Episode 194 – Gas Prices Are Going to SkyRocket…. more.

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

Bill Gates’ biography will reveal a lot about the guy who may or may not be trying to get rid of a large amount of the population, the jobs report was terrible, masks ended the flu, and the Colonial pipeline was hacked, and Biden had to have that explained to him.

Plus: Personal Injury Attorney Chris Reynolds Attorney at Law Anchor Call in Moment (not really trademarked)

Episode Transcript

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madam speaker
the president of the united states
we have to do more than just build back
better go back we have to go back better
think about it i want to speak directly
to you because you think about it
there’s still more work to do the sun is
sending out an american democracy
they look at the image of the mob was
proof but they’re wrong
you know what i know we have to prove
100 days ago 100 days ago america’s
house was on fire
100 days ago one day shy the 100th day
of my administration get up
americans always get up that’s what
we’re doing get up
americans always get up think about it
up americans always get up that’s all
i’m asking
get up americans always get up it’s us
we the people folks they told everyone
we’ve ever met with over the years it’s
never ever ever been a good bet to bet
against america
and it still isn’t think about it we’re
working again
streaming again that’s all i’m asking
think about
discovering again leading the world
america’s house was on fire 100 days ago
one day shot the 100th day of my
administration get up
americans always get up that’s what
we’re doing
get up americans always get up it’s us
we the people
good morning
can they hear me yeah no they can hear
you perfectly okay
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the vanguard
for spike the original holla back girl
cohen i am matt wright and together we
are traversing the muddied waters of
freedom why is it getting worse hey
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yep so uh
thank you all for tuning in for this
very special episode of
the muddied waters of freedom um
and muddied waters media uh we have a
very special guest on he is
currently currently currently
running for congress in uh congressional
district one
in new mexico please welcome
with me and with spike for the very
first time on the muddied waters of
uh the one the only mr chris manning
chris thanks so much for coming on
well thanks so much for having me i
appreciate you uh giving me the invite
absolutely now before we get started
you’re running for this congressional
district but
uh you are a libertarian tell us a
little bit about that what what everyone
has their
uh genesis story as to what uh made them
a libertarian
was it an aha moment sort of a gradual
evolution over time what what brought
beautiful man chris manning in front of
us today tell us the chris manning story
yeah it’s like starting off every
alcoholics anonymous
anonymous you know meetings say how you
liberty uh so i
i’m a history nerd and so early in in
you know school and in high school i
took to the
george washington idea of not joining
any parties and when i could register to
i registered as an independent you know
a declined estate here in new mexico
right and i was there and i would
you know more conservative leaning i
grew up in a traditionally republican
household so i was a little bit more
and then joined the military spent my
time in afghanistan
and came back and
in 2012 or when i left the military i
a lot to do with the barack obama and
the assassination of american citizens
and that was really kind of my
my awakening and i started becoming a
lot more
i’d say skeptical of the federal
government and particularly our forever
and in 2016 i decided i wanted to be
more involved you know as
great as the ideal of being an
independent is
the truth of the matter is if you want
to make change you have to be part of
a party um or else be a billionaire
and i’m not a billionaire so i decided
to go with the party
so i finally decided i wanted to get
involved more in politics
gary johnson was running for the the you
know presidential nomination
that year being from new mexico
i had some knowledge of him and
i really started investigating
libertarian party and found that
my ideals really aligned with them and i
jumped in
feet first and um at the
went to the state convention and i’ve
an active member within the libertarian
party since i ran for congress in 18
and it up in in cd3 so this is my second
attempt at it and hopefully
it goes a little bit better um have a
little bit of understanding of the
now so that was kind of my my conversion
to the libertarian party
and i’m i’m loving it so it’s a good
so real quick uh about your uh 2018 race
you said that you hoped uh
this one goes a little bit better what
happened in 2018
um actually it wasn’t bad considering
the fact that i had zero dollars
um yes you know i have the money you
spent came out of my own pocket which
i understand yeah so
i make less than you know at that time
is making less than 60 thousand dollars
a year so i don’t have a lot of
my own money to throw in but i actually
did okay i finished it over five percent
and that was without hardly any earned
um we didn’t have a debate so there was
hardly anything it was just me
going to doors and knocking on doors
myself and handing out yard signs and
that was the basis of my campaign
so that’s what got you five percent
yeah i was like i had the second highest
uh vote total of anyone running at the
federal level
right um i had behind
one other person in like nebraska who
got me by a couple tenths of a percent
so and you got that by just knocking on
i knocked on doors i had i had yard
and basically i would make a facebook
post because i didn’t have a staff there
was no remarketing nothing of that
it’s i made this post and i spent a
couple extra dollars to send it out
through facebook
and that was the entirety of my campaign
so do you think that the reason that
maybe that you got to the 5 was because
gary johnson was from new mexico and
more people had probably heard of
so they already had like some sort of
understanding of the ideals
yeah i think in new mexico it’s honestly
one of the most
ripe states in the nation for
you know um and that does have a lot to
do with gary johnson
but also we’ve done a fairly decent job
since then being active
in right the elections we’re putting up
more and more candidates
each election um so that was
good but i mean i you know it was two
years after the
johnson election so there would have
some fall off but yeah i almost everyone
who ran
got more than five percent in new mexico
that is pretty impressive it’s really
and it goes to show you know coming
around the next time
you’re going to be able to uh you’re
going to be able to you know
have an actual budget and uh and spend
more money and and be able to do some
actual marketing and things like that
you’re definitely going to you it sounds
like you’re probably gonna break into
double digits at that rate
uh hopefully i mean i’ve had far more uh
earned media
i’ve had more than 30 articles and
um i was invited to two out of the three
televised debates so two out of the
three stations that ran it a bit eight
invited me in um so it’s gone well
uh i would have seen my name recognition
to be far higher than it was
then and i’m getting a lot more i have i
actually have some staff i have some
volunteers i have somebody doing my
my media marketing i have actual people
in place
we’re getting a lot more volunteers to
go knock doors so
there’s a lot more infrastructure in
this special election which is you know
eight weeks long than what i had in the
entirety of my year-long
campaign uh and you’re gonna be in those
debates which is gonna be
absolutely huge now what are some of the
things that you’re
running on what are your main things
that you’re you’re putting out there as
your as your campaign message
so my biggest area has been uh
health health insurance reform and it’s
not something that’s a typical
i’d say typical libertarian platform
but i’ve made i’ve spent the last couple
years really trying to
craft a reform to our health insurance
that i don’t that i say is unique to
to politics today and a lot of people
have responded to it um
obviously i’m a very big advocate of
ending all of our federal wars
um and the debates i’m you know i’m
talking about the decriminalization of
all drugs
and it’s amazing to see how many people
when i talk about
you know portugal’s success story they
kind of stop and go
huh and then of course uh immigration
and asylum reform
so those have been for the main tenants
and then
i also talked a lot about education
because that’s a new mexico issue
with us being one of the i’d say the
at public education states in the nation
that’s kind of a more local issue but
it’s also something i’ve hit a lot
that is awesome man that’s awesome and
yeah i’ve i’ve noticed the same thing
when i’ve talked about um
ending the war on drugs uh on you know
in in
any kind of platform national platform
podcasting or whatever outside of
libertarian circles
the immediate response is often yeah but
what are you going to do about all the
people doing drugs and i’m like
well that’s happening now and all the
cartels all the things that you’re
worried are going to happen if we make
legal that or even decriminalize them
are happening
right now as we speak and so that
clearly hasn’t worked and we can look at
other countries and
portugal is the best example where they
had a terrible crisis
even worse per capita than ours was they
decriminalized and now they have some of
the lowest rates of addiction and
in europe um so yeah that’s exactly how
it’s going to work when we when we do
that and it’s going to be even more
extreme when we do it because the main
buyer of drugs on the planet
without any competition is the united
states and to a lesser extent canada so
that north american market
and it’s being supplied by these cartels
that would be destroyed
if we were no longer having them as the
main source of
the drugs that people are buying here
and obviously being a border state in
new mexico we get the immigration
question a lot and so when i come at
them with the solution i say okay well
what’s the driver of both people and
drugs across the border
one our asylum process requires you to
be at the border
or port of entry in order to apply for
asylum so my solution i always tell
people is
