Episode 221- Florida Decides to Leave OSHA

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

An FOIA request for Pfizer documents when it comes to the approval of the vaccine was approved, kind of, Rittenhouse appeared on Tucker Carlson, and Florida votes to end vaccine mandates and to leave OSHA, but what difference will this make?

Plus, a Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney-at-Law anchor Call-in-Moment!

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Episode Transcript

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mr president thank you so much for
having us here at mar-a-lago not the
president he’s the president okay if
there’s one word that could sum up the
biden administration it would be crisis
it’s a disaster i’ve never seen anything
like it and by the way i got it done i
got the vaccine done it was all done
give it to me again tell me again i want
to hear it one more time i got it done i
got the vaccine done it was all done
people shouldn’t be forced to take and
they do work i’m very proud of them you
must have seen this week this caravan
how do we stop this so the wall would
have stopped but but now okay you look
at the front view lines of the people
there if you look at that front line
they look like they belong in the nfl
that they should be signed some of them
for the nfl they burst through tough
mexican police we try to stop them we
have to stop them we can stop them but
we have to get very tough yeah our
country can never be the same our
country is changed we can multiply times
seven i don’t know if you know that
number do you have a plan to go to the
border to boost morale there yeah i’ve
been the devoted many times i don’t
think it helps for me at this moment ago
i’m not the president he’s the president
he’s got to go to the border
it’s a disaster i’ve never seen anything
like it and by the way i got it done i
got the vaccine done it was all done
give it to me again tell me again i want
to hear it one more time i got it done i
got the vaccine done it was all done
people shouldn’t be forced to take and
they do work and i’m very proud of them
what grade would you get the biden
administration you have to say an f and
not an f plus it would be an f it’s a
failed administration
it’s a disaster i’ve never seen anything
like it and by the way i wish you’d do
well you know i love the country whether
i love anything i would love to see him
do well i think this is the worst in the
history of our country i don’t think
there’s ever been a greater
embarrassment as an administration and
we had everything ready to go it was we
handed it on a plate that is a terrible
thing this is america today it’s only
going to get worse because you have all
of these millions of people many of them
are the worst people the worst people
somebody was oh that’s not a nice thing
to say it’s a disaster i’ve never seen
anything like it and by the way i got it
done i got the vaccine done it was all
done give it to me again tell me again i
want to hear it one more time i got it
done i got the vaccine done it was all
done people shouldn’t be forced to take
and they do i’m very proud of them
and now matt wright and spike cohen
morning good afternoon or good evening
and welcome to the vanguard
do the right thing a spike cohen joint i
am right now together we are traversing
the muddy waters of freedom
these are getting increasingly
both creative and vague
um that’s fantastic do the right thing a
spike cohen joint that’s
ah that’s one of my favorites in a while
that that’s up there that’s possibly top
three hey folks thanks so much for
tuning in to the muddy waters of freedom
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thank you so much
damn right yes first i’m sorry my dog’s
right my sorry everybody for me running
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doorknob apparently
so i had to go oh that’s scary out
first and foremost allow me to thank the
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super fan sarah andrea thank you for the
comment today
oh is she yeah no don’t be rude yeah um
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i don’t none of them any of the various
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nothing matters to me
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as a as a
pun as a pun that’s a punk because he
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who put this in the chat
because i clicked on random links in the
oh yeah i saw that what is that
it is
a lawsuit
that names
uh the 1953 trust harvey weinstein
sean carter sean carter is that
sean carter jay z sean carter is that a
different sean carter
because beyonce knows
yeah that’s true
beyonce yeah apparent roc nation it says
yeah that’s jay-z sean carter kanye
harvey weinstein sean carter jeffrey
oh he’s he’s the 1953 trust conspired
together and with the other defendants
to illegally transact a purchase
agreement giving them ownership of
plaintiff one
while she was a minor child residing in
the state of illinois at approximately
age five or six
what is this
and the person wants 500 million dollars
and this was
last august
last august
they paid 775 for priority mail
is is galen
jillaine in here
yeah no julian maxwell jillian maxwell
is number 31.
well this is
interesting one of the uh one
one of the the the last defendant is
corporation doe
which would be uh
a corporation
that is yet to be named
uh number three on the on on the lawsuit
says corporate defendants named or
identified as does are accused of aiding
and abetting in the facilitation of the
on law false surveillance stalking and
repeated drugging abducting hostage
and kidnapping for the criminal intent
of sexual assault abuse extortion and
exploitation in the same capacity as any
named as defendant and in their capacity
as corporations providing support to the
criminal enterprises of the defendants
one through three as corporate purveyors
facilitators conspirators
and including by providing money
laundering services to route payments to
the parties of this
some dough defendants are not revealed
at the time of the filing
to protect or preserve any criminal
occurring that may jeopardize or
undermine if the plaintiffs reveal
certain defendants identities
so it’s in order to not mess with any
other criminal mess with an ongoing uh
but they’re so they’re saying there are
other people but they’re not publicly
naming them because they could
because they could end up uh
it could end up messing up a criminal
that is well that’s certainly something
find out right as we’re going live
so we’re going to look more into that
when we’re not live right a bunch of
people talking to us
so thank you for that
so that brings us to the
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into a conversation we literally just
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yeah and i was just like i’ve been in a
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um that’s true
so we’re gonna start off with something
as you know
the vaccines are effective and safe you
bigot and we know that because of the uh
have all of the uh
data behind the federal government’s
of the pfizer covit 19
and matt
um they’re actually going to be
releasing it pretty soon can you
how how many how long will it be before
they release that
so just so everybody knows when you do a
freedom of information act the average
turnaround time is somewhere between 30
and 60 days this is going to be a little
longer um
yeah a little longer unfortunately
because uh you know you got to take out
certain things personal addresses names
numbers things like that
um so the fda officials say it will take
55 years to release that data
55 years
so that’s 25
20 76
yeah 2076. wow so uh here is a composite
of what spike and i will look like in 55
so right around
this is gruesome i want i i’m
that’s only like
oh well yeah i guess
wait what does this say why did no
sarah didn’t read the wheel closely
why do i have a crucifix on my tombstone
that’s funny
why also why are we buried together
like where are
where are our wives
that’s why sarah didn’t read the will
closely because
um wow
and so for revenge
tasha had crosses put on both of our
she’s definitely she’s actually who took
this picture um
she’s fine
she’s doing gray
i don’t want to be dead at 84. that
seems unreasonable
i think that
you you’ll be 94.
i could be alive at 94.
you could be
my uncle is like 100.
i think so
so they’re saying that due to the 359
000 pages and the amount of redactions
they would have to do it will take 55
55 years now dr
monica gandhi not that gandhi
she’s a infectious disease physician
says there are people on the fence about
getting vaccinated because they don’t
feel that vaccine the that the vaccines
are safe and i am quite convinced that
this is all going to be very reassuring
but if you wait and you say it’s going
to take too long that creates suspicion
does it
so is it
yeah um
why like okay it’s 359 000 pages okay
great they submit omnibus bills that are
tens of thousands of pages and they tell
congress that they have seconds to read
it before they are you know days minutes
hours whatever to read it
but if we want to get
i mean how how much redacting has to be
done that couldn’t be like auto done
where it’s like the same thing like
yeah i think they they should be able to
get this inside of
even 55 weeks or days
but yeah
go ahead
what i think
as a person who is
not vaccinated against cope going to be
very clear i’m vaccinated against others
not vaccinated against coped
i shouldn’t have to take that vaccine
until they release how it got
i don’t see any
reasonable argument against that if it
is safe and effective then show it to us
like that’s me
imagine this
imagine a situation
in which a terrible catastrophe is
happening and i tell you that i have
that will help you
and save you
you have to do it um
i’m gonna make you do it
and i’m never in your lifetime or at
least not until you’re very very very
old and not i might be apparently dead
because apparently i’m not gonna live
you know [ __ ] me i don’t get to live in
my 90s uh
be but that yeah incidentally yeah i’m
never gonna tell you
that you uh i i’m in you know not until
you’re very old if ever will you ever
know how i can prove that it was safe
and and the data behind it
so before they started saying this
i was
largely pro covit 19 vaccine
but against the mandates which i still
am i now can no longer say i’m pro covit
19 vaccine
that’s sketchy as hell
there’s something they’re not telling us
i will say that a judge in texas said
that they have 108 days i believe 108
days to
redact what’s needed and release it and
they are counter suing to say that they
yeah i
people have been making jokes and memes
about this there’s a reason they’re not
doing that
that’s longer than it took them to tell
us about the area 51
uh brouhaha the landings or the
attempted lane the the supposed landings
or whatever
that’s some no we’re not there that’s we
don’t want to tell you something
they’re fighting it in court because
they don’t want to tell you right that’s
