Episode 204 – Pepper Pain for a Family’s Gain, plus #SOSCuba

The Muddied Waters of Freedom with Jason Lyon and Spike Cohen

The Bearded Truth joins Matt and Spike to eat peppers for a worthy cause, helping a family stay together, plus we get his insight on some of the issues plaguing today. We discuss Kamala Harris thinking kinkos is still a thing, the recent statements from the White House on police, vaccinations, and the health market, and we discuss the events going on in Cuba.

Oh, and a Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Reynolds, Attorney-at-Law Anchor Call in Moment!

It’s a huge show today!

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Intro video from these guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPMotd0bUSY

Episode Transcript

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wow that’s a lot of people
thank you
it’s because i got we got i got
i got i got we got there’s something
about back
up back a country bag over
think of it and by the way this is the
most corrupt election
think of it you know what i am the one
trying to undermine american democracy
i am the one trying to save american
if you say it enough and keep saying it
they’ll start to believe you
but you know they say over and over and
if you say it enough and keep saying it
they’ll start to believe you and by the
i got we got i got back up
i got we got there’s something about
back a country
trump was so friendly with russia think
of it
you know they say it over and over on
the fake
news media there’s a lot of them
the media in this country is corrupt
just went off and keep saying it they’ll
start to believe you two cameras just
want them i think it’s one of my
greatest achievements they don’t like it
when i do
oh gee i’m so surprised and by the way
i got we got i got back up
i got we got there’s something about
windmills like windmills win win they
want to go let’s go
build the windmill alice nancy she had
the single biggest mess this mess went
from her hair all the way down to here
look at you
some of the women are a mess that’s true
look at a woman she’s a mess
you actually look better you just don’t
know and keep saying it they’ll start to
believe oh gee i’m so
surprised and by the way it’s because i
we got i got back up i got
we got there’s something about back up
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and now matt wright and spike cohen
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welcome to the vanguard for
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cohen i am matt wright together we are
traversing the muddy waters of freedom
with mr bearded truth himself ladies and
jason lyon is with us this evening
everybody please
welcome jason to the show
ellen what
oyvay east mirin
jason say hi to the folks i’m terrified
of you all right now
and i love you guys glad to be here
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thank you so much matt
that’s right first and foremost allow me
to thank the wonderful and fantastic
at siestacabba.com for the cowboy drink
on this and every single episode of
muddy waters media
and allow me to thank for this delicious
that i hope jason has some water
not yet or milk no jason has some milk
yeah yeah water is going to make it work
some water from the blue
it’s i mean this delicious nice cooling
oh my throat feels so smooth jason who
do you want to thank for what you’re
going to be consuming
i don’t know if i want to thank them but
i will definitely thank everyone for uh
for what i’m about to be drinking um
and that would be of course a wonderful
variety of peppers and chilies
we also may be able to
to have some of the hottest beef jerky
on the planet
and as well as we have a
7 million scoville unit
hot sauce that i’ll be putting on a chip
and that’s about all that i’m going to
be ingesting without you yeah so let’s
let’s ex let’s explain this uh
so for every hundred dollars that we
and the link is over here so we are
raising money oh let’s okay let’s talk
about the shrimp for a minute so there
was a family who was a friend of the
muddy waters media
family a friend of all of ours um and
they are
fighting uh to keep uh to keep one of
their children
and uh because of the
mess that happens in family court they
are asking to be
uh to remain anonymous so we are keeping
them anonymous and respecting their
but we do want to help them uh on the
hopeful off chance that they
uh that they uh end up not needing the
money that it ends up being dismissed
sooner uh then they will refund any
monies that
that have been raised that were not used
uh but we are which means everything
that he’s doing tonight might be for
there’s a potential that everything
jason does tonight will
will will only help this family in
showing them support
but not actually help them in any
substantial way
uh but that’s that’s a whole other
subject um and so to help raise money
here’s what we have set up
let me rephrase that here’s what jason
has set up
i think this is a terrible idea matt’s
neutral about it
this was jason’s idea
right so yeah 100 jason’s idea when he
pitched it i went man if this is what
you want to do i’m not going to tell you
not to
yeah yeah yeah we always family as well
if i could direct everyone to the
gofundme page and see
who the author is no just kidding i’m
kidding matt did all this under my
my help uh i told you raising it’s
raising the money was matt’s idea
this this was your idea i was
blameless for all of this but anyway uh
so for the first hundred dollars for
every hundred dollars
that is raised above this 890 amount
uh uh jason is going to eat the next hot
so and they’re going to get
progressively hotter as they go forward
now jason was not able to find any ghost
or murder peppers um but so
for every thousand dollars that is hit
past this 890
um he will eat habaneros until 2000.
if we raise at 2 000 jason will eat
the hottest beef jerky on the planet
if i could this so when i got into this
this wonderful pepper or this this
wonderful peppered
beef jerky um
the shop owner who owns the shop of
of hot and spiciness
informed me that this was not only truly
accurate as the hottest
beef jerky on the planet but when he
bought it he tried it himself
and could not open the store the next
day wow
so naturally this is
this is a man who who works at a pepper
store yes this is not somebody who
goes to a thai restaurant and orders
just a 10 like i do
this is a guy that goes and says you
can’t make it spicy enough
give me the spice rack and just eats the
spice rack without the food
like just beyond
oh i can’t i i actually can’t handle 10.
but let me be honest with you guys
i eat the six on a on a good day
rent to ritter is very concerned for
your safety right now
so i would like to say this i didn’t
want to put this in the rules
but if you guys give an odd and peculiar
dollar amount between um
11 and 19 then i can
make a choice of being able to drink
milk of drinking water of eating some
saltines of eating bread
um or whatever else i can’t in order to
help soothe myself so
those of you who are gravely concerned
and trust me i will
potentially be donating to myself on
this just to get some support
um you guys are more than welcome to and
oh well it looks like we already got our
first hundred bucks
thanks well he still has to eat the
hundred bucks from uh tom arnold
yes so tom arnold who we all know as
the liberty clause um
has been having connectivity issues so
he donated previous prior to the show
so this is for tom i don’t so i will
bear with me some of these things i have
no idea what they are
i went to a um
a hispanic farmer’s market and i said i
all the peppers i want all the varieties
i want hot peppers
and so uh he said spicy i said yes spicy
so some of these things i have no idea i
know that they are spicy and i know that
i’m gonna regret this decision
later but it’s for such a good cause
that i’m gonna be doing it so this one’s
for tom arnold and then i’ll go right
into the next one
this is gonna be a nightmare like i i am
concerned about jason’s health he’s
already generally concerned now as well
oh man okay so everyone who wants to
here’s the link down here gofund me
five one nine ccc youtube in fact i’m
gonna put the
buddy that’s your first one this is
this is a terrible idea there are so
many scenes
what a bad idea this was i just want to
say that again
let me get that link all right okay for
the second one
we haven’t even used the other side of
the mouth maybe that’s gonna be a better
idea right my mouth is already burning
sure is that i mean yeah
no that’s good the same spot or do i
spread the bird
i think at some point it just numbs
right here’s the link to donate we just
put it in the comments
and it should be it’s pinned on facebook
i think to the top
i think i did that right
i’m going to put it in the comments as
me just um
in the in oh no it showed up okay all
right cool okay cool
there are so many seeds oh
how many seasons in both of those so
we’ve already oh
oh i guess i can’t there we go all right
so yep thousand so here we go let me
let me read is this gonna be like okay
all right so you’re good for now
all right let’s uh so let’s talk about
the sponsors to give jason a little bit
of time to recover here
uh so this episode is brought to you of
course by the libertarian party waffle
house caucus
the fastest growing waffle related
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dot com jack casey whoa
why is that little that that’s funny
wrote these books what are they about
well i have no idea
and i’ll never know because i’m never
gonna read them and uh because i’m
stubborn and also honestly if they were
i’d feel bad about selling them on this
show and if they were good i’d feel bad
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and there’s something about some ship in
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just weird
because it’s jack casey and i think it’s
just him dealing with his pains of being
a child
speaking of can we not talk about paints
right now
why is that one big what is happening
right now
speaking of really creepy stuff that i
don’t know why anyone would ever want to
do it but here we go
pan let’s all play outer pan but not me
because totally no [ __ ] that
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jonathan reels jonathan reals is not a
real boy
he wants to be but he’s not because he
hasn’t raised enough money
for the federal government to
acknowledge him as a real person running
for congress
if so if you go to jonathan dot cash i
know that’s higher than 486 now i just
haven’t gotten the new graphic but
uh he is getting closer every single day
to the five thousand dollars he needs
for the federal government to recognize
reals as being a real jonathan
how you feeling jason uh
i regret to inform you guys that they’ve
donated further
you should
there we go 100 bucks at a time just so
you can really oh man that
that’s even behind what i have here as
as the moderator of that
i love you james this was your idea
i feel like that it’s gonna be like the
slogan for tonight jason
this was your idea this was your idea
but muddied waters is happy to announce
that we donated a hundred dollars
and and numbers divisible by 11 12 13
14 16 17. it was just a flat one
just a blast so your wife has informed
us that she has donated 11
which allows you to
to have a drink of milk to have a drink
of milk
and someone else lady desiree said it is
i love you guys all i just want to say
like this is
when we were brainstorming for this when
when um
when this cause was brought to me um
i knew that libertarians and and our
in our core belief that we all love to
bring up
others within our society and i knew
that we also like
arena battles um in some regard and we
like to see
like the pain and suffering and so i
figured i would i would fuse these two
together and i suddenly regret
all of my decisions so here goes the
next pepper and then
once it refreshes the 1200 i’ll eat that
pepper then i’ll get some milk
i i want to let you know that uh teresa
burkhart therese burkhart sorry terese
terese parker and your wife both gave an
odd number in between
in in between 11 and 19. so we’ll use
of those uh after this after these next
two peppers
and then after that thank you so much
the wife is also donating paper towels
she’s worried you’ll make a mess i love
that that’s her biggest concern right
now is that you don’t
like make a mess and she brought me a
trash can too this one’s also got so
many seeds
so we’re gonna circle back
to the show um
again uh everyone who wants to watch
jason suffer i mean at this point it
doesn’t even matter what we’re raising
the money for but if you want to watch
jason suffer uh
go fund dot me slash 519cc22
um please that’s him yeah just go ahead
just go ahead and do that uh i want to
call in sick tomorrow let’s let’s do
here’s the next one well that’s
apparently what’s going to happen
uh oh sarah made a good point
and leave it to the jew to come up with
a legalistic standpoint here she said
why are you eating the whole thing oh my
god you could have just been taking
all right oh man man i get it that’s
that’s what i do when she’s like why are
you doing that and i’m like yeah watch
i’m gonna do it even harder now
yeah that’s yeah so uh one person
thomas uh thomas quiter uh
suggested that maybe if you can raise
the whole amount
you just have some capsaicin based
pepper spray
just suck some of that juice
that way you really don’t have to worry
about going to work
oh man
so do you know what time it is it’s
speaking of something that would
probably actually help with this right
it’s time for the mud water mushroom
what do we call it the mud water the mud
water mushroom coffee
placement replacement cacao rapid fire
segment brought to you by
mud water brand coffee alternative if
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what a great time for you because if you
go to muddywatersmedia.com
mud you can get some mud water today
and i’m guessing that jason would love
to have
wow you’re looking good buddy
increasingly concerned we haven’t even
hit 2000 yet
so speaking of people that are in
visible discomfort most of the most of
the time
cobble and harris milk
my daughter brought me a gallon jug of
water oh that’s so good that’s
very sweet of her very sweet that’s only
going to make it worse sweetie
um or mud water pepper pain i’m not
going to say that it does but i’m saying
it’s going to have a better chance than
anything else i mean it might
what if mud water yeah just completely
i’m scared to re to um to refresh this
okay no we’re still we’re still there
all right
so kamala harris appeared on bet this
weekend almost as flustered as
jason is right now she was asked about
whether or not she would see
voter id as a concession that she would
be willing to give
uh and here is her response to that
i don’t think that we should
underestimate what that could mean
because in some people’s mind that means
well you’re going to have to
um xerox or or
photocopy your idea to send it in to
prove you are who you are
well there are a whole lot of people
especially people who live in rural
communities who don’t there’s no
kinko’s there’s no office max near them
people have to understand that when
we’re talking about voter id laws
be clear about who you have in mind and
what would be required of them to prove
who they are
yes right there is no kinkos there is no
and there might be an office max
okay but also you don’t actually have to
photocopy it
like there i mean how on earth could
anyone ever make a copy of anything
now right like that’s impossible you
need a kinkos to do this
you you need a kinkos or an officemax in
order to make a cup right
and these are these are the same people
who i’m going to totally rip off your
um these are the same people no no no no
we’re not going to rip off our tweet
the incredible larry the cable guy
the point he made is that
as larry the cable guy said spike
cohen’s really smart
and he tweeted spike cohen
former vp candidate for the libertarian
party spike cohen uh as saying a
reminder that the same government who
thinks that rural americans
can’t photocopy their id wanted them to
have a vaccine passport smartphone
app to be able to go to the store great
great point larry the cable guy
jimmy jimmy lee says my redneck ass
