Episode 170 – Biden’s Plan For National Supply Commander (PLUS HAT AUCTION part 2!)

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university of utah in salt lake city welcome to the first and only vice president rebate of 2020. i’m susan page of usa today please welcome california senator complete harris and vice president mike pence i’m speaking love a good debate speaking i love a good argument speaking you’re entitled to your own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts and it bears repeating i’m speaking foreign

young people and that it would be contracted because it is airborne because it is airborne operation speed we believe we’ll have tens of millions of doses of vaccine vaccine when i look at their plan it looks a little bit like plagiarism some joe biden knows a little bit about the vice president is the head of the task force i knew how serious this was well let’s go live but this isn’t important and i want to add if mr vice president i’m speaking i’m speaking love a good debate about speaking love a good argument speaking to your own opinion but you’re not entitled and it bears

there’s no excuse for what happened to george floyd but there’s also no excuse for the rioting and there’s also no excuse for them people around our country of every race of every age of every gender perfect strangers to each other marched shoulder to shoulder

i will not sit here and be like vice president i’m speaking love a good debate speaking love a good argument

thank you senator harris thank you vice president pence thank you so much for being with us tonight


good morning good afternoon or good evening and welcome to the vanguard for spike pharaoh mensch cohen i am matt wright and together we are traversing the muddy waters of freedom that is think thank you pharaoh mensch pharaoh men pharaoh mensch so guys you may not realize this yet but we’re actually we’re in the same area right now i don’t know why i did it that way folks thanks so much for tuning in welcome to the muddy waters of freedom

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well that really is good actually

so we’re here in orlando we are here in orlando we’re here in beautiful downtown are we down uptown we’re here in orlando florida somewhere we’re somewhere in orlando beautiful somewhere in town in orlando we just spoke i just spoke matt spoke briefly uh we spoke at beautiful lake eola park in uh orlando florida and uh matt had a a brief speech as well that didn’t yeah it was one letter one letter what was what was that letter aye it was powerful yeah it was powerful it was the most powerful eye i have ever said it was the most powerful i i’ve ever heard yeah and uh thank you so much this episode of course is brought to you by the libertarian party dad bod calendar featuring some of the sexiest libertarian men that have ever been sexy and libertarian at the same time including yours truly pictured right here mr april the sweet summer boy spike cohen get yours today for only 12 including shipping or get yours signed by me me spike cohen today for only thirty dollars including shipping at libertarian dadbad.com this episode of course is also brought to you by the libertarian party waffle house caucus the fastest growing waffle related caucus in the libertarian party or any other party on this planet be sure to join the facebook group libertarian party waffle house caucus today this episode of course is also brought to you by black coffee spelled blvck because nothing nothing matters anymore nothing no just spell things however you want black coffee go to blvckbrews.com to get the most delicious organic cold brewed coffee that has ever been misspelled go to blackberries.com blvckbrews.com and be sure to use the checkout code mw to get free shipping and of course this episode is brought to you by the jorgensen of the jorgensen cohen 2020 campaign joe jorgensen and i are fighting for a world set free in our time and we hope you join us and of course this episode is brought to you by south carolina governor henry mcmaster who is and will always remain in fact a [ __ ] matt so right now roughly literally now ish ish ish libertarian candidate for senate in arkansas ricky dale harrington yes is in the easiest debate of his life because tom cotton decided not to show up for it so ricky is uh ricky’s going to be able to speak to the people for an hour or an hour and a half straight without tom cotton there on public broadcast television in arkansas that’s right i will be there on i keep forgetting if it’s the 22nd or 23rd or 23rd and 24th either way i will be there two days uh campaigning directly with the man himself ricky dale harrington here is a prison chaplain who was running in a two-way race against a very very unpopular incumbent in a very deep red arkansas polls have him anywhere from 39 to the mid 40s and now he gets to have a one-on-one with the arkansas voters because tom cotton is too scared to show up like henry mcmaster he is a [ __ ] oh let me go back say it again like henry mcmaster he is a [ __ ] that’s correct um so yeah uh anybody that’s out there uh after we are done we recommend that you go over to uh we recommend you find it wherever you would find it as soon as this is over as soon as this is over don’t you dare leave this yes you don’t want to leave this ricky needs your help but not this moment right we need you we’ll get the youtube view no matter how you look we’ll get it yeah he’ll get it later and you can like knock on door come on out when i’ll be there uh i know the 23rd is one of the days and then it’s either on the 22nd or 24th also that’ll be out there come out and join us but don’t leave this show right now right until we’re done also next thing here uh we had a interesting speaking of very unpopular politicians joe biden huh there’s a singer uh joe biden responds to questions from abc’s john cooper uh in regards to court packing there’s been a lot of talk matt about whether or not joe biden will just stack the court with a bunch of democrat friendly supreme court justices uh and whether or not he would do that and letting him letting people know whether he will even do that and joe biden in his typical fashion answered it with real forthright really honest answers the way that we always have come to expect from joe biden sir i’ve got to ask you about packing the courts and i know that sure you said yesterday you aren’t going to answer the question until after the election but this is the number one thing that i’ve been asked about from viewers in the past couple of days well you’ve been asked by the viewers who are probably republicans who don’t want me continuing to talk about what they’re doing to the court right now well sir don’t the voters deserve to know no they don’t disagree i’m not going to play this game

