’re kind of more
looked as more as a hero they’re they’re
doing this for noble causes they’re
doing this in the best reasons um where
somebody who may be
more towards the left on some of these
issues um can see them as
something a lot worse
but then we also have the homeless
population and we know the stigmas that
that gets surrounded with that and so
there’s there’s a lot of different ways
that we’re looking at this and so for
the cultural side of things right how do
we how do we help how do we educate how
do we grow how do we you know as you
alluded to or as you said um there’s
mental health aspect to this for a lot
of the the veterans we have the societal
thing that we have to look at we have to
change and i realize we’re we’re kind of
somewhat getting on time um
with only 18 minutes left before we have
a clubhouse after this guys um so if you
guys are on clubhouse get on over there
clubhouse 9 p.m eastern you you’ll see
me and sean be able to talk a little bit
more you guys can ask questions as well
over there but
um so we have a lot of of a social
stigma when it comes to veterans that
needs to kind of we need to be able to
address that and and so i was wondering
in your experiences how you’ve if you’ve
interacted with with people across that
spectrum and how you’ve been able to to
bring people back to
an empathetic view on on this issue
you know
one thing i love about
our military and when you really get to
know people that have served
is just really how diverse the military
um you know jason is obviously a uh a
very very strong
libertarian he is out there with his
views he supports his party in a huge
way i’m a communist what are you talking
you heard it here first
you know for me personally um i’m not a
member of that party um i am a uh
a republican i’m part of my county exec
have been involved there for years
that’s actually how i got my start in
politics was i just went and showed up
at a young republicans event
i showed up early i got to know people
and i volunteered
and as i continue to meet more and more
i’m just so aware of how complex
the reality on the ground is
those people who are
in service or have left the service
and one thing that really amazes me is
i’ve i’ve got a
some pretty close friends here in town
actually i think i may be part of his uh
legislative district but he’s very much
on the left um
and he’s a marine
this guy
you know
as far as like
left well i guess he is like a democrats
democrat but one thing that is for sure
for both him and his husband is that
they are absolutely and totally
dedicated to helping other veterans
you know try as i’m trying as i might
you know whenever we’re talking to him i
get all sorts of uh digs on my
personal political affiliation and my
but when i hear these guys talk about
the people that they have saved
the people that they have lost which is
absolutely heartbreaking
in the veteran community it becomes
clear that our military the folks that
are actually serving regardless of what
we may want to project on to them at the
end of the day they’re still individuals
and like all of us they have very
nuanced individual views
and so you know my party is especially
known for just presuming
that the military is of course it’s
conservative of course they’re
republican yeah
but the reality is so much more nuanced
none of that none of their political
i have ever seen impact how they choose
to serve
their fellow vets yeah
you know and mental health is a huge
part of this um yeah i guess
jason you and i love going off on
tangents um you know a while back
you know a couple years back uh
for folks that don’t know jason and i
were hanging out in his hometown
and i swear to you after like six hours
of talking we didn’t actually finish the
first three points that we were trying
to fix
you know it was just like a non-stop
rabbit hole and it was like one of the
best experiences that i’ve ever had i
think the only thing that we finished
with the beers that we had yeah i
finished a couple of those
but you know
earlier we’re talking about orgs that
you know are out there
solving needs yeah meeting needs ones
that the government frankly can’t solve
or has just shown that they’re
they’re just not equipped for it
another great one is headstrong
they deal with ptsd and other mental
health challenges at no cost
they’re great they’re a great one one
thing that i’ve personally seen is just
the power
working out with people and being
physically connected with other people
and so anytime i see anybody that’s out
there like pushing for like workouts and
stuff like that i’m like okay this this
person’s really got it going on uh
there’s catch a lift foundation and they
are trying to provide a way for veterans
to connect with a daily wad with
adaptive options for fitness and that
right there like if you have something
that specifically speaks out to the
veteran community and is promoting
all the benefits that we see
oh you’re muted
let me check the zoom
i’ve i’ve just lost audio oh
oh we’re back now there we go
um but you know all
anytime you get people that are just
picking up weight moving it however they
