Episode 198 – Fauci’s Email’s Confirm Biases in People

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Fauci has his emails released to the public and whether you hated or loved him before they came out, you still do today — only more so. We delve into some of the emails and why none of it matters.

Plus, AOC and Matt Walsh go toe-to-toe and neither side blinks. There’s a new global corporate tax, The Supreme Court decided some stuff, and a California judge compares the AR-15 to a… Swiss Army Knife?

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

References: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20793561-leopold-nih-foia-anthony-fauci-emails

Fauci Was Duplicitous on the AIDS Epidemic Too


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Episode Transcript

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you landed
haymakers on joe biden how do you go
from being such
a passionate opponent it was a debate
you’re considered the most liberal
united states senator
somebody said that in the actual mike
pence on the debate stage
she kept laughing is there something
wrong with her
is there something wrong with her she
kept laughing
the media said
and now matt wright and spike cohen
good morning good afternoon
or good evening and welcome
hold on no just keep talking
there we go four nope close
no all right even almost well that’s
closer for spike jew exotic
cohen wow i am matt ray and together we
are traversing the muddied waters of
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matt we have a uh amazing couple of
guests don’t we
we we have a myriad a myriad of guests
oh yeah i mean why not why doesn’t it um
but yeah
uh i’m not really sure if two qualifies
as myriad now but we’re about to find
uh yeah do you think it qualifies the
mirror to tell us in the comments
uh let us know in the comments comments
if you think
that that’s real or not because i’m
i mean it might be i mean technically it
is a plural thing but anyway
they are uh these two are based out of
virginia beach uh
they have a show together called the
beach brothers which i have actually
been on as well and uh we are happy to
have them on
so uh please without any further ado
join us in welcoming to the show
that’s the wrong button the welcoming to
the show
mr seiko mcmillan and
conrad chevent schiffster
and we’re happy to be here but i’ll be
mcmillan today
i’ll be macmillan wait who is sacramento
who is synchronous valeria i did
i love it i’m here for it all
where the hell did i get seiko mcmillan
seiko varner
on your show like four times seiko thank
you so much for joining conrad thank you
so much for joining
uh you guys are based out of virginia
beach right
sort of largest navy uh base on the east
right there out of norfolk and oceana
naval air station right here in virginia
beach so
big military town and yeah one of the
best places in the world man
one of the best places in the world and
in fact
i’m gonna be back there in uh july july
i will be there for the uh concerned
veterans of america event
so i will be there we might be putting
together something on the 30th too so
more stay tuned for more info
on that but i’m excited to see you guys
thank you good stuff let’s go through
the muddy waters let’s go
let’s go let’s get dirty
dirty in a myriad amount of ways yes
yeah that’s why
matt hicks is telling me that doesn’t
count and well it’s matt hicks so i’m
already assuming i’m correct
if matt hicks is telling you that that’s
not correct then he
you’re wrong like that you’re definitely
yeah i’m definitely i’m definitely wrong
well that’s not good countless or
extremely great number
and since i’m going to say i’m correct
because they are extremely
great guests so
it’s a myriad of guests don’t harry and
matt hicks
it is a great number of guests by virtue
of who they are as people
so exaco conrad tell us about
the beach pros what beats brothers what
got you guys to start doing that what do
you guys do over there talk to us about
i’ll lead up with mr seiko because he
brought the idea of it to me and i
joined on immediately
yeah so you know conrad was running for
office i had stopped running for office
and there were just so many political
that conrad and i were having said we
need to bring this to the airwaves
i think the you know citizenry need to
understand some of the things that we’re
and make sure that they make really
informed choices
one of the things that i found out
running for the school board
is that a lot of citizens don’t
understand what the school board does
what the city council does what
delegates do
you know they just have very little
understanding of that
so we thought that our show could help
that that in you know that educational
and fun show and we wanted to bring
politics and i’m very passionate about
business so
um we bring in a edge of business so
virginia business and politics now we’ve
kind of moved directly into business
politics and empowerment i found my
in empowerment that is awesome that’s
great that you guys are doing that
and now you got now i i’ve been on your
show a couple times
and so i’ve gone on and i’ve said this
stuff that i usually say
which tends to be fairly libertarian
stuff and so far i keep getting invited
and i’ve not yet been yelled at by
either of you that i remember
so is it fair to say that you guys are
somewhat libertarian
leaning conrad i know you are but i i
would it fair to say libertarian leaning
or maybe how would you describe uh your
uh each of your respective uh political
leanings or beliefs
and you want to go first kind yeah sure
i i would definitely like the idea of
leaning into it
i would compare it to a couple of local
politicians here
um we have uh mr john moss miss jessica
abbott they
are what is considered to be
libertarian-leaning republicans
but i thought that that was a vein that
was never really given to democrats much
and due to a recent great appeal that i
have to
modern monetary theory to believe that
that can help fund some of
uh advanced social welfare programs that
we didn’t really need to have
an actual overburdening regulatory
system in order to do that and all the
way down to like
say drug laws
immigration things like that comes out
to mind i’m like i can still keep
actually a lot of my
base libertarian feelings but actually
be progressive
at the same time so that i sort of
merged it in the other direction not
having to lean republican so that’s how
i would look at him
it’s more of like a libertarian
progressive i’m i’m
i’m an independent i’m independent and
it’s you know i’ve been
a democrat i’ve voted as a democrat i’ve
been a republican i voted as a
and after i really took a deep look at
both parties and what was happening
and what was not happening i said this
is craziness
neither one of these parties are working
in my interest nor the interest of my
they’re just fighting each other i tell
people a lot that people
play politics like football you know if
you like the
washington football team you know good
or bad year you’re rooting for
if you like the dallas cowboys good or
bad year you’re rooting for the dallas
and so when the republicans do some
stupid crap then
they still get support by their republic
and when the democrats do some silly
stuff and
crazy mess they still get support by the
democrats and
i just can’t be in either one of those
camps anymore so
you know i started off as a democrat um
pretty much because everyone in my house
voted as a democrat
and then i ended up listening to a rush
limbaugh show
and so i listen to rush limbaugh i
actually listened to him for about 30
years actually i want to say 20 years
maybe about 20 years it was like 92
i heard of rush limbaugh show and i was
like wow this guy kind of speaks like
the honorable elijah muhammad
he kind of speaks like messiah garvey
and then
as i listened to him a little more and
more and i got hypnotized
then i started realizing hey these folks
are not for us
these folks are just for themselves uh
it’s a lot of hypocrisy
you know something that a democrat would
do they’d be like boo we don’t want this
and then a republican would do the same
thing and i was like okay this is
you know this is a lot of mess uh i
can’t get anywhere with either one of
these parties so
i’m stepping out so i became a republi
became a republican
listen to rush then i really looked at
it and i said hey i’m independent
and then in the 2020 election
for the very first time i cast a ballot
for you and for joe jorgensen and it
wasn’t because that
i was voting against trump or voting
against biden
i was actually voting for somebody who i
really kind of believed in their
now i thought that biden was a bunch of
junk and i thought that trump was a
bunch of junk
so they weren’t going to get my vote
but you did and so am i libertarian
leaning i’m libertarian
libertarian learning you’re listening
i like returning i like that a lot okay
yeah i’m libertarian learning so uh
i’ve got a chance to go to a couple of
the uh libertarian meetings
i can’t say everything with honky dory
yeah that’s not in the great state of
virginia um
but i do like what you say spike and
i’ve learned a lot and i tell you what
the best clip from the beach brothers
is blue cross blue chicken
the blue cross blue chicken plant yeah
yeah yeah but whenever you want to
blue cross blue chicken you’re going to
find a great video with spike
it’s probably on uh it’s on one of our
youtube channels it’s on twitter
it’s on facebook you’ll find a blue
cross blue chicken
does that broke it down i loved it
does that i like it oh wow it does
if you if you google blue cross blue
chicken my video comes up that is
oh we’re here for it man you brought it
and i was like yes
this makes so much sense it makes
so i’m libertarian learning and i think
the way you said it was interesting how
did you say it
liberty libertarian
libertarian libertarian learning’s
better liberty turning is
me trying to hobble it together go ahead
matt sorry say
no you’re fine so sega uh i grew up in
um i grew up in northern virginia and uh
i will never get used to hearing them
being called the washington football
ever i don’t even like i
i have never liked them i have always
rooted against them
except against the cowboys because i
dislike them more but uh yeah
like i have never been like any time
people been like oh yeah the washington
football team is playing i kind of go
are they are they
well i kind of use the washington
football team and the
dallas cowboys because it’s red and blue
red and blue i get it right right it’s
you know democrat republican
blood [ __ ] dallas
yeah yeah that’s right
blood and [ __ ] is actually probably the
best description because people actually
get killed
whereas like with football it’s just
like entertainment so it’s actually
probably a good
a good thing so then tell us a little
bit about the uh
the um hampton roads black caucus what
what started that
well i’ll start on this one so i’m the
chairman for the community action team
and the hampton roads black caucus has
actually been in
business been alive for about 10 years
and um some
some some consistent constituents got
together and said
a lot of the things that are happening
politically in hampton roads
are not positively impacting the black
so we want to pull ourselves together
and say hey these
our these are our concerns and we want
our politicians to address our concerns
as well
and the only way we think that our
concerns are going to be even considered
is if we show up in droves if there’s a
of people coming together and saying hey
we have the same concerns
and so when i ran for office in 2018
i learned about the black pockets
because i didn’t know about them before
but they give endorsement so i said let
me chase their endorsement so i sat down
met with them
and i learned about i was like you know
what i should be involved in this
i didn’t win the race but i came back
the next year and said you know what