and i’ve already said something on corporate he loved that to be the discussion instead of what he’s doing now he’s about to he’s about to make a pick in the middle of an election first time it’s ever been done so a couple of things there first uh when he’s asked whether or not the viewer or whether or not the voters have a right whether they deserve to know he said no he said no they don’t they don’t deserve and then on a lesser note he is kind of moving the goal posts a little bit from an earlier statement he made in this uh campaign where he said that never before has it been done that a politician has nominated somebody for the supreme court in an election year now he’s saying while the election is going on a big portion of that is before this there was no early voting well yeah and so that is kind of the difference because usually you wouldn’t choose it on election day now we do have that statement that joe biden made earlier that he alluded to about packing the courts and i had a nurse at nurses at walter reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear and go home and get me pillows they would make sure they’d actually probably nothing ever taught in you can’t do it in the covert time but they’d actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move to get me moving

so we do have that to go by yeah we do have that to go but and joe biden had a hell of a hell of a day today as well with uh his son hunter uh apparently never picking up his macbook from the shop that he had it fixed at two years ago and uh as one off as one does and we did not have time to prep for this and we wish we did but there is a picture that is circulating the internet with hunter i’m gonna simulate it swaddling swaddled in his blankets with his crackpot so if you picture this is the crack pipe he’s like this right and he says it’s much how i sleep with my vape at night like this yeah and but if you picture he’s like spooning around the crab around the crackpot that’s largely what it was like yeah so uh joe biden not having the greatest week in in fact mitt romney yesterday uh posted well first let’s let’s talk about this talk about mitt romney but let’s remember what joe biden called mitt romney yesterday you may remember i got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a mormon uh the governor okay and i took him on anybody no one’s face to be questioned the senator is the governor the governor these are all fake things that he i mean these are all true things he said right mitt romney was the governor of massachusetts that’s right he has been a senator he is a senator he is a senator of utah and he is mormon and he is a mormon he also has a name um and so mitt romney it is mitt romney romney so that’s a very interesting thing and so mitt romney responded to this uh well no he didn’t respond to that uh mitt romney wanted to weigh in on the election um he wanted to weigh in on the election in a typical mitt romney way and he came out with a blistering post to writing the current political state which says i have stayed quiet with the approach of the new election but i’m troubled by our politics as it has moved away from spirited debate to a vile vituperative which i didn’t i had to look at that hate-filled morass uh that is unbecoming of any free nation let alone the birthplace of modern democracy the president calls the democratic vp candidate a monster he repeatedly labels the speaker of the house crazy he calls for the justice department to put the prior president in jail he attacks the governor of michigan on the very day a plot is discovered to kidnap her democrats launch blistering attacks of their own though their presidential nominee refuses to stoop as low as others pelosi tears up the state of the union speech on national television keith olbermann calls the president a terrorist media on the left and right amplify all of it and then he goes on he goes on to say that vettuberative in fact means bitter and abusive used in a sentence the criticism soon turned into a vituperative attack it’s almost like he googled bitter and he said he didn’t want bitter he wanted he wanted he wanted to send him he wanted to take it mitt romney is out in these streets talking about between and it needs to end and it needs to end it needs to end folks this is what we have come now uh of course joe biden did have something to say uh about the uh about the veterinary attacks that are happening right now and i had a nurse at uh nurses at uh walter reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear and go home and get me pillows they would make sure they’d actually probably nothing ever taught in uh you can’t do it in the covert time but if i can’t they’d actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move to get get me moving there is nothing less perturbative than breathing in someone’s nostrils um so now what

