The Wrighter’s Block Episode 73 – Kristine Cousler Womack Gets Wrighter’s Block… Again!

The Wrighter's Block

Kristine is returning to The Wrighter’s Block to discuss the situation her husband, Dave Womack, finds himself in. As one of the 146 libertarians elected to office in Pennsylvania, he has a target on his back, especially as one who won with 96% of the vote and 40 more votes than any of the incumbents. Well, now he is being attacked for his past and they are trying to keep him off the Dallastown Borough Council.

Tune in tonight to find out what is happening, and what the plan is to ensure that Dave will be sworn in January 3rd! This is an episode you will not want to miss!

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Episode Transcript

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my guest tonight
is a wonderful person and she is
i believe if i am correct uh only the
third person to appear on the writer’s
block twice
only the third person to appear on the
writer’s block twice uh we all remember
when she was on uh roughly
five months months ago uh
please welcome three three months ago
she’s telling me three and i believe her
please welcome with me christine womack
everybody christine how are you today
i am good a little under the weather but
i still had to be on here because i love
you and i need to represent my husband
who is even more under the weather
than me so
yeah and to
just so everybody knows dave dave you’re
your husband
he was supposed to be the person who was
coming on
he is under the weather as he said and
he is unable to be here uh so our
condolences to him and we hope for a
very speedy recovery
thankfully it’s just laryngitis um
that’s been plaguing our house and
nothing any anything more serious than
that so
yes uh and that’s definitely
today’s world where everybody’s like oh
you don’t feel good stay away from it
stay away from me with your
because you’re going to kill my
grandmother um
i need that shirt by the way i mean if
i’m one of the only three people that’s
been on the show
more than one time you dan berman and uh
aaron’s last name now got married
edwards aaron edwards okay
you aaron edwards and dan berman are the
only three people who have been on my
i feel privileged so thank you for
having me back on as you
that is the right feeling to have
so oh my goodness since uh
since we’ve had you on before we’ve
already discussed how you became a
libertarian we can kind of just like
kind of get into everything that’s going
on um with you and with dave
so last time we talked uh i
mentioned that where you live apparently
has more hours in the day than anywhere
else because you do more in the day
i told you what i did today you wouldn’t
believe it so probably probably not
i’ve got a slight touch of the
laryngitis but i still went out this
morning and i chopped a bunch of
firewood and then i went to the store
which is 20 miles away and i picked up
groceries for the week and then picked
up the kids and then i coached them and
whatever sport is happening right now
and then uh came home made dinner for
everybody put them into bed and now i’m
doing this oh yeah after i had the the
pennsylvania lp
yeah it close i had dentist appointment
i dressed as the grinch for a holiday
party for some kids at our school
district then i worked and then i went
to the store came home made dinner
and then listened to the jc hearing
and then now i’m here
well i am glad
uh bdsm gurus the poor video quality on
my end or the stream let me know what it
looks like because i may have a quick
fix for it um
one that’s going to make me very upset
but i think i might have a quick fix for
so let me know
um yeah
if it means anything my signal looks
good on my screen
like what i see for you so okay it was
on his end cool all right i was very
worried on whether or not this was going
to work the way i wanted it
um so
yeah i mean we as we learned last time
you’re like the army in the 80s or you
know we do more before 5 a.m people do
all day
um so
it is good to see
it is good to see that that has not
changed nope
and won’t anytime soon if i have
anything to say about it so
perfect so
so dave um he was one of the
149 libertarians
156 is the current elected a total for
pennsylvania 156 okay yeah and in in the
notes that i had 149 was what i was told
so i was like no you’re that was fine
and that was probably the number
like four or five days ago but
jen has been another person who has more
hours in the day than the rest of
everybody um has been auditing county by
to see
who got elected as a libertarian
okay so we’re up to 150 156 libertarians
elected to office in pennsylvania that
is absolutely unbelievable and many of
this is because of the
molten maneuver molten maneuver i was
going to call it the molten method and i
was like method
uh the molten maneuver which uh
for anybody out there who doesn’t know
can you explain what the molten men
my understanding of the mold maneuver as
it started is chuck moulton um the
genius that he is um realize that
there’s like a not a flaw but like a
loophole in the system in pennsylvania
where the primaries end and we can
we still have like two and a half months
to when paperwork needs to be submitted
for anybody running as
none of the major parties
we figured out what
um races had no one running
we utilized those to con um encourage
libertarians to run for those positions
and they are for council
mayor and there was actually some in
york county that were mayor that had no
one running for them
auditors constables
uh inspector of elections
um and other things like that but we
we encourage people we send out letters
and we ended up yeah having 156 people
elected and that’s with write in that’s
with write-in and people who ran actual
campaigns oh wow yeah no and that’s
amazing and um
i know that spike has been going around
talking about
all over the country saying that this is