doesn’t have a kinkos nearby that’s
because nobody has the ken goes nearby i
think the last one
closed i don’t or officially absolved
into fedex in like 2004 oh that’s right
kinko’s is now the fedex
store yeah it’s the fedex shipping or
whatever it’s called
oh fedex office yeah yeah yeah there is
no videos anymore
and office max is office depot larry
larry knows i just want to inform
the milk is like curdling in my mouth
it is it turns into a creamy texture
wow so thank you guys so much for all
the love and support so far
jack casey says i donated seven dollars
but my request is that we raise the
pepper increments to 500 instead of a
hundred because he cares about you
because i’m jack i am concerned
if it leaves the the crowd how about
i don’t think anything will please this
crowd i think this crowd wants blood
the way that they’re donating they want
yeah so brenda ritter gave 13
and jack casey gave seven which jack
casey didn’t follow the instructions but
i think we can allow it
jack casey didn’t read the instructions
which is why spy code will read his book
wow okay
uh but um
he said do it and he’ll donate another
seven dollars
um this is incredible
kenny johnson says i don’t like watching
him hurt himself neither do we we did
not think this was a good idea
let’s see oh jesus oh no
i think maybe the 500 thing is a good
if we can go at uh once we hit 1500
if we can move to 200 that would that
would help appease the empathetic
viewers sure sure sure and still give
you guys easily
so if i could be if i could be honest
with you guys right i i believed in this
message i believe that this was going to
be successful
and you guys are already blown my mind
with all the support and love
sure this is ooh
so speaking of so come on discomfort
yeah so kamala harris
um i forgot what i didn’t know i was
just trying to get it back
uh so the way speaking of speaking of
cops speaking of please
there you go nice uh a white house memo
sen was sent out yesterday morning uh
to state and local officials discussing
the need to put more police officers on
the beat
and urge the use of the american rescue
plan funding
to hire more law enforce law enforcement
officers bringing the police forces back
above pre-pandemic levels in communities
experiencing an
increase in gun violence associated with
the pandemic
if we were just to take a look at where
those areas are
those are the areas where they wanted to
defund the police and voted
heavily for joe biden because they were
under the impression
that is what he would do that is
even if he never said it i mean
it would be funny if this didn’t result
in people getting hurt
right now incredibly uh larry the cable
guy also had something to say about this
[ __ ] you damn
if you got heartburn i’ll tell you what
you need to go you need to get
prolly set get her done that’s
shockingly like what it’s like i mean
almost word for word
i eat ribs every day and i love it but
i’ll tell you what one more thing about
how much ribs i eat a lot
i’m layering
almost positive he doesn’t phrase it
like that
if you if you go to a football sports
game and you run out of chips
eat prologic it’ll bring you joy it’s
it’s a brilliant [ __ ] thought
it’s what i think of every every time i
think of larry the cable guy i think of
that guy going consume
which is what uh jason’s gonna have to
do after all of this he’s
yeah because we just got a bevy of new
i’m seeing how fast amazon can deliver
oh my gosh let’s see hold on where are
we at now oh my gosh
okay wow
i don’t know if is that people want you
to suffer or that they want the
suffering to end
right they’re trying to get it to the
1500s so that way
they’re just trying to get you
let me change it up and go with the
jalapeno i think that’s going to be a
little bit less spicy
okay that’s a good call
the memo went on to say our strategy
provides including funding for law
enforcement through the american rescue
plan for state cities
and to be able to hire police and pay
them overtime in order to advance
community policing
he said that the plan will also invest
in community violence intervention
which by the way community policing is
the term that the department of justice
has been using for about a decade now
to describe counter terrorism by police
it is not
community policing as described by
police reform advocates meaning
communities policing themselves or
policing or police departments that only
hire within the same communities
there are a few different uh definitions
of community policing
that are all used by different uh police
reform advocates that are all different
ways to try to de-escalate violence
within police departments
when the federal government talks about
community policing what they’re talking
is counter-terrorism they’re talking
about using the police
to police the community and the
community means
muslim people typically typically
typically jason can i ask you a
question of course how many drinks of
milk have you had
this is one drink
okay well you have three more coming
oh geez thank you for keeping track of
yeah because i’m not keeping track of
that i’m keeping track of that
when he gets to drink i do want to keep
track to remind everyone that uh
it was jen pasaki and the democrats who
said that if you had wanted to defund
police you should have voted for trump
which is just
because it was the republicans who were
voting against
police funding she said uh
i wish we still had that uh overlay
because she said that last week
yeah speaking of community policing
the white house is going to be sending
people door-to-door
matt door-to-door people’s door-to-door
to push vaccination uh
uh the vaccine uh to people
in all all communities across the nation
according to jen
pasaki and uh they’ll also be supporting
local vaccine mandates
for the covid vaccine so they’re going
to be coming door to door knocking on
the door being like hey
if you haven’t been vaccinated you
should be
now i don’t know if they’re going
door-to-door to just every door or just
to the people who aren’t vaccinated
because if it’s just to the people who
aren’t vaccinated
that scares the [ __ ] out of me that
means there is a list
that means there’s a list if they’re
going door-to-door to every door
whatever like okay they’re one
100 percent they are not
right of people that have not
registered as vaccinated which means
they have been keeping track and
remember when just a few days ago
even the mere suggestion that the
federal government was keeping track of
who was vaccinated and who wasn’t
would get you called all sorts of names
then now
those same people are insulting you if
you don’t answer the door
right yeah
the fact that they’re even considering
going door-to-door to try to push this
even if because when this first broke
i saw a bunch of people on twitter
saying they didn’t say they’re going
just to the people who aren’t vaccinated
they’re go you know they might just be
to every door and i said okay that’s
actually a valid point
until somebody’s like going and actually
knocking and they’re skipping three
houses or two houses or
just one house like if they skip one
house i’m just gonna be like they have a
like i’ll watch them i don’t care i’m
gonna go with them
like no i’m good but i’m gonna follow i
want to shadow you because i like
door-to-door sales and then i
and i’ll go with them and be like hey
what’s that you got there what
why are their names on that you should
you should follow up with them
and like after they go to a door go
knock on the door be like here’s what
the government has done in order to
prevent the uh
the market from responding to covet as
quickly as it could oh wow
here’s how warp speed failed us yes i
like that idea actually
hi folks i have some great news for you
you can ignore the people that just came
to your house did you know that you have
right to refuse search and seizure
tell them to come back with a warrant uh
yeah so speaking of biden i guess that’s
our first topic for the day
oh let’s do a quick update before we go
further let’s see if there’s any
oh 1469 nice nice
nice nice
1469 that doesn’t get you to a new
hundred doesn’t so you get you get a
little bit of a reprieve right now you
get a little bit
of a you get a little bit of a break
right now am i
so go ahead um
so according to according to a white
house fact sheet which uh i believe you
can find
in the comments or not sorry not in the
comments in the show notes
um the president
he is attending he is comparing himself
to the roosevelts
so today president biden is decisi uh is
taking decisive action to reduce the
trend of corporate consolidation
increase competition and deliver
concrete benefits to america’s consumers
workers farmers and small businesses
when past presidents face similar
threats from growing corporate power
they took bold action
in the early 1900s teddy roosevelt’s
administration broke up the trusts
controlling the economy standard oil jp
morgan’s railroads and others
giving the little guy a fighting chance
in the late 1930s
fd’s fdr’s administration supercharged
antitrust enforcement increasing more
than eight-fold the number of cases
in just two years enforcement actions
that saved consumers billions
in today’s dollars and helped unleash
decades of sustained inclusive
economic growth yeah we i
there’s so much that was wrong there i
have to so much
so much wrong so
wait till we get to what it is standard
oil jp
morgan all of those were things that had
been basically
chartered as monopolies
by federal and state governments like
that wasn’t a
market reaction the breakup wasn’t
necessary if they had simply gotten rid
of the regulations
that uh and and the charters and the the
direct no bid con that was the first era
of no bid contracts
if they’d simply not done any of that
there would have been far more
uh cooperation with the for the little
guy to have a fighting chance
and then fdr it was anti-so-called
anti-trust enforcement
that actually led other company that
first wave of companies
that did business and this was in the
midst of the run-up to world war
ii and you still had companies fleeing
the us for other countries
to get away from the the the regulations
that were being put
in place by fdr and many of those uh
monopolies that he was breaking up
had been created in the first place by
his new deal policies
and the policies of woodrow wilson and
to a lesser extent warren g harding
so anyway go ahead
so among other things i believe the uh i
believe that the uh
executive order had seven 72 items on it
uh i grabbed
a bunch of them but it wasn’t 72 because
we have other things to talk about
i’m not gonna lie there are certain
things on this list i am not opposed to
make it easier to change jobs and help
raise wages by banning or limiting
non-compete agreements and unnecessary
cumbersome occupational licensing
requirements that impede economic
i like the occupational licensing
requirement i’d be more interested in
how that non-compete agreement is going
to work
right uh that and again these are just
how it was listed
don’t know how it’s all going to play
out but i i do like getting rid of
occupational licensing
and non-compete agreements i think are i
don’t agree with them
i don’t like i’m not i i’m not a fan of
them in theory but i
i understand the purpose originally
behind them i think they do get abused
um but again that’s because of a lack of
competition and
way over abuse of ip if you have you
know if you
you can use ip and non-compete
agreements to effectively make sure you
have no competition the problem there is
the ip not the non-compete agreement
um but yeah i mean if i’ve taught
someone how to do something
and then i tell them i don’t want you to
compete with me for the next
year within this geographical area um
and i just spent a year plus teaching
them how to do that then i
i this discourages this discourages
apprenticeship type of
agreement um so if it says banning or
limiting i’d maybe if the limiting was
to to make it where it couldn’t go past
a certain geographical area or something
maybe a certain time frame or something
like that then maybe but
the occupational licensing thing
actually sounds better
right no i agree um lower prescription
drug prices by supporting state and
tribal programs that will import
safe and cheaper drugs from canada why
not just let people import drugs from
right i mean i think that’s what
i think that’s what they’re saying is to
let the states import drugs from canada
i’m yeah but why not just let us do it
oh fair fair so the way i read it so the
way i read it
to if if your state says you can
import drugs from canada that means you
the individual can import drugs from
canada i’d
oh that’s what i read yeah okay if
that’s right again
absolutely and again these are copy and
so i don’t know how they mean it exactly
right that was how i
read it um this one i liked a lot
save americans with hearing loss
thousands of dollars by allowing hearing
aids to be sold over the counter at drug
right now the cost of hearing aids is
roughly about five grand after doctor’s
visits and
checks and be being able to get in i
think there’s only like three or four
companies that make hearing aids just
let them buy
let him buy him without a prescription i
i like that i don’t have any problem
with that at all
that’s good um save americans money on
their internet bills by banning
excessive early termination fees
requiring clear disclosure of plan costs
to facilitate comparison shopping and
landlord exclusivity arrangements that
stick tenants with only a single
internet option
yeah so that last one’s gonna cost make
internet cost more so what happens is
landlord exclusivity agreements they’ll
they’ll supply a block like a um
like an apartment building or a condo
building with
cut rate you know much lower cost plans
um in order for them to be exclusive on
um like i our our
hoa um had that and or has that and our
internet went way down
uh banning excessive early termination
is i think again you just
open up the markets by getting rid of
the red tape that makes it hard
harder to have more competition that
problem takes care of itself
um and again the same thing with the
clear disclosure of plan costs but
that last one’s probably gonna end up
making things cost more because
it’s those exclusivity agreements that
caused them to give lower prices but
we’ll see so
yes and no because like where i used to
live in uh
gulfport florida you could only get
one company and i don’t remember which
company that is now
but you can only get one company and
when i first moved here i was like okay
let me call
and i asked them how much it was just
for internet and they quoted me and i
was like that seems
really high and so they’re like yeah
sorry you know that’s just what the
price is and i was like what if i lived
in st
pete and they said nope still with the
prices so i called back and i said hey
i’m setting up in a new
i’m setting up a new account and i gave
them a random saint pete address
and they said oh okay and it was much
lower because you had
options right but is that because of
landlord exclusivity arrangements or
because of who was providing in that
that was a city exclusivity
oh yeah no that’s no city exclusivity
if they’re negotiating with the
government you know they’re not getting
a better price so that’s
that’s not yeah no that’s yeah that’s
fair yeah
yeah but that’s landlord exclusivity uh
if it me
if that means referring to i mean the
only reason the landlord’s gonna
take an exclusivity arrangement is
because the cost is lower so
um but yeah i mean the rest i’m not as
worried about this next one actually
doesn’t sound
terrible except that this is going to up
the price of airline tickets
make it easier for people to get refunds
from here
make it easier for people to get refunds
from airlines and to comparison
shop for flights by requiring clear
upfront disclosure of add-on fees
but they do i don’t know how easy it is
to get refunded
i mean i’ve had to do it a few times and
i’ve not had any issues so i mean i
don’t okay
yeah i i never had to do it yeah yeah
but no i mean the thing is
you can’t the refunds are typically for
a reason unless you pay for the
insurance that’s why we always get the
insurance because it’s easier to get
refunds and also
um so like what just happened we’re
coming back from um
