Episode 134 – Bernie’s Campaign on Final Legs

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Matt Wright & Spike Cohen

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Join us as we cover the last hurrah of the Bernie 2020 campaign, and also talk about other tragic things. But it’ll be funny, we swear.

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Episode Transcript

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I don’t care anymore
I really don’t I’m gonna take her to her
I’m gonna take her to ha – ooh I’m gonna
take her to ha I’m gonna take her the
Honolulu I’m gonna take her I’m gonna
take a hot yeah I wanna take you to
Honolulu baby I want to go on a vacation
wanna chill wanna sit on the beach chill
wanna drink cold on the beach
chill yeah put the vine and the drink
stop and think look at your face man
you’re beautiful girl you’re beautiful
never seen nothing so beautiful make the
beach look I guess nothing I guess not
make everything look like it’s nothing
girl I love you I love you I didn’t
notice till now but I love you so much I
want to be with you forever
never never never I’m gonna take her to
Honolulu I want to take her to Honolulu
I want to take her to Honolulu Honolulu
I want to take go to Honolulu
I want to take her to Honolulu I want to
take her to Honolulu Honolulu
I remember back in the day when I used
to work you get paid I set my whole
check on you girl you were my whole
world my voice is kind of fucking
trashed but you didn’t give a shit about
we used to light it up and for Ash but
now you’re gone and I’m here all alone
my life is nothing but yeah yeah I wanna
take her to Honolulu Honolulu Honolulu
wanna take her to Honolulu Honolulu yo
this is for everybody who’s in love
right now man it’s for everybody I want
you to tell that special someone you
want to take her to Honolulu dog y’all
gonna be in fuckin chill man this is for
y’all man you love love one love that’s
it that’s all we got to do from there we
just want to show everybody that we mean
everything everybody everybody somebody
somebody everybody somebody’s everything
thank you for the support peace
good morning good afternoon or good
evening and welcome to the Vanguard for
spike this is for Rachel you big fat
white nasty smelling fat bitch why you
took me off the motherfucking schedule
with your trifling dirty white racist
ass you big fat bitch Oompa Loompa body
as bitch Cohen I am Matt Wright and
together we are traversing the mushy
fruits of freedom I I don’t
hi everybody don’t I had nothing don’t
worry about hey hey everyone I’m sorry
for whatever that was a moment ago it
certainly has nothing to do with me but
I I this it’s this thing that’s going
around the old tic-tock and they are
what was that on tik-tok yeah they it’s
on tick-tock and somebody made a
tick-tock of them leaving a voicemail
for their boss using that plus a lot
more and people are now saying it on
tick tock okay I was thinking that that
was some beef you have with someone
named Rachel and my goodness man like
okay well that’s the voicemail that this
woman left okay fair enough well hey
everybody I’m sorry about Rachel’s doing
that to someone but uh so Matt how was
how was your week oh my weeks good my
week’s good you know I moved into a new
location as anybody watching can
probably tell so for the next few months
this is what its gonna look like on my
area cool yeah very cool and I had I had
a fun weekend or actually wasn’t a
weekend it was Monday out of week great
week beginning in in Greensboro North
Carolina doing the pound the pavement
event but we’ll talk about that later so
ya know I had a
happened this week oh I don’t have
cancer that’s good I don’t have cancer
good I went to the there was a brief
period that they thought I had cancer
but I don’t I didn’t tell anyone
including you but uh so I don’t um and
that’s really good
and while I was there while I was there
I had to I got to I got to meet a
student doctor who saw my Berman supreme
pin on my jacket and asked me if I liked
Furman supreme or if I voted for vermin
supreme or something and I said well I’m
his running mate and he got a little all
excited and he was like oh my gosh I
can’t believe it
and I can’t oh no I can’t tell anyone
that I met vermin Supremes running mate
I’m like yeah you can’t I don’t care and
he’s like do I have your had any word it
your verbal clearance verbal yeah your
yeah your Express he had a very specific
term you express verbal
consent consent to tell my friends that
I met permit Supremes running mate at
work and I said yeah just make sure they
know that I don’t have cancer or HIV
because like I don’t want there to be
like because you’re a cancer doctor and
I don’t want to owe and I don’t have HIV
by the way I don’t have HIV that was
never really didn’t really think I had
HIV but they always just they just
wanted to check that no I get that which
was always a good always a good check to
get which right and it was interesting
because they were like well have you
been checked for HIV and I’m like well I
was six years ago which was kind of
absurd then because I’ve been married
for 10 years
and they went oh so they checked me
again because apparently they thought
maybe maybe I looked like a cheater I
don’t know this the the statute of
limitations on that test had expired
apparently so they did she kind of gave
me a looking at that oh wow you’re gonna
test me for HIV even after I said so
anyway I don’t have that so uh good news
no HIV no cancer um and and do still
have ms turns out that doesn’t
clear Oh interesting yeah well but uh
but yeah so anyway so yeah that it was
fun so I got that I got that there are
some student some med students and
doctors who got to hear that Furman
Supremes are running me does not have
cancer HIV three days before you guys
found well four days before you got four
days before you guys found out good
Oh first and foremost let me think
Justin got the comment that I already
drank oh and allow me to thank Kroger
for this delicious purified drinking
water and allow me to thank coastal
Cancer Center for confirming that I
don’t have cancer or HIV
bula vinaka Wanaka bula vinaka I I just
want to point out that I have this
lovely Chris Reynolds Camelback I keep
forgetting to wear my yeah look I’m
wearing my Chris Reynolds shirt with my
Chris Reynolds Camelback water bottle
that is now a Chris Reynolds personal
injury attorney Chris Reynolds attorney
at law water bottle and a maid waters
water bottle I could recreate that I
don’t know what my problem is why I keep
forgetting to bring to where Chris I
wear Chris stuff like out and about but
then on the show I don’t wear it like I
wear it you know in a place where you
can’t really get much business I presume
he’s not licensed here maybe is I’m not
I presume I don’t presume so no I don’t
know how that word would the reciprocity
works but but then on the show where I
could actually maybe drum up some
business for him no not so much
I I was with him earlier today and I
forgot to reset my mic for this new hike
I was gonna say you might want to turn
it up just a little is this better
later they’re a little bitter little bit
how’s that uh yeah that’s good that’s
good okay awesome
um yeah so I was hanging out with Chris
earlier today and I don’t believe he is
licensed to lawyer in South Carolina I
wouldn’t imagine so or North Carolina or
North Carolina Carolina you happen to be
in on whatever particular day just the
Carolinas right though Carolinas the um
yeah so so I’m gonna have to start
remembering to I don’t have any where’s
no I’m not gonna like the green I really
like the green Chris Reynolds
attorney-at-law shirt but it does not do
well against this wall which Dan Foust
I did not repaint with kills coronavirus
paint that is what these walls were
painted before I got here like that
kills coronavirus nice so speaking of
killing the coronavirus Joe Biden I was
I actually had a better segue which was
speaking of forgetting things
but speaking of any really any number of
things speaking of getting the show
started Joe Biden had an interesting
well he’s had a great week it’s been the
best of times and the worst of times for
Joe as it always is Joe in that specific
tool is enough in a world of winning
despite himself it’s very interesting to
watch if there is for those who have any
doubt or if there’s any debate about the
existence of white male privilege if
there is such a thing Joe Biden
absolutely has it and then something
about being really old and having been
the vice president I mean that’s really
I mean let’s be clear that’s why he’s
the nominee or why he’s going to be the
nomination but so Joe had let’s start
with the fun stuff first Joe Biden and
very interesting encounter with a union
struction worker in I believe Michigan
and this Oh first of all let’s go
through a couple things sorry about this
real quick
we’d like to this episode is brought to
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speaking of coronavirus free probably
Joe Biden
maybe we I mean you know sure so really
don’t have any way to know it’s not like
they’re testing anyone but with Joe
Biden has had a fun interesting moment a
little bit of a tiff with a construction
worker who was asking about if he was
going to take away his guns and so the
audio in this just to kind of prep you
ahead of time there’s a lot of
background noise the audio is not the
best this was the best video I could
find in terms of the audio but you can
hear the stuff it’s just not gonna be
the best so just giving you the warning
go ahead and try to listen but it it it
actually the audio gets better as they
get closer but it’s worth it it’s worth
it so here we go
we’re talking about drug and I’ve got to
hire that’s not true speak
so that guy basically thwacked him yes
so for those who couldn’t learn go ahead
go ahead what I did learn today is that
the AR 14 is real oh it’s Ernie air 14
there is an AR 14 I thought that was him
being him but maybe he was referring to
the AR 14 which is a real gun
AR fourteen assault rifles are chambered
5 5 6 by 3 30 by 30 9-millimeter round
and have folding butts that’s are we
going to give I mean I’m okay if you are
with giving him the benefit of the doubt
on that that he was referring no no he
made a mistake
yeah hundred percent made a mistake and
I was gonna hit him a lot harder but AR
for teens are real are actually real so
it’s ya know I get it it’s kind of hard
to they’re full auto so they aren’t
allowed here oh yeah no he was talking
about the ar-15 like let me be clear
he must be clear he was talking about
the ar-15 but so he said some
interesting stuff there it started with
the part that you really can’t hear it
started with the firefighter basically
saying you know you know well why did
you make these comments about you’re
gonna take away our guns and take away
our ammunition or something like that
and he says you’re full of shit and
immediately his campaign team strike
they’re like uh-oh here it here it comes
you know hopefully he doesn’t try to
sniff him next and so they come in they
come in and Joe goes no shush he shushes
his female aide which is just it’s just
not it’s but he’s just that is pure Joe
Biden there so he shushes his female
aide and then he he proceeds to dig
deeper and he says what does he say oh
you know it’s you know let’s talk about
I love the Second Amendment and you know
with the Second Amendment you can’t you
can’t yell fire in a hallway or
something like that yeah
you can’t yell fire now like I watched
that video earlier today but you could
not hear that at all from yeah I read a
transcript in retrospect I probably
should have like put little captions or
whatever but he said yeah you uh you
can’t yell fire in a hallway and then he
says you know my whole family we’re all
hunters we have 20 gauges and 12 gauges
um you can’t have a gun
they said he can’t have a gun and then
he said I’m not I’m not taking her gun
and then the guy said you just said that
I can’t happen to you that you can’t I
can’t have a gun I didn’t say that yeah
I didn’t say that that man that man I
never said that and he says well there’s
a viral video of you saying you’re gonna
take the gun and go oh you mean like all
the other viral videos that they put out
that I didn’t say the thing or I didn’t
say and then he says no it’s your voice
you said it and I’m sure those other
videos it’s his voice too
but the I know which video he’s talking
about there then one more they make it
look like he endorsed Trump or whatever
yeah yeah yeah you know that one because
there is another part to that sentence
that’s at work they edited out of course
yeah that’s that is what he is referring
to when he says that but he’s man you
you’ve said everything that is the one
leg I don’t understand why they did that
because you don’t need to do that with
him this makes so many mistakes on his
own this is going to be a debate between
two men who can’t really string a good
sentence together it’s gonna be great
and then they’re gonna make stuff up
it’s gonna be like if you’ve got like
and I don’t want to name them but I have
them in my family to boomer relatives
that like like to argue with each other
and they can’t really like articulate
how they feel but it’s not positive and
it just breaks down to them calling each
other rap pastor it’s over and over
again and making up things and like oh I
could have kicked that guy’s ass I’d
have killed that guy like you know I
mean like it just devolves into nonsense
it’s like two toddlers that’s what this
debate will be
like it’s gonna be a lot of I didn’t say
that man wrong I didn’t say that man
wrong I didn’t say that man oh yeah
that’s that’s what the debate is gonna
be that’s and I’m so excited for it I’m
not not excited and then especially if
we can get vermin on there that’ll it’ll
be like really I can die at that point
after that’ll be like all right time to
die legitimately vermin is the only one
there that can string together
that’s a coherent sentence we actually
tweeted that the campaign said you know
picture if you will Joe Biden Donald
Trump and vermin supreme on a debate
stage and the man with the boot on his