something that every state need
if you want to get libertarians in in
order to prove libertarians can do what
we have been saying for 50 years now
this is what you have to do
get their name out there people go okay
this is working
keep voting for people from there you’ll
move up to your state house
commonwealth the key thing the key thing
about molt maneuver and there’s been
some backlash there’s some people who
don’t necessarily support it which i
don’t understand why but that’s another
story um
is that their their complaint is that
these are the scraps that no one wanted
we need
the main my
my focus on the molt maneuver is that we
need to make the word libertarian be
known on the ballot
make it recognize it’s not some rare
thing that happens every once in a blue
moon it’s a consistent thing and
actually here in york county
we’re talking about having people run
for multiple races
now you can only accept one but if you
run a contested race
they’re going to see a libertarian
running against the republicans and
democrats and then you can also run the
uncontested race where you have this
still possibility of basically a win
um and that’s the key here is yes we’re
getting people in and the people who are
running as constable
can then potentially run a sheriff
right or people who are running as
auditor or
borough council can run for mayor or
city council things like that it’s
growing and
it’s little baby steps that help to make
those big leaps later on and is making
the party recognizable and known in the
daily life that we’re not just here
every four years to be a spoiler in the
presidential election
right and so many people accuse us of
just being that like
you’re just here to try to make sure
that my team doesn’t win and
whichever person you’re whatever i’m
here to make sure both teams don’t win
that is an accurate statement but it’s
not just for your team it’s for both
teams right it’s trust me it
if i could have my cake and eat it too
neither of you would win
if because you’re the one that said it
i’m rooting against your team yeah
um so
156 libertarians elected in pennsylvania
that again amazing um and you know it it
does help
it it educates people on what it is that
libertarians are that is that is what is
important uh in growing the party and
getting more
it was fantastic now
was running for borough council in
dallastown dallastown yep he was running
for a two-year borough council seat
uncontested it had been vacant for over
a year no one was even
from my understanding even
inquiring to be appointed to the
so yeah he ran for an uncontested seat
so the previous person who had that seat
ended up running for commissioner of
york county and won
and is actually the person who signed
his certificate of election
um which is that the irony there but um
so yeah he was running an uncontested
seat for um a two-year seat in the
dallas town borough council
now he actually ended up getting over
400 votes he got 404 votes
um for his seats and
the people running for their four-year
seats the incumbents that were running
for re-election
he got more votes by more than 40 i
think from the highest vote getter from
the incumbents so the highest person
over there was like 370-ish or something
like that
and he got more than them
um he actually spent all day
from about 7 30 to about six
uh so
85 percent of the day outside of this
the poll
talking to the constituents i stood at
the other one so we’ve had both of the
two polls covered in our borough um and
he was telling them it’s an uncontested
win and so i’m pretty much a guaranteed
i want you to know who you’re voting for
before you come in there and vote for me
like i want you to see me and you know i
have no ill will against anybody that’s
currently on the board
uh the the council in fact
the president’s wife is my vice
president on the pto
you know i have no ill will to any of
these people i really don’t know them
because i don’t really ever see them out
and but um they they weren’t out working
to try and rewind their election
well yeah when you’re running on
contested you really don’t need
unless you show up unless you want them
to know who you are right
from what
what i understand is that the borough
council has gotten together
and they are trying to
distance themselves from dave and not
allow him to take his seat that he won
what they stated on monday when dave
made his official statement of accepting
the position and commitment to take the
oath in january
is that
they don’t have a say in this
they did admit to calling the da after a
constituent and i know who this
constituent is but we won’t go there
after constituents we don’t want to we
don’t want to dox them right now i mean
no no no that would that would not be
great for my personal life um
correction i am
90 sure i know who it is um
went to the borough office to make a
and they admitted that that happened and
then they admitted that
they called the d.a
on behalf of the constituent even though
the constituent has the ability to call
the da themself to make the complaint
um they did it on behalf of the
constituent and that was the only
participation that they had in the thing
however their solicitor sent david a
stating that his previous felonies from
nearly 20 years ago
disqualify him from holding office
however and he quoted
section two
article two section seven i believe it
is of the pennsylvania constitution i
was trying to see if it was in my notes
anywhere and i was like oh yeah the
article two section seven um see i’ve
got see i did good talking points for
him um
article 2 section 7 it talks about how
you can hold office for the general
if you’ve had embezzlement
all of these different things and then
it says other infamous crimes
and then when you look up other infamous
crimes it says the 10 preceding years
well days are 19 years ago
by the time he takes office um so and
let’s not fail to mention that it’s