coming back from uh from mississippi
they canceled our flight
and so that the insurance covered our um
covered our hotel and our transportation
to win from the hotel for that reason
which by the way everyone go ahead and
pay for the insurance when you get it
it’s just like 20
anywhere from 15 to 40 bucks more and
it’s more than worth it
um where are some other things
um making it easier and cheaper to
repair items you own by limiting
manufacturers from borrowing
self-repairs or third-party repairs of
their products i like that
i like that that’s uh that’s the right
to repair
thing right yeah that’s the right to
repair thing as long as you get
go ahead go ahead no i was i was just
gonna say i was just gonna say
only if it also stops governments
from requiring a license to do
self-repairs because there are many city
and state governments
that won’t let you do self-repair
without the licensing so if they have
that in there too i’m not that worried
about it right yeah no i
agree yeah like the tesla thing where
you could
re you could uh replace it or repair it
for like 600 bucks but they charge you
like five grand or whatever it is i
don’t remember
yeah um stuff like that uh make it
easier and cheaper to switch banks by
requiring banks to allow customers to
take their financial transaction data
with them to a competitor
they already do that do they i haven’t
when i switch banks they did so maybe
some don’t
yeah i i don’t know i haven’t switched
banks in like 15 years
so i i did not know and usually when i
switched banks it was because i had no
money in one of them so i didn’t really
need to worry about it
yeah um empower family farmers increase
their incomes by strengthening the
department of agriculture’s
tools to stop abusive practices of some
meat processors
past this scary and that doesn’t even
past what the prime act we talked about
it on the show a while back
right he introduced it if if farmers
were able to negotiate directly to have
uh to to process their meat and have it
taken directly to the consumer instead
of having to go through the the
distributor store plan that that is
mandated by federal law right now
none of this would matter there wouldn’t
be abusive practices because there’d be
a million
meat processors out there right
increase opportunities for small
businesses by directing all federal
agencies to promote greater competition
through their procurement and spending
they’ve been saying i don’t know decades
that’s not going to happen
um the order also encourages the leading
anti-trust agencies to focus
enforcement efforts on problems in key
markets and coordinates other agencies
ongoing response to corporate
the order calls for the leading
anti-trust agencies the department of
ftc to enforce the antitrust laws
vigorously i don’t know why i
forget i did that forget i did the rest
of this
but the hearing aid one was the big one
for me because actually i want to pull
that thing because i want to read to you
what he said and i can’t believe that i
dumb and didn’t put it in here maybe i
didn’t put it in the notes man i
i am doing just a request for a refresh
man i wasn’t going to do that to you yet
yeah we were gonna
let’s i’ve already i’ve already eaten
the 1500
yeah okay you you you surpassed the 1500
all right now you’re at 16 16. but but
now it’s but these are now
200 200 increments you’re good to go but
he still has to eat for the 1500 right
no he said he already did that i yeah i
just ate that one oh okay so i saw it
personally but to have it updated
the viewers um
hearing uh her face is getting like
red it’s it’s it’s like red and pale at
the same time
it’s like glowing yeah so for the
hearing aid
um thing
labor markets health care
hearing aids hearing aids are so
expensive that only 14 percent of the
approximate 48 million americans with
hearing loss use them on average they
cost more than five grand per pair and
these costs are
often not covered by health insurance i
didn’t know that
a major driver i don’t know if it’s true
they’re saying it so i’m reading it a
major driver of the expenses that
consumers must get them from a doctor or
specialist even though experts agree
that medical evaluation is not necessary
rather this requirement serves only as
red tape and a barrier to more companies
hearing aids
the four largest hearing aid
manufacturers now control 84
of the market um and then some other
what he’s saying is to lower the
and allow more companies to make these
things and to
get get it out from behind the counter
so you don’t have to go through a doctor
to get it
you can do that with so many things do
that with birth control
yep do that do that with um they should
have been done that with burst birth
control like that that
did you say they should have been done
that they should have been done that
this is a two-thirds south carolinian
show today so i get to say things like
been done
that’s right yeah no you’re right you’re
right uh
they should have been done that yeah no
they should have done that and they
should have done that with hearing aids
and they should have done that with um
uh so many like just so many other
things i that i can’t think of off the
top of my head because hearing
or birth control was the only one that
really popped into my head is something
at that moment
um like ashley grier smooth says do it
with literally everything i wouldn’t do
literally everything i don’t feel that
all drugs need
like insulin do you need insulin to be
shouldn’t you
shouldn’t you need a prescription to get
i think it should be up to the the
suppliers and so forth to decide i don’t
think that should be a government thing
um but i i
so if someone couldn’t afford to see a
doctor but was able to manage their
diabetes through insulin and being
able to you know check their own so that
i’ll tell you something actually no i
would think diabetic supplies would
probably be something that i would say i
i don’t
i mean ideally yes you should be seeing
a doctor you know multiple doctors if
you have diabetes and and you know
seeing an endo and seeing
uh gosh who else is involved with ids
definitely an endo and maybe others as
um but if you can’t afford it
but you’ve been able to learn to manage
your numbers
by using insulin and you know your test
strips and all that
i i mean i i think most if not all
things should be
should be you know i would say i would
say most but i’m certain like
there’s got to be a few things out there
that i would have to be like i don’t
think that should just be
over the counter i mean my so for
my my treatment for ms
is incredibly expensive and relatively
scarce um
i think at the very least they shouldn’t
be they shouldn’t they’re not going to
want to
or they shouldn’t be giving it out to
people who don’t have i think the only
things that it’s effective for our ms
certain types of crohn’s disease and if
you don’t have that
then you’re wasting
the supply of of a product and
potentially you’re
risking yourself because if you have
certain viruses or
immune disorders and stuff you shouldn’t
be using it but again if someone wants
to take that risk and they’re willing to
buy the product which just
increases the demand for it which in
theory reduces the price for it through
increased supply i mean it’s it’s hard
you know like i said i
ideally this would all be governed by a
combination of market
actions and supplier and provider
policy um but just the question of
should it be i i don’t know i think
diabetic supplies
possibly yeah i i think that would
possibly qualify
and so like cajun uh cajun libertarian
check him out on fridays um here on
muddied waters media
uh yes with the eskimo um he says he
gets his
insulin on fridays
yeah they’re on fridays now oh okay on
fridays okay cool
cajun had a lot on his plate and he had
to cut down some days for you know
family time and stuff
no problem yeah no get it um so we’re
gonna be a monday through
friday show or yeah monday through
friday i like it monday through friday
but he says he gets his insulin with
walmart no prescription
can’t afford a doctor so he can go and
get it
if i could piggyback off of this real
quick so cajun sent
um instead of using the gofundme link he
sent thirty dollars and he said me as
the mr bearded truth have to tell the
that i have the best beard and so i
wanna thank you for the donation we’ll
add that to the
and i will continue to tell the truth i
appreciate it very much cajun
it’s what it said verbatim i don’t know
i don’t know how else to read that
oh i bet i figured out a way but uh
but no thank you cajun definitely we
appreciate it thanks for helping out
um but yeah not like i do believe in
right to try like you should be able
you should be in control of your
yeah and i like right to repair you know
i was less horrified by those
uh proposals although i think some of
them are possibly unnecessary
and again and i and some i hope that we
read correctly like the one about state
and tribal programs that import safe and
cheaper drugs i hope that just means
states and tribes that are letting
people do that
um right i see no problem with that
i see no problem with it and yeah
there’s a lot of stuff in there and
we hit joe biden a lot
we hit him and if he’s gonna we yeah we
did we hit trump a lot but whenever they
do something good i want to say it and
well we don’t know what this is going to
how these are going to be written how
these are going to be enforced
if some of these if they come out the
way that they are written
good on him like i i’m not upset about
some of these
if they go the way that we have the way
that i read them
and i’m even reading the part about the
uh uh antitrust stuff
it sounds like a lot of nothing it
sounds like
to enforce the anti-trust laws
vigorously and recognize the law allows
them to challenge
prior bad mergers i think this is a lot
of saber rattling
i i don’t think this is really going to
end in any real breakups of any type of
thing honestly
i’m less concerned about breaking up of
than i am of getting rid of the policies
that led to those monopolies in the
first place if
if you know jeff bezos is forced to
break up amazon
and or or i guess break up his larger
company of amazon blue origin
mgm whatever whatever i don’t really i
mean it’s not that huge of a deal to me
uh i i’m more concerned about getting
rid of the policies that led to the
creation of those types of
of gigantic monopolies in the first
place if
they can direct uh federal agencies if
they can really have more
uh greater competition through their
procurement and spending decisions
great they’ve been saying that i don’t
think there’s ever been
an administration in our lifetime uh
that has not said that they’re going to
make the federal agencies be more
transparent and have more competition
in their procurement and spending
decisions and then it doesn’t happen so
i you know we’ll see we’ll see what
happens we’ll see what happens but
some of this stuff or at least a good
bit of this stuff is not terrible at
least the way it’s written
right so what we’re gonna have to see
how all of it turns out uh it was an
executive order and these are
you know the the the alphabet
organizations that are gonna be
putting it through so you know grain of
salt with all of it
but if they go through the way that they
the way that i
read them i’m not against all of them
it’s not bad like yeah he’s trying to
open up the market and make things
cheaper and more available for people
and more accessible for people
then good on him like the way that he
was describing the hearing aids
was a free market solution no that was
100 yeah that was literally just get
government out of the way
at least as it was written now at least
185 written to sound free market and
then it ends up being the creation of an
agency to whatever whatever
but at least the way it was written a
good bit of that was good and even the
part that was like
the part that was kind of making me
cringe that sounds mostly like a bunch
of nothing burger
to appease the the you know
anti-corporation base of
of his of his party um while also
making it clear to the corporations that
fund his party
that uh there’s not gonna be any real
change here uh what what i what i
wouldn’t be surprised is
if they go after large companies that
aren’t donating at least
50 to democrats those are the ones that
suddenly get picked for you know
uh get picked for um you know breakups
you know greater scrutiny of their of
their consolidation and stuff like that
we’ll see we’ll we’ll see when it when
it comes down to it um but i’ll tell you
something else
that isn’t you know that isn’t terrible
on its face guys um well first of all
let’s do it let’s do a quick
uh update here we’re at 1616
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hold on real quick on my fact check
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um so it’s not that it’s an exponential
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okay that’s fair so 1.5 million to 3
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spray and this is 7 million
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you’re not incapacitated by capsaicin
um your show last night was fantastic
i appreciate that thank you so much
it was like the new format you are doing
uh i love it um absolutely love it
uh and you did a civil asset forfeiture
last night did a deep dive on that
um roughly what an hour it was about 40
so uh the the muddy waters normal plan
of hey i’m gonna run a show for x amount
of time of course we ran over so
my plan was to run it for about 20 to 30
minutes so 40 minutes is right on time
great but uh lots of great information
is up on anchor you’re welcome um it is
it’s up on anchor uh so you can find it
on all your favorite
podcasting platforms it’s on youtube
it’s on facebook it’s on um
twitch uh it’s on some other places i’m
uh so you guys should
i already did that um
uh you guys should uh check it out it
was it was fantastic stephen stephen
west says
he learned a lot kenny johnson says
awesome show
uh eskimo libertarian says i hope to
sound as knowledgeable as you
she says this to the man intentionally
putting himself through pain
so imagine how good he sounded last
yeah really she uh well i mean she kills
animals and eats them but i guess that
she causes them pain
as opposed to jason who causes himself
pain um right
so here let’s try it now i think we
should be able to hear it now
oh good what on earth is going on
let’s see hold on i bet i can
so i have to eat another pepper but
we’re 87
away from the first habanero
so i should i wait for this question to
or should i uh
i don’t know what’s happening right now
oh good good spike is
do you see how spike is encouraging me
to eat these i just i want to point that
out to everyone this is
your idea yeah i know this is definitely
your idea um why is that happening
all right so i don’t want i don’t want
to eat the jalapeno now
but we believe in you we believe in you
it’s going to be better
or something i agree it would be better
and so that’s why i don’t want to do it
how many seeds are you in you how many
seeds are in you all right
i might be able to get it on my end
well let’s try it one more time i think
hopefully this reset it
the only way i think i can do this is to
hold on i think we’re gonna temporarily
lose the
fundraiser link so i can re
let’s try that now let’s try it let’s
see what happens
okay i just want to say i appreciate
that steve
uh steve sauce said it’s at times like
this that i wish i had money
not to make anyone suffer but for the
cause i appreciate that well thank you
um yeah i can’t get it to work so
uh can you hear me still i can’t yes
okay well let me know if you can hear
no no
the question is what kind of pepper was
that i am not sure i went to
a market a farmer’s market and i said i
would like
to know where your spicy peppers are and
gave me a bunch of different so some of
these i have no idea
um this one was like a chili style
but not a chili pepper
this one’s got a lot of seeds too they
were bundled up
well while spike and matt are running
the uh muddy water show uh yeah just
just issues no go go go ahead jason
ah nope
i’ve gotta gotta take a moment
but um no i i really do wanna say thank
you guys um as
as what we had spoken about earlier um
this family
is one that’s well known within the