and they’re hoping that when you bring
this up that social media will knock you
down for even suggesting it and that
everyone will call you a bigot over and
over again because that’s apparently
relevant and uh and i say that i’ve been
i was in the last five days i’ve been
called a bigot
i think a dozen times on social media
for asking various only a dungeons
what’s that
only a dozen
that i know of that i know of um and
three of them were people that used to
call me friend but anyway it’s a whole
other subject uh the uh um
if if i’m am i if i’m asking legitimate
pointed questions that no one can give
an answer to because this stuff is
happening then that’s a reason to wonder
why that is not to attack the person
that told you that because it goes
against your your narrative and your
normalcy bias and your
deep seated fear
of a disease that isn’t going away
and we’re going to talk more about that
in just a bit but now on to something
much less controversial and unifying if
you will kyle rittenhouse matt
wait is matt is ty lose man
well while matt’s sitting there
stoically reading whatever he’s looking
i’m gonna tell you folks about kyle
the ridden house trial is over
it’s you lose the flow now because he’s
not here i’m just going to look at matt
while i do this hey matt
how you doing
you know the written house trial is over
uh and if you missed it uh
last night matt
and jason covered it extensively uh on
sunday night
go ahead actually join the subscribe
button to catch it again uh if you if
you did miss it
many people have been wondering what
will happen to the prosecutors who made
such an absolute are you wait are you
okay i’m back yes all right awesome
anyway i was saying the written house
trial is over and everyone’s now
uh wondering uh what’s gonna happen to
the prosecutors who made such a mockery
of that trial most notably thomas bing
good bingo
binger yes thomas banger yeah and uh so
it appears
as though thomas banger is uh shopping a
and we here at muddied waters were lucky
enough to get an early copy of this book
that’s good
there’s one thing i refuse
and that is allowing people to make fun
of thomas banger on this show
i think it’s disgusting
i think it has absolutely no place
and frankly i think you’re a bigot i
think there’s something wrong with you
that would make you want to make fun of
not just one but possibly even other
tragedies as well
how dare you
stupid things
lawyers do
and say
yes i like that stupid during the
biggest trials
so here’s a
oh we’re going to talk about this next
actually actually but
i am so kyle rittenhouse so far
has stacked up an incredible body count
uh he killed a child rapist serial child
rapist uh he killed a a violent felon
who assaulted him
uh he killed another violent uh or he
shot and uh uh
disarmed it
uh a uh
i mean de-armed
he does
the armament
uh of gays gage chris crooks
who uh who pointed a gun at him
he destroyed the prosecutorial career of
thomas binger who is now reeling because
he has to be part of prosecuting crystal
kaiser the the uh sex trafficking victim
who killed her uh her tormentor
is he prosecuting that
that’s kenosha that’s the same
prosecution team
so i don’t know if he’s the lead
prosecutor in that but that’s the same
team there bud and now all of the
protesters are like all right here’s how
you’re gonna make us not be angry uh
let this this chick go and and and she
is a great case too so you’re gonna get
to see him just everyone’s gonna hate so
he’s destroyed that poor man’s career uh
i shouldn’t say poor man he’s the one
that decided he and and actually i don’t
think he may he wasn’t the da right
no he was the ada okay so then this poor
man uh destroyed his career um and uh
uh he is uh
he is destroying
very finely crafted conservative and
progressive narrative about him on the
show where that often happens tucker
nothing is real this is a simulation
this has to be this is a hundred percent
of simulation
yeah uh so kyle appeared on tucker
carlson last last night
last night uh two nights yeah recently
yeah i i think it aired last night but i
read the transcript sunday night
he appeared in uh uh and during the
interview he said this case has nothing
to do with race
it never had anything to do with race it
had the right to uh it had to do with
the right to self-defense to which
carlson said
and stared awkwardly at the camera
and then he said i’m not a racist person
i support the blm movement i support
peacefully demonstrating
and i don’t think anybody in the world
saw that coming
yeah i don’t
i i don’t
i don’t and i’m trying to find the quote
but he also said
this could happen to anyone imagine if
it happened to a black person or a
person who had less means
and you know someone who uh
you know didn’t get me any attention
they would have buried it if they were
wow if they were able to do this to me
imagine what it would uh if they were
able to do this to me imagine what it
would have happened if it had been a uh
person a minority a person of color or a
black person or whatever yeah yeah yeah
and i was just like
this is for anyone watching this
who still has some lingering like okay
still a prick
everything you’ve been told about this
kid was wrong i still maintain i don’t
think it was a good idea for him to go
there which i’ve said from the beginning
everything it was an idea for anybody to
go there
yeah well and that’s the thing i don’t
think it was smart for for gage kurzkerx
to go there and i don’t think it was
smart for the serial child rapist to be
allowed to go there because why wasn’t
he required to be at home uh or in
prison uh the uh uh or whatever and uh
uh the
anthony huber guy i don’t think it was
smart for him to go there the jump kick
guy who kicked kyle
uh i don’t think it was smart for him to
be there
what’s that what’s that
freeman friedman maurice
maurice i don’t think it was smart for
him to be there really i don’t think it
was smart for anyone who was you know
burning down minority-owned businesses
to be there uh his uh mother didn’t take
him uh someone that he i believe drove
himself or someone else picked him up
the state lines thing is himself
yeah he the state lines thing he’s uh 20
minutes away and he life guards in that
county and his family his dad’s side of
the family lives there that would be
like i live in uh myrtle beach that
would be like me going to
uh little river where my dad lives like
that that’s it would and in fact
actually i think little river is further
away and if anyone who costs counter
lines like it doesn’t care no one cares
um you live close to the border of north
carolina right yeah it would be like if
i had a loved one in like calabash and i
went up there roughly the same distance
about 20 ish minutes up there and went
and helped with something um
in fact he actually
tried to surrender to police and
couldn’t because uh they had shut down
they had stood down and uh weren’t doing
anything to anyone for anything which is
why they basically
yeah they maced them although he didn’t
realize that at the time he said he
didn’t realize he had been pepper
sprayed or maced or whatever um but he
uh so then he had to go back across
those state lines that apparently are a
big deal to people that say they are uh
the uh he went across the state lines
and uh uh surrendered to another police
department in in his state um in the
state he resides in
and what was the other one uh oh illegal
guns it wasn’t illegal uh someone uh
under the age of 18 is able to have a
rifle or a
shotgun he’s able to carry a hunting
bill but it doesn’t specify you can have
it in fact that’s why he had it
he actually would have preferred to
conceal carry a pistol but he couldn’t
because that’s illegal and this kid is
one of those thin blue line back the
blue types and he didn’t want to break
your stupid laws
so he carried a rifle
so yeah everything you were told was it
was lies yeah you were told live oh
remember when you were originally told
that there was black people he killed
no they’re all white
and all of them
like violent people
we actually we when when we showed that
video getting demonetized immediately um
when we cnn and msnbc and you know all
those guys they show it and they still
they’re still no problem yeah we do not
get monetized
um there have been a few videos that we
have shown on here that i’m like yeah i
get it i i understand why that wasn’t
one of them monetized yep that was not
one of them um
but uh
yeah when we initially showed that video
we went huh that was a white guy that
was a white guy that was white guy or at
least you know at least to the eye test
they were all they were all white they
were white guys
they were white guys and you know
we were like huh he didn’t shoot any
black guys and then everybody was like
oh he was racist he was racist it’s like
he he only shot white people he only
shot white people he only shot white
people um and he was uh defending
minority-owned businesses and he knew
they were minority-owned because he met
them when he was helping clean up the
graffiti from the school and he went
there and talked to them and asked if
they’d like help and they said sure yeah
because the police have stood down
someone come please help us in our
minority-owned business
now he didn’t do it because they were
minority owned but
you know i don’t know call me crazy but
if you uh just spent time uh cleaning up
a school that is has a lot of minority
kids that go to it and then you go and
help a business that you know is owned
by brown people and then you know in a
group of people that has all sorts of
you know different races in it the only
people you shoot are the ones who pose a
threat to your life at some point either
by trying to kill you or by pointing a
weapon at you
maybe you’re not a racist and the two
things that they lean on are actually
three things which one came out of
nowhere recently uh one is that uh after
all of this happened
when he was at home some proud boys
found out where he was and took some
photos with him
because that’s definitely if some people
come up and say they’re supporters of
yours and you take some photos of with
them that’s definitely i’ve actually had
that used against me uh i had some
people that turned out and i haven’t
even vetted it that they were bad people
and they came to my event wearing a
jorgensen cohen shirt and i took a photo
with them and i think i had a thumbs up
because again it’s just a support and
i’m told oh yeah look that person’s
actually a member of the suction section
i’m like well they took a picture with a
jew who was just talking about open
so i’m not sure what to tell you but
anyway uh so that was one reason that
doesn’t prove anything uh the other
thing was that there was a the one that
was at the most
i would say damning or troubling was you
know he did a video where he was like
yeah i want to shoot some some looters
or something like that
16 year old 17 year old kid says
something stupid is that what he did
no what he did wasn’t that he only shot
people that were attacking him and
there’s all sorts of videos showing that
he actually had some incredible trigger