okay so why don’t we just say you can
apply for asylum in your home country
now you’ve eliminated that driver to
the increase of legal immigration and i
it’s surprising to me when you go okay
look this is how many people we have
coming wanting to come to this country
right now
and this is how many we actually let in
and even those who are i’d say
and more of a right-leaning basis and
you say right right what if we allowed
them to come through the process
legally and we increase it and
now what happens okay now another driver
border illegal crossings
is reduced right what do you have you
have exactly what you want
less people coming across the border and
you have more
law and order right you’ve got organized
immigration which is really what people
when you really sit down and talk to
people that’s really what they want
and it’s gotten rid of the whole purpose
of the cartels if there’s now a legal
process that these folks can come here
if it’s not just i mean the legal
process for most of these people that
are coming from central and south
america is
no you are not eligible under any of our
you don’t have the money to do it you
don’t have anyone sponsoring you for
skilled labor
and you don’t have any immediate uh you
know once once removed relatives or
without removed relatives uh that are
sponsoring you
so no there is no process um you just
can’t come here
and if you want to seek asylum you got
to come to the border and we’re going to
put you in a camp while we figure out
what to do with you
that’s everything that everyone doesn’t
want well democrats are okay with it now
that joe biden’s president because no
one’s telling him it’s still happening
but everyone else and especially people
in new mexico where they’re seeing it
and are and are experiencing the the
side effects of
so many of the people coming illegally
through uh coyotes and and how that’s
smuggling of other things like uh you
know drugs and and uh
and you know and also uh leading to all
the corruption that comes from
all the smuggling that’s happening and
paying off officers and border patrol
agents and politicians and everything
else like
new mexico is at the front line of that
so you know i think it’s fantastic what
you’re running on
so and it’s amazing and i also i
when i make that argument i talk about
well also if we do these
these changes to policy what happens to
the money that is
being funneled for all those human
smuggling across mexico
well now we’ve just turned off a lot of
their their cash spigot
right and then also when you
decriminalize the drugs you just
eliminate the black market
where are they gonna get their billions
of dollars
and there you go and that’s going to be
far more effective
than ever sending you know the dea and
atf down to mexico to try and
take on the cartels who have their own
yeah no that’s you’ve nailed it you’ve
nailed it
absolutely absolutely so um
no go ahead matt so
uh what this is a special election right
it is okay so when when when is the
election date for this one so the
election is june 1st
and early voting has already started for
okay so june 1st early voting’s already
started i know that there are people
here that are watching this and will be
watching this and listening to it over
the next few days that want to know how
they can help you
this is something that people got to
jump on immediately because this is
less than a month away early voting’s
already started it’s about three weeks
uh how can people help you how can they
reach out to you how can they get in
touch with you to be able to help you in
in this run for congress so the best way
is to go to
our website and that is manning4nm.com
and that’s the number four and join the
so we had our first debate on may the
fourth so i decided to have a little bit
of fun
and we kind of switched the campaign
around and we went with the star wars
um and we’re kind of just running with
it so
join the rebellion defeat the the two
empire candidates
and you know be part of history who
doesn’t want to be part of history and
overthrow the
you know the evil empire yeah absolutely
like there is a meme out there and
everybody’s saying like in star wars
everybody’s rooting for the rebellion
but in real life they’re rooting for the
empire and
and that is exceptionally accurate uh
because it just seems like no matter
what people are like
rooting for the you know republicans or
democrats not realizing they’re two
sides of the same empire coin
and one’s like palpatine and the other
is vader like you’re not really
rooting for anybody good in this
scenario so
if you want to join the rebellion i
always say vote for the libertarian but
you know vote third party because that’s
where the rebellion is
that is where the rebellion is if you
vote for the lesser candidates
that’s the things that are going to
overthrow the empire that you are
saying you’re against yeah i like that
we’re going to call them lesser
candidates now because the whole thing
oh i’m voting for a lesser evil okay
fine then vote for the lesser candidate
who’s also evil or you could vote for us
so uh before we let you go chris uh any
final message you want to give to folks
obviously the manning4nm.com uh
to reach out to you or uh manning on
manning for us kong c-o-n-g yeah
how but any final message you want to
give while you’re here
you know um i just want to tell people
if you
are liberty curious you need to come in
and join the libertarian party
and come check us out um and i’ve run
the campaign and
this is something that i’ve made a
conscious effort to do is make it a
um good campaign and so
i have been getting emails because you
can actually contact me through the
website i have a contact the candidate
and if you can send me an email and i
have read every single email
that i have received so far and it kind
of helps
keep me grounded but i’m getting emails
from lifelong democrats
lifelong republicans who are just like
hey i saw your debate
or i’ve read your your website and i
like what you have to say
and it is amazing to see how many people
all political spectrums are are starting
to wake up
and we had like i said i have staff or
a staffer on the new mexico gop i won’t
reveal his name i promise to
to give him anonymity but basically he’s
giving me input onto how many
members of the gop and and
the democrat party that he works with at
the state house
who are secretly going to vote for me so
what i need people to stop being making
it a secret
and just come out and say that you’re
going to vote for me and help us out
because we have a legitimate shot here
in new mexico
it’s a special election you never know
what’s going to happen
pull that lever see what happens you’ll
be amazed at the difference
in congress when you elect somebody who
isn’t part of the republican democratic
i like it don’t be a shy chris voter
being out in everyone’s face
chris voter out of the closet out of the
flag be an uncloseted out chris voter
even if you’re only liberty curious
chris thanks so much for coming on we
really appreciate it man thank you
hey thanks so much you guys have a great
night you too thank you
so that’s awesome yeah i uh five percent
and he didn’t have he had a budget of uh
he had a budget of nothing and uh and
he’s knocking on doors and and getting
fi i love it
i love it that’s the kind of stuff i
like to hear by the way anyone who’s
considering running for office as a
libertarian knock on doors knock on
doors knock on doors
knock on doors the most amazing uh
the most amazing way to uh get your name
out there is going door to door
who is it it’s liberty knock on doors
knock on doors so folks we’re gonna have
a brief intermission while matt and i
switch over
from skype because we hate it we hate
skype so much oh my god we hate site
ah hate skype hate skype
we hate it so we’re gonna switch to zoom
which is a
so much better but we have to use skype
because it’s the only way
that we’re able to have another guest
and do all our stuff with the video
and um i wish zoom would let us do that
with them
i hate skype so much so we’ll be right
but we haven’t done it yet but one day
we will and we
one day skype
out of our lives forever out well not
for me i have to use skype for kennedy
and i wish they wouldn’t because i hate
skype um
hang on let me pick up that name you
just dropped
sorry sorry well and also also on rt
when they have me on rt but whatever
that’s not really a name
just letters uh so folks we will be
right back
uh and here is a brief intermission
we walked up into the field
we crawled up out of the ocean
vast machines with crowded upgrades
minus 10
9 volcanic granite buzzing
one here booster
sometimes the sun sets a little bit
we walked up into the field
some places are graves that just haven’t
been done
yet some places are churches that
haven’t been
found we walked up into the field
we carried you high on our shoulders
some plots are reserved from the
beginning of time
we call up out of the ocean
an army of likes
towards the stone being rolled into
two centurions guarding
i’ve tried so hard not to finish this
but here we are
wow is that the first time actually
watch that yeah yeah though i hadn’t
actually watched that yet
there’s a lot of things happening there
oh that’s not even
i mean that is man the the the zoom
on zoom and what what do we have
that’s what they call it yeah the zoom
on zoom is uh much
different than the zero one
that’s another reason i hate skype
yeah yeah
i mean so many reasons there’s just so
many reasons they hate so many different
there’s one thing that i respect spike
or skype
not you um my video quality
mine on yes is so much better but
everything sucks yep everything else
sucks if i could have if zoom can do two
things real quick because i know zoom
watches this
as an entity if zoom could do two things
give us the same audio
or video that we’re getting from skype
and also let us have where we can bring
in different
ndi feeds that’s what it’s called uh
from different videos for
for our show then you’ll be the best
thing ever
and we will never have to use zoom uh
skype again
um so that’s up to you that’s up to you
for everybody who uh is saying that they
liked that video
thank you i spent all weekend on that um
but also the song is
i don’t remember what the song is called
but the band is the narcissist cookbook
i was gonna say that’s narcissist
cookbook right yeah and the album that’s
is uh called him by h-y-m-n
and that album is so incredibly
uh heart-wrenchingly good uh
i have never lost a parent
i mean i haven’t like a store but found