head is the only one able to form a full
sentence like like can you like imagine
him looking like the rest of with the
boot on is it looking clearly like the
only one who has any sense up there I
just this could be our time America like
this could be this could be our moment
so so that happened but really that’s
the only bad news he’s had because it
just keeps getting better from there
like what happened in California right
Matt yeah so yeah when do you pull that
picture yeah okay twenty minutes ago
yeah all right so we’re still at 94%
report yeah so as of today with 94%
reporting Bernie’s holding on to a
300,000 boat lead with the delegates
totaling 186 for Bernie and 150 for
Biden who made a jump since I made these
notes and there are still roughly three
million votes to be counted in the state
because as we recall from all of us who
tuned in last week California does it
where you have to mail in your ballot by
by primary day so there are still it’s
California it’s the US Postal Service so
there is a good chance that they still
haven’t gotten all of the ballots in yet
there’s like there’s like twenty days
left in the deadline for them to to
count or something like it’s ridiculous
California does not have an election day
for primaries they have a primary month
right they have an election timeline
election deadline that you have to get
it in by and then and then after that
what I found out earlier I found out
yesterday Washington state does not have
open ballots like a place where you go
and you vote everything is going I did
not know that until yesterday yeah and
the people of Washington love it they
say how convenient it is they get their
ballot like way in advance they have to
what I would like they can they can you
know fill it out at their leisure they
just mail it in supposedly it saves a
fortune not having to have these polling
locations it’s better for people that
you know have to work you know all the
time and aren’t able to take that day
off like they say it’s far superior um
so it’s very interesting yeah so that’ll
be another fun one really quick on this
when we go over election stuff as it’s
coming in we’re not gonna do Washington
um because that’s just pointless because
they’re not and also Biden won Missouri
and Mississippi already so he just keeps
rolling at this point there it doesn’t
look like anything is stopping the by
now Murray no no Joe met we are in
Michigan in a second but Joe mentum is
real yeah
Joe mentum is very real to omentum is
very very real speaking of something
real something very real Chuck Schumer
matic really real person and he really
did a thing to you really did a thing
do we want to queue it up or do you just
want to play it for the fun yeah let’s
just play it this is the thing that
Chuck Schumer did public and legislators
are waging a war on women all women
and they’re taking away fundamental
rights I want to tell you gore such I
want to tell you Cavanaugh you have
released the whirlwind and you will pay
the price
you won’t know what hit you if you go
forward with these awful decision so
this was Chuck Schumer at a rally out in
front of the Supreme Court during there
they’re making a decision on the
abortion case that we actually spoke
about last week right right yeah so last
week so you have to watch the entire
last show to find out what it was
yeah no the abortion case was basically
they’re deciding whether what does it
matter deciding the there were two main
things but it one was whether states can
require abortion doctors to have four
abortion providers to have hospital
admitting privileges which a lot of
hospitals won’t do and then the other
case was whether third parties can have
cause to file filed lawsuits in that
correct – so yeah it is the the
Louisiana law was written up so that
abortion doctors would need admitting
all right within the hospital within 30
miles and that is what’s being
challenged because a lot of a lot of
hospitals in Louisiana will not give
abortion doctors admitting cripples
right right and then the other half of
that was can third parties such as
abortion providers sue or challenge a
law because they are a third party in
this they aren’t the people who are
directly being affected which would be
the patients it would have to be the
actual patients who wanted to get
abortions that weren’t able to right
right and so those are the two things
that are kind of on the table with this
Supreme Court case and it’s I think all
arguments have been made and now the
Supreme Court is trying to decide I was
hoping that they would have decided by
today but they failed us once again
stop taking forever to make decisions or
else you’re gonna pay the consequences
Gorsuch in Kavanagh so he so he did this
thing he said this statement and then
Chief Justice John Roberts wrote a
statement where he
among other things threatening
statements of this sort from the highest
levels of government are not only
inappropriate they are dangerous and now
supreme Schumer tried to clarify now
again we listened to it he said Gorsuch
and Cavanaugh and then he pointed to pay
the price
he pointed in their direction yeah he
pointed hey you in that building there
you’re gonna pay the price
reap the whirlwind or whatever he said
yes he then said upon further reflection
my point was that there would be
political consequences political
consequences for president Trump and
Senate Republicans if the Supreme Court
would the newly confirmed justices
stripped away a woman’s right to choose
of course I didn’t intend to suggest
anything other than political and public
opinion consequences for the Supreme
Court and it is a gross distortion to
imply otherwise can we play this video
one more yeah let’s play that video
again and and and witness Chuck Schumer
threatening only political consequences
to to President Trump and Senate
Republicans let’s listen for those names
public and legislators are waging a war
on women all women and they’re taking
away fundamental rights I want to tell
you gore such I want to tell you
Kavanagh you have released the whirlwind
and you will pay the price
you won’t know what hit you if you go
forward with these awful decision I
don’t know Matt you know that’s almost a
coin flip could go either way but I
think more times more times than not I’m
gonna say he was threatening Gorsuch and
Cavanaugh Morse my name by name I mean
especially because he brought their
names into it as opposed to saying to
every Senate Republican who approved
Gorsuch in Cavanaugh
yeah just know III don’t think he was
threatening to murder them like I mean
let’s be clear I don’t think this was a
threat of their life or anything like
that he was threatening I don’t think he
was personally threatening them but
however people here it is however people
here true that’s true that is true and I
mean it speaks to what happens with
these you know these these systems of
government where people are forced into
competing camps with each other and feel
like you know the people on the other
camp or an existential threat to them
you end up with people you know shooting
up abortion clinics or people shooting
up you know you know political centers
or you had the the guy who shot up the
baseball game with the congressman so I
mean it you know this is what happened
you get people that are so hyped up that
you know something’s got to stop or you
know that the government you know this
one part of the government is going to
you know destroy everything from you if
you don’t protect them from this part of
you know protect this part of government
from them it’s a problem so so yeah I I
it was definitely a threat it was and I
guess you could you could conceivably
say it was a threat a bit of a dog
whistle threat that you know if you
don’t do what we say bad things could
happen to you not necessarily from us
but from people who are upset about that
right you could also say I mean there’s
there’s this is some standard plausible
deniability stuff like you know he can
you can make that kind of inflammatory
statement and then make this other
statement of you know how dare you
suggest that I was saying anything other
than political consequences against
people I did not name against being
against people whose names never came up
now he did mention Republican
legislators he did mention that he did
not mention that the Congress that the
house is a democratic legislature at
this at this moment that’s interesting
but yeah so it’s it’s a I don’t know
IIIi don’t know what to tell you so we
don’t have any a ruling on that we’re
really hoping to have a ruling on that
looking like maybe next week probably
next week probably next week it’s
looking like it’ll be next week I’ve
been pretty closely this isn’t gonna be
the one one of these ones where we find
out that like the end of June right
before they recess or is it I don’t
think so
it’s it’s been one of the top ones if
you google Supreme Court cases like
people are very interested in this I
feel that they will give us a ruling and
they still have a few more that they
need to hear so I think I think we were
gonna get a ruling on this one decently
soon but I honestly have not ever been
great at predicting the Supreme Court
that’s what we haven’t been the best at
we’ve been kind of like we’ve we’ve been
I think better than even but we haven’t
been our usual you know
Nostradamus II selves when it comes to
that so we have some comments here
Jos Wigga it says deliberately obscure
yeah it’s it’s you know kind of
wink-wink nudge-nudge type of stuff
Chris Reynolds says Matt’s background
looks less interesting than usual yeah
we got it we got to get now your
backgrounds looking like mine I know
it’s an acceptable s and it’s we’ll have
to get you like a little like corkboard
that just stands up on like a tripod or
something behind you that you can put
some stuff on yes
I’m thinking just a green screen and
then I can put whatever I want back
there Oh that’ll be good too
don’t try to outshine because then I
gotta get a green screen and it’ll be
like planets and stuff I’m just gonna do
like an underwater sea adventure
constantly it’s just me with a beige
accent with accent wall behind me that’s
Jason said they’re planning the flood
quote-unquote the Supreme Court when the
next dem president comes into office
that’s definitely it
nan top fan Jason Lyon fan Jason line uh
made a comment about my quote-unquote
mustache earlier at least I don’t
straighten it yeah you’re cultivating
quite a thing there Matt and well dad
I’ve been moving so my razors are all
backed up somewhere don’t know where
they are
you’ll find them yeah I hope I believe
in you I believe in you and speaking of
believing in someone that’s a terrible
segue for this it’s an awful segue
speaking of believing in someone I
believe that these someone’s did I’d
let’s come up with something else
speaking of and speaking of believing in
someone the police believed that this
someone can grant oh wow that’s actually
possibly worse than anything I could
have come up with so this is a
frightening seriously this is a
frightening frightening case out of out
of Florida Matt um so this started with
a guy named Zachary McCoy McCoy that was
informed due to a geofence warrant that
this guide Zachary McCoy was a suspect
in a robbery Matt he was actually the
lead suspect this guy yeah that guy like
this guy definitely robbed them so tell
us about this man so a geofence warrant
for anybody who doesn’t know is a police
surveillance tool that
see virtual dragnet over crime scenes
sweeping up Google location data drawn
from users GPS Bluetooth Wi-Fi and
cellular connections from everybody in
that area everybody in the area now I
know what you’re thinking guys how could
that possibly go poorly right so while
young Zachary McCoy probably not that
actually I know how old he is he’s not
that young well Zach McCoy sir sir McCoy
sorry the app RunKeeper which that was
an app that I used to use before I paid
for a gym membership that I don’t use
now clocked that that’s interesting
factoids they’re fun yeah I just like to
give money to a gym that I don’t go to
as do most members that’s true
but while using the app RunKeeper he
clocked that he went by the victim’s
house the victim of this robbery three
times on the day of the robbery while
biking his normal route near his house
okay so the police that made him the
lead suspect suspect that sounds like we
don’t really have many good leads yeah
that’s what that sounds like you know so
the Gainesville police demanded the info
from Google who gave them the location
data of everybody who was by that house
thanks to the geofencing warned and
google actually emailed zachary and they
said hey just so you know we had to give
this information up and the only way for
you to stop it is if you complain like
you have to file something and you have
to file a motion in court to stop it
like we can’t do anything so they had
but they had a warrant but this warrant
is basically for everything in that area
right as opposed to lights to get them a
specific like a specific person or
something that they have some kind of
reasonable suspicion and said they said
we want to find out about everything
about anyone that was in this area and
guys if you if you’ve ever turn on
Google Maps sometimes when you’re just
in your house and if you keep it on and
and watch it and keep pressing the
update my location it will move like a
lot usually it stays within a few meters
every once awhile it’ll move quite a bit
and all that data is being tracked as
being in that general area right so I’m
gonna tell you right now if they say
especially in like a metro area that has
a lot of people and I don’t know much
about this specific area than it was in
yeah Gainesville is it’s a metro area
but it’s not like a New York it’s not
like urban yeah yeah it’s not like Miami
or even st. Pete it’s gonna be much more
spread out more colonial I think would
be the best way to put that but even in
an even in a suburban area if you’re
saying okay we want anything within a
you know however many blocks it’s gonna
spread out much further than that so
they’re basically getting all of the
data that is on your phone the eating