muddy waters community
and um this cause of
really i mean i might be
i might get in trouble this family for
saying this but um
there’s court cases that that there are
winners and losers because
uh one family is unfit there’s court
cases in which
one family is not a good fit for another
um but in this circumstance it is not a
matter of any of that but
just merely a matter of them being able
continue this fight and um
so i could not imagine
go ahead sorry it’s going to be right
now no you’re good
um i could not imagine how um each one
of those family members are are feeling
going through this and so
i wanted to take this opportunity i’m so
glad that spike and matt wanted to see
me suffer
as well as help uh no spread the news
absolutely did not want to um matt was
matt was
uh switzerland on this that he was okay
with it wanted this
matt was happy about this yeah i enjoy
like when
when my friends as everybody knows i’m a
recovering addict
are we calling calling the we’re pulling
the recovering addict card now
yes i’m a recovering addict and when
i was drinking or you know doing other
one of my favorite things was listening
to somebody go
i bet i can do this and i would be the
guy that went
bet you can and now that i hang out with
people who are
sober these moments don’t come up often
so i finally get that opportunity to get
people to
do this when i get that opportunity i’m
like yeah you should do it you should do
it i want to watch this because
it gets me giddy like a child and i just
get all excited about it
okay so yes so
um so i i mean
i was excited to be able to do this for
this family and i know that they were
and and of course when i brought this
idea up to matt
as he just
as she as he just
spoke about uh was excited about this
and and i like a good challenge
and and so i want you guys to be able to
break me today for this family because
we all believe in this cause
and and we of course love to see
families whole and um
and our friends suffer and and the
suffering of our
of our loved ones you know yeah yeah no
uh we agree with
with all of that especially the
suffering part i did get it to work so
here’s our first question from stephen
hello guy on left and spike cohen
for the chris reynolds attorney at law
anchor calling moment
i just want to get you y’alls feeling on
uh title 56 chapter 2 article 1
of the south carolina legislature low
speed vehicles
about not being able to drive your golf
past dusk in south carolina
and uh just the overall law all together
i i think it’s pretty ridiculous so i
just want to
get your take on it i saw those posts
from the north myrtle beach
government facebook page yeah and uh
spike i know you live a little bit
up on that end so just want to hear your
take on it
i hope you guys have a great weekend in
tunica mississippi
too bad i’m not able to attend so i will
talk with you guys later
peace out god bless well jason what are
your thoughts
i think that you guys need refresh
oh i just did
thoughts are is that absolutely we need
to be protecting of these ducks and
clearly driving golf carts past them is
puts them in imminent
danger and and so we have to waste the
the taxpayer money yes turtles as well
uh we have to waste taxpayer money to
to write legislation get it passed and
yeah it’s for the good of the
darn it yeah as as someone who has been
breaking this
rule since i was 13 years old
i i think it’s very necessary
to protect the turtles and the ducks and
the tourists
um i think it’s uh you know the fact
that these golf carts
have lights on them and
they’re usually bright white and you can
see them a mile away and
they go 20 miles an hour and there’s
really no
conceivable reason of any way whatsoever
this should not be allowed and the
concept of dusk is
just just vague enough to allow for
disproportionate and selective
enforcement it’s definitely necessary
like jason said
and and now right now we get to watch
this jason [ __ ] there we go
tell us what this is jason before you
eat this so this
is the first of
presumably many habaneros
um oh i might still have the scoves
they do that that the the chardon yeah
um which just to put this into
perspective it’s a hundred is between
the 300
yeah a hundred thousand to three hundred
thousand uh scoville heat units
so uh multiply that times a
bajillion roughly and uh you’ll get that
that hot sauce that will we may
potentially be seeing later on tonight
20. you have sick you have six drinks of
milk stored up so
i love you all i love you the people of
muddy waters
i love you i have an entire gallon
of milk sitting here ready
and a pack of of hamburger buns too i’m
yes i’ve got some hamburger buns
yeah so where i live there’s tons of
golf carts and
uh if somebody were to say hey let’s ban
them from the road
i wouldn’t be that upset only because i
hate getting stuck
behind one of them going 20 miles an
but i don’t think that we should be
banning them from the road
so where we where i live there are
actually golf cart paths
oh are there so it makes no sense
to ban them because they literally
have their own roads like
but who built them
the pro probably the golf courses
honestly i don’t think that they’re
managed by the city
by the by the county yeah i don’t i
don’t think they’re public well they’re
public but i don’t believe that they’re
they’re they’re um
county roads because i’ve
i mean they’re also golf cart pads so
i don’t think they have to get paved as
often um
because they’re mostly walked on with
the occasional golf cart going over them
um so here’s the next one from matt
oh these are from saturday oh
hello there guy on left and spike and
the cajun libertarian
so this is matt hicks calling in on the
by i i assume it’s probably still the
personal injury attorney chris reynolds
attorney at law anchor calling momentum
uh so in the news today uh
apparently recently the united states
finally decided that we’re done with
trash afghanistan i mean um
afghanistan and the country’s on the
verge of
falling to the taliban again
who knew that the graveyard
vampires would be no place for us to
succeed in a militaristic adventure
what the hell uh
hashtag laser legend
so jason what are your thoughts on
so i could barely breathe right now
but ah
yeah i would love for this to actually
occur but i mean we’ve seen what we’ve
trump promises we’ve seen
obama promises we’ve seen them declare
we’ve seen them promise to take action
and put
deadlines down i’m wondering
i’m wondering if there’s any validity
to the idea that maybe just maybe
it will just be a show again
this is so difficult i mean that’s an
excellent point
pain in an excruciating pain jason
um the lion just said jason explaining
politics well drunk on hot peppers may
your favorite thing yeah
yeah yeah
yeah yeah uh i think that the uh taliban
recently met with russia
i believe i i saw this article i thought
about throwing it in this week but uh
the thing we’re gonna get to in a little
bit came up um
but uh i think that the taliban has
control of 70 percent of afghanistan now
is what they’re saying they’ve
effectively they’ve effectively had
control of most of afghanistan for quite
some time
yeah they just haven’t been exerting it
but they’ve had the numbers for quite
some time
um it was always understood that the
taliban was going to take over
in afghanistan what concerns me is that
there’s all this stuff from corporate
about how all the incredible gains that
have been made in afghanistan for
women’s rights and minority rights that
are all going to be thrown away if the
taliban takes over now forgetting the
fact that
the the country has been run by child
uh totalitarians and drug cartels for
the entire time that the us
has been there the taliban is certainly
no good actor either
but the reality is i i honestly i think
the taliban wants us there
i think the real reason that the taliban
is you know trying to you know go to
russia and do everything they can to try
to stir things up
i think they kind of want the us to stay
there because once the u.s isn’t there
they don’t have a boogeyman anymore and
you know it’s now going to be a
situation where
it’s no longer well you’re either with
us or you’re with the occupiers now it’s
no you’re either with us or you cannot
be with us and
be against and not and not be supporting
a foreign occupation so
um that’s what jason’s saying too
right here
hey again guy on left and spike and
cajun libertarian
this is matt hicks erstwhile
personal injury attorney chris arnold’s
attorney at law anchor calling moment tm
matt matt
matt i’m drunk and i need to know why
you guys in florida got buildings
falling down like
what the hell like seriously what the
hell dude
what the hell hashtag laser legend
yeah matt what what’s with something
you’ve why did that happen
why is that yeah i was wondering
i was wondering that myself um why did
that building fall down
uh he is talking about the building and
surfs the condo building and surf side
the middle of it just seemed to collapse
um they had to stop looking for the
missing and
the bodies because the hurricane was
coming um
a lot of the reason that that uh
building fell down was because it was
old it was built on sand which
look i’m not a religious person but i
believe there’s a uh
oh wow bible parable about
building a house on rock first building
it on sand
um and they tell you not to do one of
those things
yes in fact it says therefore
these words yeah it’s from the it’s from
matthew seven
it’s from matt it’s from matt seven the
book of matt’s
uh book of matt chapter 7.
uh therefore everyone who hears these
words of mine and puts them into
practice is like a wise man who built
his house
on the rock the rain came down and the
streams rose why is the jew reading this
and the winds blew and beat against that
house yet it did not fall because it had
a foundation on the mock
on the rock but everyone who hears these
words of mind does not put them into
is like the foolish man in surfside
florida who built his house on sand the
rain came down
the streams rose and the winds blew and
beat against that house
and it fell with a great crash
that’s your that’s your bible moment
that’s my bible moment yeah right
buddy i really i realized where
i realized where i knew that from
halfway through saying that and i was
like i didn’t learn that from the bible
um i learned that from
a movie uh
but um it’s called life is a house
stars hayden christensen and uh that guy
who’s a good actor
whose name i’m blanking on um
what is his name why am i blanking on
this i like that guy too
uh kevin kline
man great movie great great movie
um but uh
yeah so they did that they built it on
sand which isn’t good and then
they kind of fudged some of the building
permits and then paid people off
and they went to they were supposed to
have an inspection and the guy went hey
this is probably going to fall down soon
and you should do this and they paid
them off
um and he went okay so
there were a lot of issues with that and
there were a lot of problems
with that entire scenario um
there were a lot of problems with that
entire scenario but
the main issue was people trying to
just not fix things that needed to be
fixed and then
a government agency accepting a bribe to
look the other way
and then it fell down a week later
but everyone thought that it was fine
because it had the
government seal of approval the seal of
approval right
yes and for anybody who has heard this
no john mcafee did not have
an apartment or a condo in that building
have you not heard this rumor i have
yeah there was a internet rumor that um
john mcafee had a condo in that
in in that condo building because of a
doctored tweet
that said that he had a condo there
and people like oh my goodness like
that’s why it fell down the government
blew it up
no he did not have a condo in that
wasn’t the accusation also that that
that condo
had one of his servers which had all the
information or like yeah that portion of
right that’s that’s why they said that
it fell down no none of that was true
that’d be kind of cool if it was true
though it would become cool
i was really excited when i heard the
rumor and then i looked into it
it turned out no not so much yeah um
so all right here’s the next one from
matt laser legend hicks
dude guy on left and cajun libertarian
spike this is matt hicks calling in on
personal injury attorney chris ron’s
attorney at law and caller moment
tm let’s talk about
real estate for a minute bro
bro shit’s about to get lively man
like my wife and i just refinanced our
because who who the hell could say no to
ridiculous interest rates and we wanted
to go to a 15 year instead of a 30-year
mortgage we had to get our house
and it appreciated 14 [ __ ] percent
in like a couple of years that’s
what what and i live in rural nowhere
talk about this talk about this this is
a disaster waiting to happen
hashtag relation legend yeah for
anybody who is um watching this show and
13 go to bed um or don’t i don’t really
care you’re not my kid
but you probably don’t remember 2008
very much um
some bad stuff happened and a lot of
uh was because of government
um and it started back in the 90s it
actually started long before that but
we’re going to do the abridged version
uh back in the 90s bill clinton was put
somebody in charge
of um housing an urban development guy
what was it
i don’t remember right now um he put
somebody in charge of loans and he’s
like we’re gonna put uh
we’re gonna give out loans to people who
you you guys normally wouldn’t give
loans to people with low credit scores
people with uh
uh bad payment histories you’re gonna
i was in real estate for a while and i
saw somebody with a 300 credit
score get a loan yeah jason’s face says
that all
says it all um i will say that that dude
never missed a payment though so good on
um great great guy i love that guy um
but they said we’re going to give out
loans to everybody and they did and they
gave out these balloon loans
uh where you started out with no
interest rate or a very low interest
rate that would balloon
to like 15 to 28 or whatever
after three years um and people did not
understand what was happening and then
payments were jumping from you know 700
800 bucks a month
to thousands of dollars and they just
can’t afford it walking away and they
walked away
which led to the foreclo the short sale
in the foreclosure market
you’re seeing a lot of the exact same
things starting to happen
right now and when you add in the
uh that you’ve seen from people getting
free money not having to do any work
they’re just getting money from the
government for the last year
um people are like oh i can afford this
i can afford this i can afford this
plus the fact that biden is now being
pressured to put somebody
in that same office which i don’t
remember which office it is right now
because i wasn’t planning on talking
about this
um that will give loans that will push
uh loan officers to give loans to people
who normally
would not be approved for loans you are
looking at the exact
same thing that happened back in 2008
um and everybody says 2000 much
much worse much worse now everybody
keeps saying 2008 but it actually
started roughly 2006 depending 2005
2006 depending on where you lived 2008
was just the culmination of all of it
um and we’re in the 2020s
and i have a prediction that we might be
seeing a hundred year
reunion of the depression because of
decisions being made in spending
and loan giving i
would not be surprised if you’re right
um the
also part of
so part of what’s also happening is
people have discovered this new trick
to be able to make cash offers because
right now in the in the
in the the bull market that we have in
the in the seller’s market we have
sellers can sit back and just wait for a
uh wait for just a cash offer
and the thing is
a cash offer is better for the seller
because they don’t have to wait for the
person to get approved with a mortgage
they know the cash is there it’s been
verified that it’s there and so after
they do their due diligence the
inspections and all that stuff then they
just sell the house
or condo or whatever it is and get the
so that’s always preferable to someone
who has to get a loan
so what people are doing who have any
kind of equity
they are going out and getting cash
either through uh getting a second
mortgage on their existing home or