i’m not a fan of trump anybody who’s watched this program over the last four years definitely not fantastic right definitely not fans of trump i’m technically running against trump technically technically well technically against pence we are technically running against trump right um but what what romney’s hitting his uh hitting trump on for his rebukes of kamala harris i would call her a monster she tried she had people murdered i mean i’ve called her a attempted murderer right like a monster seems to fit and i may have called her a monster i know i’ve called both her and pence sociopaths right i’m sure i’ve called them monsters at some point nancy pelosi i’ve called her crazy numerous times i’m pretty certain most people have other people just said alcoholic but you know yeah i’m going to go ahead and argue that the problem isn’t that the political discourse has gotten too vatupative if you will i would like to say i think instead that it probably has to do more with the fact that the government is robbing people to pay for their own subjugation and throwing millions of people in cages for victimless crimes and imposing a pandemic upon them by not allowing allowing medical professionals to test for a highly virulent pathogen for nearly two months and then trying to blame us for the fact that it spread so wildly and then tried to lock down all of us and cause massive human suffering not to mention the worst recession of our times and then gave trillions of dollars away to billionaire cronies which is why during said recession uh we are also facing uh record stock prices a literal two-tiered economy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer in record time but what do i know and what i was going to say is maybe it’s not the rhetoric that we have a problem with but the people who are in charge and if we change the people who are in charge we won’t get the rhetoric are you saying that if we voted for joe jorgensen and spike cohen that we might actually get better outcomes that is uh i was alluding to that i was alluding to that oh were you gonna be more subtle i was gonna be more subtle about it i wasn’t gonna just cram it down your their throat but folks if you vote for joe jorgensen and me things will get better

so yeah thank you um yeah really we have a live studio audience that didn’t applaud that folks if you vote for joe jorgensen hey you stupid bastards

speaking of which

speaking of which amy coney baron amy coney barrett amy coney barrett

is a tough judge to read matt uh even as she’s going through the gauntlet of the confirmation hearing uh where democrats are attacking her on her stances on the affordable care act and her religion instead of what they should be focusing on which is her religion no way no yeah you’re right i did not finish that sentence when i was doing focusing on which is whether or not she has written on a sheet of paper in front of her right that’s true um they should be focusing she didn’t by the way uh she’s questionable on civil rights of those who have been abused by the justice system yes uh that is the biggest issue that i’ve been able to find with her uh she’s always she has said multiple times during this hearing that you know she’s not going to let her religion get in the way of her rulings and she hasn’t made any deals with donald trump to make sure that he wins this election or anything like that but we when i went through a lot of her rulings over the last few years i believe that yeah um and i’m not going to say that she’s bad on the civil rights of those who have been abused by the justice system but i’m not going to say she’s good and there doesn’t seem to be any one way that she sways so a couple of cases do you have instances of examples of that i happen to have a lot of that is fantastic i’m very it’s so weird having you right here

um in a 2019 opinion she concluded that the dea agents violated the fourth amendment when they searched a suspect’s apartment based on the consent consent of a woman woman who answered the door but did not live there that sound bad so they came they said hey can we come in and she said yes yeah and then she left and then she left because she didn’t live that’s my house come on in and she felt that they violated that so all right yeah no that’s good in 2018 she concluded that an anonymous tip did not provide reasonable suspicion for police to stop a car in which they found a man with a felony record who illegally possessed a gun that’s also good right she said a methamphetamine dealer should not have received extra time because of prior convictions under a state truancy law wait they gave her more time because they didn’t go to school or something

or their kids didn’t their kids didn’t yeah she stated that a judge should not have imposed a four-level enhancement for possessing a gun in connection with a drug offense without citing any evidence of that connection okay right okay she argued that a gun trafficker named dondre moody should not have received an enhancement for supplying firearms to people who were not allowed to possess them because he had no way of knowing that they weren’t allowed to possess them okay right um she sided with a 2019 appeal by a man who was convicted of failing to register as a sex offender even though the requirement had expired okay these are all good so so far yeah don’t worry we’re getting there and in 2019 case involving a drug offender who was sentenced by a judge she said should have recused himself because the improper ex parte communications with federal prosecutors in other cases okay um i meant to have chris reynolds personal injury attorney chris reynolds attorney at law explain that to you oh gosh this episode is also brought to you by our friend personal injury attorney chris reynolds attorney at law if you find yourself personally injured in the tampa bay area of florida i have fantastic news for you if you go to chrisreynoldslaw.com you can get the help that you need for your personal injury in fact there’s a good chance if you find yourself personally injured that you won’t even have to look for chris reynolds he will you will see this smiling smiling face he will find you which is funny because he always says he hates that picture but just on everything just today i saw an ad from personal injury attorney chris reynolds attorney at law on instagram with that face he hates the picture so much it’s on everything don’t listen don’t listen to him about the picture but anything else you can listen to him this smiling face will protect you well he won’t protect you but he’ll get money for you which is the type of protection right he’s actually the one who came up with your nickname this week pharaoh mensch yeah well he told me about pharaoh pharaoh and then you and then i made the comment and then sarah told you mench well yeah that’s fantastic because she called me one because she’s jewish right all right um so okay so these are all good so far um in 2018 she said uh the government should have helped a prisoner obtain pro bono legal assistance

