Jason Lyon

March 15, 2019
Mr. 'Murica: The Bearded Truth

The Bearded Truth 04 – Trump, New Zealand shooter, and Constitution

Jason has a bunch to unbox tonight, including the manifesto by the New Zealand shooter, Trump’s very first veto, and some constitutional issues. https://facebook.com/muddiedwatersoffreedom https://youtube.com/muddiedwatersmedia https://twitter.com/muddied_waters
March 9, 2019
Mr. 'Murica: The Bearded Truth

The Bearded Truth 03 – The Beard, The Smollett, AOC, HR-1, Tulsi. Too much to handle.

Jason talks about the current events including Jussie Smollett being indicted with 16 Felonies. AOC being a puppet, Tulsi Gabbard pushing good legislation. https://facebook.com/muddiedwatersoffreedom https://youtube.com/muddiedwatersmedia https://twitter.com/muddied_waters […]