i think that what you have here is
beautiful we just need to make it larger
you know we really truly need to have a
myriad of people who are going to
stand up and say hey politicians
you need to rock with us or we’re not
rocking with you and so i developed what
i call the community action team we call
ourselves the battle pass
and we have a couple of agenda items
that we’re working on
we’re coming up with a report card for
seated politicians the hampton roads
black caucus already vets
people who are running you know for
candidates you know so um they have a
candidate vetting system and to be
honest with you
their vetting system has really been
around 80 percent accurate you know the
people who received the endorsement
from hampton roads black caucus normally
went about 80
of the time uh but now we’re coming with
a report card to say
hey you’re screwing up you know you got
to see
you know we want better we want to be we
want to a you know if you have a d
you got to get out of here you got to f
you got to get out of here
and we’re going to make sure that the
community gets a better understanding
of how they’re being misrepresented
by their selected officials
so now what are like a couple of the
examples of the main issues that you
guys are pushing forward in this caucus
okay um you want to talk now or shall i
oh well you’d be able to be a little bit
more authoritative on it but
we have a certain um group of pillars uh
four pillars
um that are with the heavyweight’s black
caucus and i joined um back
in right in december january cut off
i knew i wasn’t going to be running
anytime soon but i wanted to be part of
an organization that had both gravitas
and people look to it for information
and i want to be part of the team
that helps dispense that information to
the people so we want to make sure that
we grow
the community both economically and
and i believe that they can really take
the hrbc seriously
and i wanted to make sure i helped push
it into
you know the agendas that i think are
very valid
and mr seiko has a good depth of
knowledge on that
right so the four pillars are primarily
economic growth
black business growth community
and community engagement those are the
four pillars that the hampton roads
black caucus developed
we’ve developed a interesting process
the community action team the battle
cats have developed
watchdogs so we have battle cat watch
to per city so now in virginia beach
there’s somebody who’s going to all the
city council meetings
and reporting back to us going to all
these school board meetings
and reporting back to the same thing in
chesapeake same thing in
suffolk hampton newport news
portsmouth you know um so now we have
two people
who are going to these meetings and
they’re reporting back because a lot of
the things that happened
in the city council meetings school
board meetings really don’t get the
community awareness that they need to
you know in virginia beach there was a
back door meeting
where they decided that hey we don’t
want to have a community
review panel a citizen review panel to
have police oversight
you know that wasn’t even discussed in a
public forum
it didn’t come up to a popular vote it
was a backdoor vote it’s not even listed
in the minutes you know those types of
things are happening
and we wanted to be sure that we knew
exactly what was happening in our cities
so we can say hey politicians you’re not
rocking with us
and if you don’t rock with us we don’t
rock with you as a matter of fact if you
don’t rock with us
we’re going to make sure you don’t win
anymore we’re gonna make sure that
nothing works out for you you know you
have to take care of your constituents
and unfortunately in america and in our
cities in general
that’s not happening in the way that it
needs to happen so we have battle cat
watchdogs in each one of the cities we
also developed a report card
and one of the things that we’re getting
ready to launch and
actually i probably shouldn’t talk about
it because i don’t have total approval
for it yet
but uh we’re going to meet with each
elected official
and put them on the record for a lot of
the things that
the community wants you know for
we wanted into qualified immunity
we wanted to answer that you know you
spoke on that yourself brother’s fight
and one of the things that we saw happen
is our delegates
who we voted for who said hey we agree
with you
anybody who does wrong needs to be
punished and then they went to
the uh you know i can’t even think of
the name of the state house you know
they went to where the delegates went
right and they said uh we’re not gonna
worry about it right now
so the very people that people who voted
you know those who said i’m i’m a blue
and well blue through and through
you know blue no matter who i’m voting
for all of everybody democrat
where the democrats just let you know
and the republicans were saying ah we
don’t want to listen to you
that’s not our problem the blow back the
thin blue line
yeah well there’s a thin line between
love and hate and unfortunately
um too many of the politicians are going
to learn that
we may have loved you before but we
don’t love you anymore
so that’s good that’s what the anthropos
black caucus is doing we’re going to
make sure that
the interests of our community are
and get the political attention that
they deserve
well and that’s you’re doing it the way
to do it you get involved in your
you’re going to actual meetings you’re
going to city council meetings you’re
going and talking to delegates
uh which are the le that’s for those who
don’t know those are what the
legislators are called in in virginia
you’re going and meeting with
legislators you’re meeting with the
people uh you’re bringing people
together behind your common reforms and
your common goals
which sounds suspiciously libertarian
but we’ll we’ll talk about that
but uh uh i’m really listen i’m really
happy about what you guys are doing and
i’m looking forward to seeing
am i gonna see both of you am i seeing
you guys in virginia when i’m when i’m
coming up there
yes sir absolutely well i’m looking
forward to what we can maybe
i i’m already talking with libertarian
party virginia and uh the i know hampton
roads or virginia beach has a
affiliate as well i’m gonna be talking
with you guys because maybe we can put
something together the night before
because i’m actually coming in the day
the cva event so we may be able to do a
big thing with virginia
uh uh virginia libertarian party
virginia beach or
hampton roads the black caucus you know
we can do a big thing we can all get
together and uh
and see where we agree on stuff and and
work to set uh hampton roads free
true true yeah we’re here for it you
know we are here for
everything that’s really going to make
this a more perfect union
you know so everybody can truly
appreciate and live out the american
and everyone has equal access to the
beautiful things that our country has
and it takes people like you speaking
to bring that to fruition and uh if that
sounds libertarian
so bad we’re here for it it sounds
pretty libertarian so guys before i let
you go thank you again thank you so much
for coming on before i let you go
uh how can people find you plug all your
stuff plug your shows your social media
the whole thing how do we find you
i’ll lead off um conrad has invented for
virginia beach
i have my my own political page because
i’ve run before i’ll
pretty sure i’ll run again also i want
to make sure you guys like
the hampton roads of black caucus on
facebook just learn more about us
and of course like the beach brothers
show on the sega
all right yeah so you can find me on the
beach brother show i have my own podcast
it’s called get on code and it’s kind of
named after neely fuller’s
compensatory code for the negro so uh
back in the 50s nearly fuller was
interesting because neely fuller is
extremely light-skinned
he was able to pass for white and he got
a chance to go back between different
worlds back in the 50s
and he came back to the black community
and said hey we need to get on code
there are a lot of things that are
that are not working in our collective
interest and so he put out a book
called the compensatory code for the
negro so
our show is called get on code and it’s
all about empowerment
everything that we focus on is about
empowerment we’re not looking for
anything but empowerment we think with
everything else can happen you know the
civil rights program you know the civil
rights struggle
you know that was kind of go along to
get along
and it left us unempowered
so uh my show was called get on code you
can find it on youtube
you can find it on facebook you can find
it on twitter uh you can find me easily
at seiko varner s-e-k-o
v-a-r-n-e-r at takeover honor you’ll
find me and i look forward to having you
down here in the area man man
every time you come down here spike you
just light a fire of
interest and uh let’s keep this fire
going let’s keep it burning
absolutely guys well uh conrad seiko
thank you again so much for coming on
hopefully uh get to have you on again
soon and uh also
uh hope to be back on your shows as well
and i will see you uh next month in uh
in hampton roads
absolutely thank you all so much all
appreciate it guys yep thank you guys so
and yes so that was cool that was
awesome i can’t believe i called him
seiko mcmillan so it turns out
if i type the words scko
on my phone in the notes
it automatically puts mcmillan after
why i don’t know i don’t know why i
don’t have any one of my contacts named
seiko macmillan
i don’t have anyone on i just googled
seiko macmillan
there is no seiko mcmillan i have no
who seiko mcmillan is i’m friends with
i know his name is seiko varner
i have no clue what just happened anyway
yeah no they were a great guest and uh
and uh that was cool yeah we’re gonna be
uh we’re gonna be there
also another thing to plug uh tim on
thursday at nine
after writer’s block join us on
clubhouse we’re gonna be doing
a special clubhouse event uh where we
are going to be
uh raising money for the muddy waters
crew to come out to tunica mississippi
uh next month for the breaking
boundaries for freedom event
in tunica mississippi uh so tune in
uh on thursday after the writer’s block
tune in
at 9 00 pm eastern on clubhouse
if you cannot make it to the clubhouse
uh the link to donate is going to be in
the comments
right now ish
i think did that go
in case it didn’t go i’m gonna send it
weird not seeing it
i don’t know why uh that isn’t oh are
you doing it on restream because
sometimes that doesn’t work sometimes
sometimes their function their function
you have to it just won’t work you have
to send it separately on facebook and
youtube oh
well that’s okay yeah gotcha
that makes i guess that makes sense i
mean not a lot of sense but i guess it
makes sense
yeah like it will literally it’ll do it
if you gotcha
if you do each one individually like
that yeah and do it it’s the dumbest
but anyway yeah that’s yeah no it’s stu
i hate it
uh yeah it’s done all right so
no they uh really glad those guys came
um now you know what else we’re glad for
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same way that this
hand has a tin in it muddy waters media
dot com
slash mud matt
uh patricia marie that did is that
mudwater endorsed by dr oz i have no
i have never watched an episode of dr oz
yes what i can tell you is his daughter
beat him on the hundred thousand dollar
pyramid the other day
he completed dr oz called me right
before the show started and he said
i need you to tell your guests and fans
and followers that i
100 think that mud water coffee
alternative is the best
coffee alternative on the market and he
specifically brought up the fact that it
has 1
7 of the caffeine of a regular cup of
coffee just enough to get you started
but not enough to get you a crash or
cause any kind of heart problems because
i’m a doctor dr oz that’s my name that’s