them but i’ve never like lost a parent
and uh they that entire album is about
like his dad’s death and even it get it
it spoke to me on a soul level
and if you like what you’ve heard from
him at the beginning of my show and in
that song
uh check out that album yeah
check that’s i mean that’s a really a
really good song and
uh that intermission was pretty badass
and i did see the waffle house
did you notice what it said when the
waffle house thing came up
no i didn’t see that part so when what
he is saying
at the moment that waffle house is on
screen is churches that haven’t been
wow which is what waffle house is it’s a
church with eggs it’s a church
it’s a church that hasn’t been
discovered yet
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um oh and matt i’m gonna go ahead and
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okay so that you don’t go what’s going
on why is the
they can hear why does this not work why
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but they can hear it and then a couple
seconds later you’ll be able to hear it
so i’m just putting that out there now
thank you for that tip jacob uh i
appreciate it
i’m not changing it though um
but um so bill gates he’s uh he’s going
some stuff right now he’s going through
a thing
yeah he’s going through a thing and
while we’re not going to really touch on
the divorce because i don’t care
um but even a little bit uh
he has a biography that’s coming out
and the biographer has stated that
old bill back in his
1990s heyday uh was a bit of a man [ __ ]
uh that’s not his term that’s my term
it was a bit of a man [ __ ] who liked to
this is his words
visit one of seattle’s all-nude
nightclubs and hire
dancers to come to his home and swim
naked with his friends
in his indoor pool so bill gates enjoyed
naked parties with him and the
rest of that microsoft team and
that’s a sight can you imagine naked
bill gates dancing
with strippers along with his microsoft
imagine this but with no clothes
and you guys get this joyful experience
that was the first thing i thought of
the moment that i read i mean that was
that was them that was literally the
people that would have been dancing
that would have been the people so just
add some strippers in there
and now you got a real thing going now
you got
ant now was this be was this before he
was married to
melinda yeah that this was happening
because he’s been married to melinda for
25 years so this would have been like
right before all of that was going on um
so then what’s the problem the guy’s a
he would have been what in his in his
like 30s
late 30s or like he’s like our age right
now and he’s a
billionaire and single and people are
going to get upset that he hired
with what was the equivalent of pocket
change to him
not not even well at least for me not
even a little upset
i was upset that i had the mental image
that i had to share it with everybody
yes this is what i’m angry about i’m
angry that he did this
do you know what song they’re actually
dancing to in this video no
uh oh god the rolling stones
uh turn it light it up
oh wow yeah you can tell
no you can’t not not if the music is
playing with it
it is so bad that’s uh
i hope the strippers got paid well so
speaking as
jm legs asked for somebody to make a
deep fake of bill gates and the
strippers naked dancing
i will give you the five bucks that adam
just gave us
if you make that i’m not going to make
that no
no i’m not making that i’m not making a
parent someone apparently all can make
completely off topic apparently uh
superfan sarah anderegg
decided to go for a little walk and uh
the dog with her you know
on a walkie as one does and she just had
to kick a coyote in the face
because it tried to take the dog a
yeah we have them all over here in the
tampa bay area
oh yeah big time
that’s something i learned new today
i would have never guessed that coyotes
would be
pigment well i’m glad that both
sarah sarah’s a very hearty jew
because i mean we
that is not a term i would use to call
her ever
i mean i will you know she’s kicking and
wild animals and she’s
you know felling cows
this is an incredible person she’s very
basically like a like a like an
semitic superhero jupiter
a superhero a superhero wonder farm jew
i hope she doesn’t see this um because
i’m pretty sure she could
actually physically harm me um so
speaking of
um jews and farms
after the abysmal job number in the
april jobs report
uh biden has now kind of changed his his
tone a little bit and said we’re going
to make it clear to anyone collecting
who has offered a suitable job that they
must take the job or lose
their unemployment benefits which
i feel like either way you’re losing
your unemployment benefits
oh if you take the job
and lose your unemployment benefits
so take the job like you have to take a
job now
okay and he’s going to do this by
so it’s joe biden
so he is going to be uh expanding the
state’s re-employment services and
beginning to distribute 350 billion in
aid to uh state and local governments as
part of the 1.9 trillion coronavirus
relief law
passed earlier this year which makes me
wonder why wasn’t
it already dispersed yeah
uh but when faced with the opportunity
to end
so earlier this week the republicans
said hey let’s end this 300
a week so people will go back to work
because that’s the reason people are
staying home
um and he came out and he said
that’s unfounded there is
no proof that the reason people are
staying home
is because they uh is because they’re
getting paid 300
a week from the federal government plus
whatever they’re getting in their state
unemployment there’s no evidence of this
people americans want to work
and they just need better jobs
there’s no founding that there’s it’s
unfounded to think that
there are americans who are choosing to
stay home because they’re making more
money staying home
than by working and it keeps getting
so why would they work when they can
stay home
especially when they’re still in a
and especially there are still a large
number of americans
who think that if you get covid you are
certain to end up in a hospital with it
i wonder why
they’d stay home and make more money
and in their minds be far less likely to
go to the hospital
why on earth would that happen
that wouldn’t happen so let’s i i want
us to take a step back here and i
actually tweeted about this yesterday
you got republicans and democrats
arguing over
this over if people you know uh if
people are lazy
or if it’s that they’re staying home
because they’re making more money
or if that’s a good way to restart the
economy or if it’s a good way to waste
money and drive up the cost of things
and reduce
the availability of things because
people have to work to make things
which is part of why there’s a shortage
of things all of a sudden
well not the oil but we’ll be talking
about that later but that’s why
you know uh when when uh um when ben
shapiro went into home depot he could
only afford one board of wood
it’s because it’s gotten so expensive
and part of why it’s gotten so expensive
is so many people that are working or
were working aren’t working
because again why would they work now
what’s getting lost in all of this
in this attempt by many in media to
demonize the employee employers
uh or demonize the workers is to
recognize that it’s neither of their
the reality is the vast majority of
people are
wage slaves because their money has been
robbed of 98
of its value for the past over the past
several generations
i said this many times on the campaign
trail i still routinely say it
imagine if your money was worth 50 times
what it is right now
imagine if your parents money and their
parents money
had been worth 50 times what it is right
imagine how much more you could buy with
the money that you have
imagine how much more you could invest
because you’re not having to spend every
penny that you have
on just the things that you need so that
you can actually compound that
into even more money imagine how you
could buy houses
how you could buy real estate how you
could buy investments
how you could buy things that gain in
value over time so you’re not having to
be reliant on others
for your housing imagine if your parents
and their parents and their parents
had had that kind of money to walk
around with and been able to build up a
financial legacy
so that you’re in in an even better
financial situation right now
than you would have been starting with
without it imagine how many more people
would be better off i don’t even want to
look at the comments imagine how many
better people would be better off
if the federal reserve didn’t exist and
if all of the bad
policies from government that led to the
complete obliteration of the value of
the currency that they make you
use hadn’t been happen if we didn’t have
this monopoly money system that we have
right now
and until we talk about that the actual
why more and more people can’t afford to
get by then we’re never going to get
anywhere if we’re continuing to do this
scapegoat routine
between employers and employees the
employers who are just trying to keep
their margins and be able to compete
with other companies including companies
in other countries and the employees who
are just trying to freaking
pay their bills if we stop demonizing
and stop letting them you know be the
pick which
side you’re on and recognize that
they’re both on the side they got
screwed by the system of central banking
then we can actually get somewhere what
are these comments say let me look
uh jack casey said imagine how many uh
fantasy novels you could buy
um yes jessica’s in the comments
the author of uh the
the royal green and the other one
uh that one silver throne and then
and and coming soon
crown crowned by mud crowned by mud
sorry guys if you buy and i’m gonna say
it right now
if y’all buy a thousand copies of this
jack casey is gonna change it to crown
by mud
i don’t know if that’s true
i don’t know if that’s true but you know
i have many a conversation with jack
casey over on movie
and uh he has not said that wouldn’t
i actually have a crown uh royal green
silver throne with uh the muddy waters
logo on it
and uh i just haven’t put it into the
show notes files yet
crowd by mud summer 2021 that’s right
crown bad mud in fact he says if uh if
for a thousand copies he will strip four
bill gates so here is
future footage from summer 2021 bill
gates dancing with jack casey
beautiful thing so uh
something i read earlier today um
17 million dollars in 1973.