now in contrast i don’t know

in contrast a to another 2018 case barrett joined the other two judges on a seventh circuit panel in rejecting the fourth amendment claims of three men who had been convicted of viewing and possessing child pornography after they were identified as users of the dark website playpen

i don’t want to come off like i’m supporting right people who look at child pornography yes however the warrant that was issued by a federal magistrate judge from virginia was outside of the district where the fbi made the arrests okay barrett said we need not decide whether the searches violated the fourth amendment even if they did she said the districts the district court did not air by declining to suppress the evidence because the good faith exemption to the exclusionary rule applies right so i mean so and the question is just did the judge have jurisdiction but you could also reasonably argue that any other judge would have done so and that this was done in good faith which is essentially what she’s saying it also sounds like she’s kind of saying this can be decided by a higher court true yes uh also in 2020 this year she dissented from a case in which the seventh circuit said a man convicted of firearm offenses in 2013 should benefit from a sentencing reform that was included in the first step act of 2018. well that’s bad she dissented against the other two members of the three-judge panel uh that said indiana courts and a federal district court had aired by rejecting a defendant’s claim that prosecutors improperly withheld

exculpatory something drunk every time i say exonerating exonerating evidence uh when they tried or exoneratory sure when they tried when they tried him for attempted murder um and as she wrote even though i think the undisclosed evidence of the victim’s hypnosis constitutes a brady violation god it was neither contrary to nor an unreasonable application of clearly established federal law for the indiana court of appeals to conclude otherwise so the person uh the the the person said that they knew that he did it under hypnosis

wait they’re out here uh uh uh questioning people under hypnosis yeah if i were yeah if i were deciding the question to novo which i had to find out what that meant which meant that if she was the original judge to hear it right uh if she was the original judge to here it means of new i knew that part but i wanted to make sure that i got the reference latin i got that uh if i were deciding the question to know i would agree that the majority that the suppressed evidence of hypnosis undermined confidence in the verdict well yeah because the hypnosis because it was hypnosis hypnotized the police hypnotized someone and then said you did this and they said i did this right okay well you’re we’re going to use that as evidence so that would be a quite a de novo decision to make right but because i can’t say that the indiana court of appeals decision was so lacking in justification that there was an error well understood and comprehended an existing law beyond any possibility for fair-minded disagreement i would affirm the district court’s denial of sims habeas corpus position he was hypnotized the accuser was hypnotized or the one who fingered him was

the one who accused him was hypnotized wait who was hypnotized the accuser the accuser

the accuser was hypnotized why were they hypnotized well they said it under hypnosis i don’t why are they hypnotizing defend uh victims steve did this to you steve did this to me okay go get steve okay go get steve right that’s terrible can someone get steve please this is hypnosis right uh in 2019 so so de novo it’s definitely not no nonsense so okay so now is it true that in 2019 the seventh circuit allowed state prisoners to proceed with the lawsuit alleging that correctional officers had i don’t know violated the eighth amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment by gratuitously and maliciously firing shotgun shells in response to a dining hall altercation that is absolutely true wow yeah no that is absolutely true that’s fantastic the two judges and the majority hamilton and dyano roverner concluded that the validity of the prisoner’s claim depended on resolving and resolving a dispute about what actually happened

now amy comey bear it disagreed saying the guards may have acted with deliberate indifference to inmate safety by firing warning shots into the ceiling of a crowded cafeteria in the wake of the disturbance but in the context of prison discipline however deliberate indifference is not enough really really wow yeah

okay yeah so while she does ten it seems like she tends to lead toward the side of the defendants which i like yes but there have been a few cases where the government may have overstepped their bounds that she has sided with the government wholeheartedly unquestionably so that first one with the child pornographers putting aside what the actual or the people who looked at child pornography putting aside the heinousness of the crime itself i could see where she actually would say okay well in good faith i get that you know there would be no reason to conclude that another judge wouldn’t do this and we’ll leave it to a higher court to decide that right um the rest of these are pretty bad right yeah the and most of them she and again most of them she was just writing the dissent so there were things that passed and she was just on the other side of it so the people still won these cases but she just wrote the descent well i guess that’s it i mean that’s it’s a nice consolation it is it’s a then that’s a that’s a good way to put that that’s a okay it’s a consolation she could potentially end up writing not dissents right that are equally bad at the federal level and can’t be under undone because she’s in the supreme court um i mean it’s a foregone conclusion that she’s going to be

nominated going to be actually appointed because donald trump has appointed her has nominated her the republicans control the senate cocaine mitch mcconnell will make sure that she oh she’s getting she’s again she’s going