like probably like that’s almost like a
square mile radius and you didn’t do
anything and they’re gonna get a bunch
of stuff that has nothing to do with the
case and what do you want to bet they’re
gonna find a way for it to be actionable
if it if they can find that maybe it’s
criminal or it you know violated some by
law or something like that like this is
a this is a scary scary thing and I know
what you’re thinking well good at least
they caught the crook right Matt right
that’s what that’s what one would think
except no they didn’t McCoy sir Zachary
he borrowed money from his parents cuz
okay so he had actually just gotten his
associates in computer science just
started a job didn’t have a lot of money
um rode his bike everywhere and because
he didn’t have a lot of money
and so he went to his parents and
borrowed money to get a lawyer because
he was really scared about the
notification that Google gave him right
so he hired a lawyer and I left out a
bunch of this story so I’m gonna try to
remember it because I thought this was
gonna be a really short segment but I
feel like almost every step in this is
important I mean so the lawyer started
fighting it they said yes he is our lead
suspect because he went by there three
times that day shows that he was casing
the joint whatever and they had nothing
else so the lawyer was fighting it the
lawyer does end up getting the charges
eventually dropped good which was good
which is good that is good I don’t know
if they like they didn’t say if they
ever caught the guy that did it that was
the part that I was a little saddened by
but Zachary McCoy was not at least a
McCoy did not go to jail for this unlike
unlike Jorge Molina out of Arizona
Jorge Molina who incidentally if you
look up Jorge Molina I don’t know if
this guy’s a model or what’s going on
but he has a ton of like really nice
high-quality like introspective art
looking I don’t know much of maybe you
can tell me about him but um I wish that
more people that we covered on this show
had like top quality photos like this
like I was hoping there was more about
Hoey Jorge with this just so I could
have more photos for the show um so yeah
so Jorge Molina ends up getting arrested
he was arrested due to the same
geofencing warrant techniques but the
results were not the same as what
happened with Zachary he was arrested
for murder he was arrested for murder
and held in jail for over a week before
they released him when they realized
that they had no case against him and
somebody else actually committed the
so this was a completely unrelated case
obviously right
this is Arizona and Florida so is this
this is what 204 – or they’re just not
telling us about the other times this is
being used not telling us about the
other times it’s all games sadly I the
guy who did commit the debt guy that did
commit the murder
knew Jorge and borrowed his car to go do
and Jorge stones but he had no way of
knowing like he had no way of knowing
that he went by that area all the time
so it was like ya know I’m I was
probably there but yeah so he ended up
being arrested for murder but no matter
what geofencing warrants this is like
it’s a privacy nightmare that we have
like we are all dealing with it every
like there is no way to really know if
your information if you’re swept up in
it yeah yeah right there is no way to
know they could request more information
on you personally maybe and that’s maybe
how Zachary McCoy found out right you
may have come up in a geofencing warrant
at some point and they looked at
everywhere that you’ve been in every
single day if every single day we carry
around these things you know and they
tell everybody tell on you they tell on
you they tell everybody where you’re at
you walk around with a dry snitch all
day long all day long who not only has
not only has your GPS data it’s got a
front camera and a back camera so if you
got it out animai it sees in a
microphone it sees you and what you’re
looking at and what you have to say
about it and what anybody else around
you has and what anyone else has to say
about it
like it is you know it’s like the memes
where they say you know people that
would say or they’re gonna have spies in
your home’s in the in the ad you know
government you know drones and you’re in
your homes listening to everything that
you say government bugs in your home and
people go that’s crazy and now we go
government bug you know pull up a recipe
for you know for cheesecake or whatever
like it’s we’re so like we’re talking
about it but yet we’re still gonna keep
doing it because we’re just so married
to these things now they’re like an
extension of us and there are many good
things about it like I I’m constantly
looking things up for knowledge and I
don’t have to worry about retaining it
as much because I can just get it
anytime I want I can either save it on
my phone or just go back online wherever
it is like kind of a problem that’s also
a problem but it’s but it’s I mean it’s
very helpful it’s it’s an incredible
tool we are arguably already becoming
cyborgs because it’s not attached to us
yet but we’re like really really really
emotionally tied to these things to it
we’re attached like take it away because
own at home yeah your heart yeah like
until you’re uncomfortable tell someone
they can’t use their phone take a phone
from someone for like a day and see how
they react like this is a serious this
is a serious thing where and and it’s
it’s snitching on you the whole time and
so they can grab this stuff you have no
idea how many times the police looked at
all your stuff mmm
hopefully Google lets you know at least
I hope that that wasn’t an outlier yeah
and again I don’t know if that was an
outlier I just know that Google let him
know that they were looking at that the
blooms were looking at him and that
freaked him out
I hope under understandably because he
had a crime that would that would be
alarming to many yeah I mean that’s
freaking annoying like I could not
imagine being Chris Reynolds saying that
nobody wants my information so I’m
probably okay but let’s say I’m not okay
like I do lead a pretty boring life I go
between wherever I am living to
a kebab are to Chris’s office where he
uses Siri a lot to a cop oh they know
where you are yeah I think it can figure
that out really easily but like if I get
accused of a crime that I committed I
can live with it I’m gonna be upset with
myself but I can live with the fact that
it’s happening however if I get accused
of a crime that I had nothing to do with
I I’d be pissed
what’s that would be pissed off and
we’re gonna talk more about a case an
extreme case of that at the end of the
show so stay tuned for that one that’s
just beyond anything else but no I mean
imagine being in court fighting a charge
that you know that you had nothing to do
with but they’ve got all this ridiculous
circumstantial evidence and you know
they’re pressuring you to sign a piece
of paper so you don’t go to prison and
and you know you can go back and be free
and not have to spend any more money on
attorneys and you’ve got a jury staring
you down and you’ve got a judge you know
blocking any real good evidence that you
have because they’re they’re
incentivized to you know to get as many
cases through as possible and get as
many convictions as possible I mean that
is a scary scary setup that is scary
yeah that is extremely frightening so
speaking of extremely frightening
the reality is what’s going on Matt
Hicks just left the comment that you
should I’m not reading it out loud
so speaking of things that are scary and
I’m not gonna read up well I guess I am
going to read this stuff hello speaking
of things that I am gonna read out loud
but are scary welcome to our to muddy
waters of freedoms not so Super Tuesday
coverage tonight that’s already started
because Joe Biden rd1 Mississippi in
Missouri right
and so Michigan just
to ended and early reports say that this
is a landslide Wow now that’s early
reports now it does say the most recent
update says the Kent County which is
home to Graham Rapids just Bernie
Sanders won that and that’s gonna be one
of the bigger ones in Michigan so what
I’m seeing is with 21% reporting Joe
Biden is currently ahead 52 percent to
41 percent now keeping in mind that oh
and Michael Bloomberg’s got 2.2 percent
Liz Warren one percent Pete Budaj
0.8 percent and Tulsi Gabbard who’s
actually still in the race 0.7 percent
oh and Amy Klobuchar 0.4 percent and
reading point one and then after that it
Oh Marianne Williamson yeah Marianne
Williamson who today released a
coronavirus meditation
did she to fight the coronavirus if I
had known that I would have pulled that
I would have to I worried I should have
um and I love how she worded it she said
here’s a coronavirus meditations and the
haters will hate it she at least is self
conscious is aware of how that would be
received by many the New York Times has
already called Michigan for Biden yeah
you know just just updated again 31
percent reporting Joe Biden now at 52 so
it’s going up he’s now at fifty three
point one percent to Bernie Sanders
41.2% Michael Bloomberg has lost 0.2
percent he is now at 2% and Liz Warren
lost point one percent she is now at
zero point nine percent so a lot of
people a lot of Bernie bras
the Bernie brethren the Bernie brethren
out there they were very they were
hinging a lot on Michigan and if you
were paying attention to anything since
you last saw these two beautiful lips
other side these two beautiful faces
where’s my finger there it is
everything’s moved on me here it’s weird
since you last saw these two beautiful
faces everybody was saying that these
faces a lot of the Bernie people they
were hinging a lot on Michigan because
back in 2016 he wanted him he wanted but
he was up or he was down in the polls by
31 the debut hour so everybody thought
that Hillary Clinton was gonna win it
and she was just gonna keep steam
rolling through this time he was down by
25 a lot of people were saying yes this
is gonna be a lot like it was in 2016
made a lot of sense yeah made a lot of
sense it’s it was a legitimate potential
thing because a it happened before and
be Joe Biden’s newzeas thing that
happened in in in in Michigan was that
he he screamed at a construction worker
so but that’s always the newzeas thing
about Joe Biden is some stupid terrible
thing he did there’s always the newzeas
thing about Joe Biden like when was the
last thing something newsy about Joe
Biden was like this great thing like he
said some you know fantastic thing or he
did some amazing thing
it’s always something stupid that he did
and it’s every week so anyway I could
see why they would want that turns out
yep no yeah yes that didn’t he’s he’s
this is Joe Biden is I mean at this
point they’re saying he’s gonna get the
majority of Delegates right like that I
mean this isn’t even gonna be contested
or yeah um so actually it’s still good
but that’s only if somebody puts their
name in last minute at the convention
only way it’s a majority of Delegates
even if yet so even if you gone out in
campaign you can put your name and at
the beginning of convention I researched
it a little bit further and you can do
that you can just announce from the
floor that you’re running if he already
got 1992 or 91 delegates or whatever
isn’t that all it doesn’t matter cuz
he’s already know because the delegates
can vote for whoever they want
it’s just they it’s very electoral
ecology where the delegates are given to
the people who get the most amount
percentage-wise of the votes delegates
don’t have to vote that way oh I thought
they were bound I thought they were like
legally bound not I mean each state each
party a makes up their own rules and
apparently not now a lot of people have
been kind of wondering about what
happened with Bernie Sanders and they
were saying it’s a DNC conspiracy which
may be partially yeah not gonna not
gonna rule it out but the truth of the
matter is Bernie’s base is young yes and
depending and depending on which state
vote that voted on supertuesday
the statistics of them coming out were 9
to 18 percent 9 percent in some states
that Ernie’s main demographic didn’t tie
up to vote ninety one percent of them
did not come out in certain states yeah
would ain’t cuz they’re voting for Trump
well I mean some are but it’s not cuz
you know ninety one percent
Wow yeah boomers vote oh I’m sorry I
read that wrong it’s between five and
19% ye so there were certain states that
95% of the 18 to 29 or whatever it is
that demographic didn’t show up guys
you wonder why politicians say things
that are mind boggling least stupid and
I’m not talking about Joe Biden saying
all right can’t y’all fire or nuts wider
machine gun like I’m talking about where
they’re like articulating policies that
are just stupid and they’re saying the
stupidest most pandering
garbage and you think what kind of
boomer nonsense is this
yeah you’ve answered your own question
that’s because you don’t go out to vote
it’s because the boomers vote people
talk about the black vote or of the
Hispanic vote or the WIC Bernie is doing
really well with a Hispanic vote and
he’s doing really well with the black
vote under the age of 40 yeah anything
over that he’s doing awful yeah
and Biden is killing it like in some
areas Biden was getting like 65% of the
black vote over 40 because that’s who
came out to vote it’s almost it’s a
shame Matt that there haven’t been two
extremely talented and breathtakingly
attractive gentleman who had a show a
podcast if you will who had been seeing
since the beginning of 2019 possibly
even the end of 2018 that Joe Biden was
going to win the Democratic nomination
on the strength of the fact that boomers
vote in a block they don’t pay attention
to day to day news cycles for the most
part and Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s
vice president and there
would have the greatest name recognition
when they show up and decide essentially
on the spot who they’d like to be the
next president it’s a real shame no
one’s been saying that repeatedly you
kind of wish that you had somebody with
that kind of force I out there telling
you what was gonna happen
perhaps a Jew in South Carolina and a a