a direct quote
ashley grier smooth yes uh if you want
hear us roast your business yes we need
more sponsors
uh it’s kind of a prerequisite you have
to understand that’s probably going we
are going to
yeah we are right that’s just going to
happen jacob
do not jacob
blues jacob jacob blaze420
yes uh it works really well for that i
don’t actually know but i know that it
would work really well for that
from my past experience um hannah if you
want you can literally
if you want seven times the amount of
caffeine that’s in a cup of coffee
if you drink 49 am i doing that seven
49 yeah it’s 49 cups of mud so basically
this entire tin
of mud water every day you too
can probably die pretty quickly
don’t do that don’t do that joe silaski
i’d love to have you back on we will be
in touch i can’t
i will definitely have you back on uh
connor yeah we’re
well we’re not selling weed we’re
ken we’re selling cumberland cannabis co
tennessee cbd
which is just different than
it’s tennessee cbd
so you can google that yep and jacob it
is airtight
that’s what i’m saying it is airtight it
will work fine for what you are thinking
you want to use
it for yes um because yeah remember
anything can be a dildo if you’re brave
um speaking of which alexander cortez
she tweeted about her uh abuelics
her poor abuela’s abuelics’s
um house in puerto rico
um talking about how it was dilapidated
and uh you know there were a myriad of
things wrong with it
um and and it’s just it’s trump’s fault
it’s all trump’s fault
it’s all trump’s all just over a week
ago my abuela fell
ill i went to puerto rico to see her my
first time in a year plus because of
this is her home hurricane maria relief
hasn’t arrived trump blocked relief
money for puerto rico
people are being forced to flee
ancestral homes and developers are
taking them well it’s it’s it’s a damn
shame that donald trump got reelected
and joe biden hasn’t been president for
half a year already
right makes me mad right
makes me just mad um
so a lot of people pointed out that
she recently bought a new tesla or
leased a tesla and she has two different
apartments that are pretty nice
and dc and new york and a couple other
and then matt walsh being matt walsh
and i’m gonna i’m gonna say first i
don’t like matt walsh
all the time i don’t like him
matt walsh is one of those people that
twenty percent of the time ten to twenty
percent of the time i’m like
yeah and yeah it’s like what
right yeah that’s that’s pretty accurate
ten to twenty percent of the time i find
what he does like i either agree with it
and he says or i find
or i find it funny enough that i’m like
i don’t even care that i disagree with
that because that was funny
um but uh yeah so matt walsh tore into
her uh
for having the tesla and instead of
helping out
nana or ocasio or nana cortez i’m not
really sure which one she is
uh and then he started a gofundme
that raised a myriad of dollars just
just a pure myriad of dollars two
myriads actually
he raised a hundred thousand dollars
yeah raised over a hundred thousand
uh and he reached out to aoc to find out
where he could send the money
where he could send the money he did not
get a response uh
immediately um
he he did not get a response where he
could send the money uh but for some
somebody somebody in the family which is
how it was worded
somebody in the family turned the money
i wonder who i wonder if
i bet it was grandma i bet it was
yeah nana ocasio-cortez ocasio-cortez
i don’t think it’s nana ocasio-cortez
it’s nana ocasio or nana cortez
i bet that abuelax cortez
uh orchesiax uh looked at over a hundred
thousand dollars raised
so far and said
no no no no no this would definitely
my granddaughter who has a tesla and a
six-figure job look
bad look terrible i better wait
for the funds to be released
and then given donald trump to the
puerto rican governor
who will then definitely
disperse that the way that it is
supposed to be dispersed
because they have such a great record of
that happening
yes yeah that is
literally what happened there is and and
unfortunately we have to deal with
current president donald trump donald
trump who is
still refusing to release funds
to puerto rico to give to the
not even remotely corrupt government of
puerto rico and of san juan who were
100 percent not caught hoarding supplies
and money
for themselves and the people that they
that did not have
multiple videos and pictures of
happening and in fair
in all fairness
donald trump probably is still refusing
to release the money
yes yes
if you ask donald trump right now
release the money
he’s going to reflexively say no right
he he is gonna say no he’s gonna be like
i can’t do it many people then he’s
not he’s probably gonna say something
that’s not my job anymore you guys
75 million americans wanted it to be my
job but
77 million i don’t know wanted it not to
be my job anymore
and uh so i don’t have that job somebody
else has to do that job
so blame him and i don’t have 77 million
dollars to
give her well hope i don’t know
if i don’t know if joe biden has the
shot needed to get the supplies
to the people of puerto rico in time
so you literally this is a perfect
this is perfect you have people who
mostly don’t even like
aoc who voluntarily gave money to help
her grandmother because
what are you gonna do it’s her
grandmother it’s not her fault it’s not
the grandmother’s fault
that aoc is the way she is and
and then she on behalf presumably
it wasn’t the grandmother doing this
says no no no she doesn’t need that
i just made a point of tweeting how
terrible her life is but she doesn’t
need money that was given to her
this is what a limousine liberal is
yes or a prada progressive or whatever
you want to call him like
like whatever
a prod aggressive a prod aggressive
i like rotting aggressive a prod
aggressive she’s certainly not liver
turning folks
uh i listen this is this is so
on brand for being a a i care about the
poor democrat
it’s your own grandma and you still
wouldn’t let her get the money
so that because it would mean that you’d
have to turn around and say thank you to
who you don’t agree with politically to
you’d have to say thank you to matt
you’d have to say thank you to matt
walsh who you disagree with politically
so instead she’s got to continue being
in these terrible
conditions so one day
years ago even before we started
the show uh matt walsh had written
an article
i’m certain it had to do with trans
people i don’t i don’t remember exactly
and i made some post online about
innocuous like it didn’t even wasn’t
political wasn’t anything i just made a
this girl starts ripping into me
and i was like whoa amanda
why are you coming at me this way like
you and i were at
what’s that yeah amanda yeah amanda like
why yeah why
um i was like you and she was like you
hate trans people and i was like what
the what are you talking about why do
you think i hate trans people and she
goes you wrote an entire article about
and i had literally just finished
reading the matt walsh article like two
minutes before i saw that and i went
do you think i’m matt walsh
you and i met at a monsanto rally
and you think i’m matt walsh
like she was just blasting me for like a
half an hour and i was like why are you
so mad at me what did i do to you
that was like when i was a little child
and people would come up and
congratulate me
on how good do the right thing was
so speaking of taxes
on saturday the finance ministers from
the g7 nations
announced their support for a global
corporate minimum tax of 15
which would require companies to pay at
least a 15 percent rate
in each country they operate in not just
their main one
all of them matt and of course of course
in completely unrelated news
companies around these seven countries
that are
fleeing to the other 190
four countries that are out there
however right however many more yeah uh
so the agreement which uh
for anybody who doesn’t know the g7 is
composed of canada france germany
the us italy japan and the uk
not china though not china not russia
not brazil not you know any of the other
190 for or whatever it is
um now the g7 minis uh
sorry they are calling for an extra tax
on profits from
the largest and most profitable
multinational enterprises
meaning that they are going after your
amazons and your facebooks and your
googles and
or your alphabets whatever uh google’s
that parent companies alphabet right
um and apple and things like that that’s
what that’s who they’re going after
who’s willing to bet that
your facebooks your amazons your your
alphabet your apple are going to figure
out a way not to pay
that and the companies that have you
a secondary office somewhere that are
they’re international
in a way are going to be the ones
getting absolutely and royally screwed
by this
and especially beca or they can do the
amazon route which
okay fine i’ll pay the tax but you’re
going to give me even more money worth
of no bid contracts
even if i don’t get it even if i don’t
get the contract which is what just
happened with amazon with jeff
or with jeff bezos company blue origin
where he lost
out on a contract bid from nasa to
elon musk and uh and hit in spacex
and uh and so his uh his senator uh
maria cantwell
added to a bill a basically a bailout
for him he’s
still getting the 10 billion dollar
reward even though
he’s not fulfilling the contract he’s
just getting
that money and uh in completely
unrelated news
he has announced that he’s buying mgm
for eight and a half billion dollars
and that he’s flying to orbit the the
earth yeah he’s going in he announced
he’s going into
space today yeah like i have seen people
move after a rough divorce
but that’s taking it a little far yeah
jeff um if you nuke us from orbit
i am canceling my prime account okay
so the g7 ministers are actually going
to attempt to go to the other
however many countries and uh sell this
to you know countries like ireland um
and ireland oddly enough has managed to
attract lots of tech jobs due to its low
corporate tax rate of 12 and a half
um and so it doesn’t want to give up
that competitive advantage
so i’m betting they say no they say no
or they hold out for some kind of aid or
something like that which
nullifies the whole purpose of the tax
of raising revenue to begin with
right they’re also gonna do a profit
sharing thing which i didn’t get into i
wanted to get more into this but
stupid fouchy’s emails um
stupid foundation stupid faction
the droplets the droplets from kobe
we’re all gonna get covered well gonna
die he sounds like a 90 year old
smoking to new york too
comed coven’s going to get us all
new york jew yeah it’s okay folks
his girlfriend’s jewish he’s a she’s a
she’s a well like she’s an agricultural
she’s an actor she’s an aggro jew he’s
an act a nag
jew an argue speaking of the supreme
they announced today that they’re not
gonna hear a challenge
to use just yesterday that they will not
hear a challenge to the male only
military draft
surprising literally no nobody
not a single single person uh they
they did say and part of their reason
for saying that they weren’t going to
hear a challenge to it is because
congress is currently looking at
changing the law and i understand that’s
always been a reason not to look
at current law and current law and
whether or not it’s constitutionally
um and they will surely
congress that is will surely expand the
to all people instead of just
yeah no
that definitely they’re definitely
they’re definitely gonna do that
that’s gonna happen they’re definitely
gonna say yep every
everybody is in the draft now
everybody yeah they’re not saying that
yeah no they’re not going to say that i
can’t even imagine the fallout
if they were like yeah i mean i guess
now everybody’s in the draft
the draft would end immediately
let’s be very clear there’s never going
to be a female
draft in the u.s there will either be a
male-only draft
or no draft yeah