they’re trumpeting the fact that she didn’t write on a sheet of paper which i’m not 100 sure she was showing that she had no agenda and that she showed up with no notes that doesn’t i don’t have any notes and i have a huge agenda you have they’re right in front of you well not are she i can see them

not on paper though well yeah she’s not using laptop either

so i mean clearly she’s gonna get appointed but i think that uh you know and in all fairness i don’t know which one of her handlers said you know it’s gonna be a great idea grab a white pad of paper and hold it up to show that you have no notes no way that’ll become that won’t turn a lot of memes right that’s not going to turn into anything bad for you there’s no way because i did that once and there were some pretty troubling things that were put that’s true on that your team a guy on the left that’s not the most troubling top five yes but uh there was some stuff involving wales it was pretty bad so i would have advised her not to hold up a blank sheet of paper no that’s definitely a meme it is not wise not not now no no not now maybe in the 80s you could have done that not anymore right you can’t of course then they go back to the 80s and get the picture and do it to you but definitely not now right um well good so you know here’s the thing and this is where libertarians disagree with republicrats uh as they do on many things i think that a justice should have a very clear showing of looking at the originality of the of the constitution looking at the original attempt from the constitution and anytime that that can’t be directly applied or that there’s any kind of room for nuance or interpretation you err on the side of maximizing human liberty so the justices we would look at are justices like jim gray like uh andrew napolitan anthony andrew andrew it is answer andrew napolitano um who else uh um don willett uh and and and people like that who have demonstrated a history of of airing on the side of uh maximizing human freedom and and constitutional originalism uh some of these decisions not bad gorsuch has not been terrible he has not been terrible he has not been terrible uh but uh this there’s some troubling stuff here um some good stuff here right there’s a lot of good like and again that’s why i said at the beginning i want to make sure that i quote myself correctly um like not saying she’s bad on it but not saying not saying she’s good on it either it’s tough to say so if if a landmark case were to come up on qualified immunity we don’t really know how we don’t know how she’s gonna where she’s gonna land that’s not good right and that’s that’s important that is troubling because it really could go either way based on this like she could be the one to decide in favor of ending qualified immunity or she’d be the she could be because she’s also a big star a deceased person it’s like she’s very big on precedent it’s and on and on um on um deferring to presumed state power which is really really troubling when there are lawsuits making their way to the supreme court about these for example these lockdowns and setting the precedent of what whether or not the government can just tell everyone to stay home forever um that troubles me a lot and there’s nothing in there that tells me for certain which way should be which way she’s going to go uh and and it makes sense that nobody’s questioning her on these things because why would the government question her on whether or not she would go against the government like they still want qualified immunity they want to be able to do these lockdowns so of course they’re not going to ask her these questions just like with kavanaugh back in 18 18 yeah 2018 2018 they focused on like if he drank beer whether yeah

accusations which whether he did it or not everyone knew that there wasn’t any evidence of it which means it was literally he said she said so whether you agree with him whether you believe him whether you believe them we leave it up to you to decide that there wasn’t evidence of it so instead of focusing on his actual troubling history of citing in favor of government against the victims of government patriot act of writing the patriot act he was the architect of the patriot act instead of focusing on that they said did you rape a woman 30 years ago or whatever it was no i didn’t prove it well i can’t prove it it can’t prove everybody proven negative right and they made it theater because republicans and democrats are interested in two things political theater that ultimately amounts to nothing and distracting you from actual issues that actually affect you and we’re seeing that now with amy comey barrett right they’re focusing on whether or not her what is the knights of columbus or whatever the the group that she was in yeah the yeah it’s not the knights of columbus but it’s the we’re going to call it the knights of clutches the knights of columbus whatever her knights group her catholic group whether that means that she’s going to you know have declared the pope the king or something like that right and as dan albright just mentioned in the comments said hammer her on white colonization because she has two black adopted kids like

no like those aren’t the things that’s the stuff that they have yeah you’re you’re focusing on the wrong it isn’t it’s intentional because they don’t want to talk about real issues because both the democrats and the republicans are are knee-deep in the issues that they created the problems they created from the policies they work together to pass right that’s bad that’s bad we know what’s good not this next thing we’re about to talk about so we have uh there was a 2.2 trillion dollar it was a great segue right that was a great segment i wasn’t sure i wasn’t sure if we were doing the thing above it we’re we’re not going to be okay so there’s a 2.2 trillion dollar act which means it’s going to end up being more because that’s just the proposal called the heroes act part so there was a 2.2 trillion dollar heroes act part d part d which caused trump to say there wouldn’t be a new stimulus bill until after the election