a home equity line of credit or
unsecured line of credit whatever ways
that they can get cash
they get a bunch of cash and that way
they can make a cash offer
um but they’re still taking out a loan
and those loans
unlike mortgages aren’t structured to be
immortized out over 30 years or 15 years
or whatever else
their loans that you got to start paying
off immediately
at a higher rate and it this is
a massive disaster that’s going to
and all of these stimulus spending and
we are at effectively zero per negative
interest rates once you factor in
inflation so the reality is that
all of the stimulus that they could do
has already been done
and because government is what it is
they’re not going to tighten the belt in
lower spending as a result of what’s
they’re going to massively increase
spending they’re going to
probably reduce do what europe did a
while back and introduce
real actual negative interest rate loans
which is just going to make everything
worse oh and also
if you thought that the bailouts the
bailouts of 2008
were already dwarfed by the bailouts of
the bailouts we’re about to get uh and
when i say we i mean you’re going gonna
pay for and the big banks and wall
street and the insurance companies and
the mortgage companies and developers
are gonna get
uh you have seen nothing yet we are
looking at
tens of trillions possibly as much as a
hundred trillion dollars
that is going to be run up in debt in
your names
and your children’s names and their
children’s names and their children’s
that are going to be run up in debt to
bail out these companies
um and you’re then going to deal with a
roughly 10-year period
of just people not being able to make
ends meet
this is really really bad and the fact
that they’re probably going to use this
to push ubi
which is going to lead to permanent
structural double-digit inflation
it’s scary what’s going to happen if we
don’t make a major course
correction and that will of course mean
having to vote libertarian
uh because there’s not going to be the
republicans nor democrats are going to
fix this
that no one is going to everyone wants
to just keep
kicking this increasingly you know
uh uh burning can down the road
yeah no and it’s this can
is only getting more destructive every
time that they kick it as well
right and and so like this pain is going
to be
insurmountable uh eventually um and
hopefully the government fails before
the people do
of course but um it was there’s also
when matt when you’re talking about the
inflation of course we had the just the
the generic printing of and creating of
which we saw at an incredible rate this
last year
i’m really proud of myself for having
this cognitive ability right now um yeah
i was gonna say what what what’s gonna
happen to the economy is similar to
what’s happening to jason right now as
he becomes increasingly
hot and and and and on fire and inflamed
yeah so the the federal reserve last
year printing one out of
three of all the currency ever made
from from government one third of it was
made just last year i mean the
the inflation rate from last year is is
is incredible
and so compound that with you know as
you guys were talking about like the
the expenditures of what government’s
looking to spend the money that it
doesn’t have the interest rates on
everything else
uh the givings and everything else
i mean we i remember
six years ago when people were
complaining we were at 20 trillion
dollars in debt because
obama just wanted to run up the debt uh
trump comes in
was it six years ago i guess it was yeah
a little longer five yeah
yeah five five something years ago five
years yeah yeah we’ve been a show for
five years
yeah so so then trump comes in runs it
up eight more trillion so now we’re at
28 trillion right now
um i think 40 is going to be
coming up pretty soon based on on
everything that we’ve seen
and and there’s eventually going to be a
tipping point just on that market
just on that scale of what happens when
everybody who’s owed money from the
government what happens when they
they they say check please
yeah it’s gonna be great for crypto but
pretty much everyone else not so much
so i guess all i would say is if and
when uh
if and when uh ubi kicks in because
that’s going to be the next thing when
you say that’s what they’re doing that’s
what they’re going for
they’re and it’s gonna the baseline is 2
000 a month and the reason for that is
because that’s what bernie sanders
demanded uh last end of last year was
2000 a month permanently
uh you’re going to be looking at 25 to 3
000 a month
per person and for those of you saying
wow that’s great wait till you see what
everything costs about a year later that
first year is going to be fun
and then it’s not going to be fun for
example remember when you thought it was
fun that you were getting you know
1200 bucks and 600 bucks and 1400 bucks
and now the price of everything is
outstripping anything that you got
that and you’re seeing the the debt that
you’ve been handed you wait till that’s
every month
should have invested in lumber
encryption yeah get get woodcoin
uh so let’s see here so um and of course
you know billionaires have been getting
ubi this whole time
um here’s one here’s one more from uh
matt hicks
just just bros check this out listen i
love how he just gets progressively more
drunk as this goes on anyway
he’s at least he addressed me properly
this time
he sent these in like minutes listen
so as i’m sure you’re aware
some dudes executed some dude in haiti
it’s old thing it’s on the news um
some of these dudes that executed the
dude in haiti are claiming ties to a
miami area security company
is anyone even remotely [ __ ]
that a u.s security company which
probably has ties to the us government
has people that probably have ties to it
who probably killed the [ __ ] haitian
hashtag laser legend so the main
i think they arrested the main guy today
he was florida man
he was florida man he was a he was a man
living here in florida i believe he was
haitian refugee that was working at the
security company
and he was uh
the main the guy that they say was the
mastermind behind the whole thing
i have not looked too deeply into this i
know that when they
went there and uh assassinated
the president um
they claimed to be dead
i’m looking up this guy so his name is
uh he’s a florida-based looks like a
haitian pastor
uh right his name is uh christian
emmanuel senon
sanon a haiti born 62 year old who’s
been living in florida for more than
two decades and he’s a he’s a pastor
yeah it looks like he i don’t so here’s
my thing
and jason and matt i’m more than
interested to hear your your thoughts on
haiti is such a mess
that i don’t even know who i believe
at all from any of this like it could be
very possible that this
sent-on guy has just been critical of
the haitian government
and so they killed the president for
some other reason and then pinned it on
this guy and said yeah he’s the one
behind it like i don’t
it is there’s so much corruption
i i don’t know i have no idea what to
believe on this
at all no i have no clue what to believe
on this and
it’s something we’re never going to get
an answer to um
i saw a bun uh jp stevens in the
comments said cia
added again sure yeah maybe i don’t know
i have no
idea i have no clue
all i know is that um
all i know is they arrested a guy who is
based in florida
yeah and and so the pastor’s claiming
he’s been duped by people claiming to
represent the u.s state and justice
departments who wanted to install him as
sanon had believed the plan was to
arrest but not kill uh
moisie the the former president who was
but again i
haiti has been falling apart for decades
the clintons did the coup de gras back
in the 90s
and and then again in the 2000s and it’s
just been i mean it’s been
you know it’s put in perspective
haiti when there is any kind of tropical
they suffer exponentially worse than any
other country in the caribbean
largely because they don’t have any
because they had to cut them all down
for for heat
like you can’t
like there’s no real perspective on how
screwed up things are in haiti
like they literally ran out of trees
because they needed
heating wood they rely almost entirely
on aid from foreign governments
um they uh uh
uh the entire uh
there’s a section of haiti that had a a
pretty i forget what it’s called now but
it’s in the north shore
um that is where their their um
their tourism in which is the other half
of their economy
and that’s done very well except when
covet hit all that shut down
and so they’ve had essentially no
economy for the better part of a year
and many of the countries that were
giving them foreign aid have had to
tighten their belts
so they’re real i mean it’s just the
country is just in a total shambles
um so i don’t i have no idea what to
think i really don’t
i i don’t know who to believe who to
trust i i
suspect that i don’t believe anyone
no not even a little bit not a little
concur is that what you were able to
manage was concur
i should have said i concur yep
just said i concur let’s do an update
here we weren’t uh
so guys we’re kind of stuck in 1941 so
if you want to see jason
real quick to everybody out there uh
you may not know this but uh we we’re
we’ll call it gray band not sure if
we’re fully shadow banned or not
so not as many people see our stuff as
we used to so throughout this if you
want to see jason eight more stuff
you’re gonna have to share it
consistently so new eyes can get
get on it um or research your house real
or it’s up to you right and apparently
it’s the right time to get over it
so uh share share share that way we can
get jason
uh to eat more peppers and this family
can get the money that they need
and also also share it like on twitter
and other places where like we aren’t
shadow band
um that can help too right
or you can just share the link directly
too you can just share that
gofundme here i’ll put that in the link
in the comments
it’s pinned on facebook at least
and um yeah so if they want to watch
jason go through the pain have them
you know check out the stream
and and i was gonna save this for the
end okay but
no i’m gonna save it for the end same
for that no there’s something at the end
oh okay i saw a look of concern on
spike’s face
that was just oh i’m not worried what is
what i don’t know what it is but i don’t
like it yeah
jason is already making not good
decisions and making more not good
he’s going to continue making good
decisions i wonder if your cognitive
abilities are being affected by your
like decision making abilities are being
affected by the pretty sure by this the
scoville units
um so here’s the uh here’s the next one
from t marie
good evening everyone this is patricia
it is my birthday tonight
and i only have one wish and that wish
is for everyone to donate to mr murica
bearded truce hot pepper challenge
hopefully he won’t die from
ingesting hot foods but um
hopefully everybody will be generous
enough to let him have some things to
help calm down his stomach tonight
gofund dot me ccc22
thank you thank you so much thank you
here are some questions from brian it’s
actually a
a thread
uh hey spike um it’s brian here uh
i’ve had trouble getting in touch with
you uh again today but i wanted to
talk to you about the upcoming trip this
weekend so uh we had a problem with your
uh for this coming weekend in florida
but i want you to rest assured
i had it all taken care of you have
nothing to worry about
i managed to find a hotel for you that
it uh fits within our
budget i know there was a complaint
about bed bugs in the previous room that
we had booked
and um i called them i canceled that uh
there’s no way
you’re staying in a hotel room uh with
bed bugs
so we uh i got you relocated to
um the next room over so so we got that
figured out
also uh the new room has a new air
conditioner unit uh which is great for
you know florida in july uh the last one
broke down after it was hit by a
straight bullet
uh but they got a new one or rather a
new refurbished one
uh you know used they fixed it up to
replace it this past weekend so that
will be good
it’s a window unit but you still have a
great view of the city uh
right on the other side of the train
yard it’s actually really cool
this train yard goes back like a hundred
and is the largest train yard in florida
like every freight train
goes through here right by the hotel so
it’s uh it’s kind of cool
you can’t open the windows uh they have
them barred shut
and uh they’re they’re actually plated
with bulletproof glass which made me
feel a lot better
about your safety so i figured you’d
appreciate that
so i i was thinking about our budget um
so there’s not that many
amenities um you know when i was getting
the room just
there’s no continental breakfast here uh
there’s no refrigerator
no microwave no television uh no
closet uh no uh deadbolt lock on the
uh they have this thing with a bungee
cord um also
i’ve stayed in a in a hotel that there
there was no lock on the door but that’s
that’s that’s another another story for
another day
you make sure you bring your own soap uh
your own shampoo
and uh pack a shower curtain
the guy at the counter gave me an inside
tip also uh there’s no restaurants or
grocery chains anywhere near the place
they’re all
closed down uh at least any that you’d
want to go to
uh and for whatever reason like ubereats
and grubhub
won’t deliver there i look them up they
they don’t
it’s like an area they won’t go to uh so
you should plan to do some shopping and
grab some food when you’re at the event
uh to bring back with you i wrote that
in your notes on the calendar so you
should be all good
i think i know the neighborhood finally
um there’s no shuttle
from the hotel to the event you’re doing
uh i was working on securing you a ride
for whatever reason friggin taxis won’t
go here
probably some stupid law who knows a
union thing
i can’t get any volunteers from the
state affiliate uh to respond to my
calls or emails and i sent them the
address i’m like can somebody do this
and everybody vanished um but you’re not
that far away it’s like 25 minutes away
um for whatever reason it’s a hassle but
there’s a
subway station a few blocks away uh that
you can take that goes right by the
convention center
a florida subway i’d go i’d go to all
the details on the agenda
you can see everything there it should
be good so um yeah i i know it looked
pretty bad a week ago
but i figured you’d feel better now that
we got this whole thing squared away
uh you’re in a great place i feel
confident about this and this is going
to be a great weekend
so talk to you soon thanks brian
this is going to be a great weekend um
because spike is going to be the first
person ever
to ride the florida subway
an area where i don’t know a single
person with a basement because they
can’t dig
into the ground but they have a subway
so yeah i’m just going to be really
impressed with this one
um by subway it means submarine way
because there’s you don’t get into a sub
by subway he means the restaurant
i love it um which spike can’t
eat at anyway kept what tuna
kind of sort of tuna
no tuna trees detectives so here is uh
here is the the link to the event the
philosopher and spike cohen shooting
event in tarpon springs florida
uh on saturday july 17th um
and uh there’s the link in the uh
uh there’s the link in the comments so
so you can go and uh
and hang out with us this weekend we’re
gonna have a lot of fun
uh and then next week all pretty much
all of next week i’m gonna be in south
dakota for
freedom fest which hopefully that’s not
where he was talking about because i’m
there for a week
so i hope you didn’t mean that so
there’s a i can’t imagine there’s a
subway in south dakota either
i can’t imagine that either
all right let’s see so here is right
okay great news
yeah yeah he just did it i watched him
do it
i watched him do it wait you already did
the 2000
yeah yeah i just i yep i watched him do
was that the jerky one no
that’s a 28. oh jerky’s at 28. okay
yeah yeah so two thousand dollars made
from the night so we start us i like
oh okay michael harris
michael harris left you the only dollar
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why would fit why would 15 not get him
because it has to be an obscure number
it has to be an intentional number
yeah 1 1 11 12 13 14
16 17 18 19.