how much do you think that’s worth now
50 grand
no five
let me rephrase that okay what would
that be
equivalent to today oh what would it be
equivalent to today
oh gosh i i i phrased that wrong what
was going to say
the equivalent to today uh what would
that be equivalent to today
gosh uh 100 million 50 man you nailed it
100 million 100 million yeah 17 million
1973 that’s 48 years ago
100 million today wow
that i see this is it’s not a problem
with prices
it’s a problem with the money yeah it’s
the the money is the problem and people
oh but you know uh how do they make us
use the money
well they make you use the money because
in order to pay your taxes that they say
that you owe them
you have to pay them in u.s dollars
well right they don’t care how you got
you have to pay your taxes not just your
income taxes but your property taxes
you have to collect the sales taxes you
have to
any kind of any tariffs
any kind of taxes that are paid to the
government any kind of fees taxes
licensing anything else
have to be paid in u.s dollars that is
the law
at the federal state and local level it
has to be paid in us dollars
which means that you either have to do
the transaction
in us dollars or you have to convert it
into us dollars
which is not very efficient if you’ve
done everything by barter
and then you have to report that and now
you have to figure out a way to
sell off some of the stuff that you
bartered for and convert it to us
you’re getting screwed over there and
you’re still being affected by the
because they’re telling you that you
have to use this currency in order to be
able to weigh against
the value of the things that you’re
trading right and every and most
everyone else is still doing it
so you just do it too if the u.s
you know one of the ways that people
have said how could you win the fed
there there are many ways that a
a president could end the fed um one is
to uh is to simply stop
uh to order the us treasury to put to
making deposits into the federal reserve
which is what uh
president jackson did it with the second
bank of the u.s
uh and caused it to crash instantly but
another thing is
uh the president could just order the
irs to accept
other forms of payment
you did that it would take a little bit
longer but if you did that within a
generation the federal reserve would
crumble on its own because people would
wait i don’t have to use us dollars and
it’s not going to be an instant thing
everyone goes outside i’m using dogecoin
to buy cookies
it’s going to be like a long-term thing
but it’s going to start with the major
companies going
wait a second we can use bitcoin we
could do all of our transactions all of
our financial tracks
transactions and ethereum and dogecoin
and whatever it’s uh you know that that
would eventually lead to
and i’m up i’m up like 200 percent with
it but god guys it’s a meme
it’s amazing it’s a meme it’s amazing
being pushed by
elon so it’s very well
very well too i hope he’s sitting on i
hope he is pumping it because my
goodness is he
is he pushing that stuff he’s what he’s
like fund an entire thing with dogecoin
going sending something to the moon with
dojo or something
that’s good on him late i listen i mean
not for his snl
thing but uh good on him for you know
the other stuff that he’s able to do
that snl appearance was terrible if he
is able to well
i mean all they had was a dogecoin joke
if he was going to
uh the fact that he could with a couple
of tweets
can take a coin that the developers of
it said
it was a joke joke and turn it into the
fourth largest cryptocurrency by market
and have it instantly become have a
higher market cap
than like 150 of the fortune 200 come
that’s that is incredible that is just
wow that’s power and to use it for that
that’s just ha speaking of misuse of
on sunday dr anthony fauci
uh said that masks decrease
respiratory diseases and that that’s
what led to
our non-existent flu season last year
matt yeah so
it’s a quick sidebar if anybody out
there has seen the new show
on i think it’s on fox it’s gotta be on
fox there’s no other
channel that would pick this up called
let’s be real
i don’t know who does the impressions on
that show but that fouchy impression
is on point like i’m going to watch that
to learn how to do a voucher impression
um it is on fox you you nailed down
yeah yeah uh it’s it’s a bunch of
um it’s a bunch of puppets and the
person whoever is doing the impressions
is spot on
um but they had fauci on there as baby
and god that was funny are you gonna
save me
you gotta wash your hands first
don’t touch me it’s hilarious um
we had andrew cuomo on there talking
about social distancing in new york
and he’s like you need to stay six feet
away from me
anyway uh so yeah what found you said
uh master the reason i wasn’t eh
it it’s me anthony voucher
let’s go um
but uh if we take a look at this chart
with the
world health organization data we can
that the number of flu
cases that were being reported were at
the highest when they were saying
don’t buy masks masks don’t work uh no
evidence to suggest wearing of masks has
any potential benefit
and then when it was pretty much gone
was when fauci recommended
wearing face coverings for uh kovid and
a year or so later he’s saying
wearing masks made flu non-existent and
again this comes from the w.h.o
uh so
and keep in mind this is actually more
extreme than this
because any effect that mask wearing
would have or lockdowns would have or
anything else would have in theory
you actually it takes two weeks at least
two to three weeks
to see that and up to 20 days to see the
results because
the incubation period of kovid is up to
two weeks so you would if this were the
then all these things that you’re seeing
is you know stop buying mass
mass don’t work no specific evidence to
suggest and right
that would be as it was peaking that
would be going up the peak
and then you would see you know at the
peak they recommend face coverings
and then maybe it peaks a little bit
higher than that
and then starts to go down this is the
exact opposite of that
yep yeah
so i don’t know if you uh saw rand paul
and fouchy get into it
today or yesterday i didn’t yeah
they they went back and forth
and while rand paul
is not a libertarian um
and this is a man that i’ve had in my
multiple times by the way yes no i know
he uh he’s not a libertarian but i’m
bran paul who incidentally i’ve had in
my car many times andy liked my
shoes no that that was thomas massey
oh you brought it up that’s not name
dropping no that’s
true no i brought that that’s that’s
correcting that is you were just
correcting me yeah
um when and he’s a bit
intolerable when he speaks but when he
is arguing with anthony without you
i find him to be like soothing
i really do like they’ll go back and
forth i’m like
man normally i kind of can see why
oh that would have not been a good i can
see why people don’t like rand paul yes
let’s say
that yeah let’s say it that way matt
i can i can see that um and
i was like i can i can see why people
don’t like rand paul but when he’s
arguing with anthony fauci
i’m like man fauci is really the one
with the punchable face
um wow
and kidneys
so folks
folks it’s time
of course now listen to any of these
it’s time of course now that’s good
that’s gonna just coming off of that
that’s perfect
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um mud club
uh so here is
here are the uh the club
i would i thought you were making a uh
stephen crowder pun because he has
mug club no
no i was like just the mud club
so folks uh here is our first question
from the amazing i believe
josh mccos
hey matt and spike i just wanted to ask
spike um mrs joshua ko’s here
if you um had eaten all the salmon i had
gave you yet
or oh yeah oh yes like rationing
yourself yep nope
nope like because it’s so good so that
you don’t eat it all
in like a week no most of it was gone
before we even left alaska josh um well
i so i ate what you cooked
like immediately i ate almost all of it
in front of the
poor man and then i had a little bit
left because i didn’t want to seem like
an absolute pig because he made a
like giant slab it’s like a pound of
and i’m like oh i could eat a little bit
before we do this thing that it was what
like the evening event that
that night and oh lord just a little bit
here and i just
ate like almost all of it i’m like i’ll
shave a little bit for later i don’t
want to
get myself too stuffed and then i went
home back to the hotel room
from the event like that immediately
then the a smoked salmon
100 did not make it out of alaska i ate
that i think the following day
um along with most of the other smoked
salmon that i was given
because as i have said i am best
described as a
salmon addict it’s not just food
i am actually having an unhealthy amount
of eating with it
and i also obsess about it and have both
physical and
emotional withdrawals when i don’t have
any so so
just so everybody knows salmon is to
as crack is to hunter biden
wow that’s accurate well as crack is to
most people clearly
uh actually there will one day they’ll
find a laptop and it’s just photos of me
eating salmon naked um and
in a bathtub somewhere i can’t wait um
so then but then but then joshua also
got me a few i don’t know
slabs fillets sides whatever of salmon
to take home that were frozen that did
get home because i didn’t have an oven
uh at the hotel or else i would have
eaten that there too
uh we got like 30 pounds grab a lighter
just yeah just need a little bit and um
cook it right there yeah basically yeah
shove it put it put on a little spoon
um and so i uh i might try that actually
but next time i’m in a hotel but
um that might work
that might work anyway so we brought
home like 30 some odd pound we
we measured we waited it was like over
30 pounds of
raw salmon that people gave us uh it’s
frozen salmon
and all of them had fished it themselves
it’s just i love alaska anyway so
we actually had to empty one of our
suitcases and put all the stuff from
that luggage into the other bags so we
could shove it all in there with ice
packs and it made it home
frozen i have now eaten all of that
that’s all gone now that was in march
yep no april it was less than a month
was it in april i thought it was in
march uh april 17th
that’s two months later it was less than
a month and
it’s been a few days
i eat pounds of salmon a day
so here’s the next one from brian cleary
hey spike hey matt just real quick
question i have for you all
given what we have found out about
the chauvin trial and maxine waters
comments that were made yesterday
do you believe that we should hold