okay so when people say don’t you think
women should be drafted i’m like
yes i think that they should jump on
that landmine so that it’s over
so that and and by jump on the landmine
i mean i don’t mean women should be
drafted and then jump on land mines i
mean that the
congress should jump on the land mine of
saying that women have to be drafted
just so that
during those deliberations someone gets
up and goes hey
we’ve not used the draft since vietnam
maybe we should get rid of it and you
instead of using it to scare men
and they’d go okay and then that’ll be
the end of that
yeah because we live in the patriarchy
anyway california judge
did the unthinkable and has overturned
this is actually a i want everyone to
sit down for a second
yeah this is unbelievable this is
actually pretty
i don’t know what i was thinking when i
did the this order of things this just
doesn’t make any sense at all no but
no this was a big deal this was
not just what he did but why he did it
he has overturned a california law this
california judge banning ar-15s
and said the state law states law was
and that prohibiting such firearms for
decades was
a as he put it failed experiment
this was in his ruling he’s not no
uh the judge then he compared an ar-15
to a swiss army knife where he said
like the swiss army knife the popular
ar-15 is a perfect combination of home
defense weapon
and homeland defense equipment
benitez says in the ruling um he did
have a giant swiss army knife
one giant swiss army knife we’re gonna
get more into that in a second
um but uh he did grant a request from
current california attorney general rob
he granted him a 30-day stay of the
uh which will bring about an appeal from
the state um banta was quoted as saying
there is no sound basis
in law fact or common sense for equating
assault rifles with swiss army knives
especially on gun violence awareness day
you’ll notice they haven’t uh challenged
his assertion that it was a failed
experiment and unconstitutional
really hung up on this every everything
is about the swiss army knife from here
on out
because that’s the only thing they’re
going after this law is stupid
it doesn’t work it’s against the
constitution making it illegal
and also in my opinion it’s kind of like
a swiss army knife how dare you
compare this thing to a swiss army knife
so governor recall
governor gavin recall democrat said of
the swiss army knife comparison
it completely undermines the credibility
of this decision
and is a slap in the face to the
families who’ve lost loved ones to this
no i’m not going to address his
that it’s a failed experiment and
i had to look i was like is that in
there yeah no he said all of that
good doctor actually told me he said
that oh
gotcha gotcha yeah we’re not backing
down from this fight and we’ll continue
common sense gun laws that will save
lives how’s california
any day now they’re gonna start saving
like people are like as you can see like
and governor recall are uh very upset
about the
a the swiss army knife uh comparison but
according to usa today i mean it’s a
valid it is it’s a very versatile
piece of machinery we put a nuclear
a nazi v2 rocket
the uss kitty hawk and the entire city
of san antonio texas which i’ve been
right the good old chainsaw bayonet
a self-moving app like so just so you
the chainsaw bayonet is actually true
that’s real that one’s real you actually
can get that
the one that’s almost the silliest is
actually true
i’m sure someone would make a trebuchet
if you asked him to
probably it would suck
but that kitty hawk
you know the uss kitty hawk i would
definitely add to
an ar-15 i mean if the entire city of
san antonio
i don’t know i don’t know that seems
like more of a burden than anything else
that feels a bit much and a nuclear
missile you can end up potentially
hurting yourself but the uss kitty hawk
that’s that’s serious firepower there
i actually named this file when i made
it this could also be a political chart
because this is this kind of it kind of
could be only if you move the nazi
rocket over to the right
and the self-moving apparatus to the
left then this would actually
potentially be a political chart
see i don’t know no i’m not going to say
that never mind
i’m just going to leave that one yeah
so here’s what we are going to say
though folks something really great
right now we are going to the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor colin moment
where you can go to anchor dot fm
slash muddied waters and you can leave
us messages
and we play those messages and answer
any questions that you have
right here on the show and uh
we have three messages tonight oh also
when you go over
to acre dot fm slash muddy waters
you can donate and you can leave us
money you can give
money to us and then we will love you
now you don’t have to give donations for
us to listen to you
or play your messages but we will like
you more
so our first message comes from mr james
m ray
hello tasha cohen’s husband and guy on
this is james m ray with a little
message about the upcoming
lpf convention i think we should go on
offense about things like legalizing
blow jobs
especially since we’ve had hypocrites
like frat
gates and new england patriots owner
robert kraft using illegal sex workers
in mr kraft’s age at least they were all
for sexual purposes since we as
libertarians believe that this should be
i am proposing that we start trending a
legalized bj’s hashtag
and also elect martha bueno she is the
that’s quite a coupling there
just no transition or segue at all um
so i’m gonna address this talk about
legalizing bj’s and uh and mark
though so let’s
separate those two items for a moment
because they are two separate items
number one
those two issues do not have any
items totally separate the first one
yes libertarians uh definitely support
legalizing sex work what you do with
another consenting adult
is uh is no one’s business and um
yeah there are all sorts of different
hashtags you can make for that one
issue number two completely separate
the first thing that we’ve already
talked about and are now finished with
end second issue
is a lady by the name of marta bueno
very very dear friend of mine
down in miami and she’s a wonderful
wonderful woman she’s running for a
commissioner there uh or running to be
on the commission there
i think that’s what it’s called hold on
a second i think it’s called the
it’s it’s for the city hold on martha
bueno for i think
i think her birthday is uh two days
miami-dade commission district 10.
i knew i wasn’t making that up and
everyone should
go and support her for that yes
everybody should go and support marta
bueno she is fantastic
uh and there are also probably some
great hashtags
you could come up for that which again
completely separate completely separate
don’t campaign
yes thank you james
good luck james jesus hey guys this is
matt hicks calling in on the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney law anchor calling moment
tm i just wanted to uh apologize to you
and all of your
devoted listeners for not calling in
in the last uh uh hell i don’t know it’s
been a little while yeah i’ve been busy
so uh i don’t get home from
work until like 6 30 usually
i hate to even say that that’s a thing
and then i got this baby goat that i’m
dealing with right like
right now if you hear all this ruckus in
the background a little bit maybe you
can hear it maybe not that’s her
like stomping around and stuff and i’m
just sitting here drinking a beer
waiting for her to calm down so i can
lock her in a box and then go eat dinner
yeah that’s about all i got hashtag lazy
a box why would you lock her in a box
she’s a goat
can’t you eat her way out
yeah how do you
what what’s the box made out of
maybe this second he’s got a second one
maybe this one explains what the box
no i know what the second one’s about
hey guys this is matt hicks
again on the personal injury attorney
chris reynolds attorney at law anchor
colin moment
tm again uh that wasn’t all i had to
talk to you about earlier uh
i want to talk about the death penalty
so the reason this is an issue is
because south carolina
is about to start executions again on
the 18th
and uh i and several of my friends are
going to be at a vigil
for the soon to be executed
on that evening um but uh
yeah i wanted you to if you would
encourage all of your listeners to
talk to their elected officials about it
because the government gets it wrong
one in nine times that’s according to
conservative estimates that’s more than
of people that are executed are not even
guilty of the crimes they committed
forget about
uh technicalities and all of that and
we’re not even going to talk about the
morality of killing another human being
but yeah
do something hashtag was the legend
one in nine do you do you know what he
is referring to
the one of nine no the what uh south
carolina is doing
i know that they’re reinstating the
death penalty but i don’t know
much detail beyond that
well allow me to enlighten you what’s
going on in your state um
so uh yes they are reinstating the death
penalty however
since the early aughts um many of the
companies who make
the chemicals that are being used
for lethal injection have made it more
difficult for governments to purchase
because you know free market and they
can do that
so south carolina is now
giving people the option of the electric
chair which will be the
preferred method i suppose of the state
but the person who is being executed
will then have the choice of
electric share firing squad or
if available lethal injection
so they are going to literally ask the
person how would you like to die
how would you like to die and here’s the
now there are some states that because
they’re having a hard time getting the
the other uh poisons that they use
they’ve resorted to
zyklon b yep
which is what they used it works
because it works well yeah it worked it
to kill well over a million jews were
killed through that method
and other not just jews but others as
well others right
many other many well over a million
were killed uh in the holocaust using xy
colon b
um i would say between all these
different options
i would probably pick firing squad
because that one’s gonna be fast there’s
a misconception that the electric chair
is actually like easy and painless like
super quick extremely
extremely painful the handful of people
that have survived them
have said it’s you know have described
it as
the worst minute or two and most
excruciating and agonizing minute or two
of their lives
uh followed by of course then they dealt
with all sorts of issues afterwards
because they actually survived it but
yeah no it’s a terrible terrible
horrific way to die
and people we we thought it was easy
because people didn’t move
much but that’s because they’re
paralyzed but they’re in excruciating
agonizing pain
i believe that um the first
the first use of the electric chair uh
is coming up in south carolina since
so it’s been like 13 years since they
last used it and they
went strictly to lethal or they may have
gotten rid of
when did they get rid of the uh death
penalty there
since they’re just now bringing it back
they’ve never
got rid of it but it was like a
moratorium it was like okay gotcha okay
or something like that yeah yeah but
yeah so they’re bringing it back
uh with the electric chair now many of
the people who
are against this um which is
a lot of people on death row and uh
people who
believe that the government should not
be murdering people um
they are saying that it’s
unconstitutional because the people who
went to death row went there under the
assumption that they would be getting
lethal injection and that now you can’t
change it like you can’t change it on
them because
you are now giving them a much worse
much more painful way to die
as opposed to the injection um
according to stephen uh wit who’s also
down there
or up there in south carolina it’s been
13 years um