discipline depending uh um considering
what was happening people screaming at
him people threatening him he showed
some amazing trigger discipline there
way more than any of the the police that
enforce all your laws that you love so
much um
the uh and your mandates and orders
so real quick um
we we’ve all heard the lies you know he
he went across state lines with a gun
which he didn’t uh his mom drove him
across state lines with a gun no no no
no um he didn’t he had no reason to be
in kenosha yes he did uh everybody he
shot was black one of the ones that i’ve
been hearing recently
uh i’ve been hearing this one a lot um
he was just looking for trouble or he
was just looking for a fight
that’s been like the that that’s the
most recent
thing the most recent argument it’s
their fallback yeah yeah
right it’s the [ __ ] right and
i don’t think he was just looking for a
because there’s video of him earlier in
the night where he did get pepper
sprayed and he was like saying
we’re just here to protect this business
we’re here to use lethal force if
necessary but if they’re going to come
at us with non-lethal then i’m not going
to use lethal against them and
if somebody was looking for a fight or
looking for trouble and wanted to
actually use the gun he would have shot
the person that sprayed him in the face
with pepper spray
while he was guarding one of the
numerous car sources that make up ninety
percent of kenosha’s uh economy
it’s a car it’s a car source it actually
yeah that’s like
what that’s their main export is cars
from car source
no i don’t know no it it it’s so the the
biggest thing
is that there’s a video
of uh there’s video that was shown
across the street from a cvs pharmacy
hooded people were seen rushing out
clutching items
you know
people had been watching these looters
destroying their towns and and you know
robbing people left and right and
oh wow a voice that sounds like written
so they don’t even know for certain that
it was him saying it but let’s say he
said it it says bro i wish i had my f
and ar i’d start shooting rounds at them
okay he’s a kid he said that he’s angry
that’s not what he actually did
so if you
make a video
saying all that edgy [ __ ] that you like
to say
and joking and so forth
and then
two three however many weeks later you
end up defending yourself against
someone legitimately defending yourself
against someone
would you want the fact that you said
allegedly again we don’t know if it was
him but it said something
weeks prior
have anything to do with it the only way
that it would come into play is if the
people if they could have argued that
the people there who were going after
kyle had a reason to know that he had
said that which of course they didn’t
this is like something they sound found
on someone’s
phone yeah
oh and then a recent one is oh look at
this video of him beating up a girl that
apparently was bullying his sister or
something like that
better put him in prison for the rest of
his life for murder
even though there’s video that he was
defending himself
as soon as they started going to all
that stuff it told me that they didn’t
have a case they were emotionally
invested in this kid’s suffering because
they had been told to hate him by the
corporate media that divides you against
anyone you might have a common cause
with because they don’t want you to talk
about the giant swindle that they’re
doing to you every single day like for
robbing you
to pay for the enforcement of making you
take something that you might not want
to take that’s so safe that they won’t
show you the proof of that for your
entire life
for example
so speaking
incredible attorneys
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pull it up here is our first
oh wait before before you uh before you
do that i forgot i forgot
i have to find it
from uh from mudskiteer himself tom
he sent us an email
oh okay cool
i remember being promised free
breadsticks for everyone if we got
the most electrifying libertarian
presidential candidate since bob barr
and spike elected
that’s what spurred my suspicion when i
saw a domino’s ad for 50 million dollars
in surprise freeze
there are some other very large
franchises offering similar deals
uh do you think that these are result
are resulting from conditional
government bailouts or am i crazy bred
or did they just steal your idea
they stole my idea
those sons i think they just stole your
they just stole my idea
big cheesy bread stole my idea
oh lend is pronounced olen oland i i
thought it was but i keep wanting to add
the linde
even though he’s not
like that’s like a french name that’s
orlinda it’s like
like like it’s so it’s one it’s like
maybe even if you’re not supposed to
pronounce the e but if you’re kind of
swarthy you kind of put it at the end
there anyway like oh my name is noelle
like it’s still linda they say now linda
like it’s just you’re not really it’s
not saying
it’s just
like you’re just just every sentence you
end with a little ah at the end there
how are you doing very breathy
yeah it was a very breathy like a very
brilliant ah my name is noel
so the first question comes from rod rob
oh hold on this damn thing son of a
[ __ ]
what is happening
let’s see if that fixed it on the iron
range there we go
all right uh
let’s do that over again
hey guys this is rob polkovich up there
up in northern minnesota on the iron
range um just had a few questions about
what you think about the mining
situation going on here
as far as biden signing that bill to
block any kind of
mining projects and federal land and
stuff in the bwca and whatnot
and just to tell you guys happy
thanksgiving thank you
first of all thank you happy
thanksgiving to you yes
happy thanksgiving yes
so if
i am correct on what
rob is referring to
uh if i’m correct on what rob
is referring to
i think that uh back in 20 we’re gonna
make up a date here but like 2015
obama put a no mining he put a cease to
all the mining
yeah i think it was 24 hold on
i think it was around then uh it was
towards the end of it right toward the
right and then toward the end of the
24 month or
24 month or 26 month
uh moratorium on it
trump overturned it and said no you can
start mining again yep i think biden
just reinstated this
if i am correct i’m not okay rob is
saying yes
okay that’s
so it actually
go ahead because it’s actually not
fully biden’s fault but it’s he’s not
helping but yeah
um i mean by
it’s his administration so you know
what no so it’s it’s actually so a
a judge
oh no this was in the west
hold on so a judge actually that’s
uh uh throughout one of trump’s uh
mining bans
or trump’s lifting of a mining ban
uh because they said it was arbitrary
that was one of the most incredible
things of the uh obama the trump
administration was that trump would undo
an executive order
which he has every authority to do it’s
an executive order you can
you know introduce it with a pen and a
phone and you can remove it with a pen
and a phone and the courts would say no
that’s arbitrary you’re not you’re doing
it just for that
and it was like
yeah because it’s an executive order
that was a very interesting thing
the libertarian answer would be like
all of them get repealed then start from
scratch no executive order because
arbitrary yeah because they’re all i
don’t want to be arbitrary about it i’m
just going to end them all
yes so
yeah he i think
this is trump this is obama trump or
biden trump uh lifted the ban
and then
biden decided to reintroduce it
to reintroduce it yeah and yep
if i if i god if i remember correctly
it’s i think it’s copper
that they’re mining up in that okay
um yeah so
if he actually want to make a jump
forward uh technologically uh
economically this would not be something
he would be doing
getting copper having copper having
access to copper is massively important
in today’s digital and technological age
um and by
appeasing the progressives who are like
this is bad for the environment and i’m
not here to speak on whether or not it
is or isn’t
because i don’t know um
to say that you know we need to stop
shows that you are
putting the progressives opinions on
whether or not mining is bad for the
environment over the good that that
copper can do
copper nickel um thank you rob um
i don’t
i didn’t like it when they ceased uh oil
con oil drilling contracts and now
they’ve released what 50 million barrels
which will last us a day
it’s it’s it’s just so it’s uh our
average daily usage
is a round of
of um
of oil is
the average is 19 million barrels a day
but it actually i believe goes up during
this time so it’s probably but let’s
just round it up to 20 because it was
like 19.8 so let’s say 20. so it
basically it’s two and a half days and
of course they don’t release it all at
once they’re going to slowly release it
over time it will be a drop in the
bucket you won’t even notice it and more
importantly by signaling that that’s all
he’s going to do he let the markets know
i’m not going to address the problems
with supply i’m not going to address the
uh inflationary spending that’s driving
up the cost of everything i’m not going
to uh get rid of or even suspend the
federal gas tax nor am i going to
encourage states to do so i’m just going
to let it go and
a little bit of oil in there and hope
that and pretend that does something to
appease my base and the markets have
responded by oil prices shooting through
the roof again
and okay so a quick a quick update
as i mean so as rob said that it was
copper nickel where rob is
uh amos joseph
who is in minnesota’s iron range uh they
taconite that’s what i’m going with
taconite which refines into steel and
that’s another thing that uh is on the
mining band up in that area
yeah this is this is what our stuff is
made out of
it is
every president every everybody that
runs for president
talks about bringing jobs back to the
country talks about not outsourcing you
know we’re going to make the american
if it’s trump great again if it’s biden
he’s going to build it back better um
you know which is literally the exact
same thing
completely different sentence
but when they do these bands when they
when they do ban on oil drilling or when
they do bans on fracking or uh natural
gas production um or they do bans on
these mining they are
literally outsourcing it to other
to do in order for us to get and then
they will put tariffs on it as it’s
coming in and the other country will put
tariffs on it as it’s coming in and it
just drives up the price for all the
rob i think that we’ve answered your
question and we don’t like it yeah we
don’t like it also when they do the
mining in other countries they use like
children and
you know slaves and
extracted in the worst possible way and
human rights abuses in addition to uh
environmental abuse and because we’re
talking about climate change it doesn’t
matter where it happens the whole
argument is that climate change is
so it doesn’t matter if happened over
here over here over here over here the
air pollution part and the water
pollution part definitely factors in but
the climate change part which is the
part they’re scaring us with the scary