that was last week that was last week that was last week that was when he tweeted out stimulus go big or go home that’s right and then on friday he also tweeted out covid release kovid relief negotiations are moving along go big and then on rush limbaugh that friday he said i would like to see a bigger stimulus package frankly than either the democrats or the republicans are offering fiscal conservative that he is of course right and i just want to say so i wrote these notes i started the notes on the stimulus two weeks ago-ish whenever we did the presidential debate um and in it i was writing about the heroes act uh at the 2.2 trillion dollar heroes act yes i went out i found a clip of when we talked about uh the stimulus bills and you had the 3.4 trillion dollar bill by the democrats in the 1.1 trillion dollar bill by the republicans and in it i said it will probably land somewhere in the middle and spike is no it’s going to be both of those together and i pulled that clip because i wanted to rub it in his face and now you have donald trump coming out and saying we need something bigger than either one have so kudos to you kudos to you you seem to be correct i am the one wearing the suit you are the one wearing the suit i’m the one wearing the merch that was a slight dick uh so there is thankfully there’s a fiscally conservative proposal putting out by put out by the administration that’s estimated at a scant 1.8 trillion dollars by the way that’s one that’s 1800 million million no 1.8 million million 1.8 million million

uh the new offer proposes 300 billion for cities and states up from 250 billion in the earlier proposal okay we’re saving money already from what the democrats we are saving negative 50 billion dollars that’s right uh it maintains a 400 weekly enhanced unemployment insurance benefit from the previous version but for a somewhat longer period uh the republicans obviously want it lowered from 600 a week to 400 a week and now they’ve convinced them to i think it’s supposed to go out until march okay and their stimulus check includes a thousand dollars per child instead of the 500 per child provided in the the cares act so your child is now worth double that’s right what your child was worth earlier this summer um i’m back in march i’m looking at superfan over there very very excited times to double your child now this caused a lot of republicans in the senate to um hang on a second that can’t be right no they don’t want to vote for more spending now now that’s sudden senator lamar alexander from tennessee uh he chairs the senate health committee uh told meadows and munchen that there was no appetite within the senate republican conference for a 1.8 trillion dollar bill wow yes suddenly marsha blackburn also from tennessee warned that it could be a death knell for the party in november this will this will not the other thing not just this just this this is going to be what did this is yeah the 1.8 trillion that’s going to be the thing that did it um and senator rick scott from here in florida told meadows and munchen i don’t get it skeletor didn’t skeletor didn’t get skeleton skeletor he did not get it that is interesting now mike lee who recently came down with code um he was quoted as saying on a conference call about the proposal my favorite quote about it about anything really this bill makes sex look like church

well first of all implying that’s bad what no one right listen wait so i know how many times super fan says oh god during

because that’s what you say at church because especially when you’re jewish right synagogue so mark meadows trump’s chief of staff said after the call you will you all will have to come to my funeral once what is with these people once he delivers the news of the call to trump because trump wants to spend big since he wants to spend big a businessman who makes the best deals and is going to save us a lot of money right

so yeah the republicans initially came out with a one point one church did you go to


the republicans

that one may have been a little low that might have been the line that may have been the line i may have hit the line hopefully no one got that so the republicans as you as you were saying yeah they uh came out with a 1.1 trillion dollar bill earlier in the summer as i talked about uh the dems offered the massive 3.2 trillion dollar heroes bill um that’s later been parsed down to the 2.2 trillion dollar heroes bill and now trump is saying he wants to go big and i am willing to side with you that it will probably be more yeah than the initial three points so folks there are two reasons why you should vote for joe jorgensen and me number one because we will fix this mess that the republic rats have created we will refuse joe will refuse to sign off on any bill that increases the debt even one penny and the other reason of course is that i am right and matt is wrong his new name is matt wrong huh

his new name is matt wrong

i haven’t heard that since second grade

or matt left huh

thank you so these are all terrible things that are all terrible things all these things are bad bad news today all bad news now the good news is again actually no it started with ricky harrington he started with good news the good news today gang is that ricky dale harrington could very well be the next senator from arkansas which not only opens up the libertarian party to being in the freaking senate but it also opens up the uh the opportunity for us to make inroads with whole new communities in the south the african-american community because we didn’t mention it but uh mr harrington is in fact a black man it will create a great opportunity for people of all various political spectrums and colors to see that if you want real change and real justice for real people the libertarian party is the party to vote for and we are very excited to help ricky we’re also another big thing that’s going to be happening is uh donald rainwater who is running for governor of indiana is essentially now in a three-way tie with the republican and democrat who are running and he’s increasingly receiving endorsements from republican and democrat uh politicians and pundits in the state of indiana and i will be at the donald rainwater debate watch party hosted by the libertarian party indiana in indiana in beautiful downtown sandy