talking about the general assembly
right which is pennsylvania state
and representatives it is not borough
right um
and what
yeah the way that i read it when i was
reading because i read dave’s statement
and um
and it i was like
if this is only for the general assembly
like why is this even something that
they’re attempting to push
so their argument is that because it
of office of trust
they’re using that as their reference
point and you know i came back ignoring
the ten years thing
okay and they’re ignoring the fact that
it says under general assembly like when
because you know he and i were looked
through this because we knew his of his
past his his fellow he has six felonies
just for reference for anybody who’s
interested and wants to maybe help out
with you know getting dave into this
office his six felonies are from 2003 he
was a stupid child who was dealing with
some addiction
and his friends decided to rob a
convenience store with a bb gun
and then they decided to steal beer from
a beer distributor
and then i think they went and stole
cigarettes from another convenience
and you know i think he got ended up
getting caught with his dad’s gun when
he was on the run because he was a 22
year old who had never been in trouble
but no one was ever hurt
um there was no children involved
nothing crazy or ridiculous it was poor
choices and i know we’ve all made poor
choices i have i just
never not that bad but
but you know i like i like so quickly
you were like it was like we all make
poor choices i mean i have well not not
anything not that bad
i have a fear of consequences so
i i i overthink stuff but you know he
the point that he’s trying to put
through isn’t
he wants to be on council he wants to
make a difference he’s active in his
local community he does pto events with
me we do trash cleanups he volunteers
his time at the local veterans center
homeless center to build use his
construction skills you know he’s a
pillar in this community and he wants to
have a voice in helping our borough move
and that’s key here but it’s also in
realizing that if this is what’s been
this is what is affecting someone who’s
a middle-aged
white guy
what’s happening to these minority
communities where
these these teenagers who are 16 17 are
getting charged with drug felonies and
then they end up being rehabilitated
which is the purpose of prison
and then they end up wanting to be part
of their community and serve them after
doing their time like what’s happening
there this is an unjust law and it needs
to be addressed
and that’s what dave’s ultimate goal
here is that you know ultimately he
wants to serve on the council but he
wants to make sure that this law changes
and he wants to make sure that it it
changes for everybody
and if that is just locally
state or or nationally and that is his
goal here
yeah and so
as a libertarian um obviously i’m not a
fan of people
commit crimes against somebody like you
any any crime that
hurts somebody else like there has to be
a victim and yes i would say that what
dave has did what dave did there is a
victim um
free it sounded like but
but also
i know that he served uh for four years
of his three to six sentences three to
six year sentence i know he served four
years for these crimes and
if this is somebody that you still feel
is a danger to society or a date to
himself why
um so once they get out i personally
think all rights need to be restored
you need to treat them like nothing has
ever happened in the past
if you are worried that they are going
to continue to commit some sort of
heinous crime against somebody else
shouldn’t let him out of prison exactly
um and
i’ve talked about it on the show a lot i
have struggled with addiction uh i
if you name it i’ve probably
like in
it’s not it was not an easy thing to get
through so i understand the addiction um
i definitely when i was going through
some of the harder parts of that
i did things i’m not proud of i was just
lucky enough i didn’t
yet dave’s dave’s situation is he was
dealing with those and he passed out on
the back seat of his car of the car and
his friends were inside so
dave was an accomplice to the actions
while not necessarily being actually in
a part of them um however with the way
that the loss works is he’s charged just
like them
and that’s why he has what he has
so it’s
it’s just it’s i agree i mean yes he did
harm or was a part of harm being done to
a business and an establishment and
putting someone in a position where they
felt like their life was in danger
because they used a bb gun and who i
can’t tell the difference between a bb
gun and a regular gun i’m not
that you know i don’t know that much
about guns
so you know that was
but then you know for those it gave me a
really good point monday is that
those who reoffend it’s 46 percent of
people still reoffend and he made sure
he was not going to be one of those
and he’s done basically a coin flip
yeah basically and he made sure that he
did not reoffend in his life he’s lived
his you know i don’t remember the last
time he’s gotten a speeding ticket so
like he really just you know tries to be
an example and i think that having
um our son
now as that to be that role model for it
you know this is proof and he just wants
to show him that you know you can make
mistakes but you need to learn from them
and move forward and that’s why he
wanted to run for council
and you know we were really excited that
he won
and now we’re stuck with this you know
this dilem not dilemma but this
situation where you know we have to try
and convince the d.a
to try and to not pursue it because
here’s the thing
is that the mayor of york city who i
ended up introducing spike to when he
was here in new york
um he’s a felon
he has he’s a felon and he’s mayor of
new york city he has drug trafficking
offenses from the early 90s and he he
he’s mayor
and you know um there’s someone who just