maxine waters to the same standard that
we held donald trump to
with inciting riots and such
i know that it’s just words and
people have the right to speak their
mind and so on
but is it not hypocritical to some
degree to
put him on trial and throw him into the
wolves basically over
impeachment and then to kind of just
brush it to the side like we have with
maxine waters
thank you very much so it’s been a few
weeks since we’ve had
a show yes so these are i can actually
i can pull up that video of what she
yeah it’s still in here so this is what
maxine water says let me make sure it
still works here
i am very hopeful and i hope
that we’re going to get a verdict
that is say guilty guilty guilty and if
we don’t
we we cannot go away and not just
manslaughter right i mean
oh no not manslaughter no no no this is
this is guilty
for murder i don’t know whether it’s in
the first degree but as far as i’m
concerned it’s first thing
what happens if we do not go get what
you just told what should the people do
what’s your protesters on the street
i didn’t hear you what happens what
should protesters do
well we gotta stay on the street uh and
we’ve got to get more
active we’ve got to get more
we’ve got to make sure that they they
know that we need business
so applying the same standard here
many people will look at that and say
well she didn’t flat out say you need to
riot and burn things down and you need
to threaten people anyway neither did
he they did trump and trump actually
you know to protest peacefully he did
throw a peacefully in there there was a
lot of other provocative stuff but he
did say there was but he didn’t say
but he said peacefully he threw it in he
said when he goes
when he go to protest he protests
just peacefully um
that’s kind of george bush like
originally he’s going to say when you
protest peacefully people say to
protest not peacefully i’m not gonna die
freed my lips no
new taxes thousand points of light
a thousand points of light
so yeah i mean by the same standards
yeah by the same standards yes
yeah she should she should be prosecuted
there’s gonna be no
i think that there’s gonna be a whole
different set of issues with
you had the juror uh
number i don’t know uh who was
photographed at
a blm uh protests wearing blm
shirts and hats and like that said you
know get your knee off my neck
like things like that are going to cause
a mistrial just as much as the maxine
very potentially yeah yeah and you are
going to have
or at least have an appeal on it not a
mystery it’s not a mistrial right yeah
they’re not going to do a mistrial and
and you’re going to get healed he will
get his appeal
just there’s enough stuff on there to to
entertain an appeal more than likely i
would be surprised if they didn’t
i don’t think he’s going to be found not
guilty because the evidence was there
i mean we had matt hicks on to talk
about that like they they
don’t have any viable evidence of
why you would vote not guilty they don’t
have anything they had
right well he used drugs okay get your
knee off his neck
uh well he uh you know um he had
previously been resisting okay he’s not
he didn’t and i i had seth stoughton who
was the uh
one of the expert witnesses in that
trial uh derek chovin continued to keep
his knee on
uh on george floyd’s neck for
roughly two minutes after he was told
that there was no pulse
people without pulses can’t resist much
you know cause you any physical harm um
so there was no reason to continue this
uh but could it lead to a an appeal just
because of some of the
the you know also this is what happens
when you have the trial
right there there was no way to move
and yes there’s going to be people with
opinions on this everywhere but
right there like so i understood what
the judges
i kind of understood the judge’s point
when they talked about moving the trial
and he said because you have to have it
in minnesota
it had to be in the state um and
he said it doesn’t matter where you go
this is going to be
i don’t know if you use the word tainted
but he said your jury like i think he
said like your
jury pool is going to be tainted
anywhere you go it doesn’t matter
everybody has an opinion on this already
that’s true that is true but man right
right in minneapolis i i get it i get it
and i there’s also the infrastructure of
where do you have that trial with all
the security needs and everything else
minneapolis might be the only place in
the state that can even do that so
yeah and the other issue the other issue
that he may have been thinking of
like let’s say they went to
to duluth minnesota i don’t know if
that’s real city in minnesota
i believe here i believe you just came
up with a real city in minnesota
okay so let’s say they went to i hope
yeah in fact we were supposed we were
originally going to do an event in
duluth but we ended up not being able to
do it
so yes duluth minnesota is a real place
is it near minnesota
minneapolis i believe it’s a couple
hours away from it
it’s further north of it yeah good
enough that’s actually perfect
um like if if it went to duluth
and the jury up there voted not guilty
the city of minneapolis would have
and they would have said you didn’t have
the trial here
why didn’t you have the trial here yeah
it’s a damned if you do damned if you
don’t type a thing but
i think honestly just you know what
water said is enough to possibly the
judge said you just guys you guys just
got yourself a
an appeal between between maxine waters
between joe biden between the juror you
definitely have an appeal
i don’t know if it changes the outcome i
could see it i could
see it changing the outcome just because
always thinking that what uh
big yet shang sweeney uh posted
something right before
uh that trial ended and he said yeah we
always think that we have
uh that moment where the cops are gonna
get uh
repercussions for the actions right how
many times look for it
and how many times has it come through
and it’s like never like it never
happens or very very rarely yeah or very
right like at least in the trials that
we all know about that
that make it to the news it never
happens yeah
so except in this case now
and the scent the taken away it could be
taken away just because
like can i have that i have that fear
that that will happen
and his sentencing’s in oh in just over
a month
and who knows what’s going to happen
there um
we shall see so uh here’s another one
but it’s
it’s written this time if they did that
holy crap buy stock in
kerosene um
if they gave him time holy crap
if they gave him time serve don’t
there’s a don’t go outside for 14 days
holy hell um this one’s the exact same i
think this might be a duplicate but
let’s play just the case
a spy hey matt just real quick question
i have for you all
given what we have found out about
the chauvin trial yeah yeah that’s the
same one okay
uh so then here is what was what was his
brian cleary brian i hope that uh
you have gotten over the cobia since you
left those messages
usually we do asmr later yeah
uh yeah a little stuffy
yeah hey andrew o’donnell says to
invest in brick makers yes that’s also a
good one yes brick makers and
soup cans campbell soup for my family
um so here’s one here’s the last one for
the day from
jim from james m ray
hi spike and guy on left this is james m
ray calling in on the
chris reynolds personal injury attorney
attorney at law
anchor call-in moment god i think i said
that right
anyway i am calling about one of our
kind who has been sadly
neglected and ignored while we screech
at each other
and his name is john mcafee
he has paid more federal taxes than
every single person on your friend’s
list combined
and even though he’s probably not the
perfect libertarian
he’s damn well good enough for me and
he’s a lot of fun to drink with
so we should start organizing against
the spaniards to get
them to release him from that [ __ ]
cage thank you very much have a great
the spaniards the spaniards
yeah john mcphee he’s uh locked up in
spain for
tax evasion here right yeah for tax
evasion here and so
you guys want to talk about tyranny
imagine if there were a country that had
a law
that said that if you want if your
wants to participate in any kind of
financial dealings
in our country all of your banks have to
anything from american citizens to
our revenue agency our our our irs
and if we determine that anyone in your
country of
any citizenship commits any crime
related to taxes you have to hold them
in a jail in your country until
we decide what we want to do with them
indefinitely like gitmo style
even if your country has very strict
rules about
uh due process and how long someone can
be held without a trial
and you know habeas corpus laws and all
that no you got to throw all that out
the window
and hold someone indefinitely
for our laws that’s called fatca
f-a-t-c-a and it is a law
in the books in the united states code
of laws it is a law that applies to
other countries it is a unilateral
that no one else signed and that they
only it’s unilateral in that we it’s
unilateral two ways
it’s unilateral in that we or our
government created this law without any
input from any other country
and they have to abide by it even though
they didn’t agree to it
and if they don’t they don’t get to
they and neither they nor any of their
citizens here or abroad
get to or in their countries get to
participate in any kind of financial
in the united states and that’s why john
is in prison probably for the rest of
his life
probably without trial or any kind of
due process
so whatever you think of john mcafee yes
fatca fatca
whatever you think of john mcafee
he is being held on the suspicion
that he refused to be extorted for the
rest of his life
and probably will not get a chance to
defend himself
and i get the people and they go yeah
well you know he probably killed that
person in
uh in belize or or yeah police okay
then he should do he should serve trial
for that he should
go through due process for that or he
did all these really weird things that
they said in that in that thing gringos
all that stuff well
if any of that was legal some of it most
of it wasn’t
illegal but i mean it was kind of weird
but some of it was
illegal then he should go to they should
they should try him for that he should
get his day in court for that
or you know hey i don’t like him okay
well then you don’t
have to but this is someone who
and and james made an excellent point
this is someone that is has
certainly paid more taxes than i ever
billions right and a wide margin
by a wide i think it’s safe to say that
possibly every other libertarian