yeah how many how many drinks do i have
left any
uh i haven’t been counting how many been
taken so one two three four five
six you got six all right
dave davis gave a hundred thank you dave
yes thank you dave
thank you so much thank you to everybody
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um i think we have one more call right
uh yes from
uh nellick trump hold on
hey guys i’m super happy you guys are
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and i wanted to put on
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again the spiciest pepper yet if you say
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um eskimo libertarian the wonderful
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did i just did i just do that yeah that
i think that qualifies
i think they’re qualified to um put on
an offer for you guys so this will
probably be the spiciest pepper yet
but jason if you say cajun libertarian
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that fifty dollars fifty dollars
fifty dollars sorry sorry not like
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anderson says he doesn’t aaron anderson
said i’m not sure if it’s if aaron’s a
i think that’s a man aaron said he said
uh to be fair i didn’t know the cause
when i donated he
he just wanted you to see you eat hot
peppers which is
i appreciate that as well that’s pretty
funny yeah absolutely
yeah well played yeah agree agreed jacob
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ah no well done well well done
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wait i was talking a fresh anchor anchor
yeah i think we have one more
okay whoa
here we go one more from jimmy lee
is nalik in the chat i want to make sure
she’s here
hold on gardener here calling in for the
chris and
chris reynolds anchor call in moment
i have a very last minute question for
our friend jason
jason so on a scale of one to ten i’m
calling at the very last minute because
i want to keep this uh
this this benefit this fundraiser going
but on a scale of one to ten
how do you feel
uh considering the burn i just got on
naulic uh i’m
feeling pretty good i saw on a scale of
uh considering that my the
not not the inside of my mouth is
finally like dulled to like a raging
um but my lips feel like they’re uh
they feel like they’re in an inferno
right now um
i would i would
i would give it like a
of 10 being the best
i’d i’d give it a solid three how’s your
head wow
i uh i would imagine you
you’ve got to feel like yeah it’s there
because i’ve eaten a lot of spicy stuff
and sometimes you get like
a lot of spice and you kind of get that
head rush i had the cold chills a minute
ago and like i shivered a couple times
um so
so that was good um
it’s gone now so we can we can keep on
um so i’m not afraid i’m not stephen
just said i’m gonna hurl no i’m not
gonna hurl yet um
we’ve gotta we’ve got a good good
foundation going right now we’ve got a
good base layer
uh good uh good good layers of
protection there for me
uh as we we continue to push through
this so don’t don’t be
don’t be afraid guys um
my lips are on fire that’s that’s
probably the worst thing right now
so folks if you want to help jason
suffer more
and also help our the family that’s a
friend of
the muddy waters family uh get their
their child back
uh gofund dot me slash 519 ccc22
i will put that link in the comments
and carly sutton just uh donated a drink
of milk to you
okay well that’s good
there we go all right so speaking of a
i don’t know how to speaking of uh i
don’t really have a segue for this
uh there is no slime this is one of
those ones that there is no segway
yeah there’s no segways so as you i’m
already know uh cuba is currently seeing
a demonstration that hasn’t been seen in
the country
since the
80s i don’t i’m not
sure at this point they’ve seen
demonstrations like this
since batista was removed and replaced
by castro
i i don’t know that we’ve seen
demonstrations like this
since before the communist revolution
right yeah i know that when i did these
notes anyway
they were saying that they hadn’t seen
anything like this in 30 years
um they haven’t really compared it to
since then uh stephen andrew wit says
um that would that would be when the
revolution happened yeah yeah yeah um
yeah uh so what is going on in cuba
is is awful just it’s
horrendous um
it’s not something
i know that we’ve been having a lot of
fun mainly at jason’s expense tonight
but this is not something that’s
um a joking manner in any way
shape or form right
so there are three different storylines
that are going on some of these have
changed since i did these notes i just
want to preface that
um if you take a look at like american
uh the demonstrations about the desire
to get the coven 19 shots and fighting
for anti-government ideals such as
uh that moment when the corporate media
admits that the word freedom is
anti-government right
um if you take a look
at uh what the cuban government’s saying
this is about u.s economic asphyxiation
and social media campaigns by a small
number of u.s funded counter
which i thought was really interesting
when they called out like the us
and their actions and then marco rubio
decided that he was going to take to
twitter and and
create a storm of a flurry of of
republicans on there so it’s like no of
course the government’s not doing
anything to spur this up
right let me spur things up real quick
to let them know
oh marco rubio is a straight-up cuba
hawk like he is he wants the u.s
government to quote unquote liberate
cuba by doing bay of pigs two and uh
and toppling the uh castro regime
because if there’s if there’s anything
that we’ve learned
in the last 100 years it’s that
the us government’s really good at
liberating countries
and not making things exponentially
just if nothing else yeah check out the
entire world
for example afghanistan which we’re
leaving now
having wasted and in two generations
of uh of soldiers and killed countless
people there
but if you take a look if you talk to
the people on the streets
in the cuban population here in the
united states people the people who have
come from cuba
to escape what’s going on there uh that
it’s it’s not about those things this is
100 about them wanting
freedom and um getting rid of
the communist dictatorship now i was
talking with some people today this
stuff isn’t
i don’t think i put the stuff in the
notes there are things that i
didn’t know uh leading up to this
leading up to this uh there were food
shortages which
we knew about because you know communist
regime of course there’s gonna be some
shortages um but they were cutting
everybody’s electricity and water at
seven o’clock every night
they were just cutting it they were just
like nope you don’t you you have
used your allotment today and
they were cutting it off every night and
throw that on top with the food
shortages the fact that they can’t
get simple medicines like advil they
can’t get aspirin
acetaminophen tylenol whatever um and
on top of that they are getting hit by
the covid
by the cobit pandemic really terribly
because they don’t have
basic uh
uh they don’t have basic healthcare that
anybody can just go and
uh grab at the store you know you can’t
go get vitamin c
from the walgreens there uh i saw a
video of a guy today
he was walking down the streets and he
was saying
we’re we’re starving here we’re in the
midst of a food shortage
and we don’t have any money for food
and they’re building hotels
instead of giving us food and we’re
tired of this
we don’t want this anymore we want
we want our freedom when they’re out
and they’re saying libra libertad and
they’re holding up the l’s
like when i first saw it i thought why
are they because to me that’s
loser um i was like right they put an
symbol up and then
i when i learned what it was for i was
like these people
they they aren’t fighting for covet they
aren’t fighting
uh they aren’t fighting for covet shots
they’re fighting to be free
they are fighting this it’s very
reminiscent of
what hong kong was like
was that last year
uh actually no 2019 that was was that 29
was that 2019 okay yeah um yeah it’s
very reminiscent of what hong kong was
like back in 2019 early
i think it went into early 2020 because
i think we were talking about it during
some of the democrat debates
yeah um but it’s very reminiscent of
uh hong kong wanted free speech and they
wanted a sec
a second amendment they wanted gun
cuba just wants freedom they they’re
sick of living under this communist
they’re sick of not getting simple
and they’ve gotten so tired of it
that they are taking to the streets
and now you have reached this point
where they’re out in the streets and
they’re fighting
a lot of bad stuff is happening and it’s
going to get worse
yeah yeah it’s only getting worse
they’re they’re ostensibly calling for
the removal of of the president uh
miguel diaz-canel but honestly that’s
not even fully the truth because
the actual ruler of the country is raul
castro he stepped down
as president in uh
i think so it was in steps uh i think
he stepped down from being the uh um
no no no he he became so he stepped down
in october of 2019
and he became the president of the
communist party
which is the same thing and and the
reality is raul castro is still in
charge of the country
this is still the castro regime uh diaz
canel is basically a a
a sponge for this kind of this kind of
venom that’s happening right now
um they want the castro regime done they
want an end to communism
and they want to to be free um
we shall see how far this goes but like
matt said there’s some bad stuff
happening so as as the protests were
getting started
the military didn’t waste much time um
they rolled out a number of
plane closed human cuban military uh
officers who are armed to go and incite
violence in the crowd you can see them
getting out of the uh covered trucks
um and when i first saw this picture i
how do we know they aren’t being put in
the trucks but there’s nobody there
putting them
they are getting out or climbing in
so one would have to assume getting out
because why would you climb into one of
those voluntarily
and you have seen that you can find
videos on
twitter uh on twitter and on youtube
you see people in playing clothes going
up to other people and playing clothes
and shooting them i believe that the
youngest person to
who to have died so far is 13 years old
and he was shot in the head
um and i did find video of that
but i was not going to play that here
yeah because it’s awful to watch
and uh youtube will suspend us um
yeah it’s it’s tough watching all of
and i can’t even imagine what it would
be like
for somebody who is cuban
well especially when you hear that as
many as
at least 150 which means it’s probably
much more but around 150 people have
disappeared during these protests um
including uh the oh that’s the wrong one
um yeah including uh
uh marisol pina cobas and her husband
jose luis acosta
uh they’re from the uh with the
libertarian party of cuba
uh they’ve been arrested at their home
for participating in yesterday’s
um and that they didn’t go quietly
uh who knows how many people have
been killed already um during these
um this is
this is how and you know i’m sure there
are people in the comments or that are
watching this that are saying
you know hey uh
didn’t we just have uh people uh federal
officers that were arresting people here
for protesting yeah
no we did uh and like we said
authoritarian regimes are bad
i would argue that in most ways cuba is
more authoritarian than the u.s is
especially economically and uh
but especially when it comes to um
whether or not you’re allowed to
give your opinion about things that’s an
area where it is decidedly worse in cuba
than it is here um although things have
slowly gotten worse here too
when it comes to being able to speak
your mind about something
that is definitely not allowed in in
cuba and we’re seeing the results of
play out right now
yeah during during his speech
uh diaz canel spoke out about the
american embargo
um and how it was that not the communist
regime that has led to this protest
you know i i could try to explain this
but uh our friend mark
martha bueno i i want to call her marta
so bad
because no it’s mark cause yeah it’s
never been called her for a long time
it’s martha uh
she is a cuban immigrant uh she is a
cuban immigrant and
she is running for miami-dade commission
in district 10
has this to say about the embargo
blah blah blah the embargo if you think
what’s happening in cuba
is because the usa has an embargo going
on i kindly ask that you inform yourself
cuba is able to trade freely with many
including the usa the embargo prohibits
the u.s from extending credit to cuba
for decades the cuban government has
restricted individuals in cuba
from being self-sufficient instead
cubans are forced to be reliant on the
failed cuban government
a centralized planned economy where only
a few benefit
add that to a representative regime that
will murder its people indiscriminately
enough is enough i am so disgusted in
some freedom-loving people
who spew this communist message without
any actual knowledge
um and you can even say that it’s not
just uh communist people
who are or sorry free free market people
who are spewing this communist
it’s communist people that are spewing
it too they were saying if it wasn’t for
the embargo this wouldn’t be happening
yeah no that’s certainly not true um
that in fact if anything one of the
reasons to repeal the embargo is to
destroy that
uh destroy that uh that excuse and that
boogeyman that the
that the cuban government has that well
all of this is happening because
of the u.s embargo the u.s embargo
hasn’t made it any better
uh but it certainly isn’t the reason uh
that this is happening um
it’s it’s it’s a the tip of the iceberg
with that said
the embargoes that are in place which is
the extent the
the bans on on extension of credit and
the bans of doing business with certain
uh cuban state uh par
state run or state chartered groups that
are the backbone of the ability to even
export or import in cuba it is
cost prohibitive or impossible for most
cubans to do trade in america or vice
um there’s also the travel ban so it’s
uh it’s not a full-on embargo and
no it is not the reason why cuba is in
the shambles it is in if it were
then during the what two or three years
where there was no
embargo with cuba everything would have
gotten immediately better and everything
would have been fine
and that certainly wasn’t the case uh i
do believe that the embargo should end
but it is it is regime propaganda to say
that there
that’s the reason why uh the embargoes
that that’s the reason why
uh you know the the the things are so
bad in cuba that’s certainly not the
right um so now
as we all know i’ve seen a couple people
say in the comments when when i was
talking about the electricity and the
water being cut off at seven that was
happening before these protests
that was happening every day before
these protests
um but now they’ve cut off the internet
there is no way for them to get messages
in or
out of the country um through standard
people are doing it through vpns i’m
guessing or
somehow i don’t i don’t know but you are
seeing stuff but cuba has shut off the
which uh that’s a
typical uh tactic for authoritarian
right um
so both sides of this protest won’t be
out on the airwaves for people to access
inside or outside of the country which
really cuts down on the amount of
information that we’re going to be able
to get which is why
having the gorilla journalists out there
who are using you know
cell phone cell phone plan like uh
data plans to put stuff on twitter and
facebook and whatever else they can