climate change is going to kill us all
make things so much hotter that we’re
gonna definitely die
uh they’re gonna do it in places where
there are fewer environmental standards
which means it’s gonna contribute even
more greenhouse gases and use child
slaves probably in the process
jacob helzer has an inter
has an interesting question he says how
many of these bands are to conserve
resources for war with china now
i don’t see war with china happening but
let me tell you why i don’t think this
is right either um
if you do these things in order to
conserve uh resources in case we get
into war with china then you will have
to go and do it whenever war starts
which will take time
so it wouldn’t make sense for him to go
let’s stop this you know let’s stop
mining and let’s stop drilling and let’s
stop natural gas production because we
might need those resources if war
happens no because
it will take so much time to get it out
into your refine it and do
all the stuff you wouldn’t have time so
and you need a workforce that’s trained
to do it we just saw this with the you
know everyone’s like why is the labor
shortage happening because you literally
furloughed a bunch of people now imagine
if you just completely destroyed that
industry and then one day you went oh we
need it we’re going to war with china
you now have to create the industry
state you have to like literally create
not just the facilities but the people
who can build them the people who can
maintain them the people who can extract
from them the people who can distill it
the people who distribute it every step
of that you’re having to basically
create an entire industry from almost
not to mention all the supply chain
problems we already have so no by doing
this you actually set back
war readiness with china uh for a decade
or more but also we’re not going to a
conventional war with china we’re we’re
in a in a
uh lukewarm cold war with china because
the cold war never ended it just shifted
to china instead of russia
um and you’re also
you’re in a a trade war which we
shouldn’t be that’s stupid it hurts um
the wealthiest country always gets hurt
by the trade war or worse um it you get
into a what else you get into a you know
we’re there we’re in a technological war
you know there’s a war over like
cultural you know media stuff and things
like that you know what what disney gets
a is allowed to say what the nba is
allowed to say like that kind of stuff
if we were going to get into an actual
hot kinetic war it’s going to be nuclear
it’s not going to be
oh the chinese invaded today why would
they invade we’d kill them like
a million chinese people are going to
cross the pacific work their way through
the military to the the navy and air
force and then come here and deal with
tens of millions of gun owners who
actually would fight against them
because they’re not going to do it
against the police or military here uh
but you know what an actual like people
they would fight against
no we’re not going to war with china
we’re either going into a hot nuke war
that lasts a matter of hours or we’re
just gonna do this cold war stuff
forever that’s what’s gonna happen oh
while we’re trading trillions of dollars
with each other so that that’s the kind
of war we’re gonna be in with china
and rob to answer your last question uh
have whoever is planning your convention
get in touch with brian lambrecht
and uh
depending on when your convention is we
would be happy to come
is that the minnesota convention
i believe that we’re already in talks on
that so
um but he can certainly reach out uh
next question is from t marie
good evening and happy thanksgiving and
holidays to all of the muddy buddies
muddied water media’s fans
this is team marie liberty i do have a
mr wright
i’m sorry mr crayon thief uh uncle
crayon thief if that’s what we’re gonna
call you
um i i think i’m supposed to be leaving
a message for some reason and i can’t
remember why
but thank you
bringing muddy waters media into my life
and into my family’s life
um i hope you guys enjoy your jewish
thanksgiving i don’t know if jewish
people do it differently
but thank you spike as well and tasha
and thank you everybody from the
moderate waters media family and happy
jewish so yes our our jewish uh
thanksgiving tradition is i’m gonna hang
out with some friends of ours and
they’re gonna have turkey and pernil
because they’re puerto rican and uh and
uh and whatever i guess mofongo i don’t
know i i think they’re doing stuffing
but it’s gonna be a definitely
a caribbean latino flavored uh
thanksgiving and i’m bringing salmon
because i’m jewish and on a restrictive
that’s what we do matt what’s your
jewish thanksgiving going to be like
uh so my jewish thanksgiving is um going
we’re we’re going to georgia
uh to see superfan sarah anderegg’s
uh family up there oh cool i think it’s
gonna be i think it’s going to be pretty
traditional but since it’s going to be
a jewish thanksgiving i think there’s
more guilt
that’s everything
right we don’t have any holidays to be
right it’s it’s it’s a traditional
thanksgiving with the same amount of
guilt that the jewish people seem to
live with every day
it’s a traditional day as a jew i got a
letter in the mail uh i was on eric
braky the senator from uh maine he has a
show he’s now the global
he’s now the something director for uh
for y’all young americans for liberty
and i was his uh one of his first guests
on the show
what’s that
eric breaky eric brakey yeah and so he i
was on his show and he sent me a
handwritten letter thanking me for being
on his show
and as soon as i look at it i
immediately start feeling guilty i
should have sent him something
i never send thank you letters to my
this thing’s been in here since november
3rd i’m not checking my mail enough like
i literally just i’m like everything i’m
doing i should feel good this man what a
great cool you know
show of goodwill this guy’s was so happy
to have me on a show that he writes me a
letter what a class act and i’m like
melting like i am a piece of garbage
everything i’m doing is wrong everyone
hates me i now have to write like 50
somewhat oh no 100 how many guests have
i had 100 and someone guess on my show
i’m going to write them all letters now
now all the guests moving forward do i
even want to do this show anymore how i
mean i’m already not even having time to
check my mail now i’m going to have to
write letters all the time that’s gonna
make it even harder to check my mail
yeah maybe i’ll just not do it anymore
that was the thought process i had
here’s the next question oh so just real
uh real quick that reminds me
um on saturday december 4th we’re having
a hanukkah event at the house and i want
to invite you
okay if i december 4th there’s going to
be a lot yeah there’s going to be a
lotka bar
and we’re going to have safganyo and
matza ball soup and brisket
but i’ll throw some salmon in the oven
for you i was going to say i can’t
i can almost guarantee you i can’t have
the matzo ball soup there is a
gluten-free way to make it but why
bother with you but why would you do
that yeah why would you um but lots
because uh
oh a lot because it’s gonna be a lot
a la kabar
uh just different types of vodka
right well with multiple toppings for
you yeah i can’t do this i
no i need to take this call from james
hey there spike and guy on left this is
james m ray calling in for chris
reynolds attorney at law
anchor call in moment
i’m calling to request
a team effort that would be really great
i call it free ross thanksgiving
just for those four days from the 24th
to the 28th
i want everybody on twitter that knows
if they’re willing if they’re not so
to change their middle name to
free ross
just for those four days
and i’m hoping that it makes the
yield on this issue and pardoned ross
and let him out by christmas to be with
and all of us
that’s what i want
thank you very much have a great day
yeah i i think that’s a definitely a
noble thing and i think that uh
ross definitely deserves to be home i
think one of the things that strikes me
is you know here’s probably one of the
tech geniuses we have on earth and he
should be
thriving as a billionaire right now
who’s giving us all the free market
solutions we need using you know all the
newest technology and instead they’ve
got him in a cage because he didn’t want
to play their game
uh here’s uh we got three in a row from
uh stephen witt who uh matt you got to
meet him
the weekend before i left
hey guys what’s up this is steve witt
calling in on the chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor calling moment
and since this is the thanksgiving week
i wanted to say that i am thankful for
my beautiful daughter kimberly
as well as my parents
wilbur and kimberly witt
and my
and the rest of my extended family and
for being able to meet you guys at the
south carolina libertarian party
convention that was great meeting you
guys and wanted to say
thank you for this show been following
you guys now for about a year now and
very thankful for the content that muddy
waters puts out on a daily basis and
weekly basis with the various shows that
you have on your network thank you very
much guys
absolutely man thank you for uh being a
part of it thank you
um and it was great uh getting to see
you again i i’ve met you before but
neither none of uh the other folks
uh muddy waters
it was great meeting you
it was great meeting you uh in the south
carolina i’ll
have to throw props out to kelsey lyon
yet again because she yes
fandamtastic event and uh
you know that it was it was a great
event it was a lot of fun
um and
it was great getting a chance to see
people that uh i haven’t met in person
and uh that watched the show and that i
talked to online constantly so it
it was a great event and you were one of
the people i got to meet and i’m very
grateful that we had a chance to do so
yep absolutely oh yeah thanks for
letting us change in your room
we changed steve let us use his room to
change for the gala
yeah oh did he
we went to his hotel room and uh changed
in there
cool that’s awesome yeah we uh
that’s great um okay so he’s sent two
more so here’s the next one from him
hey guys steve wood again calling in on
the chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling moment and this is just a
complaint talking about regulations and
bootstrap laws essentially so as most of
you guys know i’m a truck driver and i
recently applied to a new company and in
order to apply it to that new company i
had to go through a company known as
hire right and they are the ones that
generate what’s called a dac report that
goes out to multiple companies that use
them for their hiring purposes as well
as it ties in with the fmcsa
and just a little discouraged today i
was hired by the new company that i’m
trying to get on with however because
i’m looking to get hired on to this new
company after christmas i have to
completely reapply again within the next
two weeks in order to try to get on
after january 1st it’s very frustrating
oh gosh i think this is more for that
and to extrapolate off of that last
message in order