wasp in Tampa Bay area wasp
I’m not Protestant well I’m beat okay
fine Oh Wausau if the only there have
been if the only if you’ve rather be a
wasa if only two gentlemen maybe that
resemble who you’re looking at now had
been saying that this is exactly what
was gonna happen during all of the
fanfare of Kamala mania and court will
never never was Cory mania that’s cousin
Wow we had Buddha jazz mania and we
didn’t have Cory mania holy hell we even
had the mild very brief battle mania
yeah but no Cory made all of these
different things and oh cop mala she she
ended his she cancelled him with her
talk about being the love the black girl
that he kept off the bus himself all
through that which was a lie all of that
all of that we have consistently said
that if we’re correct Joe Biden is going
to get the nomination as recently as the
New Hampshire primaries where it was now
who’s gonna won between Joe Biden and
Pete Budaj and I even said it was
possible it was possible that Joe Biden
was going to lose so much momentum
having waited for South Carolina that he
was not you know that he just couldn’t
he couldn’t get it back and in plus who
can anticipate him being you know
a devolve Anor falling apart you know in
real time in front of us like that badly
like who could have anticipated that two
years ago and then we saw the polls
coming out of South Carolina and
immediately said yep nope everything
we’ve been saying for the last year and
a half that’s still gonna happen yeah we
we have called this from the beginning
and we will continue to call it
name recognition boomer votes and and
the fact that yes the DNC wanted Joe
Biden they’ve always wanted Joe Biden
when Joe Biden started looking bad all
of a sudden they pushed pbut ashesh all
of a sudden they pushed a you know even
tried Klobuchar to push whatever they
could do you know why the whole shadow
app thing happened in Iowa it wasn’t
because they thought people Josh was
gonna be your next president and so they
were gonna try to win it for him it was
so that they could do anything to
obfuscate any kind of of narrative about
Bernie mentum about Bernie Sanders
getting momentum and becoming the
inevitable candidate because if he had
swept in Iowa and New Hampshire and
Nevada it would have been a lot stronger
of a story that you know is he gonna win
in South Carolina so they did everything
they could all of a sudden one of the
wealthiest men on earth showed up to say
oh I’m gonna I decided after the filing
date for all of the early states that
I’d like to be a president because
suddenly I’m like really bad with bout
timing after being able to start a
multibillion-dollar business from
scratch now I’d suck it and you know
getting him in there
and becoming the mayor of the frickin
most populous state in in the in the
West but I but I missed some filings
because I’m just such a klutz and and
and I’m gonna spend five hundred million
dollars mostly attacking Bernie Sanders
yeah and then I’m gonna drop out and
endorse Joe Biden
so we so Bernie Sanders does have a
slight lead in the polls in Washington
Idaho in North Dakota but margins are
very slim are those those other states
that are that are doing their primaries
today yeah today okay Washington Idaho
North Dakota yeah those three either so
far as three you know on the day the
primaries the polls the margins in those
states are very slim and it all comes
down all of it comes down to how much of
the youth shows up in Idaho North Dakota
North Dakota and Washington
now Washington we’re not gonna know
right why something we’re not gonna know
that’s not gonna happen today right so
what I’m seeing is are you going by exit
polls because there’s no vote counts yet
in Idaho or or Washington no those are
those those are just the poll like the
polls on okay so these polls haven’t
even closed yet okay okay okay I still
haven’t closed they close at 10 o’clock
our time I think wow so yeah so it turns
out guys if you’re supporting a
political candidate and you want them to
win got a vote for them yeah you got to
show up on Election Day and if you’re I
need my job kind of person the kid I
don’t think they can fire you for voting
yeah I think it’s like federal law that
that you can’t they can’t actually
require like they can’t give you a hard
time about it but I mean so they’ll give
you a hard time about something else
this this speaks to why you know that
the case for like Washington saying um
you know that that you just mail it in
and we’ll send them out to everyone and
then you just mail it in at your leisure
right because this really does hurt the
poor the working poor and and the youth
it helps middle and upper middle class
boomers and retirees who have all day
long to wait now
in a polling police why not
so yeah I’d uh Idaho and North Dakota
haven’t closed yet and like a and we
won’t know results expected around
eleven o’clock for Idaho oh yeah I don’t
plan on being on the air I definitely
jump and I’m being on the air but here’s
like like you said Michigan was the big
one today
yeah 125 electoral votes in that one who
was gonna win Michigan Joe Biden won it
convincingly convincing and the media
narratives gonna be that Washington’s
not gonna factor in Idaho and whatever
North Dakota aren’t gonna factor in
because I mean look at if you look at
the delegate count right now it still
looks like it’s a competitive race right
like it still looks like it’s clique you
know a Joe Biden’s got 715 Bernie
Sanders got 584 but you have to look at
the narrative that’s being crafted that
Joe Biden is the people’s candidate he
is the inevitable one he’s got the
Boomers he’s got black voters which
essentially just means he has old voters
he has voters that are all that are all
older than us he’s got that lock down
and they show up and vote as a bloc
regardless of color that’s a big one for
people to remember in the primaries
people boomers vote as a bloc regardless
of color and we’re seeing that that’s
how Obama won Obama convinced boomers
that he was better than Hillary and that
was the end of that and it took him a
while to do that it did it helped with
it helped that Ted Kennedy came out
shortly that was here in South Carolina
yeowch of course he was gonna win South
Carroll or she was gonna win South
Carolina South Carolina’s go ahead so no
I was gonna say South Carolina’s
Democrat voters are like sixty percent
black and Barack Obama was presenting
was presented as and obviously presented
correctly as the first
black candidate for president who
actually had a shot of doing it um and
so that was not something that that you
know black voters in a former Jim Crow
State we’re gonna give up an opportunity
on and and so that was and then after
that like you said Ted Kennedy endorsed
him that got him the the white boomers
and that was the end of that that was
the that was the end of that yeah I mean
it was still a really close election a
lot of that had to do with operation
chaos with republicans voting for
hillary to try to keep it closed you all
right you know right and there were a
couple of states that hillary pulled out
and because of raishin chaos did i
you froze a little bit well we don’t
have any drop frames so that that must
be on your end yeah no I mean I’m
certain it is so yeah so that data so
that’s what’s happening on our not so
soon more Tuesday Tuesday but here’s
something that is so super do we have
Chris we have anything from Presley yeah
we got we got a couple from okay and
that would be the personal injury
attorney Chris Reynolds attorney at law
anchor : moment where Chris Reynolds and
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auction it off so here’s the first
message from Chris
journals personal injury attorney Chris
Reynolds here with your AOC Millenial
minute we’ve got another slate of course
of primaries most notably Michigan most
pundits are claiming that this is what
they call like to call make-or-break
time for a Bernie Sanders that if he
does not win Michigan he really doesn’t
have much of a viable chance
obviously Michigan is also a pretty
important state for the general and so I
got a couple questions one do you agree
that this is kind of that maker break
time for Bernie and two let’s say he
does not win Michigan what can we expect
is is it gonna be similar to last time
where he fights to the bitter end and
things remain pretty divisive or might
the Trump presidency have changed things
and he concedes early thanks
so we’re beyond make-or-break I mean so
yeah I’ll be so obviously he didn’t win
Michigan we’ve already kind of
established that all right Florida is
next week and they have a bunch of I
think they have the third highest amount
of Delegates and then New York is coming
up in a week or two after that Bernie’s
not winning Florida yeah a lot of the
Brethren in Florida believe he is but
that’s not happening if you wouldn’t win
Michigan if you didn’t want Michigan
he’s not going to win Florida right just
not gonna happen
so no matter what like yes Michigan I
think was make-or-break for him I think
he needed to win Michigan he need to
have a strong showing today you knew he
wasn’t gonna win Mississippi Missouri
could have gone either way but probably
it was gonna go like it looked like it
was gonna go to Biden Michigan he needed
it Michigan was Herman it was his maker
yeah well and yes now that it’s over his
campaign is absolutely done but ok so
his campaign has no chance of winning at
this point I would say yeah it’s far the
second portion of that will he go fight
until the bitter end yes yes he has to
that’s his brand that is it yeah that is
his brand he will fight that all the way
to the bit to the bitter end
up until he somehow ends up with a
fourth house hide you know whatever
happened last time and he ended up with
this third house Biden will they’ll
they’ll make some deal at Convention or
shortly before convention and they don’t
have to yeah and then Bernie will give
him all of his delegates and I was I was
actually talking with a member of the
Bernie brethren last night and the
Bernie people they are they are
yeah they are Bernie Bernie or bust you
know and that’s that’s it
like and you know he was talking to me
about a couple of different Bernie
supporters including himself and he’s
and he said that he would not vote for
Biden and he would not vote for Trump
but instead they’re gonna vote for
whichever third party has the best
chance of getting 5% which would be
spike and I I think that you’re looking
at but I just liked everyone to just
take a moment you’re looking at
potentially the third largest vote
getter maybe even the second largest
vote getter in the next presidential and
vice presidential election maybe even
the first
definitely the third definitely the
third definitely the third definitely
getting the third possibly the second
maybe even the winner that’s right
none of those things are illegal it is
not against the law for me to come in
second or first if we can get those 18
to 30 year olds of the vote yep
you learned your lesson you have to come
out and vote you have to come out and
vote very and it with Bernie demonstrate
it with vermin you actually outnumber
boomers that’s true you are there are
more of you than boomers but they vote
listen if you want to be in it you know
Anna Goris and an anarchist and join me
out in you know in inner inner cap
bursts and whatever and and for mark
fine but you don’t get to be a
Democratic Socialist and then not vote
that’s true that’s a major component of
democratic socialism is voting you kind
of have to do that yes it’s kind of in
that contract that you sign when you
become one at birth at birth it’s part
of the social contract you have to like
you don’t get to be a didn’t to want to
vote for stuff and they don’t not
complain if you don’t vote if you want
to be a part of this I vote for things
to happen for me you have to then do it
boomers do it boomers get the stuff they
want Social Security is not going
anywhere every other part of the federal
government will be completely dissolved
and replaced with a federal government
that is nothing more than a bill paying
mechanism that steals money from you to
give to your parents and grandparents
because they vote yeah long after they
are selling off in the military and the
military if boomers are voting
if it comes down to Social Security or
the military we will live in an era of
unprecedented world peace
with the end of them I’m telling like
yes and you know all other things being
equal in the military but I’m telling
you right now if Social Security and
Medicare if we say you know what if
we’re gonna keep the smell that will be
done the military I’ll tell you one one
group in this country that could
completely end the military-industrial
complex is boomers being told that it
threatens their Social Security and
Medicare because they vote that’s
actually that’s actually really good
like I know I know my family members
would never vote against the military
outside of like me but for a lot of them
you’re a lot of boomers they’re gonna
they are definitely going to choose
Social Security over the military to
stop it for other people that’s fine but
they need to pay me back when I paid
into it you know I have that
conversation with libertarians who are
boomers who will tell me but they got a
pain link back put into it and I try to
remind them that most of the politicians
that were in office when they were
working are dead they are dead now so
you are welcome to try to sue their
estates and leave my money alone I would
welcome that so ya know that’s
definitely you you know you learned a
powerful lesson kids so come out and
vote for Verma and supreme and me but
actually like do it
so oh yeah so no Bernie’s definitely
Bernie’s definitely not going to concede
or he will fight especially now that I
know that there’s this potential that’s
not gonna happen of Delegates you know
faithless delegates choosing Bernie at
the you know even though Biden got that
with an egg that is a hundred percent
not gonna happen um if that didn’t
happen for Trump it’s definitely not
happening for Biden but Bernie has to
ride the optimism of his supporters