like that’s a great thing yeah um you
know if you can build that and build an
individual community
around you
even if it’s through a networked option
like online those things can save lives
those things can change lives you know
it’s not just about oh is this person
alive or dead
it’s what are they doing with their time
how are they really getting into it and
for me personally
um i’m a huge fan of pick up the heavy
thing and then put it back down again
yeah i
i’ve i still see
i still have like terrors night terrors
of like watching you like make your
because you were building a home gym for
a while and i remember seeing that and i
was just like i don’t want to go to the
gym ever again i need to i need to get
back to that mindset but yes so so
there’s so many different organizations
working through different lenses of
being able to help with mental health
being able to work with getting people
just kind of connected um and and
through those connections i mean the
growth that people are facing the help
that they’re they’re receiving
and and certainly i i know that it’s
true i just i refuse to because i’m i’m
that white and out of shape but
the the benefits of working out and and
putting your body through that is
it those are all fantastic things um so
i at the end of this
if you guys go over to
um you guys find this episode i will be
taking all of those organizations i’ll
put those into the show notes so you
guys will be able to see those but you
guys have to go over there because i’m
not going to put it in for for all the
the show notes across the different
platforms i love you guys but not that
much um
just kidding um
hey man it’s a lot of work you know
i do want to highlight something that uh
from a comment section just because this
is so this this this hurt my heart
reading it but um mr just because said
that the date is coming up i would like
to say r.i.p to captain russell g uh
seeger killed fort hood 2009 his ptsd
counselor this
hurts me in so many different ways
i have ptsd while mine is not directly
from military interactions
having somebody who
liked that
um i can only imagine how
how much that hurt and so just one life
this is this is literally the the
importance of like this entire
conversation is that each one of these
veterans um
when we talk about the statistic of 22
veterans per day when we talk about the
veteran health care system failing
people when we talk about the system
being top-down approached and not
serving the interest of of our veteran
community we are left with so many of
these individuals who have made a huge
impact already and that because of these
systems failing
limit the impact that they can do going
forward and so this is really one of
those driving factors of why we’re
engaged why why we’re pushing forward
because of these lives are so incredibly
important to each and every one of us
another one of those fantastic tangents
of going off away from the points that
we’re trying to make
so we have nine minutes
left of this show and
welcome to muddy waters media um
but i have i have i have one quick
question for you
um to bring it to current events we’re
gonna have to skip a couple of the the
topics we’re planning on but to this is
our way man this is our way this is this
is the way it’s gotta be um a quick
thing so recently
i know that i’ve heard you speak on the
afghanistan situation a little bit
this was a couple years back
clearly prior to
the recent events of of the pull out and
everything else
i would love
i haven’t been able to ask you this so
i’m asking you
private one-on-one
no one else can hear us
what went through sean grijalva’s head
as this was unfolding as it was
coming out that the pull-out was
of of the countless people
being stranded of the circumstances of
the equipment everything else what was
what was going through your head what
was kind of the narrative that that came
out from you
i want to make sure that i answer this
yeah this one this one was one that that
would stumble me so i’m i i love that
you’re giving it’s due diligence
the first thought that went through my
head was
seeing the
huge amount
that was going on
last week you know one of the folks i
was hanging out with
had been in afghanistan
well we’ll just say very recently um
all sorts of reasons i that i really
think that i need to disclose
i i ended up
having the opportunity to sit and talk
with two guys
who had spent significant amounts of
in afghanistan and just
hearing their perspective on it you know
i i heard all sorts of crazy stories
during that time um
you know folks that were
at the very front lines seeing the
absolute worst of it
one of those folks the
members of the military that ended up
passing away due to that
suicide bomber
one of those folks that actually served
with a couple of the a couple of the
military members that passed away that
the thing that i
grappled on to
was this story that came out and you
could see the videos where
i can’t remember
which branch of service he was in
but there was this guy that was going to
afghan children
the video went
super viral streaming all over the place