um is a huge help um
some are already using copyings
according what’s that yeah in
in the comments someone mentions joe
says uh
military intervention now if we want
things to get exponentially worse
uh for things to become even more
destabilized than they are now
uh and for uh
the castro regime to be replaced with
something even worse
uh including terror groups and
everything else just look at the entire
history of u.s liberation of countries
uh it never ends that way uh they don’t
get liberated things get exponentially
um and uh yeah no the the last thing
that we want because we want cuban the
cuban people to be free
and to be safe and to be better off
uh that’s a reason to oppose any inter
military intervention that’s the last
thing that cuba needs
um that will make things considerably
worse for everyone who isn’t
directly uh but profiting from the
military-industrial complex
um so yeah i think the other way to go
would be
would be what would actually help
everyday cuban people which is
completely open and free trade
um also and someone else had mentioned
earlier on
is um is ending the uh or or at least um
suspending the new neutrality act if
if if people in the u.s want to go help
fight for
cuban freedom good go if they want to
sponsor people that are doing so in cuba
good do that i don’t really care that’s
not of anyone’s business
uh but their own um but i uh
yeah there’s there’s military
intervention is the sure-fire way to
make this
far worse than it is right now
libya uh egypt
um syria iraq um
yemen um literally every single country
that iran when they got involved there
um yeah pretty every vietnam
uh every single country that they’ve
gotten involved in
uh it has made things worse um suspend
neutrality absolutely
but but the the military intervention
will help no one but
but the pentagon and their uh and their
and their contractors
yeah if you if you end up going with
military intervention
um other countries are going to take
notice and they are going to
use military intervention and
uh you’re going to have you know
potentially china
because i think china was the one that
was giving them the internet uh
russia would could potentially help out
venezuela if they could afford it like
other countries would come to the aid of
it’s going to become a gigantic it would
become a
mess it would become a mess so
humanitarian like humanitarian efforts
would be better
but it’s illegal for us to do yep right
it takes the geopolitical war that we’ve
been fighting over in the middle east
i mean that’s that’s been part of it
right is we’ve been
trying to trying to not let these
quote-unquote enemies if you will right
when they talk about russia or they talk
about china they talk about like
china’s not necessarily as involved as
oh jeez i just scratched my eye
hopefully that doesn’t go south quickly
but when we have those over
halfway across the world right there’s a
little more comfort for the american
people and it’s not as much
for people to be like well you know
what’s gonna happen if
if they gain power but let’s say we we
have that conflict here in
cuba um how does that play out for us
when we’re just a hop skip and a jump
um as now we bring that closer to home
right yep yeah
so if you want if you want a a military
that is a a matter of a i think 20
minute flight
to miami or 30 minute flight to miami
or you know uh i don’t know two two hour
three hour
boat trip to my yeah i know that’s i
guarantee you you don’t want that
and but we would finally get to see the
the actual
i to play devil’s advocate we would
actually get to see
what kind of destruction has been going
on across the world
and that the american people have been
blinded to and maybe that would be
enough to
to change some people’s perspective on
being advocacies for for warhawks of
course the death and destruction would
not be
no one would ever advocate for that no
one should ever advocate for that
so to devil’s advocate you’re devil’s
there could there could be the people
who are they would see the destruction
that would happen
in uh south florida and along the
coastlines and you know where i live
um and they would say and you would get
the blowback
that you know we see happen from the
middle east and other areas
uh and they would be like uh let’s say
russia came over and helped just
hypothetically russia came over and
helped and they
ended up attacking south florida and
a bunch of people uh a bunch of people
were killed that way
um because of russian attacks you get a
bunch of people
who would say we need to go and fight
we want to do things to russia and they
would start their own uh
militias or you know
not really domestic terrorists because
they would be doing it there but they
would be going there to try to attack
russia for what they did here
or they would just continually try to
vote people in
that would go and attack in that area
to keep russia busy over there so you
i don’t know if i don’t know if people
would learn i think it would
only bolster whatever opinions people
already have
about the situation not true true and
and of course
um as we talk about the the proximity of
of cuba to miami
uh i would be remiss without being a
former alaskan and not talking about
i can see brescia from my house right
right right right yeah right i i
i’m i i could see some people going
oh wow that’s terrible this is this is
you know
this is bad what’s happening we should
not support interventionism
i honestly think the closer it is to
home the more likely people are to say
things like just nuke them like you know
just like you know
just do something to keep them safe from
those deadly communists because that’s
you know because that’s how the media
presents our enemies
is as these people that are gonna break
into our homes and murder all of us if
they aren’t
killed now by the military however many
hundreds or
thousands of miles away they are so if
it’s now less than 100 miles away
uh i could even see it going the other
way i i think it’s going to be a mixed
bag but ultimately
i’m i’m not willing to see however many
hundreds of thousands or even millions
of people die as a result
to find out how that would play out
right no i
i don’t want to find out which is why
you know again i will say no military
intervention down there
yeah if we rescind the law that
that bans us from giving humanitarian
or if you are so inclined and i’m not
going to tell you to do this and you
want to give humanitarian aid anyway do
give food give water give guns if you
um i’m not going to tell you not to yeah
i’m not going to tell you to but i’m not
going to tell you not to if you know of
if you know of a black market way to get
support there and that’s what you want
to do then that’s on you but yeah
you knock yourself out knock yourself
out i i
yeah so on top of everything else
uh diaz canel uh
in his speech instructed his supporters
respond violently to the protests
protesters against him
uh he said to go after them uh
go after them and attack them violently
i believe that was actually his direct
quote i don’t
know exactly and not for nothing
he’s still allowed on twitter
he didn’t incite the riot he just
incited the riot to counter the riot
right um well yeah and to be fair the
politicians who called for all sorts of
violent things against the uh the
capitol hill writers are still on
facebook and twitter so that it’s kind
of true that’s that’s staying with the
brand that’s on brand for for social
government violence is allowed yeah
government violence is allowed counter
government violence typically is not
so what’s going on is terrible like
yes go go to twitter uh search the
soscuba and just look at the posts
that are coming in some of the pictures
are gut wrenching they’re so difficult
to look at
and i am a person who is desensitized to
so much because of how much tv and uh
how many movies i watch
um but even for me
some of these were gut-wrenching and
hard to look at
um it is not
an easy thing and my like my heart truly
goes out
to the cuban people because
they deserve freedom they deserve the
right they have the right to be free
they just aren’t being given it but like
the government has taken that from them
um the government is blocking them from
this right and they need to be able to
get it back
and right because of the regime that
they are under
they are fighting an extremely uphill
battle and
we need to give them whatever support we
without breaking any federal laws unless
you want to
um to give them right to give
them that support um
we’re not thoughts and prayers
people here we’re we’re action people i
mean that’s why we have jason eating
uh sorry he’s on the side jason eating
peppers uh
for this family um
which is speaking of that just real
quick i think
if if my peppered brain is correct i’m
two dollars away from eating more
so right i think i just want to push it
push that ledge
please i thought you’re 102 away from
eating more
math just just all right continue your
yeah yeah i think we’re doing it in 200s
now so
yeah um but we um
oh no you’re right two dollars yeah
because we started at 1500 yeah
two two right yep it’s
yeah it’s two dollars um but yeah we uh
you know we’re people who want to take
action and because
of uh government regulations and
barriers it’s hard for us to be able to
take action in this
uh in this scenario uh i have talked
a couple of cuban friends of mine um
here in florida and trying to figure out
ways that
we can help and even they aren’t really
how to do it um it it is a very
it’s a very difficult scenario to be in
when you want to help
and the government your government has
made it all but impossible for you to be
able to
yeah and and to
and going further even on the on the um
the list of restricted entities under
the the cuba
embargo which it is not a comprehensive
full-on embargo where you can’t do any
trade with cuba but once you factor in
it’s it’s it is effectively either
impossible or cost prohibitive to be
able to do any real business
in in cuba in any real way if someone
wanted to you can’t travel there
um you can’t do business with any of the
hotels there
um so that means any kind of tourism is
out uh you can’t do business with any uh
company that has a direct uh tie
to any cuban uh ministry
government ministry in a communist
country which means
there’s that’s pretty much all of them
you can’t do business
with any uh company that is doing
with a holding company or bank in cuba
it basically means you can’t do business
in cuba like you just can’t do business
and you can’t go get around that by
extending them credit
so unless you find a a uh independently
wealthy uh cuban uh person or
organization who has no ties
to cuban banks governments hotels or
holding companies
then you’re you’re out of business i
mean there’s just there i’m looking at
this list
there’s no way to do this um so
you know i i just want to say and i
there there is no economy with cuba that
isn’t a black market economy
you know it it’s not that there’s this
you know
this uh uh this this burgeoning
trade relationship between cuba and the
and the us
um again it’s not why cuba’s falling
apart cuba’s falling apart because of a
an oppressive state communist
dictatorship um
but one of the best ways to combat that
and to kill their main narrative for why
all these bad things are happening
and the embargo uh and do or and and
uh and open up trade free trade
right free trade and by doing open free
trade and here’s another one here’s one
thing you could do which
would also uh require appealing
repealing the neutrality act
allow free trade and uh and allow that
to include companies that are
uh violating the law in cuba so for
example like
i don’t know a a ship based internet
wireless internet company
that wanted to provide internet to the
people of cuba
that would go around any any uh cuba
imposed lockdowns because it was outside
of cuban
uh outside of the cuban ip ranges
and so you could have uh you know phones
going in there
that weren’t legal in cuba that were
accessing the the data of the uh the
there’s plenty that could be done by
simply just ending the neutrality act
and opening up trade and letting people
do business with cuba you know cuba is a
small inc relatively small insular uh
country run by a a dictatorship that is
on the precipice of being overthrown
some very short measures
would allow the people of cuba to be
able to depose their own uh
tyrants without having to get the the
military-industrial complex involved in
any way
um i say that would be far better and
and and it does so while also
also opening up markets making both us
and the cuban people more free and more
prosperous in the process
and allowing us to start developing uh
those business and personal
relationships that are necessary to have
long-term strong alliances between
people in different countries
so yeah um
so that’s everything on the show but we
are again two dollars away from jason
lyon eating another terrible pepper
i’m i actually so cajun donated through
the paypal because you couldn’t do it
through the gofundme so that was 30
dollars so i think
and didn’t alec give uh nullit give you
50. nalika’s not yet
so she’s working on that comments that
she was going to
yes she’s working on it right now so she
just sent me a message so we are we are
above that that threshold so i
i i owe that um
apparently sarah super fan sarah andereg
is also having issues
with donating um
so let’s address some of the comments
here uh before i
refresh there was one from joe who said
something along the lines of
that we need seal team six to go into
cuba and also
that free trade is not a one-way thing
free trade is a thing
well you can’t have trade one way
trade always has two partners and that’s
something that
uh gets lost in the uh yeah joe we trade
we stream on uh facebook on uh periscope
which is what you’re on
and uh and and youtube and twitch and
uh floating and yeah so we’re on a few
different things
so uh
this idea that trade is one way in
certain that’s not how it works so for
example when you trade something
uh when you buy a chinese product you
have both sides are receiving something
uh there’s this weird
uh protectionist idea uh when it comes
trade that only the person uh
who is selling the thing is receiving
something beneficial because they’re
getting the money but the reality is
you’re getting the if you’re the person
buying when you’re the buyer
you’re receiving something that you
decided was worth more than the money
that you exchanged
for that thing which means that there is
no such thing as a trade imbalance
unless someone points a gun to your head
and says you have to buy this thing
that’s a trade imbalance
but if or for example if the government
steps in and places a tariff or tax on
that thing
that’s a trade imbalance because they
took your money and you didn’t get any
value in exchange um but in any trade
inherently in the trade itself is
a balance in that you decided you wanted
that thing or that service
or whatever it is uh more than the money
that you exchanged it for
or whatever you exchanged it for um so
yeah all trade free or otherwise
is a two-way thing or multi-party thing
um and there’s no i it isn’t i do not
another country’s government to free
their people to consume my goods
and get something from me that’s more
valuable to them than the money that
they give to me
i don’t require that or i shouldn’t
require that in order for
my government to free me to trade
whatever i want with whomever i want
um why uh it would be like a
a a competition or or a face-off
where you had two people saying if you
don’t stop punching yourself in the face
then i’m not going to stop punching
myself in the face you can punch
yourself in the face if you want to i’m