before he ultimately endorses Biden in
fact he even said in an interview a few
days ago that he would endorse Biden if
he if he won’t if he if he want it right
or he would support Biden if you if he
won the nomination he did yeah no he did
say that so so there’s that you know
because some people are like you know
what if Joe Biden
so like the you know libertarians and
anarchists we talk about the boogaloo
that diversion of that on the on the
left side especially like the democratic
socialist side is like the revolution
you know they did that the night of the
guillotines and that Bernie Sanders is
going to call for this he is 1 million
percent not going to do that he’s gonna
endorse Joe Biden he’s gonna give a
couple of extremely lackluster
appearances supporting him and then he
is going to go back to whatever number
of houses he has at that point it’ll be
it’ll be four it’ll be at I mean he’s
definitely not losing any yeah he’s not
gonna lose out it will probably be a net
gain of one house that historically is
how it has worked firm and supreme loves
you I love you you have to vote for us
so here is a here is our next our next
one from Chris Reynolds personal injury
attorney Chris Reynolds here with your
celebrity corner so one of the more
pressing questions I think that most
people want to know about has to do with
obviously wilford brimley
and the fact that he was 50 years old
when he did cocoon and of all the people
who are now old enough to be in cocoon
and play that role you know actors such
as you know Tom Cruise or I mean he’s
handsome actors which one is the most
shocking and I would love for spike to
tell me especially since he’s he’s
pretty good with fashion and in
Hollywood stuff which one is the most
shocking revelation that this person is
older than Wilford Brimley was in cocoon
do you want a list of those people so
just why it’s the remaking cocoon or
this alright so cuz I got thrown by the
Wolford Brimley thing I’m not gonna lie
I wasn’t ready I thought it was gonna be
like like some kind of like Gilmore
Girls reboot or like whatever like these
are Chris’s questions tend to be so can
you hear me at least yeah I can hear I
can hear you I can hear okay so having a
Tom Cruise is years old yes Tom Cruise
is 50 years old yes it might be 51 and
okay he has two Mission Impossible
movies coming out in the next few years
still doing great action work liam
neeson another guy Wilford Brimley when
he starred in cocoon was 50 was 50 and
he looks exactly the same today did you
50 because he’s been looking 84 30 years
right right right right so you’ve got
people who are old enough to play in
cocoon as 50 being over 50 or Tom Cruise
Eddie Murphy Michael Scott from the
office whose name I just blanked on
Steve Carell deep Carell Robert Downey
jr. god I had a whole list of these
earlier Denzel Washington
yeah it’s not Washington it’s like 60 I
think like he’s like Denzel Washington
65 years old where dad is incredible
no that is well Ellen’s like 62 yeah
Ellen is at least 61 hold on 62 years
old she just turned 62 in January which
is incredible to me um yeah no that’s
absolutely she looks great cuz she
hasn’t had to deal with some you know no
good man and she has a very attractive
wife she does now she also had um what’s
her name before that was that crazy
woman’s name that she was with Oh the ni
mount girl yeah I’m I’m I decided I’m
not gay anymore Anne Heche yeah and her
freakin nut bag I bet she might regret
yeah her career really went away well
and Ellen’s a billionaire and I’m just
thinking out loud guys if you’ve already
done it the few times I feel like you
can keep in it for the long haul
now I’m not gay and never have been but
if at some point I was gay and I’m with
someone who’s looking like they might
end up being a billionaire and then I
think hey wait a minute
I’m not sure if I’m gay no more yeah
that was really important her I might I
might I might be able to stick it out so
you’ve got Tom Cruise George Clooney Jim
Steve Carell now Eddie Murphy yeah Ricky
Hugh Grant
Matthew ferrisbueller Broderick person
named Woody Harrelson which one of those
okay let’s do this into it which one’s
most shocking Helen scared her straight
which one is most shocking to be older
than Wilford Brimley and cocoon and
which one would play that role the best
so here’s the thing
none of them they don’t shock me that
they’re older than 50 they shocked me
that Wilford Brimley was only 50 when he
did that he really nailed the part of
the most shocking card oh he really
nailed the part of being a man well into
his 70s which explains why he has you
know I experienced that movie as a child
I’m now a very grown man and he still is
occupying the same space in my you know
I guess in my brain as this like
perpetually old man
so of course he’s 30 years older and of
I doubt he’s a hundred and ten so but
honestly if someone had told me hey you
know Wolfram Emily’s a hundred years old
I wouldn’t
oh wow good for him like I would have
been shocked by that because that would
have been he was in 70 something when he
did cocoon so huh so who would okay so
so that so I’m having I’m experiencing
less shock then existential dread Oh
about what what this means for me my
John Luke tusky said that I’m a bit of a
vampire myself and this is only that’s
because I’m 24 everybody
twenty-something when we’re doing this
show in however many years from now will
I still look like I’m 20 or will I look
like Wilford Brimley and my hope is no
your hope is no what I don’t look like
Wilford Brimley okay but I still look 20
ya know I mean you’reyou’re you’re
someone who is aging well I’m aging well
externally yeah my central nervous
system and brain not so much outside I’m
looking flawless well in and my hair I’m
not liking this question from Chris
anymore right let’s let’s go to the
positive part who would play that role
the best out of who you just said Tom
Cruise George Clooney Jim Carrey Steve
Carell Eddie Murphy Ricky Gervais Hugh
Grant Matthew Broderick Woody Harrelson
God they all suck compared to Wilford
Brimley yeah compared to Wilford
Brimley’s was me for that role Oh
probably like one of the comedians I
would think I would maybe a Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is like a good actor I see I
know we were you’re gonna go do one of
your things but III he nails roles that
you kind of like wouldn’t expect him to
nail for me anyway do you know who would
do the best and I know he’s not on there
cuz he’s like way older but Morgan
Freeman oh yeah dad yeah
but that’s not really cuz he’s well over
50 right but that one that one’s just
way too obvious right
like out of those out of those Woody
Harrelson I was just gonna say that
Woody Harrelson he would probably do the
best with that easily easily he would be
the best although if you saw the movie
Foxcatcher Steve Carell potentially
could pull that off I was and what I was
gonna say is like I’d go with more of
the comedian types out of those people
right and yeah and Steve Carell he’s
comedian Sorrell Jim Carrey a good actor
he could maybe do that
um yeah Carrey could do it Eddie Murphy
could Eddie Murphy could do it he could
do it too he’d just taken in a different
direction but yeah he could do it III
don’t think anybody here couldn’t do it
what’s that I would yeah there’s nobody
on this list that couldn’t do it but the
question is like which direction would
they take it in like how would they play
it right nobody would nobody would try
to play it like Wilford Brimley because
that would be like trying to play Sam
Spade yeah yeah yeah you’re not gonna be
able to play it like that you’d have to
make it your own thing because no one’s
gonna be able to do it bring it honestly
if they’re gonna go that direction just
bring them back and do it again
like he P you know that would I’d
actually watch that that would
good um speaking of which here’s a scary
one you know you know who’s 55 Ralph
Macchio possibly John Leguizamo oh
that’s terrifying that dude man he ages
well he ages well and where what
happened – apparently 20 years of my
life like this is scary stuff happening
on this show I hate this question like a
lot don’t ask any more age questions
Chris like this is not I’m having an
emotional moment don’t do this to me
it’s let’s hear well I’m sure the next
one’s gonna be like oh you know what do
you what do you think about the fact
that all of your exes kids are in
college it’s true for me um personal
injury attorney Chris Reynolds here with
your soul segments your segment where we
we asked spike was he right or wrong so
recently I think as recently as as last
week spike and probably Matt as well are
are pretty strong in their contention
that the coronavirus is not something
that we need to worry about that it’s
you know at most you know twice as
deadly as the flu and it’s really not a
big deal and this is it’s just kind of a
big fear-mongering type of thing
over the last week things have kind of
changed it feels like but I don’t know
so as we ask in this question – spike
were you wrong or not thanks I was wrong
in terms of the virality of the thing so
initially so when I first said this this
was when they were like eight hundred
and something people that were confirmed
as having
in China and 50 deaths and there were
like three people in the states that had
it what I said was based on the previous
coronaviruses which were SARS and MERS
and it was a SARS immerse and based on
that I made some assumptions Oh based on
that and the fact that this the fatality
rate of this thing was roughly two
percent um possibly a little bit lower I
thought well and that part I was right
that it’s probably around two percent
probably lower I thought well then this
is SARS – because SARS spread the way it
did and had close to what ten percent
death rate and I thought well maybe you
guys should be washing your hands here’s
where I was not wrong which I’d like to
focus on um you should be washing your
hands and you should probably be getting
the flu shot especially if you’re older
and you’re probably still gonna die of
heart disease like all the basics I said
we’re correct like if you go and eat a
bunch of comfort food because of your
fear of coronavirus you’re just really
working your way closer to what you’re
probably gonna die of statistically yeah
so that so I guess the basics of what I
was trying to say like go wash your damn
hands and like you know like make your
kids wash their hands and stop like
making out with your pets like that’s
the kind of stuff that I was that that
said that I I will say I in the past few
weeks we’ve seen that it is actually not
just more virulent and easy to spread
than SARS or MERS it’s easier to spread
than the flu and I still contend that
the debt that the fatality rate is
considerably lower than we’re being told
the reason I think
considerably lower is because I think
somewhere between ten and a thousand
times as many people have it as we’re
being told there is no way that only
seven hundred people or eight under
people or whatever it’s up to now have
it in the US when they’re only testing a
relative handful of people every day
like they’re not scaling up the
countries that are doing widespread
testing like Italy and South Korea and
China have way more people with it than
we’re saying we have and they haven’t
had as many people having it there as
long as we have there’s way more I think
there’s probably anywhere from ten and a
hundred thousand Americans that already
have it now the good news of that is
that the reason why we’re not hearing it
is because for most people they’re gonna
experience pretty much what they did
with the flu in fact if you’re a kid
you’re gonna probably experience nothing
kids who get it I think there was one
fatality of a child in in in China and
they were already sick so for kids it’s
great now the problem with that is the
flipside of that is because they’re not
sick and staying home and kids are like
the dirtiest people of all people
they’re out why you know rapidly
spreading it which is why they need to
you know why they have to end up
shutting schools down and stuff like
that because the kids go and they all
get it and then they give it out to
people who can get sick from it so all
I’m trying to say is yes I was wrong in
its for ality I was not wrong and it’s
in its deadliness because it looks like
it’s if it’s anywhere from two to twenty
times more deadly than the flu which
still means that the vast vast majority
of people are not going to get gonna die
from it the elderly and people that are
very sick are more likely to die from it
than a flu especially the very elderly
are like way more likely to die of it
than they are in the flu it’s like like
a lot higher but my overall
sentiment that you should have already
been washing your hands and sanitizing
your hands and like being mindful of
disease that that already should have
been happening so no I was not wrong
Chris I was right and don’t ask me about
people’s ages ever again are you back
now off Macchio is now Pat Morita was I
did karate that’s terrible I don’t want
to hear any of this anymore Matt Phair
is there another one I don’t even know
if there’s another one
nope that was it that was it and if
there wasn’t I would that would still be
no there it there was Oh so we’re gonna
be ending on a topic and I guess we’ll
do want to update in a bit on oh go
ahead and do an update now I actually
switched off of that page so I could
find the Wilford Brimley thing yeah so
so joe biden’s lead is growing in
michigan so it’s it’s over it’s over
with it’s over over and then he already
one Mississippi
and the other ones we’re not gonna find
out while the show is still go and so
yeah so that’s that was fun that was fun
so this topic is infuriating infuriating
this is basically about the worst thing
government can do to someone right like
murder them and hold them hostage for
years and torture them by letting them
know they’re gonna get murdered very you
know at later on and hold them hostage
in the meantime we’re talking about a
case call of a man named Nathaniel woods
Nate woods who was killed on
the fifth which was Thursday at this
past Thursday he was killed at 9:01 p.m.