mayor up in northern pennsylvania from
the maneuver
she was not a maneuver candidate let me
say that
um she actually run a contestant race in
one fairly which is awesome awesome um
but she has a felony on her records and
i won’t dive into it because that’s not
my place to tell
hers is more recent
dave’s is almost 20 years old and hers
is literally within the last
few years
so you know this is not just a random
thing you know there’s cases where that
they never pursued it or haven’t yet
pursued it and it just it makes you
question about the partisan and you know
the president got really mad at the
borough council meeting on monday i mean
he was like shaking a little bit um i
felt really bad because we are
acquaintances and friends and i didn’t
want to put him in that situation
but he got really mad when someone
addressed that it was a partisan
and it’s like you know whether you try
to make it partisan or not it’s still a
partisan position
and there’s still some loyalties that
you may not try and put forth but you
definitely still do
and and i want to believe that it’s not
um but he was actually going to appoint
thee he talked to dave about trying to
appoint him here earlier this year
and now all of this is happening and it
just makes me makes us question you know
what’s really going on here um so our
next steps
um not that you asked for them i’m gonna
give them to you anyway um before we get
to before we get to the next steps i do
i do have a couple of questions um i was
wondering like what
what is the goal like do they want
nobody to be in this council seat do
they want to appoint somebody like is
there like a backup plan or is it just
like anti-day
so we got them to acknowledge what would
um at the meeting on monday so if dave
were to be found
for the position
by the court
if the da were to pursue it
um then they would uh
make an announcement that the seat is
banked and then they would have 30 days
to take um applications and resumes for
someone to be appointed
that person would then have to run if
they decided they wanted to maintain
that seat in the election in november
okay so there would be like an interim
borough council member that would sit in
until november elections 22. yeah and
let’s just make sure we reiterate this
is that the seat was already banked and
no one wanted to fill that seat for last
over a year so
right yeah
yeah i believe you said it had been
vacant for like a year and a half or two
years something like that yeah for a
significant long time right
and i mean that’s insane
because somebody
admittedly admittedly made a mistake in
which he also says look i was struggling
i was
addiction i was doing all this i got
caught up in this terrible scenario
served my time since then like you said
has been going out and doing a lot of
work for
uh the homeless shelters been doing
community work he’s on pto
he is showing that you can turn your
life around he is somebody out there who
is showing look i made mistakes when i
was younger i don’t live by the
i am one of the
success stories right i’m one of the 54
who didn’t uh
uh so
instead i turned my life around uh he
owned a business and then he sold it uh
where i know i know i saw that in like
somewhere and
yeah he he owned a steel fabrication
company with his cousin’s husband
but with yeah and um
it’s still up today
and running it’s i mean at one point
they had done over a million dollars in
a year
um as of right now he’s second in
command at his job it’s his boss and
then it’s him on who makes decisions and
he was actually told by his boss and her
husband that in the event she would want
to step away and not be a part of the
everyday activities that he would be the
one to take over so he’s in a position
of trust there now granted it’s not you
know within the
society’s standpoints it’s a private
business but
i mean if she can
delegate all of that trust in hundreds
of thousand dollar
projects oh yeah
i mean there has to be something to be
said for that there and
i don’t know how much the ellis town
borough because is that like county
no so it’s got the county is larger and
then you have different little
municipalities there’s about three 3 500
registered voters in dallas town borough
okay um
so yeah i can’t imagine that the dallas
borough uh is
is dealing with like massive amounts of
anything and he wasn’t
wasn’t hustleman he wasn’t caught up for
that he got caught being a
at 22 like i hate to say a lot of people
who are watching this 22 you’re still a
kid um
and when you’re 22 you are still going
to make dumb mistakes if i look back at
when i was 22 years old i remember uh a
lot of the decisions that i made well i
remember most of them a lot of them i
can’t remember because
struggled with addiction for a really
um but
i remember a lot of the decisions that i
made and a lot of the people that i
dated and a lot of the life choices that
and i’m not proud of many of them
yeah so
i would hate for somebody to sit there
and if i were to run for something pull
something from
years old and say well you did this
then i would have to look them in the
eye and go
be honest
but i’m not going to doubt you
but i would hate for that to be yeah
what they are reminding me of what what
they believe i
uh i think i should be judged on
we’re told daily to to learn from our
mistakes i mean that’s something i you
know i teach in the schools and we teach
the kids you know this is a good choice
or a bad choice and you know they go
it’s a bad choice are you going to do it
again no you know you learn from your
mistakes and that’s how you grow as a
person and
especially in a society that’s how you
grow as a voter and as a community you
know activists and things like that and
you he made a really good point at
monday’s borough council meeting is like
you don’t if you’ve never been in the
shoes that i’ve been in then you don’t
know the problems that we have in this
and you know until you can see the laws