i will be at the at the donald rainwater debate viewing party in cedar rav no nope nope uh in beautiful old where is the um in in no way

in beautiful indianapolis indiana that which would have been my guess this is the capital so we’re going to be in indianapolis indiana on the 28th i’m starting at 1800 1800 central six o’clock p.m central gonna be there it’s a debate watch party in beautiful indianapolis indiana and bearingers tavern it’s fantastic news so also folks for those who have been wondering how this debate how this bus tour has been going that i am on because i am on the bus tour that’s why i’m in beautiful orlando i have an incredible video from none other than the amazing dan smarts


of goulash media uh who is also one of the most amazing uh videographers and uh video editor beautiful man he’s look at his hair look at his hair beautiful his hair is just the sexiest i personally am incredibly excited to even be nearing his presence and he made this incredible video uh he’s been doing one every day he’s doing a daily vlog video a blog of my of my uh bus tour isn’t that technically what we have is this a vlog it’s like a weekly news vlog

well this is a shorter vlog a mini vlog if you will a vlog a vlog yet uh i was part of a mini vlog series of vlogging that he is vlogging about my bus vlog here watch this

right now i want you to know that all of you are the foundation upon which the movement for human liberty is built and the very engine that drives it

it’s a beautiful day for revolution that’s why we’re all here none of us want to be here none of us want to be involved in politics but we know that we don’t have our rights and we must stand up against them the next vice president of these united states mr j are we going who’s ready to take back the power

we recognize we have seen what republicans and democrats have done with their exclusive control of every lever of power and government in this country for over 160 years

the reason that we’re libertarians is because we know what we get from republicans and democrats we know that the only way for us to live as free as we wish to is to take the power back we know that the way for us to live our best lives is to have our power and our freedom and our money back so that we can choose how to live and have those barriers and burdens that they put in place removed so that we can thrive that’s why we’re libertarians and that’s why we’re voting for joe jorgensen that the republicans say they’re going to do they don’t do everything the democrats say they’re going to do they don’t do they act exactly the same when they get into office

and who here is sick and tired of watching that same militarized police state tell you what weapons you can own to protect yourselves and your communities and your loved ones while they go and buy whatever military equipment they want and stick you with the bill for it


when we end the wars overseas bring the troops home and allow the healing to begin it will be because of you

there are soldiers currently deployed who weren’t even born when the war on terror began there is no reason for us to be defending the rest of the world it only makes things worse we’ve got to come home

i’m joe jorgensen and i approve this message and folks of course who here is sick and tired of being told whether or not you’re essential whether or not you should be allowed to go outside whether or not you should be allowed to work or to operate your business whether allowed you should be allowed to go to a hospital to get a cancer screening or to get therapy for your addiction or your depression whether or not you should be able to visit your loved ones or go to your house of worship whether or not you should be able to live your life and being told to stay inside and give it twelve hundred dollars of your own money and then watch trillions of dollars being handed out to multinational multi-billion dollar corporations who’s sick and tired of being in the worst recession of our lives while stock prices are at all-time highs who here is sick and tired of this disgusting thieving system who here wants to take the power back

the libertarian party has been saying for the 49 years that we have existed that these policies would lead to these outcomes they knew it would happen and they did it anyway because they want you to be scared they want you to be hopeless they want you to be anxious they want you not to know where your next paycheck is going to come from they want you to be desperate they want you resentful they want you to fight each other in the streets and hate each other they want you to be hopeless and they want your spirit to be broken because if they can make you hopeless and if they can break your spirit it’s that much easier to convince you that all you need to do is just give them the rest of the control

they know that we will destroy the monster that they’ve created and that is why we’re voting for joe jorgensen i’m spike cohen and you are the power


this bonus thing one more time what’s that one more time you want me to read the whole thing sure okay so we just got this from the world health organization saying that they don’t believe that covet 19 lockdowns are an effective way of dealing with the pandemic which is something i’ve been saying since before the lockdown started here is from uh world health organization envoy dr david navarro we in the world health organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus the only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time temporarily to reorganize regroup rebalance your resources protect your health workers who are exhausted but by and large we’d rather not do it lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle on the internet i added that part and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry in the caribbean for example or in the pacific because people aren’t taking their holidays look what’s happening to small holder farmers all over the world look what’s happening to poverty levels up it seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year we met we may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition which kills more people than the virus itself