Alabama the state of Alabama executed
this man nate woods who had not killed
anyone and they don’t dispute that man
they do not they do not dispute that
even a little bit so back in 2004 a mate
had a drug problem and he did sell drugs
to make money and feed his habit which
is very common Lari most when they talk
about drug dealers you know we picture
you know like on TV and you know the
wire and on the right you know Scarface
yeah you’re thinking kingpins and and
there are people who do that but the
vast majority of drug dealers the people
that are actually doing the end
transaction to the end user are other
addicts who buy drugs so off enough of
it to cover the cost of their drugs and
then use their drugs like that’s a very
entrepreneurial like dear Lana come on
they’re finding a way to feed their
habit if they don’t have money they
gotta feed it somehow and there’s only
so much you know begging borrowing and
stealing you can do so you just you’re
already buying the drugs you just sell
it to other people and so that’s very
common um so the police came by and Nate
had shouted at them to leave and they
were he was yelling obscenities at them
allegedly but let’s just say he was
let’s say that I don’t think that I
don’t think that’s a disputed fact okay
well good whether it is or not let’s
just pretend it isn’t he yelled
obscenities he shouted at them and told
him to leave he swore at him
the police found out that Nate had an
outstanding warrant and they came back
inside to arrest him they had him in
handcuffs outside the house when they
came back in Nate’s roommate right after
arresting him and pulling him outside
the house and they came back in right
when the police came back in Cary
Spencer who was asleep and they had
arrived woke up and saw a gun pointed at
we can dispute we can dispute whether he
knew it was police or not but he saw a
gun pointed at him he pulled out a gun
he killed three of the officers and
injured a injured the fourth so Nate
admits to selling drugs he did not kill
a person that is not in dispute he did
not have a gun at the night of the
incident that’s not in dispute Kerry
Spencer carried the guy who shot them
said to anyone who would listen
including even now cuz he hasn’t been
killed yet he’s still on death row uh he
had uh what’s that
I was I was reiterating the point that
you had just made okay yeah he’s still
there he has said that Nate didn’t kill
he even wrote an open letter that he
sent out right before Nate was executed
he tried to say so at trial was not
allowed to yep the judge would not allow
the testimony of the shooter saying that
Nate didn’t do it at Nate’s trial you
know would not allow the person who shot
them who actually shot them who would
have had a vested interest in saying
Nate did it he could have maybe pled
down and gotten life without life
imprisonment maybe not but maybe there’s
a possibility that he could have you
know ratted out Nate and said oh well he
was the guy who planned the ambush and
told me to do it and maybe he ends up
getting life in prison and and and Nate
gets the death penalty he didn’t rat out
his friend no I say Brad I was fucked he
didn’t say he still said what is
painfully obvious always friend under
the bus he didn’t throw his friend under
the bus right when he definitely could
have when he absolutely could have he
didn’t do this and it made zero
difference Nate didn’t do it Nate’s
defense team was inexperience
unused he what they weren’t used to
criminal cases of this magnitude and
they clearly gave him an absolute
garbage defense garbage defense this is
Nate at trial I want you to look at this
face and I want you to picture being on
trial for murdering someone
when murdering three people murdering
three people when everyone acknowledges
that you didn’t do it
including the prosecutors this is the
kind of face I would make in that kind
of situation
that’s right this is someone who is I
can’t even imagine the level of
frustration and anger at that situation
I can’t like the prosecution argued that
due to Nate writing down dr. Dre lyrics
referring to cops as pigs that it showed
some sort of history some sort of
history that proves that he conspired to
do this and didn’t he write that isn’t
because he needed to 2004 yeah yeah 2004
in 2004 a black man listened to dr. Dre
and didn’t he write that in jail
possibly I I believe maybe I’m wrong I
believe I believe he wrote that I
believe he wrote that in jail now
imagine you’ve been arrested for
murdering people that everyone knows you
didn’t murder I would possibly write
negative things about the police as well
I mean I already do right but I would
write really negative things about the
police they argued that he conspired
with a sleeping man yep with a guy
sleeping on the couch and convinced the
sleeping guy mm-hm
to shoot all police officers who happen
to come into the house after that moment
after that moment he used telepathy on a
sleeping man he inception him the
inception – he prefigured right at this
would happen that this would happen now
obvious competent and attendant and
company earth now Gerry lawyers did come
the old ten to – to sentence him to
death it wasn’t a unanimous decision 10
– to send the – two people said no he
should not die it’s it’s just it is
beyond ridiculous
they didn’t even they couldn’t even get
12 people to do it it’s scary that they
got 10 people to do it but again they
didn’t know what we know they were
having a terrible defense I can’t even
imagine how I would I would love to see
part of me would love to see like the
transcripts in the and the video of that
trial if there is such a thing and the
other part probably doesn’t want to see
it just watching a man getting murdered
and slow in slow motion
they clearly just completely screwed him
and so in the in the in the years and
days running up to his execution more
than a hundred thousand people signed a
petition to commute the execution and
delivered it to the murderer governor
kiv who obviously shot it down people
like Kim Kardashian who has emerged as a
civil liberties she is a whore you know
yes she has come out as a civil
liberties and criminal justice reform
like yeah like a legit one yeah yeah
it’s amazing yeah I don’t like Kim
Kardashian no I don’t right let me
rephrase that I didn’t like Kim
Kardashian I think exactly doing here
makes me respect her I still don’t like
her that much
I like crap
of what she is doing listen here was
someone I hated what Kim Kardashian
stood for um even though I didn’t really
hate her as a person but the idea that
you like leverage this like sex tape
into a career of being famous for being
famous and you really are just known for
being this sort of vapid consumer of
goods that people watch and again
the market has spoken if that’s what the
market wants to watch then that’s what
it is I don’t have to like it and
clearly Matt doesn’t either and and and
so I was not it’s never really a fan if
all that happened for Kim to be able to
do the stuff she’s doing then great so I
think it’s terrific what Kim does so Kim
Martin Luther King the third and Senator
Doug Jones of Alabama also reached out
to the murderer kiv but there was no
response because she’s a murderer now at
5:30 of so so a few hours before his
scheduled execution
we did get some hope when Justice
Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court
stayed the execution to consider
outstanding motions in the case
including those dealing with the
inadequate counsel Woods ability to
opt-in to the nitrogen hypoxia method of
execution which I guess is a more humane
version yes though what the the nitrogen
hypoxia method if he was never told this
if you opted into it you were kind of
put pushed back on the execution
schedule okay it didn’t opt into it you
were pushed to the front so that’s
probably why Kerry Spencer still hasn’t
been executed intentionally yeah
potentially yeah uh yeah um or his or
maybe he had a back he might have had
better lawyers and it took longer for
them to prosecute him even though he
actually killed them right so anyway all
this to say that so just as Clarence
Thomas stayed the execution I’m going to
show you a
video of Nate’s family reacting to
finding out that there was a stay of
execution and so this is the the
brothers or one of the people saying
okay look at look at these these folks
that are celebrating right now picture
you are you’ve been going through this
since 2004 or 2005 when he was convicted
right and for years has been leading up
to this and a few hours before and
you’re just hoping beyond hope and if
you’re religious you’re praying and
whatever you’re do anything you can do
just trying to think maybe we can get
Nate from getting killed maybe we can
get him from getting killed maybe we can
even get him freed and at the lab
seemingly the last minute you know a few
hours before at three and a half hours
before you hear there’s been a stay and
you think I mean you saw the hope in
their eyes I’m gonna I’m gonna do it
again because this is heartbreaking that
you think this could be it this maybe
he’ll be free or at the very least or
they are gonna kill him right we’ll be
able to visit him again that’s another
one even if we end up executing them at
the very least maybe maybe he’ll get
pushed back with the hypoxia thing or
whatever and we’ll get to see him again
something right now imagine after
getting that brief bit of false hope
less than an hour later you find out it
was just you just got a you just bought
an hour yet the rest of the judge the
rest of the justices shut it down yep
they dismissed emotions and they
dismissed the motions after the both the
governor and the Alabama Department of
Justice all said that they had no
interest in reviewing the case then in
their mind he was he was a dead man
walking and that he was totally guilty
and so based on that the other justices
dismissed the notion the motions and
before APM without even any comment and
Nate was murdered at 901 901 p.m. now I
am we don’t use a lot of racially
charged terminology on this show
nate woods was executed after being held
for nearly 20 years in a cage for the
crime of swearing at police officers in
my mind this was a lynching
he was lynched it took longer than it
used to and they went through more
proper channels but at the end of the
day a black man who hadn’t hurt anyone
was caged and then murdered for swearing
I call that a lynching if you don’t see
it that way at the very least we should
be able to acknowledge that a man an
innocent man was murdered by the state
after being held captive for decades
great and I saw I’ve seen many arguments
about this and I saw one used numerous
comparing Nate to Charles Manson
Charles Manson didn’t kill anybody are
you saying it doesn’t mean that I don’t
care how you finished that sentence like
really Charles Manson and Nate aren’t
even playing the same fuckin sport
no I they rose Manson
directed people to do things after uh
getting them like completely bonked out
on psychedelics for years or months or
whatever and feeding them this narrative
of starting a race war and how on earth
is that comparable to someone who did
nothing he swore at cops and he wrote
some lyrics that were critical of the
police as many of us are want to do one
occasion for far less the fact like the
fact that he was untrusting of police he
was a black man in Alabama I wonder why
you could posit the fact that he was
untrusting a police doesn’t make him a
cop killer which the day of the
execution the Alabama al Alabama Alabama
Attorney General called him that he
called they know he didn’t even though
they know the fact that he’d like dr.