for me to
get hired on like i said i’ve got to
apply again in two weeks because the
application times out after 30 days
it’s just ridiculous because you
basically have to jump through hoops in
order to make sure that
your dac report is complete in order for
the next company you try to get on with
so that they don’t have any missing
information and if the current company
you’re with hasn’t updated it you’re
basically sol
so just thought that i would throw that
out there if nobody knows about that
thanks guys
well i’m sorry you’re having to go
through that but i’m glad you were able
to share it with people this is what
having to comply with a bunch of
like ever-changing ever-increasing state
and federal d.o.t dictat looks like it
looks like someone is just trying to
work um
you know moving stuff around that we all
need uh being treated like some kind of
you know criminal who’s trying to get
over on the government
yeah so it’s
federal regulations suck
and i’ll tell you when it comes to d.o.t
stuff steve
yeah i i’m sorry man with the uh and on
when it comes to d.o.t stuff the states
suck too i have a friend who used to do
boat moving he would move boats
from uh up and down the the eastern
seaboard usually from places in the new
england and new york and sometimes
northern virginia like the dc area and
then bring them down to
south florida the keys your area tampa
bay uh you know for for people who
wanted to have their boats there and not
have to go up and down the not have to
actually um
uh pilot their boats up and down either
the ocean or the intercoastal um and so
he would move boats and he did good he
made a decent living doing it he didn’t
become rich on it but he made a decent
living and the federal and state
governments and dots and a lot of what
he had to go through was at the state
level and it was just two or three
states that you physically have to drive
made it increasingly cost prohibitive
until eventually
he couldn’t as an owner operator do it
anymore and he ended up having to sell
his trucks and everything because he
just you couldn’t make money doing it
and so you had two different groups that
were able to make money one were the big
companies that could afford the cost of
compliance anyone who watches this show
has heard that story over and over again
big corporations that can afford the
cost of compliance and illegal actors
that just they’d show up and move your
boat on a suped up pickup truck
didn’t bother stopping at any of the uh
at any of the weigh stations uh honestly
wasn’t even that safe the way they were
doing it they could probably get away
with doing it but god forbid there’s any
kind of you know accident or something
they have to break for they’re not gonna
have control of the thing and uh you
know all sorts of you know unsafe issues
with unloading and everything else but
they could you know present a reasonable
price for people to be able to do it so
for someone trying to do it the legit
way on an actual commercial vehicle
they just couldn’t and uh and that that
that destroyed this person’s business
and it was it was the fight it had been
getting worse and worse um the final
death blow was during the obama
administration i forget exactly what
they were and it was some of the states
doing it in in concert with the federal
department um and uh and then when trump
got in he was kind of hoping that might
be some of the deregulation that
happened didn’t uh and and now with
biden and there’s no reason to expect
that’ll change
i want to say
this is kind of we’re kind of giving
we’re kind of ending on good news right
ish can’t exceed man
yeah i mean it kind of depends
a lot of this is still up in the air on
what will end up happening
like these
these laws have been passed but uh okay
as we all know
uh back in
we’ll say october um back in october was
that october
that biden
or was that september
we all know about vaccine man oh no that
was september yeah yeah that was
september was it okay september like
september 8 ish
gosh now i i’m questioning what hold on
biden vaccine
and date this part’s not in the notes as
you can tell because
i was thinking it was like october 8th
but then i was like wait that doesn’t
seem right
but then again that might be right
uh no september 9th yeah yeah yeah yeah
number nine okay so on september that
was five announcements vaccine
announced the vaccine mandate um and a
lot of states said that they were going
to sue texas passed some laws to try to
counteract that
um and
we know that the fifth circuit recently
put a stay on it
recently put a stay on it and uh
osha has backed off for the time being
but is currently being fought in the
sixth circuit
um and that covers like tennessee i
think that’s in ohio
um and i believe if i remember correctly
uh 20
20 justices appointed by trump and
reagan are there and then six from obama
and clinton
so not none from bush that’s that’s
right yeah i i think i could be wrong on
that because i’m doing that from memory
um and i was reading that just like in
passing the other day
but okay
governor ron desantis here in florida
insists that he isn’t running for
in 2024 um but instead he’s just working
on the rights of floridians
uh so he can win re-election
uh in 22
it seems like he’s lying i actually tend
to believe him
i think he’s planning 28
i think he’s i think he’s planning to
run 28. i i honestly do but uh
it seems like he’s lying with a lot of
the stuff he does
yeah i i think he’s lying i think he’s
setting himself up for 24 or 28
i also think what is interesting
is that um
could end up if trump goes in trump
might push him for his vp
which inside of the republican party
very rarely do
failed vp candidates end up running for
president successfully meaning failed as
in like they didn’t win the election
they usually don’t then go on to be able
uh win the primary to get nominated uh
historically anyway and and similar for
the democrats as well so
he might be staying out of it and just
building up his credo his credentials in
florida until he can run in 28
right that’s that’s kind of what i i
think he thinks
trump is going to run in 24 and he
doesn’t want to run against trump and if
he’s asked if he’s tapped for vp i think
that he will say no i want to stay as
governor just so he can
but on thursday last week
he pulled the most epic troll job
of any governor possibly ever
when he held a press conference and
signed new legislation
in brandon florida
which is like 20 minutes that um
that’s funny but he signed
she signed some bills in brandon florida
uh that were passed in the special
session of the florida
legislature aimed particularly at
vaccine mandates
he didn’t outright ban vaccine mandates
which a lot of people are saying he
banned vaccine mandates he didn’t
much like the vaccine mandate that biden
passed isn’t a vaccine mandate because
he is saying you have the option you can
choose to get tested every week and if
you get tested every week you have to
wear a mask
you have to wear a mask while indoors at
all times
after a certain time period you may have
to get tested twice a week and the
employer doesn’t have to pay for it
he did the same thing he said you can
have a vaccine mandate but you must give
workers the option of opting out of the
vaccine mandate under these reasons
uh one medical
uh and it says an employer must allow an
employee to opt out for medical reasons
including for pregnancy or anticipated
the law specifically does not require a
disability or a handicap the term the
florida civil rights act uses as a
synonym for the ada’s disability
definition but notes only an employer
must allow an accommodation for a
medical reason
uh to claim an exemption based on
medical reason the employee must present
to the employer an exemption statement
dated and signed by a doctor uh
physician assistant
physician assistant or advanced practice
nurse certifying in their professional
opinion that kevin 19 vaccine may not be
good for the person
that wasn’t in
the ocean mandy
they did not care
if you think about that for a second if
your doctors are telling you because you
know we follow the science if your
doctors are telling you
you shouldn’t get this
joe biden says i don’t care or osha says
i don’t care
i don’t care get it or lose your job
uh religious reasons
employees can claim exemption based on
religious reasons unlike a request for
accommodation under title vii because
sincerely held religious belief
conflicts with the policies of the
this florida law directs employers to
exempt an employee who presents a
statement indicating that the employee
declines covet 19 vaccination because of
a sincerely held religious belief
this says that the employee decline
the employee presents a statement saying
that the employee has a sincerely held
religious belief it’s not a letter from
your rabbi or a letter from your priest
or a letter from your
minister pastor
a mom
it’s a letter from the employee saying i
have a sincerely held religious belief
because it’s their religious belief
because it’s there not that of their
covet 19 immunity
the employer must allow an exemption
that the employee presents a statement
demonstrating competent medical evidence
that the employee has immunity to coven
19 documented by the result of a valid
laboratory test performed on the
employee the florida department of
health is directed to adopt the standard
for such demonstrations now right now
if you got coveted in february of 2020
and you have that paperwork you can
bring it in and say i’ve had covid i’m
not getting the vaccine
that could change after the florida
department yeah they might require like
but you know what it’s going to be tough
man because uh as
most immunologists who aren’t
compromised can tell you uh is that uh
once your uh antibodies are gone for
something that doesn’t mean you’re not
immune anymore you now have a passive
resistance to it sometimes um so now
your your bnt cells could have taken
over from the antibodies so
it might be
antibodies and or having had covid
within the last six months or a year or
something like that
but you could also just tell them
i have a deeply held religious belief
i do
i have a very strong religious belief um
periodic test religiously against this
i am religiously against mandates um
while osha’s emergency ets allows an
employer to provide an option to its
employees for testing as an alternative
to vaccination the florida requires
employers to allow an employee to test
as an opt-out meaning i will take the
test but i’m never going to take the
to claim this exemption the employee’s
exemption statement must be indicate the
employee agrees to comply with regular
testing for the presence of covet 19
at no cost to the employee
so the employer has to shoulder
all of the testing costs
yeah that’s one that i have a problem
if i the employer don’t want to have to
pay that
i can’t direct my employees to claim a
religious things that like let’s say i
let’s say i’m a business that doesn’t
want to do
vaccine mandates or anything else okay
and then the federal government says you
have to and let’s say it gets upheld but