yep so that’s the kind of stuff that happens on the bus tour and uh we will be tomorrow we will be in beautiful miami florida and we will be doing a rally event starting at 5 30. yep and then we are doing a salsa with spike party that starts at 80 pm and then yep and then uh it will actually start with a free dance lesson uh with uh uh by uh world-renowned salsa instructor mr laquin mims come on over here yeah no actually come over okay he’s doing a salsa lesson right here mr lequin guy on far right and he will be doing that and then we will be doing a party starting at 8 30 the music starts immediately after uh le quinn’s dance lesson we will be having a party that goes from 8 30 to 11 so we hope to have you come out tomorrow in beautiful miami florida and if anybody happens to be at the joe jorgensen event on friday in saint petersburg uh i will be there and assuming that all goes well i will be speaking oh yes i will be speaking at that event uh if all goes well so come on out and you can uh hear me rant for three minutes which is longer than you ever get to hear me rant on this show because spike listen you got your word today you got your word in i did you say can i get a word in yes you can get what was it again i that’s amazing yeah that was really it hit me here i felt it here uh when you said it when you said i ever i felt it resonated everyone everyone felt resonated with everyone you felt that it hit’s different when it comes when you say i like that yeah say it again

it’s powerful yeah powerful stuff so folks thanks again for tuning in uh matt spike hey hi that’s not the thing we see we at so so guys uh uh hey so be sure to tune in uh sometime later this week i’m not 100 sure when i will be doing an episode of my show my fellow americans will be doing some fun q a i might get a special guest i might get ricky harrington i might get bread baron i might get donald rainwater you don’t know i might get them all i might get a few people we might do a panel on what it’s like to freaking keep just winning you know we might do that might just be me i don’t know anyway we’ll be doing an episode of my fellow americans and tune in next week don’t know when sometime next week for another not even positive at all not even we don’t even remotely know but it will be to next week sometime on an actual day of that week uh we will be having another episode of the muddied waters of freedom where matt right and right here and i parse through the week’s events with the aplum and the good cheer and the vis vituperativeness of the sweet summer boys that we are aren’t we in autumn now

the autumn cherubs that we are the tupertive cherubs of autumn we bring you fall greetings so tune in next week for the muddy waters of freedom now matt

total spitball here what if i were to go on the internet and look for the muddied waters of freedom and money waters media is that even a thing and if so how would that even happen it is it is actually i think oh my god i just want to say uh this is our this is our first first time in person yeah first first time that i can do i can do this you know that we can go and do this yeah we can we can we can align we can pass the line together um and it’s exactly how i thought it is it is a combination of being a fantastic and i don’t know what to do with my face right i’m so used to looking at you when you talk that feels weird looking at you right because i feel like i’m i should be thriving at you and yeah and i’m not looking at you right i don’t know what the hell i’m supposed to be looking at i guess superfan i’m proud of oh i could have looked at jim oh why didn’t i look at jim we could i mean we could look at anybody in the audience so i could have looked at jim we actually had an audience today that we could have looked at i did look at dan a few times well how could you not like that look at him i could not look at him i could not not look at him that’s true that’s true he is just a gorgeous gorgeous man um but yeah if you’re looking for us on the internet i thought we already did this we did um if you’re looking for us on the internet uh if you are one of the old school kind of people who really enjoy hearing the sweet buttery soulfulness of our voices tones if you want to hear the asmr ask ventilativeness to become hey folks it’s just by going to matt all you have to do is go to anchor dot fm slash money might eat waters and anchor dots do you like freedom do you like freedom we’re free and if you can be free if you want if you happen to be on anchor dot fm slash muddy waters you can hit the message button and leave this message because you can donate money to us too yeah you want to be free if you want to really be free right if you if you really want freedom free donation money it’s not free if you want to be partially free you can leave you want to be successfully even partially if you want to have just email a little bit of freedom you can leave a message but and you would play those messages live freedom is not freedom’s not free some gave all you could give some and folks thanks again for tuning in to the money waters of freedom and you can find this in every other episode at moneywaterspedia.com folks thanks again for tuning in we will see you next week and where we’re going we don’t need roads

oh god yeah

good evening from the university of utah in salt lake city welcome to the first and only vice president rebate of 2020. i’m susan page of usa today please welcome california senator kampla harris and vice president mike pence

they were informed that it’s lethal airborne that it will affect young people and that it would be contracted because it is airborne because it is airborne

when i look at their plan it looks a little bit like plagiarism joe biden knows a little bit about the vice president is the head of the task force i knew how serious this was

and it bears repeating i’m speaking

there’s no excuse for what happened to george floyd but there’s also no excuse for the rioting and there’s also no excuse for them people around our country of every race of every age of every gender perfect strangers to each other marched shoulder to shoulder i want everyone to know who

i will not sit here and be like by the vice president i’m speaking love a good debate speaking love a good argument speaking you’re entitled to your own

thank you senator harris thank you vice president pence thank you so much for being with us tonight

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