Dre yeah he liked dr. Dre and he called
cops pigs I wonder why he was untrusting
of the police I wonder why it is
absolutely incredible and when you
consider the fact that there are people
that will defend this knowing the facts
that tells you everything you want to
know about the concept of a jury of your
peers that’s a whole other subject just
Nate woods is a victim of the justice
system or was a victim of the justice
system because now he’s dead now his
family is a victim of the justices his
family is a victim of the justice system
from the war on drugs to the legal
to the appeal system the Supreme Court
at every single level
he has been failed Matt because he swore
at cops and sold drugs everything
everything everything about this story
infuriates me and there was no when you
hear the arguments of we’ve never
executed an innocent person yes you have
yes yes yes sure
he sold he sold drugs okay okay so that
was a crime but he would’ve been out of
prison Oh mm I don’t know Alabama’s laws
but he probably been executed he will
get he’d be alive he’d be alive you’d be
alive yep
they have failed massively and in
another year nobody in Alabama’s gonna
remember that guy’s name outside of that
woods family and his friends obviously
but nobody’s gonna think about it
nobody’s gonna and it’s it is
heartbreaking that in 2020 we still have
an issue where this guy could not get a
fair trial he couldn’t get a fair trial
they the person who killed the police
said he had nothing to do with it I woke
up there was a gun in my face I grabbed
a gun and started shooting yeah I
believe that was the direct quote yep no
we don’t care you don’t get to say that
in front of the jury you don’t get to
testify that only you did it right in
the trial of someone who were saying had
something to do with it by telling you
to do this while you were asleep
if for no other reason then this
execution happened there should never be
another execution again ever the state
does not have the authority to decide
who lives and who dies this is like
libertarians but are against the death
penalty because we believe that when you
give the state when you give government
power to make a decision over us that
they most often end up using it in
abusive and harmful and inequitable ways
the death penalty gives them the power
to decide who lives and dies like Matt
said we just saw how they used it
there’s all sorts of data we can show
you about how often the death penalty is
is is used for people based on their
income level and based on their ability
to get a good attorney and based on skin
color and and you know we can we can
show you all of that stuff and that was
another thing that I was going to point
out yeah now like we said he had n I
totally forgot to put that in minute he
had inadequate he had an inadequate
defense right now imagine that he was a
Zachary McCoy the reason Zachary McCoy
didn’t have as big of an issue yeah as
Jorge Jorge Molina a Molina yeah is
because he was able to get an attorney
that would fight for him yep even if you
strip away the racial aspect of it it’s
there’s a money aspect to it too yeah
you know if this guy had been accused of
that he could have gotten money from his
parents which is great we’re not like
he’s great yeah we’re not angry at this
guy like we’re not giving this guy a
hard time like you know any of us you
had to go and ask his parents for the
money he didn’t have it like right he
luckily had that to fall back on even if
he had the money like what like I’m not
mad at someone for being able to defend
themselves no
not even a little bit yeah that the
issue here is he was not given a fair
trial because he was not given the
defense that he needed
yeah he was not given the defense that
he needed and because of that starting
at the very lowest level I mean you can
the war on drugs is a failed war it like
it’s failing its failing and it violates
people’s rights and it hurts families
and it rips them apart and they just
need to end it so you got failure there
you’ve got failure from the police force
who said he swore at us three cops end
up dead we’re going after him as well
yep because fuck him good fuck that guy
exactly okay and that’s literally what
it comes down to even if you think there
isn’t a racial element to it it was
literally just because it’s in fact in
some way that could even be worse that
they were just so callous to be like
yeah fuck him – mm-hmm we already got
him on the drug thing and he was there
when we killed it we’re gonna put it on
him and when the shooter says he had
nothing to do with it they say yeah well
you’re never gonna get to tell anyone
that or tell the people who make the
decision that people who make the
decisions it’s just it this is we’re
libertarians because of stuff like this
yes yep this is a travesty yeah this is
an absolute travesty of the justice
system and when people are like you next
time you’re in trouble call a crackhead
and all right yeah I’d much rather call
a crackhead will I will because I don’t
want them taking somebody who doesn’t
deserve to die you know
it’s a prison and putting them on death
row and sentencing them than killing
them yeah no I wouldn’t much rather call
a crackhead in most situations and if
you’re a libertarian
there who is pro-death penalty because
there are some I’ve met a few yeah yeah
there are a few and your let you say
it’s not really the state that’s doing
it it’s a jury of their peers so it’s
not the state it’s these people one okay
fair accept you know they weren’t
allowed to hear all the evidence and
they weren’t allowed to hear and
everything was slanted in order to do
then they didn’t give me a proper
defense in order to handle a case like
this but it costs more money to kill
somebody than it does to keep them
imprisoned for that’s also true yeah
yeah everything about this everything
about the death penalty is anti
libertarian everything about it the
state should never ever spend taxpayer
dollars to decide who lives and who dies
yeah because you’re gonna get you’re
gonna get this right here you’re gonna
get this guy you’re gonna get more of
these we’ve had more of these we will
have more of these until this ends and
before we haven’t gotten any comments on
much of this which I actually appreciate
from everybody that’s watching us right
now but before anybody who throws in
yeah what about a Ted Bundy or the guy
that eight people whose name I can’t
remember right no what was that guy’s
name no Jeffrey Dahmer he was killed in
prison he was killed in prison but do
those people deserve to die yeah
probably this no no and you were talking
about less than 1% of the people who
ever go to death row you are talking
about less than 1% it is an argument
that so many people use and it is an
argument that doesn’t matter because we
are talking about something so miniscule
you know it’s so tiny
and much like Jeffrey Dahmer if they are
that bad
they will probably kill more high end up
but just put him in general population I
would rather John Wayne Gacy and oh gosh
who were some other to some other people
that have been executed for murder who
obviously didn’t kill her
was he executed I know he’s convicted
I would rather John Wayne Gacy and any
other for serial killers you can name
not have been executed and instead be
locked up for the rest of the rest of
their lives and Nate still be alive
I would take that trade a million times
because here’s what’s gonna happen or
what would have happened at some point
it would have become painfully apparent
that need to do it and even if it took
another 20 years
he’d get to come out so I would you know
people who would you rather drill make
it yes yes
I’d rather John Wayne Gacy no I have
been executed and be what’s that Ted
Bundy Ted Bundy any of this but all of
them every person who’s ever been
executed who did it who absolutely did
it no no no no dispute at all I would
absolutely rather every single one of
them be alive and in prison for the rest
of their lives and Nate be alive not to
mention all the other people who have
been wrongfully executed that we don’t
know about but even just Nate even if it
was just Nate I would rather Nate be
alive so I think that’s pretty I think
they’re I don’t I what Alabama did it it
was you want to talk about a lack of
seer of seriousness among some people
there were people that are ready to you
boycott Alabama over you know Madhvi
caught them over a transgender bathroom
bill they would boycott them over and
I’m not trying to do what about ISM here
I’m not and maybe I’m treading on that
but and those are things that you have
every right to if you are ready to boy
caught a state over something like you
know something like a transgender
bathroom bill or something like bills
and abortion bills and things like that
and again I’m not telling you not to do
that I’m not telling you those aren’t
important things I’m not telling you
that those things aren’t some people
might even consider them life and death
to specific individuals what I’m telling
you is that if you are that fired up
about that but wouldn’t boycott over
this man being executed then I have to
argue that your priorities may be
somewhat skewed and the fact that there
isn’t a large and growing boycott
Alabama movement I don’t know what to
tell you so I’m gonna talk about
something more positive and that is an
update because literally we can have
those pictures up on the screen just
real quick my pictures mm-hmm as long as
I need to okay can you like 3040 seconds
oh that should be easy enough so we’re
gonna be doing a vermin supreme spike
Cohen update I went to UNC Greensboro in
Greensboro North Carolina and we went
and visited the youths there team
supreme and the Libertarian Party of
North Carolina working together we went
and went to the campus of UNC Greensboro
to help start the affiliate of the
Libertarian Party of UNC Greensboro and
Brent to Ritter and I and Ryan Teeter
and Suzan Hogarth and and Corbin and Joe
who’s uh they’re the one starting the
Libertarian Party of UNC Georgia and
their last names escape me at the moment
but we went and talked with literally
hundreds of students there about
libertarianism we open by asking people
if they own themselves if they believe
that they own themselves which really
opened up a lot of really interesting
conversations we invited them out to
to join wheat we got a bunch of people
signed up for the libertarian party
that’s it that’s a nice picture there
for the Libertarian Party of UNC George
UNC Greensboro and had a really good
event signed up dozens of people spoke
to hundreds of students and just really
had a good time and and in doing so so I
would say that I spoke to probably I
don’t know at least 50 students 40 or 50
students who all knew who vermin supreme
was without me having to I would just
say do you know who vermin supreme was
who vermut supreme is and they would say
oh wow yeah and then in fact the the
girl in this picture right here that’s
that’s signing up when I came over to
talk to her she said she said I like
your pin
do you like Furman supreme – and I said
well I’m actually his running mate and
she was real excited about that but so
you know the use up salute you know who
they already know who vermin supreme is
they are very very receptive to the
message of freedom and and self
ownership and non-aggression and we had
of the I would say I I personally spoke
to at least a hundred kids and of the
hundred students that I spoke with maybe
I think five or six of them just they
would just keep walking or say no thank
you they weren’t interested the vast
majority of them at least stopped and
talked to me for a few a couple minutes
most of them spoke with me for quite a
while and asked questions and a few
times we actually had groups that formed
you know based on other people hearing
what they were what we were talking
about wanting to come over and talk
about it and give their opinions
incredibly receptive to the message of
Liberty a lot of people telling us that
they’re there they would vote for me in
Vermont Supreme especially if there are
other options are Joe Biden and Donald
Trump and you know keep in mind we’re
talking with these kids these are kids
who are very receptive to the message
and they are forming belief systems that
most of them
are going to keep for several decades 40
50 60 years like this is a series you
know it’s any age is a great age to get
someone to you know support freedom and
liberty but especially at this age
especially young adults and teenagers
people who are forming their opinions
they’re actually getting to form their
opinions um and and and are you know
obviously I don’t like to use the word
impressionable because it sounds like
we’re like trying to convince them of
something but they are they’re they’re
they’re learning what they what they’re
you know established belief systems are
gonna be as adults and most of them are
going to keep those long after a lot of
us are dead so it’s a very very
important thing and so we had a really
great event we’re gonna be planning some
more pound the pavement events
throughout the Carolinas working with
affiliates in other states to do the
same there and you know turns out guys
if you want to grow libertarianism you
have to talk to people who aren’t
libertarians and then any and crucially
this is a crucial part of this you have
to like demonstrate that you care about
them at all and don’t want to just argue
with them and tell them how right you
and how much of a bootlicker they are
and how stupid they are and how they
need to have read rothbard it’s a good
idea to actually have a conversation
with them see what they have to think be
willing to listen to their opinions that
you believe are wrong and have a little
bit of a feel felt found conversation
with them and then maybe find some
common ground because maybe you’re not
gonna convince them of libertarianism in
its entirety as it probably was not able
you were probably not able to be
convinced of it in its entirety with
just a stump speech you know an elevator
speech takes time you get a foot in the
door they’re receptive to your message
they come out to meetings you get to
talk to him more they ask about health
care you say you answer questions about
Matt’s clearly enjoying something over
here I’m enjoying Chris Reynolds
commentary in the comments as I normally
do no it was not an all-girls cut listen
there was a very I wish Steven Messina
and brento Ritter was here because they
spread some pretty I’m gonna show these
pictures again I like that one
most of the people in this picture are
male and white because that was another
thing that came up you had two gingers
in that picture yeah we were sure one of
them was libertarian turns out no um
this is a male yes there were women I
spoke with there were I there are
plunder Stan what what what one of these
kids is 13 it’s Brent’s daughter and
then and and the one on the right there
is is the boyfriend here’s two men there
I wonder if I can speed this thing up a
little it’s it’s 2020 these are some men
and what’s the next one
did you make a slideshow yeah I made it
slideshow look mostly men in this
picture there is one woman women are
allowed to talk about things there’s two
men these are mostly pictures of men I
don’t know where this narrative happen
look more men that one’s looking at your
chest no he’s actually looking down at