from the other side how you know it
needs reform
and i think that’s a key thing to say
here is
you know to say you smoked a joint or
something is not to have been caught
with it and to be jailed for it you know
to see you know you got away with
smoking a joint fantastic and i’m
probably using all the wrong lingo
because i’ve never done any of that but
anyway um
you know but you you would smoke a joint
that is okay you at least got that
so you know but to try and compare
apples and oranges it’s it’s
it’s asinine and you know to have
someone on there who has some life
experience tell you how the other side
sees it or how the other side is
is going to be beneficial to any society
not just dallas town but york york city
your county you know all of pennsylvania
detroit michigan whatever
it’s going to be beneficial everywhere
we talk a lot on muddied waters of
freedom and on
actually every show that we have on
uh we talk a lot about criminal justice
reform because a lot of it
is intended to make sure that people
will commit more later it is intended to
keep people down they say this is for
your own good and so once you get out
they give these insane probation
same meetings
when i went
through probation
um when i went through probation
probation for two years
monthly with random
um which you know i figured
fix that
um but
like i had to pay x amount then i had x
amount of community service and i was
like how do i have time to even work
also have to do community service i’m
showing up randomly
and i have to do this and then whenever
i say hey i have to leave because i have
to go meet my eo my boss is like that
this is somebody i really want to have
here have to explain to him why i’m
there and then defend
why i should continue working
which is how you find yourself in other
jobs that aren’t exactly legal uh and
then you get arrested
but um
but that’s how people end up getting
arrested again and they find themselves
back in the system it’s just meant to
recycle people over and over and over
again to be somebody who gets out and
doesn’t ever reoffend
isn’t it is nearly well it’s about a 50
it’s a coin flip on whether or not it’s
possible or not
the people that can do it
it’s amazing uh to the people who can’t
do it i understand and we need to fix
the system because the system has been
rigged from the beginning in order to
make sure that you do reoffend
because they want you to be in there uh
if it’s private prisons it’s because
they get money from the state if on
private prisons is because they want the
free labor you know it’s all set up in
that people continually end up in that
system in that cycles
forever be a slave over the government
that’s 100 true yeah
i don’t know how to follow that up but
that’s 100 accurate i mean it’s it’s
absurd and
you know it’s supposed
we we feed everybody the line that it’s
rehabilitation and everything like that
but it’s not it’s a paycheck for
all of these crony companies in the
kearney government
to just keep these people locked up and
it’s destroying families it’s destroying
communities it’s destroying everything
and it’s not beneficial to the american
society as a whole
right and
i get into this conversation a lot with
well mainly republican
um i used to get into it with democrats
too but now
more on republicans republicans are even
um if somebody gets out
all rights need
if they’re like well they committed a
violent felony and they shouldn’t be
able to own a gun i’m like well you know
the second amendment that you hold so
shall not be infringed well yeah but
they you know murdered somebody why are
they out of prison they’re gonna murder
somebody else
i don’t know maybe well then why did you
let him out of prison
if you think that they might murder
again don’t let him out of prison
i don’t know if you know this but
according to fbi statistics most people
are murdered with hammers i think um
i’m pretty sure it’s him it sounds about
accurate right
uh so
if you’re going to let them out give
them their voting rights give them their
give let them own weapons let him do it
i will say i will say in pennsylvania
while you don’t get your gun back
um we do restore voting rights and this
is this was one of my fun experiences
with spike when he was up here um you
know you have to be free of any debt to
the state so you can’t owe any money or
have probation or anything like that but
the moment you are out of any debt to
the state and can’t like be sent back to
prison then you have your voting rates
reestablished and you know if we realize
that they can vote
i feel like they should be able to run
for office and here’s the thing he can
run for a president
he can run for u.s congress
but but they won’t let him be on on a
borough council with 3 500 voting
people that was what i was going to say
if the law was
that anybody with a felony wouldn’t be
able to run there’d probably be a lot of
senators sweating their positions
and also really glad that their dad had
make sure
that did not
record um
one final fact i’m gonna tell you about
myself after so i went through probation
uh for something
in virginia and that ended up being two
years of probation
it was a second offense because i got
oh this kid’s on his way to being an
awful human being uh but it was making
it hard to find jobs
i ended up finding
work i don’t want to call it a job
it wasn’t legal
but i ended up finding a way of making
money uh where i was dealing cards at an
underground poker tournament room
and we had games like four nights a week
i was making
insane money
i don’t
know how much money
i was doing legal things and um
i ended up
missing a night i was like hey i’m not
gonna come in i have a date and they’re
like okay cool go
something like cool i’ll be there on
saturday uh that night the
game got raided by the cop
everybody there got arrested
i had them
um i still got called in for questioning