then my state says you can’t you have to
give all these things too and while
they’re duking it out i’m making sure to
comply so i don’t lose my business
because while they figure it out i can
still lose everything and so now they’re
telling me yeah well screw you you got
to pay 150 bucks a week per employee uh
to to take these tests
or even 50 bucks a week per employee it
adds up quickly
and if i try to tell employees hey
listen just you know send me a letter
to saying that you have a religious
you know i could get in trouble with the
department of health if that comes out
if an employee gets upset that i said
now i get in trouble because i was
trying to save money and actually be
able to afford to continue doing
business that part i don’t like if
you know i i would much rather this say
something along the lines of
um well here’s the thing
is this at the cost of the employer or
of the state
because if the state is mandating that i
have to require this okay fine you pay
for it then but if they’re mandating
that i have to pay for it that i have a
problem with
right and i don’t
no it doesn’t say this isn’t no cost to
the employee yeah at no cost to the at
no cost to the employee which that was
one of the things when
the uh the biden mandate was coming
through i was like okay so if i get
tested every week do i have to wear a
mask and they said they’re like yeah
you’re gonna have to wear a mask still
and i was like but i’m going to come in
showing you
a negative result why do i have to wear
a mask i said well somebody else can
give it to you and i’m like then why
don’t they have to wear a mask why don’t
they have to wear a mask and then
doesn’t that disprove the whole need for
the vaccine you bunch of bigots i’m
gonna call them bigots huh um
although i was recently told i forget
who said it but if someone calls you a
bigot just called him a pedophile like
throw it back at him anyway um
you know you throw enough stones you
might hit some hollering dogs
occasionally uh but anyway um if uh
especially in certain circles
anyway uh
but enough about that
the uh
oh gosh where are we on this oh yeah so
if joe biden had said we’re going to
all businesses to test their employees
you know once a week or once twice a
month or something like that i would
have still been against it but i would
have at least been able to say i get
what they’re trying to do like they want
to make sure that you know that people
don’t have covid like because that’s
what the test does it says if you have
covet or not and they go well no
those tests uh it’s like a 10 15 rate of
false uh negatives
that’s lower than the rate of people who
are vaccinated can still get in spread
and get seriously ill
why are we doing this this is stupid it
makes no sense
and it’s well you know vaccines are so
uh important that if you get your
vaccine then you don’t have to wear a
mask but matt you’re not vaccinated so
you have to wear a mask because someone
who has covet could give you covet or
someone who’s vaccinated could give you
so then why don’t they have to wear a
mask if it’s about protecting others
it’s not it’s about rewarding compliance
possibly even more importantly you’ll
notice the shift they’re talking less
and less about the disease
fear of the disease is baked into the
cake at this point with some people
they’re convinced that you know 40 50 of
the people that get this are gonna drop
dead they have these ridiculous thoughts
in their head of what this thing is
because they don’t go outside unless
they absolutely have to um and uh so
they’re not seeing what the world’s
actually like
and an increasing number of people are
looking at the disease and going
this is a few times more deadly than the
flu and it seems serious but why are we
having to do all this so what they’re
doing now is they’re stigmatizing the
they want you to be more scared of
people that aren’t vaccinated than you
are against the virus and i’ve literally
heard people say that i’m more scared of
the unvaccinated than i am of covet
because covid’s just one disease these
people can be plague rats for every
they’re already conditioning you to hate
people for making medical choices that
don’t affect you because you can still
get it and spread it
use of employer provided ppe
that’s wonderful uh if
it is uh
if you decide that you don’t want to
take the vaccine you can say i don’t
want to take the vaccine um and
uh and you have to present an exemption
statement indicating the employee agrees
to comply with an employer’s reasonable
written requirement to use
employer-provided personal protective
equipment meaning
they have to supply the masks while
you’re in their building
most of them are anyway honestly
uh i went to a
doctor’s appointment recently and i i
forgot my mask because i so rarely wear
it um and they were like oh no problem
they were over there like masked
especially now they’ve kind of ramped up
production like that’s that’s far less
of a burden
and again i might i don’t think that
government should be able to mandate any
of this stuff but in terms of actual
like damage and burden this is
relatively low like on the scale of
things yeah um but uh what i want to
point out
is that there are people on the left
who don’t like desantis and think that
you know they call him death santis and
all that um
they are saying that this violates the
first amendment
but the osha mandate
was fine
status don’t give a damn about the first
amendment or any other amendment they
throw out the constitution whenever it
conveniences them and this includes
republican i’m not just saying the left
is all status
we see this all the time that’s
unconstitutional you don’t give a [ __ ]
about the constitution right that
in all fairness
i didn’t look too hard the tweets i saw
were from the left
yes oh i’m sure for something like this
absolutely hard
this violates my civil rights oh you
mean like uh
the fact that in uh what is it northern
territory of uh of australia
where most of the aboriginal and torres
island strait uh uh
indigenous peoples live because they
have a slightly lower rate of
vaccination so like for for most other
australians it’s near 90
and for their population it’s like 70
by government mandate
aboriginal people
are not allowed in public spaces
systemic racism
is the concept
of laws and regulations that are baked
into governments and societies and
uh organizations that even if
so wildly disproportionately harm
someone based on their race for example
or their ethnicity
that it has a racist effect even if that
wasn’t the intention
that is
what these are so all the people who
were screaming last year about systemic
suddenly don’t care about systemic
racism you know why you haven’t heard
about black lives matter recently except
in the past because they’re currently
protesting vaccine mandates
did you know that
did you know that almost all of their
prior to the kyle rent house decision
did you know that most of the
active still active on the streets uh
blm organizations were primarily
protesting against vaccine mandates and
no because the media didn’t tell you
that because they’re not a useful uh
bludgeon against you anymore
because now they can’t tell you oh i
can’t believe you believe that you bigot
did you know that black people disagree
with you because now they actually they
agree with you
so uh this also um
it prevents any school officials school
official school board member or elected
official from imposing either a vaccine
or mass requirement on any students for
school attendance or extracurricular
activities although it does say apparent
that the parent soul discretion may
allow his or her child to wear a mask or
shield that makes sense uh there are
people that incorrectly
compare this to uh mandates on private
companies schools
that receive
government funding
public schools charter schools and so
absolutely have no business mandating
this stuff for your kids if they are
public that’s supposed to mean they’re
open to the public they’re supposed to
serve they cannot impose these kinds of
things and if they do then they
shouldn’t be receiving taxpayer money if
they want as a private organization to
set these standards fine no taxpayer
money for you demonstrate value to your
clients or get nothing
uh toward the end of the bill
there are
it states that the governor’s office is
going to be developing a proposal for a
state plan
to assert jurisdiction over occupational
safety and the health issues for
government and private employees
this means that florida
just passed a bill
to leave osha
if their plan is approved
can you guess who has to approve that
according to federal websites like
in order to leave osha osha has to
approve your state osha plan and it has
to be at least on par with the federal
so where’s the benefit
in order to get the state osha approved
like so the places that you have to just
say that you’re gonna do what they would
cal cal osha
is separate from osha but that’s because
they wanted to put in so many other
restrictions right osha was like we’re
not gonna put those in federally uh but
you have to have it at least on par with
what federal osha is doing
so if they wanted to start flosha which
i’m assuming that’s what they’re going
to call it felocia
flosha flosha
florida is going to be in the video
that’s like
oh wow and you can do your first hawa
her rap album
we’ll rap apple
we’ll write by matt for right
i’ll do it
i’ll do a giraffe cameo
right you’ll do a drop cameo on my rap
this is on par like if you were a member
of the mob and you said hey i’m gonna
leave and start my own mob and then the
original mob was like okay
we have to approve your
new mob bylaws and you can only hire
mobsters that we want that we would
approve of you hiring and you have to be
just as mob like as we are
but you can
you can run the day-to-day operations
right you can run the day-to-day
operations oh and like there’s like so
many um like osha will come in like
twice a year to make sure that you are
doing everything up to osha’s standard
so where is the benefit of leaving osha
my fear
is that
that florida does this
and then eventually
i don’t see it happening in 22 but
democrats will take control of you know
other areas or republicans will be like
hey now that we can do this we can add
in all this other stuff that we want to
and it will just get inundated with
extra stuff
where is the benefit of leaving
for the state government the benefit is
they get to turn this into another one
of their slush funds slash uh whip you
know sticks that they use on on anyone
that’s getting out of line for us as
individuals not not much now
so you’re saying not only do they have
to approve the plan but then they still
do ongoing compliance to make sure your
your deal is as at least as strict as
so it’s not even like they could
introduce something and then start
scaling it back
right that’s so that’s according to
osha’s website now i
i don’t know if there is a way around it
or if there is a
i don’t know
oh so he
he might be pulling a tenth amendment
right and yeah what brian i saw brian’s
comment and it could be he’s pulling a
tenth amendment