but so they are saying that this is a
less practical uh much more painful much
more torturous way to kill people and
you when they got convicted they were
kind of under the assumption that it
would be lethal injection and now you
cannot change this on them
and they’re saying no they got the death
penalty now they get to pick between
you know one of two or three options
yeah so i i looked it up and i cause
when you said that it was
it was literally they haven’t been able
to kill anyone since 2011
because no one will sell them the drugs
necessary to do it
so that’s what this bill would do is
to uh is to force them to choose
of these different methods instead of uh
you know holding them on death row until
the um until the the uh
until the drugs become available so
that’s that’s
what that’s about um
the death penalty one for every one
person that has been executed in the u.s
or for every nine people that have been
executed in the u.s
one has been exonerated
now keep in mind most of those
exonerations have only happened in the
last 30 or 40 years
as there have been groups like the
innocence project and so forth
that have been getting more and more
aggressive in in proving that many of
these people did not commit the crimes
that they were accused of so it’s
probably even higher than that
it’s probably if you if you take that
since they’ve started doing that it’s
closer to one out of
six so many people assume that if the
death penalty is invoked
that it means that the uh it means that
the um
that you know the the evidence threshold
was much higher and the jurors took it
way more seriously and we really really
know that this person did this egregious
crime it’s actually the opposite
it’s actually when they invoke the death
penalty they also typically go in so
hard with emotionalism
and railroading the client the the
defendant uh and these defendants very
often are using public defenders
uh who really have no interest in
fighting this uh
yeah no it’s actually a higher rate
of wrongful convictions than of most
other convictions
oh and also it’s racist we found out
it’s racist because
uh when the uh you may have heard of
race norming
which is uh they just this came up in
the nfl the nfl yeah
yeah when people that are retiring from
the nfl and they’re applying for
uh coverage uh because of uh um
uh brain injuries from the nfl cte and
things like that
and they go based on their their iq
after the fact
uh they race norm which means that the
the average iq of of what is expected
what will
what if you fall below it you’ll get
benefits for if your white is here
but if you’re black it’s here which
means that
if your iq is let’s say 68 uh but you’re
you’ll get your benefits uh but if
you’re black you won’t
because according to the nfl black
people are just
dumber and if that offends you it should
but they’re doing it with the death
penalty too
you have uh government state governments
that are arguing in court
that that 68 iq if you’re white
means you shouldn’t be executed because
you just don’t have the mental faculties
to fully
understand the scope of what it is you
did you should still be punished for it
but not killed for it because you didn’t
fully you weren’t able to grasp it
unless you’re black because then you’re
well black people are just dumber
which that logic doesn’t make any sense
i get that but that logic makes no sense
it i if you killed somebody and you
don’t hi score high
funk uh cognitively on the testing
you’re white
well that’s that’s that’s that’s
cognitively it doesn’t matter even if
you think black people are dumber
even if you really think that if your iq
is at
at this level means that you can’t
process it then that’s what it should
mean it’s not like well you know blacks
are normally like that anyway so let’s
kill them
that’s literally what is being decided
this is what it looks like when you give
government the power
to decide whether you live or die they
use it like this
they railroad people they make up the
most ridiculous and sometimes
racist excuses to murder you and yes it
is murdered
it is not defense it is premeditated
and it does not defend immediately it’s
not defending the life
of anyone this is someone who already
could just
be in prison for the rest of their lives
without parole
they pose no threat to anyone you can
put them in super lockdown if you want
it also doesn’t save any money because
i’ve heard you know anytime i bring this
up people go
i don’t want my tax dollars to go
towards putting someone in the case
i get that it actually costs more more
and we’ve talked about that on this show
it actually costs more money
to keep them on death row because the
death row security is much higher
because they’re all on death row and
they all know they’re going to die
so they have many more you know in in a
regular prison
there are multiple prisoners per uh uh
corrections officer in death row there’s
multiple officers
per inmate it’s it’s completely flipped
around uh and they typically are in
there from anywhere from 10 to 20 years
while they have appeals every year in
order to just in case they didn’t do it
we can find that out now the only way to
make the death penalty
cheaper than life in prison is to reduce
the amount of time they’re in there
fighting to prove that they’re innocent
which means you’re going to kill even
more innocent people
so there is no moral just or or
or taxpayer money efficient way of
executing people
right you just have to put them in
prison for the rest of their lives
government should not be making these
and now i i have to say somebody uh
sires if i said your last name wrong i
i like his plan if somebody gets the
death penalty
give him death by marijuana to find out
if somebody
could die from smoking too much wheat
and they can’t probably not i mean
they can’t that you want to talk about
expensive i am not
i am not arrogant enough to think that
there is a
river out there that doesn’t contain a
bend but uh
i’m pretty certain it’ll be a long time
before you find somebody who overdoses
on marijuana
yeah yeah it’s yeah it’s not it’s not
gonna happen i’m sure they’ll sign up
for that oh
death by yes let’s try that let’s see if
we can get started today joseph adams
says i’ve tried you can’t yeah
um uh i listen i
oh and and the other thing people will
say is well but what if
um you know what about these like serial
killers and mass murderers and and
and child molesters well we were talking
well child molesters don’t get it they
don’t get the death penalty you know
what they don’t
get they get prison justice right
and so with the serial killers if
someone is obviously
guilty of you know a mass murdering
serial killer whatever else put them in
the general population
yeah yeah beyond a shadow of a doubt
that this person did it
and when you and when you’re talking
about uh when you’re talking about
serial killers or mass murderers you are
talking about like
0.01 i don’t remember the exact stat but
it’s it is
much smaller than a percentage of people
on death row you are talking about the
minuscule of the
minuscule that is the same as saying
why go drive today because i might get
into an accident
right right right that is what you are
talking about when you’re like oh but
what about people like jeffrey dahmer
okay name another one i mean you can if
you really wanted to
like ed gain or ted bundy or whatever
you can name those but you can’t name
the other
thousands of people who die on death row
across the nation because they don’t do
stuff like the names that you do know
they just end up there many times
because they are black
yeah and poor and poor yeah
or i guess poor and black or poor are
the two biggest ones
that will get you dead and and yes it is
murder it is premeditated it is
it’s murder they’re literally cleaning
it they put it on a schedule
i mean you couldn’t premeditate it
it’s it’s it’s premeditated they they
ship people in to watch it
they have the media show up it’s murder
they’re murdering a person uh and it is
not justice
it does not serve as a powerful
deterrent there’s no one that’s saying
oh i would murder you but then i might
executed no it’s not it’s not it is not
a deterrent
it is not justice it is state-sanctioned
murder and like any other time we give
government too much power
they use it in the absolute most garbage
way possible and that’s what the death
penalty is
and it needs to end and people are
saying oh well prison justice
does that mean you’re saying you trust
the average inmate more than you do
government yes 100
yes yes yes yes
yep yep not even no hesitation
so yes zero issue with that statement
no no no problem now he he is on death
row for killing how many people three
okay let’s see how many are government
killed in the same
time span
yep now speaking of people
who i trust less than the average inmate
i thought you’re going somewhere else
with that nope
dr anthony fauci
who dr fauci dr anthony fauci who is one
definitely not just wario pretending to
be a person
no he
is like the doctor
he looks like the doctor from um
maybe he’s not a doctor i haven’t seen
this movie in so long uh the nightmare
before christmas
oh look up look up the doctor from the
nightmare before christmas
uh that is who that guy reminds me of
i he strikes me as wario
but doctor from the nightmare before
christmas i think it’s the nightmare
before christmas
it’s a yeah that guy the guy in the
let’s do
oh you know
yes i’m still i’m seeing mario i’m sorry
so speaking of that’s just because the
italian thing
um it’s a me
it’s a me warrior it’s a meme
thanks to a freedom of information act
uh request from
buzzfeed 3235
pages of emails were released that has
those who hate fouchy convinced he is
and those who love voucher convinced he
is able to adapt to the changing science
of an
unknown virus
well whichever side of the fouchy fence
that you sit on before
uh the email releases that you’re still
there that’s the same side of the fence
you’re on
you’re just buried deeper into the grass
no one’s minds were changed mostly
because no one
read them they went to their preferred
like us to find out what they say
and you are very welcome for
yes so many so many hours of my life
yep um
now what is funny is many of the memes
that are going out about this
uh are being flagged for uh
missing context which uh plays along
with what fauci said um
of the only trouble is they are ripe to
be taken out of context
where someone can snip out a sentence in
an email without showing the other
emails and say
based on an email from dr fauci he said
such and such
where you don’t really have the full
context which is
weird because i read roughly 28 pages
or sorry 2 800 pages of
these emails and i read
all of it you know the parts that were
redacted obviously i didn’t read
because i couldn’t um but i did read
those um but what they are being flagged
is uh the meme say leaked
emails instead of legally released
emails thanks to a
foi request by buzzfeed
that is why they are getting flagged for
missing context
yeah so if you think that
people and i’m not gonna say you know
i’m not gonna say that we don’t
we as libertarians or we on whatever
side you’re on don’t do this
we all do it we will see that something
and we will just sort of assume
that it’s right
we won’t go and delve into it any deeper
in this case people who think fauci is
the italian god that
knows all things about medicine which
we’re gonna get into a little bit more
uh in a second um if you think that then
you probably went yeah it’s missing
context it’s missing the context that
the emails weren’t leaked
they were legally released thanks to a
freedom of information
act request by buzzfeed and they
them probably against his will
now so they’re not leaked they’re
they’re released they say what they say
right yeah so many people are out there
looking for
the smoking gun right the smoking gun
now i’ve
read roughly two-thirds ish of these