member of the party combined well no
because there’s no there’s that one guy
but most with with a few exceptions
uh have not uh have have
have not paid anything combined and
and and john mcafee john mcafee
should um i don’t want to name people
like hey you know who pays a lot of
um but uh you said that
so yeah free john mcafee i actually uh i
actually uh
uh tweeted about that a couple months
back and and got a lot of
uh pushback on it like well john did
this john
okay great take it up with the sierra
club if he did that to the whale
but that has nothing to do with what
he’s in jail
in spain for okay
sue him with the the international law
of the sea i don’t know what to tell you
and john makes a compelling point about
the whales i mean if
they could kill you at any moment yep
i don’t i don’t if they aren’t getting
you off of them
they don’t mind you being there like if
or even no
it’s a very uncomfortable conversation
i watched which we’ve had which which
had on this show it’s why
why i was gifted a narwhal
i’m gonna have to go through the
archives of the show for that one
because i’m knocking up that’s uh we’re
not talking about
definitely not rehashing that
we have a fan
who i won’t name uh i know he’s not
watching this episode
but we have a fan who is currently
he started at episode one about
two months ago oh my god and he is going
in order because he has this sense of
completion and he
he’s gonna listen to this in like four
weeks when he finally catches
up because apparently all he does is
listen to us and he was asking me
questions and i was like
man that was oh about like episode 12 or
something like that yeah i was like man
that was
so long ago i don’t know what happened
to that
but he’s gonna hear that narwhal episode
and he’s gonna stop listening right now
i would
i would i would stop listening after
that because that was very uncomfortable
um meg jones yes meg
if anyone has a reason to be mad at john
it’s me because he doesn’t even know who
i am he thinks i’m some schmuck on a bus
uh that happened uh that was a special
of the chris and spiky show we
interviewed john mcafee
while i’m campaigning i’m on the
jorgensen cohen bus
and i’m sitting there obviously on a
campaign bus in the background right
and he’s going i don’t know why anyone
would want to run for office what kind
of idiot would do that
in this climate just a [ __ ] i’m like
yeah ran for office
multiple times in the libertarian party
it was the words of someone who lost but
whatever and and
and he says that’s what that’s what i’m
saying he ran for office
i beat him you did he was running for
the vice presidential nomination
how do you not know the person that beat
and if it were anyone else i would say
no way you’re just faking this you know
who i am i beat you look at me
i beat you no i strongly believe john
mcafee has no clue who i am
even though i have interviewed him
multiple times on multiple shows
so we have okay so we have multiple
multiple people are saying they want to
go back and listen from the beginning
now many of you may not know this
because you’re kind of new to this
the the beginning’s rough to get through
uh and
there is a
i’m like the jewish calendar is in i
never stopped counting
and there is a uh pre-spike
and a in the year of spike and
and you’re a spike you got a s and p.s
and then i’m the jewish calendar where i
just go through the entire thing
um wow you may want to
kind of uh you may just want to skip to
like 72 or whatever your first one yeah
what was the first episode of me
well there was one that i guessed uh so
previously um
the muddy waters media was started by uh
and uh and our and our friend muhammad
shaker uh and uh
uh i came on uh to do my show uh
my fellow americans uh sometime uh well
fifth fourth was my first episode in
2018. um and then uh about three months
uh muhammad decided to take a hiatus
like four hours long
so you got a treat waiting for you there
um four hours about the
how the founders lied to you um or how
you were lied to about the founders
because the founders didn’t say anything
to you they did most of that
yeah that was a four hours and then the
next episode was
four hours and i thought oh i don’t want
to do this so
um then they became three hours they’ve
they’ve lessened in in size over time
i’ve learned how to
be a little bit more choosy in my
um so we’ve uh so then in
october no september or october of uh
of 2018 uh i took over for muhammad
as the co-host but what a year before
i was a guest host uh for a time that
muhammad wasn’t able to make
it uh in november
yeah november of 2017 yeah yeah yeah so
this is yeah so
so yeah yeah no there i mean there’s
so if you go all the way back they’re
not bad episodes they just don’t have me
in it they have muhammad and
they have momentum right you’ll also get
episodes with uh former people who
worked for us for a week and then got
better jobs
we try to tell and this keeps happening
we keep having people in turn
in every time i put up hey who wants to
help us and when
we have someone that helps us and then
they immediately get a good job and it’s
like they do
yeah good for you
she wasn’t really an intern she was i
don’t remember what we called her
um she was fantastic like she did so
much work for us
uh for a wonderful price um
free and she went for one
week not even she was here for like one
and then she got a job uh making
just really i didn’t blame her for
leaving us
since we weren’t paying her yeah i mean
listen uh i can
do a rewarding career for good money or
i can do this
i guess it’s rewarding i feel fulfilled
but it’s zero dollars
uh i mean i’ll tell i’ll say her name
her name’s uh taylor hall
yeah i don’t remember what her name used
to be she got married uh but yeah she
she was wonderful i said she’s still a
wonderful person and
yeah no she’s great you know we’re not
angry we love her i thought she got a
good job
and then we heard davis zerry davis we
were here
davis for a little bit and um she ended
up getting a job with
reason i think yep
and then we took a hiatus on it
for a while and then we had ryan raymond
and then he got a job
and yeah right or he or he actually just
got a i think an increase in his
responsibility at work right which i
presume came with more money as well
so hey guys if you are looking to help
us and you have any kind of experience
you know working on wordpress and
websites and things like that
and you want a very quick
moving up the corporate ladder that has
in theory
nothing to do with us but just happens
adjacent to us joe biden should include
interning for us in his jobs plan
yes oh wow and and that way like we
could have a constant
intern and it’d be like okay well yeah
i’m glad you became a millionaire now
next um right so if anyone
trump is saying if you want do you want
uh anyone to to help
if you’d like to help if you have any
experience with wordpress we’d love to
have you and
you know for however many days before
you freaking
i forget if it’s and i even asked her
it’s either nalick or malik i think it’s
she’s an eskimo so it’s however you
would say that
uh yeah she’s the but like an actual
eskimo don’t get in don’t at me
right woke twitter like literally
like she’s a literal eskimo now like if
sunday uh pm dm
slide up into the dms slide up in my dms
my personal ones uh because i don’t
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um when facebook doesn’t work on your
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you kind of cut that out um so
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talk about it if that is something you
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uh who is just listening to us uh send a
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because even if we find someone to do it
now they’re only going to be around for
like a freaking like a week or so before
they go off to like
like somebody become the like every
single one of them gets a really really
really good job
or you know wins the lottery or
something like
so you know it’s if you want that’s
that’s uh
uh we’re being when will you live stream
to clubhouse well now that it’s on
android a lot
sooner um
i mean can we i don’t know how to use
clubhouse i just
have an account so folks i’m spike cohen
on clubhouse and you can do whatever the
hell you can with that i don’t know what
that even what
how that works we’re gonna get right on
that i’m gonna be clubhousing
any any day now
yeah i didn’t know if we like i i knew
that it just opened up to android i was
like oh that’d be cool to use and i went
everything we do is computer based i
don’t know i don’t know
i don’t know no i don’t know
i don’t know i don’t know but that’ll be
that will be soon
so that’s coming down the pipeline
so let’s talk about speaking of the
pipeline hey speaking of the pipeline
the colonial pipeline mat which
transports about 45 percent of the fuel
consumed on the east coast including
south carolina where everyone lost their
damn minds
uh shut down over the weekend due to a
attack man that’s right the attack uh
shocked bewildered bewildered
bewildered the biden administration and
the energy in the industry
and we actually have footage from uh
joe biden giving his message to the
hackers who committed the offense
and you ain’t black
wait what do you say and you ain’t black
oh wow and obviously
they thought that was a weird thing for
him to say to
hackers uh they’re not black yeah and
so they asked him to explain it a little
bit more and
we have this clip as well not everybody
in the community
in the hispanic and the african-american
community particularly in
uh rural areas that are distant and or
inner city
you know that that joke spent most of my
time doing these notes yesterday
i can tell because you actually
everybody actually helps
you actually put biden responds to
that’s a different font but it def
you know i i was
i had to do what’s good no it’s good
it’s good
so uh president biden and other
administration officials on monday
highlighted the
dominance of the private sector in
owning and operated critical utilities
hinting at irritation around the
government’s lack of control
because that’ll fix it that’ll
definitely fix that’ll fix it
let’s go make it like the world trade
we’ll get into them he said exactly so
joe biden said and this he really said
this is not a joke
my administration is also committed to
safeguarding our critical infrastructure
much of which is privately owned and
managed like colonial
private entities are making their own
determinations on cyber security
now let’s keep in mind
there has been one attack
like this