because these are not right oh brian
said 10th amendment right after i said
yeah so it’s great minds there brian so
this is he actually said right before
you did
okay well great still great minds
because i wasn’t reading the comments
but he’s his mind’s slightly greater
than mine um uh
he might be saying no i’m not going to
do that i’m going to assert jurisdiction
over occupational safety and health
issues for government and private
employees that would be yes listen
if he does that
i’m gonna let you say your thing first
i’m not finishing my sentence because i
don’t know if it’s
true i’m
i’m not gonna say i would vote for the
but i might help on a campaign
i believe that the republican and
democratic parties are basically two
wings of the same plane crash by and
large and that the organizations as a
uh to give this endless dangling uh few
maybe one more election and this time
we’ll do what we say and and to play bad
cop against the other side so everyone’s
always voting for the lesser evil and
the constant fear routine and this
election’s far too important to throw my
vote away and all that nonsense
and it’s likely that like he can’t
actually do that um
if he is actually if this isn’t all just
signaling oh i’m gonna sign this thing
in brandon and all that stuff if he’s
actually going to try to buck up against
the leviathan federal state
uh and like actually push for
decentralization and you’ll notice i’m
not going to
use the term states rights because
states don’t have rights and it’s a
stupid term forget the fact that it was
originally used to you know
as a euphemism for you know like
violations of civil rights of of black
mostly black people um and jewish
visitors uh it was not it was a uh uh
it’s not a state’s right but it is
decentralization and it is a 10th
amendment proper
within the constitution proper
apportionment of where power is supposed
to go left as decentralized as possible
in theory
if he actually does that on this kind of
stuff and if over the next you know
years he he got elected about 2018 so
he’s running again next year
uh 22 yeah
yeah so if he keeps doing this kind of
and does it like hardcore
then the libertarian party
will have to have a really compelling
gubernatorial candidate to put up
both in terms of what they’re proposing
their level of seriousness about it
and their
aid actual
path towards likelihood of them winning
if they don’t want
again if he does keeps up with this
if they don’t want
most liberty leaning voters including
registered libertarians to look and go
this is going to be a close one
we’ll do that next time this guy’s
actually doing something now if this is
virtue signaling he introduces this
thing it doesn’t really give any
protections he does this osha thing and
that osha says no you can’t do it he
goes well try it i mean then then that’s
different now we’re talking signaling
i can tell you this
as someone who is likely moving to
florida relatively soon
there’s no like set date or anything but
i want to be there right now
it’s it is i don’t do cold weather but
as someone who is likely going to end up
calling florida my home sooner than
where if he started what’s that
where in florida
you know what i really anywhere south of
honestly anywhere in florida i don’t
even do jacksonville at this point i i i
like the tampa bay area i like florida
all right like florida i like miami and
fort lauderdale i like that area um i’d
want to be coastal i can tell you that
but i mean it ain’t hard to be coastal
in florida um
i haven’t spent a tremendous amount of
time in keys
what’s that
stay away from orlando you’re like two
hours for me to be yeah at this point i
mean i’d visit orlando or whatever but
there’s nothing compelling for me there
i want to be closer to the ocean than
that and um and uh the keys i haven’t
spent a tremendous amount of time in i’d
like to because it seems like that would
be my vibe it’s kind of more on the
pricey side but we’ll see um
all that to say
if ron desantis
again this is an if
and if anyone knows him they should be
telling him this because i was the vp
and i a lot of a lot of libertarians
listen to me and i
have a decent following relatively i’m
not a king maker or anything but
if he started acting towards
criminal justice drugs and guns
the way he is about this
for purely strategic reasons
i don’t see a i i’m telling you that i
don’t see a
at the point of size that the
libertarian party in florida and
nationally currently is
i would not see a viable reason
to try to run i don’t know the ballot
access stuff in florida if they have to
run a paper candidate for valid access
reasons i don’t believe they do but if
they did that would be one thing i don’t
see a compelling reason to put too much
resources in trying to run against him
if he actually did that and
go ahead
in 2018 there was somebody who looked
like he was going to be the lp governor
uh but then
i’m not gonna say
oh you you kneecapped him
well no i mean i didn’t
this channel may have
and he’s in prison now so that’s you
know no not that one he was running for
um but we had a guy running for governor
yeah we had a guy running for governor
who he was uh i don’t even remember this
dude’s name but um
he wasn’t very was he the nominee
uh he never ended up getting the nominee
he would have been the nominee because
nobody else was running which is so
nobody ran as an lp in 18 and it didn’t
hurt our valid access oh okay
no it wasn’t while uh meg that wasn’t
wiley wiley was in 14 and um i
i’m still good friends with wiley
um i’m still good friends with wiley i
was playing poker with him a couple of
weeks ago uh jake porter
oh no this is iowa never mind sorry
no i don’t even
i don’t remember this guy’s name at all
somebody asked me to be his lieutenant
and i sat down with one meeting with his
uh campaign manager
uh who i knew and i hated and we got
into a huge fight and i just called him
out for a bunch of the [ __ ] he had said
uh about my affiliate and
i didn’t get that position which i was
totally happy with
anyway i can’t find him but i uh
uh libertarian incumbent adrian wiley
but that’s not who you’re talking about
no it wasn’t adrian it was somebody else
anyway whatever whatever well uh
louis jacobson
oh no never mind yeah yeah anyway anyway
so then if that’s not the case
and again there are a lot of ifs here if
he’s as serious about this as he’s
saying he is and if he starts acting
this way on other stuff which frankly he
um there’s no
like these are all issues you know that
uh if he if he leans in on these things
these are all things that he’s popular
with republicans on and in terms of
abortion all he has to do
is like to to make both libertarians and
republicans happy is say listen uh i’m
you know
that this is you know a settled law let
them decide it at the federal level um
but in the meantime we’re not gonna give
any taxpayer funding to it uh
that’s the best you’re gonna get in this
environment in terms of a government
policy uh and then again
i wish
there’s part of me that wishes i was a
conservative because it’s easier to be a
conservative than a libertarian but i’d
make the conservative argument if we
were conservative this show would be the
number one conservative podcast oh god
can you imagine but we’re not but anyway
but but honestly if i were conservative
with these ideas i’d just be a
libertarian calling myself a
conservative but anyway uh you know he
could even you know give like free
market solutions to that but anyway
if he
leaned in on the liberty side
i don’t see a compelling reason to run a
candidate against him
like like a c like if there’s a need for
a paper candidate for about x or
whatever but if there’s not
just not even yeah just not even why
and there and in fact
i’m pushing like you know going in and
pushing and saying okay you’re our
incumbent if you want our support we
want this this this and this you might
you might actually get a couple
concessions um just did not have that on
his liberty flank to have to deal with
uh especially if it’s stuff that’s not
really going to hurt him with
republicans republicans are increasingly
in favor of criminal justice reform
especially if you can sell it as you
know it it makes things safer and it uh
and it protects police from unnecessary
interactions um and it saves taxpayer
money um
but again these are like 15 different
ifs at this point
right and like
i i want to point out to all of our
viewers and listeners like we’re not on
the uh uh the desantis dick sucking
train here yet no god no it’s it’s yeah
they’re i
consistency on other stuff
when he didn’t uh uh commute michael
edward’s sentence
i swore i would never vote for it
yeah because my for anybody who doesn’t
know michael edwards has been in prison
since 1993
two yep
yep uh for
uh selling his ex-girlfriend a
two grams of cocaine i think
yeah um
he’s been life in prison ever since uh
parole board
uh the clemency board granted him
clemency and de santa said no he vetoed
it and yeah that’s upset that would have
to be an example of something he’d have
to reverse course on not specifically
just because of michael but in general
like he’d have to be
if you want to talk about people’s
rights and people’s ability to not have
their lives ruined by government you
can’t just do that with vaccines and
masks do it with everything using the
exact same argument and you will you
will be consistent you will be helping
people and you will get way more support
for any potential uh uh republican that
you might lose for saying you’re not
being tough enough on those 2 gram of
cocaine 30 years ago criminals which i
don’t think there are that many of them
you’d get a bunch more
centrists you get a bunch more
independents you get a bunch more
libertarians and people who go oh wow
you’re being consistent about that thing
and it would be harder to attack you as
a hypocrite which is what democrats and
republicans love doing to each other is
endlessly saying you said this but then
you did this or you did this because you
wanted this but then you did this and
that’s the opposite and then you’re
supposed to go yeah well you did this
because you said this but then you did
this and that’s the opposite you’re a
hypocrite no you’re a hypocrite no
you’re a hypocrite if instead you’d be
like no i’m not a hypocrite because i
was consistent on that look what i did
here look what i did here look what i
did here it would help you as well to
help your campaign
but you know take it don’t take it from
me i’m just a guy who got the vice
presidential nomination from the third
largest political party where no one
knew me three four months prior
so what do i know
i have no idea what i’m talking about
i don’t know
uh before
we end this show and we talked you are
you’re a bigot you’re you’re you’re
you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re
you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re
you’re you’re guessing
yes we have guests so tomorrow
well hang on
i said before we get there oh okay
before we get there it’d be oh yeah
it being thanksgiving um
spike what is it that you are thankful
for in this
the year 2021.