over the course of the last week and
there is stuff in there that does not
look good um
but smoking gun means undeniable proof
of guilt and
there’s a lot of people out there who
will never see anything like that
in these emails yeah now let’s be clear
about something
there is such heavy redaction in these
and the only legitimate reason for
a government released email being
redacted is for national security
he is in the cdc
he’s a doctor with the centers for
disease control he is not
in the fbi or the cia or the department
of defense
or even the state department the
national security agency
he’s a doctor who’s trying to
ameliorate the spread of diseases
he uh he is not with the cdc he is with
the naih
and ai yeah he’s he’s a
doctor i don’t want to be i don’t want
us to be fact checked no no yeah no
please let’s not be fractured
he’s not he’s with the part of the
health and human services right
fun fact he is the highest paid
government worker yep
he makes more money than the president
because he’s a doctor because he’s so
here is the thing the reason they’re
releasing this
now this in the way that they are
in the way that they are and you’ll
notice the articles are saying
dr fauci this email these emails show
just how hard of a worker dr fauci is
these emails show how much dr fauci
cares these emails show that dr fauci
very conflicted about certain things
which is understandable considering
everything that was going on with the
virus and all the unknowns that we
didn’t even know that we didn’t know
these emails show that dr fauci was very
concerned about a myriad of different
things we said myriad a lot on the show
many different things and and that’s
understandable given the circumstances
these emails show that dr valji was
concerned about some things that he
hadn’t quite told us because
he’s trying to keep us they’re leading
us down the path of eventually saying
these emails show that dr fauci had
every reason to believe
that it was at least possible that this
virus was
engineered using gain of function
that he pushed for the federal
government to fund
in a lab that didn’t have the
biosecurity level
to be able to do that kind of research
without having a
severe risk of a leak
and the reason they’re presenting it
this way instead of presenting it as the
bombshell that it is
is this is the frog in the boiling water
they slowly
turn up the heat until eventually you
notice it and then one day when you wake
up and go i’m boiling they go
you’ve always been boiling so here’s how
this is going to work
as that goes up and as eventually
it is undeniable what this is and people
go wait a second
why is this guy in here why is this dog
why is this guy uh
you know why is he still a part of this
he’s he’s corrupt
uh he’s he was the one telling people
they shouldn’t be wearing
masks uh and and continued saying that
even while they were pushing the mask
uh why would this be the doctor that we
keep going the media will go
we released that a year and a half ago
that’s old news what are you talking
about we got to move on this is an
important thing
we have whatever other crisis they’ve
created at that point
to think about we can’t deal with this
anymore in other words
what difference at this point does this
this is how they always do it right now
in talking about the masks um
that spike just brought up uh yes back
in february
of 2020 dr fauci said
you don’t need masks uh we don’t really
see that they have any beneficial help
and if you uh aren’t using the correct
kind of masks you won’t see
any uh positive effect at all uh
so i don’t think that they’re necessary
he said this like february 2nd
ish now granted a lot of things changed
uh they did learn more things about the
virus and
yes you are allowed to have changing
however when you are a doctor
of a very
high profile you probably shouldn’t go
out and make sweeping declarations
uh now many people have pointed out the
and this is true as i’ve learned from
reading many many emails
he did not start recommending the masks
until chyna told him oh you should
probably do the masks
he was like i don’t think max masks are
necessary and china went uh
it would really be better for everybody
if you did masks and
he went okay well we’ll start
recommending masks and they did
um and i got news for you
this is a illness that is primarily
spread through respiratory droplets
there’s no emerging science as to
whether or not masks are effective for
there’s nothing special about kovid when
it comes to that they either
are effective or they’re not effective
and that’s been true for years
the fact of masks is this
you don’t need one if you’re outside
because either the virus isn’t airborne
which means that if you’re a few feet
away from people
it will be uh dispersed enough in you
know unless they’re
coughing all over you if they’re just if
it’s just from their talking in their
or they’re you know occasionally
sneezing or whatever and you’re far
enough away
the air picks it up and just dis
disperses it it’s it’s not
staying uh it’s not staying concentrated
enough for you to get enough of a viral
load to be able to get sick
or it is airborne like the common cold
and you’re gonna get it anyway
even if you stay in your house because
it’s traveling through the freaking air
yep either way you don’t need one
outside now inside
it can be effective if everyone or most
people are wearing them
with the big caveat that you still need
to stay apart from each other
it still isn’t a a perfect catch-all
and also it’s actually more effective to
just stay out of directly out of
people’s faces
and stay away from people that are
coughing and sneezing
and also you have to make sure the thing
stays you have to it works well
in surgical clinical conditions not
walking around
costco or walmart that’s not you’re
constantly touching it you’re moving it
you aren’t wearing gloves you’re not
sanitizing your hands every time you’re
touching it
your kid certainly isn’t while they’re
at school and trading it with their
friends getting snot all over it
this is not an effective way to mitigate
a virus with the general population
just going about their daily lives and
it never was and that’s why
there has been no way to tie mask
there’s never been a study that has tied
mandates to reduce cases or deaths
during the reference period
they’ll say oh yeah but 60 days later it
did the virus incubation period is 14
which means if the mass mandate can’t be
shown to do something within the first
at least 10 to 20 days it didn’t work
if you’re going 60 days out it was
something else
yeah that was just time um that was just
time and that’s always been the case
with the mask
nothing new changed there which is why
libertarians and people with common
have been saying if you don’t feel good
stay home if you feel good
go live your life and just be smart
right maybe don’t kiss everyone you meet
right now
maybe don’t eat after people unless you
absolutely you know
don’t eat after strangers or drink after
strangers you know
maybe don’t touch your face so often and
maybe you know wash and sanitize your
hands a little more often
maybe wash and sanitize your hands i
remember when i went to the store
and all the soap was gone because half
y’all hadn’t been washing your hands
up until then i remember that
a bunch of nasty asses go ahead matt
sorry so no you’re fine
so uh i mean that’s why i put that note
in there
yes it’s for you to do your thing but
what’s important to remember is that
is a lifelong bureaucrat and he
was a big part of the bungling the aids
epidemic in the 80s
sounding an alarm about the possibility
that routine close contact as within a
family household can spread the disease
and like i said is the highest paid
person in government
because of it now he wrote this article
and it got shared everywhere that this
was now how aids because they didn’t
know it came from hiv at the time
not in 1983. uh they thought that aids
was going to start being spread
through close contact as within a family
household and it was just gonna take
off uh i want to remind anybody who
might have been alive at that point
um and was working that they were not
masks to go everywhere
for a disease that was killing literally
everybody who had one who got it
it had a 100 fatality rate and they
didn’t push for it now
remember what we are saying here because
sometimes this can look somewhat sterile
these things that we put up
dr anthony fauci was the main person
who had aged patients here and around
the world
being treated like lepers
because common sense would tell you that
if a disease was
overwhelmingly being
spread or overwhelmingly only being kept
only being carried by gay men
at that time that that probably meant
that it wasn’t spreading too
much outside of sexual transmission
because if they were spreading it
to their family and loved ones their
family and loved ones would have it
you’d have old straight ladies who had
it you’d have little kids
who had it you’d have a whole assortment
of people
maybe it’s gay men or whatever but it
would have spread
it’s just like remember when everyone
was worried about chinese people because
of kovit and very quickly it wasn’t just
chinese people at it that’s because
kovid spread to everyone it wasn’t just
that specific it was almost entirely it
was overwhelmingly gay men that had it
not gay men who were overwhelmingly gay
the overwhelming number of people who
had it
were gay men because it was a sexually
transmitted disease
the handful of cases where people had it
outside of that
was because of gay men who were having
sex with
women who were then having sex with
other people or whatever
or uh children that got it from a woman
that uh had it when they birthed them or
being spread through hypodermic needle
or bad dr blood transfusions right
so common sense would have said that
there was no concern here for the
general public
until a doctor with the national
institutes of health went around the
world in all media that would listen to
him and put in the journal of american
media the journal of the american
medical association
that it could be spread through casual
now i don’t know how many of you people
remember this spike and i don’t because
we’re way too young
um but there was a time period in which
people said you can get
hiv or aids through mosquito bites
where do you think that stemmed from it
stemmed from this
article because people started taking it
to the next logical step
to the next logical step to the next
logical step and
yes there was a time period in this
where they believed that you could
potentially get hiv
and or aids from mosquito bites they did
not start
mandating everybody wear bug repellent
everywhere they go
yep and again
the horror and
and panic that came during the because
the aids epidemic went from who cares
it’s a bunch of gay people
oh my god we’re all going to get it
we’re all going to die right 100
fatality rate
which led to a massive stigmatization of
those gay people which again
doesn’t make any sense because if it’s
already spread to everyone else cat’s
out of the bag who cares at this point
what difference at this point doesn’t
make it’s why when
you know if someone who they knew had
hiv got into a car accident they’d show
up in hazmat
equipment it was because of a handful of
people the main
one being doctor that’s that one doctor
well that one too
dr anthony fauci going around telling
people this
and he now just so happens to be the man
who like nearly 40 years later
was telling all of us to stay away from
each other and to wear masks
and that government should be mandating
it even though the world health
organization said that that wasn’t a
good idea
this is who the government and corporate
media are treating like a
hero we’ll never know how many lives he
saved we’ll never know how many lives he
destroyed not just now
but 40 yeah and 40 years in the future
from the things that he’s deciding now