the thing then I was told oh no a woman
this is a very powerful lesson in
confirmation bias guys it’s okay I would
say that something like 60% of the
people in these photos are men and yet
and yet everyone walked away saying oh
spike like talking with the girls this a
specific demographic of
girls actually and that’s simply
I spoke with everyone and I’m happily
married I’m happily married I spoke with
many men
of various colors not that that would
even matter and I spoke with women yes
also of varying colors I am not in
control of the admission demographics of
UNC Greensboro I talked to who was in
front of me including many men so that’s
your vermin supreme spike going update
so real quick before we close everything
out something that just came up that is
actually quite interesting that I know
that uber fan Chris Reynolds is actually
actually like there was no pattern like
there are a large number of parallels
between the 2020 Democratic primary and
the 2004 Democratic primary which was
the John Kerry Howard Dean here yeah oh
because John Edwards screwed there was a
crowded field yeah upstart candidate
thank Howard Dean instead of Bernie
Sanders in this one right
you had Vermont you had a sudden
rallying around an establishment cat
candidate even if maybe he wasn’t the
voters first choice yeah people started
going to as people were dropping out
right the only thing that’s missing
is the Dean scream now literally moments
after getting demolished in Michigan
Bernie Sanders did not do a scream oh I
know I like oh I was uploading that into
drama oh I was gonna look right now for
it oh no we tweeted money he tweeted the
screaming of 2020 I’ve got news for the
Republican establishment I’ve got news
for the Democratic establishment they
can’t stop us now doesn’t pack the same
punch as the Howard Dean which is still
my favorite moment and all of politics
ever but you know yes they can
you are losing they are stopping you
yeah they are stopping you the only
thing that you can do to hurt any of
them is run for the green and don’t sore
loser laws kind of stymie him and doing
that I don’t know no cuz I think he can
go and run I think he can go and run in
a different party I think I’m not sure
sore losers
some states bar candidates who saw but
failed to secure the nomination of a
political party from running as
independents or as nominees for another
party in the general election which is a
total violation of your freedom of
speech but anyway these restrictions are
sometimes called sore-loser laws some
states of explicit or lose others have
requirements are operating in similar
fashion so
so I think that’s going to be strictly
for state elections I don’t think they
have any say on national yeah but you
can’t show up on their ballot is what
happens so here are the states that have
sore loser laws Oregon California
Arizona Utah Wyoming Colorado New Mexico
Texas Kansas Nebraska Iowa Wisconsin
Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi
Tennessee Alabama Georgia South Carolina
North Carolina Virginia Ohio
Pennsylvania New York Connecticut Rhode
Island and Massachusetts so when a
Florida has one point Hawaii with
Florida Florida has one too yeah Florida
Florida you all be I’m reading this
wrong every state in the Union has sore
loser laws except Iowa New York and
Connecticut so you could really rally in
New York and I awaken an Iowa in
Connecticut in Connecticut to a lesser
extent so no that’s actually not
something he could do right no he could
tell he what he could do is tell people
to do a write-in campaign um which might
I mean depending on how these laws are
written he might even get in trouble for
that but I mean he scored a doesn’t
accept right ends oh that’s true there’s
gonna be places where you just don’t
accept well he could tell people to hang
there Chad’s there so and now he is
saying that he is not going to come out
and speak at all tonight probably a good
call to avoid probably a good call that
would vary but and his press secretary
or media person is saying that he
doesn’t know when he will speak tomorrow
so Bernie Bernie is uh he’s not having a
good day right
he is floundering here right right in
mind this man had a heart attack less
than a year ago less than a year ago I
can tell you how stressful my campaign
has been for me and the the stakes are
arguably not as high I’d argue they are
but there’s been argument about that I
am a young man with a well-functioning
heart it is incredibly stressful at
times and not even though oh em I gonna
win am I gonna win because like it’s it
like there are other there are some good
people running I think that I’m the best
choice or I wouldn’t be running
and I think vermin’s the best choice or
I wouldn’t be supporting him but you
know it’s like it’s not this you know
existential whatever IOC has chimed in
uh Chris’s favorite AOC has chimed in
and she said there’s no sugarcoating it
tonight’s a tough night tonight’s a
tough night electorally where are you
seeing this man I got my sources on
Twitter know it’s on 538 Oh cuz the last
thing from here’s nine hours ago anyway
um ouch ouch guys yeah and right now as
of right now 10 percent reporting in
North Dakota Bernie Sanders has a lead
of 39% to Biden’s 26% interesting
Michigan was the big one today yeah it
Michigan Michigan was the only one that
mattered today there’s some offshoot one
this week I can’t remember which one it
at like I think it’s Thursday
and then next week there’s Florida and
after Biden wins Florida it’s it’s going
to be over it’s gonna be over the only
thing that’s gonna make any sort of a
difference outside of that is going to
be New York how well how long he stays
in oh I think that’s gonna be the only
story left
yeah and Bernie he’ll stay until the end
cuz he’s Bernie and and why wouldn’t he
um and Tulsi he’ll stay in the end cuz
why shouldn’t she um but she’s not
nursing money to keep if she’s got the
money to keep going keep going and I
mean what’s play what’s even keep going
at this moment she didn’t have to go
anywhere like she can literally just
stay in DC and say she’s running like
you know there’s not really anything she
has to do at this point um but you know
so for Joe Joe Biden and brick brick
Hart over on periscope which great that
we’re getting periscope notifications
again that’s awesome nice Washington is
Washington has done voting tonight but
all of its done by mail so they aren’t
going and it just means yeah balance had
to be mailed today so we’re not gonna
know Washington for at least a week
chris says I I bet Wilford Brimley could
play Bernie in a movie about this
election I would watch that because his
Wilford his Bernie would suck like the
voice would suck but they’d like dress
him up with the messy hair and
everything to like look like Bernie but
he’d still come out and just do his
thing that he always does like it would
just be I would watch that in the health
care except he did he wouldn’t sound
like that even a little health care
because you can fix your diet British
that’s why people own half of the
country’s wealth and that’s unacceptable
he’d probably be a very electable
version of Bernie honestly like if
Wolford brinly became a democratic
socialist he’d be our next president I
don’t care nothing anyone could do about
I was asked I was asked an interesting
question last night that I will pose to
you okay do you think Bernie would be
more electable if he called himself
a New Deal Democrat as opposed to a
Democratic Socialist sure probably I
think so probably when it when I was
asked I said yeah I believe so probably
right now the the funny thing is that
he’s thinking for a longer game then
he’ll probably even be alive for because
the young voters who will eventually
become old voters and actually show up
and vote as a bloc are fine with
socialism well every most voters are
fine with socialism they just aren’t
fine with it being acknowledged as
socialism right these voters are fine
with the acknowledgment of socialism oh
by the way when we were in New Hampshire
and had some philosophical discussions
with some Bernie bros the political
spectrum that falls under Bernie bros is
everything from like edgy center-left
Democrats who just you know they’re in
it because he’s cool and you know all
the kids are doing it to like straight
up an Turco communist who sort of like
how there are some anarcho-capitalists
who will vote libertarian or republican
or whatever because it’s either that or
the freaking Boogaloo man on the other
side are like just some straight-up like
ant if a communist who are ready they’re
voting for Bernie because if it’s not
that then they want to pull out the
guillotines and eat the rich and all
that so like I’ve had people that said
I’m voting for Bernie Sanders and if he
doesn’t get it I’m voting for Herman
supreme and if that doesn’t work it’s
time to eat the rich to which I’ve said
I appreciate your support but so no III
he’s staying in it I really want to see
Wolford Brimley play Bernie Sanders now
oh yeah I want to see that I would help
crowd fund that both in donations and
chairs I have the weirdest feeling that
Wilford Brimley would turn that
no I hate that and you’re right right
it’d be like you’d end up with like I
don’t know if James Gardner is still
no he died okay well then you wouldn’t
end up with him I mean Jack Lemmon gosh
no so he yeah James Garner died in 2014
Jaclyn’s it has women he’s no he died he
died a while ago oh yeah he died no one
man was hit that long ago yeah he died
shortly after he made Bagger Vance
when was the movie that he did with um
James Garner where they were presidents
oh that was 1990
Oh was it yeah thanks man my fellow
Americans was in 96 96 Wow good movie
my fellow Americans that was yeah that
was fun movie two former presidents that
ran they were both single terms yeah and
they ran as president and vice president
yeah well no one they were they were
opponents they were like bitter enemies
great but then they ran as president and
vice president at the end so I try to
forget about that part yeah yeah cuz he
did he did there they did their thing
they did their I don’t want to spoil the
movie go watch a movie called my fellow
Americans my fellow Americans and then
watch my fellow Americans my show right
do exactly that do exactly that
um so that’s it for the night guys but
uh yeah
faux fur permits Bream and don’t support
the death penalty and I’m sorry about
the thing with Bernie that’s our take
away kids
I can so for the next Dean scream I wish
I knew what it was coming oh man me too
so just to let you know we will be in I
will be in Virginia this weekend for the
Libertarian Party of Virginia convention
and then I we will be back here next
week next Tuesday for the money waters
of freedom
we’re Matt right and yours truly Matt
right and I parse through the week’s
news with the cheer and a plum of a but
just a shiny shiny coronavirus monkey as
you could imagine I’m tired okay I’m
tired I get it I get it
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water’s Mediacom we have a couple
comments to end with a Corbin Hunt says
Gilbert Godfried would be a better
Burnie I agree that would actually I
would also want to see that it would be
a different take it will be completely
different I would like to see like a
competing Bernie off between Wolford
Brimley and Gilbert Godfried and throw
Larry David in the mix cuz he does a
really decent good as a control because
he’s good right
like his Bernie’s really good so have
him in is like a Ted like a control
because Bernie’s not in the mood for
this right now Bernie’s not having a
good a good week so so he wouldn’t want
to participate in this but but you know
Larry David in the middle wolf for
Brimley and Gilbert Godfried I would pay
up to $20 to watch that do you know what
people paid up to $20 to watch the Corey
Feldman the Corey Feldman documentary
that did not happen it did it aired
today oh did it air cuz I know it was
like the site was down or something no
yeah it aired today like a three o’clock
oh good okay good so it was that it was
a it was like a glitch in their system
or or what’s it called like that their
service blog down or some loaded okay
well good cuz they I people were
thinking it might be a scam all right
cool no it was real good good every name
that he named in it was names he had
already named so I think the the details
on the Charlie Sheen thing were more
than I wanted to know but it also didn’t
come as much of a shock either so well
Charlie Sheen see anything about this no
new new he will not well kind of drummed
himself out of the business anyway
yeah and he’s been very clear and not
saying anything about this which is
smart he actually sue he sued the
for having a Stoli saying it happened oh
wow yeah I want to see that now but so
Chris Reynolds says spikes going to the
Virginia libertarian young women’s
convention I’m going to a convention
that much like the pictures I showed you
is mostly male so I don’t know where
this by a much wider margin than those
by an even why by considerably wider
margin but I like I’m not I don’t get
where this narrative came from like is
our people shocked that there were some
attractive women at a college who were
like half my age and I’m happily married
like that’s what I need right I need to
like ruin my marriage over like someone
that could legitimately be my child
where I would have been a young adult
when I had well a legal teen when I had
them that’s what I need guys so guys
thanks again for tuning him we will see
you next week and we’re it’s not an
organic it’s not an organic narrative oh
where we’re going we don’t need roads
it’s not an organic narrative
I don’t care anymore
I really don’t I’m gonna take her to her
I’m gonna take her to ha – ooh I’m gonna
take her to ha I’m gonna take her the
Honolulu I’m gonna take her to rule I’m
gonna take a hot yeah I wanna take you
to Honolulu baby I want to go on a
vacation wanna chill wanna sit on the
beach chill wanna drink over on a beach
chill yeah
put the vine and the drink stop and
think look at your face man you’re
beautiful girl you’re beautiful never
seen nothing so beautiful
make the beach look I guess nothing I
guess not make everything look like it’s
nothing girl I love you I love you I
didn’t notice till now but I love you so
much I want to be with you forever
never never never I’m gonna take her to
I wanna take her to Honolulu I want to
take her to Honolulu Honolulu I want to
take her to Honolulu I want to take her
to Honolulu I wanna take her to Honolulu
I remember back in the day when I used
to work you get paid I set my whole
check on you girl you were my whole
world my voice is kind of fucking
trashed but you didn’t give a shit about
we used to light it up and burn ash but
now you’re gone and I’m here all alone
my life is nothing but uh yeah yeah I
wanna take her to Honolulu Honolulu
Honolulu wanna take her to Honolulu
Honolulu your this is for everybody
who’s in love right now man it’s for
everybody I want you to tell that
special someone you want to take her to
Honolulu dog y’all gonna be shit fucking
chill man this is for y’all man you love
love one love that’s it that’s all we
got to do for man we just want to show
everybody that we mean everything
everybody everybody somebody somebody
everybody somebody’s everything thank
you for the support peace

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