do i have to name one thing or
everything i’m thankful for or anything
as as many as you can think of off the
top of you oh man i am well first of all
i am thankful for my lord and savior
jesus christ
now i’m thankful for
my family i’m thankful for
my incredible wife um tasha my uh
i guess my extended family in uh
you know with muddy waters you of course
you’re like a brother to me i am uh i am
grateful for everyone in the muddy team
i’m grateful for everyone with the spike
cohen team with you know the the team
spike in the you are the power team
all of y’all that i guess you’re part of
the muddy family too even the ones who
in the muddy mudskitter militia mud
alicia of the muddy mud people
um subscriber club which you should be
but even if you’re not i still love you
um just not quite as much um
i love
the support and the
the the camaraderie and fellowship we
built with muddy waters
um i love my all of my
followers and and
friends that i’ve made along the way in
the liberty movement over the last two
um i’m grateful for most of the
libertarian party
i’m grateful for
gosh what else i’m grateful for
all of the opportunities that we’ve had
and the growing opportunities that we’ve
had i’m grateful for the stuff that’s
coming next year that i can’t even talk
about yet because we’re just it’s just
in the works and it’s not official yet
but it’s gonna be really great and i’m
really looking forward to all of that
man i’m grateful for
oh gosh i know i’m forgetting i’m
grateful for my relatively good health
you know i remember five years ago being
told about you know being in a
wheelchair and not being able to see and
what that’s going to be like and you
getting relapses every couple months and
and you know i’ve been stable for years
now i’m able to live a really fulfilling
um i’m actually like in terms of like
everything but my central nervous system
i’m in the best health i’ve ever been in
in my life and i’m in some of the best
health i’ve been in even with my central
nervous system in the past several years
um i’m grateful that we don’t want for
i’m grateful for
i know there’s other stuff i’m missing
right now um i’m grateful for
just the love and the dedication of all
the people that have the same goals and
values that we have and everything we’ve
been able to do um
again i know i’m missing stuff but those
are just off the top of my head yeah
there’s nothing yeah there’s no way
that you would have
been able to
name everything off the top of your head
yeah no it’s it’s i’m just i am
it’s like a cornuco you know this is the
time of year the cornucopias and the uh
the horns of plenty and so forth i am i
overflowing with gratefulness for things
i really am
what are you grateful for no i
you know obviously grateful
you are like a brother to me i look you
know i love you like a brother i assume
i’ve never had one i love you too but i
i love you like a brother uh you know
you’re my best friend you’re my brother
and we get to do this together
often um
sometimes on time um but not always
not always not often no occasionally
and you know i’m grateful for all of
muddied waters and everybody that is a
subscriber and everybody that’s not a
subscriber um and you know jason and
kelsey and cajun and eskimo and
you know anybody that’s involved
um with any brian masson
love me some brian
i could probably say three different
reasons i’m grateful just for brian yeah
just for brian yeah just for brian alone
you know i’m
i’m grateful for you know my family and
my friends uh you know my mom my dad
because without them none of this would
have been possible
um you know my friends who have
supported me
over the last
five years next
that we have been doing this um and you
know i’m grateful definitely grateful
for superfan sarah anderegg and the two
littlins that live rent-free in this
and the two dogs that also live
rent-free in this house um
you know i’m
there is so much
everybody complained about 2020 and they
said that you know oh 2020 was such a
terrible year
2020 was not an easy year for me but it
was one of the best years that i had
and 2021 has been shaping up to be an
even better gear and there is a lot of
stuff that is happening um both with
muddy waters and with other aspects of
our lives that yeah uh and with spike in
with spikes
i don’t know what your business is
called is it spike cohen is it you are
the power like oh the organization’s
called you were the powers by cohen
so with you or the power with muddied
waters with you know other things going
on in our lives there’s like so much
that is happening behind the scenes that
we’re all building and we can’t wait to
release all of it on you like a money
shot in the porn sorry mom and dad um
there’s so much is going on and we can’t
wait to share everything with all of you
because you are the reason that all of
this is happening that all of this is
and the
the amount of love and support that i
get from sarah for
all of the
sometimes thankless work that i do
trying to make sure that all of this
goes off without a hitch except for on
time um
the fact that she will constantly give
me support and tell me how proud she is
and how uh
grateful that she is that i have this
and that i you know reminding me that
i’m reaching people i can never be
thankful enough
for her being in my life
you know it’s it’s like you said we’ve
we’ve all become one massive massive
family it is yeah yeah it’s exactly like
a family
so yeah there’s just there’s so much but
uh to all of our viewers and listeners
like thank you guys
yeah honestly thank you
yeah yeah
no it’s uh i uh i am we are all grateful
for you we love you with everything we
are so happy to have you as a part of
again we are only getting started um
incredible things are coming
stuff on you are the power stuff on
muddy waters that we can’t even talk
about there early on but i mean we have
it’s gonna if you think 2021 was great
2022 is going to be on a completely
different level and uh and i couldn’t be
happier to have you and i know i speak
one for matt too when i say this we
couldn’t be happier to have you as a
part of it um and thank you very much um
tomorrow night let me tell you something
else i’m grateful for matt tomorrow
i have high-res the rapper on my show
high res and jake levy i’m not sure if
it’s levy or levy and he has done jake
jimmy sorry it’s j yeah i knew as i was
saying that hi rez and jimmy levy uh who
have done uh some
songs together
high-res uh anyone who is following
youtube and soundcloud rappers knows who
high-res is um and uh he has something
like two and a half million subscribers
on on youtube really hoping to get that
youtube love
from this uh and uh but he is uh he uh
has been following me for a while now
and is becoming more and more
libertarian he’s very big into crypto
and his
uh if you go check out high res
on youtube um it’s h-i-r-e-z
all of his songs are just libertarian
songs now like all of his rap is
libertarian now
and it’s really really cool so we’re
gonna talk about what got him here and
uh what his newest songs uh revolution
and um and some of his other newer songs
that have been coming out uh what’s been
the driving behind that and uh where
they’re going from here and i could not
be happier about that it’s i and i can’t
i’m also grateful like i’ve had r.a the
rugged man i’m gonna have high-res got
some other rappers who might be getting
uh as you know the white kid that guy i
was still in that generation where white
kids who’d listen to rap gotta you know
got given a hard time in school it’s all
coming back full circle i’m now
you know some of my favorite rap
entertainers are coming on my show
to rap
with me we’re rapping we’re having a rap
session matt who’s your guest on uh oh
no it’s thanksgiving
so you’re grateful that you don’t have
to have a show because it’s thanksgiving
yeah very you know uh not grateful i’m
not having a show but great things that
i get to spend
uh that’s what i’m grateful that i get
to spend right i’m grateful that i get
to spend some uh quality family time
with uh people who you know with sarah
and her family uh up in georgia it’s
gonna be it’s gonna be a good time
georgia big georgia
georgia it’s gonna be
30 degrees
um georgia
georgia going to georgia
i feel like you aren’t getting one so
because they’re jewish
right no i i understand okay okay
i was starting to lose it too i’m
i’m quick to pick up on
no i know on the jew stuff no i know i
know i know you are right uh and then do
we know our friday are we are
our cajun and especially friday
we’re just going to say they’re going to
do it
cajun and eskimo will be having a new
show of cajun and eskimo from bayous to
igloos where they will cover
something that will get us demonetized
probably uh then uh have a great uh
holiday weekend enjoy yourself enjoy
your family enjoy your loved ones enjoy
your community um
and uh and thank you for being a part of
ours then on monday uh jason lyon is
doing another amazing episode of mr
america the bearded truth uh his guest
it says dwayne lester but that’s not
right this one yeah that’s not right
i i do you’re not gonna believe who
jason’s next guest is
but it’s gonna be incredible brian scott
is it
it is brian lambrecht is going to be
talking about campaigning
if you are considering running for
office or helping someone else run for
office tune in this monday at 8pm
brian lambrecht is the
is largely the brains behind team spike
he was during the campaign he and matt
hicks were kind of combined
but uh
media relations uh strategy and tactics
um putting together a team
he is all that stuff uh he is incredible
the the number of things he he’s
forgotten more this week than most other
campaign managers have known their
entire career um and uh definitely want
to tune in for that then
next tuesday right here same money place
probably about 15 minutes earlier
time to like closer to actually eight
the next episode of uh the muddy waters
of freedom for me
and this guy right here
this guy right here parse through the
week’s events like the chipper little
people who apparently are gonna die in
the next 55 years
when are we doing the auction
we’re doing an auction
on tuesday
are we doing it
it’s for the it’s for the waffle house
yeah let’s do it
yeah because then they can get it and
have it for the holidays yeah yeah let’s
do that right so we don’t have the
pulled up because i wasn’t sure if we
were going to be doing it this next week
or not
but uh we have a tumbler from stitches
and glitches and defy the power
that well i can show them that waffle
it is a waffle house caucus tumbler
not this one it’s way more intense it’s
way more intense it is specifically made
for uh fans of this show
you will have
the waffle house caucus it lights up
um it lights up and
not only does it light up but there is
so much more that you’re not going to
it also the led lights are rated for 50
000 hours
so that is
2033 in a third days of light use
that’s a lot of days
uh it’s operated by a watch battery and
you’re going to get a backup battery
it keeps drinks cold for 12 hours and
hot for 10.
lights are under epoxy and it is safe to
drink from while it is lit
uh comes with a portable reusable
stainless steel straw
both spike and myself have autographed
it it’s under epoxy and you can wash it
10 000 times or more before and the
signatures will still be there
yeah and this is the only one there is
one there i have a picture of what
yeah this is one of a kind they’re never
making it ever again
actually they probably will if you want
to but they don’t but don’t
uh but you won’t even know what it what
you can’t even describe this thing
there’s so much going on there um
here’s a picture of what we will look
like by the time you’re able to
successfully wash all of that off
right because we’ll kill ourselves
so thanks folks thanks so much for
tuning in for this episode oh by the way
happy uh
on sunday happy beginning of hanukkah
beginning of hanukkah on sunday very
early this year uh happy beginning of
we love you very much have a great
but don’t have a great thanksgiving
until after you’ve tuned in to my fellow
americans tomorrow night then start
having a happy thanksgiving
okay all right uh matt if someone were
to try to find us on the internet is
that even possible and if so how
it is possible wow
i gotta think of how to reword this
our website issues but first uh what
people need to do is uh head on over to
having some problems you can listen to
all of the audio
from all of our shows
you can listen to all of the audio from
all of our shows at anchor dot fm slash
motive waters
and you can also subscribe
or leave us messages
and if you subscribe
you get to join in on the muddy tomb
once a month
please subscribe i gotta do the thing
here you gotta see that to join in you
can become a member to join in
join and you get to ask us questions
that we will play live on the air
or you can find this in every other
well no moneywatersmedia.com still works
oh that works it’s the slash other stuff
that’s not working right now for some
reason but no muddy waters media.com
does work
so you can go to muddywatersmedia.com
so go to moneywiresmedia.com
moneywatersmedia.com this was asmr for
all right guys have a great rest of your
night happy thanksgiving
but not yet though
my show tomorrow night
with highres the rapper
and jimmy levy and then have a happy
thanksgiving we love you have a great
rest of your evening and where we’re
we don’t need roads

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