and he was handing out waters making
these kids laugh just taking their mind
off of
the horror that was surrounding them
yeah we
we were coming up on 20 years in country
and we were watching it fall within a
matter of weeks
and i later saw
that the same individual that was making
these kids laugh handing out water
was escorting the remains of one of his
service members back home
the facebook story that was posted to
more than enough to make me cry several
times yeah and i know several other
people that have been involved that i
spoke with about it
and everyone everyone regardless of
color regardless of age
they were able to connect with the
humanity in those moments and that that
man showed
so deeply
you know i i’ve never
that guy’s name
or anything like that but
at the end of the day
the work that’s being done out there
and the people that were putting their
lives on the line
sacrificing their bodies
to injuries later or all sorts of stuff
it touches you and it touches you in a
really really major way
oh it that one out that yes that
was incredibly impactful and i think
that it really was
that is such a a
a reflection or
an image if you will of
the entire attempt there right because
you had so many troops there that were
trying to do right trying to do good and
trying to help serve
um trying to serve the communities there
trying to protect america’s interests
and and we had been there as you said 20
years in in country trying to do
so much bigger than themselves
and to watch this catastrophically fall
because of
of an inability to pull out with any
kind of
care without any kind of understanding
without any kind
of forethought i mean really um
after hearing some of the some of the
the discussion points from some of those
people within the administration on how
they were handling it
there was
there was a lack of of humanity when it
came to addressing this whole
circumstance and i think that you know
you have somebody like that individual
you were talking about that
that that just
tears up your inside rips you out and
and it really does give you that gut
check of
like i’m not ready for that kind of
humanity right now um
yeah i mean it’s it’s a lot to handle
for sure
at the end of the day
you know
at the end of the day i think that the
buck stops with biden
you know we we can apologize we can
you know cover it up which is
seems to have been
his approach ever since
at the end of the day it was his
call on whether or not
those troops were given the cover that
they needed to withdraw safely yeah and
at the end of the day it was his call
that put them in to jeopardy
now i am very very glad that we are out
of afghanistan
that we are no longer
trying to nation build
um an unruled people historically
unruled like
this you know this is the nation that is
the historically the empire ender like
nations go there and just they’re
decimated because of afghanistan
yeah and most people stop with like
the soviet union the ussr
they stopped there but like when you go
back and you look
it took
900 years
for that country to embrace islam
900 years
genghis khan
himself like the khans could not
subjugate afghanistan
like just stay out just
go away just walk away
yeah and to your into your to your point
of you know this this really does fall
on biden right the the whole plan of of
or the lack of plan of just try to pull
some people out try to figure out what
to do we have this deadline we gotta get
people out
we there’s
there’s still people left there to this
day right now
we don’t know who’s there we we kind of
have mismanaged that we have equipment
that was left that was instantly handed
over to um our
our enemies in the area um
who then paraded them on every platform
that they could
yeah i mean they’ve got
they’ve got machine guns there that
like that you and i cannot have because
we would be a danger to society but but
um but hey let’s go hand them to the
taliban yeah so so for like for me like
a quick snapshot of my thought was get
the civilians out get the military out
and then blow up the equipment that’s
left over
you have
the equipment why do you want to blow
this up is because it is so costly to
bring all that stuff back it’s just
cheaper just to bomb it and just say
look everyone evacuate from these areas
if you’re in the area i’m sorry we’re
blowing up the equipment you’re going
with it um
get the civilians out because they have
written that check in the same way that
the military has and then get the
military out give cover give protections
and and you know there’s so many
diplomats as well in the area so many
people that had been there in service of
the military being translators and and
yes you could talk about how some
translators right this was revealed
during the afghanistan papers
they took advantage of of the ignorance
of the americans and and were
bringing up the trades like bringing up
the value of trade and they were taking
cuts of it and they were becoming very
very profitable but there were some that
were good translators that were doing it
there for the good intentions um and
these people that need to be taken care
of and these were also people that were