going to stop punching myself in the
and tariffs and protectionist measures
which do devastating uh are disastrous
to any economy that implements them
uh are the equivalent of punching
yourself in the face um absolutely
so we we covered
uh the trade the the tariffs that were
enacted under trump oh god a month and a
half ago two months ago yeah yeah yeah
and uh they said that the like after the
numbers came in and
it was showing where all of everything
was and we went we went deep into it and
i don’t remember all of the numbers off
the top of my head
um but it turns out that
you as the american consumer are paying
93 93.7 i believe is
i believe that’s the exact number 93.7
uh of those tariffs that were supposed
to be imposed on china
um so all that
not free trade is doing all that
allowing uh
tariffs uh on trade all that does
is cost you the taxpayer money uh you
the consumer it costs you money it just
makes the product
more expensive it doesn’t even anything
out because you
are the one paying it to the country
that is enacting it on a different
um yeah it makes also no sense
it’s also costing jobs oh go ahead sorry
jason go ahead
and even if the tariff was going to do
what it was intended to do which was to
stop the trade
um because this was this was trump
coming in
trying to put it in balance so let’s say
the tariffs were so high that it stopped
the trade
there you’re still going to have to get
these same goods and services but the
businesses the small businesses
are going to have to go elsewhere where
they’re going to have to spend more
money to get these things
and so the prices their prices are going
to drive up the smaller businesses
aren’t going to be able to
be successful so you’re going to be
shutting down doors you’re going to be
people are going to lose their jobs lose
their businesses lose their way of life
all because we wanted to make a
a fair fight when when the only fair
is a free fight and a free fight is by
free market capitalism and free trade
exactly exactly and that also costs jobs
because you have some
that go out of business jobs are lost
there and you
then you have other companies that just
leave and go where they’re not going to
be affected by the tariffs
and they take all their jobs with them
so for example let’s say that you’re a a
company that makes a durable good
like a like a car or a refrigerator or
air conditioning unit or something some
large expensive thing
and you rely on cheap steel and cheap
uh um silicone and and
cheap um already produced uh smaller
items that have to go in like uh
uh semi semiconductors and processors
and things like that that have to go
into this
computer or car or whatever else and now
you’re told that you have to pay
whatever percent tax on that stuff
that’s imported from china
so you can either stay here and pay more
for that stuff which means you have to
increase the price of your goods or
reduce your your
your profit margin or do both which not
only hurts you but also hurts all your
investors in your company
uh and anyone that’s getting any any uh
dividends from your company
or you just move to a country that
doesn’t have those tariffs
so now more jobs are lost in an effort
to save jobs
trade protectionism was a proven failure
it was a proven failure
back during the smoot hawley act uh when
it triggered a
global worldwide depression including
here in the u.s it also triggered a
massive depression in europe
that led to the rise of the third reich
and the and the the fascists in in italy
and in germany
trade protectionism makes things worse
it is the idea
that you and another person couldn’t
possibly be trusted to trade between
that government has to step in and
decide whether or not you’re allowed to
do that and if so at what cost it’s a
stupid idea it always has been
and it plays to the worst fears of
people that don’t understand economics
um uh let’s see
yeah and again so lady desiree is saying
you know she thinks it’s realistic that
uh cuba will change dramatically with
lifting the embargo i don’t i don’t
think it’s going to change for anybody
that’s not reading the comment
yeah it’s a little unrealistic to think
that you know
you said realistic and i was like
yeah no it’s not it’s not going to fix
all of cuba if nothing else it just gets
rid of the main
narrative that cuba and its supporters
the cuban regime and its supporters use
for why
uh for you know for why things are
falling apart there for no other reason
it should be um it should be removed
for no other reason um and i do think it
will help somewhat
i think the bigger thing will be uh
ending or at least suspending for cuba
the neutrality act i think there’s so
creative stuff that could be this is an
island nation do you know how many
things could be done
right off the coast of cuba from boats
like example like for example what i was
saying with the
internet service you could effectively
neuter uh
the cuban regime without firing a single
if the u.s government through the coast
guard and the navy weren’t essentially
protecting the cuban government
from anything that were going to happen
from us-based actors
um so yeah i know i i think that that
will uh
i think that that those two things
coupled together
that would lead to dramatic change but
it would require both of those things to
end both the end of two and
to the embargo uh and an end to uh to or
at least the suspending of the
neutrality act
um are we at 2100 yet so jason can eat
yeah we’re at 21.60 yes oh yes we’re at
including a 19 donation for some milk so
in case you need some milk
oh that’s beautiful that’s beautiful i
was gonna say i don’t know how much
i haven’t been paying attention to how
much he’s been drinking but he uh
he’s he’s got a good amount of milk
saved up
it’s uh i also want to highlight
in that in that regard um ashley s
in the comment section said that if we
are able to get to
2500 donated
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right um and again we are doing this for
a great cause the fan
the the family that we are helping
raising money for is a good friend
of muddied waters media has been there
has been there through thick and thin
for us has always been there for
each and every one of us to the best of
my knowledge anyway
um and so are we gonna try to oh sorry
go ahead
go ahead just one just a truly wonderful
family and
yeah to see them going through anything
like this is
heartbreaking for anybody that knows
them uh
so we really want to help them out um we
all of them dearly and we just
i’ve given as much money as i possibly
can to this cause
and i wish that i could give more um
but you know if you can
please give uh please give to the
um and we would be absolutely honored to
have you as part of the part of the team
that’s helping
uh this family out and honestly i’d like
sorry go ahead go ahead the the family
the the guy is a brother to both uh
to to all three of us um to spike jason
and myself
um and we uh
there have been times that we have all
leaned on him
and uh you know he he is a person who
even if even if uh
he needed somebody to lean on he’s not
quick to ask for it
and so the fact that the fact that
we have the ability to help him out is
something that
i i am honored to do and i wish
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we’re doing we hope to do as much as we
possibly can
just so are we staying on until we get
the 2500
um no
i have to beat
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so the the special thing was
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um if you don’t donate wait till you see
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yeah so i appreciate you wanting to wait
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i promise you guys and i assure you guys
um that
i am gonna be okay i will be fine i will
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short time i’m sure
um but um
with the with the with the goals with
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um as we hit those i will be making a
video to be able to still give
you guys a little bit of bang for your
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in order to to to hope that we can
help make a difference for this family
you know talking with this family and
i’m so grateful that the that the three
of us were able to
really learn about this cause and and be
able to help them um
talking with the family you know once it
they they they’re not being anonymous
because they want to be anonymous
they’re not
hiding the details because they want to
hide the details so as soon as it is
safe and legal for them to do so they
they are excited for the moment they can
come out
and and say thank you and and explain
the whole situation as much as they can
but again it’s it’s only as it’s safe
and legal for them to do so
well without getting raising issues
right exactly right and that’s one thing
that we definitely don’t want we don’t
want any issues coming
from all of this which is why you know
we’ve been very careful we don’t want to
who this family is um we don’t want to
say who this family is and we don’t want
risk anything going awry in their trial
um so and we and we hope that that
the uh everything is dismissed
um so that this money we get to refund
all this money
and the family is already sooner or
nothing and
jason all of jason’s pain will have been
for absolutely nothing that’s what we’re
hoping for for all three people
equally we will probably immediately
start up a gofundme for the ulcers i
just created in my stomach but
for a later date yeah for a later date
uh and for all the suffering that you
all went through as well um so folks uh
thanks so much for tuning in to this
special marathon episode
uh the the the jason thon if you will um
the jason pepperthon join us next week
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having to
evacuate i think time
i think time is the only thing because
it’s going to work its way through the
system maybe like
it’ll help or something
i don’t i mean and unless you’re putting
it like just on up there and squeezing i
don’t think that’s going to make a
you know you’re asking questions that i
never even thought to ask about
so i’m going through this
yeah i i yeah yeah
terry miller says at a certain point
nothing helps i think that yeah time
travel go back and undo this
uh jack casey but yeah
time travel is the only thing that’s
going to help in this situation
yeah yeah i’ll take it yeah
so folks thanks again for tuning in to
this uh join us tomorrow
for uh my fellow americans my guest will
be martha bueno and zach foster we’re
going to talk about this cuban situation
and the libertarian response what is it
that we as libertarians should be
pushing for
uh what is the best way forward what’s
going on there uh martha uh
is a um is a cuban american she’s the
descendant of
people who fled cuba and she’s also
very active in the libertarian party uh
is the head of the
lp miami and is running for office in
zach foster is also very uh heavily
involved in the libertarian party and
the freedom movements in latin america
so we’re gonna have some incredible
conversation tomorrow
and then uh on thursday uh is the
writer’s block and
uh who who is your guest matt you guys
are not gonna believe who my guest is
my guest is such a big name
you’re going to have to wait to find out
you won’t believe you won’t believe that
it’s going to be on thursday
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what was that i don’t hang on
let’s let’s see if we can find out
really quick you’re not going to believe
what time
on friday night that’s right you are not
going to believe
in eskimo from bayous to igloos
uh and then join me this weekend
saturday hey what time is a cajun at an
eskimo show
on friday oh my god man
so is the show over with no what time is
you’re on the air
seven on seven
i think seven eastern i don’t quote me
on them
i think it’s seven eighties we’re
quoting connie on that seven eastern
friday’s quoting eastern seven
seven eastern friday and then this
saturday the 17th join me and the
uh in tarpon springs florida at reload
gun range
uh and i will put the link to that in
the uh in the uh
in the comments one more one last time
super fan sarah anderag
and uh myself will be there
and yeah super fan sarah andereg and
himself matt
left man right will be uh
matt left if you will uh will be there
um and uh you can hang out with us go to
the uh
go to the uh the event in the in the
and uh and then on uh
gosh what’s happening on monday oh jason
mr america the bearded truth mr america
the bearded truth muddied waters
monday through friday now we have shows
as intended as always
intended jason lyon on monday at 8 p.m
for mr america the bearded truth
he should have mostly recovered from
this at that point
unless you guys keep giving in which
case this will just be his personal hell
um weekend um either way
either way either way something good is
gonna happen uh
jason do you know what what your
subject’s gonna be on monday or you’re
still waiting a little bit sooner
uh we are still gonna gather a little
bit more information on that but um
i think that matt gave a good uh
synopsis of kind of the
the rundown of what we’re doing so we’re
doing a little more in depth
um on specific topics and so
as matt said last night we did a civil
asset forfeiture so we’re gonna look at
either a topic and just diving deep into
it or we’re
to be able to do to debunk the
republicrat theories and give up the uh
the libertarian solution
um to better our society
that’s really cool man that’s cool that
we have someone who’s doing that like
diving down into a subject for an hour
that’s really cool
um and then join us right back here
same money time same muddied
place for another
fantastic episode of the muddy waters of
freedom where matt wright and i
uh sans jason lyon
kind of sad but also sans suffering
uh sans jason lyon matt wright and i
will be parsing through the week’s
like the sweet little cheery little
monkeys that we are
folks thanks so much again for tuning in
don’t forget to give to the uh to
uh the gofundme to help uh the the
family that we all love
and uh folks we will see you tomorrow
thursday friday
this weekend and monday and tuesday
because we do a show every damn day of
the week now
we yeah muddy muddy waters media is
pretty much all the time now
and uh yeah each and every one of you
are the reason
that that is a thing so absolutely no
all of you matt if someone if someone
were to try to find us on the internet
is that even possible and if so how
it would be possible oh here we go
jason has to do to do the thing oh of
course he does
all one would have to do is go to anchor
dot fm anchor dodge muddiest waters
yes anchor fm slash brick
waters you can find all of our episodes
and you can listen to the sweet sultry
dulcet tones of our voices
give us money also give
us you can also donate you can also
and leave us messages that we will play
live on the air
money and messages money and messages
and messages and you can listen to us
it’s messages of money this
is the greatest site on the internet
since e-bombs world
wow that’s an obscure reference
don’t don’t forget to consume prilosec
i won’t
you can find this in every other episode
of muddywatersmedia.com
well that’s fantastic that convinces me
to go do all that as soon as this show
ends because i didn’t before
folks thanks again for tuning in thank
you for jason for suffering for a family
in need
thank you to my me for watching it thank
you to you for helping jason suffer
we love you very much we will see you
all every single day of the week
and where we’re going we don’t need

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