yeah yeah he he has been canonized
by the media uh there’s video that you
may have seen
uh he was going on some podcast i don’t
know the name of this one
like he’s coming he’s coming he’s coming
i’m so excited like i’m just shaking
doctor yeah and that’s how many people
uh i have seen people getting so excited
about getting vaccinated
because they love dr fauci um and
okay that sure whatever if that is your
reasoning for getting vaccinated
fine i don’t understand that because
that would be like me
getting vaccinated because kristen
chenoweth got vaccinated
uh and i’m only picking that because i
just saw that
online i don’t know um
but the question uh that we all need to
remember from this dump of emails
is why did he shift the most important
thing is why did he shift so rapidly
from downplaying the virus to saying oh
it’s not going to be that bad it’s not
going to be that bad it’s going to be
like a bad flu season almost verbatim i
actually have that one uh pulled up to
urging the lockdowns and smugly putting
down anybody
who said oh lockdowns don’t work he’s
like no these we need lockdowns
lockdowns are very
important and you need to uh stay home
and make sure that if you leave you wear
your mask and sometimes you’re gonna
have to double mask and
you know you can’t get any droplets
anywhere around your face
the fact that he went from
the fact that he started doing that and
the fact that he went from not wanting
vaccines because he didn’t at the
beginning he said no we need to figure
out how to treat this
um uh or sorry no he didn’t he said we
need to figure out how to test for this
uh he went from not wanting vaccines and
only working on testing yes
there were already tests right they’re
already tests so they spent
uh the better part of two months trying
to make their own didn’t work but they
were still banning other people from
taking it which is how the disease
spread out of control undetected in the
first place
right uh but yeah so he went from uh
only wanting testing
and then he went from to only wanting
and has never once in any of those
focused on treating the disease for the
people who
already had it if anybody can explain to
these jumps great because i mean again i
read two-thirds of these emails
there’s no explanation maybe that’s
what’s all redacted but i don’t think
that’s it
in 3200 pages of emails he was like no
vaccines no vaccines we need testing we
need testing to
vaccines we need vaccines that’s it
vaccines emergency
orders for vaccines which again all for
the emergency orders for vaccines like
you pump them out pump them out i’m not
going to take them but
pump them out pump them out let as many
people take them as they want stop
putting these ridiculous restrictions
you had states like new york where they
were literally throwing away bad doses
because they were saying no these ones
are for health care workers and half the
healthcare workers were like no i don’t
want it and you have people saying okay
i’ll take it no no you can’t have it
you’re not a healthcare worker
so no let people have it put those
things in as many arms as want them
no problem with that whatsoever but
nothing in those emails was about
potential treatments
all it was saying was certain treatments
wouldn’t work because
they had to wait for vaccines mainly
things like i blanked on what that is
are you talking about hydroxychloroquine
thank you hydroxychloroquine
uh mainly he was saying that
hydroxychloroquine wouldn’t work
um they called it by the scientific name
but i don’t remember what that is at all
um but he said let’s lock them down and
not let them get out
until they get vaccinated keep them in
their houses keep them locked up do not
let them leave until they get vaccinated
and the question
is why why did he go from not caring
about it to get them in their houses and
do not let them leave until they get
because he’s inept and corrupt
i thought you’re gonna say because he’s
an [ __ ] um well that too
that too right yeah and and he’s busy
making the same amount of money that he
was making before
probably getting a raise out of all this
and now he’s he’s doing
he’ll be able to do the talk circuit
after this because he’s the hero that
saves us all even though we all also
died at the same time
and meanwhile we all died four years ago
when com when uh when uh net neutrality
was repealed so i don’t even know why
we’re arguing about
i don’t care i don’t let me let’s be
clear about
something here when it comes to all of
this stuff
they say that you got to stay inside and
you got to do this and you got to do
that because if it saves even one life
then it’s we’re all worth it even if it
destroyed countless lives in the process
if it just saves
one life then it was all worth it and
there are multiple studies that have
shown that those who have
normal or elevated levels of vitamin d
in their blood are almost certain
not to end up in the hospital if they
get coveted
of any age of any health level
the one common thing is if their uh
vitamin d
levels are no and it’s a direct
correlate the higher your vitamin d
levels are
the less likely you are you are to end
up in a hospital
or end up and certainly to end up dead
if you get coveted
this speaks to the fact that we have a
massive vitamin d
deficiency in the western world and
that’s been true for years it’s why we
have higher autoimmune disease rates and
everything else i had a vitamin d
it probably helped lead to my getting ms
i now take vitamin d on a regular basis
surprise surprise i also went around the
entire damn country and continued to do
and continued to test negative for covid
how about that as does so
in addition so now we have studies
showing that vitamin d
works okay why didn’t they mention that
vitamin d is cheap it is generic it is
easy to get
you can buy it at the store you can get
a i get the
the best possible form of vitamin d uh
with k2 and a two month supply is like
20 bucks
and you can get the cheap stuff that’s
like a six month supply
for 10 bucks if it saved
one and you and the side effect of
vitamin d is that it’s good for you
if it even saved one life and yet they
never brought that up
what they did tell you to do was get
really stressed out
stay inside where you’re likely to get
more fat
and obesity has a direct correlation
with bad outcomes with any disease
including covet
not get sunlight which is a way to get
even less vitamin d because vitamin d
can be synthesized through sun
light exposure to your skin and to
worry oh and to stay inside and recreate
the conditions
of cold and flu season to wear one of
on your face everywhere you go which
many of you i’m not going to say that
i’m not included in this
uh many of us did not take care of the
way that
many would have recommended us to and it
basically made no difference
at all and probably made things much
worse for a lot of people
yeah now craig cauley says this might
explain the new york hot spot they don’t
get much sun yes
if you look at uh if you want to look at
correlations of what causes
areas to get more or less covid spread
population density and seasonality
it didn’t spread that much in africa
in most of africa at least in
sub-saharan africa and northern africa
because they have massive amounts of
sunlight and because they’re outside a
and they don’t tend to have high
population density some areas do but not
not typically not compared to like a
major metro area or something like that
but then you look at a place like india
and it’s spreading there because they
actually have a more temperate climate
in some areas it’s actually pretty cold
and they have huge
population density china yeah
uh the uh uh and in the united states
state to state
uh you can see states that are similar
in population density
and in seasonality temperatures sunlight
exposure and things like that
one had heavy lockdowns the other one
didn’t they have these almost exact same
you were lied to you are still being
lied to
by this guy who also lied to you
to make you scared of gay people for the
better part of two years
now speaking of his lies
i’m just going to come out and say like
yes we don’t know for certain anything
uh nothing has been proven but this was
created in a lab
i do not care what anybody else says
this was created increasingly it is
increasingly likely that this thing was
created in a lab through gain of
function research
which is why it spreads specifically in
what was that that was uh superfan sarah
and drake’s arm
sorry that was like yeah she came down
yeah yeah she came down from behind
um which is a lot like never mind uh but
i hope at least she’s wearing clothes
because she likes to prance around all
night i know she does doesn’t she i’m so
glad that she’s not watching this
right now because she’s in this room i’m
not even gonna
say anything else to that so that way
she doesn’t have any idea what we’re
talking about
but um meg will tell me
um but yeah this thing was
there are emails about gain of function
from as early as february of 2020
uh and many of them are completely
this one february 1st 2020
the attachment has to do with sars gain
of function pdf
to which tony anthony uh dr defauci
says it is essential that we speak this
keep your cell phone on i have a
conference call at 7 45 a.m with azar
it likely will be over at 8 45 a.m
read this paper as well as the email
that i will forward to you now
you will have tasks today that must be
thanks tony
after that uh on april 16th of 2020
um and i tried i read the email once and
then i found it in an article but they
didn’t have the clipping of it uh and i
couldn’t go back and find it because
it’s 3 400 pages and i
didn’t mark it um there was an email
sent to fauci on april 16th of 2020 by
francis collins the director of the nih
under the subject line conspiracy gains
momentum contained a link to a news
story highlighting a
fox news report that said uh the
allegation had merit
now all of this is about gain of
function uh fauci’s response to collins
is entirely
100 i’m not going to say blacked out it
was grayed out because if anybody has
seen it you understand what i mean
um they redacted his response
to someone saying there’s a conspiracy
lighting up that says that this thing
you know and for anybody for anybody
who has uh read any of these
you know that there’s a conspiracy of it
you’ve seen some people say it in the
comments here that this was engineered
and it was mixed with hiv
and some other things they had all of
those responses
in there i read all of them i read the
initial paper on it
and i read all of the responses anytime
somebody would send it to tony
and he would say thanks this is
worthless information tony or you know
thanks and then
in some of them he would go into real
in-depth answers that i can’t explain
i’m not a doctor um but we know we did
interviews where he said
uh the experts have looked at this
because now i feel like i gotta do this
voice but see i’m gonna do this every
the experts have looked at this and they
looked and they saw that the way that it
adapted and mutated is
very very used to what happens with the
you know
normal natural cat path of diseases it
definitely was not engineered
right but
yeah so it was at it was around this
time april
2020 that we went from we don’t need to
worry about this thing
well between february and april 2020
that we went from
we don’t need to worry about this thing
uh to everybody lock down stay away from
each other
put these diapers on your face which is
i brought this as a prop really the only
reason i have this today
um put these diapers on your face and
scientific experts uh working with fauci
at the end of january 2020 were
convinced that the features
of sars cove ii which is what
cobit 19 is uh the corona virus behind
kova 19 could have possibly been
and even fauci himself has said this
that was the shift
that was when the shift happened and
instead of telling us that he told us we
were racist if we thought that