because my name was in a book because
they owed me like a thousand years and
uh i never got
but you didn’t go to jail but i didn’t
go to jail
it was pros and cons pros and cons
yeah it’s that’s what the system does
like it kind of pushed me into this
scenario i didn’t really have a choice
like i was like i’d need a job and
somebody said can you deal cards and i
said i can real fast
got a job so i started doing it and i
did it for years
it was
then i got off probation while there
that did not help my addiction issue
what is it that people can do in order
like i know that you guys are trying to
fight the d i know that you’re trying to
fight this you’re working on a way to
make sure that
but dave can take his see his rightful
seat he’s right
his rightful seat on january 3rd
what what is it what are the steps what
are we planning on doing
so in the next couple weeks we’re
working on trying to um ask well
encourage people ask for support and
reaching out to the local d.a
um to see uh to encourage him to not
pursue this that it was an uncontested
seat that had been sitting vacant for
for about a year or over a year um and
you know that there’s already mayor
halfridge who is has felonies who’s
serving as mayor
and just
i i ask that we ask that you do it
politely and respectfully you know
because we don’t want to you know
make it worse
but um
you know
and then i mean i can’t stop people from
reaching out to the dallastown borough
um and dave might kill me for saying
this but
he’s he’s drugged up upstairs with some
nyquil so
the borough he’ll hear this tomorrow the
borough are our friends of ours and they
do do stuff for the community but as we
all know that things start locally and
they have the ability to ask them not to
pursue this they have the ability to say
that we don’t want to follow this
law that they deem is
is um relevant in this case
um but when you look at the pa handbook
for the burroughs it states the only
residence the only requirement
qualification needed is a residency
requirement which he succeeds and meets
by over six years
you know if if anybody would like to i’m
not gonna we’re not gonna push but you
know again you can ask them to show
support to dave um they specifically
the borough manager or i’m sorry
not her the borough president
specifically said during monday’s
meeting that dave is a pillar in this
community and so he acknowledges that
and i don’t understand why you wouldn’t
want that in
the council
so i mean they have the ability to show
support and ask the da whether they want
to admit it or not
and so but really we’re asking people to
reach out to the da
we have established a facebook page it’s
called qualified to serve
um and it is for the efforts of changing
laws like this and other ones going
in the event that the da wants to pursue
we will have what
is that qualified to serve
just yes okay i i want to make sure
before i hit enter no you’re fine
um in the event that the da wants to
pursue this we have a website ready to
go up which will have a legal fund
donation link in there for anybody who
would like to donate to this cause this
all this money will go towards fighting
dave’s case and then fighting other
cases to change the law here in
pennsylvania and hopefully nationally um
where where applicable
and we’re actually looking for anybody
who would be interested in providing any
content for the website as well just to
provide backstories and perspectives
that might help in pushing forward and
changing this law so right now what’s up
is the facebook page which is qualified
to serve on facebook
um and then if anybody would have any
questions or want to know how else they
can help we have qualified to serve at as a reach of content contact
for um dave and myself
and i am putting all of that
comments here and all
on the website and on
the show now
yeah that
i mean it’s absolutely insane so
politely with
and reach out to dave sunday
reach out to dave sunday he’s the
district attorney in york county in york
county uh
phone number seven one seven seven seven
one ninety six hundred um
and his email
is dw sunday at york county
york county ew sunday
dark wing sunday uh at york county
one other thing we’ve thought about
doing real quick um is we’ve actually
had a lot of support from local
residents in the borough that they don’t
care about his past and they would want
him to serve so um something we are
contemplating doing during the holiday
break is going around to petition so if
anybody is local and would like to help
us go around and petition and get
signatures from those that would be okay
with him serving on the council despite
his back
um backstory um we welcome you to reach
out to us to help us you know there’s 3
registered voters in dallas town and we
would like to reach a majority of those
something i wanted to ask that i forgot
to ask earlier
where did this like where did
what happened 20 years
where was this york county
so the people in the area probably
already had some sort of idea that this
yeah and um the person who i believe
brought this to the borough
made it a statement to someone else who
is who told me
back in july
and for those who don’t know the the
filing period for pennsylvania paperwork
had to be submitted by the by the
beginning of august
so they had this knowledge prior to him
filing the paperwork that they could
have challenged his paperwork and did
and then the state certified his win
this could have all been addressed back
in july
early august and we could have just been
told oh he doesn’t qualify back then and
not had to deal with this and then i
could have ran to be honest with you for
the seat and you know and still been a
thorn in their side but um
and another thing to do to your day yeah
because why not
why not there’s 29 hours a day
or county pennsylvania
especially in dallas
especially in downtown yes
yeah so everybody go reach out to dave
sunday the district attorney of york