one uh the deputy national security
advisor elizabeth sherwood
randall told reporters at the white
house on monday
uh this weekend’s events put the
spotlight on the fact that our nation’s
critical infrastructure is largely owned
and operated by private sector companies
when those companies are attacked they
serve as the first line of defense and
we depend on the effectiveness of their
if somebody doesn’t know where this is
going if anybody out there doesn’t know
where this is leading
hang in with us we’ll explain it later
yeah um
biden on monday uh stressed that his
administration took the hack
extremely seriously noting that he had
been receiving daily briefings on the
and could you imagine explaining
ransomware hacks to joe biden
yeah i mean uh so like if somebody
trying to explain it to me
like i’m like how does that work what
okay why and like i still need like
to be guided through that a little bit i
could not imagine
well i mean whatever you explained to
him you’d have to say it again 20
minutes later
so there’s that as well now by biden
and uh sherwood randall uh they’re
putting a lot of blame on private
industry and their lack of security and
what will almost assuredly lead to calls
for nationalization
of the industry which is really what
they’ve been pushing for for years
all these subsidies all these attacks on
all these attacks on actual other
alternative forms of energy
and giving ever getting everyone all
hobbyhorsed into
solar and wind which are nowhere near
being able to power our grid which means
it just leaves
oil uh we do have a response from joe
uh regarding uh the possibility of
nationalizing the auto with the the oil
and gas industry
and i had a nurse at nurses
at walter reed hospital who bent
down and whispering my ear wow and go
home and get me pillows they would make
sure they
actually probably nothing ever taught in
uh you can’t do it in the covert time
they’d actually breathe in my nostrils
to make me move
to get me moving
so the way that i see this is that much
like whenever there is
a uh mass shooting or any sort of gun
uh gun violence is an epidemic
um but they’re going to use this
to springboard to push for greater
government control on
security of corporations and potentially
ownership of industries
um just like they do with guns and that
is like spike said earlier
what they have been pushing for this
entire time
these sort of things are 100 what they
are going to be going for
and what they are going to use in order
to try to
go in order to try to move that
narrative forward
is they’re going to be using the
everything is infrastructure
narrative that they’ve already been
pushing the new infrastructure
bill you can already see the tweets i’m
i can already see them in my head
securing our oil infrastructure
oil pipelines is infrastructure like
it’s right in there
and the sheep will run with it in both
josh hawley today was saying this is the
perfect example we have to do this
we have to deal with this or it’s just
going to this is our jugular and we’ve
got to protect our jugular
they’re going to push so hard for either
nationalization of the industries or
just outright control of their security
which oh i’m sure that’ll make it better
in fact uh let’s see what’s this chick’s
name anne newberger
says uh we want to see ransomware not be
successful and that begins with greater
resilience particularly
in critical infrastructure networks that
is biden’s deputy national security
advisor for cyber and emerging
technology told reporters
now matt it’s a really good thing that
the federal government hasn’t dealt with
any hacks that
people could use against them right
right i mean
luckily that has never awake
there was that one
last year that joe biden recently uh put
sanctions on russia for doing
uh the solar winds hack uh that
successfully breached nine
federal agencies for almost a year going
through the
going through the microsoft system in
their exchange
email a year this thing
happened for a couple days once
so they’re gonna push for agency control
this when they screwed up for over
a year or almost a year multiple
right they are
going to continue to say the federal
government needs to be in charge
and they’re going to start out with the
security and they’re going to say that’s
part of the infrastructure and then
they’re eventually going to say
that the pipelines are infrastructure so
it should just be owned by the federal
and they are going to try to nationalize
the oil and complete energy industry and
i could come up with an example of where
that didn’t
work real great
mexico let’s talk about mexico
mexico had their energy prices go
up and their security issues go up
when they took over uh the uh there were
main energy companies and they were uh
consolidated and nationalized into
pemaco i think it’s called and
everything got worse there for everyone
because the federal government’s a
really bad way of doing
things and really anything but
especially this kind of stuff that’s not
what they’re for and they’re not good at
it they’re not good at anything else
either but
this is you know and people will say
well but security is what the federal
government’s supposed to do no no that’s
actually not what the constitution says
the constitution doesn’t say the federal
government is to provide
security for private interests or take
over industries it doesn’t say
any of that right at all
um and this is not a good use of the
government because they’re not good at
security especially
cyber security they’re actually uniquely
terrible at it considering how big of an
organization they are they’re worse than
any other large organization at this
because they’re so old and and decrepit
and don’t have to provide value and
don’t have to keep up with the times and
can force everyone uh to do things
against their will even if it’s stupid
but that doesn’t work with hackers
because hackers do what they want um
this is a really really really bad idea
um uh kenneth ebal says are you
suggesting that the
government is corrupt far be it for me
to ever suggest anything like that
uh but uh it’s
yeah pemex that’s what that’s what it’s
called um the
uh this is a big big big problem
um putting aside the fact that if you
want yeah if you thought that oil prices
weren’t going up
enough already let’s nationalize them
but if you
if this becomes the new narrative and
we’re seeing it across the board
that private companies can’t possibly
secure themselves
we need an organization that routinely
gets hacked all the time
to be in charge of it because they’re
the government so we have to assume
they’re better at it right
since we don’t recogni we recognize
they’re not good at anything
clearly they’ll be good at this this by
the way is the is the cognitive
of the american voter so if you sit down
with the american voter and ask
how the government’s doing with schools
they’ll go that government sucks at
schools they’re doing they’re screwing
this up they’re screwing that up
they’re you know these test standards
and the kids are getting dumber and
and you know all this stuff and then if
you ask them what how do you think the
government’s doing with health care oh
the government’s ruining health care the
cost of health care is going through the
roof i can’t even afford
health care how do you think
government’s going with social security
i haven’t had an
increase in my social security in three
what a absolute ponzi scheme of a plan
what do you think about uh the security
thing well the problem is that uh the
government should be doing it because
these private industries can’t possibly
do it themselves
yep exactly
it is it is absolutely mind-boggling
to me how many people will
one one you forgot that i thought you
were gonna hit was the va how was the
government oh the v8
yep yep right that that one i thought
you were gonna hit like
because that was the one i had in my
brain when i was writing this out and
thinking about things to talk about i
was like
people will say that they do a terrible
job at the va but they’ll
say that the government needs to be in
charge of health care and they’re going
to say that
they need to be in charge of uh the
security of private industry
and no they don’t because they don’t do
anything right unless their
job is to mess everything up in which
case they do it all correctly
what about so uh and uh matt ferraro
brought up the fact that they had
uh the the that one of the organizations
that was hacked
has uh they lost uh eight nukes
nuclear weapons
they lost nuclear weapons
hey where’d my nuclear weapons go eight
of them
this is the organization that’s going to
protect you
the we lost eight nuclear weapons
whatever you think about what’s
happening on the border you know we were
talking to um
to chris earlier whether you are in
favor of more immigration or less
immigration or
streamlining the current system or open
borders or closed borders whatever you
we all kind of universally recognize
that the crisis on the border is an
absolute mess and the government is
completely screwed it up right
pretty much whichever side you are on
this clearly they should be in charge
of every single company’s private
cyber security that will definitely no
way that could
end in an absolute cluster [ __ ] where
they have run up billions of dollars
things get worse then they blame it on
the fact that they don’t get enough
money because we haven’t heard that from
government before right oh the problems
it’s not us it’s that we haven’t gotten
enough funding for our critical
infrastructure and so they get more
and it doesn’t fix it uh i hope vermin
has the nukes honestly right
i hope he does i read earlier today and
i’m gonna preface this with saying i did
not fact check this
because i did not have time which is why
we didn’t actually talk about it in the
show but the pentagon recently lost 21
trillion dollars
and i was like that seems high yep
and you know that’s how much are we in
32 trillion i think
yep i’m not even 100 sure what it is
anymore um
so i feel as though
i kind of feel as though uh the debt is
their fault and they shouldn’t be asking
us to pay for it
yeah yeah
yep i agree with that so um
there’s another topic we’re not going to
get into it uh too deeply
but just to give an idea of what happens
when you put the government
something yeah that i didn’t delete okay
i’m just gonna bring it up ice the
that uh and you guys can look this up
after the show’s over um
because we didn’t put it in the show we
didn’t want it to go too long but
ice made a fake
university to scam people out of money
and it was targeted to people who was