as did all government and media
sure you can take a look at the three
people who went to
the three scientists who went to the
hospital in wuhan
that worked in the lab as you know
patients zero and you can find out about
the people who tried to
leak information that it was created in
a lab and find out what happened to them
in china
if you want a very abridged too long
didn’t read sorry for spoilers ending
for this
they’re dead
fauci is very worried because we did not
give he is
accurate we did not give six hundred
thousand dollars to the wuhan lab in
order to
look for gain of function research we
gave over eight hundred thousand 000
which granted based on american budget
and spending that’s like nothing that’s
like when you or i spend the nickel
but yeah not even it’s it’s when you and
i like find
lint in our in our belly button and put
it in the trash
it’s a nothing it’s a dr it’s the
tiniest drop of
it’s it’s the condensation from the
bucket falling back into the bucket
uh but did we give money for gain of
function research yes
817 630 i believe is the exact number i
don’t remember off the top of my head
and the thing that makes me the the
angriest is that this is not the biggest
story of the week
and we had to report on it because i
read 2300 pages of fouchy’s emails and
you guys were gonna have to hear about
because i had to spend the time reading
in order to tell you what all of us
already knew
big caveat here
a lot of what we are hearing now
is coming from u.s intelligence services
they have not proven to be the best and
most reliable sources of information
i know i hate to be the one to tell you
that we are
in a really weird and uncomfortable
position to have to decide whether we
trust the chai comms
uh or that you know the chinese
communist party
or the us intelligence community which
is like the two worst liars
alive who do you believe but
we’ve been hearing these reports for
quite some time
and it stan so big grain of salt with
this stuff
but also hey the doctor who first and i
forget his name that he ended up dying
of covid
the doctor who first said there’s a
new virus out here that’s similar to
stars but
not exactly the same we need to do
something the chinese government’s
when the first stars came out was to
jump all over it which is why it didn’t
spread the way that it
that this one did yeah this time they
acted really sus
about the whole thing they put him in a
bunch of other people
yep yellow is sus
and they said well yellow and red are
and yeah and they set and they put yep
they put i already did it
they put doctors in prison
for spreading propaganda
you would only do that if you wanted to
hide the fact that there was a virus
which would only happen if you
had some weird reason to not want people
to know that there’s a virus
and you know i heard a theory i was
listening to another podcast
the other day and i heard a theory that
i actually quite like um
so i’m just going to repeat it like it’s
mine um
if the virus was created naturally
they would have 100 percent stayed with
it’s not going to be that bad uh it
might be
a little it’s gonna be on par with your
h1n1 or your bird flu or any of the
other things that
you have been worried about for the last
however many years
uh because we seem to get these every
couple of years
if this one was different this one was
different because it went from that
to lock down
go inside your house do not leave don’t
do anything
depending on which state you were in uh
you couldn’t even get food delivered
um which was a weird thing
for you to try to figure out but um
how am i supposed to survive if i can’t
get never mind now if it only saves one
yeah die you just gotta die um
if it had been made if it had been
natural if it came from
you know the wet market from somebody
eating bat soup or whatever
that theory was right uh
i feel is though they would have stuck
with the
don’t worry about it just live your
lives this thing will go and pass and
whatever blah blah blah
when they started adding in comorbidity
rates is when the numbers really started
in the united states because yes when
you got covered and you had a
comorbidity then your chances went up
but the same thing happened with h1n1
bird flu and everything else but if you
take a look at the numbers from 2020 and
compare them to the numbers from
let’s say the five years before that the
morbid morbidity rate in the united
did not change
oh if anybody can explain that that
would be fantastic but
yeah you can’t explain that because
there’s only one explanation
and that would get us kicked off youtube
uh hopefully the fact that california
just reduced their total
number of coveted deaths by 25 with more
expected to come
doesn’t get us kicked off youtube
couldn’t possibly think of why they did
that i can’t no
i can’t either they can tell yeah if
they can be the ones to tell you
and nalik uh the eskimo libertarian for
anybody who doesn’t know
who for anybody who doesn’t know who
nalek is she is the eskimo libertarian
who’s gonna be having a show with the
cajun libertarian right here on muddy
waters starting sunday
june 14th i think uh whatever that
sunday is
uh at 3 30 in the afternoon
uh she says i think this goes all the
way back to harambe and you know what
i think you are correct you are 100
correct everything was
fine and then saved a child
and the government murdered him
to cover up the fact that the cleveland
didn’t have good protocols in place to
keep children out of the gorilla pen
and they killed harambe and in the end
you got three separate checks
equaling roughly three thousand dollars
yes that’s what happened yes
so the blood’s on all of our hands
because you accepted those checks so
you’re just as equally
responsible for harambe so if we do get
kicked off of youtube then come join us
on float
float dot app slash muddy waters media
well folks what’s smart
wednesday tomorrow i have a really
really cool guest um
my fellow americans on my fellow
8 p.m eastern my guest is alex
hatch she is starting an app called
mantifly she’s a libertarian
she’s got this cool free market app she
just started um
i have no financial interest in this app
i just think it’s really cool so i’m
bringing her on to talk about it she’s
also going to be taking some of the
proceeds from that to help with her
mutual aid and charity stuff she’s doing
you know we talk all the time about
libertarians have solutions free market
solutions to the problems we’re facing
this is going to be an example of that
uh and that will be
uh wednesday at uh eight tomorrow at 8
pm eastern
uh and then you have a an episode of the
writer’s block don’t you matt
yes i do on thursday at eight eastern uh
i have a very special episode of the
writer’s block where my dear friend
my very dear friend brent de ritter will
be joining me
uh to talk about his new project cell
that’s awesome yeah i’m very excited
like i
love brent and even if he wasn’t like if
he didn’t have cell liberty if he just
wanted to come on to talk to me i would
be excited about it
uh because he is one of the most
intelligent people in the liberty
movement and i
adore him immensely the fact that he
wants to come on and talk about
something specific
great let’s do it like i am hundred
percent down for brent ritter
that’s awesome yeah no brenda’s awesome
uh and then after that
uh come join us on clubhouse i think we
can get brent to join us too because
he’s become a clubhouse addict
he loves clubhouse come join us on
clubhouse at 9 00 pm
eastern with me and matt and
cajun libertarian and the uh eskimo
libertarian and probably brenda ritter
and the rest of the muddy waters crew
we are going to be doing a fundraiser to
raise money
for the breaking boundaries uh event in
tunica mississippi
uh which is happening uh next month uh
so come join us at 9 pm
and uh bring all those altcoins you’ve
been hotlin
we’re holding and then this weekend
yes this weekend saturday i won’t be
able to make it friday
um this weekend this weekend this bar
breaks down and there is no
this weekend spike and i will be
together on saturday
for the liberty libertarian party at
convention i was like is it the florida
libertarian party
i’m i’m a member for the
libertarian party of florida’s
convention uh i will be i’m actually
gonna be opening things the friday
uh and uh friday night i’ll be opening
things and then we will be
we’ll be hanging out on saturday uh then
i will also be there on sunday for the
breakfast and lunch
uh and then so come hang out with us uh
at libertarian party florida if you go
what is their website i don’t know
florida lpf.org
lpf.org lpf.org you can register and
sign up today and you can come and hang
out with us
and then on this next tuesday
we’re doing our second in-person epi
i’m going to be where he is
yes he he is going to be i’m going
here on the top of matt right
two we’re just going to leave this party
one chair
we’re gonna sit on that chair together
for an
hour and a half or two and we’re gonna
do our episode
of the muddy waters of freedom at matt’s
in in in this chair and together god
and our family we’re gonna just hunker
down on that chair
two very very male men
all on that chair together yes
this side of the screen is gonna be
black we’re gonna leave this black
in remembrance of those who came before
matt and i will be on this side we will
both be guy on left we’ll be guys on
guys on left and we will just be
into this area all up in there
we’re gonna be all all
all over it all up in there gonna be
and so so tune in for that uh next uh
tuesday same money place and our guest
on that special very special tuesday
is uh
billy billy billy ukwu the the founder
the two-party system movement uh
and i’m just realizing i gotta figure
i guess we are gonna have to just be on
that side of the
screen yeah there’s gonna be i’m
i was thinking about a top bottom thing
like i’m trying to figure out
no that’s not gonna work no
maybe that might work yeah there’s gonna
be some things we’re gonna have
that might work
we can talk about this later folks you
guys are going to have such a great time
i need to hear this
need to hear our little little tiff on
that we’ll figure it out
we’re going to have a great episode yeah
and this sunday
this sunday tune in for
gosh yeah that’s new we’re not used to
yeah we’re not used to this this sunday
the 13th the 13th at 3 p.m
we the very first inaugural episode of
cajun and eskimo from bayou
to the igloo
and that’s the name of that show and
we’re all going to tune in and watch it
i can’t wait to see what they got in
store for us
with uh noel noel and uh and nullic uh
the cajun libertarian and the eskimo
libertarian respectively
and uh so tune in for that for sunday
yeah we are so not used to promoting
other people’s shows
um so and then join us uh next tuesday
right there right there right here right
live right there right here
join us right there uh for the letters
of freedom
uh but folks thanks so much for tuning
in uh
this show uh cannot be what it is
without y’all
we love you very much uh come to florida
come hang out with us
come hang out with james ray while he
talks you know takes
multiple different subjects that are
separate and merges them together merges
them together just matches them together
like peanut butter and jelly
like p diddy in the 90s um
yes oh wow yeah he samples
come join us with james ray wally
samples uh
folks we love you very much thank you so
much for tuning in
uh we will see you uh tomorrow for my
fellow americans
day after that for uh writer’s block
writer’s block uh hopefully see you in
it’s next sunday see you for uh eskimo
dig by cajun and eskimo and then we’ll
see you next week right here
same muddy place same money time where
the the sweet summer boys
are back together again where they
always belong
folks thanks so much for tuning in we
love you
and where we’re going we don’t need

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