please do a play
uh assertively
assertively but politely but politely
don’t go threatening
anybody no please don’t family don’t do
and just say hey look this is wrong this
that was 20 years ago in the
pennsylvania constitution it says in the
last 10 years uh
pennsylvania constitution actually
doesn’t state any
it states felonies while in office for
public officers for people running for
borough and things like that it actually
says to to
be committed of a felony while in office
the only thing about the felonies
previously which was by the way i forgot
to say this earlier i’ll say it real
quick that law was changed it used to be
on a case-by-case basis but in 2011 a
rights bill
which is also york county apparently we
have all the felons in york county um
and there’s philadelphia in the state so
who would have known um
the uh
the guy who was running for mayor
something in wrightsville
had bribery charges or something i don’t
know it was some crazy stuff with
pictures i’m not entirely sure the whole
story but that’s what actually changed
the case law for this specific standing
where they added other infamous crimes
it’s just yeah so we just we want to
just make them known that he did he’s
not running for general assembly so
article two does not
yeah or does it does not article two
does not qualify yeah it’s not part of
what he’s running so and it’s not
referenced in the borough handbook
which in the borough handbook it
references section article 7 i believe
it is which is the public officer
um it references that it says look there
so if it wanted article 2 section 7 or 6
or whatever it is to be referenced as a
point of qualifications then it should
reference it in the borough handbook and
if that’s the case then you need to make
those adjustments but dave was given
pennsylvania constitutions by our local
representative that were
in 2018 and printed in 2021 and infamous
crimes does not state felonies at all
even under the section that they’re
using so everything is just
it’s the government it just doesn’t make
it is the effective and efficient
government that uh so many people
every single day in the newest form of
the first release
but yeah so respectfully but assertively
reach out to dave sunday at dw sunday at
york pa
york county
at the phone number that matcha said
and they’re open from 8 to 4 30 eastern
standard time yes
um you can also go to the facebook page
you can like it you can find updates
that are happening uh and you can also
assuming also reach out to help uh any
in any way if you want to there or at
qualified to serve at
yep that’s the that’s the tagline he’s
using because he wants to make this more
widespread than just this specific case
he wants to change the laws because
they’re unjust
yes and
i will say this is
this is a great springboard to
like get terrible
i don’t want that to get misconstrued
but um it’s a great springboard to be
able to bring
more attention to something like where
you can say look
20 years ago i made a mistake uh i
obviously made mistake these people
tried to keep
we need to change the laws that make
do that that way this can’t happen to
somebody else and
like you said earlier this does uh
parties and
lowering areas than it would from
uh so
in order to make sure that this doesn’t
happen to people who are trying to
better their community better their
lives trying to make an improvement
need to get these laws changed because
again if you have
served your time
and you haven’t been a re-offender there
is no reason that you shouldn’t be able
to run for office there isn’t a reason
and be able to vote no reason that you
shouldn’t be able to
um you shouldn’t be able to follow it
follow up on that two things
um one is you know when you fill out a
job application a lot of them state you
know have you had a felony in the last
seven years
ten years there’s there’s you know maybe
there should be some kind of time
restraint after having committed a
felony and you know what have you that’s
for a discussion another time but i mean
if you can fill out an application and
not have to if he doesn’t have to put it
on his application now because it’s past
the time frame that you know the
standard is
you know why is it still a concern here
and um
the other thing slipped my mind so it’s
apparently not relevant
as my dad used to say uh when i was like
i came in here to tell you something but
i forgot what it was he would always say
now i find myself using his idioms
i hate it it’s the the torture of
growing old
my dad likes to say it is what it is and
i used to hate that and now i use it
all the time
all the time
my dad used to do i would give him the
i would ask him uh
you know can we do something he would
say no and
doesn’t because isn’t an answer now i’m
like because because isn’t an answer
it’s a good enough
why can’t you because i said you can’t
because i said you can’t why can’t we do
that because
finish that sentence i don’t
i don’t want
also you’ve been terrible
i don’t towards you
thank you so much for coming on i do
appreciate it uh sorry that we
um sorry that dave couldn’t be here and
a little sick too hey you know it’s
i will always have you on as a guest no
no matter your
your medical standing
so we just have to do it in the next
three months so i can be the only one
who’s been on here three times three
times three times um
yeah no i appreciate you taking the time
today um and uh
whatever you need from me from spike
let us know we are willing to help love
dave we support dave and uh we
everybody knows that yes he is qualified
to serve and he rightfully won that seat
and he earned it and he deserves it
to uh
and he needs to
and that’s what he did 20 years but
what he but it does not matter but what
he did two weeks ago should he spend
three hours in a grinch costume at a
child’s elementary school and i think
that that shows you the kind of man he
is now right and not who he was