well they were here illegally
but it also scams some people who
weren’t here illegally who thought that
it was actually a good
legitimate university those people got
their money back though
oh well that’s okay well at least they
got their money back right yeah that’s
what like
so when the p when when the people that
were here illegally the
they applied for this university that
ice created
um and they got accepted they sent their
money and that was
how they got found and then they got
arrested and then they were sent back
and they did not get a refund on that
yeah which is by the way that’s fraud um
and it’s still illegal even if the
people are here illegally if you defraud
someone who’s here illegally
you’re going to get in trouble for it if
it gets reported and they have evidence
of it so for all the people that are
saying well
they weren’t here illegal it doesn’t
matter uh if you say oh they need to
follow the law
ice broke the law right it’s illegal to
defraud people
somebody actually brought this up in the
comments uh yes this happened back in
march it was march 26th is when this
came out
this was part of a larger refugee thing
we were going to do last week
but biden the reason
we were going to bring it up last week
is because biden defended ice
in this instance yeah and
other things that he did in his first
hundred days before he increased the
number of refugees that were allowed
into 62
500 uh was he broke a campaign promise
to halt the confiscation of private
property for board
border wall construction which he did
he made certain parts of the asylum
system even more restrictive than his
yep did that and defended ice
uh defended ice in court after the
erected a fake university defrauded
immigrants out of the tuition money and
deported them without refunds
this man does not actually care about
immigrants and does not care about
refugees yes he is increasing the number
but that is to placate his voters it’s
not in any way shape or form because he
cares about
the refugees and the immigrants that are
coming in from other nations
he is doing this only because when he
didn’t do it he got hit so hard on
social media
and he had to do something he said okay
well this is what i’m going to do
my vice president who is in charge of
the border crisis who hasn’t gone down
there since she has been put in charge
of it uh
isn’t doing anything i need to do
let’s increase the number of people that
are allowed in they’re still going to
have to go to those camps
they’re still going to have to go to the
i don’t remember what they’re calling
them now
because they’ve changed the names on
them so many times shelters
they’re shelters that you have to filter
and they look a lot like
camps but they are in fact now shelters
they’re the exact same buildings
that trump used and they have even more
people in them now and an even larger
proportion of children
but they’re shelters now right also he
didn’t increase the number of people
that are coming here he just increased
the cap
but he also made the actual asylum
more restrictive so in theory there
might even
be less people who are able to be
allowed in
and again they were all in camps in the
and he defended not just does he not
care about immigrants or refugees or or
asylum seekers he didn’t care about the
because ice made a fake university to
scam people
and took their money never gave it back
and he defended that
he defended it and he wrote all the the
laws that have led to the border crisis
he was one of the co-writers of those
that’s your president that is your
and yes i know many of you did not vote
for him oh i do have the link in there i
don’t believe i have the link in there
here i’m gonna put the link into the
nope maybe i don’t know if that’s gonna
hold on i’m i’m not trying
i’m trying to do this on something that
here here hold on i can i can do it hold
okay cool here’s the link
that’s that’s president right there yep
that’s president biden defending that
um so if you can hack a pipeline you can
hack an election
that’s like dodgeball
show dodge wrench you can dodge a ball
so i ne tomorrow on my
show the well actually since we’re name
uh tomorrow i will be on kennedy at
uh so we’re starting at eight um and i
don’t know what we’re talking about yet
i think i’m on a panel again but i will
be on kennedy tomorrow starting at eight
uh and then immediately after kennedy
join me
at nine o’clock right here on the uh
what is this show called on my fellow
americans uh
my guest will be courtney cahill she is
a professor of law i’ve had a lot of law
professors recently
um i’m very mainstream now i got law
professors on my show uh but she is a
law professor
at the uh it’s not here
um she’s uh it’s in florida it’s in
tallahassee whatever the school of law
there is in tallahassee florida
and uh we’re gonna be talking about some
of these uh
trans sports bills that are being passed
and trans health care bills that are
being passed
the supporters are saying that they’re
protecting women and children the
are saying that they’re discriminating
against trans people and that the
definitions they’re using are on very
very shaky ground
so they’ll probably end up getting
thrown out anyway that part’s probably
whether you support it or not but we’re
going to be talking about uh
these trans bills why they’re happening
what’s going to happen as a result of it
what should the libertarian position be
on it because there’s a lot of
disagreement among libertarians
on whether these bills are good or bad
so we’re going to have courtney
professor cahill on to talk about that
and then
who is your guest on writer’s block matt
you know
you are not going to believe who my
guest is or isn’t
um so you’re going to have to tune in on
and if i am live i have a guess that you
are going to i guess
i believe it and i’m so excited about it
uh i will be
on my way to california for the
libertarian party of california
uh i will be there friday saturday and
sunday the
14th 15th and 16th so come on out and
meet me
if you go to what is their website
you can sign up today to
tonight to be a part of that convention
i’d love to meet you out there
i’m going to be opening the proceedings
i’m also doing a speech i’m doing all
sorts of stuff i pretty much just float
around the whole time even
if i’m not giving a speech i’m walking
around talking with people uh
being a part of the workshops and i make
myself very present at these things
people paid good money to come out and
see me and be a part of everything that
we’re doing
so go to lpcalifornia.org and
find out how you can register and i’d
love to see you there this weekend
and then join us right back here next
tuesday same money place
same muddy time for the next fantastic
of the muddy waters of freedom we’re
matt right now he parsed through the
week’s events
like the sweet little 20 20 wonder boys
we are our guest is
brody anderson who was just elected to a
six-year term
at the river valley district library
board of trustee
six-year term for that board
you know what they say once you are in
the river valley board of library
you never leave it’s my favorite
political saying
and if you are uh going to be donating
to the libertarian party of california’s
convention i think it’s just 10 bucks
and you get to pick spike’s name on his
everybody vote for hashtag guy unleft’s
friend yes
that’s in there too if you go to
lpcalifornia.org and go to their event
page they have a link where you can
decide what my name tag says
hashtag right now unless friend right
uh lover protector of unloved animals is
can change that if you want to
by going to lpcalifornia.org
so matt if uh uh
if you are um if you are looking to
uh be a part of the muddy waters
uh and to experience us on the internet
uh how uh doing it right now
yes outside of this yes
outside of how you are listening to us
or watching us at this very moment
uh yes you can as a matter of fact
you can uh head on over if you are one
of those old school people
who uh just really enjoy the sounds
of our the dulcin tepid
sultry tepid sultry sounds of our voices
you can just head on over to anchor dot
slash muddied waters yes we got money
hey hold on okay
hey we love you give us we do
we love all of you we love all of you
just some of you are more equal than
others the more money you give us the
the level of love we have used for you
is directly proportionate to the amount
of money you give us
yes you can also
yeah donate money and leave messages and
we’ll play them live on the air
and you can also favorite us and you can
directly oh gosh can you favorite us now
favorite us
on anchor you can favorite us
on anchor anchor dot fm slash muddied
and you can share to all of your friends
on twitter facebook or
other social media sites whatever you
can text them with the information or
you can email
them too yes you can absolutely do all
of that
or you can find this in every other
episode at muddywatersmedia.com
well that settles it that’s where i’m
going immediately after this so folks
uh thanks so much for tuning in uh we
will see you here tomorrow for
right after kennedy for my fellow
we will probably see you on thursday for
the writer’s block
uh i will hopefully see you this weekend
at the libertarian party at california
and then we will see you right back here
next week for the muddy waters of
folks thanks so much for tuning in we
love you and
wait and where we’re going we don’t need
roads madam speaker
the president of the united states
we have to do more than just build back
better go back
and feel back better think about it i
want to speak directly to you
because you think about it there’s still
more what to do the sun is sending out
american democracy
they look at the image of the mob was
proof but they’re wrong you know what i
we have to prove them 100 days ago 100
days ago
america’s house was on fire 100 days ago
one day shot the 100th day my
administration get up
americans always get up that’s what
we’re doing get up americans always get
think about it get up americans always
get up
that’s all i’m asking get up americans
always get up it’s us
we the people folks they told every word
ever met with over
the years it’s never ever ever been a
good bet to bet against america and it
isn’t think about it we’re working again
streaming again that’s all i’m asking
think about discovering again deleting
the world again
america’s house was on fire 100 days ago
one day shot the 100th day of my
administration get up
americans always get up that’s what
we’re doing get up
americans always get up it’s us we the

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