forgotten about the by the biden
administration and so there’s a lot of
of clunkiness and failures that were
there um but as we both have said you
know it’s right for us to be out it’s
just a matter of how we got out that was
such a such a tragedy um
we’re already over on time but i want to
give you this because i’ve got to punt
this to you because this is the thing
that really what’s your sandwich
that’s the one i picked that’s the one i
picked that’s terrible because now i’m
just thinking of a wet sandwich yeah and
it’s terrible isn’t it it’s awful so the
thing that’s been bothering you the most
lately um
right now i want you to rant i want you
to i want you to take a couple minutes
and then we will um
real quick before he hits his rant make
sure you guys are have if you guys have
not already downloaded the clubhouse app
we will be on over there with the
wonderful amazing jess mears um doing a
little reading jess is going to be there
yeah jess is going to be there yeah so
and of course sean grijalva will be
there as well uh she’s probably already
going to be texting me at a moment being
like where the hell are you but make
sure you guys download the clubhouse app
we’ll get you guys over there i’ll post
a link in the muddy waters facebook
group um but go ahead let me hear about
fauci and his beagles his loving beagles
that he loved so very very much right oh
yeah he loves them so much so so very
much you know it just
when i think about government
what comes to mind is just how
little care is shown to life you know
life is precious
it is
so incredibly important
whether it’s a human life whether it’s
an animal life you know my my son his
name’s jacob he’s seven
um absolutely
a beautiful beautiful child
he loves animals and he will tell you
any day of the week that he prefers dogs
to humans
and you know most days i can’t really
blame them but
no matter how much i’m like no human
life has value too
but all i could think when i was reading
about just
these foia requests these foia docs that
came out
is just how
care is actually
by the government the willingness to
subject animals and then just oh yeah
and then after a while afterwards we
we euthanize them and we’re talking
about in
one case there were six beagles um
you know of course the fact checkers
come out and they say oh well they
didn’t cut their vocal cords
didn’t stick their heads in them in a
mesh container
filled with sand flies that have a
dangerous disease that can kill them if
you know all the all these fact checkers
really um wet my sandwich as well but
you still have
you still have
somebody willing to sign off on having
12 animals
have their life ended well before
um you know their natural end would come
and i’m
you know i get animal testing and that
this is just the reality of it
but at some point it’s like
i have three golden retrievers
this makes me want to start adopting
beagles i mean really and truly it does
the number of times
i i read a fact-checking article that
beagles are considered like the standard
for um
for like a dog breed stand-in for human
and i’m not saying that we should be
testing on human beings or anything like
but we’re not talking
mice we’re not talking rats or even
chimps at this point
i mean we’re talking about
a family pet
and it’s just an utter disrespect and
utter disrespect for life
and humanity and just the reverence that
we ought to be giving life
so if you if you guys are unaware of
this for somehow i i
you’re better off not knowing this
before today
but make sure you guys go out and check
out uh fauci and his puppies the beagle
testing and everything else there is
plenty of information out there to go
read up on um and as sean has already
said there’s fact checkers out there
trying to pull you away from what is
being shown and being said so you’re
more than welcome to read everything
read the fact checkers read what you
and you can come up with your own
conclusions as for me and sean we are
and and
torn apart
um but we do have to get on over there
to the clubhouse guys so i love you guys
all very much make sure you guys tune in
for muddy waters for the rest of the
week on tuesday wednesday or tuesday
we’ve got spike and matt from muddy
waters of freedom where they’ll traverse
those mighty waters um wednesday will be
my fellow americans with spike cohen and
his amazing beautiful gorgeous uh
intellectual guest i hope that they are
all of those things um
thursday night will be the writer’s
block with matt wright and of course
friday night from bayous to igloos
you’ve got cajun and eskimo libertarian
probably bringing back the muddy nat geo
so it’ll be a good time but
without further ado let’s get on over to
the clubhouse sean thank you so much for
coming on tonight i look forward to
having you on for your second
336th i think that’s what i said it was
uh episode
um it was absolutely man we’ll have to
do this again and thank you very much
for the invite i really appreciate it
absolutely man all right i’ll uh catch
you on clubhouse right after this
see you there see

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