so yeah i wouldn’t be two hours
it’s hilarious he actually we lived two
how two two blocks from the house he got
dressed at home
walked there through town
as the grinch in full character and when
even no one was around that he knew of
he was in character and people noticed
it when they were driving their kids to
like volunteer and stuff and he was just
an absolute joy the kids are still
talking about how amazing he was and you
know i just i think that that’s the kind
of person that you should want to have
on your council with someone who goes to
the the town
tree lighting and goes to the town
borough christmas party and wants to be
involved in the local community stuff
that’s who it is and that’s who dave is
and that’s what dave wants to do and
we’re just pleading with everyone to
help us in making that happen and really
anybody who’s willing to daniel day
lewis the grinch
who’s going to method act the grinch
uh that’s the person that i want
up there
serving me yeah on on the borough
i drink your milkshake
he was telling the kids that he was
listening to their christmas list while
they were telling santa so that he knew
which houses to go to to take the best
that’s great that’s fantastic i can
i can imagine jason lions
um definitely not me i wouldn’t do
anything like that i am way too kind
but no thank you so much i appreciate it
uh is there anything that you want to
tell to our audience before we sign off
here tonight
um just thank you for watching that show
it’s awesome and he’s awesome and you
should always watch it on thursday
nights when he decides you know to have
the podcast
but um you know
in all fairness
the the weeks that i didn’t have it was
either because we had the muddied zoom
which you can
be a part of if you go to anchor
um and you can be a member of the muddy
buddy zoom once a month uh on
uh and then one week was thanks
then one week i had an emergency
all i heard was excuses all i heard was
on all seriousness thank you for having
me on and just
yeah just help dave because i know he
wants to serve and if he can end up not
serving that’s fine because you’re right
this is a springboard once so many other
things they’re going to help so many
more people and that’s dave’s goal he’d
actually been talking about starting a
nonprofit to help people in prison
figure out what abilities they have when
they leave prison what you know rights
and and everything that they have in
helping them get job placement and
community service to have
job skills and what have you so this is
just a springboard and to so many more
things that he has
in his site on his dream board so
well hopefully uh all of the dreams on
his board come true um i think that’s
how that works i never read
the wish
i he does everything to make sure that i
can do the stuff that i want to do so
i’m just going to make sure that i help
him do everything he wants to do
that the relationship everybody should
achieve for uh that’s the relationship
everybody should want because sarah and
i have
congratulations by the way oh thank you
thank you for anybody who doesn’t know i
got he used all of that dealer money to
buy her a big old ring i did i used
every penny of that card dealer
that i
still have
that i kept sorry all of those years of
being an addict
um to uh
buy her that ring
no but thank you so much uh we are both
very excited
uh fun fact
out of pure joy out of pure joy uh
out of pure joy no she she had just
actually gotten over being sick
i’m romantic
i know because that’s the kind of
romantic i am i’m like
you know
last few days and you know what still
i still want to see that face when i
wake up that’s right it’s the only face
i want to see
so how about you marry me
and she was like oh my god
yes and i was like
that does not bode well and then i
convinced myself it was um like when you
leave getting your car washed and a bird
poops on it they’re like that’s good
luck i’m like yeah that’s
that’s all that was yeah i agree
well no thank you so much i am going to
close this out if you want to hang out
for a couple of minutes um and if you go
i get it um
but i will talk to you soon either way
thank you
everybody here’s another free shot of
joe soloski because uh
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um but thank you all so much for tuning
in uh
join us back here headwaters meet
next monday
jason lyon has dan
berman on the show
dan berman is going to be here
uh next monday
and then on
i got to pull up my calendar because i
didn’t put these in the notes because
that’s how i am and then on tuesday of
course uh me and spike cohen i know
are going to be parsing through the
week’s events like the
are we in winter is it winter yet is it
like the sweet autumn cherubs that we
um with the sweet adam cherubs that we
are uh
and uh it’s gonna be a great time this
is going to be the christmas special we
are going to have a fun christmas themed
frame episode and uh we
are trying to get a message um arnold
who is going to be giving you a year-end
wrap-up of all great things libertarians
have done and uh
i’m going to try to put together a list
of things that happened this year that
you forgot about um so tune in for that
and then next week
you are not going to believe
who spike’s guest is next wednesday
uh it’s you’re not going to believe it
it’s unbelievable uh but he’s gonna have
to tell you about it later and then next
thursday join me right here
on the writer’s block eight o’clock
or amy lapore who was supposed to be on
a couple of weeks ago and i had to
cancel into her apologize profusely but
uh she was the vice chair is the vice
is the vice chair of the delaware lp and
uh well there’s some shenanigans going
and we’re going to talk about those
so join me right back here
next week and uh
have yourselves a fantastic week
until next week i am matt right
perfect just the way you are

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